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JOHW OBBM.T, Editor.
We liaTe.rccclvcd.Hic first number or
the Kgpptain Prtu, a new injcr mibllshcii
In Marlon, Willinmoou county. It U ed
ited by Mr. Wll a. WVItburn, nml l n
(food looking sheet, lis motto Ui
"Ffliihful nntl Fearless," mid Its watch
word : "Onward nnd Upward.' In pol
ities It will lie ndtlier limit rnl nor .-ervilo
but unflinchingly Dcmoorntlc, iiudwlll
ever bo ready to defend the rights of tliu
people njfainst the encroachment of
power. Wc wish the ltt success
The Chicago Railway Review has be
come cotnvluccd that narrow ratine roads
arc iuccokc. "At nny rate," ay the
Review, "there liavc been uu'lt nnd put
Into operation within the past live year.
u number of narrow sauo roads in thl
country (two In Canada of 42 luetic, and
several ot 30 inches In the United Status),
and the striking and conclusive fact
about these roads U that not one of those
In full operation at the date of the panic
lias gone In bankruptcy, nnd that every
one lias promptly p.iMH Interest olill
iratloii" from net earning nnd had left
some surplus to the credit of income ac
count." THE FOURTH.
In reference to the proposed celebra
tion of the coming Fourth ot .Inly, the
Gateite says :
Ample time remains to make all need
ful preparations for n grand union cele
bration of the coming Ith ; nnd why may
we not enter upon the work ? Let us, hi
pursuance of this object, hold a meeting
in the Council chamber, next Thursday
evening. Let representatives of the dif
ferent tire companies and secret societies
be present, that private committees may
be formed, and the labor Incident to the
undertaking equitably distributed. Who
seconds this motion '( As n member of
the Iklto City's and as the G. It. .1. A. or
the S. ofM., we say "aye."
There Is no uc. The jig is up. Our
leople are too sleepy. They do not wl-h
to Ikj disturbed. Patriotism be blnwcd.
Let them sleep, Mo.
Some jwrsons Tom calls them the
voters of the Second Senatorial District
have been endeavoring to persuade Hon.
Thomas II. Corbett to become a candi
date tor State Senator from the l'aducah
district or Kentucky. He declined, nnd
in consequence of Ids declination ' being
made public, has received by ' petition,
written nnd verbal, strong solicitation to
cousent to make the race. Fortho pur
pose ot Inducing his friend to be satis
fied with his declination, he has pub
llshed a card, In which he says the eon
dtlon or his wife's health ,uud
recent family allllctlons together with
his business engagements, will prevent
win irom maKing the race under nny
clmimisfcineM. "While 1 eontess that It
would anoni mpnvat jilcninv to rejuv
tent you in the Senate," he says, "still
lor the foregoing reasons, I am forced to
decline the honor that I confidently be
lieve you would confer upon me In Au
gust next, were I to continue the race.'1
The Gazette takes to task one of our
clergymen because Jho declared Irom his
pidplt, a short time ago, that the grass
hopper plague and the destructive tires
now prevailing "are simply nn intimation
of God's displeasure, because or the un
belief of the people and their refusal to
acknowledge Christ as the Savior of the
The Gazette Is shocked.
"The .Idea," says our eotcmporary, "Is
inoustrom, tor it Invests the Creator with
attributes that have not been ascribed
to the fiend in licit. Helpless men, wo
men and children, while on their knees
petitioning God to rescue them, were
consumed by the onrushing llames. Men
and women, given to all the vices
of their kind, lied from the scenes
orthelrdebaucheryand were saved.
Ami ora like nature was the curse that
fell upon Kansas. A thousand Innocent
Christian men and women were punldied
because or the uubcller, maybe, of a single
individual, who, ierchancc, escaped un
harmed. Among the most brutal race or
tnen tliat people the earth, no such mon
strous rule obtains. The soul recoils In
horror rrom the contemplation of such
vengeance, and no earthly ruler would
dare tolerate It, much less inilict it. Ku
lightened men would abhor and despise
him, aye, hunt him from the face or the
globe, as God would from the confines or
heaven. On earth or In heaven such a
being would be a terrible monster the
abhorred ot any creature who loves Jus
tlcc and applaud mercy."
This U strongly put, and Is, "In a nut--hell,
the cmdilug argument or the In
ndel against the God of the IHblc. Ite
duced to a formula, It is
1. GodlsJti,t.
2. ltMu.ja.ttopUI)t,l,il,e Innocent,
d. I he God or the Bible U cruel,' and
punishes the Innocent M well us the
. Therefore the Gol or tUemi,io I a
Very good; but let in see where the
Infidel would be led by his own doctrine.
ummjii.u,0lj would not
pimiMiuiemuoecnt,orcnuh the help
less, but In the same breath say the In
nocenisuner. the v rtuoiu vi,..t ,
misfortune, and the helpl., ari. f m,,,,,
"iiuur wiianjerinit3 this scenting lu.
Justice? .
"God," says the Clinllan s "and k
hlud arrowniug I'rovldence he hides a
Hilling face."
i.,T,U.W0,l,tfO,ul" tllu IitUUl ;
'YourUotlhaik-uon." '
"Well," the ChrUUan rt-jillcs ; "tho In
BOoeat liave been tmi,lM,ed ; the helpless
tore lM crushed- the good have sur.
d' 00,1 did uot do this, whose
"Ho Qod,") tl Intuiel ; "the Laws
"Onuitod," responds the christian;
"but what difference can It mnkc to the
Innocent, the helpless, nnd the virtuous,
whether my God or your Laws of Na
ture or your Chance brings to them tribu
lation if If iny God l n monter beeauso
a conilagrntlon in Chicago consumed
ltclples men,-women nnd children, your
Chance Accident, or whatever may he
the name of your God lns great n mon
ster. If my God ought to bo denounced for
the gra'shoppern, your Laws of Nature
that produced llienihould also be nunthc
matlscd.'' And so on. '
The fact Is, wo are surrounded by mys
teries. The work of creation Is going on
continually. Ilelphwsbclngs are crushed,
not bceaitso of nny fault or theirs, but in
accordance with some Law of Nature
lint of God or whatever wo may call the
Cause. What seem" to it Injustice may
bo the highest wisdom, nnd ho who call
God to hi face In the pretence of the
wonders of the universe a fool and a
liar, n monster nnd n fiend, simply be
cause hu cannot comprehend Ids nets, Is,
to say the least of It, somewhat bold, nnd
(we must be permitted to say) Just a little
The Italian! county-(Ivy.) Xew, nks
this ipiestlon : "Had we not better agi
tate something about the local condition
of our country, nnd what would develop
her resources as tar as her laud is con
cerned, thereby bringing to the notice of
the great public Jour facilities!''' Taking
this question for a text, the A'eics pro
ceeds to discourse as follows :
llallard county, by the Auditor's re
tmrt of 1872. exhibits the fact that lu
that year the number of acres of land re
ported amounted to '21't,'22 acres, the
average value or which was $7.02. Now.
It Is well known that the first settlers ot
the count v incited their farms upon the
ridges or hills as a general rule, and the
vallevs or bottom lands of the county
were seldom disturbed ; and wo Hud the
same true to-tiny, niu ine ianuer oi me
county ever think of the vat iiuau
titles of land lvlm? noon Mnvlleld. West
Fork and Obino creeKS, to say nothing of
me oilier streams ot considerable size
running through her borders. Take
lllg Jlayiield creek alone, nnd the bottom
will average at U. vt a mile and a half lu
width clear through tho county say
twenty miles and you havo a tract of
some thirty thousand acres ot virgin soil
untouched by the hand ot man, stretch
ing directly through tho centre of our
county. It is also a well known fact that
this land produces grass in abundance,
and that hundreds of tons or hay could be
annually gathered therefrom, with a mar
ket for Its sale at your door. The great
and almost universal complaint of our
farmers in the past 1ns been the want of
roughness for their stock, and they
have rcorted to almost every expedi
ent to secure, that end, and yet, wo find
many of our farmer friend- buying feed
nt Cairo, l'adncili and other 'jMiints to
sustain their stock during the crop sea
son. The fact Is that a farmer who is
roniieIlcd to go to a foreign market to
buy the necessities that he needs at home
will never make money, we care
uot what his products are. but
if lie could get it nt home how different
would be the result. Then would it not
be well for some farmer In our county
to open n grass and bay farm lu May
field bottom? Try the experiment and
our word Tor It you will Hud that others
will soon follow, and the vast strip or
JIIIJU Ul!l HIM, 1 , IlllflllJI.-- illilt IIIIJMO
iluctlvo waste will bloom and tloom llku
cfir --, thn health of the countvwlll
be letter, and chills ami biw will L rt
quired to hunt some other locality, ns
their occupation will be gone. Farmers,
think about It and m-c If there ! not
money In It.
The reprint or The I.omtoit Quarterly
Reritw for April, by the Leonard Scott
'ublMilnir Co.. II Ilarelnv street. N. V..
should not be passed by unnoticed.
J he first article Is a long nnd intcrcst
2 review of "Macivadv's ltemlnl?-
cences, '' giving n sketch or his Hfc and
connection with the stage, which began
at the early age or .-Ixteeu years. It N
evidently the production ora writer who
Iocs not derive his knowledge merely
front the book which he reviews
Article II. is an exposition of the work
of Indian Missions J tliu dltllcultles they
meet with nnd the nrogress thev have
made, both in secular and religious edu
cation. "Looking nt the results achieved
by ludlan missions, it Is evident that they
suggest reasons both ror disappointment
and fur encouragement : but we arc or
opinion that the reasons ror encouratc-
mtnt decidedly preponderate."
Article 111. "Lord Shelburne First
Marquess of Lansdownc." "He wasl'rhne
Jllnuter or hnglttiid during a brief but
most Important period," and has been
called "the ablest and most accomplished
mlulitcr or the eighteenth century."
These memoirs, which describe the jie-
rlod between 17:17 and 17C0, seem to be
si i iitln r I n character to the "( i re II le Mci n
olrs." Article IV.. "Xntlonal Education In
tho United States," has ror Its object, the
correction or prevalent English ideas re
garding the working or the American
Educational System. The subject Is dis
cussed lu all Its bearing'', but the result
or the system Is not considered sufficient
ly successful to warrant its adoption by
other countries.
Article V. deals nt length with the
controversy ljctwccn Mr. Gladstone and
I Jr. Newman, Cardinal Manning nnd
Monslgnor Cupel.
The notice of "Llvhiitono's Last .lourn-
als" (Article VI.1 dliti !rs from nrevlous
reviews or that work bv illrectlnr "at
tention to the curious ami valuable notes
mailo by tho great traveller on various
natural phenomena, which contain many
fiuggc-tlvc racts."
Article VII. "The Statue or Meuinon'
refers particularly to the voice with
which that celebrated statue was wont to
greet the rising sun. It Is shown clearly
tnat there wus no prlestcrall lu the case ;
m a, the priests themselves were ns I-?.
iforant of the eauo as any or the visitors.
The sounds were itrodue...! i.v Mm im-
"rii- oi nireiifii ulr through iii..f.r,.vt.jnr
anurous stone, win.,, ti. ..,.. ...
constructed, and the crevices filled up
me voice was mute.
411,1. . .
."line "Tho Transition rrom
JlCUICVal to Modern lnlltli." Is nt
tempt to throw light on the Imperial and
imi movements ot our own time, by
carefully con-ldertng similar actions lu
mo sixteenth century.
Article IX. "Kugland and Itussla
the Enst'rhows the relative position of
those notions Is Asia, and idlscusscs , tho'
probability j,f lu ture advance on the part
oritussln making It neaossiry far Eng-1
land to prejviro to hold India by Torcc of
The pcrlodldH reprinted by the Leon-
nrd Scott l'ublWiing Co.- (41 llarclny
steel. N. V.) tiro as follows The Lomlun
lmrtcrlt, Kdinbitrgti, ll'estninitcr, nml
llritiii Ouarterlj Reriw, and lltuck'
wood' Magazine, I'rlee, $1 a year for nny
one, or only $1" for nil, nnd the l'oslngii
l ptfpald by the I'ubllslurs.
BV virtue ofnnonlrr of Ihc enmity iimrl of
Ali'Xiiiiikri'oiiiity, iulliuMiiliMil' llliiinla,
Inaite nt tlic I leccmlier lerni lliennf, A. 1. 1ST1,
iikiii thi'lKirtltlnn nt the tiniliT.lioinl, luliiiliilo
tiiit'iroruii'i'flulenr.lolin II, L)iVtll,ilci:i:ivoil,
UKttluitt Jlsrliru K, DeWlltiilnl other, llll,un
Trntli liny or June Seal,
nt the hour of In o'clock n m . , nftnlil day, m-II
nt imbllR Trmlue nt the trout iloor "ifllic tiuiv nl
lllrhaiil A. Kdinoiulitoii at Kut Cupu UirunUim
In Hiilit AkuiiliM-county, thefollowhiKihucrlh
lit mil tali', fltiiiititl in Alexmiilcr county. In
tliUKtntP of Illinois tn-vlt:
All the Intcn -t or llicnil.1 .lolni II. llfWItl
itccci, In unit to the uinlirlileil onc-li:iir ir
IhiitpartorMftlon i-cvin (7), townlll'o. Tour
ttrn (II), soillli ninge No. tim e (.1), went or the
tlihil irlncliut iiieiitlhin, more lmrticuliirly le-i-oill.!
us follows: Coliiiiieut'liig nl the half
MClliin corner on kouIIi Mite or nahl ivlloii
trru () , runntuit thenrli north with Viirlullou
W ilegitf (0 ili-Krwi) nml thirty iiiIiiiiIck) I'nrly
cliiililf to centre op tfcellou, unit niiMilnjr Iheiit-f
rnl nliii lc-ii imJ clKlilyn'trli liuniliMllliit (lu
B7-i)o ctinliK to a Hit 1'1" tlirnre niiiiiiuir
Miutli, varlutloii nix iloRnr (il ili'Mi'iv) nml
Ihltly iiiiiiuIi'ki lurty clmlns lo pint "K"
Ihcnie writ nineteen iiml iilii'ty-llehiiuilrnlih'
(III ;.--Hk) rhnliiH to potior IhIiiiiIiik ut "O"
nml riintnlnliiK UMiily-nliic uinl rlxty-foiir
liuiulrriltln (Tu t!l-lli) iicren nioreor lc9.
'I he lioe ileirrllnil leul ct:ile lielnu Milistan
I Lilly the iiinllvl.UM li.ill' or the went lialfof the
ioillli i-lt iiiiuiterorvalil cirll.ili.
TKItMS (iKSAI.Ki-Onethlnl cn.li In liandi
the luilaiicc lo lie puiil hi one tnr t'rolii llieiluy
of hale, the iurrlmwr tonirc his notedniwiiiK
sl bit rent. Inlenst Tor Ihe ilclcmil iwtiiiiiiI.
nml mviiiwI hy niorlinw Willi iioucrof Mile ii i
on Ilic invmlM (old. 'lliuKafc Is to tie maile
Miliiivt lo Hie lihtor ilntreror thewlitowor
ai'i uecciivii. iiaui.i-. i . ivi.m.,
(.'roigc l'Ilirr, Attorney. IIJ-.V U-illi.
Staled Fropoud
"V7II.I. iK-reci lMilat the cltycleik's onire
1 1 until .iiouuay, iiiy.iiu, !-, iiirniiuie
lumlierllieclty may miuire iliirinx Ihe iuvniiI
llul year Lumber lo lie icmI nliileor Imrr
oak, Iree Irom sap or luil knots, nml to be of
sin 11 I irnc nx ion s not exrenlliiK'Jl mi In IriiKth,
unit to lK"itflheiii in mirhijiuuitltiesunil ut nm li
llini'iini the comniltte on ttrcct may illn-rt.
'I he city naeri the rifflit lo reject anv nmt all
lll'll. ).,!, I JiLACII AAI.1,1,
Cat 111, Stay 13, iV. City L'lei k
Setled Froposalf
TXTIMi received ut the cltycleik'n oltice
VV until MomUy, May A. 1 !-"., for
inrriiy liiiniuiK lor Iliewtir rnnini; June lft,
ISTti. IMllil blild inn tr.ttrrthecost nl'iiulilNliliii.
the council tirocccillnirn, onlhianetv, unit uotin:
oi an kinu, iiiMni.i nv uny rny onii'rr orliv
onlcrof the rlly council. 'Jliecity rrnn tli.
llKlit to leJwt anr ami nil I'M.
Wit. ntl:.M II AXLKV, Citrank.
Cairo, 31a) 13, UTS.
T01 lf!l! U lil'll'lit irtl-.M, llinl In mvnnl.inrn
ol Willi the nitiln-nwnH of Peclliiii 7, oran
not mlilleil "An Act to Ueclair nn l cm. Unite
IhCitatenfllliuoltMilf truttce of that ortloii
(.rilic state tax Inlol, ml aiet collecli!
for the) ear IsT-'l, in ecei. of ai-IW ttnreil uinl
lo lirorl'let'clil-he rriueilles for the roinnlele
ivliimlltiir of the fame to the tax-lnmra ofthe
State who Uue palit Mich ew. ami lor the
molcrtion ofthe tav-naycrs cnlillnf Ihen-to. uml
ofcounticvaml all o nicer or eron ciinuecll
wiin ine coiieeuou.cui.KMiy or iayinemtlieifur.'
1 will refuml tonucli itoii urconxmitlnii ihe
nnioiint by lilinor It jmlil In eit'4 of tuenty-
uinr iiiui -ei.Mim ui Mini nutie l&x III l,.l, lift
on the ,rueiitatioii ofhiior It tax rcciit lor
Him r.i, iji.iuip iiivpmiie.
(.HAh CU.NMMillAM,
l".i-5-ll-ilwtw. County 'I icaiurer.
I no uritiah uuarterly Heviews.
KDINlllJItO 11KV1HW "WIiIl-.
iteprlnted by the
41 Uarclay Street, New York,
Hy arrangement with the Knglhh i'liblbh.
era wuo receive a titicrai eouipeuitatlou.
Tbcuo ncriodlcali constitute a womlcrlnl
mlscellauv of modern thonelit. researeliniul
criticism. The cream of ail Kurojiean books
worm reviowiDL' is loutiu nt-re, ana they
treat ol the leading events oi the world In
masterly articles written by men who have
special knowledge ot the mutters treated.
'1 he American Publishers urge upon nil In
telligent readers In this country a liberal
support ofthe Reprints which they have so
lout; and so cheaply furnished, feeling sure
that uo expenditure for literary matter will
yield to rich a return tin tliut required lor a
sulxcrlption to these the leading Periodi
cals ot Ureat ilrltaln.
For any one rot lew,
for any two ICevlewH.
9 4 00 per annum,
or any three Itcviewx, loot)
Kor fill frilir Itnvlnu'tf 1' ful
for lllavkwood's Maga-
vino. a m
Kor lllackwood and one
Review, 7 no
Kor lllackwood and two
itcviewrt, 10 00 "
Kor l)lakwood and three
llevlows, 13 00 "
Kor lllackwood and tho
lour lievicvrs, 15 00
l'-tk.t aim ninli m l.a A. I. .
-i6i. niu vvuiib (iiiuautJl f iu (JO urc
paid hy the quirurat the olllcc ot delivery.
A itttecnlltit nriWMitv hav mill i. t
lowed to clubs of four or more persons
Thus: four copied ol lllackwood or of one
Itevlow will bo tent to one address Tor
81'J 80, lour copies ofthe four Itovlews and
lllackwood for and so ou.
Tnpllllianf nmi nr irinpu I. ml.llltn
the ahovo dl. count, a copy KratU will b
New subajrtbers (apiilylut; early) tor tho
yearlHio may have, without chnruo, the
numliers lor the laU quarter of 1BT1 of inch
perlodiculs us they subscribe lor.
Ilr IntPHil. new feulLull. ...... ..
three, or four ot the abovo periodicals, may
"' ruur iiewcwir or loti:
buhscrihcrit to all live may Imvo two of the
'Four Itcvlews, or one net of lllackwood's
.Magazine tor le'l.
Neither tircinliims to subscribers nor dis
count to flubi, can ho allowed niiles the
money I remitted direct to the publlhliern,
No prcmluuik t'lvrti to clubs.
Circulars with further particulars may he
had on application.
TI1K I.KONAltt) HCOTT l'tJlll.'NO CO,
41 Uarclay .Street. New York.
G AltniSON'H
tVitrally Uxated, Klftfaitly FanuM
Tho Oomiaercial Hotel of tbs Oity.
5iOnr" .'uoulh Ui uKeiit, e)ery-wlieie
PVJWAiMie4K(,wiluu Mid, Co ,llil
chauuii, Mich, 4-iri-wet.
lltJM.F.TIN' la iuII-Iim1 tTeryaMmlnf
1 '
(except Momla) ) In the llullrtlu llnllillnr, oor-
nor Wii-liinKton iim iiuo nml Twclnii atntt.
Tub llt'M.KTiN UMiteil lo city biilwcrllienby
falthnit carriers at T-ntyl'le CVnU a Wrrk,
IKiyalifo weekly. ItyMjII, (hindrance), 10per
iiiiiiinni lx moiiths Wt Ihiee mnnlhs, t3 one
nioiith, it 2.1,
I'ublltheil every 'Ihiirilay tiiorntngat $1 2.1
liernuuuiii, Invurlubly In iidraiire. 1hcioMae
on the Weekly will be ieilil at flats oRlce, o
that subscriber will obtain lor nsiibAciiiitlon
rice of $1 11 year.
liutlneu Cardt, r annum M 00
One pquarc, one tmerUon,- 1 00
One equarr, two insertions, 1
One aquai-e, one witk, 2 '.')
One fquare, two nik 3 M
One iqiiare, time ritk,.. 4 (O
Oim tquie, ona mouth, f. CO
One ii.ire, one hmritioti,..,
Kjib MihiiHut Innrtloii
... M
DOne Inch I ft Uure.
t3 To Irgulur udverllseril wroffiriniierlorhi-
dure incut, litli n to rate ot charts and man
111 r of iliijilayiiiK their fitor.
Jj-Nutlce in lucal roluinn liutrti-J for Klf
teen Cents kt line f,ir one Insertion, Twenty
t'nt a line for to Inrtloiin, Twmly-Five
Cut a Hue for three luttittonn, Hiirty-Fltr
Cent n line for one week, ami J-eveuty-t'he
Cenln a line forone month,
Communications upon aubjocta of en
oral lntoreat to the public solicited.
CJ.M1 letters (houlil lieaJJirs.iil to
1'reiiilrnt Cairo ilulletiu Coniany.
HKSIIiKNCi:; No. il 'riilrt.-nlti ftrrel, U-
Iki-,11 WutliliiKtoii uenueand Walnut slm t
OKFIIK: North tiiile of Klxhlli Mnt le
turtcn Coiutnerclal and Waliini!lon nvrnue.
"t W. DUNNING. Jtt. D.
UKSIIIKNCK: Corner Nlntli and Walnut
OKt'lCK: Corner Klxtli street and Ohio tee.
OKK1CK HOUHS. 1'roinK .
Ooru J to a 1. in
jn. W. BLAUW,
Gorman Physician.
OKK1CK, l!u,ler' lllirtk, (tip-stairs), corntr
RlKhtli etrett uml Waihiiictoii arenue.
II. . UllldUU, M II. II. .V. KKLSKH, M I
No. 134 Commercial Avenno,
Oftiro, 111.
OFFICE ilOfliS-ato 19 u. in., 1 to 3 and
to a p. in. lr. Keener can I round at the ntllre
atiiljflit. l!feS-l-.tf
Attorney at I-aw.
OFFICE: Eighth Mrett. Ntween Commer
cll uml fll(iij,'U,ri avenum.
Attorney at I,aw.
OFFICE: Ohio Unv, over room formerly
occupied by Flr.t National Uank,
AttorncyM ana CouiiNcIorN
Ut lillW.
OFFICE: Ohio Iw, roomg 7 and 8
City National Hank,
William II (ireen, )
William II lillliert. ( Allid 11 1 ivdiu
MlleaFntl'k.Olllxrt i
ttTVSliWlfll Attention Iiin In A1tnlr.lix nn.l
SUUMllHmt bllSlDCDft.
Wholesale and Itetall Dealer In
English. Porter
Imported from Now York City.
17S Waahinirtou Av .
Corner Eleventh St.,
For Laundry and IIouBObold Uso,
Aatriein UlirsLmirine Works, Vewark, K. J.
doei'lmi 'l)h "il,le ''' ' hi the woild n
rail l ,,V r1?' ro1'"l" nothliitf injurliiin 0
ru,i lr L(?Mc U1"1 """1 hy nil Ihe larie
chiHij?.onS'c'M,.,t "C " l'l'lntf n'taud
niih 1 .eL'n,, ,r"r WhltewanhliiK. I'ut
iucVXJi.T1' "ome"l,,,, family us I'rici
for tuVn,!.lr. u-M r'T.vwIien.. Always auk
'i;,,u'1;,,ilr;!,,,iWus1' -. h-you u,.tti,e
5-w"m.' 7: W,Htam S,B New yofk-
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Tho Trustees of tho Cairo City
Property tlrliv to mil inhllc nttcntlon
to tho merit tirthelrii ix'i ttv, oomprW
Injr a consltli'mhlt' portion of the City of
Cairo. In Alexander County, in tln State
or Illinois, nml html Immediately :ulj:i
ivnt tlierclo.
This city, n U well known, l situated at
the colitlnelice of the Oliln and M l-!-Iipl'l
rivers, ut tlic head or iinltitcttiitcil nalj:i
tloliontha illjliil, hclns helow oh
itrtietlotf hy Ice In the winter nnd low
water In ininmcr, and tint. h.t n clear and
mien ritercomiimiilcatioti at nil times ncr
the Mtsllrdimd ll trihnt:irle, with all
the cotintrv south, to the tiulfof Me.vlio
and the Atlantic Dcenn. Calio ha also tin"
name character ot coiiiuiiltiicution with all
the country north oer the Mtcatn HhmIiik
by lr. Mbcn tlio.o tre.uu are not I (1 tm 1
gahle by ronton ol Ice or low water.
Ilclorc tin- em of Itnllro.nls, Cairo hid n
J conmiandini; oliloii ns n ci litre of com-
luerce uml mmiruiion. 1111 iiiiioriance 01
ioitlon she tlll pof-e ot ha-noiv the
nddltloii.il udtantat;c ol helni; a ureal rail
road centre, :i number ot tlte uiort Import
ant railroad in the Valley olllic.M.-lslil
cotivcrltiK to and Inning their termini
there. Among thc-c. coining from the north
are the Kreat lllliiol t.'eittral itailroad,
which tmere. the entire state of lllinoi
Irom'it 4 vxtrenip northern and north eteni
to It- Miiillitrn liintl. and hy it-coiiiieetioii
extendi Into ail the irrcut iiorthwcsteili
j:ralii iirodiiciic.' State ; the Cairo and In
ceimef. extending from Cairo to the l lty of
Vlocciincf. in the State ol Indiini, where
lU connections a third direct railroad torn
iiiiinication with all Katern elite : and
the Cairo .V St. Ixiin- liallroad, artordim; a
illrcet railroad eointnimtcitlnn with the
City l St. Ixitlis ami all the railroads 1 en
tcring there. The road cornlrn; truiii Hie
.-ontli nrc the New Orleans .l.ickon and
(ireat Northern and the .Mobile and Ohio
Kallroad, which give direct railroad com
munication with Hie citle nl .Mobile and
New Orleans, and otlitr Southern Atlantic
ce.l poits, and by connecting road wllh nil
the country south of (alr.i; and coining
Irom the outhwet i-ttia Cairo, Arkana
:indTe.v.i4 Itillroad, which ultord rlmitir
cominntiicntlon with s'oiithetii .Ml-ouri.
ArkutH.is ami Texa. and the prlnclpil cit
ies of those State.. 'I'll 1 4 l.l-iiniieil rind
will gle, al-o, direct coiiiiecilon w Ith the
TeX'is and 1'iicllie Itoadwhel. It U rninple
ted.thtl giing direct communication With
the )irlncipl port 4 ot tho l'acltic Ocean.
'1 here railroads, teriuiuatiug at Cairo, are
now all completed and in Miccc-.fiil opera
tion, tho-e lu Illinois coming into the city
on a hank (it each of the river-, Ohio and
.Mlv.l..lpil, and tennlnatlni: at their coiilln
eiice, thus encircling the city. The Holly
hpriugi, llrownille and Ohio Hirer (till
road, and thn Cairo and Tctinrce Itlver
Itailroad, which will both terminate at
Cairo, artt In course of construction and will
foiptibc completed, and other railroads both
111 Jlllnol, anil In .Mateikouth ofthe Ohio
river, wblcli will al-o teunluaiu m Cairo,
are prcijectcd. and arrangement made to
liulld them. The ontnietion of these
will greatly Increase the rillroad cnimiimil
cation ol I'niro.
lis central location in tho gre it Valley of
the Mi-slsspp,uiiil tin. ijrcat wealth of river
and railroad communication, gives to Calio
uiiMirpu-sod ndvautages as a coinmerclal
point, a it allntiN to lier easy and cheap ac
cent to all the (train producing dlttricU ot
theVnrtl, Mn.l Un,l .....I . I, ..II. n 1,
., iDt c, u.,,,.1 nLwi iu nil
the agricultural produce eonsiiincrs of the
mum, luun piu-eiiiiug me uen loeanoit In
the lV'i't ffir fill lnt.r,.li.nf,i. ..C Id..
. - , - xunuv .i.vi ii;iii;i:i
ivc northern ami outhcrn eoiumodities nnd
A a manufacturing location thepoiltion
of Cairo in not less important. The crude
mstcrialB of every description, which con
ktltuto the clement ot manufactured urti.
cles, nheund on every iIde, Iron ore, coal,
ofmpcrior miallty, and timber of every
chii'acter.more than other, being easily
and cheaply ncccsdble. and thu lich agri.
cultural region ortho immcdlati: neighbor
hoo.l, a well ai the more remote district
rendered tributary to it hy river and rail,
lurnMi hUpplleHOI the necessaries of llfolu
uch abundance ns to render living except
ionally cheap. When tho manufactured arti
cle are produced, the facilities for cheap
distribution hy liver nml rail are not
Cairn hat a moral, Intelligent, liberal and
cnterprUIng population or nbout 12,000 hn
a superior nyhteni or public, hIiooIf, which,
with others conducted hy prlvntu enter
prise, atrord uoMirinssed ciltieutlonal ad
vantages is pos.ei.fced of wcll-ehtablliihod
churchen of nearly every denomination
hati public and private buildings ora supe
rior character lias a climate, which for a
luhrity and healtlifullnilticncei4 cannot ho
s.urpassei-ha4 u well-regulated and ef
ficient municipal organization, It streets
lighted with gas, ami other metropolitan ad
vantage which make it highly desirable
and In reality not to he excelled 11s a place
of permanent residence.
l.otn and land lu Cairo arc now nflc red at
very low prleen. ail'ordlug favorable oppor
tunities to purchaae, and the owners pre
tent tho location to the public, as nil'urlug
unrh tiled advantages for thu successful es
tablishment ol commercial or manufactur
ing enterprises, nnd the bet la'callly tu the
country tnrprolltahle Investment ot capital.
S. Staath Tayioii,
Trutceii, etc.
Cairo, Ii.i.., May let, l74.
( 10-tr.
TK "'licit rorrKnilencr nnd onleni from Dnti-jltM, I'hrsIcUni and Oeneral Slires In win
V of ifooU In our line hlimiilMul. IMjnfntu.ti ,,.! rHiniff M..ii... 1 .
mint Willi tellable tiaifiiit rm-nlisbte rati
74 OHo Uve., I v I WiwuinKton Av., Cor. 6th St.
Great Durability with Handsomo Designs, and Giving PER
Excelsior Manufacturing Comp'y
012, 011, G10 nnd 018 N. MAIN STREET, ST. LOUIS, MO.
C. W. HENDERSON, Cairo, Illinois. Wm'
Importer and Wholesalo Dealer in
Wines and Liquors,
Kcopn a full Htock or
KLoxxtuolcy Bourbon,
Monongahola, Rye and Robinson County
ntttt Retail

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