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"L.I'.... JJ'.IU" ."
AICAI.OM 1,OU(iri Nit; 61.
KnlxliM of I'yllilm, meats tut)- fti'
day night at hair-pail !eitu, iiiOJiI
fellow ' 1111 (. K HI.XCK,
i.liauollor Commander,
Al.t.XANIIKU I.0I)(1K, KO,?M.
lOPBKt Independent Order i r Odil-1'e.I-ffUIBtlov,n!
"'win nory Hiumday night
''Am' at half-trait teteu, In tbclr lmll on
Commercial avenue, between sixth unit Seventti
trt1 .loltM II tiOMWAI, N l.
CUIItO I.M AMPIIKST, I O. O. K,, meela
In Odd-Fellow. Hull on lh fln"l an-l llilrtt
lue-la In every month, at tiidl-pu-it wten.
i K SLACK, C I'.
mule Hall, corner Com
'mid Kljjlitfi tilnvl, on
I.AIHOI.OIMJK, .NO .'J7, A. I'. 4 A. M
toniincrrlal avenue
. Oti the M-ruflit mill
vuttii lion-lav oi nidi iuoiiIIi
t'renti Miipply.
.Mr. 1. Kltgerntd hanjuit received and
!i.n on talo tt lilt jalei room u laryu stock
of Kiilldi ale, porter, llriitie-iiy brandy
nd wine, anil IIiiiom of all klmli, whlt-h
tie will dlipote of at reasonable price.
lift Mm- llvM.
Dr. Helh Arnold'. Ooii-h Klller-lbe
preat erndlcitor lor a'l lung iII'ph'ci r uu-p.-i
lor remedy to all other incdklne yet
dl.covcud, In MJVere can-i. It li ft turc,
quick, ami perfectly ife remedy lor
ruiigliP. rold, nort! throat, whooping rough
:roup, and all dl.ene of tbe throat and
lungs Iteiall prlea, 2 ninl M) renin and el.
Any bottle ttiat doej nut glv- relief may be
relumed, and the money will lie refunded.
Dr. .Stlli Arnold'. Dtarrbiua ll.nlnsin, 2.i nnd
Weenti. Iti-uicmlier it U wairnnlcd, Ar
nold' rllldom Mandrake 1111-, operation
without alekneiH and pain. Compounded
by Dr. .Setli Arnold' Medical Corporatlvn,
Voonocket, It. I. Sold l.y Paul (I.Hrliiili,
ilrniClM, Cairo, III. .Vi-.;.V::.n.
I.mlle' I'lirllUtllllK Moil1.
A ljille.'rurnlililncfttnroliiljeoii opened
In the Theatre building, and Mocked with
a lull line of everything pertnlhln-; t'i ladlci
vtar rciidy-inndt dre.e, underwear,
etc.- nil of tlie latett hty lc, and will be -old
at lower llgurei- tban ever belore otlered lu
Cairo. Tlicc good, were pun-hated In
Saw York, nre of the brt miterlal, .mil
ulll be told wry rea-onable. Al-o MIIII.
ne.ry jxood of all kind. .'Wt-W-lni.
i:er rartcii t'rnn,
pby.lologUt. tay, the hnnitti body la en
tirely changed and roneived. Ku-ry mo
ment ol our llvc. every' Prt of our bodk-n
It wearin? out ami It being built up anew
of fresh matter. Tb.lv work la accomplished
by the blood vWilcb kob through overy
part, nut If tlie blood berotnea weak or
vltl.trd, and doc not perfonii In work
properly, the ytein It actully polwned
by the worn-out nutter clogvln;: tlie Hal
ori;aii Instead of leaving the body. For
lypepila, blliou'iie", kidney, 'klu and
llcr trouble-, lever-, and all ilbteaiei arl
lug Irou tltlated bloody Oit. Wai.kkh'h
C aI.U okm a Vi.vkh mi III i t K.li.-. are :i -ut-frtlpn
remedy. .VH-tlAw-lw.
Xollr Lumber.
Having aaln cutablltlicl mytUf In Uie
Lumber lii.liif", nt tho Wall & V.nl Mill,
I am prepared to ret! lumber of all klndt,
lath and tblnglca at who'.eialo and retail,
and to otTcr ex rn indueeinenti at nil tlme,
KUtraateeln tlie Iqwrnt poMible prlcet.
I0?-:h11-1iu. J.rf. McOllv.
toak tNl tor Yuur Uok.
In addition to paying tho U.v on (Iok-.
anl ilnt., tho owner of nun: iiiut,Voinply
with thU paragraph in ordlniiiici- Xo. 3,
tc. 1.1: 'Tlmi no ilo' or dut ihall, Ik'
twit:n thti ilrit day of June mid the first
day ol NovciiiIkt, run at lare within the
limits of -aid city, wltliuitthaviii'ru sul
tantlal wlro or leather mule eeurcly
fattened over mid iiround it uioiith,"
iVc. No exception win or w ill be made
to the nipiinMii'Mit of thU ordinance.
W. M. William.-.
City Mar-dial.
Two.lont WRjrou 1'or Nnlf.
A new wagon for tale at ft bargain,
ply at the Ki'LLKTiN rountluK-roora.
tf. Hllll In IUt rit-lil.
Mr. I'bll 11, .Saup wli-kcs to annoiineu to
his trlcndt and the public generally, that
be has lately lilted up, In excellent i-tyle,
bis commodloiu and comfortable pirlorit on
WaKlilngton avenue, near KIglitti street, for
ibo entertainment of tho.e of our cltl.en
uud tlie rest of mankind who induk'o In
lee crftam, soda water, eonfeetloncrlCH, Ac.
aud that he U prcjitrcd to luiulult to cltt
entof Cairo, it hnme or at bU purlorx,
aiilblni;lnlilsllne. Vlnl. Is well known
to our citizens, and ua Ids rooms are very
plcatantly tilted up, and as ho can alwayx
be found at hl po-t, day or night, to look
alter the welfare of nla custamers, we hi
hpvik fur him that emtom which bit enter-
prlro merits. Ills Ice cream and lemonade
urg delicious, his soda water is not equalled
by any lu tho city, anil a lar as cnuiecium
erles are concerned, ir enniiot be denied
that his stoelc Is always tin-best In tho city
I ler)erfs.
Vurnl hikI liixlriinicnlitl Mimic.
Mrs. Moii'-arrat will rcstinie teaching
cm tlicSSth int. Allde'liln arlaical
education in piano mii-ic will coniiuencii
us cnily :ir possible. Vocal Instruction.
Hecoidlni! to tho old Italian nm-tci's,
thorouLdilv tauulit ; nl-o, liarmouy and
thorough la. ('la-esln ol(e'iu.
Pimm nnil Or ii ii Tuniiiir.
Mr. M.Jvuliuo dcnlres lu to fay that he Is
I eady to receive orders for Piano and Or
'un tuuln!;, and repalrltiK musical Instru
merits. Orders may be left at the corner ot
Thirteenth and Walnut streets, or 1'. O.
Ilox AQO, and will receive prompt attention
lo unit Kc:; !Irr.
Landlords ot hotels und hoardluj; houses
vs ill Und It to their advantage to call upon
Mrs. Coleman, Laundress, No 12 Fourth
street, betwoen Washington and Commer-
tlul nveuues. Hotel and boarding-bouse
washing, "Sconuperdozcn. l-'oi piecework
prices aro us follows: Sluglo shirt and col
lar, 10c: per dozen 80c; socks tie; two col-
lars, tie; two handkerchlels, rc; vests UOc
and all gentlemen' wear, N)c. per
doeu, Ladles' dressos, 'ii to oOe
ktrtslO to 20c: drawer 10 to 15c; two
pair hose 6c; two collars 5 to 10c. For la
dles plain clothes $1 00 per dozen; lor la-
dlat Hue clothes, 61 23 per dozen; done
dramutlv. and promptly dellverod. Pa
tronage loliclted.
Luratl Wcalkrr Report.
(,Aiao, li.u., Juliet,
THOMAS JO.S'KH, hergl. H. .1,, If S. A.
11. W. (Jnrdiier, the udyuiuf ujfent for
Hallt-y ,fc Co' bg circus ntid menagerie,
which liai for -tome time pn-llit en exliili
Itlnjr In tin- northern part of thlt Slate,
wai lu the city n few days a)o, and It Is
itaid will return lu a few day mid make
arrangement i for the npiKjuranet.1 of that
combination In Cairo some time non.
Coroner ioinnti waa liiforintd by a
negro man on Monday afternoon, that a
child hud tieeti .vcn In the Ohio river. In
the upper part of the city. I'pon jmliijr
to the -pot designated, a white child was
found, which was taken In charge by the
olllcer and liiirlcil. Xo partlrnlars could
Ik: ascertained lu regard to the little un
fortunate. V At I.l.
Atla-t the work of n-palriiur and Im
proving tlie ,-treeLs of our city has heyun.
On .Monday iiioinlny, Mr. (Sorinan, w ho
is aiipcrltitciidiujf the work, commenced
hie labors on Highlit street, between
Wa-hlnjjtoii avenue and Walnut i-treet,
with a (,'ood loreo of ldrtil hand nnd
the clialii-vniiKi under tlie control of jailor
.McCarthy, and Die work Is now urorea
tti' to the .-atisfactlon of all.
I.attn 1'lrnlr.
Mi.ss Itot-r-, of tlie i;iecntli Mn-ct, and
.Mlw 1'hllllt, of the Thlrtentli Uri el pri
mary schools, will f;ive tlielr tchol.irs .1
lawn picnic, tomorrow (Thursday) after
noon, on the lawn nt the n-sldenit! ot Mr.
A. V. Wln t-Ier.
A cordial Invitation I- rIm-u to all the
friend and patroii' of tlie-tj i-ehools to
come and kh the children enjoy them-
M-lve, and -hire lu the pleasure- of the
afternoon wltli them.
On List tjiiturday nlht. I)iirbrs at
tempted to cflcCt au entrance into the
store of a tceutlenuu near Twenty-eighth
street, by boring hole around the fas
tening of the door with a large aiijriT.
They hud nearly K:'!"el an ailmitCmeeto
the More, when trout oinu unknown
caue they abandoned their work, and
retired without taking with tli-ni any
booty whatever.
In TrtMiblr.
We are Informed from very :ood au
thority, that tlie educated hox and do
man. who has been In the city exhibit
ing for the hist Mx weeks, has ot Into
a predicament from which he tludK It ex
ceedingly dlttlcult to extricate hltmelf.
lie wniits "apace," but his creditor! ier
lt, In the mo-t biulncxs-llke. inaauer, In
bolilln-'oii to bis cts until he comes
down with the necessary amount of
wherewith, which l over forty dollars.
Kriirlon, Plruleo, Kit'.
The good paietiier steamer, Uannoek
City, cjii be chartered lor excursion or
denies at reisonable rate-. Apply ti
CrS-illl WLKF.n.t XKII.Is.
To lir nllt-tl llowu.
The front brick w all of the building on
Commercial avenue, lately occupied as a
furniture salesroom by Henry Klehholl',
nid owned by Mm. rf. U. Halllday, w hlch
was destroyed by tho late fire, will be
torn down, its it Is thought to be a source
ol much danger to pasi-crn-by. The wall
ha-s Ixtm slowly giving way for a day or
two past, and now leans at the top, out
from the other adjoining buildings, a con
siderable distance.
The NUugliter lu Ut(lli.
The time allowed the people of this
city, to pay the tax on and muzzle their
canines, having expired with the coming
of this month, the otllcers will begin, lu
accordance with tho onler ofChielof
Police Williams, to slaughter all canines
found mulling ut large about tlie city that
have not marks upon tlutn that will sig
nify that tlie order of tho mayor and
chief of police have lvn compiled with.
A Vlsll lo IUi Uss Works.
On Mondav afternoon, Miss ltogers,
accompanied by her entire, school, and
Miss Thompson, on a very cordial invita
tion extended by Mr. Gerould, Mipcrin-
tendent of the Cairo City Gas works, vis-
lted the works, and were entertained by
Mr. Gerould lor over an hour, who seem
ed to take much pleasure lu showing the
little ones the principles upon which
light, from gas, Is fuml-dicd the citleiis
ol Cairo.
Mr. Kdmitnd Iluefucr, proprietor of
the Planters' House, ami n uumlM-r ol
other amusement and fun-loving gentle
men of this city, are considering the pro
prlety of giving a picnic and festival, on
next Sunday, at i ort .TeftVrson, Ken
tucky. If they should decide to carry
out their project, the lerry-bout Three
States will bo chartered for the day to
accommodate all who may wish to at
tend. Arrangements tor amusements ot
various kinds will be made, nnd tho af
fair will he a very Interesting and pleas
ant one for all who enjoy such occasions.
Tlie Fesllsol latat Miflil.
The lee cream niid strawberry festi
val, given by the ladles of the Methodist
church at White & Greer's old stand, at
tho corner ol Sixth street mid Ohio levee,
was well attended, and was a
very prolltable undertaking, as it sliould
have been, considering tho cause ' which
prompted the Indies in getting It up. The
weather was very lavornble for thoevciil,
and the fads, with bonny lasses, ami
soma that were not bonny, Hocked In
large numbers to the festival, that they
might pnrtako of tlie good things to bo
had there, and pent their money freely,
Tim. Hah. Tut Wi.in, I Viu
7a ml oi S. I U
The lltv lit-lo.' tin' Alltllpili "'ell n
plainly on Mmittny nljilii by many
of our I'ltUcnsi callic rioui till' burn
Injf of Mr. Stephen Hirtl's wltt mill,
situated about thiw miles iiboVe
lllrd's I'olnt, on the Mlsmmj shorci
and about one mile In-low Orecn
lleld's ferry liindlnjr. The entlie mill,
along with it large amount of choice
black walnut lumber, was totally de
stroyed. The origin of the lire Is un
known, Tlie los Is said to ! very
.Nolle? la I'm 1 1 Mliltvr.
Illinois Ckvtiui. IUii.I'.oah ( uMi-tSv.
Okhckoi' Ikni:iul Ani:.vr,
Canto, III., June 1, t.)
C'oiiimeucliig liniiorrow June 'Jd and
continuing until further notice, the fruit
express train will leave Cairo at !i::i0 a.m.
.Its. Johnson, General Agent.
-'2-:it. Sun copy.
On Dnljr.
Health Olllcer Jlrown commenced the
duties Imposed upon him that of look
ing after the w elfare of the city's health
yeterday morning. Among the first
places visited by him was the HI. Charles
liotel, which ho declares was fuinid to Ut
as "clean and neal as a new pin." "Hut,"
said Hrown, "lt down and I'll (ell you
all about It. You see, there's several
places that are hi a d u bad condition,
uud I just told one old woman, that I'd
give her until to-morrow night lo clenii
up, and If she didn't do it, I'd have her
up before Dross and make her come
down with that little old nine sixty, and
1 meant what I said, too," Olllcer llrown
llnds the city a a general thing, very
Mr. Jewett Wilcox tells us that on
Monday evening, Mr. Nelson, u passen
ger conductor on the Cairo & Vliicenncs
railroad, brought to the St. Charles three
young boys named respectively, John
Hall, William Altotl nnd Thomas lloban,
the elde.-t belli-: about twelve years of
age, whom he had picked up on his way
lroni Viiiceniies to this city. The boys
having become tired of their monotonous
life of going to school, lu Dayton, Ohio,
had taken a notion that a trip would be u
source of plcvuro to them, and they ac
cordingly took French leave one night,
without giving warning ol their Inten
tion- to any one. Mr. NeUou Mipi-
eioued tliat all wa not right with tlie
youngster, nnd after satisfying hi mind (
on tho subject, re-olvedlo take them un
der hi (sire and return them to their par
ent at IJaylon. Ho took them back to
Vlncennc on his return trip yesterday
morning, Irom whence he will send them
to Dayton. Young Hull Is the sou of the
recorder of Hamilton county. Ohio.
Tlie I'rsl House.
Ofllcer Wooten, who has had the nt
house since the opening of tho institution
for the Iienellt of small pox. patients, un
der his lnii.'.-ilate snpervl-iou, Informs us
that he allowed to depart from that place
a day or two ago, two negro women,who
were entirely cured of the disease. He
also tells us that the present inmates,
four lu number, are all Improving very
rapidly under the treatment received
from the 'physician who has them lu
charge, uud that lie It confident that he
will be able to give them a parting hake
of the hand I'l eight or ten tlurn nt the
farthest. There are but one or two eases
within the city limits at the pre-ent time,
and with due care, from the people of the
city, the di-eife will terminate just where
It I-. The two caes alluded to are both
very light ones, aud are In houses occu
pied by the Kev. Mr. Caldwell, near the
corner of Washington avenue and Four
teenth street.
Cnrtl o. 'J-To I lie I'nblic. .
The card lu yctcrday' HcLLcrix,
signed by Prof. F.Goebel.does Mr. Wit
tig great Injustice. 1 have liccu a member
of Mr. Wlttlg's baud for over live months,
mid hi no one instance has he ever failed
to pay tne what was Justly due me; on
the contrary, I have always found him u
gentleman in every re.-peet. When
the Fanny 1'.. Price troupe
played here Mr. Goebel re
ceived his .share of the money for orches
tra music, the same as myself.
When tho troupe lett, Mr. Hanchctt
was owing the band some money, which
he promised to pay as soon as he could,
but Mr, Goebel holds Mr. Wittig respon
sible for his proportion of said amount,
aud Ueeaase Sir. W". docs not sec proper
to advance It out of his own pocket, he Is
published by Mr. Goelel. A letter re
ceived irotn Mr. Hanchctt Informs me
that w e will get our money as soon as
the troupe starts out on the road again,
I state these factsbecnuo I wish the pub
lic to hear tlie truth of the matter.
ClIAB. llAltllV.
A llornts mir In t'nlro.
A few dnys ago, an Item suggesting
that u horse fair be gotten up in Cairo,
appeared In the columns ot the Hl'i.lkii.n
nnd has, wo are told, created considerable
discussion among the sporting fraternity
and the lovers of fast horses In the city.
To many persons notacqnalnted with the
details In getting up n horse fair, such as
given by many of the turf associations of
this and other Slates, It would seem that
much expense and labor must be In
curred, and that very little prollt can be
derived from such nn Investment. Hut
to thoe who have given any attention
to (he rules upon which horse fairs of the
present day nro given, Just the reverse
of this unfouuded belief Is very visible.
The entrance fees, where a reasonable
numuer oi norses are entered lor a nice,
frequently amount to more than the purse
offered, nnd were nhoree lulr to he given
In this city, tho neighboring towns of Ken
tucky, Missouri nnd Tennessee, three
States where horse racing uud horse rais
ing has become n very proiltuble branch
of business, would pourln horses enough,
which when entered for n race, w ould al
most make up tho premiums for which
they were to contest.
Beside this though some people, nre
strongly opposed to, uud protest against
racing horses, n lair ot this kind, It can
not be disputed, gives, life nnd vigor to
ny dry where they nrc iustHuterl. This
JinOn'i'H pl'UYeil lo III!' lintt;lloii of
t-WJ 'community of th' eastern State,
n also (he western ones, except Cairo,
und we see no rcnm w hy we should not
be benellted by such itn undertaking. A
small amount of money, say fifteen hun
dred dollar", Invested In a Cnho horse
fnlr, would mnke things llu-ly herea
bouts, and those who put their money
Into It, would derive very lnmdoiiie
percentage, were they t' pursue the
proper course in offering premiums.
J. IS. Mason, or Woomlngtoii. was
ipiiiitentl at the Grand Central jester
day. A. It. Hall, of St. Louis, was regis
tered nt the St. Chnrles yesterday.
It. W. Davis, or Union City, bad
rooms at the Delmonleo yeterday.
W. M. Smith, O. D. Dowd nud
George It. Peoples, nil of Vlcksbtirg,
MIssUslppI, were quartered at the Plan
ters' yesterday.
.1. Yacger, of St. Louis, was regl
tercd at the St. Charles ye-terday.
S. K. Bowers, ofClilejgo.au exten
sive dealer hi black walnut lumber, was
at the Delmonleo yesterday.
It. M. Sheltoti and Miss Kva Martini,
of lllandvllle. were ut the (irand Central
M. P. Clllford, of Texas was among
the arrivals nt the Planters' yeterd.iy.
M. P. Courtney, of Anna, wn reg
istered at the Planter yesterday.
C. V. Farr, the map ni.ui of Don
gola, was nt Hie. Delmonleo yesterday.
Charles Fitch, a prominent railroad
man of Mobile, was registered at III" St.
Charle- yesterday.
J. P. Johnson, a dealer in stationery
goods and books, was nt the Delmonleo
-A. C. Bartleson, of Villa Illdge. was
at the Grand Central yesterday.
F. S. Ea-ter, M. D., of Texas, was at
the Planters' ye-terday.
-W. O. Procter, of St. Louis, was nt
the Grand Central yesterday.
George S. Hnye, nn extensive sad
dle and harness dealer of Lvansvllle.
was registered at the Delmonleo yc-tcr-
F. M. Wcstbrook, ofF.viiuvHle, was
registered at tlie St. Charles yesterday.
-George O'Orady, of St. LouN, was
at the St. Charles yesterday.
-J. 0. l-'itzpatrick, an extensive plan
ter ol Vleksburg, was nt the St. Charles
-Theodore Stemming, of Chicago,
wa n-LMstereii nt tne St. ciinrie yester
Pedro Moore, ot Pedro Town, Ohio,
was at the ,t. cnaries yesieruay.
Trensurt-r'a Keporl.
The following Is the report of B. F.
Blake, city treasurer of the City of Cairo,
for the year ending April DO, 187. :
Hy amount received froinT
W". Ualll.tny, tx-Trtm-
urer ......... . a 04
Hy amount rewired from A
H. trTin, county collector,
Recount general warrant of
l'T2 - 15 OS
Hy amount recelvd from A.
If. Irtln.couuly collector,
account general warrant of
1873 iT.tl'. :i
Hy amount received from A.
It.lrTln, county collector,
Mrxouut general warrantof .
1-71 I5,s III
fly amount rreeited rrom A.
II. Irrln, UCCount llle-
ualLItaiet I.SJi.ll
Hy niuouut received for II-
reiiiw-t 1 7,0TJ it
By umoiint received from V.
Ilross, 1'. l.. mitt... . 1,4- 10
Hy amount received fiom .1 .
J. Bird, I'. M., linen . . 'j'1 VI
Hy amount rectlrel for or
dinance IXKlka C 0
Hv ainnuut received telz.-d
from gambler CO
Uf amount recelveil froni
1Uii1h.ii Vocum, clerk rlr
cult court, account of Hue
agilustT. J. Shores 5 do
Uy amount reoeiicd I'orolil
iron "I
Uy amouut received for oy
tax . M ''
Hy amount iwlved fruui
.loteph Hro, welirlil-
mter.......... U'1 a
Hy amouut reeeivnt I'runi
levee gruv el road atest-
ment l.tdTCa
Ur amouut receive! from
sidewalk warrant So . 7S .. M
lo amount paid on city or
der and Interest on eame ili,C'3 47
To amount paid lutere-t ou
IKIUUi . -"J, '-) i-i.
To amount paid lioudt if-
lceme.1-. -. l.v is)
To amouut palil levee Rravtl
rooil notes and Interest on
same....- "
To amount palit Yluct.it
per onler of Mayor Wood,
from hotpltnl fund sl
Hulimci- In tren-ury April
175 t.' 't
Total 7,WI !S!$7,2SI U
B. F. Bi.akk, City Treasurer.
Tor Hale.
A sliver plated .No. 9 Wilson .Shuttle !ew
Int' Machine, hard (pln) valued at
fS3. Will be mldat HO discount, on good
tonus, and ordsred direct from the factory.
A No.'.l WHwn Shuttlo Sowllifr Machine
valued at f&. WI" 1,0 Bt discount
nnd ordered direct Irr.m the factory.
kou sam:.
A K'O liriiiinKtou SewlnB Machine-.10
oil' for ci-li. Suitable for tailor or boot ami
shoe ininiit-ieturer.
At a bargain, and on good lernu, a Howe
Se'wlns Machine. May he een at the Company'--
ottk'c, corner Ninth street and Com
mercial. rou SAl.K.
A now two-horse (loinble wofc'on.
Kor any of the nbore articles, iipply at
till' Ht'LLKIISOtllce. K. A. HllK.NKTT.
III necordano with (he rcfiiilreinenU of
an order of the board of County Coinmls
liencrs, notice Is hereby given Unit I will
redeem county orders uud Jury tertlll
cates ou presentation. Interest will eaese
on the nth day of June, 187o.
County Treasurer,
Caibo. III., May 'JT, 1R75, 3-2S-10t
On tfr. iH'TiiuCAtiiiiitSi . Lot is ll. It,
Co,, Caiiio, III., May i7ih,'lS7i1,
A meeting of tlie Directors ot this Com
pany w 111 be held on Wednesd ty the 2nd
day of June injxt, A. D. 1876, nt 8 o'clock
P. M., at the Wharf-inastcr'solllee, corner
Levee and Sixth street, lu the city of
Cairo, Illinois, S. StAAr.sT.tvLoii,'
6-2MiI. President,
(tick Mure.
Mrs. Ilonnardeffert her services as a kick
nurse. She I experienced In all kinds of
uurMiig. Public patronnKe(retpectlully to
llcltod, Leave orders on Cedar street, be.
tween Twenty-Third anil Twenty-Fourth
streets, In the Porter Home, or P. O. linx
2M. fi-8-lm,
11 pm 4'lg-arn Tolmcru .
Fred Teleblnaii, at his cigar and tobi:c)
store on KlRlitli street, but just received a
large and complete assortment of pipes, etc,
and a large stock of the best brand of smo
king and c.bcwln; tobacco, F, T.'s stand
ard cigar always on hand. OUe lilm a f ill.
40 1 -.VIM inj
A good German girl, who can cook
and do general houx'-work, will find
steady employment by applying at the
Central Hotel, Sixth Street, between
Commercial and Washington avenue.
M.Vlw. Katii: Ai i-i.i:max.
I.imeli ! I.iiiich I
The hipgc. lunch eerset lu Cairo, will
be spread avcry morning at tuc Planters'
House. Wiener beer Is the great attrac
tion. It pays to visit the Planters' HoufO
and try a drink of till, the finest bter ever
ofTered In tlilt city. 410-r.-l;i-.1v.
Mullet: nt Kfuumtl.
The well-known barber shop, corner
Kighth and Coinuicrci.il, presided ov:r by
'.lie popular artist, Ocorgc Stclnhoiisc, has
removed one door north on Commercial, iu
.he Grand Central Hotel. Tho new shop It
arge and comtnodiotit-, and those wlblng
for anything artistic In the way of fj-hlon-tide
hair cutting, smooth shaves, etc., wilt
Jo well to call at the Grand Central Barber
hop. Tl-JHS-tf.
Ilrtluretl Itnlrs.
We will take, ut the St. Challet Hotel,
during the summer month, M day boirdcri",
at $12 por month, aud&O boarders with cool,
plc.-mnt rooms on the upper floor, at 430
per mouth. At this extremely low rate,
none but promptly paying boarders will be
accepted. .iKwtTT Wilcox .V Co.,
.H-l-'S-lin; Proprietors.
4'hntiKP of Time.
On and after Monday May 31t, it through
pacnser train on this road will leave from
the corner of Commercial avcmio aud Sec
ond street, (near the St. Charles Hotel,) nt
10:45 a. m , topping at the platlorui of the
Freight Hoil-e, foot of Fourth street, to
take ou paticn-jers, and wncro tickets lor
St. l.oul and all Intermediate points can be
obtained. John Koar.irr,
."V30-dlw. Ajrent.
Old reneli nion.
K.J. Cundlft has jint received from Koch-
eter, New York, Wo buthels choice large
peach blow potatoes, -fleeted for seed and
for family use, which he otters for sale at
his grocery, north side ofKighth Mrcct, be
tween Commercial and WnO-lriirton ave
lines. o-'JT-fit.
The- Old Rnllnble.
1 hereby announce to the public that I
am batter prepared than over to nccounno
date ray patrons at the Central liotel, on
Sixth street, between Commercial and
H'atiiiiigtou avenues. I have taken a part
nerln the hotel business, Mra. Appleman,
who hat had conslilcrabld experience hi
that line, nnd will not full t.i make guests
feel at home. The tablo will always tic
supplied with the best tbe mirkot aflordi,
served up in the mott palatable niamicr,
Hoard aud lodgluK per week, f 1 00 ; single
meals, 25c, to be had at all hour-. 1 have
atfo In connection with my hotel, a Unit
class barber shop, nnd am prepared to give
customers u good shave, hair-cut, shampoo
ing, etc. 1 will run three chair, and havo
employed tonsorial artists who underUaiid
their business. Shaving, 10 cent ; sham
pooing, 20 cents ; and h tlr cutting, '1" cents.
(Jive me a call. Prof. F. (Jokiikl.
WlulerS IJitller.v.
( Ijn-n every tlay of the week.
Itnse IIhIIm or I: very Uenrrlpllon
I'Hii. ii. SAurri.
Obstacles to Marriage.
Happy relief for young tm-a frm the cf.
feets of errors nud abusos lu early life.
Manhood restored. Impedlmcuts to mar
riage removed. New method ot treatment.
New nnd remarkable remedies. Hooks
and cli'viilars sent tree, iu sealed envelopes.
N. Mnth street, I'hlludclphla, Pa.-iin Insti
tution having a high reputation for honor
allc conduct and proletslonal skill.
Ml-d.Vw-am. .
Meeting of the Stockholders
Cairo & St. Loula Rallrod Company.
OUIIML! notice Is hereby k'lven Unit there wilt
J. Is- held u meetliiK nl' llm ktockholders of the
Cairo A ht lmlt ltallroa-1 t,iiimii , nt the
elutloll liollteof ld eollluiiy, In II.- eUy nl
Kust M. l.onl, In the county of M. Clalratid
State orilllnolii, on
Mouilny tlie UNtli liny or Juiits A. I.
nt the hours of eleven o'clock a in., for Ihe piii'
ixiscof then ami there rleclllilt by mid stock
IioIiIcm teten Uliis'tom for said company lor Hie
etiMihiK ear, and llien anil there trunnctiux
tlich other ImtlueJS Hpi-citniulnir to eald i-oiu-tiany
a sliull come lieiure mild meetliiK.
A full atieiiilniice of all the stockholder III
aldcDituuiny 1 requested aud liim-li desired
Haled, nut
juili ditv nr.Mav.
II. w. SMITH i: its,
.1. W. SAVIN,
II It. I'AYnO.V,
II. .1. UA.VIIA,
kholder-(' XS 1, It It to
Corrected pally by y.. M. i-lwrnv , wminlIoii
inerelmiii, ffeereiavy ui tne i aim ihmhi hi
Klnur, accoidluK lu Knvb' -
Corn, mix"), uickeil
Corn, wlille, backed
Outs, mixed
Ilnui, icr ton
Mud, aleani drltol
Uutler, choice .Noitlic-rn
Ilutlir, choice hoiitliern 111..
Y.gs, per dozen
t'hiekeiK, ierloen .,
Turkrya, perdoicn
I'olatoeii, per barrel
Onliiit, per barrel
Aiparasui-iloi ..,.
StiavlK-rrlr iwciate
ti M
I'l i.-O
..1 uVel "U
ii no
MS oo
., 'iMc
1 "I
Port l.lst,
ah it m:D.
.Steadier ,1lm Flk, l'nduenh,
" Cnpltol Clty,,Vlclisburt?.
" dnsjlownrd, St, I.oill.
Tom Jasper, Cluclnnatl.
City of Chester, Memphis.
Tow-boat .1. X. Ivellofg, New Orlcam.
" Atlantic, St. J.ouU.
Hteanier Jim Flk, I'aduenh.
" Cnpltol City, St. I.ouls.
" Tom Jasper, St. Louis.
" City of Chester, Memphis.
Tow-boatJ. N. Kellojrii.St. I.oul.
" Atlantic, New Orleans.
" Liberty No. -I, St. Loul.
llOStS llfK.
.Bin FUk, l'ailucali; Clly of Vleks
burjf. Laura !.. Davis, from SI. Louis;
Bobt. Mltehel, C. B. Chureli, from the
South; ('has. Morgan,.!. W, (larrett and
barge, from (he Ohio,
itivim and wcAiiiint.
The river nt dark wn 10 feet 'J '!-."
Inches on the gaugi', having fallen 7 l-.l
Inches during (he.'previoiis l!l hours.
The weather ls-li-ai- and hot, with
a strong southwest wind.
Business dull.
OK.NT.IIAl. iri;M.
Tlie Jim l-'Wk bad a very good n ip of
freight yeterday.
The Thompson Dean Ulo leave New
Orleans this evening for Cincinnati.
The Cnpltol City, lust evening,
Drought aw bales cotton lor the East.
Tho Bee and barge took iT.-'sS pack
ages Into New Orleans, Including "J.VKX)
bushels bulk corn.
The J. X. Kellogg had h; vera I Ice
barges and Sub-marine No. 1 1, in tow for
St. Louis.
Tbe Indiana and lli-llo ot Memphis
from the South, and .1. D. Parker from
the Ohio were over due lat evening.
the Cha. Morgan and Craml Eagle
were aground on Portland bar, Mond.iv
veiling, nnd were being Iii-Ik-iI oil" by
(lie Boblu.
The Toin.lnspcr made some additions
for St. I.oul. She report the water
getting rather thin in tlie Ohio from
Louisville out.
The St. Loul VViiift -ays: "('apt.
Whiting, the owner of the Mare Bovd,
don't want to purchase a boat ; on the
contrary, he has. one for sale.''
Walker ANellis have titled up the
Bannock City In the best of style for e.-
:urlon or picnic purposes, and are ready
to charter her at reasonable ilguu-s.
The New Orleans Times says: "The
contemplated opening of the South Pass
has necesanly caused -i great Incre.i.-e lu
the United States mail to the Lower
Coa-t, and to incet the dciii.inds, the
owners uud contractor of the present
route have lu proi-css ol eon! ruction one
of the Itncst modeled and staunched
propellers that has yet been turned out.
The hull Is belli' built at Madlsonvllle,
ncro-s the Lake, and will be of -elected
live oak, red cypress aud pine timber,
with Iron frames and knee.-. The dimen
sions of the hull are 120 feet length, 21
tect beam and 8 feet hold, with power of
".WMnch cylinder, driving uu A feet wheel
or bcrew. She will have two cabin, one
aft and the other forward; the one uft
will be fitted uj in elegant style for the
accommodation ot (be .ufc-, i,iJ Dm I'ur-
ward one for the gentlemen's cabin will
be in the Pullman Palace Car style, with
restaurant table. The boat will be ready
for business on or about the Stli of Au
gust, and will cost $27,000. She will take
the place ot the Marie, now running hi
the trade, and will bo under the command
of Cupt. Win. S. B.issett." ("apt. Bas
sett Is at present commandiiiing the
Southwest Pas packet, Marie.
Waii Utr.tiuJitMr, llivtn 10.1-oia, l
June i, ists. t
snova cmasok
rt, IN. IT. IS.
l'ltlslmiy a 7 a
Clncinnuti !i 'i
Uuitvillu t ID - -i
SI. 1-ouls 1.1 0 0
A C'aril.
1 hereby notify nil uiiulduus who shall
be employed by Mr. Kd. Wlttly, to have
their money ieciind iu advance. I c
this uotlce becauso 1 do not with any mu
sician to bo boat nut ot Ids jut due at
I have been. My son and mysell havo
played for him two weeks and thrco days,
lie has only paid me a part of my dues, aud
has not paid my ton one cent 1 consider
him the leadcrof the hand and rrspondblu
tome funny money. 1 hare played with
Mr, Ktscnburg, who is lender ol a band, and
he has ul.vays paid me uud my son
promptly, I pay my debts, not llku some,
who do not Intond to. l'KOf. P. GOKini..
Nlnivt Ix-rrlc..
lio to Wilcox's fur strawbt-ii-Ii-s.
One thousand bu-hels of choice Michi
gan peach blow potatoes, lor sale ut
P.tnuiiii, A.vi.i:v it Wii.n's.
Horse 4'lotlilnu'.
A lull aseortiiieiit ut Hy Nets, Horse
Covers ami lllankrts, ut well at ti lull supply
ol all other poods in our line, at 10.i Coin-tni-1'i.-ial
nveiuie, next door to Theatre.
n-ij-l-iiw. 1.. 1). AKIN .V Co,
I'lilon IliiUer.v.
Frank Ivratky, of the I'lilon llakvry,
Coiiimcrclal avenue, between Kouitb ami
I Sixth street, ha re-opened hMiakcry, and
la now prepared to deliver lire id nudCikei
of tliu bctiiiallty, anywhere In the elty or
i enuntry, Iu kiii-h iiuaiititleK a-i liU custom-
1 1, innvilttilr. Pi'li. tvlll 1... 1,1.1.1a .mi.
i ' ,,,fr11 , ,. ,
i .-.v-j ....
tinier ; In otln-r woiil-i, cheaper than the
eucapeiii. senu in your nnier,
Tu Ill-Ill.
Rooiii- to ivnt In Wilcox' lllock,
Clli'lip. .ViclW
KAH.-. CO.
N bV!.l ,,,r"'r lntHs"l In
,i;,Y,llilh.v,'i,,'r,'Tlfn'i'r a'HoriT, of
net entltlen "An- . - M.t
, '.'l-'J4' 'I11' i as sd ami colleefsii
furtheyear 1S7J, Inttcettuf w-3d IIKiejtl atfil,
"JSL'If V.'i'fL8 "medleifor tlie eomplefe,
refindlngpf the same v, the tat-payers oflh
rtUtewholiaie uaM tilth etress.tid f-.rthe
protection of the Uut-payeMentlilciI thereto, and
ofwiintlet and nil onleera ot pertont cnnecle.l
ii, a 1 'i" eiyUK-nt llicreof,' '
I will refund to such person ur coruomtlon the
amount liy lilmnrlljiald In xr r twentr
nine, thlrty-tlsths ortuch State t or i7a, u;
nnlh presentation ofhls or Its tan n-crltitt r.ir
Ml-lyeur, covering tlie nunc. !
"li-j-ll-dawtiv County Treatnrer
BVylttneofanonler or Hie county court ot
. i AJ';"'lTcoiiiity, In tlie tmtc or IlllnoU,
made atthc Dei-ember term thereof, A D. 1S74,
iikjii the partition ot the tindertlgncd, ndtnlnlt
tralor of the estate of.fohti I). DcWIlt, ileceiweil,
uirahut Harbru L. DeWlit and olhert, I will, on
Tenth liny of Juno Next,
at tlie hour of ID o'clock a m , ofsald dnr, tell
at public venitaient the rrnnt door of the al'oreot
Hlchurd A. Kdniondton al Hunt Cbw tlinirdenu
In talil Ali-vn-ltr county, IhoMllowliiit. le.crlli
edrenle'lnte, sliunleil In AlexamUr entinty. In
tlm.ialeof lillnoln, to-wlt: , 1
All the Interest of thesnld .Inhn Ii DeWllt
divi-atfl, In unit to the undivided one halful
lliatpiirtiiftectlun teten (7), toivrishlp.No four
Imi (II), south raiiKo Xo. tint (31, west rth..
third prliielp:il merullan, more particularly de-serlliv-1
at follinvs. Commencing nt tlie lull
rtrtlon corner on toutli ldu of said tecllnn
seven 17), runnbiir tlie.ncli north llh variation
tlx ilcjiee.s pi -Icrce.) and thirty mlnutei) rorty
chains to rentre of section, nnd rttnnlnx thence
ml ninetis'ii and elRhty-seven Immtredtht (ly
S7-PSI) chnlut t a pott l,l)" them-e running
rfoiitli, vnri.it Ion A deirreea (rt ilejtn-et) iin-l
thirty imniite foity elialn.s In pott "K"
tlienee wctt nineteen nnd ulncty-llie bundredtlis
(I!) li.Vlui) chains tu iott of beitiiinlnx at "U"
ami coutiilnlnK leieuty-nlne and aixiy-foiir
lillli-llT-llhi (7-J C4-IKI) Hcret iiinre or les.
Thenlioie ilisrrltl rent ettJtc belnir tiilitu
tUlly the undivided hiir of the west luiirof tin
toiitli iut iiii.'irter ofaald tect Ion.
TKItSISoPttAI.i:: Uuu third rash In liamli
the liulnnie lo lie pnid In one jearl'rom theday
of sate, the purrlm-er to itlve hit notcdrnwlnit
six per rent, Intere-t for tlia defernil ymcnl,
anil -eaired hy mortirae with power of tule hi
on IheprembeA sold. 'lhcNilu Is to tr inaile
iilil-t lo Uu- lljllitof ilowerof the vttitnw nt
Mini ihss-iimsi
Attorney. lU'-fi-Ii-dlt
t.eorje Kllier,
Wltolfiile and IlrUll. Vnl forcntilot'i prlcej.
250 State Street, Chicago, 111.
Commission Merchant
Uutler City Natloaal Bank.
' Wll.I.pell In car-load loU at manufactnrera
. prices, udjlnjj FreUtht.
(Snccetvora to John B, I'lillllt)
Commission Merchants
Ami Dealers In
Agents tor LASXIN fcRAKD POWDKK 001
Corner Tenth Straet md Ohio
Z I. Jljlliiist. g, c. Uhl.
And Gtneral
Commission Merchants
IK-alera In
-f --. MAIM
0L Olxlo Xwvoo.
K. J. Ayret, 8. I. Ayrei.
A in! guieml
Commission Merchants
No. 78
- -
u. vv, I'AiiKvn, w. r, axlev. j. ii. wilii.
(Suei-essora In 1'iirtcr .tAxley,)
Dealer in
Hay, Corn, Oats, Flour nud Conn
try Produco Gonorally
A hperUtlr,
100 Cominoiclul Avouue, CAIRO, ILL.
ISTew-York Store
Goods Sold Very Clsie,
Corner IQth St. and OommarcUl At
caibo. nxnrojj.
-JTvi. A
0. 0. PATZX1 ft 00.
' lull . t
V lit (..''
VfV T 3 J -v
' "ft j

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