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gltc ttllifiin.
;OHKV. OBKRliT, Editor.
AwnvBiAiPB orisiox.
Itcd Cloud, ono of tlio Indian chiefs
who Jinvc been at Washington ciu'cnvor
Ing to treat with the government, ealtl, Iti
nun of hU BpcccheJ to the I'lroldunt : "1
don't want a Western man, hut n man
from thu Eut, nnd a man that U liwillliy.
Theo Wwtcrn mini tilt thulr jiookuts,
and wlicn they aro full they 111! their
hat, and then ny ffood-l-yc nnd go
Tarson Lure, of Carboiulalc, U onry
because Parson Worrall, of Springfield,
appropriated to his own use the Hetty
burg oration of Edward Krni-tt. "JIo
who Is mean enough to steal the sermons
vr orations of other men" thin the
honest parson discourse "Is mean
enough to commit larceny of other thing,
and Is at heart a dMioiiest innii." Wc do
not believe this; but, It the pardon will
modify his Indignant iK.-ci tlon Into the
dcclaratlofi, thatn man who will steal ns
Worrall did Is a fool of tho most dUtln
gulihcil order an hss from head to
foot. If he had any .enc,lio would have
known that exposure was tmn to follow
a theft po utterly impudent.
William M. Kvartf, U of the conn
aclofllcv. Henry Ward lleeehcr, nil
dresicd the jury for u whole week, anil
might have gone on lorevcr. Ho eouelu-
ried In the same tone of voice In which he
began, was not hoarse or tired, and only
atonned Micakim; because he had cry
thoroughly covered tho ground. His ar
gument was one of great power the best
defence that could polbly have
been made of his client. It must
have had a great cfloel upon the
Jury, and, having been printed
In the New York papers, it has led many
people Into the belict that Tllton U u ras
cal and Beechcr Innocent. Sam. Ward,
Oie great Washington lobbyist, was prc&
, cnt in the court room on the third day of
Evart's speech, and expressed our opin
ion when ho said : "Tlii3 1 a big case
it puzzling case a case that you makeup
your mind about, and then the first thing
you know you change It."
LIST. The last number of the Johnson
County Journal contains u big-headed
article ou tho publication of tho delin
quent tax lUt of that county. One of the
head lines declares In startling type,
that the list was published in Cairn, and
the text of the article asserts that tho i
fluc of the Ytomnn that contained the list
hailed from the Huuxtin olllce. The
Journal is mistaken. The Yeoman was
not published from this olllce any more
than the Journal that contains this charge
was published In Chicago or St. Louis,
because one halt one tide of It was
printed, ns it was, In ono or tiiou i-ir.
Mr. Schuckers ucd some llgtire.s we
have In composing his tax list, set up the
list himself and published it necordlng to
law in Johnson county. On tho matter
of the errors charged to be in tho list as
published we will not comment. That
thargc may be true, but that the IK was
published In Cairo Is a charge absolutely
the decohatiox of uravkn ci'.ii
i;mony. Frof. Brownlee, of the Southern Nor
mal University, was tho decoration ora
tor at Carbomtalc, and in his oration gave
the credit to Gen. John A. Logau ot In
atltutlng the bcautlml decoration ceremo
nial. We believe the Professor Is, in part,
correct. While Gen. Logan was Com
mander of the Grand Army ol the Re
public, the custom of decorating with
flowers the graves of the soldiers of the
Union was insltuted ; but it had its origin
In the South. After the war, negroes of
tho South, when the flowers bloomed,
took boqucts, and laid them upon the
rraves of Northern Koldlcre, who had
freed them. Tho Southern people acted
upon the hint, and hare since loaded the
graves of their dead with the fragrant
flowerpot the Spring time. Wo of the
North could not permit tho Southern peo
ple to make this custom pccullaily their
own ; and therefore, ut thu sugge-tion of
the Grand Army of the Republic adopted
the custom, and have since, very faith
fully paid yearly floral tributes to tho
dead who fell in the w.tr for the I'nlon.
A Chicago correspondent ol tho St.
Louis Times Bays tho Chicago Journal of
that name has a new city editor. To
reach tho position of city editor of a pa-
per like the Chicago Timra Is to Ikj tsuc-
cesstul In a way, and therefore tho man
who has Just arrived at It receives more
than a passing notice from his brother of
the quill. Seven years ago Snowden was
a country school teacher in Lawrence,
111. Ills salary was thirty dollar a month
and board. Hut he w.w economical with
his thirty dollars a itibtiUi, and among
the graduating class of IWlof the Chi
cago University, ho appeared as ono
Of the most successful. Ills (tot at
tempt at newspaper work was roailu on
the Chicago Hotel Reporter in
uu. uo aiierwaru nccamo night re
porter on tho Time and after n short
aervlce ai secretary to Elmer Washburn,
of tho United State secret cervlce, he
wa recalled to Chicago, became tho as
alstant of the JW' city editor and has
now stepped Into his shoes. "Snowdon,"
Mys the letter-writer, "Is read headed,
freckled, ugly as a Minnesota sand hill
erane in appearance, but will btay where
be la until the Timet wants a chief ed
itor." Young men who complain of low
Mbrtet and lack of advantages, should
ittfcatnote. of Bnowdon, Ills friends
,1 Men energy, Industry and temper
Met, Mi totter than these uo young
.HAttfltlAM.'A 011 tOM,
Hon. .S. S. .Marshall, within the last
lew days a guest of the yontliern Holelnl
St. l.ntiK has been expressing his opin
ions of politics to onln person In tho
Timet olllce.
The ditdgo has no objections to St.
Louis as thu plnco to hold the next Dem
ocratic National convention, will bcltuvt
Judge David Davis will be presented by
Illinois as Its candidate lor tho I'rcl
dency. Tho Judge Is evidently a Davis
man; but, "generally speaking, ho
think that Tlldcu has the p reference ol
thonnsitM for President."
.Mr. Marshall believes that Logan Is
figuring for tho Presidency, and that ho
has the whip hand of the ncpulillean
party In Illinois, ills right bower Is
Cullom, und he has Oglesby and itevo
rldgo both to fight. Maine has more
friends than any 1'epuMie.ui, if Mr. Mar
shall Is n correct observer of facts : but
Conkllng nnd f.og.m arc bitter encines
ofhls. "If," say Marshall; "Hamilton
Fish Is nominated by.the Uepubllcans .It
will ben inori' decent selection than I ex
'J'he numbers of the Living Ant for May
2ith and June Mb, contain Indian Mis
sions, from thu lnarkrhj Ilnieie; Arc
tic Exploration, from the Ivlhihurgh 11'
riew ; The Abode, of Snow. Purls VI and
VII, from MacfaomV Mngasinr Tho
Colorado Potato Iteetle, Ironi (he .;m
lar Stitnce Itrtitie ; Oerinnn Home I.lfe,
Part IV, from ftiert Matmint; Tho
Centenary .Nnlanee, will r.o?t Knowl
edge, Sitm-ilny AVnVie ; Smith's Assy
rian Di'coveries, Spectator; reminlnc
Snobs, Liberal HrrUn ; with installments
of "Three Poathers," by William Mack ;
"Mhs Angel," by MNs Thackeray, and
tho ti'ual choice povtry and iiiNurllttny.
A new volume began April 1st. With
lllty-two numbers, itf sixty-four large
p.ige each, (aggregating over 11000 pages
a year), the subscription prleo is low;
or still better, tor 10 ") any one of the
American $1 montlillo or weeklies is
sent with the I.mwj Age for a year, both
post paid, l.lttcll & (Jay, Ko-ton, pub
lislier". .MIi:itlDA' WI.-IIDIXU.
The marriage ot Gen. Sheridan to Miss
Irene Kuckcr. daughter of C an. Uucker,
ot Chicago, which took plaeu on last
Thursday, was remarkable for the ab
sence of that display which has been a
noticeable feature of all the wcddlngi
which have taken place for tho last year
or so In families prominently connected
with either the civil or military depart
ments of the government.
Miss Irene Kuckcr now Mrs. Sheridan,
lias moru than ordinary beauty of person
united to more than ordinary charms of
mind. Shu was carefully educated at a
hlladclphla convent, speaks her own lan-
guagu with purity and several others flu
ently, and wlilie slio neither plays nor
sings, numbers, among her accomplish
ments a thorough knowledge of tine
needlework. She Is a devout Catholic.
The friendship between Gen. Sheridan
and thu family of Miss Uucker was of
long standing the courltddp was short,
the engagement having been entered Into
during Sheridan's visit to Xew OrJa
last U Inter. .MNs liuoUor funned one of
the pirty invited by Gen. .Sheridan to ac
company hlni ou that trip.
The inarriago ceremony took placa at
the bride's father's house, and was at
tended by personal and military friends
of thy parties. Thu liousu was decorated
with flowers. Tho bride wore thu cus
tomary white satin which thu daughters
of the rich and of some who nrc not rich,
always wear ou such occasions, and Gen.
Sheridan appeared in tiio full uniform of
u Lleutetiant-Guneral. Tho ceremony
was performed by the Iluv. Thomas 1).
Foley, of tho Catholic church, and niter
a collation at tiie house, the twain took
their departure, in a carriage presented
by Sheridan to his bride, for his own
house ou Michigan avenue.
Among thu notables present at thu inar
riago were (.leu. Sherman, Gen. Crooke,
Gen. Terry, Gen. Ord, Gen. Pope, Gen.
Whipple and other xilllcers of tho United
States army, most of them accompanied
by their wives.
Tho presents were elegant and numer
ous. 'I he t'ilt ot Gen. Sheridan to his
wife was a coupe, with brown satin lin
ing?, pair of sorrel horses nud gold
mounted rubber harnes". The rlft of
Pre.-ldent Grant and wife was a pearl set
of Jewelry.
Tin: i:ni.vni:i(iii rou aimiii,.
The Edinburgh Jicvieio for April (re
printed by the Leonard Scott Publishing
Company, tl Uarelay street, N. V.,) Is
now ready. Contents as follow :
Now Series of Wellington's Despatches.
The Geology of India.
Malouet's Memoirs State of France.
Modern Architecture and Us Assailants.
Reminiscences of William Macrcady.
Arctic Kxplorallon.
Supernatural Iteliglon.
Kitiglake'a Ilattlo of Inkcrniim.
Papal ltomo and Catholic lteform.
The Wellington Despatches" furnish
the material for an account of the Duke's
career from thu battle of Waterloo to his
death j and here, In a few pages, wc have
a short narrative of many curious and
Important traiitactlous, which, beMdes
throwing light ou tho political history of
tho period, illustrate his clear good sense,
manliness, nud patriotism.
In Article II. wo Ilud n comprehensive
view of the "Geology of India," and the
cfTcct thy toll and cllmato of the country
have had upon thu various races scattered
over that Immense territory.
ino intra nrticlc is divided Into two
parts-frf, a "Sketch or the I.lfe of Ma
louct," who was one of the National As
sembly at the time of tho revolution, and
was recognized by Louis XVI. as "otui
ot tho mo it sincere ami constant of Ids
friends ;" and tecoml, u comparison be
tween the National Assembly of the great
revolution nnd that of tho present day.
Tho paper on "Modern Architecture"
explains how the civilization of a country
Is exhibited by Its edifices, and that arch
itecture, whtch U both n tjclcnee and nn
art, can all bo traced to the three Ideal of
tiie tent, the hut, and the cave. It make
fomn severe wniat'hi on ewy on tllli
stil)ec(( Hint have uppcaivil In tin' 'iw
VI. "Arctic Kxplorutlrills," Though
this paper gives an account ol tho pro
posed Arctic expedition of IS".", having
for 1U object the discovery ot tho N.rtli
Pole, It It more particularly devoted to a
summary of those that havo been .ent
out from time to time by various coun
tries, and the results they havo achieved.
VII."Snpernatur;d iteliglon: mi Inquiry
into the Keallty of Divine Itevolation."
A 'crilic.d review" of tho work follows
nn account ot the plan nud objects ol the
author, who l throughout handled
with great sorority. Among tho points
discussed are the Canon of Scripture, the
Hebraic and Hellenic element'' In the
early Christian Church, thu Gospels of
St. .Matthew, St. -Mark and St. Luke, tho
miracle and the proofs of Christ's I'cur-
"Papal Koine nnd Catholic lteform" Is
a dissertation on the GladMone "Kxpo1
tulatlon." and thu replies thereto ot the
Old Catholics, and the points upon which
tho Liberal Catholics dlfler from the or
dinances of tho Council of Trent.
Tho peilodlcnls reprinted by The Leon
ard Scott Publishing Company, (11 Uar
elay Street, New York,) are as follow:
Tht London Qiiarttrly, JiJhibmyh, Wat-
milliter, und Urituh lmrt(rly Hrvtcws,
und Jltticliwofl'Vs Magatint. Price, St a
year for nny one, or only $15 lurnll,
and the I'o-tugo Is prep tld liv the Pub-ll-hcr-.
A puu'i;u ui:miKt: or mi: su-or.
nxu AVI.H.
The Mound City'.Aowmt ask, "What
was tho matter with Davis?" and pro-
ceeds to rebuke him for his irreverent
"codings ut thu dedicatory ceremonies at
Mound City. '1 ho rcinarki are caustic,
but tho subject of them merits the blows
of Potter's lash :
As an clcjranl specimen of thu sublime
in literature, wc copy to-day the Cairo
Sun' account of 'Decoration Dav," in
which the writer styles himself u pig,
speaks of tho colored people very illslov
ally for a Kadleal journalNt,' reminds
one that the editor ought to have bad hU
head punched by talking about punch
ing, slanders Mound City by calling the
Cairo hackmeu here on that day, her elt
i.ens and slanders the Cairo
hackmeu by saying they charged
live cents Instead of tlfly, belittles otir
beautiful granite monument by calling It
a tombstone madu of limestone, tlniN
fault because the deceased heroes did not
"materialize" before his eye, di.graced
liiin-elt ns a Mcthndi-l preacher of pre
vious good standing by tinding lault with
thu length of thu M E. preacher's prove r,
exhibited liis Insatiable tldrst tor "the
beautiful by complaining that there were
no more flowers, found fault be.-auso the
people would not go hungry, spoke
lightly of the oration, complained ot hav
ing to cat dirt as though it wore not a
dally practice with hhn. and ilnallv re
joiced that he diould not be compelled
to reiuemner ttiote wiioillcd in freedom'
cause soon again.
The trouble with Davis wa, that his
coneiuenee was not sulliclcntlv annrecl-
ated ou decoration day. He probablv
started out with the idea that he would
be the conspicuous feature of the occa
sion, and bo the recipient of considera
tion io correspond ; out ms expectations
met with naught hut cruel disappoint
ment, ou every nanu. ouoiv invited
him Into the passenger coach "with thu
colored people, nobody Invited blin to
ride out to the cemetery free of charm-,
Providence would not lay the dust lor
,U .niul'.iw, llwi iMOMtiiij.int coiitrm'Nw
did not ask him 'round to tho wfno
party, or send him u bottle of "Imperial,"
the mayor and council .did not receive
him in form, the ' superintendent
of the cemetery failed to recognize the
greatness encased In his seedy garb, no
body solicited bis company til lunch, or
asked him to Join them In a feast of Ice
cream, lemonade und gingerbread, lie
was not asked to oiler the prayer, falling
to provide himself with flowers nobody
offered to decorate Ids button holes, lie
was not invited to sit up hi the speaker's
stand among the less eminent gentlemen
as u vice president or a secretary, nud
last but not least, Ids ability as an orator
was Ignored and others were invited to
orate, hence he saw no beauty in any
thing, ami who can wonder at it under
the circumstances? He never will be
pacitled unless tombody gets up a dec
oration day for the exclusive purpose ot
airing tils greatness,
A ilvnevuleiit Heorxin I.ntlj'.
Savannah, June 0. Tho will of Miss
Mary Tel lair, who died last week, aged
elghty-slx. daughter of ex-Governor Tel
fair, was tiled In the olllce of the Probate
Saturday. Several muulllceut bequests
are made to societies. The
Georgia Historical Society re
ceives about ?17."),()00; hide
pendent Presbyterian Church, Savan
nah, SS0.000 ; Presbyterian Church, An
gustn, &W.O0O, nnd to Hodgson institu
tion, Telfalrvllle, Christian Church, en
dowment ot Telfair hospitals for females,
endowment of Toltair's Academy of Art
and Science, and other societies, nnd
numerous personal legacies aro made.
Including handsome beque-ts to colored
family servants. The estate Is valued nt
Army Worm In Jnvkon County.
That industrious little varmint, the
army worm, Is victoriously marching ou,
leaving many Acids shorn of their licautv
and fertility. Several hundred acres o't
corn will have to bo replanted: the lirst
crop of bay, upon many of tho farms, has
already been cut by their rapacious mil
lions, and many Ileitis of wheat havo been
materially Injured. Several farmers as
suro im they never saw the worms as nu
merous or more active limn at the pres
ent. Carbondalt Observer.
Commission Merchant,
Ami dnilfv In
omen i
M nnioi.Kvr.il.
P.ll 110, ILLINOIS
H. 11. rC.NMNCUAM.
(riacceuor to Miller fittler,)
Commission Merchants
And Denim In
i)l ouioum. I H.MKOW.
. rtW'huvleiKl tlio Urtt Yllow Wiire
houi, "torntc Mpucttjr 3,w Toni, which glres
ttHV t ' ."' ' '
iIAM r. smith, m. d.
, ltlMltJUNtx St) ill 'llilitffiiui tiwt, U
twfrti WHhlnKtiMTI,u"d Walnut ttmli
ori'lCKi NoiUi t t of r.lyMli stit Lc
titcn Cninnwt.it mM WiiihliiirtQatrcnue.
1 W. DUNN IN t, M. D.
Itr.PtDKNCt: (.'Ditiot Ninth and VTilnnt
Ol'l'ICIh Corner SUIli tiirtnd)litoIrt.
OFI'IC'i: liurild. -riiiiia.i. lllii.,nd
iTom 2 ton p. iii
jn. w. bijAUW,
Gorman Fhysioian.
tlfl'ICKi lludriM llluck, (up-atalx), comer
t: I Kl i tit ttrevl nnd WiclilnxmnHTtnuo.
11. S. imiOIIAM, M U, II. X. liIKNk.lt, , II
No. 134 Comruorofnl Aveuue,
Oftlro, Xll.
omu; HOUIts S t' l' . ni., 1 luaiinlT
to 3 i. iii. Dr. Ktvui'l' tnu tj I'oiintl at tliu oO.lv
ittulglU. IWft-lMf
.lltoriioy ni Lw.
Ori'lClii KlKhlh Slrrct, lnUrern Uonimfr
ci.tt und WiinkhiK'Iuli uvvniiiM,
Attorney nt Imv.
OFKICK' Olilo tit'c, orrr room I'm mrrly
oci'iiplril by Klrt Nntlonnl Until.,
AttorneyM nud Counselor
nt Ijnw.
DKFICn- Ohin Ivm-, lDtinii 7 and S
(.'11 Nittltinnt lltinL,
Willlnni It On-rn, )
Wlllfnni II. tiilbert, CAIItU ILLINOIS.
JlUrn KreU'k. Ullbeil. J
C3.SkcIii1 attention jstven to Admiralty sntl
Stmmlwat ltilnr3.
Sealed Proposals
WILL tic received at my oflice until 'lueuJjy.
lune Hh, l75, for tcmoting nil lup and
irbai:- frgm the dln"erent rcidcr.ct and liutel,. Icr
the uunihs of June, dull', Auguit. September and
Ortubrr Ihe rrmovalt to 1- made u llmetr
v.eck anting tne urn inrec m-nnonea Inontr.i, one e
time per week duting t-ejiteinter ami twice tr
week Uurlnz Oetotrtr the i.Uon f drnoilt not ei-
ccrding one mile Irern city limit,.
mx city council mtiiti the rlchl to reject any
an.l altblU.. '
Wit. Utr.NCM AXLLV, lily Oetk.
Adminiitrator'i Notice.
riSTATE of Thomas V.. Stillltmi. ilrr. xnl.
Jli Hie tindtielirniil liavhif; Uvn ntiiHdutett
iKlmlnhtrator ot'tlicest.itiMH' llionun I;. Milll
iini, lute of the county orAlrxntnleruinl Stale ol
Illinois, ilrrraiinl, lien-by Kl'i nollrc (lint lit
will aniKiir lH'lortlivrotinti' court nt Al.-vmi-
dcr county, nt the vnttrl house In t.'riim. nt ih
.Inly term, on tlivfccoiidiltniilay In duly neit.
ni wiucii iiiiiuii irr?oii! iiutniK ciutUH uc;atni,l
nuld fjlnlcuiu untitled and rniuvste.! to iittititl
for Uicpurj'o-t'of Itarinc Hie suiueudjtteted. All
lienwiua Indttitnl Io kaliL r-tate utr rffjiic.Kd to
loake linincillate laymen! to the uudrraltrntd.
j'Mieti tiui, .isi nay in July, j. 11
it. d. McOAULKV, Adinlul-trator.
iN Ith the rvtimri'iueutd ol Section 7, ot an
.T.tCr.V.'.'.T.'iViK."'!.?' !" ',ru,at' nuU conlllulv
TmiCC I. I,.n.l.r irlmn !,.. I n ..n.ni.l....
of tlie suite la levli-l, aitiwMal unit n'llpctVil
lortiiejear 15.J, in caccsh or TJ-su tlicnolj nnd
to jirovlde 1-iclinlvc rt-mcllej for the complete
ll'lllndlmr Of thebami-til the Im.iintprtnl'lh.
Mute who he )ald Mich tim, nnd forllie
liroirriion 01 ine iii-iia)eraeiiittitti tlieuto, und
ol'rouiitle und ull olllcn i or iiriiona connecleil
1 Will rvltlllil to aucll lier..on or fit'itunttlnt, Hi-
iimotmt byhlniorlttuild Inesceis of tweiity
nliif thltty-i'l'dlij of nidi Mate tux ol' ls73, tii
on tlie luvM-ntntloti iriil or lie tax im-hdf lor
(aid )t-itr, coirin;: tliefame.
Hffl-,VU-dwlw. County Treasurer.
Meeting of tho Stockholders
81' THU
Cairo & St. Louis Railroad Company,
"OUM.IC notice Is hereby KIven that then will
.1. be held n luertlnu of the stockholders of the
Cairo ,V Mt. Ixiuia Itnllroad l.'omtmny, at the
atatlon hollar of mid company, In Ihe city ol
L'uat fit. Louts. In the countr of ft. llnlr.ml
btnle oflllluoh, on
jnniitiiiy I n if JHiirniiyuf June, A, It,
at the hours of elcieu o'clock n. in., fur theiiur
lioseoftheuatid there elccllmr by aald at.:k
holders seven direcitir for said company lor the
rneulnejcar, and then nud there iraiuaclluK
ruciiuiuvi uu9inr-B nijH.-riniiiiiiK to auui com
pany iis ehall cotne beiorv Kiild meetliiK
A full attendance of 11 the rtockholders in
mid company it inputted and much tlolred
Datetl, this Stith tlay of .May, 1S7A.
ll.lt. l'AVMI.V,
r. ,i. i;anda,
W. S. '-KAIILfj,
r. 12 LANDA.
. , W It. AltlllL'lt,
slotVlioldtrs I' A M L. It. II. Co.
Evorprcacnt "Rest for tho Woary."
ilnttrcssce, I'llloiva aud Holsters at
Mattress Manufactory,
Corner of Nlneleenlh and l'oplar atrceta, be
tneen the New York NtoieundL'ol. Tnylor'a of
llce, its follow! Exreltlor ami hliuck ifiit-trt-.bSH,
Aill ahte, cotton top, Mh ncfitid aire,
cotton top, 3 good plain Mmck Matlteseet, ei
uutl tit l.ouui(, ."Unfile, and l.tih iluttruiiea nt
trdiieed prices to ault Ihe hsnl times. 'lnna
atriclly rash . Highest cash j rlc paid for rorn
duck, dellrared al luT fuotory
IIcliill Dealer In
English. Porter
Importod from Now York City,
mi'l'liT . No- n Waahinaton Ave.
ilUl! Comer Eleventh St.,
... OAino, xxjZj.
Fashionable Barber
NOimiSWE OF F.iailTll snwiiT,
twn Waahlnaton and ConmtnUl
'J'ho Trustcoa of tlio Cniro City
Proporty ilelre to call public attention
to the mcrlti) of t licit propeity, compris
ing a considerable portion ot'tlie CM V ol
Cairo. In Alexander County, In the State
of IIIIiioN, unit lands Immediately adja
cent tliereto.
'I'liNelly, it Is well Vuown, li ,tU3t'il .it
thu rotillift'iictt of t lie Ohio nnil .Mlttl-ll'ld
rhei-, at tliu licml ol tiiiliiicriipli:d navljia-
lion on tlio .MlrMMii pi, ncim; ijeitiw on
kiiiii tlniix liv liit iti tlio winter nail low
ivnler In nimnier. and Unit lia a clear und
npen river communication nt nil tlmei out
tliu Jllfl-lp pi fitiu it iruiuirie, witti nn
t If eilllltrv miutll, to ttiu HUH Ot .Mexico
ami the Atlantic ( iceali. C'alr.i lia itl'o the
Milan character tit coiiiiniliileatlon With nil
tliu cuutilry liiitlli ocr Hie i -ojuh llnwlug
ny I', wiicii tnoiu stroiiii- an- not tuimvi
(ruble tiy reuton ot lee or Ii.t water.
llrloro thu cr.t u! KallrnmU, Cairo lud n
coiuiiianilitiK poalilon ai a cvlitru of coni
iiirrcc ntitl tijti!.itliiii. 'I'liU linpoilanco til
iii.lllon slidhttll m.-ichit i, tint httitiOK the
additional mhatilaiiu ol l lii' a icat tall
ro.til c-nirp, a utiinhcr ol tlio mot Import
ant rallro.td- In the Vallev ol thcOll-iir-lppl
convcivln' to ntnl htuItiK their letiiiliil
lliorc. Auu'iiur III' cuintii:,- from tho north
ntc tho xront UllnoU Central It.nlroail,
which Iravctscs the ( ntltu -t ile ol llllnoli
Iroinjtti exlreiiie iiorlhcrti ami nortli-ciHelu
In It-MmthiTti lllnllt, and by lteoiiiirctluii
cMetula inlo nil the j,'ivat iiorlliu'ctctii
jiraln prodticliu .State! ; tho Cairn ami In
' nticp, extttttltti;lruiti Cairn to the City of
Vluconne.". In the State ot Indliivi, where
ItK coiincctioni nH'onl illreet railroad torn-inunlcatliiii-wllh
all ha tern cltlvi ; und
the Cairo ,V .St. Lotus liullroad, nrtorttinir a
direct railroad coiiitnlinlcatioti with tho
City t M. Louis ami all the lallro.tdt ren
tcrinic there Tho rcadi conilns Irntn Ihe
South are the New Oilcani1, .Lickon ntnl
(lre.it Northern and the .Mohlle ntnl Ohio
ltallmads, which fclvc tllrt i t iitllro.nl coin
iniitilcallnti with th't clll' i n( .Mohllf ntnl
New Urle.itiM.nnilotlitr Southern .Atlantic
tea port", and ij i'Omielliirn.id- with all
the country i-outli ol' tJalro; ami rouniij;
ll'Oin tho .-outhvtcit l tho Cal'o. Arl.an-a-and
Tcx n lUllro.id. which Lllonli sliullir
coiiitniitilratloii with So them .NII.khiiI,
Arkhii-i' MitlTuxk', tind thu 1'ilnilpil ctt
I01 of llioie .Slate. IhU Iit-ii3tiied roatl
will tiv, alo. dlrci t rotmcctlon with Hit
Texas nutU'itclllc Itoad uheii It la coinpk
tctl, tints Klln tlircct coinir.titilcatlon ul'h
thu prliiclpal pom ot thu 1'acillo Uccan.
I'lirao ra lroad, teriuluullPKut Cilro, arc
now all roniiil.ited ntnl In Micccfiil opera
tlon, tho-f In Illinois cotulnc into the city
on a Imt.k olcaeh ol the tlvt r-, Ohio and
Ml.kh-ilipl, anil terminating at their cnntlii
rnco, lint L'ticlrcllnKthu city. Tho Holly
hprfiic, llrownnlllf an I Ohio Itlvcr Ksll-
roinl, and tho Cairo ami Tonnrpi.ee ItUi r
llailroad. which will both terminate at
Cu'ro, aro in eniirM; of construction and will
roottbv emntdr.teil. anil oilier rallroaushotli
In llllnoUanil hi hl.itcouth of the Ohio
river, which wilt al-o terminate at Cairo,
are, projected, ntnl ai ruiiL-niienti. in'u, to
build thfin. Tho coii'lnietion of lliee
will arvutly Incrvapi too riflrojil cu.tiiunrif
cations ot Cairo.
Hi ciMitrti! locjtlon In th yto'at Valley ol
uiu ju-.ipiiipi,niiu me I'rpiuucauii oirixcr
und rallroiU i-omnmnleitliiii, uw to Cairo
1111-111 Il.tfer'd niliilflt-1'.f.tf n. nnm,i,Ap..l.il
point, a- it -iToriN to Tier oay and ch'jan tic-
.'-n- n. nt, nn; uiaiu proiiuciiif; iiiairict ot
IheN'nrtli antl Wcpt.andpluiiiarucce- to all
iheai,'ili:ultural produce cansumeri of thu
South. thllM nrr.-nntln.p l)w. I.u.i tr.....t.... I..
. . v rt ..... ..wri .VVI.vr.l J
the tVotlyr:in lnterchauxo of the respect
ive northern ami loiitlurii coininodlllcj anil
A a mintificttiriiiK location tho position
of Cairo is not Icpi important. Tito entile
mterUI of every uVacrlptluu, w hich con
atltnlo tho eleinenti of maimreliired artl
rlex, nliounil on every kIuo. iron ore, cjhI,
ofettporlor iinillly, nnd timlu-r of ccry
clurnctcr.inoro tlim utlter.i, IioIiil' cuMly
ami cheaply ncces,lhle. ami ihn rich ari
cultural ri L-lon of the itninotliatf nclKhhor
hood, ni well hh thu inoro reinuto ill-trlcts
rendered tributary to It bv river and rail,
ItirnMt suntillei-ol thor.eeeMarleuot' nr.. In
Uuh ahlintlancn as to rr niter Hvlnj except
ionally cheap. When the manufactured at t.
Hr am produced, tho faclllllpa for cheap
tll-trlhutlon hy river uml rail tin- not
Cairn ha n in r,t inr.tn..A..i 111....-1 1
, .M.fctuiiii, iiiieini mm
fltterprlsInK populallon of nhout 12.000 luta
a Klltierlnr wt'Lt, .... it 1 1' ...1.1 ...
r..i.T' .. "i i'uiiiiu cciiuuil', UIIICII,
Willi others comluutcil by private enter-
nrl.A .fln.l in.. 1 !.. ... .
,..., UUIU uuciun,eu euncaiionai nu
viintaxct la p3,sesscd of wcll-tstulilIcheU
I'lllll'clinft nf hnnrli. .1
r , ,, , 1 j ; iiciiuiiiiiiuiifin
lias publlnandprhaiohullillnaofa mpe-
..Y v4,nnu-i ,1 n annate, wn cli ror.i.v
llllirltf Ullil linnlll.l.il I., il, .. .
,,,,,,, Miuuriieci rauiiui no
MirpaH'tl-hiM n widl-rcKiilatfil uml of-
1 . . 1 V. 1 urp.'auii'iiion, in .trcrlK
Uxhtctl with l-up, and other metropolitan ad.
Valltnifea. wli ht, muL... it 1.1..1.1.! .
,nu lfc ,,ilMj iiv-airaoiu
and In rc illty not to bo oxcdIIu J as a place
in ptinifiiieiH loiuinee,
Lota and land in Cairn ure now oflorod nt
very low price. RiTurdinL' tavorahlo oppor
tuultlea to purchaie, ami the owners pre
sent the location to the public as oilcrini:
unrlvnted advantage lor the aiicccssful n
tubliabmcnt ol commercial or inaimfactur
Iiib entcrprla-i, and lite best locality 111 tbo
country lor prolltable lnvelmentof capital,
8. StaatsTayloh,
Kuwin Tausons,
Trustees, eto.
Cairo, III., .May nt, 1874.
itfev AHEKC0N0MY,N1
Groat Durability with Hnnd&omo Designs, and Giving PER
Excelsior Manufacturing Compy
2, 014, 010 nnd 018 N. MAIN STREET, ST. LOUIS, MO.
C. W. HENDERSON, Cairo, Xllinoig. M.m
Vt7"L t.. licit ciraixin liiice aii'l mlr fi . li. DriXKt'H, I'hxaicUni and Urncral itoitilnwan
of k'uoiU in our line stun'-ut, Plantation and l'.iiilly ilnllcina Caavt funilihcd or .
llllfl with n-llablr lntif ut tr.voruil,ln rati..
7 OMo Lvou. I ""w WoahtnctonAv.,Cor.8thSt.
Importer and Wholesalo Dealer in
Wines and Liquors,
Kcop.s a full stock of
KLontuolcy Bourbon,
Monongahela, Rye and Robinson County
i,a, r awawwiaiwaai
i Baa mmm wmr
.COb'statba MONROli 0T&
and Retail
. - wn
hM VaaaalaaaaaB aaB

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