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abo&bt soomnss
Knight of Pythias, meets every Fri
day night Ht hair-punt seven, in OiM
Kcllowrs' Hull 0 K Hi.ack,
riiuiicvllor Commander.
: Ihilrprndcut Order in Odil-rsl-
. lunn. inrvii, e.e, iimnii.T nifjn.
Kfinlr.iiuiii hi.1111. In lliclr iiull mi
(oiuineiclnl nicotic, between Mxtli ami Ntwntli
sureis JOII II uossiiA'S, 11, -
C1AIKO KNCA MI'M K.N T, I. O. (). meets
In Oild-Kelti,s' Hull on the Hist and llilnl
Incsdiij In pry month, nl half-pu-t km it.
K BLACK, 0. I.
MHO M)IMJI!. Sti -MT.A.r. A A. M.
itt lvifiihir riiiiiiitiihlnitliiim In Mil
.winlc Hill, corner Coiiiniirrhl uvciiii
anil I Ilt lit li liil. tin Hih niiitiiil n nil
' III!
Vnrth MmUv oftucli inotitli .
r.'iirlmi. l'Jcnlc, l;ic.
The good ia(!iigcr steamer, ll.mnock
Citj , can tut chartered lor cxcui-to or
picnics at re Minulilo ratt'.. Apply to
i-'Miii Wjii.hiiuA Shm.i-.
Home I'lolhliiir,
A lull atiortni'jot ol My Salt, llori-c
Covert ami Blanket", as wall ni a lull mppl.v
ol &U otlior goods In our line, at 1(J." Com
mercial avenue, next door to Theatre.
inij-i.'Jw. i i). akin Co.
(Il l I Ik- Item.
Dr. .Selli Arnold's Cough Killer tlic
gtcat erndlcator lor all lung ill-discs a su
perior remedy to all ot!ir medicine yet
dlscovcicd, In ocru cm . It I a sure,
iiL'k, ami perfectly safe, remedy lor
ought, colih, -ore tlnoit, whooping cough
iiuiip, mid all dili-ioc of tin lluoat anil
lung'. Itelull i rice, V.'i mhIMJ cent ami ?I.
Any bottle tint iloci not glie relief may lie
returned, ami the monc) will be refunded.
Dr. .Sttli Arnold' Dlarrlnu.i ll.ilsiin 'J.'iand
.VI cent". Iliiinomlierlt Is wiirraiiled. Ar
tiotil's llllllou Mjiidrake I'M-, operating
without sickness and piln. Compounded
ly Dr. netli Arnold's Medical Corporal! m,
Womi-ockel, 11. I. Sold h? Paul (I.Scbuli,
druggist, Cairo, III. &.-2.V:)iii.
.N'ollrt Lumber.
Having again established myself In tlie
Lumber limine-, at the Wall A Uut Mill,
I urn prepared to ell lumber of all kind",
Utli and lilr,glc ut wholesale and retail,
und to otl'er ox ra inducement at all time,
guaranteeing the lowe t Hjiblu price.
' 4l-VlMin. .1. Mt'fUllEV.
Kirry Mr-u Yrnrw.
pliy-Iologlsls my, Die human body I' en
tirely changed and renewed. Kvery mo
ment ol onr liver, every part of our bodies
Is wearing out and U being built up anew
of Iresli matter. TuN work l accJiuip'.liticd
by the blo.j'l which kiio throiiith every
part. Hut if the blind become weak or
ltiited,aiid durn not perform Iti work
pioperl), the tylcm U aetually poUoued
by the worn-out nitttur clocking the tltal
ordain Instead of leaving the body. Kor
dy-pep'ia, bllinunt-ii, kidney, skin ainl
ller troulilf", tuveri, and all dle:iej arl.
toy Iroui vitiated blood, till. U'll.KKIlV
LAl.lfou.siA ViNKO.tlt llirrieiis are a or
rri'lsn remedy. l-d.Vw-l vv.
I'Ihiiii mill (IrKiin Tmiiiiif.
Mr. M. KuIjiic delrcs u to ray that he li
reaily to receive onler for I'Uno and Or
an tuning, ami repairing mulral lntru
ments Order, may be lull at the comer ol
Thirteenth and Walnut itreet, or l O.
Ilox M;, and will receive promjit atlentlou,
iii:i! f.z !li-r.
LandlonU ot hoteli and boarding uou-es
willtJmlltto their sdvatitagc to call upon
Mr, ('olennti, l.auudre.-;, No VI Fourth
ttrcet, between Washington and Commer
cial avenue-. Hotel ami boarding-boutc.
wa-hiiiK, "ScenlKperdocn. I'oi piecework
prlt ci are a- lollovv: Slnale fhlrt and col
lar, 10c; per doz.cn SOcj ockt .V; two
lar, 6c; two haudkcrchiels, Tic; ctt
and all (.'eutlemcn'H wear, N)c.
ilueli. I.adic".' drcoieii, i' to
!klrtli) to 20c; drawers 10 to lie;
pair ho-o f-c; two collars fi to 10c. Kor la
dles' plain clothe 1 Oil per dozen; lor la
dies line clothes, $1 'J.'i per dozen; done
drsmptly, and promptlv dcllvcrc). 1'a
ironage hollcltutl.
.lllr ol' Itl'lliosnl.
The well-known barber thop, corner
niglitli and Commercial, prcrlded ov.r by
'.he popular artlxt, (icore Steluliouio, has
removed one door north on Commcre'al, In
,1iu (iiand Central Hotel. The new -hop Is
.urge and commoillou-, and those wWiln'
lor anything nrtUttu In the way of fu-lilon-i'jls
hair cutting, smooth i-havo.', etc., will
.lo well to call at the (hand Central llalbcr
thop. 7l-!M!!-tf.
I'lilon linker..
Kr.iuk Kratky, of thu t'nlon llakvry,
Couimei'clal avenue, between Kouilli and
Sixth street, bun re-opencdhiliukcry, and
la now prepared to deliver Hrcd and Cakes
otthe bestipiallty, anywhere in the city or
country, In such quantities as his custom
cm nmy deMre. I'llcep will be made en
tirely with rcferjiico to the present hud
times; In other words, cheaper than the
cheapest. .Send In ur order.
Fur HnU:
A silver plated No.!) WHton .Shuttle sew
iut' Muelilnu, hard (piano) tlultli, valued at
?s5. Will be old at iiO discount, on good
terms, and ordered direct from the factory.
kou saw:.
A No. 0 WIIsjii Shuttle Sowing Machine,
valued ut tTS. Will be sold at tlTi discount
ami ordered direct (rem the lactory.
roil' saw:.
A j'.H) ltemlni;ton auwloe; Maeliine $"0
otf for cash. .Suitable for tailor or boot und
shoe manufacturer.
poit saw:.
At a bargain, and on o.ul terms, a Howe
Sewing Machine. May ho teen at the Com-
puny'd otllco, corner Ninth street und Com
kou haw:.
"I'leturtM'iuo Amerlcu" IS uutubern
bound in 'J volumes', full ullt Morocco ;
pi ice, frio,
A Htyle "K," ''Clougli, Wurreu & Co.'"
Parlor Orgun, riKht from the factory at De
trolt. I.tt price, $300. Will be fold for
A new two-horse Uumble waKon.
Knr any of tho above articles, apply at
the Uum.ktin oftlce. R. A. IIuknktt.
ItstT-XX Amber ami White ran stock
cnvelopcsnttliollui.i.K'nN oltlco, pilntrtl,
SM 00 iukISI Wnr .M.
at he julliijiw.
WKUNKSDAV, AVSK 111, 1875.
Loral Wenlliftr Itrporl.
i;aiiio,;Ill., Juliet.,, Is7..
Wish. I Vn.. I Wkaiiur
i n in.
II '
ii in.
-J.wll Tl
'.'l.lr.'i. 1 7."
.. I Cloudy
.S. i; t l.t. Ilnln,
a. W. I U 'Tliresl.
Ilnlnfutl .11 Inenm.
IIIUMAS JONKH, fcei-Kt. . S U. S. A.
I.imiI Ifrrltrrl lino lII.HK.i:K.
Ttii' oiiet'rl.
'I'll.; opoti air concert ivi:ii by the Sil
ver Cornet baud, ttt the li-liiMi stand
lust I'veiiliiff, win lNk'ncil to ami enjoyed
by ii liinfi' i;rowd.
IIoiim- AkiiIh.
Jmlgo llro-is retuiniMl hoiuu yestcrdiiy
iiltcnioon In company witliliU boii I.uiiIi.
wlm lias been iittemllng scbool nt Cnpy
Til Ill-tit,
A I'ottaKu on Tlilrtii'iith .itreet, betw een
Wii-lilntoii iiveiiui' iiml Wiilnut Mrvut.
Apply to Pit. .Miiii.
At wTipk.
Ilrown, our illlli'iit lieullb iirotuctor.
m linnl ut work yeslertlay, .sirluklln
coal tnr and Hun: nhotlt tin; city to
keep out the Kiuull-iiox. Hrow u U a 'o(xl
liealtli olllcer and a rough customer lor
that illwase. to battle with.
Xi-v I'liolomeler.
Tins Cairo City Gm Company have
added to tin; machinery in tlielr uh
wink a new photometer, a machine.
ucl for ttiiiir tlii-ciNille power ol gi".
It U a beautiful pleeo of maelilnery, and
lias been much needed ,y the company.
- l.t-l.
Two turiiMifd rooms, with or without
board, hi prhate family. Iiupilre of .Iak.
Km i ii. Twentieth and Commercial Ave
nue. i;-.Vtl.
Oolnic lo IVIrbrMlr.
Wc are iufonned by City Treasurer
lllake, who Is a member of the order,
that Cairo Lodp- No. 2.17, A. I-', and A.
M., will celebrate Kt..lohu W.iy, .lunc
Jlth. It has not yet been decided us to
whether they will take a trip up the
river or not.
I, mutter I'oiilruel.
.1. S. .Mctiahcy Is ilcllu'riittf Ibe lum
ber for.Mr. .1. II. Phillip-' new home on
Washington avenue anil l'ourtt-nth
street, and alio fur Mr, s. II. Ilalhilays'
house on Commercial avenue, the ceiie
of the late lire. .Mr..Iohu Major N (tolnj,'
the work at the latter plaee. C-lC-Ilt.
Ill Hie illy.
Captain .M. F.Atklns of St. I.oui-, ha
taken rooms at the .St. Charles. Captain
Atkins is the gentleman who n ill take
charge of Ihe new transfer -(earner "I'll
fits .Moru,"' lo -jo Into the transfer bii'I-ne-s
at this point on oraboitt thellr-t day
of .July.
.Sf.liMlllnlll Ktr,if.lw..t
The Delta City l'lre Company wlllfrive
a moonlight exeur-Iou on the ilcndld
teainor "liannoek City" to ('rami Chain
and return, Friday evening, the 1Mb hut.
(iood miisie, abundance ol refreshment',
(iood time injured. ( 'oine one. come all.
TIeket.i for round trip, oUe.
On Weilnesilav. the Dth Inst, a cow and
calf red cow withrop oil' the rljrlit ear,
also an oyer bit ; crop oil the lull car;
had on a bell ; calf, peekled, and about
i:i ilav old. 1 he owner can have .-aine
by comin; forward, 'iirovlujf property
ami paying charge-. Kvm .Jackson,
.V10-.'lt Fourth Ward.
A llrnrllr Voiilli.
I'hcebe Maker made her appearance be-
foa-.lmle lllril, yesterday moriiiu', ami
complained to His Honor that her sou
Charley, a youth over whoso hcjid has
pa'-ed the days of twenty summer.s, had
Miamclully abu-cd her, because he a-ked
It I in to help her -hake a carpet. A war
rant for the arrc-t of the wayward boy
was s-ued, ami he will be taught that thu
way of the trau-reor Is Indeed hard.
for the llliit'lt II Ills.
Mr. Fred Koeblcr, well known to
nearlv everv person In Ibis city, Informs
lis that he has fully made up hK mind to
take a trip to the ltlai k Hills. He I
now settling up hib bu-incsS affairs here,
and will -tart for the Hills the latter part
of next week. Our best wishes :o with
him, and may he return to Cairo with a
pocketful of ;old. Ill- family will ii
i it sil ii hi the city.
An I'liCorliuiHte Tumbler.
A little negro, while practicing the art
of lofty tiimblliijr, near this orlleo yester
day afternoon, ,'iivc himself one turn
too many, and after llulhln; the sunuuer
wiult, he gave a dive lorward, and strik
ing his unprotected cranium against the
sidewalk, injured the walk to Mich an ex
tent that wu rise up and 'protest against
any further training of acrobats and tum
blers upon the streets, or we shall surely
have another special assessment to pay
for the rebuilding of the walks thus In
Ya learn from a letter received in this
city yesterday morning, that, on Kaliir
day evening, while two meu were cross
ing the Ohio rlverata point just oppolte
Mound City, tho skill' In which they were
scatwd turned over, throwing them both
Into the stream, and, before assistance
could be rendered, one ol them, whose
name wo could not learn, was drowned,
lie was employed, It I said, on n snag
boat 1 lug at tlio Mound City wharf. A
liberal reward will he paid by the cai
taln ol the boat for the recovery of the
I'Hlro t'HMlnu .ullee.
Senil-.innual meeting Wednesday even
ing, .lime 10, for election ol otllcciw. A
full attendance is de.-lreil. lly order of
the 1'ivsldent.
Kkiniioi.ii V. Hhi.nkii, Kco'y.
J'NilitrHli "TrMli "
It Is ;ald thai n numbei' of I'ailiicaliV-
soiled dove, In order Unit 1 1 Icy might es
cape being Indicted by the grand Jury,
have flown to this city. The good Lord
has seen lit to atlllet us with an abun
dant supply of this class of people, and
the authorities should look to It that
they receive notice, If we a re allowed to
use the expression, lo "get iipanddusl.''
MeM 1 !trnt !
II ivlu bought, out, the Intore.t of
ICoehler llros, in the meat buslnej-, I nm
prepared to lurnlsli the people of Cairo, in
well as ttcamboati, with the eholcen meats
the market ailord, and nil those wishing to
havo their meats delivered at their homes,
can be accommodated. Itcspcctfully,
e-iu-tr. Pint.. HowAitn.
llpleiiul'II.Hi:M'.lt"nl Luiilo ller-
'I'lir liioiiriince Men
Mayor Whiter Is looking alter the In
surance agencies In this city, whom he
believes are having things loo
much their own way. lie yes
terday notilied the agents that he
wanted them to make a full and complete
statement of the entire amount of busi
ness transacted by them for the several
companies, for eighteen months, the re
port to be furnished to him at a certain
date, lie says the city of Cairo Is en
titled to two per cent, of their business
transactions, and he Intends to make
them "come- down with It.'"
nrirk NlilrilHlk.
Material Is now being deposited along
the north side of F.lghth street, between
Washington avenue and Walnut -trcet,
with which It Is proposed to build a new
and substantial brick sidewalk. This
walk wus to havo been laid down a year
ago, the contract lor Its construction hav
ing been awarded by the City Council,
but from some cause the contractor
failed to lulril It, and the walk ot wood,
that has .-erved for years, w-i allowed to
remain until the pre-ent. We now live
in the hope of experiencing the sensa
tion of treading upon a walk ol brick
within a few week".
To 1'iiy Tlirlr Ketect.
The two young gentlemen of whom
we i-poke in ye.-tcrday morning's Issue ol
the llfi.i.KTi.v, namely: Messrs. Whlt
lock and McCce, will, we are told, re
turn to Cairo with their brides to-mor
row. It Is the intention of the Knights
Templar, of which organization both ot
the alxivo named gentlemen an- members,
to deck themselves In tlielr beautiful re
galias, ami pay their resjiects to Kir
ICulglits Whitloek and M -Uee, at the Kt,
Charles Hotel on to-morrow evening,
Ik-sides tin- uiemlMTs of the order of
Knights Templar, there will be a number
of Invited gue-ts friends of the young
men who will he present.
Ti t'liituice llnniU.
It I s-dd that the private boarding
house of which Mrs. McCulIoiigh Is now
the proprietress, will, within a few
weeks, change hands, and that one of the
good-looking and gentlemanly clerks of
the. St. Charles hotel will take charge of
the establishment. Mrs. McCulIoiigh
will move Into one of the neat and co.y
cottages lut.-b- hull! Iiy Mrs. Field-, on
Tenth trect. If the report U correct,
and if either of thu gentlemen who now
ir kindly admlul-ter to the want- of the
gue-ts at the Kt. Charle-, -liould enter
the lllelo-k house as Its proprietor, we
predict for him a just rceompolu-e fur bl
SSdiX Hag stock envelope- at the Hi'i.
I.BH.V otllco, $."l 25 per M.
. Curtl, Wooi! nml Trnimfer Co.
A new coal and wood company has
been organized In Cairo, In which a num
ber of our prominent hu-Iucs men are
concerned. The company, wc are In
formed, signify their intention to sell
coal down at the very lowc-t notch, as
well a wood, which they intend to bring
to this city over Hie Cairo & Kt. i.oui
Narrow (iauge railroad, cut up ready for
the stove, and placed In the sheds of con
sumers for tlie sum of lour dollars and
lll'y cent- per cord. In connection with
this, the company propose to transfer
the freight and baggage brought over the
Narrow Gauge road to the different sta
tlonsand part.- of the city ata-toiiMilngly
low price-.
SilolCII tllMlllN,
l.at .Saturday evening, about lour
o'clock, iK'puty Slierlll John Cain ar
rested a man, whose name, we have for
gotten, for having In his possession a
bundle, which tlie olllcer has learned
from experience!!! thudctcctlvu business,
Is never carried about the streets by a
Christian. Tlie contents of the aforesaid
bundle were made up of a large num
ber of those garments worn by ladies, ol
which we have no knowledge and
therefore cannot describe; sutllcu it to
-ay, that they are of various hues and
shapes. There were also a large number of
culls, collars, etc., which w ere taken In
charge by the slierlll", and await Identifi
cation at his olllce. Tlie wretch who thus
has deprived, wu havo no doubt, moru
than one of tho voting ladies of this city
many night' sweet rest, withers, as ho
deserves to, within a dungeon ol tlio
county Jait
Circuit Court.
The suits of Aycrs & Co. and li? A.
De Hauin r.. The Western 1'nlon Tele
graph company, the llrt brought to re
cover damages resulting from Incorrectly
transmitting a telegram, and the hist for
nfalluie to deliver a dispatch to I lie
proMr party, and which have taken up
the time of the court since hist Friday,
wero concluded yesterday morning.
The court withholds Judgment in these
suits for Ibe present.
In the suit of Horn m. Whitloek.
Judgment was, by agreement, entered hi
favor of the plaintiff.
In tho suit of tho City of Cairo vs.
AVm. 11. .Sandusky, Judgment was en
tered In favor of the defendant, tho plain
till falling to establish Its case by reason
of the cabsene of material witnesses.
A Jury was Impanelled In tho case of
C. & V. It. It. use or Hell m. Hodgea &
l'crker, and u portion or tho evidence
"resented up to tho hour of adjournment.
iiorcil I'.r n nun.
Yesterday evening ftboitt o'clock, a
largo bull belonging to an tip-town
butcher, named .Mm Smith, broke from
Ids. stable out into the yard. Smith hud a
horse lied In the yard, which, when the
bull came up beside liim, licgau to kick.
I'he bull became enraged, and rushing
madlvnt llio horse, gored him to death.
The light between tlie two brutes was
witnessed by si large crowd of people,
mill Is sall to have been terrible to look
at. Itevolvers were brought into play,
and a number ol shot. Hred at tlie bull,
nil of which failed to accomplish their
purpo-c, until Jiime Garland, with n
arblne, succeeded In bringing him to
the dut. The horse was valued at one
hundred and twenty-live dollars, and the
hull at one hundred dollars.
ril.WK.sir.it HI I.miU llrrlirrl'K.
In MlllllO.
Thomas Wilson, that old and hardened
sinner who has so often appeared before
the tribunal of Justice hi the police courts
of this city, Ii again In trouble. He be
came tired of tho monotonous ipilctude
which sttrroituled him, ami took Into his
mouth, not wlmt he thinks Is "an enemy
to steal away his brains," but what he
Imagined would revive ills drooping
spirits, a quantity of benzine, and got
drunk. While In this statu lie was taken
In charge by one or the city guardians,
and alter a night's, re.-t In the calaboose,
was confronted with His Honor, Judge
Ilird, who Imposed a Hue of four dollars
and costs upon him for his crime, and
sent him back to his quarters' of tlie night
previous to linger lor three days, and
now there Is "weeping and wollhig and
gnashing ol teeth" In that dungeon.
Order Ko. 4.
Mayor Winter yesterday morning 1
sued order No. 1 to Chief of Police
Williams. It is to tlie e licet that lie wants
Jailor Claucey to distinctly understand
that he Is not to allow prisoners to re
ceive liquor of any description while In
the city jail, and also that hu l not to
dispatch any of the Inmates of tlie Jail on
errands, unless said inmate, or rather
prl-oner lie accompanied by an olllcer.
From this we Infer that it has heretofore
been the custom of those who had the
prisoners In charge, to send them on er
rands and make u-u of them generally
for their own convenience, and aKo that
tin; pri-oners have been permitted to re
ceive whisky and other beverages, while
confined, hi order to keep them In a state
ot hilarity, and that their many .-in-might
not weigh -o heavily upon tlielr
troubled minds.
X. W. Thomas, of St. I.outs, was at
the Grand Central yosterdav.
S. II. Dunn. of Vincennes, was at the
Grand Central ye-terda v.
Col. John Dougherty, of Joucshoro,
was at the Grand Central yesterday.
(!. II. Smith, of Davenport, Iowa,
was registered at tlie Planters' yesterday.
D. A. Clark, of Memph!-, was at tlie
.St. Charles yesterday.
A. Ilnuner, of Toledo, Ohio, was a
guest at the St. Charles yesterday.
William Richardson, of St. I.ouW,
Stoiuieil nt. HmJ-t, Olwrhie jvsteiilav.
C. lhinkhein, of St. I.ouis, was at
the St. Charles yesterday.
A. Ilium and family, of St. I.ouis,
were at the St. Charles ye.-tcrday.
M. Glass, ol Chicago, wa- quartered
at the Planters' ye-terday.
M. Sanders, of Vienna. Illinois, w-a
at the Delmonico yesterday.
J. W. Willctord, of I)u Qiiion, was
registered at the Delmonico yesterday.
.1. 1). Peterson, of Austin, Te,a-, was
registered at the Grand Central ycter
day. D. Mulbery and George Met., of
Mound City, were at the Grand Central
W. II. Jones and W. W. l'orthlng
ton, of Grove, Kentucky, were at the
Grand Central yesterday.
S. II. ilrown, of Water Valley, Mlss
ippl, arrived at the St. Charles yester
J. Ci. llrownlng, of Jackson, Ten
nesee, was at the Si. Charles yester
day. K. D. Sllvertooth, of Clinton, Ken
tucky, was an arrival at the Delmonico
S. S. Smith, of Kankakee, and H. Cor-
gell of Chicago, arrived at the St, Charles
Charles J. Honu and P. I!. I.auce,
both of Cincinnati, Ohio, wa- nt the St.
Charles yesterday .
Mrs. It. Uedtord and family, of Den
ver, Colorado, were arrivals at the Plan
ters' yesterday,
J. A. Collins no relation to Tolu
ol Kssex, Missouri, was registered at the
Delmonico yesterday.
Thomas llurmwghs aad J.J. Ko-s,
both of Stonetown, Illinois, were at tlio
Delmonico yesterday.
iiiiIn, 'h, ciuiiiiuir, Ac
1. Walder, at the corner ofOhloI.evce
and Sixth street, known to some as "our
friend ut the comer." has
slaughtered" high prices hi Hats, Caps,
and Clothing. Ho is selling at great bar
"alns, a fact that makes some dealers leel
us If they were shot or struck by light
ning. Call on him, and price his goods,
for which he does not owe n nlckle.
joT"XX Woodstock envelope at the
ni!l.i.KTiN olllce. $:i 00 per M.
All persons Indebted to Tuber llros.
will please call at their store and make
Immediate settlement. All accounts re
maining unpaid July 1st, will be jilaeed
In attorney's hands for collection.
iM.VIIt. Asslgnco of Tuber Kros.
A ilrst-class cook white woman
lerred to whom good wages
will be paid. Kmiiure at Unburns counting
room, (l-ll-lw.
I'lLSHNKIl at Louis Herbert's.
" lH ri:irjr ncacrlutliui
, , ir win, ihsAur.s.
w Vi'ifelntilc NImiiiI.
Frank (lunclicr will this morning open a
new vegetable tnd on Klglitli trect back
of Chris. Danny's store, where fresh vege
tables nml litli will be sold to cutotners at
lower prices than any other place In Cairo.
Ills vegetables arc rdseil lo Ids own gar
den, he catches his own llli, and can there
fore guarantee them fresh ; and he can af
ford to undersell atl competitors, lllvehlm
n call.
llrlurrqoi Ainrrlrn.
At the llui.i.Ki ix bindery W numbers,
bound hi two volumes, full gilt mor
rocco; cost f-l ; for sale at $-10.
J lo I ,uli llerhvrl'a Tor I'll.Nt'.
.KK. Hriltieril Hnlrn.
Wo will take, at the .St. Chaiiel Hotel,
diirim; the summer months, TrOday bowlers,
at ill per month, alidAO boarders with cool,
pleasant rooma on tho upper floor, at iW
per month. At this extremely low rate,
none but promptly paying hoarders will be
accepted. JKwarrr Wilcox Jk Co.,
31-1.28-lm. Proprietor..
Obstacles to Marriage.
Happy relief for young men from the cf.
fecta of crrori and abuses III early life.
Manhood restored. Impediments to mar
riage removed. New method of trcatinsnt.
New and remarkable remedies. Hooks
and circulars sent tree, In sealed envelopes.
N'. Ninth street, Philadelphia, Pa. an Insti
tution ha lug a high reputttloo for honor
al le conduct and protciiioual skill.
."1 l-d .v, w-.liu.
1'iirl I. Itl.
Steamer Jim Fisk, Paducah.
" P.obt. Mitchell, Cincinnati.
" Eddyvllle. Nashville.
Profiler Alf. Stevens, Ohio river.
Tow-boat Grand Lake No. 2, St. I.ouis.
Steamer Jim Klsk, Paducah.
" Uolit. Mitchell, New (i leans.
Kddyvllle. Na-hvllle.
Propeller Air. Stevens, St. I.ouis.
Tow-boat Grand Lake No. 'J. N. (.
111 I ATS lll'K.
Jim Kl-k, Paducah; Vint Shlnkle,
Thorna W. Means and Indiana, trom the
Ohio; Capitol City, St. Louis.
Tlie river at dark was tlO feet U '2-.'i
inches on tlie gauge, having fallen 0 IW
inches during Ihe previous 21 hours. The
rivers elsewhere are fulling.
The weather was clear and hot yes
terday, and there was every prospect of
coming storms.
The Silverlhorn has laid up at Padu
cah. The Alt. Stevens had 'JCKl.tioO feet of
lumber for St. I.oul.
the 2Mb.
Mr. Sam Poster, of St. I.ouis, is vi,lt-
Ing in this city.
Capt. Wily Morris and Col. Hudson
ire lit St. Louis.
The Cherokee is to leave New Or
leans to-day for Cincinnati.
Tlie Nashville was repaired at Padu
cah, and was let Into the water Saturday.
The James Howard and Belle Mem
phis were due from the sotttli last night.
The Jim i isk yesterday brought out
t big trip ot staves, barrels. e., for re-
The Shipper's Own Is at Paducah
waiting for a trip for St. Louis, w hlch
she is to get out or the Cumberland
The work on the new Belle Iee Is
progrcs-lng finely at Metropolis. She Is
to receive her finishing touches at St.
Louis, and he ready (or work by Octo
ber 1st.
Captain James Johnston, agent of the
Illinois Central ; Master Willie Johnston,
and Mr. B. V, Blue, agent of the X. O,
St. Louis A- Chicago railroad, returned
vesterdav inornhi'' trom their Southern
The Puturc City with three barges
took :W,030 packages of freight into New
Orleans! on the llith, including ,0. 2 bar
rel,-Hour. 13.2110 sacks corn. 8.-I2S sacks
oats, l,ror bales hay, 15,000 bu-hels bulk
The Itobt. Mitchell made a very
short trip hero yesterday morning, hav
ing received a full load before reaching
this port. She was detained several
hours yesterday, at Paducah, receiving
Ireiglit and repairing some part of her
The Paducah News says ; "The M.
Livingston was launched last Saturday
evening. A keg of beer and a lot of Cal
ifornia wine was sent up by 'her name-
sake' to grease the ways and It did grease
them, Air she went into tue river n u
shot out of a gnu. She was built by dipt.
Win. Thomson."
We would call particular attention to
the fact that tho steamer Arlington, Cap
tain Moore, clerk; Alex. McCouuel, will
beat tho wharf bright and early ou Fri
day morning bound for Cincinnati and
all way points. Her charges aro low, her
accommodations the very best allbrded,
and her speed excellent. Passengers tie
i,i. ..... ..
Iring to nvohl the liieonvenleiu'n ocen-
loned hv the changes neceary hy other
routes should not (all to tai;o tlie Arling
ton. The St. I.ouis Times ol yesterday has
the followhi'' :
thu summer In California witli hlsfainUy,
writes to a frlcml : "Hero wo aro lu the
ImKr'lJyt'ihit ViSI
Col. W. A. Thoinhiirg. wlm is fW'iminir ;
lllteeu ami iiuny icei. wue m in nr.-
which Is ilown, 'tno miner oi i
forest,1 must have heeii over lour hun
dred teet high mid forty feel In diameter.
Thu stump of ono tree ninety-two leet lit
circumference, has been smoothed oil.
und now easily accommodates thirty-two
The Original Cheap Store
Tho Entire Stock of Ladies' and Gent's Furnishing Goods, Em
broideries and Parasols, will be Sold at Cost. Must be sold
within the next sixty days. Now is the time to obtain bargains.
This is no Advertising Dodge. Bring your money and get
value received.
dancer.-. Many of the trees are named
alter public, men, Grant, .Sherman, Mc
l'hcron, .Sheridan, Sewunl, etc. The
trip still continues to be all anv ikisoii
could U. We are having a good time.
I nure yon."
June 13, 1B7.V
AHOVK r.Nll.
I'lttalmrK .'I 7 I
Cincinnati - In i '.i
Utilsvlilc D I a
St. IaiiU 17 I I I e.
For Paducah, Evansvillo, Louis
villo and Cincinnati.
'1 lir N'rw nml Klfxant I'ussnif rr Slsalnri'
lliN. Miiuiim Musltr
Ai 1IiM.oi.nIl1 t l.-ri.
Iar FRIDAY liioriitnx at '' o'eloek
KorfiTllit or linn-age ptilv ou lioitnl unit
eltlier wlmrf-liimt; ii-iV2i
rgan Co.'s
M.W. 1'AltKKli:
E. .1. Ayrc
Corrrel.sl Dally Iiy K. M. Stntrns, eoinmlaslon
mereliunt, Secretury of the C'uiru llourtl ol
Vloiir, according to gruile
Corn, mixed, sueknl
Corn, white, tiuclw!
OaUi, mixeil -
limn, ir ton
Mini. Hleum ilrieil
...tl ooa; 00
... (VCiC
d'i im
$o no
V2 Si
3 .'iO
Z 1 75
llutUT, cnoiev .onneni
nutter, choice, nnuiiierii in
Kgirs, iieriloien
Chickens, Jier doien
Turkeys, pcrilorcii
I'OUlloes, cr iiurrei .
Onions, iier Uirrel -
Stniwlieiiles er crate
Notice in Bankruptcy.
iite of America. )
outherii District oflllliiois. j "
WIIKUKAS, onthc SAI itiiyol May, A. I).
l7.-i. the "t'nderwrlters Wrecking Com
pany" lllcil a iiiwi m me insirici i.oin n.e
Unitt'l Stales for Ihe Southern DMrlrtof Illi
nois, against tlio ' Fuel barge of the strainer
KeyMone" praying that tlie same limy In-emi-ileiuiieil
for lemons ami cuuscs In aid 1111 nicn-
tioueil. Aim wneirtis, ny vinucoi jiroce-s in
due form or law, to nie directed, lvturnahle on
llicllr-l Mnuclay in .lulyne.t, lliaveselieil ui'on
and taken thetuilil "Fuel luirgeof etraiurr hey
etonc" ami luie the same In my custody.
Sutlcc is hereby given, th.it a District Court nl
the I'nltctl r-Utes will be held at the I'lilted
States Court Room, III tho cily nfsuriiiKtlelil.on
tt... ilr.( MomiIkv lii .lulv iipM.for Ihw trial ol the
wild iirviulf, iiii-l ilwowiirrur owners, ami till
eci-aons Mho have or claiming Inteiest Iheretn.
1 . . t..u ... u.i.l ,iftM. t ln flnie Mill
Ii ace aloie-iini, I snow caiw, i , uiv "-,
' . .1 .,.....). I Milt lu, -WlllIllW. l U,.f.JlI
unce with the jmiyer ofsalil llll.
.-iirlnglleld, llls,.liine IS. ls.fi.
1 :iw'Aiti it. ton, U J
WIIV a iieciw Diiouo. -
Meeting of the Stockholders
or mi
Cairo & St- Loul Railroad Company.
rDUIir.tC notice Is heieby given that there wilt
1 be belli n meeting of the stockholders of l ie
( ulro.l ni. i.iim tmu...... ""."i-'v
iittbelii.ursofeleveno'clocku in . lorlhe imr
l.o'oftbenand there electing by iJ (Hofk
loldcrs seven directors for said company lor he
"n.u ng sear, und then and there tm.iBactlng
iuPli oliierbiislucss a.peila nlng to ald com
luinv us shall come beiore said inwtlng
A llil iltieiulauce of nil the .tockiioldri-In
enlil company Is requested and much deslml
att. thhh-'-y""'.,,,,
,1 W.SAV1.V,
ll.lt. I'AYSON,
W. It AIMiltMt,
SlockluiKlers C .t st I.. It. It. to
IHI-VJI-dlil. ;
Nrnleil lropoN
ITIl-I.lie uvelve.1 at my olllce iinlll 'I'uesiUy,
l ., oca. for all the umber tlie
city nuy reiitilni during tha present tlscal er.
Luinlwr In lwg""l white or burr oak. free from
niii or bad knots, and to be ol ucti lilinenslmu
hoi vi-J1ul. ill feet III length Hint lo Im deliv
ered in such iiuuntltlc.s unit at such times s the
committee on streets miv direct.
... . , l.,ltL,Vt,ll svi w
IhecllV leerve- Hie riKiii nt ivji- !, ttioi
" ,""
. t.r. ,
City Cletl.
('alio, iliinel), I S.7A .
! Ever prcBoat "Best for tho Woary."
lsllivses, Pillows uml Unlslei at
i w nrCK'S
'Mattress Manufactory,
! $jl&J.&
,lce M
follows s
i.rvi..uior tttnl Shuck Mat'
fullslM, cotton ton. as ;sii
seconn sue,
eutlou ton. 5! goisl liliUUMlueii MMirrsM-s.
Tlucdprlceilo sultUw Uar.1 I lines. Terms
strictly sh. Highest cash price siUI lor coin
AS. 1 ..nniTM. t4lnirl
und Crib Maltivsses ut
bucks. UellvntHJ at iuv laiioij
Evansville, Cairo and Memphis
Steam Packet Co.,
Paducah, Shawneetown, Evans
villo, ouiaville, Cinoinnati
and all way landings.
Tlir iinrhullwl alile-wheel atfamtr
II. tl. Fowi.kii Master.
Kn. It. TuoMas ticrk.
V III leave KainllllvforCuirieTCTT MONDAY
Rn.lTlltlltStlAV ut I oVloe.k . III.
Leaves CulrneryTUK.StAY and FltlllAY.al
Ii o'eloek p. In.
The rli-Kuut Me-whl strum? r
Hun lloW4in - Matr.
Walikii II. CiNNiNoioN Clerk.
Will leave Kvnnsslllf for Cairo etery TL'KS-
li.VV unit KKIDA V at 4 o'nloeA p. nj.
Will lent CniroMery WKllNKSHAYniidSAT-
t'ltlt.VY ut 0 o'clock p. m.
t lie t U'Kunt ililc-whrcl utmuur
lllllS (.OIF
Mat. Williaiu
U-avin KTiiinille for Cairo everr WKDNKS-
II AY und MAI HUADY tit 8 p. in.
j-nesl.'ulli) every lllt. KSDAY u.l SUNDAY
ut Ii I. in
Kucli lxat malted cUnu connections nt Cairo
Willi lUst-elusj tteitmerii fur .St. Louis, Mem
pills anil New Orleans, anil ut Kvansfllle Tlth
the K. AC. It. It fur nil iKilnls North ana Kasl.
uml with the Louisville Malt Steamers for all
polni.s on Ihe Upiwr Ohio, KlTlnit throiiKbre
celiits on treiglils unit iiHenKer lo U polhU
For further liiiiriiitlon upnly to
SOI,. SILVKIt, Vussentter Agent.
J. si. niii.uira,
Or I,. U.J. (IKAMMEIc.
U.J. lilt AM
Suin-rililemtriil and Uenenil Vrelnlil Agent,
i-:i.'jo-ly. Kvaaavllle luJIn.
tsuccclThB British Quarterly Reviews.
Koprlnted by the)
41 llarclay Stroet, New York,
Iiy urrsngemont with the KnglUh Publish
ers wbo receive n liberal compensation.
These periodicals constitute a wonderful
miscellany of modern thought, research and
criticism. The cream ot all European books
worth reviewlDL' is found here, and they
treat ot tho leading events of the world in
masterly articles written by men who have
special kuowleilite of the matters treated.
Tho American Publishers urge upon all In
telligent readers lu this country a liberal
support of the lteiirints which they have so
long and o cheaply turnlshu ', feeling itiro
that no expenditure for literary matter will
vicld so rii h a return as that rcauired for a
subscription to these the leading Periodi
cals ol Ureat ilrltain.
Kor anv one rolew, $ 4 00 per annum
t or any two iteviewn,
Kor any three Uevlews,
i 00
10 00
Kor all four Iteviiiw,
ror 11
lUekvvood'a Mugu-
zlne. 4 00
Kor Blackwood and one
Itevlew, 7 00 "
Kor Illackwood and two
Hoviews, 10 00 "
Kor Hltukwood aud three
Hcvlnws, 13 CO
Kor Blackwood and the
lour ltcvluws, 16 00 "
Postage two ccnta a number, to be pre
paid by the iiiartrut the oiilec of delivery.
A discount of tweoty pr cent, will be al
lowed to clubs of four or more persons:
Thus: four copies ol Blackwood or of one
ltevlow w ill be tent to one address for
$12 SO, four copies of the four Itevlewa an it
lllsckwood for $48, aud no on.
To clubs of ono or more, In addition to
the above discount, a copy gratia will bu
allowed to tho getter up of the club,
New ub;rlber (upplylug early) lor tlio
..i-. i n ...i.i... ...... .....
year ioiu iimv iiuvc, vtiviiuu i-uuv, iuv
numbers lor the last quarter ttt 1874 of tuch
periodicals a tuey suoitcrioo lor.
Or Instead, new subscribers to anv two.
three, or four ot tho above periodical, may
have one of tho 'Four Kevlewi lor 1074;
subscribers to all live may have two or th
Four IteviuWH,' or one set of Illackwood'
Magazine for lbi4.
Vlllir nrtmiluma to subscribers UOt dis
count to clubs can be allowed unlets the
money Is remitted direct to the publishers.
No premium given to clubs.
Ch-cuUm with further particular! may be
had on appllcailon. .,.,.,,
THE I.EONAK1' swii -uni-u w.
l.u.1 ilmnrM U Us MUM tl miilnMis,
hums nfnw
(Wi is
iHur. ul m un susUMir VT'L.'rJ: --
rtsasi MU II U kwt UM tmwmMW! mm
Umi U W sat IM f OssUlO WW I
IUimK, II sua DUtmmrj. Us. U .
Si. uis, Ms.
WoUea to Mw MM 4 yltiaii
m , imi nmsn . - .
UU4s4 If SSM
u.m t i.i. Mum
IIBM s puUir. (.
ui.l .u4 Cssttut, K

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