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JCJ tjmt' llftll, 0 II. at.ACM,
( liutlcilhir ( 'uiiiiiiarHtrr.
inuriif nilflll ..mm., in wuu-rl
riu'a. mi-a'trf ierv Ttlllrsdjiv tilfrlil
Mff ul jn(r-i.HM'l, III their hull on
Coiimicrclul avenue, iwlwiwi filxth and KcTcnlti
Simla. .lOIIXll UosSMAN, N. II. M
fUlltO KNOAMl'JIKNT, I O. U. V.. mil
KJin IMd-F'llows' Hull mi Die It ml nml llilnl
loenlaj m every month, ut h.ilr-i.iiM semi.
O K MI.AtK, . 1.
A t!AIHO I.OIHiK, NO an, A f. A a. m.
?lV Hold regular communluitliih In .Mil
lf sonic Hull, comer Oniiiucrci.il avenue
' J nncl l;ighlli ilnrl, mi the miwmI unci
iitlttli Jlonduv nfci.ili month
'I he good pasii'iigtr Mianicr, llaiinock
City, can le chartered for tvriiMntis nr
plcntci nl roi'iinalilc rati'. Apply to
C-2-lltl W4I.KKK A. NKtt.lr).
Hoi-sc I'lulliliig.
A lull aorlinent ul My Nets, Horsr
Covers and lllankrt, a noli u n (iillMipply
ol all other Kuoda In our line, .it lO.'i Coin
incrclal avenue, next door to Theatre.
l0..'itt. I,. I), AKIN.V Co.
I In llol.
Dr. Selli Arnold's Oouli Klller-llie
fcrest crudlcator lor n'l lung diseases a su
perior remedy to ull other iiiedlclue )el
dlscouTcd, In ew:re e.ici, III sure,
nul.'k, ami perfectly sure remedy lor
roughs, roliN, sore throst, whooping cou;li
:roiip, und all dlcac id the throat and
lungi. Itclall pries, 'J." anil BO cent ami el.
Any bottle Hut ilnci not gle relief may be
returnnl, and the money will he refunded.
Dr. .Still Arnold's Diarrlnwa llulssiii, 'J.', and
U) ecnti. Itcinciiibrr It I warraiilnl. Ar
nold's Ull loin Mandrake I'ilN, operating
without klct.no and piln. Compounded
hy Dr. fcetli Arnold'.. Medical Corporntiin,
Woonorki-l, IS. I. Sold hy J'aul i..S'cliiili,
druggist, Cairo, III. .'tVI.'j.V.lui.
.ill' l.iimlx'r.
Ilavluf again established myself in Him
Lumber builnc, at tho Wall A- Kill Mill,
I urn prepared to sell lumber of all kind.,
Uth anil itilcglci al wholesale and retail,
nud to oiler ex ra inducements at all time,
j-iuraiitcelnt; the luucst imihiIiIc price.
ll)2-Vll.llll. .1. Mcf! 1IIKV.
ETJ' Yflip.
pliylolo'l(U sy, thu human body i on
llrely changed und renewed. Ktery mo
mrnt ot n-jr llvci, eery part of our bodies
l wcarlnsf nut and li being built up nnevv
of freih matter. ThhwrirkhaceompiMHil
hy the blood which (oe. through oory
part. Hut if the blood heroine vttuU or
UUtcd, and doe tiM pcrlonu It work
properly, the hjktem I aetuilly poKone l
hy the wom-oitt nutter cloifslng the ltal
ortfain ImteaJ of le.iliiK the body, for
ly'lvpla, blliouner, kidney, Un and
liver trouble, levers, and all dlca-ei arl
ln from ltlatcd blood, Hit. Walk Kit'.
OAl.tKOHNIA VlNKO vl: HiriKii.s area i-or-erelirn
remely. .VM-dAwMw.
IMnuo rtlltl OrtiHii Tillilne.
Mr. M. Kubne delrc tu to ay that he In
ready to reeelve order for Pla.no and Or
aii tmilny, and repairing imuteal Instni
nienl". Order may be kit al the corner ol
rhlrtceuth and Walnut xtrceta, or 1. O.
Ilox (!, and will receive prompt attention.
fiat mil! f.cr !lrr.
Landlord nl hotel and hoarding bou-c
ill find It to their advantage to e.!l upon
Mr. Coleman, l.auudre, No 12 Kotirth
Ktrtet, between Washington and Comuicr
utal nrcmic. Hotel and boarding-bouse
vahlng,."pceutiipcrdo7.cn. Koi piecework
prices are a. follow: single hlrt and col
lar, 10c; per dozen 80c; ook &; two col
lar, n; two handkerchief, &c; vcit i!0cj
and all gentlemen's wear, Ma. per
dozen. Ladle dreCi, to &0c;
fkhu 10 to '-i)c; drawers 10 to i:c; two
pair ho.-u 6c; two collars f to 10c. For la
dle' plain clothes ?1 00 per dozen; for la
dles tine clothes, jl 2.'i per dozen; done
dromptly, and promptly delivered, l'a
troiiagc solicited.
Nolle of Itrniovnl.
The Yrtill-known barber ahop, corner
Kigtdh and Commercial, preMded ovjr by
tho popular nrtl't, Ocorgo Bteluhoue, ban
removed ono door north on Commercial, lu
.he (I rand Central Hotel. The new hop I
.urgo and rouimodtou, and tlioo wishing
lor anything artistic In thu way of fashion
iblo hair cutting, Mnooth havc, etc., will
Jo well to call nt the (it and Central llurber
ihnp. TKI-l.t-tf.
I'iiIoii llnki'i'.
Krauk Kratky, of tho 1'ulon Ilakcry,
Commercial avenue, between 1'ouith nud
.Sixth atreets, has re-opened his bakery, and
Is now prepared to deliver Mread and C'nkes
of the best quality, nnywherr- in the city or
rouutry, In Mich (iianlltlcs aa hi custom
ers may desire. I'rlce will bo inido en
tirely with rererjneo to tho pretent Kuril
times ; In oWler word, ehoiiper than tho
cheapest. Send in ywiir order.
4 l-A SOtL
I'or Hitlt.
A silver plated No.!) Wlhon Shuttle Hew
lug Machine, hard (piano) lliihli, valueil at
JS.'i. Will ho fold at iIIm ouiit, on good
term, and ordered direct from the factory.
A No. It Wllsen Shuttlo .Sewing Maehliiii
valued at SrT.V Will bo i-old at $lfi dUenunt
and ordered direct Iran theliiclory.
A !0 Itemlugtou Sewing Machine-;J0
otT for ca'li. Suitable for tailor or boot ami
shoe manutiu'turrr.
Foil hali:.
At n hargalu, and on good tuiins, u Howe
Sewing Machine. May bo iceu at thu Com
pany's oillcc, corner Ninth street pud Com
'I'icturosfjuu America" is numbers
bound in '1 volume, full gilt Morocco;
price, 640.
Atyla"R," ''Clougb, Warren V (,'o.V
Furlor Organ, right from thu factory at De
troit. I.ftt price, iJSOO. Will he Hold for
200. .
A new two'liono Uamhlo w agon,
For any of tho iibovc article;, apply at
thfi lllll.l.KTIN OUICO. K. A. llUHNKTT.
tXX Amber nud White rojr stock
i'DvoloncsattliollUM.uri.N ollkv, prluti'il,
' r0 nml $4 00 iK'f M.
' - ' i 1 1
TIILMWDAV, JtJXK 17, 187.it
l.ornl Wenlhrr HeporL.
Caiho, III., June In, 17.',.
4 I Tlmnl.
h I Cloudy
lliilnrall'l.oi Inrni-,
TIIOJIAS JO.NKS, Herat. S. H., V. S. A.
I.011U llerlx-rl Uns fitMKSV.U.
UotUK '!.
Tin AlcMiiuler comity ciriMill court,
with .IiuJko llakir pri'-hlliiL', llll rontln-
iip to rlnd slowly.
'J'lni heavy rain of yetenlay iiioriilii
put mi end to work on the Mivo.K hut
the men will ,oon lie at their juhIh iinln.
" tlKilluu:.
MNm s Ida ,M. Cane nml Nellie Hoiuer,
nl'.V:ilivllle. Illinois, iin; vlllhK nt the
reldi'iiei! of Count v Clerk l.yneh, hi llilx
"HlirilH .Morunn.1'
T'Ik- new traiikfur boat Kuril MorKiui,
to ply on tin- river nt thl point, will nr
ilve at Cairo nliont the llrH ol' next
II.Si:.i;it nl l.ouU llt-rlierC.
Ilnrk AkhIii.
The Itev. Mr. Gilbert nml .Mr. 11.11.
Canibt!, who went to Columbus on
I'ucMlay to attend religious services ut
that place, returned ycterdny.
fftirX ltn xtoi'kt'livelopM-. nt the Uui,
I.K1IV ollleo, $.1 25 per M.
The Mcthodlti of Cairo havii chartered
a steamer and will j;o on an excursion up
thu Ohio and Tenne:i: rivers on Satur
day, the ltd of .Inly.
A patty of young ladles and gentlemen
of till city had it all arranged to go Into
the wood on a picnic excursion to-mor
row, hut the ruin of yesterday, we fear,
will keep tliein nt home.
"Ai lliPr.H"o t'n."
We have received K-veral numbers of
the Cairo Daily IMUtii,, published by
.loliu II. Oberly. The dally I a neat,
aptuy, local pajxT, and the editorial de
partment U marked by n high onler of
ability, and should be well supported by
tlic people of Southern Illlnoi. Frtinl.
I in Vuunty Uuuri'r.
In thl city, on the 10th Inst., of then
nvitbm of the heart-, Maggie Xali, aged
ten yn&r.
Funeral to-day from the residence ol
her father, Thomas Xah, Xlneteeiith
street and Commercial avenue. Friend?
of the family invited to attend.
.nit.iuil- .Vollrv.
A A cpeclal couiiniiiiicatlmi of
Vjr Cairo l.od-reXo. 'J.I7 A. F. M. will
be held on Friday evening .Tune
Iblb, nt cfgiitu'i'lucK, snarp, for work in
F. C. and M. M. degree. Visiting
brethren lu good standing cordially In
vitvd. .1. .j. Ukuidk.v, W. M.
i:i-clioii of llllrer.
At the regular .-einl-aiiiiual election of
Cairo Kncainpnient, I. O. O. F., held lat
TueMlay night, the following olllcers
were elected for the ciiMting term :
Chief Patriarch .John 11. Oberly.
High Priot A. Comings.
Senior Warden A. Frazler.
Junior Warden 'I'. F. Kcrth.
Scri!e K. A. lluniett.
Treasurer Win. Alba.
I'lrriiil Court.
The jury In the Milt ofC. & V. It. H.
Co. for tho ttu of l'obert Bell i. Hodges
& Parker, utter listening to quite lengthy
nud spirited arguments by the attorney,
retired nud In a few minutes returned
their verdict in favor of the defendants.
The plaintiff akcd for a new trial.
Thu Fttlt ol .lames P. Marshall, trus
tee, vh. John W. Carter, was continued
upon the defendant's ullld.ivlt.
The suit of the Hrcinciu Savings
Hank c. W. II. Green wa tried before)
thu court, iliidgincut was rendered for
the philntllK
The Iti'crpllon TIiIk I'.ti'iiliiK.
Kverythlng, we learn, U iu readlues,
and our friend, Messrs. Whltlock and
McGee will bo reeelvi-d by their trlends
at the St. Charles this evening In n man
ner worthy gentlemen of Uielr standing.
A splendid band of music: will bo In at
tendance, todlseour' that iiiusloioiiiiicli
loved by the lovers of dancing, mid all
will he merry ni a marriage bell. The
Knights Teniplarwlll honor their broth
ers by attiring themselves In their ele
gant, regalia, and inarching from their
hall to the Ht. Charles lu a body. A largo
number of Invited guests will "lie there,
and everybody U looking forward to mi
exceedingly pleasant lime.
A Superb l.iiiu liTliU .Moruliiir.
Huefner, of the Planter-', will spread
one of the ilnct lunches this morning at
10 o'clock, that lias ever been gotten up
lu Cairo, consisting of thu choicest meats,
vegetables, etc. It U hardly necessary
for us to udvlsu everybody to go and par
take of mine host's bounteous repast, for
tho mere mention of the fact Is sulllcient
to call out all tho lovers of good eating
in Cairo. Iluefuer knows how to pleae,
and his lunches always till tho hill. That
delightful throat-wash--. Schlltz's beer
will be on tap, fresh and cool. Go,
To I.t'l.
Two furnished rooms, with or without
board, in private family. Inqulro of Jam,
Smith, Twentieth and Commercial Ave
nue. Mft-tL
Ucll'lon..l.Ni:.r.llil l.ouU Her-berl'N.
Tim. lUli. ITiiic. Wwn.
7n in. '.-J.iniT I :.'. S, W,
11 ' :i.(jui sir K
a n in. iti.u.i 77 m
iim rlti i(l failht .in
e.UHe (lite
Front rt li'ltcf iVCtivl'd III ilii elry yc
lehlay IVdili Mr. Sid llunlllileyt, the
gonial clerk ol (hat Hiiccit or iste.imlm.1t,
tho Idlewlld, wc leant that an ecilrloh
from Coluiiibii", Kentucky, and other
towns on the Mobile & Ohio road, In
eluding Jackson, Tennessee, on hoard the
Idlewlld Is contemplated. The time tor
making (he trip will he on nr about the
third day of July, so that thoe who may
accompany the parly may lie In F.van
vllle at Die celebration, which takes
place on the Iirtli. Mr. Humphreys
extends a very pressing Invitation
to his friends in Cairo to partic
ipate In the enjoyable event, and a.surc
one and all, that no efforts on the part of
the originators of the affair will lie spared
that will add in the least to Its pleasures.
The fare for the trip from this city to
Kvanvllle and return will tie exceed
ingly low, nud all who think of spending
the day abroad, should niaku their ar
rangements and go to Kvausville. Tins
trip cannot fall to prove one ol great
pleasure, as the Idlewlld is acknowledged
by all to be one of the most beautiful and
Meet steamers on the Western waters,
and as for the good time to be had in
Kvaii'Vlllc ou the day of the celebration
we can vouch.
Tim I Order 'i. I.
Jailor McCarthy does not know what
to think about Mayor Winter' order Xo.
I. He says It looks a If tlin mayor had
been wrongly Informed by moiih; one, as
never has he allowed prisoners
to reeelve lhpior while they
were conllned In the calaboose mile"
used as a restorative. He alo declares
that never, with the exception of one
time, has he allowed prisoners to run
errands for hlui, and then It was with an
individual commonly called "Mack
Pool'.w hom he was confident he could
trust, as "Pool" had been conllned in
the lock-up on so many dlllerent occa
sions that all thu horrors of being hi jail
had departed from his bo-om, and he
didn't care a continental whether he was
in jail or out, and Mr. McCarthy was
coulldent that he could count upon hl
coming back.
Til Cirrim.
The Louisville Omirltr-Janrml, of a
late date. K.'aklng of this great show,
says: "Vcstcrday the Great Interna
tional Menagerie, Mueum, Afjiiarluni
and Circus inaugurated their second an
nual tour at the Industrial Exposition
lluildiiig, the stockholders of this mag
nificent edilicc having consented to let
this great how occupy It for one week.
Tins day's festivities began with a grand
gratuitous street di-play, which was
grandeur it-elf, and was wilnes-ed by
crowds of spectators along Its en
tire route. I".at night we found
the Exposition Ilulldiug thronged
with the ino-t brilliant aud
fashionable audience, without exception,
that we liavc ever seen drawn together
here. The menagerie and museum are
alone worth the price of admission. At
least 1,500 rare wild animal and remark-
ablecurlo.ltles are to bo seen. The va
rious cages and vans nro ndmtrably ar
r.iuged,and thuattfiidaius wctt-tnmrmcti '
aud polite. After seeing all that was to
Imj seen in the menagerie, mit'euin and
aquarium, we, alter somu dlfllculty lu
conequence of the Immense
jam. found a -eat, and not
a minute too oon, lor the
grand entree Immediately began. Thl
was magulllccutlyicostuiiied aud brilliant
ly executed, and was a lltthig prelude
to the truly magnificent entertainment
that followed. Where all was so jH-rfect
It Is a hard matter to specialize, any par
tlcularact aud call It best. Every one
was excellent, while our old friend, Jule
Kent, as he Is called, wa In Ids drollest
humor, aud kept the audience In the best
possible spirits. The whole entertain
ment pas-ed oil with the greatest cetat,
and we pronounce the Great
International the largest, best
and mou admirably conduct
ed show that it has ever been our lot
to witness. We feel somewhat proud of
tills, for It Is, iu reality, a Kentucky
show; as here In this city, at the Gait
House, the Idea was conceived, and here,
also, was the Great International equip
ped and prepared; so we can safely call It
a Southern show, and, as it Is really the
largest In America, this Is something to
be proud of. Every ono we met iu the
Exposition building last night was of our
opinion. The guernl verdict ou all
sides expressed the one idea the bet
show In the world.
The MpIIioiIIhI NuiiiUy Neliool l'iue
lo the t'roitl Onrti Maris
They Propose to gt up a Grand Fourth of
July Excariion.
Tito Trip
lo Ihi .Mnde on
Hit i:i'i;niil
Once more, lu accordance wltii the
usual custom, tho Methodists of this city
come to the front, and declare their In
teuton to treat the scholars of the .Meth
odist Sunday school to a grand Fourth of
July excursion.
The people of the congregation, who
have taken the matter In charge, aru
making extensive preparations for the
event, and will no doubt bo rewarded for
their ell'orts to please the children by see
ing thu grandest success of the kind that
they have ever undertaken.
It Is proposed, wo believe, to go up the
Ohio river, as usual, starting from our
wharf at an early hour hi the morning,
and returning In thu evening. The trip
will bu made on board an elegant steamer
Willi accommodations ample for till who
may wish to nttend.
A band of music, will accompany the
party, and refreshments lu abundance,
and of every conceivable description,
will be supplied.
All In all, tho Methodist Sunday School
excursion of July -itli, 1K75, will bo the
event In the history of the pleasures got
ten up for tho benollt of the children, aud
they are looking forward to the time,
when It will take place, with the greatest
J!"!!'!" 3 "Ulrl
l'mui'i ilw Moutiii uiy fo-hrt uihiii
iiitiiiiltMk'i.1 Uiu city wltii iii Miitllnir
iiMtiitciiiuicd J'c-fteriUyi
-Mm. Pr Pi I)i Vllllnnl. wn 111 llio
city' Jeli'idaj Millejiort. tile doctor
ptlil at Coiiililhrit' nt nl IniproGiig lit
Mrs. Ho-e and Jlls .Mary Lane ar
rived In tilt' city Jilerday from Phila
delphia. Tlley will rcntahi several weeks,
IMtlng their relatives, the family ot .Mr.
Charles I.ame.
We understaniKlhat Mr. .funic" Onh
has accepted a poKlon as salesman lu
theXew Vork store, succeeding Mr. Er
nest H. Pettlt, who Intend opening a
first-class grocery store the Coining
week, which will be an addition to the
Fifth ward.
Hotel IVrftMiinU,
W. M. .tones, ol Itelknap, was at the
Grand Central yesterday.
II. S. Itiontoii, of Kansas, was at Hip
Planters' yUlerday.
.lames Mowery, ofTcxas, was icgls
lered at thjf Delmonlco yesterday.
Mrs. 'llibbs and family, of Texas,
were at thelUelmonlco yesterday.
IJ. F. slhuildt, of Missouri, was teg.
Istercd at til- Delmonlco yesterday.
J. F. Vogel,of St. I.oui, Is rcgl.
fered at the Planters'.
II. O. Glbcrt, of Xew Vork city, was
registered at the St. Charles yesterday.
G.C. Hunting, of St. Louis, was at
Hie St. Charles yesterday.
David Schwartz, ot Xew Orleans, was
at the St. Charles yesterday.
1). J. ltrowne, of Chicago, was an ar
rival at the St. Charles yesterday.
Edwin Codls, of Metropolis, was lxg
ltcred at the St. Charles yesterday.
W. H. M. Callstcr,of St. Louis, sto
ped at the St. Charles yctcrday.
George If. Scott, of Memphis, Ten
nessee, was at the St. Charles cterday.
S.G.GIIlett, of Indiana, was t the St.
Charles yesterday.
I. II. Ui-ed, of Qulncy, lllhiol, was
at the St. Charles yesterday.
F. M. Wells, ot Prluccton,Ke:itucky,
arrived at the St. Charles yestenby.
Hon. M.J. Inscore, of Annn, was at
tlw Planters' yesterday.
Henry Oslng, ofSt. l.ouls, was at
the Planters' yesterday.
F. Kesalbaum, ofCIneiiiii.itl, was at
the Grand Central yesterday.
Mrs. Palmer and family, of Kansas,
were regi-tercd at the Planters' yester
day. A. II. Morgan, of DeSoio, Illinois,
was registered at the Grand Central ye
Mr. More, of N'ellville, Miourl,
wa regi-tercd at tho Delmonlco yeter-
J. F. Sweeney and W. Jtalhs. ot
Pojie county, Illinois, were at the Del
inoulco yesterday.
.Mrs. hodwert, of Kentucky, was
among the arrivals at the Delmonlco yes-
). II. Plant aud family, of Hickman,
Kentucky, were quartered at the St.
Charles yesterday.
-,f. C. Medley, a resident of Fan-Is'
Landing, Missouri, was n:fiisiereu at the
St. Charles yesterday.
aim. 1 ' I- O. Onnhhtr.
of Hickman, Kentucky, were at the
Delmonlco ye-tcrday.
.fames House, D. M. Stewart, James
Pierce and K. Spauiii, all of Cincinnati,
were among thearrlvalsat tlicSt. Charles
Iliiivliull of Ktery Ilerrlllou
T1I1L 11. SALT,
Suva Vi'Ki'lntiU- Nlaiul,
Frank tiunchcr will this morning open a
nw vegetable eland on Eighth street back
of Chris. Hanny' lorc, where fro?h vege-
table and tlU will bo sold to customer nt
lower price than any other place lu Cairo.
till vegetables are nUed In Ills own gar
den, ho catches hit own lbU, and can there,
foro guarantee them freU; und he can af
ford to itndcrcUallcompetltor. Give him
acjdl. tW-61;
lMctiirt'KiiKt Ainericii.
At tho Hui.i.i'.Ti.v bindery IS uumbcrs,
bound lu two volume, full gilt ntor
rocco; cot $11; for Mile at StO.
Rrdiirfil HnlFM.
Wo will take, at the St. Charlci Hotel,
durlni; the bummer month, Wday boirdei,
at Sii per month, andr0 boarder with cool,
plcaaut ronuiH on the upper lhior, at $30
per month. Attlila extremely low rate,
nunc hut promptly paying boarder will be
accepted. Jkwktt Wilcox k Co.,
:il-l-'i8.1iii. Proprietor.
Ilnlv, il. I'lolliiiiK. At.
I. Wnlder, at the corner of Ohio I.cvcc
nml Sixth trcct, known to uonie n-i "our
friend nt the comer," hm
slaughtered" high prices In Hats, Cap,
and Clothing. He I cllhig at great bar
gains a fact that makes some, dealers teel
in II they wcru shot or struck by light
ning. Call ou him, aud price Ids goods,
for wblf h he does not owe n nlekle.
ta?XX Woodstock envelope at the
lUai.irriN oflhv. SII 00 per .M.
u lice.
All persons Indebted to Tuber Urns,
will please call at their store and niaku
Iniincdlate i-cttlement. All uccoimtx re
maining unpaid duly lit, will he placed
In attorney"' hands I'or collection.
il-Ki-ilt. Assignee of Tuber Jinw.
Obstacles to Marriage.
Happy relief for young men from tho ef
1cW of error and abuson hi curly life.
Manhood restored. Impediments to mar
riage remoTeil. Now method ot treatment.
New and rematkablii remedies. Jfookn
ml circular Hont free, In Healed envelopes.
AiNlro.ii, HOWAItl) ASSOCIATION, 410
N. Klntlmtrcet, Philadelphia, l'a.-un In-tl-tutlon
having a hlk'h reputation for houor
able conduct and prolcusloual klll.
B-H-d w-:ini.
. Alll'ldAilBMk-atthlto MbMl I'll'
iVVl'l-td uiliMJl Wjftf wlH
Ik'Hil. I'lHIIIIIMllUlffJ.HtK I'Ollllllllg
Idonii D-ll-lw.
i'l I.SENEU at l.ouls Herbert'.
To Kent,
A collage on Thirteenth street, between
Washington avenue and Walnut sired.
Apply to Dm. Smith.
'Ink ell lip,
On Wednesday, the tttli lust, a cow and
calf red cow wltltVrop off the right car,
also an oyer bit ; crop off the left car;
had ou a bell ; calf, speckled, and about
HI day old. 'flic owner can have same
by coming forward, proving property
and paying charges. Sam Jackson,
WMt Fourth Ward.
.Mint t Men I t
Having bought out: tlic lutcretl of
Kochlcr llro. hi the moat hindncss, f am
prepared to lurnMi tho people of Cairo, n
well a steamboats, with the choicest meals
the luirkct nll'ord, mid all thocwlhliiL' to
huvc their meat delivered al their home,
cm he accommodated. Itcspcetfully,
M(l If. Pint.. Howahii.
lli In
I.oiiIm llrrlterl'M lur I'll.Si:-
I'orl l.lsl.
.Steamer dim Fik, I'aducnh.
" Hello Meniphl, Memphis.
" .tno. F. Tollc, St. I.011I1.
" James Howard, New Orh-aiH.
" City of Chester, St. Louis.
Tow-boat Leopard, I.ouNvllle.
" Haven, St. Loul.
Steamer .llm Flsk, I'nducah.
" Hello MemphN, St. LonU.
" Cly of Chester, Metnphl.
" .lames Howard, St. l.onI.
Tow-boat Leopard, St. Loul.
" Haven, St. LouU.
.llm Fl'k, I'nducah; Atlantic nud
barges, Ste. fienevlcvc, from thu South',
Grand Tower, City of Qnlney and t'tah,
from St. I.oulp; Arlington, from .Mem
phis for Cincinnati lu the morning; Vint
Slilnkle, Indiana, from the Ohio.
The river la't evening was 111 feet
10 U" Inches on tho gauge, having fallen
1 Inches during the past 21 hours. The
river is rling at FltLshurg, Cincinnati.
Louisville and Kvansvllle, but falling at
St. Louis aud Na.hvlllc.
The heavy raintorm of day before
yesterday extended over it wide range of
country, and may cau-c quite ;i .swell hi
the river. A heavy rain fell here du
ring the forenoon ycterday, and there
was a promise of more lat night.
Husine.s dull.
oi:xi:itAi. items.
The City of Chetcr had 11 very fair
triji for Memphis, but ni.-ide 110 additions
Tlio Kavcn ye-terday took two barges
of Iron ore and a licet of empty barges up
the Ohio.
Kvansvllle Courier is at his post again
and l.s getting nj an luli-rctting river
The.toliii F. Tollc wa over three
days coming from St. Louis, having been
detained picking up freight. Shu ha- 11
.plendld trip lor the South.
Tho James Howard has 400 bogheads
iiiolaH'S, 100 boxes sugar and 170 tons
sundries. Tho Howard aud Tollu both
lauded IjcIow the wharf.
-The Arlington, Dam Moore, Captain ;
Mr. Alex. McConnell, Clerk, Is the packet
for Cincinnati to-morrow morning. She
will leave here at 5 o'clock positively.
There is a good stage of water to Cincin
nati, thu Arlington Is licet, and hw will
go through with dispatch.
Wilt IlKPAltrULNT. lllVKH lUl'OIIT, I
June 10, l?;."i
Ht. IaiiiU
For Padncah, Evansvillo, Louis
villo and Cincinnati.
'I'hf New and Elegant Passenger Simmer
Dav. Mooiik .Maslei-
A1.F.Y MCL'OMNKL ... h'lk.
l.e.Wii FltlDAY niurnlng ut S o'clock
Forfrrlght or p.nngeiiil)- on bourd oral
either Hiiarf-bojt. ' il-HWl.
Corri'Ctcd Dally by E."1. Sti-unis, coiiinilsslon
inerchant, Secretary of the Cairo HojhI ol
T'riiac. '
Flour, according to grade ..tl iW JM
Corn, mixed, sacked
Corn, white, Buckwl
Oatu, mixed
llrun, per ton
Mull, slenni drieil
Ilutter, choice Northeru
llilttcr.cliolcu Southern 111
Eggs, per dozen
Chickens, per dozen
Turkeys, per dozen
Potatoes, i.r banel
Old-jus. per burrel
ilmwIieuU ir crate
l-. .. 1 .- - 1-: : "
" i.C
it 73
MM (l
fill 10
42 Ml
$3 tO
W 75
Notice in Bankruptcy.
1'ulli.d Stales of America, ) ,
Southcni District of Illinois, j
IIEItEAH, on thu Sid day of .May, . I,
l7.l..tlie "t'mlcrwi Iters Wicckliigl.oiii-
nany" lllin aiioeini me miimii omi 01 ii.
IJlilted Males for the Fiiutliern Ufstrlrt of llli
uuls, again! the "Fuel barge ol'lhe sleuiner
Keystone" praying that tlic winic liiuy be con.
ilciunod fur rcuiun und causes In said libel men
tioned. And whereas, by tlrlueol process In
due form of lair, lo inu directed, ivtuiiiuble on
tliellr.t Jlomlay In July next, I have seized upon
nud taken the said "Fuel barge of steamer hey
sloiiu" and have the same lu my custody.
notice Is liereuy giteu, inai 11 iiistrict uuiii ui
Ihe Unlbl Mules will lie held nt the llnlte.1
Slates Court Itoom, In the city of 8iirliiglleld,u I
tho II il Blouday in July uet,for Ihe tiial ol .the ,
sam pi-cruises, ami me owuerorowurn, "
persoas who have or claim any Inlciest Ihereln,
are hereby cited to be und upieui' at the flmu am)
place ainresaiii, to mow cauv, u iui.v imj n,,
why a decree thould not be rendered In ucconl
iinco with llic prayer of said libel,
hprlugrtehl. III. June li). IV , , ,
1 Kliw'Altl) It. ItOF., V 8. Marshal.
The Original Cheap Store
142Commercial Ave.
Tho Entlro Stock of Ladies' and Gent's Furnishing Goods, Em
broldorios and Parasols, will bo Sold at Cost. Must be sold
within the noxt sixty days. Now is the time to obtain bargains.
This is no Advertising Dodge. Bring your money and get
value received.
, j
Ship Chnudlors and Call Maker,
02 to 208 South Watsi St., CHICAOO.
r.'-O-i; dlw
A huiidoinc Itlustniteilii.'Wie
'Ull.H how mid
!i'iit ficv tn nil
Information I'or 1'tvIhiUv.
m ht-re to lectin: n iioml rh.-ip.
jiurin ul uiu urni
11 rnnumiA me .w llnmcilfvl nml inniH-r
I , with other InK-reitinir mailer tumid only
111 IhU piiiier
II will unlv rust Vuo h I'oitul Cniil.
milliner lor.iirujiit mil. ,(Mrr.
o y. DAVIS,
fjiuil CoUiiiililiinir I'. 1'. It. It.,
Olllulm. Neli.
fruit mmi mmmmi
The cfiiiartntndiln hpiitornn.' exl.'llni: umlir
tin: linn name cir('illiyrliigliaiii..(.c. is iUolv
l. C. I'.ilby A L wilt i-nnlliiue in thu lm-1-iioia,
and l Kind to liiur fiurn ull in want of
Berry Boxen, Peach or Qrupo Baskets.
C. 1: JWi: A CO., vuu, Ul W'un-r .t.
A0EKT31 moot ttuuiillicviil Gift
i: f.h oi'i'iiici:i. local a;i:..ts
iauJ tT,P7li.r lor TMk Enio, k wmSiIjt Uny .nj ltkrary
f.nrn.l, cf M liqr. jf... Satrlitlrn, a, UiiHTniKcna
Am.rl lllmttU.1, ,ap.ib d.llnMlItt of Am, flco K.n.rjr.
DAVID WIUUMU I I1..IIU1 Tl'7.) r.i Flm.ii 51 , N. Y,
Iu.IUj in .urn a llltln furttim't nil ikt-oih run
M-ll lljallfaniilies wnnt 11. Thu hi licit: I. a nt
liiiiiovi'incnl on one unlerKally unil. 1'rullt.i
liiiuienHo. Write for circular lo
,, .I.Vtf.M. bTElVAltr, Franklin. Maia.
4jri fr iluy at honie. Terms
irrc iMiiiresa
.5T1N&O.V A CO , Portland, Mo.
A WEEK imai-unlivd to male and
A-uule nirenlt in their Iw-iillty,
.'uu nolliliiB to try It I'urtlculars
tut' 1' O. VICKEItY.VCO.,
Augusta, Mc.
XT How either wv may fascinate und gain
the love, und uOcctlon of any ieron they chooi-c,
1 1 1 I a 1 1 1 1 y This art all run iosrn, In; by null,
for2cents 101,-etlier Willi a Manhn;e liuide,
Kgyptian Oracle, Divaum, Hint to Ijulie. lc.
l.ivi.ooi Kolcl, Aqmrl)ook. Addrw T. WIL
LIAM A CO. 1 l'uhlitheis, 1'liUudeliihlu.
Tho Largost and Best Furnished
Houso in tho World.
Prices Reduced.
Rooms with board, $3.00 per dny.
" a.BO
" " 4.00 "
" " 54.60 "
" " $6.00 "
160 "
100 "
100 "
f lluIMU.K, l,t,0;l Furniture,
All made by hand, the best In
I he Innd LotiMiiui'i'ii Mill Mud
them Willi Healers und llrt-clas
stoies. 'I I"' genuine Imii'thuniime
U L. r oole or I C r , on llic 1:1-
uil. Ill liruii'ls me I lor He Henry
L'lay,largt' and small lze "llom"
l'lnr liel Miiiiur (.'Mm hirm li Flor
lie! Flounder (ditto) TH lilenllrul i-lgur Vlo
loriii) Itichiind Kure Coih'Ii.i
Wostarn Factory, 05 & 07 South Wator
Street. CHICAOO.
Tho Iowa It. II. Land Company
AITers n choice from over I.Wm.niiO ucies ul 5uiul
diicrucreiin u.uiil It.R lime, III the .Middle Re
gion ol Wesleni Iowa No fcur iiiiilnguei no
nisllOiiers lilliu mnmj.i uj iioiiuum iiuiii
Ulll'JIgo, 1,1111 111. I ii;i.ikv Ul -I.' n......... ...
soil und cllmsti' lo thu hinds ul lenlnil llliuuls
tcj'Miirt nghli For eiciirsion iickeis. imi
to purchaser, iroin ( lilrign, or i.uimis
on the Cldciigi. A Norlh Western
and Illinois inlnil nillioads In Illinois,
nit inn I buck, nr lor .Mup nun i-iiiii'iiieisgiiiiig
Mice, terms, ap , win in-e, uuuiv.' '-
Im 1 Inn's-. I jin. I Coinm a iinei.lf.' It-iudo I1.I1
StiM t, flilcugii, ortiLir lt:iil'U, luwu
X I'rtraU CooOMlor to MM
Warrlod. or tbtw boul u
mirrr.ca tbt pktteioffc
tb Mlktl IIIIDB, vltk list
It l!uIllltiD, ... . ,
Tbu U ut (oWMitlOf work f w bmb4i1 a4 Ulf
r vltii nimnui vui rriosii, u toiuiio tlMbi
uIjiuaUod for tbM wba ur tunll rcoaunpUi mr
tlMtj Ult It It book thai ought to kt u4T Iwo
at ky, taul oal Utl cinImiI; kbout lb bom. .
11 ooouisi tbt iprleo9 o4 4k f tf1
tuwt rrvuutlau li vorU ld, io4 hull W wrn
vaMdiftNcr (irererimalaiftDil lumal throufMi tbotir
lloU, II fmbrwe i'TrjrlliL on tbo uuM-
tUv ijium U4t li moria kuwio( wa lbU U a
ibbllib4iaiDyoH)crork, ,
AlJriH Iif, llutU' lifiwt f ' 'LUl ,tmt'
Bl- UuU, H.
Noll to tho Afflicted and Unfortunate,
ftiotw pptlat l lh Diorlou qwfteki vhs 4rrrtU U
tsjtlJ paport, or ulu ati? qio rrtutillsM. pru Ir.
utu' wotk. no attr L jt it r htm 4plor
alt vur vudlUM.
Pr. Uuiti ooup(iadoabUlsaMorivl7 rfta roomi)
i ltkJji-Mxl If nm of tbo awtt otUbttto-l mollril profe.
Mr tf tbU eoaatrr at 4 Kr, aai oaa b iijun4 ptr.
onaUt or br mtL to tt ditttM biUooh1 In hit trot t.
ItmM a.t pftrlort, Kf tl North klfbU trtt. bftk
Vuttl rx- CbfMmit. iu l-ouis. H
SI1j.b1 r-LIiitiU Mllbuat tltf...
Vm. 1UM. wllS I'tltl L
Iuivihs (urtliss Co., t)1 aruarssr, Nt
J.n,iI.T. luth will. I'lW. U.I. tnsll.J r
Evansville, Cairo and Memphis
Steam Packet Co.,
Paducah, Btaawncctown, Evans
vlllc, LioulaviUo, Cincinnati
and all way landings.
llietmrivulM il.lr-nliccl ttramtr
II. (! Kiiwi.kii Muter.
Kn. it, TuoiiA Clerk.
Will Innc KvansTlllleforCalrocTciy .MONDAY
iind'llltntSltAY nt I o'clock 11 111.
1.1 mm Cuiio every Tfi;slAY and FltlltAY.at
it o'clock p 111
1 lie clt-jrniil blde-ulind Jlcnmtr
IIcm UowAiin Master.
Waltkii II. I'iN.MNurn.v Clerk.
Will IniX! Kunrllli' for Cairo rirrr TUE3-
IIAVund FUIUAVnt t o'clock p. 111.
Will I.11TC Cnlmrrrry WKHNKsDAYandfSAT-
IMtllAYnti'.o'clock i. 111
'I lie cK'Xiint oiile-whccl etcumer
.Inns- ilotr
Mat. W ILLiAJii -
Iaiivc i:vanvlll fur Cairo cverv WKDNKS-
HAY uutl bA 1 lilCAIJ V ut a ). ni
jox Ki Culro c cry TU 1'KSHA Y and SUNDAY
all) p. lu
Kucli hont make close connections nt Cairo
with llrt-cUus uti-amtr for St. Loul , Mern
mid New Oriean. and at Kvansvllle with
the K.AC. it. It riirullVKiinlHNorthand Kant,
and with the ImUviUe Mall Htenincra for all
iiolnUoiitlio l.'iir 01110, Rivmit iiirouKiire
ccilit on rrelghu niul pocii!?er to ull jioInM
I'or further Information army to
SOL. blLVKIt, Vastcngcr Agent.
ItALMDAY U03., A,,,u
J. M. l'HILl.ll'S, lbn'
nri o. .1. (SHAMMER.
Siiin-rliiU'iuleiit und Gemral Vrelght Agent,
Kvansvllle Inillana.
Meetlna of the Stockholders
jf or tut
Cairo Sc SI. Louis Railroad Company.
IDU1IL1C notice is hereby given that there will
. be held 11 meeting of tlic stockholders of the
Calm X St. Jiuis liullroail (.'oiniuny, at thu
station house of wild l ompsny, In the city ot
East M. Louis, la the county of St. Clalrand
Mule or Illinois, on
.Mniiilny tint HHtU nay of Jiiuo, A. O.
nt tlie hntirs of eleven o'clock a. m., for the pur
lioe oflhcu uinl theiu electing by said stock
holders seven directors for said comnunr lor the
eiiKiilug yiur, uml then and there transacting
jiany as shall come Isiiore said meeting.
alien uiner nusiuess niuienuiniiiK 10 sum com-
11111 uiienaauce 01 nil inu sioatnniuers in
suhlconiiKiny U re.iiesteil and much desired
imkii. mis -uiu 1 1. iv 01 JIHV, 17.1.
II. It. l'AYSON,
W. S. SEAltlii,
r . r. . u.i.Mi.i.
StocVliolders C
.tit L.lt It. Co
.Weulcil l'rMlNiilN
WILL l i-ireli e.1 at my otllee until Tuesday,
.lime 175, for ull the lumber the
city may require during the present llscal yeur.
Luiiibrr to lie good while nr burr oak, tree from
miii or bad knots, und to be of surh dimensions
not exceeding Jlfcvt In length ami to be deliv
ered In Mich imuiitttlcs and at such times as the
committee on streets may direct. ,
I... ..It.' r.u.r. lh rylil hi ,1'leet AIIV ailll
all bids. W'M KUKXClt A.I.K .
City Clerk.
Culm, .IuiimD, 173.
No I'rnoarsa lakr iheae Rilleiaaccorl.
lug to dUeiilons, and icnialn long unwell, pro
il.J tlic tr bones are not deslroicd by ii'lneiJl
pnl-nn or other lucans, and vital vrgjui naslctl
heroiid point of repair.
It)spcin ar iHiliBculioa.Hca.lactio, TAIr
In Uiu SliouUler. L'ouglis, Uglilness or Die Chest,
llUzluCf. Sour Kiuctatlciisof the Stomach, Hit.
l'.isl In the Mouth. lUilous Attacks, palpllaltoi
ul the Heart, Indunimalton ot I ho Mings, I'alu !(
mo region vi ine fti.M.jnl.ii.imuiimi u.n
paluful ajmptoms. ara the onsprlngs of liyspep
iu ....J :tfi Mill move a Letlsr pitui'mitm n-
lis menu llan a Irugthy aiHertlscment.
B.-ar Vriunle Caiiipluliiie, iu joung or oM,
miirrisil or single, al thg dawn of womanhood, 01
lie turn of lite, these Tonic Hitler display so do.
Med an luOiicuce that linproi cmeiit Is auou per
Fsr Inllninuiularr nud f'lsraiilc Bhen.
umllsiu ami Ham, bilious, Keiiillteut uiul liner,
tullleni fevers. Mscn.es of tho lllooil. Uier, Kid
Her nud IllJiUler, llicso Hitters have no ciiiul
inch Diseases are reused by Vlllatcil IUoo.1.
The arc a Kf ulle l'Mrullr hi well n
ii Tanic, possesainu tlio merit of acting as
rowerrul agent In relleWng tougesilon or Irn
lanimatlon of the Uicr niul Visceral organs, tui
li unions unease. '
l ar Hhlis Bierasrs, Kropiioas, leiitr. nan-
ittieniii, Uluiclics, Pioi8. I'lmples. pustules, noliai
aiuUlicies, lung'wonas, piiu.iicau, pore r.jc,
I r.ryslpclas, llcli.acurrs, Discoloration or the Btln.
iiiim.rnn.i iiiissses of th Mkln of whatever name
.m ll.aMll. alni. im flfijl ..r,lil out a't
n.o system In a short time by I
hrrsKs the uiostwomlernil InvUforinl that cr.
,u..nea t.. ;,
inijlsis and Uen. Acts.. Ban Francisco, Cai.

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