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Aii OA I.O.N UJIJUK, NO. 61.
u nniKiu 01 i-yiiiu, meet ev"(r.'!
..j uimiiv ni ua-)ui nr.rm -."-
Hull I! K.rtl.AC'K.
Chancellor i'""'"""!-.
luJilKlnlriil Order of Oild-Fel-
UK low, n-i every iliurmliiy night
Hsm- ui iiur.iiu'li'Mii. In their null on
Commercial aTMnte, Im-Imc-ii fllxth nnj Horenlh
titttii Ioiim II liu"iu.'(, N.
C1AIIIO i:.NCAMl'.MKNT, I (. 0 r'., lutein
In OiM-FclloK' Hull on I lie llrl ami tliinl
liitilaf Iti nny minim, at hnir-xit fevrn
( 11 mlack, I). I',
FWIDAV, Jl'NK IS, 187.'..
AlltOI.OIIUi:. -SO -AH. A F A A.M.
Hold rtnular coiiiiiiuiiiratloiit IiiMii-
tunic lull, corner limine rclal avenue
v.uiil Kiuhth itn-et. on tli- eamd end
ttutli .MuU'lav ofutrli month
7h hi
l.ocnl Went Iter Kiorf.
('AlhO.'lLI. , June I" . 171.
r)Ml t
Winii. I V
i W.
I Fair.
1 Clear.
Kalnfull 27 luetic.
MIOMA.1 JONK3, Mint. . U. IS. A.
In Mcnalon.
Tin' Hoaid of Comity CimiiiiUsloncrt
iiift yesterday lor the purpose of dubb
ing up the business li lt undone liy them
at t licit- lar-t molting.
IIUU, 'HII S'llllllllIK, .!
I. Wnldcr, ni the corner of Ohio Levee
mid Sixth i-tii'i't, known to ouio us "our
friend ut the corner." has
"Alailghtcicd" hlghpilceln llat, dips,
uml Clothing, lie Is selling ut great bar
gain", a fact that make some dealer loci
m If they were shot or struck liy light
ning, (,'nll on hlui. uml prli f hi notilc,
for which In doe not owe a nlckle.
IMI.MKN'l.lt HI I.oiiU llrrln-rl'n.
ItMlnrt'tl Itnlft.
Wn will lake, ut thu .St. Charlet Hotel,
luring t!ieiummcrmonlh,Wiliy boarder,
ut til l it month, uli'l.VJ boarder w ith cool,
iilratint roomn on tliu upper iloor, ut fc.'M
per month. At thin extremely low rate,
num.- but promptly pa)ng boarder will he
acrepted. .iKWBTr Wll.CtiX .V Co.,
yl-l-'s-lm. Proprietor-.
Hit Hit I It uMUerjr lt-i'rlilltill
I'llll. II.SAIM'.S.
.Mewl ! Mrnt !
Ilaxliitf bought: out! the lutcrct of
Kottiler liro. in tU meat ljulne-, I
irepared to tttrnldi the people of Cairo, us
well at eteatnboat, w ith llieeuolcc-d mcalu
the market florils ahJ all tlioiw winning to
have their mt'itt tlellvei t il it their liumo,
caa hf ar.coimnotlatctl. Il"pfftfully,
C-lC-tt'. I'llll.. IIow.ki.
i;riiraioii, I'lrnlrn. IUr.
'the t,uo,l pJen!;'r uteauier, Ilanuotk
Cltv, call In- cuartereil lor t xiuirIoii or
lilwulrt nl re I'onalilc rato. Apply to
Mini WalkkkA Nkilih.
Urt lilt- Hfttl.
Ur. .Still Arnold" Coush Killer the
tieat eraillcitor lor all lung tliea'; a IU-
i.trlor remedy to all other iiiollrlne ct
dlaeovereil, lu ecre raet. III a Hire,
uulck, and perfectly rale remedy lor
Lbughi, coldi, tore tliroit, whooplntjcflujjh
:roup, aiil all dlicarea of the thioat and
liiL),'i. Ilelall price, '-." and .'0 eeiiln.itid rl.
Any bottle that duel not );lve relief may be
leturned, and the money will be refunded.
Dr. Stth Arnold' Dlarrhtw llalnin, 'i.nnd
W cents. KemeUihtT It ! warraulctl. Al
nold'aUil'lou Maudraku I'lIN, opcratlni;
without alck Dei ami in. ;iutiDilcil
bjr IJr fieth ArnohlV Medltul foiporatl m,
Woomocket, It. I Sold by l'aul ll.Srtiuli,
druggUt, Calio, III. M.i.!i:..riui.
jtfr-XX AinljtT and White "toek
euveloptsatthe IU'llliim ollUv. pilutvtl.
$3 COnmlS-I Wper M.
Un aii(SKr !li'r.
I.andtorda ot hoteli and boanlini; ioue
will rind It to their sdvatti;e to call upon
Mra. f'oleinan. I.aundre, No li Fourth
ttrcet, betwenn Vahlnj(tuu aud C'omtner-
Jal avcuuei. Hotel and hoaidlng-hoiiM-
Wfthlng,"&cintperdocn. Koi piecework
urlcc arc a tollow i : Single uhlrt snd vol
lar, 10c: lor tlozen W)e; ock 6e; two eob
lar, fur, two haudkcrcbitl, &c; veit !We;
and all gentlemen'a wear, bOe. per
dozen. I.adlek drt'tucf. 'J"i to Wo;
kirn 10 to 'JOc: drawer 10 to l!ic; two
pair hoc Co; two collars ft to 10c. Kor la.
Ults' tdaln clothe $1 00 per dozen; lor la-
diea Ann elothen. il i' Per dozen; done
dr smut lv. and nrouilitlv ilellered. I'a
trouai'e kullcited.
I'lilK-rvlly i:ert leti.
are told that it niiiuber of fmoplu
lioni Cairo were In iittt'iiilunee at the ex-
fi-clx-A of the Southern lllliioh Norninl
rnlyer-ilty, which bok place at t.'arhnn-
dale yeitcrday.
I.uiiU llerherl lilt HI I.SI'.N'Dlt.
The Tiiruer.
The Turneri' Hiclcly of llu city are
still goln on with their preparations for
the picnic, to lie given by them for the
liencllt ofthe (5i ruiaii school on Siimlay,
July 4th. They are fc'oinu to make a
SIIITlfi of It.
KiilKlilt ul I'ylhlH.
Then- will lieu regular enliven-
illou of AnC.iloil Loilg'.' N'o. "1,
KiiIkIiIs of l'ythtat, held at their
Cil.lle Hall thl (I'rlilay) evening
at H o'clock. A fiill.ittciidnncu det-lred
VMtlng knlchtteonlinlly lnlttl to :it
lehtl. U'u.i, K. IIawki.v.
IC.of II. amis,
Mumlnjr Mrlmul I'lrnlr.
The 1'ev. Mr. 'aid well's. Sunday school
children held :t picnic In .St. Mary" pari,
yelerday. A lare nuinbi-r of the col
ored advocates of the Sunday school
(-.iii-e were in. itlenilaucedurin'Mhf entire
day, and the oeui-lnu was one of much
genuine pleaure to all w ho partielpateil
Mr. T. II. Kills ha oeneil hif Arllng
ton lee cream -aloon, and i prejiared to
accommodate lad!e and gentlemen with
the ino-t dellclou Ice cream. His parlors
are tastefully arranged and allord n pleas
ant n-ort for thoe who want to Indulge
in a plate of this luxury.
In riirt'lty.
Ve-itenlay inoniing, Mr. John Mile-
gar, ot .Mourn I i itv, eame to i;airo in
search of a cannon to us' in mMug the
body ofthe unfortunate young man who
was drowned while eroding the Ohio
river In a skill, oppolle that place, last
Satuidiiy evening.
Nlui-lt ViirtU.
Mr. M. J. Wootcn. a prominent cap!-
Ialil of N'ahville, TenneH-ee, wa In
the city ytt-terday. He was hfie for the
liUrittlbt. ..r ,.,lttfc.tti.iruiir.i,(,.-iil
In regard to eMabll-hing -tock yanl.s In
Cairo, but what eonclnion were arrived
nt we h.iM' not yet learntil.
All lit- 4'nu llu.
I Icuip Solomon, who is conceded lobe
one ol'lhe Ite-t horM! lniln-r-rln tills p.nt
ofthe State, has about all the -dock tin-
tier his control that he eau attend to.
He has tcwrnl line hiir-c In hand, which
prombe to go under the string llrt In
iihim am rae ihev are started.
Broke II U Mrtk.
A laiize ox, belonging to some one un
known to us. while eating grass at the
timer of Twelfth and Cedar -Ireels,
Wednesday night, fell lulu u hole and
broke Ids neck.
let- I'reimi
Arlington Ice Cream Saloon, T. It. Kl-
Ili, proprietor, at the Atllngtoii House,
on Commercial avenue, between
Sixth uml Seventh, Is now open.
The most delicious Ire Cream always on
hand. FamlllcB supplied with nny ipian
lltv, and at reasonable prices. i!-lS-tf.
Mnvonle Jlollce,
A A eelal eouiniiinicaiiou oi
VST Cairo Lodge Xo. 2H7A. F. M. will
be held on Friday evening Juno
ISth, at eight o'clock, sharp, fir work In
F. C. and M. M. degrees. Visiting
brethren In good standing cordially in
vlled. J. S. ItBAittiKX, W. M.
A I'rtiol.
Another jtroof that the bulnes men of
Cairo can -ell thiir.good h low as the
inert-hauls of our more pretention mid
loud-talking neighbor, St. I.oul, lie in
the fact that F. .M. Stockllelh yetenlay
sold to an old ivldcnt ami lniiiiics man
of St. I.oiiU, n bill of one thou-and dol
lars' worth of llipioi-j. which the pur
( baser will have packed and shlp)ed to
his establMimeut lu that city.
To I't-li-liritlf.
The members ofthe Alricau Methodlt
Ki1-eopal church, including the Sunday
school children, will celebrate the glo
rious Fourth, by giving u grand baket
picnic ami excursion. They propose to
make the event a very enjoyable one,
and' will charter a train on the narrow'
gauge to carry them to out; of the nil-
inerou romantic and licautiful spots
along the lino of the road, where they
will spend the day.
Plcliirttiqnc Anierlrn.
At the Hi'Mxii.v bindery H nunibcri
bound In two volumes, full t
roct-o; eo-t Hi : for sale at $10.
registered at the I
-John II. Davl
was nt the I'lantert
-I. 15
gton.ol St. I.ouls, was
Cell tin I vetii-
famlly, ot
roil at the St. Char-
HnlllttMtl MukiiU.
Mr. I. U. Moray, geinrid freight agent
of the Mississippi Central itillroad, whose
headquarter are at New Orleau-; .Major
t '. W. Anderson, of Xa-hvllle, Tennes
see, president of the llreeii Line, and Mr.
J. F. Tucker, superintendent of llni Illi
nois Central railroad, were all registered
at the St. Charles yesterday.
PlUil'.vr.lt-ut l.uula llrr
IN'olIco ul Iti-iuovnl.
'ILe well-known barber ihop, corner
tmhth and Commercial, presided ovjr by
'.he popular artlt, Ocorue Stelnhouse, ha
removed one door north on Commercial, In
.he Grand Ceutral Hotel. The new Uop U
,aree ami commodious, aud those wishlny
for auytldng artistic In the way of fa.hlon-
tbU balr cmtlnir, smooth slmves. etc, will
Jo well to call al the Urund Central llarber
(hop. 7U1-l-tf.
I'nluii llaUerj.
Krauk Kratky, of the Union llakery,
Commercial avenue, between Fourth and
BlXtu itreeta, has re-opened hln bakery, and
li uow preparod to deliver Dread and Cakes
ofthe best quality, anywhere In tho city or
country, In men quantities as Ids custom'
w may desire. Prices will be made en
tlrelv with refennco to the present bird
ilrnei : In other woltls, cheaper than the
cheapen. Send In ymir orders.
418-5 W-tb
I'ur Male.
A llverpluted No.U Wlbim Shuttle Sow.
Intf Machine, lmnl (piano) liuhh, valued at
$S0. Will bo iold at SiO discount, on good
tonus, and ordered direct from the factory
A No. 0 Wllsan Shuttle Sowing Muchiue
valued at T. Will ho sold at tin tllount
aud ordered direct (rem the laetory.
A D0 itemlugtou Scwiog Machine-iiO
off for cash. Suitable for tailor or boot uml
Uoc mamilticturer.
Ft)lt SAltK.
At a bariratn. and oil good to run, ft How'u
Sewing Machine. May bo seen at the Com
pauy' otttee, corner Ninth utreot ami t'om-
iilettiMuue America" 1! uuiabers
nound hi '1 volume, full i;llt Morocco ;
price, c 10,
AatyleE," "CloUKh, Warfeu St Co.V
Failor Orcau. rluht froin the factory at tf
trait, l.lst price, $S00. Will be 1U f'"
A new two-horse Gamble wagou.
For any of the above trtlolei, apply t
Fur MhIIiiuii
Judge lllrd and Mr. Harry OTIrlen,
prominent members of the order of col
ored Mnson of this city, will leave lor
the city of Mnltoou on Sunday, where
they will attend the annual communica
tion of the tiraud Lodge of Masons, lobe
liolden lu that city. Judge lllrd will de
liver the principal addrc.
Home rt-ronnl
Mr. and Mr. I'hl are rusticating
Crittenden Springs.
-Mrs. Mailing? has gone on a vi-H
her old home nt Dixon, Illinois,
health aud pleasure.
-Miss Lcincn, sister of Mrs. n,-. Wil
liams passed through the city yesterday
on her way to her home near llellcvllh
from a visit to her Mjter lu Missouri.
Till- Hrrrplloii Ijii.1 l'.iiliie.
Tht! reception given III honorof ilessr
Tom Whitlot'k and Iteu McUce and their
brides, by the Knights Templar, at the
.St. Charles la-t evening, w.i one of the
ino-t plea-ant event ol the ea1ou. Ile
.slde the Knights and their faudlic-, quite,
a iiiiinbor ol InWtcd guets were present.
The Silver Cornet llaud alo houoied the
newly married people with excellent
inu-lc. Harry O'llricn's string baud wa
there and funibhcd siilcmllil music, to
which the young people kept lime with
Hying feet until a late hour.
To I.t-l.
Two tiirui'hetl room-, with or without
bo.inl.1ii private family. Inquire of J..
Smith. Twentieth ami Commercial Ave
nue, li-in-u.
I'tillt-i- I'ourl.
Judge llrosi had two eaes before
hi m yesterday, as folio wd :
Julia Turtle wa arrested by Ollicer
Ilogan, for using oncnslve and abu-lve
language, lie was adjudged guilty by
J!! 71on.tr fttltl lint-,! tltl- ,l..llMr4 .M.l
co.t, which he paid ami tttok hi leave,
Thoma lSlley disturbed the peace of
the city by disorderly conduct, for which
hi; wa arrested by Oillcer La Hue.
Judge llros adjudged him guilty, ami
lined him ten dollar ami co-Is. which
wa more than he could conveniently
comui.iud just at that moment, and he
went to the lock-up, where he will pay
hU board for Kd.y by laboring on the
Ku Trtilii
r.iiium IIi'LI.ktis: The Cairo a. St.
Louii railroad had no passenger train
out mi yestei day (Thursday) morning-.
However, a freight train kit ju-t twenty
minutes before the time specltied for the
passenger train's time to have left. Had
this might train been detained twenty
minute longer, several passengers would
hr.ve got off and much time saved to par
tics dependent on till road for transpor
tation. Do you know that w hen the
nL'ent ol the company was reminded of
this twenty minutes, and Its Importance
to travelers, he could not see it till thenV
Kallroads fhould wot keep feleepy
agent. I.AVOVKH.
Hold I'rrftiniM
II. IIIossoiii, ol Moulfiiia, was
teied at the St. Charles ytjlcrd.iy.
J. O. llrown, of Mass Hon, oido, wa
at the St. Charles yeMcnny.
K. A. Craig, of MHwwikee, wa at
the St. Charle" yestcrtlay.
A. Demev, of lieiitoi, Illinois, was at
the St. Charles yeslertlaj
O. C, Octz, of New Orleans, wu at
the Delmonleo yesterday
C. M. Ilogt, ol Xiw Oi lean, was
quartered at the Dclmoitlco yesterday.
O. It. Woodvllle.oi i,eniucky. was at
the Delmonleo yujePlny.
X. A. Thoini', ol lllundville, was
inters' yesterday.
, of flralloii, lllluol,
' yestenlay.
Stoulltld, ot Maylliiil, Ken
tucky, wa at Ihejormid Cenlrid jester
day. j
Samuel Xoini
registered at the Grand
day. 1
James Smlthim
was registered at n
Thoma T. Will inns and
Clile.-t.rn. were oil
les yesterday. f
Willis Chamber, of Harris- i.amnng,
I'eiin-ylvanla, waal the St. Cliarle- yes
0. I). Hush, of Foreman, Illinois,
un registered al the St. Cll.ltle yc'tcr-
.1. ( . Wl-ehart.of NewM'onconl, K' li
tuckv. wa reifl-leied at the Delinom.-o
(J. W. Thoma-and I.. S. Kolllii". ol
Canton, Milsspp1. were ut the Dclnmn
ico yesterday.
II. I". Le.Mav. and I). K. LeMay, of
Goo: Maud, were at the Delmonleo yes
Miss l'ti-lngtou, Mrs. V. H. StnlV
and three children, ot I'.ulueah, W're at
tin; St. t.'harles yesterday.
T. A. Slaughter, S. M. Lovelace and
(i. M. Stone, all of Mllburn, Kentucky,
were reifi'tcrcd at the Delmonleo yesterday.
Mr. Charles Schuli, proprietor of
the City of Oll'enbnrg Hotel, Xo. SOS-
South .Second street, St. Louis, was at tin
Planter' llou-e ycMerday.
Stephen liird,ol Blrd-viUe, MUmjiiiI,
who lo-t o heavily by the burn
Ing of hi saw mills a few weeks ago.
was registered at the St. Charles yester
.1. F. Tucker, general -superintend
cut ot the Illinois central rallioail com
pany, in company with his brother, .Mr,
II. 'Flicker, were regi-lered at the St.
Charle yestenlay.
Dr. (icbhart. a prominent gentleman
of Metropolis, was at the Delmouieo yes
terday. Ht' was on hi return home from
Hot Springs, where he ha- been for sev
eral weeks.
$3 75; 0O bbls countiy, steam dried,
$:i 7B.
(ulet and dull; very Utile doing, al
though pi Ices are quoted a shade hcttcr
thftii lal week. We note sales of 1 ear
in bulk on track, $12; 1 car In sacks de
livered. $17.
Stocks are abundant and demand light.
Dealers tlud Mime, dltlleuUy In keeping
the .stock down, even at present low
price. We note sales of !l tubs cooking
butter, lie; I tubs Northern, 200 ; 21
packages Northern, 12Je; 10 packages
good Xorlhern,20e; 6 palls cooking butter,
iro ; -I packages choke Southern Illinois,
20c; 10 package choice Southern Illi
nois, liJfJftJOo; 10 packages choice North
er u, 'J Jo.
Keecipts aie small but Hie demand Is
light, ami supply abundant for the mar
ket. We note sales of 500 doen. He 5
boxes, lie; 10 boxes, 10011 jo.
Tho lnaiket Is well supplied aud a lit
tle weak aud unsettled. Choice hens are
quoted ut $:i 2., and a good demand for
young chickens, according to Mo, $1 oO
to $ per tlocn. We note sales ol 7 coops
liens, ,i coops ncu, ?.i :,, coops
old hen, i'.l oO; 2 coops spring chickens,
S3 .7); 2."t doen hen, j:t '.Tt: :i coops
spring chickens. $1 &ti(3)2 .VI.
The tiawbenie.s coming in at preeiil
are lu a damaged condition and nlmo-t
unsaleable. Choice lerries are quoted at
$ I perorate. Wo note sales of 2.1 boxes
green apples SI ; 2jcaestrawbcriic fl
CL T0 : 10 case. strawberries $2:i ; 10
boxe lemons J-(VF.f! 7o.
The market 1 well .supplied and there
I a fair demand for old peach blow to
till orders and for seed. New potatoes
are very dull. Wu note sale of 1."0 bu-h
eU pcaiii blows SI 0001 10.
Nothing lining except by jobber and
retailer. We nob' sale ol 2100 pound
1l)llie; lood pound should
The Original Cheap Store
14;2 Commercial Ave.
ho Entire Stock of Ladios' anil Gent's Furnishing Goods, Em-
iroiilcrios and Parasols, will bo Sold at Cost. Must be sold
within tho noxt sixty days. Now is tho time to obtain .bargains.
This is no Advertising Dodge. Bring your monoy and get
valuo received.
clear ides
ers 101c.
I'orl 1. 1st.
A Krwnrtl.
liy a telegram received at : i.i p. in.,
the Uitli Inst., I am authorl.ed to oiler a
large reward for tho recovery ofthe body
ot the man who was drowned, or sup
posed to have boon drowned, near Mound
City, on Monday, the lltlt ln-t. For
further information enquire of
W. M. Wii.i.i vms,
(i-lH-:i Chief of Folico.
Hume Auiilii.
Wis neglected to stato that Mr. K. A
lluruett, thogeulleiuaidy iiiauagor ofthe
Ili'U.r.riN, ha returned tiom hi hunt lu
Missouri, lie chased the antelope over
the plains and caught the ague. He I
now taking a n remedy quinine, and
lemons, and hopes to bo restored to hi
former good health in due season.
Wlinl I Done.
As soon a thu transler steam
er id' tho Call" c Vltieenues
and the Cairo, Arkansas & Texas
rallicad lias been completed, we
aro Informed thu former company pro
pose to run a train of l'ullman I'alneo
cars from Ctalvestou, Texas, through to
tho city of Pittsburg. Connection will
be made at I'lttsburg with a fast lino to
V.w Vork. with but three stoppages bo.
twoon tho two cities. The trip trout uni-
vt.on to Flttshuri: will lie made lu a
vcrv Bhort space of time, eonsldeiing tho
iHstance, and will be made, also, without
change of enr. Big thing, till".
Within le time than a week three
daring robberies have been committed
lu this eltv. The scenes of thee out
rages have all been laid III the low er part
ot town. One ol them was perpetrated
last Friday night, when an individual
whose name we did not learn, aud who was
.somewhat under the lnllnence of liquor,
lost a considerable amount of money,
Another crime ot the ame character,
lu which a white man had llrtceu dollar
taken out of his pocket, was committed
The last and heaviest one ot the three
was perpetrated on Tuesday night. A
white man, while In a negro saloon, and
who had been drinking, w as robbed of
his watch and pocket book, containing
all the money he possessed. In no one ol
thexe cases have thu culprit been
brought to justice, from the simple fact
that tho parties upon whom the outrages
have been committed would much sooner
lo-u their money, than have It known
that tliev weru froouenter.s of the low
ileus hi which they were robbed.
Cllll l, ll.l... Tllt'lCSIlAV F.VKNINO,!
.innr; 17, ti7.'.
The temperature to-day has l;cii vciy
high, and the sun was eeeslvely hoi al
ter th skv became clear, which oceuned
about ton o'clock. The heavy rain of
yesterday ami la-t night 'oemed to make
no ditlerence In the heat of to-day, but
has effectually laid the dust for a day or
two. The wheat harve-i Is so mr ad
vanced that no danger i-, apprehended
from rust; but the rains of this week keep
hackwork and "lodge" the grain So such
an extent that farmers experience a I'oti-
Ingoi uneasiness that U not altogether
without cause. It Is thought, however,
that the bad weather Is now over.
Tho market keeps on the even tenor of
Its way, glowing no bettor and no wor-e,
but compares very favorably with other
markets. mil the condition at this time
last year. Flour is very dull, aud stocks
aro accumulating. I ho change from an
excited market to an extremely dull one
Is so groat that this seems to be more no-
tlceable than lu other branches. Kate
on freight are steady.
THK MAliKirr.
CaSf-Our friends should bear lu mind
that the prices bore given are usually tor
sales from tlrt hands In round lots. In
tilling orders and for broken lots It. Is nee-
esary to charge an advance over these
r J.wi. l(.
The market Is llat, nothing at all do-
g; a few orders come in hut there are
no round lot transactions. Prices rule
about thu same, but stocks uro nceuinu-
lallng and holders are willing to make
concessions. Wo note sales of 100 bar
rels S 1 8.-ill 7.1 ;:i) barrels S4 2.-(J 73;
S100 barrel city $5 ; -m barrels
$1 .WQtMi ..)
Steamer Jim FNk, I'athicah.
Capitol City, St. Louis.
" ity of Alton, New Orleans.
" Vint Shlnkle, Cincinnati.
" Indiana, Cincinnati.'
" Hickory, St. Louis.
f! rand Tower, St. I.oui.
Tow--bo.it Chas. llrown, St. Louis.
" Atlantic, Now Orleans.
" .Mary Lowii, Cincinnati.
Steamer Jim FNk, I'adueah.
" Capitol City, Vlck.-biirg.
City Alton, St. Louis.
" Vint Shlnkle. Memphis.
" Indiana, New Orleans.
Klekory, Mound City.
"- l.tlttOII t""-t , IM-tllMlt-r
Tow-boat Cha. Llrown, St. Lonl-.
Atlantic. St. Louis.
" Mary Lewis, Now Oili-mi.
IIOA1 Pfl!.
-Jim FIk, I'ailucidi, Aillnglou, Julin
lioni South; Mary Houston, J. D. Par
ker Ohio river, City Helena Hum St.
nivr.it .v.s P wr.viiir.ii.
-The rivci hist evening was 20 feet on
the gauge, having risen 1 l-'ri Inches du
ring the previous 21 hours. The late
rains were general Irom Pittsburg to
.Memphis, and must cause considerable
of a rise. So far as we can learn very
little damage was done in ports along the
rivers. At Paducali the sheds at the
w ays were partly demolished.
Business dull.
Tu Kneel in Improvement
is the leading element of this country,
ami no oilier article of labor-saying ma
chlnery has equalled lu lids respect the
sowing machine In rapid .-Hides ot Im
provemeut. Among them the Wilson
Shuttle Sewing Machine may bo counted
the leading one ' In this connection.
Kyerj'tlilug has been added to It that
constant experimenting and science
could suggest, and it is offered to thu
public to-day without aud equal for lain
liy use. Light, rapid, beautiful, durable
aud perfect, thu Wilson hold tho leading
place among tho best sewing machines
in use. Machines will u delivered at any
railroad station lu this county, free ot
transportation charges, if ordered
through tho Company's Branch llou-o
at No. 1110 Fourth street, St. Louis, Mo.
Thov send an oleiraut catalogue and
chromo elrenlar, five on application
This company want a few more good
Ktiinsville .
at. I.tiiils....
Au lueivasi In receipt overstocked
the market aud prices aro weak and de
clining. There 1 no shipping demand nt
all. We note sales of 1 car choici) timo
thy delivered $21 5 2 ears extra choice
delivered $22; I ear choice mixed $10.
There Is a steady demand for puie
white but very little comes in. .uim-u
aud white mixed I in lair supply ami
only moderate request; no snipping de
mand for either. e now .au- oi i u.n
white hulk on track 7(ie; :i ears No. 2
white mixed In bulk on track 7m: ; 2 oars
No. 2 mixed In bulk on track 70o; I ear
rejected, white mixed on track 70o ; I cars
mi v..ii tn sacks delivered 70o; I car
white lu sucks delivered h-'c ; - cars re
jected mixed lu bulk on track Use ; 1 oar
mixed In saeks delivered we; .mai
mixed lu sack delivered 77c ; I ear white,
in saeks delivered S2e.
There Is no shipping demand at all
and only au occasional order come in.
The supply Is good for the tieuiami, mu
not large. Sale woro 2 cars in sacKs de
livered 07 t I car In saeks delivered 07.
There Is very little excitement lu meal
nt present. A good demand is reporieu
for choice steam dried city moat "osu
ground, hut country meal Is neglected.
We note sale of 500 hbls city, $:i 80
: 83; 200 bbl country, steam dried,
Cant. IM. O. Corrall was lu the city
The Vint. Shlnkle had au excellent
trip for Memphis.
The City of Alton was rather light
for St. Louis, havhnr no sugar or mo
Several round of artillery wore tired
at Mound City yesterday morning for the
purpose, w e are told, of raising the body
of Chas. F.okbaum. but It was not uo-
ivssiul at last accounts.
The Jim Fisk brought a lull rigged
shin for Hobblns' Music Bazaar, ye-ter
le at Shawneetown, III!
lints. It is an elaborate piece of work,
and wilt bo delightful next sluing on the
spo water.
The St. I.oui Itcpubllcau says that
there aro only 10 of all Capt. K. W, Di
gan's liionds In St. Louis, wlm-o love lor
him will compel them to follow the
Lekort to ('alio and remain timing tho
Conanl, of the F.vanvlllo Courier, N
getting up a big turtle hunt, to come off
hi thai city on the 20th hist, lb' I- au
untlting worker, aud being assl-teil In
this enterpii-e by the Marino Brigade
Club, will undoubtedly make It a sucoe-s.
Wo wish hlui lots of tun, and will prom
ise not to laugh If it prove a failure.
-Capt. K. W. Dugau wa in the city
during yesterday forenoon, ami was un-nieroii-iv
waited upon by his friends,
who gave him a very hourly welcome.
He left on tho afternoon train lor Ml.
vei-iioii. ii-om whence ho will go to St.
Loiil. While ho was lu moony no, ciu-n u.
hi contract with thu .Methodists to take
out their picnic excursion on tho Fourth
of July. It Is not to bo a Sunday school
pleiiio, as published, but the regular a
niial nlonle, ofthe old and young folk..
The Indiana yesterday morning eame
out ol the Ohio very deeply laden for the
South, and remained hut u few moment
at the wharf. I lor olllcors state that the
ravauo of tho late storms are plainly
marked upon thu timber along the banks j itt
ofthe lower Ohio, some of tho heaviest t.JV
miy; "i-npt, duo. oodhnru new
steamer was launched at Freedom onSat
urdiiv mid wa taken to Pittsburg. It I
.V) feet lu length, 20 feet beam, and I
feel hold; draw 0 inches, .-mil Captain
WooJburn think she will not draw over
2 Inches when completed. Captain T.
Dan-nuli, late clerk of the Paragon.
has taken au Interest in till new boat of
Captain Woodburn' and will be clerk of
her. Captain Darragh Is here ami will
remain until the boat I- completed."
The following Items- aro from the St.
mils Timet:
Capt. Tom Shield' Commonwealth Is
being painted up ami looks as ln-h a
a bride.
i'he J. II. Jolm-on was caught lu the
storm at ijuiney on 'lucMlay
ami for a time wa- in Imminent danger
ol being torn to pieces by the wind;
and to add to the terror she had on hoard
1100 persons who were enlovlng a plcnlo
excursion. Capt Hamilton and Ids olll
eer, however, stood to their po-ts like
Spartans and brought the steamer
tnrouL'U gaiiamiy. i ueu mo ooim-ou
returned to (Julncy the lov.ee was cover
ed with anxious relatives.
The Cincinnati Commn-cml .-ay-: A
prominent coal merchant lu Cincinnati
received a letter from Pittsburg, yester
day, announcing the sad Intelligence that
the well known and exten-lve coal oper
ator. Mr. W. II. Brown, was au Inmate
ofau Insane ailum. Mr. Blown has
been In feeble health for several inontli
which 1- attributable to overtaxed brain
There are fully -lxtccn million bu-lni
of coal loaded at Pittsburg, and ready to
conn! out on tho llr.-t rl-e, which will
doiibtlo- come before many day.
C. T. Dumoiit, who builtscvcralstoam
or for the Mngdalena river, South Amor
lea. ami who shipped tht! iiiachin-ry ot
Hie new steamer '1 rlumpli to the sami
destination by vessel from New York
some time .since, will to-day .-end two ot
his skilled artisans to Barauquilla, South
America, via -learner from New Yolk.
Charles llollmelster and Henry Shout, of
Cincinnati, are the parties who win
no the Trlumnh's machinery. DumonP
new mncUW. work, rebuilt, will lie
Charle P. Maeowitky. a Chicago lu
venlor. has lust patented a eontrivnncf
for iii-oiiellliiir ste.-ini VesSeU. which ho
feels confident will In time take the place
ofthe wheels and screw now hi u-e, and
which can bo ii-etl lu the shallowest a
well as tin' deepest water, it Is a curious
piece of machinery, to -ay the least. It
consists of a double -et of fans on each
Ide ofthe ve-sel, which are made to act
as oars, only tnai iney are never iiiieu
out of tho water, being .'o arranged that
they close up against the hull when
moved forwaid. Both sets are pro
pelled by a direct stroke ol the
piston-rod of a single engine,
Wilton tiraw one ei no emicr
side backward while the other set Is lu
operation, thus giving a continuous pro
pelling pre-flire. nome. ims iney are
,-o arranged as to be opened and closed,
rever-etl or turned in any direction at
will, thus enabling the pilot to u-e tiiem
as part of the steering apparatus hi ease
II s noil 111 i! lie-uaitie. i no uncium
claim that a great saving ol power can no
eciired ! that his cnirlno occupy les
Kiiaee ihau In other propellers ; that tho
machinery afford greater safety than any
othee kind lu use. and that boat 111111"
It can be operated in canals without
washing out tho banks any more, or even
a nine i as t nose no no t' 1 n.v tne t.m
fashioned mule power.
PILSF.N'F.ll at I.ouls Herbert'.
To Urn I.
A collage on Thirteenth street, bctw con
Wa-hlugtou avenue and Walnut street.
Apply to Dn. S.uuii.
Token Ifji.
On Wedneday, the hth lust. a cow and
ill it'll cow with crop oil' the right ear.
iil-oan over bit; crop off the left ear;
had on a Ml ; calf, speckled, aud about
! day old. Tho owner can have same
by coming forward, proving property
mil paying charge. Svm Jackson-,
ltWt Fourth Ward,
tr&'X Hag stock envelope at the Hi i..
ni ix ollleo, $:i 23 per M.
Ji In l.tniN HerlH'rl't lnr IMI.NI'-
ijrifSK Woodstock envelopes at the
in.t.r.iiN olllee, $:i 00 per M.
ll(icltit lllsnuree
is to the treatment of all disease", Irom thu
mildest ailment to tho deadliest epidemic,
InittUu fact that the Calllornt-.i Vinegar
Hitters 1 eoiniuoriiig maladies which lave
idled tho faculty, rei tiers these profeis-
ional d.lfcrcliccs of little connctiuciice.
While I)ypepl.i, (lout, Ithcumatlsm, Uri
nary Complaints, Hllllousiict, Nervous
Dl-jblllllcs, and a'l disorders not organic,
are obldc'atctl bv this matchlot vegctublo
nlo ami alterative, wlu cares for opin
ion V i!-18-dA:vv-4vv.
Obstacles to Marriage.
Happy relief for young men frjin the ef
lect of errart and abuses in early tile.
Manhood restored, impediments to mar
li igu lcmovud. New method ot treatment.
New and rciuaikabliJ remedies. Hooks
uml e'reuWr sent trco, lu scaled envelopes.
..! Inth strtwi, l'J.iu.uJ.iiia, J'. aii Insti
tution mil lug a high reputation for honor
al le conduct aud proleislomtl skill.
VI f.tl X tt'.m.
IIK.StKK.N'tK. No '.'1 Tliiitrcntb t tret I, La
twicn Waililuglon avenue aud Walnut street
OFFICI-: .Voilh Dbk of Klglilli street te
twten I'limiuticliil mid W'aildiiKtnn ureuiie
"VVTiTlin-AiirtiKM. Itivr h lUi-mrr, j
Jioiei;. IsT.I i
I!I;IIi1:M l: Corner Ninth anj Walnut
01'tV'll.i: ( oiuer sjuth .li.it ami Ohio free.
OFl'Ki: IIOlHtS KmmiUm, Urn , and
It oiii i lo S i m
Qlt. W. ULAUW,
Gorman Physician.
ot'l'ICK Itmlor's lllm-k, (iii-ths), curlier
t:iKlitU strtet uud WiVi'iliiKtftii Hvemie
Ctnrectisl IMlly by I!. -M .
mt reliant. Mi-leturj- ol
Flour, aeeortlhiK tn KiiMle....
Uoili, mixed, wfkeil
Corn, White, wicket I
(lalJ, inlxid
limit, per ton.......
.Mud, steam dried..
Ililtltr, t liolre .Norllicili........
Ilutter, limit e.-outliei II 111..-
KkW. I'er dwell '
I liii kms, ,erdcc
Tutl.e)S, -rdoxen
I'otattii-s, r kirrel
Onions. ir Imilvl -
StiHivlK-tikt. terenile
-te:inn, oiuiltilBtiiiti
tin- alio lloaitl tit
... M.770
(,l s.'c
, tall';
'l 7-1
(iV. ll
silo 10
:l 7i
Mooting of tho Stockholders
oi iim
Cairo & 3t. LouU nullroiul Comiumy.
rjtMU.K notice It hereby Riven tint Hum will
I l' held li lint tin ol' Ihe sloi kholdt ri ot he
Uiho.t .it Umlsltallmml I oiiiinti , ut thu
itX'fU I..y..l J......,A,1,
... .i .. iinN ,,r. i..v,.ii ii'rloi-k ii in . for tliu iiuv-
oo-oorilientind then- eltclliiK liy Mild moek
iuitei(.etu ilhector for wild rump.my tor the
ui-ulnn j enr. and then uml theie tr.iiiue"iiC
mu'liotlur ImdiiesJ 0ic-i talnllii; lo ww idiic
naiiy in -hull coiowlieiuie mild niettliiif ,. .
1 Vmll iitteiul.iiice.il- nil the ',H , . "
ald cminiiny I ie.Hie.ttsta'-
ini.nl. tbNh.l.ivf-.sV17i.,,l;us,
.1. W. SAVIN.
II . It. -'AY-OS',
W..I, I,KV1S,
(J. J.t'A.NIIA,
V. S. hKAItl--,
StocklioWersC. M. I. It It fn
.Ittoi-iiuy ni Iaiw.
c.viho, ii.Li.voia.
OFFICI! KIkIiHi Street, littween l.'orumer-t-i.i!
and VViulihiKton uvenue.
ANoi'iicy ni I.nw.
OFFIl'K. Ohio U-vec, over room fonuvily
occiiiiel hy First National Hank,
CAIKO. It.l.ISUld.
AHoi'iieyN nml oiuiHorM
ut MMW.
OFFIC'K. Ohio lfre, rooms 7 and S
City Niitlonul Hank,
W'llllnm II lim n,
Wlllhiiu II (illU-rl,
Miles Fusl'k OllUrt
!Q.Sieell attention Riven to Admiralty and
Steamboat business .
Notlco iu Bankruptcy.
t idled Mutes of America, .
-oiitheru UUlrlcl of lUlnuU. (
WIIIJtKAS, on the WJ tlarpf May, A. I.
7.1, the tn'miirtirlter W ru-khiK I'om-
nny" llletl u lluel in tor wuinei .tniri wi tor
seiilctl ironiMiil
ILL li n eel v til t my oillcn until iiiesiliy,
Jllllll -ill. 0fJ, IOI Hit HIV ,l(llt.r. ...
rutiul .-tute forde Southern lliatrlet of HU'
mil, imnhut lie "Fuel Iwrtre ofthe stininer
Keystone" lru Iuk tnut the same may lie con-demii-l
f"i' ixiooua unit cuiiea lu auld lihel men
Dent!. Ami vvliereua, liy virtue of iroee hi
itiierinmof Livv, to me tlhcctcd. lxtiu nahle on
(lietlmt .Moudiiy hi July next, lliaveielzetlujioii
nml taken the eulcl "Fuel liarse of fteainer hey
ttioie" nml have the nunm in my eusttvly.
.Ni.llie Id hervhy Kiven, tluit a fll.trU't Ct.inl ol
the Itnltetl Mate will Iw held al the United
Stnlea Coiul Ilooin, III Ihe elty of Nirlullelil,on
tho tlrl Moiuliiy lu July ne.xt.for in IrUl ol the
ld itiviulxa, nml the owner or owuern, ami all
iierson vv lio have or claim nuy luterest therein,
ii ui hereby e-Ileil to be and ais.nr ut Hie lime and
iibicenf.ireulil, lo how t-ause, If any Oieyliair,
vy liy n decriT should not Ik- rendered iu accord
ance with thepniyeroraldllU:l.
r Ml iiiuiirni,
IN,.liint li, l7..
i.i. i, iif,t. n
ItOE, U Marrhal.
trees having been twisted Into shreds. So
lar as their observation went there was
no damage douo to shipping, but they
made but lew landings and came most of
tho way after night.
-Tho CommeiclalM I'lttsburg dlspalci
elly may rctiihxi ihuiiiir the lux-sent ll-ciil yi
Liimlierut iiugoinivviiiietir win ui., ...
win or Iwil knots, uiiii io titi.t'i ' ","".'" ''," '"
. ii.... ni .
"re.1 , hiViHl. VwiititiM ixii'fHl f l tlm m In
ciiinuilltiHjtinlmlsmyd Uxvf.
xet In lenirlli nnd to lu drily-
t'aho, Jimel', i-
Lanuley'a Patent UU Ht.
I'tiu Smioi.K.Tis, Iiiom A!iuiuyi, itooi,
Till Is n Fire and Wuter-Proor Taljl, tf
iwlnlly designed for HIiIul-U rof. AuoM
oof.Hhde-1'uTnle.l, W(H oiillaat iww "'
lialnltHl, mid a new roof will but thm lliuw i
onjf slato-falntetl, A mailer of ecnuniny a
lonf need paint mora Own any other wtrt or
liulldins. I'rkK, W kuUis-i nallon. Utivi for
lWiaSoM. tlen'l A,t.
w"U 'ivTwMlUnrftoaSit., Colcauo.

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