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Knight of I'yllilili, inrvt
dar night ut butf-pusl seti
fellows' tf nil ; 1C.
inoitipury fri-
sewn, in iihk
Cluiiii'dliir t'ommiindir.
ltt.1..,.. llnl.pr OdU-1 tl-
plows, meet erery Tlmr1"' ijjulil
" nl li(r.i..il n In their lull I ll
l.'oinrucicJul neimc, l.cnvcen isKlh ami ftiienlb
Irtet. .IniiNll i'MMA(, .S. (I. .,
Ohi O.I.I. 1'i lhm .' Hall mil
). O. P.. IMW.tll
lull mi tin- llrxtnn'l lliltil
l ii-i1.i In itry ueonii, mi hau-isioi m-ii
V P.
ft CAIItOLOItOK. NO.&T7,A.P. A A. M.
, iiiuM rigumr I'ifiuiiuiiiauiuin in Ain
loulo Hall, luiiiir IvOiiiMHirlil nvuiuc
nud llhrMli ntnit. on the Mrmel stul
uliitri Monday ul ijiUi liiunlli
Huts. 1'iipv t'lotlililx. tr
I. Wnldcr, at the corner oi'Ulilo Levee
nnd Sixth struct, known to ome "our
fnvni lit corner." ha
"slaughtered" high price In Hat", Cu,
;unl Clothing. Ho I .selling at great bar
palii', n fart tliut lankcs some dealers Icel
as If they were shot or struck by light
ning. Call on lihii. nml price his goods,
for which he does not owe it nlcLlo.
II.M'.M:!! ill l,ul Hri-lier!'.
Itl'lIlM I'll Holes.
We will take, nt the St. I. barb Hotel,
ililrlm; t ho summer month", Mi Wy bo n lers,
at ill per tuotitli, n 1 1 1 1 To hoarder w itli coot,
pleat ml room on the ii per floor, nt $"')
per mnnili. At llili rxt'crncly bw 1 ate,
nunc but promptly paying bonder- will b
accepted. Jkivkii Wii.cox t Co,,
H-I-S-Itii, Proprietor-.
Ilunr till IN i)T I:itj Description
I'liu. ilsacp's.
.Men I I Mi-nl !
Il.tlli; bought, out; Ilia llltctett of
Kot'tiler l)ro. to ttio meal IiiisIiicfs, I tun
prcparnl to turn pIi tlio people of Cairo , a
Will as ete.ituboats, Willi the choke t meat
the mirket nlford-, sinil alt tho-e wl-lilnir to
have their meat ih-llvered at tUclr li one,
can be accommodated. ltcpcctfull) ,
C-Ifi-lf. I'll II.. Ilowinn.
i:riir.iuiis, ricuic-. liii'.
The KOO'i jiafcngr-r steamer, lluinoek
City, oti be chartered lor excursion- or
plrnUs at re ionalila rctc-. Apply to
O-Min Wai.kku.V Si:u.i..
(ii'l I lie lli-l.
Dr. Sttb Arnold"" Oouli Killer the
treat eradlcitor lor a'l Umg illc:i-e a su
pirior rcini'dy toull other medicines jet
discovered, In eero ea.o. Ill' sure,
ipii.'k, and perfectly nifu i dimly lor
rough, cold, core thro it, wbooplngoouli
aroiip, and all dUcai of the tluuit and
lung. Iti-'all price, and Nl ccrit- aod f I.
Any bottle tint dou4 not ylc lelicf may be
returned, nodtho ui'iner will lie refunded.
)r, Srlh Arnold' Dlarrhn a U il-aln '.'.'uiiid
.'OcenH. Keineinbcr It i warranted. Ar
nold' 1)11 lout Mandrake operating
without flcknusi and pain. Compounded
by Dr. Seth Arnold' Medical Corporaihu,
Wooneockfl, It. I. Sold by Paul (I.Sctiuli,
druggUt, (.'alro, III. av.3S.niii.
t6-XX AmU-r ami White m' -took
nvcloiM. attlii I!ci.i.i:n.v otllce. printed
?n Mnnil W per M.
ii mtil f.zr iler.
l.afldlnrdt ul hotels and boarding bouet
wlllllnditto their sdvanta-o to call upon
.Mr. Coleman, l.aundrc", Ko VI Fourth
trect, bctwevu tVaOilnstun and Commer
cial avenue. Hotel nnd boardluK-hoiie
w.vhlii),',".'ccntt.perdozeii. I'oi piecework
priren are a-lollow.: inle i-htrt and col
lar, 10c; per dozeu sOc; "ockn ,V; two col
lars, fc; two bMidkerchlel. 5cj vcit 'JOc;
und all Konllcmen' wear, n)o. per
itozcn. i.adlc' drcses, 2." to M'c;
Vtrt It) to 20o; drawer 10 t l.'c; two
pair hoo iV; two collar fi to 10c. For la
illei' plalu clothes $1 t jicr doenj lor la
dies Hue clothes, $1 '.'.'i per dozen; done
dromptly, and promptly delUorel. Pa
ironai;o solicited.
Notice of Iteiiintnl.
The well-known barber tbop, corner
Eighth ami Cummerclal, pre-Ided ov;r Py
the popular artUt, George StelnhoUiC, lias
removed one door north on Commercial, in
.he Oranil Central Hotel. Tlio new sbor- !.
,arge and comniudlnus, and those wlhln'
for anything nilUtlc In the way of fashion
ble hair cuitliiL'. mootl ulnvo, ct -., will
Jo well to call at the lliand Central llarber
ihop. 7I-!-l!Mf,
I'nloii IlaUcr..
Kiank ICratky, of thu I nion llakcry,
Ooinmer.ial uveime, between Kotiith and
.Sixth mrect', hat re-opened hMmktry, and
la now prepsred to deliver Itro ul and Cake
of the boil quality, anywhere In tho city or
country, in mch (luantitlc as hU custom
ers mayiletlre. Pilcewl!l be undo en
tlrrly with rcfcr.Mico to tin pretent bird
timet ; in olhor wori, cheaper than tho
ohfiapu!. Send in jour order.
Ii:w 2'MI.
l'r Nolo.
A sllvi r plated No. ! V t'Kou liut tlo Sew
lui; Jluchlne, hard (piano) llnMi, valued at
iW. Will bo udd at f-'M dUcount, on pood
temii. and ordered direct fnim the faulory.
von sai.i:.
A .So. tl Wlle.n Shuttle Sowlns .Maeluno
V;luetl at f 75. Will bo sold at tfiri dUcount
and ordered direct Iff m the factory.
A U0 HcmliiKtou ScwIk; Machine-$i0
oil" for cah. Sulttble for tailor or boot and
dioe nianul.ieiurcr.
r'Olt S MX.
At a iLirgaln, and on guml tonne, a llowo
Howiui Muchlnu. .May bo oeu at tlio Com
pany' otlluu, corner Ninth slieet unl Com
merclai. KOU SAI.K.
'PlctmviiUo America" IS nuinr
bound in 2 volume, full gilt .Morocco ;
price, 8W.
A styh "K," ''Cloiu,'!), Warren k Co.V"
Parlor tlran, rlljlil from tho factory at De
troit, I.M price, SUOO. Will li" fold for
A uow two-horno Gamblo wagon.
For any of tuo ubnve urtlclos, apply nt
tbo Hl'I.I.ETIN Olttne. I!. A. lJUKNKTr.
ritiDAV, .irxr. as, isvg.
l.iicnl Wfiillier Itcpnrl.
Caiiio, III., .ItmeSI,
Uaii. ITiis 1 Wink. Vu. I Wkaiiicii
In lu
II "
2 '.Jt
i lear
' Pair.
2p in,
TIIOMAH .llt.MW, S-ikI. 3., V. f. A.
In the Uly.
Mr. C. II. Illllln", payinatter of tlm
Iron .Mountain f'allroid Compaiiy. wih
In the cllv yestenlay.
I.imiU 111 rlierl lino I'l I.Sill.S Dll.
t cslltlll.
Thefettlviil ylvcn by tin- I'alro I.odr
(d'.Maont,nt their hall l-ist livening, wa
in t'xcecillnly pleii'ant allalr, nml liitxjt-
ly i.'iiloyeil by nil.
lTlhlino,,, CI'I.WIACItl'.ltut .ht.-i'
Sllll ill Mori.
'I'lic laborer tiro Mill nt work on the
ttreet. They rpunt yesterday hi tlxln
up Coinmerclal iiveiine, betwi-i-n Twolflh
anil rourteeuth .streets.
JKar-Ill rciiuciloii hi prices ol IV.-ither
Duster., nt Schlih's ilruidnip.
lAciintlmi lluti'H.
We me told that the Illiuolt Ccntnil
rnllroail propo'e' carrylnjr per-on from
and to thl, ell v to anv sUitiou nlon thu
line of that road, on .luly Fourth. forum1
nnd one tilth nf tho rcLMilar hire.
fiillctl Home.
I 'apt. Atkln-. Mini will take chnrjro of
tlie new transfer Mcnnicr .liiniu S. Mor
gan, vj- nulled to hi- liome in St.
t'harlert. M 1--0111 1, ye-terilay, by tin -nil-ilcn
death of hi elilld.
llelleioiis-IMI.Sr.M'.U-al I. oil I- iter
lierl's I'ollce Court,
.lame Do wall, arretted by Olllcer I.a
Hue on Wcilne-d.iy nfieruoon, for beln'
drunk, wh" urraijriiedbelorf.luOejo I'.nt-i
yeftenlay morning to answer to the
eliarp'. and di'uharcd.
Ir. .1. A. .lone?, l'.cal iiejent ol the (.'.
A V. K. It. nt Cairo, bus resigned. Ho
It ,-uccc.thMl by .Mr. (Jeorxi! II. .Starling,
of llopkiusvllle, Ky. 31 r. .lono will
travel tlirouglt tin; .Vow Filmland .State-,
reprt-eulln',' the Hour Intero-t ol llalll
day Itrother.
l-3Tlie Iiue4 arllelo of Salad Oil
Sehnh's drugstore.
A 1'iilsc Alarm.
Thu rininj; of thu tiro boll-, yesterday
allernooii, succeeded in brinj.dn;' out a
lar;c crowd ot men and boys, who, when
they had run themselves into a
high Mate, of perspiration, found that
they had been sold.
Tim Pulaski lilriut miji,: 'Why Is ll
that .Mound City has no livery -tabic?
Will .-oinc one please answer this (pies
tion for it-? Thu Idea that It would
not pay U all ho-h, and It .Mound City
ha- no one of ciilllejeiit ret up' to nt
teuipt It, wiiy don't 'otne of the Cairo
'tables ttarl a br.incli hero':"
t-TrKJTy.i.xoi:i! iti tuiu-i-uibrt-
crntirnt Jitetl'l'.
si rlul .tlceliii.
Tho Turner are hereby leque-ted to
altend a special meutliijr Sunday evenhi'',
tho 27th iut.. at their hall, at .? o'clock,
fliarp, lor tho purpose of miUlnjr ilnal
arrangements lor llieir picnic on the
Fourth (d. I uly. nml alo tor opening bid
fur their new hall. I!y order of the pre-I-deut.
.Ioii.v ICo 111.1:1:.
Ituiiuli oil Hie llo.ts.
Chief of I'olkv Williams ha- instructed
the member- of hi police force to urrc-t
every boy lonud bathing along tlio leveo
nf tho Ohio river. This is roujih on the
large number of hoys who hitio nightly
enjoyed tlicm-elvo- in tumbling about in
tlio water.
Ir-iy-Oeiiuhie '0111:1 e-s water hi bottles,
at .SclmliN drug store. cent )er bot
tle. Tin- I'liiirleston J'nlr.
Thu .MU.-is-ippi County Agrieullural
.Society, we learn, nru making extensive
urenarntlous for their coining fair. Thu
premiums to be otl'ered this year will he
doiihlu tho amount given before.
and thu fair is expected tobu thehestever
held by that organization.
An AKTlt'iillurnl Noddy.
It ha' been sugge-tetl by several of our
mot enterprising elti.on-, tliat an agri
cultural .society lie organicl in this city.
An Institution of this kind would lie very
prolitablo to Alexander county and the
city of Cairo, nnd we hope that the sug
gestion will meet witli a hearty endorse-
inent by our people.
IMI.SHNT.lt nt LouL Herbert'..
Attention KnIelitM r l-ytlilii.
There will he a regular eonven
tlou of Ascalou l.odgu So. Til,
Knights nf Pythias, held at their
Cuttle Hall this (Friday) evening
nt 8 o'clock. Flcetio'i of olllcers and
oilier important business. A full attend,
mice desired. Vl-ltlng Knights cordially
Invited to attend.
Wii.t, K. Hawkins,
K. of It. amis.
The Art Joiii nnl.
Tills meritorious, work, published by
.Me-r-. Appleton Sc Co,, Xuw York, Is
being hilrotluecd hi our city by tho gen
eral agent, .Mr. W. 31. Perkiii-. Itlu
work that coiniueiul? Itself to all lover
of art, and we would advise those who
tvleh tins ma gnllleent work to suh
fciIIjo wlillo they liave tlie opportunity.
.Mr. Perkins will reman In town hut a few
dayis,and will call on our citizens gener
ally. -'2.V2t.
tfjyO" to JattLd'a ami try hh EUIjAX'
GUI', a tleliyhtftd bcwtuit.
A CMnlUnitM fotrt ttw Cauntvy, I
Not Jong aiuro a gcntlomMi inovna tr4
llio city from Jlio rural dlttrlcta, innted n !
house, and senlug a queer looking "box" I
nnd pipe? In the Iioti'c Inquired of tlio
laiidlord what they were. I'pon being 1
Inlormud that they were the gas upp.ira-,
tut, etc., ho came to tho conclusion that
he would try the gat Instead of candle',
nnd with can In hand he started for thu
gat work. Thu List (ecu of tho .gentle
man he va In search of Gentle 'ieroiild
to get a ipiart of gn' to try.
for Nnle iir llenl
The hoii'e and lot on the corner ol
F.lghth and Wahlul stnett. For particu
lars apply to Mus. Cr.MMtxiH.
The Mellioillsl i:siursloii.
At a meeting of the menibero of tho
.McthodUt Cluircli, last Wednesday even
lug, all Ihe necessary arrangemenU for
thu contemplated picnic excursion on
Saturday, July ltd, were made, nnd the
committees appointed for the d iy's work
will be announced from the pulpit on
Sabbath next. The committee having
general uperIloii is .Mr. I'.W. Itarelay,
.Mr. V.. C. Face and Mr. II. A. Thom.
The fare for tho round trip wa Used
at $1 lor adults and .VI cents tor children,
and tickets will be placed on sale Immedi
ately In thl city, .Mound City, .Metropo
lis, Anna, Charleston, nnd elsewhere.
Good meal, ice cream, lemonade, coilce,
and everything eatable can lie procured
on the boat by tho-e who do not wish to
be encumbered with basket, and no
pains will be spared to make the trip en
joyable. To t'nreiilei nml Hulltlcr.
Specifications and plan lor building
Turner Hall, corner Tenth and Poplar
street, can be "ecu at K. A W. lluder'.,
corner ol Flbtli .street and Wa-hlngton
iivenue, and bids will be received fur the
tame until Sunday, .luuo 27th, at 10
o'clock a. 111. ity order of ( 'omniittee on
building. Wm. Ilfiniit,
G-21-at Chairman.
Mli'iirU Ity I.lvlitiiln.-.
Cairo w: yestenlay evening vi'iled
with one of the heavie-t rain storms we
have had t 111- rea-oti. About hall-pa-t
o'clock there was it tremendous report of
I leawuV artillery, nnd Immediately after
wards the lire bells began to !?ound the
alarm of lire. I 'copies rushed around
in largo crowds, running through the
storm ol wind and rain regardless of
clothes or consequent -lel.m-s In order
to tind out the eiiu-e of (lie alarm. It
va- di-covcred that Ihe lightning had
struck tlie ilag-stalVon the Arab Kuglno
House, sllglitly damaxiug the
eupola of the building. The
electric iluld pa cd on downward
through tliu building, burning and black
ening the wall- hi it- eour.-e. However,
It wa- 0011 extingul-hed, and tic- build
ing saved. There were several cr.ou-
itl thu hou-e at the time, but. mirabite
lietu, they escaped without Injury, not
even experiencing a .-ingle -hock. At
pro-en, "all Is quiet on the Fotomac."
Jo lo 1,011 1- HeclieiC- lor I'll, SC.
t'linrlt arl.
T'ho boy. bobmntna to thu charivari
mini, mac lias ticeti tuaMu i- ji.j...
for tho young inuii who have lately led
to tlie hymeneal altar young and charm
ing ladle, not wlhtng to slight any ot
their friend-, paid 31 r. Hen .McGcc and
Ills wife a visit ednesday evening, and
gave them a serenade. Tin pan, horn,
b.i-s drums, oyster cans and various other
article were brought Into ue, and tlte
noise made by the baud, .which has about
thirty member, when they get once
thoroughly started, l.s enough to rai-e
tlie hair on thu head of a Comanche In
dian. .Mr. 3leUee, after li-teiiiug with
rapture for .some moment to tii m.'lo
dies of thu b.uul, made hi- appearance,
hi the tinsi of humor, and, in the lan
guage of tlie hoy-, "did tlie lair tiling,"
when his tormentors ielt him, with many
good wKhes hi their hearts for the future
happiness of Mr. .McGee ami hi young
The lllijecl ol' llie nielli, ull-l excur
sion. In -nllellln the patron.140 of the public
li the picnic evcitrsiou on thu Kekcrt on
Saturday, July 3rd, the m maseniint deem
it proper to state that the enterprise hai
bconuniUrtak 11 oat ct ncee-lty, for the
pu po-e ot ral-Ing luudi to unci arrear
ages lu the saliry of nnr pallor, Itev. ,1. I..
Wallar, which have occurred in cute,
ipi ncd ofthe c.vpen e hleb tho coup-c-gallon
Incurred while makinKtlio neeeary
re airs ol tin past year. The puliliu hive
nlwaj r) reqirnideil yenerou- y to sluiiisr
call upon their pitromne, and uhllu be'ng
grateful for pi-t 1'ivor.". tho committee,
feeling the It port ance ol the mater, ur
i?untly Invite a lard at endauco on tlie pici
cut occasion. The price charged for iIip
round trip t P.uluc ill Is t tily about one
fourth p icket faro, and taking t e enjoy
ment and pleasure allordcd luto consldtra
tlou, It Is sat to say every one patrnnlglue;
the excursion will recalro the full wortli ol
tlio nioncv luve-tcd.
i:. 0. Pack,
11. A. Tiio.ms,
iMIMil. Crniinuttoe.
Sil. .llnr.v'. I'nrk.
It Is certainly miieli to he regretted that
the people of Cairo have not shown a Ut
ile more pride ami Intere-t In thu public
in-tltittlon of their city known as St.
-Mary'.s Park. It now lies unnoticed and
uneared for by our community, and Is in
a condition that should hu a condemna
tion to any people, and oliould, when It
I reterrcd to as it Is with ridicule and
contempt bring a blush of shame to their
checks Tho tru-tee of tlie Cairo City
Property Company did not doiiatu tlila
lieautilitl pleeu of land to tlie city of Cairo
for the purpose of seeing It lie Idlu and
become a piaeo for the pasture of hor.-os
and eat tie. It they had desired to r-eu It
a pasture Held, they could have had their
desire gratitled mid still owned and eon
trolled thu property. If they had wished
to see it grow up with weoiM'aud rubblth
of every eonrcivablu description, they
could have had their wish gratllled with
out putting it Into tlio hands of the pub
lic. What tlio trustees wlsln'il lo see, was
a placu iniulo of St, 3lnry's Park, whuro
our people, could enjwai walk or ride;
in mi 1 ij i iijmpwpniT..wi iiti-. u nu m
f pheft puUI d:mQntrftUon
mlRht bo carried on with comfort find
discipline!. In short, 11 phco that every
city, ,1liiatn as I ( alto, ileiuaitd. !ut
neltherthelrwltlie,nor tho-e ot the peo-
!, i,,,.,,,, 1.,...,, i.,,..,, inite least heeded.
nm tIl. rL.jMt u t,.lt tlto I'.irk as It now
lie, Is neither n place of li,itity or prolit,
and only tin cye-soin to ttio-e who nru
interested In our city,
Tlie expense will ho a mere song that
will he required to beautify and convert
It Into a useful Institution, and It should
at once lie appropriated in its neiiait. 11
lias liecn suggested that the chairman ol
the Committee on .SlreoU and Drainage
be asked to ihc hi power to have the
force now at work on the street.', expend a
dav or two of labor on the Park, which
seems to meet the approval of all to
whom the proposal has been ollured.
We hope, lor the sake of our city nnd
the good name ol our people abroad,
omethlng will lie done to Improve the
Park. f
tlliiss) I'rtill Jars.
at 7.1 cents per do?n ; all the late-t style
lu jelly glas. Sealing wax lu large and
small quantities, id Dan'l Harttnan's,
corner .Sixth stteeti
Ifiintlnir Club I'leiile.
The Cairo Alexander Hunting Club of
this city, propose, on Sunday, the Fourth
of duly, to give a gtaud picnic lu Ken
tucky. Tills cluli linve enganed the ser
vices of F.l'cnburg's excellent string
band, and made other arrangement by
which the success of the allalr Is assured.
The picnic has not hicn gotten
up for the purpou of mak
ing money, but for genuine pleasure,
and the expen-e to each Individual, there
fore, will be very light. The members
of the club extend a cordial Invitation to
their many friend to he there and par
take of their ho-pltnllty, and wo would
ndvl-e those who think ol making a gala
day of (he Fourth to -o arrange It as to
be pre.-ent on the occasion.
t'licnpcrTliKii liter Uikimii IH-fore
.Mason' Self-Scaling Fruit .law nt SI SO
ler dozen. F.xtrn rubber for 3Iascn'.s
Fruit ,lar-, at Of.niel Ilarttnan'-. corner
Sixth street. C-'JS-tl
W.3I. Perkins, of Chicago
wa- at
the Oraml Ccntnil yc-terday.
U.S. Foriiitin, of St. r.ouis, uuar
tered at the (iraud Central jcsterday.
Dr. 3Iattley. of Cape filrardeati, was
regi-temlar the Delinonlco yesterday.
I. A. Trit.sd.de, of Mctrojtoll-, was
regi-tered at thu St. Charles yesterday.
Charles Smith, of St. I.Oul, was regi-tered
at tliu (Iraud Central yesterday.
Frank Hochiialmer, of Cincinnati,
wa- registered at tlte St. Charles: ye-ter-day.
-.1.31. Iliiiiler.ofCantoii, .Ml'-is-lppl.
-ojourned at tlie St. Charles yesterday.
0. Couch, of We-t Virginia, bunked
at the St. Charles last night.
3Irs. Patcr.-.ou. ol" P.ulueab, was reg
istered atthe Planters' yesterday
II. G. Smith, of New York, .-aw the
elephant nt the St. Charles yesterday.
J. W. .Milford, of On Quoin, was
(iiiurUaed at the Oelmonieo yeterday.
r. 11. i.uiuail, 01 .ueiropon-, i,i..)
to devour the dinner nt the St. Charles
Frank' 31. Look, 'of St. I.011I-, .-at in
his ea-y clialr n( the St. Charle- yc-terday.
G.W.Ortn, of Unlontown, Kentucky,
enjoyed hi meals at the St. Charles; yes
I-rank lunlap,.ot Cincinnati, was
one of Hie guc-t at thu St. Charles yes
Thomas II. King, of Charleston,
swallowed a cork rewnt the Planters
-lame Irwin, ofCauton, 31issis-Ippi,
wre-tled witli an Imaginary mo-qiilto
at the Oelmonieo yestenlay.
.1. i:. Ueeton, of West A'Irginla.
was registered tit the St. Charles yester
day. Charle- 31. Carey, of Cincinnati, w ent
to thu laud of dream-at tliu St. Charles
last night.
Win. Kcricy received his rations at
the St. Charles yesterday. Ills home i
iu (lalvestoii, Texas.
C. 11. Hay wed. 01' New York, layed
for and got his ltn-lt at thu St. Charles
C. 0. Longford, of Toledo, Illinois,
punished eatables lath's I Vliiionk'o yes
terday. .1. 1!. Chapman )l Vienna, partook
of the good dinner spread at the St.
Charles yesterday.
,1, Callaway and .1. 0. Harris, of
Cincinnati, oninbodthelr auburn looks at
tiieSt. Charles yesterday.
S. Powell, ofTn-cola, Illinois, stored
idmsell away In reoni No. ! at the Del
.lohii King, of Water Valley, 3IU.-1
lppl. took nothing stronger nt the t.
Cliaries yesteiday.
O.D. Awson, of OiiQuohi, acquit
himself a-an efllcleiit cpleitrcan at the
Oelmonieo yestenlay.
Joseph C. Sapode, of
closed Ills drooping eye-lids
at the St. Charles la.-t night
In 'lumber
Oiear L. Van Crebeeu, a jmgar and
ric( merchant of New Orleans, was regis
tered at tlio St. Charles yesterday.
lilclmiond Itoad, of St. I.oul-, star
ted imiumerablo cod lish bails down tlie
red lane at tho Planter' yesterday.
Inhu Kllliug-worlh, of New York,
killed seventy-live cents worth of grub at
every meal at thu St. Charles ye-terday.
.lames A. Oranauer mid lames Knl
stou, two Fulled States boat In-pectors,
were regl-lcred at the Planters' ye-terday.
W. C. Chapman und wllo, a newly
wedded couple from Fort. Scott, were as
happy 1 l'ii'r ' turtle doves ut Iho St.
Cliaries yesterday.
Geo. T. Smith mid 31, P. Thouipsoii,
both of Saw York, discussed the grass
hopper question In Kiin-ns, ul .the St.
1 Charles yesterday.
II. 31. Hampton, T. T. Hates, and
iVTL. oung, gentlemen from Cliiclu
natl, fully sntlslled their tiipetltci at the
St. Charles yesterday.
t'ln-npcr TIiihi Tin
Jutt i4iled by tho Now York Htore,
J."igro of a"ortcd (llait Fruit .lam, which
wo Hhall Mlcr nl 00 crnl per-do'on, ThM
maVet glait Jars lower than tin cant. Lib
eral ill'coimt to tlio trade,
Cit.titi.Kx O. PaTiKtt A- Co.
JtPaTX ling stock cnveliqiet at the Hi t
l.r.itN olllce, :t 2S per 31.
IIKoii Nprliics
Thli pleauut Summer Itesott It now open
for vltltor.. 'Ilia Hprlngt are the lined
CUiljbente water, and are situated In a
beautiful beech rove, hear a lomantlc
stroam with high rocky bankt. The Springs
arc half-way betwen Vienna and Gob
conda, anil can be reached by back from
cither ol thoo plan. It. W. IIivins,
.Iune2j, 1S7&. tVit-2w.
I'Sf'Wr ettrlirattd Stitit"
KKK ItKEIl nt Juttt.tr.
I'nrMnlp t'ltriiji.
Tlio entire outtltot the (Irjnd Central
Hotel, with a live yearV leac, and on rca
oiublo term. For particulars, apply to
77-t-2J tr. A'.M. WxrKr..
To Hrnt.
. A collage on Tliirtecnthstieel. between
Washington avenue and Walnut street,
(i-ia-tl. Apply to On. .Smith.
taay-Gcnulue Congress Spring Water,
put up In bottles only, for salo nt Sebiih's
drug stnte nt $2 (K1 jicr doen.
To l.o I.
Two lurnlshcd room, with or without
board. Inqutre at .losr.i'ti SmitiiN fur
niture store. Commercial avenue.
Obstacles to Marriage.
Happy relief for young men fr.tn the cf
leett of error, and atni-cs in early life.
Manlioot rc-toied. Impediment to mar
riage removed. New method ol treatment.
New and remarkable remedies. ltook
nnd circular sent tree. In scaled envelope-.
Addrc-f. HOWAItl) ASSOCIATION, 110
N. Mntli. street, Philadelphia, Pa. an Insti
tution bating a high r pututlon for honor
al lu conduct and pioltvslon.il skill.
r-i t-a .t w-::ni.
Caiiio, Ii.i... Tiu'I!.-iay Fvi:.vixfi.
June 21, 175.
The weather since the opening ofthe
week has been remarkable only for in-tcn-ebcat.
The inetcury lias tlbrated
between 00 and 100 through tho day.s.and
channel tery little lu tlie night. To
day has been cooler, owing lo a steady
and strong breeze Irom the Southwest.
Tliu heaviest rain .storm of the -eason
vi-lted our city about 0 o'clock, and con
tinned for nearly an hour. This Is the
only rain that we have bail tbl- week.
The market is characterized by an ex
traordinary dullness In all depart! it-.
Hay, grain anil llour are experiencing a
sea-ou of stagnation. Stocks of all kinds
are large, and then; are no order, we
tnifjht .-a, for anything. Poultry and
eggs are scarce and wanted; remark on
other commodities will be found below.
B2fOur friends .-liould bear lu mind
sales from llr.st bauds hi round lots. In
tilling orders and for broken lots It I nec
e.ary to charge an advance over thc.c
The market is Hat. No order.- ate
coming In and stocks ot all grades tire
heavy and luei-easl ng. Prices are nomi
nally unchanged. Wo note s'ales of 125
barrels on orders, $ I 75(2,1! 75 ; 20) bar
rels city, $5 50g,S; 100 barrels. ?! 75
i 50 ; 100 barrels, ?55T0 -10 ; 200 barrel,
SI 75' 50.
I'cceipt- are small but must be -torcdns
tlieiv is no shipping demand at all for
any kind. Price are weak, lower and
still declining. We note sales of 1 ear
good mixed delivered, Slti ; 2 ears choice
timothy delivered, S.20.
I'lio market Is weak and price- are de
clining, lteports from markets around
us show dull business and declining
price-. We note sales of 2 cars white In
bulk on track 7l!e; 1 car mixed in sacks
delivered 75". ; 2 ears mixed in mck de
livered 75c; 1 ear rejected mixed in liulkon
track 07c; 2 cars white mixed hi bulk 011
track 75c ; 1 ear white mixed lu hulk on
track 71c.
There 1 a large quantity In store and
no demand at all. Holders would lie
glad to sell to-day at (5 l5e sacked and
delivered. We note sale of I car In
sack delivered Me.
31 HAL.
The market I- dull and declining.
Stock are large and the demand limited.
Wu note sales of 100 bbl steam dried de
livered S3 70; 200 bids not guaranteed, de
livered $;l 05; 20l)i)bls choice .steam dried
delivered .?: 70: 100 hhls city -team dried
Large stocks are otl'eiiug, tor which
there Is no demand. Prices am un
changed; $10 is outside quotation. Sales
reoorted were 100 saoks delivered SHI; I
ear in sack delivered $15 50.
The hot weather Is unfavorable for
butter and receipt become damaged inn
very short time. Choice fresh Northern
butter -old to-day at 22c. Slocks are
lnrgu for tliu demand. Sales were 12
packages choice-Southern Illinois I5e ; 5
tubsextra choice Northern 2ie ; I pack
ages extra choice Northern 2-'u ; 15 pack
ages good Northern I7e; 10 package
cooking 12Je.
J Ail in.
Receipt were nil taken, and thu de
mand is steady und active. Prices are
linn at tin advance. Sales w'ere 150
doen I2e; 200 doen 12u; 5 boxes I2(i7
Very lew eouie III. All olVerlug are
taken ut the old price.' Young chick
ens nru scarce and lu active demand. Sale
were 3 coops young, ?-'w;2 50; 2 coops
lions, Stl r.0 ; '.I coops mixed, f 2 7.V$:1 25 ;
2 coops hens s:,j'(,T
The strawberry s,v:usoiisoeiiistobu over
The Original Cheap
142 Commercial A j.
Tho Entire Stock of Ladies' and Gent's Furnlhing'Ooodi, Em
broiderios and Parasols, will bo Sold at Cost. Must be sold
within the next sixty days, Now is the time to obtain bargains.
This is no Advertising Dodgo. Bring your money ana get
value recoivod.
und the .Southern Illinois harvest gath
ered. Itaspberrie.s have taken their
place. We note sales of 15 boxes lemons
Si SOfoO 75; I crates red raspberries
10 crates black raspberries SI; 10 crates
currants $3; t boxes orange? $0 ;
10 crate strawberries $.1 SO: 5 crates
strawberries damaged $.
Corrrelcd Dally liy K, M. Steams, crtmrnllnn
merchant, jo-en-tarr nt tliu Cairo Hoard ot
1 nide.
flour, aconlliik In irrwle...,
Corn, inlMil, mrlnU
I.Virn, while, Kicked
Oils, liilxnl
limn, n r tun
.Meal, fUion drlul
Ilntter, ch'iice .Vortlicin -
l:iitN'i-,t'liolieMiiitlurii III...
Kiru'.s, perdozin
1 liickcii, jier doen
Turkc, ht il.izcn
l'ltntued, r burrvl
Onl'jns, jHr Ixurel
LK-7 00
u TTc
.. (ai's:
1 W
n v
lll tJ
.' so
.l (o
1 licrrlci
itlawlsrrlt l-r cmte .
Port I.lol.
.Steamer Jim Fl-k, Paditcnh.
" .Mlnneola, Cincinnati.
Capitol City, Vlcksburg.
" Susie Silver, New Orleans.
Thompson Dean, New Orleans.
Cherokee, New Orleans.
Tow-boat K. 31. Norton, St. L011I.
" Gcn'l Auder.-oii, St. I.011I.
Steamer Jim Fi-k, Padueali.
Alice. St. Lottl.
" .Mlnneola, .Memphis.
" Capitol City, St. I.oul-.
Susie Silver, St. Lout.
' Thompson Dean. Cincinnati.
" Clierokee, New Orleans.
Tow-boat K. 31. Norton, Louisville.
" (ien'l Anderson, Tenn. liver.
no vis iui:.
Hiii Flsk Paducnh; Great Republic,
.lm ts Vni-Vrr. Cttv. CWcKter. from Ue
South ; City of Vlcksburg and 'IKC.
Yarger from St. Louis.
The reliable Jaiue 1). Parker is tho
packet for Cincinnati this morning, leav
lngat 10 o'clock.
Tlu river last evening was 25 feet 5
11-5 Inches on the gauge, liaving risen S
2-5 inches during tliu previous 21 hours.
Tliu Ohio Is falling fast nt Cincinnati, but
rising from there out, mid a swell Is also
reported at Nashville and St. Louis.
The weather was very hot and sultry
until li p. m. jcsterday, when ,a drench
ing rain, accompanied by one fearful
era-1 1 ul thunder, came up Irom tlie South,
which ooolcd the attnoophere very much.
TheSti-lu Silver had a very good up
stream cargo.
The ltoiit. 31ltchell lelt New Orleans
011 the 2:id for Cincinnati.
Thu Cherokee had 550 ton ami a big
ttlp ot people for Cincinnati.
The Capitol City brought 1 .". Uurnds
apples and potatoes Tor Chicago.
Thu Indiana leaws New Orleans to
day and the .Mary Houston and City of
Qiiluey to-morrow.
Thu Thompson Oean was Jammed
full of people yesterday, and had a fair
trip of freight. She goes to Cincinnati.
Capt. Sliver stopped oil tho Snslo
Sllverat tliis port and left by rail for St.
Louis yesterday atternoou, having been
called home by a telegram announcing
tlio severe Illness of hi- wile.
We should have said Mr, ('apt. W.
P. Ilalllday and children left by rail for a
short vi-lt to Chicago, in yesterday's I
sue. We realized our mi-tako by meet
ing Capt. Hiillld.iy on the. street ye-terday.
The Shippers Own did not ilud
oceans of freight awaiting shipment at
St. Louis to the Teiiiieeu river; hi fact
shu did not get one pound. St. Louis
merchants must bo anxious to -eeure tlie
trade of tlie Tennoseu river.
Kugltieu r Hen .McGcc and bride wero
llie recipients 111 .1 cuhhiuiih-huii j il-
n.iilo night iK'fore last, rno iiisirumein
were a little out of tune, hut were loud
enough, Ihe hand being composed of 00
The K, 31. Norton went to Columbus
niter some empty barges yesterday, and
will then hiku three barges of ore ntiJ
three empty barges up the Ohio. Shu
will meet and exchaugu tows i dh some
other boat at Louisville. !,lul ,utur" '"
this port and ucrbi' si" ' .Memphis.
T'ho RelA- ol Slirevcport was hard
aground In a pocket at the head of Island
No. W, vestcrday morning, anil nines
he could get help lu a reasonable tlmu
Cant. Ray feared his boat would bo scrl-
oiisly injured. The Cherokee would
have lieljM.nl her, but was drawing too ,
much water, as the Inlet to thu pocket
was narrow, and a stern wheel boat
could not safely attempt to get In and out
of It. Cajit Ray said Hint three or four
lops would have to 1 removed before he
could get on Ihe bar, and the boat was so
badly careened that her pumps could
hardly keep her tree.
Evausvllle Courier, 2.1: Tito Ilapldan
No. 2 still remains at the wharf awaiting
the launching ofthe new boat, when she
will drop alongside of It and be disman
tled. Captain lUu Kvetta andelerk Dick
.Murrow nrc taking It quietly, and haunt
the shady side of thu boat these
hot days .The repair and re
painting of the Glasgow Is progress
ing, and she will be ready shortly,
in lirst clas order, for tho' llrst opening
in thu way of business (.'apt. George
S. Th mop 1 sparing neither work or
money lu putting the gay little Sllver
thorn In complete order while she re
mains In the dock ..Tlie work on the
hull of ('apt. Denny's Yaoo river packit
Is progressing lincly, and Is said lo be
one ol tht! Iest lobs turned out by those
enterprising builder., Jameson & Ilea
'ar. " W ill llKI'AIITir-NT. IttVKn ItltlllllT, I
' .UinrH. 1B7.V
rxw"wTr.n. eMAMnc.
T. IK. IT, l!t.
3 in .. 1
is 4 1 ;
7 I x I
i ul r u 11
I'iltslmre ,
Kans tliu
St. Mollis
For Paducnh, EvausTillc, Louis
villo and Cincinnati.
Tlie Kleyunt l'meiigT Slmnwr
It. W. WhE MMtrr.
I,. 31. KixsnK .. Ctrrk
on Kltlll.VY uuirnlng at in o'clock pre
cisely. For I'relulit or nsai(e
fltlicr wharf-boat.
apply on tioanl oral
' Grand Picnic
For tho Benefit of tho
nisi mm cici
The Kxcurainn will ttnd to Paitiirah, but
liesutlt'lil plrnlo grnuniU trill be elvttd above
Calnlontt, where Unite who dCKtre is romp In the
WiKxti, nuiy enloy thtmselTea until Ihe return
of the lionl. The public are earnestly Invited to
uirtlciiate. tr-'J-td
Grand Picnic
Monday, July 5th.
Tbo Xfutfiilflcent Excuraion Steaiuar
It. W. UCdAM....
Will hike out a irraud picnic puny on the 5th
of .Inly, which Mill I no arnuiKtsl a to trriulu
ate In a Moonlight Kxourion. ibe excursion
U pUumil exprely for Ilia youuz people ol'
llie city, und gooii mujlo sad evcrytalus iieect
ary 10 make the ocnuiou eajoyublr will U pro
thbsl 1-Vtd
'A llciiotllorjr of Faatttuit. PltMtir
witd Iualrurtloau"
The tlazar is edited with contribution
of tact and talent tbat wo seldom Und In any
jouro.V; ami Ibe Journal lUell la the organ
ot the i;renl world of fashion. Boston Trav
eler. The Ittzar commendi 1111 to every mem
ber of the household to tho chlldran by
droll and pretty piuiurea, to tho younif la
dles by its lashtou plates In endless variety,
to the provident niation by Its patients for
the children' el toe, to ptterUmilla by
lu tnatetul ilelL'ii for eiubioldcrod allDDera
1 and Pixurioiu dre sloj; gowns. But the
, reading matter ofiha tnutar isunlformhr ot
1 ,.r..Hl ,.vceUnee. The i)trbi.t acQUirad
u wide popularity f"t.irWe enjoyment
It aflnriU N. V. Evening i'ost,
Harper's Uazur, one year,. ..$4 00
Four dollars Include prepayment of U
S. postage by the publishers.
BuhacalptioBS to iUrjicr's Magaxlna.
Weekly, and Barar, to one addreaa for oris
year. 10 00; or two ot Harptr'a Periodi
cals, to one address for one year, fl 00,
posUh'o tree,
An extra copy of either the Magailne,
Weekly, or Bazar will ue supplied gratis
for every club of tlve aubscrfbara at 00
oa without ex'ra copy; postage tret,
e "ipplled at i
each, in ono remittance ; or, six copies lor
The seveu volumes of Harper's Bazar, lor
the years IHW, '00, '7t,.'7l, 'fi, '73, 74, el-L-antly
bound lu green morocco csotb. wilt
he sent by osp.css. frebUt .trepald, for
7 00 each.
INewspapersare not U eopytkUttV
veruseaient without the iniaiMtkn!
Itrnr A Urothara.
Addrctt HAKrtJB BBOTHCM, V. T.

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