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J6n X. SMU.T, Editor.
lirt official comraunlcntloii to the
Prwldedyincc the work of coiutriietlng
tiejcttlclcgan, wa made liy Captain
Kadi on the 20th ultimo. The IcHer In
form tlic Present that the wrk was
lgu!i on the Htli ultimo, ami that tully
one thousand feet j ''ay of provl'Ional
works front the land'a ctul seaward on
the line oftlic cast Jetty have been con
stnictwl. Two thousand mechanics and
lithorcrs arc enimiretl In the work, and
four pile ilrlvlnjr machine?, two steam
boats and a number ot barges are hi dally
Me more, ran pitt-k make.
More ol It Is what wc arc promised In
the llecchcr trial, If the jury dkigrec
Tills Is tedious news. The public are tired
of the lloiciicr bntliii'M, and to liungtne
a repetition ol nil the stuff uttout the
white-Fouled Elizabeth and the guileless
needier Is to surfeit the moral stomach.
The nress is tired of the bu-lnes?.
"Bcechcr-Tilton" and "The Great Sean
dal" have noiulml a .-.nitcness a head
Hues which no amount of sensational
stud In the telegram ean relieve. So
good, and powiMy no more crl than lias
been wrought, can be done by further at
tempts on the part of cither side to set
itself straight before the public. Let
Judge and Jury take nre-t; let needier
goto the Twin Mountain Hoiie and
preach his sort of Christianity to the sum
iner boarders: let Mr-. Tilton go to the
Adirondack's and open a Plymouth board
ing house ami be nil object of Interest to
the people who patronlc her; let Tiltoii
go on editing the Ouldtn Age, sure that
it will not die for want of .subscriber
but don't, for sweet pity's sake, re-open
the case. This would lc an Inlllctlmi Un
people l.ave not deserved.
And now we are to have peaches and
pears and other like fruit all the year
round, not put up in tin cans, three
halves of a pear or five halves of a peach
to a quart of water and the Juice of the I
trult mixed but trult as it is piucKvu i
from the tree, sound and fresh. A Phil
adelphia gentleman, Mr. II. Itlkcr, who
knows all alout fruit growing, fruit ship,
ping and fruit keeping, is about to Inau
gurate, at Middle-town, Del., an experi
ment, which, if suiccssfnl, U to revolu
tionize tlic fruit business. Mr. l'lkur,
who lias had much experience In the ship
ment of coldair tanks ofmeal from Texas
to New York and Liverpool, proposes to
erect at a cost of $2".000
n mammoth peach store-house upon the
same plan, keeping the temperature at
one degree above the freezing point, and
claims that he can keep the fruit by
means of tills cold-air current for any
length of time, from one day to six
months. Many fruit growers have en
gaged to meet him half wav, and the
erection or tho necessary buildings will
be commenced Immediately and be com
pleted by the lOUt'of Aligur. Tho ob
ject or the storage will be to hold the
fruit until a good price can be obtained,
and then ship to desirable points. It is
claimed that In small fruit and pears the
experiment has proved very successful,
and the projectors of the enterprise are
very sanguine.
The Ronnd-About editorof tlie Couritr
Journal thus discoiirjc" about the Keely
"The coal men and thu patent kindling
sneu arc after Keely ami ills motor, and
the fuel men may be described as solidly
arrayed against Keely. And why? Well,
Keely has made him a motor or an un
usual kind, in that It docs all tho work or
a steam engine, yet does not have any
steam about It, nor tire, nor heat, nor any
or those things wo are In tlic habit or see
ing about artificial motive powers
hereforc, tlic fml people are down
upon keely, for, while be and Ids motor
flourish, behold they and their trade lan
guish, they even go so fir as to get
Iioia or a bclcutillc sharp or two who
never saw Keely or his motor either, and
these sharps publish thing- which are
sad for Keely and sadde-t of all for his
motor, and thus true genius Is cru-hed
and stamped out to suit the
views or a fcw nil-erable vender
ot .slaty eoal mid buckeye
splinters sold to conlidlng greenhorns as
kindling-wood, it Is nothing to these
people that Keely has ierf'eetcd his mo
tor; that It works- well ; that he raises
ncigui wiueu www in IHvinUOU to
have a power or raising ",M)0 pound to
the square Inch, and that he can draw
cars and propel steamers with it. None
of these tilings have any impression on
these distinguished scientist, who are
probably In tho employ of the Mollie
Hagulres or Pennsylvania, which latter
gentlemen arc Incidentally supposed to
have a kind of Interest in keeping up the
consumption of coal. Wc are in favor of
Keely, not that we know anything about
bu motor, but wc like to encourage bud
ding genius, and then we haven't forgot
ten that tho last load ol coal wc bought
m more than half slate. Let's give
Keely a chance, And If he docs fail it is u
gratifying reflection that the motor slock
is all held In Wall street. We can tand
a failure."
The St. Louis rimes wag dav before
yesterday told at trustee's sale and pur
chased by John T. Crlsp.of Independence,
Mo., for $131,250, and yesterduy Hiorn-
utf we louowiug euitoriui notke ap
peared In the paper :
TheBt LpuU Tinvt, newpaper, Inchiu..
lag all of Its franchises and property,
was purejuacd yesterday at trustee's
sale by John T. Crtp, for himself and
aiioafrtoi. and was duly transferred to
the poamiloa ol the new owners at a
late Mar Jast evening. Mr. Ilutcbluii is
again pUosd in control of its columns
ana we general cuarge or m business af-
Xr. HodBott resumes hit former
lacllrc connection, having born rehired
iliiriilinimien-si. bhimiiuiiiiih"
personal feelings and the -'"J:?, t'e
lonal wrongs to Urn intores of the. part)
and the paper, the iwrtM
of Itself and bury lis dead.
'Ft n 7Vim Is no lro from financial
pmbarrassmcnt' ol every nature, and will
Smrte Swe acceptable to all classes
of readers, as newspaper, and in every
rnso worthy of the confidence anil pat
ronage ot the Democracy ol the whole
flic address delivered by Mr. Watterson
before the literary societies of the Indiana
State irnlverslty i too lengthy for our
columns. Some of Its finest paragraph
therefore wc cull for the benefit of our
readers. Mr. Wattcrson opened by tell
ing his hearers that owing to the occupa
tions and duties ol a somewhat over
tasked habit of professional drudging, he
would offer tlicui "a few loosely-Jointed
reflections upon every day life." Said he :
1 take It that there are not many or you
who-e cue and motive for action, a? you
stand in line waiting the signal of com
bat, could not be guessed by most men
wlin inivi. nnssril tho like ordeal. Lacli
or vou wants to succeed. itli one It Is
tnonov, with another It Is irlory. with all
Itlseucccs-. Hut how? licit; the roads
cros. and woe to him who roads the sign
board uwroiig.
The lecturer said If tlu'V could read
tho sign board they would reail nothing
startling and nothing new. It would be
the same oiu story : I
The brav M itory of (!mh mill Jr-f
linrfrom the maiiv-fouutaliied hills ol
Hellas and I.vdia down through Virgil
linn plains mid Iloratiau gardens Into the
vast ocean ot modern phllo-ophy with
Its liL'lit liou-cs. its imnroved erall. il.
eomprclicnlvc charts, all tributary to the
laws ot a well-ilellned system of Intellec
tual and moral navigation, telling each
of us how lo steer and where to steer ids
tinv bark, assuring all ofus ol salcty or
of shipwreck as w e tollow or as we Disre
gard the inspirations of Uod traced out
for us by the hand ot man in every age,
and with hardly less precision in the
rough jargon of Davy Crockett than in
tnc classic prciicumeiin oi riaio.
ud yet, the world has grown no wiser.
morally ; the vices of to-day arc tho vices
ofyetcnlay, a are al,o, the blunders
;iud mistakes. Precedent nor precept
has made the path of the student plain
lie blunders and he fails as myriads before.
him have done, and the re.i-on h because
every man, mine very lace of books and
sages, constructs a special hemisphere for
himself out of this particular conceit,
building up therein a whimsical ysteni
of Ills own, and worshiping lt idols and
pursuing its phantoms from the cradle
to the grave. And then If he Is weak, he
falls, and If he Is ambitious and strong he
Involves others with himself and ''In this
way States arc misdirected and wars un
made." Yet tliele-son of life is neither com
plex nor obscure, consisting iu a lew
smimc rules, lo see til hits as t lev are
and especially to sec ourselves as others
see us ; to avoiu ileeepllons ol every sort,
self-deceptions being or the mot serious
and dangerous kind ; to pick some busi
ness which we like and for which we are
suited and to stick to that ; to be Indus
trious and frugal and upright, kindly and
obliging. that Is all. The rest mav be
safely left to take care or Itself.
The story is old and yet men go astray
Just as they did before the flood and have
'Joiwvvvr since. The world has pro
gressed in everything save its morality .
London, Paris and New York show-
pictures of wickedness unefiuallcd l tt
nges, and the reason is that men worship
tucetst, they worship the image
instead of the substance of which the Im
age is composed. Tho lecturer defined
greatness" as that quality in man Is gen
erally understood, but held up no popu
lar example for his hearers to emulate:
Success In life, and bv "success" I mean
public usefulness and Individual content
ment and happiness is not to he found in
ambitious pursuits. Nor Is greatness in
man to no mea-ureu by cxcei
tional achleviiieuts iu literature, oratory
or war. The foundation or all greatness,
mo ncgiuumg auu me emi oi all true
mauliood, Is ciiaiui. n:i;. He iu whom
the elements are mixed In fair proportion
eirongiy urn hiuillj , W HO IS urave Willi-
ouioeing aggressive; who is stead v and
patiuni, uniting justice to lliK-rality :
w nose love does not wither ana blight,
but ennobles and Inspires; whose hate
Is only active against that
which is brutish, sordid and paltry; iu
whom thu eliaracteriUlcs sketched !v
Paul are joined lo genuine culture and
cleanness or soul; who is not onlv
uiuii!t:ic.:.s, inam, toner, oi good be
liavlor, ant lo teach, nor given to llltliv
lucre," hut gracious also, ami no matter
now lougu me exterior, gracerul within;
who is, In short, alncereand wUc such
a man, wiietiicr lie be the occupant of
inroue or dweller in a cabin, Is a great
man, ana, us surely as lie Is a great.
happy one. It was Scott who
said with his dying breath to l.ockhart.
'lie a good man, my dear." The kev to
me mystery oi uiu : iu- agwd man, my
ucar, inr ii win oruig you peace
liirougiiout your life, and toward the
eioc Honor, love, obedience, troop- i,f
menus, ami all mat -iioiilil .ii-ciiimi,:hiv
old age. '
Here Mr. WiiiUrson paid a tiibuk- to
Lincoln and Lee, the "two good nien" i,f
our country.
We pass over lurch that Is eloquent and
interesting to take up the gin of the lec
ture, the "Plea lor Tolerance," Said Mr.
Watterson :
I believe, then, that iu the conduct ol
life, the llrst of tlie virtues Is tolerance.
'""""i iuh.-i.uicc vi a certain Kind Is a
iiis in pnjsicui necessity. i e do not
nine aiong me street or drive across a
bridge in a straight line, looking neither
to the right nor left, giving the way to
no one, keeping our own eours o regard-
jess oi consequences, and priding our
selves upon the 'principle" of obstruct'
ing everybody and everything iu a vain.
ami practically in an idiotic ellort at di
rectness." i no man w ho does that I
lUMiyuccoiiuieu a inaumau or an enemy
to society, or, at the least, a blackguard
ami a muiy.
The lecturer then spoke of Prince His
niaick.tlie politician, the metaphysician,
mo statesman, and diplomatist, who eir
cumvented Napoleon and sent Uambetw
to tho foot of the class, admired by all
because he Is successful. To Franco, the
beautiful country and her brave and gen
erous people, frugal ami honest, confess
ing neither ucreui nor Humiliation, no
sympathy Is given It Is all on the side of
the upper dog In the light.
Mr. Watterson then spoke of our own
country, or tho civil war nud Its causes.
Iu discussing the slu of slavery, he made
wioorm equally responsible .for the
. i m"i .11 r 1 iaus-iking man : ne ue'iri- in n ricni,
1 hllo-ophcrs 'J In sweet old song- ot . J,,,,, wfiIIVi..tignti. ; he N not a flllv
tlie l.H.ts ll.ef.c.ono .lie, a deep , ny -,., , ,. . ,
anil beautiful river ol good counsels now- ,,., .,-,. ,.f-iL. ., .i... ,.,. ,.. ,.,
. t.o t I.I ..I U. ....... ......
wrong with the South. Onv llio North
owned slave-i, and when It follit'l Dial
lave labor was not profitable, It sold IM
slaves and put the money In its pocket.
The ftfttth, on the contrary, kept Its
slaves and utllied them. If the people
of the retlon could have itiulr-rtood
lliemi'lvcn and the luo in advance,
there would in nil probability havo born
no war. If they had oxcivlseil tolerance,
a halt dozen agitators on either side
would have been banged, the ennlllet In?-
t ween slave ami free labor would have
been settled by a system or gradual re
form toward Html emancipation, nud the
baleful period of reconstruction
rol lowing the war would have been ar
rested. The North was made afraid of
the slave power through its detestation of
slavery, the South was frightened Into
secession through It property Interests ;
thence sprung up a war ol sections to no
body's prollt ami everybody's los, ex
cept a few lucky adventurers whom the
waves of commotion threw on the surface.
Then a new s-ct ol Issues were precipitin
cd upon the people, deranging to the ico
plo but advantageous, to the demagogue.
It wa not history that re
spected self. but human nature,
and It I all n game of haaid. Hence
Mr. Watterson plead for tolerance and
hoicd that he had made tolerably clear
the principle on which he roneeivi-il that
real success In life may h" iimst surely
Vor the tolerant man l :i patient,
he is denied none ol the chances which
are oik-ii lo other men. He i sure to be
respected for hN moderation : nud. If It
bring hint nothing el-e. ii will ban:
brought 1 1 1 1 1 1 that whlcli'the mo-t ambi
tion fail to obtain, tlnniL'li Ihi-y ik it
during their live.
'liri.i.v for ltodlne," is the exclama
tion of Young America when lie reads
the account of the victory of the Ameri
can lillle Team at Dollv Mount.
Tin; health olllcer at Key We-t reports
one death from yellow fever there, and
the information that the dl-ea-e . eji.
Ni:w Voiik, June. 'W.Tlie jury in the
Tiltoii-Jfceclier Kise have not yet come
to any agreement. The counsel lor
J iltou arc In eoiisultatiou in the court
Latest. Ui toll o'clock i M.iiotlihiL
looking to a result has Ir-cii i-eelved from
tlic Iscecher-i Iltou jury.
i in: kxamination oi i.tiAin:n.
The examination of Jo-enli Loader be-
frfillllil iiifirnllifr 1FrKf I ImiiiiL t . I
lied that in a conver-allon held with
Loader about Ins (Loader's) statement
the latter had told lilui that there was
some truth in it with a good deal of -
aggcration; that with regard to the ki
lug between Mrs. Tilton "and llecchcr it
wa. correct ; tliat lie wa- correct : that
he went Into tlic room n de-cribed and
iu coming out saw Mrs. Tilton and nee
dier, but there was nothing unusual in
their altitude. Nothing new was elicited
on cross-examination. Owing to the
absence of otlier witnesses tlic ca.- was
adjourned till to-morrow.
Xlcvrs. Abbott, Shearman. Tracv ami
Hill came up -hortly after this, and went
Into the consultation, niter which Messr.-.
Abbott and Pear.-all left the buildiiiir, Mil
would give no information a fo what was
proceeding. At 2:15 p. in. the confer
ence broke up, but counsel are 'till reti
At ten o'clock the coiirt-hou-c was
locked and the jury retired for the. night.
IX Tlll
Advices from Chluuro brlii'' ns evi-
deuce that there Is something new under
the sun iu improvements on Pianos.
Tho two new and valuable patents nlaco
tho Haucr Piano actually iu advance of
all other Instrument.- in Amer
ica. First is a .simple but
mo-t important improvement called
the Double Ixariii'i aijraffe. by
means of which tlic strings oi' the Piano.
alter passing over the Sounding-lloard,
ire steadied and supported beloro being
attached lo the niiis. Iu all other Piano.
tills bearing is so arranged that the ten
sion oft he StrlliL' lias a direct teinleiievto
draw out or loo-en the pin and alo lo
nil oriiamage me agraue. Here, on the
contrary, all strings pa-s perfectly
ftraigiil through and over tin; agrall'e lo
me pin-, urns securing ab-olute firmness
power and purity or tone, and prevent
ing the Piano from getting out ol tunc.
i ne pressure, indeed, is dow n Instead of
up, leimeiing tii'-ngrallo -olid ami Im
The second feature is quite as simple,
butol almost cuual eoii-eipicncu. it i
a VwKuxt .Vcim Jlo'inl, which Is not only
extremely ornainental, but -erves so give
grejiter space to the .rlormer's hands
and pii senes the poli-hed surface from
scratching or marring bv chance
ouches of the linger nail- while
handling llie black keys of the kev
board. Added to the-e novel points, great ex
cellence of workmanship. Mulsh anil the
wsi materials, make it me most durable
Instrument. These Inurnment possess
a power, swectm-. I i,i-i.n,i,r,...i,.,,
tone, wan great :uiiul4 thruueliont the
M'.l'.r,t;,l'.,'ill,!' 1 m,y ,,ilvu a mo-.t agreesible
uiasuvii) aim case oi iicllou w ile h never
ures me periormer. We advi-etho-e who
n.inmo purcHast-a really nrst-;iii-, Piano
to buy no other than the Haucr.
Sheriff's Bale.
l-4V'l.'"5!i""ou'rl"'" e"aUi"li tuiiieill
. i . ' . ' ." "ie ''IrniU Mlirt lit
. iuiiij, in irie stu c uf
IlllnnU, . iu fai,r ul V,i11K iir,,,,,.'
i..r..; i;"iV. "j:.. -u " 'incr in i4-
ii iV.ir. . i V .""""'i niKiii-ill AlcxaiMlt-r
i , . . i V i i K .1 1 '. "in " "roivn, 1
i iiy, in inr ruiiiilror Ali tun.l. r ,i
"iwmi in' iiii iih inir iiifriii.i i.r..
llUnnU, lii-ull; -1 livimrlliwet iiuarlcr nr Hit-
IHH-tllU..l .ill .1. . I .... .V
I Hill
lliinl iirlncliMl iiu-riilluiii tin- nurtlnu-t iii.irli r
if I lit: MJUtfll-l
PV' J" r'.'iw,l"il,il,,i ,l"fn ') ''' '"Ml In riinSi-
IlllUt-tfSP ill Llulll.... tl.I...
. ..v.w, ...v I , iiiiii iiiii incriiiiuiiii ic norili
. i r 1 ' ' """'"iii iiiut-n iioi Miititli.
iiiil fiii-unKiilwiUJ) i ,tiif the tlilnl (,'riuci ,
mi-r iIuimIijU miinlK.wliiiic(l)tiitlr((i),M,, ,,'
rliijlu- iilio.-k iiiiiiilH-ii-iiiic(l), 1011.11111111,;;.
is t lwi, (;) uml tl.usi (I), In ,0(-k !iniH.ni ,
(j'), loU lllllll lnllilit-(l) In lltl. (.11, ligthl,,.
jluslu- In iiiock inmiK-iHl lour (I), Hu u .
M-rtsloi.c (lji, mi-u (Tl.lMJlli Inclii.lte In
lilwk mini n int M.tu (7), Int. mmilii-rislimi- (I)
IVf" ('). liolliliiclmlii.,, l.iock numlaiei
i-lKliI tNi.liii" niuiiUm! inn (i), iIiiid cn iii.il
four (I). In l.l.k imn.Uml llir''(5 ! loU i , Vn
J) Iii block mimU-rtsl tlx (i.) In tl,e ,
t'n ly, Mini nil Iu lliv fmiity of Altximlframl
Male of IlllnoU OK llie irorty ottlio ml.J j,)h
II. Hi-own, uhli-hl Mmlloffir ut public kale wt
tlie oiiutli wint iloor or Hie oourt Iioumi In the t-lly
''.-ilro, iu the comity or Alfxmnler ami bute ,!t
IlllnoU nu (he t,Ut-ulli day of July. A. U .
IK7J, btlwteu llie hours of ulm- o'rlork' a. in !
anil nin;t of Bald tiny, furraOi, to Mtlkrv raiil
t-xecutloii. AI.KX. II. IKV1.V,
Calm, Illinois, June sith, tV,
nncriu oi Aiexuiiiiff Loiimy, Illinois,
i'irliirN(ti- Alllerlru
Al llie Hci.i.i.ris bindery IS uumbeiv,
bound in two volumes, lull gllr mm
roreo; rot ,?ll ; for sale at !?!).
nivon NprliiR.
Thin pleasant Summer llrnrt is now oputi
for visitors, The spring" ore the Hnest
C'hfilybcatc water, and are situated In a
beautiful beech grove, near tomanttn
stream with hli?h rocky bunks. TheSpviugs
are half-way between A'lcnna lint flol
eondn, and ean be reached by liatk from
cither of those plae es. It. W. Ilivixs,
.lune 'li, U-Sf-'Jw.
teSf-XX Amber and White rag stock
en velopes at the Hru.Kn.v ollio'. printed.
$:i no and fl 00 per M.
Ilnctor nisnifree
as to the treatment of oil (llc.i-o, from tlic
mildest ailment to the deadliest epidemic,
but the fact that the California Vinegar
Hitler, is conquering maladies which hive
delicti the faculty, rcl ders tbe'e profess
ional dlil'crcnees of little cotieuencc.
Wlille Dyrpepsla, Clout, liliciun.itlsiii, Uri
nary Conipljlnt', lllilloiiMicis, Nervous
Dlsabillilcs, and all disorder not organic,
arc obhtciatcd by this mat -lilies ei;etnblc
tonic ami alterative, who care - for opinion-
V li-lS-il.Vw-lw.
Obstacles to Marriage.
Happy rellerfnryuuiif: men fr.m tie cf
fvcts ot citoi j and abucs iu early life.
Mauliood re-tored. Impediments to mar
riage removed. Mew method ol treatment.
New ami remarkable remedies. Hooks
and circular- etit trie, iu scaled envelopes.
N. Ninth street, PMItdelplita, Pa.-an Insti
tution liiiilin; a high reputation for linnnr
at le conduct and prelcislnnil -kill.
iVl .d A- w-.'iiu.
I'r Siiile,
A siinrplati-d No.!) Wilson .-shuttle sew
ing Machine, bard (piano) liiiiili, valued at
$S.-,, V ,e tolit at (2i) discount, on good
term-, and ordered direct front the factory.
Koit sam:.
A No. U Wilon Shuttle Sow Ing Machine
valued at ?7.i. Will be sold at S"ir dNcount
and ordered direct frrm the factory.
A s;h) ItcuiiagtoQ Scwlog Machine-$10
offforca-li, .Suitable for tslleror boot and
hoc maiiutai niter.
At a bargain, anil on good terms, a Howe
dewing Maebiae. May be seen at the Com
pany ottlce. eonicrMnth -treet and Com
mercial. KOK SALE.
"l'ictur-uc America" Is
bound in i lolume-, full jilt
prlc-. f).
A stylj "E," "Ooush, Warren A fo.'"
Parlor Oran, riht from the factory at H
troll. List priee, ?i Will b oM for
A new two-bore Garsble v.aon
For any of the above articles, apply at
the lirt.LKTI.V Oltite. E. .. fll'RNKTt.
lints, 'n C'ldthliiif, At-
1. Walder, at the corner or Ohio Levee
and ixth 'tre-t. known to some as "our
friend at the corner." has
l.iughtered" high prices in Hat, Caps,
and Clothing. He Is selling at great bar
gains, a fact that make.- some dealers feel
as if they were shot or -truck by light
ning. Call on him. and price lil goods,
for which lie doe not owe a nickle.
ItPt III- llf-sl.
Dr. Seth Arnold' CohsIi Killer tlic
great craillcator lor a'l Inn;? dleacs a su
perior remedy to all other medicine yet
discovered, In evcre cie. It Is a urc,
(liilt-k, and perfectly tafe rt-mrtly lor
eougliti, cold?, sore throat, whooping cough
;roup, aint all diseases of tlic throat and
lungs. Ku'.ull price, mid .V) centnandf I.
Any bottle that does not give relief may he
returned, and tho money will be refunded.
Dr. Seth Arnold's Dlarrhaa llalauii.'J.'iatuI
.Y) centj. Kcincmhcr It Is warratilc-il. Ar
noldMillilotii .Mandrake Till-, operating
without kk-kni'19 and pain. Compounded
by Dr. .-seth Arnolds Medical Corporation,
Woonsockct, U. I. iiM by 1'iul O.Sehuli,
drn'lM, Cairo, II!. .'iVl-2.-)-"!!!.
l.ainlloriU ol hotels and hartllng 'joii-ch
w III llnd It lo their advantare to call upou
Mi. Coleman, l.aundroii, No Vi Fourth
strci-l, between W'B-hlnj-twi and Ooiumer-
ilal nic-iiucs. Hotel .iul biurdliig-houic
wa'hln', 7."iet-nu per do.en, Foi piecework
price are us tollow: single ulilrt and col
lar, 10c; per docn bOc-, o k St-, two col
lars, fn-j two liindkcrcbleN, .'ic; vests ui)c;
and nil gentleincn'H wear, S4u. per
do.cn. Ladles' drcss,, 'A" to BOc;
klrti 10 to 'JOc; drawira 10 to l.'ic; two
ialr hoc Be; two i olla-.i! to 10c. For la-
lies' plain clotlicii l .) per doen; lor la
dles lino clothes, $1 2.1 per dozen; done
drainptly, and pronptlv delivered. 1'a
tron:igc dollclted.
Nolle- r lleiimviil.
The wt-ll-ktiowt barber i-hop, coiner
lliglith and (joiiiiiiTcial, iircIdcd ovsr by
'.lie popular nrtl-t (H-orge Stelnhounc, ban
rcmoit-d one door north on Commercial, In
,liu (irand Cciilnl Hotel. The new nhop U
argo and conniuillou", and those wishing
for anything urt.ttli: In thu way of fashion
i'jle hair etatln;-. vmooth shavc, etc., will
Jo well to e.ill at the (Wand Central liarbcr
thoji. Tl-a-lJMf
l'II.Sii;.M:it i, uniln llerlierl'i.
teilurril llnlre.
Wo will take, at thu Kt. Cliarltii Hotel,
ilurlng the fcuiiiniermonth.s,&Oday hoarder,
at iii per moiith. aiidfiOboanlcra with cool,
plcaknt roouin on tho upper floor, at $30
per month. At this extremely low rate,
nunc but promptly paying hoardcra will bo
accepted. .:wicn Wu.cox i Co.,
'll.l.'JS-lin, Proprietor.
Ra ItHlle rr.verjr Ili-oerlplloii
i:iurluiiM, I'lrulen, IUr.
The good pasiener kteamcr, Ilanucik
City, etn ,t- chartered lor excurnlotm or
plctiUn t rcitnnihln rate, Apply to
fl-21lii Wm.KKHA; .Xkimh
Mr. A. Ili Kurd, winirf-inastrr,
makes the follow Ing repoil of arrivals
for la't month nl IhUpnrl:
Steainboal"....... 101
Tow-boats i M
lleglstered bargev 7i
Total nriivaN 207
Tol.il tuuuage, custom hotie measure
ment, Il:l,:tl7 tons.
On llie'.-illi nil , by.tolin U. Ilublnson, Ksii ,
Mr. .Inhii Wlllioiinnir Itiln i ll) lu.MIsi Miiriili
ltoliliisi.il of Commerre .Missouri
On tlic-nutli nil., bv llie sami-, Mr. linos,. I.
Wliwlrr to .Ml Florence llt-lm, bulh or tills
el Iv.
tSS'TU ttlthmtfl Schlit: .17, IF, 1 1-
ki:i: liKF.n ni .fac-ur.
Corrvcltsl Dally by K. M. Stcarn, eomnil.lon
tiii-rclinnt, hi-ci-elnry el' llie Ciilro llrulil lit
Flour, nrconllnj.' lo itmiti- l W7 (w
Corn, mixed, surkisl TV.rTi.o
Corn, white, racked (an'c
llalr, nilxirl frtl.'C
llr-.in, ht toll , time
Mi-.il, tliniii ilrlisl S'l To
llntli r, rliolre Northern WJ-'e
lliitlir.rholci-.soiillii-iii 111 lTd.Joc
Kirirs, iriloen U'.o
t'lilckni", ivriloi'ii ni.-liO
Turkeyt, k r itorcn -jtd (m
l'otutne, i r li:iml J si
OiiIjiu, jr lmnvl .t Vi
I hrrrii-s ier i-nite nl mi
Slmln-n1t KTrnite MTi
mill, i-.-tati: .ui:.vr.
Real Estate
Land Aitenta of the Illinois Central and
BuilluKton and Uulncy R. R.
North Cor. Sixth and Ohio Lovna,
l. J. IIOW1.M-.
Souse Agents,
Collectors and Conveyancers.
OFFICE At the Court Houae
Souse Agents,
Collectors and Conveyancers,
Land Surveying and Civil En
gineering. OFFICE Iu Winter' Bloclc.Corner Com
mercial Avenue and Seventh Street.
Wew-York Store
Goods Sold Very Close.
Oomnr 10th St. and Commercial Av
C. 0. PATIER & CO.
Kotice in Bankruptcy.
I'liltwl J-talf of Aiu-rlen, )
-outlii ni Khtrlct of Illinois. ( '
WIIIIIIKAX, nu the ,l day of May, . I).
IsT.l, thn "l.'iidmiriU-r Vin-klu(,' oiu
lany" llliil ii libel in tin- DUtrlrt Court of the
riiltisl fttiiti-s forllin .southern Ulstrln ol' llll
iiul, iiKiilnst tlic"l'iiet bar't- oflhc strarm-r
l'rjinii'" prnyliiK Unit tin- auinamny Ik-emi-ib'liliiiil
for iisimns uinl eau-es III lalit libel nieii
lloiieil. Ami uheteua, by llitueof pinicnn in
ilui- form of law, illreeteil, n tui imblc on
the llrst MoiiiUy 111 July m-M, I liuefi-lziil upon
ii ii' I tuken the said "Kiu-I Imricuor alisimvr le-
ttniie" nml liae (he name In in v ruslix v.
lltlI Is ben by uhni, that a llUtilel ( a.urt of
lliu i iiiieii Mates win ih iii ui ui nu: i iiiiih
Stnlea Court Uoom, Iu thcelty ol in imkiil-i,(,ii
the. lint Monday In July iii-xt,tiir thu trial ot Un
said piiruisvt, nml tin-owner or oiMK-rs, ami nil
wr.i.na u lm lmr or claim un lnti-nt therein.
iiiu lieu-by cltis) to bennd upis-ur lit the tlun- anil
ilac-ulorexiiiu. I" auoiv inu-i-, uiiuj un-j irnr,
why h ili-cm- kliould not U- n inli-nsl In uitpI-
niiee Klin tne nrajer oi rum unci.
irln?llcm, IIM, iiiiii- I-, I'. i
In AilmlrnliyT
l V vlilili- ofa writ of Mile- l..iml out of thu
l"i in. 1,1, i r, ,in 1 1, r Hi,' I'ntliil Matua.l'iir the
Miutlieru lilstri" ! of Illinois, iu Ailniiniily. da
ted on thc'J' lli day of June, A l. ti, will la
Milil lit Ipilbllc tale, to the hiitlit-st un-l l-t bid
der, lor cash, at ijiiro, In saul I'lslrlot. on llie
l.'tli nay ot .liny ,v u, ii-i.i in i'ju tiumu. in,
it,., rniliiu'liKr iliiarilHsl nroiH-itv. to-wlt i r ue
lm.it of Mcumer ICeyatonci Ilui wune ha lug la-rn
r.iii'lciiiniil and ordered by the eourt In b- sold
KIlWAItlHt. IIOK, t'.S Marshal.
-nilnxlU-ld, IlllnoU, June -J-lli, IS73
Ileuler Mi
All klni hard uud noil, )
Mill and Yard,
Corner Thirty-Fourth Htree
Ohio Lovoo,
r ublUhtd a a wjiiilo and lor Die Uneltiil
Vouiik Mm and otlino who tinier lioiu !'iiioii
llflllhy, l.ota ol Munliovl, etc , (living hi.
Itule of Ktlf.euir, atler OIl'h lKOIliK IlllHh kill
fi-llnifaud raiieime, und mailed Inn on lecili
In a Mi.t-imli! itlrectisl iim oi,n Addirx NA
lllA.SH'.I. MA VFAHt. ! II lluv IVl. Ilrn.il..
Ivii, N V, 7-7-1-Win
W7,Wlllll,lV,. V
Groat Durability with Handsome Designs, and Giving
Excelsior Manufacturing Comp'y
3, 014, 010 and 018 N. MAIN STREET, ST. LOUIS, MO.
C. W. HENDERSON, Cairo. Illinois. .v--a.it
oniTnl for -.lie ul
Groat Reduction in Frio,
Domestics, Shootings,
Prints, Bleached Muslins,
Ginghams, Cretones,
Table Linens, Percales,
Lawns, Suitings,
Japanese Silks, Silk Poplins,
Alpacas. Grenadines. ,
Uwr M.irfc ijr White Ooods, Victoria Lawim, Swinu Marailes, nml u Ijiiye Mr.rk of
Ribbon. I Ms. entire -toi-k will I -i,M at nrtiMl cn.t. nml tvintliiuij mull it I clnvl oiil. (nil
ml U-i-mit Inwlof (in-ol IIjichIih' TKKM-4 M IIKTI.Y ( ,-ll
Corner Bigntb. St. and Commercial Ave
'Ti; 'olli-ll eom-iondi nec ami onleis fioln I'l'U;:!. t-, MivsicUus arid (i. n.ml Store hi n
V of Koo-ls in our Urn- Mrumlioat, l'lant..t.on and Kumi'.y .Miillriue tax lnilliMl or. '
tilled with n-llable Ilnin at reaoull- rai-
.7-1 Ohio Levee.
Importer and Wholesale Dealor in
ipoxunianr usrx domhiistio
Wines and Liquors.
KoopH u full stock of
Ko3Xtru.olc.3r Bourbon,
Monongahola, Ryo and Robinson County
anil Retail
WaahimrtoD A v., Cor. 8 th St.
m .BaaaMflMafrjR

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