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noun ooxsftM
Kitlitliti of I'Tthlw, metis every Fri
df nJght nt hatf-paM Rrrrn, in Odd'
llfttl. (.' K. SLAM.
Chancellor Coinmutukr.
Inileix-mlcnt Order of Odd-FeN
EVlow. inettn every Thursday uIrM
WP- ut hair-pant MVtn, In their lull on
I'mnmcrclal uremic, lctwecn nlxthnnd Heti-ntti
ttili, JoiiMll. Oohmax, N. U.jj
.In Odd-Fellow' Hall nn tlx; lint and third
I iiMilnj in rfrj' month, at Imlf-imut H-vin
UK M.ACK, 0. I'.
A AlllO I.ODUK. NO, Itff.A.K. A A. M.
Hold menhir viiimiiiilralioii In Ma
Miiiln Hall, curlier Commercial nvciilie
'niid Klglitli M reel, on tin- econd nnd
ninth Monday ofittch luontli
Urnnil I'ntrlotlc Olrbmiloii
or Tiit:
Coming Annlvenary of American Independ
ence At i nr.
Urnlurkv Urte. 0,i-nlti-
The most c.xtcn'lve preparation have
been made by the Cairo Alexander Hunt
ing Club to make this day a memorable
and patriotic .one; in the hi-tory ol
The grounds liave Ikicii cleared of un
derbrush, platforms for speaker and
K'at! tor the audience have been erected,
a tine dancing tloor laid on Mecl "prlng-t
provided, and two cornet bands Iroin
Chicago and Kvansvllle and I'rof. KKen-
lcrj;' line string baml have been cm
ployed. I!efrchtiient stands will be
put up and swhiiis for the little one
narenm prepared. ThW l no money
making ihi'Iiicm, mt onlv provlde for
the comfort and plea'iw-o of the public
The boat will leave at Capv IlaWilayV
wharf. boat afollows : No. 1 at 0 oviock
a. in.; No. 2 at o clock a. m.; No. 3 at
11 o'clock a. in.; No. I at 1 o'clock p. in,;
No. 5 atlt.'Wp. in. No.tl at -J.ISO p. in.
and No. 7 at 3:110 p. m.
Ticket for the round -iit
Children accompanied by their parent'
s CnxiitAi. Kaii.iioak Co.,)
tick or Ckneimi. Aor.NT,
Caiiio, lll., .Itilv 1, 175. J
excursion tickets for the 1th of .Inly
will be old from Cairo to any station on
the line and return, at one and one-tilth
fare for the round trip. Sale of excur
hlon tickets will commence on rtay,
.July 2d, and dl-coutlnue on Hie dejiar
tun of the evenlii'' tnilu on the 5th.
Tickets jfood to return "t'' l'y Hb. In
elusive. .Iamp.s .Iohxso.v,
7-1-at. (tencral Agent.
The co-iartnerhlp heretofore exll!ng
uuiler the nimo and style ol "Cliai. M
Howe J- Co,," ! this day ills-ohed.
ClIAft. M. Howk,
1'iiank Uowk,
S. K. Uumdi.k,
Natchez, Ml.,
T. V. KNor.i.,
Natchez, Ml-'.
Ca1o, Jutrl.t, 1675.
HlnirpurcliaHcd the Interest ol !?. V.
ltumhle and T. V. AVcnsel in the lato tlim
nf film. M. Howe A-Co . tlio blbinc of
aid firm will hcrcaltcr be coinluctcd under
the nmo and style of "C. M. Howe A-
Hro.," w io will a'.i-uaic all tho liabilities ol
the late Hrn Ciias. M. Howk,
7-UJt. FiiASK Howk.
CutiKrPttn Water.
Genuine Oingn! Spring wilcr in hot
tie.', kept on Ico umUald lor 10 cents per
elam. U0cent per bottle, and $2 per dozn
at the following places: l'hll. Saup's Con
fectlonery ; JlctJaulcy's and Schuh'n Drug
tores and I.ouU Herbert'H Hestaurant.
The Saratoga Congress Spring Walcr I
put up and sold In bottle only, to Injure It
nriglnnl strength und medicinal propcttlc"
Ice t'reiim.
Arlington Ice Cream Saloon, T. II. Kl
lis, projirletor, at the Arlington Hoiwe
on Commercial avenue, between
".Sixth and Seventh, Is now open
Tho most delicious Ice Cream id way on
hand. Families 'upplied with nny quan
tlty, and at reasonable prices. O-lS-tf.
T Rent,
A cottage on Thirteenth street, betwee
Washington avenue and Walnut street.
n-13-tl. Apply to Dit. Smith,
t'urNulo Cheap.
Tho entire outfit ol tho Grand Central
Hotel, with a llvo ycaro lease, and on reas
onable terras. For particular', apply to
77-C-i!2-tf. W'M. Wktzel.
fhenppr Tlinu Kvep Known Ilcrore,
MasonV Self-Sealing Fruit Jars at $1 50
per dozen. Extra rubbers for Mason's
Fruit Jars, at Daniel Hnrtman'y, comer
Sixth street. 0-25-tl
Tor Kitle or Kent
The house nnd lot on the corner ol
ElgV-th mid Walnut streets. For particu
lars ap?1y to Miw. CirMMiNr.s.
arX Rag toek envelopes at the Bui..
i.ktin olllce, $3 K per M.
w York Nton7
Will tell glass (rult Jar during the scanon
lower than any other home In tuo tlty, and
deliver them at your residence, a dl
count will ahvayi bo made to the trade.
KKIDAY, .IUf,V 'J, 187r,.
I.urnl Went her Report.
Caiiio, It.l.,, .Inly I, In75.
Timk, IIaii. I Tiiic. I Wisp, j Yiu I Wkatiikh
7nm :W.li' W I U i Flr.
11 ' 1ST i i l;. II 1 1 Threat
ipin. W.lHI, H' K. It 'Ihrinl.
THOMAS .IO.VF.S, ijcrgt. fi. H., U. 9. A.
ThcT. I'. Kekcrt will leave HallldityA
Phillips' wharf-boat to-morrow inornliiK
at 8 o'clock, ami land nt the IlllnoN Ccn
ral wharf-boat, foot of Fourteenth street,
lor tlio. accommodation of np-town ox-
tyl,lHHi vnnN grenadines In all colors,
worth f0 cents a ard, which I will sell
for 10 cent a yard. I). Il.tiiniA.
$-Go to JattleV and try M KIlliAS-
tthUl, a 'Mightat b'.rwtrjt.
Nine of the prominent alooii keeper
of thN city inudc their appearance at the
c!tv clerk's olllee yc'tcrd.iy nnd paid their
lleeii'e two hundred dollars each.
lrtl lonnl'II.Si;.M;i-iil I.ohN llfr-
llmne I'praoimlM,
-MN.s Ida Ilarrcll, of this city, left for
Chicago yeitcrday altcrnoon, wheiv -he
will remain for H-vcral week.
Mr. K. '. l'ace returiH-d to ("aim
from Palrllcld yeftcrday.
Kelt KnipliPrrle.
ramlllc- wanting above can be -up-
piled by leaving their order with
K. A. iii:r.i.)CK & Co.,
(i-'.i-M No. 7" Ohio I.cvce.
fiSf-The excursion on the Kckert will
be a grand allalr. fJood iiiumc, good
company, and a goou tune generally.
Fare, $1:, Children, Kc.
Kuriiralon Itnlcs.
The Knights ol Tythlus hay put the
price of their exeurilon iicKeis at i lor
gentleman and 50 cents for ladles and
children. tx;lng good lor both the day
and evening exeurrloiH.
Ve'terday at ten o'clock, a. in., Marga-
retta, youngc.'t child of Valentine anil
Elizabeth Itet.cn, aed eighteen month-.
Funeral notice In another column.
-i io dcliciom bfv
fraqtiit Jatckti's.
A MncKPftlloH-
llnnui! lli ixinix: I hear from the
talk uronnil town that the Deltas an; not
going to Murplivkboro. If th! is "-o,
why eau't all the fire companies turn out
nml haven parade either on the IU1 or 5lh
I o.lu tu..y Ui:i iL j,a,i rheaji.
l ou, truly, w. i
jU""Hlir reduction in price ol Feather
IMtkter. at Schuh's drugBton-.
A coi respondent ays -he understood
we were to Unvr n .canc wltlfMott. So
we were, but he vetoed the arrangement,
He will have none but paolvo people
who will nay hluiaud take down his de
ceptions without a word of protest. lie
and Mr. Kill arc driving a good hul-
ne-s. Investigation might break up
their builnc-?.
; lo l.niiU HerlM-rl'd Tor I'lI-JiK-
Soiim-IIiIiij.' Sen.
A large
late'l tyh
asiortmeut of ladies -nil--,
, which I will wll cheap.
1). H.inrMAN'.
KMrMicioH CL'l.MJIACJlKJlnt Jure!.-
Ear"! have Just received a full line ol
bov.-' clothing latest tyles which I
w ill ivU for one-fourth of manufacturer's
price-. Come and see for yourelve, at
PIl.SENEB at Louis Herberl'-.
t'nnernl Xotire.
The funeral services ol the child of
Valentine Itcch will be held In St Pat
rick's churcli, coi ner Ninth street, at 1
o'clock p. i., to-day. The remains will
be taken to Villa ltidge on the pasenger
train at 'J: HO r. m. Extra car? will be
proYldcdand all friends of the family and
otlnJrs are Invited to attend the funeral.
The funeral train will return at 0 : SO.
fcijj"The thuTsTal-TiciiTof Salad Oil at
Sehuh's drugstore.
(lasn I'rull Jhi-n.
at 75 cents per dozen ; all the latest i-tyles
In jelly glass. Scaling wax In largo and
inall quantities at Dau'l Ilartman's,
corner Sixth street.
HSLfDon't (all to attend the excur
sion to Padueah and return on the Kck
ert, Saturday. Evcivthlng has been
ilone to make H pleasant. The faro Is
jow onlv one dollar, and children, half
ftaTThc Cairo Silver Cornet Band, one
of the bet organizations in tho Mate,
will accompany tho Methodist Excur
sion on the line steamer T. F. hekert, to
Padueah on tho lid. Tho fare for the
round trip will bo $1 for grown persons, J
and 50 cents for children. The boat will
leave promptly at 8 o'clock a. in., return
ing at 7 p.m.
Attempt to Ntritl n 'renin ol' It omen.
On Tuesday night, a negro who has
been n teamster In this city tor some
time, went Into the stablo of Frank Jenk
ins, a colored man, also a teamster, and
made an attempt to steal a valuable team
of horses owned by Jenkins. He made
considerable noise while In the stable,
which attracted the attention of a col
ored man living near, who got up and
want to sco what was the matter. When
.ho entered tho barn, the would-bu thief,
who ran away, had succeeded In getting
a bridle on ono oi tho horses, am', was
undoubtedly about to harness the other
when ho was frightened away.
prop. 6tt.
A fplrlculll' Opinion of Hi'
KtillOlt HUM.KTIN' Dir Sir.U va
generally understood that the editor of
the lliru.KTi.v wn going lo have n
seance with Molt, anil your humble ser
vant has liecn watching the Hui.i.ktin
with a good deal of anxiety for the "opin
ions" and so-fortli, of ftio ald editor.
Now, Mr. Editor, Mneo you have not
gone lo m'c .Mott, and I happen to know
that you have not, let me tell yon that
you will make a good avlng of your
time and your three dollar hv not going.
All that he has done, or will ever he able
to do, In the Spiritual Hue, while In the
Arlington llotte, will only nerve to dl
gut the believers, and to deepen thecon
vlctlon of the unbelievers In .Spiritual
ism. The surroundings are, absolutely, In
direct opposition to the only known law
of fiiccesvful materiallAutlon. The very
ntmo-phere Is rullofoppolnglntluence,
and the material Mirroundlng.4 could
hardly be leu propltlou. Mr. Mott can
but lose his prestige nndi-r filch circum
stance.', and hl friends in the eau'e. leel
the "crippling" he Is gl lug them qulle
Many jieople hen! know Mr. Molt loin-
an honet iiiedhun, but they did not get
their knowledge from nuyinanlfestntion
through hi- medluuilitle powei'', as
dcmonstnitcd in the Arlington lloittc.
No medium ever did or ever will give
vatl-factlon under like condition" with
Mr. Mott', and I am anxious that this
tiling idiotitd be well understood ; both
tor hit fake and (or the .sake of llio-e who
an; Interested In Splrltuali-m. I would
have no one pronounce him a "fraud,'' :
lallure," a "cheat," or a humbug" un
til he 1? seen under altogether dlllerent
circumstance". Vour.s truly,
S nu m a i.t -.r.
ttaylou't ail to attend the excur-Ioii
under the uu?plee? of Asealou Lodge,
Knights ot Pythla.-, next Monday. If
you cannot attend In the day time be Hire
and go in the evening.
Attention, Unsp Itnllmt.
itaii.s anu oats at cost tlic largc.-t as-
Eortment ever brought to Cairo, which
will M il tor the next thirtv days at cot.
I). Hautman.
iWNolwdy should forget the excur
sion to raducah under the auspice? of
the Mcthodl-t church, of this city, on
the tine Meamer T. F. Kckert, Julv 3d
It will be tho most enjoyable alfalr of
the season. Fare for the round trip, $1,
for adult'", 50 cents for children, lloat
leaves at 8 a. in., returning at 7 p. in.
A LAiantasjiortincut of Alapaea Coat
from $1 50 to $2 50, at Hart man', cor
ner Sixth and Commercial avenue.
The Idle lid Rxcu ilon.
The excursion party on the steamer
Idlcwild will be accompanied by a num
ber of ladles and gentlemen from this
city, two i.iiuwiiu will leave Cairo on
baturuay morning at 10 o'clock. Henry
Heart's minstrel band, ofEvansvllle, will
be n board the boat and dicouro mu
sle for the young. The loat will vlMt
all points of Interest along the route, In
ciuiiing tlio lameu C'avr In eii litwl:
Thoo who make the trip will no
doubt be satisfactorily rewarded,
aim none suouni tali to o
who can. The fare from this elty for the
round trip lias been put at the remarka
bly low rate of live dollars.
Go to Hartman's for Hue A'iry Finn-
urf Cuats worth $0 selling for$- 50.
Attention Knight of I'ytlitns
There will be a regular conven
tion of Asealou Lodge No. 51,
Knights of Pythias, held at their
Castle Hall this (Friday) evening
at So clock. Installation of ollicers and
business of Importance connected with
the proposed Excursion. A full attend
ance desired. Vlsltlnx Knlsrhts cordiallv
Invited to attend.
Wii.i. K. Hawkins,
K.of I!, and S.
WaT-'OO Ladies' Hats, latest .style, all
ready trimmed; alsoa large assortment of
Artillelal Flowers for triiuinlnir hats.
which I w ill .sell at oue-liall the whole
sale price. The above arc just from New
York and are desirable patterns and
styles. 1). IIaktmin.
I. (Ml It Herbert hut I'll.SKM:!!.
u llrrcivrm.
Ity virtue of an order of the L'nited
State Court lor the Southern Dis
trict of Illinois, dated .lune 21, 1S7.",
.Messrs. A. It. Satlord, of thU elty, and
II. T. .Morrill, of Kvausvllle, w ho for mwo
time past, have acted as receivers of the
Cairo A Vineenues railroad, have been
relieved, and Me.Sar. .1. Y. Urexel and
C. K. Tracy have been Installed as re
ceivers hi their htead, while Mr. Morrill
has been ulveu a position by the new re
ceiver as reneial superintendent of (be
-I.argo assortment of boys' and
mens' linen and straw haU at one-half
the original cost, Xow Ishe time to
buy bargains at HartinanV, corner Sixth
and Commercial avenue.
Tin H. ul'I. Kxeiiniiuil,
The Knights of J'ylhlas excursion on
Monday promises to bo largely attended
by both old and young. The steamer will
leave Cairo at 0 o'clock a. in., and pro
ceed up the Ohio. A pleasant grove has
been selected where tho steamer will
laud, and all may enjoy a dinner and
dance In the woods. Kisexbcrg's full
baud lias been engaged, and all may
dance to their heart's content. The
steamer will return to Cairo at about 7
o'clock p. in., and at 8 will go out again
down the river, giving those who cannot
get away In the day an opportunity to
enjoy an evening excursion.
all descriptions tho most complete as
sortment over brought to Cairo at cost
for the next ten days. Drawers, Under
skirts, white und colored Shirts, Half
Hose In price I defy competition,
P. IIaktman.
J0.O4I0 I'ropli- Kapr.riPil lo ttp I'rueul
The PrdgTamm for th Otc.iioo,
The ellorts id tho Egyptian lire com-
pauy of .Miirpiiysboro, in conjunction ,
with the cltlr.en, to get up a grnud cele-1
brntlon In honor of the IKJth anniversary
of American lndeliendenec wlllbecrow n-
I with much greater success than wa
anticipated. The committee ofnrrange-
ineiit have received letters Irom several
towns up the Ohio river that many cltl-
eu from south-east Illinois nnd north
m Kentucky, will lc In attendance.
New from C'aroondale, Dn Ojioln, Mar
lon, Ked Hud, Cairo, Joncboro, Anna,
Waterloo, Chester, and in fact every
where In southern Illinois Is most en
couraging, and now the people
confidentially expect 20,000 strang
erslto vMt their city on Monday, the 5th
ol July, and complete arrangement have
been made for that number.
The following Is the programme that
ias been arranged by the committee up'
pointed for that purpose :
The proeesMon will lorni at 10 o clock
on Cherry street, right of column rest
Ing on Walnut Mreet, in the following or
Col. 1!. 11. Townc, Marshal of the day
Delta City cornet baud of Cairo.
Egyptian Fire Company ol Murphys-
boro, with apparatus.
Delta City Fire Company of C'aii o,wlth
lire engine.
Hibernian FlreCompany of Cairo, with
lire engine.
Anv other lire companies in attend-
Chariot of Liberty, drawn by four spans
of hordes.
Orators of the day In carriages.
Olllcer of the day (not Marshal.) In car
OlHcial" of neighlKiring cities', in car
Mayor and aldermen, anil other city
otllelals of Murphysboro, in carriages.
Members ot the press In carriages.
Murphy-boro Turnvercln Society.
Granges of Jackson and adjoining
Independent Orderof Odd Fellow and
other secret societies.
Citizens on foot.
Citizens on horseback and in carriages.
Representations of the business inter
ests ol the city.
The proecs-lou will move up Walnut
street to the Cairo & St. Louis railroad
depot, where the delegations arriving on
special trains on that road will be re
ceived. The procession will then move
through tlie principal streets of the elty,
arriving at Turner's Park at 11 o'clock.
oiinr.n w kxi:kciks atthk i-auk.
Mt'fic National anthem by the Mur-
physboro Glee Club.
Prayer brtlie Itev.Mr. IUtlcr, of Grand
AddrcvS ot welcome by Joe P. Kobart,
Esq., ofMurphysboto.
Itespon-c by lion H. Whiter of Cairo.
Music by cornet band.
Music by cornet band.
Heading of the Declaration oflndepeU
deuce by Professor James H. Browntuo,
of the Soutliorn Illinois Normal Univer
sity of Cjirhondale.
Mil Mo by the Murphyslioro Glee. Club
Oration by Hon. John II. Oborly, o
Music by the cornet band.
Short addre-se.
Music by the cornet band.
Amusements, dancing, quoit pitching,
sack racing, Sx.
Grand display of lire works at night.
Hofol Pcroiinl.
11. 51- Mann, ot St. Louis, was at the
St. Charles yesterday.
D. Morse, ol Memphis, Mopped at
the St. Charle yesterday.
W. .1. Burnett, of Mattoou, was reg-
litered at the Planters' yesterday.
Joseph Davis, of Saginaw, Michigan,
wa, quartered at the Planters' yesterday.
-J.II. llall.ol Hot Springs, Arkan
sas, wa at the Planter?' yesterday.
T. J. Condon, of New Orleans, was
registered at the Delmonlco yeterday.
!'. M. Ilaker, of St. Louis, was ijuar
tered at '.lie Dehnoideo yesterday.
W. M. llaKins, of Chicago, was regis
tered at the Grand Central yesterday.
V. Powers, of rinclunatl, was quar
tered at the St. Charles yesterday.
11. It. Murphy, of Goleouila, was
regi-tered at the Planter?' yesterday.
G. M. Howley, of Goleondi1, wa- at
the Planters' yesterday.
I). 15. Li-enbntry, of Memphis, was
registered at the Planters' yesterday.
A. Conistoek, ot Jollet, was regis
tered at tlio St. Charles yesterday.
II. Phelem, of Memphis, was quar
tered at the St. Charles yesterday.
C. A. 11., of Centi-.illa, was as the St.
Charles yesterday. .
J. L. Lett and .1. (A Carson, of St.
Louis, were registered at tic St. Charles
yesterday. 1
J. V. Sullivan, of Vilceniies, Iudi
ana.was registered at the Sr Charles yes-
1J. Owen and J. McContmll, both of
Padueah, were registered at the Planters'
S. Kissinger and wife, of St. Louis,
were registered at the Planters' yester
day. II. P. Pow ers, of Canton, .Mississippi,
was registered at the Delmonlco vester
,i. j. nwiiieioru, oi Mr. i.oius, was
registered at the Grand Central yester
G, It, Jones, ot Grayvlllo, Illinois,
was registered at the Grand Central yes
Good music, good refreshments, good
company, a good boat, good olllccra and
good weather (we hope) will accompany
tho Methodist excursion on Saturday
nnd tho proceeds $1 for adults nml 50
cents for children will be devoted to a
good cause
DSXX Woodstock envelopes at the
Ut'LiETlN oftlco. .: 00 per M.
The Glorious Fourth
or Tim
or Ainrrlrtiii
The Turner Society will give a grand
patriotic celebration of the coming An
niversary of American Independence nt
on the Narrow Gauge railroad, eight
miles from Cairo, on
SUNDAY, Jri.v I, 1875.
Every arrangement Is being made by
the society to make this day a memorably
patriotic one in.thc history of Cairo.
The Grove has been cleared of under
brush, a commodious dancing tloor will
bo provided, tw o Wands I lie Delta City
I omet and VS ling's string band have
been employed, refreshment stands will
bo put up, swings lor th.t children pie
pared, and every poslble care taken to
provide for the comfort and pleasure of
the iH.'ople.
A. ('. lle-lng, of Chicago, and Jolin 11.
Oborly will deliver addresses and
speeches will be made by D. T. l.lnegar,
Esq.. Harmon Black. Esq., and Judge F.
Special Train will run a follow :
Leave Cairo No. 1 at 0 a.m.: No. - at
1 1 a.m.; No. 'J at 1:15 p.m.: No. I at. 2: 15
p.m. Heturnlng No. at o p.m.
Ticket., for round trip, 50 wills; chil
dren under 12, 25 cent' for sale at P. G.
Sehuh's drug store, E. & W. lludcr's, H.
Schick's, H. .Meyer's, A. Swnboda's nnd
New York store. 7-5-:ii.
C.UKO, ll.I,., TllfllSDAY
July 1, 187.").
The weather to-day has been cloudy
and threatening rain, but the day elo-ed
leaving the country dry, and still hope
ful for a season that w 111 permit the harvest
to bo gathered. Reports of the wheat and
corn crops are very favorable, but fears
are entertained that the oat crop may
prove a partial failure; owing to the straw
laving grown so rank, and the storms
having "lodged" it, the grain mav rot as
It lays, without ripening. Particularly
this w ould lw the case should the wet
weather continue.
The rivers are very high for thU season
ot the year, but not. so high as might be
expected from the quantity of rain that
has fallen.
The market In Its dlllerent branches
still rulesqulet anddull; very little change
has occurred in '.trices. Transactions are
limited. The small vol tune of sales maybe
partly accounted for by the closlugof the
month, and the fact that dealers are hold
ing back their orders to go on a new
month's business. The outlook, we con
sider a little better, and we predict a re
Vlval lu business soon. There is certain
ly plenty of room for improvement.
ItS-Our friends should bear III mind
that tho prices here given are uwutiy lor
sales from first bauds lu round lots, in
tilling order and for broken lots It Is nec-
ess.ary to cliarge an advance over these
The market Is heavy and dragging.
Very few orders come in. Prices are
weak, and have a decided downward ten
dency. Stocks are heavy all round. We
note sales of 200 barrels XX Spring,
.?SO;:j00 barrels City. $.X2,0 7."j ; :!00
barrels, 1! ; 200 barrels good X X X
Whiter, S3 73 ; !!00 barrels, St 30(1 30.
The quantity in store I- very heavy,
and then; Is no demand at all lor any
kind at any price. Receipts are light, so
that stocks do not Increase much. Sales
were 2 ear? choice tlmuthv delivered, $17.
Receipts are generally disposed ot and
there Is not much accumulation of stocks.
The demand Is generally light. We
note some Inquiry to-day for No. 2 mixed
at quotations. Sales reported were l ear
white mixed hi sacks delivered, 80c; 1 ear
mixed hi .-acks delivered, 7le; 7 ear
white mixed in bulk on track, 7 le ; I ea
mixed lu bulk on track, OSe ; 1 car mixed
In sacks delivered, 73c; 1 car white
mixed in sacks delivered, 7!e ; 3 ears mlX'
cd in sacks delivered, 70e; It ears white in
sacks delivered, 80c ; 1 ear rejected white
In sacks delivered, 75c ; I car white mix
ed In bulk on track, 7lo;2 cars white,
and 1 ear mixed on orders sold at higher
The supply ottering Is very largo for
tho demand, and the market Is weak and
unsettled. Dealers would make large
concessions to ellect sales. Transactions
were limited to 2 ears mixed lu sacks de
livered, 00c ; 2 cars mixed In bulk on
track, 50c; 1 car mixed in sacks dellv-
The market Is dull and lower. Re
ceipts ot country meal is in excess of the
demand. City mills .seem to llnd ready
sale lor all olfercd. We note sales ot 100
barrels steam dried delivered $3 00 ; 100
barrels steam dried delivered S3 70 ; 300
barrels elty steam dried delivered $3 75.
Plenty and dull describes the condition
of this branch of tho market. Prices
are unchanged. Wo note sales of 1 ear
in sacks delivered $15 50; 2 ears In sacks
delivered $10.
Tho market Is well stocked with butter
of all grades and sales are slow. Prices
cannot bo lorccd nbove 20c on tho
choicest. We note sales of 8 packages
common Southern Illinois, 121c : 8 pack-
aires good Northern, 102Oo: 10 pack
ages choice Southern Illinois, 80c ; 4 pack
nirtfsirood Northern, 18o; 000 pound
Business Sous
And the two lots upon
Tluit well nnlflinl lliirk lloilw t tlie rornrr of
nml vitrnm rrmiinwKlullon' fin flrl flmir. and
St, block 1', upon wlilfli It Is located, lie sold at
Nntnrilny. July
for nnh tn ImiiJ 'liicre will I oM IwMca the rml elle, a dock ot Kr.vcrl,;inclii(lincm
rlilv of aitlclri ofilully uei and a lot ofl'arlor, Ilou hold and Kltrhrn nitnlmrr. too numfrtn
toilelall. , ,
A the owner Udrtcrniliif,! to wll, cvfrybrnly
The ale will I lin.lllvp and without ir-crvc.
Cairo, .nine 30, lu. .
The Original Cheap Store
142 Commercial Ave.
The Entire Stock of Ladies' and Gent's Furnishing Goods, Em
broideries and Parasols, will be Sold at Cost. Must be sold
within the next sixty days. Now is the time to obtain bargains.
This is no Advertising Dodge. Bring your money and get
value received.
Southern Illinois, 13c; IKK) pounds choice
Northern, 20c; 100 pounds Northern. 15
t?,20c. The demand is steady and the market
bare. Receipts are all taken on arrival.
Twelve cents Is the ruling price. Sales
were 800 dozen, 12c ; 500 dozen, 1213e;
TOO dozen, 12c.
There has been a steady demand for
noultrv all the week. Old liens com
mand :i 253 50, and young ciuckcus,
according to size SI 50 to $2 50. We
note sales of 10 dozen hens $:i 253 50 ;
5 coons hens S3 50 ; 3 coops young SI 50
(5)2 50 ; 2 coops hens $3 23(23 50 ; 20
j dozen young chickens $2 00(5,2 50.
Oranges, lemon and berrle are lu ac
tive demand and scarce. Prices have a
strong upward tendency. The market Is
supplied with apples by country wagons.
We note sales of I case? currents S3 ; 10
crates red rasnberries VfoG ; 15 crates
black raspberries $!K3 50; 12 boxes lem
ons $7(y7 50 ; 10 boxes oranges ?7 50 ;
10 boxes third bushel boxes apples 50c;
10 boxes lemons S7 50 ; 50 crates black
nisplierries $3.
I'urt Mil.
Allltl vr.u,
Steamer Jim Fl-k, Padueah.
" Ste. Genevieve, Vlcksbuif
Grand Tower, St. Louis.
" Shannon, Cincinnati.
Tow-boat Ed. Hobbs, St. Louis.
Ron -ccord, Ohio.
Steamer Jim Fisk, Padueah.
" Ste. Genevieve, St. Louis.
Gn'Jid Tower, Memphis.
" Shannon, New Orlean-.
Tow-boat Ed. Hobbs, Wheeling.
Hon Accord, St. LouN.
iio.vrs ni'i:.
- Jim Fisk, Padueah ; Cons. Millar,
City Chester, South ; Thompson Dean,
Cincinnati, City of Vleksburg, St. I.oul.
The river last evening was 20 feet 7
l-5.hichcs on the gauge, having risen 0
inches during the previous 21 hours. The
rivers elsewhere are reported falling.
The weather was close and sultry
yesterday, and cloudy, witli protni-e ot
rain hut evening.
Tim steamer Cons Millar, Captain
Jas. II. Pepper, is the packet for Cincin
nati this morning. She will leave this
port at 10 o'clock and go through with
i on xi:w Oltl.KAXS.
The grand steamer Thomp-on Dean,
Capt. IV. II. Miliar, will clear for Xow
Orleans during the forenoon u-morrtj;
tiifclnir passengers and Irelglit tor all
point- South.
oi:.ni:iiai. rn:.Ms,
Tho tow-boat Iku Hammltt belong
ing to the Cairo City Property Company,
wassold yesterday morning to Capt, lieu.
F. Goodwin on piiyate terms.
It appears that the report ot Capt.
Darrah's marriage was rather premature.
We are told that lie Is still an lndepcii-
dant candidate for that enviable condi
tion. .
.Mr. O. M. Hequembourg, Cairo agent
of the Cairo, Arkansas and Texas rail
road, resigned yesterday and .Mr. J. C.
Zhnuier, of Little Rock, takes his place.
Tho Cairo City nnd Philips' wharf-boats
were consolidated yestcrday,aud tho firm
Is now Halliday & Phillips. In the courfu
of a few days tho mammoth wharf-boat
heretofore belonging to J. W. Phillips A
Co., will be taken out on the ways and
overhauled, after which tho otllco of the
consolidation will bo moved upon It.
The banana artielo lu tho local col
umns of yesterday's 11ullkti.,wi11 seem
a little inpstetious to steaiubeat clerks, as
they never purchased bananas a$ New
Orleans except upon a positive order
from ,omo responsible party, and very
seldom ever then. Portent nnd bar-ketp-cm
on )camvrs an tho parties ylio try
and Ridnow
which it is situated
PonUr n,l Tirfntl Mi sln. K. with ato-moni
fRmllv rnvl.nm hIkiip. will, wllh lnt 21 anil
Auction to Uir tilghrnt bittrr, on
aim, l7.l,
who may ilo-lrenrrat barpln nhnuld attend.
to turn an honest penny by ."pur
chasing fruit at New Orleans and
selling It to dealers along the river. They
are expected to do It. It has been their
custom ever since the river was first navi
gated, and dealers along the shore have
been supplied monthly In this way at all
times. Now It may be that when a por
ter or barkeeper brings up say three or
four bunches only, that tie can get them
through without paying freight upon
them; but to say that any
larger number of bunches Is so carried
Is simply nonsense. Freight 1 charged
upon them just as upon everything else
and without respect to persons. Again,
It Is generally the bar-keeper who deals
hi fruits, and when he purchases his bar
from the boat he pays extra tor these
privileges. Then, hi the port where his
home Is located he ha the customary
taxes to pay that are usually Imposed
upon his line of business; so that he has
none of the advantages claimed by the
"Merchant," and we would say, In con
clusion, "Merchant" has none of the. ad
vantages that he would evidently so well
like to possess lor the purpose of making
a big corner on frult.
For Memphis, Vioksburg andNew
Tin- l'.iiyr, Kli'jrimt ami Fast K.M'UNtuli M-ainT
V. It. iWWvr .. Murflir
(leorge Miltrnljt-rsrr Clerk.
Will ItiivelhU port on S.VTOItOAY tnomlus,
fiuj win, mr .itn ,irirans.
For fi-rifirlit or niL44iicp nimlf ,in
liounl unit
illlior Mlmrf-lio.'il.
For Padueah, Evanavillo, Louis-
viiiu uuu uinoinnau.
Tin- F.U'frnnt rafjsenjrer Strom r
Juntos It, P.-ihmt
.. Muter.
July '.'nit
Ij. II. Itelnttr
W ill Icau- without fall mi Fill DAY
nt to o'clock n. m.
For freizlit or naasaire
apply on liounl or at
cither Uiurl'-lout.
Grand Picnic
riiilortlieimiilccs of
Ascilon Lodge Knights of Fjthiu,
Monday, July 5th.
Tho Magnificent Exclusion Steamer
U.W. DioA ..- Mater.
Will take out a uruiiit picnic party on theStlt
of July, wlilrh will lie no arranged ni to ternilii
nte In u .Moonllttlit Excursion. The excursion
Is plaiuictt cxpwsly for tlio youo? people of
the city, unit kooi! iuuhIo uu.l cverylhlnn uccf -nary
to mako the occasion I'liJoyablo will Imi pro
titled. IS-o-ttt.
Grand Picnic
SATURDAY, JUL. 3rd, 1875-
For tho Benefit of the
ihm- KMoriio win ewn kj rwaV'.
4V if
oMirmaM wui

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