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ft Knlfflitsof rytlilttn, initMcviry rri-
Hay WKII liuilaliii mm 111 tui'l"
FelloWs'lLlO. I.' K SLACK,
t'liann llur (.'omtiiiiiiiler.
Itulriiftiilrrit OnlT of (Mil-IVI-
il . . . ... . ',t. ..-... il,rl, I
'jtliiilf.iHiiM'viiii. In their linll on
Coiiitmrclnl nvmtie, lietween Milli unci Seventh
trt, .foil II Uohmax, N. U.jj
1A1UO KNCAMI'MKNT, 1. O. O. .. mu
V.lnO'il-lYllowa' Hall onlhn ItrMntul llilnl
liirmlu) In every month, nt lialf-iaet seven.
(' K Alack, 0. I'.
tt VaII(OI.OIKII:.N0.237,A.F. a a. m.
vW HoMrwtilitr aiiiiiiiiiiilcnUoii In Mil
pLjK koiiIc Hull, corner Commercial imiiiic
'onil l.lxlitli olni't, mi llu Rrcoml nnil
t.uitli Moniliiv nfi ridi month
llpinnl..PII NHi:it-nl l.oiili llri
Jln I'riill Jnrt.
:it 75 cents x?r dozen ; nil tlx' latest slylcs
In Jelly glass. Sonllng wax In largo mid
mall quantities, nt Dan'l llartmaii'-,
corner Sixth street.
PILSENER nt Louis Herbert.-.
The iT-i.irt tici -Jilp hcrctofu'c exlst'ng
nu'lcr tlic name ami stylo ol "Cliaj. M.
Howe A Co.," I' llihilny ll.nlveil.
cm. M. IIowk,
Fiiank Mown.
Natchez, Mlk.,
'I'. V Wknskl.
Natchez, Miss.
CAino, .fuly 1st, 175.
Having purebred the Interest ul S. K.
Humble Mid T. V. Wrnsel In tlic late dim
ofOhjs. -M llowciVCu. tlic liillncf of
'aid linn will hcrcaUcr be conducted under
tlio namu ami stylo of "C. M. Howe A
llro.," who will imumc all tlm liabilities of
tlio late linn. Okas. M. Hour,
7-1-Ot. FltA.NK IIOWK.
UcB'KIT.IXOIilla moit dttirioiubtr-
tmy( nt Jnetl.tVs,
'aiirrtii Wnlcr.
Genuine 0 ingress Spring water in hot.
tlf, kept on lee ami mlil lor 10 cents per
flan, 20 cents per bottle, anil ii per dozen,
at the following place : l'hll. S.nii' Con
Icctloncry ; Mcdatilcj's ami ScbubV Drug
stores, anil Loiil Jlerbert'c Restaurant.
The Saratoga Congf""' Sprlni; Water Is
put up anil (old In bottles only, to Insure Its
original strength aim medicinal propcitle...
I.oiiIh llri-l.rrl lutt laII.Si:.i:iC.
lo Cream.
Arlington lee Cream Saloon. T. Ii. Hi
ll1!, proprietor, at tlio Ailington IIoum',
on Commercial avenue, bc-t.'.een
Sixth mid Seventh, is now open
The most delicious I to Cream always on
hand. Families supplied with nuy quan
tity, and at reasonable prices. 0-lS-tf.
S7"Blg reduction In prices ol Feather
Dusters, atSchtih drug store.
To Il.nl.
A cottage on T hirteenth street, between
Washington avenue and V ahiut street.
Cl.'l-tl. Apply to Smith,
"Tin anil Hz !Ii-r.
l.anJlorJt ol botcU auU boaxdiui; ljoiies
nfll&nditto tticlr dvsDtai;c to call upon
Mr. Colemn, Laundicn-, So 12 Fourth
ftrcct, betwcoo Whlngton and Cominer
cUl avenues. Hotel ami boanllng-hoU'e
waiblni.T&ccntuperiloicu. I'oi piece vorX
prices arc an tollowt : MnKle shirt and col
Ir, 10c; per dozen 80c; ocl; fx", two col
Ian, He; two handkerchief', &c; rent 20c;
and all L'entleincu' wear, pOc. per
dozen. Ladle' drCK'f', 2.i to Wc
kklruio to 20e: drawon 10 to l.'c: two
pair hose 6cj two collar.tr to 10'. For la
.lie-' tdaln clothes fl Wiper dozen; for la
,IIp. (inn flnthes. ?1 V PCT dozen; done
draniptly, and promptlv dellcrcd. I 'a
tronagc aollcltcd.
tin la I.oiilx llrrberl'n for l'II,SI
I'urMtle Clii'iiD.
The entire outfit of tho lirsr.d Central
Hotel, with a itvo yearn' lease, and on re a
oiiablo term.. l'or particular, apply to
77-022.tr. A M. Wrtzki..
4'lirnKrTlmii Ker liiionn rtefure.
M!ion' Hcir-Seallii,' Fruit. lur at $ W)
ler doen. Extra mUhcM for Mason's
Fruit Jar, at iwnlel 1 larf man's, rorner
Sixth strcc ,V2",-1
4 UAitnr. nsfortnicnt of Alapaca Coats
from SI "0 to $'J SO, at Hartinan's, cor
ner Sixth anil C'ommeri.ial avenue.
Sutler of Iteiiionl.
The well-known barber hop, comer
I'igbth and Comiiicrcial, prcsldcil ovjr dy
the popular artlM, (ieorgo Steinlioiiso, has
removed one door north on Coramcrc'al, in
:he Grand Central Hotel. Tho new shop is
inrgo and couimodiou", and tlioe wishing
lor anything nrtlttlu In the way offj-hlon-o
linlr cuulng, smooth shaven, etc., will
.to well to call at the Grand Central Harbcr
ihop. 71-0-115-tr.
l'or Null" or Kent.
Tliu house and lot on the corner ot
Eighth and Walnut streets. For purlieu
larsapply to Mil. Ci'mminos.
iSaf-X Itag stock envelope at the Un.
t.ni. olllce, $:i 2." per M.
8-The celebrated SMuTmII, II VI I
Sew York More.
Will HcllghHa fruit Jar. during the ncasin
lower than any other homo In tbo city, mid
deliver them at your renldonee, A dl
eount will always be made to tho trade.
CHAHI.KS 0. r.VTH!ll & CO.
5o to llaitman'ii l'or Mm Navy l'taif
uel Coats worth $0 selling l'or $2 50.
llnlN, CniiN, Cliillilimr, tie.
I. Wnldcr, at the corner of Ohio Lcvcc
ami Sixth stn-et, known to some as "our
friend nt tho corner," has
slaughtered" high prices In Hats, Caps,
and Clothing. Hu Is Milling at great bar
gains a tact that makes some dealer teel
as If thoy were shot or struck by light
ning. Call on him, and price his good?,
for which he does not owo a nleklc.
KxciiniloiiN, IMciiIcn, r.tc.
Tbo good iiassengcr steamer, llannoek
City, can bo chartered lor excurMnns or
plcnlea at reasonablo rates, Apply to
0-2-lm AVai.keh & Ni;ilih.
WKDNKSDAV, .It'fiV 7, 1875.
I.ochI Wenlher Report.
OAino.lli.i.., Jul) (5, Is7r..
Witn. I Vr.i.
7 ft in
It "
2 pin.
:i,iih, ,','! i I rnir.
.Hi.ail I 1" , S. W I 1 t Klr
W'.'TJ, H . W.I " l.t. Ilnlll,
i !
ItnlliTull .01 Indies.
THOMAS .I0NK.S, f ergt. S. H IT. S. A.
Wiinlcit-A Cook,
Apply al tho Ili'Li.Ki in olllce Ininicdl-
Tim Tiivlor l.ltenmT Soclelvwlll hold
Us regular ineetlng at thu council cham
ber this evening. A lull atteudeiice of
the members l desired.
i7"Co i i Ik- circus lhisnftcriioou and
evening nnvltncs tho wonderful rld-
Ingofthi' trained dog "Jtcmemlter."
lL3S'(i to JateLtV and try his IlllLAX-
Olilt, n dtliyhtfal bcttntgt.
"Ti-iiui'cn Hill." ii well-known char-
nclcr In Mils cltv. In colillKtilV with sev
eral friends, once more adorn our city
with their prceneo. I hey arc on their
wav to St. Louis.
Moiiii-IIiIiik Xl' .
A large a-sortmcnt of ladles" suit",
latC't style, which I will sell cheap.
I). Hautman.
The Hunters.
The celebration of the Ith, by the Al
exander Hunting Club, hi the beautiful
groves hi Kentucky, opposite tills city,
Sunday, was largely attended, and an
enjoyable time was hail by all.
.'o mill Ni r Tlieiu.
The trained ponies "lie"," "Scotty"
and "Wainachula" at the elrcui this af
ternoon and night.
Tho na?eii''er train on the .Mlii-.-.lniil
Centnd railroad, wlilch should have ar
rived in this city at fifteen niinuts niter
ten o'clock. Sunday night, did not get
here until half-past eight o'clock Mon
dav morning. The delay was caused by
a switch engine that had run oil' the
Don't rail
To witness tlic thrilling bareback riding
of Walter Avinar at the eircu-. thl after
noon and night.
Attention, lliise IIiiIIihIs.
Halls and bats at cost the largest as
sortment ever brought to Cairo, which I
will sell for the next thirty days at cost.
11. Hautman.
Mr. Charles lleriiiemburg. who has
been acting ill the capacity ol gsncral
freight agent for tin- St. LouU, Iron
Mountain & Southern rnllroad al this
point, bus been appointed agent fur the
same eouipiuy nt ltlrrt's rnlnt.
rutin) .
He certain and attend the circus
afternoon unit night, and hear America's
champion Shakcspcrian jester and couile
conversationalist. Win. Aymar.
Ileil Itiisilrrrie.
Families wanting above can be -up
plied by leaving their order with
E. A. Wiii:r.r.ocK A Co.,
ft-:t-..t N'o.77 Ohio Lcvcc.
On the morning of the 5th hi'tant,
Samuel I". Wheeler. Jr., aged eight
Funeral Irom the ivideuce, corner
Eleventh and Walnut street-, at !l o'clock
a. m., Wednesday, July 7th. Train will
leave tlio foot of Tenth street for llcech
Orove Cemetery at 10 a. in.
IMm'l I'all
To witness the thrilling bareback riding
of Walter Aymarat thu circus tbl after
noon and night..
Ii. or '. Incursion.
The excursion given by the Knights of
Pythias, on the steamer Eekert, Monday,
was a very pleasant allalr. There wore
nearly three hundred people aboard the
boat on tho night trip, all of whom are
loud in their praises of the kind treat
ment they received at the hands of the
olllcers of the boat and their host.
1,000 yards grenadines in all color?,
worth 50 cents a j ard, which I will sell
for 10 cents u yard. I . H aist.man.
A correspondent complaining about tho
location of the slaughter houses, asks :
Why don't thu trustees ol the Cairo
City Property Company do this and
that," Intimating that the Trustees alone
can drive the slaughter houses to more
remote quarters. Why don't the Mayor
and City Council take this matter in
lltl'HI S 'VlWi ronlil ul,itc If, mill
ought to.
tSy.U the circus this aftei no6ii anil
night, will appear Harry Wainbold, who
performs the most daring and dllllciilt
feats on the "air volatile."
The Iillrnilil Ilxcurslon.
The ladles and gentlemen of this city
who went to Evaiisvlllo on board the
steamer Idlewlld, last Saturday, were
highly pleased with their trip. It Is said
to him' been one ot tho most onioyablo
events that has taken place for many
days. The Idlewlld arrived In hvans
vlllo according to the time speelllcd on
the programme, thereby giving the ex
cursionists a splendid opportunity to -sec
the sights" hi that city, and also ho pres
ent at tho celebration. On the trips to
and from this city, dancing was the prin
cipal amusement, nnd the merry girls
and boys tripped the light fantastic gleo
fully to the splendid iniisio furnished by
Henry Hart's oxcelleut nihistrel baud.
Tlio Idlowlld made thu return trip Irom
Evaiisvlllo to Cairo In fourteen hours.
STlio llnest article of Salad Oil al
Schuh's driife'Store.
At auction Tliur.d.iy nlghli ami Fri
day and Saturday mornings, afternoon
anil night, July Silt, Dili and 10th, the
choice collection of high-class Oil I'alut
Ings, Oil Chroniof, and EnglMi Engrav
ing, elaborately and elegantly framed,
nou onFllEEEXHIIHTION at corner
Sixth Ptrcet and Ohio Levee (White fc
(Jrccr'.s old stand.)
mam: rosinvi:, no i!i:i:uvi:.
Examine catalogues. Ladies es
pecially Invited to vlit and Inspect thl
superb gallery. L. H. Vvi'.ns.
7-7-21 Auetlonecr.
IlojV 4'lolhlllK.
I have Just received u full Hue ol
boys' clothing latc.t. .tyles which I
will sell for one-fourth of manufacturer
prices. Conic and .'en for yourelvo'. nt
"La Nina llclla" and iJnter Willie In
their thrilling exhibition on the trapeze
at the circus this nfternoon midnight.
IUII lor mi Iinporliint I.nw.
A bill Is being prepared by a gentle
man of this city making It an Indictable
(illume for a widower to "court" longer
than three months before he marries
again. Longer courtship than this par
tlcularly when it Is distributed among
females ol nil ages-from the school girl
to thu oldish woman In wig and o'forth,
Is boorish vciy iiaucatlng, and makes
the courter neglcctltil ot buslne-s and
remarked of all remarkcrs. It Is believed
the bill can be pressed to a pas-age in the
next Assembly. When it .becomes a.law,
our citizens will build fires In the streets,
shoot gnus, have both bands play, and
feel relieved of oneofthe Institutions they
desire to have put aside.
Ho certain and attend the circus tills
all 'riioon and night, and hear America's
champion Shakospnriau jester and comic
conversationalist, Win. Aymar.
all'dcscrlptions the nio-t complete as
sortment over brought to Cairo at co-t
for the next ten days. Drawer.-, Under
skirts, white and colored Shirts, Half
Ho' hi price I defy eoiniietltioii.
1). Hawma.v.
A Hup Oicr Ills liuiieltleN.
We believed, when we read It, that the
writer of the po-ter for the Alexander
Hunting Club had made a mistake in
his attempt to ridicule the Lurncrs' pic
nic, and now we know he did. -Mr. Hart-ell,
of the Oaztttr, whoa- name was
used In the po-ter, tints nips over the
knuckles the humorless writer of It:
"The po-ter-w liter of the Alexander
Hunting Club may bo "a fellow of lu-
tlnlle je-f," but we would not bank very
high on his judgment. If he in
tended, bv announcing the name of tho
editor of the Gazette as ono ot the
club's Uli ol July orator-, to be funny ;
he has uio't likely learned that his hu
mour Is heavy. If he intended, by a
u-o of other names, the owners of which
never nflectod the rostrum, to ridicule
their plentiful lack ot oratory he wa
equally unfortunate, lor, instead of rais
ing tlte laugh, at their expense, he has
invited criticism of his appreciation of
the mirthful, and his disregard of the sen
sibilities ot others, that has a-siired him,
ere this, of his mistake. He kept scores
of people away from the club's picnic
grounds, and earned the applause ot no
liody whose commendation I- wortii hav
ing." lints mill I'loiifis,
200 Ladles' Hats, latest style, all
ready trimmed; al-o a large assortment of
Artlllclal Flowers for trimming hats,
which I will sell at one-hall the whole
sale price. The above are just from New
York and ait' desirable patterns and
styles. . 1). Haui-Max.
Only .tit t'ents.
The Xew City Directory will co-t you
only 50 cents at Kobbhis' Music Hazar,
112 Commercial avenue. Every family
.should have one. 7-7-10t.
The circus company now performing
at the foot of Eighth street, though It
makes no outside show commonly
given by more pretentious organizations,
i said to be one of the mo-t interesting
entertainments now traveling. They
have n number of lino put formers, and
also a number of well educated horses
and ponies, which arc fully worth the
price of admission to sec. A Vicksburg
paper, In speaking ot the ability of tills
company, says: "Howell & Ayiner's
circus closed tho engagement hero last
night, and will leavo this morning for
Edwards' depot, where an exhibition will
be given this afternoon, and anuthcr to
night. Tlio attendance last night was
Very good, and tliu performance equal to
expectations. Tho 'Hug' efforts were
splendid and many of the acts, either
original with this company
or old one presented lit
new and attractive habiliments,
pos-cssing in a gi cater or less degree tho
charm of novelty. The clowns furnished
a budget of genuine fun inliih-provok-Ing
and fresh, and altogether the circus Is
as good as any that lias visited Vicksburg
for many year.-. A number of our citl
zeus determined to give thu Aymcr
I Ilrothers, Walter and William, a testlmo-
inai ui men l egarn, ami accordingly iney
met at tho circus, w-lien a gentleinaii se
lected for the occasion entered -the ling
between ono of thu acts, and presented
Walter Ay nicr with a line English bridle,
and Win. Aymer a beautiful whip, as a
token of their appreciation of them as
lte"Attlio circus this afternoon and
night, will appear flurry Wambold, who
performs tlio most daring and dluieull I ils "u uiau who goes lortn at nis conn
feats on tho "nir vol.nitc " 1 '.'"i 8 ''.a 1 .lo M "f111"1'': -
Los. I,
On thu Eekert excursion yesterday, a
large black, silk parasol, sword handle,
with 1111 ancient shield thereon, 'Thu
Under will confer a great favor by leav
ing thu same at this olllce or at John
It,-4I IUII.
Oneo mole Hie ha'.o ball iValerntll' nf
Cairo have cause to reel Jubilant. The
club organized for tho puiimo of giving
the hard hitler" find Mire caleliers ol
Murphvsboio by imtitelho Mlg .Muddles
a club that up until lal Monday has
never known wind ltwii"toull'enlcfeat
a friendly bonl, proved themselves mow
than a match for their, brothers ol that
hurtf. Though the day was extremely
hot, and the members of the club almost
entirely without practice, llie game play
ed by them U pronounced by those who
witnessed it to be' the best, ever played
by a Cairo club. The. tleldlngof the men
in Ibelr icspectlve positions wnscxcccd
ingly good, while at the bat, though no
unusually hard lilts were made, they
were sure and safe, thus running up a
scoru on their adversaries iinlooked lor
by themclves, as they had anticipated a
very elo-c game. The following is the
score :
.-cliurkiTi, a
K Ilciiciiiliuiirsi c
stconrt, 1 f
l'llllliH, 11 Ii
Michan, 1st b
i.iiu. vi ,
0. VV. Hciiiii-niUmrK, Sd b
Cntlfll. I'
i.. ivirkuui.-K, v i m.i
Crouiitun, p
O'Connt'll, '-(1 Ii
Itlcliunl, r f...
Si. Klrkpntrlck, e
t.lnrk, 1st Ii
I'bnriit.ir ..
Ia Klrkpatrick, an..
t'intilrf. .1 . Vt (Iitpii
Tluicorirarni-Two lioxr nml fly tnliuili".
The .SlitiiKliler lloiivi; litestloii
Mn. Eiirroi! : Willie tho trustee. of
the Cairo City Property arc adrcrtlsliig
extensively, and endeavoring to make a
favorable exhibit of the natural advan
tages', surroundings, manufactories and
industries of "our city, docs It not appear
very strange that theyshoiild omit to no
tice a branch of business so Important,
powciiul, and all pervading as that ear
ned on outside the Mississippi leveo near
Tenth street. How are the bloated bondholders-
and capitalists who aro seeking
adviuitagoiis investments to obtain the
neccs-ary information as to the location,
construction, and diabolical stlukitlvc
iies of our slaughter hoii-es and the en
terprise mamfe-tcd In keeping their suf
focating cllhivia constantly stirred up by
an cllleiciit, energetic and industrious
collection ol hog', so Unit it can bo
thoroiigly dlll'iiscd throughout thu town
and permeate our dwelling-, If thesu en
ticing attractions arc not duly set forth in
the udvcrtlenieui:r True, those who
visit our city via. Hie Narrow Gauge rail
road receive their llr-l iiiprcssions ol
our salubrious atmosphere as they p.153
these powerful generators ol villainous
Miiells, and naturally wonder at the ex
travagance of a people who allow so
much fragrance to run to waste. Why
don't the Trustees bottle a few specimen?
of the-e rare and pungent odors, and box
a few packages of such as are thick
i.nouli to cut up Into svltu junks, and
keep them In the olllce of the Cairo city
company for ..vlilbUlonV A single nltr
would decide the matter with the ino-t
wavering, and leavo nn luduiible Impres
sion or the iuiiiicu-c re-ources of the
Ejrvptiau metropolis. Coloo.m
, Tlie I'lllliut .""Itirnliyslioro.
The celebration at Murpliysboro on the
llftli was a decided success. Train- from
nearly every station along the line of the
Illinois Central and Cairo & St. Louis
railroads brought large numbers of men,
women and children, all ot whom entered
Into the festivities with a will, and made
It a day long to be remembered. The
train on the narrow gauge roadlroin this
city consisted of twelve cars crowded
with people, among whom were the
Delta City Fire Company, all of whom
went to "have a time," and they had It.
Every one seemed satlslled with the day's
doing, and went home In tho best of
Tho programme, as published in tills
paper in a former lsue, was clolely fol
lowed. The celebration was onu of the
largest of the kind that has ever taken
place lu Southern Illinois.
Tlie Cairo people wero received by tho
citizens of Murpliysboro and "conducted
to Turner Park ; here, Mr. J. P. llobnrts,
of the Southern Illinohan, made a very
happy reception speech, which was re
sponded to by Mayor Whiter of Cairo as
Mu. Si'i'AKi'is L.wnr.s and Oiixtm:
mu.n : It ha (alien to my happy lot to
respond to lliu beautiful and inagiilllcent
reception that lias u-i been given the
Firemen and citizens of Cairo whom 1
have tlio honor to represent. Such recep
tions are seldom given. Why? Hecaitsc
of their magnitude and hospitality for a
city the sl.o'ot yours. I can assure you
my heart oeii!ows with gratitude when
i ay inai i kiiow i sncaiv tne sentiments
of every Calrolte present. In behalf of
the Firemen of Cairo, allow ino to re
turn unto you their sincere thanks l'or
this ovation, trusting the dav is not fat
distant when they can roturii your kind
ness. Ma this day be ono long to be re
membered by everv Fireman and person
present ! May It unlto us hi those bonds
of brotherly lovo that no human mind or
hands can destroy.
What Is a llreman? Let till pause and
ask themselves that question. Is It thu
man who rushes to tliu llm to look on
and gazu with admiration and wonder at
the destruction of his fellow-man's prop
erty? -N'o! It Is thu man who, lu the
dead hour of tliu night, nMics from Ids
couch, rain or storm, at tliu sound of the
alarm hell, leaving, if lie has thciu, Ids
wife and sleeping Imhes to light the fell
inonstor Fire and savu his I'ellow-inau's
property. Perhaps that 111:111$ lu tho dis
charge of his duly, meets Ids death, which
Is often tho case, and Is carried to the
onco happy home, to a broken-hearted
wife and weeping babes. Oh 1 inv
.1. in , '1 .1. .. . ..
iiiuuus, inu mu unit iieaiu 01 11 urciuau 111
tho dischargu of Ids duty might well ho
' said "Is a warrior's death," us much so
iicar tins in mum, ami wiicu tlio me
man asks for help, spare not your charity,
but give with a liberal hand, for hu
who is a llreniau Is one of God's noblest
works a man of uoblo heart, generous
Impulses, and onu who .saeiillees his own
happiness for thu welfare and cJiifety of
Ids fellow-man. As-lst such men by all
means : eniintenaiieu them upon all occa
sions, thereby encouraging them to light
llir baltles more unc-fr-alnlli thai rhri
have cnibarki tl to battle with.
Mav llils hlcelltii' ofllrnmou from illl-
fei ineiil sections or Southern Illinois re
sult In a permanent bcneilt to. tu all,
hoping nnd trusting we will often meet
together in the same Irlendly spirit as we
do this day. In behalf of those llieinen
left behind, I would say, their ah-Viieo Is
not the wish ot their hearts they were
all desirous of being here, nut the citi
zens oi miro count spare no lnnrooi men
protector." from their home-. All compan
ies have n representation on tills ground
to-dav, united under oil" ncaii ami
one company, lu ueiiail ot tno-eiire-inenlefr
behind, allow me to return their
sincere thanks l'or yourklnd Invitation to
be present at im- ccicoration, aim in con
clusion let tun not only return you (he
thanks ol the llremcii prc.-cnt, but the
ciilcns ofCaho for tills kind reception,
trusting It will not be long before we
will have the opportunity to reciprocate
the kind treatment we have received and
will receive this day.
Again. Mr. Speaker, allow mo In be
hall ofthoeitlzens of Cairo, one r.nd all,
to tender you the thanks, with their
kindest regard' to the citizens ol -Murpliysboro
for their future welfare and
tsSTGo to the circus tills afternoon ai.d
evening nnd witness tlio wonderlid rid
Ingot the trained dog "Hemcnibei'."
The following resolutions explain them
selves :
Sti:ami:u Iih.kw im, July !. 1575.
At a ineetlng of Fourth of July excur
sionists (and "country folks") held on
board, the following resolutions wen
iiiuiulniosly adopted :
Ke.iotr.ed, That we hereby tender our
heartfelt thanks to that jolly good fellow
and prince of gentlemen, D. O. Fowler,
master; Ed. Thomas mid Sid Hum
phreys, clerks of the steamer Idlewlld,
lor their kind attention and gentlemanly
conduct during our trip to Evaiisville.
llnotved, That we vote the Idlewlld a
Jolly craft, unsurpas-eil for sliced or coin
fort, and cheerfully recommend her.
under her present management, to thu fa
vorable consideration ot all would-be ex-cur-lonists
to the "Salt Licks" of Kvnn--vllle,
or "any otle r place."
Jl'sohnt, That wo are largely indebted
to Capt. Uoll, the elegant steward of the
boat, for his marked attention to tlio vo
racious iiece.-sltles ot tlie Inner man (and
wom.V'i, and assure him that nllhoiiL-h
"lot to 'ght' he Is "to memory dear.'
Ue.irtd, That we had a good time
.'cnerally, and only regret the brcitv of
Hie trip.
lefilvfd. That tlio iiewsiiancr.s ol
Cairo, Hvausvlllc, Columbus and Jack
son be requested to publish tlie lorego
lug resolutions."
.Mrs. L. K. Wnrdner, Mrs. Win. H. (.;recu.
' .1. U. Jlarinaii, " .V Linton,
' J. W. Steele, " J. P. Page, .
F. C. Owaihnoy, " C. Cunningham,
' c. W. Henderson, " John Sproat,
' J. 11. Metealf, " J. II. Harper.
-Miss May Ilaruiau, Mis I!, lzzie Steele,
Miss II. I. Steele, Miss Carrie !'. Hiiiil.
Mis Ilettle Parker. -Miss -Minnie llelv.
M I -s A ma Davis Miss Ilatlio Sprout.
Mis M. Jackson. Miss Minnie Snroat.
Miss F. Moore, Mi-s Hiec,
.Mis Toodles Sproat.
J. o. Haruiau, II. C. Hughes.
Cumilii'diam, Win. LluUcr.
C. W. Henderson, John P. llelcv,
loiiu Sproat. II. Ilauminal.
J. Walker, It. M. Monroe.
.1. Moore. IS. w. wiiitakor.
Power Ilely. 11. Harrcll,
W. W. Pope, W. Tonllleu,
W. Mile", Thus. Wilson,
A. l'.ready. -M. llynian,
J. 11. Harper.
Letter Hit.
Li-t ot letters remaining uncalled lor
In the Po-t Otllco at Cairo, Illinois, Satur
day, July 3, 1S75.
lambs' list.
Hooker hiia, m,u,,s i.i0.-
Crowthcrs Annie, Callahan bate.
hdmerson Mary,
Harris Annie,
Heymaii Frances,
Murphy Lou,
Randolph .Maggie,
Hammon Hell,
Hancr .Marl her,
MeQuarlecS.iry -V
Quluii Mollle;
Scott -Mrs. H.J.,
White Elizabeth.
Taylor Molly,
Wilson Julia,
ii:.vn.i:Mi:xs Ltsr.
Armstrong C. W., ilird D.,
llarnum Dcun!. lloyer Moses,
Hartlett S. S., Courtney Win. IL,
Conner Tom,' Dickson A. It..
Dickey -Milton. Ellis Tho.., (a.)
Finch A. D., Hcrltz .las. ii.,
HabelM..!., Harrington Michael.,
Kachllnu Peter. Mitchel J. 11.,
-Miller S. M., .McDonald Will.
Nussbauui E. Payne Toney,
P.ico Geo., Huberts John, (2)
Stewart John, Sniallcy John,
Saver Patrick M. Swank Silas.
Taylor Elijah. Vandorbllt 1). ).
Washington Chas., Worrel (1. W.,
Winbuin Peter, Weaver Win.,
Woodriill -Mr.
Por-on calling for tho above letters
will piea-e sav "Advertised."
Gi:o. W. McKn.ua, P.M.
C.uiai, III., Titsdav Evuxinu, 1
July 0,1875.
Owing to our absence from the city,
Monday, celebrating tho "glorious
Fourth," we were unable to issue our
Price Current on'timc; but as the day
was natrlotleallv observed by most of
our business men, wo know they will ex
cuse us for likewise participating In the
festivities ol the occasion.
The weather has been excessively hoi
foi tliu past week, but an occasional ruin
falls to the great relief of those w hoso bus
Inn. s keeps tlieiu 011 the street. A Jo
lent ralli and wind storm occurred here
Sunday night, but did no damage beyond
tearing tho roofs oil' of one or two build
ings. Thu markets generally remain about
the same ai last report. Tho Hour mar
ket Is dull and overstocked 011 all grades.
There Is no demand for hay, with plenty
in store. Rejected corn Is unsaleable,
with considerable 011 the market. The
oat market Is Hat ; very Utile demand bid
the supply Is equal to It. Tho hot weath
er Is very uulavorablo lot- butter. It
takes but 21 hours lo give it the appear
ance of having been im baud two weeks.
Tho demand is very light, and tho re
ceipts aro fallllng oil. Chickens ate uol
very plentiful, and lliu demand Is only
moderate. Tho demand for eggs ex
ceeds the supply ; all that eomo lu are
sold at tho highest quotations. Olhiv ar
ticles are quoted below.
CQJ-Our ftiends should bear hi inltid
that thu prices here given are usually for
sales from first hands In round lots. In
lllllng orders and for broken lots It is nee-
Valuable Property
BuftineatHouM and X-Uaidra.09
And tho two lots upon which it is situated
I hut m il llnl'liisl Itriek House at tlie rnrnrr nfPonlar and TwciiIIfIIi Iit-u nlih .in.tnni
"i"1!.!" ok" . z?fflhCSl, i2."v h"X ?mSs. i.ovc ?wfii ; Mm
-t H1..0K I.', upon uhlrlt It is localisl, tio hoM hi Auction to tlic highest bittrr, on
s.iiturlity, Jul lsr3t
fur rash in Imnd Tlicie MI Ik sold IxMoMIip r-.l csIm. . ,ii.f i,.i.ii .
rletyor arllc.es or.lnlly -,., and a lot f Pnrlnr, lln.S&?U
t.nlro,. lime SO, ls7". UINAI.IJO UIATjCKl
The Original Cheap Store
142 Commercial Ave.
Tho Entire Stock of Ladies' and Gent's Furnishing Goods, Em
broiderios and Parasols, will be Sold at Cost. Must be sold
within tiie next sixty days. Now is the time to obtain bargains.
This is no Advertising Dodge. Bring your money and get
value received.
csary to charge an advance over these
There is no change to nolo lu this sta
ple. Tlie market .'ill remains dull and
overstocked on all grades. Wo nolo
sales of 100 barrels $1 750 75; 200 bar
rots .-(, 75 ; 250 barrels SWi 50; 100
barrels f rr, S 25 ; 200 barrels XXX sjirlng
I 75.
There is 110 ehango to nolo in this mar
ket. There is considerable In store, but
no demand. Sales ol .1 car choice mixed,
$17 ; 1 ear choice mixed, $1C ; 1 car choice
mixed, $10.
I'he demand for white corn Is fair, but
rejected Is unsaleable, with a good deal
011 the market. Sales were 2 ears Xo. 2
white mixed In bulk, 7:!c; 1 car Xo. 2
mixed hi bulk, CSc; t cars Xo. 'i mixed.
75c ; 3 car No. 2 white, SOo ; 1 cars Xo. 2
white, 70c.
upplv Is equal to the demand,
which Is limited. Sales were 2 ears dc.
livcred 05c; I ear mixed 02c; I car mixed
In bulk 51e.
Thu demand for meal Is good ;''00 bar
rels city steam dried sold tit $3 701 75 5
200 barrels steam dried Stf 00: 100 leir
rels steam dried $.'1 00.
Tlio only sales wo heard of wero 2 cars,
per ton, ?ic.'l ,ari S(.
The hot weather has a bad ellcct on
butter. Tho demand is limited, and re
ceipts are falling off, but enough comes
in lo meet the wants of buyers. Sales
were 10 palls Southern Illinois 12(rd5c;
10 palls Southern Illinois 1267,180; 12 tubs
Northern 11(5)200; 200 pounds choice
Northern 20c; 200 pounds Southern Illi
nois lSe ; 200 pounds do. 15e; 100 pounds
do. lOo; 50 pounds do. 15e.
Tho demand exceeds tho supply, and
what few come in llud ready sale at tho
highest quotations. Sales were200do7.cn,
12()13e ; 000 dozen, ll12e ; -J cases, 1 le.
Demand good, but very few coming In.
Sales wero 2 coops old,- S3 50c ; 1 coop
young, 82 50; 50 dozen young, $22 50;
10 dozen old hens, $3 50; 5 coops young,
?2 50.
Thu demand is good and receipts find
ready sale. Sales of 10 crates raspberries
$.103.50; 10 crates do. $22.25; 7 crates
red do $5 O ; 10 crates black do $3.50
S.I 10
Potatoes are coming hi freely, and Hud
ready sale at good figures. We note
sales of 100 budiels peach blows 05e ; 200
bit'liels now peach blows I0l5o ; 500
bushels choice new 15c.
I'oi't 1. 1st.
Steamer .Mm Fi-k, Padueah.
" I'tah, Cincinnati.
Chas. -Morgan, New Orleans.
Idlewlld, Evaiisville.
City of Chester, St. Louis.
Tow-boat Grand Lake No. 2, St. LouN
" E. M. Norton, Memphis.
Steamer Jim Fl-k, Padueah.
" Utah, St. Louis.
Chas. Morgan, Cincinnati,
" Idlewlld, Hvaiisvlllo.
City of Chester, St. LouN.
Tow-boat Grand Lake No. 2, N. O.
" Atlantic, St. Louis.
" E. M. Norton.
Jim Fisk, Padueah; Vint Shlukle,
Cincinnati ; llliiuarck, City of Vicksburg,
St. Louis.
llllt .MKMCIIIS.
Thu 1 steamer 'das. D. Parker, Capt.
It. W. Wise, will bo tho packet for Mem
phis on Thursday evening,
The weather was owcdlngly hot on
Monday and yesterday until 4 o'clock p.
111. Since that hour, storms have been
passing round the city, which cooled the
air very much. At dark there was every
Indication that a terrible storm would
visit lis before morning.
(ii:.T.i:.u. ITKMS.
Capt. R. W. Dugan and Capt. Fred
Davis leave l'or a short business trip to
Cincinnati to-day.
Thu llelle Slucveport is coming from
New Orleans with 250 tons 30 cabin nnd
25 deck passengers.
'The Mary Houston's time from New
Orleans to this port was 4 days and 13
hours, Including all stoppages.
The excursions 011 the T. F. Eckcrt
on Saturday, Monday and Monday even.
lug were all largely patronized md very
much enjoyed.
The Monday excursion of tlic Eek
ert terminated at Caledonia, ami the party
spcut several hours rambling over the
hills lu that vicinity. Capt. Dugan got
lost lu a cornfield and fell away 20 pounds
iwmie miming ins way oiu. jie minus
I 11 . 1 t .. l.t. 1 At.
111:11. :i cin iinum is liiu iiulli.sl uwlui hi nil
'The Idlewlld returned yesterday
morning with the excursion party which
left for Evaiisville on Saturday night.
On the trip every state-room was taken,
unit Jici olllcers were compelled to hang
themselves up on hooks or occupy cots
while trying to catch a llttlo sleep be
tween dances.
Halllday & Phillips' big wharf-boat
was taken to -Mound City by the tugs
Cache atu Montauk on Monday evening.
It was wonderful to sec tho easo with
w hich they shoved the monster through
tho water. Shu will bo overhauled at
Mound City, and return hi about three
or four weeks.
The Transfer steamer Junius S. -Morgan,
built by the Howards at .rellerson-
vllle, Indiana, for the Cairo & Viiieennes
and Cairo, Arkansas & Texas roads, ar
rived Monday. She Is a duplicate of the
H. S. McComb and looks exactly like
her. She Is substantially built, has great
power, and will be able to hold her own
against any icu that she may have to con
tend with.
Tlio Vicksburg Herald of last Satur
day says : "Tho number of bales of cot
ton re-shlppcd from the mouth ol White
river during thu season now closing Is
19,350 bales. Last year it was 31,75S
bales, and tho year before 18,003 bales.
Of that reshlpped during the past season,
15,750 bales went to Now Oaleans, 0,300
being out of tlte Arkansas river, and
0,381 from White river; 2,123 bales were
shipped to .Memphis and 115 to St. Louis.
Last year the crop was about two-thirds
ol'a full 0110 lu the Whlto and Arkausas
valleys. Xext year it is expected that
30,000 bales will bu rc-s,hlppcd from the
same "point.
"Will UKI.lirMNT,J(IVl 'fffi"' J
STATIONS. 1,QW WAltll, .n.si..
rr. nt. t. ix.
l'lttsbuw - 0 J
Clnciiiiiuti ........ II t XI
LoiiUvlllo 7 a A .1
hi. Louts H x
1'Olt 51 IIJIl'III.
Tin Kli'saiit fiisscngcr Stunner
It V. Wisi: . - Miuitcr.
I,. M. Kelsoc. ... Cli-rk.
Wilt lmt e for the nbov c anil ull Wny- polutu on
l or IVcIs'M or iiiwi'i apjuy
on board or it
Unllilny I'hlliriii' wlurt
1 iuri .iioiit
bouts, C-'ja-at.
Corns-Miil Dully by K. M. Sti-nrim, commltilon
inervlmiit, bnrvtmy of the Calm itoanl ol
Flour, acconlhiK to grade.... $1 07 M
lAllu, iiuaci, inrisiM,MjM,.,
Corn, white, sucked
Outs, mlxnt
T ... , I
lirun, per ion...
Meal, tteani ilrleil...
in ixr
4.1 70
Iluttvr. cholort Northern
liutur.clioloo Bouttwrn 111.
r.KKn, per uoxea....
Cliickens, per ilozeii.
turuyi, pernoieji.
1'oUtoe, per twrrel -
Ouion4. pw brret--
-'Uerrleji, per crt...-.. -
Strawberries ier crttt ".

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