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The Cairo bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1872-1878, July 09, 1875, Image 3

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btlUhU ilf Frlhll! IliKNeVtir t ji
iUy hlrbt.At lulOfli'b 'tvinr m Oild vl
7 t:
. I til I L H SUCK.
iri.ftr.lloi ($nimr.Ji r.
W.UVA.NDKTt JODlir., NO -.'.'I.
InJH.ctulent Oiib-r lI, Odd-ril-
R lows, ntttti i-ti'rr 'lliuifl.iy ninM
ut liair-luit atiltu. In their linll i,m
I oiiilinrflsl nututr, rlwi-'i Mxlh arid Hc-w-iitli
.tr-n.i ,lwiill Uomvvh, . ll.
CtAIIIO l;NCAMIli:NT, 1 O. O. 1',, imvlA
in Oilil-d-VIIoli'i' Hull on Die Ihrtnml .third
l'lii'ln) In rtrry month, lit htdr-IMM M-riti.
; k suck, c .r,
ca i ho r.onfir;. No. 237, a ,v. a- a. m.
Ilolil iiiru Inr notiiinnii nilluiii In Jl-
w'iiuu mill, corner i.uuiiii'-ii'i.u nicnilt
' r inml l!lirhlh Mli.-f. nil II. i. ti-rv.nil tifwl
iiirlh Momlat of Mich iii'inlli.
lKllrniiis..I,II.SI,,.M:it-Ji l.iiol Hi i.
;lui I'm 1 1 .fart,
at 75 tents per dozen t nil thi' l.ib-i iy,o
In Jolly glt.ss Scaling wax in Inrgo nmj,
small quantities nt I ).in"l I turtutnti
corner Sixth street.
I'll.sCN'Ci: til Loui ll. rlvri--.
- - -
The i:n-pailrie'rldp lirretoTiiri ll:nn
iimlcr the name anil ( J Itt nt . "i;ii:it. JI.'
itowv.t Co.," t 1V1H dar'ilV.nlved.'
, ,. i'iia. M. Ilnwi:,
I'iiam. linn v..
, - . - 4. P.JU'Mltl.1'.
Nlt'che, Mb"".,
T.V Witxar.i.'
N'n.elle, Jls
cm no, Ju'y ut, itr.
Having pureh iwd Ui tti(ni "nt H,
Kufhbla slid T. V. W nkut In 1 he lab
o Clm. M I In wo A' the ltulileM of
ald firm wilt herea ler pondui'tcd unite r
the name anil 'tybt r "-'. M. -Howe A
' llro.," w to will .itiitw all ill ' llblliil.
the late I'rin. G'Has M. Mown,
;. fit. I'm.Mv llwvc.
,1. 1,.
rsaqr -it JotcM'.
CuiiCrt'st (Vntt'r.
iitniniio C 'Dgr-w Spring wtlr m bjt'
te', l.fp' on Ice and Rt !or v'0 m Pr
WceM per lloifl, Miti ,In"ii,
at the foUswInu pinre 1'lnl Snip' ( mi.
ioctioncry ; Mi.Oaiili)'- iA clu.h'i l):Mg
tore, and 1. nl- Jkr!i-' tetmii:,ut.
The isanitofe' CoiiijrM" 'I 'lus Wn'. i h
lint up andiiold In bottlr- only, to In ure It.
riflnnl itrcutb mul uicilirlr.ai jirnj rtli.
I.iihN Ifxrlierl Im-TlM I.SK.VI'lt.
Iro Oram
Arlington Ii.x Cream Saloon, 'I'. 15. Kl
"i proprietor, at Uiu Aillninn Hoiie,'
on CoinuUTclnl flvi'mi'-, Im-lhtii
tWUi and Sovtiitli, U now opf-n.
The tnOMdelldoiu Ire f.Yimn alwy on
li.iml. raiidlle. jiippliitl with any 0.11.111.
tity, and at rcanonalo prim r. tMMf.
tSIII ivductlon In p7lu- of I't-atlii-r
fuitcrj, at .Stlnih's drii'ton'.
To Itrlit,
A voltage on 'llilrt'itlli 'tti'ft.)vt.i-n
WasllluKlon nvenup mul Wnlnut.ircut.
d-i:t-tt. Apply to Hit. Smi ri.
tin niul f.tz li.r.
ll.illoril ot hottU and ho.irdlng 'jou-c-will
lluillt to their zilviiU'iu-e UMMtll upon
.Mr', f.'olcmin, lnuiidre", Xo t2 Koiirth
street, bctivctn Wellington :inil i;onitnci
rial ivoiuc-. llolil anil Im.ilillnS'hiusp
v.ililiit',7ric'ntpiTd(idi. I'ot pIiTiiMork
prlcf- arc a folluw : Single "liltt and cp
jr, Vk: pr dnen oi'k t : tv.o ri
inr, fx-; twi) haii'lkpri libf, :: vetlt Uk-;
and nil gentlemen' near, s"c. per
lozcn. I.adli' drciJC', '2' t'j rOc;
'klrt 10 to 20c; drawuru 10 to l.'c; two
j.alr lioso Ci;; two collar 0 to UV. Kor la
illc' plain :lclhoi $1 W pur dozen; tor la-dlc-i
fine ilothc, 'i per iloznn; ilonu
ilrsuiptly, awd proinptlv dtdiurcd. I "a
troupe tollclteil.
4io to I.ihiIh llvrliprrt for IMISi:.
SIM. '
I'ur .Mill' 'lmsii.
The entire outfit of the (iMiid l ontral
Hotel, with a llvu )pii-' lease, and 011 rcas
onahlo torn:-. 1'or partlcularii, apply to I
77-C-2J IT. Vm. Wr.Tsr..
t'lirnpprTlum Hiionn Ilrloi-p
MaonV HvIf-KvalliiK Fruit. liir.-atl W
liordocn. Kxtra rubbtrii for Ma-on'i
Fruit Jars at Panb l Wnrtinan'.-. rorner
.Sixth MrocU ''-"'I'
Almctl' ( oiiIh.
A L.nct: assortment of Alpa( oats
lioui ?l 00 to S'2 n0. ai llnrtmajjj, ror
ncr .Sixth an 1 t.'oninicrrlal awiine.
Xolli'P of Itcmoviil.
The well known burlier hopToi in-r
Kiglitli and Cwmcroi.il, pn-ldud ov.-r tiy
Ihe popular artM, (Jeorgo Stelnliouie, lias
ri'inovcd one dnor north on i otnmero'al, in
.he firand Central Hotel. The new shop U
argo and vomm idl"iif, and thofo w'slilng
lor anyhlng article m the way of Ci-Mim-j'jIb
hair cm ling, smooth ylmwf, it-., will
.lo well to call at the Oraml Cent rid Uarber
diop. "l-'l-IS-tf.
!' NlO' ' ItBH
Tim hoii-o and lot on the cornir ot
Eighth and Walnut utiwts. lorparticu
law apply lo Mir, t'rjniiso.
UFiyX. sdoekoiivi'lopo at the I'.u.
i.uiik otllcu, 2.1 per M.
tiSr'rir. etuimu'd sehnu Mir.w.ir-
KHi: 1UUUI ill JatektV.
Go 10 narttmiu's for 77ir A'dio I'tun
hH Coats worth SO-selling: for ?L M.
lints, fops, Clolliliii;, ,Vc.
I, Wnlilor, at tho corner of Ohio Lew
and Sixth Mtcct, knuwnto soiiio m "our
friend nt tho corlit'r," has
.-liiughtcml" hhjh prlw5 hi Unix, Caps
mid Clothing, lie U wiling nt great bar
gains, n faut that make tome ilealtr. tecl
iid If they were hhot or struck by light
ning. Call on him, and price UN goods,
for whleh he does not owe .1 nlek.
ItiMtiircil Italcx.
Wo will take, at tho i-t, Charles Hotel,
iluriui; tho sumnier mont lis, 50 ilny boarderf,
at W per uionth, mul 50 hoarders Willi cool,
iilens iut rooms on tho unicr lloor. at S0
nor month. At this extremely low rate,
nono but promptly paying boardem will bo
nccopted, Jcwtrr Wii.cox & Co.,
SM-SS-lm. I'roprlotori).
tfflXX Wood stock envelopes nt tho
Hm.i.KTi.N' ofllco, $3 00 per M.
TfilDAY, Jl J. 11, te.75.
I.0111I U cu I lie r Itr-fiorl.
. .. ' , ' 'Aiiiili.i.,.tnlyf, IsIS.
Hah. I The. I Wivn
7 a in
S. V.
i It
1 IIOMA8 .lO.NKH, hi-rgtgS. S.U. S. A.
Council .Mi'i'Miiir.
4V11 ndjouriicd inci ting of the city fa
ther will bo held at the Council CJinui
hrr thl evening.
' That If. ofl. i:.rnriliiM,
I'roiuJ'ieiuturtrillake weleariithat the
excuwfon gh'cii by the iCulghl of
I'ythlH 011 lionnl the teami;r Kekert. 011
the'timr, cle.iri d for lllo boat mid Knight-
tngothi'riVefbiic iriinilred dollar.
I'.'cliirp More.
The new alt gallery, opened nt Ihe cor
ner nl Suli Mrcet and Ohio luvee ye-ter-
day iiinriilug. wa- vliited by ninny ot our
iMaipIe diitjiig the iliy. 'I'he collection
of picture to he i'iiiii'iiI therr' i iiiiu-ally
largf? mul line, nndtlioie ulm tool, a look
nt them expn.'.-Mil their adinli-iitlou In
ilattPrlng ti'rin
tierTlio ilnct arllele
Sebiiir driigstort4.
ofSnlail (ill at
. Siuoll l'o III Anna.
' 1'mnj 11 ltter n-rviveil by f'lili f of I'o
IbK1 WltlirtliM, llom II. Toh r.e'ity inar
,hnl of Atiiin, we learn that Ihe iinnll
po in thai p' u-i-1 f i-t ih ing iui. tliero
iK-ing finh iuo i.i-r-- in the town .if pres
ent, botii oi)?Jiiri nrev-eioaleiiWii. Mr.
roletv'tliliil.-f tliiTtriij"ii wi ek or'teii days
,tlii,dlKan' ivlll haveVntlrc lyillsapiieare .
I'ullre mil ls.
'I hi- only in iln- pJH' iiiiiii,
yaterd.iy, wn- that of .fame- Ouvnll.
wh'ivnar vd ,y ofllecrSciiii-ter for
IrtingtlriinU 11.' w as taken bnfore.lndve
Hroy, who tiiicdrhlin two dollar
co;t, and sent him to jail for
bruise hp eoilldu't .pay. .
v 1 'nmi tu Itnllil
yeriij ofour eitlcns, have yxpreed
their' de1i'To build hoiiiie ui this city
during the pre.ent juniti)er, but owing to
the exl'ting lire limits law. they w ill not
undertake to build, fur the reason that
they want to erct irame house, while
thc.snid law -ay - br'n U. or -"tone, or no
Allenliuii, ll.i .iUisl.
V.nlU and batsnt en-t the largest as
ortment ever brought t.vf niro, which I
will 'll Tor the n t thirty day at eot.
" - . rA 1). II M1T.US.
A '.Volpit isiifclnr.
heiIll'Stcvenon, ot lloekport. Indi
ana, arrived in . tins city yciteruay on
bo.nd t!i slvfliuer ('ll v of Helena, with a
noted Imlraila hurglar In tharge. The
prisoner bail lieen eouilnwl In ihe llock
Kirt juil Inr l oiiiliiittiiig oine oiitin-.'e nt
that plape, mid in .-oiile way had man
aged to break out. He went to Mem
phis, where HicriJf SfeeiiH)u arrested
him The two let t Cairo yt-tenlay aftcr
110011 for I'adiu.'Ab on boiml tho ilcmncr
liui Fi-k, Iroiu whenw they will go to
I.'iKikpoit by rail.
1,(KK) yard-, grenadines in all odor.-,
worth "0 cents a ard, w hich 1 will -ell
for 10 cent a yard. P. II utrws v.
I'uiieriil .Milico-
Tiled, yesterday, Lflen Augusta Gor
man, infant daughter of Timothy and
Annie Cormau, aged 11 months. The
funeral will take, place from the residence
of her parents oii Twenty-lirst street,
near Walnut, at !l o'clock, and proceed
from there to iit. l'atriek'-i cliurch at 10
o'clock. A epeelal tram will leave the
foot ofKlghth itieet to carry the leinalus
to Villa Itldge. Friends and acquaint
ances un respeettiilly Invited to attend.
, Iiiiiroi'!iieiils.
The line hriek building (.11 tin- c.irui'r
nf rourteentlM-treet anil Washington nv
einie, now liiou'rjeof ( justruelloii. mul
ownrd by Mr. J.' lL,J'hilllps, N Hut ni
jiroaehlng completion. The building Is
a paelou and convenient one, mid will
lie u-ed for a bu-liies house when linisli
ed. Mr. Phillips will, up doubl, realize
iivcry appropilato mid de-erving divi
dend from Hie building for the cnlerprl-e
he hai di-played iji erecting It.
;"!Iia ijinei' .
Caskets and retallle Cases,
Wilcox's block, at 'he lowcM pilco.
V rmiif.
Iii yesterday inornlng'Ris-ucwosiated
thai Dink Grace, whoso nanio appeared
In the police reports, had been lined nud
sent to jallfor non-payment., Mr. Gtaco
made ids appearance at th! ollleo early
yesterday morning, and requested us to
state that he had not been sent to Jail, but
that lils ilue was paid mid ho Is -till at
From Mayor Whiter we learn thai
White, Wells it Company, agents for the
foreign lnFuranco' companies at this place,
nro the only parlies who have complied
with thoiluinund o the iiuthortIe& of this
city to pay over to the city .treasurer two
per cent, of tho earning of 'foreign Insur
ance, companies transacting hii8hic,s hi
this city, according to ihe law, Thee-.
gentlemen have responded to thu require
ment of (ho law, having handed to the'
treasurer S'i 1 'J I, tho amount being two;
per cent of their .gross earnings, within
the time named by law for which they
should pay a porcsntago, Tho only: loss
the foreign companies have suflercrf, for
wi wm theso gcjiticini'ii act us ngenU, was
hi the burning of tho cottage owned by
Mm, Fields, on the lOlli of March, which
claim was paid over to her on tho HUH
of May.
1. tVcdJHim
I he.iIctliodiU diuniii vVa
Il.llb Ll 1
a wedrtlriif fad ,t,ii, iU- ocrttrACtin
IIIQ V".ut. w.
p4iHfS.bA.gMr. (il..-. il.iflfcwtsftr,
, . ! 5. T. . 1 1 1 .. '
aomciirii( pft t a nciK in luirnooK.nnu
stutloimrv f"ta1j)tslnni?iit ofV?. R. Itoek -
woll. find M12 Alice AVfnnn. The roio
raouy'wd iicrformriiUby tli.- ittv. Mr.
Wfillir, ftt lilrti? n'tlprk,!!!! the prepiico
of n titirhli?'r of 'tlie Iflciiihnnd acquaint
aiiee o the lirtdu'.nnl groniii,
all ilecrlpllons the most complete, n
fiortihcnt over brought to Cairo nt eot
for the next (on days. I irnwcrx, Tnder
sklrts white mid colored .Shlrt., llulf
IIot In jirlec I tlclV competition,
The I'nrk its n Nlierp I'nsture.
A gentleman of this city akcd of the
Council ut (he hot meeting, that St.
.Mary's Turk, as It was in a very poorand
uiicared for condition, be tented to him
for a sheep p.iitiiv. The Coun
cil refio.cd lo allow it to be
rented (or Mich 11 purpov. The
I'ii lie ought to be improved, and the prof
its, derived iroin a iior-e for, gotten up
011 :i smnll capital, would makeall the re
pairs needed lo make it 11 pluciftf henuty
and pleasure.
llll.lS lollllllK,
I have just received a full line ol
boys' clothing Intel lyle, which I
will sell for one-iiiiirth of manufacturer's
price. tunc mid sec for yoiir-clves, nl
' . . 'I lie firi-u.
Howell nud Ayinnr'-' cveclh ut i irem
eoiiipnuy gave another exhlblilou to t J
people of this eily yesterday exiling.
The tiotqio throughout i TVi(!tluly one'
of the h'jnt we have ever seen. They iftr
form all tho iI-o( to he een In the v.iil
out other traveling coneeniPOf this kind,
mid' add many ncw.flnd .striking feature.
whleh nro nor witnessed In any other en
tertainment. The company is very highly
praised by the people of (J'.uro who have
'seen thciii, and they will, we have no
teason to ddtibt, receive inu.:h better jut
ronage trom our people II I hey diould
see (It to visit Cairo again.
List night the people of Cairo gave
them a complimentary beiii-lit. and Ihe
company was greeted with a good audi
ence. I his afternoon and cvcnln? the
company will give performances for the
beiiclit of Sr. Mary's Turk, and tlw net
proceeds of Ihe two entcilainineii'ts. Will
)x: turned ovtr to Ihe eitv lor tin; bcneilt
of that institution. Wc hope this object
and tlie excellent performances; of the
clrcii- will bring (tut a goodly number of
our people.
IIiiIh mul l'liirein.
200 Ladle,' Hats laie-t -tvle. all
ready trimmed; alson large assortment of
Aitlllclal I lowers for trimming hats,
which I will s, llut one-halt the wliolc--ale
price. 'Che nhovo nro just from New
York ami are de-hablo pattern- and
''.vie-. 1). 1I.i:tmn.
About the I. ('. Ituiul.
KuiTon ltLi.i.i:fi,v: Mir .StV Kull.
Kseds and their actions n,nm to have con
siderable prominence in the general ton
ics of the day and notably .so in Cairo.
Following the bent of ttm popular mind,
I too have something to say in regard to
some actions of the Illinois" Central rail
road. Tliis road has eubli-hed thtlr
tracks on l.evce street, not becauso of
any right to do so, hut through permis
sion from those who control that right of
way. .Such being the eaEo, having no
right therein, this corporation, itseeinto
me, to retain this privilege, should not
abiiao it should not try to impose upon
the public. This road for a weekor there
abouts has been using one ot the track
on Levee street, between Sixth nud
LIglitli streets, as a yard a train of
eiiijiij suru iiavuig oeeu -Manning mere
for the above length of time, much to tho
discomfort of tho people doing business
in that block.
It is about time that the cltlens were
beginning to have something to say in
regard to the purpose? to which the
streets of the city should be put to, and
tills thing of the Illinois Central railroad
eonipany standing .einpty ears on a pub
lie street for days at a time U getting
"too thin," when, if they were loaded,
and It would be u convenience to tho
consignee. to have them put down on
this track, It would be accommodating
too much and would not bo done. In
conclusion, I would say that we would
like to see those ears removed and kept
removed. Wc give timely warning, and
shall hack up our warnings with meas
ures thai will induce this company lo
have some respect for the feelings and
Interests of the cltlens.
Vour.s, truly, Citi.kx.
Only .10 (Vnls.
The Xew City Directory will ciw you
only ."0 cents at 1'obblns" Music llazar,
II 2 Commercial avenue.- Kvery laiuily
should have one. 7-7-10t.
On Ilrmijflil.
Wo desire to call particular attention to
our method of having the Kxeclslor
Water on draught, from our block-tin
lined reservoirs or barrels, (Lawrence's
Patent, Nov. 5, 18(17.)
Tho water is conveyed from Urn Kxecl
slor .spring into tho reservoirs by its own
hydrostatic pressure, in .such a way as to
retain all Hie caiinnlc add gas, which ex
ists In the water naturally,
Tho Kxeclslor Water Is shipped from
Saratoga hi theso gas-tight reservoirs,
lined wlth puro block tin, ami Is forced
out from them nt our counter, prccl-oly
rnsft'Uow'$ Irnm the Sprlng,. -L
- For flvo'yeare wo Have driwif tlifi eel
cbraled water, cold jmd'parkllng,! with
constantly"'iniTcas1ng ilcinaiid." Price 10
ccnls per glass, or in llcketb for one dol
lar. In bottles at S2,i!," per dozen,
Wo, also have Congress Spring Water,
in bottles only, at 20 cents per bottle, or
S'2 per dozen, should any one prefer it.
HtltCLAY linos.,
"I Ohio Levee.
Tbt TrtJUr I.llcr.-J ) tficlpiy
The Talor Lltefary Society hotil tteir
, fogulnr monthly meeting t tL council
" nwineei
Inrr frrtm lirtrlnil ntf til nm ni nix. r,l
- ? 2 r v, . 1 ; , .
1 wwuaUiiterotr nud wr!j .utfcnilcit ty
the inrmber of trie ornlntlon. 'J'Jfo
, w olllWJ circtcu.ni tne infe!injr pre
vioii, were intaucu, ana several new
member tnktn Into Ihe society. The ex
erches began with a debate, the ques
tion being: "Hooked, That railioad
li-aiisiers anil inclines at this point are
lnjurioiir to (lie coimncrelal Interests of
Cairo," with W. Q. McOechi tlionlllrnia
tlveaud II. IL Mllbiiru in tho negative.
The question, niter n warm debato bo
(ween the two gentlemen,' was decided
In favor of (ho negative. N". W.
Hacker then recited the familiar poem,
"Tho Haven," by l'oe. W. (J. McGce
was next, with u select rendhig. Vl'he
.Society then listened to an original 'ora
tion, delivered by Mr. Ldwaid-Thellcke,
entitled "Tho Hlshig Gcntralioii," whleh
was pronounced the llnc-t cllott heard
ninco the organisation of the och ty
loini swald closed the eenlugV exe
. ... , , . . .... . t
ci'cs wuii :i iieciniuatioii. l iiu iiiiilUin
for debate at the next meeting,
will be held thcllM Wnlncday h
gu-i, is, "jidotrtn. i nat mere i-n
luiv Mxi-tence."
ItJiop Hull.
The .lack-on County .V.r, hi :p .iking
of the game of haw ball played at Mur
physlmrn on the fifth between the Cairo
ami .Miirpliy-lioro elub, s.iyv "TheCnlio
nine got away with our boys, the score
being 11 1 to 1 1. While our boys were de
feated Iiuu-t be acknowledged that they
played under advene circumstance, onlv
a jinrtlon of our first nim Jjelnp nble to
play, and the limited practice which thcy
iind and the serious accident to our
I'llteln r were dlllicullic over which we
had no control. We are eonlldent that
our boys can get away with them, with
a, little practice. We found tho Cairo
boys- to be perfect entleiucn, and in con
sequence thereof do not feel core oer our
defeat." 1
While wc agiVewlth the Urn. in ihe be
lief that the Murphyboro club can play
better game tlun that of the itfth, we
do not believe iliat they hac the "sand''
to defeat the Cairo club. In the question
of practice, wo are quite sure tho Mur-
physhoro club had miieh dhe advantage
of the Calio Ikivs, ns the latter club, as is
well known to all hi this city, never
played a gain- together until tht-y ap
peared on the grounds at Murphysboro
to enter the conte-t. When they play
their Murphysboro fi lends tho return
game, which will lake place In this city
hi about thrre weeks, odr'boys will show
tlicin that they nre good for n much bet
ter game than that of the fifth.
(Icrirr.tl IIoiiim.
Diiddle I'.oyd was untried Wednesday
evening of lat week to Miss Mnlkey.
daughter of Judge Mulkey, of Cairo.
OirlinrllU Ilnyulr'ti:
l lie .Sun say OtierlyV oration at
Murpbysboro'lsalicivy institution, nnd
that smei the days ot lUackstonc. Kent
and Mar-bal, no such document ha been
given to the w orld. Davis ts a .sarcastic
fellow, ni well as uo of Inllnlto jest
Whenever the lawyer who make siig
gestioii to him fs ready to tackle
heavy In-tltutioii. let him go hi.
The .S ay we are a wl'er, a big
ger and w ill be a better mail. We are wis
er than once we were, bigger than before
we took to beer, and will be better no
no doubt, hut bcttcrnass which is n new
word will come to no one because he
read the Sun, a reservoir lilted with
nothing by a very good sort ot Innocent
Howell A Ayinar's clieu- will give a
benclit ibis evening to St. Mary's Park.
'fills I tho bet circus that ever exhibited
hi Cairo. One of the great features of
the benclit will be the trained ass of the
Sun. Ho is gentle, and c.iu ho led by Ills
nose without a ling In it ; will bray when
told, and In tho precise tone indicated.
He can bo backed without dllliculty. One
of hi, tricksis to get up on his hind feet
and then get down again.
The Park for a sheep pasture: It
wont do. The ground was presented to
tlie. city to be tiied a a park, bheep pas
ture! Where Is the man with soul o
diad he never to hlni-elf has said, I'll
brain the man who dares lo say the
park to sheep we'll give away. Are
to become pastoral eiis.-es. and let
city decay Into a lann? Sheep In
only park wo have Isa yinptotu of (Iran-geri-nt
we do not like.
A correspondent ays Ihe people
have given tin-right of way over the top
of Ohio Levco (o the Illinois Central.
Tho road obtained Its right to tho Levco
by building the levee. It I true tho Cen
tral thould not use the Levee forthe pur
pose ol storing empty cars, hut wo re
member that twice the merchants of the
levee having succeeded hi driving cars
from tho Luvcn petitioned to have their
own work undone. Some people don't
know what they do want.
llolel SNm'miuiiIn.
The following named persons were
registered at tho St. Charles ye-terday :
E. G. Lclgliley, Mas.-illon, Ohio; C.
Dulle, Falrlleld, Illinois ; D. II. lakel
and family, South Carlton, Ify.; George
Cairns, Cincinnati ; John A. ' Harpham,
Memphis; S. A. Hoiven, Memphis; .lames
F. McGrath, Kansas; II. Ilrown, Haiti
more; G. G. Wlllard, Chicago; K. M.
Gerdenberg, .New York; .Innies. F.
Shautoy, St. Louis;. I. p. Pollock, Illi
nois; .1. A. Haney, KvansNille; P. Mat
tocks and sitter, Louisiana ; James S.
Mathews, Louisiana; J. F. Tucker, Chi
cago ; Mrs Jlmec llonds and family, .lef
ferson, Texas.
Among tin) arrivals at the Planters'
yesterday, were : I'lchard Wllliehn, St.
Loui : T. N". Todd, Kentucky: G. W.
Williams, Joncsboro ; Harry Horn, In
dianapolis ; II. A. Loudon, Indianapolis ;
1 Hoffman, Cincinnati; A. Johnson,
Texas ; A. J. PIckrcll, Anna.
We take the following names of arri
vals from theregistcrat tho Deliuonlco :
J. M. Gill and con, Murpiiysboro ; II, P.
Morlng, Canton, Mississippi, and W.
Thompson and wife, of Chicago.
At the Grand Central we tind regis
tered A . J U&llei bur?
W Smurp, Chicago ; T. h'ocnlK.
arid wifc, Columbia-, IlllnoUrA, C Da.
tle:cu Villa Itldgo; John Johnson, Nivr
Jersey '
Ctino, h I..', Tiu'nsn.iY I'.vr.w.vo,
- , duly 8, 1S7S. t
Tlie weather olnco the advent of 'July
has kept mi even leni)cratitre Hint may
be de'crlbcd ns "rod hot.'' Liut night
was cool oml pleasant, but to-day has
shown no variation from the high tem
perature that ha prevailed every day for
tlie past week.
Ilii.-luess is remarkably dull in nil its
branches and more particularly is this
dullness experienced iimong commission
There is nothing at all doing to speak
ol Ingrain, hay, Hour or any other of
the IcaiUng branches of this market.
Tran eact Ions from llrst hands are very
)ltnitr)d and the order trade ban dropped
down to almost nothing: what is still
more discouraging there Is nothing tolu
dleatua revival In business soon.
In hay there 1 nothing nt all doing;
warehouse nre full and iioiiewanlcd.
The same nearly can beald of oat, al
though stocks are considered small.
Iteeeiiitot corn are light hid ate moie
than ll. demand requires, Itutier is ovcr-stoeke-'
and all on hand Is becoming
damaged by Ihe bol Heather. l.Veelpts
of cgg, alo young-chlckcns. ilnd rcaijy
sale, leaving no surplus on the' market.
In provisions bams are plenty and quiet,
but clear sides and .shoulders an.- m-iuco
and in demand. Flour and inenl are
very ibill. wnW and declining.
FLO I 15.
fa-Our friends should hear in mind.
that'Hie pi ices here given me mmally (or
ale-- from lir :t hands hi round lots. In
tilling orders and for broki u lot" it i nec
essary to charge sin advance over the.-,'
The market 1' llteles. Vcty lew or
ders come in, and there Is scarcely any
thing doing In s-nles from ift hands.
Transactions-, since our last issue, cover
ing three days.' bushiesi will not, all told,
exceed four hundred barren per day.
Prices arc weak and iiii-culed. Sales
were 10) barrels XXX spring ?l 7.'. ; :!(ki
barrels on orders 31 ; inn bands
on orders So&G 2.1 ; 200 barrels city $1 50
(7 :,0; 100 barrels ?t 7.K20 M: lOObar-
rel l(?0 25; 200 barrels .N spilny
?l 75: 100 barrels ? I S.Vgt).
liccolpts are light but wntehouses are
all lull and there U none selling, except
hi a verv small order way. Prices are
nominal. The only sale wc have to re
port fromtlrst hands Is 1 car choice Tim
othy delivered $17.
The market is dull but prices nro un
changed. The demand K small but re
ceipts nre light, and there Is no present
prospect for a decline. In figures. We note
sales ot 2 cars mixed In sacks delivered
71c; 1 ear rejected mixed, In bulk on
(rack C'3c; 2 cars w hile hi sacks delivered
!),iT,s(ic: rie:iip wJilhv in sack delivered
The sujqily oll'eriug is not large, but
there h no demand at nil. Trices hold
firm at previous iuotittous. We note
sales of 1 ear in racks delivered (''ie: 2
ear in bull: 011 (rack 63n.
The tiuiikei Is very dull and pri 'cs on
country meal are wean, mm lending
downward. City meal Is quoted In de
mand at 10$$15c higher than country j.
We note sales of 100 barrels country steam
dried, ?a 00 ; 100 barrels country steam
dried, delivered, ?3 OOgsl (15; 300 barrels
eitv steam dried delivered. S3 70:! 75.
Plenty ottering nud no buyer. Prices
are nominally unchanged. The mills
hold nt S1G17 111 filling orders. Wc note
sales ol 1 car In sacks delivered, $10.
The maikct ts overstocked and very
(pilot.. All 011 baud is becoming dam
aged by the hot weather. Sales are slow
at 20 cents for the choicest and freshest
receipts of Northern, and 15 cents for
Southern lllluoi. We note sale of 200
pounds Soutlicrn.llllnols, 15c; 5(H) pounds
eholce Northern, lf.20o; 200 pounds
Southern ltlhiol, l-JWe ; 100 pounds
choice Southern Illinois, 15folii; 200
lb, choice Southern III., ISc; -1 package
good Northern, 15e; II packages choice
Souths.'ii Illinois 15lSe; I tubs choice
Northern 20e.
The market is bare and demand active.
Kecolpt are all taken at quotations, and
fall short of the demand. We note -ales
of 500 dozen, 121olHo; 200 dozen. 12e;
100 dor.cn, 1 Ic ; 100 doen, 1 le.
Tin r Is no surplus on the market.
Pi lees aro 111 iner 011 poultry ihanoii any
other article; been no variation tor sev
eaal weeks'. Young chicken- aro hi good
demand mid searcu. We note sales of
00 doen. young S22 50 ; 10 dozen
young $1 752 00; I coops old hens
$:t 25Gi: 50.
Fit FIT.
lurries are in good demand and scarce.
Prices aro linn and tending upward. He
eeipts are too llj-ht for tho wants ot tlie
market. Lemons are quiet and eay
since (ho Fourth. We note sales of 50
crates raspberries $lw;i 50; 25 third bush
el boxos peaches SI ; 15 boxes lemons
$S; 10 crates black raspberries Sle)l 50;
15 crates red raspberries i?.'ib
Tho market rules steady and demand
active tor shoulder, and clear sides.
OtioUitlons in round lots from tlr-t hands
arc Do on nhoiilder-sand 13c on clear sides.
ibiiiniiruiilentviind nulct. Sales were
2.000 pounds plain hams, 12C)13e; 3,000
pound, clear slues, 1J1Jic
Mneii mid Nlriuv IIhIm,
Largo assortment of boys' and
mens1 linen and straw lints at one-Half
tho original cost. Now is tho tlmo to
buy bargains ut llartman's, corner Sixth
and Commercial nvoime.
V lW X 111 1 MHfT.TF
, "OR SALE - !
B. 1F mad SUsicUttM
BUin0H0Ulbw oh It Is .ituat.d
And tho twoots upon wfii.
i inn nen iniiiiii-ii jinn: nollpai inc rornn-ii rUi niulTwiMidtlu
nnil Ktlnoii ficwmtnoilatliinsnii firct Door, and f.Vsi 1 r2l,fen n kitc
-'-, block 1J, nj.on ivtncli It IslocalcJ. I.u toH a Auct&ta ,1 it hklifiTbUwr. i
Miliiril.ty, July UlM, 175,
fiirrali In lintel TIk-io Will be soil bol-los tinned tltatc.n etoek of irortrlet .'Inclsdlnif a . B
toC.ie'.a,lUr " us0' 6ni1 " 101 ' nrIo, 1,OUKl,oUl ar-J KltcUnnSSlfufi. tw mnmimt
Alhenws,riiU-lirinlnHlti,tcll,crerTl))(ly who niay ittlr grtat lmri(o feould 4.
the (ulcw III leiio!live and without rcstne. ' tttNALlw BlAXtlU. .
Cairo, Jnug u, 1 75 oB-tS!
142 Commercial Ave.
Tho Entire Stock of Ladle.' and Gent's Furnishing Goods, Em
broideries and Parnsols, vm bo Sold at Cost. Must be sold
within tho next sixty days. Now is tho time to obtain bargains.
This is no Advertising od(o. Bring your money and get
value received.
rii'liir( Hite America
At thencr.LnTtx bindery Is! nunib.rs.
bound In two volumes, ejllt mor-roceo-
co.f .ft; for sale nt $10.
Jlfuia MrliiAri.
Thl pleasant .Summer Itcsoit is now open
f"r vUllors. 'riir Springs are the iluet
Clnlybcate water, and ro situated In a
hcautlrul boech j;Me, near roiaantlo
stream with high rocky banks. The sprint;
aro h ilf-wwy batwien Vh-niia itnl (iul
conda, nnd e.in he reached by hack from
either ot Ihose place". 1!. W. fllviNs,
June 2J. 1375. O-'il-'.w.
Obstacles to Marriage.
Happy relief for young men Ir m the cf
(ecu of error and abunes In c.nly life.
Manhood restored. Impediment to mar
ri iro removed. Suv.' method ot trcalinunt,
New ami rcmnrkabli! 'remedies, hooks
and circuHvs sent (rce, In scaled envelopes
N. Mnth street, Philadelphia, Pa. ati Insti
tution having a high reputation for honor
al le canduct and pioleienal 'kill.
-l r,-nill,
lliiedir lilsnitree
um to the treatment of all ilicaief, from tho
mllik-tt ailment to the detdlic't rpldoinlc,
hilt tho fact that the '.'alKornl.i Vinegar
UliirtF U coiujiiiiiiua maladies widen Iive
ilelled tho faculty, ret ders lbc vrofu-s-
'fnnal d llereiic s ( f Utile coiiifnucnao.
White J)y-prpn, Clout, Itheunutiiiii, Uri
nary Compl dots IJIiiious.iuss, Nrons
Dlsahllltlts, and a Idf-oi'dcr. not organic,
aro otil.teratod t.y thli niatc'iless vesotnblo
time ami alterative, who caros for opin
ion S 0-18-dis.-lw.
liet the lies.
Dr. Sdli Arnold's Cou'h Killer tlio
urcat eradleator le- ad lunn dicaus a su
perior remoil toall other medlctucs yet
discovered, in s w-ra eases. It Is r. uie.
quick, nud perb-etly safe remedy lor
coiujhs, eokU, sore t .runt, '-vhoiiplngough
jroup, and all dlsna'es of the tin oat and
Inn--, ito ail (Hcd, 25 amUiO eentandt.
Any bottlu tint dooi not kIno relief tn-iy be
icturiiCMl, andttio money will ho relundcd.
Dr. .Ssth Arnold's fJlari liu-:i Hals tin 2.5 nud
V) cent i. Hcinemlier It Is warramcd. Ar
r.old's till loin Mandrake Pill, operating
..Ittioiit dU-Knes nnJ. luiit. Cuiiiiioui dud
by Dr. sicth Xrnohl's 3ledkal Oor)oratl n,
Wconsockct, It. I. Sold by I'.iul (l.s'chuh,
dro-K'-t, Cairo, II!. SJ-l.S.'i-Oni.
I'M.Sr.M:!'. ol l.unl-. Herbert's.
iiiinp itniiH orr.vei'.v oimi-i iiiun
1'or .Sale.
A siller plated No. 0 IVI'son Shuttle ."'ow
ing .Machine, tuud iplanu) flnUh, valued at
h:i. Will he Knld at $.0 discount, on eood
terms, and ordered direct from Ihe facto! y.
A No. It Wllsuil ihutlle Sewing Jlachinu
valued at i-75. Will be -old at $15 iIImk 'lilt
aad ordared direct frrm thnlai'iory.
Foi: sam:.
A ifOO lteinlnyton cowing .Maehhif-TlO
oil" lor cadi. .Suitable for tailor or boot and
shoe mamilaeturer.
POlt SA1.H.
At a bargain, and on good tonus a Uowe
tjowlng .Miichliio. ytay bo seen at the Com
pany's ollleo, corner Niuth street mul Com
uicrcl d.
"I'k.titr.''quo AuiprleV 13
bound in 2 volumes, full dt
price, 10, 11 T.
Moroeco ,
FOlt SALU. v
ABiyU"i:," "Clouh, Warren .V. Co.'"
Parlor Orjjan, rltfht from tho fiwtory at I)
trull. I.l.t price, $30i. Will he sold for
A now two-liomo linmhliJ v.i;ou,
Kor auy of tho. above, article, upply at
tho DULtKTlN oUife, K. A. UuuNKTr.
Nouictbliig Xew,
A largo nortment of ladles' stilts,
latest style, which I will sell cheap.
T). Habtma.v.
" '"Mi' w!u tot-rooM
i.wun iou 21
Cheap Store
I'ort IMI.
Steamer Jim FIsk, Paducab.
' Vint Shlnkle, Cincinnati.
City of icena, Vcksburg.
J. D. Parker, Cincinnati.
.Steamer Jim Fisk, Paducab.
" Vint Shlnkle, Now Orleans.
" City ot Helena, St. Louis.
J. I). Parker, Memphis.
iioats DIIK.
.rim FUk, Paducab; Capitol City, St.
nivr.tl AND WHATHEU.
Tho river last evening was 30 fict 0
and 3-5 Inches on the gauge, taavlnglieea
on a stand-still during the prclou4 a
Hours. Tho Mississippi 1 rising rapidly
at St. Louis, from the. great swell In th
Missouri. It had about reached lU
grcalc-t Height at lloonyllle evening be
fore last. However, nud It Is thought the
river will come to n stand-still to-day nt
St. Louis. A swell Is now reported In
ilui iiiuw,- Mii.ii.iunl. but its probabls
magnitude Is nut yet known.
'I .ie weather was delightful, yester
day, but was grow ing a little warm to
wards evening.
It is said that Mr. A. L. Jiyland, Ibr
meriy river editor of Hie St. Louis Dinio
cnit, has received the appointment ot
ganger for the Internal Revenue district
of Si. Louis. His Income will be aliout
S1GC per inontbf-which Is something bet
ter than river reporting, though much
more hazardous.
Ni ally everyday tho New Orleans
papers contain accounts of tho death or
hairbreadth escapes of persons who tall
Into the river through some of the nu
merous holes In their sadly neglected
wharves. One would think such oc.
eurrcuccs would bocoir.c monotonous by
and by.
The J. D. Parker, with considerable
damaged freight from her lato mishap
on the Falls, parsed South yesterday and
will return on Monday. Captain
J. D. Harpham, inspectors and adjuster
for the marine board of underwriters at
Memphis, Tennessee, and Captain Sam.
Uoweu, agent of the Home Insurant
company at Memphis, met the Parker nt
this point. They are interested hi Hor
damaged cargo to some extent.
Kvan-jvlllo Courier, July 7: Any ono
wishing a -ood bargain In a low water
boat, should read the advertisement of
Captain Hugo, who offers the T. N. MU
ler I 'or sale, price and terms reasonable.
The cabin frame work of tho New llap
idan begins to show ami will be hurried
to complciJoii or Mr. John Thompson,
fes builder, by the tlmo her machinery
and other work U ready.
iiiiyp imp. i
IT. IM. IT. Of.
l'ilt-buru 8 D X a
C'liieililinU II O OO
l.liUl-Vlllc SO -
.Vd-hvlllv j
m. i-mu I n n x l
j t'orrrctiil Dully by K. M. Siearus, eommfsftoM
nirrehnnt. Sivrvtarv of the Cairo Hoanl am
Flour, according to Knule.
Corn, mixul, ark(sl.
Corn, white, sacked
Unlit, iiuxiii w
uruii, 1IT ion
Jlnil, (team dried
lltitttr, choice Northern
Uuttcr,chulcc Souiiivrn 111,
Kcff. ecrduii-n
ChicVi-ai. tier dozm
Turkey, iH-rdoirn.,
llllignn. Jr uam-i
I'll rrlw per rratc
Strawliwiik lir crate
irfmlpulfr. f1'
JJ UUtrlct Court of die L'tillut ataw, g.
Snutlitni UliltlClul llliaoi. in !"".-"mv
mM lit Public aJJ.lo to. W.'"1Sl
thi followlnifdeiirlbrf proi'r!,K:j)'fwj
HMVMI. . ,
i tit
a w
- '2!

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