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a , ,a-, - - -
U ''"UiJlR.iMO1
I. OMS&X.Y, Editor.
AtJnrnrH Wwtlng Tlierrnf.
Ciino, Iti..,.1yl, is-
rrcMiit-Hls Honor, Mayor inter,
and Aldermen HixllMay, Miii'".r,
llS lVirkcr, IMtler. Ulttcho lnl?-
tlcwood nml ttVfc'lit-'
The fbllowhv o'"co was placed
PonItiiScM.. n;!..llng,aml on mot on
of AMonrw" llalllday adopted by the
following vote:
Ayes Halllday, Lancaster, NcllU,
Parker, Patter, Itlttenliouse, Thistle
wood and Wright 9.
Air OBIHNASCE to amend Section numlierijl
10 (ten), elMrn (II) and li !) f Ordi
nance numbered 7 (f ren) . , . ... f
Be it ordained by the city council of the cll or
BrcTioHl. That Sections mimlitrrd 10 (ten),
11 (eleven) and 14 (twelve) of Ordlnsucc nuni
lrot 7 HRn) , t amended eo u to read as fol-
,08to.lo.' It ehall not t lawful for niicr
sonorprtsons within the city of Cairo to keep
or ue In any saloon, restaurant, eating house,
hotel or other place, of tnlllc rcsart.n billiard
table, pool table, bagatelle or plReon hole table,
or anv other table or Implement kept or used
for almllar purpose, or pin alley or eliootlntf
rallerr. without first having obta
Ithout first having obtained license.
Her. 11.
Ilefore UeiiM- shall bu 'granted to
nw inlfmnt fur lcemliiir o
or using nuiiuani,
pool, bagatelle or tuition noie lame, or pin ni
ler orahootinit gallery, he shall pay to the city
treasurer the foltowinf sums ir nunnni, xlz :
tor n billiard or pool table or other tables lent
or UMd for a similar purnose' twenty-tire dor
ian t for a bagatelle or pigeon holejtable.or other
tables kept or used for similar piirpo'e. ten
dollars for a pin alley, or shooting gallery
twenty-Ore dollars and the applicant shall be
required to specify the houses where such bil
liard, pool, bagtelle or pigeonhole table or other
Ublca kept and used for a similar txirjwiso, pin
alley or Miootlng gallery 1 t P or lt.
Hc 1' An, ncraon faillmr to tuke out n
license for'a bllfiard Uble,ool table,lmgatelle or
pigeon hole table or oilier tames or implements
kept or used for aslmlar purpose, pin alley or
shooting gallery, shall for each and every day
IK snail aeep or use sucu uiinam, ioi, iuw-
ttle n nlirmn hole table, or other tables or I 111
ntements Vent or used for a similar imrnosc. pin
allty or (booting gallery .without having license
tberelor, forfeit and pay to the city a sum
not less than live dollars nor more than fifty
The report of F. llross, police magls
tratc, for tho month of May was prcscn
ted and read, and on motion ol Alder
man WrlEht anproveu ana placed on
In compliance with a request of the
Council the following special report of .1
J. Bird, police magistrate, showing the
number of executions in the hands ol
oflleera, was presented and read, and on
moUon of Alderman llalllday referred to
the Finance Committee.
SPECIAL ItErOKT OF J. J. 1.1111).
To the Mayor and City Council of the City of
uairo, Illinois;
The undersigned, Police Magistrate in
and lor said city, begs leave to report for
two years enuitig .nine j, as 101
lows, to-wlt :
June 30, 1873, Geo. Kyan, arrested by
Cain; iincu f r, unpaiu.
July 11. 1873, UatUo King, arrested by
Martin: lined $5; niipaM.
July 11, 1873. Pter llrowu, arrested by
11..,. J...IS.M...U
dam nil iiiici 9 uiiLititut
July 17, 1873, William Grey, arrested
by (Join ; linen ; unpaid.
August 22, 1873, James Orange, arrest
ed by Martin : fined $5 ; unpaid.
August 22, 1873, James Orange, arrest
ed by Martin ; lined $10; unpaid.
August 23, 1873, Thomas Freeman, ar
rested by Martin ; lined $.") ; unpaid.
Sept, 1, 1S73, Mitch Johnson, arrested
by Martin ; fined $5 ; unpaid.
Sept.-!. ia7X-Mltol ...foiisun. nrrcs ted
Sept. 1, 1873, Mitcli Johnson, nrrested
by Martin ; lined $3 ; unpaid.
i JP;!1,187.?' St,ui'S Aiiselmnii, arreted
by McIIale : lined S3 ; unpaid.
Sept 1. 1873, Phillip 1aiigl;, arrested
bv Martin; fined $5 jitiipahir "
Sept. 30. 1873. Ifobert Stokes, tffested
by Cain ; lined So; unpaid.
Oct. 6. 183, ThomuB lloinu, arrested
bv Martin and Helm; fined $1; unpaid.
"Oct. 18, 1873, PatCutnau, arrested by
Mcllalc ; lined $5 ; ttnnald.
Nov. 6, 1873, Geo. Ooger, nrre3ted by
McIIale; fined $5; unpaid.
Novell, 183. Mrs. Hagarty, nrn" ted
Dy Cain ; lined j; unpaid.
Jan. 0, 187i, Anna Davis, arrested by
Martin ; fined $5 ; unpaid.
Jan. 0, 1874, Ann Grey, arrested by
Martin ; fined $5 ; unpaid.
Jan. 12, 1874, James T. Allen, arrested
oy uiauney ; nnen so ; unpalil.
Jan. 14, 1874, Dixie Harrison, arVested
by Martin ; fined 5 ; unpaid.
Jan. 10, 1874. Mary Lewis, arrested by
Martin ; fined $5 : unpaid.
Jau. 10, 1874, Carle Koehler, arrested
by Martin : fined So : unpaid.
March 10, 1874, Dan Fitzgerald arrest-
eu y jicMiita; tiucu j ; unpaid.
March 27, 1S74, Geo. James, arrested
by Martin ; fined $1 ; uiinaid.
March 27, 1871, John ltady, arrested
by Martin", fined $2 ; unpaid.
March 20, 1874, Kliza Suitor, arrested
by Lalluc ; lined $5 ; unpaid.
May 4, 1874, William Scott, arrested by
Blllingsly ; lined $5 ; utipjiid.
May 11, 1874, Thomas Coone, arrested
by Gladnev; fined ?10; unpaid.
June 4. 1874, Nancy Scott, arrested by
Martin ; lined f 15 ; unpaid.
June 0, 1874. Martha CoJhnan, arrested
by Gladney jflncd $5; unpaid.
June 20, 1874, Stephen Hudson, arrest
ed by Gladney; fined $5; paid $2 30.
June 20, 1874, James Stobol, arrested
by Gladney ; lined $6 ; iiaid $2.
, June.29, 1874, Jack Adams, arrested
by Gladney; fluKi$5. paid SI 10.
dury-i, IH7I, mil Casey, arrciictJ by
McNulta; fined $5; unpaid.
July 11, 1874, Julia Stratum, arrested
by Martin; fined $5; unpaid.
July 10, 1874, Richmond Kl)lti?on, ar
rested by MuNulta ; lined $5 ; uup.dd.
July 20, 1874, Atnoa Amount, arrested
by Shoehan ; fined $5 ; unpaid.
August 10, 1874, Lou Smith, arrested
Atigujt 10, 1874,Molllo linrns, arrested
by Sheelian ; fined $10 ; unpaid.
August 10, 1874, Emily Anderson, ar
rested by Sheehan ; fined SO ; unpaid.
August 29, 1874, Plummer Martin, ar
rested by Gladney ; lined $5 ; unpaid.
August 20, 1874, Samuel ltouudtree.
arrested by Gladney; fined $:.; paid
$2 00.
, V'h l87i Samuel Clark, arrested
by Gladney ; fined $15 ; unpaid.
by BlUlng sly , fined 5 ; unpaid.
Oct 21, 1874, James Scott, arrested by
Gladney ; tlued 5 ; paid $1 40.
nii 29 ls74J A,"i'c Davis, arrested by
NeV' ""W & 5 unpaid. ' '
Ja.lO,i875,WlTlii!H M- . ,
lif OkdM ; fined t?i!nt "rested
Jan. 10, 1875, lender 5S2;,
by Gtadney : fined $5 ; unpaid' urrested
JB. 18, 1878, Jobo llrowii . ,
byi Olgdwy fluid f 1 ; unpaid ' nfchU,d
aPBb.ia,.l870, F. Goebil, arrested i
Wooteo ; fined 16 ; unpaid. ,,y
Wnl'clij or
tvtnl by GlmlntvV l llnwl $3t pnW 91 fy
Mnrch li IST'l, Mnri- I It tutor, nrtvted
by Oladnev; tined$.i; pnlil ?i- ,
.March l," 197. .Mnwl'Iloto.i,nrrestei
bv Ulatlncy : lined $" 1 iini! , ,
JMalil.MeTa, Klvlrti fe es, arro.Med
bv Oladney : fined I,1'".?
"April l:i. 187". 'M,I,'J Siilllvnn, iirru.it
cd by Mclinlo: f)t unpaid.
Slav b ,',"1! Hovard,;nrre!led
hv Olai'" ' I,nwl " Mtijwld.
Jfnj'' Manerva llnrly, nrreited
fly Mi line : titled $." ; unpaid.
jtav 20, 187", Harriet Handy, nrre.it rd
dy Lit Hup; lined S3: unpaid.
Mnv 28. 1875. Kit Mason, arrested by
Oladney; lined $5; unpaid. ,
Total amount oi executions ? .h uu
I'nld on Fame 1 1 SO
Unpaid 3:u 20
(lentletnen, I sitbnill the above report
In compliance with it resolution of tho
Cliv Council, requesting the Police; Mag
istrates to report all executions in the
hands of olllcurs.
ltcspecttully submitted,
.loux.l. lliitn, P. M.
The Heport of .Ino. Clancy, city jailer,
was presented and read and on motion ot
Alderman lllttenhousc, approved.
Iteportofll. F. Ulakc, city treasurer,
for tho mouth of June, was read, and on
motion of Alderman Wright approved
and ordered placed on tile
Tho report of tho city comptroller
lor 13 months, ending April 30th, 1875,
was presented and read, and on motion
of Alderman llalllday approved and or
dered to be placed on tile and published
with the proceedings, and tho clerk au
thorized t have a number of copies of
the same printed for the utc of the
Statement of receipts and evpcnilltiirers of the
ltyofCulro, Illinois from April 1st, Wi, to
April 30tli, 1S7S :
Ilalancc in hamls of treas
urer. Aurll ). lH.t
l.tiTI 13
lleccivl iioni taxes cid-
lected account yinr ii.
218 W
Iteceiveii irom taxes eoi
lected account vear ISM 3'J.rdl
lleceiveii rnim taxes coi-
lecteil account ear lSi t
is.oii! 3;
i;,1m3 :,:
2,t.V. M
2,l() 1)1
1,107 r.2
li 7"'
21 Ml
12.'. ft",
, oo
4 OH
lleceUeil from llcenc...
Heceived lrom iioiicc
lteccncd from smi'lal
sidewalk tax
Heceived from special as
sessment gravel loan
tax -
Ilecelvctlfrom dog tax...
Heceived irom poll tax . .
necivi irom ciiv sraiea
Itecelved Irom sale ltooks
Itccclved from conOitca-
tl property
Itecelved from circuit
clerks.tl lie collected
HcceUcd lrom sale old
Total UeiTlpIs ,t,iji
Totil in Tieatury during 13nionlh. . 1,ti2
Oily kcrip cancelled and
puni inciiiiiing iiucresi ih,"Jj :
Interest Ixurlnij city or
ders, irlucJial and In- .
terest 2, IV, 7U
Interest paid out general
Interest hind lii.Ol in
Interest paid out Fox,
Howard ft Co., lntereit
fund 8,2)0 no
Interest paid out Cairo .x
.St. Louis U.lt. interest
fund 3,120 fi
I'uiil account gmcl road,
Ohio levee loan 101 II
I'nld account hospltul
fund 3'J sl
llonds paid and cancelled
from redemption fund 8,2'J7
Total amount paid. ..
llalance in
Gen'l Int. fund
Apr. 3(1, 1S7S... 2,02 M
Fox, Howanl A
Co., lut. fund,
Apr. 30, trtS... 1,1S0 73
(ravel roadlnun
fund, Apr. 30,
IS7A 70s 3s
llond reileiiiit'u
fund, Apr. so,
IS'i 1TJ7 21
Clly order iv-
dempt'u flinil.
Aj.r. 30, 1(73-. ;ti 17
ru.ait "
4,3.'l 11
i j, i, ax iicr lusi rt
nort ..
32,330 3S
l'JS l3
fly error of last utatement
IUH..- mm uuininiuiiui; nnd tor
niiuii'uiipuic. iui iiiuiiiu ill
April, in, I.
For account of salaries.
olUceraund policemen $
For nccolint council
For account of Jail unil
1,015 00
2i 00
3l'i It
For account of Blreels
For account of riutiiigent
For account of drainage..
Total leiucd lu Apr., 175
Total Issued & outstan'g
$ 2,211) Si
3l,7.'d 10
Aiununi paiu ami cun-
ceiiiid irom April lot,
May Ut, le7l,lncliidii
lialance outstuuiling .May
. fi,rj"2i
2.1.2VJ 01
1st. JS71 2.1,2JOI 31,73119
Statement of scrip issued ami outstanding, und
lor wnat punmsc appropriated for twehc
iiiuuiun, iruiuiar isi, i
ltalanco outstanding May
1st, 1S74 .
Issued on account of sala
71, to April Mill, ls73
fi 2'i,2.'.0 (II
ries and ollccmeu $
ll.S'W 00
issueii onuccouiitot tall
mid Jailor..
1,401 27
Iseiuil on account of
streets, material and
labor 3,112 01
Issued on account of
clevllom 2.11 lo
Issued on account board
of health l.rtm i.t
ln-ued on account of lire
deartment...... 1,231 Oi
fStiied on account of
council chamber 317 ihl
Issued on account of gas
in street lamns 2. 10.". C7
Issuwl on account of
iirlnting.. l7 in
IsMicdniintcMint of side
walks t,2) ai
Issued on uccountof con
tingent exnciisi's ci.i .11
Issued on iiccount of
draliiago 2,303 41
Total Issued 12 mouths.... $ 29,351 Si
Total Issued A oulstan'ff
Total amount iml.l nml
$ OS, COS t)
, cancelled with Interest IJ.Ml W
Oas inten'St entercl as
principal shire Mulch 1
if'3 3,Mj 2H
, , . $ IS
Am'l scrip outstanding
Apill3ot)i, $ vo.kw w t'.H,nm so
HUtAKt'n.ll' Atl'OI'NT.
fitalcmeut of the clly lifa.urer's account in
shown by the comptroller's book ;
balance on hand .tin 11 1.
171 !. , j .,71 it
Amount rcretied from all
sources irom April in,
18.1, to April30ih, IrtH 7s,t:,s ,11
lotul um't paid out bv
li-easurer from April I.
t M.CM 71
i.'rV' April SU, 1S76...6 7't.2ll Ul
."".r. 1,1 iteasury
April so, 1x7.1 .. M
81,412 '
... VUOtr 0I' A' "' ,l,v" COl.UkCIOII
to balanc uncollected
warrant, 1S73 A in .... .
Hyamouut paldlreasmer ' " 1
on above a jo r.., w,
lly uUtenients.furfeTlur.- ' U W
and cumin's, us per ie-
I" tr,
To general ffimm iai
4 I'l,t.l7 37
MJ,U 00
fly am't paid treasurer
ou warrunt, 15,oi8 7
lo balance uncollected
on warrant, lb74 ai.tcil 7.1
(j0,osi no
aou ACcot'Nr,
To lwlanc nutsuiudlng
April 1st, lc7t V
I'Mi. in. Mrs
trfMiirei i.. .. 8 Hi3''J In
'1 tintsnu ti'ltslatidlni'
May ll 1179...... , 4ivi,f1s vo
M7;f."fi l'
fo amount of scrip out-
smimiug .April in
1HW 2(1. ltd R
Toiiinount ofbondl oiit-
slmidlng April 3th,
!-; ira.i.-'
lly bills receivable, note
l'.ams Hub Co i .',7'
ity bills rt'CeiTiible. note
Itouirli A llenih- Klri
c. '
.l.tKul (10
I, (MSI Ol
.H,tMI 7.1
2H C.I
2,ll0i m
1,110 7:1
1".I7 21
31 47
llv bills lecelvable, note
Arab I lit; Co
Ily balance uncollected
lly balance In general
lly balance In general In
terest mud
lly balance Ko, Howard
V lyO
lly balance In Imnd le-
lU'ininion luuu .....
Ily liatauce In cltv order
reticmunii liuiii
Ily balance In gravel road
reuenipiion nuiii
7(n n-i
I"J,417 rt
Ilcsiiect fully sillimltted.
M. S. COX. City Comptroller.
The monthly reports of Henry Sargent
F. Whitcamp, .1. C. Lalltio and F. M.
Beliuter were presented and read and on
inotioii of Alderman Thlatlcwood re
ceived and ordered Hied.
lieport of Harmon II. Wack. City
Vttorney, lu relation to the llquorbonds
tf 12. II. Petit, C. 11. Lawrence and Louis
c. Herbert was read, nnd on tiiotiou of
Tf ..llt.l H 1 ..-.1 1
'lllll'l lllilll 11 111 UUilJ , H'i'l Ut I'll. II Ml U! IIUI ll
Jtuiiort of W'.M. Williams, City . Marshal,
was on motion of Alderman Nellis tip
proved and ordered llled.
The Committee on Streets made the
tollowlng report, recommending the
building of the following new wooden
sidewalks :
Poplar street, west side, between
Tenth and Twelfth; Twelfth street,
north side, between Washington avenue
and Walnut; Fifteenth street, north
side, between Walnut nnd Cedar;
Twenty-eighth street, south side, between
Levee and Commercial avenue.
And the reconstruction of the follow
ing walks of wood:
Second street, both sides, between Levee
and Commercial avenue; Fourth street,
both .side?, between Levee nnd Coinmer
cial avenue; Twelfth street, south side,
between Levee and Washington
avenue ; Washington avenue, both
sides, between Thirteenth and
.Fourteenth streets: Fourteenth
I street, south side, commencing 150
I lect west of Commercial avenue to Wah
lngton avenue ; Fourteenth street, botl
sides, (and lowered to new grade) be
tweeu ashliigtou avenue and Walnut
Fifteenth street, north side, between
Cedar and Locust; Cedar street, west
side, between Fifteenth and Sixteenth
Poplar street, west side, between Thir
teenth and Fourteenth, ami Fif.
teenth and Llgliteenth; High-
teenth street, north side, be
tween Levee nnd Commercial; Eigh
teenth street, north side, to bo let down to
new grade, between Washington avenue
and Walnut; Twentieth street, botl
sides, between Levee and Commercial:
Washington avenue, wctt side, between
Eleventh and Twelfth; Thirty-fourth
street, south side, between Commercial
and Levee.
And the following side walks to be
Unlit .,1 1. .!,.!,.
Klghlli street, south side, between
Washington and Walnut ; Seventh street,
both sides, between Commercial and
Washington m-i wiwiiington av
lenttc, west slue, between Seventh and
i.i...i.ti. ...
I'lXIIUI sux-cis.
On motion of Alderman Nellls said re
port w;ts referred to tho Ordinance Com
mittee, with instructions lo draft aa ordi
nance covering the cot of building tho
The Committee on Streets also reported
upon me bids or J. S. Magahey and Xew
.... I t JT. 1 IS
iuii mc mr 111 inner, awarding the con
tract lor one-half tho lumber to each of
the bidders, both bids being the same
On motion of Alderman llalllday, said
reiiori was concurred in, ami tiie proper
oiucers auuioi izeii lo make contracts with
tile parties.
llio Committee on Streets also reported
upon their trip to the Gravel Pits nnd
their examination of same.
The report was received, and 011 mo-
,1.... C ,1.1 ,., .... .
nun ui iiuiuiiiuiii ngui, tne clerk was
autuorizeu to advertise for 1,000 cubic
yards of gravel delivered upon tho streets
01 Vyairo.
1 lie urmnaiicc committee reported
an ordinance relating to tho collection of
poll tax, and which, under rules, was
laid over until next regular meeting.
The Ordinance Committee also renort
ed upon tho annual appropriation bill tor
tho fiscal year ending April HOtli, 1S7II.
Lain over to next regular meeting.
'llio lloard ot Health made tho follow-
lug report, which, upon motion of Alder-
man Mollis, was improved and ordered
filed and published with the proceedings.
To the City Council of the City of Cairo:
Gi:.vi l.K.MKN : The midtrliriuil
niiitee ot Jioartl of llealtli beg leave to
maue me following report :
Since the breaking out of the small
nox wo nave nail, in tlm cite, m-or .'to
eases, in ol wiiom nave been treated at
tho hospital. During which time 6 have
died lu tho city and o at tho hospital ; 10
nure tiiseuargeu, curcu. Accompanying
tliis renort are sundry bills, nmountliur in
i?-n no, wnicn winiis up mm closes tin
all bills against tho city lor expenses of
inning care 01 aim guarding small pox
cases during May, Jmiu and duly. Tho
expense 01 sainu uurlng tbo month of
May was Sail 1 8.'Ior a total of $710 :i:t
during the small pox epidemic. Deduct
from tills amount about SS0 for bulldlno-
addltion to tiest house, and it leaves the
,uuii ei ui iiiKiiig ixiru 111 iiiu uiseaso in
tho city and pest hospital, $001) for
burial-, nurses, guards, food, Ac. W
can salely say there Is no more of thedls
easo In tho city, to our knowledge, and
trust there will not he. lu treating same,
wo have hail consultation with all the doc
tors, "who have given us all the informa
tion ami suggestions that were necessa
ry for us to handle the disease, and final
y eoiKiuer it. We, as 11 committee, havo
labored nbrlit nml ilnv tn tli.it ..!
have done so as economically as It' was
iius,uio louuuone, aim irust our actions
Will meet vour bmirtv
of the citizens at large.
hi icgaru 10 me petition 01 sundry citi
zens. Iisldlic till) abateinonl nfllinuluiurli.
ter houses as a public nuisance, wo beg
cftWtOfcnorllliMiln aliMvoi1 tu tlioti-
rnyct, wo have vlflted llio ulAiightcr
loiifM niiu carefnllv lusncctnl tlm MMifl
and fdun'd them In as Rood condition ns
ii is poHsimc lor iiiein to no kept in tnc
placo that they ate now lortdrd. Wo will
l inner say that Wo will attend to seeing
that the health nfltenr nttniula to tliem
dally, and sec that they arq all kept In ns
i-ii-uii u manner ns possimo; ttnti we
would recommend to the council their
Immediate removal, and that tho cltv
council appoint a special committee, of
three to establish a permanent place for
their future location, or to arrange any
thing that may bo mutually benctlefal
and agreeable to tbclmtchcrsatidcltlzcus,
nnd report nt an early day to the council,
in uuiiciiisioii, niiow us to congratulate
the citizens upon the cleanliness and
health or the city- and while doing so let
them Ihj admonished to abstain from
maKl!l!r tOO freR Hn nt imwn vn.n.lol.loa
during the hot weather. Allot which Is
respectfully submitted.
Ciias. Laxcastkii,
Board of Health.
The Mayor appointed Aldermen
Wright, Ncllls and Hallldayas committee
to confer with the butchers and deter
mine n locality for the slaughter houses
(11 the future.
A petition from Geo. Mch'calg and
others for a sidewalk on Klcliteenth.
between Walnut ami Cedar, was, on mo
tion of Alderman Wright, referred to
Street Committee.
Petition ofThos. I-oley, asking for
transfer ot license, was, on motion, re
ferret! to city attorney
ttitioii or .i,d, Cclla, pmVlntr for a
remnncc of line, wns, on motion of
Alderman ThUtluwood, referred to Ki
nance Committee.
lVtition of W. M. Klllott, a?klnjr for
tliu ue of St. Mary's park for a cow pas
ture was, on motion of Alderman Wright,
laid on the table.
The following claims were presented
and read, ami, on motion of Alderman
llalllday, relerred to Committee on
Chas. .lolm-on, for iHifilii-r and
having eliariro of neat hoiito
.tit tie niul.luly Dll 00
b. Hunter, tor hauling 0 loads ot
water to pe-t House !l 00
i'hcH. l iililJ, lor 1 1 1 1 -s i t i ir and
cooking at pest hou:c 8 00
in. oil, tor groeern., etc., for
pest liou-e 1 1 iA)
Dr. in. ood, for iiiedleal at
tendance, etc., nt iie.st hou-e 71 00
Lizzie Howard, for nursing four
ilaysat iM-t Iioiicc 1 ,V)
I-raneis I.eianlck. for nursing at
pest hou-e li 00
ioiin.ic.Miuy,ioruaii, iocks etc u .
Win. M. Williams, for killing :w
dogs. r.() cents IS 00
II. II. 1 Muck, for eommis.-iou ou
$2.i 00 lluus collected in .May U
Win. .lohnsuu, tor hauling ilcad
cow, garhagc and etc 2
Huso, l.oouiU& Co, lor lev 1 M
Ilullctlu Co.. for printing bonds
envelones and council nroceed
lugs in .liiiu;..... 3."i 00
U. In Daviji.for vaccination ticket
notices, etc 22 00
Alilcrmau Xellis otlercd the followhi'
resolution wliteii was'ailoptcd by the lol
lowing vote r
Ayes llalllday, Lancaster, Nellh.rar-
ker, Taller, llittenhouc, Thiitlcwood
and Wright-S.
Nays 0.
Jlesolccd, That the Street Cvmtn(tte!
be iiuil nrc hereby authorized, if in their
Judgment iJ-cti(ed tor the best Interests of
tho city, to complete the repairs on Twen
tieth street nnu wnsningion atenue, or
nny portion thereof by contract
A communication irom the Mayor in
rprnr' ti, tliielsterns at Ninth ejf"0t
i ouiuiuix-i-ii ,iv....v,, .... j 111 regaru to col
lecting tux from foreign insurance com
panies, was presented nnd rcadr and ou
motion received.
On motion of Alderman Wright tho
portion referring to cisterns was relerred
to the Fire Committee, and that portion
relative to foreign insurance companies
Wits referred to the city attorney with in
structions to prosecute those companies
not complying nitli the law.
A petition of the City of Cairo through
Its attorney, II. II. Ulack, to tltc United
States circuit court for the Southern Dis
trict of Illinois, praying lor redress upon
tltc action of the Cairo & Vliiccnncs rail
road lu not complying with tho ordinance
ginnting said road right of way
on Commercial Avenue, was pre
sented nnd read, and, on mo
tlon ot Alderman llalllday, the city
attorney was instructed to amend said
petition so as to cover the late railroad
ordinance ndoptcd by tho council and to
forward said petition to llio said court .-it
as oatly n date as possible.
On motion ot Alderman Wright the
amount of the bond of Stephen Bradley
was llxed at live hundred dollars. The
bond of Stephen Uradley was then pre
sented, and on motion ol Alderman 11 It
tenhouse, approved.
The state and city liipior bonds of It.
Smyth & Co., I.ouij Herbert, C, II. Law
rence and K. il. IMit were read, and 011
motion or Alderman Lancaster, up
proved. The;bond of I II. Myers, auctioneer,
was read, and on motion of Alderman
Wright, approved.
On motion of Alderman Wright the
previous vote on tho contract of D. .1.
tJalligan was reconsidered, and the clerk
ordered to nqucst Mr. Oalllgau to bo
present at the next regular meeting.
Tho contract of the Cairo Bulletin com
pany was presented and rend, and tho
clerk instructed to notify the Bulletin
company to llio a bond with tho city in
tho sum of 500 00
On motion of Alderman Lancaster
council adjourned.
W.M. I-IIII.SIII Axi.ky,
City Clerk.
llcnlei- In
Butter, Eggs, Fish, Poultry,
Game and alt kinds of fresh
Fruit and Vegetables.
Eighth Street, Carro, III.
O"0idcrs for Kti'tttnlioat iiioimitlv
" lioui, day r night.
teg'Ch h JcirdrV ami (ry hi kit A,LV
(7Wi, ft (Mightill bfctvayct
Obstacles to Marriage.
Happy relief for young men fr.m tho cf
feels of errors and abuses in fat ly life.
Manhood restored. Impediment to mar
rlago removed. New method ol treatment.
Now and remarkable remedies. Book
nnd circulars sent free, In scaled envelopes.
N. Klnth street, Philadelphia, Pa. tin Insti
tution having a high reputation for honor
a). In conduct and professional skill.
iVl ld Si wSin.
Hoetor IHinnn-o
as to the treatment of all dlcacs, from the
mildest ailment to the deadliest epidemic,
but the fact that the California Vinegar
Hitters Is conquering maladies which havo
dellcd tho faculty, ret dors these profess
ional d'fl'erenccs of Utile consequence.
While Dyspepsia, (lout, Ithcumatlsm, Uri
nary Complaints, llllllou'ticts, Nervous
Disabilities, anilnlldl'ordcrs not organic,
arc obliterated by this matchless vcgctnblo
tonic and nltcruthc, wlio cares for opln
lons 018dV:w-4w.
J t lllC Ill-Nt.
Dr. Sclh Arnold's Cough Killer the
groat crnillcitor lor nil lung (lleaccs a su
perior remedy to all other medicines yet
dincotcrcd, lu fcverc eases. It U it sure,
quick, mid perfectly safe remedy tor
coughs, cotiN, sure throat, whooping cough
;rotip, and -till diseases of the throat and
lungs. Itctalt prico, 25 and 60 cents nnd 91.
y uo'" no-' c ' ",c
.ninrnml am.l.hn mnimw III I . ..fii ...I... I
. . . .. - .
v.... uu, u.. uv .'U
Dr. Seth Arnold's Dlatrhn-a Balsam 25 and
MceDta. Iteinembvr It is warranted. Ar
nold's IMl'ioui .Mandrake- l'illi, operating
without sickness and pain. Compounded
by Dr. Scth Arnold's Medical Corporation,
Woonsocktt, It. I. Sold by Taul (l.Scliuh,
druggist, Cairo, II!. riSl2.:)iu.
lio.vs' ( lotliliiu:.
just received a full line
boys' clothing latest styles which
will sell for one-fourth of manufacturer's
prices. Come and see for yourselves, at
IUxoii SitrlliK-i.
This pleasant Summer ltt-ort is now open
for visitors, 'llio Springs nre the Hnet
Cliatylicutc water, and are situated In a
beautiful beech grove, mar n romantic
stream with high rocky banks. The I Springs
are half-way between Vicuna md (lol
conda, and can be reached by hack Irom
either ot tlioe places. It. W. Hivixs
.tunc 2-2, !". 0-21-2VV.
Sealed Proposals.
SKA M'.D proima1s will be iiti'Ii-1 nt my nf
llce until l ursday, .Inly '.nili, lTS, for the
dt-llirrliiK of one thuiind cubic yards nf jirrml
on thvstit Is ofl aini, llllmiN. ut such ihiis ns
t Ik sli'rt CDiiiinlllir nmy di-sl;;n:itr, i-lthrr truin
he Kravrl Irani, at Jli IropulU ur (lit- lunkuliiiM
1'iidircali. 'I lie city roiini-il n-M-rcs tdo rigid lo
ii-ji-ct unv and ull did.
WM. HiKSCII AXI.KV, Clly Clerk
In AilmlrHlly.
"DY vlrlui! ofii writ of sale Issued out ol the
J District Court or the I lilted Mules, tor the
.-outhern District of Illinois, in Admiralty, da
ted on tlx- iMIi duy or .lime, A U. 1 -T'i , n ill li
sold ut public sale, to the lilfht-t un-l l-t hid
iler, lurctnh, ut l.uini, In Mihl Dl.-lrlct, mi the
jil,.lrfr.;iily A I). 187.1. at to oVlonk u. in.,
the folloWlnit ilesrrltnl iroirty, t-wiii '1
bout otHtoiiikcr Ki-ynni Hie raine mlntf U-eu
couaeiiinoi mi'i orneren iiy uie roi
- ttie rourt to lx- sold
r.i Allll ii. Kill., u.
..s. Mnralml.
HprliiRflvlil, Illinois,. lune'Jrtli, IrTr,
Tho Pcoplo's Romcdy.
Tho Universal Pain Extractor.
Aak for Poud'n
Take no other
Ileur: for I will sin-uk of fxcillent tlilns '
I lij liripH to Mini or Henets,
Fulls. ItrnUe.
KlrnliiH, Sprain., Conlu-
sions, invocations.
Frnvlnrt'N, Cuts, Iirera-
tel or Incised Wounds
Illcrdluir I.iiiikh, or
Sottt, Jllpi-il.uiiil Illoed-
Inljums or Teeth.
omit hiif of Illooil und
llloody lll-charei-H.
'' -llleedlnir files,
llllnd files, llnf.illlblt.,1
ralKla, Swelled Kucc-Itlu-iiiuHtUin,
lili Swelllnir nrliiin.ii,...
NtltrneNH or .Soreness.
LmnlKiKo, limc Iluck.
Sioro Tliroi.l or Ouiusy,
Inllamed Tonsils.
Iliitliprlii, llronthl-
ls, Axlliiiui.
Horn or Inllamcl j:ycs or
L. . Kyc-lldL
Cntiirrli, Lcncorrlica,
uiurrnett, Dysentery.
Horn Mpiilc-H, Jnlliiined
.. . .llrrast
I'nlnriil or too t'rofit-ic
..... Monthlies.
Milk l.-ir. Ovarian Dis
eu,i! and Tumors.
Kidney Coiuplnliit,
t,rnel nud Strunirury.
IhnliiiKM und Kxcoria
tlous of Inrnnts, or
InrlroKp Vflim, Kn
InrKedorlnnamed Veins
Ulcem. ma Sores, Inter
nal Ulceralioiis.
Ilollsi, Curbuncles. Tu
.mors, Hot Swellings,
t nriiH nnd lliintons, dial
ed or Sore Kit-t.
it'tiilflllKN.llnrne-isnr Sad-
tile lillllH
tfloit or Whitlow, Krost
eil I.lmbs or I'urls.
.MHiiitl IIIK n. sect
Stlnifs, Chnpped Hnnds.
O.Ml'N i:XTItA!T Is for sale by all I'IikI.
('Iiinh liriiKKlMtM.Hiid lecoiiiim-adiilby
nil DniKKlkts, l'liyslcliins, nud vtcry
body who Iiii vcr used it.
t'iiiiiilil-t containing History iiikI lists mull
ed tree on implication, If not t'ound utyoui
.3..v,a.diyN"wVorh m,,,,',,,,,
Published m a warnliiK and for the benelll o
,V'.",'!K S,CM al"1 o'l'i-rs who sutler from Nervom
Ueblllty, ljss of Manhood, etc., Ulvinir Ills
Hides ol helf-eure, ufier undcrKOiiiK much suf
Ieiliiandep.;n8e, und niallwl Ireu on ircclv
.'.'.'f ? J"?';)"1'1' directed cnveloiio. Address NA
TllA.SIKI.MAVFAlU, 1'. O. HoxtM, Ilmok
I)", N. , T-M-W0in.
f.'SF. .imi. jhiiiivi,, roftrrt, tms PkWl.i
IsUunsi Bvriias Cv i ill bhuwtt, Niw Yoilr
Great Durability with Handsome Designs, and Giving
Excelsior Manufacturing Oomp'y
2, 014, 010 and 018 N. MAIN STREET, ST. LOUIS, MO.
O. W. HENDERSON, Cairo, Illinois.
Oflferwl for Sale at
Craat Reduction in Prion
Domestics, '- Shootings,
Prints, Bleached Muslins,
Ginghams, Cretones,
Table Linens, Percales,
Lawns, Suitings,
Japanese Silks, Silk Poplins,
Alpacas, Grenadinos.
I.srk-c .Stock fif White Oooda. Victoria T.nwna. Kut-luy Mnr.ill. nml n ljii.r SI.kL uf
Ribbons. '1 hi, vntfre st'H-k will he sold at iictiul ro. I. utul coiitlnms until it Is clin1 nut. (.'nil
lid U-cum InrcUl Ureal IturKaliis! TKItM-i hTltltTI.V CA.SII.
Corner Zighth. St. and Commercial Av
llnUDH9. oOAfo,
VV , i V, ""'I'nndenri' ami onlers from
ni, , '. """""- .jumiiiTOi, i i.iuiiiiioii m'l riuiiny .ik,
unci wiin rename urujrs nt n-asonntile rules
74 Obio Loveo.
Importer and Wholesale Dealer In
Wines and Liquors.
Koops 'a full stock of
K0ntu.0ls.3r Bourbou,
Monongahela, Rye and Robinson Oounty
and Retail
and -
U W A. V X C Ut
Dinirjrlsts Physicians and fienernl Stores Id wan
-Heine Uimd f-irulshul or .
' Waahlniftotj Av., Cor. 8th St.
. . UJ Jf

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