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KnlrhM of I'yihla, meet every Fri
day night at half-pant seven", in Odd
FtltowV U K. Slack,
Chancellor Commander.
JlBHk Inilfteatlcat Urder (if Odd-Kel-flaaV
lowi, inittH vvry Thursday night
aw at half-past ren, In their hall on
Commercial avenue, betwwti Mlxtli uud Hetcnth
tiecta. .loim II Oossmax, N. (1..
ClAlltO KNCAMI'MENT, I. O. O. V.. meets
in Odd-rllow' Hnll on the flntt unl third
I ui iitHf in every mouth, at half-put men.
U. K Alack, 0. 1'.
OAlltOLOIHiK. XO.'lfi.A.V. A A. M.
Hold regular communications In Ma
sonic Hull, corner Commercial avenue
'aiid KIglitli street, on the eecoinl utid
oiirlh Monday of inch month.
!! Hull of Evrrjr Derrlilln
hrrtV a I l.nl llrr.
(Hum mill Juris,
at 7i cents ler dozen ; all the latest styles
In jelly glass. Scaling wax In largo and
small quantities, at Dan'l Narluian's,
corner Sixth street.
IMLUKNKK at Louis Herbert's.
gefKlTZIS(fklta m&f iWi'eiouitre
trage nt JaechtVs.
4'onKre Witr.
Genuine C ingress Spring water in bot
tle, kept on Ice and sold lor 10 cents per
glam, 'JO cents per bottle, ami ii per ilo.en,
at the following place : l'hll. Saup' Con
fectionery ; McUaulcy's ami Sehith' Drug
Mores, ami Lotil Herbert' ltcstauraut.
The Saratoga Congress Spring Water I
put up and told In bottles only, to Inrtire in
original strength and medicinal properties.
I.oilU Herbert hnn PII.HENKK.
Ir- Cream.
Arlington Ice Cn-am Saloon, T. II. KI-'
IU, proprietor, at the Arlington House,
on Commercial avcntip, between
.Sixth and Seventh, Is now oen.
The most delicious Ice Cream always on
hand. Families supplied with any quan
tity, and nt reasonablc,priecs. (MS-tf.
ffirnig reduction In prices ot Feather
Duster?, at Scliuh's drugstore.
To Hrnt,
A cottage on Thirteenth street, between
Washington avenue and Walnut Mreot.
0-i:i-t(. Apply to Dit. Smith.
Drolntblt Rfloinn.
Three large and very dcitrable family
room, fronting on the Ohio, at the .t.
Charles Hotel, ean be had, with hoard, at
very reasonable rate during the Summer
mouth. Abundance of pure air and per
fect ventilation. 7-10-tf.
Aluara I'unl.
A I.Aiicr. assortment of Alpaca Coats
from SI CO to $'2 CO, at Hurtmnn's, cor
ner Sixth and Commercial avenue.
iu a,a!Kcs !lrr.
Landlord! ot hotel and boarding boutc
will lindlt to their advantage to call upon
.Mr. Coleman, Ijiun.lrcM, No is fourth
Ktxcet, between Washington and Commer
cial avenue. Hotel and boardlng-houc
wahlng,7fcentsperdozen. Koi piecework
price are an follow: Single chlrt and col
lar, 10c; per dozen hOc; Mick .V; two col
lar, Re; two handkerchiefs, tV; vetti- IM-c;
and all gentlemen' wear, .S)c. per
dotn. I.adlet.' dre-sen, to Wlc;
i-klrti 10 to 20c; drawer 10 to lfc; two
pair hoe 6c; two lollunt ft to 10c, For la
tiles' plain clothes il 00 per dozen; for la
diet line clothe, CI i'i per dozen; done
tromptly, and promptlv delivered. Pa
ironau KolIcitciK
io lo l.ii It llrrkrrl'M lor I'll.Ni:
MKK. nl 30 I'milt.
The New City Din-ctorj- will cot you
only .V) cents at Itobblns' Music llaziir,
U'Conimerclal avenue. Kvcry lamlly
should have one. 7-"-10t.
I'lionper Tlinn Kver Known nffore.
Mason's Self-S-allng Fruit. lars at $1 .Vi
Icr dozen. Kxtra rubbers for Mason's
Fruit .lars, at Daniel Ilartman's, corner
Sixth strec; iViT-U
Nollrc of Krniovnl.
'1'ho well-known barber ahop, corner
Ktghth and Commercial, prctldcd ovjr by
the popular artlM. George Stclnhotue, has
removeil one door north on Commercial, in
.he (Iraud Central Hotel. The new chop 1
.arge and commodious, and those wishing
lor anything artistic lu the way of fashion
tble hair cutting, tmooth 1iuvcj, etc., will
.lo well to cull at the tit and Central llarber
Uop. 71-3-13-tf.
1'or Nnln or Kent.
Tho house and lot on the comer ot
Eighth and Walnut streets. For partlcu
lars apply to Mus. Cummixos.
jfflrX Rag stock envelopes at the Bui.
I.KH.V ofllce, $3 25 per M.
t&The celebrated Sehlitz MILWAV-
KKK UEEIi at JaeckeVs.
Go to Ilartman's for Jilue Xnvy Flaw
uel Coats worth $0 Kclllup forS2 M.
Keiluretl KnlcH.
We will take, at thn St. Charles Hotel,
during the summer months, SO day boarder,
at $22 per mouth, anuW boarders with cool
plcaAut rooms on tho upper lloor, at i30
per mouth. At this extremely low rate,
none but promptly paying boarders will be
accepted. JKwarrr wilcox .fc Co.,
:it-4-28-lm. Proprietors,
BXX Wood stock envelopes nt the
Iku.i.r.TiN ofllce. $3 00 per M.
lloya' t'lnlliiiiK.
1 have Just received a full lino ot
boys' clothing latest styles which
will sell for one-fourth of manufacturer's
prices. Come and seo for yourselves, at
It In I'M'Ichh
to attempt to cleanse a streum whllu the
fountain In impure. Dyspepsia, complaints
of the liver and kidneys, eruptions of the
klu, Bcrofulu, headache, and all diseases
arising from impure blood, are at ouco re
moved by Dr. Walker's California Vine
Kar Hitters, the great ami Infallible puritlor
of the blood, and renovator of the system,
It has never been known to fall, provided
tho patient had not Uelayed using It. until
the vitality ol hi system was too far gone.
iflrTho finest .article of Salad Oil at
Scliuh's drngstoro.
Fit ID AY, JULY 111, 1870.
Loral Wrnlher Krport.
Caiiio, lu.., .Inly IS, s75.
'' imk. Haii. I Tna. Wind, i Vat. I Wkatiikh
7n.ln, ri.K-.8l 72 s . W j" Pair"
II " ifj.hl. w I v I uoir.
2 p in. iri.MI ; el' W D I Fair.
THOMAS JONK.S, fterst. 8. H., U. S. A.
Moiuiti-tl MniM
of the Clly of Cairo for sale at hall price
$2 .V) each. Apply to 10. A. Ilt'it.vi:rr,
llfi.i.i:nx olllcc.
Mr. It. S. Fletcher, of the Jackson
(Tcnii.) DUjMteh, one of the licst weekly
pajiers publlched In Wet Tciinessoe,
called on us yesterday.
' Kent.
The Arab engine house, which lor the
past few weeks lias been undergoing im
provements, looks very neat with Its new
coat of jialnt, and adds materially to the
appearance of the neighborhood Here
abouts, frltlditleii Mtu-log.
We are told that a party of twelve la
dles and gentlemen of this city will leave
Cairo next Monday for Crittenden
Springs, where they will remain and en-
Joy the delightful pleasure! of that resort
for several weeks.
For I'mlucMli.
Mr. Dcvoreaud son, of this city, took
their departure lrom our wharf yesterday
morning, In a small but staunch little
sail boat, for raducah. J he boat was
built by Mr. Devore and his son ltobert,
uud they started for I'aducah against an
unusually .'trong current, for the purpose
of testing the llttl'i craft's qualities.
VcMerday morning, about eleven
o'clock, the hor.- attached to Mr. Trigg's
delivery wagon, while standing in front of
Ills grocery store, became frightened and
ran away. The animal ran down Wash
Ingtoii avenue to the gas house at a rapid
pace, turned round, ran up to the corner
of Seventh street and Commercial
avenue, where he was brought to a halt.
The wagon was not Injured in the least,
tnd the hor.-o was unharmed. Alto
getber it was a very lucky runaway.
We are informed of a light that took
place on Fourth street yesterday morn
lug. The principals were two rival col'
ored demirep?, who for months past
liave both been working very hard to out
wit the other and gain the atlections ot a
lashing young negro man, who seems to
have very little If any preference. When
with one, he talks ami looks sweet to his
onipanion at least. When with the
other, he does likewise. Consequently
they both claim bhn, and when they met
yesterday mornlug,lnUi Wmi,u ,.,,,-nnLMl
at the sight of each other, and had a
light, which lasted several minute'.
Neither was ceriously Injured, however,
as they were parted before they hail time
to do much damage.
The Worlli itt I he Money.
When the contract lor the city print
ing was given to tin- IJi'i.u:nx,oneofthe
honorable members of the City Council,
who we prcume does not love cither
the Hli.i.kti.v or any one connected witli
it, as a Christian should, made the re
mark that he "would be willing to at
tend a council meeting every night.
ju-t to make it lively for the IIcm.ktiv,
and get the worth of the money paid by
the city for printing." We do not doubt
this assertion ol the gentleman in the
least, and from the amount of work he is
helping to give us, in the shape of coun
cil proceedings, we believe he is happy.
IMi-UMirc Neckerv.
With the arrival ot each steamer lrom
tho South at our wharf, there comes to
Cairo large numbers of ladles and gen
tlemen from the Southern cities and
towns, w ho have left their homes to spend
the summer at somu pleasant resort in
the North or F.ast. These parties gener
ally stop in Cairo several hours, while
the transferring of freight, Jte., from the
boat Is being done, and take a stroll
through our city. These people, as a
general thing, are favorably impressed
witli Cairo, and express surprise at tlie
slurs that arc thrown at us from those
who know nothing of either Cairo, her
Inhabitants or her qualities. Tho elegant
steamer Thompson Deau brought up a
large party yesterday morning, nearly
all of whom took a walk through town,
and we dare say were equally as well
pleased with their ramble as other tour
It before them havo been.
Ileneral Itcniw.
Yesterday was a clear day the first
since the nth of July, wo believe.
The Cairo Turngemeinde are about
to commence building a hall at the cor
ner of Tenth and Poplar street.
The I'aducah Herald says: "The
Cairo BuM.r.Tix is assured that there is
no cholera at I'aducah, nor anything
even remotely resembling It,"
Tho Gazette says : "A turning over
of the stock held by Alexander county,
in the Cairo and St. Louis railroad com
pany, will securo to Cairo tho road's re
pair uud machine shops." With all our
might and soul, we favor the turning
The Sun, or a correspondent, com
plains that tho passes furnished by the
Narrow Oatigo company over its road,
arc "till the Hist of December, unless
otherwise ordered." All passes read that
way. If Davis will consult those lu his
own pocket, he will discover this to be a
A correspondent of the Gazette be
lieves the practice of kindling tires witli
coal oil ought to bo prohibited by ordi
nance. Such an ordinance would bo a
dead letter would slumber with tho
railroad ordinances tho sleep that knows
no waking. The council might ns well
attempt to prohibit the practice of eating
water melons and green apples.
The safe, vaull. oulllt and furniture
of the Alexander County Hank eot six
thousand eight hundred live dollars thir
ty-nine cents. The earning) of the bank
In quarter ending ll rst Monday lu July
were two thousand two hundred lorty
slx dollars sixty-live cents, and the ex
penses two thousand six hundred ten
dollars forty-two cents three hundred
slxty-thrco dollars seventy-six cents more
Mian It made.
Ilrlnir tlurxtloiiPil. We Hrply.
"Tax-Payer.'' In the .Vim ol Wednes
lay evening, asks us the following ques-
tions :
Q. "From your Knowledge of the parties
controlling the C. & St. I.. It. It., would
you advise the city and county to turn
over the stock held by them to the par
ties named, receiving from them u pledge
or contract that they will build shops,
A. Neither to thu men who control
the C. & St. L. It. It., nor to any other
men, would wc turn over stock or money
unon their promise to do anything. We
would promise to give if tho men did a
certain thing; and we would give when
they had done that certain thing.
Q. "Is It your opinion, from your
knowledge of the stock held by the City
of Cairo and County of Alexander and
other counties that have Issued bonds
for stock, Is the only legal stock in the
company, and that a suit brought by tills
stock would cause all the other stock to
be cancelled and give the control of the
It. It. to the legal stock, and would not
a suit of this character compel l'ayson &
1 lowland associates to pay par for this
stock or Ioje control of the It. It.V
A. What does Tax-Payer take us for ?
A full bar of lawyers or a Supreme
Court 1 We don't .moio which shares of the
stock of the company tire legal, and can't
llndout until the courts get a chuueo at it;
but our opinion Is, that 1,000,000 of the
stock is legal and that all stock Usucd In
excess of this Is utterly null and void.
"Tax-Payer" Ii03 evidently been reading
the constitution which says that "no
railroad corporation shall issue any stock
or bonds, except for money, labor or
property actually received anil applied to
the purposes lor which such corporation
was creatnl." Ho seems to be
lieve that the only stock Issued for
money, labor or property was the
stock issued to the counties for bonds
but, in our opinion, the stock issued to
Payson & Co., was issued for labor ac
tually applied lu building the road of
the company, w hich building was one of
the purposes for which the corporation
was created. The company may have
paid too much, and did for the road that
It got, but the constitution does not pro
hibit contractors who build roads from
making a profit on their labor. It is cer
taiuly not the purpose of the constitution
to prohibit a company from
issuing stock, except dollar for dol
lar us an actual dollar's worth
of labor or material is put Into the road
A cult In thU eauo would, WO believe, TO'
suit in declaring j'-vw.iwu or
the ..O0Q,00u of the stock null
and void, and lu proving tliat
the contractors did not, although they
are to be paid In full, build the
road according to contract; that several
of the gentlemen who voted as stock
holders at the late meeting are not stock
holders, that they hold the void stock
which they received for services that may
have been dark but were not certainly
vain. Hut who wilt commence such a
suit? The City Council will not? It has
liecn convinced that ti suit of tho kind
would be useless ; and It might be. The
County Commissioners will not. Possi
bly another, but also a potent influence,
has been upon thein, and they, too, have
come to the conclusion that there Is no
u In making fuss and trouble about the
little road about stock that is wortli
RpliKloiiN IIpium.
The colored Methodists continue un
der a financial cloud.
The Presbyterians have not yet called
any person to 1111 the pulpit made vacant
by the retirement of Dr. Thayer.
A Spiritual Lyceum ought to bo es
tablished in Cairo, an attractive me
dium procured and seauees cheap for
cash announced.
The children of thu Kplscopal church
will have a festival in Thornton's build
ing soon. Active preparations are being
made. No doubt it will be n success.
Wo have now lu Cairo but two white
Protestant ministers, Hector Gilbert and
Jtev. Mr. Wallar. Tho Presbyterians,
Baptists and Canipblcites, arc w ithout
The Free Keligious Society, like tho
churches, has become- Inactive. Hot
weather makes Infidelity, as well as
Christianity, lazy. Tho late backward
movement of Spiritualism, that some
time ago advanced along the whole Hue,
has contributed something, wo presume,
to the apathy of our Free Religionists.
Wc have two commenced churches
the Catholic and the Baptist. The foun
dations of the churches were laid long
ago, and then work upou them was dis
continued. Want of money, a disease as
dangerous to religious as to worldly en
terprises, prevented these temples from
going up any farther. Tho worldly, who
believe they will never bo lluished, say
with slangy humor that they have "gone
Itev. Mr. Bradley, tho colored saint
who lias been sorely persecuted by sin
ners, having been arrested several times
for hog and corn stealing, persists lu
ministering to the spiritual wants of Ids
congregation. Ho proposes at an early
day to go into the materializing business,
after the manner of Mott. Tho business
Is more profitable and less dangerous, If
not more honest, than hog and corn steal
ing. Itev. Mr. Davis, f the .Vioi, should
be Induced to attempt a revival of relig
ion in this city, lie Is a powerful prayer.
On tho day of tho Missouri governor's
grasshopper prayers, ho went to Missis
sippi county, lu that State, and It Is said
his petition disposed of nt least a million
of the long-leggedjuniping pests, Under
favorable circumstances the conditions
being right, as tho Spiritualists say he
can supplicate with the reputed power of
the Keely Motor 20,000 pounds to the
square Inch.
Miinlrliinl Ilcint.
Mayor Winter Is growing corpulent
on the Honors of his high ofllce. He
weighs ten pounds more than he did at
election time.
Health olllcer Brown Is attentive to
his business. He Is always "on the go,"
and does much toward keeping the city
In a clean and healthy condition.
-Authority for the street-labor ordi
nance Is found lu n law passed by the
present General Assembly, In force the
1st day of the present month. So, the
boys may get ready to do work upon our
thoroughfares or pay one dollar anil fifty
When the street laborers are sum
moned by the Street Supervisor, hereafter
to be appointed, an army of them should
be put at work on Washington avenue
between KigMconth street and Cant.
Halllday's residence. The avenue around
about the court house is lu u very bad
Tho journal of tho last meeting of
the City Council Is published tills morn
ing on our second page. There is in it
evidence that the Council means business
about the railroad matter, but Councils
are much given to wavering, and in
all likelihood ordinance 101, adopted
with so much nourish, will become a
dead cock in tho pit,
If the Council would meet at two
o'clock in the afternoon, and stay In ses
sion without recess until midnight, it
might pass more ordinances. Ordinances
are great institutions, The more a city
adopts that ltdocs not enforce the better
for the community. Dead letter ordi
nance are good things to have In the or
dinance book. They look well and hurt
Chief of Police Williams is ot the
opinion, wc havo no doubt, the City
Council Is desperately mean and alto
gether lost to every liberal emotion. He.
made some debts got gas fixtures put
in police headquarters, and so forth. The
bills were sent in to the Council, which
bluntly referred them to the Chief for
pavmcnt. He will probably pay, but he
will have an opinion ol the aldermen.
Shall the Cairo stock lu the Narrow
Gauge road lie given up to secure the
building of the machine shops of that
road In Cairo V Is the question. We w ould
agree, that when the shops have been lo
cated here, built and a certain number of
men employed, the stock .should be sold
to the company for a nominal .sum all
that it w ill be worth for many years. We
should not pay for something we have
not got.
The billiard table ordinance is tints
Justified: "If a per.-on keeps a place of
public resort, puts up billiard tables and
advertises them for hire, he must pay
license. The city cannot watch tosee If he
uses them. That they are Intended for
public use, for hire, is sutllclont." This
is all right ; but the ordinance goes too
iur. i, proposes to do what it cannot do
make the keeper ..i i,utel, w,o owns
a billiard table not to 1m uctt n.r or
tv club that may own a billiard tattle, my
for the right to keep It.
As I am harras-ied to death from tate-
inenti from New Tork, 1 am compelled to
sell my entire tock of Clothing at an im
mense sacrifice. Ikk Wai.iiku,
7-10-tf. Corner Sixth and Ohio Levee
llctluceU HhIcw to llitl NprliiKN.
The St. Louis, Iron Mountain A- South
ern It. It. Co., will sell round trip tick
ets between Cairo an J Malvvrn, good for
hlxty day, for twenty-live dollar?, to par
tics of three or more. Stage ixxc from
Malvern to tho Spring, three dollars each
way. J. O. .l.MMKit, Agent.
July 15, 1S75.
1 o-day has given promise ot lair
weather. Tho clouds have disappeared
from the sky, and although the sun shone
excessively hot, tho day has been breezy
and pleasant. According to Professor
TIce, wc will be freo from rains lor a lew
days. The storms that have prevailed
for a week past have been general. All
tho bottom lands havu been inundated
and an immense area of growing corn
has been destroyed. Tho wheat crop all
through Southern Illinois has been in-
jured by sprouting, and the tobacco crops
In this section have u poor outlook. It Is
hard totell what tho result w ill be.
The Cairo market has held unchanged
since our last issue. Corn Is scarce and
wanted. Prices arc shaded lu favor of
sellers. Butter Is looking up in price
with tin Increased demand lor choice and
light receipts. Other branches present no
new features.-
fiii&Oiir friends should bear in mind
that tho prices hero given uru usually lor
sales from first hands in round lots. In
tilling orders and for broken lots It Is nec
essary to chargo an advance over these
Tnc market rules dull and unchanged.
Tnuif actions tiro very limited. Wo note
sales oflOO barrels XXX spring $1 75;
100 barrels $40 50; 150 barrels $-1 25
0 50 ; 75 barrels S4 500 50 ; 300 barrels
city S5 507 ; 100 barrels $0 20; 150 bar
rels $5C 25; 200 barrels $1 500 50;
150 barrels $4 85.
Plenty Alluring and nou wanted. Re
ceipts are light but there Is no demand
lor nnyjpurpose. Sales are confined to 1
car mixed delivered, S10 ; 1 car eliolco
mixed, $18.
Under the Inlluenco ot light receipts
and uu active Inquiry, prices have ad
vanced u tiille. Tho market Is barn of
all kinds ol good sound corn. Sales were
3 cars mixed In sacks delivered, 700; 3
cars mixed in bulk on track, 70c ; 2 ears
No, 2 white mixed in bulk on track, 75o ;
3 cars rejected white mixed lu bulk mi
track, 27.'le.
Stocks arc small but there Is no Inqui
ry, lteeelpts arc so light that the sup
ply wllr.not Increase much. Sales were
1 car in sacks delivered, (He.
Country steam dried Is plenty and dull
at S3 G:i3 0.1. City meal llmh ready
s.ile".it $3 7i. We note sales of 100 bar
rels steam dried, $3 00; 300 barrels olty
steam dried, $3 75.
There Is plenty In market but none
selling except In small order lots from
store; quotations are $lfi17 In sacks de
Receipts of choice Northern has lx;en
very light and the market Is bare. The
demand has Increased and prices al
though unchanged as yet, are firm and
looking up. We note sales of 500 pounds
choice Northern 20e; 5 buckets choice
Southern Illinois ISc ; 0 buckets good
Southern Illinois 15c ; 200 pounds cliolci:
Northern 20c; 10 buckets Southern Illi
nois 15lCc.
The market is well supplied and dull.
.ten cents U tho ruling figure to-day
This Is probably as low as they will go.
Vv e note sales of :WX dozen 10c ; 000
dozen 10c; 200 dozen lu bad order Se
300 dozen 10c.
There Is a good demand for old hens
to ship and all on tho market were taken
early. Receipts do not enu.il the de
mand. Voting chickens are plenty and
of slow sale. We note sales of 5 coops
young, $2 50 ; 3 coops young, $2 23; 2
coops old hens, $3 75 ; 25 dozen young,
S2a 50 ; coops old hens, $3 75.
The market rules steady and active for
mall lrults and lemons. Receipts find
ready sale. The home market is sup
plied with apples from country wagons.
Vt o note sales of 25 third bushel boxes
apples 33 Jc; 15 crates blackberries $3
I 00; 35 third bushel boxes apples 30o;
25 third bushel boxes tomatoes 5075o ;
15 boxes lemons SO 5010 00.
There is very little doing in this line,
owing to the fact that country wagons
supply the demand for home consumption
and there Is no shipping demand. Quo
tations to-day are 1550c per bushel for
new In bulk.
The market rules steady w itli a ten
dency to shade In luuns and shoulders
which are hi exeesss of the demand.
Clear sides are scarce none In market.
Sales were 1500 pounds plain hams 11
12e ; 1000 pounds shoulders 8jfe.
Port Mil.
Steamer .Tint Fi-k, Paducali.
" Thompson Deau, Xew Orleans.
" II. S. Turner, Memphis.
" Idlcwild. Evansvilk.
" Cltyoi Vleksbtug, Vieksbuig
" (Irand Tower, Memphis.
Tow-boat Hoc and barges, St. I.ouis.
Steamer .Thn FJsk, J'adiicah.
" Thompson Dean, Mound t'ily.
' U.S. Turner, Cincinnati.
Idlcwild, FAansvllle.
" City of Vlcksburg. St. I.ouK
" firand Tower, Memphis.
iioats urn:.
.Steamer Jim Flsk, Paducali ; Jno. A.
Scudder, Ste Oenevieve,'..St. I.ouis; City
Chester lrom the south.
itivr.it AMI wkatiikh.
The liver last evening was :t7 feet
1 1-5 inches, having risen V.l 1-5 Inches
during the previous "21 hours. Yesterday
the river rose C feet 10 inches at Clucln
n.'itl, 1 foot 5 inches at Louisville, and was
stationary at Nashville. The Mississippi
and tributaries above are all falling.
N Linton Is sojourning temporarily
at Evansville.
Tho Thompson Dean has not been
sold, that any body kuow'3 of, ami she
goes to Mound City lrom here.
The excellent Cons Millar, James II.
Pepper, master, will be tho packet for
Memphis to-morrow evening.
Commodore Iiollingpln is out with
the prospectus of Ids '70 almanac, which
states that the Centennial Almanac will
be a thing worth reading.
The Idlcwild yesterday morning took
the Ohio river freight and passengers of
tho Thompson Dean, and the City ol
Vicksburg took her St. Louis cargo.
Pilot Hilly Phillips, of tho Thomp
son Dean, will leave for Grayson Springs
for a vacation until the 10th of September,
when the Dean will bo ready for work
A letter from Hilly Hrowu, at Wheel
ing, written July Will, closes by saying:
"1 am Inproving slowly. My hands are
badly drawn, one eye entirely gone, and
it will take several months yet to re
cover.'' The Florence Lwo has been with
drawn from the Evansville and Tennes
see river packet Hue lor repairs. Tho J.
W. Mills will run from Paducali up
tho Tennessee, making two trips pet
week In connection with tho remaining
Mr. T. L. Conaut, river editor of thu
Louisville Courier, was hi the city yes
terday, and lctt for tho White Sulphur
Springs via Cincinnati, accompanied by
his venerablo mother, who has been suf
fering with rheumatism for several weeks.
While her ho attempted to secure- a po
sition lu tho Now U-Kope-lu Combina
tion lu thu song and clog daueo depart
ment, but failed, as tho end men were all
engaged, and ho would not tuko a
second place.
Mr. Ike Cooper of Eldorado, Illinois,
was In tho city yesterday, visiting his
friends, and took his departure on the
Idlcwild 011 a sliort visit to his parents
in Kentucky. Three years ago Iko was
a steamboat clerk, and used to visit
this city frequently. Hut ho quit tho
river mid is now more Interested in to
bocco than anything else perhaps. Ho
states that day before yesterday the
heaviest rain ever known fell lu the
neighborhood of Stone Fort, washing
nwny bridges, road, fences, and flatten
ing out oat fields and corn patches fright
fully. "WAlli)a.A,tMKNT, KtVKM KKHOHT,
fnly 15, 1H7.
rT- IX. rr. is.
llro M. sti i "IT" T"
1'ltmuarK :i -i V
Clnclnmitl Xi -i vr, ,,,
Ixjiilnvllle to 4 xl i ,
St. IxmU -r, 4-1 J
The Klcjrmit 1'a.isciiKer 5 trainer
,J;imiM It, PctllKT..
I.. II. ItrlKler ....
Will leave thU
port on SATl'ISUAT
NU,. Inly 17
For fivinlit or passage amity
either liarf-boat.
on hoard or at
Heir Go to JaecheVn and try hU EllfiA A.
GUM, a delightful beverage.
1,000 yards grenadines In all colors,
wortli 50 cents a ) ard, which I will sell
for 10 cents a yard. I). IIaut.ma.v.
Notice Lumber.
Purties building can buy building mate
rial at the Ilox Factory, at tnu following
prices :
Scantling inJ Joist, 21 feet
and under, d 13 50 per M
Common board', green, 13 50 "
Common boards, dry, 17 w) "
Common Mooring, matched
and dressed, 'JO 00 11
Clear poplar lloorhij.', match
ed and dressed, 25 00 "
Clear ash lloorlm,', matched
and dressed, So 00 "
Cypress lath, '1 ':
7-1 Mit.
NoiiipIIiIiik New.
A large assortment of ladies' suits,
latest Style, which I will sell cheap.
I). IIautma.v.
(Jet the IleNt.
Dr. Srtli Arnold's Coul'Ii Killer the
great cradicator lor all lung diseases a u
perlor remedy to all other medicines yet
dlcovcrcd, in severe cases. It Is a sure
quick, and perfectly safe remedy for
coughs, cold, sore throat, wuooplng cough 1
:roup, and all diseases of the throat and
lungs. Retail price, 25 and 50 cents und$l. 1
Any bottle that docs not give relief may be
returned, and the money will be refunded.
Dr. Seth Arnold's Dlarrhica llulsaui, '!." ami
W) cents. Ilcmcmber it is warranted. Ar
nold's Billions Mandrake Pills, operating
without hlckns and pain. Compounded
by Dr. Seth Arnold's Medical Corporatlan,
Woonsockct, It. I. Sold by Paul (l.Sehnh,
druggist, Cairo, III. 5.Vl-2.')-:iiii.
llrturvHiiie America.
At the Mui.urri.v bindery IS numbers,
bound In two volumes, full silt tnor-
roceo; cost 1 1 ; for sale at $ 10.
Lost fill.
Last Thursday evening, 011 Kiglill
street, between Huder's store and circus
L'rounds.a lady's small amethyst In east
11I11. The finder will be rewarded by
leaving at Bt'i.i.KTi.v ofllce. 7-l.'l-tf.
l'iito. r:ie.
A full line of Pipes and Smoking Articles
at Cowi'EUTiiWAir.t l'mi.i.ii'.s'.
Dlxuu Mlirlnits.
ThU pleasant Summer ni-orv..v. noun
for visitors, 'tho Spring are the nnc:.t
Chalybeate water, mid
beautiful beech grove,
stream with high rocky
are half-way between
are situated in a
near a romantic
mtiks. Tho Springs
Vienna uid (!ol
conda, and can be reached by hack from
cither ot those places. It. W. Utvi.NS,
Juno 22, 1675. 0-2I-2W.
all descriptions the most complete as
sorttucnt over brought to Cairo at cost
for tho next ten days. Drawers, Under
skirts, whito and colored Shirts, Half
Hose In price I defy competition.
D. IlAltr.MA.V.
At the I.iiwcnt FrlecN.
Collins, Caskets and Metallic Cases, in
Wilcox's block, at tho low est prices.
I'll.SKNKIt lit Loilln llorliorl'N.
Choice IlritiiilN
of Klnc Cut and Smoking Tobacco at
Linen mill Ntrnw Unix.
Largo assortment of boys' and
mens' linen uud straw hats at one-hulf
the original cost. Now is tho tlnto to
buy bargains at Ilartman's, corner Sixth
and Commercial avenue.
Xew Cigar More
Imported and duniestli! Cigars, wholesale
and retail, next door to Tabur Ww.
Cowra-UTHWAIT & PllILMl's.
Attention. Hiinu IIiiIIinIn.
Halls and bats at cost tho largest as
sortment ever brought to Cairo, which 1
will sell for the next thirty days at cost.
1). Haktmax.
e'Velictouli VULMHACIIEll at Meck
llnln mill Flower.
200 Ladles' Hats, latest style, all
ready trimmed; aUo a largo assortment of
Artificial Mowers for trimming hats,
which I w ill sell at one-hall tho whole
sale price. The above are just from New
York and are desirable patterns uud
styles. D. Haiitmax.
To NmolierH.
Try tlmso flora del Kumar Cigars,
120 Coiumu.vlttl avouue.
Cowi'ituriiWAi r A l'niLi.ii'.s
Obstacles to Marriage.
Happy relief for young men from the cf
lucu of error ami abuse in curly life.
Manhood restored. Impediment to mar
riage removed. Ncx method ot treatment.
Jiew uud remarkable remedies. Hook
and circulars sent free, In bculed envelope.
:N. N tnth street, Philadelphia, I'a.-an Insti
tution having a high reputation fr honor
ttfclo conduct and professional skill.
fi-1 l-d A w-Um.
For Nfttr.
A silver plated No. 0 Wllion Shuttle Sew
Ing Machine, hard (phno) flnlih, valued at
185. Will be told at 2o discount, OD good
terms, and ordered direct from the factory.
A No. 9 Wilson Shuttle Sewing Machln
valued at $75. Will be sold at $tr, dlicount
and ordered direct (rem the factory,
A 00 Itemlngton Sewing Machlna-iM
off for cash. Suitable for tailor or hoot and
shoe manufacturer.
At a bargain, anil on good term, a Howe
Hawing Machine. May bo een at the Com
pany oillce, corner Ninth street and Com
"I'lcturesquo America" M numbers
bound in 2 volumes, full Kllt Morocco;
price, $10.
Atylj'i: "Clough, Warren & Co.V
I'nrlor Organ, right from the factory at Dt -troll.
List price, $300. Will be told for
A now two-horso Gamble wagon.
For any of tho above article, apply at
thu IIUi.i.KTi.Votllcc. E. A. IIUIt.NKTT.
JSfXX Amber ami White nig slock
envelopes nt tho Buixviris oillce, printed,
$:i 50 and SI 00 per M.
Corrected Dally by K. 31, Steams, commission
mcTrliant, Secretary of the Cairo ll'mrd ot
Flour, according to irnulc 0037 00
Corn, lntn.1. u,-kil..
Com, wliltc, sucked
tlC (HI
Km ivi
aw In
Id no
$2 so
.1 .'41
! fl
3 7.-.
1 mis, imxtii
limn, jicr ion
Meal, ntcnm dried
Ilutter, choice Northern
latter, choice Southern 111...
Keks, tr dozen
Chickens, )cr dnr.cn -
Turkeys, per doen
l'otutoes, r barrel
OnloiH. tier barrel
Cherries per crate
Strawberries per cmtii
Flour Merchant
Millers' Agent.
No Ml Ohio lA'tce,
Grand and Select
Saturday Evening, July 17, 1875.
I). (!. fowler Muter.
K. It, TlioMiiH Cleik.
From Cairo to Columbia and Itelurn, Leaving
Cairn at ? p. m., and lemming at 12 p. in
.Music by Hart's Idlewihl band. Fare fur
round trln. lnclii(lliiKiiiier, $1.0". To pre vent
an uncoinliirtiiblt' crowd, Hit1 number ol tickets
V 'ua l'tlc niust purchiue tlckeu
1 in Miiiiiii, uu mmni, 11 rub m K nut ilium-
t not Inttirt
ferulae. or nle by Cot. Heanlen, Sol. A jll
eriuid.Mr. Cliet. W. ltrudley, on UullliUv ,t
riillllps' whurr-lHiat.
Sealed Proposal.
OKA l.KO propositi will Ih received at my of
O lice imlUTue.il.iy, July sum, 17.), lor tin
delivering of one thourand cubic yanUoftfrHVel
on thuiteeU of Culm, Illinois, at xucli place a
the street committee may designate, either from
thu irravel bunk at Metropolis or thu liunkalxne
raducali. '1 lie city council reserves the right to
reject unv and all bids.
VOL rltK.NCH AXI.EV, City Clerk.
A ramnlete Pictorial Hintory of tho
Tlmeis" "The beat. cheRrl, nl
uiUMt Niircranil Family Pnnrr
lu tbe Union
Tho Weekly is ttio ablett and most pow
erful illustrated periodical published la
this country. Its editorials are scholarly
and convincing, and carry much weight.
Its illustration of current events aro lull
and fresh, and arc prepared by our best do
iiKuors. Ylth a circulation ol 100,000. the
Weekly Is read nt least by half a million
persons, and its Inlluenco a an onran of
oplulou is simply tremendous. The Week
ly maintains a positive position, and ex
presses decided views on political and so
cial problems. Louisville Courlcr-Journal.
Its article aro models of high-toned dis
cussion, and it pictorial illustration ore
often corroborative argument of no small
force. N. V. Kxamincr and Cbronlclo.
1U paper upon existent guosttoii and IU
inlmif'iMa cariooii help to mould tba on-
tfments ol
tho country.-
-Vlttsburg Com-
I'oitago free to subscriber in the United
Harper's Wsekly, on yoar,...f4 00
Four dollar includes prepayment of U.
S. postage by thu publishers.
Subscriptions to Harper' Magazine,
Weekly, and liazar, to one address lor ono
year, $10 00; or, two of Harper' Periodi
cal, to one udilres for oue year, 7 00;
postugo free. ,
An oxtra copy of iho Magazine, eekly,
or Uazar will bo supplied gratis for every
club or tlvo subscribers at ft 00 each, lu
one remlttauco; or, six copies for $20 00,
without extra copy; postage free.
llock uumbers can bo supplied at any time.
The annual volumes of Uarper's Weekly,
In neat cloth bludlng, will bo sent by ex
press, free of eipenso. for $7 00 each, a
complete set. comprising eighteen volume',
scut on receiptor cash at tho rt
per volume, freight nt tho expen.e ot tba
'Newspapers are not to copy tbU ad
vehement without tho express ord.raof
Harper A Hrotner.
Ad frees HAItt'KK
Attorney h ami CouwietorN
at Iaw.
OrTICEi Ohio Leve. room 7 and a
City National Hunk,j;
William II (Irevn, ) .,..., ,,..
Wlllla-n 11. tlllbert. CAIItO. ILLINOIS.
Mllear'rul'k OllbertJ
EJ-SpwIal attentlou glveu to Admiralty amt

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