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Kulxlit of I'yttilao. tnett emy Fri
day night at half-past Mven, tnOdd-
Chancellor Commander.
Hk Indcptadent Order of Odd-Fel-dB
low. metis wy Thursday nlgtit
lKf at half-past sewn, lu their ball on
Cortiumelal avenue, between sixth awl Hetenth
ItltttS, JolIM II OossMAN, N, ).
f 1A1KU KHCAMPMENT, I. O. O. '., meets
Vln Odd-lfttlows' Hall on the flrtt ami tlilnl
lliesday In every inontb, at half-iiaat seven.
C. K Alack, C. I'.
A I JAIIlO I.ODOK . XO . 2.17, A . K. A A . M .
Hold regular communications inMa
JSJk toute Hall, comer Commercial avenue
'and Klg-hlh street, on the second and
Uuth .Monday of ewh month,
MaaaMnlla or Every lrrlilloii
nt l.oula llr
OInm rrull Jar,
at 76 cents per dozen ; all the latest styles
In Jelly glass. Scaling wax In largo and
small quantities, nt lian'l tlarrutan',
corner 81 xUi trt.
I'lLSKN'KR at Louis llirbeirs.
KITZLS'GEIln io. dttieh.nnhrr-
traqeat Jafd.tV.
'oiirrrM Water.
Genuine Congress Spring water in but
tb', kept on Ice and sold lor 10 cents per
glass, 'JO cent per bottle, nml $1 per dozen,
at the following place-. : Phil. Haup's Con
Icrtlonery ; Mctlaiilcy's ami ScltiihV Ding
tore, and l.oula Herbert's Itcstauiant.
Tlic Saratoga Congress .Spring Water l
put up andaold in bottles only, to lnure It
original strength and medicinal propcttle.
Lonln Hrrbrrth" aII.Nr.Nt:it.
Ire S'rrmu,
Arlington lee. Cream Saloon, T. It. Ki
lls, proprietor, at the Arlington House,
on Commercial avenue. bel.ueii
Sixth anil Seventh, U now ojien.
Tlic most delicious Ice Cream always on
hand. Families supplied with any quan
tity, and at reasonable price. O-lS-tf.
is-BIg reduction in priced ot Feather
Duster, at.Schuh'H drm; store.
To Kent,
A cottage on Thirteenth (street, letwcen
Washington avenue and Walnut street.
ti-i:t-tl. Apply to On. Smith.
Ielralile Roonix.
Three Urge and very desirable family
room, trontlng on the Ohio, at the St.
Charlea Hotel, can be bad, with board, at
very reasonable rates during the Summer
months. Abundance or pure air and per
fect ventilation. 7-10-tf.
Almrn C'anla.
A Laiioi: assortment of Alpaca Coats
from 81 00 to S-50, at Hartmaii'.s, cor
ner Sixth and Commercial avenue.
i ! Kc !lrr.
.Landlord ol hotels and boarding boue
Vs. 111 find It to their advantage to call upon
Mr, Coleman, Laundress, No t2 Fourth
street, betwewo Washington and Commer
cial avcnuei. Hotel and boarding-house
walking, 75 cents per docn. Fol piecework
price are as tollown : Single shirt and col
lar, 10c; per dozen fsOc; ockt 6c; two col
lar, 6c; two handkerchiefs, fc; etU SOc;
and all gentlemcn'a .wear, 0c. per
dozen. Ladle' dwaer, 25 to Mr,
tklrta 10 to 20c; drawer 10 to 16c; two
pair hone 5c; two collari 6 to 10c. For la
.lieV plain clothca 11 00 per dozen; tor la
dle! line clothes, t Sft per dozen; done
ilramptly, and promptly delivered. I'a
tronage aollclted.
tin to finli llrrbert'it for PII.ajl
nly neonla.
The New City Directory will eoU you
only 50 cents at Hohhin' Mudc Haar,
112 Commercial avenue. Kvery family
should have one. 7-7-10t.
CUvaperTtanu Ever Known Rerore.
Mason's Self-Sealing Fruit Jars at SI 60
per dozen. Kxtra rubbers for Mason's
Fruit .fan, at Daniel HartmnnV, corner
Sixth street. R-'iMt
Nolle or Rem oval.
The well-known barjier ahop, corner
Cighth and Commercial, presided ovir by
:he popular artt-t, (leorge Hteinhome, hai
removed one. door north on Commercial, in
lie Orand tjrutral Ttotol. Tim new shop li
.arge aud (ouniiodlotH, and tliosc wishing
tor anything artiitlc In the way of fashion
ble hair outllng, amooth -liavcf, etc., will
to well to call at the flrand Central Harder
diop. 71-3-t.T-tf.
For Male or Kent.
Tho liouv- mid lot on the coi ner ot
F.ighth ami Walnut .streets. For particu
lar apply to Mifi.'Ci:MMiKfls.
"X llag litoek envelope" at the Ili'i.
l.UTl.v otllee, $3 2.1 M-r M.
0&Tlif celfbratctl SeJilT.UlL WA U
KEF. BEKIi at JateltV.
Co io Hartinau's for Jilur A'ary Finn
utl Cmtn worth $0 selling for $2 no.
Reilueed Rat en.
We will take, at the St. Charles Hotel,
during the summer months, AO day boarder,
at $22 per month, aud 60 boarders with cool,
pleasant rooms on the upper floor, at (.'10
per month. At this extremely low rate,
uouo but promptly paying hoarders will bo
accepted. Jkwbtt Wilcox Co.,
ni-4-28-lm. Proprietor.
1S-XX Woodstock envelopes nt the
Hui.LKtin oftlee. $il (X) per M.
Bjra llothluir.
I have Just ni'eived a lltll line ot
boyp' clothing latest .styles which I
will m:11 for one-fourth of manufacturer's
prices. Come and ceo lor yourselves, nt
Hat t man's.
It U Vaelcaa
to attempt to cleanse- a stream while the
fountain la Impure. Dyspepsia, complaints
of the liver and kidneys, eruptions of the
nkln, kcrotula, headaches, and all diseases
arising trom impure blood, are at onoo rt
moved by Dr. Walker's California Vine
gar Hitters, the grcat'and Infallible purlUcr
of the blood, und ronovator of the system,
It has nsvat.betu known to full, provided
the patient bad not delayed u.lng it until
vitality ol his sywm was too far gone.
T.ll-d&wiw. .....
SATIIKIJAV, 3VUS 17, 1870.
Iral Weather Keart.
(Ulno, lix, , July l'i, sJ.
Timi. Ham, Tiik, Wind, Vat.. WavriiM
Turn. V0i' l" S. to' t Clmr
11 " 'i.W7, j s. I I Ueir
j p in, 'n.r,: mi' s.w I fair,
f IIOMAH .IONKS, Srrgt. S. H., V. H. A.
The lfev. .1. It. Heasoner, of Klniwood,
llllnol', will pieaeh at the I'rcMiyterlnii
church Sunday morillng and evening.
funeral Notice
Died, yoterday, Katlnka, infant ilauuh
ler of l.ouU anil KIIji Herbert. Funeral
Will takejplace at 3 o'clock p. in. Train
will leave foot of Eighth M rent at II o'clock,
tharp. FrleniN of the lauilly Invited.
Jloute Personal.
-Mls-es Annie and .Tosie PlillIU took
the Cairo A, Vlucennos train this morn
ing fur Vlnecnnee, where they will he
the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Thayer.
Mrs. .lodge Green leaves the city to
day for Dlxou Spring-", where hc will
M'iiil oine week".
The l'ir-,1 t'r
The lii-l through IliluoN ('entral
freight ear, loaded with wagon,
left Cairo for San Antonio, Ti'a, yesv.
t.-idny. The ear was Iran-lerred from
the Inullue lu the iipjx'r part of town to
the Incline of the St. l.oula, Iron Moun
tain and Southern railroad, on the Mis
souri fihore ol the Mississippi river, by
the new transfer boat, "Junius S. .Mor
gan," anil was started on lt journey
over the latter road yesterday morning.
Three More I'nfiirliiiiiilot.
Olllecrs Whitcauip vind Hlllingsly,
w hill; walking on Ohio Levee Thursday
night, aw a number of young darkies
bathing in the river. The party num
bered about fifteen, and the ollicers sUirt
ed for them. The youngsters saw thein
coining, and also nUirtetl, but three of
them tarried too long, and were caught.
They were np before Judge IJross yester
day for violating the city ordinance in
legard to bathing and lined live dollars
and costs. They w ent to jail for want of
the wherewith to pay their tine.
In the City.
The following named gentlemen, all
prominent railroad olliclal--, were in the
city on buslncs, Thursday, lor their re
siiective road : Mr. J. F. Tucker, gen
eral su)erintendent of the Illinois Cen
tral ; Mr. A. D. Frost, general manager
of the Mississippi Central, and Capt. J.
O. Mann, division superintendent of the
MMssippI Central; Col. Arthur W.
Saper, suiicrintendent of the St. Louis,
Iron Mountain it Southern railroad, and
Mr. C Prick, ni...rul frlutflit ugcut ot
the St. Louis, Iron Mountain .V Soutlicrn
road. The party .-topped at the St.
Nil It ThrriwIa-BeldliiK llrolhrro A t'o.
Mr. W. O. Haelrlgg, the enterprising
and very energetic traveling agent of
Ikiding Ilrolher.s & Company, of Cin
cinnati, is now in the city, at the St.
Charles, lie will remain in the city un
til .Monday. The tlrm repre-entcd by
Mr. Ila.elrigg manufactures machine
twist sewing cilk ol the bet quality, as
Is well-known to all users of the article.
This was the first firm in the Cnlted
States to put It- name on its goods,
which have taken the llrst premium over
all competiors wherever exhibited. The
firm Is well represented by Mr. Ha.elrlgg,
who is one ol tho best traveling men on
the road. Showing as he does, first-
class goods, he is always -uccessful.
A Rumpus-.
Thur-dav nlcht. between ten aud
eleven o'clock, a woman made luriip-j
pearance at police headquarters almost
breathless and terribly fiishtcncd. and
inquired for an ofllcer, itiatlng that her
sister was Deiug Kiiieu ny two men, near
the gas works. Ollicers Sheehan and
Cain at onre started for the supposed
bloody scene, accompanied by the wo
man; but the parties lor whom they
were In searcli had e-caped. The sister
of the woman was found not dead, but
making a loud noUe. When questioned
lu regard to the affair, the two women
explained that they had gone out walk
ing with two of their acquaintances,
whom they had known in Kentucky,
aud when near the gas house the men
began lieatlng them. The story is
thought to be a rather unlikely one, but
the men will be brought to account, pro
vided they am caught, when It Is likely
we may tie ablo to give our readers a
clearer version of the story.
The KXL'urwiou thin Evening,
The excursion to Columbus and Hick
man, on hoard the elegant steamer Iillo
wild, this evening, promises to he u del
elded success. A largo number of the
youth aud beauty of this city have mado
their preparations and will participate in
the enjoyable event. The boat, as stated
In another column, will leave the wharf
at live o'clock precisely, and return at
twelve in the night. Henry Hart's Idle-
wild string baud, which will furnish tho
music for those of the young and gay
who may wish to trip tho light fantastic
of whom there Is a number is one ot
tho best we have over listened to. Tho
faro for round trip is remarkable low, be
ing but one dollar. This fee Includes
supper, such as Is rarely sat down to, and
wo advise all who would spend a few
hours In delightful recreation, to embrace
this excellent opportunity. Remember
the Idlewlld leaves al live o'clock p.m.
sharp. Tickets for sale byC. W. Hradley,
Col. Hcardeu, Sol Silver and Horaco Han-
Lout rm,
Last Thursday evening, on Eighth
street, between Uuder's storo und circus
grounds, a lady 's small amethyst breast
phi. Tho finder will be rewarded bv
leaving at Bulletin olljoe. 7.13-tf,
lint I
We hontd a iinlu'e voire '-a,v jeMctday
Under our window!
"It's hot.''
The voice M'cinM to be going by, and
by Its (one was apparently making this
suggestion to another voice .that was
passing It, for another voice Immediately
replied :
We don't know' what the Inst voice
meant. It spoke a language we do not
understand ; but. II It Intended to assent
to the assertion of the llrst voice we have
no I'sue with It, for yesterday was about
as hot a day a a (1rst-clas sun could
Hot? Ves; there never was a hotter
day never. The Ice In the Ice-houses
gavu notice to (ho men who own It that
it w ould not endure much more caloric
that, If the furnace was stoked much
more, It would become water and boll
go off In tcam disgusted.
Hot! Why, it the spirits of Molt
abide lu such heat when they arc not en
gaged lu theetiuobliug business of mate
rializing, they must sullcr excruciating
torment. Such weather Is all the "bad
place" wc want ; and if we can have
proof that the "bad place" tho Sunday
school hooks tell us about Is hotter than
Cairo at Ibis time, we may be counted in
at the next revival of religion.
Oranire BluMoma."
In tho last number of the Joncshnrn
Adrtrthrr, we find the following:
The local editor of tlic Jiullrtiii, of
Cairo, thinks he has made a happy hit in
the notice ot the party which wan lu
Cairo on last Tuesday and Wednesday a
week. In said article ho heads it with
"(.ranger Illossoms," (but to lei our
readers know this gentleman's eontempt
iblcnese. we will smte that he did not al
low his Intuiting article to npjH-ar until
the second l-suo nfler the event
happened, for fear, probably, that
some of the gentlemen pres
ent would administer to him a genteel
booting. After bearing ol the notice, a
party trom this place sent for several
copies of the paper, but for fear of the
probable consequences, the papers were
not forthcoming.) We do not know
whether to lay the Insult to the want of
brains on the part of the local of the Hul
Ittin, or to his downright meanness ; but
one thing sure, that the gentleman being
a "(irangcr Blossom" would bo an honor
to him, and might admit the gentleman
more often into respectable society, but
ids being a granger would be no credit to
the organization.
How the AdttrtUtr man dared to tell
so palpable a falsehood os is contained in
the aboye we cannot understand. We
did not head the report of the Hanuers
Frick wedding in this city : "Granger
Blossoms," but "Orange Blossoms,"'
which, if the editor of the AdcertUer
knows anything, he knows is not an un
usual way to head-line notable marriage
cereuioiiic-. Many brides of to-day wear
wreaths of orange blossoms on their
heads, and, blossoms on their drcs-.es.
and therefore orange blo--oms have eome
to oe associated wttn tne marriage cer
emony. These arc the words that headed
our report of the Hanncrs-Frlck wedding
and not ''Granger Bloisouis"' as the Ad
vrrflier Imu untruthfully asserted. It
would be unnecessary to oApiain tin. .
any person not an utter ignoramus, as
Dougherty Is.
We did not publish the report of the
marriage tne morning alter tne cere
mony was performed, because we could
not prepare It on the night of (he wed
ding m time to be put into tvpe. The
intimation that we postponed its publi
cation fearing the toe of the boot of any
of tlic weddingcrs, is mean. One thing
is sure, tne ooot on tne Aactrmtr man s
foot never alarmed us or any one else ;
for, while the boot may be very valiant,
the f(Ht in it in so cowardly it always car
ries the boot rapidly away from danger.
Dougherty 13 almost as great a coward
as he has In this matter proved himself
to lie an untruthful fellow in very plain
English, a great liar.
When George Dougherty, regarded by
all his acquaintances as a very weak
headed fellow, almost but we will not
say it wneu he talks about, want of brains
in any erson, then has Impudence
achieved its most wonderful feat ! But
George Is so foolish o very light lu the
upier dory so utterly tjegardless ot
truth, that w e need not. notice further
this mean aud lying attempt on his part
to injure us in the estimation of friends
who did not see our report of the wed
ding. (General Items.
The voice of thelocu-tls heard in the
city, and a loud voice it is.
The County Court, Judge Bros pre
siding, l working calmly, as all courts
ought to work In such weather a' this.
Dlxou Springs are coining into de
maud with our Cnlro people. Several
families are about to fly from.thls scorch
ing weather to its pleasant waters and
the eool shades that Mirroundlt.
Long processions of umbrellas pass
along the streets now-a-days, carried by
citizens featiul of the dowupouriug sun
that Is keeping the thermometer up in
the hundreds.
We don't know whether Mr. Manner
was misled by George Dougherty's lies ;
but, If he was, wo will ask his doctor,
when next vu meet that gentleman,
"What's the matter with Hannerr"
The Assesser, Cunningham, rode, by
the Bt'LLKnxolllce yesterday on n flrey
steed, aud looked like a man cogitating
upon the value of property, endeavoring;
to believe It worth n good round sum
for purposes of taxation.
Judgo Bross lias accepted the Presi
dency ot tho Alexander County Bank,
Peter Nell", lias leen elected Vice-President
nnd Mr. Wells, Cashier pro tern.
Messrs. Hughes, Cuiiuiughnin, Whlto
I aud others have been mentioned, as per
manent cashiers.
Dougherty, after falsely saying, wo
head-lined our report of the llanncrs
Friek wedding, "Granger Blossoms,"
' adds that "a party of this place sent for
several copies of tho papcr.but for fear of
' tho probable consequences, the papers
I were not forthcoming." This U hot trim
, it is a" big a lie as tho assertion that wo
' Granger Blossomed tho llanuers-Frick
party, when we, in tho most, compli
mentary manner.posslble, Oranged Blos
somed them.
Onr Indies, too, are nllllcted by pin-
but f kins. Lucidly mti'l (irtliein Imvo
beautiful fotms, (Hid look Well ill Ihe
Jaslilon. Wc like to look nt them, and
would If we were older than wunrr. By
ron spcal.s nbont the feet of Indies sug
gesting the more perfect symmetry of
thi' fair lorms Dial terminate so well,
which i a ery pretty conceit ; but this
pin-hack fashion leaves no room fdr sug
gestion as to the symmetry ol the ladles
who atl'cet It; it displays their symmetry
perfectly. It does, indeed. We assert
Ibis, and ue ought to know.
Then; nre several boys living lu the
neighborhood of Twelllh street, between
Yvalnutnnd Cedar, who should he taught
to respect a man's proerty. They aiii
lu the habit of entering a vacant hoihe on
Twelfth, lately occupied byMr.Orth,and
committing all manner ol nuisances,
breaking out the glass, throwing trash
Into the cistern, etc. They have even
gone h far as to congregate there almost
dally lu mol.e cigars and pipes, thus en
dangering tho safety of the property.
Tim names of lhe.se boys can be furnish
ed to the owner or agent ot the home In
If the youth of the Jonesboro Ad-
vtrtlser were beaten for a time on the
head with au orange tree club he might
have knocked into that empty part of his
body a knowledge of the fact that
Orange Blossoms are always worn by
brides In well-regulated weddings, either
in fact or constructively. How Ihe
young man changed "Orange Blossoms"
Into "Granger Blo.-.0ms," and made this
change tho text from w hich he preached
to us u sermon of abuse wo cannot con
ceive. Even he, although u very near
approach to an idiot ms all Ids acquaint
ances inform ui. on-dit to have had
sense enough to not make so consummate
au ass of himself.
"Citizen,'' in a communication pub
lished by us this morning, makes some
suggestions concerning the lire limits ol
the city that our authorities would do
well to carefully consider. A brick city
is preferable to a wooden one, but a
wooilen city is preferable to no city at
all ; and while It is dc-lrable that the va
cant lots of Ihe city should be filled by
brick structures, would It not be well
to permit some or them now embraced
within the fire limits to be tilled by
frames t At a time when Cairo was
about to take its equal station with the
great cities of the world the council
widened the fire limits and embraced
nearly all the city and additions; but
when the project of Immediately
stepping up to greatness vanished
Into thin air. the council contracted the
limits. And now, when all the country
Is alllicted by financial "shortness," and
Cairo Is Mtffcriug almost us much as St.
Louis. New York, Philadelphia, aud
other of the larger cities, w ould It not le
well in tlic council to draw hi its fire lim
it horns a little more J Like our friend
Davis of the .S'kii, we expres no opinion,
uui simply ns'ic tne question, it we were
the Mayor and Aldermen we would come
to the conclusion that "Citizen" Is a w
fellow, and we would act upon his sug-
may n:ive mr; to say on thl ni,j,.,.f In
nnd Uv.
OiiKht Ihey to be. t'ouf rnrted ? l,ut
'I'ltlceir Think on llic Nulret r
Fruiuvn l'r-rrHlle to no lloimes.
Editoii Bui.lktin Dear Mr : It mav
be a wNe provision lu densely popula
ted and well-built portions of a city, to
designate certain boundaries within
which no wooden building may be con
structed;but I doubt whether, when these
boundaries encircle nearly whole squares
of vacant lots, that the policy ol enclos
ing those lots within the fire limits is a
benefit to the city. In Cairo our fire
limits enclose several large vacant places,
composed of trom two to eight, ten and
more lots, upon which the owners would,
lu most cases, erect substantial wooden
buildings if it could be done without
having recourse to so much red tape.
Such buildings, In my estimation, would
be preferable to the unsightly vacant
places that lie open in prominent por
tions ot the city, and especially on the
Considerable nonsense is indulged in
by some, who seem to think that Cairo
Hhonld put-on the airs of a metropolitan
elly and have lire limits, by glibly say
ing, "It costs us much to put up a frame
as a brick building." Lei lhoe parties
try It, and they will find a serious differ
ence in cost : and It is this difference that
prevents many house being erected
within the lire limits that would improve
the looks and business of tho city, and
not entail au annual loss on the property
holder In the shanu of faxes on Ihe va
cant lots. He could at least save that by
a moderate yearly rental for a good
frame, and be satisfied. Men with small
capital, wishing lo do business, cannot
build within those limits, and -those with
means will not build when they clearly
see that by so doing they Impose upon
themselves a heavier loss than tho vacant
lots entail. The day of the "big bonan
za" in real estate aud buildings lu Cnlro
has passed, at least for the present. The
general quietude of trade Is a great bar to
costly Improvements; ami are not
Improvements lu the shape of
good frame buildings preferable
to none at nil V I think they
are, though pronamy more li
able to catch Hie; but 1 think In
finitely less dangerous when on life than
the hermorphrodite, hall brick, half
wooden structures that are built within
tho fire limits. When business Is good
and the prices of rents will iustlfy, brick
buildings will bo erected, but.tuuler pres
ent circumstances, would It bo policy to
put up a brick building at double the
cost of a frame, and be ablo to get no
more reijt for one than the other? I
think tho fire limits, as nearly as possi
ble, should bo modified so as to permit
thoso vacant places within tho limits be
ing built on, either brick or frame, nt tho
option nnd means of tho owners. Those
cyc-ttorcs would soon be occupied by neat
buildings, and the iiuncnrau.ee oi tne city
Improved thereby.
Yours, truly, Citizkn.
IMrl I.Hl.
Steamer Jim Plk, Paducah.
" John L. Khodes.Pittsbiil.it.
" Hte. Genevieve, St. Louis.
" Ella Hughes. Memphis.
Tow-boat Painter Xo. 2, Ohio.
Propeller Alf. Stevens, St. Lonli,
Steamer Jim Fisk, Paducah.
" John L. Bhodes, St. Louis.
" Ste. Genevieve, Vicksburg.
" Ella Hughes. Ohio river.
Tow-boat Bee and barges, New Orleans
Propeller Alf. Stevens, Ohio river.
in hts net:.
.Tim Fisk. Paducah; Idlewild.
EvausvHlc; Cons. Millar, Cincinnati;
Belle Memphis, St. Louis; Capitol City,
Commonwealth and Shannon from the
The river hit evening was 37 feet 7
aud -I-.1 inches on tlic gauge, having ri-eu
0 Inches during the previous 21 boon
'the news from nil the uper rivers is
very favorable, and we may expect but
little more of a rise at present.
The weather Is clear and hi'iilt'era
bly hot.
Business dull.
flKNKUAI. irr.Ms.
Mr. Conant of the Evansville Con
tier, left for Cincinnati by the C. ,v V.
road yesterday morning.
'I'lie Thompson Dean cauuimt be
taken out on the ways until the river falls
which may be a week or more yet.
Tho line steamer Con. Millar, dipt.
Jas.il. Pepper, Is the packet this even
ing for Memphis and way points.
Capt. J. M. Phlllis, wife, aud several
other Cairoltes will leave for a vUlt to
Crittenden Springs in a few days.
A cry heavy drift lloated out ol the
Ohio yesterday and many parties in skills
were employed in securing choice pieces.
Great damage by Hoods is reported
in the vicinity of Shawneetown. The to
bacco planters are perhaps the heaviest
Tho once famous fractional, interest
steamer Ella Hughes passed up without
landing yesterday. She goes north for
Tho Vint Slilnkle took 2,7"j .sacks of
corn, 1,000 boxes of starch, 000 barrels of
pork and Oil bars of railroad Iron and
a total cargo of 8,717 packages into Xcw
ltemeinbcr the excursion on the
steamer Idlewild this evening. A most
delightful steamboat ride, grand supper,
and an evening full of pleasure I- ollered
for one dollar.
The mammoth wharf-boat of Haiti
day and Phillips was let into the
water at Mound City yesterday, and will
occupy her old place at our wharf
ThoJuniu.sS. Morgan transferred one
car of agricultural implements yester
day front the Illinois Central to the Cairo,
Arkansas aud Texas railroad. The C. :
V. road will not be ready to transler for
several days.
Mr. Hays, river editor of," the Lou!
Wllo Courier, m.-ciiis to In- under the Im
pression that It was Capt. I'aul who
started the report that the Thompson
Dean could be bought for S2.j,(XK), and
go.;, for him rather roughly. The Dean,
he intimates, could not be bought for
three tlnuM that money.
"apt. Hicks' mammoth Mary vwv
was launched at Metropolis yesterday af
ternoon, to the surprise of everybody
aud the disappointment of not a few.
The launch was hurried up on account of
the rlsinig river, which was already
within four feet of the hull, and would
soon have made the work impossible.
Capt. Cutting has to deliver the boat by
a certain date, and could not allord lo
await the decline of the river.
Wah Kkcaiitmknt, Uivkc liteoiir, 1
July 1, li75 j
BTATlO.Ns. row WATMt. s.ur..
Cnlro 37 7 v 0
l'lltsburif 4 -l 0
Ciiieliiiiuti :M I II
Louisville U .'1 xl 1
Nashville ! 0 xl .1
til. Ixjlllri I II "
The llli'ir.ml Passenger Steamer
JuincH II, I'cijiici- Muster.
I,. II. Iteister Clerk.
Will leave this poll on HATl.'ltDAV KVF.N
l.NCi. July 17.
For t'relithl or lussage apply mi hoard 111-at
1 Itlier wharf-bout. 7-li-"t
lor Suit-.
A silver plated No. 1) Wilson Shuttle. Sew
ing Machine, hard (piano) llnlsh, valued at
$3.'i. Will bo fold at $20 discount, on good
terms, and ordered direct from the f.ictory.
KDIt hali:.
A No.!) Wlls.111 Shuttle Sewing Machine
valued at $7a. Will be sold at ir discount
and ordered direct frcm the factory.
A tIK) Itrmhutton Sowing Machine-$110
mr for ensh. Suitable for tailor or boot and
shoe manufacturer.
Knit sai.k.
At a bargain, and on good tonus, a Howe
Sewing Machine. May be seeu at tbu Com
pany's ollice, corner Ninth streot and Com
mercial. KOH SALE.
"I'lcturesiiuo America," IS numbers
bound in '2 volumes, full gilt Morocco;
price, $10.
A styl-j "K," "Clough, Warren & Co.V
Parlor Organ, right from the factory at De
trolt. I.ht price, SHOO. Will be sold for
A now two-horse Gamble wagon.
For any of the above articles,, apply at
the IIUI.LKTIN oulco. E. A. Uurnbtt.
ricturcaque America.
At the nui.ucTi.N bindery 18 numbers,
bound lu two volumes, full gilt uior-
rocco; cost $14 5 for sale tit $40.
I lie I'iiIoii llenevolriil .Aisnrliilloii,
'the Union Benevolent Afsoclntlnu wishes
to Inform the public that it was organized
September Utl,, 1874, and bogs pardon for
coailng out at such a lite date t but ov
Ing to the hard limes wo have been de
layed. Wo are now happy lo announce,
that we have bpen ucicesfiil s far, and
ready at any time for tho acceptance of
mombcr or petitions for the n,nK., Thus
of meeting, Frldiy before ihu second Sat
urday In each month. Hnll on FlUhMrect,
between Commercial and Washington ;(y
ft II. Ttuiot.K, I'reMdcnt,
P. Adams, Vlee-Preldriit
I.. W. lliKKK, Xenretari.
llt-diieed l(itl to Hot rlugx.
The St. Louis, iron Mountain A South
cm II. It. Co., will jell round trip tick
ets between "ulro an I Malvern, good for
Kty da), fnrtwciity-ilve dolhrs to par
lies iif Hi tee or more. Stage fire from
Malvern to the Springs, three dollars each
Way. I J. C. .immp.ii. Agent.
7-IU-l w.
BOu In Jaeehfl'n nnd In hU F. It LAN
GEM, ii del'ujhlitl bertratje.
1,000 yards grenadines in all colors,
worth 0 cents a jard, which I will sell
for 10 cents a yard. D, Hakim ix.
failles biillilintr can buy building tu.it.--ilal
nt the It-v Factory, ni the following
prices :
Scantling in.l Joist, -Jl reel
nnd under. '
Common boards, yrcen,
''ommon hoard-, dry,
Common iloorlng, matchrd
and di-esird,
Clear poplar Iloorlng, match
ed and dretst-il,
Cleur nli llomhiir, matched
and dressed,
Cypress lath,
la : icr M
i:i r.o
17 .) "
'JO no "
'jr. (mi "
an oo
As I am harrassod to death from state
ments In i in New York, 1 am compelled to
soli my entiru stock ot Clothing at an Im
mense sacrillce. Ikk Wat.Dim,
Pi-tf. Corner Sixth and Ohio Levee.
hoiiiellilnjf ,ir,
A large assortment of ladies' suits,
latest style, which I will sell cheap.
I). II.Mtl.MAX.
Uet the Item.
Dr. Sclh Arnold's Cou;;h Killer the
reat eradlcator for all luiis diseases x su
perior rcmody to all other medicines yet
discovered, in .severe eases. It Is a sure,
iptlsk, and perfectly safe remedy lor
coulic, cold?, sore throat, whooping cough
;roup, aud all diseases of the throat and
IniiL's. Itetall price, 2." aud i"0 cents and 1
Any bottle that docs uot give relief may be
returned, and the money will be refunded
Dr. Setli Arnold's Diarrhtca Balaam, i: aud
WJ cents. Remember it Is warranted. Ar
nold's Utl'tous Mandrake Pills, operating
without sickness and pain. Compounded
by Dr. Seth Arnold's Mcdlcnl Corporation
Woonsocket, It. I. Hold by Paul G.Schuh
druggist, Cairo, II!. M-l-US-am
ag"XX Amber and White rag stock
envelopes at the llri.Mn in ollice. printed,
W and SI 00 per M.
iJm-n, i:i-
A lull line of Pipes and Slinking Articles
at CowixuriiWAir A- 1'im.i.ii-'.
!.. KurlltlEM.
Thl pleasant .Summer llesorlta now uvm
for visitors. 'I ho Springs are the rinest
Chalybeate water, and are situated In a
beautiful beech grove, near n romantic
stream with high rocky banks. The Springs
are half-way between Vienna ind t!ol
conda, nnd can be reached by hack from
cither of those places If. W. Ill Vl.ss,
.iaiie-Ji, 1S7;. U-IH-2W.
all description the most complete as
sortment over brought lo Cairo at cost
for the next ten days. Drawers, I'mler
skirts, while and eoloioil Shirts, Half
Hose in price I dcly competition.
Al I lie Lowest I'rlces.
Collins, Caskets and Metallic Ca-cs,
Wilcox's block, id the lowest prices.
ll.NKNr.lt ni l..nils Ht-rlM-i r-4.
Choice I!i-iiiiIh
of Kine Cut and Smoking Tobacco at
CowrKitTHWAir k I'mi.i.ii'.V.
l.lneu iiikI Nti-uw lints.
Largo assortment of boys' and
mens linen and straw hats tit one-half
the original cost. Xow is Ihe time to
buy bargains at Hartinau's, corner Sixth
and Commercial avenue.
. t'lgnr More
Imported and domestic rJUrar, tWinlesale
and retail, next dour to Tabcr llro".
CowrKivniw'.vi'r ,fc Vitii.uis.
AltCllllOII, IlltSC IllllllHlM.
Halls and bats at cost the largest a
ortiueut ever brought to Cairo, which I,
will sell for Ihe next thirty day at cost.
I). H.vnru.ix.
ts&rn?ii-inu.i ci'LMiiAoifEit nf .;.-
llutN mid tTon-i-M.
'JtiO Ladles' Hats, latest style, all
ready trimmed; alo a large assortment of
Artlllcial Flowers for trimming hat,
which 1 will sell at. one-half the whole
sale price. The above aro just from New
York and are desirable patterns aud
Ktyles. 1). II A HTM AN
To NmoUein.
Try those Flora dol Fiitnar (Cigars
I'.'tS Commu.-clal avonuo.
Obstacles to Marriage.
Happy relief for young men fr 111 the cf
(ecu of crrori and abuses In early life.
Manhood restored. Impediment to mar
riage removed. New method ol treatment.
New and rcmarkablo remedies. Jtooks
and elreulsrs sent free, in sealed envelopes.
N. Ninth street. Philadelphia, Pa.-an insti
tution having high repuUtlon for honor-
al e conduct and professional sain,
ft-ll-d.t w-Om.
t lour, aecordln,? to RrtvK..,
Oom, mixed, aaeLnU.H..,
Corn, white, narked
OaU, mixed.,,, ...
Sir, m
1 7o
ii 01)
2 "J
tl SO
91 tJ
nrun, per ton..,.. ,
.Meal, stenlii dried ,..
Mutter, choice Northern ....
ilutter, choice Southern 111...
KiW, pr dozen
( Iilckrin. tur dficii
Turkeys, perdo?cn
Potatoes, per nam!.
Oilbns. inT Imrrrl
C'heiTlei per crate
airnwiwrnes r riaic
Flour Merchant
Millers' Agent.
So mi Ohio Iwe,
7 Ii'-tf.
Grand and Select
Saturday Evening, July 17, 1875.
II. (J, I'oivlcr MaMer.
I:. It 'Ihomm Clerk.
From Cnlro to Columbus und IN turn, l.ivln
uuniui - p i" ,uuii returning ni 12 p, 111,
.Mii'h; liv Unit's IilK'WlM Immt. Vnn- liir
1011 1 1-1 trip, iufludlniOMiiiper, To preteut
: ) 1 li ik i in 1.) rl;il)l- crowil, Ihe number o! tickets
Is limited, 1111. 1 parties mint puvclm.ic tickets
iM'luiiM'oiuliitf mi hoard. Tickets arc not trann
fer.ible. For sale lo- Oil. Kranlen, Sol. A. sill
terandMr. diet. W". Itmdley, on llnlHctay .
I'liillip-- wlmrf hont.
- I I n
Sealed Proposals.
ClfiAI.lin proposals will Ik- rccelcd at mv of
O lice 1111III 1 iic-si1:iv. Julv 'ii'th. lsTfi. Tortlie
dellverhu; of one thoii-and cubic vuiiNof itimel
oil the Meet J of Cairo, Illinois, ut ,-heh places n.s
iim- n-x't tviiimilitcciiiiiy designate, either from
the Knurl hank ut Metropolis or lilt hunk ulxive
I'adiicali 'l he city council reserves tlietlelittu
icjecl uur Hint all UtiU.
Wil I ItKNC.ll A.1.K1 , uuy I'lerk
Healer In
Butter, Eggs, Fish, Poultry,
Game and all kinds of fresh
Fruit and Vegetables.
Eighth Street, Carro. Ill
KJ-Orders for Mc.1111bo.1H promptly filled at
any hour, day sir nlclit. 7-13-tf
A complete I'Jrtorlul HUIory r the
TlineV -Tlie let. elieapexl. ourt
must Niirccisriil I'niiilly Sper
In tlic iriilou "
The Weekly Is tho ablest and most pow
erful lUii-tcatcd periodical published In
this country. Its editorials are scholarly
ou eoiiviuciiig, ami carry much weight.
U imtvnvvun t current events are full
und lresb, aad are prctiarcd liy our hostile
signers. Vlti a circulation n laO.000. thu
Weekly Is road at least by half u million
persons, and Its iiilluuuce as an oriran of
opinion Is -Imply tremendous, 'mie Week
ly malutuic a positive position, and ex
presses decided views on political and so
cial problems. f.oulsv Ilia Courier-Journal.
Its articles sro models of liMi-toned dis
cussion, aud Us pictorial Illustrations aru
often corroborative urgumcnts of no small
force N. V. Examiner and Chronicle.
Its papers upon existent questions audits
Inimitable cartoons help to mould the sen
timents of the country Pittsburg Com
mercial. TBKMS :
Postage free to subscribers in tho United
Harper's W.sekly, ono yoir....t 00
Four dollar includes prepayment of U.
S. postage by the publishers.
Subscriptions to Harper's Magazine,
Weekly, and llazar, lo one address toronu
year, $10 00; or, two of Harper's Periodi
cals, to onu address for one year, f7 00;
postage free.
An extra copy ofho Magazine, Weekly,
or llazar will be supplied gratis for every
club of tlvu subscribers, at $4 00 each, lu
ono remittance; or, six copies for fcio (X),
without extra copy; postage free.
Hack numbers cuu be supplied at any time.
The annual volumes of Harper's Weekly,
lu ueut cloth bludiug, will be seat. by ex
press, mo 01 expense, lur 11 iw eaeu. a.
complete set. comprising eighteen volumes.
Ullb Oil IVlVll-bUI 1
per volume, frelgti
it of cah at the rate ot flSft
t at the expen e or tiiu
BaTNewspapi-rs aro not to copy this ad
vcrtlscnieut without tho oapress orders ut
Uarner & JJrothers.
AdJrcss HAIH'Klt
flOTHKR8, N. Y.
BherMCi SaU.
BY virtue of two certain exccutlQus' to modi
ivctcd by the clerk nf the circuit conrt ot
Alexander county. In the " State of
Illinois, 01m In fcivor l Voung HrotU
er.s A Corniiany, iim! Ih other ' In fa
vor of Alfred fl Huniint, asaliiii-enfAlcandei-II
Irvln, anil lHithn?alnt -lohu II llrnirn, I
have lev led upon the toIloH lng descrlUs! prop
erty, lu the county of Aluxawlrr ami Stale ut
Illinois, lo-vvltt The northw ct ciuarter of Ihe
northwest nuanrrnf Hrrtlnn six ("). m tovrii'ldp
sixteen (1") couth, and In ranpc one west oflln
Ihlnl principal meridian 1 the northwet ipuiitcr
unite soutliwcit iiuiuleror section thlriy-one
HI), lu township tlhceu (P) south, and InimiKe
I westofthe third principal meridian ithu north
east otiarterof the soiilhea.st ipa.ururof section
tlurty-8l (:l.), In township lllleen (IS) south,
and In niiiK two U) wisdof.thethinl prlnchul
luerldani lots iiumliivlniie(l)tllve(3),lwiliiii-
clusUt- lu uioi'K numueiisi one 111, iiiinmy'-
isl two 11) 1
und linen l). In block iiumU-rrtj t
numbered one (I) to live (). I'i '
('.'), lots 111111
........ i7i hath nc hi. re 11 l'hk numiwreil
.hrhfm intsi iniiiitKrml (wo (-; lnre is) ana
berwl two (J), foiir (. ae M. ""h"'! 1
Cnltv. and ull In Hi? ,'"",'5r..?f lY..e,d.tW',
:) In block nunil
.:. 1... 1 ..11 1..
.....'. III....I. ft. 1IIIPU. b, T 1IT raiM -if r II
nil) , nn.i mii n. .-- -,..;...... .r.
HlJrow 1 !'!)' 1 hall bner'aC public Tsaleat
li'o .oulline-t door of the coot( honlu Ihe city
of I'ulro. In ti' county of Alexander unJ btale ot
II i'!'ll the ninth daVor Auiut. A. U.
I75, Utwecu the hours of nine o'clock, a. ill. .
uiid ""e'flddav, Ibrrasb, In tlttV aal.l
t-xeeullon. .VLK5, 11. IKlf 1
Cairn, UllnoU, .Tune 21th,
nneriu 01 Aicxauucr wiiuiiji ".e.
FOHUw sneedrenra or,Besrui w?lw.,
Lol atiuliood and all 'llr
on by Indiscretions or wees. Any Bsft
1 Um inc redleats.
sTrietlHrytWeK Had OH at
Schult't flrhgsVortf'1
H'S K I "1" t
!l ' J

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