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ASCAI.ON 1.0 DO K NO, .',1.
Knight of I'y thlas, meets ceryl'rl
day night nt lmlr-iUHl seven, in Odd
rVll.lWs' Hull, 0 K. SLACK,
Chancellor Commander.
.mgmt, lndciideht Order or OiM-Kfl-)B(
low), metis every Thursday nlKht
'fllllPfer' ut half-past ecen, In their hall on
(,'oiiimrrclul avenue, between Sixth nml f-cu-iilli
.tiffin. .ton II.OuyiAN, X. U.a
"1AII10 KN'CAMl'MENTt I. O. ). F.t Beets
LlnOdd-Kcllowfi' Hull m tlx- Ilratund Third
I ncsibij III eu-ry month, ut half-past seven
UK SLACK, U, 1'.
A CAII10I.0DUK. NO.iM7,A.r. .1 A. M.
Hold rvnuhir communications In Jlu
JkJsT sonic Hull, wriHT Otmim-rclul avenue
'Mincl Klghth street, on the second and
oinlli Monday of utcli month.
Hae llnllw ori:-ry llcsrrlpllon
rllcioll-FII.NK.:il-iit I.oilU Ufv
Ulitnx f'riill Jnr
nt 75 colitis ier dozen ; nil tlio latent style
In Jelly j;lu. Seitlluir wax In laro nml
small quantities, nt Dan'! Ilnrtiimn'x,
corner .Sixth (street.
IM I.SRNKIt ut Louis Herbert.
Uet the UmI.
Dr. Setli Arnold's Cough Killer tbc
groat cradlcstor lor a' I lung dl-cacs a su
perior remedy to all other medicines jet
discovered, In severe cacs. It Is a mire,
itilsk, and perfectly safe remedy lor
cousin, colds, core throat, whooping cough
:roiip,and all diseases of the throat and
lung. Kelall price, 2-'i and M centH and el.
Any bottle Hint docs not give relief tiny be
returned, ami the money will he refunded.
Dr. Seth Arnold Dlarrhua Halssm, Wand
WJceuU. Itcnicmlmr it Is warranted. Ar
nold's lllllloui Mandrake Pills, operating
without slcknes ami pain. Compounded
by Dr. Seth Arnold' Medical Corporatlm,
Woon-ockct, It. I. Hold by I'aul ti.Schilh,
drilggUt, Cairo, III. fj3..i.V'liii.
UiafKITXISOEIia mott delicious bev
erage at Jaeckel'i.
CmiBrrxo Wilier.
(icnuluo O ingress Spring water in bot
tle', kept on Ice and s dd for 10 cent per
glass, 20 cents per bottle, and $2 per dozen,
nt the following places t I'hll. Saup's Con
fectionery ; Mcl.auioy's and Sebuh's Drug
store", and Louis Herbert's Restaurant.
The .Saratoga Congress Spring Water Is
put up and fold In bottle only, to Insure Its
original strength anil medicinal propel ties
I.oiils Herbert ln.s t'l I.SIl.VIIIt.
Ice ('renin.
Ailltujton Ice Cream Saloon, T. II, Kl
lls proprietor, at the Arlington Hoiisv,
on Commercial avenue, between
Wxtli nml Seventh, U now om.
The most delicious ki- Cream always on
linml. Families supplied wltli any quan
tity, anil at reasonable price?. (Ms-tr.
j&Syill;,' reduction In prices ol I-Vatbcr
Dii-tor, at Schuli's drug fdorc.
To Ili-iU,
A cotuijic on Thirteenth trvet, Ijctwrvii
Wellington avenue, ami Walnut street.
C-i:bU. Apply to Dit. Smiiii.
Ielritlile Itixmio.
Three hrgc and very desirable family
roouu, lrontinsou the Ohio, at the .St.
Charlc Hotel, can be had, with board, at
very reasonable rate during the Summer
month!'. Abundance of pure air and per
fect ventilation. T-10-tf.
lo unit Ks Iter.
lAmllords ot hotcN and boarding boutes
willtlndltto their sdvantaBO to call upon
.Mrs. Coleman, l.nundrc.-, No 12 Kourlb
street, between Waslilngton and Commer
cial avenue-. Hotel and boarditiK-hotiso
washing, 7rjecnti.perdozcn. I'oi piecowork
price arc n follow: Single thlrt and col
lar, 10c; per dozen 60c; socks ."c; two col
lars, do; two handkerchiefs, fie; vcits 'JOc;
and all trcntleinen'H wear, SOe. per
dozen. Ladles' dresses, i'l to 50c;
hklrtslO to "JOc; drawers 10 to Uc; two
pair h050 Sc; two collars.') to 10c. Kor la
dies' plain clothes 1 00 per doen; for la
dles lino clothes, $1 'i per dozen; done
dromptly, and promptly delivered. I'a
trouago flolieltcd.
41 lo l.oii Is lleilicrl-'. Tor J'll.iK-
Unit 511 (VlllN.
The Xcw City Directory w ill co-t you
only .10 cents at KobhiiH .Music IJazar,
11!! Commercial avenue. I'.vcry lamily
should have one. 7-7-UH.
Nollrit of Ilciiiovitl.
Tho well-known barber shop, corner
Ciulith and Commercial. iref ded ov:r ty
'.he popular artit, Ocorgo Steluhoiue, has
removed one door north on Commercial, In
.ho Grand Central Hotel. Tho new shop Is
urge and eommndlnus, and thoso wlshlug
lor anything artistic in tho way of fashion
nolo hair cutting, smooth shave, etc., will
.lo well to call nt tho Grand Central Harbor
.hop. 71-U-lS-tf.
I'lrtlireviiiie Aiuerit'il.
At tlm llm.i.K.rix bindery IS nuinbers,
hound in two volumes, lull tfllt mor
rocco; eot SI I ; lor alL' at $10.
jpSirX Ha,' ftock envelopes at tin; lli'i.
i.kti.v otllcc, $11 2.1 per XL
CSy-r.c celebrated Schlitz MIL ll'.l U
KKK lUilllt at JacckeVs.
teiliiceil Itnli'N.
Wo will take, at tho St. Charles Hotel,
durins; tho summer mouths, W) day boarders,
nt $22 put month, and HO boarders with cool,
plcasint rooms on tho upper floor, at $:!0
per month. Al this extremely Ww rate,
nono hut promptly paying boarders will bo
aeecptoil. .IKWE'rr WlI.COXy.Co.,
.'It-j-'is-lm. Proprietors.
ttSr-XX Woodstock envelopes nt the
IIi'm.ktin olllee. ?:i 00 per M.
I U l'N-lfHH
to uttumpt to cleanse a stream while the
fountain In Impure. Dyspepsia, complaints
or tho liver and kidneys, eruption! of tho
skin, scrofula, headaches, and all diseases
arising Irom Impure blood, nro at once re
moved by Dr. Walkor'a California Vine
gar Hitters, tuo great nml Infallible purlller
of tho blood, and renovator of the syitom,
It has never been known to tali, provided
the patient had uot delayed using u until
the vlta'ity ot his system was too far gone.
B6r"rhotlnestmtk'le of Salad Oil at
WHD.VKSDAV, .M'LV 21, 1875.
Local U'rullicr Itcporl.
Caiiio. Ill , July Hi, Is7.'.
Kiilnfall ,hi Indies. '
.-iiiiIch Willi led.
IVmiiiIus will ho received at the
Natlouol Hank for one week. 7-21
i:x.eclrl Home,
Chlet of I'ollcu Williams was expected
to arrive In the city hint nllit, when n
spiny time hi police matters Is looked for.
The ladles of the congregation of the
Chinch of the Redeemer arc making
preparation, we are told, to give n fair
at it date not far distant.
.Iiitljfo llross ha? his hands full at prc
cnt, In nttemlhig to the county and city
court business. lie Ihids the ta-k about
all he care to accomplish, hut he docs it.
The remains of Henry Dlnkel were In
terred at Bench Grove Cemetery, yester
day afternoon. The funeral services
were attended by the Delta City Cornet
Hand, and a large number ol irlcmR
iiiii iMstiim
Mr. Charles Hardy left yesterday for
Hot Spring, leaving Mr. John Towers
in charge ol his buslne" during his ab
sence. All ordejs lelt at the Kgyptian
Saloon will be promptly attended to.
'Ml Out "
I'rof. Oocbel, "the man who tiavs hN
debts," has vanished. The place that
kncwhhn once, knows him no more, and
hungry creditors think of him and wear
oftly. We are one of them.
Mi.rin Al Cliiirlcxloii.
It wa reporteil 011 the streets vcMer-
day morning that a heavy rain and wind
storm had passed over Charleston, .Ml
souri, 011 .Monday afternoon, knocking
down chimneys, trees and fence-".
OH' lor Hot Stil.iu'.
.Mr. Fred Korsineyer and Chas. Hardy
lelt the city yesterday, for Hot Springs.
Arkansas. The latter gentleman goe In
the hope ofrellevlng hlmsclfof a severe
auacK 01 riieuinatism, while the former
Is making the trio more for pleasure.
we are told, than for an v other cm...
Xeiirly n Iluuiiwiiy.
Vesti-nlay morning between nine and
ten o'clock, the black iM,y Um-ii )(J. Mr.
John Clancy for delivering groceries to
his numerous customers, while tied to
a post near the store, became frightened.
He jumped around for a while, and tinal-
ly turned the wagon up'ide down,
but fortunately broke nothing.
.Mayor Winder on Monday allcnioou
removed Olllcers Schuster and Whltcami
from the police force of tills city, and put
in their places .lame f'ookeii and .lohn
nilllngly until the next regular meeting
of the city council, when he will noinl
note them a pcriuanent olllcers. What
the charges were for dismissing olllcers
Wliitcampaud Sinister, arc known to
only the mayor hhii-elf, as the men em
phatically declare that they are wholly
Ignorant ot any misdemeanor. The two
cntlcmcn to lie nominated by Ills Hon
or had their names belorc the city coun
cil for continuation as police olllcer-, but
were refused. It U thought by many
that the llrst choice of the mayor will
again be rejected, and he will he obliged
to make other nomination;.
The progress made by the WINou
Shuttle Sewing .Machine. Inventive
-kill lias been taxed to its utmost, and
the result is the most perfect and desira
ble machine for general and lamily ue
yet produced. It is simple and easy to
operate, U not llablu to get out of repair,
Its work is the best, as was shown by the
premiums awarded it at the Universal
Imposition in Vienna, 1S7H, and it is sold
at 11 less price than any other machine of
its standard excellence. Machines will be
delivered at any Kailroad Station in this
county, free of transportation cliarw', if
ordered through the Company's Hraucli
House at 010 N. Fourth street, St. Louis
Mo. They send an elegant catalogue
and chroino circular, free 011 nppllca
Hon. 'the Company want a few more
good agent.
Itesnliiliiiii-. of ItcNiiect.
At a meeting of Arab Fire Company No.
2, held at their hall July 20th, 1875, the
following preambles and resolutions
were unanimously adopted :
WumtUAH, It lias pleased the Supreme
littler of the Universe to summon from
his labors upon earth, our beloved
brother Henry Dlnkel, calling him by
His omnipotent will to that judgment
which awaits all who are tolling on tills
world below; and
Wiikuius, The brotherly ties which
have so long bound us lu mutual friend
ship and enjoyment to our departed
friend, are severed, no morn to b united
until the day tho grave shall yield up Its
dead; therefore
Ifrsolrttl, Thai wo earnestly sympa
thize with the relatives, and friends ot
our deceased brother, and tender them
that consolation which the world can
neither give nor take away ; nnd that we
will wear the usual badge and drape our
hall In mourning for tho space of thirty
Iftsolertl, That n copy of this preamhlo
nml resolutions he sent to tho lamily of
our deceased brother and Inserted in the
oily papers.
.1. C. 11 iii:i.s,
'.. D. Matiii;s.
Committee on Ilesolutlons.
Time. IIaii. ITiik. Vimi. I Vki I
7o.ni. KMfiii ' Tt' S I 7 I
11 " '3.HSI, Kf S. I n I
Mi 111. ri.ws , kv s.W. I k I
Nicrlnl Met'tlMff. 41
A sjieclal meeting of the Taylor Lller
nry Society will he held this evening nt
the Council Chamber, for the purpose of
transacting Important business. A full
attend:.nee of members Is earnestly de
sired. llleil.
In this city yesterday at :i p. 111., .Jacob
Lehnlng, father of Jacob and Phillip
Lchnlng, aged 711 years. The friend of
the family are Invited to meet at the
house of Phillip Lchnlng, No 101 Com
mercial avenue, at half-past two p. m.
to-day (Wednesday). Funeral train will
leave foot ot Sixth street at It p. m. for
Villa llldgc, where the remain will be
Hold l'riKOiinlii.
(jraml Central : J. S. Schulcr, Cin
cinnati ; Henry Cunningham, Cincinnati;
J. W. Willis, New Orleans ; Mrs. Ilarllc
son, Villa Itldge ; 11. It. Walker, Xcw
Orleans; James P. Thompson and wife,
St. Charles: J. W. Kennedy, New
Orleans ; J. U. Van Horn, New Orleans ;
James Morris and William Wiggins,
Jonesboro ; James Holmes nnd son, Ten
nesssee; John Sullivan, Tennessee; T.
W. Fletcher, Centralia; O. K. Conner
and F. li. Norton. Chicago; Ml" S. M.
Nixon, Hickman, Ky.
Delmoule:-.!. M. Klrby, Pulaski ;
Henry Mowery. Dongola; George
Marooli, Grant City, Mo. ; William Cook,
Marshall county, .Mississippi ; O. W. Se
wcll, IUandvllic, Ky. ; Thomas J. Galll
gher. New Orleans ; A. T. Hooker, Jack
son, Tenn.; L. I). HuchUon, West lledi
no, Mo.
Planters': J. 11. Davis, Dallas,
Texas; M. Jolinson,.St. Louis; W. Mc
Nabb and family, Wheeling, Va. ; J. F.
Hcrron, Cotton Hill, Mo.; H. S. Lotta,
Areola, HI. ; Jolm M. Peters, Mo.; Isaac
A. Collin, Illanihllle; S. I.oihlld, Co
lunibus, Olilo; M. F. Jones and wife,
Hickman county, Ky. ; Charles Humber
laud and wife, Fort Lodge, Missouri.
(eiiernl Ileum.
Mayor Winter Is out ot conceit with
ids police force. He Is of the opinion
that it amounts to nothing, and 1 con
templating its reorganization.
We have received 11 description of
Palace Hotel. San FrancUco. The ad
dress is In a peculiar handwriting. It
looks like Satlbrd's, and maybe It Is.
Hon. K. li. Sherman, Grand Master
of the I. O. O. F., pursuant to a resolu
tion of the Grand Lodge of Illinois, has
Invited Mr. John H. 0!crly to deliver an
addre-s on "Odd Fellowship' to the
Grand Lodge and the public, at Peoria,
(hirinir the session of 1S7.1, which will be
held next October.
The Paducah Xtta says: "Hell is
now supposed to be In Masac county, a
great portion underlying the town of Me
tropolls. as a sulphur mine has been dls-
coereillli.ini." We located bell under
Metropolis in our lecture 011 that piuc-o
of tuture punishment. We did so on
the authority of Quevedo, a Spanish gen
tleman, who was well posted. He went
down from Metropolis
Mrs. Patsy Galligher lias employed
two of our ablest lawyers to commence
nit against two of the saloon keepers ot
the city, for $2,000 damages each, they
having, after notice, given liquor to her
husband, who has driven her from her
home and ruined himself. This man was
at one time one ol our most inilu-trous
and hone-t citizens. By his labor and
business tact, and .Mrs. Galliglier's econ
omy, he and she had accumulated consid
erable property, but tho demon of the
bowl conquered him ; and the result is, a
broken household, squandered property,
a suit tor divorce nnd great trouble to a
couple of our saloon men. Had this, all
around. Hut so wags the world.
.Mayor Winter refuses to give Whit-
camp and bchuster any reason tor re
moving them. Whiteami) was unite a
,'ood olllcer, active and not inclined to
permit anything to go under his nose
rebuked; and Mr. Schu.-ter, although ho
hail not had experience, was (lie making
of a most excellent policeman. He is a
quiet, Iionest man, and would soon have
developed Into much Usefulness to the
city. The report that thee olllcers were
removed lor taking tags oil dogs and
killing tin in, 1- n great falsehood. The
cau-0 of their removal will not be known
probably, until the Mayor announce It
to the council.
Police Magistrate Bird complains
that the policemen are taking business to
Justice of the Peace, Comings, and that
they have no right to do so. He says he
ami Bross are the Police Magistrates of
tho city, that the city pays them a salary
for doing the police business of the city,
ami that the ordinances direct that
cases under the ordinances shall bo be
fore one or other of tho Police Magis
trates. He proposes to lay before the
council a communication containing ids
reasons for protesting against the action
of tho policemen. Wo recognize the
hardship of Mr. Bird's position. He de
pends upon his olllee for support, and by
his inllucuce with such colored men aw
O'Brien and Gladney secured tho elec
tion of Mayor Whiter. To have the bus
iness taken front him in view of this fact,
simply because he Is a uegrn, Is
too had, and gives him Just
reason to complain of tho Winter admin
istration. But we cannot believe he lias
any right, In law, to demand the bus!
nessoftlio city as ho claims. It Is true
the ordinances may direct policemen to
take ordinance-breakers before the Pollco
Magistrates, hut Justlco of the Peace
Comings has as much right to try such
eases as cither Police Bird or Bross. The
net to provide for tho Incorporation of
elites and villages, under which Cairo Is
acting as a municipality, expressly says,
that ''any ,and all Justices of the J'eace
uiitl 1'oHcefattetratc shall have Juris
diction in nil eases arising under the pro
visions of tills net, or any ordinance
passed hi pursuance thereof." How Mr.
Bird has arrived at tho conclusion that
Mr. Coinings has no right lo try mscs
under the city ordinances, wo do not
know. This provision ot the net of in
corporation mviiis to decide tlm matter.
Mayor Winter N considering thu ml-
vlsablllty of removing City Marshal
Williams from olllee. Without consult
ing thu Marshal lie lias siPrjiciidcd two of
the police force for too strictly obeying
their chief, tho Mnrshal, and thu probn
hllltlcs are that Mr. Williams' olllclal head
will next fall Into the basket. His Honor
complains that Marshal Williams abso
lutely neglects to eomo to lilm for orders,
and that he left the city with the Aymar
circus without asking leave of absence or
even informing the Mayorot his Intention
to do so. So far as our observation has
gone, Marshal Williams has been n very
good olllcer, and wo doubt If the Mayor
would select as good a man to succeed
him. Probably courtesy required that
Marshal Williams .should Inform thu
Mayor of his intended absence and ask
leave of absence, hut lie 110 doubt be
lieved there was no occasion to stand on
ceremony, and that .Mayor v inter Knew
that he was going with the circus
for a good purpose. The circus had
become Indebted to many of our citizens ;
It Is really a meritorious Institution, con
trolled by men who will pay when they
can, and to obviate tho necessity of
breaking up the show, Its creditors ngrced
that U might go on If Marshal Williams
were iermlttel to go with It until money
enough had been earned to satisfy the
Cairo debts. The circus men consented
to this, and .Marshal Williams went along
with the show to get the money due our
townspeople. It Is true vc do not pay
Marshal Williams to travel around tho
country with circuses collecting money
for our hotel keepers, store men, livery
stable people and merchants, but cer
tainly not one of our citizens will blame
Mar.-hal Williams for doing so In this in
stance, at the request of many citizens
and to -ave them from the loss of hun
dreds of dollars. We therefore would
regret th" removal of Marshal Williams
from olllee; but If Mayor WlnUr has
made up his mind, talking to him will do
no good. He is an Andy Jackson sort
of a man; and if he has concluded to
tike oil' the Mar-hal's head, the thing Is
ju-t as good a done. The heads of
Wiiitcamp aim .Schuster grace the basket
of Ills Honor, and that of Williams may
soon be to It an additional ornament.
A l ine Itesldeiice for Null or lleuC.
Corner Holbrook avenue and Twenty
fouith street. Large yard aud garden (8
lot); plenty of fruit and shrubbery; ijooil
ttablc and carriage hotl'e. Will sell on
very eay terms. The house contains ten
rooms. .1. II. Phillip.
Hurt I.ll.
Steamer dim Fisk. Paducah.
" City Chester, St. I.oitU.
" City Helena, Vicksburff.
Tow-boat Tho. Jieana, Irontou.
.SteainerMliu vuk. I'aducah.
" City Helena, t. r.ouU.
City Chester, MempbN.
Tow-boat Thos. Means, St. LouU.
Jim; risK, i.iiiueaii ; vnas. .iiran,
Cincinnati; Cons. Millar, Memphis ;
Capitol City, Grand Lake and barge.
Jno. I.. Hhodes, St. Louis.
The Cons Millar, .las. II. Pepper,
master, Is the packet this evening for the
Ohio river. Passengers and shippers
should make a note.
ron xkw oiti.r.A.NS.
The popular passenger packet, Chas.
Morgan, Alt". Stein, master, will be found
at the lauding this morning to receive
freight and people for all points South.
The Grand Lake Xo. Capt. S. A.
Toms, will be al the whart this evening,
and remain until to-morrow evening to
receive freight for New Orleans. Col. .1.
S. lteardon, agent ot the .Mlsalssippi Val
ley Transportation Company, will bo
glad to impart any further information
desired by shippers. Olllee, No. M Ohio
Levee, up stairs.
The river last evening was 10 feet 0
Inches on the gauge, having risen!) Inches
during the previous 21 hours. Heavy
showers passed round the city yesterday.
Very heavy drift still passes out of the
Ohio. The rivers above have all started
downward, and If not arrested by recent
rains we will soon see the decline- begin
Forty-four tow-boats at Pittsburg
are now ready to take advantage of the
llit Hush of thu rise, if it comes.
Tho Thos. W. Means discharged
1,C00 kegs nails for reshlpnient to Mem
phis, and she has a barges freight for St.
The ltobt. Mitchell ran through her
starboard cylinder, below Vlck-lmrg, on
Friday, but continued her trip to New
Orleans on one wheel.
On Monday, coal men at Pittsburg
were hopeful of a coal-boat rise, within a
few days, from reports of rains along the
upper rivers.
Tho Mary Houston will not go to St.
Paul this season. Low water in the up
per Mississippi is tho reason. She will
load for n trip to New Orleans soon.
Kxceedhmly heavy rain and wind
storms occurred en Sunday and Monday
at various points from Omaha to Pitts
burg, ami above. In some localities the
damage to fences, bridges and crops was
very great.
Waii DtlMlir.Ml.NT, KlVKH ItKi-oxr, I
-Inlyao. 167.V I
SI. I.ouls
Sh I urn harras-icd to death from state
ments Irom Xcw York, I am compelled to
sell my entire stock of Clothing at an Im
mense Mierlllcu, Ikv AValpku,
7-bt-tl, Corner Sixth m Ohio Levee.
Try the Cluster Fine Cut wholesale and
retail at Cowperthwalt & Phtllips',1!2ti com
menial avenno. 7-20-lw
Last Thursday evening, on F.lghth
street, between Biider's store and circus
grounds n laily's small amethyst breast
pin. The Under will be rcwardcil by
leaving nt Bet.Lr.m olllee. 7-13-tf.
Till I'lilnn Iteiicvotriil Aisnrliitloii.
The union Benevolent Asoclttlon wishes
to Inform the public that it was organ'zed
September 11th, 1874, and begs pardon for
co.Hlng out at such a late dato ; hut ow
ing to the hard times wo have been de
layed. Wc are now happy to announeo,
that we have been successful ho far, and
ready at any time for the acceptance of
members or petitions for the same. Time
of meeting, Friday before the second Sat
urday lu cash month. Halt on Filth s'treet,
between Commercial and Washington av
enues. H, Tt'iidf.K, President,
P. Adams, Vice-President.
L. W. llAKKH, Scsretary.
Oil t Where
did you get that Havana Clgarr At Cow
perthwalt & Phillips New Cigar Store,
next to Taber Hros.
"Our Nnloon" I.uiirh
Hereafter a No. 1 lunch will bo spread
every mornlug, at "Our .Saloon," on Llghth
street, oppo'ltc tho Grand "elitrat Hotel.
The very best ofalt klndi ol edibles to be
found in tho market will be served up
In the most palatable- m inner, with cool
Milwaukee beer always on hand to "wash
down" tho sjiue. Fred Hothctuz, the pro
prietor ol this popular resort, knows how
to make eery one feci al home, and ho
extends a cordial Invitation to all bis
friens to come around at 10 o'clock every
morning and sot a good, "sq'iaro meal."
CQ? Go to Jaeckel's and try hU RRl.AS
OEH, a delightful beverage.
Dixon MprlUK.
This pleasant Summer Itcort U now open
for visitors. 'I he Springs are the Mnet
wuaij ueaie waier, umi are situaicu III a
beautiful beech grove, near a romantic
stream with hlghrocky banks. The Springs
are half-way between Vienna mil Gol
conda, and can be reached by hack from
either ol those places. It. W. Hivins,
June 2i, 187.'). u-24-3w.
Al I lie l.onril I'rleoM.
Cotlln?, Caskets and Metallic Cases, In
Wilcox's block, at the lowest prices.
III.SI:M:R lit I.mil llorln-rl't.
Oil t Hay !
Ain't those Flora del Fimia Cigars nice,
at Cowperthwalt & Phillips'
Hedlicoil Union lit IIol NirliiKH.
The -St. Louis, Iron Mountain & South
ern It. It. Co., will sell round trip tick
ets between Cairo and Malvern, good for
slty day, for twenty-live dollars, to par
ties of three or more. .Stage fare from
Malvern to the Spring), three dollars euch
wr- J. V. Ximmeii, Affenti
t'tirniipr Than F.vor Known Itefore.
Mason's Self-Scaling Fruit Jars at $1 fiO
per dozen. F.xtra rubbers for Mason's
Fruit Jars, at Daniel Hartmau's, corner
SlxlU atreut; G-'J.I-tf
EST Delicious CULMJIA VII EH at Jaech
el's. Obstacles to Marriage.
Happy relief for young men fr .111 tho cf
fects of errors and abuses In early 'Iff.
Manhood resiorcd. Impediments to mar
riage removed. New method ol treatment.
New and remarkable remedies. Books
mid circulars sent tree, In scaled envelopes.
N. Ninth street, Philadelphia, Pa.-ati insti
tution having a high reputation for honor
al le conduct and professional skill.
for Xf OrlcniiN.
ili-sl ippl Valley Transportation Company's
Mr. m.-r
Grant! Lake No. 2 and Barges.
S. A, Toms Master
Will arrive this eenluir from SI. I.011U. and
clear for New Orleans to-morrow ru'idiitf. I'or
fielifht contracts apply to Col. .1. ti. HCAIt
DKN, Aseut, No. os Ohio I.ece, (up stairs )
'or New Orlciuix,
The ntegant Steamer
A. Stein N"""'.'''
Harry W. Hleli l-lerk.
Will leave Ihlsport WKDSKSDAV KVEN
MMJ, July "Jlsl, for New Orleans, kIWiik
through nceipls l all points lu Texas, by the
.MorKiin l.lne sitiimcis mid llallrouils.
t-'ortrclitht orpasjaite npjily 011 boanl or lo
llulllday A 1'lillllps' whail-boals
Tor Cliielminll .
The Klegant 1'asseuKer Sleiimer
.IiimiH It. Pepper
I.. II. Ilelslcr
, .Master.
Will leave Cairo WKH.NKSUAY .MOItNl.NO,
Inly '-jlsl, for the aboe anilall way points,
Kor freiKht or pusaj?e, apply on boiml or to
llalllday . I'hlllliis1 ttharl -boats- 7-V0-2I,
For Laundry and ITouuohold Uso,
Afflwicin UltriniMJ Works, Newark, N, J,
Our Wash Ulue U the best In thu world. It
does not streak, contains uollilnu Injurious to
health or fabric, aud is used by all the larK
lauimnes on account 01 us mcamnK vueeiaiui
c u-unness. Sunerior lor whitewashing, rut
Up lu paukaKes couvenlenl lor luliuiy use l'rlce
For al l)V irrocers evervwhere. Alwaysask
for the American Wash lllue, if you want the
cheapest and Ih'oI,
Olllee, "a William Stiwl, New Vo'k.
For Nnlr.
A silver plated No. 0 Wilson Shuttle Sow
ing Machine, hard (piano) finish, valued at
3-'. Will bo sold at 20 discount, on good
terms, and ordered direct from tho factory.
A No. 0 Wilson Hhuttlc Sewing Machine
valued at 7:. Will be sold at $lfi discount
and ordered direct Ircin the tactory.
A 90 Itcmlugton Sewing Miichtno-it.lO
oirrorca"h. Suitable Tor tailor or boot and
shoe manufacturer.
Foil SALK.
At a bargain, and on good tonus, a Howe
Sewing Machine. May be seen at tho Com
pany's olllee, comer Ninth street and Com
merclal, FOB SALE.
"Picturesque America" IS numbers
bound m '1 volumes, full gilt Morocco;
price, 10.
Aatyla"K, "Clough, Warren ,t Co.V
Parlor Organ, right from the factory at De
troit. I.ltt price, 300. Will be sold for
A new two-horse Qambl wagon.
r or any of the above articles, apply at
the llui.t.r.ri.votlbje. K. A. IIUit.N'KTT.
Corrcclisl Dally liy K. M, Stearns, commission
inerrnani, accmary 01 me uiiro jioaru ol
flour, accordhiK to Ktwlc 0vil7 00
Com, mlxnt, sarkisl 7V.i70c
Com, white, sacked &S"c
Oata, mixed (cr.'
llrun, s r ton n;io
Mint, strain driisl t'l c
llutt.-r, choice Northern HtlKc
IliitU'r.cholw Soiulifm 111 Km Joe
Kiri;s, i-r ilojcn UJ.Jc
Chickens, tivrdoi'ii . ftta 10
Turkeys, jmt dozen till Hi
rotators, i rliurel ft! so
Oninns, 1st turret 93 M
Chrrrk-s )or crate Al no
Stmwlierrlts ir crate :t 7S
WnrrliiitM InHcil flint, KjiiiiIiiIiiIi '
rplli: home N lfihy 1"i feet, two sloiled, and
L loeiile.l on the iiiot desirable nolot of Ho
stile track of the Cairo A Ut. Louis railroad, and
well loraletl for easily hamllliiir craln and Hour.
Tlil Is the Ix-st iiolntfor whuit on the llm-n!
thin mul, Over fifty thousand liiuhels of wheal
u-rehlijeil fuom this station to St. Louis tiuil
uniro iai M-aaou. i.ooo reiion lor sennit;.
t or terms and particulars eiiiiuln- ol
Commission Merchant, Cairo.
Zcr-e, lint Hud, Illinois.
Or A. S
Notice to Contractor.
QI'AI.UlMiroposals will be received at the of
O lleeofthi' Governor, In tepringlleld, until
1. non of AiiL'iist . . 1ST5. ui which time thev
will lie oemst, In the presence of the bidders,
lor uiecrecilou ami completion 01 inu
Nouth Winyr
of the Illinois Southern Iloipltut for the Iii-aue,
nt Amifi. I?nlnn rnuntv. Uliuols.
All bids shall show the estimated cost of the
materials to be fiiruihwl and of the work to he
done of each description In detail as lu the spc
el Meat ion; and each proposal must beaccom
tumlisl bv n bond of one thousand dotlars. slim
ed tiy at least three sureties. The successful bid
der shall be reiiulred to ulve a bond to the I'eo
ule of the State In the sum of two hundred thou
sand dollars for the faithful rfonnaMce of the
contract, ine uoaru re-crves me ripm 10 rt-jeci
any and all bids, If deemed for the Interest 01 Hit
einieio uo so.
I'lans and siioelilwitlons will be on exhibition
al the olllee 01 the commissioners, In Anna, oil
or after July a, 1S7-5, where a copy of tliclme.
can Iw seen. Proposals must be enclosed in
sealed envelopes, cmlnrscil : "l'roposuls for the
erection of the .South W'liur." and uddresMst to
the "Mount of Commissioners for the erection of
the Southern Illinois fhsuiie Asylum, cure Gov
ernor MeYeriibW, SprhiKtlcld, Illinois."
, . . l M MAI.ONK.
-,',77.' ,n"' 'WuilssloMtrs.
Sealed Propoials.
SRAI.IUl proposals will be ri-celvett ut my of
lice until Tuesday, .Inly ailb, Wl, for the
ilclUerln of one thousand cubic yards of irnirel
on the steels of Cairo, Illinois, at such pluces us
the stns.t committee may designate, either from
the K'raiel bank ut Metropolis or thu huiikuhovi
I'uducuh . The city council reserves the risht to
reject unv and all bids.
The British Quarterly Reviews.
Ilcprlntcd hy the
41 Darclay Street, New York,
Ity arrangement with tho English 1'ubllsh-
ors wno receive n liberal compensation.
Theio periodicals constitute a wonderful
miscellnny of modern thought, research and
criticism. Tho cream ot alt European books
worth roviewluir is found here, and they
trcat ol the leading events ol the world In
m&stcrly articles written by men who have
special knowledge ot the mutters treated.
Tho American Publishers urge upon all In
telligent readers lu this country 11 liberal
support of the Itepriuts which Ihey liavo so
long and so cheaply turnlsho.l, foellLtf guru
that no nvnnmlltura lor lilorarr matter wilt
vlelil so ri, li a return s that rcuuircd lor n
subscription to thee tho leadlut; l'erlodi
cals ot (treat ttrltaln.
Kor nnv one roiew, 4 00 per annum
f'or any two ltevlews, 7 00 "
For any three Uovlews, 10 00 "
For nil four ltcvlows, 12 00 "
For Ulackwood's Maga
zine, -t w
For lllackwood and one
Hevlew. 7 00 "
For lllackwood and two
Heviews. 10 00
For llluukwood and threu
ltuvlows, III to 11
For lllackwood and the
lour Keviowc, l(i 00 "
Postago two cents a number, to be urn.
paid by the tptart rut tho olllee ot delivery.
A discount of twenty pr cent, w 111 be at-
loweu to emus ui lour or moro persons:
Thusi four copies ot lllackwood or of one
Itevlew will bo tent to ono address for
ia w, lour eopioi 01 tne four Herlews unit
lllackwood tor flS, and so oil.
To clubs of one or more, In addition to
inu auovu discount, a copy gratis mil bo
allowed to tho getter up of the club,
New 6ubs:rlbers (applying early) lor the
yearl87fl may have, without charge, the
numbers tor the last quarter of 1874 of such
periodicals as thoy subscribe (nr.
Or Instead, now subscribers to any two,
three, or four ot the above periodicals, may
have one or the 'Four Itcvlews' tor 1874;
subscribers to all live may have two of the
Four Itevlew,' or one set of lilackwood's
Magazine lor 1674. ....
Vxlthnr nrmnliims to subscribers nor dta.
count to clubs can he allowed unless the
money Is nmiltten uireci 10 tne publishers
No nrniuluinsirlvehto clubs.
Circulars with further particulars may be
had on application.
-i mien) jsireet, ew Turn.
Subscribe for
Leading Journal of Southern
Ts n VJ..;l2
The Bulletin
Wlllstc.-ullustly oppo-e the policies ol lb.
Kepuhllean party, and refusf to he tram
melled ..Hie dictation ol anycllque In the
IJemoeratlc or;anl.utl(in.
It believes that the Kepuhllean party has
fuUUled Its mission, and that the Demo
cratic, party as now organized shoulu t-e re
stored to power.
It believes the Kadlcal tyranny that haa
for several yearn oppressed the South
should he overthrown and the people cl mt
Southern .States permitted to control their
own affairs.
It believes that railroad corporations
should ho prohibited hy legislative rtaet
menu from cxtortiiur and unjustly dsscrim
limtlng In their business transactions with
the public.
It recognizes the equality ot all men be
fore the law.
It advocates trco coniirorre tarill tor
It advocates resumption ot specie ;ay
ment, and honest payment ot tho public
It advocates economy in the admlmstia
tlon ot public allairs.
The llullotlu will publish all the locuiccws
ol Cairo, and a variety of Commercial, i'o
lltlcal, Foreign and General News, and en
deavor to please all tastes and interest ah
Is a thirty-two column paper, turnl.heit to
stlhscrlbei's for tUe low price of
Postage prepaid. It Is the cheapest payer
in tho West, and Is a pleasing Fltrtiuc
Visitor and Family Companion.
Cannot tail to see thu Wl -'valcd Induce
ments offered by The Uulletln in tbo way
ol cheap and profltablo advertisement.
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