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ASCAt.O.N UitUiV., NO. M
Kulghbiof Pythias, tneibicviry 1 ri
night hi hall-past Keren, in oaii
11.111. I II BLACK,
( liancelhir I'ommaiidi r.
Ai.i:vANiti:it r.oixii:. no "it.
liidencndent Ordirof Odd-Fcl-
: lines. tnM'ffi everv 'I liurvilriv nlirht
t.'www;- nt na l-iuiai -even, miner uaioi
Commercial nvenur, In Iwicn Sixth itml ScycuIIi
MleitS IQII.X II liOSHAM) u.u
"lAIKO LNCAMl'MKNT, I. O. (). J'., met lit
Kjln Odd-Fellows' Mull on the llr.t mi-1 third
I ueiay In every month, at li.'ilf-p.it teve-n
c ic slack, y. r.
CAIIlOI.OIXiH. NO. 2.17, A. F. A A.M.
Hold regular rommunlcntloin In Mn-
unnlc Hull, mnur Commercial nrcntic
tnntl Lluhtli slrci. on tin: second mid
mirth .MimiiIiiv of twli niuiilli
Ilium Kill I h of livery l)csrltioii
Ielleniiis..,ll,Hi:.Vi, It-ill I.onli 1 1 or-lic-rt'M.
JliiHH 'i ult JnrM,
nt 7i cents per doen ; all the l:tt s tylos
In Jelly gln-H. Scaling xvnx in largo and
small eniantillo-, itl Ibiii'l 1 1 at tt ii.-tn'-,
corner Sixth t-tre ft.
IMI.SL'NKI. at Louts IlfrbcrtV.
IJe-l the lli-.l.
Dr. Seth Arnold's Cotili Klilcr-lbo
treat cradlcitor lor nil liuiK diseases a su
perior remedy to nil otber inodtctimtj yet
discovered, In severe case-. It In n Mire,
uulck. nml perfectly rata icineily lor
cough, cold', sore thro it, w hooping cough
roup, and all diseases of the throat ami
In ni,'. Kutall price, ' nml 50 cent and 41.
Any bottlo tint does not jrlvc rollcf may he
returned, and the money will he refunded.
Dr. Seth Arnold' Diarrhoea llalsim, 2ft awl
M ciint. ItemcmbcrltU warranted. Ar
nold's ltlHioin Mandrake I'M-, operating
wilhout sickness and pin. Compounded
by Dr. siutti Arnold' .Medical Corporation,
Woonsochct, I!. I. Sold by Paul li.Sc.huh,
druggist, Cairo, Hi. W-l-Sfi-iJui.
rranrfit JacchcVs.
-a nftl drlifiitutlirv
Congress Water.
Genuine Gingres-Spilng water in bottle-,
kept on Ice and sold lor 10 cent- per
Vlas, 20 cents per bottle, and per dozen,
at tho following places : 1'hll. Saup's Con
fectionery ; Mcfiauley' and b'chuh's Drug-store-,
and Loul- Herberts Itestaurant.
The Saratoga Congrc-s Spring Water is
put ui and nold In bottle only, to Inntire I If
original strength and medicinal propel lies.
I I" Herbert hus " I.Si:.Vi:it.
Ice- ('renin .
Arlington Ice Cream Saloon, 'I'. It. Ki
lls, proprietor, at the Arlington IIoui,
on Commercial avenue, between
Sixth and Seventh, U now open.
Tho mo-t delicious lev Cream always on
hand. Families supplied with any tmnu
tlly, and at reasonable prices. C-lS-tf.
tiy-Jlf reduction III prices) nt IVutliur
Im'terc, at Schtih'. drug store.
To Kent.
A voltage onThlrtiTiitli treet, lK'twcen
Wii-hliigton aveniK! and Walnut i-troet.
!-i:i-tl. Apply to Dr.. .Smith.
Desirable Itiiiim-.
Three hrc and very deir:iblc family
room;, trniitlngon the Ohio, at the t.
Clurios Hotel, can bo hid, ltd boird, nt
very roai-oiuble rate Uurinf? the summer
months. Abundance or pure air and per
fect entllaUon. M0-tf.
(io mil! fice ;ier.
Landlord' ot hotel" and boarding houfes
find It to their sdrantage to call ujion
.Mr.-. Coleman, l.aundroii, No 12 l'ourth
itroet, butwoun Wi.ehlnxton and Commer
cial avenue?. Hotel mid boarding-home
wahlii(,', "iccntsperdocn. I'oi piecework
priccti aro ai tolIow: Singlo t-lilrt and col
lar, 10c; per dozen We; ock ftc; two collar.-,
fie; two hamlkcrchlel-, ftc; vcit 20c;
and all gentleinen'ii wear, tOc. per
doen. Ladles' dresses 2j to Me;
kirti 10 to 20c; drawer 10 to lftc; two
pair liOJC ftc; two collar ft to 10c. Kor la
dies' phiu clothe 1 (K) per dozen; lor la
tllea lino clothes, $1 2ft per dozen; done
dromptly, ami proniptlv delltered. I'n
'.rona'e rollcitcd.
l.'o lo I.oiilv Ilerlierl's (in- S'll.Si:-
Clienper J linn I'.ter liiinun Ilelcire.
In-on's Self-Sealing FiuU.Iarsnt SI ftO
per dozen. Ktra iiibbeia lor .Mason's
Frult.lar.i, at Daniel IlnrtiiKiu'-. corner
Sixth street; (W'.-tf
Notice or Itciuotitl.
The well-known barber fchop, corner
l.'iKhth and Commercial, presided ov r hy
iho popular artl-t, (icorye .Stelnliouse, has
removed one. door ninth on Commercial, In
,hu Crand Ocntral Hotel. Tho now 6liop Is
urk'o and eouiinoilloiis, ami tliosn wishing
lor anytlilni,' artistic in the way of fjchlon
Milo hair cutting, smooth shawm, etc., will
lo well to call at the Grand Oo tit rut Harbor
ihop. 71 ;m;mc.
I'leliiresiiie Ainei li u.
At tliullt'i.i.r.iiN bindery is nuuiher.-,
hotiud In two voliiuif.-, 1'ull gilt nior
rocco; cost SI I ; Tor .nlu at $10.
6Q)X Hag stoelcciivclopo,s at the llt'l.
i.utin olllec, :i '.'ft per M.
litaT The leUbmicil''chiih Mil, ll'.l U
KKK lIHKll u( Jacket's.
Itciliieeil Itutes.
Wo will take, at tho SI. Charles Hotel,
ilurlm; tho hummer months', SO day bo trdcrs,
at ?22 per month, uiidTiO boardcro with cool,
pluafctnt room on tho upper tloor, at S0
porinQiith. At this oxtremoly low rate,
none but promptly paying boarder will be
accented. .Iiiwcit Wilcox & Co.,
ilM-23-ltn. Proprietors.
ZXX Wood stock cnvulopei at llio
Ht'ixirriN olllce. 00 per M.
It is Vwlvss
to attempt to c.icaue a stream while the
fountain Is Impure. Dyspepsia, complaints
of tho liver and kldnoye, eruption. of tho
skin, fcerolula, headaches, and hll diseases
utlilng from liupuro blood, aro at oneo re
moved by Dr. Wulker'a Oaliforn'.a Vine
gar Hitter, tho great and infallible purlller
of tho blood, and renovator of tho system.
It has novur been known to fall, provided
tho patient had not delayed using It. until
tho vitality ol hi nybtcni wan too far gone.
jtSrl'lio finest urtlclo of Sulnd (HI
I IMDAV, .H'l.V 23, 187-1.
I.oi'iil Ueul her Itepoit.
Caiiio, III., July vi, lt-75.
Time. IIaii. jtui:. Wind. Vi.l, Wkatiikii
7tt.Hi H.-'li' 71'" S.W. I 11 'llnint
11 " m.'Mt, s. I.' 'Ilinal
Jpiii. 'eiHii , ; n W. n 'I Incut
linliifall . I u liiclivK.
'I I H J.MAS .IU.Ni:S, .SerKt. S. S., V. S. A.
.Still Allien!.
City Mar-hnl Wllllains Is stlllnhsi.'iit.
I'ollco ."Veils.
Nothing at nil In police circles yc-ter-
Miniilj .
.'l'hetrents day before yqiturilay weto
ninthly ; they were iiiutltller oTr yciter
day, mid aro muddlc-l to-day, although
HifV may bo 'moreso' to-morrow.
As we predicted In yciterday'-s isuc,
the jury adjudged Mr.'. K. J. lluppu In
eniie, and sho will In n few days follow
her liii'Uniid lo tho ln-.'Uie asylum at
.'llO(l HllslllCNS.
from tin.' iiumher of arrivals which wo
llnd dally at the din'orent hotels, we
houlil judge that they an: all doing a
"iii'lilng" business.
Tile; Wenlliei'.
U, I .only! What weather. As a gtin
tleiiian of Kugll-li proclivities, on yester
day, remarked: "Ills perfectly abomi
nable, you know It 1-, by George." Ami
we agiee with him.
In I he t'll.V.
.Mr. .In-. S. Swayne, icpajciitiiig the
MU-ouri gn works of St. l.ouU, Uln the
city on u vhit to his lamllj-, and nlo on
bii'lues connected with hLs llrm. He
look well and healthy, from which we
Judge that traveling agrees with him.
"Wlml'n In n ."Viiim'."
There i a man in the employ ot John
T. Ilcmile, H-ij., who answers to the
name ol Ca5iu- Jlareellus Marquis de
Lafayette Napoleon llonaparte HIgg.
There may he more of it, hut If ,o we've
forgotten It.
i.ooh out :
'i'here are very dangerous eoiiuterf'elts on
the Traders' National Hank of Chicago,
of the denomination ofi'ft, in circulation
in this city. We would caution our citi
zens to scan carefully all hills of that
denomination offered them.
TIiIkIi Hi'Olicii.
We learn Horn Mr. Win. Wetzel, that
on yesterday, a little son of City Marshal
Mn. .Stoltz, of Mound City, full from a
tree and broke his thigh. We sincerely
yiiiiitlil7o with the parents, and tru-t
tiiav uic injury limy u i.rovo ut iml in
Item', although not as .earce as l'licn
teeth," are aliuot as hard to Iiml. Our
reporter on yo-terday got after one, but
nllcr following It through the mud and
rain to Forty-third street, gave It up in
disgust, and returned, a wiser If not a
.adiler man.
Another i:eiirsliin.
It i- rumored that there will be an
other excursion on the steamer Idlewlltl,
one week from Saturday night next, and
the boat will go as for a- Hickman. We
hope the rumor Is true, for the last one
was one of the moit enjoyable all'airs we
ever attended.
In yeterday's Issue we stated that
.Mayor Wlnterhaddeparted for St. Louis,
nml although ws considered our inform
ant reliable, we tound out that we were
mistaken. His Honor is anious to goto
St. Louis on Important bu-Incss-, but will
not do so until the return of Citv .Mar
shal Williams.
Health Olllcer Hrowu reports that
everything in hi department Is In splen
did condition, considering the bad weath
er. He has disinfected thoroughly every
'lough and low place In the city, and re
ports that the health of the city, a- far
a he can llnd, U remarkably good for
tlil .eason of the year.
A mule attached to a dray belonging
to .liiunilo Sullivan, .started from tho ciis-toiu-hou-e
yesterday afternoon at a lively
gait up Washington avenue, hut was
stopped near the corner of Klghtccntli
street.byu young gentleman who got be
fore him and opened his umbrella In the
imileV face. No damages.
Still Another.
It is rumored that the Knights ol
Pythias Intend giving another excursion
on tlu steamer Kckcrt some time during
August, and that they intend inviting the
lodges from Ceutralin and Pndiieah. The
"boys" have established their reputation
as managers of such affairs, and wc pre
dict lor tlicm a large mid appreciative at
e'osliinie i'oiicei'l,
The costume concert to'be given tin
Tuesday evening next, by tho young la
dle of the Episcopal church, proinle.sto
be a source of pleasure to all those who
will be present. The arrangements have
been perfected, and we doubt not that
those who favor the hall with their pres
ence will enjoy It hugely. Ileiueiuber
the ilace the hall of the Kotigh ft
Iteady Fire Company.
The Cairo A Vinccnne.s railroad com
pany are engaged in changing their
switch lately constructed from Twen
tieth to Nineteenth streets. They are run
nlng tho same in on their own ground,
betiveen Tweiity-llfth and Twenty-llrst
streets. There hare, been many nml
loud complaint ngaust the switch re
ferred lo, ami the ireinovid win gratify
immensely tno owner. s1 nifd occupants of
rent ennic in tnat neighborhood.
Tnylor Mlernr.T NnnlHy,
Tho Taylor Literary society, nt n nteot
lug held on Wednesday evening, decided
on giving mi entertainment about Sep
tember 1st, which will he "highly dra
matic In 1(8 character. From the fact
that the society embraces In Its member
ship "onio ol the most talented young
men of the city, we predict that the
entertainment will be a niiecc..
Yesterday nftcruooit the steamer .las
Flsk brought to the c1ty,eoii!gned to the
care of llalllday Ilro., a cne (12 bottles)
of flue llcniies-y brandy, which was
placed on the wharf-bout near the lower
gangway, and during the temporary ab
sence of the clerk some onv went through
tho case taking all but one bottle. Of
ficers Lalluo nml Itrown were detailed
to look the matter up, but tip to la-t ic
ports they had failed to llnd the thief.
Costume I'eslltul.
Tho youii ladle of tho enured of the
Hideomer will glvo, on Ttio-day evening
next. .Inly '27th, a "Costllino Fc-tlval," at
the Itough and Itoady building. Among
otucrcoUume, will lu (Jeoro and Martini
Wasljn?tou (in elegant dre-c), with their
uttciiilants, who will resale their guc.-t
with Ico Ten, Ice Cream, Lemonade and
all tho delicacies ot the lenkou. Coino
one, come all. 7-22-td
Hotel Itiliuicrs.
We hear a good deal of complaint hum
.strangers who pa- through our city at
the conduct of the hotel runners who
iufo-t our depots mid wlinrl-bonts on the
arrival of a train or boat, and while we
believe their buslne-s Is legitimate, we
do not believe that they should be allowed
to insult or brow-beat the strangers w ho
come among ti. W c would call the at
tention of the police authorities, and If
filch a shite of affairs docs exist, thej
should take measurer to have it stopped.
Whiteinup nml Schuster.
Having heard a great many rumors in
regard to the removal of Police! Consta
bles Seliu-ter and Wliltcatiip, ami desir
ing to know the truth or falsity of them.
we on yesterday called on Ills Honor
the Mayor and requested him to give us
his reasons for Mich removal. The -Mayor
Atatcd that he did not feel at liberty to
make the matter public until the meeting
ol the Council, but read to us the charges,
which, if they can be substantiated, (and
His Honor says they can,) would, In our
opinion, be sulllcleut cause for their re
moval .
The eirilliinnces
We understand that the ordinance
committee of the city council hare em
ployed the Hon. Juo. M. Lan-ilen to re
vise the ordinances of the city. The re
vision Is very much needed, and we con
gratulate the city council in engaging
Mr. Laiisdeii to do it, lor baring served
as City Attorney and Mayor, anil having
been engaged, either on ouo side or the
otber, In almost every suit In which the
city uiix Interested, tor (julte a time past,
he has become quite thoroughly conver
sant "with city government, and we feel
sure hu can give the city council entire
I. it IIIn .Money, I, ill I'oiiml I'rlriieU.
A young man came down as deck pas
senger on the Cha. .Morgan, going to
St. Louis. While on the trip some other
decker went "through him' to the
amount of ?2ft all the money he had,
nml yesterday noon while
on some liny on Phillips'
boat some one stole his
watch and cut his pocket in search lor money.
He wa In a sorry plight and very much
depres-ed In spirits until Capt. Wake,
with the .Julia, came along and took
him abort! for his destination, free of
charge, when hl countenance brightened
and he realized that, although without
money, he was not without friend, seven
among strangers.
Hotel I'ersoiiiiN.
Planter's: J no. Smith, Gray ville, 111.;
K. Moore. St. LouU ; A. ,j. True. Hur
lington; N. W. Williams, Ky.; S. Spring,
Mr.-.. I. W. .Iame, K'y.; 1M. .McDonald.
-finuid Central : W. II. Connor, Stf
Thompson Dean; F. llateiuau and A. It.
Alexandci, C. it V. 1!. I! ; Win. I). Pro
ter, ICcrrs Mills, Illinois ; .Ino. W. Hob-
erts, Memphis.
Delinonlco; I!. L. Ilollins, Canton,
Miss.; A. L. Hooker, Jackson, Teuii.;
J. W. Turk. Miss.: F. M. Itaker. St.
Louis ; A. J. Smith, Hirtls Point; II. C.
Dlnklns, Canton, Miss.; J. W. Dlnsniore,
Southern Kxprcss Co. ; A. W. Lancaster,
Southern F.xpress Co.
St. Charles: Juo. A. Phlllls, city;
ti. W. Hughes. Cincinnati; 0. 1L Hunt
ington, Greenville, Miss.; Henry Frank,
Xatclicz; M. Scharll'. Vlcksburg; M.
Michaclson, Chicago ; Jno. W. Dwyer,
Caseyville, Ky.; .Mrs. and Mi.s Harris,
Paducali ; P. IC. Williams, Padiicah ; ).
A. Levi, Helena, Ark.; Jno. Slinpkiiis,
Huston; Henry 1 lines, New Orleans;
Jno, Aiikelbrocl;, Cincinnati ; E. lloldo-
way, St. LouU; Juo. Sullivan, Vln
ceiiues ; Hen F. Hlue, St. Louis ; Clias.
A. Wntlctiioiisc, Helena, Ark.
AHM-NHIlIf 111, lM7ft.
Notice is hereby given that the assess
ment books lor the year 1S7.) have been
tiled, and will bo open for public Inspec
tion at my ofllco until Saturday evening,
July 21th. All persons who may feci
aggrieved at the assessment will have an
opportunity to present their objections
beloro the county Hoard, which is now
in session, Hy order ot the Hoard of
Commissioner?, .
7-22-3t County Clerk.
"Out' Mnlooii' I.iineli
Hereafter h No. 1 lunch will bo spread
every morning, nt "Our Saloon," on Eighth
itreot, oppoitu the (Irnnd Central Hotel,
,'L'hq very best of all kluds of edibles to bo
found in tho market will bo served up
in tho most palatablo linnncr, with cool
Milwaukee beer always on hand to 'wash
dowt" "IU s-uuo. Fred Holliolnz, tho pro
prietor ot tin popular rcort,ktiow hoiv
to inako every ono feci ut home, and ho
oxtcud a cordial imitation to all Ills
frlons to eouio around ut 10 o'clock every
morning und get a good, "squaro meal."
C.uno, li.i..
, Tut itsiuy Kvr.Ni.yn, 1
J illy .'J, Iciii.
The weather presents a gloomy and
discouraging aspect at present, particu
larly to those litrmers who nre compelled
lo 'it idly hy and see thtirSiininier work
destroyed by the rnins. The cornfields
along the river bottoms hi Southern Illi
nois are overflowed and entirely des
troyed. The tobacco crop is entirely
ruined; the only hope for even a partial
crop is In the suckers that may spring up
niter cutting the mam stalk away. Alto
gether, the prospect Is about as gloomy
is It well could be, but wo hope is not ns
bad as it at present seems. There are no
signs at present of a cessation of the heavy
rains ; the sun has scarcely dared show
it-elf since last Sunday. The rain has
been steady and persistent, with noth
ing to indicate it change up to to
night. Hu-luess is a little unsettled at present,
but prospects are better than for some
Lime past. Flour Is firmer, with it ten
dency to advance on choice grades, owing
to the scarcity. J-ow grades, although
not overstocked, arc dragging. Oats
rcry scarce and in demand. Corn Is linn,
and all receipts of choice No. 'J nre taken
nt a slight advance. Choice butter is
scarce and wanted at an advance of '2(nJ.ic
on thcpouiid. Kggs cannot be quoted
dealers take whatever is oilercd. Other
branches of the market noticed below.
Till; MAltKHT.
JGSyOur friends should bear in mind
that the prices here given nre ti'tially for
sales from first hands in round lots. In
lining orders and for broken lots it Is nec
essary to charge an advance over these
The stocks of choice flour are cry
much reduced; receipts are light, and
prices firm with an upward tendency.
Low mid medium grades are in good sup
ply and quote! quiet and easy. We note
sales of 500 b:irrvls,$3 75; 100 barrels,
Sft&ii 2. ; 100 barrel-j city, 45 507 50;
150 barrels on orders, SI 50,0 50 ; 100
barrels XXX spring, $1 75; 100 barrels
low grade, SI; .'100 barrels on orders
SI &m 50.
We have no Improvement to note In
hay. The market Is oversupplled ami
there is no demand at all. We note sale,
of 2 cars mixed delivered, $15 50.
Iteceipts nre light and the market firm
and shaded In favor of seller. All choice
No. 2 that is ottered finds ready sale.
Hejected and soft corn generally Is hard
to place and cannot be sold. We note
sales of 1 ear. Xo. 2 white mixed, In
sacks, dcllvertd, Sic ; l cars, Xo. 2 mixed,
in sacks, del.vered, 7Pc ; -1 cars, Xo. 2
yellow, In sacks delivered, 77c; 2 cars,
No. 2 white, in sack delivered. Sic;
2 cars, Xo. 2 nixed in sacks delivered,7Cc;
2 car-, Xo. 2, mixed, in bulk on track,
70c; 1 car Xu 2, white In bulk on track,
'" innrkit Is entirely bare; there Is
considerable li..,.ihT but none ollering
Prices rule steady ami fcles ,vollI(1 bu
brUkbutforthelacls of supplies. Sales
were 2 cars in sacks delivered, C2e.
The market is overstocked, dull nnd
declining. City meal tluds ready s-iV. bin
country Is a drug. We note sales of 100
barrels countrv steam dried from store
SI! 50.
Hit AX.
There is none selling nt all ; the mills,
In order lot-, were quoting $15 ftO&lG to
Choice Northern ami Southern Illinois
Is in active demand and none coining in.
Prices are quoted 22-3c higher on strictly
cholco to-day. Common Is plenty and
slow. We note sales of 200 lbs. choice
Southern Ills., 21c ; 20 pall good South
ern Ills., lS20e ; 15 buckets Southern
Ills., 15&170 ; 2K) lbs. Southern Ills..
l20c; :i00 lbs. choice .Northern, 23c.
The market is unsettled. Only fresh
receipts will sell at all and these at tho
buyers' own figures. Prices range from
I lo 10 cents. Sales were 100 dozen fresh
Sc; 150 dozen fresh 10c; 100 dozen Sc.
There Is a steady demand for old hens
that absorbs all receipts. Young chick
ens are plenty and quiet. Sales were (I
dozen .-piing S2Q2 50 ; I coops old liens
$;i 5;) 00; 0 coops young SI 00(22 75;
5 dozen spring $2 25 ; 5 dozen old hens
$;i 50: 150 tlozcn young $22 50.
I'll U IT.
Lemons and peaches aro about the only
thing that llnd ready sale. Hlackbcrrles
aro plenty nnd dull." Apples are sold on
the .streets by country wagons. Wo note
sales of 100 third bushel boxes peaches,
75e$l;20 third bushel boxes peaches,
(soil) 50075c ; 8 crate, blackberries', $3 ;
IS third bu.-hel boxes' apples, Me; 15
boxes lemons. $10 50.
Corrected llally by 11. Jl filcarn-, commleslon
mi reliant, sccrvtary of the Cuiio llourd ol.
Flour, ucoonliuK to grain....,
Com, mixed, sarkwl .,.
St 7.1
ipi a 1
corn, wiiue, hicki-i
Oats, mixed
Ilnni, per ton -
Meal, steam ilrieil
Ilutter, choice Not ther
Itutter.elwlcc. Southern 111
Kites, ierdoren
'I'orkeVK. rnTlloltt
i.liiekt'iis, per uo.eii
io no
Apiiles, choice, per ban ct
. it
i fin
1 ounoes, ier iiauvi..
Onbns, M'l'banvl....
tSeS' Delicious CVLMtACIWJl at Jacck
el's. Sneritt's Sale.
T"Y virtue of an cu'cutlon In mu dlrecteil by
the cleik of the. circuit court ut Union
county, In the Shite of Illinois, lu favor of Wil
liam Nlsbet and Atralnt William M.
Ilrown, Impleaded Willi Lnrkcu llolen,
I have levied upon the I'ollow'ltiB de
ecrlhed prorly. In Iho county of Alexander
and Mate ul Illinois, to-wlt I The southwest
iliiarlcroI'lheiiiulliMc-t quaiteror section U
(ii), in township Hlitceii (mi south, und in iiiiiko
one (I) west ol'lho llilnl principal lueriiliiin, ill
Iho county nf Alexander and istatoot'lllluiila, ns
thopiopeity of lhn udd William M. Ilrown,
which I shall oiler al public sale ut the south
west door of the court hmibc in the city of Cairo,
In tho foimlvol'AU'XiimUT and Slate if Illinois,
on the llllh day or August, A. I) 1875, at the.
hour of II o'clock p.m.. fur rash, towtiuly said
execution. Al.KX. 11. IltVIN,
Shi'i lU'ol' Alexander County, lllluols.
Calio, llIlnoU,.luly'."nd, ID7J. did.
I'orl 'l.Nl.
Stennif r Jim FI-k. Pndueah.
" Jno. L. Rhodes, St. Louis.
" Julia, Vlcksburg.
" Grand Tower, St. Louis.
" Vint Shlnkle, New Orleans.
Steamer Jim FIsk. Paducali.
" Jno. I.. Ithodes. Pittsburg.
" Julia, St. Louis.
" Grand Tower, Memphis.
VlntSliinkle, Cincinnati.
110A13 Dt'i:.
The Cons. .Millar, Capt. Pepper, will
leave here early this morning lor Cincin
nati. The Grand Lake and barges, unex
pectedly detained, will leave here this
evening for Xew Orleans.
The James I). Parker left Cincinnati
Wednesday evening, and will bo hero on
Saturdnv for Memphis and all way
lttVim ANI WT.ATItr.lt.
Tho river was 11 feet 1 J-5 Inches on
the gauge last evening, having risen 1
1-5 incheslurlng the previous 21 hours.
The signal ofllcc report gives the stage
of water elsewhere.
The weather yesterday was cloudy
nudlamp, and the rain has been pretty
(iKNi:i:.w. rni.MS.
The llobt. Mltchcl took li.Wi pack-
ages into Xew Orleans this trip.
Jim FIsk, Pndueali; Cons Millar,
Ste. Genevieve.! from the South; Grand
ike and bargus, City of Helena, from
St. Louis.
The Jiitue- Howard will leave St.
Louis to-day or to-morrow. She llnds
It slow work picking up a trip at St.
Louis just now.
Mr. Pecker anil Frank Howe depart
ed In their yacht for Norfolk yesterday
afternoon while the wind was fresh from
the west, and went down the river
at the ratcol about ten miles per hour.
Ilitse, Loomis it Co. are building a
tow-boat for their own use. It Is to be
121 fect long, 3 feet hole, 21 leet beam.
They have a boat yard at Peru, where
they tlo all their building ami repair
The Xew Orleans 'limes has posi
tive Information to tho ellect that it is
doubtful whether or not "Mary Hello"
will be the name of Capt. Hick's new
boat, The writer says that name may be
settled upon, but It has not yet.
Jnlyai. Ic7a.
ahove r.NK
kt. is. rt isr.
fnlro II 3x1
Mttslmrir .1 0 x In
Cincinnati S-J 11 .t 10
Ixiulsvlllc IC 3 u
.Nashville 21 0 -1 10
St. Louis -il 7 I 0
Last Thursday evening, on Kighth
street, between lluder's store and circus
grounds, a lady's small amethyst breast
pin. Tho finder will be rewarded by
leav-bur uf Hi'r.r.KTi.v ofllcc. 7-l.'t-tf.
1'or.Ven Orleans.
Mltnlsilpnl Valley Tiiili-inrtiitlnii t olliluilij''
steamer --ik
Grand Lake No. 2 una
S, A. Toms - - Mukter.
U now ut our wharf nnd w ill clear for New
Orleaua thisevenlnir. l"or I'lviuht runtnirt ap
plv 10 .1. . HKAHDL.V, AKcnt, Xo, Ohio
lvec (tip stairs )
1'or riiieliiniitl.
The I'.lepuit I'ai-i'iiRcr Miumer
.lames II. Pepper Master.
h. 11. Iteliter Clerk.
Will leave Cairo FKIOAY MUKNI.N'li,
.Inly 2.lrd, for the uhotu und nil way points.
Kor fri'icht or pasace apply on board or to
llalllday .V Phillips' wharf-boats- 7-.o--t.
I'or .neinpliiN.
The Prompt and Kellnble Packet,
It. W. Wise Master.
1,. M. KeUoo Clerk.
Will leave Cairo Saturday noun for Memphis
mid all wnv points, for I'ipIkIiI or pass.ice ap
ply on board or to llalllday ,V Phillips' wh.iil
bouts. Evansvlllo, Cairo and Mompliis
Steam Packet- Co.,
Paduenh, Shawnootown, Evans
villo, Iiouisvillo, Cinolnuati
and all way lnndiugs.
Theimrlvalleil hle-vlieel utenniet
n v. i'owi.kii
Kli It. '1 IIUMAH
III leave Fvausvlllle for Cairo every MONDAY
iindTUUUSDAY at 4 o'clock p. m.
Unves Cairo cvtiy'l'UK'SDAl and FI!IDA ,nl
i) o'clock p. m
The elcKitnt nlde-wliec 1 eteamer
...... ,,........ Muster.
Ilb.1 I.U" .s.M. Il....l
Will leave Fiansvllle I'or Cairo every 1UI.S-
DAY and Htll'.vi '. " t" StJIn "' ic...,.
WillleaeCuitoeery WFD.NKSDA HllilSA I
FUDAY at U o'clock p. 111.
The elegant aldc-wUecl Jteumcr
ions (lorr
Mat. William
Ia'avcs F.viiiisvUIk for Cairn every WFD.N'FS-
DAY and hATUUADY at B ji. in.
lAies Cairo every IHUIISDAY ntul hlJNDAY
at 0 p. 111.
V'u-l, hout makes close connections at Cairo
Willi flrst-clasit steamers for St. Louis, Jlcm
i, his and New Orleans, and at Kvansrllle with
tlielCVU. ll. l(. lor nil points .onn aim nasi
ami wlih tliu Louisville Mull Stenuivrs tor al
points ou tho Uinier Ohio, kIvIuk through it
celiits on livlKhts and passengers to iu pom
For further Inforiuatlon apply to
HOL, SILVKIt, Vaosengcr Agent.
Or to O. J. UltAMMFK,
Sniierinlciuknt ami tleiifial Fi-elaht Agent,
10-3.20-ly KtutiavUle lurllaun.
The Clly National Hank, for ten days,
will recelvo nil licnnles ollered them, nt
a small discount. 7-22-1 v.
Nteiuner .11 in t Ink .'Vollee.
All persons having claims ngalii3t the
steamer Jim Klk will please file same
with the clerk ot tho boat by Saturday
next, July 21. Fowi.r.n, Lm; & Co.,
Try tho Cluster Fine Cut wnolcsV.o and
retail at Cowperthwalt .t l'lillllpV,12t com
inerclnl avenue. 7.20-lw
A Mill' ItcHlilcnrc roc Sale or Item.
Corner Holbrook avenuo and Twenty,
fourth street. Largo yard and garden (3
lot); plenty of fruit and shrubbery; good
table ami carriage houte. Will sell on
very cay terms. The hou-ii contains ten
rooms. .1, H. PniM.ii'M.
7-21-1 in
A 1 am harrasicd to death from state
incuts from New York, I am compelled to
sell my entire stack of Clothing at an liti
niciifc cacrlllcu. Ike WAt.ur.it,
7-10-tf. Corner Sixth and Ohio l.cvcc.
'I lie- I'nlon lleiievolrnl Amhoi'IiiIIoii.
The union llcncvolcnt Anochtlon wi-hes
to inform the public that it was organized
September 11th, 1S71, nnd begs pardon for
co.ulng nut at Mich a late date ; but ow
ing to the hard time wo have been ile-
laycil. i"c aro now happy to announco,
that wo havo been successful . far, and
ready at any time for tho uecertinco of
members or petitions for the Sa.e. 'linie
of meeting, l'ridty before tho second Sat-
unlay In cash mouth. Hall on Filth street,
between Commercial and Washington nv
eniics. H, Ti:ot!i.K, President,
P. Adajis, Vlcc-l'ro-ident.
L. Y, Hakeii, Searetarv.
Oil ! Where
did yon uet that Havana Clirar? At Cow
perthwalt. t Phillips' Now cigar store
next to Talier llros.
jKarXX Amber and White rug stocl
envelopes nt the l'.ui.i.r. rix olllec, printed
1 .V)aiiil S-l 00 per M. '
sf(7o to Jacckel'a and try hii lUtL.l
OKlt, a delightful bweragt.
.11 (lie I.onest Prices.
Collins, Caskets and .Metallic Cne-
Wllcox's block, at the lowest prices.
I'll.M'.M'.Knt l.onls lleiherl s.
Oh : Sny 1
Ain't those Flora del Fuma Cigars nice,
nt Cowperlhwait & rhillips'r
Iteiliieril llnlesi o Hot Springs.
The .St. LouU, Iron Mountain A: Mouth-
cm It. It. Co., wilt sell round trip tick
cts between Cairo ani Malvern, good for
sity days, for twonty-ilvo dollar.', to par
ties of three or more. Stage fare from
Malvern to tho Sprlug-i, three dollars each
Way. ,T. C. ZlM.MF.lt, Agent
ViViirclionsc in Keel lluil,Ilniiilolili Co.,
rpili: hou.e Is Itltn- t.V fiet. two atorlcl, nnd
L lui'ullll nil flic IllO-t llCalnillie piillll ill lliv
sidetrack el' the Cairn ,V M. Louis niilmad. ami
well luealeil liireiiUy hiiiiilllnff Kniln and Hour.
This is the best point lor whe.it on the line ot
Ihisnmd, tiier Ally llioiHimd UuiheN of vrlunl
vii'rushIiH'd laom this utallun toSt. Louis and
Cairo last .ta-on. CoihI reii-ous for selling.
For terms ami particulars eniiulte of
W.M I.O.N Fit AN,
Commission Merchant, Cairo.
Or A. S. Zer-c, lli-l llnd, Illinois.
7-ls-l w.
Ordinance No. 107.
AN OltDINANCK providing for labor on the
slreolsand appointment of hlreet supirvlsor.
lie It ordained by the city council of the clly of
SictiomI. For the purpose of keeping the
streets nnd u venues In rcpalr.etery male luha'ol
taut of said clly, between the ages of twenty
one and lll'ty years, (exceptlug "uclias are ex
empt by law) shall l and they aie lieiihy re
qiiiiol lo labor on the 1 1 reels and avenues of the
city three days in inch year, under direction ut'
sueh olllcer us the clly council m.iy din ct.
sec. -J. 'I'lieiTshall heoiniolntislhy ihomajiir
with Ihu consent of the clly coiiiuil an ollleiro
the clly, lo Ik called supervisor of streets,
w hose duty it shall he to attend to the collection
of the stiect lav, and such other duties as uuy he
dcvoticd upon him hy the city council
See. 3. llel'oieuuv slreet6iiiervMirshall en
ter upon the duties of his olUVv, he shall take an
oath of olllec, us Is provided lor oilier oltlrcM,
and shall enter into bonds I'or $'.',0o with sulli
sleut security, to lieapproMil bjr tho city coun
cil, for the luithful ieilormunce of the duties of
his olllec as such supervisor.
Sis:. 4. ihoclty clerk shall provide, blank
receipts books, the receipts In which shall hu
luiiiiUred with eorie-pnndliigiiuinbcrson stubs
or margins, und sluill dellvvi one book utu tlmu
to such supervisor, who shall use the receipts,
cohtiilnc'l In said book, and no other, in his col
lections of sliect lux, and w hen n ucilpt l U
siiedhyfafd sii)iervlsor for stuel lux, lie shall
enter In thu margin or stub of said hook, cor
lespondlng Willi the receipt, the name of the
ihm son lo whom said iiceijit was lsucit,itiul
IlieiUilc and amount Iheieor. and Hie buokof
niaiglns or stubs ot'suld receipts shall heretuin
isl to Iheiily clcik, lo he hy him Hied In his of
lice, as soon as ull Ihu leceipts couhdiiiil ill said
book have been Used i Provided, If any receipt
cannot fur unv puipo-i) be used, Itshull be fold
ed back Willi ihc margin uudbu rituiiied to the
clly clerk's olllec Willi them, and I'or each and
every failure to eoioply Willi the leiiuliemiiita
of this section, said street ninervisor shall for
leitand nay losaid eUyasum not loss limn
fill -uic uoiiai o uur mwiu ,o.u u,,)' uuniiia.
.... - . ..... ... .1 ,,.. . .. ....
rec ,1, 1 lie aujiei , isui sniii, in. y iiuisvii , (io,
and account lu the city lor.ull the ueei its linn
Isheil him, us herein provided, ami Incuuol
his lefusal or neglect to return an account ror
such receipts and of the iiiiiounis Mtiitriiet lo
the rlleeoiiiiell ! .-id' n'K" r Jiieellii-T ol the
iirne, on cliellrst 'i uesd.iy nt each and every
I. I... ....... I, ,..l,i,r ,,,,, ri.i'itltila nl lit,, treit.li.
Ill, Mill,, 'J invmuin. ... .... t...-v.
rer and the icport of the clly clerk, he shall lor-
leiiauu pay io sum cn a rum ui nm teas iiuiu
twenty-live dollars nor more man uuy miliars.
.eo. (I No money sluill he cxpomlcdnor labor
performed by the supervisor except under the
iii-lniiilous and bydiiectluuof I lie clly rouu-
See 7 All amounts to be iceelved by tho rily
Ireasiiicrus provided for In lliU oiillnaiicis
shall he expended under the direction oflhu city
I'liuneil mi iheatieets und avenues of tho citv.
Sec. S. ihu supervisor oftticetssliull, on Inn
scioud Monday in M.iv lu i acli year, or as soon
llicmil'tur as he. nuy bo diiccted by the clly
council, procreil to nulll'y the male luhabltiints
of the cily troiii whom strei't labor cm he re
quired, to uttend ut Mich Hum; and place, and
ii no surn inn leiiieiiis us u luav uesiuu lie. lor
lliu purposu ol'perforniluu the labor iiccessnry in
llio leiiairof such of the "Heels ns renullv It,
said work to bcduiieitnilerdlrectlonol' the street
commillie. . . .
M'O.'i. 1 lie sum nonces tnaii uv lirluleil or
written, mid shall be given ntluist Ihrcu days
lA'foro liiuduy on which lliu laborers nioieipilnsl
lowoik. und shall bo scrvist iieisonallv orbr
leiiv ing Uieni at Iho usual place of uhode of the
person required to labor.
MC. 10. ilie supervisor of slieels shall keep
ulistoftliu persons notllled, the date of Ihu no
llllcatlou, und the amounts paid In lieu of labor
and bv whom 1 und to ull nersons who shall
pei'soiuiuy. or oy uiioiner, iiiiiigcnuy nioor uiu
three nays nnuireil ot mm, or uuv pan inereoi,
the supervisor of streets shall give a receipt,
either In full or lu iiarl. forlho slixtt tax ol (fiat
sec. 11 All persons laboring on Hie stiwls
shall be requlieit lo labor with ica.oiuiblfillll
gince len hours in imcIi day, and II any pr
sons working on the atreels or avenues, I ''
fortuity with Iho notice aforesaid. .Iwl ?i.
executuwork In the niauiiir dAw wl b) IM
lV. .. ,., ,,. .U.MOH nculecU or icfuses to
Uiwr oiMitn. ',tr MuffnotWeeliw afore
said, Mini shall (all to y to the uiervlsor ol
,7' ... ,i If lleaslller th Hum nflhree
dollars, on r before Hie last day on which lie
dollfir? hm.i itin.S.Te,?" nor more hn im
!! ,".'. 1 1 "IC ,uIn lor or Mrc't ll.ini.
torncy, who -ball W,t L" t A t li t o J1 t
tutalniit .ncli rttllnnuwu 'ri, the m?c" tb
amount duo from them. ihiwctitb
Sec 1.1. All money rccetvoS by ,,. .tlnrr..
or ntMroets In lint or itrect l.U?? t ill 1
ia by him In pKal currtnoy Into u,o CU
frraiMiry.nnorbcrurctlu! lint Tue-Uy officii
month, anil at e-ncli tint monthly mettltiic or tho
city council ralil siinTTlior shall mn.e mort ol
lil receipts nn.l rleiutltlireB ami work rr the
ire.VloU month, whlrii report shall contain tho
names of the lrsona labtirlnff on the f trtf t,and
orMTnn muklnjc imymciitaln llrn llirrori and
for eacli nnd every failure lo romiily with the
roiillrcmi-ntsnftfiln scut Ion, the Mi iiopcrvUir
hall forfeit and y to raid city itumii notify
than twciily-metlolhirs nor more than one
"iiwlrwl doilitrsi I'roTtifcd, each ami eteryrp
l"""ltlii' street siU'errl-or shall Ix; puhlmh-il
at lcmtth with thcmliiutci of the ifiroceeilliiiss or
Iheellyeounru. '
Sec. II. The nirvl-orof MrceM fhall rc
colvc ten ptr cent., ,f an moneys! collectnl lv
ilVV-i1,1 1 ,"."r e,rw:l W,lo fhcuinotint of
1,lnjO, ami twenty kt rent, on all tim over
lh.it niiinunt, whirl; rn nlniic Umll lie III Hilt
ror all rcrvlrc remleicd hy him whatever,
i """J'.1', 'r!,,t "',,'.",ri','.t. lior he and Is
hereby lncatnl with full mlirc nuthorlly to
serve writs and make urrests i,f all ironi,
where arrestn nre uulliorlzi-il, who have been
"inmiioiieil hy lilm lo work on slreeu or avc
ntiei nrtheclly.iuul who hie lefuacd or n
Klci'lcd to oIhtt the Biiminiiii", or to pny the for
I'elt ore.eniillon priKTlheil bylaw, Said att
Ihorilr. holievcr. (,, extend no further Ihnn
uooic jKcnieii,
ItnSltr WiyrEIt, Mayor.
-Win. rrencji A.ley, Ck)y Clerk.
Orillnniico So. 106,
AN OUDIN'A.NCI", to amend Sections numliereil
10 (ten), eleven (11) nml til (twelve) or Ordi
nance numbered 7 (n'ven)
lie It onlalnt-l by the city council of the tlly of
.section I. Tlmt Sections ntunlHTcil 10 (len),
II (eleven; nnd 12 (twelve) of Ordinance' nuni
hcnil 7 (aercn), bcnnumUd mas toretnl .'
coIinT oats, flour,
HEAL, BRAN, etc.
Tet Ttro.t and Ohio
. ' ,
. Mulhiis. K C.
Anil (iinerul
nmissioii Merchants
Dealer hi
A'-04 Ohio Ziovoo.
wm. Kretich Axley, I Ity Clerk.
Ordinance Xn. 10.1.
I'rovldlllir for UlO tiuiilinl nunrnnrln.
tiojis lor the llscal yenr, eiulin'; April :t0,
He It ordained by the city council of
the clly of Cairo.
Sr.crio.s 1. That for purpose of tlcfr.iv
Iiij; the necessary expenses of the coriio'r
atlon for tin: lUcal year, cmllnir April
HO, 187(1, and puyluir certain HabllUles al
ready incurred, the lollowinj: Minis or so
much thereof as may be required, be and
they are hereby appropriated, for the fol
lowing purposes, viz:
From the general Interest ltitul:
For the purpose ot paying In-
,terct on sundry bonds of the
city S07&0 00
From the Fox, Howard it Co. In
terest fund : Kor the purpose
Of ll.'lj'bor intercut Ull IxillllS iS-
suctl to 1'o.v, Howard ,V; c0 9310 00
i ii.i.i.
From the bond rcdcmptloii fluid:
For tlic purpose ofpaylng honils x
due and becoming due, betore
April :10th, 1S70 7o0 00
From the fund for paying city interest-bearing
warrants: For the
purpo-o ol paying principal
mid interest 011 fill crest-bearing
warrants as provided forlnordt-
Unnvuu.Ut S00O 00
Front levee street grayel road loan
fund : For purpose of paying
.stuns borrowed I'or graveling
I.eveo street .3500 00
From the general fund : Tor the
following purposes, vl.:
1. To pay salaries of olllcer, 7500 O
2. To liny cots of icpalriug and
portion of assessment against
lliu cily lor building and iccou
Striictlug sidewalks 1000 00
II. To pay the cost of repairing of
streets .7.....5000 00
I. To pay cost of drainage, pipe
and work 1300 00
0. To pay expenses of Hoard of
Health 1500 00
0. To pay expenses of lire depart
ment 1800 00
7. To pay expenses ol city clerk's
olllco and council chamber 1100 00
To pay expenses of city elec
tion 100 00
!). To pay expciisco of city jail
and dieting prisoners 1500.00
10. To pay expenses of city '
printing , .100' 00
11. To pay expenses of revising
nnd printing ordinances...' 500 00
12. To pay expenses of gas in
street lamps 11000 00
111. To pay fees for collecting
general warrant, 1875 13o0 00
11. To pay fees for contingent
purpciw ..."y.... 1000 00
Tolal J01.700 00
Approved July i'l, IS75.
Hknuy WiNTr.it, Mayor.
A n r.sr Win. French Axloy, Clerk.
Sheriff a Sale.
'DV virtuo of three certain executions to in di
J J reeteilby Uic. cleikut' the circuit court ot
Alexiiudei' county. In thu btate or
Illinois, on In favor ol Younif llrolh-
crs' A Luiupuny, onu lu favur or 11 11-
liam JlcAiuhv, mid tho other la lu
vor of All'riil II Satlord, afslgneuoi' Alexander
11 In In, und nil ajralnst John II Ilrown, 1
have levied upon the lollowlug described prop
erly, in Ihu county of Alexander ami State of
Illinois, lo-o.it! i he northwest (lUiirler of the
noiiliwest ipiaiterof section six (0), in township
sixteen (Pi) south, uud in range one westoftlie
third prlnchuit iiierldlan; Hie iiortlivvett quarter
of the southwest quarter of section Lhlrly-uue
(al) , in township llhcen (l.) south, and la uze
I west of the third principal rueridUnithe north
east quarter of the soiitum-t iltiaTterof ewtlou
th,rty-slx (:), In township ilnecu (l) south,
and in l-ungu two (J) weitor i ihlrJ prlucliial
nicrldiiH 1 lots numheail onc(l)to ile(J) . ootii In
clusive In block numbered one (I), lots number
ed two (.) aud tluie (.1), In block numUjreii two
(J) , loli numbeicd one (I) ,hoth lu
cluJlve lu block nutuUil lr (O.loU iiuni
lit' it-loi c (l) to wteii (. I'olh ucluslre In
b ick iiimil vd seifii m. Ii numbered one (1)
ti .even (7) both nclu.lv 0 In block munlH;re.l
M . lo iiuudfreeitwofJ). tbre-i (3) and
four (11. In block numbered live (5), loU num
bensl two ). rout (I), five (M, els fil) andMveii
(7) in block numbered six () In the town of
1,'iiliy, und all 111 thu county of Alexander and
.stats of Illinois. M Ibeyroiwrtf ofth said John
ir iiniu'11. which I Khali iv&nr at nubile sale it
AnuthlVfirtt done ol' llu, eourt house ill the cltr
of Cairo, In the eyiunty of Alexander atStnte of
llltllols;nUu)fiiurteeuthdai' orUru4K'A D.
1H7 nt the hour ut eievwi pifih J!j 10
satisfy said executions, .Vt.fcX. It. tltV IS, ,
srierin 01 .xiiyii,",ri s.uw,-, iihhw,-,
Cairo, Illinois, July rind, 1874.
TTIOll th speedy cure ,or ,emraai ncasnni,
H. -iVwtManhorjc ind iill dird4;t0Mht
on by inniscreiiom or vi,
Any Driuif Ut
HUS lue luansiieHW,
Addrtst, Dr. K.
cmeiaiiMi, unto.

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