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- --MtjWrt.ttj-te'lAi'S'J
l snfA
W Ml..
ASCAI.OV I.fJDUl'. Vfi. 61.
tftilKbt" of I'ythlas, meet every Krl-
nlilit nl hiilr-iiimt seven. Iti Odd'
llowi' Hull J.vo.lt. (lo'SMAN,
ptw Chancellor -omruanucr.
inucmieni nn-r-i -in-
t own. meets every iiiurwiov i gin
I" 01 llllll-ITOil B":,u, " ;
clnl avenue, lietwn tjlxtli and Seventh
1110 KNC-VMI'MKNT, I. O. O. V., meet
Id-relliiwir llnll onuic nrsiunu miiu
In every montli, at tialf-at
.1X0. II. VIIKIU.I, Iv. I
-AIIIOLOIIOI. N0.237.A.K. A. A. M.
f Hold regular communication In Ma
"sonic, llnll. corner Commercial im-niio
("and Eighth utrirl, on the st-coml ami
omlny oftitcli month.
LlInllM ori'trry IH-icrliitlnii
Villi. II. SAUP'S.
1iiiliswlI.Ni:M:iC-nt I.oiiIn Her-
.li I'rull JarH,
lent.s per doerf; nil the latest i-tyle
' t;la.S. Sealing wnx IiiJmw mill
liiaiitltlcs, nt Dan'lBhtr,
JVior Sixth street.
,Si:KUK nt Louis
(irl I he
Hclh Arnolds Cough Killer the
at eraTHcator lor nil lung dlicasos a u-
r remedy to all other medicines j ut
iored. In fever, case. Ills a Hire,
lUk, and perfectly irafo remedy lor
Mghr, eold, sole tlnoit, whooping cough
lip, nnd all dliea-cs of the throat and
Iletall price, 25 and M cents nnd ? 1.
Iioliln that doc not tlvo relief inav be
rncd, anl the money f 111 be refunded.
fie tli Arnold' Dlarrbita Hahmm, 25 and
cnu. Hcmembcr It Is warranted. Ar-
i Million Mandrake I'lIU, operating
Shout i
sickness and pain. Compounded
r. etu Arnold'. .iieutcai corporation,
ockct, li. I. Sold by l'aul ('.-chub,
ght, Cairo, 1!!. r,V.2.V3m.
-XX Amber and White rar Mod;
elopcuatthcllt-Lr.TiN olllcc, printed,
Maud Si 00 per .M.
Conirrcm Wnlcr.
Siulnc C mcrcM Spring water in bot-
.'kept on Ice aul mid lor 10 cent- per
i. cents pr-r bottle, ami 82 nor doit-n,
the following places: Phil. Saup'a Con-
ftlnn..-r. . f fl.ul.-).. on. I C..V,nl,-. II i...
Irct, and Lutili Herbert IEcMaurant.
ffiie Saratoga Congro Spring Walcr Is
bt up and sold In bottle only, to Insuro Its
iliial ktrcnKlli ami medicinal proronic.
FiiiiN Ili rlx rl lui. IMLSKMIIt.
! I I m- lt-a(ilrnr for Snlc or Itciil.
Lrncr llolbrook avenue and Twenty-
ith ktteet. Larcc yard and L'arilen(S
k; plenty of fruit and 'lirubbcry; ?ood
and carrUgt; houte. Will roll on
ra,y termi. The houc contalm ten
.1. II. nilLi.ir.,
l reihictlon In prleos oi Feather
, ntfjchtiira drugs-tore.
Tu ll.'lll.
!ro on Thirteenth Hired, lctwiii
ton nveiiuo nml U'nlniit Mrwt.
Annlv to Dit. Smith.
' 'M"
Di-hlnilile KnoiiiH.
lar.a and very de-irablc family
ir, Irontln;; on tho Ohio, at the St.
i lUitcl, can bo had, with board, at
opable ratcn durlnp; tho .Snintncr
ABundancc of pure air and per-
itllatlon. MO-lf.
JJo uml ficc Ilt'r.
ifdlordi ol hoteli and boarding liou-os
ftnd it to their dv.-uit.iKC to call upon
ulcman, Laundrc.', No 12 'Fourth
, ctwcn Washington nml Coinmcr-
al avenue. Hotel and boardlnK-housu
ahini:, To cents per do.cn. a)i piecework
rices ate as lollowi : Slnulo hhirt and eol-
ar, 10c; per dozen Mc; ?ock ftc; two col-
!Jrs. Be: two handkcrchlels, 5c; vcbIs 20c;
A all Rontleuicn'ii wear, Mc. per
ozen. J.auies' urestcs, lo we;
iklrHXO to 20c; drawers 10 to 15c; two
air hoo Be; two collar.', to 10c. For la-
leo' plainclothes ?1 00 per dozen; lor la-
leu lino clothes, 1 25 per dozen; done
Iramptly, and promptly delivered. Ia
ronago solicited.
iio In I.oiiIh llrrlii'rt'i for I'll.SI'.-
It Is IIscIcsh
attempt to cleanu a slreaiu while Ilic
fountain In impure. Dyspepsia, complaint.
or the liver and kldnoyir, crupllona of the
tliln, scrofula, headache!', and all ill-cases
arising from impure blood, aro tit once re
moved by Dr. Walkci'a California Vine
gar lilttcid, the great and Infallible purillcr
f the blood, and renovator of the rytem.
t lias uovur been known to fall, piovlded
ho patient had not delayod ibln- it until
he vitality ol his tytem wits too far gone.
Urnprr TIiuii Kter Himiiii Heroic,
Ih-oiiV fidl-Seirllii Lrult Jiir.nt l 50
rilo.on. Lstr.i i iilibcr lor jI:ioh
'nilt Jar, nt Diiiikl llnrtiuaii'.-, corner
Ixth istrct'l. fV.'5-tf
I1 ' Nolhc ill' llviinitiil.
Tho well-known barber hhop, corner
llitli and Commercial, presided ovjr by
p popular artist, ('eoryo Stclnhouie, has
moved no door north on Commercial, in
rand Central Hotel. Tho new Miop u
A and cominodious, uud those wishing
ny thing nrtUtto In tho way of fashion-
air cutting, smooth shave, etc., will
ell to call at tho Grand Central llarbcr
iU-liircHiiiu America.
D-iMiTiN-blmlcry IS iiiimbi'M,
two volumes, lull ,'iit mor-
cost SI 1; for Mia utSIO.
SSX Rug stock wivclopcs nt tliu Hul-
itin ofllce, $3 25 per M.
lU'lllii'l-il HilU'i.
e will take, nt tho t. Charles Hotel,
Ini; tho summer months, SO day boarder,
22 per month, audoO boarders with cool,
asant rooms on tho upper floor, nt $:i0
inomii, At tliu oxtromely low rate,
o but promptly paying bonrdern will bo
ipted. Jkwbtt Wilcox .t Co.,
4-28-lm. I'ropriotors.
9XX Wood stool; envelnpcs nt tho
JL-ETIN olllco. w per fll.
The llncst article of Salatl Oil nt
auh'a drugstore.
luiMn4 II aaouin ' Milled uoi,i
KVt '
I.ornl tVi-iiClier Krpurl.
CaII.o, ll.L., Aiik1'J, I17S.
I Vr.ATiir.n
T1IOMA8 JONKS, Scrst. S., U S. A.
Chid of Police Williams ,'ot home on
Saturday nlhl.
Tliu towhoat Moiies?, or IlrownV Hue,
while coming Into this iort ycsturtlay,
broke her plllnr blockvmd wns obliged to
lay up hero until "he wns tepalrcil.
Mr. W. P. Wright left ttil . city yc
terdny nfleriionn for .Milwaukee, where
the will remain for several weeks visiting
relatives ami ncqiiHliitaiice".
Ilrlnif otcrliniui-il.
The pasicnget depot of the IllluoH
Central railroad company Is now under
going repairs. A new eo.it of paint and
whitewash will add much to the look of
the building.
The Lord ha-heard and answered the
prayers of our Millering community, and
bk-fied us with one dry day. It forgot
to rain during nil of yesterday, but it was
fo cold that the out-door people were
obliged to .-lied their Summer clothing.
Wan I il.
Hyayoung man ot this city, who lias
had large experience, a position as book
keeper or clerk In f-oinc mercantile bus-iiesi.-Ca!if"rnish
best ol reference.'.
Address IbrTni day, care of ISn.i.MiN
office, Aitmcant.
The IJi;i.u:n.v, in speaking of theeoin
plimentary tickets Itelng sent to various
IKT.-ons, by Mr. Alvln Cook. Secretary of
the Union County Agricultural Hoard,
neglected to acknowledge the receipt ol
two coinpllmentnries nt this ofllce, which
we herewith do with pleasure.
A Itllllltllk.
Sunday stflcrnoon.two negro men had
a diillcnlty on the corner of Xinth street,
near the narrow gauge railroad, when
one of the twain struck his antagonist
with a shovel, completely knocking him
out of lime, and cau-lng that individual
to cry out lustily for mercy. He was
not, however, very badly hurt, but terri
bly frightened.
In this city, Sunday night. Mrs. Mis
sourl 1, wife of .1. II. SpUIcr, aged 52
year. Funeral services at the Methodist
church, at 2 p. in. totlny. spi-clal
train will leave foot of Klgbth street for
Villa Itldgc at :i:15. Friends and ac
quaintances of the family are Invited to
attend the funeral.
It Is said that the body of an unknown
man, suppa-ed to be a Frenchman, w as
found In a freight car Itelonging to the
Mississippi Central railroad company, on
Sunday. The body Is reported being
much decomposed, and it is thought the
unfortunate man, whoever he was, died
several days ago.
St. I.oulo A Iron U niinlitlu Itiillroml
A car load of watermelons p.ted
through this city over the St. I.otiN &
Iron Mountain railroad for Chicago, from
Little Hock, Sunday. The car was trans
ferred to the Illinois Central road by the
transfer boat .Junius h. Morgan. Freight
is now being run over this ro.ul from tliu
South regularly.
liipro. incut
Mr. H. I-'. Livingston, who lately ptir-cha-Od
Mrs. Fields' property on Kighth
street, lias had the house enlarged nud
thoroughly repaired, and will, during the
present week, remove thereto. The
house, since It rejuvenation.; presents a
lino appearauco and .will add greatly to
tin looks ol that neighborhood.
Hum- llnll.
An Imitation has been received by Iho
Cairo base ball players to visit P.iducah
sometime during tho present week, and
arrangements aro being made by the Cairo
club to go to that burg on Thursday
next. A line day's sport Is anticipated,
as tne r.'Uiiicili ball tossers have never
neglected to make it pleasant for their
Cairo liieuds during a visit to their city
The Delta City Cornet band will again,
on Hits evening, favor our citizens with
an upon air concert at tliu up-town stand,
corner Centre utroet and Washington
avenue. This baud has regularly, dur
ing the season, supplied ourcltlonrt with
most excellent music at these concerts";
and tlio boys deserve a great deal ot
praise for tho pleasure they haveallorded
our people.
t'anuol Hi, IlL-i-L-U oil.
It is said that the lusauo asylum at
Anna Is so crowded with Inmates, (hat
Mr. and Mrs. Hoppe, who were lately de
clared Insane by the Alexander county
court, cannot bo received there,
whereupon the Gazelle , remarks: "Wo
readily grant that the Insane asylum at
Anna Is a Statu institution ; but ns It was
located with a view to accommodate the
reason-bereft unfortunates of Southern
Illinois, It Is worth while to inquire why
It is that counties in tliu extremo north
ern part of the State send their lunatics
hither whllo ample room and accommo
dations can bo secured in the Northern
asylum. It seems a great shame that tliu
Insane of Alexander county cannot he re
ceived because tho room Is occupied by
subjects Irom Lake, Champaign hud
Hock Island. Wo do not Intend to make
a fuss about tho matter; but It would not
distress us a partlclo losce hour body else
do so."
fiSJ- Chas. Schocnmcyer has that No.
1 beer-PlLSKNElt always oa haud.
Cnlro, ....
trMVnntt mid lUllwl Work a nwltHy
Time. JIaii. ITiie. Win. Vf
7n m !.MI ' "is" N 'J
11 ' B0.M7 Oi' X. i.')
2pm. Z.mi N W. 1R
Onoit niulncn,
N'othwlthstnntliiig the dullness that
seems to pervade this city, the New
Vorl; store, C. O. Patter & Co. proprie
tors, Is doing a nourishing business.
While In the upper part of town, yester
day, we dropped Into this establishment,
mid found the clerks, of whom f licit-Is n
goodly number, nud proprietors with
coats ofT, dodging about in a lively man
ner, nt tending to tho wants of their patron-,
of whom the store was full. The
proprietors of the New York store aro
thorough business men, nud deserve to
succeed hi tho future", as they have done
In the past.
IMcnle Tii'iiiorroiv,
The Free HcncvolentSons of America
will on to-morrow, go to Hreden Springs
on a picnic and excursion. A train on
the Cairo & Viiiecnnes railroad has been
chartered by the organization to carry
them to this pretty spot, where they will
remain nil day and return to Cairo hi the
evening. .Tames Xott, a well educa
ted young colored man, who was
brought before the public In the Into
race for the clly clerkship of Cairo, will
deliver the principal address of the day.
Mr. P. W. McCalister will al'o address
the exeiir-Ionisls.
-lie Mtlnl rjpirle-.
Tho A.'ioiwi JlolcTllf porta; of Chi
cago, has the following kindly notice oi
a home institution: "The St. Charles
Hotel of Cairo, III., is doing a srood busl
net.s this season. It could not well bo
otherwise under Hie management of Col.
Jewett Wilcox, Hie proprietor, with
Clerks J. C. Dcanc and A. L. Kobertsou
in the olllco, for more clever gentlemen
cannot bo found between Chicago and
Xcw Orleans. Passengers going North
and South dlno at the St. Charles. Such
a hotel, such arrangements and such gen
tlemen should bo (as they are) liberally
patronized by the traveling public."
I'ollee Court.
Police business varied a little yester
day from the dullness of the past week.
Judge Ilross had two eases, In the per
sons of Charles Clements .,iui Augustus
Virian. These two gentlemen indulged
rather freely in lenzine, and in their
rambles about the city, disturbed tlm
quietude of Nancy Mack, who resides on
Commercial avenue, between Twelfth
and Fourteenth streets. Nancy didn't
rell-h the sport which seemed tosoinueh
delight Charles and Augustus, so she had
them arrested on a charge of being
drunk and disorderly. They were lined
ten dollars and costs by His Honor, and
sent to the calaboose to board there for
seven days, because they couldn't pay.
IWriirMou I'roui ('piilrnliii.
Ceiitralia people, to the number of
Irom two to three hundred, aro making
arrangements to pay Cairo a visit on the
coming Friday. A train of cars hits been
chartered on the Illinois Central railroad,
to bring them to this city, where lliey
will spend it few hours hi "seeing the
sight," nnd then t on board the good
steamer L'ekort, which will take thorn
down the river a short distance, and re
turn to tbu city. A string baud Irom
Ceiitralia will accompany the excursion
ists, and while on the Lckcrt dancing
will be the principal feature of amuse
ment. The train will leave this city on
Its return trip to Ceiitralia about twelve
o'clock Friday niht. A merry time is
lookedfor by the Centrallaus.
I'roJiM-leil Itnllriiml.
The I'rownsville Itec, hi speaking of
the projected Ilrowimille & Tennessee
narrow gauge railroad, which, If built,
will be extended to Cairo, says: "Not
the veriest old fogy lias oyer yet given
up the road. Our circumstances, for the
past two year-, have been such that we
could not do anything for it, and have
quit talking about It, almost In weary
dsru-t. Kven the Ike lias been com
paratively quiet on the subject, after hav
ing said enough, If every line were a
crosstie, to lay the track from Holly
Springs to Cairo, but now we propose to
meet the question fairly mid build tho
road. On the Hue lo Friendship we
have the best road bed in the
State. The embankment have Mood un
til they aro settled and solid ; some little
damage, has been done by the rains, but
that can be easily repaired, and when the
track Is once laid it will stay there. Now
Is the best time in the world to complete
the work. Iron cm bo bought cheaper
than ever before; timber is abundant all
along tho Hue nud labor is plentiful all
through the country. Let us go to work
and run the cars to Friendship by the
llrst day of November, lti75. Then wo
may depend upon it, the road will go on
to Cairo and a St. Louis connection. Then
we will look Southward."
Intel l'l-i-AoiiiiU.
Grand Central : W. A. Lackey, Pit
laskt;D. K- Colder, Cincinnati; David
Scliolleld, Kvausyllle; Frank Hateman,
Vluccnnes; T. Travis, Dodd county,
K'y. ; A. C. Hartleson, Villa Hldgc.
Delmonlco ; Frank llroekstluu, Mem
phis ;C. U. Jones, Chattanooga; Chas.
Chemock, Indiana; Mrs. Drown, Cincin
nati; John Miller, Canton. Mississippi;
Charles Wagner, New Orleans ; John
Ambler, Virginia; A. llalce, Fulton,
Planter.': .Joseph Kahle, Now
York 5 James Calvert, Paducah; Charles
M. Terrell, lllundvHle; J. L. Glen, Gre
nada, Miss.; Adam JJrigg.s nnd family,
Smlthland, Ky.; W. M. Powel, Ken
tucky ; M. F. Johnson, Jackson, Tenn.;
William Hotnett, St. Louis; John M.
Williams, Hlnggold, Ga.; Shelby Shocks,
Hickman, Ky.; D. M. C. Aniberg, Hick
man, Ky.; A, W. King, St. Louis.
St. Charles s II. L. Hoy, Cairo Ar
kansas & Texas railroad ; Win, Dean,
Pittsburg; Louis Houck,CapoGlardeau;
W. A. Jtancy, Capo Girardeau; C. 11.
Warren, New Orleans ; Peter Young, St.
Louis ; J. D. Llgler, Hollver, Mississippi;
Wm. Wlgghi3, Heluiont, Missouri ; M.
Kaufman, St. Louis ; S. II. Srysler, St.
Louis; II. d. Liudermau,Sf. Louis ; H.
Moore, Cincinnati ; M. Goldsmith, Jef
ferson City.
C Go to Chas. Scliocmncycr'H lor
your ice-cold riLSENKIt. 7-25-1 w,
Uenrrnl Item.
"The rain It rnlncth every day.'" n
says Hie poet, and so sny nil of m.
The murderer of Sutter has not yel
been nrreMcd. The ofltcers are still In
pursuit but the trail Is very Indistinct.
Marshal Williams, having returned
from the circus, says he has no doubt of
his ability to turn n summersault In the
inot. approved manner of the ring.
Our people are dlscuslug the Wil
liamson county vendetta. "What Is to
be done about 11 V" I" the universal ques
tion. F.verybody asks it, and everybody
answers : "Don't know."
The Jackson County A'm says:
"Hon. '.lack' Winter, Mayor of Cairo,
ill., spent last Saturday, Sunday an'
.Monday In our city, and called on us.
Ills Honor expressed himself highly
pleased with our city and citizens, lie
also says Hie boys of Cairo are highly
gratilled with the treatment received in
this city on the 5th Inst. Mr. Winter left
for St. Louis on Monday, via the V.& St.
L. It. Jt."
Tho SIumuc Jourml says: "The
grasshoppers have made their appear
ance In Cairo hi Immense numbeis,
where they have begun their predatory
operations on the trees and shrubbery
of tliu 'aquatic city.' It Is possible that
Southern Illinois 'may be alllictcd with
this plague, which overrun F.gypt in 'ye
olden time;1 but as the waves grow less
the further they are removed from the
center of commotion, so, we are disposed
to believe, will the clouds or waves of
grasshoppers decline In proportion to the
distance that they are away from the
grand center of their commotion, w hich,
undoubtedly, Is far west of the Missis
sippi Valley."
Get Your Partucrs!
The Delia City String Hand, by re
quest of numerous friends, will iyt.
another of their enjoyable dances nt
Schcel's Hall, Friday evening, August
0th. They will do thetr best to make It
enjoyable lor all. The price of admis
sion will be as before only 50 cts.
Hp lino n .Veil llicr. Hie next III III,1
World tin- Coli-liriileil lllal. llci-r.
Try It.
Last Summer the Hattlc ot the Heers
was waged in this city, Schlitz taking
the Held against all customers. The
general verdict was, we believe, that he
captured the camp of the enemy and
spiked his guns.
This year the Schlitz beer has not had
an easy row to how In lt strife with the
other beers. Pilsner and liest came in
and made a bigas-ault, capturing some
of the outworks ol" the Schlitz fortitiea
Hons and endangering the very citadel.
And now comes another beer, the most
formidable of all became the most pala
table, and threatens to supplant all the
oilier beers, to capture them, make them
prisoners of war, with all their arms and
munitions of war the Ileer of Valentine
Jiiaiz, urewer and .MuMer, of Milwau
kee. It is, indeed, a most delicious beer.
nbecr that all good judges will pro
nounce to be most excellent. A friend
of ours who has had some experience
In beers assure- us that It
is better than any beer on tap
in the city. lie has "put away" a Pa-
cuic ocean of Host, an Atlantic ocean of
Schlitz, a Mississippi river of Pilse-
tier, a Missouri river of St. Louis, an
Amazon river of Cincinnati, nnd a whole
Nile, soui co and all, of other beer, and
therefore claims the right to judge. This
friend assures us that of all the beers
Hlatz U best.
And where Is this beer sold? Kxact-
ly. a very proper question. At Jaeck
el's saloon. Amandus Jaeckel, who lias
no stiierior as a handler of beer, serves it
out as cold as water from under the North
Go, and try it.
Give Jaeckel a call, nnd call for lHatz'
becr. The young and old diink It ; the tem
perate take to it as to milk ; the beer
drinker drinks no other beer after having
tasted this. It is the beer of the season.
Drink it, and bo happy.
C.uuo, li.i., Mo.si.av Evr.xi.vfi. 1
AroL'ST 2, 1S75. j
We aro experiencing a "nuw sensa
tion' in Hie way oi weather to-day, for
the begining of August. No ralu has
fallen -luce yesterday morning, the
weather turned cold and tho sun lias not
shown liluiself for two days. We noticed
a number of fall overcoats on the streets
this morning, Wc will, without doubt,
have warm weathor and rain to-morrow
for a change,
There is little change to note in the
general condition of the market. Orders
have been In excess of receipts in nearly
everything. Tho Hour market Is entirely
haru to-day, only 200 bbl. were received
this ".morning anil, they were covered
by orders. Price, arc linn and ad
vancing. The corn market is steady
and quiet, demand and supply about
equal both llj-ht. Oat3 aro held at 017
02c in round lots, with none selling ; in
order lots prices are higher. Meal is
overstocked and dull lor country ntS3 50.
Eggs would Had sale for shipment at 8e,
fresh receipts would sell to-day at 10c.
Ilulter Is scarce and active, extra choice
would bring 25c, tliu grade coming in at
present is quoted at 23o out side llgures.
The river is still rising to-day, and Is
within ten feet of high water mark.
ByOiir friends should bear In mind
that the prices here glvon aro usually for
sales from first hands hi round lots. In
tilling orders and for broken lots it Is nec
essary to chiirgo an advance over these
Tho market Is bare and demand active.
Receipts llud ready salo- on nrrlvnl.
Prices aro llrm and advancing, We note
sales of 200 barrels supetilno SI 12 ; 200
barrels $5 6007 00; 800 barrels city
$0 75; 00 barrels XXXXSfn io5 coobar-
itn . .JCHY.1 uvVy, ii'J
200 barrels S.r. )07 50.
iieccipts arc light hut there I no do
maud at all. The supply In market Is
very limited. We note sales of 1 ear
choice mixed delivered $18 00.
The market rules steady and unchang
ed. The demand Is not largo and tin-
Supply Is limited. We note sale of 1 car
white bulk on track, 75c : 2 cars while hi
sacks delivered, 81c; 1 car rejected white
In bulk oft track, 70c; 1 car No. 2 mixed
in bulk on track, 70c : It cars mixed, dam
aged, hi bulk on track, 50c; 2 cars whlto
No. 1 in bulk on track, 76c ; 1 car mixed
No. '.' In bulk on track, 70c.
There is no shipping demand uml or
ders arc light. Old oats are quoted at 01
(02c?ln sacks. No new coming In.
When the the now crops moves piiccs
will drop. We note sales of 1 car In
sack delivered, 02c.
The market is overstocked and Hat for
country meal. City meal sells readily
for the order trade. Sales reported were
100 barrels city, $:i.(5; 100 barrels steam
dried, S3.50; 300 barrels city s'enni dried.
Wc note nn Improvement In this
branch of the market and no supplies.
Tho mills hold at $13 in order loK We
have no sales to report.
The market Is entirely bate of choice
Northern, and the demand steady and
active. "Gilt F.dge," of which there is
none arriving, would command 25c.
Choice Northern, such olleiinfc.s as are
on the market, Is quoted at 2:ic. Wc
note sales of 100 pounds choice Northern,
222c; 200 pounds choice Southern Illi
nois, 21c; COO pounds choice Southern Il
linois, 20c; -00 pounds extra choice
Northern, 2tS25c.
The market Is bare of eggs. There is
considerable Inquiry at Sc to ship.
Fresh receipts would sell to the loeal
trade at 10c. We note sales of 500 dozen
Sc; 100 dozen Sc ; 100 dozen fre-li 10c,
lteceiptshavc been very light and were
all Uiken early at $11 50(: 75 for choice
hens and S2&2 50 for young chicken
The demand is steady and active. Sales
were 5 coops old hens $:i 75; 10 coop-,
young chickens $2 50; 50 dozen young
chickens $22 50 ; 2 coops young chick
ens $2 25.
There Is no demand for apples, the
market being supplied by country wag
ons. Choice peaches and tomatoes are
in demand nt quotations. Lemons are
scarce and wanted. We note sales ol 150
boxes tomatoes 50e; -10 boxes peaches
40.C0e; 10 boxes lemons ?1011: 25
boxes tomatoes JOc.
Hams arc plenty and quiet. Shoulders
and clear sides are scarce and wanted, at
OJc for the one and :l.'Jlc lor the other,
from llrst hands
We note'-ales of 1,000
pound country hams, 12c.
The market is supplied from county
wagons and there is no shipping de
mand. We can give no quotations on
l'orl I.IM.
Steamer Jim FIk, Paducah.
" Ark. Uclle, Evansvilie.
" City Helena, Vicksbnrg.
" J. D. Parker, Memphis.
" Capitol City, St. Louis.
' Grand Tower, Memphis.
" Fannie Tatuni, St. Louis.
" Eddyvlllo, Nashville.
Tow-boat Jno. Gllmore, Pittsburg.
" Greyhound, Pittsburg.
" Alice Drown, Pittsburg.
" Simpson Horner, Pittburg.
Lioness, Pittsburg.
" Hon Acconl, South.
Steamer Jim Fis;, Paducah.
" Ark. Delle, Evansvilie.
" City Helena, St. Louis.
" J. D. Parker, Cincinnati.
Capitol City, Vicksbnrg.
" Grand Tower, St. Louis.
" Fannie Tatuni, Pittsburg.
" Eddyvillc, Nashville.
Tow-boat Jno. Gllmoie, New Orleans.
" Greyhound, St. Francis river.
" Alice Drown, St. Louis.
" Lioness. St. Louis.
" Haven, St. Louts.
" Simpson Horner, New Orleans.
The river last evening was 12 feet 10
1-5 laches on the gauge, having risen 12
3-5 inches during the previous IS hours.
Tho reports from other ports aro of such
peculiar character that it l impossible to
predict tho extent of rl-c that may bu
looked lor. It Is probable, however, that
we will not get more than two feet more
water here. At 3 p.m. the conditions ol
tliu livers elsewhere, as reported by the
signal otllce, were as follows:- Pittsburg
17 tcet 2 Inches, rose 18 Inches; Cincin
nati -15 feet 1 inches., rose 7 feet 0 inches ;
Louisvlllu 10 feet 5 inches, rosu 2 Inches
Nashvillu 13 feet 1 inches, 1 211 M Inches;
St. Louis, 20 feel 1 inch, rose 3$ Indies.
Tho weather has been cloudy nnd
qulto cold for two days past, but there
has been very little rain.
IJuslncss dull.
The Haven took tho Kanawha's
salt to St. Louis.
Tin. .Innu.a Olllliom took U toW of
coke to Nashville.
The Greyhound had n large tow of
coal for St. Francis river.
Tho Simpson Horner had auluuneiiso
tow of coal for the South.
The James Howard Is to leave Now
Orleans to-day for St. Louis.
On Sunday the current was so awift
In tho upper Ohio that tho tow-boatH had
to lav tin.
Tiin Knnawhti No, 3 cleared for tho
out, by the Haven, , .
Tho ilno. Glliuorc brought out live
barges of coke, nnd left for St. Louis Sun
day with two of them.
The Greyhound, Lioness nnd Alice
Urowu were detained nil day Sunday at
Ogden's Landing by wind.
The Allen brought out 21 and the
Lioness 23 barges or coal for St. Louis,
which Ibey will tnke up In Instalments.
Mr. Ilobt. Johnon of the Memphis
Appeal nnd a son nud daughter Mr. Keat
ing, chlel editor of that paper, are mak
ing Hie round trip to Cincinnati on the.!.
I). Parker.
Capt. Win. Dean, agent of the Pitts
burg Underwriter-, has contracted with
Capt. IS. W. Dutf, 0f t. H". Kekcrt
to rahe the sunken A. J. IJakcr ns soon
as the river falls sulliclenlly.
Matters have got down so Jlne nt St.
Louis that no boat Is announced lo lol.
low the City of Alton In the New Or
leans trade. Laying two weeks to get
hall a load Is not a paying business.
The iieople in the bends below heie
are btiy building levees across the low
places to protect themselves against the
rising river, nnd so f.ir have succeeded in
holding It within bound, except in the
lowest pltiees.
1 1 Great piles of rails and drift-wood
Hue tho levee front from tliu point lo the
warehouse above the city, as part of the
drift-wood harvest which largo number
of people have lieeu reaping. Many have
secured wood enough to last tlieut half
the year.
Pilot Hilly Phillips, of tho Thomp
son Dean, Is In the city vbltiug friends.
Ho says there were over 100 people at
Grayson Springs, but all had to leave
thereon account of tliu ranis last week,
He will return to the Springs, If the
weather settle-, before frost conies
' All Ilr.l-A1IT.MEST, ItlVKI'
Uritnir, (
Oil to
M. IOtllA.
To Ice 'oiiillliier.
The undersigned being convinced that
the present low price of ico entails a lo-s
upon the dealers, hereby agree that on
and after Sunday, August 1st, the price
of Ico shall be as follows: For 50 pounds
and upwards at 75 per 100; less than
50 pounds at anyone time, at the rate of
51 per 100 pounds.
!Irsi:, Loo.uh ,fc Co,,
7-110-lf Jon.v SrnoAT.
Jtixt Ri-rcl-il.
A full lino of import'-, Key West and
domestic cigars.
.o .HlNlnke About It.
If you wish a good cigar go to Coivper
thwait .t Phillips', 12aConuncrclal avenue.
The 1'iiiaii nrncvolcnt Aiioriiillou.
The union Jlencvolcnl As-oclstlon wishes
to Inform the public that it was orj;inf-cd
September Hth, 187-1, and begs pardon for
co.Hlng out at such u late date; but ow
ing to the hard times wo have been de
layed. Wo are now happy Id announce,
that wc have been successful so far, and
ready at auy tlmo for tho acceptance of
members or petitions for tho sain. Tims
ot meeting, TrUliy beforo tho H'coi(d Sat
urday In each mouth. Hall on Filth street,
between Commercial and Washington av
enues. II. Tur.dLK, Prc.-ldent,
P. Adams, Vice-President.
L. W. Il. K Kit. Secretary.
Mlurc llooiii lor Itenl.
The lower story of the house occupied
by William Winter, the artist, on Sixth
street. Enquire of Wm. Winter or Dr.
Parker. Mas. Ji.'i.ia Davis
lII.SI'..r.Kut LoiiU llerbert'N.
To tho CltUrim of Cairo.
I Would Inform my many friend.-, that 1
am still in the auction business, and ready
to attend lo all sales that may oiler. My
long experience) in this business needs no
comment it U no experiment on my part,
and parties entrusting goods to my care
need not bo afraid, as I am no "squib" or
novice in tho business.
Hpeclal attention given to real estate and
out-door sales, as I have nevermled mak
ing a sale I). II.uitman, Auctioneer.
Corner Sixth street and Commercial Av.
As 1 am lmrras-icd to death from state
ments Irom New York, 1 am compelled to
sell my entire stock of Clothing ut an Im
mense sacrillcc. Ikk "Walheii,
7-1U-II. Corner Slxlh and Ohio Lovec.
Last Thursday evening, on Eighth
street, between Dialer's store and circus
grounds-, a lady's small amethyst breast
pin. The lliuler will be rewarded by
leaving at II. 1.1.1:1 i.v olllee. 7-ltt-tf.
Obstacles to Marriage.
Happy relief for young men fruit the cf.
facts of errors and abuses In early life.
Manhood restored. Impediments to mar-
rliwe removed. Now niotbod ol treatment.
Now and remarkable remedies. Hooks
and circulars sent frco, lit scaled envelopes.
Kinth street, Philadelphia, Pa, nn Insti
tution having a high reputation for honor
al lo conduct and prolesslonal skill.
&-H-d Si w -in.
siWA iiii'iiai-ntlou so widely and fa-
vnrntiK- Iciinwn as Hall's Veirctahlo Sicil
ian Hair Hencwcr, needs few words of
pralso from us. This compound has
won Its way to the highest favor In the
public mind ; aim inuitiiuues. woo n.i
valnly used other remedies lor the res
toratlon of their hair, have, 011 trying he
cf-llln.i lnnmi-,r. liwn Hindu ulad llV Hie.
speedy restoration 01 1 m-ir r
Its natural color, and the thin locks
thickened up, ns In the days ol early
youth. It also prevents the hair falling
out. makes It sort and glossy, and Is alto
gether tho best preparation for Its In
tended purposes before tho public IStt J
bury C7ironl.
A silver lilatcd Nn. .. .
Ing Machine, hard (piano) UuUh. valued it
835. Will bo soldal 20 discount, on'gooil
terms, and ordered dlrcctfrom th factory.
A No. " WHsn Shuttle Sewln
valued at 675, Will be sold at 815 dlicount
and ordered direct frrm tho factory.
A $90 JtcmlDglon Sewing Machine-6)0
on" for cash. Sultablo for talloror boot and
hoc manufacttirer.
At a bargain, and on good terms, a Howe
Ha wini; Machine. May bo seen at tho Com
pany's olllco, corner Ninth street nd Com
mercial. FOIt HALE.
Picturesque America" is nnm.cw
bound in 2 volume--, full gilt More, -co;
price, 610.
At)Ia"E," "Clouah. Warren A Co.'."
arlor Organ, rlaht from tho fietorv at lie.
trolt. I.M price, MOO. Will be old for
A new two-horso (iambi wagon
For any of the nbovc article., iinntv at
the ltri.i.v.TiN oftlcr. E. A. Ilunxirr.
Hrenl IM-rttictlnn.
Flr-t-clas' room nnd board nt the Ar
lington House, at 25S per month.
1 no. It. Elms, Proprietor.
Corn-tnt I)llyliy i:. M. (Stearns, coinmlmlon
iixrcii-m, .-!.-mury m uiu elro Board ol
Klollr. n.-cnnllnir to irniilc
Corn, mixed, parked ...
$7010 on
ti to
1 0)
i.nni, wmic, sacked .
Dot,, mixed ,
limn, per ton
Meal, elnim dried
Ilulter, rliolce Northern .
IliiIliT.clmlrc Southern 111
y.KSi, )K.-r dozen
CluckeiH, lierdoiCll ..
Turkeys, perduzen
Apples, choice, perlmrrcl
Potatoes, n-r barrel .
Onbiis, iitr barrel -.....
10 Hours Saved !
Cab to in 7 fa,
Cairo c& Vizxosas
Leave Cairo, -Arrive
at Evansvilie,
4:00 . m.
l'a-srn-rr. tor Krunsvllle Imvlntf Cairo l
Cnlro A- liiu'PiinrM Kallrnndnt 4 m. m. ,
make clo-r roiiiiri-.llmn nt Curml, and reach
Kv:itinlllf at II o'clock Fame morning.
Ti:. IIOI'IIN MOO.MFK than by any other
.I.!. MAI.r.OUY
ji. u. iiiiuuniun,
('en. ra9engrr.Rt.
l'McuKcr A Kmt i Cairo
Sheriff's Salt.
BY virtue of three certain executions to me di
rected by the clerk of the circuit court ol
Alexander county. In tin" State of
Illinois, mix In favor ot Young Uroth
crs A ComiKiny, one in favor of Wil
liam AlcAii'fer, nnd the other In fa
vor ofAlfml II. Snffonl. asalirnceof Alexander
II Irvln.and nil npilnst .lohn II llrown. I
have levied iinon the IoIIhivIdk- describe-1 iiron-
rrtr, in the rounly of lexnmler and State of
Illinois, to-wlt: The northwest qiurter of the
northMert quarter of section six (flj, in township
sixteen (P) soiitli, and in roiittu oue westnf the
tlilnl prlncliiul merliliaiit the northwest quarter
of the fcoutfiu-cit quarter of section thlriy-one
(.11), in town-hip llileen (13) south, ami in range
1 wcstol'tlm third lirinciuul inerhlianitho nortii
cnt quarter ofthc soullie-tt oimrterof fectlon
tn ity-six i.i'i, in lown-nin uneen lis) 'ouin,
ami l tancu two (Z) we-i oi the tlilnl irlnclpal
inetiuiuu lou niiniuereiiniicujio UYC(-;,-om in
clusive in lilork uumlici-eil one (1) , lots number
ed two (2) uml three (l), In lilocU mimbereil two
('J), lots umn-ereil nn il) to five (.'0, tiotli iu--luie
in block numbeml four (I), lots num-tH-reiloue
(1 In men (7), both inclusive in
block numbered seven (7), lots numbered one (I)
to seven (7). both Inclusive In block numbered
t-lslit (!), lots niiniL-cn.il two (i), three (3) and
four (I) , in block numbered live (3), lots num
bered two ('.'), tour (), live (.1), six (C) andscvea
(7) in block iiunilx-nil six () In the town of
Unity, and all hi tlia county of Alexander and
State of Illinois, as thcpro-rty of the said Johni
II. Brown, w hich I shall offer ut public sale at
the southwest door of the court house in the city
ol' Cairo, In the county of Alexander and State ot
Illinois, ou the fourteenth day of August, A. V.
1874, at the hour of eleven o'clock, a. m , tc
satisfy Mild executions. AI.EX. II. IKVI.V,
MierlnrnfAlexnnder County, Illinois.
Cairo, Illinois, July 2Vnd, lc73.
7-il-dtd. I
Notice to Contractor". ,
QKAI,KI)propo9als will be received at the ol
O lice of die lioveruor. In -pringrteld, unt
noon of August 1Mb, 173, at which time the
will Iio (iii-iuiI, in tlie presence of the bidder
for the election and completion ofthc
Noulli vYlnr e
Of the Illinois Southern Hospital for tlielnsu
ut Anna, Union county. Illinois.
All bids shall show the estimated cost oft
materials tu be furnished and ofthc work to
done of each description In detail as In the er
cllk-tloiii Hudeucli proposal must beicco:
lianied by n bund of one thousand dollars, si)..,
til by at least llircc sureties. The successful bi
iler sliatl be required to give a bund to the l'
pic or the Ktiite In the sum of two hundred the
sand dollars for the fslllil'iil iierformance oft
contiiu-t. TliolHinnl reserves the right tore;
any suit nil bids, if deemed for the interest ol
-tide to do so. . . .... ,
lluns aud nw-clilciUlonj will be on exhibit!,
at the oniro ol the romnilssloners, In Anua.r
oraner.Iuly-S, W4, where a copy of tiie.Ws
n ixi at-cn. ln)iosals must be cuclosetl
sraleil cnreloiies endorsed: '1'roposaU fori
ei-eclion oflhu South Whig," and addressetll
t!ie"Ho:inl ol i ommlsslonera lor the erection
the Southern UlluoU Insane Asylum, care el
enior llcverldge, fcprlngtleld, Illinois." '
.Inly IS, I ;., Commlssioacr
Sheriff! Sale.
DY virtue of an extcution to me illrKteJ
ID the cleik of the circuit court ot un,
county, In the State of Illinois, in favor of W
lUrn .Nlsbet ami niniiut William
Urowu, Impleaded Willi Larktn llf
1 I in vo levied ujion the following"
BcrilHil iiroerlv. In tho county of Ale.'j
uml Male ol Illinois, to-wlt: The wul. '
quarter nf the northwest quarter of teclu.
() , la townahip ulxtecu l south, and In - '
ou(l) Mt of Hie third priiiclir iuriill
the county of Alexander and .state or Illlnr
the property of Hie said .William II?
which I shall offer at puuiio ""t-gt
west uoor or the court noiue m i V" jn
in the count:
on the i:ith day n( August, a, u. ina,
hour of II o'clock a.m.. forcaih, to sail
execution. ALEX, II. ill VI
ShcrliTof Alexander County, Ultra.
Cairo, llllaul'.July'itnil, MM.
E. U Hiilntrom. A. C. Masker. A. J.
MiBtri It fhipfn otr
rtmuL Orvi-sa.i
Cor. AitaM Ut
Alto Aimitifor lloMbwjnStj

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