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Site ittllin.
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a MnrXiOBXKLT.Xdltor.
The sutKxlitorlnl writer ot tlicCliieaKO
0WOu. iH-ltiir In oxcliancc with the
Cleveland leader, knows all about Mr,
Edwin Co wl, the editor thereof. Soinc-
tlroo aeo, a rulllan assaulted liltu In his
office, and he hns been sluco then r-iulrnv-orlng
to have the rascal 'brought to Jits
tlcc." but the Cleveland Police Justice
tuu refused to bind the would-lx; assassin
over to Uie Criminal Court. Mr. Cowles
therefore gives notice, that, having been
abandoned by the ofllccr of the law,
who themselves appear to be lu sympa
thy with a ring of corrupt local politic
imn, he will undertake his own protec
tion. He announces to all persons Inter
fMed that ho Intends to "obey the .first
law of nature' and defend himself, "cos
what it will."
, Thefloatlng hospital excursions oi Now
York city arc taking hapc as Institution?
of great magnitude. The total number
of children taken on board 011 the last
one was eight hundred and lbrty-llve.
TI10 usual meals breakfast and ill'u
iKr wire nerved, and 611 pounds of
Iteef, 2f0 loaves of bread, 3 barrels of
crackers, 350 quarts of milk, 1 tub of
butter, 1 barrels boiled rice, half a bar
rel of sugar, 40 gallons of beef eoup and
one-quarter chest ot Oolong tea were
consumed. The apartments- f-et apart
and furnished for sick wards were crowd
ed with cases of cholera Infantum, mar
asmus (principally among babies put out
to nurse,)spnsms, bronchitis and water on
ttic brain.
Every physician in the city Is
furnished with cards to bo given only lu
cafs of absolute sickness, nud one of
these will procure admission to the float
ing hospital for one excursion. The ex
periment has proved highly beneficial so
tar as it has been tried.
the Graphic newspaper In which the.'
statement was published. The, Moulton
ease was settled, he making n fc'traction,
and the Graphic people were given time
to answer In the eae against thoni. The
time has expired, and we learn from the
New York Times trial It is
now more than probable the suit
,-ivlll never be tried, but will In all likeli
hood be compromised on similar terms
to those In which the Ratnc Issuo was set-
tled-bctween Miss Proctor ns plaltitlfl
and F. 1). Moulton as defendant. A let
tcr written July 30, by William A.
Beach, counsel for the Graphic company,
to Gen. it. V, Traey, of counsel for Miss
Proctor, calls the. lattcr'n attention to tho
expiration of the time given defendants
lu which to answer the complaint, and
r.sks lorn furl her extension of sixty days.
Mr. iieacn at the same timu re
minds Gen. Tracy of an Interview
they had upon the subject of the
action, In which It was agreed between
them that tho suit should be withdrawn
upon the defendants publishing a retrac
tion of the article complained of. He
further recalls to Gen. Tracy's notice
that the latter promised to draft an ac-
ccptahlu form of retraction and lorwnrd
the same for hi Mr. Hencfi j approval.
That proposed paper, it Is stated, has
not yet been received. Mr. Bench nho
states that Gen. Traey, ihotigh desiring
to submit the matter to Miss Proctor,
had no doubt of obtaining her absolute
approval of the course proposed.
ncRir.D with Tin: ti.au.
The late Andrew Johnson, during his
life, more than once expressed the wish
to be burled with the American Hag for a
winding sheet. Previous to the arrival
of the body at Kuoxville, Mr. Johnson's
son telegraphed to that place the desire
of his tathcr, and received In reply the
offer, by Major Hatnbrlght, for the pur
pose, ot n magnificent bilk flag in Ills
possession, and one whose history made
It not unworthy to serve ns the burial
vesture of the deceased statesman. At
the battle ot Chattanooga, tho Hag was
captured from Gen. Koeccrau's force by
Gen. Bragg's troops; among other
trophies of that engagement, It was sent
to ittciimoiiu, and was afterwards recap
tured by Stoneman's cavalry at is'auhbury,
marshal at the time, took possession of'it
and has retained It ever since. The fam
ily of Mr. Johnson accepted Major Ham
brlght's ofl'er.and the Hair was accordingly
used as a winding sheet for Mr. Johnson.
A Xew York fpeclal to the Louisville
Courier-Journal says a director of the
Mobile it Ohio railroad represents that
the road was financially lu n very low
condition when Mr. Duncan was elected
president When the Interest on the sec
ond-mortgage bonds came due, about
April last, the company was not In a con
dition to meet it, and an arrangement
was made by which the bonds were
taken up by Duncan, Sherman & Co.;
but he did not think the money was ad'
vanced by this firm, but by Alex. Dun-
The time was when the lladlcals of the
North charged that Gen. N, B. Forrest,
the great cavalry leader of the Confede
rate army, was a bloody villain, who had
massacred negroes at Fort Pillow, and
was (he Inciter of the Southern despera
does who after the war shot down de
fenseless negroes without- provocation.
Then the peculiar people of the South
the hard-headed Democrats who swore
by the Lost Cause and declared that a
nigger had no right to live If a "gentle
man begod" wished to kill hliu resented
this abuse of Gen. Forrest, and denounced
his vllllllers as liars nud Yankee
loirs. But in time, Geu. Forrest denied
that he was In sympathy with the mur
dering Kuklux, and expressed his wil
lingness to head a' movement to run the
murdering rascals down. The Kadlcals
said this was a virtue assumed which In
reality he did not possess, and tho hard-
headed Democrats smiled when it was
suggested that Gen. Forrest would stand
between the negro and assassination.
But ho has proved by acts that he meant
what he said that he is determined to
recognize the right of the negro to live
In peace nt the South, and ho has made
an attempt (and a very wise one) to
bring the old-timo slave and their
old-llmo masters together In terms ot
amity of political friendship and fellow
ship. The result has been, that he is be
log now soundly abused by the Imnl-
Itor of the 1'topU'a Vindicator, Louisiana,
abuses him by saying nothing better than
fellowship with niggers could be expected
of him, since "lie was a blackguard as a
soldier." This editor was hlmsclfa Con
federate ofllcer, and his attack on Forrest
may result In pistols for two.
in two years, sixteen negroes had been
assassinated In Williamson county the
Governor would havo been at this time
lu a state of virtuous indignation. He
would long ago have taken tho responsi
bility of declaring martial law In the
county ; the President would have been
appealed to for troops ; the Radical press
would have by this time howled
ltsoll hoarse ; every lladlcal in the land
would have been shouting! "Horror!"
and- tho bodies of Democrats hung on
suspicion would have been dangling by
this time at the end of ropes ! But only
sixteen white men have been assas
sinated within two years; the Kuklux
have whipped only while people ; only
white people havo been driven out
of Williamson by fear and threats 1 Why
therefore should the Governor agitate
himself? why should Radicalism howl?
Let the murdering go on t
I A dead nigger I? the hope of William
son county. If the people of Williamson
will rale a purse and give It to some ne
gro upon condition that lie will go to
Williamson county and permit himself to
lie assassinated shot through the win
dow ns SUnoy was, or hung to a tree as
was old man Vancll, the problem will be
solved. As soon as his stark body Is
totinti, tne devil will uc to pay all over
the country, and somebody will bo ar
rested on suspicion even if all the army
of the United Suites Is necessary to make
tho arrest. Dead white men don't have
any ell'ect on Kadlcal Governors and
other ofllcc-holders; it lakes dead niggers
to arouse them Into law-enforelugactlon.
The long and thu short of It !, we
must have a dead nigger in Williamson
to stop the lawlessness In that county,
and we appeal to the patriotic colored
men of Southern Illinois to conic forward
and In the interest of law and order offer
themselves up as victims. Come without
delay; give us Just one dead nigger, and
all will be well ! One dead nhrirer lu
Williamson county will wake Gov. Bev
erldge' will arouse the Kadlcals of the
State to the importance of enforcing the
law, and result in the suppression of as-
supination and Kukluxism In Southern
Illinois. Our kingdom for a dead nig
ger a willing victim hi Williamson.
I'lfttfa on
nnlfdlMft-a nt
Buipeniion of Government Business Ordered
for the Day.
can, who was in Scotland. About this
time Mr. Duncan was appointed receiver
ot the road. The whole bonded debt of
the road amounts to a little over $12,000,
000, and he thinks Mr. Duncan holds a
large amount of these bonds, which he
originally took as security. This alone,
however, could not cause tho failure, as
the bonds could not have cost an average
of over twenty per cent, on their face
value. In his opinion a very large
amount was sunk in the Xew York and
Montreal railroad scheme.
The Murphysboro Independent gives n
rery gloomy account of the condition of
the wheat crop in Jackson county
" iipat," says mo independent, " was
cut In a very unfavorable season,
commenced "raining nud has continued
almost incessantly ever since. A large
.portion Is yet lu the shock. Time ami
again have farmers attempted to stuck 'or
Uirosb, and, In the midst of preparation
and work the ralu would come down In
torrents ana all calculations would
be destroyed. The wheat commenced
aprouting very rapidly, and an at
tempt was made to cull It
out and put tho good In stack, but in a
great many cases uie Damp una wet
condition when stacked lias caused It to
prout there. Itcoutlnucs to rain, things
Ijup trowing, worse, and more discourag
ing. In many places the crop is entirely
lost and is being fed to stock. In no
eat will the yield In this county bo an
mvertge. Tho crop that up to harvest
HoialaeU to be the largest in the county
for a number of years, will not turn out
thlr of a crop, nud that lu a more or
less damaged condition. The wheat
stacked can be estimated at Jess than
one-half. Tho mount threshed is scarce
ly worth mentioning, ami what is ready
Wmarket Is In bad condition. The far
mra art next thing to panic stricken,
svad our county has suffered more larirc'
J Ijr thaa was ever known before."
III nu article on thu assassination of
Slsney and the Williamson county veil
detta, the State Journal says that "this
circumstance is another vindication of
the policy of those who asked such legis
lation from the Twenty-ninth General
Assembly as would enablo the authori
ties to bring the perpetrators of these
crimes to justice. Anil yet, strange to
say, the proposition was treated with rid
icuie, ami notiung practical was accom
plished, the peoplo being left at the mercy
ot the high-handed criminals who have
so tar gone unwhipt of Justice. It is
high time that every Individual connected
with this bloody feud were nrrestcd and
subjected to a searching examination,
nnd those lu any way found guilty pun
ished to the full extent of the law."
We were an advocate of tho proposed
Williamson county legislation, and bo
llevethat responsibility for the blood
that has been shed by the murderers of
that county since the defeat of that legis
lation Is upon the shoulders of those who
defeated it. But while this Is true, will
the State Journal tell usj why Governor
Beveridgo is so apathetic In regard to
Williamson county affairs? Ho lias late-
ItiJy Issued a proclamation oderlug n re-
. 9 .1 4 r rf a 1
warn 01 ior uie npprenension or a
murderer in .Massac county, and not 1111
frequently ho offcra such rewards. He
seems to bo anxious to bring to Justice
tho bloody rascals ot every county but
those of Williamson. Some time ago,
the county olllcers appealed to him, and
ho replied by telling them to do their
duty 1 What does he mean ? Docs he
not know that the olllcers of the county
cannot do their duty ? Why does ho not,
nt least, give to theui a moral support ?
Is ho asleep ? Cannot somebody, will not
the Journal, tell him that murder and ku
kluxism are disgracing 0110 of the coun
ties of the State ot which he Is tho Gov
ernor? that therein 110 man's life is
safe? that citizens are being driven from
It? that a reign of terror prevails there?
that the olllcers of the lawitro powerless?
that witnesses, dare not testily and Ju
ries cannot convict ? lie ought to know
these things, and hn ought to do some
thing to provide a remedy for the evils
complained of. Will the Journal wake
Thk post ofllec department has decid
ed as follows on a subject of interest to
the printers and publishers of "patent lu-
sides" or "outsldes:" Inquiry bavin;
been made at the post ofllec department
whether newspapers printed at one place
can be sent from the printing olllco at the
rate of tw o cents per pauud, tho same us
from publication offices the department
decides that the olllee of Issue is the of
fice of publication, and not where the pa
per may be printed, and that nil such
publications must first bo sent to the
place of issue before they can pasitlirough
uie mans ai puuiismng raies.
"As a community,'' says our Carbon
dale correspondent speaking of the Wil
liamson county murders, "we have ap-
.kAilfnif tl. IlllV&.IIA. ll.l(f.,t,lr,m I . , 1...
seems to have no sympatfiy or' can; ior 1
us," '1 lie Governor is a praying man,
nnd has no time to waste upon William
son; or mnyne lie can't alloru to take no
tice of Williamson county lawlessness.
It will be remembered, that when an of-
tloer of tho penitentiary was removed for
dishonesty, our honest Governor had
him reinstated, saying: "I can't afford to
quarrel with him." It may be, as we
have said, that Gov. Beverldgc can't af
ford to do anything to stop the murder
ing business in Williamson county.
itur adastra. Such Is tho way to tho
stars or Immortality,
The following is written mi the margin
of a page containing tho above, written
before leaving on Sunday evening while
tho cholera was raging In its most vio
lent form. It will be remembered that
the ex-Prcsldent left Greenville alter be
ing attacked by cholera, when, ns be
said, nil seemed gloom and despair.
JnvlUpo remembered that Francis D.
'Moulton, lu hit statement tho "long
staiemeut" -sain mat a muy nan on one
ooe!en given Jlr, Beecher a paroxys
tnal Mm w hich had resulted disastrously
to her. The lady was Edna Dean Proc-
Sixteen white men havo been assassin
ated in Williamson county, and yet tho
Governor has done nothing to bring to
Justice the murderers, nud the Kepubll-
can papers of fhe State have made no loud
demand tliut the dignity of the law
shall bo vindicated.
The Governor has been appealed to, but
has calmly pursued the even tenor of his
wuy. lit) cannot spare time to consider
the bloody business of WIIHamson.
By an agreement, previously entered
Into by the newspaper proprietors of
Washington city, all Union printers
were discharged from the ofllces of tho
Chronicle, the Trihune and the Republican
newspapers, and the vacancies tilled with
"rats." The Star, who-e proprietor Is a
practical printer, refused to enter into
the arrangement. The printers unani
mously agreed to stand by the Union,
hence two or three hundred men will be
thrown out of employment. Several ol
tho Job otllecs of the city will be closed
The attention of the Governor is called
to the fact that Slsney and Spence, the
two last victims of the Wllllamsou coun
ty vendetta, were Kepubllcans, This
should arouse him into action. Dr.
Illnelicllff, who was killed sometime ago,
was a Democrat, and it didn't matter;
but Slsney was a Republican, nnd the
Governor should now interfere.
Sisxky was assassinated by one of the
Williamson county murdering factious.
Ills remains were burled at Cralnvllle.
Mr. William Spence, tlien n citizen of
Cralnvllle, entertained some of the
mourners, and in this way gavcivideuco
of sympathy with the Slsney side. He
was accordingly assassinated! Well?
JuDor. Mounts, counsel for Tllton,
lias served a notice on Shearman and
Herllng, attorneys of record for Henrv
Ward Beecher, to be prepared toansuwer
inn new trial on the first Monday in
Ck.ntkal Illinois suffered severely from
uie nuns ot last Saturday and Sunday.
The harvest fields nro floodml and tho
grain almost a total loss. Potatoes are
rotting in the ground and grapes on tliv
Otm Carbondalo correspondent hit!
mates that Governor Beverldgc Is a sec
ond Nero fiddling. But the Governor Is
not. Ho is the first John L. who lias
been Governor of tho State, and tho last.
The Treasury Department has Issued
a circular forbidding tho Importation of
cattle, goats and sheep from Spain, In
consequence of tho prevalence of hoof
disease lu that country.
The total exp;ndltures ol the United
States government excluslvo of tho sink
ing fund requirement, lor tho fiscal year
ending June 30, 1875, were f-7-l, 500,000.
A boom lu Elk river, In West Virginia,
swept away twenty-live thousand dollars
worth of logs on Monday.
Twhntt-vivs out of sc vcnty-t wo ensej
Wasiunhton, August 2. Tho several
executive department buildings nre
draped lu mourning and flags through
out the city are at half-mast hi respect to
the memory of cx-l'residont Johnon.
All order was issued to-day by Com-
tnodoie Amnion, acting secretary of the
navy, directing, m pursuance oi ine
president's order announcing the denth
of ex-President Johnson, that the ensign
at each naval station and of each vessel
ot the United States navy In comml'Mon
bu hoisted nt half-mast from sunrl-o to
sunset nnd that a gun be llred at inter
vals ol halt an hour ironi sunrise to sun
set, nt each naval station and on board
of flagships and of vessels acting singly
on the day of tliu funeral, when this or
der may lie received in time, otherwise
on the day after its receipt. The olllcers
ot the navy and marine corps will wear
ine usual native oi mourning attached to
the sword hilt and on the left arm for a
nurlod of thirty days. An order was also
Issued from the war department reciting
thu oruor 10 ine president and di
recting that, In compliance with
these Instructions troops will be paraded
nt ti n a. in. on the day after receipt of
the order at each military post, when the
onhr will he read to them and theob
servance of that day will thereafter cense.
uie national nag win ue displayed nt
half stair at dawn of dav. Thirteen guns
will be fhed and afterwards at intervals
of thirty minutes between the rising and
setting sun, a single gun. and at the close
of the day a national salute of 3" guns.
The oflloL-r- of the army will wear crape
on the lull arm ami on their swords and
the Colors of thu several regiments will
be put in mourning for a period of thirty
aciiis or rm: muxicicai, ai.-tiiomtius
Not Yohk, Aug, 2. The board of al
dermen to-day uiiiinhnoui-ly adopted the
following :
Wiumcis 'I'bls common council has
leariied with most profound sorrow ol the
death ol cx-Presldent Andrew Johnson,
nnd s the s;nl event Is one that should
call forth a proper expresIon of senti
ments and feelings of the common coun
cil as the representatives of the people
of this city in view of the exalted charac
ter and public services of thu deceased
patriot and statesman ; therefore be it
limited. That' a special committee of
three members of this board be appointed
to prepare and present resolutions ex
pressUe ot the regret of the people of
this city for the death of the illustrious
decc.tsed. and to take such other and ap
propriate action as may appear best cal
culated to manifest our sorrow for the
death and respect for the memory ol tin
deceased ex-President of the people of
the United States.
Tneiiv rn. Amr. 9 'I'lin mni-iilmr ivi.
pers contain eulogistic obituary notices of
ex-i-retiiient .loniison.
The .V(ii7 says: "In hifeHc-ctiial ca
pacity ho was not to he placed beside
Jefleson, Adams, and other fathers ot
the republic, but be had much ot their
spirit of personal patriotic virtue, nnd.
jyi'MIUVK.i-Hi WleViM ViV.vWf.1 American
l no uioue says: -jig must now he
numbered with other great men whose
lives were shortened as a result, directly
or indirectly, or the fierce and terrible
struggle through which the nation
rnni'AitATiox ron thk itxiikai..
XAbiivn,i,K. Tens., Aug. 2.-Kx-Pres.
iucni.ioiiusou will he burled at Grten-
viiio io-morrnw, witn .Masonic honors.
Gov. Porter and other executive olllcers,
witn a mininer ot prominent citizens or
inisaiiu outer portions ot Tennessee,
have left for Greenville to attend the ob
Nashville, Tenn., Aug. 2. A special
from Greenville to the Union and Ameri
can received to-niglit says : Mr. John
son's iiinerai win take place Tuesday at
eleven o'ciock, muter chargu of the Ma
sons. The remains arrived hero Sunday
morning and were deposited nt ills re.-,!-ilence
until this morning, when tliev
were taken to the court-bouse, where
they now lie lu state. His children
are hero except his daughter, Mrs.
Brown, who Is detained at her residence
with her mother, who Is not expected
long to survive the shock occasioned bv
tho ex-prchident's sudden death. The
court-house, stores and private residences
are draped in mourning. Deep gloom
pervades the community. A large con
course Is expected at the service and
the military, tho rovernor anil State olll
vials and Juhvllle committees arccxpee
ted In the morning. A beautiful casuct,
with rich sliver mountings and massive
emblems, contains tho corpse. Tho body
showed signs ot decomposition this mor
ning and the casi) was closed, excluding
from view the face or any part or the
body. The uiskct was covered with flo
ral ouorlngs. Upon the silver plate is
engraved simply Andrew Jonnson, aged
07. Upon the walls ol tho court-room
where the body lies were threo oil por
traits or the deceased and many photo
graphs or various styles, steel engrav
ings ami splendid medallions,
all surrounded with badges or
mourning. upon thu casket,
amid wreath) or flowers, lies a largo steol
engraving In rich llt frame, with heavy
Mosonlu Insignia. A civic, military and
Masonlo procession will escort the re
mains from tho court-house at eleven
o'clock to thu place of burial on Johnson
hill, half a mile southwest of the village.
The hill Is in ullfty acre tract of laud,
owned by deceased, overlooking tho vil
lage and plainly visible from thu railroad.
It Is said that the cx-prcsldent before (he
war marked tho plaeo where lie wished
to be huiied by planting on tho spot a
willow taken from his yard, which was
an off-shoot or a willow tree grown on
Napoleon's tomb at St. Helena.
Ho left hero on Wednesday morning for
a few days' recreation, expecting to go
to Washington this week. His death lias
called to the memory of old citizens
many Incidents of ids early struggles.
The old tailor shop, whero ho worked
for many years, Is Injavily draped, which,
with overhanging Vlucs gives a strangely
sad nnd beautiful picture. Citizens with
out regard to politics, have taken an active
interest In festooning public and private
buildings with mourning draperies. La
dles have been especially energetic. Tho
following, which is rceogulzcd to bo In
tho cx-l'rosldcnt's hand writing, has been
found among his papers lu his olllco :
GitEENViu.K, July 20, 1873.
All seems gloom nnd despair. I have
performed my duty to my God, my
country and my family. I havo nothing
to fear. Approaching death to me Is
tho nicro shadow of God's protecting
"lug, Beneath it 1 almost feel sacred.
Hero I know can no evil come; here I
will rest lu quiet nnd peace, beyond tho
reach or calumny's poisoned shaft, the
Influence of envy nud Jealous enemies
where trenjon nnd traitors or State back
sliders and hypocrites In tho church can
have no place ; whero the great fact will
rpifE nUM.KTIN It uMIhl every morning
(except MumUir) In Ih)' llullelhi llillMhiK, cor-ni-r
Washuixton meiiuc ntnl Twelfth street
Tnr lln.i.itiN U enel to rlty stumTllx-r-t by
faithful carrier nt Twenty-Five t'entn u W'irk,
pnysble weekly. HyMull, (in ailr.-uirc), tin per
nnnunii six months, t0 three inontha, J) one
month, SI 2.1.
l'ubll.Scil eeiy Tliurwtay morning ul SI 55
iv: aunilin, Invarlubly in mlvnticr. '1 he Htugc
on the Weekly will be ireialil ut thla olBc, no
thnt nubjcrllwr.1 will obtain for h subscription
rice of SI a year.
Uuilneaa Cnnls, jx-t utiimin, SO) to
One square, one mtertlon, i (0
One square, two innertlona I to
One nqtutre, one week, '.' M
One square, two weeks JM
One square, ttiu-e wirka,- U)
One sqnre, one month, 3 '"
W K K K L Y .
One gqiiAre, one Insertion, 11
Knch enlneqnrnt lnt rtlon, W
J3"0nc Inch f square.
0"I'i iTRiihir inlvrftlsera Vfennntiertor In
tlnceincnta, b-ith an to rate ol cluirses ami man
ner of illsj.LijinK ttiilr favon.
J3yntlc" in local rnluuui Inserted for fif
teen Cents per line for one Insertion, Twenty
Ceutt a line tor two insertions, Twenty-five
Centa a Hue for thnv Insertions, Thirty-flu-Cents
a line for one week, and Seiitjf lu
Uents a line forone month,
Communications) upon subject of Ben
rai interest to the public solicited.
Ef All letteri sbouM be alilresrtl to
l'renlilciit Culrn llullrtlu Company.
P 3
! to
jc I
O -J
W jg-o':
CO o ,
f-lo .ard so anc' b convinced that this is
25 -c tho best now in tho Markot.
O "o
,E Th.o Howe Machine Co.
Agoncy For Southern Illinois.
D. F. BENNETT, Mnnngor.
The HOWE Machine
Will stand a tost of Strength of Ma
chinery that no other Machine will. Call
ant, C
run, t
-na, lli-
weci or 1 1
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Tho Pooplo's Romedy.
Tho Universal Pain Ext actor,
Note: Ask for Poud Extract.
Take no other.
"lleur: for 1 will ijieuk of exeelbnt thlns-i '
Injurlon to -Man nrlleaMa,
rniii. tiriiiM-ri.
Nt I'll Inn, HpralnH, Contu-
Hona, iJMiocallnn.
I'rucliiroH, i;ut, Weru-
teJ or tucUeil Wound,
ispimnxm niooii.
e llli'wl, ami Illeol
liiK CiunM or Teeth
OlllUillKOf niotMl 111,(1
liloody Dltcharceh.
I ;'" ,-Illce.llnir I'ilt,,
III 11(11' en. (liifHlllliln
iuikik, nwenoi race.
ItlM-iiiiiHtlxm, inn.,,,,,.,.
tlCSwelllllL? or S,i.
MUlfilFNM or .-mem-i-H.
Lumhuffo. .mo k.ii.l-
rout or OniiiMX'.
Diitthrriii, IlraiiH-hi.
Horoor fnllarneil Kyca or
. iitai-rli. Uiiiflrrhea,
lllnnlii-o. flyiienterv.
Nor- Xlmilf-N, Iiillitinwl
I'liltiliil or too l'l-ofti.'c
..... .Mnlhlle.
Mflli l.i-s. Ovarian
euM- and Tumors.
Kliliivy CiMiipliiliit,
Gllivel unrl .Slt-io.f-iii-f
CIiiiHiikn nnd Kxcorla-
noim or inrunt, or
. Ailnlts.
tarirosi- Vi-Iiih, Kn-
larKeilorlnllaineil Veins
Uli-t-rw. OM sores, Jutcr-
mil Ulceration
Holla, Carlmncli-s, Til
morii. Hoi Sii.iiii,,..
orim uuil Itiinlon., Unit
I eilot-Sore feet.
t'linlliiH,llarnet,gur Sail-
mm- nuiin,
Felon or Whitlow, froz
en I.lmli ir Put In
I.MoNiiiliu Rit. Insect
fjunis", cimpiiid lliirnli.
OXIt'N IIXTBACT is for aaleliy all rirmt.
.!"?." riiaTKiNtN,aii't lecomrucniletlhy
all OrtiKRlata, l'liyafrlans, ami ewri -body
vtho Iihn ever uwl It.
riiiiipliU-l couUilnlnKlll.totyuuit llt-ea mull
l free oil ini,llcutloii, Ifnot foiiml atyour
M-.n.u,.x'"rwUmua ,",n,,on-
Notice to Contractori,
SEALED nropoaali will he received nt the of
llceoftlie (.nvernor, In bprliiKfleld, until
nnnnof AiiinwtlMh, l75,Ht which lime they
will be oiwned, in the pretence of Die Milder,
for the erection and completion of the
No ii Hi wiuir
of the llllnoU Southern Honplhil for the lufune,
t Anna, Union count y.llllnoli. '
All Mill shall ahow the cbllmateil cost of tin
materials to be furnUhad and of the work to he
done of each description in detail na in the Hn.
viflcatloni and each propoaul muat lie accom
panied by a bond ot one (hoiisand dollars, ulirn
wl bjr at least three aiiretiea. The succeanfiil Md-
?f.rS'-'?Ll 1i?.rVt,lrfL to "ie u hond to the l-eo-pie
of the State In the sum of two hundred thou
eand dollar for the faithful pcifoinuni-e of the
contract. The board wervi-a the rlRhl to reject
any and all hida, lfiteeine.1 lor the Intuv.t ul lh
State to uo bo,
I'Un suit aiHinctttloni will he on exhlhltloii
at the office of Uie- cpinmlonera, In Anna, on
or after July 83, l7A, where a copy of the Saw
can bo neen. Troposals rnum be enclosed I u
seated euulocs eudoriei : "l'roiMials for the
ei-ectlon of the South WIiik," and aililiest.il to
the lloant of rpmiuUslonera for tho erection of
the Southern Illinois Insane Asylum, care (io -trnor
lleverhlge, hprlugfleld, llllnoU."
ii. ii. aiuiiuiiss,,
1. WAI.KUIt,
CD a.
OlTe Til for frale nt
Great Reduction in Fri
lie stoi.
tne r
c, ami I
Ul ni
am nl
I'en III
Im fi i
ok mil
Domestics, Shootings,
Prints, Bleached Muslins,
Ginghams, Crctoncs,
Table Linens, Percales,
tal Ch
ft. .1
ledr Is
he ntceil
t. a t? n.u arrnnTf m? tibt!5 nnni f
wi.i. i
t ettt f, I. ,iiii
Japanese giiks, oiik ropiins, fo hj
Alnornc rirfinnrllnne
. ..uuu, ffrxtfl
l.arse Mock of Whlto Ooods, Victoria Lawns, Swiss MnrsallOM, and a l.-irflf 'lfI
Rlubona. nu entire tocK will i ".I'l .-nai-rn.il phi, nnn coniiuiu- unui n I. cior' i
ml U-cvJiivimnlof tiri-at IlJisaiin ' Thl!M" VI lili 1 1. iASII lu-i
Corner BSigb.tta St. and Gomxnercialt1,,!
Wholesale, nml Rotail
lllli d with reliable Dniiraat n-aaonal. i rat 5 "1,:,"0 mnimueii
WHOLESALE & RETAIL. f! ATTJO I dv.TA it. a- MrQrmi
74 Ohio Lovoe. ' I Hlr" 7" " a o.i
knabe Pianos
k.; OaD.UUR

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