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"1 r il tk .1 III ,
KulgtiU ofl'ylhl". incUcTwr Fri
day iifttht t talMmst wyra, m Odd-
tfllow nan. ""! " ,
Chancellor Commander.
jBK low. ineelA every Thursday nlicht
HIPW at lmlf-.leii, lu tbclr hall on
Commercial Rtenw, Iwtwccn Sltlh and Hcuntli
Mroett T J lirnril, N. U.
CAIItO KNCAMI'MKNT, I. O. O. F.. tnceta
in Odil-rVllowa' Mall on Hie llrst hihI llilrtl
tndsy In excry month, lit hnlf-it ''..
' .l.vn II. OllKIILY, u. r.
, Hold rrKiilnr coinmuniiaiinin in.ua
wmlis Hall, corner Cotnnicrrlnl avenue
nnd KWIiIli ativet. on the second hiiI
mirth Monday of cnch mnntli.
ltnf llnll ori:ry Ilcierlpllon
IMIIL, it. s.vur'.s.
M-tf. ,
nHlrmiiH-FIMIKSiKn-"! I.nnl W-r-
' lierl'n
IIIiims I'riilt Jorvi
ut 7fl cents 1KT dozen ; nil the latent style
In jelly gla. ScalhiL' wax lu largo and
small " quantities, nt Dan'l Hnrtiimn's,
corner .Sixth street.
PILSF.NKK ut Louis Herbert's.
Uet the neat.
T 1 if taiii i rrifini 1.4)11 vii nnifr 1111:
. -t It- i"J I. trm. al..
n . 11 . i .11. . - ..1.
Utf. .w..--,, -----
Jlicovcred, in severe ewes. 11 11 a ture,
iL.iil-.t- nti.l r.fa.Hi.' anfi. -.,n...K' fnr
boughs, colJ, sore throit, whooping rough
i croup, aim .mi imciuci or tin.- turoai anu
lungs- ltc'.ill prlco, 2.1 nnd r.O cent and l.
1 . . ...
Dr. Seth-Vrnold 'a Olarrhua liaUsui, 2.1 ami
i.V) cents. Hcmcmtifr It I warranted. Ar
nold's mTlous Mandrake Pill, opcralioi;
. - - ... . 7
IrugRitt, Cairo, Hi. .m-i-'in-tfm.
jioirXX Amber and White rag stock
1 'oni:ro Wnter,
(icnutnc 0 tDtfrcM .SpiirtR water 111 hot
tics kept on Ice ad sold lor 10 cent per
ijlasi, 'JO cents per bottle, and k- per dozen,
at tlic following place : l'lill. Saup's Con
fectionery ; Mclau!cjr' and SchuhV Dnig
tore, and l.nnU Herbert's Itcfetnurant.
Tlic .Saratoga Congren Spring Water U
put up and io!d In liottlc only, to Insure Iti
oriKlnat Ircogtli and medicinal properties.
Iiulv llvrbrrt ban lIIJi:.i:K.
A I'liic K'ltlruro fur Mnli or Unit.
Corner Iloltirook uvcntie and Twenty
fouii meet. I jrgc yard and garden '8
lotiJT plenty of liult ami ohri.lihvry ; good
..1.1.. ....1 ....... I . 1 Mill ..II ....
yr vi.v
ea.v trrint. liie lioii- contain ten
UVSan-. ). II. l'mu-ll-..
' Hl nMluttion in pr
iriv 1 l-VitluT
l)llitrr, ill SchuhV drtiKxtoro.
T11 R-nl.
S'nhIii!:tni avcnu and iilnut i-trwt.
.i:i-tl. Apply tJ ! Smith.
IteNlrnlile Kimiiii.
Throe large and very de-iraMe faintly
room, trontlng on the Ohio, at the St.
fl'lurlcs llgtcl, can be had, with board, at
" very rea-onable ratei during the .Summer
month'. Ahutidsiiceof pure air and per
tect ventilation. 7-10-tf.
tin mil! fire Her.
Landlords ot hotels und boarding uoucs
will llndit to their advantage to call upon
Mr.. Coleman, Laundrcm, No 12 Fourth
street, between Wellington and Coinmcr
clul avenue. Motel and boanllng-hou'c
wahiug,75centi-perdozcn. I'oi piecework
prlc.ei are as tollow: Slugle ehlrt and col
lar, 10c; pjr doiiciiSCc ockt fx:; two col
lars ftc; two handkerchief, 5c; vett 'JOc;
and all gentlemen' wear, ?0o. per
doen. Ladled drenfc, i't to ffc;
fklrtt 10 to 2Dc; druwurs 10 to 15c; two
pair hoco Bu; two collars 5 to 10c. For la
die' plain clothe!) $1 00 per dozen; lor la
die? lino clothes, $1 2'i per dozen; done
draiuptly, and promptly delivered. I'n
tronagc nollclted.
(In In l.nul llerherl'H-lir l'llK.
II Is ISelenn
to attempt to clcano n ptrcam while the
fountain i impure. I)j Hpcpila, complaints
of the llversand kidney-, enuillon of the
skin, scrofula, headache?, ami all dleates
urMng from Impure blond, nre at (nice re-
inoMidhy Dr' WalkciV Ualifoinla Vluc-
gar Hittei-f, tho great and infallible- purltier
k of the tdood, and renovator of the tytcra.
It hni uovcr been known to fail, provided
tho patleTU had not delayed uhig It until
the vita'ity ofht system was too far gone.
Clicapi'i Tliuii IJer linouii Itelore.
Muson'n Self-Sealing l'rilil .laixat SI ."U
per dozen. Kslra lubber- fur Mn'ou's
Fruit .lai, ut Daniel llnitiuan'.s, corner
Sixth lreeL 0-'J5-tl
, Xntit'O nl Iteuiovnl.
Tho well-known barber chop, corner
Cighth and Commercial, presided ov.-r hy
:he popular artist, Oeorgo Stclnhouso, has
removed ono door north on Coinmerclal, lu
,lio (Irand Central Hotel. 'J'ho urw shop is
argo uud eommodloii;, and thoso wishing
lor any thing artistic lu the way of fashion
Wa hair cutting, amootli sliaveK, etc., will
Jo well to call at the (Hand Cuntral Harbor
'I'0!1 7l-'l-l!!-tf.
l'icturcNiiin Aiiieririi,
At tlielU'Li.KTm bindery 18 numbers:,
bound In two volunicn, full gilt nior
rocco; cost SU; for salo nt $10.
CyX Hag stock envelopes at the Hui.
i.r.u.N olllce, $ 25 per M.
Hoducort ItuteN.
Wo will take, at the St. Charles Hotel,
durhm tbo iummer months. W dy bmrdrr.
at if 22 per month, and 50 boarders with cool,
pleasant ronma on the upper Ilnor, nt i"0
per mouth. At this extremely low rate.
none but promptly paying boarders will bo
ncccptod. .iKwrrr Wn.cox .t Co.,
3W.'J8-lm. Proprietors
HSfXX Woodstock envelopes nt tho
Hi'Li.r.TiN olllco, S3 00 per M.
f-Tlio llucst nrtlclo of Salud Oil nt
SchuhV dni'stnro.
mt 1
,l.ornl Weill her lleport.
llAR. I Tub. tYim J Vw. Wr.TiiKn
.tTTik I To' SI 4 Cl.nr
20, 1M . 7.1 N I riilr.
.Hi. 121 , 7J' N. I "
I a 111.
II '
2p III.
THOMAS .JONK3, Sergt. S. S V. S. A.
Tlif Olilii.
The Ohio i1mtioo nenily i InHit"
Tuc'tby nlf,'ht.
Tin; stonu iumI In biillaMlnjr the tmck
ol the Culm A; ViiiecmicB rnllroail In this
dty tsi brought from iiMirTiiiiiRd I lilt. In
.fohiivni county.
Turner Hull.
WoikonTiirniT hall has bwn pro
tfre.lntr very well Unco thu coinnieiice-
inont ofthu fltntftun:, nnd the building
will Ik- llnMied according to continct.
Tor VliirriiiM-i.
Mr. Harry Walker, proprietor ol" tin
Delinonlco Hotel left Cairo jesterday for
VineiMines, Indiana, In the luterct of his
Ten Wheel i:iiitliu-.
A tenwheeel loeoinotlve, lielonging to
the Cairo & Vinccnnc-i i-allroadcomiiany,
which will Iks iiicd at the Incline plane
of that road in tninM'erring train? from
the road to the boat, was c.vpi ctcd to
arlvc hi the city lat night.
Alter Tliein.
Sheriir Carter of .lolinson county i 011
the track of the Shelby county murderer?,
and it is believed will succeed In captur
ing them. 01 the tact that both thu mur
derers p.Tscd through Vienna n week
ago to-day there U 110 doubt.
In Jnll.
The noted thief and house-breaker,
Tenncwe Hill, who Is well known
throughout the Stale of Illinois, Ken
tucky, Tennessee and MI'.'ouH, wa late
ly captured tor committing one or his
daring act, and Is now an Inmate of the
Alexander county jail 111 this city, awalt
Iiiir trial.
DrnMluif Hie Wider
Street .Superintendent (iorman had a
gang of men engaged in putting down
drain tile yesterday, on the north lde of
Kighth street. The tile is being put in
for the purpo.-e of drawing the water
irom the vacant lot next to Lambert' bar
ber hop, into the sewer at the corner of
Kighth street and Washington avenue.
We were Informed a day or two since
that, in all the widower In tills city had
taken to themselves wlyen, tho only
remaining one, who Is well known to all,
has made up his mind to go and do like
wle. When the ceremony that is to
make him 11 twlco married man will take
place, wo have not yet learned.
A SfiM miner.
The home ofMr. and .Mr.-. Phil ."iaiip
ha been a place of uniiiiial gaiety for a
couple of day pat, occasioned by tho
arrival of a bright little girl weighing
nine pound-. The newcomer made her
appearance on .Niturday night, and the
hilarious father anil happy mother feel
very proud in the po.-e-don of their lit
tle charge.
hince Chief William-, haf returned to
Id- ollielal dutie- in thU city, nuinerou
complalnts, have been made to him by citi
zens in regard to people allowing their
lior-es and cattle to run at large hi the
city limit?, and destroying the i hrubbcry,
etc., in tlic yard. Hor-c and cattle have
no light upon tlic streets of Cairo, and
Capt. Williams will no doubt attend to
tin- matter nt the proper time.
A 'tiller on UN Item.
On Monday night, a thief entered the
railroad house, at tho corner of Kight
eciith street and Commercial avenue, and
took from the room ol Harry Thorpe and
George l'lirehi'll, a suit of clothes ami a
vall-e. The clothe belonged to the
former and the vali-e to tho latter gen
tleman, both ol whom are engaged hi
helping paint the property of the IlllnoU
Central railroad company, and whose,
homes are in Chicago.
A Killll Alt.
From Mr. L'dward Howell, brother of
Sel Howell, one of the proprietor.-' ot
Howell Aymar's clrcii", wo learn that
the cltl.cns of Vlnceiincs, alter witness.
Ing the line perfornianro given y the
company, mid Incoming acijiiaiutcd with
the bad luck with which tho company
have been battling for .some months past,
donated to Mcssr.-'. Howell it Ayiuar the
bum of cli:lit hundred dollars, which was
raised by subscription and handed over
to thu treasurer of the company. Tho
troupe, with this new start, left Vln
cciine for Cincinnati, and expect to now
be able to hold their own.
Hmlly Uiuiuitfcit.
From parties living on llio line of the
Cairo and Vlnccnncs railroad, wo learn
that the wheat crop in a portion of lu
laskl, Johnson, Saliuu and White coun
ties has been very seriously damaged by
the late rains, lu some places It Is es ti
mated that at least one-half tho crop Avidl
bo lost, principally from sprouting caused
by tho wet weather. Tim corn, though
looking well, it Is feared will not yield a
largely as was sometime ago expected.
Its growth Is too rapid, and there will bo
inoic stalk than com. The oats and hay
crop have sulleml severely.
Get Your Partners!
Tho Delta City String Hand, by re
quest of numerous friend, will give
another ot tlielr tnlovablo dances at
Sclicel's Hall, Friday evening, August
Otli. They will do their best to make It
enjoyablo lor all. The prion of udmls-
siou wil bo as bcfotiv-oiily -V) cUs.
1 1 11
In 11 Bail I'ondllloB.
Twrntloth street, between Washington
nveniic nntl I'oplnr ftircrt, Is In n fearfully
bud condition, and should be repaired.
The recent rains have made the mud
holes nt least fifteen lnphrs deep, nntl
tho fanners coming to Cairo, who am
not acquainted with flic condition of the
street, when they attempt to drive
through it, invariably stall their team
and frequently break their wagon. Sonic
thing "hould bo done with the street, Im
mediately. IIiinp Hall.
The Cairo b.i-o ball club will leave this
clly to-day for 1'adiicah.. Arrangements
havt! been made with tho dim Fl-k to
carry tho.-c who may wMi to see the
game, rrom tins city to I'adueah
and back to 'Cairo, for the very
reasonable Mini of two dollars and lllty
cents, including meals and berth. The
boat will leave the wharf at live o'clock
this evening, and will lay over at I'adu
eah until Hi o'clock Thurday, in order
to give the club-; time to II11M1 tho game
of hall. Those who wish to take the
trip can obtain tickets by applying to
Vim Iligg-.
llreileii Mpi-liiKV
The Fieo Hcuevolcnt Sons of America,
accompanied by a large number of their
colored ft lend-, will leave Cairo this
morning for Hredeii .Spring", by special
train on tho Cairo it Vlnccnnes railroad.
They will remain at the springs during
the day, and return to Cairo this evening.
The exercises ot the day will consist of
speeches, efc. A .string band will ac
company the picnlccis, and fui ni-li nniiic
for dancing. The Free Hcuevolcnt Son
of America assure all who accompany
them a pleasant time. Fnro for the round
trip SI.
Attempt In IlreuU J11II.
(lupton, the murderer, totnl a brother
prisoner, made a determined attempt to
escape from the Alexander county jail,
In this city, a night or two ago, but were
detected in their work, which was Imme
diately put a -top to. 'iiicy had suc
ceeded lu removing several obstacles
that 'tood between them and their free
dom, when their purpose wan revealed to
tlic Jailor; they would lu all probability
have accomplished breaking out had they
not Ik-cu caught Jiiit when they were.
Since the attempt wannadc, Otllccr Shec-
han ha been employed in keeping watch
over the Jail nt night time, and they
have made no further attempts to get
.MHrrlnice I.lrcBre.
The following marriagu licenses were
Issued by county clerk Lynch to parties
during the month of .Inly: William
Crouch to Mattle Xeal; II. K. Manwar
Ing to Mary M. Hlodgett; .lames M.
Woollcy to Elizabeth M. Xcfl; Lloyd
Hlchesou to Mary Morris; Thomas Clark-
son to Amanda Howers; Louis JL Kaha
to .loscnhhie Laurent: Hedlord Tucker
to Dorcas Hardin; Topblll Martull to
Herlna Testier; W. S. Hauuere to Laura
A. Frlck; Geo. W. Harrl-on to Xaney L.
Evans; 11. F. Putnam to F.tlen Harrctt;
Andrew Money to Amanda Kllen Light;
.lames Goodman to Hachel E. Hobbs; T.
.1. Tien to Alice Fitzgerald; .lohn F.
.Ionian to Mallnda Price; Win. H. DavN
to Eliza .lane Whltaker.
I'oliee Court.
Steven Fletcher, a colored man, was
yesterday arrested and taken before
.ludge Hross by Otllccr Lallue, charged
with having used offensive and abusive
language to one of his fellow-men. After
the evidence had been heard Ills Honor
placed a tine of live dollars and cost
upon Stephen, Tho paid, and went 011
hi way rejoicing.
Tlic next and la-t case that demanded
the attention of thu court, wa, that ol
William Wel-h, who wa taken into
custody by Ofllccr Lallue for carrying
concealed weapons and ti-ing abusive
language, for which the defendant was
lined the sum of fifteen dollars and cost,
making lu all twenty-four dollars and
llftecn cents. He gave security for the
payment of the same, ami wa allowed to
Much .Married.
A gentleman and lady, a newly wed
ded and, wc suppose, from what we have
lately been told by one who know how
It is himself, a happy couple, pas-ed
through tin city lor New Oilcan? yester
day, 011 their bridal tour. As far as thcis
intelligence i concerned, there 1 notli-
hiir very remarkable in It, but when we
arc told that this very same gentleman
has listened to Ids marriagu ceremony
six times, and that the lady, though not
quite up to her husband, has been mar
ried four times, the matter Is more inter
esting. Tlic name ot the gentleman Is
Howard, and resides in Detroit, Michi
gan. Tho wives ot the hit-band and the
husbands of the wives are all dead, ami
tho two, being of the opinion wu pre
sume, that it was about sixofoun and
half dozen of tho other with them,
thought that they were squally matched
and got married.
lintel I'ersoiiiils).
Grand Central: S. A. IMim, JVIn-
cciines; W. Hcckwith, Hint's Point, Mo.;
Mrs. Heekwith, Hlrd's Point, Mo.; Frank
Wyat, HIwI'h Point; F. Wakelleld, Ken
tucky; V. W. Hoduey, Grccntleld, Mo.
Dclnionlco : Henry Spencer, St.
Louis; H. F. Hurt, St. Louis; d. Phil-
mont, St. Louis; J. II. Steele, Clinton,
Ky.5 It. T. Howers, Canton, Ml.; Wil
Hum Standing, Do Soto,
St. Charles : O. H. Truman and
wife, Kentucky ; Geo. II. Fletcher, Xow
Orleans; L. M. Hamilton, Xew Orleans;
Geo. W. Corlis, Metropolis; X. Harper,
Chicago ; J. A. Maslcor, Xew Orleans ; .!.
M. Craig, Arkansas; Edwin Talloy, Mur
Irceshoro, Teiiii.; J. W. Sullivan, Vin-
y Planters : M. F. Johnson, Jackson,
Tenn. ; Thomas Galllglic.r, New Orleans;
3 William Hotnett, St. Louis ; Mrx. M. Do
nlngcr, St. Louis; I' rank Itosenhelm,
Chicago; u. it. hcose, Davenport, Iowa;
w. llceu, iwenport, iowa; .icnoias
Tenn.; It. 11., A. X. and F. F. Keller,
, rv-niso .1 H Sbi'lii. Kontiiekv,
Ntrftttoa' Boy.
our friend Stratton has n new boy
babv a ten and n-ludf pounder, nnd "hf
crows like n shanghai," If we may be
lieve hi Hither, who Is authority for the
stntcmcn' . At any rote, he 1? one of the
finest babies of tho season.
Well, ho wnlt serenaded wo mean Hur-uctt-oiir
Hurnctt. I.nt night, alter
the matinee at the council, we found
the Delta City string band (taught by
Geo. El-eiibcrg), with a tlill complement
of mu'lcal instrument, energetically at
work, under Hurnett's 1iet window,
where the rare exotic look out on the
lake, exhuming some quaint and delicate
air. The gencrnl said he didn't set 'cm
up our general, we mean.
Visit Mini.
Countv Clerk Lynch, while at a sale a
few days ago, purchased 'everal Jars ol
tine pickled peaches and cherries, which
hcreinoed to his olllco in tlm court
houc. He desires 11 to 'ay that this line
lot of fruit, which c have sampled to
our entire satisfaction, was bought by
him for the purpo-o of giving his numer
ous friends a treat when they call upon
him. All who are lilendly with .lacob,
should not fall to give him a vilt nt their
earliest convenience.
riinnkx. I
Peaches! Tho hit get. most luscious I
and tempting our Inquisitive eyes ever I
rcsled upon. Good? Never ate better I
In our live and we have "got away
with" manv since we were uble to tlls-
tliiL'iilsh iiutineL's irom lllbcrts. Where
did they come from? From our esteemed
friend .1. II. Greeley and it would be the
hlght of cottrtwy o call our
feelings thanks. Wc feel gratitude,
ot the most liberal kind a gratitude that
is always arou-ed when we arc In receipt
of such peaches. Were they large ? Well
we should remark !
Another Victim!
The Charleston (Mo.) Cowitr thus
refers to a little event ln'whlch one of
our people wa an Interested party
"Another Victim '. Another sad cae has
juu come to light, tills time a newspaper
editor In Cairo, by the name ot iiiirncit
He was a nice voung man of considera
ble ability. Von might say hi fortune
was m:ule; it was ai least a -nre nun
had he onlv had the moral courage to
abstain from the use of strong drink
Hut alas', he was too fond of lemon
and su".ir. and a lew days ago he
fell a victim to an overdose of straight
I enif ii. The lonir and short of all of
which k that on the 3th Inst. Mr. Hur
nctt, of th Cairo liullelw, was married
to Miss laria E. Lcmen. Hro. H., we
welcome you ',to the fold. May you live
long and always enjoy the pleasant com
pany of your handsome and accomplished
wife and may you never have a mom
serious attack than that of Lcincn and
sugar. Shake P
The Mn) ur mill the Couucll.
The latter portion of the proceedings
of the city council last ul-ht was rather
ot a .-traiiL'o hature. UN Honor read a
communication enumerating the follow
ing cause for the removal from the po
lice force of Messr-. Whitcamp and Schus
ter :
i Af .-i:s.
1. Disobeying order of Mayor.
. Talking dl respectfully of tho exec
3. Conihiiut-ot shooting tagged dogs.
I. Going Into people's preml-e? and
killing dog-.
5. Threatening to shoot Mr, (finisher
wliile protecting iter dog.
0. For a tyrannical cxercl-e of their
ollielal duties as policemen.
Mr. Hailiday presented a resolution
that a committee be appointed to Investi
gate the charges, and receive testimony
for and agaln-t Jles-r.-. Whitcamp and
Sinister. Tlii was ruled out of
order bv Minor Winter, he quoting'
authority for his action, and
refusing to entertain any motion except
approval or ill-approval of his acts.
The isstiu Iieing made, tho ayes and noes
were taken, and the action ot the Mayor
111 the dismissal of the policemen was not
sustained; and It was ordered, on motion
ot Mr. Hailiday, that the new appointees
of the Mayor bo discharged from the
force, and that their pay stop from that
There was 110 halt-way bu-liic.s In this
alt'.dr; no disposition to compromise
but u po-ltivo Jar. Hl Honor said ho had
been elected Mayor, knew his dutie., and
would act the Mayor, regardlc.-s ol con
sequences. There were some .sugges
tions ol dlllerenccs of opinion;
and sonic vague expression that
were not well defined, but
which took shape when tho ayes and
noes were called. If proof was wanting,
His Honor said, ho had much that would
boot" a disagreeable nature to Messrs.
Whitcanip and Schuster, and that It
w ould lie produced It forced from hhu
meaning, no doubt, the disapproval of
his acts and the appointment of tho com
mittee. A large crowd was lu attendance, and
evinced much Interest lu; thu proceed
ing. Notice. Ice.
The, undersigned has this day sold out
hU city Ice business to Messrs. Husc,
Looiuis & Uo.
Ml bills due hhu for Ico lu the city,
from It"' 1-t of August, will be collected
by llu-c, Loomls A Co.
Thanking the public for thulHvor. they
have conferred upon him he hogs a con
tinuance for thu latter firm.
The tickets issued hy him will Im re
ceived by Huse, Loomls it Co,, lor Ice.
John siwut.
I OliM. lu.., August -4, 1875. fi-l-lw
I'has. SchoeiimcyerhaK that No.
1 beer PI LSEXKH always on hand.
Hy a young iniiiiot this city, who haR
hid large experience, a position as book
keeper or clerk lu some mercantile busi
ness. Can furnish best ol references.
Address for ten days, care of Hi'Li.nnx
olllcc, Aitucakt.
PI.Si;Hilt Iiii Hcr-CrC.
I'nrl LIU.
Steamer dim Flsk, Paditcnh.
City of Chester, St. L011U.
' Vint Shlnkle, Cincinnati.
' Shannon, Cincinnati.
Tow-boat; Coal Hill. I'ltt'burg.
Conl City, Pittsburg.
Hlue Lodge. Pittsburg.
Haven, St. LotiN.
Steamer dim Flk, Padncah.
" City of Chester, Memphl..
" Vint Shlnkle, Memphis,
" Shannon, Xew Orloon.
Tow-boat Coal Hill. St. Loin-
Coal City, Xew Oilcan.
Illuo Lodge, Xow Orleans.
Haven, St. Loul.
Hon Accord. St. l.oul
Lioness. St. Lonl.
The river last evening was III loot V
Inches oil the gauge, having rlcn 10 I-
hiches durlnir the previous I hour. J he
rle wax Just double tint of the day pre
vious, but I caused by thu rtiuirt from
St. Louis and side streams below there,
and cannot last long. Many are of opln-
loll 11 win comi; to a -tanu 10-iiay. 1 ne
condition of the river elsewhere at : p.
in., yesterday, as shown by the signal of-
lice report, was as follows: Pittsburg,
21 feet, ro-e II feet 0 Inches ; Cincinnati
I!) feet, rose Ilteet S Inches; Louisville,
23 feet 2 Inches, ro-e feet ! Inches
Xashvllle, HI feet, fell -I Inches ; St. Loul
20 feet 11 lir-he, rose 10 Inches.
c;r..Ni:u.u. m:.r.
They had a little rain In Xew Orleans
la-t Sunday
There is still a sprinkling of drift lu
the Ohio and the MlsUslppi Is full ot it
The water has reached the yard In
trout of the house ot Mr. Cox oppo-lte
tho foot of Sixth street, and will reach
his corn if It rises one foot more.
Capt. It. W. Dugan i sulTering from
a slight attack of sore throat, but Is pro.
iiouueed eonvalcscnt by Dr. Hexfonl,
who administered a wlii-ky sweat night
before last.
Capt. James Johu.-.on has a great
time of it trying to keep his gr.ind-011
out of the sipc water. He take to It a
naturally a- a duck. And It takes thu
whole family to keep a watch over him.
Wc have had two days ol dry weath
er and one day ol bright sun-lilne. The
streets arc sho wing some signs of be
coming duty, ana our people speak of
the pro-jiect as though dut .va a lux
Wliarfina-ter A. L. llurd make the
following report of arrivals at this port
during the month of July:
Steamboats U't
Tow-boats .1
Ilegistered barge 40
Tonnage, hull measurement, 87,21(5 tons.
The steamers St. Johns and H. L
Hodge, running between Xew Orleans
and Haton Jtouge, carry n large white
lint between the chimneys. The emblem
was adopted by the late Capt. W. I!
Greathoue, and id still observed in hon
or to hi memory.
The river ro-e six inche night before
last at St. Louis, and at 11 o'clock yester
day commenced to decline again. The
news was very gladly received here, as
our people arc largely in sympathy witli
tho people In the low lauds who will
sutler greatly If the rise continue much
Thad P. GIb-oii, well known here a
having in other years been a rattling
clerk in the Cumberland river trade, is
running a farm back of Paducah. The
Paducah Xew. says Thad wa in Padu
cah the other day. and in describing the
storm of last Sunday week, he said that
it blew a lot of cows into hi cornllelds
and carried the calves into a neighbor's
Ileitis, several miles away. When the
storm was over Thad ays that the com
was so tangled up that It took llo days
to liud the cattle.
The St. Louis Commercial li-t, .-peaking
ol'tl.o boiler and sheet iron works of
Hohan Hrothers, says: "Their business
Is now hi the full tide of success, there
being at present In course of construc
tion at their works no less than forty-one
boilers. Among them are eight boilers
for tho steamboat Mary Hcllc, better
known as Capt. Hicks' "Hig Honanza,"
which Is also to have smoko stacks of
galvanized iron, a new Invention, and
destined, as wo were Informed by Mr.
Hohan, to supersede all other
WAH UEC.MUME.sr, ItlVIl' U-l'OIIT, i
Augusta, twa.
LOW WAini. Ul"u"'
IT. IN. r. IN.
ii s x iT
il '.' :i :i
HI n I
'i! II X 1U
Ninln lllu
St, LimU
For Nnlc.
A ollvcr plated No. 0 Wilson Shuttle Sew
ing Machine, hard (piano) llnMi, valued nt
ISj, Will be sold at $20 discount, on ood
terms, ami ordered direct from tho factory.
A No. 0 Wilsn .Shuttle Sewing Machine
valued at f 7ft. Will be sold at $15 discount
and ordered direct lrcui the factory.
A 9!)0 Hemlngton Hewing Mudduo .'!(
oil' for cash. Suitable for tailor or boot and
shoe manufacturer.
At a bargain, and on good toruut, a Uowo
Sowlnjj Machine. May be aeeu at the Com
pny's otllec, corner Ninth street and Com
mcrclal. KOU SAI.K.
"Piiturdaqito America" IS nunibers
bound in 2 vohuues, full gilt Morocco ;
price, I0.
Foit saw:.
'AityU"IV' "Clotiah, Wnrrcn A-Co.'s"
Parlor Oran, riglit from the factory at He
trolt. Lbt price, WOO. Will be IU f0"1
A new two-horse doml'lo wagon.
Kor any of the above article, apply t
the lltfl-t.K JIN Ollbw. E. A. HlUlNKTT.
To Ire Consa mteri.
The undersigned belug convinced that
tho prccnt low prlco of ice entails a los
1 upon the dealer', hereby agree that 011
and after Sunday, August 1st, the price
! of Ico shall be as follows: For 50 pounds
and upwards at 75 per 100 ; less thnn
50 pounds nt anyone time, nt the rate of
$1 per 100 pounds.
llrst:. I.oojiis X Co,.
7-no.f dOH.VSlT.OVT.
Jiitt Rerelseil.
A full line of iniporlei, hey We-t ami
CowritiuiiWAir Si Piut.i.ii .
N .tlituke Aliout it.
If you wish a good cigar go to "owptr-
thwalt S: Phillip ', 12U C011uncrcl.il avenue.
Go lo Cha. r'eboenmever's tor
your Ice-cold PI LSENEIl, 7-25-1 w.
The I'nlnn Hcnctoleiit Association.
I'lie l'lilon lleiicvolcut Aocltton wishes
to Inform the public that it wa organ zed
September lltli, 1674, and begs pardon for
co.miis out at such antedate; but ow
ing to the lianl tlme wo nave ijcea de
layed. Wc are now happy to niniiiuuce,
that we havo been jucccssful so far, and
ready at anv time for tlm acMitmcc ol
members or petitions for the same. Tlm
of meeting, Frldijr before tlia feuomt Hat
urday In ca:h month. Hall on Filth street,
between Cuiinncielal and Washington av
enuc. II. Tfi.iii.K, l'rc.-Hcnt,
P. Adams, Vlcc-Prodilenl.
I.. W. Hakku. Scjrctar).
17-1 in .
Ntore Hoom for Itent.
The lower story of the houc occupied
by William Winter, the artist, on Slxtl
street. Enquire of Win. Winter or Dr.
Parker. Mu. Jri.i.v Davis
To the 1'IIUeiiH nri'niro.
1 would luform my many friends, that 1
am still in the auction bu.slncj', and ready
to attend to all sales that may offer. My
long expeiiencu hi ibis btilnct needs no
comment I Is no experiment in my part,
ami parties entrusting goods to my care
need not be afraid, as I am no ,,qnlb'' or
novice In the buslncs.
Special attention given to realc-tato and
out-door sale, n I have never mlscd mak
ing a sale. I). Hamt.man, Auctioneer.
Corner Sixth ftrect and Connnerclnl Av.
As 1 am harred to death from state
ments from Xew York, 1 am compelled to
sell my entire stock of Clotlnnic at an Im
mense sacrifice. Ike Wmbk,
10-tf. Corner Sixth ami Ohio Levee.
Itst Thursday evening, on Eighth
street, between Budcr's store and clrcu
grounds, a lady s small amethyst un a
oln. The Under will lie rewarded by
leaving nt Uvllktix olllco. 7-HMf.
111'. EH at Charles
(Irrnt lleilnellon.
Flrt-class room and board at the Ar
lington House, at 2.1Sper month.
Tww. H. Elms, Proprietor
Obstacles to Marriage.
Happy relief for yuuni: men from the cf.
fecu of crron and abuses iu early life
Manhood restored. Impediments to mar.
riage removed. New method ot treatment
New and remarkable remedies. Hooks
and circulars ent lreo, iu scaled envelope.
Address, HOWAItl) ASSOCIATION', 410
N. Mntb street, Philadelphia, Pa. aninstt
ttitlon having a blK'h reputation for honor.
al lo conduct nnd professional skill.
5-1 l-d A: w-iim.
UffifA preparation widely and lit
vorably known a Hall's Vegetable Slcil
ian Hair Ilenewcr, ncctls few word o
praise from u. This compound lias
won its way to the highest favor in the
public mind : and multitudes, who hav
vainly ttseii oilier remcuies lor the res.
toratlon of tlielr hair, have, on itylnir tb
Sicilian Kcnewer. been made triad bv the
siKfily restoration of tlielr grav hair to
its natural color, ami the thin locks
thickened up, as in the days of earlv
youth. It also prevents the hair lallln
out, makes it. soil and glossy, and Is alto
gether the bet preparation for its In
tended purposes belore the public. Pitts
Evansville, Cairo and Memphi
Steam Packet Co.
Paducah, Shawnootown. Evans
ville, Louisville, Ginoinnati
nnd all way lundings.
The tinrividlfd stilr-whecl etrtimri
II. li, KOWLI.K.,
Ki. It. Thomas.
. ............ ........Clerk
W ill leave Kviinsvllllo lor Cairo v cry MONDAY
Leave Cairo every TUKSDA Y nnd KltlDAV.nt
i. o-emcK p. in
'1 he eleyaut nlde-wheel nteanirr
1IKS HoWAlili Master,
W'altku 1, l'v.MNr.TO.N - Clerk
Will Iwt Kvnnsvllle Tor Cairo every TUKS
DAY and KHIOAYut t o'cln. k p. ill.
Will Uiiie Cnlroeiery WKD.NKMHAI and SAT-
UltDAYat it o'clock p. in.
The elcRunt alde-wheel uleamer
,Ioiw Gotr.
Mat. Wiiaiu..
Leaves Hvansvllle for Cairo eveiv WM3-
DAY and SATUBADY atop. m.
Iivci Cairo eMiy lTIUItsDA V -lid SUNDAY
alp, III.
Each bait, makes close ""tutm
with tlrst-clvs ultaniu-" for M- Louis. Jiein
oh UandViw Orleans, aot at Kviiiisvllle wllh
ffe" C. U. K lur all points Norlh ami httt.
Vut wllU 1 Loul-vllle Jlull SI--''?Ari
t"u the, Cl.per Olilo. lWn? lh'h,J
i rlpta on freights unit pusseiiifirs ! all poiuu
,rK0irthrlnfnnualtoiiujnly to
tor mniwrji pILVK( Venger AKtnt.
HAI.I.IIlAYUltOS., 1 A ,
J, 11, 1'tllM.ll'S, 'I
r..., f! J. CllAMMHIt.
(Jiiiurlnlendint unit General IfrelKlit Ageut,
l'l-j.-.u-ly, r.vanaville Indiana.
D ltt Manhood anil all dlatmler broufht
on by ImlUcrctlon or v-ctaa. Any Diiujft
naa mu inKroiieuw,
Aiiiireoa, nr K HiLTUN cu..
l-SLdtuv-ty Cincinnati, Oiiwv
CII,.,d'",,.l.Jr,'r:.M 9trni, cwu
Triidf a--'y t the tnlni
Flour, aoconllnif tn
Corn, mixcil, Mrkeit,.., '
Corn, white. aackl '"' .
Oat, nilxnl. , "Z .
Ilran, per ton , )
Ml, Btrani ilrlnl
inittrr, rhitiee nrtliern
llnttfr.rhiilroSdtithrrn III t
KMii pvrilorrn
Chickens, iwrilnirn
Turkeya, terilnen fju
Apjiln, choice, perKirret
I'oMtoeS) tier barret
Onions, er barrel ..
Tho Undersigned Having Oiv.
up tno
Is now Prepared to Furnish I
dv tno
At pricos that will Comparo
ornoiy witn any Dealer,
will now Devote his attc
tion Entlroly to his
10 Hours Saveu
Cairo to 1mA in 7 P
Cairo 4 Vino
Leave Cairo, -Arrive
at EvannviUe,
1'as.rnireri for Ktanavltte ItavhiK Cains
4'nlro A Vliiceniies Hallmail ut 4
make elo-e connection at Cnrnil, ami
Kvimat Hie nt II o'clock the name Inc
TK.M IIOI KH Kl.r.Kttmiiliv ku
route. M. II. (iixibltlO.
JA.S. .HAI.I.OItV, lira. regr.
I'iienfrer Ap'iit, (.'ulisi.
8-3-I in.
Sal of Claoioa
The miller-ijrnid will sell
On the renil-e, on
Wednesday, August 25th,
The following rial fnUtc to-wlt;
l.oli So. l.'i nm. Ill In 1,1, wk N'n. "3. d
('nlro,oii;tlie mutli side of Kluhth street hi
oimmcrcuu unci wu-niniou nvenue.iit f
occupied by dim. Webber, and knowu
- I.H-UIO-- saim)ii.
tin-one -half of lot 17 and all of lots IS, U, i
'.'1 in block -I, belnt; the u-iiltnce of i
Tliruip, Y.tt., situated :at the ,-outh-uai-t r
ofseM-nth -Irret imd VVa.hinxton ay
Int. T and i In Muck 2, Ut addition t
ol Culm, at the cninei'id' Tnrnty-nic
nnd Commercial avennct bothabiel.
fort acres of thiiWr bunt In I'uUi.M C
one mile north of Villa Ithl.-c ami cm
u. n
elchtj'unvsollauit 1', mllesonth-wcti
li-tun, .Mu., Iu n -plcnilll turmlni; ci
The alKiiv hruneitv.at mfsent oni'J b
Thrut'ii, Ksu,. of Cairn, wIHIh- miM liecu
Thnii'iK'unli iniil.ilfs hiulnn the clly.
TERMS-Une-hair ca.h. balance on
two)i-.irs, (s-urolb iuortt?-e Titles j.
For further information see postern, i
ply to C Thiiippor to
Real Estate Ager
Sheriffl Sale.
BY virtue of Ihnv rcrlalaexccutloua to i.
iwtel by the clerk of thu circuit co
Alexander county. Ill the Sti
Illinois onn in favor ot "lomyr
era X Company, one Iu favor
Ham McAndir, uud the "',
vorof AllHst II Saffonl, nsslttnee nt AlcJ
II. lrvln.nnd nil nInt .I.Vhn II try
lme levinluiKiu the tollowlnc di-criti
erry, in the county of Alexander un.l Sf
Illinois, to-wlt: The northwest (tirter
northwe-t miartcruf cc Hon lv ('). " 1"
sixteen (P.) foiuh, and in rons'e ne weal
thlnt principal meridlani theiiorthHijt mi
of the soiillnu'st iiiturtirol si-ctloa UiW
(.11) , iu town-hip lltleen d,') lh. B,ldfcir
1 westof the thlnl priucll nicridian!th
r, i, .. .aiiMlvi. i oujrteroi is
iiiiriv-si i.wj. i ,,-,..--" .
and In iiinse two m ue.-i oi. u '.-.
merldan; lot, imininMoiivii"yi-.-- n
elusive In block numbered onej ). lowr .,1
ed two W anil three (3). In nonil- s.,1
(;) , lot mimlrid on t ) '..
elusive In blK:k nuniU-ie.1 four 3 .tl
iH-rnlone (I) In eien (7), both jneliu
llcTk Xu-i'red iii h'ts numbrrrd ' $j
Calro.'llllnol, July --"'b
Sherlfl'i U.
. ....... ....itAn I,
iji i mm: ni mi rn '"".,'-, :.
the eleifc of the circuit court of
county, In the State of Illinois, m '
Ham Nlsbtt, and rJ'm'
lirown, iiiiiuniiisi ,.7,--,ti.'-i
"...U...1 ....... iii the rolinty of -A .
lunc lex en Hiwii Ji
.....I wuf.. II nn.. 1,1-lVltt IIIC W
l IAII li.l'l'v. ... . ". - . - ....... a..
llliil . ..... .
iiiurier oi nn- nurioi 'e"""-.L .
Ill towns iln nUteen (l m'"".
cue (I) west of the thlnl pnncisii
the coimly of AlcAander und ? !lu
the properly of tho aald, H"l"u "if
cue (I) west of the thlnl prlucliui .
which I shall onvrat nil
west door of the court h"
iil.lli) . U"
loor of the court l;u' e ity .
county orAlcnn'hf,,,,,!,1,,"10
slSfb day of ."''"'.
iu the countT
hoiiri.ni o'clock. Hi., furnish, t.
.... .i... i. .1., .
eMTUlion. itw n
SherliTof AleAaiuler Coun
C.lni. Illlnul-. JnlyiKlid, 1B71.
U llisUtrom. A. U. lletker.
Mia.rt ft Shipper
UKxnt.vt, Orriccn, ' Cor. Altai
Aisa Agent- for JIloMbiu
m www nrBrpB
..I i -1 1 1 im. nt ni iiiucrru ii -n."""irw
four (I). In block "!'1!;'"' e.. il3,A If '3 f
(7) in hr?,"wbm
i 1 1 1 . nntl uii i'i i" ' . i.i
siair vi """'.'!....'.,. i I.h.. i uilill.
. . . .. . a. , - tlMfKrir tl I P Ml T i.
.1... .....il.u nsl unor ol llli! conn wi
,1S7 al Ibehournf elcun o-ciwk. a.
Vail.'lV saldexecut ons. ;;... .V.WJ'
ill Inn u. nn tne lounw ' .-o Jmm
Li..,eiiTnr iivniuuT tuiiiuti iun
v . Y fit

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