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RwHr MMIw 01 T.vtry Pane.
JOHJf Ht. OBBKIaT, Editor.
M AN, IT I'ROM nOW.tl.nKOW 7
A rftrJ taken ft-nmn lo((lc Iniiml on
the I.nkc lion? nir Chlrcnfo on Siuiilnv
Inn ly n lMii;rin.m--i-oiitnlnlii"; lh"
wonl: ".Inly Hi, 2 n. m. W ninnol
tny up Ikti' mori' tlmn an Iionr. s lln
gn !: rnphlly 'caphiK. X. S. U
c.nilii).;'oii-l(l('rallo(ll-i,uslon In Clilcn
jo ni to wlu'lhcr It wn or win not writ
ten tiy Donaldson's coinpanlon on his
lll-fiitt'il halloon voynjp. Tim linnilwilt
lnglinv l'' rompnrri! to (Srlinwowl's
ami fiitiwl In otucwliat ivmmblp It. The
iNfuTinnn who currlvil the I'linl In the
Titit otllcc has mailt1 nllhlavlt tlint hp
plekoil It np In a holtlc n lejirr-i'iiliil hy
l. II IN I.AM I'M.
Tin1 Sun, uniler the head of "Don't S't
lt,"ni: "A certnln Alderman in thl
rliy seems tli'termlueil to run' It his own
way or 'hint.' Hi! piohahly was "jlven to
iiuiler.tnnil last iiIrIiI Tuesday nlyht
that In try tnit to do 'the same.' he will
find '.Ionian a hard road to travel.' The
Council 'don't f-oe It In tlioi: lauiif.' ''
Who Is thu man the AMernl.-iti? Is tin
Sun throwing a hrlek nt Alderman Unlit
lay 5 What has lie done to (lie Suni
Alderman llallliay took. It I- trnp, a
very jinnnlnenr part In the iiroovtlliijr
ol Tncday night ; ami, nltliou'h tUnSmi
as.erts to theeontniry,tlieC'ounelldid ma
It in hi" Identical lamp. Jlo made every
Important motion, hut one or two, and
the Council with great unanimity mis
tallied hlin. The .S'kii oiyht to he hetter
u'co'm:u'.s ii;.vti:xmai,.
The eeiileiinlal hlithilny of Daniel
O'Connell wa eekhrated with great
ceremony In Dublin. Friday was the
eenteniiary proper, hut the'oxercise.s he
jnui on Thursday mid were continued
through .Saturday. Tin: demonstrations
opened je.-terday with n .-oleum religion
ceremonial, at which the, cardinal and
liUliop of Dublin ollleiated; the Domini
can priest, Fatlier Tom llurke, preaclied
the sennon; in the. evening, u grand con
cert of select Irish music was given ami
the pcntcnnary ode, hy Dennis Florence
McCarthy, wasi read. To-ilay, the grand
procession, in which one million T f
men were expected to march will take
place, mid at it? condition an oration
will be delivered by Lord O'llagnn. In
the evening, banquets and balls will take
place. On Saturday, exeiirflons lroin
Dublin to the chief scenic and historical
district, boat races on the river, and ath
letic .-ports of variou? kind. Tliesecniid
day of the celebration, falling on Friday,
the Pope, "in recognition of the life and
labor.- of O'Connell," has .suspended the
law ol abstinence on that day In all Ire-1
i:ri:Mi.i Tin: i.ovr.itNoit
The Stale Journal defends Uov. Ilevor
Idgn against the charge that lie has not
done what he might to bring the bloody
handed assassin of Williamson county
to the rope's end ; but (lie defense is a
very weak one. It will not do lo say,
that because the General Assembly failed
to make an appropriation lo hire detec
tives, that (iov. Ueveridge Is justilied hi
coolly sitting by w Jdie a reign of terror
exists In a neighborhood of the State ol
which he is the executive otllcer. lleiiot
Infrequently offers rewards for the appre
hension of men who have committed
murder in Illinois; why, then, does he
not offer, rewards for the apprehension of
thu cowardly dogs the cold-blooded as-aS"lii?-of
William-mi; K he lias no
money in his fund, why don't lie at least
say something in disparagement of the
conduct of the ollleers of Williamson,
who have not the braverv to make an ef
fort to clear their county of the murder-
nig outlaws who dUgrace If? Why don't
Bcveridgc open his mouth and let
'"know that ho Is not asleep that ho Is
aware oi tim deplorable condition of af-
fairs hi Williamson? If he would only In
duce some corru-pondeiit of n Chicago
paper, or one of the Hprlnglleld papers
iu mj mat, wi,cn he heard of the assas
sinations in Kgpyt, lie got up In a rage
mid declared with enmha-ls : "It Is a
damned shame !" wu would feel better,
Such evidence would go far to prove that
at lean be Is not a slumbercr In hi high
I ho late of Donaldson and Grim-haw
Is yet in doubt.
An Eastern pancr publishes a let
ter from some man who saw Don
..l.i-.... . .. .
luu.uii iii auausi since ms tiseen.
Hlon. Tie hail cut oft IiIh wlil-lien and
was dtsgulned. It wits believed he was
endeavoring to Induce the world to talk
ft il i I .
uooui win mat in oiner wonts lie was
advertising himself.
The Chicago 'JHmet, on Ihe 'Jd Inst.
published nu affidavit, signed by .lames
McAfl'ray, a workman hi South Chicago.
to the effect that on Hie 1st Inst, he had
picked up on the Jako shore, near Hyde
j-urn, it oouie containing a earn, on
which was written the following; ".Inly
io, a a. m. ve cannot stay up more
than an hour longer, as the gas Is rapidly
escaping. X. 8. G." This dale is that
or the iiight on which Donaldson and
Newton 8. Gritnwood started from there
In a balloon, from which nothing has
mice ueeu heard. The affidavit sets forth
that the bottle was found on the shore,
having apparently !. washed up hy
the bea, which lias hi this direction;
that deponent has no knowledge ofhow
It came there, and believes u was thrown
up by chance, and that the. not,. wufi
written by Grimwood. The note U bare
ly legible, and appears to have m.u
written hastily, and with an unsteady
hand. lcoplo In Chicago Intimately ft(
qualnted with Grimwood, wiy the note is
not In lilfi handwriting. Mysicry there
foro ktlli eunliroud the fate of the icro-
AM AIMtt.OllV TO Tilt; AI.OKKMi:.
WO have played thunder.
We have ofllnded the council.
We remarked yctcrday that that
nugiiM body had, In our opinion, placed
Itself In a false position by llsncllnn on the
"Mayor's "reasons" for removing Whlt
eamp and Schuster from I he police force,
and to Mirnv lh! we wrote a little para
graph a very little one as follow :
"A Utile thing In n poln icn like
threatening to shoot :i woman 1 no good
rcaoii ior ri inoMng him. The right of
policemen to threaten to Mioot a woman
ha Im'cii established by the council."
Of course we meant tills .sarca-tle per
son iii.it we iir-: a? a sarcastic uirllcn
that the Council had blundered ; but
members of (he Council (this is ueh a
mailer of lact world and Aldermen are
such mailer of fact people) members of
Ibe Council have actually (shade of tin
humorous Artenuis Ward, how fnmiv l
I hU !) have actually conn; (o the conclu
sion (hat we meant, to charge (hat (hey
believe a policeman ought to bo permli
led lo threaten to shoot women! that
they are In lavor of kUontlng women !
We are nma.ed !
Why, look a( it: Is not the Council
composed of the veiy llnnernl iiurchiv
alrous men; Could anybody induce any
body else to In-ll.-ve dial Alderman llalli
day would tolerate a policeman who
threatened to -hoot a woman; Would
hi colleague from Ihe Filth, the mutable.
Lancaster, think of . shooting a woman;
Could (Iiogotile .Wills or the handsome
I "a Her, Ik1 Induced fo even think
ol hbootlng a woman? Who
believes that l.illinhoii-c. belter than
he l handsome, gentler than he i good,
inn as liaiulsoine anil good a- the best of
ii. woulil not .shrink from (he Idea of
.shooting a woman ': AntlTlil-tlowooil I
he .shoot a woman. No, no; lianMi the
thought! Wright' lie never even
thought ol shooting a woman. He
wouldn't; he would throwaway the gun,
and ask her lo rally lo arm someboilv
cl-e's arms ! Yoeiiui ; Why, good Lord !
or all men he would be the hist to toler
ate Hie Idea of woman-shooting,
ii- . n
n e never, even lor n moment. thorn; it
the Council were woman-shooters. w
meant to be sarcastic, and lalleil U'
did, indeed. And now we make a sol.
emu vow to be hereafter, in our treatment
of the Council, as mntter of (act as an
old .shoe. We apologize !
iui.'w;i:i,v.iioi'.m:i at.im:i v-r-
NrilOOl S t-'OMMON
Mr. .1. h. -McClung, president of the
School Principals' Association of Illinois,
has illseovered that what lie calls "the
present prineely-hoiised graded .seliools"
of (he State, are costing much money
and valuable (hue.
Alter (hi aiimi-lon, the lloss of the
Principals asks the very pertinent ques
tion: "To compensate for this money
and time, what should the schools eek
lo accomplish;'' and adds: "Since the
chools arc maintained by the State, she
lias a reasonable right to expect them to
furnish in return men and women trained
to till honestly ami Intelligently the
place of good citizens." In return for
Hie much money and valuable time spent
upon " Hie princely-housed gi.uled
school-," of Illinois, Hie State is lo re
ceive in return men and women trained
io nn honestly and intclli-rentlv the
places of good cllir.cn; and 'henoe,"
says .Mr. McCIung, "the formation of
such habits as will develop good charac
ter is n legitimate object of school work.'
In other words, in order Unit the rttate
may be compensated lor Uio inueti money
and valuable time expended upon "the
princely-housed graded schools" of the
State, Mr. McCIung, who in this matter is
the voice of the "edueatorr" of Illinois.
would have the masters devote themselves
to the business of cultivating foriuinir.
Mr. .McCIung would have it such hah-
its in tlie public school pupils as will de
velop good character. We infer, there
fore, that, in (lie opinion ot (he prlucely-
housed graded school teachers of the
McCIung way of thinking, certain habits
develop into good character, and good
character developed out of certain habits
is evidence that men and women of good
character thus developed
will always
prove to lie honest and Intelligent citi
Mr. McCIung may be right, but It may
be wortli while to Inquire whether men
and women trained to (111 hnue-tly and
intelligently the places of good citizens,
might not bo furiii-hcd to (lie Slate, by
the torinatinii m schools that co-t less
money and not so much valuable lime as
our jirlncely.housed graded school of
siieli habits as will develop good eharae
ter? If Mich men and women can be fur
nlshcd to Hie State by less cotly schools,
would we not do well to patronl.e the
cheaper schools i Why princely-housed
raiieu t-ctiooi, n eottaged-hnuso com
mon schools will do the work Mr. Mo
Clung nienllonsV Princely-housed graded
school veram eiitlnged-boused common
school ; Hits 1 the case about to tut tried
hy the tax-burdened people of Illinois
that i.4ii:itrs i.i:aii!i:.
The Sun, very Inconsiderately, has nt
tacked a proposed society, which il desig
nates a "Tax-Payers' League," and has
intimated, If not directly charged, that
the gentlemen In the movement are ilc
slrous ol Mealing something and e-cap
ing lroin Ihe payment of their taxes. We
have, since this uncalled for and insult
ing charge was made, taken
llm trouble to run the move
ment down mid ascertain thu Inten
tions of Its movers. Wehaveuscerlalned
that the objects of the proposed society
are. that "wc, the tax-jmyers of
Cairo" not one (ax-payer I but all
who may wish to lake part In
the movement "being desirous ot devel
oping Its advantages the advantages of
Cairo, promoting lis growth and pro
tecting It Interests ; and, bellcvlmr that
Injunlon (here is Mrengll.,' nnd that
greater efficiency can bu obtained by com-
mnatlou than by Individual exertion In
promoting the above objects, agree to
win ourselves Into an association for the
Purpose of ucting logolher for Ihe attain
ment of t),u amvt, U)(l!( ,lliSoclatloii
to be governed by such lilies and rctftila-
llonniimnyherculterbf defermlneiHipou
by theniselvpo, charges lo be, made for
maintaining thp organization, not to ex
ceed one dollar for an Initiation fee, and
twenty-live cents per month for monthly
ilne, nnd (he association lo he organized
when llfly member have signed this
To this proposed association Ihe Sun
ob)ccts, and Intimates thai Ihe gentlemen
who may compose It must be thieves
lax-dodgers, and In short very great ras
cal. It calls them Tammany men, and
asks Insulting question. Il talks about
some of the gentlemen, who hate signed
their names vrnwllhlng,"ahil remarks
they meaning the crawilshors "don't
swiii lo know why pailiei who don't
pay their taxes .should desire a league."
II hint thai the league Is a parlor Into
w hich a terrible -pider 1- Inviting Ihe in
nocent illcs of Cairo!
We cannot umlerslatid Ihi attack.
Does Hie Sun object to an association of
citizens, the object ol which is loadvauce
Ihe lnlercs of Cairo V Don't the Sun
know (hat siieli an association is a tieee.
sit V in Hil- city V We have hero no place
rtl which our people can congregate
ami consult about local alV.tlr.
Only occasionally do three or four ol
our eltien-gatlicr together In (he name
of the city's interests, and then more by
accident than design. So that there are
never any con-ultatlons among our peo
ple about our city, never nnv united el-'
fort of clll.cii lo do anything lo develop
It. Kncli citizen site at home mid grum
ble at hi neighbor, lie complain nnd
doe- nothing. Xow, would l( not be well
to organize a society to talk about our
city, to act upon any sugge-Hon made in
Its Interest and generally to labor (o bring
prosperity to our -treets'; I It quite lair
in the Sun to say that men attempting lo
organize such a society are rascal? Is
it lair to say that such a society will be a
spider'. parlor? Does the .Vim wish to be
understood as saying that a society Into
w hich all (lie t.ix-paycivs of Cairo may en
ter Is to be deprecated, because the mem
bers cannot control themselves? We
fear the .Sim ha been listening to evil
suggestions; or maybe Mr. Davis, being
guiltless of bearing any or at least much
ol our heavy burden of taxation, has a
prejudice .itfaln-l the noble arniy of tax
payers and dc-ires to put the men who
compose it down. He should lo-o no
time in rising to explain.
a M:Niiii.r.
FOIt Jl.
The Democrats of Mississippi, led by
men like Hon. L. C. Lamar, have
adopted a sensible and sound declaration
of principles.
In thu preamble, they invoke the bless
ing of Almighty God upon their efforts,
and invite nil citizens of the State who
favor an honest, Impartial and economi
cal administration to unite with them
upon the following platform :
First We recognize and will main
tain the civil and political equality ol all
men, us established by the constitution
of the United States and the. amendments
.Second We are in favor ol Ihe educa
tion of all the children of the Stale; of
public schools, u-tained by adequate
taxation, but ant oppo.-ed to extravagant
or partisan administration oi such
Third Wc favor thu selection o( hon
est, (altliful and competent men lor all
oillces, lroin thu highest to thu lowest.
Fourth We favor economy in Hie ad
ministration ol the government, thu abo
lition of useless, unnecessary office., the
reduction of fees and salaries of those
that are retained, ami a strict and rigid
accountability of all ollleers having con
trol of the public money or charged with
its collection.
Fifth llleimial sessions of the legisla
ture and a reduction of expenses in that
department of the government, and we
denounce the Kepubllcau party In this
State for violated pledges on the subject,
Sixth Selection ot an able ami Impar
tial judiciary, and routining the Judges to
their judical (unctions purely, so that all
temptation to partisanship shall lie re
SeventhDiscontinuance of Hie enor
mous evil of special and local legislation,
md Instead, (he enactment of general
laws, under which local and private in
terests will be fully protected.
Klglith Kueoiiragcment of agriculture
by securing the farmer and laborer just
rewnrd for their toil and capital, and by
relief lroin burdensome taxation, which
must consume their substance
Ninth Kncourageineut of manufac
tures in our midst.
Tenth Klevatlon of the standard of
official character, so as to infuse into of
llclal lile a sen.-o of public duty, a spirit
of patriotism and Integrity, to the cud
that good law and public authority may
bi) invested with the moral inllucuce and
dignity which will lii-ure respect and
hleveutli W e lavor immediate action
by Hie general government for the pro
lection of (hi Mississippi river lowland
against Inundation.
Twellth-niilldlng up partisan news
papers hy legislation, arming militia
in wine oi peace, uncoiisiltuilonal at
tempts to lake from the people an elec
tion ol lax-collector, attempted paseam
of a metropolitan police bill, attempted
corruption of Judiciary by the use
ol executive patronage, we de
nounce as gross outrages upon
constitutional liberty; while as evi
dence of further Incapacity of our pres
ent rulers to administer tint atlair.s of
State, wu point (o the mas of confusion
in which Hio revenue and registration
laws of the State have become involved;
the necessity of extraordinary sessions of
the legislature to cure blunders and lol
lies of thu regular sessions, and to (lie
expected executive and legislative
nets which have been by thu su
premo court declared unconstitutional
and void.
Thirteenth That we cordially invite
the votes of nil thu people of both races
to unite vigorously with us in the ap
proacJiliij cauvn-s in a determined dibit
to give success to the foregoing princi
ples and thus secure In ourselves and to
our posterity the blessings of nn honest
and economical government, adminis
tered by able, efficient and competent
publl? ollleers.
AFJ'Aiita In the oil regions of Pcnny
vmila arc Kellevcd to be reaching a
crisis. The supply of oil l In Immense
excess ol the demand, and (he laboring
clas-cs llnil (heir occupation gone. A
deep conspirucy Is said to exist for Ihe
purpose ol getting rid of their troubles at
one fell swoop, by the demolition by lin
in one day, m a preconcerted signal, of
Ihe colossal ipmntity of oil now tanked.
Several plans for placing aliiilrs on n bet
ter footing and .-nothing dow it the rom
iiiunlstic feeling of the laborers bnve
been propo-eil, but nothing definite has
been decided, and an outbreak may oc
cur at nnv lluic.
Tin: Aldernieu wi-h u to lake tbcirac
Hon In Its "oneness," and not. construe It
nccorillng to the stiiet rule of parlia
mentary proceeding. Wry well ; and.
when we do so, we have no hcl(!itlon In
ayliig they ant right (one of tlieiu Is al
ways Wright), and the .Mayor Is wrong.
Hut when we take their action In Its
nianynes, If we m.iy be allowed the ex-pros-ton,
they arc not right, althouuh
Wright Is with them, and the Mayor Is
not wrong.
Tin: llftcciilh annual convention of the
American national teacher's association
wa concluded at Minneapolis, Minn.,
yesterday. I'lehundreil teachers were
present. Pic-idcut Allyu of (he Normal
rnlver-lty at ( aiboiiilale, and Superin
tendent Kttcr were of the number, and
w ere placed by tlio President on the com
mittee on teachers and schools.
The valley of the Scioto river. Ohio,
between Coluiiibu and Cincinnati, is
overwhelmed with water. Residents of
the valley for lllty years say that no sim
ilar destiuetion of crops by an overllow
ha ever occurred before. The lo.s in
the valley U estimated at over half a mil
lion of dollar.-.
Ciiir.wso I about to enter Into a rail
road war with St. Loui. The roads lead
ing out or the latter city are selling
round trip and excursion ticket at vert
low rates, and Chicago proposes to under
sell them.
Tin: assns.ln- of Williamson county,
sinco murdering Sisney and Spcnco, shot
at a shadow on a window curtain, ami
missed thu man who east It. This i only
a liltlu thing not wortli mentioning.
A.nuiikw .loii.vso.v was looking for
death, having had premonition-, of apo
plexy, and lor several months prior to
his decease, wa engaged hi w inding up
Ids personal allairs.
Gi:x. Gii)i:o.v.l. Pn.i.ow Is sugge-tcd
by a correspondent of the Memphis .!
peal a a proper man to succeed Andrew
dohiisou hi the .Senate ol the I'nltcil
Til-ion's "lawyer Lave liotliied the
Hceciier parly that they w ill move lor :i
new trial on the Hist Mondiy In Septem
berafter the summer vacation.
Tin: streets ol Broadway, Sycamore,
Main, Walnut and Vine, hi Cincinnati,
are under water from a depth of a few
inches to. four and live feet.
Onf. hundred children a day are dying
of cholera Infantum In New Vnrk cily,
and physicians are called on for volunteer
Hans CnniHTiAN Aniikkson. the nni-t.
and novelist of Dcnmaik, died in Copen-
nagen on uie-Hii insi., at the age oi .-ev
Fiitv-onk voting precincts in Texa
have voted In favor of a constitutional
Art Iti-IUN.
Tojetti.an artist, i said to have fooled
San Francisco into euthu.-ia-m over an
oll-palnted eopyol a drawing by Dorr,
le-irc-ciuing u as an original picture.
Five pieces of tape-try, evidently of
rieinisii uiigm, w iui nc-igns iroin Jiapu
id's pictures on Hie Loggia of thu Vati
can, were lately sold in London for SL',-
Seven hundcrcd old coins, gathered
during a residence ol fifteen veai-n in
Inpaii, have been pie-cutcd to 'the Mu
seum at Hru.-els. Some of them ante-
itate the t;iirltlan era. The donor's name
Is not given, but he is an ex-Con-id to
At thu late Mile of pictures at Ham
Hall, Staffordshire, Kiiglainl, ono work
was designated as 'Lalaytlteslgnlng the
Declaration of Independence of Ameri
ca," and It Is statul to have once been in
the possession of llnbcplerre. It was a
genuine Greuz.e, and was bought bv
Agncw forJEKX).
Dr. Hessels, a member of the Polaris
Arctic Kxpeilitlon, ha one volume of his
report upon that expedition in the hands
of the printer, and the remaining two
well under way. They will average
nearly -I0O page, ami are anxiously look
ed lor In order to obtain a clear insight
Into that misty Polar Journey. ,
The task of restoring thu statue ot
Napoleon for Ihe Column Vcndoine, ami
reproducing the statuette of Victory,
which Napoleon held in ids hand, ami
which cannot heioiiud, ha bceiicutru-t-ed
to M. M. I'eiuiull. who holds the post
of restorer of antiquities to thu .Museum
ol the Louvre. In six months the work
is to IidcoiiiiiIi-IhI,
Through Hon. G. P. Marsh, Putted
States Miiii-tci- ju Italy, the I'niverslty
ot Vermont has received u large and
valuable collection of manuscripts of the
thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth ecu
tunes. TIipsi. documents were pre
sented to ii,,. University by Pro-
icssor iiiuseppu Ferraro, of Ferrara,
who also semi, a printed volume, edited
and annotated by him, or the text of
the statues contained in one ol the vol
umes, aTA preparation so widely ami fa
vorably known as Hall's Vegetable .Sicil
ian Jlulr Jieucwcr, needs few words of
praise ironi u. Tills compound has
won Its way lo the highest favor in the
public mind; :m, multitudes, who have
vainly used other remedies lor tho res
tnnitlon of their hair, have, on trying thu
Sicilian llenewcr, keen made glad bv thu
speedy restoration of their gray hair to
ts natural color, and tho thin locks
thickened up, !ls u the days of early
youth. It also prevents tho hair falling
out. makes It soil and glossy, and is alto
gether the best preparation for its ln-
cuded put noses belore Hie public. Pitt,
luini Chivmtlr.
'mil? ii in T diti i wrmv
I II IV IMIIil Dl'lilJliim.
rjMIK HU1.I.K I IN l9,ul,ll-li(lriiry morning
(i xu-iit MoihIii)) t. the lliillillii llulMltitf, cor
ner W aaliuiKtiiii Mt mu-!iiht Twi'lflli Itiii-t
The IhJl.LitriN ii hi ml to i-liy w,u ilU-rslir
Lilllind c;n rlrrs al I hi nl) -Kit.- I i nla jWiiL,
pyitla wrt'kly. Il) Mall, (In mUann-), lii.n
annum: hIx luonlln, time inunlln, tJi nnc
month, 41 v.'i,
I'lilillt'.iil m-ry 'IhiiiBdiiy iiioiiiliitf ut tl
lie' uiinmii, liilarbM) In ndluiice. 'I ! imttinf
on tlie WTiiUy ulll ti- rt.iiM nt this oll..i-, n
llmtftubicrlbiia will ubtulii I'm iiiiilcritlon
rlc of 41 u jcur.
I A I I. V .
ISuilin-M fiuiM, r nnniii ,
line MiMie, unt iisertltm
One 9iiiuir, two
Une sinmrr, one wn-k
One mjiiiiii', two wivk.3
One Biiiiirp, llitn- trivks
Onu kiiin-. mil- miiiitli,
W ill
.. I Ml
.. ! M
.. :i !
.. 4 l.l
.. 6 C)
W K K I. V ,
Oih- iimic, one fn-rrlloii,..,
Kuril aiil,i-i,ii nl Inii rllon,...
.11 !
... Ml
"Oim' irn-li 11 ii squ.ui-
S3" fa n-niiliir:iiu rllM Pt wi-nn.r iiu i loi lu-ilnoum-nt.,
both :u lo ruin ol -li.igMi unit limn-ln-r
of itU.ln)liiK lliflr I'uiorj.
S3"Ntl" I" load t-oliiinii lnitil for I'if
lirn CVnti r llm- lor one linirlloti, Tiunly
Onls n llnr for two Inurlioiii, I hi nty-Kliv
CVnts a llm-for Unit- liiiMlioii", 'I hhty-Kln-Ctnts
n Huh for om- Hitk, nnd S;cinity-l-'i-I'ciiUb
lint- forum- month,
Comtnunluatlonu upon BUbJuctn of K'on
eral Interest to the public uolldtud.
S3-.UI Ii-lli-w i-hoiiM Ix-.nMnM-d lo
loiiN- ii. oiii:i:i.v,
I'nsldiiit ii!ro llullitin Comisiny.
Tho People's Remedy.
Tho Universal Pain Ext actor.
A"kf?r PoniVu Extinct.
Taho no utiior.
" fr I will -nV of i-M-t-llriit lhlnu
liijiirif) to M.iii orlli-n-li,
ruiii. iiroii-,
SlrnliiH, Sirjlni. Coiitii
eloiH, lJialocutlon.
i'riu-lni---i. tutu, l-iri ni
i.j .... i. ...i. ...i it-.
iiK-i-iinii; I. iiui.-.. ,,r
sniiihiL'i.r niiw.ii
,Vipi- llli-i-il. unit llll
.11. . .1111.1 l.l ..111
Voiiillinor IIIimmI mill
l.ir. 't .1.
iiioouy iiii-ciiarTf--
nici-llii: I'llvt,
llllii.l I'll.. j M.,1,.1111.1.. i
ruixm, ainiiKi t.ir,
,IIIhiiiiiiiIIiii, IMitllMia
Hi--H rlllns orSoii-ni-iiH.
Ntliriw.. s..
i.uiiiikikii, ijiiiic nacj,
iiri- Thrum orOuin.iy,
I . ii.ituii"! limn,,,
,llitlM-i-hi. liromlil
. lis, AMIlliin.
Siircor Inll.itiu-I Kin nr
t'liliit'i-h. I.i-iiioiiIii-.i,
Diuri lira, l)ycnli-rv.
.Sure MiiIi m, I n IlVr nt-. 1
IIIK i'liiuliil or loo I'l-ofii-i'
PEOPLE'S '''. "i inn li,.
w iiii ami 'rnmoM
Kltllll-.v I'oinpliilnl,
REMEDV iniulnii.l.'sr.i-.,(rniy.
niTiur,4ll,11KW 11IM t.f)r.,.
tioiiii of Inl'iinu, or
hiii i Ailnim.
Vnrlros,- Vt-liiN. I.'n.
EXTERNAL birt-'iilorlnllaincl i,i
am, .. .J1"' I'liiialfon,
A:" lllullo. i:iirlmm-Ii-i. Tu-
rXT TlTilVT A T ""' hHl'lllllSi.
INTERNAL "' !" mul llunlon-, (.Ui.
I'll nr Soi-ii 1'i.t
,'ltl(f llllx.l Imi ih -s ir .;nl
1 illi- linlU.
I .-Ion orU'lilllotv, Timl
iil J.IiiiIjh or 1'ailn.
.Mosiiilio IIIIi-n. ln.,.,-1
MIIiikh, Cli.iiiiit llanili.
O.Ml'N K.VTIt ACT H fon-ub-by all I'liH
'Iiish llriitfKlMlw.Hiiit ii-i-oinim-.nliil lij
all DmiririHtt, riilclnim, anil --r--ImmI)-
Mholiim cut u-id it.
l'niiiilil-( i-ontalnlnKlIl.loiyainl IVMinall
iil ri'iuoiiaiiIlcutl'ji, Ifnot Iniiiiilut loiir
.Ni-ii Yoi-U mul I.iiiiiIiiii,
Notice to Contractor.
Si:.I.KIliiroioal- Mill In- icii-iuil at tin-or
lli-i-o-lii- lioiirnor, in r-Mliiirili-M, until
noon of.ii(m. IkHi, 17.'., at Hlilrli tlriu ll.iy
Hill lit-o.i ni-il, in tin- iiiMt-iiii of lliu blilili-in,
for tin-1 iiclion anil roinilillon ofllii-
Noiitli Wlni;
of Mil- IllinoU .Siiutbi-rii Hospital for llm linani-,
ut Anna, I'nlun i-oiiut y. IllinoU
All liiili Khali hIioh' tlie ieiliiiatnl cost of tin-inuti-rialH
to In- liirril-lii.il i lit I ot I Iil- work lo In-Hiini-
oft-.ii-h ilei-riilon In ib lail ih in lln- -it-.
i-llli-nlioiii unit i-acli iroioal iniial buai-cnni-pauliil
byn bnml of out- iliouaiii ilollurx, vln.
il by ill Inut llilii-siiiilii-i. llii-Fiiniiliil bli.
iti-l-iilmtl b ri-'ullci lo Kin-a bouil lo llm IVo
iliol llii- .Stall; In tin-Mini of two Imnilu! ilmi,
Niiulilollara for I lit- failblnl .i-iroiinanii- ol'llio
i-onlini-t. 'I In- Imitril n-i-iu-n Hit- ri-jli I to ii-lirt
anyainl nit Imlx, If ilnini-il forltu- lutin.st o ih.
btiili-lo tlx hi.
1'lansaml hini-lili-ation will U-on I'.ihiliitlon
al tin- ollli-i' of Hit- roinml.-i-loiu-iM, in Anna, on
oruflerJiilyW, l7 ivlieii- a ropy of llm laii-
nin In- ni-n. I'ioi ill mini be i-nrln-i-il In
Is in I ti I in i Idiiis tiiilorsi-il : 'M'loiuiMild r,,i ii,..
irCTtlolloftlH'Solllll W'llIB," Hllll llllll-Hll 10
iiib noaru oi i.oniinisioiuTH lor lliofnrlloii of
Ilii-Sonilicrn IllinoU Iiisiiiii-AmIiiiii, ran- (iov
irnnr llvvrrlili;', ---iihi!lliil. Illinois.
it. II. si i ik;i;ss.
ii. wa I, iii:i!. '
, , r..M JIM.IINK,
.inly IK, k;s. CoiuiniloMi-rji.
1'iiblMnvl us , i winning ami Inr Ilic bini-llt of
Voilln? HIi-ii anil ollu-i'it it ho Mifli-t fiiiiii i-i-t mi.
lb-bllity, l.on nf Maliliooil, i-li-., (iliinit liU
Hull- of Si-ir-ciiri'. ulli-r iiinlt-iuoini; iiiurli mf
lerlnif uml i-viii-iimi.. mul iioilti-.l fi nn i..fi.l,-.
ini a iio. palil illrccli il t nirloiiii AiIiIumh .VA
'lilANIKI. MA Vr'Allt, 1'. O lUv 1M, lliooK
lyn, N. V 7-l-M-i'-lli
nn in 1 1
1 U11JJ Ul
. P"?
ii i:; -
r j o
The HOWE Machine
Will stand a lest of Strength of Ma
cliinery that no other Machino will. Call
and sco and ho convincod that this is
tho host now in tho Market.
Th.. Hows Mac-Uno Co.
Agency For Southern IlliuoiH.
D.r. BENNETT, Mtuiatror.
03 - i
cd S
O -o
CO a.
om-i I
Great Reduction in Prices.
c ecisrir"3r.
Domestics, Shootings,
Prints, Bleached Muslins,
Ginghams, Crotones,
Talilo Linens, Percales,
Lawns, Suitings,
Japanoso Silks. Silk Poplins,
Alpacas, Grenadines.
!;?," s,"fl, ""Whlto Ooods, VlctorU Liwnii, Swim Maraillo, i-l n ltve -'ock of
Hlbbono. Ili.-uillli- liKk will lirciM lU.-inil . t, mh-1 ciillim. m.lll it I i l,il out. Cull
ii'I U-coiiwniTlol l.rftil l!.irrain TI.IS1I- - I III' I f 1 .ll
Corner ig,'3atb. St. and Commercial Slv
DituoaisTS' fan6 y goods,
VV : .7'l..,:i",,,n.! om!' ""'v-O-"?'
iiiiit-iii. ...ii .I.-., i imiim ... .
- - ' .'..m-i. iisinuioK-
Wliolnsnlo nuil Retail
7-1 OMo i.ovre.
-j,, mj-t-i-i
sxtsscrzse: for the
ONLY $1.25 A YEAR.
- ! - S
lT S
CD ti
"i a
o is 13
O CD j
ii s
H 5- tfl
p 3 W
n m 2
3 cd J2
er o r
r o 3
3 -1
OL tl
r, r -ill,' t
REXli.EiVj Of
coLLnsn wiirrfc ta n
Em, ETC.
" i' i ...-i .... ,.,i .t-m-rui sio.,. lo .
"' "" " 'I
-lirlni- I iiv j Innilsliiil ol
.Vii jhlntoti A v., Cor. Bth St.
iaiiw- '
&. MO

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