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ami Al rw imwii! Vfi M
nlvlila r I'rll.lna ...m.i f furt fr rl.
nitftiz-fii iinu-mM -rvi'ii. iu wuu-
tnancellor ummnn-r.
I.OIX1K. NO. 221
.Onb-r of iMd-Kil-
lliurmlay nlitnl
In meir nil 1 on
xtft nml Si-ventli
11.11111, x, li.
a-iho r.!r(
, (. V,, IIKi ld
Jin f 1.1.1. t'..l1
lira nml tliinl
' nte-flay in i-vcry
tml i-vc-ii
, nmciii.Y, (J. I'.
ttTaP.A.l'. A A.M.
Hold re;
nunncnuont iumh-OumiM-rchil
onlc lla
atitl Klitlit
I he M-rmul mid
oiuin .iiunuay vl
.N'otlrr. !. '
'I'hi; under'-ijfncd I1.11 HiW ilny mid out
lil elfy Ice lmliii.'.-i to Jlc-ov. 1 1 n
lootnl- & Co.
AHrblUvliio lilin for Ire In the i lly,
iejt of Aue,ut, will Im collected
i. m I . 0 . ...
Int: tin; iiiililic for tin-favor they
iferrcd upon him liu Im-i;' n eon.
for the latter firm.
. HCM.'IS I--W 'I IM nun win ur i,-
cd liy Ilti'e, I.oomW A (Ni., for Ice.
, .loii.v .Srno.vi.
,li It.l.., AtlK'il'l J, 187f. ii..hf
IMI.NK.Nr.ll Hi I.oilll ll-rln-rl'i.
Knar Hull ri:ry li'i-rlitliii
Hill. II. SALT'S.
Ti the fJIIUru r riilro.
I wnulil Inform my nnny frlcml. that I
am 'till In the auction buMtiet-i, ami ready
to attend to all tale that may oler. My
lout; experience In thli 1hiImc-i nteiU no
comment I l no experiment on my jiait,
and parties cntruMiiiK Booth to my cite
need not Vc afraid, at I .nil no "npilb" or
novice In ttia buMne".
Special attention i; I veil to real otatu and
out-door -ale, at I hive mitrmltcd mak
ing a vale. I). Hahtman, Auctioneer.
Conicr Sixth -trect and f-oramerclal A v.
lrX Hay dtocl: envelope :t tin- lSri.
J.ETix ofllce, $3 2.i per M.
JS .MI-.lHl.r- About II.
If you vlh a eooU.clsar go to Cowper-
tbwalt A riilllli 120 Commercial avenue.
A 1 1 in- ltt-M-iit'i- for Hniv or Item.
Corner Ilolhtook avenue and Twenty-
.fourth .treet. Large yard and garden (S
loU); plenty of fruit ami ihrt.bbcry; s;iod
table anil carria;u home. Will 'ell on
very ca.y term. The lioil'o nontaliM ten
roonif. .1. II. l'liu.i.ti'i.
7-21-lm .
. To Item,
A cotti'e on Thirteenth .'tn.ct, between
'aMtliiKfjii Uvbinii! nml Walnut ptn-ut.
jJ-Kf-tt. Apply to i)u. Smiiii.
HrMlrnliH- Kuumi.
Three large and very denrablo family
roonif, trontln on the Ohio, at the lit.
Lhirles Hotel, can be had, ultti bo.ird, at
5sfty re"0,,"',ln ra,ui I"'"? ,1P Summer
i moiithf. Abundance o-' pure air and per
fect vtdll'P;
tl.ir.-ll":!" " nt.
'Jim lowi;r story of fliulW.:?-CVuplcd
bv William Winter, the urtit, on HxtW
tre't. Kinjulrc of Win. Winter or Dr.
Parker. Mu. .Ii.i.ia Ij.wis.
I.oiIIh llrrlicrl lin I'lI.SKNKK.
Cn nut! f.zi llvr.
LamlloriU ot hoteU and boarding liou-es
will ilndlt in their advantaxt: to cull upon
(Mr. ( oleman, I.aundrcrii, No 12 Kourtb
trcct, between Wehlngton and Comincr
Hal ainue. Hotel and boarding-house
1 walilnj.',7.'icentipcrdoen. Koi piecework
(irlcei'aro ni lollow: .Sluglo ehlrt and cob
ar, 10c; per dozen 80c; "oek .V; two col
arc, tx-, two hau4kerctilct, Dc; vcit We;
and all gentlemen's we.ir, tdn. per
iloen. Ladles' dreh"c, 25 to f0e;
rklrtilO to Mo; drawer 10 to Iftc; two
pair hose lie; two collar.' 5 to ICe. Kor la
dles' plain clothes $ 00 per do.eli; ljr""la
dlc liiw clothe-, $1 per doen; dono
drouiptly, and promptly delivered. I'a
trouugc Hullclted.
(In to I.imiIh llcrlierl'H for I'll.Si:-
(Irrnl Ite.liicllon.
First-elns room ami board at the Ar
lington House, nt 2"5per month.
Tine.,H. Klms, l'ropiictor.
Notice f Itrinoviil.
Tue well'kiKjwii bHrber chop, corner
KiRhth and Comincreial, predded ov;r by
tho popular nrtUt, (ieore Sti lnlioiHO, lmi
removed one door north on Commercial, In
.lie Oram! Central Hotel. Tho new idiot. U
.iiruo nml commodious and tliote wlnhlnt;
for anything artUtlc In tho way of fashion
jblo balr cuttliiL', smooth khaveH, etc., will
i hi well to call at tliu titalid Central Harbor
.ImiTT ... "Ul-W-tf.
IMi-tiiremiiio America.
At tlHiHuM.r.ris bindery IS numbers,
bound In two volumes, full j,'llt mnr
roeeo; cot $11 ; for sale nt $10.
CirXX Wood; stock cuvelnpes nt the
HuuxriN ofllce. $:! 00 perM.
'The I iiIoh llcncioleiil Ahhoi IhUoii.
Tlio union Houevolent AoeUtlon wishes
, to Inform the public that it was orfjan'zcd
September lltli, W4, nml beg pardon for
eo.nlngout at Mich nlatedato; t"ii 0
' lug to the hard tlmcn wo have been de
layed. We are now happy to announce,
that wo buvo been Miccennml ho far, and
ri'hilt-ntinv time for the aeeertaucu of
number or netlllonii for tho tame. Time
of mcetiDK, I'rid iv beforo tho recond Sat
tirday In eauh mouth. Hall on Filth street,
between Commercial and Washington av-
time. II. TixiCii.K, rresldent,
1. Adams, Vlcc-VreUdent.
L. W. Hakkb. Secretary.
It In I'mi'Icon
jiiptto cleanse a stream wlilln 1 lie
Wk Impure. DyHpepila, complalutu
reranu kldnoyn. cruiitlon of tho
IWllit, headaelieii, mid a dlieae-
rom Itntniro blood, are at once re-
Ipy" Dr. Wnlkor'a California Vlne-
lttCW, tU greav mm iiiiaiuuie putlller
"of tho blood, ami renovator of the nyjtom,
It ban never boon known to full, provided
tho patient had not delayed lining It until
the vlta'ity of hi- i-tem wai loo fur gone.
InHil hair
TFo. It
"PaStifar r
gjtC jttlljtjitt.
SATI'IIDAY, Al'dtVI 7,1875.
I.ocitl Wi'iither Itijiorl.
Caiiio, Ii.i... AiiiiihI fi, IsT.V
II ui. I Tiik. I Wink. I Vki
7 it in
II "
'! in.
;i'.ml j
x w.
THOMAS JOSKS, fi rift. S. S.. ('. A.
' Nlilillrrn.
Mr. U'lllliiin W'ct.el, proprietor ol (he
(rami Central, l liaWiij,' slinttri Iiiiiik
to nil tlm front wlnilows ol tliu hotel.
Tito iniprovi'iiient U n j.ood out!, nml
will nihl greatly to tlx romfort nml :ip
pfanincc of Hip house.
loth Nlio-.
Wo will elo'e out a lot ct iifiitlemcnN
Cloth hbocs, nt very low llurof.
Alli-nlloii. Nlr KiilulilH.
A peelal eonelnvi; of Cairo Camiii.'iii
ilery, No. in, K.T., will be liehl nt tin
Aylum I lit- (Saturday,) evening. Aiiut
7lh,nt 7;:t(l oVIock. for work.
liy onler of ('. W. Dunning, H. ( .
P. iCoksmiivkk, Kceorder.
"Wuli I'niM-rliii;" I li' 4'oiinly Jiill.
-Mr. C. h". Slack Inlorineil us ye.-tcnlnv
that he vu cngaeil in "wall-paperlii"''
the eolU of our rounty jallt Wc found,
on exainlnatlon, that the kind of "wall
paper" used was one-fourth Inch boiler
A bnrgo load of gravel, rotr-l''iicd to
our city aiilhorltlei. arrived a day or two
since from radiicah, nml H now beln jr
unloadetl at the i-oruer of Fourteenth
Mrect ami Ohio l.evre, from whence it
will be hauled to the bad place? on I.evee
To Item.
A citt.i;e, So. 32 Tenth Mrect, between
Walilngton ami V.'alnut. Apply to Ch.
I.ane. e-7-t
Sle or Hie Wiihilll II1Ih.
Mr. Iki; Walder, a few days 'inee, fold
the Walnut Mill' iu this city, (formerly
ow ued by Cnpt. Sam Orr), for account of
Tho-. Orrill of Huston, to a Mr. Head, of
(iolconda, tliecon-lderation iKrlny; $1,.V)0
ca-h. We understand that Mr. Head pro-n-i:i
to place the machinery In a bo.1t to
Ikj ti'ed m a saw and "rht mill, In the
Arkan-ak river.
nm-.. :
o Hats at half the tiiit.it
(). Havthoii.v .t Co'a.
HoyV and Men'
price, at
iiiioc nun Mnicii.
The up-town base ball club w ill play a
match game of ball on .Sunday afternoon,
on Thirty-fourth street, with the I'aiiil-
er.s' nine from Chicago, now 'topping at
the Ilallroad House. M. Cam.ixan,
S-7-Ut S. K. I'owkli..
A l'illf 'lll.
.Mr. Win. i:bler U the lucky pos-e.-sor
ot ti 2 year old colt, slrel by the fumed
"Harry Hill," which U one of the llnc.U
looking nnlninK in thU part of the coun
try. Mr. li. lately refu-od $:KO for the
Oll.wlilcli was ollered to him by a y.tL-
tleman weirvcrselTiii librjc Jlc-li, from
which we Infer that the animal 1 a j;ood
I'erons wanting flrt-elus. hoo lor a
umall price, should call on
O. Haytiioisx A Co.
lie l'lcil.1 (inllljr.
A lew il.iyn .'Ince a lellow va taken
before Ids Honor .liulc Hro on n
cliai''e of vlolatlnj; one of the city ordl-
uaiicc.-', ami a.s ti-ual tliu complaint com
mencing: "Tbe iH'oplc of the State of Il
linois, Ax., was lead to him, whereupon
the fellow remarked: "Well, 1 -mess If
all the people of this State are iiaint
me, I'll plead ullty."
Tin- llclCii Hull.
Tim dance jflven at ScheelV Hall on
last evening by tlie Pelta City String
band, was- u decided success in every par
ticular. There was n goodly company
present, who enjoyed lhcinclvcs with
d.mciiig ami inu-Ic, until quite an early
hour, when they betook themselves to
their homes, highly satNllcd with the
manner iu which they had been enter
tained. The I'lilillc NchooK
From .Mr. F. Korsmcycr we learn that
the public schools will re-open on the
llrt Monday in September, nnd that the
old corps of teachers with one or two
exceptions, have been re-engaged. In
regard to the study of telegraphy wo are
told that it will be continued, but that
tho Hoard arc undecided :i to whether It
will be taught during the lirst part of the
Pcholastlo year or not.
Crop In the I'oiiiily.
From Air. N. Hun-acker, 11 prominent
fanner from Hog Tooth Hend, we learn
that the. Mississippi river has overflowed
irtost nil of tho farms In Dog Tooth, one
of the .'Ichest ami most fertile portions of
our county, to tliu depth ot four feet,
lie, however, states that tho water com
menced falliuu' yesterday, ami should
the water go oil rapidly, il Is thought
that, inasmuch as the eorn Is so far de
veloped, It will not bo damaged much.
In regard to wheat, the crop Is better than
has been .known itor years, but that
which has been harvested has
been damaged greatly, and that
part which Is not yet
harvested, on account of the ocr
llow, Is damaged to n greater extent.
Twenty thousand bushels of wheat are
111 the neighborhood, hut not more than
ten thousand dollars tan bi realized from
It. Among tho losers are Messrs. Itlley,
Lime, O. Greenlee, Mulcahey, Mlscll,
I.,- 1 Cm, III. mi., I lln..o ..II I.
.Ills. liu:f kjmin. ,,.ii. ...ir-.i, mi lltttlii
largo fiiiiiio, besides other small farms.
Mr. llunsacker preserved his corn by
levying his farm to thu helghth of from
3 to 5 1'ctt, and ho will lose nothing on
corn but will lose on wheat by the lafc
heavy rains.
PJI.SIiNJCK aFl.ouls IhTibeit's,
- Nick lliui'neker wn In Ihe rity
- -MIS..M. .1. Mcdauley I sMling the
mother of Mr. Mt!niiley, iu Wis:onln.
.She will Ik! ub-eiit several weeki,
MI'S I'.inuiu l.lvlugstou leaves this
moriihig on tho Narrow (lange lor St.
I.ouls, where she will lemaln until about
the 1st of Vcpteinber.
-The Key. Mr. I'ctlis, ol I'udiuab. U
hi Iheeity, nml will conduct tho -eivlci;i
and pieaeh at the l-'pl-eopal eliun:h uet
.Imlge Haker, who h:i U-en .sullcrlug
forqiilte n w hlle pat with an nll'ectioii ol
Ihe eyes caused by taking cold, Is, wo
nre pleased o learn, nlinod entirely re
covered. "rnele.loe''.McKeiiie, whoha-ibei ii
.sojourning with ui for the past week,
took liU departure yesterday nlternpon
nn Ihe Steamer Fisk, lor Ids honienl Me
tropolis. Itc.-illi ol .lint 4 hrlsliaiiii Iliiriiiiui .
From the O.iyuui (Ohio) Journal we
extract tin. following notice of the death
of Mrs. (.'hri-dlana Harma'i, the aged
mother of our cteemed fellow-eltl.en,
John (. Harmati, F.sq,;
".Mi-. Christiana llariiiau, the veni.ra
lite mother ol our lellow-cltlcns (i. H.
Ilarinan, F-o, , and Captain P.M. Har
maii, died In her -I'Vi'iity-iiiutli year at
her home on the Lebanon pike near this
city, early Wednesday morning, the
2-th lust. She was the mother of eight
worthy children seven of whom survlvu
her four boys, nnd four girl", as fol
lows: O. H. Harman, banker, of (Jcbhart.
Harmati.'c Co., Captain Phillip M. Har
mati, of Van Ausdal Harinan .t Co.,
Dayton; John q. Ilarman at Cairo, 1111-nol-;
W. F, Harinan of Palmyra, Pa.;
Cntharlni! and Mary who resided with
their mother; .Mrs. Chrl-tlana Foltz of
Manslleld. Ohio; and Harbara. elder
daughter, who died many year? ago.
The excellence of the mother may bo in
ferred from the worthiness of her chil
dren, all of whom tlc'crvc and command
the respect of their acquaintances. The
decea-ed was a native of Cainpbelltown,
Lebanon county, Pa., where she resided
until after the death of her huband In
1801. She remoyed to the homestead of
her son (i. H. Harinan In ISM, where she
remained until her death. She was a
con-I-tcnt member of the Lutheran
church, a good mother, and mi estimable
Hotel !'i-rtiintH.
Grand Central : F. Wnkelichl, Ky. ;
Wm. Williams, DuQtiohi; Samuel Itoss,
Vlnccnnes; .J. (I. McCool, Mound City ;
S. H. Penn, Henckleville, Ky. ; W. M.
Keen, Film ore, Ky.: I). .1. Miller, Mary
land. Delinonleo: .la-. Potcy, Canton.
Mississippi; F. P. O'Hryan, Jackson,
'J'ciiii.; W. 1!. Hronswell, Cincinnati, O.;
li. T. I'owers. Canton, Mlsjl.-finiil : W.
J. Hell, New Orlcnm ; 11. W. Jt,,l,lnfcnii
('.. A V. IJ. IJ.: V. r.Sehuckcrs, Vienna,
Planter--: J. Hulendcr, St. Louis;.).
Warden, Ky.; J. II. Hcnder.-ion, Ky. ; H.
15, .Myers, Forman, III.: M. F. Joluikon.
Jackson, Tenn. ; W. Hughes, Caledonia,
111.; John Hlrrch, Mo. ; Henry Hrown,
St. Louis ; Justus Hum-, Chicago ; L. II.
Howell, Miss.; J. M. Wlr, Henton, III.: W.
II. Stout and Cha. Jones, river.
St. Charles : Mrs. C. A. Steven-,
Crystal Lake, Ills.; Mrs H. A. Sterns and
.Misi M. MeGrath, Pon-acola, Fla.; Win.
L. Lord, Hrownsville, Tenn. ; II. C.
Shklds, Cincinnati, Ohio; K. G. Peyton,
Jack-on Miss. ; H. P. Hashaw. Manches
ter, Tenn.; Mrs. Amelia Hrown,
Memphis; J. T. Long, Intliuapolis, Indj
K. S. Prey, Golconda, 111.; Mr--. Sisson,
Chicago; S. G. Arrington and J. W.
Kennedy, Southern Expre.-- Company;
A. S. Stein, Cincinnati ; J. V.. Parke
Hloomingtoii. 111.; 11. II. Steven? and
Mrs. A.J. Leigh and children, Padueah,
Ky.; N, JHtiie, Hurn.-ide, III.; J. W. Ser
geant, St. ,lncph. Mo.; (i. S. Xel-on
Vinccunes; F. M. Ilamlltoii and J. M.
Davis, Chicago; Chas. 11. Hell, Poplar
Muffs Mo.; Jno.T. Hurr, .Memphis.
Now I- your time to iecure bar;
S-7-31 O. Haytiioun
: tin- at
.v COs.
Ili-Iure l'.si. Illril,
I'ordyce Ireland, Dennis MoKlvoy.
and Thomas WIU011, having becomu
tired of tlie monotony of their llve, con
cluded that for a change, they would get
on a spree, and having Imbibed several
drinks of "forty-rod,"' they became quite
hilarious. While in this slate they fell
Into the clutches of tlie police, and were
taken before his Honor, who asses-ed a
line of $2 and costs each agaln-t Ireland
ami MeF.lvoy, and $1 ami costs against
Wilson, who "had been there before."
MeKlyoy paid, but the other two, not
having tho wherewithal, were consigned
to the tender mercies of Jailor McCarthy.
Hetty Haker, having hecomo disgus
ted at certain practices Indulged In by her
husband with onu Mary Fillmore, con
cluded that she would have revenge, and
having met the fair Mary on the street,
sho "went for her," and although she
succeeded III giving her a good "wha
ling'' she was compelled to appease the
majesty of tho law which she had viola
ted, by depo-ltlng iu tlie coders of the
city the sum of ten dollars and trim
mings. And thus cudeth the chapter.
I.uuk to Your NtiM'li.
Parties living or owning stock In thu
suburbs ol tho city arc under the im
pression that tlm samo can run at largo
without interfering with tho rights of
others. This is a mistake, and I hereby
glye notice to all per.-ons owning stock,
that from ami after this date,
If their stock Is round run
ning at large within tho corporate
limits of the city or Cairo, they will be,
prosecuted under the ordinances. This
order does not apply to cows, but iar-
tlcs owning them must have due regard
for tho tights of others, or they will ho
made amenable to the law. The time
has not yet expired for taxing and muz
zllngdogs, nnd tho ordinance iu relation
thereto will bo enloiccd.
W. M, Williams,
!s.7-'ll Marshal,
.niiiU, Town nml 'll- I ols. I'vrsnnnl
l'ru-rl. Ac. ni Kciiirnril l- Antoi.
iiir 'uniiliiKliHiti.
The follow ing Is the nuinlier of horses,
cattle, Ac, In Alexander county nnd the
nsf cssimI value of the panic :
The total number or hor.-es, Is 1,072,
the value of them being $:w,l!io ; of thU
number 23! lire In the city of Cairo and
ale valued at $1I,I1.". The total number
of cattle Is 2,801, the value of them being
SsT-7r.S; of this number ll.'il tiro hi the
clly of Cairo and are valued at $1,0.7).
Tlio total number of mules Is S2, the
value ol tliem being $25,510; of this
number 1!H are In tberlty of Cairo and
are valued nt $7,400. The total iiumlier
of sdiccp hi the county Is '.Ij'.i, and are
valued at $!7-l. The total number ol
hogs Is 5,12:1. the value of them being
$5,505 ; of this number H nm In the city
oi Cairo nnd are valued nt $130. Tho to
tal number of steam engines Is 27J,
the value of them being $11,
1150; of this number IU nre
In CnIro,aud are valued at $1,250. The to
tal number of Iron safes Is :i!i, 01 which
35 nro hi Cairo, and are valued at $1,S10.
The total numlier of billiard and pigeon
hole tables Is 17. and nre valued nt
The total number ol carriages and
wagons is 821, valued nt $2,121, orwhlrh
number 251 nre In Cairo and are valued
at $10,200. The total nitmtwr of watches
and clocks 1 71K5, the value of them be
ing $10,C02 .V); of this number I0S are In
Cairo, and arc valued at $S,fil I 50. The
total numlier of sewing and knitting ma
chines js 50. the value of them being
$3.7Si; of this number 3? I are In the city
of Cairo and are valued at $?,i77. The
total number of pianos 1 the value
ofthciu being $10,050; ol this mimlerD5
ati' in the city of Cairo and are valued at
$t),W)0. The total number of inelodeous
and organs it 31, the value of
them being $1,000; of this number
31 are In the city of Cairo and arc valued
at $1,170. The total number of yteam
boats Is 0, all owned In the city of Cairo,
the value of them being $50,250. The to
tal amount of merchandise assessed for
taxation In the elty of Cairo Is $13S,IC0;
Iu the county out-lde of Cairo, $10,090.
The total assesed value of town and
city lots is $2,010,17. The value ot Im
proved lots being $1,352,235 ; unimprov
ed lots $i,032.
1 .anus 111 township li, s r 1 w, are
valued with Improvements, at $37,507.
The total value of Cairo out lots with
improvements. 1- $07,700.
The value of additional loU In town
ship 17, s r 1 w !; improved 01,000 ; urn
Improved 27,735, total $01,825.
The value of the Illinois Central rail
road's improved lots Is $0,250; unimprov
ed $1,725; total $10,075. The value of
the Illinois Central railroad's ".strip'' Is
$12,050. Grand total of lots and land in
the elty of Cairo and iu township 17, r 1
w-, Is: improved Si, u5,725; unimproved
nd,'j.r.f. i.rami total, $2,2t)l,52l. The
total value of personal property In town-
-hip 1., r 1 w I,, $515,700. The total nil-
ueorimnu UkU4U $105oa; uiukln-'tlu.
grand total iisscp-ment of lot-, laml, per
sonal property and band stock In town
ship 17, range 1 west $2,782,023.
roi'.vrv oLTstni: op caiiio.
The grand total value ol town loU U
$ io,5so. y
The grand total valueol land Improved
and unimproved is $3?I,0!)j.
The grand total value of personal prop
erty is172,GI0.
Making grand totaLrahie of lots, lauds
and personal propyftv out-lde of Caho
s."jG? ,,;7
lie nil llt-iiii.
The Council will probably dispense
witli the services of the Mayor ntan early
(Uy. The Council 'wins to have no use
for His Honor.
Ihe (.'ottni.it will meet again next
Tue-day night. There will be, probably,
mother bout between Ills Honor and the
Aldermen 011 that occasion, everybody
oii'dit to go to the meetlii'' and witness
the circus.
Odlcer Hillingsly is shooting dogs,
we are told. Whore does Hillingsly get
his authority V H. is one of the Mayor's
men. and the Mayor Is an antl-shootcr.
Why don't the Mayor therefore ascertain
the authority H. has for popping at curs.
We stated yesterday that the C'oiin
11 had allowed Wlutcamp and Schuster
pay lor the time they were otrduty. We
were mistaken. The bills lor lull time
were presented, and action on them post
poned until next Tuesday.
Ihe .Sum man would alarm .the whole
country by saying to it: "Cairo is iu dan
ger. Tho rivers are marching up our
levees. If they march up three feet more,
there is great danger; If they march up
seven feet more wo nre gono 1" Now he
know that the rivers could not rhu seven
feet more; but hewNhed to be .sensational
at the expense of the city that gives him
his bread and butter.
The .V101, from objecting to the pro-
po-ed Tax-Payers' league as a league of
tax-dodgers, gets on to the poor man's
horse, and rides It, by saying: "Why
not let In men that tiro not tax-payers'?"
If tho tax-payers of Cairo take care of
themselves, the nou-tax-payers will have
no rca-on to complain. Hut wo are not
of tho association. We would, If we were
running it, take In all sensiblu eltieus.
The proposed Citizens' Association,
denounced by the .Vim as a spider's par
lor and nest of lav-dodging rascals, Is not
dead as that veracious sheet has declared.
It Is a very lively corpse, If wo may trust
our eyes. We have looked 'over tho list
of names siv ned to tho "call," about a
hundred of them, and recognize those of
many or our best cltl.ens and heaviest
lux-payer. Nearly every merchant hi
the city has put his namu into the list.
Theso are the men the Sun denounces by
Implication by asking Insulting ques
tions about tho "lcagiw"ns rascals.
The Sun says : "Thu Sun had no rel-
erenco to Aldoiinau Ilalllday on Wednes
day, and tlio Hi'i.li:ti.n ceitalnly knew It
when It Hied to mix things this morn
lug." How could we know It ? The .V101
spoke of an Alderman trying to run
thing" ni the last Council meeting. Now,
Alderman Ifnllldny nut' only tried to
"run" but did ' 'run" that meeting. We
therefore concluded the Sun mcautllalll
day. Hut, since we were mistaken, w ho
did the.S'ioi inenni' which of tho Alder
men? We beg the eontouuded little
cowardly thing to be a little brave nt
once and tell us which of Ihe Aldermen
It did mean by Its insulting little squib.
Hnrftirr AhrfMl.
Hucfucr, of the Planters' House, Is not
to be outdone. Hi; Introduced Into
Cairo the beer excltemcnt.and taught our
jieopli! to appreciate good beer. For a
season he gave them the lie! In the mar
ket. Hut this sea-on the beers are o gener
ally good that il is hard to determine the
There l Hl.it.
And PlUener;
These nre now the rage, and lluefncrls
Inclined to niTommodnte tbe public
taste. He will give the people whatthey
Hut besides the Itlat and PiUcner
beers, lluefner has discovered another,
very line the Toledo beer. It will be a
urprie to our lieer driukcis and plcae
them very much.
So with
Pil sciicr,
everybody ought tojbcsatlstlcilaud lluef
ner Is determined to keep these all on
To-night therefore, he will set a great
lunch, have n line band of music on
hand, and with good eating and en
livening tunes will open the three heer..
1'emcmljcr, one and all. to be on hand.
To-night, at 0 o'clock,
lluefner is ahead.
To tlie Ti-Htle.
.V) bands A Suijar.
10 barrels Hrown Sugar.
ID barrels De Castro and O'DounarKxtr
C Sugar.
M) bags Coffee.
200 pieces of Mti-lin, price CJ to 10c
Tho above goods will be -old at the
lowest possible price.
A'sn, 10 hogsheads of liacon and SI1011I
dcrtjnsttn, audio tuba of Hxtra Choice
Northern Huttcr, for retail trade,
S-C-H C. O. Patixu A. "o.
I.o sit l'ln
Last Thursday evening, on F.lghlh
street, between Uuder's store and circus
grounds, a lady's small amethyst breast
pin. 1 he Under will be rewarded by
leaving at HcM.KTrx ofllce. 7-13-tf.
Vor Hmte.
A ullvcr plated No. 0 Wil-on Shuttle Sew
ing Maehlne, hard (piano) tllihh, valued at
$a5. Will be told at ill) discount, on good
tenn-, and ordered direct from the factory.
A No.'J WiUan Shuttlu Sewing Machine
valued at 75. Will be sold at 915 din-omit
and ordered direct frcm the factory.
A t'JO J'cinfngtoa Sewing Machine WO
off for each. Suitable fur tailor or boot and
idioc maniilai-mrer.
r";)K SAL.!..
At a bargain, and on good terms, u Howe
Sewing Maehlne. May be icen at the Com
pany's oillcc. corner Ninth street and Com
mercial. FOlt SAI.F..
"Picture-quo America.'' IS numbers
bound in 2 volumes, full gilt Morocco;
price, ifm,
A8tyla"K," "Clough, Warr-n A Co.V
l'ntior Organ, rltflit from tbe factory at De
troit, l.ict prlco, !?300. Will be fold for
A new two-horse Gamble wagon
For any of the above articles, apply at
the ni'l.I.KTIN otllce. P.. A. IlL'KNKTT.
jA preparation so widely and fa
vorably known as Hall's Veretable .Sicil
ian Jlnlr llcnewcr, neeils few words of
praise imni u. jiiis compoumi 11a3
wou Its way to the highest favor In the
public mind ; and multitudes, who have
vainly used other remedies for the res-
lnr.it Inn nf their bnlr. b.ivn. on trvliiL' tlie
Sicilian I'cnewcr, heen made glad by tlie
speedy restoration ot their gray Hair to
Its natural color, mid the thin lockH
thickened up, as iu the days of early
youth. It also prevents the hair falling
out, makes it soft and glossy, and Is alto
gether the best preparation for Its In
tended purposes bclorc the public. Pith
burg Chronicle.
Evansville, Cairo and Memphis
Steam Packet Co.,
Padueah, Shawnootown. Evans-
vino, Xiouisvmo, uinomnau
and all way landings.
'Tlie unrivalled ride-wlirri -tcami-r
11. O Fowi.kii - Mailer.
I'll. It. TllOMAi - CU-l'K,
H 111 li-uve KviiiiavllllcforCiilroevi'ryMOSlJAV
uml'lHUItSKAY at! o'clock p. m.
Inw Culro nt-ry TUKSKA V nt rillDAt ,l
it o'clock p. 111.
Thu rii-tpint ulilv-wlitii atcuiocr
Wilt lunu KvaiHvllln for Cairo evrry TUK3-
DAY and FKIUAV at 4 o'clock p. m.
Will U-me Culroeu-ry WKU.NKtllAY and SAT-
UltllAY nt "o'clock p. ni.
Tlie elcKUiit -lilc.vvln.-el sti-anier
John 5or-
Mat. WitUAiia.
U-aveit KvanavlIWi fur Cairo every WKDMSS-
DAY ami bATUHADY ul 5 u. 111.
Ijmxv Cairo evrry TllUltHDA Y and SUNDAY
atUp, iu.
Kudi bout make clone connect loin ut Cairo
with ilml-cla-M miuiimr. for bt. l.ouU, Mt-m-11I1U
and New Orlcmw, aud at hvanavllle Willi
tlie K.AC. It. U. for ull)iiiliia Nortli and hunt,
,,,,.1 u-iii. tin, l .iiiUviHx Mull Sltamt-i-a for all
point on the UpiH-r Ohio, kIvIhk tliroiiiflil
itliitu on fivltJliU and jnunenKer to all oliil
For nirlher Informatloii apiily to
SOI,, MLVKIt, J'A;iiger Asi-ut.
,1. M. rHlLUI'H, -"m''
Or to U J. (ilUMMl'lt,
Sniieriiileiident and Ovneral Frt-lKjit Affnt,
.,i-,i.-.'ii.j- Kviu" IHc ltirii
Fort Ul.
Steamer Jim Flsk, Padttenh.
" Julia, St. I.oiils.
Tow-boat Jnn. Gllmore, St. f.ouU.
Steainep Jim FIsk, Padueah.
" Julia, Vicksburg.
Tow-heat Alice Hrown, Louisville.
" Jno. Gllmore, St. I.ouls.
-The river last evenlnir was 45 fiet
and 3-5 of mi Inch on the gauge, having
risen 1 1-., inches nn lo S n. m.. frnm
which hour It remained stationary, 'lids
Is good new . And now If no additional
Hood set In idwve we may exjiect a
heavy decline In a day or two.
I lie siirii.il olllee elves tlie condition
of the rivers elsewhere as follows : Pitts
burg S feet 10 inches, f,.l -j (.t It) Inches ;
Cincinnati 55 feet ft Inches, roe 11 Inches;
Louisville 2-s fret !) Indies, rose 2 fs-et S
Inches ; Na-hvlllo 1 1 feet 0 Inches, rosu21
Inches; St. Louis 27 feet 1 Inch, fell 11
J he weather was fair ami mild
Business dull.
The Gllmore ret urns toSt. Louis with
Tlie Alice Hrown took M boats and
left for I.oul-villo c venlnjr before lnl.
The river gauge was the point ol at
traction yesterday, nnd was villed by
great many people.
The vork of unloading the barge ol
Padue.ah gravel at the -tone depot
progresses slowly. It makes n big pile.
Captain It. . Dugau Is more seri
ously ill than was at first supposed, and
Is confined to his bed with n billions at
tack. We hope to see him out again
Wak Uei'aiitmcmt. Hivek Uaroin-,
.Miinisi ii. ins.
aiiove ,.,.,
rr. ix. it. j is.
Cuho . I'. 1 1 J
lMtlsl.urx i M .1 in
Cincinnati . .V. .'. 11
Ix.nlM'llle.. M t! S
'hIivIMi; 14 li xl II
St. Loills. 'XT 1 10
Corrcctnl Dally tiyK. 51 StcamK, cnmmlion
incrclinnt, hvcri-tarj' of the t ulm Uoanl ol
riour, accoriiniK 10 Rnvie i) Tj
Com, mUrsI, mil-kill , 7;
Corn, wliiu-, aacUst 7r,'is"c
Oota, mlxcl tqctc
llraii, 1 t ton tin
Meal, Dlcam dried $.1 Ml
Hultvr, clinlcu NorlluTii 2.-Jc
lUlltT,CIlUIIUSUlllIl-ril 111 7'V
Kupa, iK-rilozrn l"c
Chickens, pvr dozen l
Turkeys, n-r dozen ;ir10M)
Ai)it-, inoici', ri):irni
I'ututofs, r taml i:i
Onl jiij, jr burrel tJ 01
Jnit RerriK-il.
A full Hoe of importiij, Key Wct ami
domcf tie clgin.
lon-lIU-4:. t:iI-nt I.WIIU llrr-
Ilitoinliltlnii A'atii-e.
The partnership between 1.. I). Thorns
and II. A. Thorns I- this day dissolved.
II. A. Thorns retiring and L. I). Thorns
I continuing the bushic
1). 'VnoM-,
A. TitOMt.
Caiiio, August :
arXX Amber and White rag stock
eiivelopc.satthenL'i.i.r.Tix otllce, printed,
S'l .Ml and ?aI 00 per M.
The pirtncrslilp heretofore exlsthij be-
tweeu the undersigned under the linn name
of Arter .V Stewart. Is this day dl-solvcd by
mutual const-lit .Mr. Arter retiring.
The buslnets will bo continued at the old
stand, on Commercial avenue, by .lamos
W. Stewart and Webster M. White, under
the name of Stewart .t White, who will
collect all bills duo the old linn, and pay
all of Its liidebtnesj.
0. 1). Aim: it,
.lA!.. W. STtWAitr.
Caiko, 111,, AiiKiist 4, 187.". ,s.--iit
To Ire t'oiimiiiiern.
Tlie undersigned being convinced that
the present low price of ice entnlls a loss
upon the dealers, hereby agree, that on
nnd after Sunday, August 1st, the price
of Ico shall be as follows: Tor 0 pounds
and upwards at 75 per 100; less than
f0 pounds at anyone time, at the rate of
$1 jier 100 pounds.
Jlfsi:. Loom in Sc Co.,
7-:t0tt .lou.v SfiiOAT.
Ah I am barrasucd to death from atnte
men's trom New York, 1 am compelled to
sell my cntlro ntock of Clothing at an !m
mcmic sacrlflco. Ike Walukii,
7-1'MI. Corner SUth ami Ohio Lcvoe.
Obstacles to Marriage.
iluppy relief for young men frkm tbe cf
feet of error and abuse in early .'iff,
.Manhood restored. Impediments to mar
riage removed. New method ot treatment.
New and remarkablo remedies. Hooks
ami circular- sent frco, In sealed cnvolope.
N. Ninth street, liilladclpbia, I'a. an Insti
tution Inning b high reputation for honor
al le conduct and protcinlonal skill.
,ri-ll.d.t w-Um.
A Book for the People.
PUT3I0L00Y 1 A l.-l-lllm.U lunllctl wort vt V
A l..pltlm.U limllo.l vuiL 1)1 VA
I it doul.l. i-vliiinu r-iixctt i:il-. rtn.
SfAHRIAUi:. J mur.1 and t.l nUliuniul Hie ,
MtrrlMItt, iuiliUlr.ti..lUiUlliU-i-Hon.,
the Myltoilei ot Ueproductlon, to. A .uiiJ.'J
uli-tlD .111 iherlou.dma.mtiil)ruuri' aBoQen-raUTaOriaautlwilii-'.,li.c'lii4liii;
all lofii.iorrrl
te, Veneiealaail OUrouloBlaaaacaofMliVi"... u
Mint! of Xarly Abuaea un lh waiwl . M.in ana llw ilti -L-tr.
ul or.. fclorc ,l alwr lunrrlnr. I. ttainj
lualur.WiiiKl Ilnpouncy-aprliau "'""1'u',1',:"
ln.tri.--l ai..f lliu cuiilriiiiilalliiii iiirrla. .
,iit adirnlmntm, lt lallic 1 ,'' r,''3LM.'J:
jrltm imnicrwui I'ltwr ptloni , to, a If Ihr aUiiB "'.
ffUr.H.B.I ,-h,-IJ.iubIii el.t1!. . A '"'
tbUli.".lii!ro:jlrratiuiiiiir anrnatorikt. tv
Wi cvaui.it uf il.o lKit "'"V,K,!?,H'?,
mtlVl ur lunp. Alx. imall Kdlol TrMlla oath,
ati';jlM.H.,il'ir.til'rtt. Ailarr.i,
S ilaaipl. I'avkatM, wllk Ilk, IJ.1, vulWI... IA.i.iu.1
MilSirrLiiaCu.,t.1 ti.4".r,"J. Y.r
. . . K.W.
Anddndrr In
it A '
r 16H.
M onto rival,
11 -.I. .inn 1
(lane rat
r . - 1 ;nu
HAIR, 8tc
VnAtr City JUtUmp.l Druak.
T WII.I. aril In car-loail loU at iiua..tcliiirr
eric, auiunx r iTixm.
IflucMiiors to Joha B, PhUU
t-mrii -nr a ti wi 1
aku isles, a
nnmrnJ HIT 1 . 'tetltfcl
vmiiiinoaiuu jmlvi ULUUllv
A ml tlrulcrs in
IttAl, BBAX, te. runo
Aa-enti far LAFLDf 4 SAWD Ml-mv nn
Coraar Taatk Strat mat Ofcto
Taatk Strat
7. I) Ualhusj. e C
And Central
Commission Merchants
I)il-r8 Iu
Q4 OUio Xjo-7oo.
Flour Merchant
Millers' Agent.
No 'OOld'j Levi,
K, J, Aym.
9. D. Ajn.
And (rcneral
Commission Merchan
No. 78
LfAn-r. r-AHKrH
(siiccossori. to Milter Parker,
Commission Merchants
And Dvalt-r In
oirict. :
Tit UHlOLKVlie.
!CJYV have Irased the large Yellow Wnre
Iiihii-v, In nine niiacity a,oon tons, whl.-Ji glvv
us ample fUcililU-a furHturiiifr and sbipplni;
Insurance Agent, fa
osxo Xi-Bxria-B.
etr Mataui TU'i.
" 4
NONE but rirst-Cuu Companlr nx
Insurance Agents,
City KaUonal Uak luiUimt, f-tUUi.
The Oldaat Ea tablih4 A-aiOF U Soutk
mm iiuogta, nar-Haaii Qynt
tti OOO OftO.
wax and babkxt uo
All kla4a tMrd Md mA.)
VTioiren it-itwii i.iti. mu
UUl Mi Tartt,
liumaa -iivr-r.Vaiirth BtMatt am
a a
i scml
1 1
In tn
rh slxl
i Oil
cr at
js on
li do.
i, u
, th
tten bo
ed i
, Crl
' ff
is b
le I
cre, ONh

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