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mutt mm BtT
Mi Nlttfi MUUt,
a .ocelot W'nthlngton dispatch of a
We dteM'o nppcnn from table pre
pared by the "department of agriculture
that the arerago price of farm labor, with
board, In the United States it $12 40 per
month, being a decline or nearly twenty
per cent, aluce 1869. Part of this differ
ence, however, Is found In the dl.prqpor
ttoa in the number of laborers of tho
higher and" lower classes In ctllclcncy
and money value. The cal
culations arc based on the numbers
si V rtapec tlvely la the census of 1800
and 1870, and la the latter the slaves of
th Corner period, who had no place In
thatenmaeratlM, are included ns farm
laborer, increaatac tho proportion of
of low priced labor and reducing the aver-
aft. The average price ot labor, with
beard, la the Southern States It $10 17,
lnti Western $13 00, In the Middle
$10 81, in the Eastern $18 5S, on the
Pacific coast 28 12,' and In tho Trrrl
torles $18 33.
The Radical Cincinnati Gazette hoi the
opinion that Gov. Bcvcridjrc should "kike
measures" to bring' the aMasjins or vt ji
Haawoa county te punishment or lYsljrn
his office. He should resign his olllee.
The cool Insolence with which he has re
ceived every suggestion that he .hould
Interfere to secure the execution of the
laws in Williamson county proves him to
be entirely unfitted for the high oftlec he
now occupies, lie obtained the place by
being a negative man, a man of
low voice and devout manner,
and not because of nuy manifestation of
ability. A lucky man, lie stumbled Into
the Governor's oflice, and, in it, has been
nothing but a flguro head. While the
galling is pleasant, he will do very well,
because then there is no necessity ot an
executive officer In the State. A clerk
to sign routine documents, in ordinary
times, would be all that is required in
the gubernatorial chair, and that ls nil
Gov. Bcverldgc has amounted to. In
exigencies that require nerve and the
moral courage to take responsibilities, he
is m a little child, u helpless creature.
tto wltli him. and he was made hl own
successor without a dUscntlng voice.
Judge Baker Is not in, and knows noth
ing of rings, cliques or jolts. Ho Is hon
est and capnblc The streamer at oar
matbcad floats to the breeze with tho
name of Judge P. .T. Raker, of Alexan
der county conspicuously displayed there
onas the next candidate for congress"
vt ell, the fuel is, (and we hope our
Democratic friends, will not suspect us of
Radicalism for telling tlds very palpable
truth), Judge Baker would make n more
formidable canvass against JMr. Ilartzcll
than nuy other llepubllcan in the district.
Ho would Ik.', without a doubt,' n 'little
host In himself very difficult to overcome;-
but, we Ix'llcve, lie could be defcatod.
The next will we presidential year po
litical excitement will run hlglj party
Hues will le strictly drawn, and It would
he impossible for the Judge to secure the
votes of his personal friend? among the
Democrats as he mliriitaiul would almost
without doubt do In nny other jcar. Itc-
sldes, it Is not known what the Judge's
political views now are. He was never
an uncompromising ltadlcal, but has al;
waystccn moderate and reasonable In
his political views. During about si
years he has been on the bench, and lias
not given utterance to any political sent!
incuts or taken any part in the political
contest, and it is fair to presume that he
has drifted entirely out of tho Republican
current, and now Is in sentiment with
tho "progressive" anti-Bourbon Demo
The Mound City Jourrul contains the
"Mayor w Inter of Cairo U at logger
heads with the city council, and the Cairo
Bulletin is doing Its utmost to get up a
serious difference of opinion betweeu the
former and City Marshal Williams. The
tsuiitim't devices are too thin. It must
mime mcssrs. inur mm iviiuanis very
alblcfofthe failure of the sub-contract-
or to pay.thelr hoticst,kbt
This is nil tue eriaenoe uinjounwi lias
of cornptionln the conralsriton, and It
,wlii(kupiis porc-haded vhlne,by say-
ing: ""upori uie wnoie, we iihiikmiiu
State may well congratulate itself upon
securing as fine n monument as it has.
though doubtless much of the credit for
this l"duc Commissioner llamblcton,
Hon. Js . R. Caey and others resident here
who closely watched the interests ol the
Suite In the matter.'" Commissioner
Hambietonhos Informed us that lie was
In complete accord with Commissioners
Willis and Lootioy upon all matters con
nected with the construction of the mon
ument, except that of the letting of tho
contract; So If Commissioner Ilamblc-
JloM Is cntltled to pralc. so are coinnm-
sloners Willis andl.ooney.
And thus the fussy nnd feathery
charces of the Journal till fall to the
Mr. TniXKit, of Georgia, a colored iil
ltor, had considerable to say at Hie eou
ventlou of colored newspaper men hi
Cincinnati last week. The civil rights
Mil does not work to suit him. He vUlt
eu Jjong litaucn lately aim enjoycu a
mngnlflccnt ride, with a white man, for a
dime, but when It came to getting hotel
accommodations, lie was shoved out of
the first class hotels and compelled to
reek .shelter lu an obscure part of tho
town. This was ti pity for Turner. He
should have had u inagultlecut dinner
somewhere, with a while man for a cook.
Mine Offer n ItowfcMI far the-
mmtnn voniisy -siii-H-rer-.
4 - . v i
Hptatvnrii'.l.n. I I.I... AtluiHt (I fJovnr-
uor Bcvcrldgo to-day issued the fo!16w-
Mir nrociaiuaiion:
Wlirn-ns. the county of Wl I amsoii
has ofiVn.il a rcwnrtl of $1000 each for tho
arrest of the murderers of David Uullo-
ner, James Jlciiiierson, Dr. Vincent
Hlnehclin and William Spcnce;
Now, therefore, I, John L. Ilevorldge,
Governor of the State of Illinois, do pro
claim and oiler an additional reward of
$400 for the arrest mid conviction of the
murderers of said persons, and a like
amount for the arrest nnd conviction of
the murderers, ol Captain O. W. Slsney,
and also of George ltullener.Iatc of Jack
son county.
One-half oftlio Mild reward lobe paid
out of the appropriation for 'rewards for
fugitives from utlce," and one-half out
or the Governor's contingent fund.
Tho murderers of David llullcncr,
James Henderson, Dr. Vincent lllncli
clltr and William Spenee to bo delivered
to the Sheriff of Williamson county: and
the imirderet's of Captain G. W. SUney
and George llullcncr to be delivered to
the Sherlli rof .Inchon county.
unsophisticated, if It thinks tlicv cannot
we me mouro lor lis uisorganizing
'.unrrvi-unxuing parairrapiis.' '
'llic Bulletin' has done nothing to
get up a serious difference of opinion lie
twecn the Mayor and Marshal. A scrl
ous difference of oplnlou between tlto
gentlemen was in existence several
weeks before the BuLLr.u.v knew that
the pleasant relations that had long ex.
fated between the two had been In the
least disturbed. Tliey had ceased to be
friends when wc put in our oar. They
had, in fact, quarreled , and the quarrel
Is still In progress. But within the last
few days, a sort of a peace ha been
patched up, aud Mayor Winter now
says he will not remove the Marshal un
lets lie should again become insubordi
nate and disrespectful. v have had
nothing to do with the difference of
Wc have no objection to the hostility
Of the Mound City Journal, but we do
lasWt that it shall not any longer, as. J
baa persistently in the past, inlfJ'
sent us. To wilfully mlsrcjr ' 'fp ,"
to -rtlfally lie, a fact the Jourjfl
tw. We have, dm .
iBfBd-Boaiictaifr nl en"'
ng-llj.M -JOV.Bevcrldgc for his
of--'- observe his constitutional duty
f Sag care that the laws are faithfully
oforocd, and have of late condemned
hie apathetic conduct In rclatiou to the
aaaaulnations in Williamson county.
The Bcluctik has becu the most out
spoken among the papers of Illinois in
criticism of the Governor's unjustifiable
conduct in this matter. This the Journal
kaowa, and with this knowledge
says:s "The Cairo papers, both dally,
have a queer idea of the duties of legis
lators and the Governor. AVo would
judge from them tliat the Governor has
nothing to do but pardou criminals and
Issue thanksgiving proclamations', while
the legislature should assume the more
Important functions of the executive."
Now, this Is an assertion, by implication,
that we have been defending tho Gov
ernor in his refusal to Interfere
In the Williamson count-, assigna
tions, and Is consequently a falsehood by
Implication. Mr. Potter knows that tho
Implication of bis words quoted by us Is
falie, and consequently Mr. Potter has,
to satisfy a 'personal grudge, knowingly
been guilty of the utterance of a false
hood about us. Wherefore we beg leave
tt My to Mr.. Potter that he ought to be
ashamed of himself. If be goes on
awhile longer he will be considered by
the public as almost as iinreliablo as Mr.
Davis of the Sun.
The Mound City Journal made, some
time ago, the very serlotH assertion that
the commissioners to build the Mound
City Monument had been guilty of
shameful ra'callty lu Its construction.
No specifications were given at tho time ;
but now the Journal comes forward with
aud asserts its reasons tor believing the
monument commissioners corrupt.
Mark them :
1. The monument is of rock, called by
the contractors, Georgia granite, and is
sort stone easily worked. Its grain Is
somewhat like sandstone, and It crum
bles somewhat like it.
The truth Is, the stone is granite, and
cood granite, too. The sandstone asser
tion is ridiculous. But where is the cor
ruption in this stono business?
2. "The design was not the best by
any means that was lain neiorc tno com
missioners for acceptance, aud this fact,
together with some others In connection,
led to tho biteplclon that advertising for
and receiving bids nnd plans was a farce,
that n majority of the commissioners had
previously arrived at an understanding
with the nitecessful bidders. However
this may have been, alter the design and
bid of Emery & Co. had been accepted,
a material alteration in the design ac
ccpted was made, which considerably
lessened the cost of the work nnd tints
operated unjustly to others who had sub
mitted designs and bids lu good faith."
The design was the best 5 and gentle
men of Mound City who were anxious to
have the Chicago design accepted have
acknowledged this to us since the com
Miction of the monument. But Mr. Pot
tcr's suspicion Is not evidence of cor
ruption or proof that Messrs. Willis and
Loouey had determined before the com
mission convened to give Emery & Co.
the contract. There is no good reason
to believe that this Is true.
The clianrc that, alter thu contract had
been lt, mi nUcrntlon was made In tho J
Interest of tiw contractors, .Vrft,.
Tin: cholera lu Damascus, up to the
twenty-third of July, had carried off
fottr hundred people a day. The Chris
tian quarters were deserted. Sudden
death occurred lu the streets. There
were no piiysieinns, medicines or sup
plies. The disease has not yet reached
Europe, and the lateness of the season
renders It probable that no epidemic lu
that country or lu this will occur the
present summer.
Tin: Murphysboro Independent uays
it uuro the situation is growing very
critical. Tho Ohio continues to march
up the levees nnd over Into Kou
tucky with rapid strides. Two feet more
will be dangerous to the levees, and over
whelm thecily." This will be recognized
ns tho alarm cry of the Gentle Davis ol
tho.S'iw. He lias provided all our ene
mies with splendid weapons to be uacd
agalmt us.
The i'lril IIoiim In Trniieanee.
.Vu-livlllc Banner.
It has been stated that ex-Presldcnt
Johnson died very near the snot where
tho llrst house was erected 111 what is
now the State or Tennessee. Is not this
an error!1 Ramsey says Tort Loudon
was erected In 1700, on the south bank ol
the Tennessee, about thirty miles from
Mioxvuic, ami aaus: "umiiou is re
niarkable as being tho llrst fort or other
structure erected in Tennessee by Anglo
Americans." ne quotes Simms as re
porting a rapid accumulation of settlers
luaii tue cuoicc places in the neiKli
hood, and subsequently says: "In the
Hfc lltJM.KTIN liuMIkrm(r)rtn6mlnK
WwplMoiMtii)) In llic llnllftlti llulldlag, cor-
ner Washington nromeanil Twelfth strret.
Tut MrLMTix l mrn to city witucrttwrs by
fiiltiiful fnrtlfM Hi Twrnty-Vlvc (nt Week,
lytt10 wevkly. liy Mail, (In mlianee), loir
snnumi nixmnnlhs, H llim- wontlm, i'l; one
monUi, 1 !!.-.
I'ubllj'inl every Tlmr.nlay moiiitug-at tl
pe: milium, InvmliiMy In wlrnnir. '1 he iiostuyr
en lite Weekly will lx- jirepnlil lit Ihli offlre, o
that auljicrlliom will iiMntii lor 11 sulncrlptlon
rice of SI n year.
snrhigofl768 tho jrarrlson ot Fort Lou
lion was augmented to two hundred
men. In a few months, by the arrival of
traders :uid hunters, it grew Into a thriv
ing village." Tills fort was destroyed
lu 1700, and tho settlements broken up.
In 17iW another fort was erected on the
north bank of the HoUton river, nearly
opposite the upper end of Long Island
(lu Hawkins county), and was known as
Long Island fort, but no permanent set
tlements were made near it lor a con
siderable time. The llrst permanent set
tlement was formed on thu Watnuga, In
what Is now Washington county, llam-
sey says uaptain William Jtcan came
from Pittoylvnu la eountv. V rirlnla. "and
settled, early in 1709, on Uoon's creek, n
mutuary 01 me y atauga, in advance ot
Carter and others, who soon alter Fettled
upon that stream. 1 MU cabin
was net far from Watauga." TliN settle
ment was .probably ten or illtren miles
distant from the place al which oA-Prcsi
dent Johnson died."
lSusinrita Caiila, per annum Wi l
One square, one uiertlon 1 (m
One srniare, two mrerllokx,... 1 f'l
One arjuarr, one werk, '2 M
Out square, two wi a AO
One aquarc, Ihree wwk,. 4 )
One aqnre, ona nionlli A ui
W K K I. V .
One aquaiv, oue insertion, tl
Knell aillieiiieiil Insertion Wl
trOne inch it a U.irc.
K3"ri re(rnlra.hittlii-ra wcuSiraiiiirrlnr In
duct luents, ltoth us to rnte ul t liarKeA anil man
ner ut illo J.layinir their favor.
J3"Nf.tleei In locl rulmnii Inactletl for Fif
teen Cents jr line for nn IntertluQ, Twenly
Onls n Hue for two iii4ertlon, Twenty-Five
Cent a Hue for three iniertlana, TUIrty-Flve
Centt n line for one wetl, anil Seventy-Five
Cent a lino for one month.
00 S
The HOWE Machine
Will stand a tost of Strength of Ma
chinery that no other Machine will. Call
and see and be convlncod that this Is
the best now in the Market.
Tlx Howe Xa.oh.in Co.
Agency For Southern Illinoin.
D. F. BENNETT. Manager.
Communication upon subjects of gen
eral Internet to the public solicited.
Offend for Sale at
GvmmX Reduotion in Prion,
Domestics, Sheetings,
Prints, Bleached Muslins,
Ginghams, Cretones,
Table Linens, forcaies,
Tin: State Jtnrxai remains; "Wc
think it perfeelly safe to say that 'the
Cairo llitlletin, a Democratic paper with
"Radical" proclivities,' is anxioiu to
'commit itself In advance to tho Iitdc-pcndciit-Kcibrm
candidate for Governor,'
if thereby it can tole the Independent
Reformers into the Democratic fold.
This the llitlletin, in the face ot the above,
will fccareely deny." Scarcely, now that
we come to think otlt.
- caaeaEaa.
The Jackaoa Couaty Era nomiiiutes
luafeuara j. nmer, or uiu city, w
the Republican candidate for Congress
next year. "If," aura the Era, "tho
aaaetion : 'who Is to be the uext Kepub
fKwncaadUkte for coBgreM In this
diatrletr ataould be put to ui wc would
tartaWr Hrge no other person than Judc
aakwr,rcalra, Judge Baker, so nay
aM tfca PflenUlc paper of his judical
-atrit,Uaaabkman;amni who has the
mmMmm mt tka people who know him.
Ia Ma laat oaaraat for circuit judge, Mr.
lafcf Mm oppoaetit lie bad filled
i wM) aaek dlraity, ability and
tttlKTtaatBO person would coin-
Hwereu uy tue journal. iimJJJ.-j,, !Ul tijf.
n. 10 me arucie in wK.h Uic clmrR0 i3
maue. ino Jov.ra-i say8. ..jj, u S11CC
writliiff H'JSrejjoing wc are informed
bv Com . .1 ii t.i.. ti... .i
111 .illlSbluucr iiuiuutvwn UIU uv
y ,.V.6n lu the de&itfu of the monument,
v,y which two statue were left out, was
understood when the bid was accepted
aud that the other bidders present
understood it so. This is our first lnfor
inatlon to tills effect. Wc have always
previously understood, from those who
professed to know, differently. Rut
Captain II. ought to be ood authority
on the point."
3. "The contractors have failed in
some instances to pay nanus
who worked on the monument."
The commission let tho contract to
Emery & Co. for $23,000. Emery & Co
let a contract to some person to d
certain work tor them un the monument.
The sub-contractors hired "hands,"
and did their work for Emery & Co. and
received pay; but they have failed
to pay their "hands." What could the
commissioners do about this!1 Thu mon
ument, being completed according to con
tract, the commissioners were compelled
to pay for It to the contractors, $25,000.
If the contractors refuse to pay the
"hands" of their bttb-contractors, to
whom they have paid all they promised,
what cuu the commissioners do about it?
how, In this fact, docs the Journal tint
evidence of Its charge of corruptloi
agaliibt the commissioners?
The Journal claims, in this connection,
that the commissioners should have
guarded thu appropriation so it could
not be stolen and llic workmen
left unpaid. True, the commissioners
might have held back money duo to the
contractors, until the money duo to tho
hand of the sub-contractors had been
paid, and it is to be regretted they did
not do so; but that they did not Is no evi
dence of corruption, and It will not do
to say that, because tho commission did
not do this unusual thing, Willis and
Looncy arc tricksters or Incompetents,
and Hambletoii honest and competent.
If Willis and Looney are, lor tho reason
given by thu Journal, incompetent men
or tricksters who jiermltted money to be
stolen, llamblcton is also guilty, and the
Journal ought to bo frank enough to say
so. llamblcton acted with Willis and
Looney in tlds matter. Tho commission
wm not divided. If the failure of the
subcontractors to pay hands makes the
charge of the Journal good against tho
Republican! it makes it also good against
the Democrat en tue board, uut, in ract,
the commissioners cannot be held respon-
Caiko says she is not uneasy ; but there
is a very .oacuiau deluge to come down
tue unto ami .Mississippi yet. owner
Journal. It's Xo-achiau delude for Cairo,
tlioii-'Ji. and if Cincinnati and Louisville
uud other cities which are in danger from
the Hoods will come to Cairo, we will
keep them low and dry until tho dclugo
Is past.
lll'.NJAMIN 11. UAM.KCK, a ClerK ill UK!
cash room of tliw treasury department, has
Vi2iete!.Wve inousiud
dollar treasury thief, llalleck .has been
frequenting saloons and spending money
at a rate which the detectives regarded
as suspicious, uud lias tlually been ar
rested upon evidence which is nearly con
clusive ns to his guilt.
IIor CholPi-M firmed
Take half a pound saltpeter and one
pound of prepared mustard, pulverize
and mix well together in one bushel of
bran or meal and feed to 1iol'. This
quantity is stitllelent for one hundred
head of stock. Ol course it is only ne
cessary to observe the same proportion
in preparing the mixture for any num
ber, if tho hogs refuse to eat, force
It down their throats with stick or paddle.
U.ll letters MmuM be alitressel to
IVsMciit Cnim IlulNlu Coniimny.
Ann Eliza You.no, llrighani Voting's
nineteenth wife, says that the order for
the Mountain Meadows' massacre was
given by the prophet himself. The prop
erty of the emigrants was estimated to be
worth four hundred thousand dollars;
part ot it was sold to highest bidders
and the rest quietly divided among the
chief Saints.
Tux Mound City Journal puts it
strongly and truthfully when, speaking
of the Williamson county banditti, it
says: "If Illinois had a Governor worthy
ot the title this business would be stop
ped. Ucveridgu only kuows how to par
don murderers; he cannot bring them to
Tub Courhr-Journal suggests that the
children of the civilized world contribute
a lund fpr the erection of u monument to
the memory of Hans Christian Ander
sen. The suggestion is appropriate. No
better friend, iti thu best senso of that
word, to the children of the whole world
ever lived than Andersen.
Seil of Ghoio
'lUc iinlcrhlKiinl will nil
On llic ikwIh's, on
WcrWday-r August 25th, 1875
'Die followlug rial rtutv to-ivlt
LotxNo.U nm! Ill in block No. '., city ol
Culro.oDjIlie totilti Biik- of Eighth btrtt't bctwtt-n
Commercial mid Wa.-hlimtoii uvtiiue.s.ut urornt
occupied by Clia. Webber, and known 111 the
uaiino" iwiuoh.
tlicoiie-halforiot 17 and all oflots ls, l'J, .Ouud
'.'I in block UI. beluu the reitlileiicc ot Clma.
Tlinipp, r.tq., eituuted;atlhe Boutli-cmt corner
ofbcvintli ftrcit and Washington htciiuc.
lota 7 uad 8 lu block -ft. 1st addition to the city
of Cairo, ut the comer of Twenty-ninth street
und Commercial uvcmiui both above sijie water.
forty acres of timber land In Pulaski Co , , 111.,
oue mile uortli of Villa ltl(lc aud on the t C.
eitthty acres ol lund l.V mile south wct ol Char
loton, Mo., in a tplendltl turinlm; country.
The above roierty,at reicut owned by Chan.
Thrupp, Ekj.i ol'C'airo, will be sold because Mt
Thrupii contemplates leaving the city.
T&KS-One-half cash, balance one and
twnyeara, ccurcd by mortgage. Titles jierfect.
For further Information ave posters, or ap
ply to U. 'thrupp or to
Real Estate Agents.
Gold, rubles aud diamonds have beeu
discovered in the hills of Morgan county.
Miners arc at work, and If their expecta
tions are realized, no Morgan county
men will emigrate to thelilack Hills.
Two dozen Tennessee politicians ex
press their readiness to step Into the late
.Senator Johnson's shoes. As only one
man can get them, twenty-three will be
badly disappointed.
Evansvllle, Cairo and Memphli
Steam Packet Co.
Paduoah, Shawneetawn, Evans
villo, Louisville, Cinoinnati
and all way landings.
The imrlMillnl tide-wheel elenmer
I). CI. rYiwuii Master.
Ki. II. Thomas Clerk.
Will leave KvanavlllleforCulroevery MONDAY
nd'lUUItSUAY at 4 o'clock p. m.
Leaves Cairo every TUK-il'AY and KltlDAY.nt
0 o'clock p. in.
Th elegant aide-Wheel ateamer
Hon, .T. M. Tiiackkk, commltsioncr of
patents, is aliotit to retire from his posi
tion, nnd the suuccssorshlp is creating
quite a little breeze already.
Tiik Hprlnglrcld, Mass., Republican
knows but one candidate for tho presi
dency In 1870, and l:e is Charles Francis
Tiik loss by Hoods In Central Illinois h
estimated at from seven to eight millions
of dollars.
A hundred thousand acres of corn ly
ing along the Illinois bottoms are tiuder
Never cut your corns ; it Is dangerous.
To remove them when they become luud,
soak them In warm water, aud then with
a small pumlce-stono rasp them down.
Try it, and you will uevcr uo a Unlfe afterword".
nis ItoHAlin - Master.
Walteii 1), I'tNNiNorox Clcik.
Will have Uvanaville for Cairo every TUES
DAY and iTUDAY at o'clock ). m. .
Will have Cairo every WK UN Efi DAY und SAT
t'ltliAYalU o'clock p. m.
Tlie elegant aide-wheel "teanier
tons (iorr
Mai. Williau
leaves Evansvllle for Cairo uwnBWKDNES-
I)AV.,ul M ATITRAUY HI n t. Ill
Leaves LhIto every I'llUllHDA Y ai
otdp. m.
Each boat makes close
With flratwluui atcamera for St.
phis and New Orleans, and at Kv
the E. 4C. It. It. for alliMilnlsNo:
connec Bins at Cairo
ouls, Mem-
psville with
ana taut.
and with tho Ixiulsvllle Mall 8Uner for all
points on the Upper Ohio, glvlnj through r
eelpu on frelglils and passengers all points
tributary . , .
H6h. snrVBTir aiefcer Agent
Or to O.J. OKA
superintendent and uenerai rreii
The People's Remedy.
The Universal Fain Ext actor
Note: Aak for Pond'a Estrar.t.
Tka no otaer.
Japanese Silks,
Silk Poplins,
i . ...... stofV nt Whltn doode. Victoria Lawns, Swtaa Maraailaa, and a tjirre Stock ol
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Inflamed Tonsils.
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Calnrrli, Lcucorrliea,
lllarrhea, Dysentery.
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Pntnptilet containing HMoryuml Uses mail
ed free on application, If not found at your
New York null London.
Fashionable Barber
Between Washington and Commercial
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WK solicit cn respondent uud onlnrs from DnuvltM, 1'hyslulans and Ceneral Stores In wan
of Kuods lu our line Steamboat, f Inututlon mid Family Medicine Cares fumistml cr i '
Illl-1 with reliable Drugs at reasonnblo rates.
74 Oblo Levee.
WaahinRtoa At., Oor. Ma
ONLY $1.25 A YEAR.

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