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- (
Knlghtu of Pythias, mitt every Fri
day night itt Imlf-paet een, in OtM
Fellow' Hull .Jnii. II Uomhah,
Chancellor Commander.
IniJriiFiiilrnt Order of Odd-rcl.
. . . . .. Acafv 'I linrulat tiltfli'
ut linlf-liMt pet till In tliclr liall on
Commercial auntie, ltmn hlxlli anil K-trntli
frtcls T J ll'HTII, js.u.
Oln Oilil'Fillown' Hall on the tlr'taml third
1 iirjjaj In cltry month, ut tinir-t .even.
.Imo II. Olialll.Y, 0. I'.
OAlltO MWOIJ, N0.23T.A.F. A A. M.
IloldVeiriil.ir communication in , Ma
sonic Hall, comer Commercial avenue
ami Klahth Httitt. on the niTond ami
Vnrtli Monday nfitu'li luontli.
l'nrlili Nilionl,
The next term or tlio I'arlih School of
tliu Church ol the Itcdcomcr will begin on
MONDAY, SlIlMKMIli:!! Mil, nnd con
tinue In scstlon aixtrcn week. I'mlcr the
inc super Mnn anil control as It was
laH term, tho School nil! ho conducted In
a similar mtnnor. At the beginning ol tho
term u clam will ho formed tor the ttmly
of (Icology.
Application for udinirlon iniiitho made
cither to Mrs. I. A. Taylor, or tho Kcc'.or.
The price of tuition will ho only tight
dollars lor the term of sixteen neck, pay
aiii.i: IN AHVANCE.
Ciiaiilks A. Oit.nmtT, Hector.
I'll.NKMKIlnt l.imln llirlierfii.
Ilnne Hull nri:Tj- Description
1'iiiL h. salt's.
To the f'ltlzpiii uM'nlrii.
I would Inform my many frlciitK that I
'am tlll In the auction IiII'Iiicm, and ready
to attend to all Hale that may offer. .My
Ions cxpcrlenco In thin hulnc4.i needs no
comment kit no experiment on my pari,
ami parties entrusting good to my ore
need not he afraid, as I am no ".iiilh" or
novice in tliu hii-lnet.
.Special attention gKcn to real estate and
out-door hak', as I lie iicermlcd mak
ing a talc. D. IIaiuman, Auctioneer.
Corner Sixth flrcct and Commercial A v.
tSrX I tag stock cnvcloies at the Hui.
1.ETIN olllce, $'! 2.j per M.
.MIMiikf! Alioill II.
If you wish a good clj'ar r;o to Cowper
thwalt .V I'hllllpi', 120 Commercial avenue.
A l'liif Iti ililencc for Sole ur Item.
Corner Ilolhrook avenue and Twenty
fouith etrcet. J.srtfo yard and garden (S
lot) ; plenty of fruit and shrubbery ; ','ood
(table ami carriage liou'e. W III Pell on
very ca.y tenm. The houc contain ten
roomi. .1. 11. Phillips.
'.. Hull,
A cottnc on Thirteenth trect, between
Wadilugtou avenue and Walnut street.
iI-l.'Ml. Apply to Di. Sjiihi.
Ii-ilmtln lluoin.
Three brgo and very dcirable family
room', fronting on the dhlo, at the St.
Clurlen Hotel, can bo had, with bond, at
very rcatoiublc rato during the Summer
month. Abundance of pure air and per
fect ventilation. 7-10-tf.
Mliin- Ituniii (or Itenl.
The lower story of the hou-e occupied
by William Winter, the artM, on Hxtli
treet. Knqulroof Win. Winter or Dr.
Parker. Mn. .Iima Iais.
; ni:it hrr Ili-r.
landlords ol hoteli and boarding liotl'cs
will lindlt to their sdvat.tage to call upon
Mm. Coleman, launlrci, No 12 Fourth
trcct, hetweun Wathlngtoo and Commer
cial avenue!'. Hotel ami boardlng-hou'.e
wahlng."5centi.perdoen. Koi piecework
price arc a lollow: Single Phlrt and col
nr, 10c; per dozen Wc; ock Sc; two col
larP, 6c; two haiulkcrcblel, rc; vein 20c;
and all gentlemen' wear, Mc. per
dozen. Ladles' tinner, 2i to t0c;
pklrt10 to 20c; drawer 10 to 10c; two
pair hoi-c Cc; two collar & to 10c. Kor lu
lit plain clothe 81 00 per dozen; lor la
dle tine clothes, 81 2.1 per dozen; done
dromptly, and promptly delivered. I'a
tronage nollclted.
4 In I.onlt Ilorlx-rfH for l'H.Si:-
M'.K. .
ireul lleilueliiiii.
Fir?t-elas? room iind hoard at the Ar
lington Monte, at 25$icnnontli.
Tno-i. II. Kiti, 1'roprietor.
Null if Itiniovnl.
The well-known barber thop, comer
llighth and Commercial, presided ovjr by
ihe popular artlH, (Icorgo StelnhoiHe, has
removed una door north on Commercial, In
,ho (Irand Central Hotel. Tho new thnp U
, argti and commodious and tlio.-c wbhlng
for anything artlitk In tho way of fashion
blo hair cutting, smooth shaves, etc., will
Jo well to call at the (irand Central Ilarbcr
diop. 71-!!-J!Mf.
I'ii'turi'KiiHi Aiuerleii.
At the Hui.i.r.1 in bindery IS nuinberrf,
bound lu two volumes, lull Ut inor
rocco; coH $1 1 ; for Kilu at ir-ll).
tarXX Woodstock envelopes at the
11ui.m:tin olllce. $'i 00 per M.
Tliu I'lilon Ileneoleiit Aisofinliou.
The union Ileueuilent AtsocUlion wishes
to Inform the public that it wai organ' cd
Septcmlcr 11th, ls'J, and begs pardon for
eo.Hlng out at such a Into dato ; but ow
lug to the hard times wo lmo been de
layed. Wo aro now happy lo announco,
that wo have hcon successful to far, and
readv at anv tlmo for tho aeceptsuco of
members or" petition far the same. Time
of meeting, F.rldiy before tho second Sat
urday In cash mouth. Hall on Filth street,
between Commercial and Washington av
enues. H. Tugous, President,
1. APAM9, Vice-President.
L. W, llAKEit, Secretary.
It H I'NclfttN
to attempt to cleanse a stream while the
fountain I Impure. Dyspepsia, complaints
of the liver and kldnoy, eruption of tho
akin, scrofula, headaches, and nil dineaacs
ariMug irom Impure blood, aro ut once re
moved by Ur. Walker's California Vine
gar Hitters, the great and Infallible purlllcr
of the tdood, and renovator of the system,
it has nover been known to full, nrnvldcd
tho Dtttlent had not dcluyed usin It until
tbo vitality of his system was too fr gene,
7-1 l-d wlw.
'IUDAY, AIKHJ.ST 13,1875.
I.oenl Wrullivr Krporf.
C'AltIO, lLL.,AlWUt 12, 137.V
THOMAS JONK3, Perift. S. S., U.S. A.
t'ltlKrn' Amoclnllon.
The Cairo Clticns' AsoclatIou will
meet at the council chamber till evening
al 7:!10 o'clock. W. It. Smith. Pre?.
Peru) mil.
Mr. C K. Vooilwanl lia returned
lioniofrom lil Hummer trip to ltockfortl,
New York.
Uha- been a noticeable fact that, for
weeks pat. Cairo lia been almost free
Irom the prc-onee of Ftra'ler'.
Auction will bein at 10 o'clock to
morrow morning at Parker A Axlcy'g
coinmUMon store.
Tlio Ohio river, which Iiai taken nu
merous freak within the pat few dny..
I again falling slowly.
Wo this morning puhll-li tho proceed
Ingi of the I:i-t meeting of the city coun
cil, which "hould prove of Interest to nil.
Vrrj SUU.
A little child ol .Mr. Many Walker,
proprietor of Ihe Uclinonlco Hotel.whlcli
has been very sick, Is slowly recover
There are now conllneil lu the Alexan
der county jail twenty prisoner.-", both
men and women, .lailor Fitgerald lia
his hand- full.
Iinprot ctl.
Vashlngtoii avenue, opposite the court
house, has lately been undergoing Im
provements, and Is considerably better
than before the work was begun.
i0,(K"J envelopes, all grades and prices,
just received at tho ISi'llktin ob olllce.
TIiuhc Salnrlea.
The City Council allowed the bills of
Whitcatnp and .Schuster for services as
policemen in July. T he council had no
right to allow the bills, and should not
havo done so.
No Heller.
Mr. George Mackle, who for sometime
pat has been sojourning near Milwau
kee, Wl-eonsin, for the benefit of his
health,!, we are sorry to state, no better,
and his recovery Is almost despaired of.
Jliire firntrl.
Mr..latuei Itynu, who was iiwanledthe
contnet by the council for tilling certain
streets of lid i lly with gravel, left yes
terday lor l'nducab, to look after gravel
matters In that city.
Concert mill Hull.
The Delia Comet Hand will give an
open-air concert and grand ball, on the
evening ol Wednesday, 2."th Inst. The
concert will lie given In Scheel's garden,
that will be beautifully lighted, and the
ball In the hall.
Iliirk Aicnlii.
.Mr. and Mr. Well and child, who lelt
thl city some time ago for a visit to the
mother of Mr. Wi lls, w ho resides in the
White Mountain-. Vermont, have re
turned to their old quarters at the St.
Thf PiiiIiichIi lillcu iliW.
It may prove of Interest to some of our
base ball players to know that the Idle-
wild club of I'aducali defeated the Hor-
ence (Alabama) club In their late irame,
by a score of HO to 11. The game was
played for one hundred dollars a side.
Ohio I.cvcv.
The I'aducali gravel lately placed upon
certain portions of Ohio I.cyee, lias im
proved the road very much, and afford
much comfort to the teamsters, draymen,
and In fact the entire population of
I.ctler llrnilt.
1'eii pound letter heads, large sie, Car
lisle paper, rated two cents higher than
any other paper used in Cairo for print
ing letter heads ordinary composition
only $1 50 per tliou-and at tho Hri.i.n in
job olllce.
AImiiiI l I'lircliHoc.
It is said that Professor Alvonl Is ne
gotiating with Captain Poore, who will
leave this city about the llrst ol next
month for Metropolis, lor thu purchase
of his cottage, situated at the corner of
Eighteenth street and Washington ave
nue. Tin Three hlnU'M.
This lerry boat now travels about fif
teen miles every trip It makes, and tlio
fare fortho round trip is very cheap. Tho
afiernoon trip Is very pleasant, and fur
nishes a splendid opportunity lor imia'
teur excursions. Parties can spend picas'
niitlv an afternoon bv n trip on the
Three States.
Tlio WroiiK Mini.
The man arrested at Forman, lllliioi
a few days ago by Jack ltoss, supposed
to bo Hutchinson, tho murderer or hut
tar, and who was brought to Cairo on
Monday lor identlllcitlon, was not tlio
man, and was immediately discharged
from custody.
A lluecr Accident,
A strange accident occurred to a horse
owned by Mr. A. J. Curl, the livery sta
ble proprietor, on Tuesday night. The
animal was placed In tils stall as usual at
night, aiid,wlien lett,was perfectly sound
and well. Tho next morning when the
groom went to look alter tliu stock, he
found that tho animal was unable to rise,
mid upon examination, found that his
1 right hind leg was broken
How tho
i accident occurred, cannot bo accounted
i for,
Time, lun. tiik. I Vi.vi. I V I
7a in I nr) .? IUnlin.1 O ICIinr.
11 " I W.'jW -,T I W. I I I "
J.'lHll. tfl.b6, 8l' I H. I 2 "
Abeat lo I.om rilro.
Captain Poore, who Is known to nearly
every citizen of Cairo, Is about to dispose
of hi cottage ott Eighteenth street am!
leave thin city for Hie neighboring village
of Metropolis, where ho will enter Into
business. Captain Poore contemplates
leaving Cnlro on or about tliu first of
next month;
MFconil Ntrret.
A gansr of workmen were engaged yes
terday In graveling Second street, be
tween Ohio levee and Commercial ave
nue, much to the delight of .lewett Wil
cox, ol the SI. Charles hotel. The street,
though always one of the best In Cairo,
will bo much benefitted by the gravel
iiowlieliig placed upon It.
Poller Court.
Olllccr I.allite yesterday
negro named Frank .Scott,
abusive language to another
nrrestcd a
lor tt'lng
ol his own eolornamed Ambrose Ilrown.
Scott was taken licforc .ludgo Itro, who
lined him live dollars and cost", and, In
default of payment, H'lit him to the cala
boose lor fotir'days.
I'ltlxen' Aorlntlun.
A meeting of thu Cairo Citizens' Asso
ciation will be held to-night In the Coun
cil Chamber. The Executive Committee
will report on room, Ac., and the stand
ing committees be announced. The pub
lic Is Invited, and any pereo'i wishing to
join may do so by paying fifty cent".
Antrim Lone n Window
On Wednesday morning, olllcer.s
Woolen and Schuster, while attempting
to arrest a man who had been engaged
lu a row, got Into too close proximity to
one of the large windows In Antrim's
clothing store on the levee, and one of
the party was shoved through It. The
man was caged, but Mr. Antrim suffers
a pecuniary loss, by the transaction, of
about eight dollars.
Mill Ifrrc.
i ne two young men, one oi wiiom is
named Cantelll, who were urrcsted by
Slicrill'IrvIn on Wednesday night, while
they were passing through this city on
board the steamer James Howard, and
from whom the ollicer recovered some
twenty-two hundred dollars which they
had stolen from a gentleman in New Or
leans, were still in the city yesterday af
ternoon awaiting the orders of the New
Orleans parties as to what Miould be
done with them.
The position .Mayor N Inter haa as
sumed In regard to the signing of the city
scrip voted Officers Schuster and Whit
camp for labor during the month of July
seems to give the officers but very little
uneasiness. They declare that at present
they are not 'hard up," but that when
they arc in want of money, they will
compel His Honor to put his name upon
the scrip. "If a bird won't sing of hi
own free will," says Officer Schuster, "he
can be made to sing."
A NUtalir.
It wa reported yesterday timt Mr.
Perry Powers, the liveryman, had found
the valuable strcy mare hired by the ne
gro woman. KUcu Wadklni, but on in
quiry, we found the report to be false.
Word was received by Mr. Powers that
the marc had been seen on Tuesday on a
ridge between the IlllnoN Central and
Cairo & Vlncennes railroads, between
here and Mound City, but upon going to
the ridge no trace of the animal could be
found, and the owner has given up all
hope of recovering her.
TbrMayor anil Pollcpuivn,
Notwithstanding the fact that the City
Council, at their lat meeting, voted
officers Schuster and Whitcatnp sixty
dollars each, full pay lor the month of
July, the Mayor has refused to, and em
phatically declares that he will not, sign
Ills name to the scrip. This fact has cre
ated considerable talk among the people
of the city, the opinions on the subject
being at variance. Some think the Mayor
is justified in his action, while others cen
sure him for the course he Is pursuing.
Whether he will, of his own accord,
change his inind In regard to the matter,
remains to be seen.
Tied for I.lf.
Wade Hampton, head bell boy attheSt.
Charles Hotel, and one of the most esti
mable young colored men of this city,
and who, for some time past, lias been
thinking seriously ot putting an
end' to living in single blessedness,
finished Ills career as a lonely wan
derer on Tuesday night, by taking unto
himself a wile. Mrs. Mary Shores, a
daughter-in-law of the ltcv. T. J. Shores,
is his chosen bride. A bountiful and el
egant repast was lurnlshcd the wedding
party by Mr. Jewctl Wilcox, proprietor
of tlio St. Charles. Judge Illrd per
formed the ceremony.
Uooil Ncnii for the Hungry.
A Orand lunch at Huefcw'i.
The free lunches spa-ad by Huel'ucr at
the Planters' House, have become lndls-
pcuslblo to thu fastidious epicureans of
Cairo, and Htiefncr knows it.
Ho has, therefore, made provisions lor
tho grandest lunch that has ever been
spread in Cairo, to take place Saturday
night. The bill of fare will embrace every
delicacy the heart or rather the
stomach cau wish for.
Charley PlllTcrling, who has becomo
renowned throughout tho world for his
knowledge ot what It takes to make glad
the wants ot the inner man, will prepare
the meal.
Besides this, beer of every description
will be ou tap, fresh and foaming.
To make the occasion even more at
tractive, uu excellent string baud has
been engaged to enliven the occasion
with music. And now , with plenty to
cut and drink, and muslo that will soothe
n savage, who couldn't bo happy? fio,
everybody, and be happy.
NIIIITber Come,
Cowpcrthwalt & Phillips have justrs
eelved a fresh lot of La Rosa Do Santiago
Clgar. Try them. 8-lMw
Hlrthdnjr I'urljr.
A large number ot young ladles and
gentlemen of this city aemb!ed nt the
residence of Doctor nml Mrs Gardner,
M Walnut street, last evening, nnd par
ticipated In one ol the most enjoyable
events of the season. The occasion wa
that of tho celebration of the seven
teenth birthday of Mls Mary Wnrdner,
a young lady esteemed and honored by
all who knew her, and a niece of the
above-named lady and ,geiitl?man. The
guets were entertained In the most ap
proved style, Mr." and Mrs. Wardner
andMI9 Mary making every effort lu
their povfer to make the event one of un
bounded pleasure, which they did to the
entire satKaction of all.
limn Hall.
Thcscond game of the s.erlc, between
the Panic club of Mound City, and the
Comets, of Cairo, was played at the
Thirty-fourth street grounds on Wednes
day afternoon. The gamo was, from li
ghtning to end, very Interesting, and oc
casioned more excitement among the ball
players of this city than any contest that
has taken place this season. The game
was very creditably played on both sides,
It being six of one and a half dozen of
the other throughout, and, up till the list
player was dispo-cd of, was very uncer
tain. The Mound City boys, however,
proved too much for Cairo by Just one
run, the score standing eleven to ten. In
favor of the Panics.
Three JllnlnUci,
We sent two dispatches to the Chicago
Timti on Tuesday evening, In one of
which we stated that a Citizens' Associa
tion had been organized to develop the
suptribr position of Cairo. It appeared
in the Timor, "inferior position." The
Sun blames us ; but the fellow who is to
die at the hands of the Citizens' Asso
ciation for this blunder, Is named
Carrigaii or wo don't know the
name of the Timtt' proof reader.
We wrote "C K. Xellls." The. Times
lias It, "Willis." lteally we have much
trouble witli our treasurer. We called
him Ellis llrst, and now lie lias been
named "Willis," but he remains, "as
ever, truly yours, "C. F. Nellh."
We wrote: "a great rain accompanied
by lightning, Ac, bur-t on the city this
evening." The Times has it: "this
NprriHl Report to the Cairo Otmcrver,
Tot Ihe I'AHtTwenl.v-roiir Hour.
Tlic Ohio ri ver has risen six inches at
I'aducali, where It is one inch above the
danircr line forty feet. It has fallen
twelve Inches at Evansvllle, three feet at
Louisville, seven feet at Cincinnati, one
foot and a hall at Marietta, and six inches
al Pittsburg.
It will fall at stations above I'aducali,
but remain above danger lino at this sta'
tlon and possibly rise slowly.
The Mississippi has fallen 22 inches at
St. Louis, and 1 inch at Cairo. It has
risen l Hid, at MemjibN, Helenaand Xcw
Orleans, ami aii.oi,s nt Vlckshurg.
The river will continue to full at Cairo
and stations above, but coiitJium to rl.-o
slowly between Cairo and Vlckshurg. and
possible reach tin- danger line at Mem
phis during Friday trtgta 0r Saturday.
The river is now 1 feet s inches at
Cairo, 33 feet 10 Inches at Memphis, 2
Inches below the danger line 13 feet a
Inches ; at Vlckshurg ft inches below the
danger line and II feet S Inches at Helena
where It Is 1 foot S Inches above danger
The Missouri has fallen slightly except
at Omaha and Leavenworth.
The I'ed river has risen four inches at
Shreveport. II. W. Howiutk.
Krgulnr Mrellna; Thereof.
CAino, III., August 10, 1875.
Present His Honor Mayor Winter
and Aldermen Halllday, Xcllls, Parker,
I'atler, lllttenhou.se, Thistlewood,
Wright and rocum 8.
On motion of Alderman Hallldav, the
readltig of the minutes of the previous
meeting were dispensed with.
1 lie following salary-bill of police con
stables, laid over Irom last meeting, was
presented and read :
I . M. Schuster, for services as po
lice constable in July $ 00 00
Fred Whltcamp, for services as
police constable In July 00 00
Robert Billlngsly, services as po
lice constable irom uiiy autii 10
AuirustCth. 13 dnvs 110 00
James Kooken, services as police
constable from July 20tli to
August 5th, 15 days !W 00
Alderniun Halllday moved the bills bo
allowed. Alderman Xellis ofl'crcd an
amendment that the ollicers be allowed
pay for the Uinu ou duty; amendment
lost. The motion of Alderman Halllday
that the bills be allowed In full, and or
ders drawn on the treasurer for the
amount was carried by the following vote:
Aycs-Halllday, Klttenhoiisc, Thistle
wood, Wright, Parker and Yocum (I.
Xays-Xellis and Paticr 2.
Hcport of the Commltteo 011 Streets
was presented and read anil on motion
of Alderman Halllday said report was
concurred in.
Tho Committee on Streets to whom
w as referred the Petition of Cltl.cns re
questing tho removal of tho Cairo & V.
It. It. Co.'a cars us a nuisance, reported
the same back with tlio following recom
mendation :
"We would recommend thaUhe within
petition be referred to tho city attorney
with instructions to notify the Cairo &
Vlncennes railroad that unlcas said nuis
ance complained of bo abated within ten
day?, that legal proceedings will bo com
menced against them, and that tho Street
Comtnltlte, If they deem It necessary, be
authorized to employ additional counsel.
N. B. TmsTLKWoop,
C, O. Patikii,
G. W, Vocum,
H. V. Paiikkh,
C Lancasteh,
Committee ou Streets.
And wo would further recommend
that tho Cairo & Vlncennes railroad bo
prohibited from using said Commercial
avenue as a depot and switch yard.
C. O. Patieii,
O. W. Yocuji,
11. F. Pakkf.ii,
C. Lancastkii,
Committee on Streets.
Alderman Wright presented the fol
lowing request, whereupon the report
was deferred to next regular meeting.
To the Mayor and City Council
We, the undersigned aldermen, ro
spectlully request that the report of the
ftrcet committee on the petition of citi
zens requesting the removal of the Cairo
& Vlncennes railroad company's cars,a a
nuisance, be deferred for llnal action
thereon until the next regular meeting,
lu accordance with the provMon of Sec
tion Article y, Chapter 21, Kevlsed
Statutes, Illinois,
Woou HiTTKNiinf.sK, 2d Ward.
W. P. Wiiioiit, !ld Ward.
The Committee on Claim", to whom
were referred the following 1H1, re
ported the same back, recommending
payment thereof as follows:
II. II. Illack, fees for Unci col
lected S 14 S
Charles llhiuti. burying cow 1 50
P. Conrad, 100 yard" gravel, at
$1.25 :m oo
8. Bradley, balance due In June... 1 05
Htise, I.oomls it Co., Ice for street
..gang $ I :n
Muse, I.oomls & Co., Ice for cllv
clerk's office !0
.lohn Clancy, dieting prisoners IH 00
Cairo liulletln, publishing procla
mation, Are. 2.'l
iiiami. mirying cow. i
.1. Learv, hauling dead horse
Alex. Warwick, ."4 days' work on
B. Halston, distributing tar with
team 3 days Q&i 00
C Blami, burying calf.
Cairo City Gas Co., tar.
V. Gorman, superintendent ou
strcet-. Julv
S '.5
!l (10
. 59.
15 75
00 00
1 M
15 00
12 51)
170 50
James Shelton, cleaning council
It. II. Cunningham, rent of coun
cil chamber
W. Wlms, work on streets with
S. Walters, sewer pipe, &c
i. it. uormati, 4 days work ou
city lot", repairing fence
II. locum, mtvIcu ol mule and
cart on streets
Stephen Bradley, hauling slops
for July
Jas. Powers, work on picks
1. G. Lynch, county-clerk fees
U.S. Vocum, clrcultclerk fees and
cost of stilts against city
Jno. Clancy, extra meals furnished
W. Gaiin. 0J days work with team
P. Cochran "(U days work with
team ..
T. Boyle. Cj days work with team
I). C. Homer, J days work witli
Mrs. Lally, GJ days work with
M. Casey, 01 days work with
team '.
It. Nason, 0 day work with
J. Thistlewood, ( days work
with team
P. Jenkins, 01 days work with
team ..
P. II. Cochran, GJ days work witli
P. Willmartiii, (JJ days work willi
W.Weems, days work witli team
M. Mahoney, il days work on
streets as foreman..
J. Sullivan 4 days work on streets
J. Sullivan. 24 days work on streets
J. Dillon, 1 1'days work on streets
1). CaliUf. G dars' work on slri-eN.
f 00
' .Ml
153 00
0 00
.SI 03
3 10
1!) 50
10 50
10 50
11 50
IS 75
10 5i)
10 50
10 50
10 50
10 50
10 50
1 25
10 50
11 00
II ,,i
21 00
!) 00
10 87
Lane, day.s' work on streets.
1. -Manicll. Gl da i s' work
P. Lane, GJ days' work on streets. 1
J. Wheeler, 15 days' work on
B. Cashman, 11 days' work on
elrects l
T. XasliUm, GJ days' work ou
M. Drlscall, V uy"' wmu V7
M. Stanton, 5 days' work 011
G. Young, 15 dav.V work on
0 75
il ft"
7 50
streets 22 50
P. Conly, 4 days' work 011 street. 0 00
P. Conly, lOJ davs' work on
sidewalks .. 28 Si
A. Mockler, ()J days' work on
streets 0 7.'
J. Keatlnir. 12 davs' work on
streets IS 75
M. Houlihan, 5 days' work on
streets 8 02
I' . Cunnlni'ham. 71 davs' work on
streets 10 S7
a. Hudson, 0 days' work on
Streets 0 00
D. McCarthy. 1.1 davs' work on
streets :i 00
M. Cahill, haulintr 19 loads, at :i0
cents u iu
Alderman Wright moved the bills be
allowed, and the Clerk authorized to
draw on the Treasurer for the amounts.
Motion carried by the following vote:
Aycs-Halllday, Xellls, Parker, Paticr,
Pilttcnhouse, Thistlewood, Wright and
Yocum 8.
The Committee 011 Claims reported
back the bill of W. M. Williams, for kill
lug dogs, recommending the non-payment
of same.
On motion of Alderman Paticr said re
port was approved nnd concurred In.
Alderman Halllday moved thu bill lor
kllllng dogs be allowed. Motion ket by
tho following vote:
Ayes Halllday, Parker, 11 right ami
Yocum 1.
Nays Xellls, Paticr, Bittenhoiije and
Thistlewood 1.
The vote being a tie, tlio Mayor voted
In the negative.
On motion of Alderman Wright the
Commltteo on Police anil Jail were lu-
structed to nlako tho best arrangement
pojslble for the lighting of Ihe lamp at
the city jail.
Thu Ordinance Committee reported tho
following ordinance, and uu motioii of
Alderman Wright the rulo was dispen
sed with, the ordinance placed upon Its
second reading and adopted by tho fol
lowing vote :
Aycs-Halllday, Xellis, Parker, Paticr,
IUttetihouie, Thistlewood, Wright and
Yocum S.
AS OltDf NANCi: Ii) iiiuiikI Si-cll'in 2S or Ottll
Uu II ordHimil by the cltv rouncll of thu tily of
bScTiosl. That St-ctluii numbered '-S (tvftn-ty-i'Ight)
of ortlluance numU'reit 11 (eleven) ho
aineuileil so at torcudat follows, vli:
Hue. 29. All that purt of the city embraced
u-lihln tho I'liUnurlnir lilocku vli! lllocks ane.
two three, four,llre,tntltii,tlilrteen,foiittrtn,lir-
tceu, nixieto, iweuiy, iweuiy-iuiB, iwviiij-mu,
twenty-three, twenty-four, twenty-live, twen-tv-ui
uiwl lu-rntv-fteveti. lu this die of Cairo.
hall hervaficr comiioke unit bu known an Ilia
flrellmlU ursaiu cuy.
Tho Finance Coinmlttec.to'whom wero
referred tho petition of John Cclla, ask
lug remittance of fine, reported the same
?jack, recommending the granting of the
petitioner prayer.
On motion of Alderman "Wright the re
port was received ami concurred In.
The Finance Commltteo nlso reported
upon Ihe special reports of V. Bros, I,
M., nnd J. J. Bird, P. M., In regard to de
llnqueut executions in tho hands of offi
ct, recommcndlnir that the city afor-
ney tic Instructed to take such legal steps
as will cause tho officers, or their bonds
men, holding uch delinquent execution,
to be brought to a strict accountability
for having failed to properly return wild
executions according to law.
On motion of Alderman Wright tho
report was received and concurred In
nnd the city attorney intruded to net nt
A petition from flic (Tilens' Associa
tion asking for ti'o of council chamber to
hold meeting, wa, on motion of Alder
marl Patler, granted.
The contract ot J. S. McGaheywas
precu(ed and read, and, on motion of
Alderman Thistlewood, approved.
The bonds of Police Constables I'.
Whiteainp, F. M. .Schuster, Itobt. BII
llngly and Jns. Kooken were presented
and read, nml, on motion of Alderman
Thistlewood, approved.
On motlonof Alderman Parker council
W. F. Axi.r.v, City Clerk.
C.tuso, I i.i.., Tin;itsi.v lJvKMxo,
Audcsr 12, 1875.
Since our last lsuc this section has
been visited by a heavy rain storm, ac
companled by thunder and lightening
The rain fell hi torrents lor several hours
Tuesday nijrhti checking the decline of
the Ohio river and sending It up several
Inches; but it came to a stand this morn
ing and Is almost Inpcrceplably receding
this evening. Tiu temperature all this
week has been delightful coorJUreey and
pleasant an agreeable surprise in the
hot month ol'Augtist.
The business prospect In leading ar
ticles of commission Is rather discourag'
ng at present. The greatest drawback
Iscetus to bo the inability of merchants to
get supplies to fill their orders. The
market Is b'jre ot llour, and orders are
held over, but advices show that more
liberal receipts may be cxju'Cled in a day
or two. T hero Is some Inquiry for hay
and no arrivals. Sound corn of all kinds
Is in demand and none lu market, and no
prospects of receipts soon. Old oats are
wanted at 05c and none oflciing. The
market is cleared of country meal, and a
few car loads would Iind ready sate.
Bran is active, scarce and advancing.
Butter is more plentiful and easier.
Young chickens arc dragging; old hens
sell readily al! that come lu al 50.
Eggs are scarce and In good demand at
12c to-day. Fruit of all kinds Is quoted
dull. Tonage Is plenty, but there Is
scarcely anythlug to ship.
IrSrOur friends should bear in mind
that the prices here given are usually lor
, - f t I . 1 I... . t..
aies irom ursi nanus 111 roumi iuu. 111
Hlling orders and for broken lots It is nec
essary to chargo an advance over these
The market Is still bare of till kinds
but there is a better prospect for sup
plies, several cars are 011 their way to
thi point and dealers are hopeful of a
full supply next week. Prices rule firm
i mu'Uanitod. and demand steady and
active. HaIvh Tev"t v;Tti '.WK) barrels
SG 50;7 75; 500 barrels city S3 My3S 00;
200 barrels on orders G 25(53 23 ; 200
barrels on orders S5 25(ii7 75; .'100 bar
rel on orders $5 00S 00.
There is some Inquiry for choice timo
thy and mixed nml none In market. We
note sales of 1 car choice mixed delivered
SIS 00.
There Is a steady demand for all kinds,
but very little comes 111. All that arrives
Is taken at quotations. We note sales of
200 sacks mixed delivered, 77c ; 100 sacks
whlto delivered, 82c ; 100 sacks choice
mixed delivered, 70S0o ; 1 car white lu
burlaps delivered, SUe ; 200 sacks white
mixed delivered, 81c ; 1 car rejected whlto
mixed in sacks delivered, iSc.
There is a good demand for sound oats,
and a bare market. We note sales of 100
sacks delivered, 03e ; 10 sacks delivered,
GSc;l car lu sacks delivered, G3c.
There is a good shipping demand lor
steam dried meal and none olleriu
There lias not been a car of country meal
received this week, dud the old stock was
closed out last week. Wo not sales of
200 barrels city $3 03; U00 Inrrcls city
fj G5.'l 70.
The demand is steady and prices are
advancing. Thcru was nono on the mar
ket to-day. We note sales of It cars lu
sacks delivered $20.
Heecipls have been liberal and the
market is belter supplied, and rules quiet
and easy without change lu prices. All
that arrives of choice finds ready sale.
We note sales of 10 tubs choice Xorthcm
2;Ju; 10 tubs good Southern Illinois 21c j
;j buckets Southern Illinois 22o; U tubs
choice Northern 21c; IKK) pounds choice :
.Northern 2J21c; 150 pounds choice
Southern Illinois 21022c.
There are none in market and the de
mand Is active at 12k. We note sales of
2 packages 12o; 100 dozen 12ic.
Small spring chickens aro plenty aud
very dull. Choice large young finds u
fair demand. Old hens bell readily at
$3 50. We nolo sales of 2 coops young
$2 23 : 2 coops young $2 ; 1 coop young
SI 76; -1 coops old hens $3 60 ; 5 coop,
young S2'J 50 ; 3 coops young $2 25
2 50; 2 eoops old nens j uu.
All kinds are quoted dull. We note
sale's of 20 boxes pears $1 00 : CO boxes
tomatoes 20030c.; 66 boxes apples 36c.;
0 barrels apples fl 60; 25 barrels apples
SI 251 30, 20 bamU nppl
i w 1 50.
Clear sides arc firm and hlghvr. Hnlitf
are quiet. Wo note sales of 1000 pounds
clear lde, i:tc; 1000 pounds plain hnm,
12 cents.
Trade? SwtTl,irr of ,h -''" Hoard ot
Flour, according to irratte........
Corn, mixed. Mrknl..
...to 0041 )
t 3.
.'.'.'! fioraa'fw
J re
1 .v
Com. White, sacked
Oatn, mixed.
Bran, per ton
Mail, afcam dried
Mutter, choice Northern
Hlltter.cholce Southern 111
y.ftg't perdoten
Chickens, per dozen
rurkrm. ner dozen ,
Apple, choice, per barrel
Iiiei, ruminon, per uurra....
Potatoes, per tinrre ,
Onions, iierbnrrrl ,
i r
I'nrl I.UI.
Steamer Jim Fik, Paducah.
" Lilly, Evansvllle.
" Craud Tower, St. Louis.
Alice, St. Louis.
" City of Augusta, St. LonN.
" City of Helena, Vlckshurg.
Tow-boat Thos.W. Means, I ronton.
" Joseph II. Blgley, Pittsburg.
" Smoky City, Pittsburg,
Steamer. llni Flk, Paducah.
" Lilly, St. Louis.
Alice, Ohio river.
" Craud Tower, Memphis.
" Alice, Louisville.
City of Augusta, Cincinnati.
City of Helena, St. Louis.
Tow-boat Thos. W. Means St. LouI.
" Jos. W. Blgley, South.
Smoky City, Pltt-burg.
KIVKIt AM) wiumr.it.
The river last evening was 1 1 feel 7 1"
inches 011 tho gauge, having fallen 1 W
inches during Ihe previous 21 hours. Alt
the ri ers except the lower Ohio are falling
and a rapid decline may lie looked loi
here In a few days.
The water has fallen so much at
Thebes that the hull of the A. J. Baker il
Just coming out.
Diver Al Burrls left by the Helen
yesterday to assist in raising the Baker,
which sunk al Thebes. He w ill not gc&
(hero much to soon.
The John F. Tollo was aground a5
Cascaskla when the Grand Tower eamcj
by, but the little Jim Keesc was working
at her with .1 prospect of getting her oil.
The work of moving Into tho newly
arranged olllce 0 Iiulliday and Phillips
wharf-boat was completed yesterday,
and the public having business w ith tint
firm or the Cairo Cltv coal comnanv will
find the olllce on the matnuiotith wharf
limit .initial!.. Iia . .In 1. n !...
A dispatch from Col. H. L. Mor.ilL
from St. Franclsvlllc, August 11th, says:
"The Wabash was two leet higher at St.
E....l..tll .1 -I... ICOd !...
1. ...... T..1H.... 1.nir .... Urx,,m If
IS IIVW 1.111111 li.lll .111 JIIVI1 I'Vi I1U1II.
The Mississippi Is falling fast from Cap
uircirtiL'iiu 1111. auu blciiiiiuu:iu urc.un'uu
having trouble above.
f III 11! VI "l II.'ll'K III miwi ii'iinvi
........ n tAi.
iiii rnv uim i if in iiiiiiiiiiiuHi in n rinii
IMiHiifi.1 at ttaaiij. f.u lliltltiitvtVII is
caught in 7 feet of water, Inside the city.
AUglUt 11, IS15. j
.St. Uiila
LTiiamaiiIIIa sTntaA aniJ UAMBfi
fttaaTYi Ponlrof Pa
villo, Louisville, Cinoinnati
ana an way landings.
The uurlralltd IJe-whl Maimer
W III leave KnsvillIerort'lroviry jiusua
anilTlIL'KSDAV all o'clock 11. 111.
r . . Tiri'dllt V nml ftirillAY.
1 lie clftfaut iltlr-Trtircl steamer
Ilr.K llowAiiu .U
II IV mill KIIIIIA Y ul 1 n'rlnrk n. m.
The elegant tlile-wtuti uttanier
Johx (iurr....
Mat. Wilhamii
ri.. 1 v.iiiriiii int I mm ..vfrv ivr.nm
DAV ami MATUKADY at 6 n. m.
loat.H. ni n.rr I'll 1I1IS1I A S .nil NIT!
at up. IU.
Eacli boat lnakei close counectlona at
uhls anil New Or I tans, and at KvantTilU
the K. A C. It. It rorallpoluUNorUlaad
nnii Willi inn iiuiBvui .nan dku.ii nr
(vim. on Irthftiin aud iaatu(ra to all
HOT lunurr luioriuaiion avpiy w
auu. ii.ta.K, rainign
j. u. PHn.i.ipn ' 1
niumtvnni 1
Or In u.j i.iuUWKI.
tjiintrintcndrBt and Ganeral Fraliht 1ml.
Hckoul rr Bya am Hmmmg Mw
ullciulptied wlthseorpaof
IcMlieri . our awle graduatM
r 1
rillT.nBbHlaa Sttil .. Vot mUnfm
iatbrmalloBBiUnaa tlx mtcimi.
Hv H W. VATTKIUUII. 1'. f . r

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