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Knight ofl'jllilas, meets every Fri
trnlitht at hair-pant seven, in Odd-
Fellow' Hull. Jo. II UohiMan,
Chancellor Commander.
Independent Order of Odd-el-S
low. meet every Ihuriwlay night
at hair-bast crcn, In lliclr lull on
Commercial avenue, between sixth and Seventh
tm-ta. TJ.KhTll, N.U.
ClAlltO KKI'AMI'MKNT, I. O. O. V.. iratlj
An Odd-Fellows' Hall on (lie drat ami third
I nmdni in otery month, at hair-past seven.
Ixo, II. Oiiihi.y, O. V.
t (AlltOI.OIKJK. NO.ZT7,A.F. A A. M.
-JV H'dil regular communications In Ma
ICyT sonic Hall, corner Commercial avenue
' and Eighth atrreti on the second and
"ourth Monday of each month.
Pin-lull Melmol.
The next term of tho l'arlili .School of
the Churoli ol the Itc.lcomcr will begin on
MONDAY, SKl'TKMIlKIt Oth, and con
tlmit; In sestlon nrlccn weeks. I'ndcr tho
samo supervision nnd control as It ,w;is
last term, the School will he conducted In
it similar manner. At the beginning ol tho
lenn a clam will lie formed for the study
of Urology.
Application for ndmlfxlon liiiint he made
cither to Mm. I. A. Taylor, or the Rector.
The price of tuition will lie only eight
dollar for the term of sixteen week, pay-
C'liAKi.Ktf A. Oii.iiEitr, Kcctur.
II.NKMI'.K at I.011U Ilcrlicrl'n.
mo II11IU nTEtrry lre-crlptlon
To the Clllavn r Cairo.
I would inform my many friend', thut 1
am (till In the auction business, and ready
to Attend to all rale that may offer. 31 y
long experience in this business needs no
comment it 1 no experiment on my part,
and parties entrusting goodi to my care
need not he afraid, at I am 110 'squib" or
novice in the business.
Special attention kIvcii to real estate and
oul-Uoor sales, as 4feavc never inlawed mak
ing a talc. I). Hahtman, Auctioneer.
Comer Sixth street and Commercial A v.
SrxfX llag s.ock envelopes at the Bul
letin olllce, :j 23 per M.
X Mlolnkp About II.
If you wish a eooil cigar go to C'owpcr
thwalt A Phillip', 121 Commercial avenue.
A riue Itealileiire for Nnle or Kent.
Corner Holhrook avenue and Twenty
foutth street. Iirge yard and garden (8
lots); plenty of fruit and thtubbcry; good
table and carriage houe. Will on
very ea.y terius. The house contains ten
room. .1. II. l'lill.l.li'S.
rni Kent,
A loltage on Tlilrtccnth street. between
Waaliington avenue and Walnut street.
(MM. Apply to Dii. Smith.
Itealrnklr Uoom.
Three lart(e and very dcirablc family
room, trontlng on the Ohio, at tho St.
Charles Hotel, can he had, with hoard, at
very rca?onalile ratei during the Summer
months. Abundance of jmre air and per
fect ventilation. 7-10-tf.
Nlorr Itiioiii (or Kent.
The lower story of the houc occupied
by William Winter, the
street. Knuulro of Win
Parker. Mm
nrtUt, on Sixth
Winter or Ur.
, .Ici.tA Davis.
tin hiic! Kcc Her.
Landlords ol hoteU and boarding boues
wllltlndltto their advantage to call upon
Mrs. Coleman, l.aundrrs, No 12 Kourth
drcct, betwetn Washington and Commer
cial avenue". Hotel aud boarding-house
washing, 7& cents per dozen. Koi piecework
nrirca are at lollowa: Slnglo thlrt and col-
ar, 10c; per dozen 80c; sock 5c; two
lars, 6c; tyo handkerchlcfi1, rc; vests
und all 'gentlemen's wear, frOc.
dozen. Ladle-.' dreeses, 2.") to
afclrtt 10 to 20c; draworn 10 to 10c;
JOc; per
jalr hot-o 6c; two collars & to 10c. For la
tiles' plain clothes 81 00 per dozen; for lo
llies lino clothes, 1 2.' per dozen; done
dramptly, and promptly delivered, l'a
tronage solicited.
41 o to I.oiiIm Ilcrliert'M for 1MI.HE-
C'rent lleiliietlon.
Flrst-clasf room and board at the Ar
lington Hoii'c, at 23Sper month.
Tnort. H. Kllh, Proprietor.
Notice or llemovnl.
The well-known barber shop, corner
Cighth and Commercial, presided ov:r by
the popular artist, (Icorgo Stclnhousc, has
removed one door north on Commercial, In
-.he Grand Central Hotel, Tho new ahop la
large and commodious, and those wishing
for anything artistic in tho way of fui-hlon-ible
hair cutting, smooth shaves, etc., will
Jo well to call at tho (Stand Contrul Harbor
tltop. 71-'M3-tf.
I'icturrHiiv Anirririi.
At the 1Jui.i.i:tin bindery IS numbers,
bound In two volume!-, full gilt nior
rocco; cost $11 ; for sale nt $10.
fcrtf-XX Wood stock envelopes at the
Uullktin ofllce. $3 00 per M.
The I'iiIoii Itenovolent AaMoi-iiitiou.
The union Hencvolent Astoclstlon wishes
to inform the public that it was organized
September 11th, 1B74, and begs pardon for
co.iilng out at sucu a late aoto ; nut ow
Ing to tho hard times wo have been dc
laved. Wo are now happy to announce
that wo have boon successful hd far, and
rnadv at anv tlmo for tho aceertanco of
members or nctltious for tho same. Time
of meeting, Friday beforo tho second Sat
rd.1v in each month. Hall on Filth street,
between Commercial and Washington av
II, Tugolk, President,
P. Adams, Vice-President.
I W. Hakeh, Secretary.
to attempt to cleanse a stream while, the
fountain Is Impure. Dyspepsia, complaints
or tho liver and kidneys, eruptions of the
skin, scrofula, koaduches, nnd all diseases
arl!ng Irom luipuro blood, aro ut once re
moved by Dr. Walker's California Vine
gar Bitters, tho great and lufalllblo purllier
of tho blood, ami renovator of tho system.
It has uovor been known to fall, provided
the patient had not delayed using it until
the vitality ol bis system was too far gone,
f.nral Wenlher Be-part.
Caiiio, lLL,,Atigut 14, l7.V
Tint. Uaii. ITna. I Wind. Vei, WnAruin
7am. ffi.MI I Ti ICalm. 0 Clear.
II " 'JMi 7li' IK. 4 Fair.
2,'p.m. IN. ssl , :! i H. 4 t.'iondy.
THOMAS .TONES, Sergt. S. 8., V. S. A.
W.OOO envelojies, all grades and prices,
Just received at the Bulletin ob oftlce.
Wo are told that Cairo will soon be vis
ited by the Scldeti-Irtvln theatrical com
pany. Home.
Mr. IV. II. Morris, who has been ab
sent from Cairo for duvcral days, returned
home on Friday afternoon.
Col. Watklm, of Mound City, Illumin
ated tho streets of Cairo yesterday with
his smiling countenance.
Thr (School.
The public schools of tills city will
open for the full and winter term on the
sixth of next mouth.
The Ohio.
The Ohio river continues to fall slowly,
and It is hoped will In n few days get
down to its old stand again.
IQrDeliclous I'llscncr Beer at Schocn
nicycr's I'niiernl.
The funeral ot Mrs. Wise, who died on
Thursday night of asthma, took place at
half-past two o'clock yesterday afternoon,
and was largely attended.
lloasting cars, potatoes, and in lact all
kinds of vegetables arc so numerous In
the market of this city, that sale, It Is
said, cannot be found for large quantities
of them.
NhelU or the Oeenn.
Twenty-five barrels sea shells, hultable
tor gardens, bordering, Ac, for fcalc by
John Si-hoat,
8-15-,'lt. Twelfth and Levee.
Itlurrwiit Muatrlnn.
Many of the music loving people of
this city were given a taste of good mu
sic yesterday by a couple of wandering
musicians, who hailed from the sunny
shores of Italy.
The ca!abooe for the past month, we
are informed by Jailor McCarthy, has
Im-ch very quiet. He tells us that lor one
whole week, during the last thirty days,
lie nail but one patient to look after. The
city U really reforming.
Doc Polaoopd.
Tho iiractlcu of poisoning dogs has
found its way to Cairo, now tliat tlic po
lice have stopped shooting them. Two
canines went where the woodbine twln
cth by this process ol extermination yes
1'itKied Through.
Mlis Molllu Spropcshire, a daughter of
the proprietor of the Spropeshire House
of Jackson, Tennessee, passed through
this city yesterday for Springfield, Mis
souri, where she will join tho Scldcn-Ir-win
theatrical troupe.
At III 1'oat Asraln.
Mr. J. C. Zlmmer, general freight
agent of the St. I.otiU, Iron Mountain
and Southern railroad company, who
has 1m?cii sojourning in Ohio lor some
days past, returned to this city and his
olllcial duties yesterday morning.
Bark A Kit In.
Mr. Theodore Carrigan, the popular op
erator of the Western Union Telegraph
Company at this point, who for the past
week has been filling the place of a Padu
cah operator, who has been sick, has re
turned to Cairo and is again at his old
4a?AU the go PiUencrUecr. Schoen-
meycr has it.
Letter Hend.
Ten pound letter heads, large size, Car
lisle paper, rated two cents higher than
any other paper used in Cairo for print
ing letter heads ordinary composition
only $1 DO per thousand at the Ut'U.KTi.v
job olllce.
-HhIii Water."
If there Is not another change, and the
Ohio continues falling, as it has for the
past few days, the sowers can soon be
opened, and the rain water that' what
they call It now that lias accumulated in
the low grounds of the city will, lu a
short space of time thereafter, be a thing
of the past.
In the City.
Mr. IS. T. Sargent aud M. English,
paymasters of tho Cairo ct St. Louis Nar
row Gauge railroad company, arrived lu
this city with tho pay car of tho com
pany on Friday, paid oil the employes
of the road at this point, and took their
departure lor bt. Louis yesterday morn
Nt. I.oiiIm Beer.
Mr. Tony Neldenwclser has estat dished
at tno Planters' House In this cliy, uu
agency for the sale of Joseph Schnitlder's
St. Louis beer, which Is pronouncod by
all beer drinkers to be excellent. Tho
beer will be kept in tho very best state at
all times, aud all who may wish to In-
dulgo In u cool drink of tho be vera; fo can
get it by calling at the Planters'.
That Dltf Lunch at the Planters.
Tho Planters' House was u scene of
life and enjoyment from an early until a
lato hour last night. The occasion watt
that of a grand tree lunch, which Jluef
tier, assisted by his right hand man,
Charley PflU'erllng, got up lu tine- style.
Tho houso was full during the eutiro
evening, and tho spread of good things,
ot which all had a goodly share, was In
deed tine, The scene was enlivened
much by tho presence of a splendid string
band, that discoursed swet music
throughout the evening.
xcantea To-day.
The Cairo & Vlncenne. mllrnad com
pany, believing that there arc many peo
ple In thU city and alone the line or that
road, who have a curiosity to e the U'a
bate river In tho pretent "late of high
water, hare made arrangement to run
an excursion train from Cairo to that
river, to-day, for the purpose of giving
those who may deslro to fcc the effects
of the late flood, an opportunity for do
ing so. The train will have Culm at
even o'clock thin morning and return
thU evening. The fare for the round
trip Is but three dollar.
Oo to Schoeumeycr's and try his
Pllscner llccr. 8-lG-lw
Mr. Potter, editor of that old-time
Democratic newspaper, the Mound City
Journal, was In the city yesterday.
.lodge John II. Mtdkey, who has
been absent ut Crittenden and Dixon
Springs, has returned to the city im
proved in but not restored to health.
Mr. F. W. Merrln, ol tho Water Val
ley (Miss.) Courier, called yesterday. He
Is on his return from Chicago, where he
left his brethren of the Mississippi Press
Association, who am on their way to M
M4) Side.
The people of Cairo, It Is probable, will
be treated to a fine game of base ball
within a few weeks. The Centralta ball
tosscrs, hearing of the prowess claimed
by the Idlewild base ball club, of Fadu-
cah, which vanquished tho Cairo base
ballistsou two diflerent occasions, and
wishing to take the conceit out of the
Paducahltes, have challenged them, we
are told, to meet them lu a contest. The
Ccntralia men arc on the bet, and offer to
wager $500 against a like amount witli
the Idlewllds, that they will come out
first best In the match, and propose that
the game be played in this city. Whether
the Paducali men have sand enough in
their craws to toe the scratch for this
amount ot wealth, we cannot say, as no
answer, we arc informed, has up to this
lime been received by the Ccntralia club,
Services at the Methodist church,
corner of Eighth and Walnut afreets,
will be conducted by the Rev. Mr. Wallar,
tliis morning aud evening. All arc in
vlted to attend. Sunday school at I
p. m.
The services at the Church of the
ltedecmer, Fourteenth street, between
Washington avenue and Walnut street,
will be conducted by the Hector, Charles
A. Gilbert at the usual hours. Sunday
school at 0 p. m.
The Itev. U. V. George, ol St. Louis,
will preach at the Presbyterian church
Eighth street, between Washington ave
nue and Walnut street, this morning,
Services will begin at tho usual hour. In
the evening, the Rev. Mr. George will
deliver a lecture to the young men. All
are cordially invited to be present. Sab
bath school at 3 p. m.
What llealtli OaTaeer rowsa Thlnka
llcaltu uniccr urown, who tor some
days past has been deterred to a great cx
tent from accomplishing his purposes, on
account or the "rain-water," aUU kecDS
on his beat, and docs what he can for the
welfare of the city and its Inhabitants.
In a conversation with this gentleman yes
terday morning, we .were informed by
him that it is his belief that the vegeta
bles, and especially the corn, brought to
Cairo arc very unhealthy articles otlood.
His reasons for this assertion arc, that
the "rain-water," of which there lias
been a great quantity this season, espoc
lally lu the lowlands, where corn thrives
best, irot Into the stalks, was Instilled
into the cars, and consequsntly renders
them not only unhealthy, but a danger
ous luxury. He advises the people of
Cairo to use as little of tho vegetable as
Complaints are received every day by
Chief of Police Williams, in regard to the
running at large upon the streets of the
city of horses, mules, cattle, &c. He yes
terday received a letter from ono of our
most prominent citizens, relating a tale
ol the destruction of his beautiful shrub
ery by loose stock, and asking whether
something could not be done to put a
ston to the allllctlon. The chief is In a
quandary about the matter, and is puz
zltng his brain to arrive at some pun by
which ho can remedy the evil complained
of without coming down "too hard
upon tho owners cl such stock. The
only plan he can set forth that will prove
of any good to both factions, as in many
Instances tho "rain water" has inun
dated the barns and yards of tho stock
owners, Is for the said owners to herd
their stock, aud place some one in iMiarge
of it a cheap boy, would do and thus
avoid the necessity of any action being
taken ou the part of the city authorities.
Police Court.
Police court business raised its droop
ing head just a little yesterday. There
were three cases before Judge Bros and
one before Judge Bird, as follows :
Mary Valentine and Lizzie Howard,
two erring colored damsels, were arrest
ed by Ofllcer La Hue for disturbing tho
quietude of the city, and marched up to
tho tribunal of justice, where His Honor
placed upon the head of Mary a tine of
five dollars and costs, and placed her un
der tho tender cure of Jailor McCarthy
who will look after her welfare for eight
days to come.
Jackson Honilltou and Jane Gcxould
ot the colored populatlou, were taken
Into custody for disturbing the peuce by
disorderly conduct They were found
guilty and find five dollars and costs.
and sent to jail, where Hamilton will so
journ for three days, while Jane, just be
cause she didn't happen to be a man, will
be compelled to linger double that time,
Patrick Lane was then brought for
ward. Patrick was up for disturbing the
peace by violent, offensive and disorder
ly conduct, aud using offensive language
He was find five dollars and costs, and
ordered tojall to labor on the streets for
four days.
A colored gentleman, named Archie
Robinson, was up for stealing a pair of
pants of the value of four dollars, and was
held to bolt In the sum of one hundred
dollars to answer the charge at the next
term of the county court. Constable
.John Hogan made tho arrest.
Bulletin rtr Interview Civil
ENgltaacr Meely.
Ma did not alldjtha Dsfictlva LevM.
Poor Work thf (ana of the Break.
A reporter of the llt i.i.f.riN called on
lohn P. Hcly, Civil Engineer oflhls city,
yesterday, seeking Information on the
Shawncetown levee, and the occasion of
thc!brcak thereof.
Reporter. I understand you were the
engineer In charge of the construction of
the Shawncetown levees?
Mr. H. I made the surveys, plans, &c,
of the levees, and superintended tho con
struction for the Jclty of the north and
lront levees, but had nothing to do Jwltli
the construction of the south levee,
which was the one that gave way.
Reporter. Who constructed the south
levee V
Mr. II. It was built by the railroad
Reporter. V as it subject us much to
the currents and floods as the north and
front levees constructed by you?
Mr. II. Ittvas not. The north levee
being on the upper end of the town, was
directly In the course of the Ohio and
W abash floods, and the south levee had
no current airalust It whatever notldng
but back water.
Reporter. How many levees arc thcru
at Shawnctown?
Mr. U. There you do not appear to
know tlic plan. I will explain. The le
vees are nearly in the shape of an oblong,
three sides being formed by the levees
and the fourth by the hills back of the
Reporter. What is the distance, and
the heights of the levee from the front
levees to the hills?
Mr. II. The distance is about ono and
one half miles. The north levee will
average sixteen feet high. I don't know
as to the south levee, but the natural sur
face is rather higher than the north side.
Reporter. From your account, the
levee gave way where there was least ex
posure to the floods and current?
Mr. II. Yes, sir; that is my conclu
sion. Reporter. Mr.Hely, have you not been
annoyed by the report that It was your
levee that proved detective?
Mr. H. 1 have been much worried,
from Uie fact that It Is well knowti that I
was nearly two years engaged as civil
engineer in construction of the Sliawnee-
town levees, and It is supposed that 1
built all of them; hence I am criticised
and questioned by our citizens, and of
course my professional acquaintances all
through the West and South will believe
It is my work that has gone.
Reporter. Wliat was the cause of the
break, then ?
itr. II. Light and defective work.
Ana we left Helv iretllnsr ready to
whip a person who jMt then approached
aim oiKcu :
"Hely, was that your levee that broke
at Shawncetown t"'
The Fntortte Iler.
Charles Schoenmeyer, ot the Germa-
nia saloon, has just received a fresh sup
ply of the celebrated Pilsner beer, and
will have the same on tip this morning,
This beer is growing so popular with
our beer drinkers that Mr. S has found It
almost impossible to keep enough on
hand to supply his patrons, but he now
has ovcry arrangement perfected where
by he will always have on hand a sufil
clent quantity to meet all demands. Now,
If you have not tried Pilsener do at a:
P. S. Schoenmeyer will spread a big
lunch this morning at 10 o'clock, and we
know you'll co now. He wants you all
to come.
Latter List.
List of letters remaining uncalled for
In the Post Office at Culro, Illinois, Satur
day, August 14, 1875.
Brown Annie, Bartlctt E. II.,
Barbort Lizzie, Bridges Mary,
Uennct Susan, Bonds Lmroa,
Cornnlhon Mary, Campbell Mollle,
Craig Alice,
Dixon Caroline,
Garvcy Jennie,
Hakly Bell.
Hays Nelly,
Lindscy Bell.
Mahaney Airs.
Magee Ida,
Powell Elmlua,
Ileynolds N. J
Randall Lizzie,
Staunton Emellue,
Tonlerie Maria,
Goodrich Jane,
Hancamp Mrs..
King Caroline,
Lamb Nancy A.,
Myrcs Mary,
Poole Mary,
Rees Eunice,
Rcmmlcke F.,
Russell W.M.,
Sharp Ellen,
Williams Susie.
oextlemen's list.
Atkins M. F., Blackford B. l-,
Becker F. J., Bcrahcuall.,
Cherry A. W., Call Chas.,
Cuflie Herman , Clonan Jas. ,
Dcarncr Cody, Dclliucr Sani'l.,
Elliott G. 8., Fry Andy,
Foggln James. Fisher W. &, J.,
GerkinD.T., Gardiner Jim,
Hastellcrdeo., Harris Geo. W.,
HaflloJ., HallcyThos.,
Helm J. C. Jenkins E. L.
Kerr H- Lower A. J.,
Lowe Edward, Lee Ike.
Martlndalle Felix,. Moore Mack,
Moore It. S. Mitchell Pete,
Morgan Wm. ewbowls YV. B.,
Nelson T. J., O'Callahan It.,
Patton F. M Parker G.,
Smith Emanuel, Schlag Ernest,
Tiffany Geo., Thornton Tim,
White Frank, Wise George.
Wright Will. "Web John,
Williams Jas. A.. Watson Wm.
Persons calling for tho ubovo letters
will please say "Advertised."
Qko. W. McKkakj, P. M.
Cowperthwalt & Phillips have Just re
ceived a fresh lot of La Rosa Do Santiago
Cigars. Try them. WMw.
Ktiolutloni oa Us Abut of Um School Syi.
tint Bcnrrea to a uab&hum,
Heaolnllnna on Main Water, Tarnation,
and Kallroada Appropriately
Referred ,
Standing ComtoltUtt ot tho
Association An-
The Association met according to ad
journment lu the Council Chamber, Dr.
W. R. Smith in the chair.
After the minutes of the last meeting
were read, nn order of business was
The executive Committee submitted n
report accompanied by the follow ing res
1. WiiKiiKAH, It Is provided by Sccllon
1. of Article 8. ol the existing constitu
tion oi thii State that "tho General As
sembly shall provide a thorough and elll-
CICUl system Ol irec bciiuuis, nui-iuuj uu
children of this State may receive jood
cjtnmon tehool education," and
WitEitr.As, The Public Schools, ns now
conducted, appear to bo carried on upon
principles clearly lu violation of the or
ganized law ol the State, and in conse
quence, u great burden ot taxation is
thrown upon tay-payers without warrant
of law, therefore
IUnohcd, That the subject ot tlic Pub
lic Schools, generally, be relcrred to the
Committee on Educational Interests, with
Instructions to inquire into the subject,
and report to this Association ut an early
day the best mode of remedying the ex
isting evil.
JkiolctJ, Thut whllu we are in favor
of giving n liberal support to Public
ScIiimiI.4. whllu inaiiaired and conducted
in accordance with tho provisions of the
constitution of the state, and ot securing
to all children the full benefits of a good
common tehool education, we ure not lu
favor ot extending the system beyond
those limits; aud believe mat tuc taxes
Imposed lor such extension are unwar-
rauteu oy-iaw unu uu hhiiusuivu uivu
I'lY.IiaVITS. and wo hereby nledire our-
ki-Ivi-s to i-imh other to use all lawful
inp.niK in nrevent the imnostuou OI sucu
taxes und to contluc the use of tho Public
Schools to the limits above lnuieatcu.
2. Iletolvtd, That tlic suuieci oi tne urain
aire of the city be referred to the Com
" , . . ! 1 1 . I .
niittiH. fin iLnerai iiimruveinuiiin nm
structious to report to the Association at
an early uay tne Desi mouc, in ineiroinu
inn. n ndi.-vlnir the cltv of the rahi-wa-
ter which accumulates in the low- places
in the city while the sewers are closed in
pcriotls ot nigu water m uiu mue,
n 'l-li,.f tlm HiitilfM-f nl
3. lUsolctd. That the subject oi uixa
tinn ! n-fi-rred to the Committee on lax'
ntlnuwlth Instructions to examine the
whole subject of taxation In the city ami
rniintv ana renorL at an cany nay iu i
Aisrwl.itinn such RUL'crestious and consld'
eratlons, us In their opinion, will tend to
bring about a reduction in the general
volume of taxation, nnd secure a rigidly
ncnnnmlcjil and ludiclous expenditure
aud appropriation of thu revenues col
i. Bti,Ut,l. Th.it tho subiect of the
rnllrnarifl in the streets and aVCHUCS of
f tin nllv nnil limv tnr tlit-v aru constructed
laid down and operated in accordance
with the ordinances of the city be referred
to the Committee on Railroads with in
structions to report to the Association at
an early day such recommendations as to
any action themon as they may deem
The resolutions were appropriately re
for red.
The Executive Committee also re-
nnrrml. nuklnrr instructions to relit a
room for tho ue of the Association, and
were so instructed.
After which tho chair announced the
following as the standing committees of
the Association:
On Manufacturing and Commercial In
terests Samuel Walters, J. T. Kennic,
William Stratton.
Ou Educational Interests Dyi.s T.
Pnrticr, A. Comings, Ucubcn S. Yo
cum. Ou Railroads-Peter Cuhl.G. D. Wil
liamson. M. J. McGauley.
On General Imnrovcmcnts G. H.
Greeley. Peter KefT, I,. D. Mathuss.
On Taxation J. II. Oberly, Wood
Rlttenhousc, P. G. Schuh.
On Statistics and Advertisements M
B. Harrell, C. W. Dunning, M. Foss.
After which tho Association adjourned
Pbrt UKI.
Steamer Jim Fisk, Paducali.
Idlewild, Evausvlllu.
" City of Chester, Memphis.
" Belle of Memphis, St. Louis.
Tow-boat E. M. Norton, MIddleport.
Steamer Jim Fisk, Paducah.
" Idlewild, Evansville.
" City of Chester, St. Louis.
" Belle of Memphis, Memphis.
Tow-boat E. M. Norton, St. LouN.
JttVKIt AND WEAlllElt.
Tho river last evening was 43 feet 11
and 2-5 Inches on the gauge, having fall
en 14-5 Inches during tho previous 21
hours. By Monday evening It will be
falling faster, probably, than ever known.
Tho decllno at Evansvile, Louisville mid
Cincinnati has been very rapid, anil Its
full force will have reached hero by Mon
day. The Belle Shrcveporl will be here to-
day to receive freight lor New Orleans.
The E. M. rsorion urougui ouo car
go of salt for this city, and had 16,300
for St. Louis.
The Eckert was about ready to be
gin the work of pumping out tho A. J.
Baker when the Belle of Memphis camo
Tho break In tho starboard knueklo
of the tow-boat A. J. Baker is 12 inches
wido and 10 feet long. She will probably
bo alloat Monday or Tuesday.
Tho barges are loading at St. Louis,
and will be hero about Thursday, but tho
New Orleans packets will not begin load
ing for the present at least. Mutters aro
InnL-lnv lit) III business circles In St.
Louis, and a brisk fall trade is hoped for.
The ldlowlld brought out 652 barrels
Hour, 83 sacks corn, CO barrels meal, 85
barrels apples, and a lot of sundries. Sho
had a base ball club and big excursion
Viartv from Evansville to Paducah. Next
Saturday evening she will give another
moonlight excursion to Hickman, Ken
tucky, for tho bencilt of the Cairo young
folks, having been earnestly requested to
do so. Dr. Chct Bradley, Col. Rearden
nd General Sol. Silver are themanngers,
ns before.
The following Is the special river re
port to the Cairo observer, during the
past twenty-four hoiiM :
The Ohio river has risen 4 Inches nt
Pittsburg, nnd 1 Inch at Pnducah, and
fallen 7 Inches at Marietta, 32 Inches at
Cincinnati, C9 inches nt Louisville and 32
Inches at EvansvMe. It will probably
fall rapidly at stations nbovo Padticah
nnd decline slowly at this station during
The MMsslppl has fallen 5 Inches at
Cairo and 11 Inches at St. Louis. It has
risen 1 Inch nt Hclsna and remains sta
tionary, but Is now rising nt
MemphU and Vleksburg. The river
wilt fall at stations above
Memphis and remain stationary or rise
very slightly nt stations below. It will
probably reach but Is not expected to rise
above the danger line at Memphis.
'1 he Red river has rl-cn eight Inches at
Tho Missouri ha fallen at Jefferson
City nnd Herman.
The Cumberland has fallen fourteen
Inches at Nashville.
The Allegheny and Monongahela rivers
have risen slightly.
Heavy rains have prevailed In the lower
Mississippi valley. H. W. Howoatk.
War tlti-AUTMKKT, Uivbh lUrorr,
Aiimm it. una.
ft. if. rr. .
Culro 41 0 ft
I'Utaburx S - X 4
Cincinnati 11 7 t
LfltiUtllle - a t I !
NasliTllte. H O 1 2
Ml. LouU 15 B 11
Louln Herbert hna PIIJtENKK.
As l am harniHtd to death from state
ments Irom New York, 1 am compelled to
sell my entire stock of Clothing at an im
mense sacrifice. Ike "VValdkh,
T-10-tl. Corner Sixth and Ohio Levee.
Now is your time to secure bargdim at
8-"-3t O. Haytuokm fz Co's.
To Bent.
A cottage, No, 32 Tenth street, between
Washington ami Walnut. Apply to Chas.
Lane. 8-7-tf
DclicioiiN-PILSIKXKK-at Lonl Her
f&XX Amber nnd White rag stock
envelopes at the Bulletin olllce, printed,
$3 50 and $1 00 per M.
Wood nuilConl.
Wootl, $1 per cord 50 cents oil" lor
cash. Big Muddy coal by the car load $3
per ton. All goods delivered.
O. W. WltKKLKK & CO.
Ornci: and Yaud. Tenth street, be
tween Commercial and Washington ave
nues. S-10-lin.
Cloth Mhoew.
We will close out a lot ef Geutlemen's
Cloth Bhoei, at very low figures.
O. llAYTiionx &. Co.
PILSENER at Louis Herbert's.
for Male.
A silver plated No. 0 Wilson Shuttle Sew
ing Machine, hard (piano) linlth, valued at
85. Will he told at 20 discount, on good
terms, and ordered direct from tho factory.
A No. It Wilsan Shuttle Sewing Machine
valued at T!i. Will be sold at 1& discount
and ordered direct frr.m the factory.
A 00 UcintaKlon Regime Machine 4)30
off for cii-li. Suitable for tailor ot ioot and
shoe manufacturer.
At a bargain, and on good terms, a Howe
Sewing Machine. May be seen at the Com
pany's olllce, corner Ninth street and Com
mercial. FOR SALE.
'Picturesque America" 43 numbers
bound in i volumes, full gilt Morocco ;
price, $10.
A stylo "E," ''Clough, Warren & Co.'a1
Parlor Organ, right from the factory at De
troit. List price, C300. Will bo sold for
A new two-horse Gamble wagon.
For any of the nbovo articles, apply at
the Bulletin ofllce. E. A. Burnett.
Corrected Dully by K. M. Stearns, commission
merchant, becreutry of tho Cairo Board ot
Flour, according to grade $6 ISXSB to
Com. mixed, sai-kt-d Tie
Corn, white, sacked trie
Oata, mixed - Mo
liran, per ton SltO0
.ileal, ateam uricu - ,
Iluttcr, choice Northern
llutter,cholet! Southern III...
Kbits, ner dozen
.... $ 3 CA
Chickens, perdozeu
'l-iiplrMva MrlAf.n .........
a i fria ui
7(3.10 CO
t '
I fl
Applra, tiulce, er barrel...;.
Annie, common, ner liurrel.
Potatoes, per bumd
Onions, per barrel
The uudenilBiied han llw pleaatire of annoiinc
in,, in ih I'lilzt-iia ol' Cairo andUic surrounding
country that he has cutublishvd a
for the 'ale of Joseph Scltnaiiler's cclibrated
und on oharteit notice btl-
will be delivered
culduud ready lor tan .....
iu.m rtit.iir.it it ir.or.it,
Depot under Hunters' Home.
K. I.. Iledstroiii. A. C. Meeker. A. J. Hoole.
Minora dc Shippers of
M Seneca atrtatl. BaaUo
imtuL Omt-BN, Cor. Adaau Market Bt.
Alto Agent a for BlotibttlSl 0.
ThcnmWwIrntd will tell
On the premise, on
WdnetUy, August 25th, 1671
The following real estate to-srlti
Loin No. IS anr! 1A In hfflJ-k Sa. V
Cairo. orAbe south alii or Eishta atnvi hto
Commercial and Washington arentie,at preaeM
occupied by chas. Webber, and known as It
- Lino-- moon,
the one -half of lot 17 and all of lot IS, 19, l a4
VI in triork 24. hrin Ik rMlilctir ninhia.
Thnipp, K,q,, titrated rat the sonth-east eomav
vi .-ennui airrei ana watniagton avenue.
lota 7 and I In MncV 2H. lit xMIHnn In tho eito
of Calm, attbe corner of Twenty-ninth atraC
and commercial avenue) both above ilpewattsr
fortv arrca of timlirr land In Pulaakl Co.. Ill-
one mile north of Villa Hldra and on the 1 C
It. It
eighty acrtiotbtml l)i mile south-weal ot Char
leton, Mo., In a nplendU farm! aft coon try.
The above property , at preae&t osroed by Chaa.
Thnipp, Ka.. or Cairo, Will be told tweante br
Thniiip contemplates leaving the city.
TER1U-One-hair nub, pialanca one ana
twojeara, accural by mortgaa-e, Title .effect.
rur mrincr inioriuauun a mmvmt, ui ap
ply U U. Thnipp or to
10 Hours Saved!
Ciira to Imrk in 7
Leare Cairo, -ArrlY
at KvanaTillo,
Passenger for Kvansvllle leaving dlro via
talro m Vlneenaiea Kallroadat la. m.,
make clone connections at Carml, and rnaa
Evansville at II o'clock the tame morning.
TEN 1IUVM MOOaERthanby anyoUwc
route. M. B.UUODK10H.
JAM. MAI.I.OKT, tien.I'MMngtrAKt.
Passenger Agent, Cairo,
8-3-1 m.
Evansville, Cairo and Memphis
Steam Packet Co.,
Paducah, Shawnee town, Evana
Tiuo, LouisviUe, Cincinnati
and all way landings.
'Hie iturivallad flile-wfaeel iteamer
D. O. FowLtn Master.
Ed. H. 'fiioMAS....... - Clerk.
.. i . , ... . 1 1 ... i.i imun . V
Leave Cairo every Tuesday ana ritiUAi.a
eo ciocap. n.
The elegant alde-vrhecl a trainer
II A V an.l I'lMIIA V at A n'nlork fl. m.
Will leave Cairo every WKD.NESDAYandSAT
Ultl'Al aioo-cioca p. ra.
The elegant side-wheel steamer
M.v W, rff.ua
aiv 'n-
Each. Vtai ntiV.i rlnae rannectiona at Ca
DDiitnu Afw iiriMni. unu ai -:vfuiaviii. w
and with the Louisville Mall Strainers for
celpts on frelgli
noinuonuic unuer unio. mime inrouarn
For further infunnatlon aimlr to
o. n, rn ii.i.i rn.
Or to
SuDerintrndent and General Frelaht Aacnt.
auwxxi nauiiixiAo,
Wholesale, Retail
sWHiatheat Cash Mot paid
Hoga and cattle.
nnnt rfin tiii? mm i in
9t tipMmMmtMMt aM
UisMl ilsmnhm la Of timm
t4 naaMlartsWi, t
ra.Ua ar Uaa an aiiiilil ar
nut): lUU II la a aaat Ual afMft.1 at k.
.aj Imj, M Uft llfllaiatj akaa. MM aaaaa.
It aaiuia. ik aaiariam aa tMmWm
tMt wpataim la aatt, aa4 ttftm
MEki to ka aa4 1
.aaa aMaaaf
Ia.aa4 akaaaflatl
vat. ar.wrr M wrrj mam
lloba. It Waja. ruff
.af. ,rram ia.1 at
koaUaW la aar aMM
mi u af aa ilMii aaataaja) mt Ftfar
iUnm Dr. Mmmaij, atl,
Bt. Unit, Ma.
Nstlc U tat MlttM m4 Mali-amli.
Bakra aaalrla to Uta aMarlaaa !
aitu. Ham, ar aaiaf a' aaaa. naaaS
Dr. h.-mi
lalaaar.il Sfi
am r tkl. aaaj
OBm aa4 rwtora. . IS Statu
aiat Caaanb ii Laata. z4
....II r ar hw faalL a. aaa
J? Loat Manhood and all duwrdm
onuy tnuiacreuona or exoaaa. mmj
u the lnrrMltrnu.
I-.1'-Uw-It ctaanaan.
ozjiciJiVATZ. fpxo.
Ciatalhliii.il BitMlli
Tha " " SaMlaf Ifea

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