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ght gttllttiir.
KMUm Xfttler on V.xcry Pnifv.
Tim I-KAftKMW Kl'KM'H.
The kuklux Man of Franklin county
met a merited chastisement at tlicliaml?
ol tho Sheriff n.few days iixo, nml It N
to Iks regretted tlmt Ills lose illil not nlm
licttcr nml kill tnore of tlicm. A lew
more leoni of this kind, and tlioorKiml
yatlon will I hroken up. The organiza
tion wan rallwl "The IJeRUlator.a,'' mid
lian many members In Williamson. It
J folic hoped thnt the discoveries In
Franklin will lead to the detection of the
rascals hi Williamson.
a wr.w NI.ATK.
A gentleman of this city, .iut returned
fromSprlngllcld, informs us that one ol
the H:ullcal states, Is Washburn, minister
to France, for Governor, and Uovcrldgo
for Lieutenant-Governor, Washburn to
step from the gubernatorial chair Into
Logan's scat In Use senate and Hevcrldge
to again step up to the oluco he now oc
cupies without ability to perform Us du
ties. Washburn would be a (strong eniiill
date, but a combination such as we have
Indicated would Inevitably defeat lilin.
it has been nald that the aggregate of
the policies of cx-Presldcnt .lolition's
life is not less than $3.V),000. Tills W de
nied by the insurance men, who say the
statement is ridiculous. To carry poli
cies aggregating $350,000, they say,
would require an annual outlay of $1",-
500, if the insured took out his policies
when lie was llfty years of age. Mr.
Johnson could not have Invested much
in Insurance before he was forty-live years
of age. and the inference therefore Is that
he must have Insured his lite, If lr.i in
sured it at all in such an Immense Mini,
between the age of loriy-llvc and sixty.
Uicbody of the unfortunate Grim-
Wood, Donaldson's companion In their
fatal baaloon voyage, was found two days
ago, near Whitehall, Michigan. The
body was discovered by tho mail cat rid
on tho route between Stony Creek and
Montaguc,and wasinanudvanced stage of
decomposition. In the pantaloons pocket
were found a diary ,a memorandum ot en
gagements, addrcsse?, a "card of
mcmbcrihlp ot the Chicago public library
nnd other papers which proved beyond
doubt the Identity of the body. It was
Interred at Whitehall but will bo remov
ed to Chicago. Search Is now being
made for Donaldson's bod v.
Asnitr.w joii.no.vn :ni;:ci:ssoh.
The Tennessee seiiatorship, made va
cant by tho death ol Andrew Johnson,
has been titled by Governor Porter. The
new incumbent is unknown to lame. At
nine o'clock on Wednesday night Gov.
Porter appointed Chancellor D. M. Key,
ot Chattanooga, successor to Andrew
iioiiiison. J lie aiinoitilnient was mado
In response to demands from Unit Ten
nessee. A special to (lie Courier-Journal
says Mr. Key has not ilgured much In
Tennessee politics. He Is a man of forty
live years of age, of decided talent, retir
ing and very popular in East Tennessee,
but not generally known throughout the
Suite. The new senator will tako his
seat on tic opening of eongio9, tm
will serve live years.
The Metropolis Times, edited by Hon.
J. F. McCartney, says: "Now that
the question, who shall be our
candidate for congress, is opened
again, It seems a good opportunity to re
new our motion to scud the Houorablu
Ken.O. Jones to congress. It Is true
Jones pretended to get mad when we
suggested his name some mouths ago
but then he did not say ho would not run,
nnd that Is equivalent to saying he will
run. If a good excuse Is given lilin for so
doing. That is the way all skillful poli
ticians act now. Like n blushing maiden
t whom marriage Is proposed, lie puts
his linger hi his mouth and pouts, but In
due time the maiden marries tho fellow
anyhow, and so Jones will run anyhow
If the question Is proposed bv his mesne
the I'.M'.tKvni :n Ait .urn: it
The Carbondalo OWrcrr, published by
Itcv. Andrew Luce, In an article on "Tho
Dist let Conference ot thoM. I'.. Church,"
say it
. tVo were Mirry to note among the
items, or business transacted by the Con
ference, the relusal, by a unanimous vote,
to "pass the character" of our oldfellow
e tlzen, D. L. Davis, of tho Cairo Sun.
llrother D a casu excited much Interest,
and called torili tome strong exprufchlons
of regriect for liW formm- !,,-,,, i
usefulness, and hi nrestmi ni.uiiv i..' i.
useful; but the cotilereuce, without a dis
tant, declared they could not approve
uic cuaracier o u man wno u-cd his no
Fitlon asa journalist to eulogie theater.
saioons, siooatn Iree-luuclie.i and public
dances; and, especially, when hu was
Kuuwii io iciiu io some oi tno-e sm..nCS(
niu iniiuviivi: ui iiiauwu presence.
it-.1.-. ..... . .
ii me vfjiiierenee ueiii'ves, tinu Is not
lill.l(ilni. fn t...l. f At i
nnouintu in ua ueuei, uiai u newspaper
jiropneior cannot witliout being in dan
ycr oi lien's fire, criticise theatrical
performances, or permit dances,
lunches and beer to bo ad
vertked in hU paper, then we nl-o arc
lost, and tho members of tho Conlerence
must painfully endure "the bliss to
como" deprived of tho companionship of
'y ot tijo members of tho pies;. A
butcher tells to an actor or a saloon
keeper m Wcat, aud in this way con-
callnir W ould tl.eConfurt,lcc,(hyefor(1
con,lMn tho butchur u, Uh burnIl ,ako f
Tlie paiH!r man sell hi, Kwa the
buUher does; If ho must go uVh n L r
all right. Either a man S'
thing, or he must leave the t.ewM,a r
btulacss ; and we seo proper to u-lluvo be
can do R wlUiout Hu. Tho members ol
the) Conference cannot convince us tlmt
u tuo puuuenerii or papers vho
have lived nnd died, have hecn wretched
sinner, tinwoilhy of the favor ol n Con
ferencemen who, liecau'c they have
minified saloon advertisements and
danco notices to iret Into their columns,
have yono lo tho had. It won't do.
Heaven Is a solid place, and among the
angelic hosts that populate It ami crowd
about tho throne, there arc certainty
newspaper men. Wo have no doulit
most or them .stand In the front rank" and
play upon harps golden and in the best
tune. Ho, llrother I)als need not de
spair; for although the Conference re
fined to pass his character, he 1 not lost ;
lie will nevertheless ho with in nmonir
the saved.
noon run Tin: iiotixntota
Mr. F.dward Wlllett,of St. l.oul, In
dignant at tho treatment of Hon. . teller-
son Da Is by tho people, of Uoekford,
burst Into poetical wrath with the follow
ing rcMtlt:
lloinn for the Hottentot-! ltnomt
Vcngenre ol (iort let lliom wnnk!
Ittlhcr tlic cutlers come.
Preaching the koic1 of elieek,
llenrlliclira( linrni ns tlirr blow (lie ml
Secthem how blatant nml hold!
Itehel will now hnnlly know them,
lint liy their Wk, n of olil.
Who In their enemy? Su'hliut
llroVenliy mantfnM 111,
Dentil MuiiilitiK rraily to lie hint
Weak, lmtiiKentleiunn Mill.
Once n jiroiiil )icoiU erowneil Mm,
1'laenl htm In highest roimiitinil t
'I hen tlieenieil victor hniiml him,
l.owct of nil the land.
Never they henl or hroke, him,
Though they couhl fetter hN frame)
Ncer Ills enurajte forsook him,
Never he stooged lo lOinme.
Victory ne'er eonhl elate him,
Never ilefuit overthrow,
Honor could eallr .itf him,
Strong was he uti'lcr Ills woe.
Now, he l eoniureil, hut Mnwlimr
irprlKhl hclore u nil i
Mill Is his njwct comiuaiullnV.
I'lOiiilnnil eteet In lil full.
Nothing ho mutter of auger,
Hate In his heart is not Ion nil)
i-peaksbut to roti'e from their lanzuiir
Hearts that ore hovel to tho ground.
Howl lit till notii ; hut he hears Hot.
HUsj hut lie flora not care.
Threaten nml rurcr; lull he finm not.
ftlilkoj hut he Mils you not nun:
Hull at the oak of'tlio forest!
Iltosf It i f tli lightning niul hall !
-till, when thestorm heals the Mui'tl,
What doct your ntiRtr nvull?
Howl) hut you ueerr.iii lunohlm.
Silent nml calm nml MMnp,
Hern will his )ieoile lose him.
Yomlerwlll Coil JiiiIko his wroiiK.
n.viii:it am toxtatiiss,
i no .Metropolis i tines, comnicntlug on
tho suggest Ion of the Murphysboro (Jack'
Min Co.) ;v(, that Judge linker shall
be the Hepublicaii candidate; for
congress in this district next year,
says there Is an air of authority
in tho AVi'a paragraph which
might create the Impression that it was
written with Judge Itakcr's knowledge
aud consent. Mr. McCartney ha-lens to
declare himself for the Judge in tho
event ol that gentleman's candidacy, but
says "wo scu several iva.-ons which seem
to justify us in saying that it is not prob
able Judge Haker Is an aspirant for con
gressional honors." The several reasons
the Times sees arc as follows :
First Tho po-ttlon ot Circuit Judge
in the Cairo district, is of second Import
ance to none in tho State, and Miould
bo welt and ably filled. It Is
now. !! i:inu can not well spare him
from that place. The very fact that hols
wanted as judire would weaken him for
Second The office of Judge In this dis
trict is In the estimation ot the people
here, of more honor and exalted posi
tion than that of congressman, and If it
is to be desired for the honor of tho ollico
Judge Haker would gain nothing by a
change of place.
Third At the last Judicial election
Hon. D. J. linker was elected for six
years. His term ol ofllec will not ex
pire until alter the term of the congress
man elected hi 1S70 will have expired.
To give up his present place would bo
sacrificing n longer lease ol power than
the one ofl'ercd him In congress. He
would have nothing to gain from the
change In that direction.
Fourth The difference in the salary is
only $2,000 per annum and the ad
ditional expense of living in Washington,
and maintaining the position aud social
character incumbent upon members of
congress, far exceeds the dllfercuee In
price paid, in the different places. If one
of two commissions were tendered to
Judge Haker one to congress, the other
ol judge he would make inonev bv
taking the judgeship. Xo man knows
tills better than he.
Fifth Ho Is fitted by jialnre lo (ho one
place, and It Is almost certain the other
placu would bo uncongenial to him. I
M-Wt liiu one place lie has, aud all
the expense ot a canvass which, under
our present system of politics, is en
large, U defrayed, and lt ho goes into the
race for congress he will bo compelled to
pay largo sums of money witliout any
adequate return. To Incur this needless
expense Judge llaker's financial eoiull-
lion is not well suited to endure.
iMsliij As the preachers say, there
may be a doubt as to securing the place,
aim a man ruling a sale and turn footed
liorte, Is not likely to trade it oil for a
Mumbling, blind one. If his election to
congress was as sure as his election to
tho Judgeship in this district, there might
uu inoie lorce in the argument than there
Is as matters arc now.
KxriiKSsioxbiiotcoiuplinienrary to the
members of thy commission for the loca
tion of the Feeble-minded, are being in
dulged In by various paper. In the Stoi..
Tho Sprlnglleld Juiivnut says It Is rumor. .!
that two or more ol the commission me
involved in conduct so contradictory and
inexplicable as to create tho suspicion
that the best Interests of tho Htato may
have been subordinated to other and
moro persuasive arguments. This kind
r talk will make It necessary for the
Kentlcnion of tho commission to rlso and
l'.tr.so.s J.t'Ci: rap3 Governor Hevcrldge
over the Angers inthlssarcasticuiamier:
There Is both law and good common
sense In demanding that the ollicials and
Hi.cns of the counties should use their
best efforts lo arrest their own criminals,
before they call upou the state for aid.
And yet It must be conceded, that a
Governor who Is so full ol lovo and com
passion tor criminals, as to pardon scores
of them ere they have taken a do.cn les
sons in the celebrated " lock step," might
bestow a little of that compassion on the
widows and orphans ol his murdered con-
Mltiiauts and even do a little violence to
the constitutional curb-reins which hold
him In, and lend the Influence of his name
and even his pre'cuen lo aid In bringing
the murderous bush whackers of William
son eountv to their merited cord."
Tin: Slate Jvurnal would liavo IN spe
lllcally stale what Is the Governor's
duty In the Williamson county matter.
I'o take care that the laws arc falthlttlly
executed, is our reply. "lint how shall
he do this suggest ti practical policy,"
responds the Journal. The Governor, who
started out by saying he could do noth
ing, Is stumbling along in the right direc
tion; but he Is stumbling slowly, It lie
will get down and out, and let us get up
and in for a week or two, we 11 show the
Journal what Hevcrldge ought to do: but
we refuse to throw nway any moreadvice
on a block of wood.
inn i.onuon Kehn contains tlie an
nouncement ol the death of Sir Charles
t.ocock, Hart., the pliy.Mclan-aecoueheur
to Queen Victoria. He was born in 171)'.),
and graduated in Kdiuburglilu 1S21. Af
ter going lo London, he was selected
above all others, at the advice of Sir
.lames Clarke, as physlchin-accouclietir.
lie was also a fellow of the college of
physicians at Kdlubnrgli; president of the
Hoyal medical aud ehirurgical society in
' 1337, was appointed honorary president
ol the Obstetrical society In 1SCI, and In
ISO I was elected a fellow of the itoyal
society. He attended the queen at tlie
birth ol every one ol her nine children.
Ho.v. Ai.r..v. II. SrnrjiKNs has been
suggested as an independent candidate
lor Governor of Georgia, nnd will lie
supported by all the Uadleals of the. State
and the (jore-IIead Democrats. Tho
Democratic papers tiro calling upon him
to not penult his name to be tints used
lor the purpose of demoruti.iugtho Dem
ocratic party ; but tlie old man continues
as dumb as an oyster.
"IrU said,"s.iys tho Carbondalo Ob
server, "that the bushwhackers control
too many votes." Therefore tlie laws
are not enforced in Williamson county.
It would seem so. Sheriff Xorris told
the Governor the other day that tin: mur
derers were known, ami that the evi
dence to convict them was sulllclcnt.
Why, then, docs lie not arrest the mur
derers ?
Tin: contract for building the south
wing of (ho Insane Asylum at Anna liu
been awarded to Thomas L. lienipster of
Chicago, who bid for the .-amo the sum
of fS!),7J:i. Tho highest bid was $111,-
U1S and uas put hi by IMchard Scliliiiilck
of Anna. Mr. X. .L. Wickwlre of this
city was also one ot the bidders ; his tlg
ures were 100.000.
Tin: I'coiTa Democrat believes that
'some time ano Gov. Hevcrldge was lay
ing litllin mu tiuHiUnsr 10r IlllllSelt
lotty senatorial alr-castles." I'robably;
but thev are all down now the air cas
tles. His Williamson county fiasco has
disarranged all his plans, and left liini
witliout any backers in tlie State.
Tin: Memphis Appeal, hi an elaborate
article, double leaded and a column and a
half In lengtli,urgedHon. IshaniG. Harris
as a proper person to fill the place of
Andrew Johnson in the Semite of the
United Blales, but Gov. Porter was evi
dently not of the same mind as tlie li
petil. Tin: "sensible remarks made by lion.
&. M. htter, State superintendent of
schools, In a recent address," aud which
the Sparta I'laindealer says were made In
this city, were not made here. The peo
ple ol Cairo have not had the pleasure of
listening to an addrcesby Hon. S. M. Kt
Siiaii'i:niii:iio, ex-Lnltcd States mar
thai of Colorado, lias absconded, and his
accounts show a deficiency of one liuii
drcd thousand dollars. The Department
of Justice has ordered his arrest, and he
will lie punished, as the hare is cooked
wiien ho is caught.
Tin: State of Illinois evidently does
not take much interest In the centennial
enterprise. Tho entire Stale has but
twenty-two applications for space for in
(lustrlal exhibitors. Ohio litis over ten
times that number. This l- a bad ex
liilill for the fourth Slate In the I'liion.
AnruMt s iii, being asked about his
ruriiaiuo origin, rcpiicu; "1 think wo
came from Jerusalem, for my father'c
name was Levi ami we had a Moses ami a
Nathan in tho family, but my poor
nrotiicr's name was Cyrus ; so, perhaps,
mat muxes us reisians."
Tin: waters ofThe Waba-it river dur
ing the late rise were two feet higher than
nicy nave ever been known to be -luce
the settlement of tho country.
Mit.I'oi to, of the Mound City Journal,
proposes iq, publish a paper hi Cairo,
commencing the last of this mouth. Wo
wish him success in his now enterprise.
litKsnu:Ni Guam enjoyed
bako" in Jlhodo Island with
Hunisldo on Wednesday, mid
back at Long iirancli.
it "clam
Senator Is now
"Tin: brotherhood or blood," is what
Parson Luce calls the combination of Wil
liamson county assassins.
Hon. Sinanv M. Cullom wlfibe a can
didate for Governor next year, and If
nominated will make a " big run."
Mil a nii Mits. Saiitohis and the baby
will bid good-bye to America on the !23th
Aiirnn jjpnl, it"' Leiulof. t'littei- Ar-
Cnntrell Found Wounded and Dy.
The following account of the Franklin
county fight Is furnished by a Deputy
diiitih wno parucii'iiii-ii ii:
Hknton, 1m.., August IS The posse,
consisting oft wenty men. arrived at the
residence of Mr. Maddox at 10 o'clock,
and were secreted In the lane leading to
tlie hou-o, and la the garden ad olnlug
.1... ......I n...i...l ...f.'l. ..
iiiuiurti, iiw "en- .iiiiiiu huh double-barreled
shot-guns. Alter waiting
patiently for two hours a Party or horse
men were heard pa'-iug through n lane
a hair mile from w here they were located,
but passed on, and were soon
out of hearing. Supposing thnt
they had got wind of the fact
that the residence of Mr. .Maddox was
rll1t,l.1,1 1t.il I' ..f I 111, ttrWkf. tlilf.jl In
Kot out tlii'ir liuM- :uul Ivo tlicm cliai.
111.11.. .... 1. 1.... )ttfc .....l i. .r... .
I lillU liUUIIIII mm ih-m.-w ti ii ill IJUIUIV
'tnrtintf, the uhnn uk iriwn tlmt tlicy
U'ltWl .w.i.lldir TIlllV .llHIAIl.ttjwl l.n.-lll.r
,,V.U VUllllll. !,' -. "1, I, ...I, ll,-, ,
fastened their iior-cs, aud by the thni
iney were seercicn a pany oi men, com
pletelv dlgtilcd, wearing masks and
white" coals, and numbering fourteen
men, rode directly In front of Mr. Mad
dox's lesiilcnee. When witlilu twenty
feet of the gate Ihcy were ordered by the
ShcriH' to halt. They made
but .sepiti'' no one. airalu .nlvum-nd. Tln
) Sherlll, stepping out, called to them, In
tlie name oi me people or the Slate of
Illinois, and by virtues of his authority
nsSherllt'ot Franklin eountv, to surren
der. They replied, Xo, sir. we'll not."
and imtiH'illately tired at the Siieiill, who
had luckily stepped behind a fence cor
ner. The pos-e ciiinnienced tiring at
them, whereupon they lied, leaving one
of their number mortally wounded and
badly demoralized. Had the po?e lol
loped up their advantage by pursuing
them, thev would doubl less have cap
tured -evcral of them. As shown next
morning by going over the ground,
they threw away their maknnd coats nt
thev run. Thirteen masks were found
within a mile of the dagagenient. six bad
ly riddled with bullets and bloody, show
ing that tlie shots clfected something.
One ol tlielr lior-es was found dead In the
road, about a mile Irom Hie scene of the
light, four other horse' have been found
slightly wounded. The wounded Ku-klux
was brought to Itcnton. and has given
the names of several of the party. The
ShcriH aad posse are now out In search of
them. One of the men, Aaron Xcal. sup-po-ed
lobe the
ii ur.u or i in: iiaxii,
has been arre.-ted and Is now In jail. Our
Usually unlet town Is ablaze with excite
ment, a meeting ot me citizens was
called to-day, and the lollowing resolu
tions passed :
ucrc.it, r-ecrct nanus oi outlaws are
now in existence in this county, calling
themselves Ku-klux. who are bound
together by oaths, and traverse the coun
ty In complete disguise, and in the night
tlmo take peaceable eitlen.s out of thel
beds, whip them and order them toper
form actions under penalty of death,
which me ineoiislstentwllhtneriglitsand
privileges of freemen and citizens of the
county, and
Whereas, James F. Ma-on, the Slierlll
of this county, having learned
body of Dice.' kuklux iNjriili-cri and
arini'tl. u'.hiM visit Jolin II, Maddox-ution
last jjjtht for the purpose of terrifying
lilin Into the performance of curtain
tbliiL'.s which thev wore ileslrons bo
climthl ill, climillOllf'll ii nossu of nun
with arms, seereic.u iiieiuuivus ui nicies
of John II. Maddox. and when
tbo kultlux, fourteen In number, made
tiieir appearance about a o'clock tin
hiienn, in tlie name anU by authority o
uie ueopie oi tne istateol Illinois, de
iiiouulu ihlu siiirciHiei 10 which tiiev
'r '"".""v '. u-v mimeuiaieiy iinng upon
uiuoiH iiii nun nisi posse, ami auerwarifs
attempting to lice, whereupon the Siiei ill
and nosse eoinnieueed llring upon them,
liumij uuiiiiuiiig one man ami terioiisl
woiiudlli'' others: therefore, boll
Jlesoleed, That we, as law-abiding citl-
" i i.i ihiiu eoniiiy, (leieruuneii to
iipuoiu tlie laws o our country nml nm.
tect our citizens from outrage, do hereby
cordially indorse the action of tlie Slier-
Ill and his po-so in their action last night,
aud that we condemn in tlie strongest
manner mru ariiieu aim
lusarisn) MAi.MUDKite,
ami that to their suppression and tlie
maintenance oi uie law anil liberties ol
our citizens we hereby pledge our lives
anil money.
Tho above resolution was iinanlinotisv
pa-sod and also a resolution rcqucstlm'
the State's Attorney. W. W. Jjarr,
hsq., to jirocced Immediately to Spring
field to confer with the Governor tor his
advice In regard to the matter. Our
county is in a deplorable slate ol allairs.
Sulllclenteviddice has been obtained to
warrant tho statement that there are not
less than own hundred of ibes... nu.n
banded together. Our citizens are deter-
iiiini:ii. ii imacKci l)V lis loree we nm
powerless to defend ourselves.
We de-
iiiaiiu iiroieciion.
a.noiiii:i; or nii: hand dvino.
DrQrot.v, 111.., August IS. Tlie la
test news from the seal of war In Frank
lii I county w,i, t.ronght in by a hack
driver wlio arrived her from Heiitou t tils
alternoon. Two arrests have been inai'o
since the light ol night before last. The
names of t'iu parties arrested
!-u G'V1'" .'antrell aud Aron
Nell. Iloth men live in Franklin
county In the vicinity of Hcnton. Sue
melon was Hot aroused, which led to
the arrest of (,'antrell, by attention being
attracted by parties going lo and from
Ills House earring ice and by seelii" the
doctortMt hii residence. Thw.e facts
were inailo known to some olllclals, who,
upon eiiierlng Ids house, found Cautrell
in bed, seriously, It not mortally, wound
eil. Jim wounds, no doubt, aru tho
fruits of ins lust encounter with the
Sheril and his party. The other man,
jea , h rather an important member of
Jho hu-Kluk band. Cautrell Is suppo.ed
to be an active Ku-Klux. and a member
of sonio Importance. His arrest causes
great exeitenient, as no one suspected
nun being connected with thce wlute
I'oiiil linen. Great excitement still pro
vails In and around Hcnton. The Slierlll
'"till in closo pursuit of tho remainder
f ' the band, and hopes aru entertained
bathe will succeed in capturing ami
bringing them all to justice.
'llii' 'iiu.kjiilKiii'.l has the plwwjrcor umwutio-
country tlmt lie liau tstiiblhluil u in'iin
for Ik. me ot Jui-ch hdiuttiikr'n cdrlmtci
awl mi thorlcst notice bur will be ikllu'uil
MM una rca.lv for tan wnin
Ifpotiinacrl'imt' llyiiii". '
Mdirou in:.i.Eitt.
r! SMYTH & CO.7
Wliolc.vile nnit Itctrttl Dcilcrs In
Foreign and Domestic
WJMKN OF A Mi uinriiN.
No. 60 Ohio Lovoo,
"rKSSItr SMVTII .1 CO Imic ...li-lintly
XVL n Inrtre stork of the Li-Jt (rooU l" tin- limr
let, nnd ulr f.it:liil attention lo I In- wliolesalo
ranch of this hinhii'3.
The Undorfligncd Having Given
up tno
Is now Prepared to Furniflh Ico
uy tno
At prices that will Compare- Fav-
ornrjiy witit any iieoicr. ic
will now Dcvoto his inten
tion Entirely to his
Grand Central
Corner I3ip;lrtli Street,
WM. WKTZEL, Tiopriotor.
1 Itl'STV xviilcli Lint nliflit ami il.iy lur
tnilns mill -l.iiniljoiits
The K-t of arc-,iimiititloii3 fur lRtii!cnt
piWiU ut l wii U.)llarn ik r il:iv. ,1-tvlf
vnoi.r.sAi.i: iitoi i:its.
Wholesale Grocers
Commission Merchants
57 Ohio Lovoo.
Wholesale Grocer
Dunlrr In
Commission Merchant,
S'Imm1-1'"!11'""0" B'u'H tocoiil(!iiiiuiilj ami
Duller In
t?aints, Oils, Varnishes,
Wall Papor, Window Glass, Win
uow onaaes, eco.
Alwnyi on liaml, tlu celcbralol llliunliialinp
13xoisis' 23Tia.clixiB.
Corner EloventU Street nml Wanninc
ton Avenue
sr. o. iittexjis,
lulletin But ldf iik , Cornor Twelfth Stroot
una Wuslitnuton Avenue,
Cairo, IlliuoiH,
O-Coiinly niul Itailroad Work a ! lulty.
Dealer in Fresh Meats
Between Washington ind Commercial
Avenue, adjoining HannyB.
KEvV;S riS!c "L!-' I,t'3' iwJ ,,0,J:' 5'i'lton
I'SI, Llllnlj. f-:l!li:Ll-. . nn.l lu .....
imrfl lo H-rre famllln In im iir.eltBil..,,iMiiihi t
Dealer in
"All kinds lmnlnmUoft,)
Mill and Yard,
Sornor Thirty-Pourth Stroot and
Ohio Lovoo.
t v
00 o
r I w
m 13
C3 U
3 CU
ir' ro t
O J o
The HOWE Machine
Will stand a tost of Strength of Ma
chinery that no other Machine will. Call
and seo and bo convincod that this is
the host now in tho Market.
Tlio 2owo Machine Co.
Agoncy For Southern HlinoiH.
D. r. BENNETT, Manager.
o -
CO o
O -a -
.S2 ,
CO a.
- Off rc I f. r Salr m
Graat Heducticn. in Prices ,
Domestics, Shootings,
Prints, Bleached Muslins,
Ginghams, Cretortos,
Tablo Linons, Percales,
Japanese Silks,
Iiri'i' u . f Whlto Goods, Victoria I.awn, SwIih Mursaltc. nn-1 n l.rsrc 'lock ol
I'.lbbonu. 'Iliitfiitiru -tM'K w ill h ,. ui H. n,, u,,,) coniiiiui' iinlll It ii rlo- 1 out. lull
naiH'Coiivlimilon.nal lUrKuins' 'IKItJH MIII'.'IIA t Asll.
Oornor EigJath. St. and Co2n.jaa.Qrcia.l Avo
i-stf L
imi ;;isis.
W'v(olirli tfirreMinmlenro ami nnlcra from I)nu?KlM, I'liyIcl in
Hll.,1 i'lih 'u,i 'J "."rJ,'"" . '"'!lllrV'. I'lanlttlon ..ii. I'ainify .MIK
llllul U llll n-llllblc Dnixillt If.nullillilo mt. .
74 Oblo Leveo. '
ONLY $1.25 A YEAR .
T3 K
Silk Poplins,
rind Kotnil
nii'l dVncnil Store In won
Heine i.an-n firiiil?cl or ij-
v'-'aahlntrtoD A v., Cor. Bth St.

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