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ht lulUtin.
mlmg Matte ia Every Vug.
JOHW R. OBBXI.T, Kdltor.
Our neighbor of the .SVn, Kcv. Mr. I.i
Vl., being a muslcnl man, wo wish to call
to lils attention nn awftil circumstance tw
n flrcmlfttl warning. On the nth lnt., n
tcrrlMo cjrclono went through Peoria
county In this State. In Us course It
struck a houe occupied by a Mr. Kuicry,
who at the moment of the blow was
wntert opposite nn open door, playing a
Jetwliarp. After the storm had passed,
Mr. Emery was found one hundred yards
from the house In a Moutrh with the
Jewsharp In his mouth. The moral
of this true ftory is, and wc wish to Ini-
uress It on the musical Davis, that It Is
dangerous to play a Jewsharp. He
should never do so again, and wc hope he
will not.
The ultra Grecnbackers have called a
convention io assemble at Detroit. Au
gust 23.
The speakers advertised ae, Hon. YV
D. Kelly, of Pennsylvania; Gen. .John H.
Gordon, of Georgia; Hon. .fames iln
chanan, of Indiana; Hon. Matt Carpenter,
ol Wisconsin.
The subjects to lie iiinctissttl ait?;
To see Ifn currency Msned by the Gov
ernient for the people cannot he sanc
tioned and adopted, which will not place
the entire business ot the country In the
hands of bankers, brokers and speculators
In money.
To provide means whereby every man
shall be enabled to invest to the extent of
his means In public securities, now exclu
sively within the reach of capitalists and
Opposition to taxation now imposed
Upon leaf tobacco and all other domestic
The repeal of the whole system of In
ternal revenue taxation as soon as prae
tlcable, and the raising of all revenue rc
quired for the support of the Government
by taxation 'on Imjiortsofrorelgn produc
tion. The extinguishment ol all currency is
sued by banking companies and llie re
turn to ono currency only provided by
the Government for the use and benefit
of the people, ami the Immediate repeal
of the net of January 11, l7.f, tlxlng the
day of the resumption of specie 'pay
ments'. .Not OJIKUE.Y, ui'T amthi:kma.v
From llie State Journal.
The Chicago Tribune touches up our
versatile friend of the Cairo Jtnlklin alter
this fctyle :
Olicrlv. nf llm Cnlm llnlli Hi- n nui tk-lii In
Southern Illinois, is tin- airrjionlcnt in thtit
Mx-tlon or the Clilraxo Timet. Ill- iiecmly
tourheliiptlir Williamson county wndiltii fur
me nincn, aim uitu copieil llie itrilclt Inhlvowu
iiiiicr mm ineioiiowinxniiivciiotcor comincn
lUtlon : "Wc imblWti UiU niornliiR n vt-ry lull
hltry of Uiu Williamson county veniletm. it
It well written, mill will lie fount! by llie rcmlcr
fob Inttrvi-tinK from beginning to end."
well, what of It? OberlyU like th
man who talked to himself in the nrcs
encc of his wile. Slio inquired of him
. uy tic iiiii so, no replied: Jveeii stlJ;
I wish to talk to a person ot ene.''
Oberiy, of the Cairo Ui;m,i:ti.v, Is not
the correspondent of the Chicago Times
h Southern Illinois. He sends an oc
casional special from Cairn to the Times
when any local event of importance oc
curs. He did not touch up the Williamson
county vendetta for the 7Yif., and there
fore didn't pull himself. The person who
did toncli It up U bo much In lovo witiiiiW
own wny ot tVng and saying things,
that Ouertv did not even venture to
make a suggestion toliliu; but. for all
that, lie din well, ami knowing It would
please him wc commended him. lie can
stand a good deal of well-considered
praise. It runs In "our family" to en
dure much "solt f-oap" with eompla
During the great storm in Peoria coun
ty, in this State, the house of Mr. E. P,
Lambertson was torn by it Into fragments.
Tho family, Mr. Lambertson, wifo and
daughter, arid Mr. Sam. Mlltou, wife and
child, providentially escaped. "The
young women," says a correspondent of
the Peoria Vemoci-at, " were in the beil
room in tho northwest part ol thu house,
on the llrst floor, Mrs. L. was sitting on a
chair in the front room, Messrs L. ntid
Milton were trying to hold tho kitchen
door opening south. Milton felt the hotiso
moving, sprang out of the open door fol
lowed by his father, who, after thu storm,
was found insensible, pinned to tho
ground by a cherry tree. Milton found
his mother crawling Into tho top of a
juusiraicu appio tree, mo girls were
found on tho second Jloor, ono wrapped
up In a lot of bedclothes and a bed room
partition upon her. The lower Jloor was
blown to pieces; part of thu tills have
been found half n mile from whero tho
house stood. Others have not yet been
"The great mystery h how did tho fe
males escapo being killed or helplessly
maimed. Part of tho store was blown
Into Mr. Hanna's field, three-fourths of a
mile distant. Tho appio trees, ninotiutlug
to nearly 100, were nil blown over or
broken oil-. Tho shocked ryo mid oats
were blown out of tho Held. An old Me
Cortnlck reaper was picked up and thrown
about twenty feet."
" ThosUbles, with tlvo head of homes
In them, were tumbled down, but none of
the horses were Injured."
FruS!"1 of Mr' 0m: Cantrcll, of
ewtoS1' for Iv'ukluxlng, will
mm, sensation. This was u
man wi-n.. .,. .
Wnrvlcuu.J. He bad
oncsu.pcctedblmot tuliS d,"n,(1 ,"
Uwless Regulators who. ft j;1'"'1;
;VHU whips uudpUtols u, hutftS
terror through all the nelgl,hor,k.
which thejr operatoJ. Dutn few "
um tianjl f tl. 1 I A11
ed tho hotle of n Mr. JIuddox, In um!
""i u mwiess men approueh.
near which the SIhtIh" of Franklin with
a posse were concealed.
"In the name of the People ot Illinois.
halt, and surrender," commanded the
"Go to hell," and a pistol shot from
the leader was the response.
Then n scattering lire. Tho licgula-
tors turn and tly. One Is kit mortally
wounded. Others are known to lie
A doctor Is called from Denton, nnd Is
seen to go Into the house of Cantrcll thu
morning after the fight at Maddox'a
house. People nWrve that Ice i being
carried into It, and that something mys
terious Is happening In it. At once the
public Imagination couples the tight nt
Maddox's hone with the mytery nt
Cantrcll'?, nnd ofllccrs soon ascertain
that Cantrcll Is In bed mortally wounded,
nnil that the wound was lulllrtcd by a
gun shot, lie will not tell when or how
lie wa wounded. Those about him are
dumb. This makes active the suspicion
that Cantrcll was ouo of the Maddox-at-tacking
Kuklux, and Investigation proves
the suspicion to be well founded !
Then the question arises : " If Cantrcll
Is one of these, who Is not of tlieinV' and
trepidation takes possession of Denton,
and each cltln-n looks a?kaiice nt his
neighbor, and his look Is an Interrogation :
" Are yon, too, one of the night riders f"
Of course there Is great uneasiness In
Franklin, and It Is believed thu exposure
sure to follow tho ovciils of tho last few
ihiys, will make tho country open Its eyes,
and exhibit to the public some of llie re
puted best men of Franklin as the ineau
ct ot thu Kuklux leaders.
r.X-1'O.lf .niMNIOMKR WKI.N1I o -rut:
Mr. William Welsh of Philadelphia, cx
mcmber of tho board of Indian commis
sioners, is making it hot for the Indian
Ding. Mr. Welsh's letters to the Presl-
i dent and to Prof. Marsh, eoullrm all tho
statements made by the Professor In
regard to fraudulent contracts: short
weights In beef, and the course pursued
by Secretary Delano, who appears to
lmvn svatdnatleallv ronro-'ed everv nU
,. I tempt to expoe the cor
in I it pnictices of thu Imliau
ugeut:. Among other instances of (his,
Mr. Welsh cites the case ofa special com
mis-ion appointed to visit the Spotted
Tall Agency and examine thu reports of
frauds In cattle there. The Commission
found such u state ot Irregularity, confu
sion and corruption at that Agency, thu
result of thu management of Its agent,
that they recommended a special investi
gation of Its allalrs, covering tho wholu
term, and thu suspension of his accounts,
with all outstanding vouchers and In
debtcdness certlllcd by him, until such
investigation could be had. The com
inl5loncis ttUo reported that they
had in their possession many
facts and details which would be of use
in detecting the traitds at the lied Cloud
as well as at the Spotted Tall Agency
Dut thu Secretary of thu interior, in
stead of giving this very Important re
port publicity, suppressed It. Instead of
suppressing the vouchers, as recommend
ed, he sent u newly appointed Indian in
sjiecfor, who, when an agent, had signed
vouchers for cattle hi excess- of delivery
both In weight and number. This man,
nftcr spending u fuw weeks at the agen
cy, made n report to Secretary Delano
that he found everything right, no evl
deiicu of fraud ami no moro supplies re
ceipted for than were actually received.
This report was received unit ii"-
In tho case of Secretary Delano's Min
nesota commission, appointed to examine
certain spcclllu charges made in the
newspapers of St. Paul against thu Dev.
E. P. Smith, present commissioner of In
dian atV.tlrs, when ho was agent for the
Mississippi bands ofChlppewas In Minne
sota, thu same furcc was gonu through
with. All wltne-es, except thou! pro
duced by K. P. Smith nnd his friends of
the beef and plue laud rings, were reject
cd. As might have been anticipated
Smith was triumphantly vindicated, and
Commissioner Welsh, who had made out
u series of charges against him and sub
mltted them to thu examining cuuiuiis
slou, was denominated crazy. Other in
stauces, all of like character, of Delano's
complicity with the Indian Ding, aru
given by ex-Cominissloner Welsh.
Ho tells his story in a plain straight
forward manner, gives names and dates
which leave no ludelluiteness about his
statements, and which make one of thu
most Interesting chapters of thu Indian
King frauds.
sslstant Secretary Cowan In n clrcti
lar to tho press, denies all the charges
against his superior, and President Grant
clings to him with a conlldencu mulls
turbed by suspicions.
Ex-SK.v.uoii Dlcliardson, of Qulney,
has been in Sprhiglleld, and, while there,
was Interviewed by a correspondent of
the Chicago 77mm on tho finance ques
tion. Tho old Democratic war-hon-u Is
not an Inllatloiiist ho Is not in lavor of
the government issuing Its paper In any
shapu for thu nicro purpose of increasing
its volume. He is In favor of the redemp
tion of the greenbacks, the redemption to
bo eircctcd by thu government receiving
them for all its dues, thu custom house In
eluded. Ho is in favor ot making thu
greenbacks equivalent to gold and silver
by making them receivable for nil gov
ernment dues, nnd wants to resume specie
paynieut "by u process which will hurt
the people and disarrange trade as little
as possible;"
TuuAsunmt Xkw is taking extraordi
nary precautions to prevent thieving by
uic eierus in tho cash room of tl.o depart
ment. Every clerk's desk Is fenced In with
a strong wire fencing, and an order has
been hsued strictly forbidding tho nres-
ciice of any clork nt any desk but his
own. lhU prevents clerks having uny-
I thing to do with any work but their
own, and if a package of money is stolen,
tho roponslVillty can ut once bo located.
Tim Elgin Agricultural" Society have
I taken u now departure and have ail
nwi that they will offer no pre-
n,ltws to exhibitors
Gov. DEVi'MiK): has appointed Hon.
Graham Lee or Mercer connty, C. Cum
mhigs ol Tazewell, and A. 1). hMcholson
of Logan, trustees of the now Institution
for lccble-inlndcd children. Tho board
will hold their tlrst meeting In Sprlng
tlcldun the 27th Inst., nnd will then
adopt plans for the building.
Tiir. tiew Tennessee Senator Is describ
ed as a man of modest and dlgnlllcd bear
ing, clear headed, ilrm and of acknowl
edged ability, who has never been open
to 0.0 charge of office .seeking. It l be
lieved the appointment will give satlfac
tion throughout Tennessee.
TiiKQulncy fair grounds arc to bo
lighted by gas. Gen. Singleton has or
dcred the erection of the necessary build
ings and will liavo them lighted by three
hundred burners.
V.-siii.uioN Is said to bo duller now
than It has been tit any time since beforu
the war.
A Pupil to! Iho llltfli Nrliitol Itlitlie
('poll "t'lllaen,' Mnklnit tew He
iniirkx. IMItnr Cairo Uiillelln.
In this age of progress and Intellectual
advancement, I am Indeed surprised to
see thu manner in which tho above miIi
ject is treated by some of our Cairo writ
ers. It Is one w hich Involves our Interests,
I and the Interests of our city.
It is the question which claims the un
divided attention ot men of learning and
sound judgment, who arc always ready
to lend a helping hand for tho Improve
ment of our city, and especially for thu
well-being of thoiu who arc to succeed
Not narrow-minded advisers, whoe
entire time, from youth to manhood, wa
occupied In learning thu three It's.
We have an Instance of ouu ot thu lat
ter clas of Individuals who attempted to
critlcizo our Public High School, the
branches ol education taught therein
and those connected with It.
Ho says, there Is not lime enough al
lowed for a pupil to llnhh the courc
prescribed for lilin.
I deny thu assertion.
Hu labors under the impression that ev
ery one is similar to himself. Because It
costhlm a number of years to secure thu
fuw branches with which ho Is acquaint
ed, consequently it should cost others the
I do not mean to say that thu scholars
of thu High School are perfect "Xew
tons'' or gems of learning, or that when
they are promoted lrom a branch that
they are perfect In It.
For tho simplest study requires time to
master it, and then wo cannot conscien
tiously say that we arc nbviliitcbj perfect
in that branch.
For, if we could, who nro thu parents
that can wait such a length of time for
their children to secure those branches
with which It Is necessary for them to
fight the battle of lite.
I mean to say, that w hen the scholar
receives the good, solid groundwork ol
the various studies taught in the High
School, and Is not possessed of brains
enough te enlamc and eiillirhten m
mind with regard to those brancho"- by
thu facilities which are dally ainlcU '".
he should blush with sbuiuu to say ho
was ever on occupant or n school-room.
'i-i. i.iaivtuuni men takes a glance at
the studies pursued in our High School.
He Miys the scholar should receive
nothing but an EuglMi education.
Does he mean to say that when a
scholar has passed a satisfactory examin
ation, prescribed for him by tho Hoard of
Education ami taught him by competent
teachers and instructors, that lie should
live in darkness in regard to the knowl
edge Imparted to the world by learned
men of other tongues V Let our esteemed
"Citizen" pause but for a moment and he
will regret his assertion. He then kindly
Informs us in regard to a certain person
who was in three different classes last
I know of none. Dut If there was, how
can that be prevented ?
If there Is a scholar to-morrow to be
examined for admission' into a higher
class, anil he Is found to bu competent
w ith the exception of ono branch w hich
Is taught iu the lowest class, how
Is such a case as this to be remedied? Is
the scholar to be permitted to enter tho
higher class or the ouu hi which thu
study he Is deficient in is taught ?
Our"Citueu" then assails the studies
which arc optional.
I ask him, should a pupil, whose in
tention It Is to follow a profession In
which It Is necessary for hhn to under
stand and solve tho dlllicult problems
which his profession may lead to,
bo obliged to lay down his trigonome
try in order to attend a class iu elocution?
Citizen," pause once more and per-
:clvo your error.
Finally, hu concludes by saying, there
should be a Hoard of Trustees hi order to
examine our school affairs.
How can tho Individual stylo himself
a "Citizen" and be possessed ot tho nil
daclty to say that our present Hoard of
Education Is not competent to control
those affairs men under whoso auspl
cles thu Pupllu Schools have nourished
and havu attained tho honor of being
equal if not better than any of thu schools
in tills Statu or elsewhere, honors which
they havo never beforu achieved men
possessed of business qtiulillcatlous, but
who have never given so good advice as
Tho Publlo Schools am the only Insti
tutions of which Cairo can boast. Let
her do away with them ; do away with
tho system of education pursued, do
away with the able teachers and Instruc
tors who havo labored unceasingly dur
ing the past year, accept the very kind
advice of her dutiful "Citizen," and then
take thu consequences.
I think our "Citizen" in publishing his
article Thursday morning performed an
act ot injustice to tho teachers, Instruct
ors, the gentlemen of the Hoard of Edu
cation mid aU connected with the Public
High School. rem.
Ttilrtri'ti ofllir . t'onrterit .nHrnuilrrt
Wiliiamioa County Pattern! by Franklin's
Dkn-to.v. III., August If). Great excite
ment still prevails throughout tho com
munity. Captain G. M. Cantrcll lias
been brought In, and i severely, but not
fatally, wounded. Upward ot forty shot
were taken out of his body. One Wilson
Summers I; rcpoited killed, but wo have
no positive proof of the fact. Scouting
panic arr now out In the country, anil
will probably return before morniii".
Our town Is thoroughly guarded to
night, and men aro stationed nt every
corner. We are all on the qui rue. Wo
expect nn attack to-night, and 11 Out
come wo will endeavor to make It red
hot for them. Green II. Cantrcll Is a
nephew of Colonel Catitrell, late of Den
ton, deceased. Hu is a man that stood
high hi the estimation of thu citizens at
onu time. He was tho reputed captain
ot thu elan, Hu was also a captain hi
the Union army during the late war.
"(IN UtJ.Utlt TO-NIGHT."
A private letter to a gentleman m St.
Louis, say": Dkxto.v, fix.. August 17,
lSio. iiiim received. Am in no con
illtion to write dcen trmilili- imv. v
around in at Oils time. Thu Kuklux have
been giv ng trouble for some weeks .Last
niirtit. the Shcrllt' rnll... t..ii n time.. .,r
about twenty iucn-twclv from here, of
" '"a? one ami stationed us iu
Crawford's Prairie. About two o'clock
tills morning fourteen Kuklux made
tneir appearance and were commanded to
surrender by the Sheriff and other, when
they began to lire. The llrst indication
w as given by the leader bursting a cap at
me, who was immediately Iu front or
them ; the next, a pistol shot at thu Sher
iff, when the general shooting began on
tiotn sides, and lead llew thick and fast.
The Kuklux retrograded. Icavhur one
man on the field mortally wounded.
Others fell on thu wav and were carried
away by tho Klan. Indications nnd re
port show one horse killed near the scene,
and four others badly shot riders mls-ed.
The supposition is that all the Kuklux
recdved shot. About seventy or elghtv
shot were llred by thu Sheriffs men,
mostly wilh shot-gun-. One man was
arroted this evening. A companv of
substitute militia will start in the morn
ing. 1 am on guard to-nlglit In a room
with the prisoners. Moru anon.
Yours, .
WKM.-MT.XT iiri.i.nit.
Dr Qeot.v, h.i.., August liith. liell
able information was received tills even
ing Irnm a party lust from Denton,
Franklin countv. of thu tlUi-overv ot n
man named Summers, oncot the Kuklux
nauii, wno was lounu in thu woods badlv
wounded, and another man, nlo named
aiumiiers, who has since died nnd is hu
ried. John Moore, Wllliford Driley, and
a man whoso namu is said to bu unknown,
aru said to bu badlv wounded. .Imiihw
Drown, whom thu Kuklux called upon
before going to Maddox's, house. Is dead.
uiutrcll and Duckworth aro still alive,
but the last named cannot live Inn".
Thirteen out of thu fourteen Kuklux who
were in thu uloodj encounter with Slier
ill Mason's party, aro said to bo wounded.
inetownoi uentoii is guarded day and
night with a sulllc lent force to ri-isi unv
attempt bv the KukJn to icneuo the
prisoner. '''" Mason and posse aro
still on thu war-oath, and will no. doubt
ere long succeed iu capturing the entire
s;iiiinc)i-u:i.i. 111., August 10. Wil
llamson county Is waking up from the
rclK" ol terror which the better class of
people ot that county have been suHei-
mgiorso long, unit has taken couragu
iiuiu inu uruve worn oi tnu I ninklin
county men, and propose to follow their
nouiu example, io-day the Governor
received thu following letter lrom tho
Qiierin oi u iiiiauisoii county:
Maiuo.v, III., Augu-t 17. Ills Excel
leney. Governor Deycridgo: Sin In uc'
cordunce with your suggestions, I have
uceii inuKiug an enort to raise a com
pany ot one hundred men. Wo can ndso
a company here by Saturday. I wish
you to write w hat I shall do. Wo want
guns and auimunitioniiud horses. I also
wish you to write to inu at once, and let
me know all about our outfit. I can get
Kuou men to taKu mis maner in hand if
they ore furnished with thu equipment
ami nurses. ncao write uc once, and
scud on tnu
Any instructions you may be jlunetl
to clve inu will bu L'ratffullv lfceiti-il. I
have selected Ihu good nnd rcsjiontlble
(.uiAviin wi our eoiiuiy lor oiiicers. r or
uaptuin, .iiclianah Hiidirins, ux-Slieiiir;
for First l.ieuteiiant. Win. J. Fully : Sec
ond Lieutenant, Win. Henderson. For
iion-coniinloiied olllcors It can bu gatU
fuctorllly arnui''ed.
Signed W. K. Momtis,
Tliu Uotcrnor replied us follows :
lion. V. i:. Morrh, Sheriff of Williiinuon
County, Marion, 111.
Sin Yours of tho 17th lust. Is received.
I nm uratliled to know that you uud
your citizens are determined to orgunizo
a military coinnany. Ono hundred Kn
llelds, with accoutrements complete, will
bu rlilpm.il to-morrow morning by ex
press, charges nald. to vou at Cnrbnn.
dale, and will reach Carbondulo by Sat
urday noon.
will send jnu tho muster rolls, etc.
When the lolls aro completed, send them
to the Adlutant General, with ti ccrtill-
catu of organization and olllcors to bo
commissioned, and their coininNsions
will bu forwarded to them. Thesu forces
need not wait for full organization, but
may render nny needed service. Such
fnrri. ninl tin iiriraniu niiiimftiultiir 1
lierebv authorized and comin.iiideiT to
give all possible aid when called upon by
lwi 1:1 tjlF tt-llll.....n.. ...... .V I...I
inu OIIUIIIl UI II llll.UII.-UII lulling iu neip
nun III
surrnKssixfl yiomixck.
cmciuIii'' the laws and maintaining pub-
iiuuruer, nuu hu sucu nets win nu in
strict subordination to thu civil authori
11.. , . .., 1. ...... ...., . .
ties Tiin .State will furnish horses.
should horses bo needed. I would sug
gest that your citizens then luruisli tho
stum lor any special occasion.
Yours, truly,
John L. l)i:vi:uipnt:, Oovernor.
The Uovernor also wrote the Sheriff of
Uckson countv. ttririnir tho necess tv of
forming military companies In that coun
ty nt once.
HON. w. w. IIAItlt,
Prosecuting Attorney of Franklin conn
ly, has been In consultation with tho
tiovernni' nenrlv all Uav In ivlmhI in
tlio Kuklux troublos.but neither of them
u 111 give any information In regard to
the conclusions nrrlved nt or plans agreed
A '11 Heme l'reimralory nml Ai'iiilfinlc
neiluai iwbiiji hu ioiiiik nt-ii.
I nil ihiiIiiikkI with u coiii j of olx rxiierieui'iil
iiiicliei'4 our rualo Kruduutes or Kutern col
li'irea. Iloanl nnd Tuition, 8UXI per anmini.
Fall Term twfflnt Sept 0. For caiuloifue and
luforiuutlon uddresn the I'rlnchinl.
, A1.IIKUT1.8AI1I.V, A.M , l.akeKoivst,lll.
Her. It W. I'ATTKBSOX. U. U., I'renld. nt.
MV' AUluuitfiriUltLI.. V, Fie",
rpiiB BULLETIN Is mlillhcd cTcrrnmnilnjr
(rxcrpt Monday) iu lira Uulletln Jltilldltiff, cor
ner WnthtngUm awmtc mid Tuclflli Mn-rt
Tin: HcLLKTtK li emal to city cubtcrlU-rs liy
blturul curriers itt Tcntj-Il'le diits a Week,
parable wctkly. fly Stall, (Inndrnncr), tlopcr
numim; lx months, C three months, M one
month, l v.i.
l'nblli!iii ci ry Tlinrtubiy morning at 1 i'i
lc minimi, tnvnrlnlily In advance. Itic inula
on llie Weekly will bu prepaid at this ofllre, no
that subscribers 111 obtain fur a entucriptlon
rice of $1 n jear.
lhulni'sj Curvli, cr uuntiiu
Ouo square, one linrtlon
One scjuare, two luncrttons
One square, onewuk,
One square, tiro weeks
One square, tlnw weeks,.
Onu kquiv, one mouth,
i W
1 M
i M
3 so
4 00
s w
W KKtl.Y,
One squaie, one Insertion,.
Knell subsequent Insertion,...
.1 10
.. ft)
0"0ne Inch Is a square.
EJTo rcKUkirivlvertlsers wcoflVriil.erlor In
ducements, bolli at to rule ol chsrRcs nnd man
ner of displaying their fmors.
E-.VolIces In local column In-crti-l for Kif-
tin Cent tier line for one hiirrtlon, Twenty
Cents ii line for two Insertion, Twenty-Fit e
CcnU n line for three lnerllens, Thlrty-Flrc
Cents n linn fur one week, and Scientv-Flvc
Cents n line for one month,
- - -
Communications upon subjects of Kon-
eral interest to tho publlo solicited.
D"AII letler.1 should ) addrcsjed to
frctlilent Culro llulletlu Coniaiiy.
The People's Remedy.
Tho Universal Fain Ext actor.
Noto: Aak for Pond's Extract.
Take no other.
lltiir. rur I will Mvuk of txrrilint Ihlnss
iij nrir 10 .Man or l!i-:ils
rain, iiriil-f.i.
jStrnliis .-iinilii, Conlu
I ftllinn. llUlnnili nit 11 .
iFrfU'liiri, tnu, UiriTU-
;.,,.', Mi; I,,l,u-M, or
.-iiuMl-oi lliuuil
.; Illvi'tl.uml lllitil.
iiik muni or Kflli
1 oiiiilliiiror lllooil ami
... iiioouy uuciurirtH.
Illlllll 1 Wit. Miif.llll.lo 1'
ruiKin, ontuin r are.
"''"""Iiiii. ItlKiiina
NlliriicMH or Sori-iiom,
urn iiirout ort
...... irftnu' uacK
Iiront or Oulnny,
Uipllicrln. Ilroiirlil-
, AHIIllllll
iSoroor Inllumcl Kjcs or
.tntiirrh, Umonlim,
a'tuiiui-u, i.jevnicrv.
Hate MiiiIi n, lutlamcU
I'lilnfiil or too l'rofu-c
Milk l.eir. Ovarian OU
vnw anil TuinurH
Kltlncy (oinpliiliif,
(jravel anil Sfrtn.inirv
I'liiilliiK nnd Kxcorla-
l Oil
nuns 01 inmijis, or
VnricoNO Vi'Iiih. K.
lurt'cil or Influniiil v.. In.
L'li-erN, OIil fcorc'H, Inter-
iml l!h'lr!lllrinri
noil, Curbunclps. Tu
mors. Hot .s..lln,..
Cori.w nml Iluniuns, that-
i'il or forc Krt.
t'liiiUiirH,lleinFn8or Sail
tile I Jul 1 9
telon or Vi'hillow, Frost
111 l.llnliM fiv furl a.
MiiNiiillo ll.ifH. lined
Bung', uiiapix-u liumu.
l'ONII'N KXTHACr U Tor sale hyall Flr.
liwn riiKKllH, and recomnie.ulnt by
all DruiTRiBU, I'liyslcluim, and vwry-
Miy wno iiiin vver mwi it.
I'liiiiltlilrt contalnlnu lllitory mid U.ei mall-
" "To,"" iiiicauou, 11 not loiind ut your
ia.5.13.,lly. CH Y"rk "' , "
1 rrinu CooimImUUw
Mm4, or Uoa, atioat if
ntrrr, oft th f, hyitoloclea,
mrurlci ftDl rr,ltlooa el
if wiitl lyium. with lha
UUlt dlMOMriH lift U HlMM UfttUUn, LUKnlM
It, cooKilttWa. r
Tti. I. u uwrttuiif work or knini ui dm
rti. wllk Biiurout .scrailoc eoouloi Tu.bl,
If.'irf'VS?! "J" or comemtiuu m.r.
Huoi mil It li s book mi ouihi to ko krpt iui4r lock
ul UT. I DOI Ion ttrtloulf (loot tho boiit.
II wouiso tho onwrlimio u Mrloo of etriUUa
rtorj npautloa U or!4 wtU. toil Ibculj to li " ko r"
If? femilo Ihroujhoot Iho rollro
tooo. 11 oahruoo ,. rjihluj on iho lubjwi or tho torr.
pobil,be4 Ift ui otto r work.
SVi" iff !.? ' ru) for rifir Coon.
S Iu31 kto'.' "fi'Tj, ho. 1 1 8. Klfkth ilr'
Notlct lo the Afflicted ind Unfortunate.
Nloro oppljloi u iho noiorloui qiuti wko o4trU la
MVIlo H. or ulna .0 quoek r.m.di... jruo I)r.
Pr. Biiuj hob;Im a oblo boon of Iw.ilr t.raa rvomi 1
!J?,.'!l.L'.tl,.L,,.,V"" ieirro"..
foUly or b; noll.oD tho eiMwoo BhUmo4 la LI. worki.
lBco 4 porlor., No. I Norm ClitUi tUHt. UtwMw
Vukoiooeckoruul.Ji.loui,, Mo. B,lw,w
Dealer m
"Alt kinds hunt and soft,)
Hill tvad Yard,
Corner Thirty.Pourth Street nnd
Ohio Loveo.
00 o
1 ra
s 0)
to o
cj -a
in o
3 a.
o o
u a '
ujz I
" I
Will stand a tost of Strength of Ma
chinery that no other Machine will. Call
and sco and bo convinced that this is
tho best now in tho Market.
The Howo Machine Co.
Agency For Southern Illinois.
D. F. BENNETT, Manager.
H 0) c li
.S .
OQ a. !
T Jtnnii cimnnir
OrTenil fur Sale nt
Great Heducticn in Prices ,
-11 v '
Domestics, Sheetings,
Prints, Bleached Muslins.
Ginghams, Crotones,
Tablo Linons, Porcalos,
J.ipaneso Silks,
( . I.- ., ...1,1.1.. .....
lUllbonn. Ilii" entile ftiM'k tt ill W wild nlnriiul e.t, nnd ronllnim until II rlii.nl - i. I .il
nd U ronvltKiilot (.rrat ISarxalns1 TKIttl' -lltl 1 1. C X-ll
Corner Eighth. St. and Commercial Avt
o-5 II
WAX FLOWER MATEPuV. U" wrwnrM.Wr1.41'!
K .oIlclt correiionilenc ami onto from
loHHMfthoflH ioooooBoft!oVoooooooooooo noVSKl
oooooooooB mn rm affo w
: -oi n i nm i m i - h
C 6.E.cor.S&roESts J
1- - - I-
ONLY $1.25 A YEAR.
I re
,Z 3
3 r-3
e: o
o 3
a. 2
nv nnir nnnnn
Silk Poplins,
MB .. .
and Retail
' " JTU .po,
iiu.il X ft
I)nwrKu, I'liy.lclans ami Onernl Ston-n In w

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