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KnlKlilfl of l'ytlilifl, meet every Vrl
nny nigi
it nt Imlf-pint swell, mUdd-
null iiMU. ii uimnwi
Cliancvllor Commander.
.?mtmk?. Independent Order of Odd-KcN
MwHS low, meet every Thursday niffht
nt half-post seven, In llielr liall on
(.'oiiiinercliil uvcime, Iwtween sixth mid Hcienth
Mutts. T J. hrimt, N. U.
InOdd-rellowa' Mall on the first uml tlilnl
ItuwLi) In every month, ut half-lost seven
.I.no. II. Omtnt.Y, C!. r.
irv IIiiM rt-giilnr cuiiiiniuilcatlon InMn
712 sonic Hall, corner Commercial avenue
''ainl eighth slntd, on the tecum! und
"oitrth .Monday of each month.
nriuli Nchool.
Tliu next term of llio I'ariab .School of
tlio Church nl the ItoMectncr will begin on
MONDAY, fiWI KMIII'lt l.lli, ntnl con
llnuc In cilon itecn week-. I'ntlcr the
ui Mij-mlflon ami control nr It wn
Uiit term, the Hclionl wll! he coinl-icteil In
a similar manner. Atlho lc tuning ol the
term cW will lie formed lor the sillily
of I colony.
Application for ndmIlon intltl)i! inaile
either to Mrx. I, A.Taylor, or thn Hector.
The price of t'llilon will ho only ultfht
dolUr 'or tho terra of sixteen Trecl;, 1'aV
aw. IN AliVANCE.
I'II.Si:.M:Rnt I.niil Herbert'.
Hp llnlla uri'.lfry Iprriilliii
To the fltlaeii of Cnlro.
I would Inform my m iny friend, that I
Bin Mill In the suction liulne, anil rcaily
to attend to all sale that may offe r. -My
loti experience in tills liulncs need no
comment-1 I nu experiment on my pari,
and parties entrusting goods It in) ore
need not be nftaltl, a I nm no 'vuilb" or
novice In th bulnp-.
Hpcci.l attention nlven to real estate nd
mil-door sale, ax I hvc never udcd tnak
idi; ft -ale. I) IIaxtman, Auctioneer.
Corner Sixth street nml Conimcrciiil A v.
tQjfX Hatf Mock envelopes nt the lU'l.
I.Kit.V olllec, S.'l 25 er M.
To It rii I.
A cottage, No. 3-J Tenth trcct, between
Washington ami Walnut. Apply to (.'hat.
I.anc. t-T-tr
Deilriilili' llooini.
Three larjfe and very dcurablc family
room, tronllng on the Ohio, at the St.
Clurle Hotel, can be had, with board, at
very rcaoiubp rate during the .Summer
month. Abundance o! pure ir and per
fect ventilation 7-lCMf.
nm! Kcc 'lor.
Landlord ol hotels and boarding boue
n III tlnd It to their sdvatitage to call upon
Mr. Coleman, l.nundrers. So 12 Fourth
ftrcet, betwenn VVhlni;lon and Commer
cial aveniif". Hotel and boardliiB-houo
va.lilti)C.75centperdozen. Foi plecowork
price are .11 lollow: Slnslo hhlrt and col
ar, 10c; per dozen fe'Ic; jock Tic; two col
lar, ; two handkerchief, 5c; vett SOc;
and all gentlemen' wear. SOc. per
doen. Ladle' dretc, 'Si to NV;
klrt10 to UOcj drawer 10 to I5c; two
j alr hoe Sc; two collar .' to lOc. For la
dle' plainclothes si 00 per doen; lor la
die line clothe, SI ii per doen; done
dramptly, and promptlv delivered. Ii
tronage ollcltcd.
; to l.onl llrrlMTl' for ril.SI.'-
irrnl HftliH'tloll.
l'lrst-cl.i4 room mid board nt the Ar
lington Hou-e, at 25$ per mouth.
Tno. II. Kixn, Proprietor.
Notlif of IteiiKivnl.
The well known barber fhop, corner
Kichth and C mmcrcial, presided ovjr by
the popular artWt, (teorge Pteinhnue, has
removed one door north on Commcro'al, In
Jio Grand Central Hotel. The now hop Is
arge and comimidlou, and tboe vvUhlng
for anything artlttlc In the way of fjh!on-
iblo hair cutting, smooth huve, etc., will
Jo well to call at the litand Ccutiul llarher
4hop, 71-II-l!Mf
letureHiiuo Ainerlrii.
At the BUU.KTIN bindery IS number.-!,
bound in two volumes, lull gilt tuor
rocco; cost SI I ; for sale at 10.
Ki5rXX Wood .tock envulonei at '.he
Ilt'l.LKTiN olllec. $: 00 per M.
It In I'neli'Kt
to attempt to elcanie a trcara whl'o Hit
fountain Ik impure. l)yipepia, romplaintu
of tho liver and kidneys, eruption of tho
tkln, scrolula, headaches, and ll dli-ea.-c
arllng irom impure blood aro ut once re
moved by Dr. Walker' California Vine
gar Bitlers, the great und Infadlblu imrltler
of the blood, mid renovator or me b.vttum
It ha never been known to fall, provided
tho patient had not delnyt d ulng It until
the vlta'ity ol Ida ystem was loo far gone.
7-1 l-d&wiw.
For Mule.
A silver plated No.O Wll.'on Shuttle Sow.
Ing Mueblno, hard (piano) llnUh, valued at
2S5. Will be told nt ?20 discount, on good
terms, and ordered dircctfrom the factory,
A No.O Wilson Shuttle Sewing lachino
valued at 875, Will ho sold at $15 dlcount
und ordered direct Irf m the luctorr.
A 600 Hcmlngton Sowing Miielillie-630
olf lor cash, riultablo for tailor or hoot und
nliou manufacturer.
At a bargain, und on good term, u llowo
sowing Macuino. .May bo teen at the Com
pany'H ofllce, coiner Ninth htroot and Com.
"Pieturesnuo AmerleV 48 number
bound in 2 volumes, full gilt Morocco
prlco, $10.
A ityls ciough. Warren Si Co.''
Pwlor Organ, rlitht from tho factory at I)e
trolt. i.iitpnco, ?io. win t oM for
A now two-horbo Gamble wagon.
For any of the above article, apply at
tlto UutiuHN oflre. E, A. Uuhnktt,
rati: f AivritriMi-v4.
83-AU hill Pr ah vrtliliii,', nieilucnml in
utile IX AllVAlUK
'li-.msltnt nilv illslnx will I Inserted nt tlic
rate of II if) .er Cii:irc for Hie lint In'crlloii
iinil.VKinli forraclinilceiiiicntoiir. A llhernl
iIImoiiiiI will l.o miilc on Mimtllntf iui'1 illly
iiiltrrtl'i men!
l)Cnl nrillee.', Iinlni' or illiervie, -sill be
harpc .1 1 m cut-, jitr line fur the lift nod lhe
cent for eji h it. 1 . 1 1 1 1 oiin I InMrtlon, (ctiiilitlriK
lliclltiCMiml upward) u discount will be made
nflrr llilnl lncrllii.
Church, shifty, rVMltnl uml supper notices
w III only he ln rleil ui udvcrtlMincnl
For In-erllnK rnneral notice l to. Notice of
inetlni of snclelle or secut order twcenls fur
Rich Insertion.
No ndierlUement will lie ruelvpl nl lers limn
M cent'
I.imhI IVeHther Kcporl.
CAIItO, lLL.,AtlKlt I",
I Tim
ao.ni, i .v.
.TO.OT.i; 7' I N.
ji in.
THOMAS JONES, Serttt. H. 8., U. S. A.
W.OJO cnveloiM;?, all grades anil prices.
tin received nt the Uru.r.m lob ofllee.
I'otntoea nt Auction.
10" barrel of potatoes to bo sold at
miction on Ilnlliday .t I'lillllps1 wliarf-
boat, at 0 o'clock this morning.
Dan Haulman, Auctioneer.
Ilttf Nliirm.
According to Tlce, thl section of roun-
Iry will lo-day l: vl-ltetl witlt a bit;
I'arUli Nchool llntmp.
The vestryinen of Ihe Episcopal church
are coiitemplatiii tlie erection of a Par
Mi school houe. on Fourteenth strcet.nd-
oln'na the church, and they tire now re
ceiving proposals for the coii'trttctlon of
the ame.
'tiiHinltiiit Ion of TcHrlicn.
'l'hcre will be a public examination ol
teaclirr lield at the Ilili School building
In Cairo, on Friday and Saturday, the
third and fourth of September.
Miw. P. A. Tavloii,
Ml-td. County Superintendent.
I'ii-kliiit l'.
Hu;lne.i on the Illinois Central rail
road Is improving con-ldeniblv at
both ends but more especially from the
south, and they are now sending daily
from thirty to lllty car-loads of merchan-
li-e and fruit- Irom this point.
An InlrrmtlnK Itcrunl.
ilayor Winter has in his possession u
record ol nil the lirc., and alo a record
of all the alarms sounded, ilnco 1'X) ;
It uli irli.. as near ns eould be
lwirncd Hie caltHi or Um uktm ,r Hru.
ogethcr with the amount of insurance on
the houke vvhi'h wete burned ordain-
ixetl bv tho devouring clement. The rec
ord to our old citizens Is u very Interest-
ug ttudy. and brings back to their mciu
ry the " good old davs " when we had a
lire almo-t every night.
Large sale of houehold and kitchen
furniture at Parker anil Axley's till
morning at n o'clock.
Cha1!. S. Dkliv.
4 IIUeilH' .tkoocllltloil.
The several standing coiuinlttceH of this
aisoci.tlon will meet in Joint wslon on
Saturd.iy evening, the 21-t lii'-t., nt "J
o'clock, at the Committee lSoom In Judge
Ilross' building, corner of eleventh
street and Commercial avenue. Any
person doirinx to become a member
will Und the articles ot Association for
Mgnaturc at tho olllce of .1. (. Ilarman A
?o.. corner Sixth and I.evee streets.
Ily order ol the President.
U.uno, li.i.., August 20th. 1S75.
At Aiirtlon !
At Parker & Axley's to-night: Dry
,'oods, clothing, piece goods, hats, cips,
boots (-hoes, dress goods, ladles' collars
and culls, parasol-, carpet, notions, etc.
Chas. S. Dklay. Auctioneer.
Kreo I. line.
Mayor Winter yesterday Killed upon
Mr. Johnson, of the Illinois Central, and
nsked him If he would carry disinfecting
lime for the city from Anna, free of
charge. Mr. Johnson said, "As much
as you want." So we shall have lime to
disinfect the low places ol the city. It
will be here on Sunday night, ready for
distribution on Monday morning; and
with tar, as Hrother Davis says, will
make the city as clean as r. Grasshopper
uttacked Held and as sweet as the l!oe
of Sharon.
Out of Olllce.
The dilllculty, for some time pending
lietween Mayor Winter and Chief ot
Police Wllllanis,lias been settled, llelng of
the same temperament, they came to tho
concltbion that, luauolllclal way,lt was to
the city's ntcrcst that the Mayor select
as Chief one who could work in harmo
ny with hlni. Mr. Williams will there
fore vacate tho olllcoof City Marshal this
evening at 0 o'clock. Xo breach of per
sonal friendship has taken place between
Mayor Winter and Mr. Williams. They
have simply concluded to not work to
gether as public olllccrs.
Mr. James Gash lea on tho afternoon
train yesterday for Decatur, HI., to be
gouo it week or ten days.
J. I). Dean, clerk nt the St. Charles,
who has been absent (or several day on a
trip to St. Louis, returned yesterday mor
ning. Captain William Dean, agent ol tho
underwriters, ot" Pittsburg, Is In tho city
looking after the steamer A. J. linker,
now lying at tho whnri.
Mr. 11, 1 Ncttlcson, who Is well
known to many In this city, and who
was lately wedded to one of, I Hi Quoin's
fairest daughters, was registered with his
wife at tho St. Charles yesterday,
.SATL'ISDAV, A l 'OUST 'Jl, 1S75.
A Mo. 1 We6d Yn.
We call nttcntion to the card of the
Cairo & St. Louis Transrer and Coal
company, which appears In nnothcr col
umn. This company has established
their coal uml wood, yard ut Ihc depot of
tho Narrow (laiigc, uml will tomictc
wllli nny coal dealer?, its to price and
quality, In the city. In connection with
their coal rout wood yard, they tiro run
ning Hie first fteiiui wootl-sawlng ma
chine out brought to Cairo can cut n
cord ol wood quicker than wo can tell It.
and will Ihereforo have an advantage
over all competitors In the wood line.
Delinquent Tain,
To thoo owing Mich taxes, nollec Is
given that the sale ol real cotnte will
take place on the.lOth lnt, und for per
sonal taxes nfler tho 1st day of Scpteui
ber.lbat the collector will proceed by dis
traint against all pcr.-ons found In
arrears. I lil Is absolute and applies lo
all. Ai,i:x H. Iiivin.
County Collector.
Fori ml.
A full et ol uper teeth, which tho
ow ner can have by calling at this olllce
and paying charge.
The 3fcw Pollreiiirn
Mayor Winter has appointed Me'srs.
Gorman, Andrew Cain and George Wll-i-on
sjiecial policemen to till vacancies oc-
oasloned by the removal of olllccrs
Whltcamp and Schuster, and the retire
nient of Mr. Williams. These arc excel
lent men, and will make olllccrs accept
able to the people. If, now, the Mayor
will appoint Mr. Gossmnu to the ofllce of
City .Marshal, we arc sure no further po
lice troubles will occur during his ndinin
IlratIon, and the clll.eiis will be con
tent. No better man could be selected,
and with Mr. Lalltio n day policeman,
the ordinances will Ik-, wo have no doubt,
faithfully executed.
Mcs'rs. J. Hurger & Co. arc selling
light mid dark kid gloves nt 50 ct.s. Step
lit and .sec them
Itonncina; Train.
We met him up the line of thn Illinois
Central last week. He was a good look
ing boy In the face, and wo said to him
" by, J)ick, where did you come
from V
'Nell, ' be said, "after I ran away
from you
"With that little amount," wc Inter
"Yes,' be went on, with thu calmest
face we ever looked at; ''after that, I got
on very well until I reached l'ittsburg,
you know; and then 1 got out of money
and concluded I'd get back to God's
country. Well I've got thl lar on the
way, you see.''
"How did you manage to travel with
out money V
"Oh .' that was easy. I just bnuneeil th
(mint, you know."'
"Houuccd tho trains f What is that?"
"Well, you know, t get Into a ciir, nml
the conductor comes along, and says,
sayntio; 'Ticket.' 4 Ain't got one,' says
1. 'Money, then,' says he. 'Ain't got
any,' says 1. Then lie Is mad, you know,
and at the next station he just takes hold
of me and bounces mo oil the train, you
see. Weil, I get on the next one, and
'Ticket, says he. and 'I ain't got one,'
-ays I, and then I'm bounced off again.
you know, and to I bounce on until I get
through. I expect to bounce to Cairo In
lour days, you know."
And lie walked oil the most independ
ent youth of fifteen we ever taw. Yes
terday he came Into the olllce. winked at
u-, stuck his thumb Into our dignified
side and said :
"I say, old boy, you see, don't you, I
did that little job of bouncing, you
Whereupon wc ordered our strongest
young man to cast Dick Into the Mpe
water; but he dld'nt; for Dick bounced
C'uuuty Court.
Tho county court on Thursday ad
journed until -Monday next, thj 23d inst.
llie tollowing business was transacted
during this term:
The People &c., vs. M. V. Ha.lewood,
administrator of the estate of M. Jones,
deceased attachment for contempt, De
fendant adjudged guilty, lined $1 and
costs, and ruled to make report during
this term.
In the gtiardinshlp of the minor heir
of N S. IHudget, deceased. Ileport by
widow of deceased, guardian approved.
In the estate of 'I. ilcDanlel, de
ceased. Proof of publication for ad
justment ot claims approved and the fol
lowing chums allowed, vl. : Morris,
Hood iv. Co., $12 05; John Holshouscr,
$29 08; Alfred D. Childers, $29 03.
In tho matter of tho claims of John
Matthews vs. M. J. McGauley, adminis
trator of the cstato of Titos. E. Sullivan,
deceased. Judgment in favor of claimant
for $77 8$.
In the estate of David Jackson, de
ceased. Inventory was approved.
In tho estate ot A. 11. Whltakcr, de
ceased. Final report was approved and
administrator discharged.
In the guardianship of the minor
heirs ot Klljah Howies, deceased. He
port approved.
In tho estato of Tapley White, de
ceased, citation ordered against the ad
ministrator to make final settlement.
lu tho matter of tho application of
Alex. II. Irvln, collector of revenue, for
Judgment against delinquent lands and
lots, tho court grunted judgment for the
amounts set opposite each tract or lot
respectively, less tho sum of 23 cents on
each $1 valuation, said sum being tlio ex
cess of tho constitutional levy of county
In tho matter of tho objections of
Taylor & Parsons, trustees, to order for
Judgment against cerhiin out-lots to tho
city ot Cairo, tho court overruled said
objections and entered Judgment against
said oul-lots. Appeal was prayed for
and time granted until tho 23th lust, to
lllo appeal bond as to any or nil of said
VST XX Amber and White rag stock
envelopes at tho Bulletin olllce, printed,
$3 50 and $4 00 per M.
(Jenrrnl Item.
Fudge llross Is rcgUtercd nt the La
clede, St. Loill.
Mr. John T. Itcnnie is absent from
Ihc city at Metropolis.
Tho Citizens' Association havo pro
cured a room In llross' building for Ihe
u'j of committees and members.
John M. Lunsdcn, Ksrj., has gone to
Dlxon Springs, where Mrs. I.ansdeii
and elill.licii havo been forseveral weeks.
Our local had a melon-chollc nlter-
noon yetcrday. He died nt nbout threo
o'clock, but Is now able to lie nbout again,
thank you.
Tho gilded butterflies have began
lo Haunt on gaudy w ings, but our efll-
clciit policemen Me them floating In the
alrnud will nip them hi the bud.
Tho ralu water Is running out beauti
fully. It ha all disappeared from our
wah house and press room, and wo
don't care whether school keeps or not.
Adam'H full was nothing to the fall
that has taken place In the. rivers here
luring tho past week, llofcll before
hve, but tho rivers havo Iwoii hilling all
that time, morning, noon and eve, and all
night too.
Mr. Iletibeu i ocuin, Clerk of the
Circuit Court, has tx-eu erlottsly ill dur
ing the past three weeks with Intermit
tent fever, lie Is now, we aro happy to
state, convalescing. With his mother,
he will go to Dixon Spilngs to-d.iy,
where he lias no doubt ho will speedily
recover his accustomed health.
It Is splendid tho Wat, beer, at
Jaeckel's. The llrst lot ol the beer re
ceived by him sonic time ago was new
and could not Maud keeping, but the lot
he now has on hand is said by competent
Judges to Ijc the best beer ever brought
to the city. It Is the Milwaukee beer o
popular in the Kast. Of n sparkling
golden color, it Is delicious to the palate.
All Jaeckel asks i n trial of tliN beer.
He Is confident it will commend itself to
tho licst Judtrcs a tho best beer in the
The Interesting young man who pre
sides over tIico local column, dUhing
up such dainty news for the delectation
of the people of Cairo, yesterday at din
ner attacked a large-sized watermelon
with nil the ability and voracity of a ne
gro expert. He literally devoured It,
and the remit was diatroii" to him.
Shortly after the dinner hour he began I
to devote hhibclf to the business of get
ting rid of that melon, and hi this he ex
hibited a much ability as he had lu "get
ting away" with It. The reaolt Is, he is
now one of the most pensive, pale-faced
and feeble-voiced young men In the city.
The collln lie ordered, half and half,
from Cary and Feith, ho has put aside
for Use when next ho attack" another
melon, for he Is determined to die when
ho is tool enough to do that Inside out
turning thing again.
In h York.
Mr. Jacob Hurger is now In New York,
where he Intends purchasing one of the
'ofrest blocks of dry oods Unit ever
came to this eley.
llolol I'rrvniinu.
Grand Central : J. I. Ileuder.-on,
Dayton; Geo. K. Mcrty, Mound City;
Daniel J. mitt. Caledonia ; John 11. Har
vey, Carinl; I.. D. Wai,xuw York citv;
A . Dear, Chicago ; Jo-epli rwll) Anna.
Planters : J. A. Wler, I.ocwtirovt.
Kentucky ; S. A. Marx, St. Louis ; .1. y't
j.ewts, si. i.onis; v. i.angioru, San
dusky, III.; C. K. Mo?, Cape Girardeau ,
II. H. Longneeker, Kvaiisvillc; Carl Ciller.-',
St. Louis; U. 1!. Walker, New Or
leans; John Smith, MNiourl; P. W.
Hrown, Missouri; W. L. Winter, Mis
souri; Henry H. Frlck, Cincinnati ; Geo.
B. Lord, St. Louis.
St. Charles :-M. Levy, Cincinnati;
P.M. Grant, Missl-sippl; C. W. Green,
Chicago ; T. S. Maxwell, Delta. Louisi
ana ; S. Koffman, Memphis ; Win. Ruf-
llu, Mi-UHppl ; Mis J. Phillips, Owens
boro, Kentucky; II. D. Taylor, St
Louis; F. W. Parhain, Now Orleans;
D. W. Ilouldln, Sedalia ; A. Slater, Cin
cinnati ; Capt. Win. Dean, Pittsburg; D.
O. Harris, HarrMnirg, 111.; Amos Poole,
Cobdcn; J. W. Leonard, City; C. H.
Lucas, Ccntralia; J. G. Arrington, New
Orleans ; Samuel Goaklu, Southern Ex
press Company; F. Davis, Thebes ; D. C.
King, Jackson, Teiiu.; 1). P. Xcttleton
and wife, Du Quoin.
(.'Intern t'leimeit.
Persons bavin'' cisterns needing pump
ing out and repairing can havo It done
promptly and at prices to suit the times,
by calling on J. s. Hawkins, Cross street.
1 have a man and pump employed all the
time for the purpo.e. 8-20-2w
Mii.vor' Orilri-Tnke .Vol lee.
The public arc hereby notlllcd that tills
morning the public sewers will be opened
for the purpose of conveying tho rain and
sipo water Into tho river. The length of
time the same has been on people's prem
ises, will ot necessity, eauo considerable
stench when removed nnd the broiling sun
comes In contact with tho reluso left on
the ground. It Is therefore necessary for
tho public health and welfare, that eomu
steps should be taken to prevent disease
arising tlicrefiom-thcrefore, I, Henry
Winter, Mayor of tlio City of Cairo, do
request and order all good citizens,
as soon as the slpo water Is oil' their
premises, to forthwith lime or disinfect
by some means their premises. All pub
lic places will rccclvo tho attention of tho
city authorities. By this means tho air
will become pmo and prevent disease.
All persons disobeying this order will
be held accountable under tho ordinances
ol the city. All polleo constables will
govern themselves accordingly.
llK.vitv Wixteh, Mayor.
VeloH Com.
The llrin of J. Hurger & Co., in order
to make loom for their largo and full
(lock, which Is soon to arrive, aro selllug
till brands or prints ut 7 cents.
Ntore lloom for Hent.
Tho lower story of the houso occupied
by William Winter, tho artist, on Sixth
street. Knmilro of Win. Winter or Dr.
Parker. Mm. Jriu Davis.
I.OMU Herbert lino I'lUtKSr.H.
tfrijrDollclou PlUcner liecr nt Scliocn
mover's nellnonn-PII.HF.Sr.Rnt f.onlt Iter
PILSKNKlt nt Louis Herbert's.
Waml nml Con I
Wood, $t per cord 50 cent oil' for
cash. Rig Muddy coal by tho car load ?:t
per ton. All good delivered.
O. W. Wm'.r.i.Kit ."i Co.
Omci: am Yaiiu. Tenth strcel, lie
tween Commercial nml Washington ave
nue". 8-10-lin.
JY-All the go PilM'iicrllfer. Schocn-
ineycr has IL
Letter Jlend.
Ten pound letter head, large sl.e, Car
lisle paper, rated two cents higher than
any other paper used lu Cnlro for print
ing letter heads ordinary conipoMlinn
only $1 iV) per thousand nt the Iti i.i.r.ii.v
Job olllec.
Opcn-.tlr Conrert.
Ticket lor tho Grand Opeu-AIr Con
cert to bo given by the 1 ella City Cornet
lSaiid, on the evening of August 23th,
can be had of Paul G. Sehtth, J. Hurger,
Phil Saup, and Under lire. Ticket",
only 23 cents. s-17-td
fifty Go to Schoeiuncyer's and try his
Pllcncr Ucer. 8-13-lw
A Fine Heililenei; for Nnlv or Itent.
Corner Ilolbrook avenue and Twenty
foil i Hi street. Lurgu yard and garden (8
lot); plenty of Irultainl luulibery; good
table and carriage home. Will tell on
very caty term. The uottto contains ten
room. .1. II. I'llll.i.ll-'.
Real Estate Column
Several ood Farm and 3,030 acres of
unimproved Lands In Alexander ;oui ty.
"Winter's Block" aud "Winter's Hw.'
A lire number ot desirable Itcstdeneei,
and excellent vacant Lot, suitable for
biidncs houses and rc-ldence.
House on Nineteenth Mrrct, lor 50, wllb
privilege of Ic.vc.
Winter's llloek Suitable for Hotel uni
ces or ltulnes roouu cheap.
Tenements numbered I, 7, S and ti, In
Winter's Row, 5 roon each, for .-"lO per
No. in, (eillior) 812 .187 rooms.
Tnt desirable double Cottage on corner
of Thl tcenth and Wa-hington.
Fine two story brick on Commercial av
enue, between Tenth and Klcventli trtct(
stiltablo for Dwelling and llu-birs.
Two houses on Commercial, below Sixth
street, suitable for Buslnc-s House aud
Two small Hou-es wct of Twenty-sec
ond street, near l'lue, $1 each per month.
Dwelling house on Twelfth, near Wl
nut, U rooms, for 12 per month.
Dullness hotiis on Levee, near I'lhlh
street, for yio per month.
A number ol Lots on Levee, abore
Twelfth street, outside lire limits. Also
a largo number of other Lot in different
, kLaml4, In tract to Mil', near Cuiro.
Rough & Ready
The Belt Cornel and String Band
Will Give an Excursion to
Cairo & Vincennes R R.
Sunday, August 22nd, 1875.
Leavlne Cuiro SumUy mornlnj; at S:'W o'clock.
.Mound City ut SM, Amerlcu ut v-.M, L'uliiluiilu
ut tills .New Umoil C'liuln ut Kurn .Mill nt
l):tl. Jtelknaji ut -J:5). Kormunut 1U."", lleiuler
at 10:us. Vitiumut lujis, urrivinff utTuiuirl Hill
at 10 :J5 a in., unil leturu to Cairn Hie (nine
A Kooil time may be mitlcipntitl, us there n 111
he miuic. tluuciiiK uml Kiri-aluiR'uU on (lie
ernunils It Is c.xjitf ml that nil will puitlelpute,
iia thl excursion will be Ihe "tihrgeal thlnn 01"
tlie hciiMin."
The HoiiKh A Itf.idy Klro Coniiuny will ho hi
1'uie from Cuiro nml .MoiunlCily, $1 00 for
ruimil trhi , ,
Kure Troll! Aincrlm, Ciihildlilu, (,'niml Cliuin,
Keria .Mill uh't ISvlku:ii 7 cent lor ruimil trip
Iruro from t'oiuiun, Hinder und Vleniu.V cent
for round trip.
Fred, llnm, II. Meter, Cluirles Keiichter, 1'.
M. rtlockricth,
Henry Itrelliau, 1. Jloflu-Ins.
Harv fchuh, Win. l.uilwlif.
John Koehlcr, W.T. Iteerworth.
lCi-TlcloU lor nle nt Paul iSchiili'a ilrua
store, 11 Meyei'n clS'ir f toie uml Under Ilro'.
Jewelry luie s-l-lt.
TS hereby Riven that default liux lag been made
J. fur more than l.ty dayn in the puynicnt of
u portion of the amount secured lolw pjldhy u
certulu iiiortKagu exeeuteil by Jaiueii.M I'everly
to William C. Wetmore unit lledcrlck 'town-iend.iulliilnloti-ators,
Ac. oflJIilm 'lowiuend,
deceased, dated .luly Ith, lsll. und n-coivleil in
tliu rteoroer' olllce. In und for Alexander coun
ty, hi the State of Illinois, lu book l on. piitu
aS7. Ao. , nnd lu theallicc ol the legUter ot ilccl
In Iho city uf Cairo, in naid county uml Slate. In
derslguwi, sld mortgiMteea, will on Salurilay,
Ihe eleimthdayorSepteiiibcriiext.A. I), lb.4,
ut in o'clock in Ihe forenoon of that day , under
UO0K b OI Ileitis, Oil PUKI- ikxi, e. ,,, me nu
said mortKBife. sell, nt publlo iiucllon, to the,
hlghe.1 biililer, for cull, ut the olllce building of
the tiutee of the Cnlro City 1'i-oiierty nl the cor
ner of Wnstilnstoti iivvimeund Khlileenlli tuil.
In Mid city ol' Cairo, In Alexuniler eounfyuiid
Mateol'HliuoU, all the rlxhl, title nml lntce?t
of mild JiiracM. Ileveilr. or Ills assign, In
nml In lota iiunileil Vi (Ihlrlwn) nnd II nun
teen,) in block numbered 2J (iwenty-nlne) In
said city of Cairo, ucconllng to the recorded plat
thtreof, with the, uiipuileiiancej. to witlsiy Ihe
purpose ami coimmuu ui auiii .uui ikk,'
lutel, Cairo, llllnolj, August li'th, ls'..
iiii;ii;incic touxsksh.
r 17 I I.
Port f.lst. .
Tim Flsk, Padiicah.
Batcsvlllc, White Hlvcr.
" J. D. Parker, Memphis.
" Stc. Gennvleve, St. LouN.
Tow-boat Alice Brown, Memphis.
Strainer Jim Flsk, Paducali.
Batrsvllle, St. LonU.
" J.D. Parker, Cincinnati.
" Sto. Ocimvlew, VlekMmre;.
Tow-boat AJax, Ohio lllver.
" Alice Brown, St. I.oul".
The river lat evening was :)" Icet 2
J-fl Inches on the jfm'R-. havinjr fallen 20
2-Ti Inchi's durinir tho previous 'Ji hours
The vu-athcr continues clear mid
fii:Ni:iiAi. irr.M.s.
Capt. B. W. liiian Is heavy on
ThcAjax went up tho Ohio to nice.
the Ark, which Is brlnjriiij? out her tow
of coal.
Capt. Duan, n avent of the Clnchh
uatl undcrwiltcrs froes to l'adticah to In
vcstlato tin! cause of the accident of thn
Falls Pilot.
The crew of the F.okerl worked night
before last and all of yesterday wnhliir
mud out of the hull of the A. J. Il.ikcr,
ami hc now rides casllv with herdcck-
out all around.
No ('aline for Alm-m.
As there may bo some apprchcn-lons
among a portion of our citizens In regard
to the yellow fever, the following Irotn
tlio New Orleans Times of the 18th hist,
may prove of Interest to the timid :
Tin; timid portion of this community
are considerably exercised at the heavy
rains which have Incessantly visited this
section for the pat mouth, contending
that the great quantity of water produces
a rapid decomposition of vegetable and
organic matter, impregnating the attnos'
phero with ozone, likely, to prove dctrl
menial to health.
With a view to set at rest any appro
hcu-ions that arc felt on that score, a
Times rcpre-entatlvc interviewed tho
physicians constituting the Board of
Health, with the following rc.-ult:
The constant rains cool and rarity
tho atmosphere, cleansing the streets and
gutters, thus preventing the propagation
ol dUcascs of a contagious nature. But
the cllcct on such cases ot small pox as
are not convalescent, Is very det
rimental, liable to cause a re
lapse and, in the majority of instance,
death. For the pat 10 days 22 new
can-s arc reported, live of thc;c since the
loth instant. Thus the leprous disc.iM
Is slightly on the incica-o and unless the
sanitary condition of allaii-! is most
rigidly attended to, in all likelihood
smallpox will gain ground with cold
weather. It niibt bo understood that
this embodies the total number of eases,
favorably comparing with that ol" other
Ut yellow level no tiangcr is appre
hended, as thus far no authentic; case bus
occurred, notwithstanding tho cry of
"wolf has been heard, which, upon in
vestigation has failed to how any foun
dation for the rumor.
Kimn l'aseai'oiila no reliable informa
tion has been received, allhoiiL'h from
uuoflklai sources the cheering news Is
obtained UnV.wx ietr nt n Vum.
still, Willi evidences or n rapid ueereaH-
Quarantine is still strictly maintained.
and every po-Ibln means brought in play
to prevent communication ot Infected
pcr.-ous or articles with this oil, a, so
long ns there Is a solitary cae, danger
New Orleans can thuj truthfully claim
that It Is the healthiest city In the world.
Wah Oir.ninixNT, ltivxi IUi oht, I
August V). IS73. t
ht. LouU
Evansville, Cairo and Memphis
Steam Packet Co.,
Faducah, Sbawneetowa, Evans
villo, Louisville, Cincinnati
and all way landings.
The unrlvnlltd Mile-wheel strainer
Koivlkii Maitcr.
ii, a.
r'ii. It, Thomas . Clerk,
W ill leave Kvnnsvlllle for Cuiro every MONDAY
mul iiiuu.-!W.i nu o-ciocx p. in.
Ixve Cairo every TUKSDAY and FlHDAY.at
OO'CIOCK l, 111,
The elegant side-wheel steamer
lU.v HowAim Master.
Waltku II. I'kxxi.nhto.v Clerk.
Will leave Kvan.vllle for Oilro every TUKS-
HAY and KKU'A Y at 4 o'clock p. lu. .
Will leave Calioever) WKDMKSIAYamlSAT
UKUAY at ti o'clock p. m.
Tlic elegant aide-wbetl teamer
Jmis-fion Master
Mat. William - Clerk.
Leaves Hvansville for Call o every WEDNES
DAY nml .SATUIIAHY nl 6 p. m.
Leaves Cuiro every IHUHSUAY ami tjUNDAV
ut lip in.
Each bout makesclorfc eonneclion ut Cairo
with Hint-class kteutuersfor M. Louis, Mem
pills und New Orleans, and ut Evunsvllle With
the K. A C. It. It for nil points North and East,
aud with the Louisville Mali Steamer for all
points on tlio Upper Ohio, itiviuK throiurhiv
ccipts on I'ivIkws uud pussengelo to all polaU
j'or fin Ihrr Inforinatlnii apply to
SOI., sjlLVEIt, Vasscniid Agent.
I, M. I'll II.I. ITS,
Or hi (i J.lillAMMEU,
SuH'rintemleiil nml General t'relKht Agent,
PKi-'jo-ly. Kvanvillluulank.
Great liiventlnii
O.J. WOOU, MatUion, Iml.
8- '."Ml,
..$0 (JOWH W
Corn, while, lackwl."'.'" --
Oat, nilxni ..........
limn, per ton ..'.'.".""""
Meal, ulram ilric...J..'.,'
Uuttcr, choice Northern '.".'
Ilutter.choloo .Sonthein 111. ,'
J--K. per down
Chickens, periloicn ,
Turkey, ptriloien
Annltn. choice. iKrlnml
Apples, ciramon, )ier Iwrtcl
rotutoej, per lianvl ..,
Onion, per l-aml
at Mi
l rii
IyJtT )roccutefn Ihe utmost exifnlofthf
" !a?he iMon of itcrions w ho lire mlur my
Hour in:mur(.ture.t by other I linn myrir.
.arml IlllnoU, Auut nllh, I87A
Shtrlff Bate.
'ID Y virtue of two snerlat pximil,.,,. ,,. ,. .it.
.L recteit by the clerk of the elrenlt ronrt til
AlPxaiiilerroiinty, In the Stutq of UllnitK one
in liivor or.lnnw Putney ami the other In fv,r
ofThom Minhcmnn, nnd hoth Knlnt II.
Wnloti Weill). I wlllntrernt iinlill ti. ,..i.
InwiiiK ilrcrlhiil iirojierty, In the eltyof t'nlm
County of Aleinmler nnd State of Illinois to
wit; Ixit numbered cTen 17), In hloek mini
heml lx (), lot tuimlicrcil six (0) In hlm-L
nnniliered twenty-nine (at), i.teen (16) fevtoa
of oiith lile oflot numbered trrcnly-six (--0,
and lot ntunbeml twcntv-rcn (if), (went)
elglit lit) nml twcnty-nlnu f), In block mini-twenly-ilx
(Jr.) nml lot numbered Ave (.1)
nuinbereil thlrty-tlve (V) ami thlrtr-i-lictit (.mi,
in blork numU'reil chrhteen (I) In MipHn.t A J.
in uiwk niiniiw-ni ininy-iwo oi), mo Inn
illlion to Mid city the projierty orthcsnld II.
W'ntnon Wrhh, nt the doulh-wet door of the
rnurt linui in llicwii'l oily of Cairo, ronntyot
Alexamhr and Male of HIIiiol, on the tnlr
tcenlh clu v of fenlemlier. A. II. Is7.. ut tliu
lioiir iil cli'ieii o'clock, a. m. , l.irejth, tnall--fyntMexceulInn
Mieriu oi .iieiauiirr loiiiii', iiiiiiiii-.
Cnlro. III., AiiK'li't -lf, ItCj.
BhtrirTi Sale.
BY virtue of an execution to me dliTflcil by
thn clerk of the circuit court of Alexan-
In the Mtnte of llllnni, In t,itnmf
.linnet Clonnn f,.r the ue or Auirulu 1- llal
Icrlwnr ninluuliiBt.liihii HulTey, 1 liiTclevieil
UHn the rollitwinir dencrthol roicrty, in thn
First Addition to the mill city of Cnlro in the
rmititr ot Alexander nml Slnlu of lUlnoln, to
wit; it numliereil clphteen (tc) in blork num
bered nine ('I), ns thp properly of the uM .Intin
lluOcy, n Inch 1 hull otter nt public nnle nt Ihe
wmth-wc.t dmir of the court house In the city of
Cairn, In the county of Alexander nml Mntent'
Illlnnl,nn the thirteenth day of Septenilier A.
I) Is7.at the hourofcleven o'clock, a. m., for
c.ih,to.ntlrralil.ectitlonx mvlN.t
Sheriff of Alexander County, Illinois
Cnlro, Illinois, AutruM -1st, 17J.
SherilTf Bale.
Y virtue of mi execution to me directed hy
iliKrlerl. orthe circuit court of Alcvauatr
.Nintite. In Ihi.
tntpoMlllnol. in favor
or Iter-
. I lull!'
nunl Mc.Miiiius ini'l niliHt I.ce riiilllp
levied upon the fulloWlnRileicrlUiiproiieity, In
tin: city of Calio.coiinty of Alexamler anil Mate
of Illinois, to-wlt: Irfttsnumliereil tlireti (-1) nml
four (I) In block numlKreil fciity-ilvc (!), a
the pioH-ity of thcaM Iav lMiilli I which I
hull offer nt public alc at Ihe eonth-wct dour
ol tlii- court house In Ihe city of Cairo, In the
county of Alexander and ."Intc of llllnni.', on
the thirteenth day of S'cptciulier A I)., l7i, at
the hour nfeleteii o'clock, n. m., for enh, to
nall-fv Hildexc tltlon. AI.S'.X. II. IKVIN,
Sherirrol Alexander County, Illinois.
Cnlro, Illinois August JIt, 1075.
R. SMYTH 5c CO.,
Wholesale and Ilttall Dealtrs la
Forelcn and Domestic
No. 60 Ohio Levee,
hare constantly
nrk nf the het rnmlii ill Ibe mar
1 V., n...'
ket, nn gx csfwclal attention to I lie w belasal
runcn oi vne outineaa.
The Undo signed Having Given
up tho
Is now Prepared to Furnish Ice
by tho
At prices that will Compare Fav
orably with any Dealer. Ho
will now Devote his atten
tion Entirely to his
Grand Cntxl
Corner JDlsXxtlx tUtfMt,
WX. WBTZSL. rraprlator.
ATIIUSTY wtch kept nlht and day for
trains and steamboat.
The best of aoxjommodatlotis
(uesta at Two Dollar per day.
for trauilent
E. L. H(lstroiu. A. J. Meeker. A. J . UooU.
E. L. HEDSTROK ft Co., ,
Miners ft Shipptm of
iirmiom con
to Keneca ttrtet, ItaHalo.
GcvliUL Ofriccn,C'or. AiUiimA Market at.
I CblcMo.
Alio Agents (or Blsaburg Coal Co.
I'ublUhe-lM a wiuIb and lor !fl,JHJl2
Yonng Men ami thtra wUo taaVr rri ."oiJ
Ueblirty. Loa of Maubootl. '"J' Jtf
Rule ofSelfur. after uwjpi
ferluf aaaixnesM, ami "'""" wTil.
lug a post-paid dlreolfl ytt&'TSFiLStL
fflANIKL MAYi'AIKi O, IK 1W. fO;
S. v. i-i'-w

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