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ahcalon i.oiiui:, no. m.
KiiIkIiM of I'ylhlni, meet every I'rb
day night nt luill'-pust scH'ti, m Odd-
rVllotts)' Hull J.Hij. II li(l"MA.V,
Chancellor Coiuiuuiuler.
At.lIXANPKU I.OlHlll, NO 221.
Ilntciicnili'iil Order or (Md-Kcl-
,...... '. ... niiri' I IlllfVllllV 11 tfht
''ffitntX' ntiiuir-tinst-eicn, In tlulr hullori
Cominvrclul uremic, lulwii ii nlxtli unit hcuutli
trills. 'V KiiTII,N,U.
"1AIKO KSCAMI'MKNT, I O. O. V.. inril
Olnod.lJVllii'' Hall on llic first uml tliliil
Iih-scIiij In ciery mniilli, ut hiilf-piist seun
.(so II OlIKIII.Y, 0. I'.
IV OAlltOl.OIXii:. NO.iKff.A.K. A A. M.
Hold riRiilnr rnimnuiilisillon lii.Mu
"KiT soldo II. ill, onmr Cuimiii rclal auiiiie
'awl l.iglilli street, on the wconil and
linrtli JIond.iv officii month.
I'lirinh ScIkioI.
This next term of tlio Parish School of
tlio Cliurcli ol tlio Ko'locmcr will begin on
MONDAY, Si:ili:Mlti:ii nth, ami con
tinue In osdon MMcen week. I'ndor tlio
tame supervision ami control a It wan
hut term, tlio School will he conducted In
a similar muiner. Atthe beginning ol tlio
term a civ-will bo formed lor the in ly
nf Urology.
Applletloii for admission inii'lbc made
either to Mrs. 1. A. Taylor, or tlm Itcc'.or.
Tlio prlco of tuition will ho only eight
dollar- 'or the term of sixteen week, I'AV-
C'llAltl.KM A. (Hi.iiinir, Hector.
llf.Ni:M:it ill l.ouU Ili-rlirrCx.
Itusc IIiiIN ri:'ry li-si'rlitlnii
To llir 4'ltiriis ol'Cnlio.
1 would Inform my many friend-, that I
am still In the auction business anil ready
to nttcni to all sales that may oiler. My
long experience In tld business need no
comment 1 Is no experiment on my parr,
and parties entrusting goods t ) m wis
need not he atraht, at I am no "tipilb'' or
novice In th hii'lnc-".
Specii attention ijlven to real extato mil
ouNiloor nale, a I ho never iiilol mak
ing a mb. I) Haiit.man, Auctioneer.
Corner Sixth Mrcetaml Commereiiil A v.
bSf'X Mag ttockunvi'lopiw at tliu Ilri.
i.i:tin olllei-. SU 25 k.t M.
'in iii'iii.
A cottage, No. .TJ Tontli street, between
Washington ami Walnut. Apply to i liac
Line, t'l'U
llislrnlllc Itllllllla.
Thrco hrgn and cry dcirahle family
room , fronting on the Ohio, at the St.
Clurlci Hotel, can he had, with hoird, at
very reason ihln ratcj during the Mtmmer
month. Ahundaucco' pure air and per
fect ventilation. 7-10-tf.
ttu ami .;cs lvr.
ltnllonls ol hoteh and hoarding lou-ek
i III llnd it to their dvantau'c to call upon
Mr. Coleman, I.amidic", No ia Fourth
trcet, hctMciin tWOiinston and Commer
cial avcliiirr. Hotel and lm.irilltii;.tiour
W3hlu(,', 75 centi. per dozen. r-Yit piecework
(rife are follow: Single thirt and col
ar, 10c; per dozen K'c; sock 6o; two col
ar, 6c; two liandkeruhiel', 5c; veit ilOe;
and all gentlemen' wear. Mo. per
dozen. I.adloi' dro-oi', '25 to f0cj
klrt. M to Me; drawn m 10 to 15c; two
pair Uoto 5c; two collar.-5 lo inc. I'or li
dies' plain clothes f I (H per dozen; lor la
dles tine clothen, ?l 25 per doen; done
draraptly, and promptly dcllcrcd. I'a
tronago ollclteil.
4io to I.oiiIh lli'rtiiTt'H for I'H.Si:-
;r ol Itiitiii'lloit.
llr't-cla-' room anil board at tin- Ar
lington Hoti'i', at 25? per rnontli.
Tim. It. V.lua, l'roprli'lor.
.Nollro of Iteiitiital.
The well-known harher khop, corner
Cighth and Commercial, presided ov.r tiy
'.he popular artist, (leorgo Stelnhoiun, has
removed ono dour north on Commercial, In
.ho Grand Central Hotel. The now shop I
arc and rnmmudlous ami thoi-o wishing
for anything artlntic in the way of fahlou
OjIh hair out tins.', unooth hae, etc.. will
Jo well to call ut tlio (irand Central itarher
ihop. 7U1-13-tt.
I'll lllriHiilli- Allieriril.
At tlii'BfLM'.riN bindery IS iiiitnber.,
linunil In two volumos, lull j;!lt nior
roecojooit ?11; for 'silent $10.
CSyXX Wood .-tock envelopes nt '.lie
liuu.r.riN odlce. $3 00 per M.
II H I'Hl'll'SS
to attempt to elcaiifc a htreani while the
fountain l impure. Dyspepsia, eoniplaiuti
or the li-r and kldnoyy, eruptions of tlio
skin, ticrolula, headache, and all dca-oi
nrl'lng lrom Impure blood aro at oneu re
moved by Dr. WalkeiV California Vine
gar Kltter?, tho great and Infallible purliler
ol tho Mood, and renovator of tho system.
It has novur been known to fall, provided
tho patient bail not ilelayul usln;,' It until
tho vlta'ity ol hU ys-tem win loo far gone.
I'or Mule.
A oilver plated No. 1) Wilson Shuttle Scw
liiB Maehlno, hard (piano) llnUh, valued at
te5. Will bo told at $20 dieeouut, on good
tcfiiH, uud ordered directfrum the factory.
roit sam:.
A No.fj Wllasit Slruttlo Sewing Maehlno
valued at 575. Will ho sold ut 15 dincotint
and ordered direct In m the luetory.
A $90 Remington Sowlr.g Machine-.'J0
oil' for cash. Suliablo for tailor or hoot and
hIiou rnauulaclurcr.
FOll SALi;.
At a bargain, and on good torme, a Howe
Sowing Machine. May ho seen at tho Com
pany's ofllce, comer Ninth mrcet and Com
mercial. FOR SAI.K.
"1'lcturosip.io America" IS nnmVer
bound m -j volumes, full gilt Morocco ;
price, 10.
A etyla "1;," "Clouxh. Watren Co.V
l'rtrlor Organ, right from tho factory nt Dp.
trolt. I.lt price, 300. will ho i-old for
A now twodiorsu Gumhlo wagon
t or any oi too huovb ui iicich, uppiy Hj
hati:m oi' Aovi:itnsi.j.
S3"A1I hills fiirridicrJI-Irn, nrcthicniiil pay
able I.V AM AM' c
Tran!cnt iidiirlloing will lw Inserted at the
rate of II to n-r niiinif for Ihe first ln-crtlon
iiiidM(cntsforcnchiubeipicntoiic. A llliernl
illsconnt will In: mule on standing and ilbphiy
I.ocnl nollcci, hiMlnc'K or nthcru In; 111 br
charged ((nreiiHpt'r line for tin: Hrst iindllie
cent for each nddllloiml lii"rtlnn, (coiinlliiK
flic Ihiraiinil iiiiraril) n dhcotuit will be madi'
nit' r llilnl lii'irllon
Cliiirrh, Society, l'entllal mid .Slipper nollri
Will only he inserted in ahcrtleincrit
t'orhiHrling I'lint rat notice t lo. Notice or
rncclhigof sodttle- orrn t orders Vlci'iit- for
meli Insertion
No admtitnueiit will Is' rt relied at Iot than
vi cents
SI'NIMV, AI'dl'ST 22, 1875.
I.onil Weal ln r Iteporl.
(JAlliO, IU..,AliKIHtl, Irtfl.
I II til
II "
2i Hi.
.isi 1 .
!H.fl. 7fi'
.lll , 7!C
I I fair.
I I'llireal.
I IIOMAS .JO.VKS, Kert. S. S., U. S. A.
Tliccililoroftljli paper linsfronr to ISn
ton, tho .-eat of tlio Kukliix war.
Oil u r.
I he ipiiMtion of orpiiiiiii'' a "cricket
club" in this oily U belli'' :i"!tateil.
i.iioii our :
lor an eletiit lino of new Fall l'lints
.Stuart ,t (llioloii"s this week.
roller Cnili'l.
'i'hen; was not a kln'lo ea-c before the
police court on yesterday.
11 II till M) lioOH,
The river at this point Mill eoiitlinu-s'o
lull at the rate of an inch and n half sn
M .Murk's I'nrk.
Workmen are now en-'a-'ed In eiittlnr
down the weed-, .-iiid In otlierwi-o ll.vins'
tip .St. Mary's lark.
iilni: out.
'i'lie water irr tire city, lnce the onoiiltur
of the '.ewer.-, t- -joliif,' out rapltll.v, atnl
win, in a lew day, be "a tiling of tie
Tlio work of illslnfcetlii'' tire clly with
lime will commence to-morrow, the Hue
for the purpose having already arrirt cl
ironi Annaj
Cullli- Mu ds.
A largr force ol hands arc nov en-
ifauvA hi constructing a number of cuttle
lied- in the Illinois Central rallroai. cat
tle yards In this city.
On Monday, tub hist., in St I.tnrence
O'Toole Cliurcli. St. I.OIlh. ilo.. by
I!mv. 1.. Mini, ltn. .loliii "V mli-ll rn.lillhi
O'lltmi, orthU:Uy.
I .mill's' Til'.
Sitrarl it ;iiolon are oll'erlng rui cle
gant llin; ol Ladle-' Tics, in all tlit new
colorings, at iirlces lower than vtr of
fered In tills city.
'I hut I'liielr.
The old clock loriui rly u-cd by the
Arab lire company, has been placed in
thorough repair by Mr. II. Ilotipt. and
now adonis the wall ot the I'olico Head
quarter. Ci'UshIii:; lli'lilliri'il.
ThecroIng at the corner ot Thir
teenth .'treet and Washington avenue.
which for some time past has been in on
unsafe condition, uas thoroughly re
paired yesterday, and U now all right.
I'rmii llic Country
A number of teams from the country,
with produce, arrived yetenlny, al
though tho loads brought in wero rather
light, as the roads which were overilowcd
aro Mill "soft."
Too I. Hie.
The communication ol "Citizen" In re
ply to that of "I'upll" which appeared hi
the Hfi.Lin i.v yesterday morning, was
handed In too late for publication this
morning. It will appear in Tnc'day mor
ning's pnper.
All trains on the Cairo it Vliicennc"
railroad aio now running regularly, anil
on time. Through freight received anil
through tickets -old at tlio company'? of
llces. M. 15. Ciooruiicii,
General Freight and Ticket Agent.
.Several cars of watermelons are daily
brought to this city over tho Cairo and
.St. Louis road from points In tlio country.
Inaccessible to wagons, by reason of tho
bad condition ol tho roads, caused by tho
Into high water.
-l'll liOOllS.
.Stuart & Ghol-on aro constantly inak
hig additions to their already attractive
stock, and will oiler for the (all trade tho
nio-t attractive and extensivu stock yet
oll'ercd by them. It will pay to trailo
with this popular iiiul progressive cash
4'iiHtoni .Hiiiln. Sillies
Stuart it Gholson aro olierlng the
most elegant lino of ladles, and ehildreu'd
custom made shoos over ollered In this
market. They rtro manufactured ex
pressly for them. Prices guaranteed to
bo lower than oll'ercd by any other
M'liMlinuliMi Avenue.
Washington avenue, which, for a long
time, has been full ol holes, ruts, and In
prcttv bud condition generally, from
JJlghteenth street to its terminus, lias
been at hist placed in thorough repair,
and is now lliu principal drive in this
In tlio prooeedldgii of tho county court
hi yesterday's Issue, in tho matter ot tiro
reduction of tho county taxes, tlm prin
ter niadu us say that they hud been re
duced by the Hoard 28 cents on tho dol
liir, when it should have been 28 cents on
tlio iino liiinilrr .! dollars.
Vinir .tllrnllont
To lovers or gooil COFFKi:, THAH,
Sl'dAll, I.AIM), HAMS, OIlKK.Si:,
niulHVUUl'.S, callonStrattoir &lrtl,57
Ohio Levee, ns they ate receiving' a fresh
supply "f He above goodi and they will
be ."old very low.
All Itltflil Atxnln.
Tho ilanniges lo tho Cairo it Vlnecnnes
railroad, caiicil by the late It owl, have
been repaired, anil all trains commenced
running' on regular time Friday, and the
company nte now prcpalred to receive
through freight nnil ell through tickets
over tlio lliii'. .See notion cl-ewliere.
A Met- l.llllc I'el.
Capt. .lame Miller, lire gentlemanly
agent of tho Green I.lno In this city, re
joices In the posios.sfbn of a young Uveal
lator which was font to lilin by a friend
in New Orleans. The younit fellow has
n very "open" countenance, and prceiit
n inillii appearance when tickled.
Uriel, Milieu nlli,
The briel. sidewalk on the North Mdc
of i:ighth street belwccn WntiliiKton
uvcinio iiri'l Wnlinit strn.r, Is rapidly ap
proaching completion. Alter the con
ctriictlon of this walk tho contractor, Mr,
I). .1. (.iatllgan, will commence laying' a
btlck walk on the Last .'Idu of Wa'hhifr
ton avenue, between Kighth and Xinlh
'lo Arrl-e.
Mcsrs. lioldstltiQ it Hoscnwalcr will
receive on to-morrow n lar"c Invoice of
now and seasonable dry floods from New
York. .Mr. (iold-tine, who thoroughly
tiiider.stands tlie wants of our people, has
for 60iiie time past been In New York
where ho has purchased a large stock of
dry "foods and clothing, which will be
sold on arrival on vcrv close margins.
A WooI-I'iiIIIiik.
Yesterday evening a light occurred on
Washington avenue, between two black
boys. Tho dllliculty was a very trilling
one, It .-eciiin, growlnj; out of one calling
the other a "club footed dog." This was
a gross insult to "club foot," and he
"went for" Ids hisulter. The conflict
was very Interesting to the bystander.-.
They were .separated by a negro woman,
who was eloquent in inducing them to
"I'ntilclij" iruvN.
"Old Panic" of the "Sun,"! again ter-
ri'tly c.xerci-cd about the yellow lever,
and advises the city authorities and
citiens to tt.-eall niauiier of precautions
against its coming; while we of
course believe in thoroughly cleansing
tlio city, we do not think there is the
least danger of Its appearance. IJut then
you know, that is Davis' way of rnakingsi
mountain out of a inole-hili," and to
make It npjK'ar to non-residents a5 though
all things bad are po.slbleand even prob
able to our citv.
HfllKioiiH .Nollccx,
Metboill-t Cliurcn : hcrviius ..t
iiual hour by the pa-tor, Ifev. .Mr.
Kpl-copal : At the Church ol the
ltcdevnier Uiu rector, Uuv. Mr. GUbert,
will conduct the services at the Usual
hour-. Sunday school at 9;.'W a. m.
Presbyterian Church : Tire Ilev. -Mr.
George will occupy tho pulpit to-day.
.Services at the u-ual hours, in the even
ing the I!ev. Mr. George will continue his
'erinon to young men.
"Oh ! what a beauilinl green sward,"
exclaimed one of a party of young ladle
from I'aducali, while perambulating onr
street about dusk, tlio other evening,
"ThU Is the only grassy i-pot I have
'ecu hi Cairo," she continued, "and
1 am going to take a walk on it.''
She took one step and sank In water to
the depth of two feet. The beautiful green
grass, as she supposed, was nothing more
than the green scum that had accumu
lated on the "rain water" in that locality.
.She took her departure from Cairo not
very favorably impressed wltii one of the
city's great " Institutions."
Alio liter Terrible Arrlileul.
Yesterday morning nbout 4 o'clock
Michael Nahtn, a switchman in the em
ploy oi the Illinois Central railroad,
while switching a train for tho Mis
sissippi Central railroad was run over by
tho switch engine and lost his left leg.
Dr. Wardner wa called hi, and amputa
ted tho limb a little above the knee. The
poor man sull'crcd terribly from loss of
blood, but Is now re-tlng .quietly, and
hopes are entertained of his getting well.
Wc could not learn the particular- dell
nitely.but we presume hl foot got caught
In a frog, nrul before being able to extri
cated it tlio accident occurred.
A Uilllililllti'l Klrocl.
Eur i oh Uui.i.utin : 1 would call the
especial attention of the city council to
the unsafe and dilapidated condition of
the plank sidewalk on Fourteenth street,
between Commercial and Wrulilngtoii
avenues. I think It strange that the Com
mittee on Streets and Sidewalks havo al
lowed tlio walk on this much frequented
thoroughfare to remain so long a peril to
life and limb. I must confess that I never
beheld a sidewalk in Midi a public place,
In such a shapeless, warped, rickety ami
dl-Joluted condition.
If this Gliould glvo way (as It may at
any moment) lu the night or while
women or children aro crossing it, being
partly over a deep pond of water, It Is
probable that some lives would bo lost.
Hence, several suits against the city for
damages would bo the result. Xow I re
spccllully suggest that two sidewalks
iiictumi of one be constructed on the said
street. Tlio continual increase of travel
since the completion ot tlio now Postolllco
demands another sidewalk on tho opposite
side. Nearly all tlm lots that trout on said
street belong to 1. X. A. Grlswold, of
llhodo Island, who can well att'ord to help
construct such walks, considering the fab
uloris war prices that lie used to realize for
tho same, etc. Yours truly,
fi67XX Amber and White rag stock
envelopes at the UUM.KTI.V olllce, printed,
$:i "Oiiiul$l 00 per M.
A. Polk . tones, county elrk of I nlon
county, Illinois, va In tie city yester
Cnpt. Win. Hanibhtcn, of Mound
City, wus ceii perambulating our ctreets
W. II. llockwell. the enlor member
of tiro linn of W. 11. ItocVwell ft Co., Is
111 the clly.
Capt. Alf. Orlssom, clerk on thunew
Hollo Lce.ls in tho city awaiting the com
pletion of his boat.
City Treasurer Hlake, who, for tome
lime past, ha been visiting at his old
home In Lynn, Mas., returned homo List
"Gentle" Oeniuhl proposes, during
the coming week, to start on ane.xtcndcd
trip through Minnesota, to be gone cev
entl sveeks.
II. L. Morrill, Hsq., Strpt. C. it V.
H. P., arrived hi lhl city yesterday from
Kvau-vlllc. Ho l "lopping at the St.
County Clerk llogan, Po-tmastcr
Merty, (. F. Meyer, W. .1. Price, ltonieo
Frlganza, and other prominent men of
Mound City were In tho city yesterday.
II. II. it rope, General Southern
.Sup't ot the Pullman Palace and Sleep
ing Car Company, wo- hi the city yester
day on business connected with ids Com
pany. I". D. Frost, General Manager; 1). It.
Morcy, General Freight Agent, and .1.
G. Mann, A'si.tant. Superintendent of the
N. O., St. L. it ('. I!. I!., wcru in the city
yesterday on bti.incs connected with
their .-cvcral department-. They -topiicd
at the .St. Charle.
Ilcilcl rcrooiinlx.
I"ehnonleo:-J.lI.Peiry, Pine HluiT,
Ark. ; Win. Ove.-terniau, Little Iiock;
I). Hodkln, llallard county, K'y. ; C. A.
Hrown, Paducali, Ky ; 1. F. Pulllarn,
Louisville, ICy.;. la-, .loncs, Louisville,
Grand Central: Mr. Mary Wake
Held, Kentucky; 1". W. Fnrn'sworthy,
Louisville. Ky.; W. C. Heynolds, Mound
City, HI.; Chas. Dolling, Cincinnati, O.;
Peter Steinberg, Madison, Wis.; .lame
A. Itarbcr, Caledonia, 111.
Planters :-Il. n. Walker. X. O. ; II.
Wolf, Chicago; John A. Smith, Mo. ; P.
W. lirown.Mo.; Jl. L. Winter, Mo.;
Henry F. Frick, Cincinnati, O.; A. M.
Penllcld, llrownsvllle, Term.; C. K.
Moss, Cape Girardeau, -Mo.; II. Polk
.lones, Jonesboro, C. 11. Sharp, Prinee
ton, Ky.;.!. F. Tatuni. Dundee, Cal.; W.
11. Loiiguccktr, F.varisville, hid.; C. L.
Holdcii, Xatcliez, Miss.; M. W. Hrlggs,
Memphis Kzra Wright. Pitt-burg, Pa.
St. Charle-Geo. Pritehard, Ark.;
F. Kei-elbach, Cincinnati; .1. Hanhani,
Vicksburg. Mi-s ; 11. I!. Latrobo, l.ouls
Tlllc, Ky ; A. Millaiu, New York ; Win.
II. Finegan, New Orleans ; G. M. llar-
ber, Vicksburg; Win. G. Ferguson,
Chicago; Lewi- Aleiis, New Orleans;
F.d. Colin. Cincinnati : E. D. Frost and
ft. II. Morey. New Orleans. .1. G. -Mann.
J eiin. ; A. L. Keddeir, N. O. ; James
Hold. Thoiuaivllh. Mo.: T. .1. Until.
aiioo, m .. (,Jt jiarbe.so'n, .Sr. Louis;
Miss Jane Ayrv, -wi..lnt!I) G'a.; Frank
fturfec, lluikvHIe;.!as. A.ooudder.Cin
elnnutl; Alf. Grissom, New Orleans - J
II..,, x-.... . , ...
nun, -ew uruaiis; II. I,. Morrill, Kv
ansvllle; Abo HeKer, Kvansvllle ; W. H.
Hockwell, Colorado.
Letter Litt.
I.i-t or letters, remaining uncalled for
in the Po-t Olllce at Cairo, lllinoU, Satur
day, Augir-t 21, 1S75.
I.AIUKs' l.txT.
Hooker F. !.,
Crosby Susan,
Tcrrni Annie,
Uvans Lou.
Harnbiick M..I.,
Knowhoii .Mary,
Leonard Artlo,
Lehning Hettlo,
Hroek I'cna,
Cairklcrncn Carrie,
ftavU .,
Homes Mary,
Hirseli II.,
l.angstorr A.,
Logwooil TIskcy,
Monroo Amelia,
Nance Kllza,
Valentine Ellen,
Washington Ginny, Young .1. .1.,
Young PartlieIa.
Hrown Lewis, Hell Tho,,
Hennett W. I),, Hrencke Win.,
Campbell John, Connelly Thos.,
Crutelilleld Hilly, Dunn DrnryA.,
Down Win., J'arrow Isenr,
Foster Win., Green Jacob,
IlechtH.J., Hunter O. H.,
Hill Sain, Illlllard Win.,
Jennings Clem, Lynch Win. T.,
Lacy W. 1"., Mullen Ed.
McKluncss Dick, McCullougli Ilobt.
Nolan S., O'llanlon L. L.,
Paynter H. 31., liendcll J. J.,
Sllon.l. A. Smith I. N.,
Sinedly Win., Stempf Win.,
Talbot Geo., 2 Thompson Henry,
Taylor W. ., 2 Thackston W. II., 2
Webster D., Wallaccl. H.,
Warren Win.
Persons calling for tlio above letters
will ploasosay "Advertised."
Gr.o. W. .McKr.Aio, P. M.
Miiyor'N Orler-luu Xollcc.
The nubile are hereliviiotlileil that this
morning the public sowers will bo opened
for the purpose of conveying the rain and
sipo water into tlm river. Tlio length of
tlmo tho same has been on neonlu's iiroin-
Iscs', will ot necessity, caue considerable
stench when removed and the broiling sun
cotne-i in contact with tlm retu-o left on
tho ground. It Is therefore necessary for
the public health and welfare, that eomo
steps should bo taken to prevent disease
arising thcrefroui-thereforc, 1, Henry
Winter, Mayor of tho City of Cairo, do
request, ami order all good citizens,
as soon as the sipo water is oil' their
premUcs to forthwith lime or disinfect
liv Koine, means their promises. All nub
ile places will receive tho intention of tho
city authorities. Ity mis means thu air
will heeonu) Hiiro and prevent dUea-e.
All persons dUolieying this order will
be held Hccountnnle miner tlm ordinances
ol tlio city. All police constables will
govern themselves accordingly.
IlExnv Wi.nti'.i:, Mayor.
liclow Com.
Thollrmor.I. Hurgcr iS: Co., in order
to makotoom for their largo unci full
stock, which Is soon to arrive, ore felling
all brands of prints nt 7 cents.
I'nrl Mil,
Steamer Jim Flsk, Paducali.
" Idlcwlld, Evansvlllc.
!' l!lg Sunllower, Louisville.
" Clly of Chester, .Meinphl.
Tow-boat J. W. Mill-, South.
Stcainer Jhn Flsk, Paducali.
Idlculld, Kvansvllle.
" Hlg Suutlowcr, Vickburg.
" City or Chester. St. Louis.
Tow-boat .1. W. Mills. Paducali.
" A.J. Maker, Mound City.
nivr.ic and wi'.aiiik.i:.
Tho rlier last evening was :I2 feet I)
Inches on the gauge, tin ving fallen .'1 feet
during the previous 21 hour.-. Tho
Weather Is cloudy, cool and agiiei-h.
or.Nmr.w. iri:.is.
Capt. .1, M. Phillips roturnol home
Thy Idlculld brought out quite a
full trip of freight and CO people vetcr
dny. The river is leaving quite a large de
posit ol nun I on the bank which N not
pretty or pleasant.
Tho A. J. Hakcr tool, lier-elf to
Mound City yesterday where she will bo
taken out on the ways and repaired.
-Pilot Hilly Phillips Is taking the Hlg
Sunflower to Vicksburg, and will return
In company with Capt. Lee Crane by
rail to Louisville. The Hlg Sun po-ey
had 150 tons of freight. She is quite a
a respectable looking craft since being
'A'Alt Dm'AUIMknt, Uivui' lUrour, (
AUBim'il. Is71 i
l.uw M AIK.II,
T. IS. FT r.v.
a T r
5 . !)
II 1 - 1
7 a
T .l li
la o i,
.Nii-lnllli; .,,
fti. Louis
-Messrs, .1. Hurgcr it Co. are -oiling
light uud dark kid gloves at 50 cts. Stop
in and see them.
I.onls Hertirrl tins l'II.M:Ni:tt.
Ielliiiiieiil 'I'liMs.
To tlioso owing sucli taxc-, notice is
glvMi that the sale ol real estate will
take place on ihcHOlh lust, and for per
sonal taxes alter the 1st day of Septem
ber;lhat the collector will proceed by UI
tralut rigalusL all persons found in
arrears. This is ab-oluto and applies to
all. Ai.un' II. Invt.v,
County Collector.
Ij-a"'ftellclous Pil-cner lleerat Schoeii'
DmiiiiIiiiiIIdii ol' X i neliers.
'1 here will be a tiublh: examination ol
teachers held at the High School bulldiii
in Cairo, on Friday and Saturday, tho
third nniUotrrth of September.
-Mas. P. A.T.vvi.on,
S-21-td. County Superintendent.
)elli'ioiis..I'II.Si:.M:rtal Louis Hit
bvrl'H. ill .Veil Vorli.
Mr. .lacob Hurgcr I- now in Xow orl;,
where lie Intends purchasing one of the
largest tocKs ot dry good- that ever
tame to this city.
PtI.SF.SF.ll at l.milTllerbeif.s.
Wood nnil t in,. .
Wood, $1 per cord '0 cents oil' tor
ca-h. Hig Muddy coal by tlie car load $:i
per ton. All goods delivered.
V. W. Wiikkixi: i: Co.
On icr: and Vaimi. Tenth street, be
tween Commercial and Washington ave
nues. S-lO-lm.
More Itiimii lor llenl.
'i'ho lower story ol the house occupied
by William Winter, the artist, on Sixth
street. Enquire of Win. Whiter or Dr.
Parker. Mits. .let.tA Davis.
7-2S-tf i
Cisterns C'leiini'il.
Persons having cisterns needing pump
ing out and repairing can have It done
promptly and at prices to suit tlie times,
by calling on. 1. S. Hawkins, Cro's street.
I have a man and pump employed all tho
time for the purpo-c. S-20-2w
tia?AII the go PIUencrHtcr. Schoen
rueycr has It;
l.i'ller lli'itils.
Ten pound letter heads, large si.e, Car
lisle paper, rated two cents higher than
any other paper used in Cairo for print
ing letter heads ordinary composition
only $1 00 per thou-aud at the Hi'i.ixn.v
Job olllce.
pcn-.lr Coiicei'l.
Ticket for the Grand Opou-AIr Con-
cert to bo given by the Delta City Cornet
Hand, on tho evening of August 2"th,
can licliadoi rain u. ftcuuu, ,i. iiur-ger,
Phil Saup, and Under Hros. Tickets,
oulv 'J3 cents. f'-li-td
feijy-Go to Sclioeiimcycr's and try his
Pllscner Hcer. S-15-lw
A l ino ltenldcncc for Sole or Item.
Corner HolbrooU avenue and Twenty
fourth street. Laige yard and garden (B
lot?); plenty of trultaud slttubhery; yood
utablo and carriage home. V 111 t-oll on
very cay tcrnn. The houo contain teti
rooms. d. H. 1'un.Lii'S.
"1 S liuuliy Kiveii that default ha Ing bimi lituile
X luriuoiu Ihan blxly ihiya lu tliepamcntot
nlioitloii ot'tlicuinoiint beciucit lo liu luilil by u
certain iiiortKU)M Xcciitcil by Jiuum 31 I ewrly
to WllllJint. Wiimuro nml tieilevick luwri-fenl.iiinwliillraliii-,
Ao. ol l.llliu 'lowrutwl,
ileieaseil.Jl.ileil-liily Itli, iMil Blirt nviiiili'il III
Ihe riconler's olllie In uud I'or AleMiinler coun
ty, in the (state of Illinois, In book I., on 11112c
as?, Xe , unit in lhenllli-o ol llii) UKietor iit'ilic'
in thv clly ol'Cnlio, 111 mill count) U snitu In
book II of ilieiU. on UKo (". A?; NN l' I"'
ilerrltcneil. M iiiortKWes, nlll on Miliiriliiv,
thu elfMiilli ilny nfl-fiiteiliUr ui'M. A ' '!
... m ..1. .i,...i.. in ,iu. i',,i', iiini nl hat ilav. 1 nilbi
iiiul by virtue of tho iiower nl wile coniiihieil In
mldliioitpiBi) cell, t pulillo iiucl on, In lliii
h i; lint hi'l'ler. I'ur e ih, nt !! olllce liiili'llnB nl
the ti unties ol'lbc Odro Clly l'iierly nt the eor
,,r iCi.uliiL'liiii nvi'lllluuilil l.ll-'llUl'llHlUll't'l.
Ill wild dry ofCttlrn, III AleviinliT coiuily nnil
(.inieonillnoU.iill thurlKht, till- uml uleivst
of Hiild .luiiK'iM. lleMily, or hU iimIkiid, In
.,...1 m Inii i.iimtu'ivil 1,1 (ihli'leen) uml II lour-
teen,) In block mrmlwnil (twenty-nliii) In
..llv nl'(',ilr, ni-i'iil'i 1 1 11L' til IIIU UCUlUlll II lit
thrrvol,with the iiiiimrlciiiinces, to nillsly Uto
liiiriiofeaiinu cunuiiinii 01 um Ti..
Dated, ..-ul,,., H ta ftAfk
t K-t.l, AilmliiUtrr.lir
Real Estate Column
several good i'nrnn and .1,000 acres of
unlinpr iveil I audi In Alexander :out,ty.
"Wlnter'H Itloek" and Winter's It .
A Urjo number ot iltslrable Ksldccca,
and evccllcnt vacant l,ot, niltablo for
bll li.ess hnu-cs ami rcsldoncc".
Jiou-o mi Nluctcenth street, tor $:.o, with
pilvlh-ge of love.
FOR Itl'.NT.
Whilet's Itloek suitable for Hotel (jui
ces or ll.iM.ip.i roonn cheap.
Triioiiiciits ruunbered I, 7, s and f, In
rti..... .. . .
n unci j now, .i tooips er.cli, for 1U l er
No. 10, (e rncii I2 roams.
Tu-tdrtd iil.lo iloubli) Cottage on corner
or r in tniitii ami Washington.
Fine two Hory brick on Commercial av
enue, h 'tween Tenth and Kiev cnth strt ctx.
mltiihlo for Dwehlri,- and Ituslnes-.
.Two liouscs on Commercial, below Sixth
sMcet, sidtahlo for llulnes lioihcs atui
Two , mill Houses west of Twenty-second
trcel, near l'lnr, 91 each per month.
Dwelling iroiMo on Twelfth, near Wal
nut, ) rooms, for $12 per Month.
llu-lness hiiu- j on l.uu-o, near l'.lghth
street, lor $io per month.
i on m:ask, or: sai.k.
A number of Lot- on l.ince, ahoro
'I'lvclflh siivct, outside ilro limits. AIo
a large number of other Lots lu din'ercnt
Land, In tracts to ml', near Cairo.
Hough & Heady
Ihs Mil Ccrnei and String M
Will Give nti Excursion to
ox - -
Cairo & Vincennes R.R.
Sunday, August 22nd, 1875.
b'i Ins Cairo Miii'l.iy muinbitf ats Tin'rlock.
.Miiiiiuli.it)- at s: ' , Ainciicu nt U- CiilisliuiU
ul nils .New lintuil I lialii nt U .11, Kerrn .Mill ut
!i:lj lk'lkiiupat i.., Kiirm.ui ut hi im, IStinlt-r
ut lu.n-, Viiiiiiunt In Is, rirrivimrnt riliuul Hill
ut 10:11 a in , nii'l Hlurii to Ciiiro the Mime
( Mllil'..
A xn'id time may liumitli'lmtiil, us Ihcic wilt
ln uiiislc, iluiiciiivr uinl riln sluiK'iitj mi tlie
KrimniH il Isexpvctitl Unit all will luirtlcipalf,
us thin excursion will lie the "lil?irel UiIiik of
tlie season. M
'1'hi! KiiiikIi A IlKuly Hie Cnmp.iiiy will t?n in
full n u 1 1 1 it 1 11 .
r'uiu lrom Hiiro uii'l MoinnlClty, 91 CM fur
lniiiiu irip
I nri. tVntii America. Ciiteilnlila. t.r.inil C h.im
Heirs .Mill uikI ilelkii.iu 7 cents tor roiiiul trio.
uuv lrom Koiiiun, lleiiiler uud Vleiiliu W cent
lor i on il i iriji.
ro.ujnrr ki: o.v Tii.i.vsi-orrr.i rro.v.
I'nsl. Ilrnss, II.MeveM, Ctnirlt'4 Kciichlcr, I".
M. Muckllelli
co.MMirri:K o.v iii:Fiii:sii.Mi:.i-f.
Henry llreihun, I' llofhelns.
co.MMrrrru: o.v .Mi'.-n;.
Ibirv -cliili, W in. I.mliil.
commit n;r, ox kaxci.no a.ni .mi mc.
.lolm Kodilcr, W.T. llceriMirlli .
iTr'HeVeti fur mile, nl Paul mIiiiIi'h tit hi
Jeielr) filoie k.,..,,
Salo of Clicico
The uiiilerslKinsl will eclt
On the pivmbes, on
Wednesday, August 25th, 1875
The following real estate to-wlt
Lots No, l.i inn'. Hi In block .No. il, city ot
Cairo, onltliemtUh bIiIh of KlKlith slieer lietHeen
Coiiuiieiclnl uml Wii-hliiKlou iiumu,ut inesiul
m'ciiliieil by Chin, Webber, unit kuiiu n us the
' Cllsilio" Million.
thennc-luiirol'lot I7mnlull oflotu is, la, '.naml
'.'I In block -Jl. beliur the reslileneu otClMS.
Thuiiii, Kit., nltuateil:at Ihe .soulli-insl coiner
oi cveniii niitei nun aiiuii;ioii nii-uui.-.
lob) 7 uml : hi block 2s-, 1st iiiMlllou to (tie city
ol'Cnh'ii, nt tho corner ol Twenty-ninth fetreci
nnil Comuieiclal aienuei botlmUocslic wulir,
forty neres of limber Imul In 1'ul.isM Co,, 111.,
one mllu hoi III of Villa Ithku .mil on Ihv I C.
eljrlily ni-iviiollunil l", miles soiilh-Hettiil Char-
1 tin illiul" .mlTlr.MI iiiVM'lit mi nisi Uy
'Ihiiiini. Km. oi l alio, will he com inriuisi; jh
Thruiiii eiinleliililiiles le.iln(! Ihucliy.
TlJRMS-Uiie-liair cisn, iiuiamc 011c nun
twojeiirs, tecimsl by innrtnaiiu Title ierlect
lor riinnev iiiihiiii'Hiimi I'lniu.p i'
ply lo U Thruini or to
Real Estato Agents.
10 Hours Saved !
Gairs to Imiih in 1 Hours,
c& Vinosnnos
Leave Cairo, -Arrive
ut Ev.tnsvlUo,
4:00 a. ra.
11:00 a.ru,
l'liss-iwi'id fin- r.uniivillo huvliik' C-ulro via
.4- 1'Ii.i'iiiiiiiih llitlli'iiail at lu ni
iiiakii elneu coiil'.eclloin lit CiUllll, uml letich
w. .... j. in.. n ii ni'iru'k ilu stiniu niornlni;.
'IT.X IHIlIKN fOO.M:nthuu hvuny oilier
JAS.' StAI.I.OUV. Veil ' I'lisKtUKir A(it
r.ii user Alicnt, Cairo.
1 WILL iiroseciilo'to the utmost extent of the
I law ihu ner-oii or nersiinK Mini aiu using my
'r m lu .Mark (rluiir binii'l)-- 'Locli Katrine' on
Hour imuiufurtnnil by "'jYj.gjJ-f.yy
Curml Illinois, A"W 'lim'i U',i,
CAIRO MIRKFT..-Uflini ecu r
' T" niivhVVflbtt
torrtctwl Pallv Iit
Flour, necffdlnn to Kn,xtm
Corn, rntxii, aeliisl?.....,..
t'orn, whlt, sacked ,.''
S'J 0(Va (0
" MM... 7.'
"' ffjfl
mixi-f ......,.,,,,,
tlraii, per tin
Mini, teari ilrkst ,'
llutter, chohc Nortlicrn
liillcr,chi)lic Sotithern 111...
t.exi, pvntizcn
llirlteyg, njil7(.n 7,rio n
Applrs, cnmiion, per lmrrel t a
I utatoe. tKTbnml ai n
Unions, lier tin lxl , i,u
A rrlttu CoibhU, to MM
MtrrM. or Uom sii ic
mtrrj, n u -n-liew(l
m-ttrl9j tad rtJitloi ,
Uie.i i.TT. ..... I ""!' ? "?'!
il.-eomtlttu), o. " """" " "P'-s ", rnwwn
pubil,ha In n- vtn or. " "
Htm u tjr on, ifr of tsntw-) fnf rinr Cntt.
et u".' n"r-. n. s. u"ui
Nolle to the Afflicted and Unfortunil.
bttotl ippljln M It nnMloul lek titftrtlM It
P'lb la pipri, or Dime taf tout r,m!l.i. ctnua Dr.
ivij "n" 11.!"" "" 4"""
-MMHf twy nth rmi
u id wrwi ty ion of tot roo.t niobnud aMIoai Drer.
'i'ho Trustees of tho Cairo City
Property dolro to call nubile attention
to the merit" of their pr o)crt3-, eoinprla-
inj" u considerable portion of tho City ol'
Cairo, lu Alexander County, In the Statu
of lllluoij, and land's Immediately adja
cent thereto.
TliM city, as I well kiiou-u, la situated aC
tbu voiiltuc ncn of tho Cjbio and Ml-.l-slppt
river.s, at tho bead of unlnleruptcd navira
Hon on tho .MUlsIjii, being below ob
truclioun by feu lit Hie winter and low
water In summer, uml tt.ua has a clear nnil
oiieii riser communication at all limes over
lliu Jll-sisi pi uml us tnuutanea, wnu nil
tlie ejiiniry imiuiii. to mo uuu ot -Mexico
nod the Atlantic Ocean. Cairo hnalo the
same character ol communication with all
thu country north over the streams Uowln
by I , Uicn tho-c streuns aro not lutmvt
labl by reaon ol Ice or low water.
llclore the era ot It.illroails, Cairo had a,
commanilinp ioliluti :n a centre of com
merco and ii.iilL'atlon, This importance of
position hc till pu.s-tM-cs. but ban now tho
additional advantage ol being a great rail
road o -n re, a number ot the most import
ant ralhoads In llic Valley of the Jibsis.-lppl
couvci'tduh' to and having their termini
mere. .mi uk tuese, coming uoiniiic norm
:ue tlio ureal iiunott wcuirai iiauromi,
which trave.isc lliu i nllre Mate of Illinois
Irom.lts oxtrelni' northern ttnilnorth-eistern
to Us southern limits, and by Us connections
extends lmo all (he rcat northwestern
grain producing Stale-; tho Cairo and Vin-eenne-,
cvlciuliug Troru Cairo to the City of
Viiicriincs. In the Stnto of Indiani, whero
itsC'iiiicctlons ulford direct railroad com
munications with nil ha-tern cities; and
ihe Cairo .t Sr. Louis Ifallroad, nnontlng a
direct railroad communication with the
City ot St. Louis and all the railroads ecu
tentn,' thcro. The roads coming from tho
South are the New Orleans, .lackson and
Great Northern and the Mobile and Ohio
Itallroaila, whlelr glvo direct railroad com
m unic itluu with 111" cities of Mobile and
New Orle:iri",ariilothtr Southern Atlantic
foa ports, unit by commoting roads with ull
the country ninth of Cairo; and coming
lrom the suiilhwest ltbe Cairo, Arkansas
unil Texas Railroad, which rtlloriN similar
e.i.nimuuicaium uiiri t-oi them .Hl-fourl,
Arkuns-i. m''.,xh, ami Uiu principal cit
ies ot those Mtitc. 'UiU lust-named rosd
wi.lglNc, al-o. direct eounecUon with the
T evils and I'acille itoadwlieu it Is com le
tcd, thu- gi lug direct coinuiunlcallon wl h
thu princiiial port ot the J'aclllc Ocean
Ihche ra.lroads, tcrmlr,alliigat Cairo, are
now all completed and in successful opera
tion, lliosts in Illinois coming into thu city
on a hank ot each of the rivers, Ohio and
Mississippi, and terminating at their contin
ence, rhiis encircling tho city. The Holly
springs, Brownsville and Ohio Hlvcr ttall
road, niid tho Cairo anil Tcnnctsce rtivcr
Kiilroad, which will both terminate at
Cairo, are In cotir.su of construction and will
soon bo completed, and other railroads both
in lllliioUaiiilin states south of tho Ohio
river, which mh n'so terminate at Cairo,
ur. projected, arm arrangements made to
build lire ui. The construction of thoeo
will greatly increase tho rillroad communi
cations- ot Cairo.
its central location lu tho gror. Vahey of
the ,MI-l-slripl,nnil the great wnlth of river
and railroad communication, gives tn Cairo
uusiirpu-seil ndvnntages as a commercial
point, a- it Milords to tier easy and cheap ac-cc-s
to all tho eraln producing districts ot
tbu North arid West, ami similar access to all
the agricultural rrouuee consumers of tho
South, thus prc.-enllng tho best location in
tho Wottoran Interchange of tho respect
ive northern and southern commodities and
A a manufacturing location the position
of Cairo Is not less important. Thu crtldo
mitcrlals of every description, which con
stitute tho elements of rnanufaciured arti
cles, abound on every sine, iron ore, i'""'
olMlpu'lor iiiiill'y. "'l il"'e oi eory
chsracler,iiioro Hum others, being eafllv
and cheaplv accessible, uuil ," "tli agrl
cultural region orrlio fmuiodlate nelkhbor
lioo.l, us well at tho moro remote distrlcta
reiulered tributary to it by river ami rail,
furul-h supplicant thor.ecetsariesof life In
such abundance as tonnder living except
ionally cheap. When tlio manufactured arti
cles are produced, Hie facilities) for cheap
distribution by river arid rail arc not
'calroha a moral. Intelligent, liberal and
enttrprldng population or about 12,000 has
a superior system ol public schools, which,
with others conducted by private enter
prise, utiord uustirp sscd educational ad
vantages Is pjs-i.sscd of well-established
churches of near' every denomination
has publi i mid ii'linto bulldluirs of a riipo
r.'oreharacteiwaa a climate, which forna
'ubrltviind heathlullnlluenees eaanot bo
6uruissid has u well-regulated and ef
ticicnt munlclial orcanUttlon, Us Urcots
llglitcil A nil g-s, nnu oiucr mccrnpoiuuii au
vantages, vvhlih make it highly detlrble
aim in rc.uiiy not. to uu ezcuucu as n piacu
of perinanentfesldence.
Lots and laul m Cairo are now oucreu mi
very low ptlies, affording tavorablo oppor
tunities to pircha-e, ami tlio owner pw-
icnt the locaion to 1110 puuiru uubuk
miriviii.Ml iiilrantai'i's lor iho nuccrittfui o-
tabl-shniciit it commercial or inanufactnr
log enterp it's, and the b't Iom tty in trio
cotrutrvfor jrolltablo lnvctinento( capital.
H. Staats Taylor,
Kowim Parsons,
Tnnte, tie,
, May Ut, 1874.
Cairo, III,

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