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iinixiiis 01 171111ns, mccu every r n
jjl (Inr nlxlit nt half-past seven, in Odd
) 1'cllows' Hall, Jno. II. Uossmak.
Chancellor Commander.
e lows, niM'M ctery ,""""
..,...(.........-,.,. It, the r null fin
loinmeiclal avenue, uciwtch oimu uimnmu
ttiwu, TJ.hrnril,N.U.
CA1I10 KSHAMI'MKNT, I. O. O. V.. meets
in Oild-Kellows' Hull on the first and thlnl
1 iiosilay In every montli, nt hair-past
.Iko, II, OiikiiI.Yi U, 1.
ACAtltO LODOK. NO. XI7,A.I. ft A. M.
llnll rririilnr nnniintinlratiuim In Ma-
jtyTnonlo Moll, corner Cominerclnl avenue
' Vmd Klghtli strmt, fin tnc second aim
tiiirm Jionuay 01 tsicn inoniii.
Pnrlsti Nrlinol.
Tin) next term or I lie 1'urlsli School of
the Church ol tlio Hcilecmcr will hcln on
MONDAY, SKIM I'M ItKU litli, ami con
tlnuu In session sixteen weeks, t'lidcr the
saino Mtrcrvlslon ami control as ll was
last term, the School will be coihIucKmI In
a similar manner. At.tho bcxlniilni; ol the
term a clan will lie foiincil tor the study
of (I eulogy.
Application for a lmllon mil -1 lie m.'itlc
either to .Mm. r. A, Taylor, or tno itccor,
The price of tuition will he only eight
dollar lortho term of sixteen week, pay-
(JitAHi.KH A. Oii.iiKitT, Hector.
lII.NI'..M:K nt l.o nl llrrlicrl'i.
ttHii'llnlU orKvrry lerrlillon
Tn Hip Cltlxcim r t'nlro.
1 would Infonn my many friend", Hut I
Din rtill In the suction liu-lties, am) ready
to attend to all sales that may oiler. My
long experience In thin limine1 needs no
comment It Is no e.p rlmcnt en tuy part,
and parties eiitrti'tiiis foods to my care
need not be nfraltl, as I am no nilt or
novice In the bulne.
Special attention Riven to real estate and
out-door F.ile', as I hare never iulud mak
ing a talc. I). II. nn.MA.s-, Auctioneer.
Corner Sixth t trect and Commercial A v.
tefi-X llajy FliM.-ki-iivt-luit-s at thu Uu.
let in olllce, 2o per M.
To Item.
A cottage, N". 'Ji Tenth street, betwecu
Washington and Walnut. Apply to Chan,
l.a tie. e-T-tl
llcslrntili' Itnutiis.
Three largo ami very desirable family
room, truuilu on the Ohio, at the St.
Charles Hotel, can bo had, with board, nt
i very rcaoiuWe ratci during the Summer
months. Abundance o pure air and per
feet ventilation. 7-NMf.
Landlords ot hotels snd boarding hollies
w ill Unit It to their sihantajjo to call upon
Mrs. Coleman, I.aundros, No 12 Fourth
street, betwcuo Washington and Commer
cial avenues. Hotel and bus.rdltiK-boiiie
washing, & cents per dozen. Km piecework
price are as follows": Single hlrt and col
ar, 10c; per dozen SOc; socks fie; two col
lar, oc; two handkerchief, tic; vests Wc't
and all Gentlemen's vicar, Mc. per
dozen, Ladles' dresses, 25 to Mk;
Mrts 10 to 20c; drawers 10 to 15c; two
pair hote tc; two collar .' to 10c. For la
dkV plain clothe 1 00 per dozen; lor la-
dies tine ciothen, H 25 per dozeu; done
drjmptly, and promptly delivered. Vn
trnnaij'e follclted.
41 0 to l.onl llerhrrl'o for I'll.SI.'-
4rrnt lleillirtloii.
Klrit-tlasi room and board at the Ar
lington Hoiih-, at 2.1S per month.
Tnos. II. Kllh, Proprietor.
Notice of Itemoviil.
The well-known barber khop, corner
Kighlh and Commercial, prcMded ovsr by
'.be popular artit, (leorgo Sttlnhoine, has
removed one door north on Commercial, in
.he Grand Central Hotel. The new shop in
.urge and commodious and those wishing
for anything artistic in the way of fashion
tble hair cutting, smooth 'hiivc?, etc., will
Jo well to call at the Grand Central ltarber
diop. 71-3-13-tf.
Plrlim-KtiMP Amerlrn.
At the HfLLKTiN bindery IS number;!,
Iiouml In two volumes, full f;ilt mor
rocco; cot 11 ; for sale nt $10.
BrtTXX AVood stock envelopes nt ilic
IIi'i.i.i:tin olllce. ?3 00 per M. '
It In I'mrleiM
to attempt to eleau'-o a stream while the
fountain Ik Impure. J)ypeiHla, complaints
of the liver and kidneys eruption of the
hkln, bcrolula, headache, and all dlseancs
arMnglrom impure lilood.nro tit once re
moved by Dr. Walker' California Vine
gar Wlttcrn, the great and Infallible purifier
of tho blood, and renovator of the system.
It has never been known to full, provided
tho patient had not delayed Using it until
tho vitality of hU system was loo far gone.
for Nnlc.
A idlvcr plated No. 0 Wlkon Shuttle Sew
ing Machine, hard (piano) llnlth, valued at
$S5. Will bo cold at 20 dlbcount, on good
terms, and ordered direct from tho factory.
A No. 0 Wilson Shuttle- Sewing Machine
valued nt 7&. Will be bold at 815 discount
and ordered direct frr in the luctory.
A S'JO Kcmiugton Sowing Maclilno-s'30
off for cash. Suitable for tailor or boot and
thoo manufacturer.
I'OU SA1.1',
At a bargain, and on good terms " Uowi
Sowing Machine. May be leeu at tho Com
pany'a otllcc, corner Nluth utrcct aud Com
Tlcturosquu America" 48 numberb
oounu in s volumes, full llt Morocco
price, &I0.
Fillt aiiv
A iityle 'K, "Clougu, Warron & Co.'b"
rarior urguu, nuni nora the factory at Do
trolt. List price, $300, vym i,0 gom f01
A new two-uorae Qambld wagon.
For any of the above article, apply t
tbe I3CLI.KTIN Office. K. A. IiURNKTT,
S3"All bills for ii'lurtlslhK, ait: due mid pny
uMcin AliVAM K.
Transient advcrllslng will bo Inserted at tin
rale of 11 V) icratiare furtlie first Infertlon
and yi (x'lits for each uti'eiuent one. A llltcral
iilicounl will lie mmlc on slandlnit ami ilisplay
Icul notlrei, biislne'S or ollierwle, will be
thiirKtil ten wits per line fur the lint nndfhc
ceiitfor each addltlnnnl Inrtlon, (rnmitlnK
five llnc-i mid upiranl) a dlseoimt will be made
ancr tlilnl bierllnii
Clmrrh, Society, Festival and hnper notli ei
lvlll oiilyhclmertcd asndertlfemenls
IVirliifertlliK I'lineml notice $1 W. Nollceof
uiKllnir of societies or secn-t onlers m cents for
each Insertion.
No adterllsnn) nt will Ix- reeelvnl at less tlinii
M rents
Tl'KSDAY, Al'()lT.ST 21, 1875.
I.oenl Wentliep Report.
C'Aino, lLI,.,.HKiisin, I97S.
Tint. I IIaii. IThk. I Wimii. I Vat., I Wkatiikii
ao.211 ' Bl I N. K I 4
M Ml ",' I N. I 4
30.lii. 1 N. 1 4
7a. 111.
11 "
I p 111.
THOMAS JONKS, Seritf. S. S., V. S. A.
The tf.in.-fcr (itcamcr .Junius S. Morgan
has been i cIeaR-tl ami rcumeil her regu
lar trips ycterilay morning.
CroHSliiK Kepnlreil.
The cros'lng on Washington avenue,
in front of the IIl llutin office, has been
repaired, In consequence whereof we are
I'lsli In Lake Kilssiu-iln.
Quite niiiiinlieral flh, eight or ten
Inches in length, can he Fteii in Lake
hdwanN. They came through tho
tower in -earch of food,
I I., .w.t... ...tll.. ..It .1... T ...ill
& uiiwj iiubi, till ii;i.-uill lliai. 1 lll
not be rekpon-ible for any debts my wife
may contract. Jons Kotii.
IIH110N I'ret Asioelntlou.
Tho Illinois I'jcsi A--oelatIon haslccn
Invited to meet in this city next year,
hut whether they will do so or not can
not be decided until a mcetl'ig of the K.-
ccutive Committee takes place.
Tli . city tlunrdlHim.
Mes?r.. Go:stnnu, Cain and WINon,
witli the former gentleman acting In the
capacity ol chief ol police, were Installed
in their tiew field of action on Saturday
night, in the places of Mcs;ri. William,
Y hltcainji and Schuster.
The Work li HpkIii.
Tlicwoikof iliInlecfiiig the city with
lime, coal tar, etc., will bcfjin a soon as
the Mmi water lias all taken its diparturc.
The water for the pan three days has
been going down very f;tt, and will all
be soue by Wednesday night or Tliur.-'day
Mrw om Menl Mill.
Mr. Henry Kieliliotl hai purchase!
thu mill tiulUlliiir l'ormcrly ownod by-
Wall Knt, .'iiid proposes to at once
place thu building in complete repair.
procure thu neecs-ary inaehlnery and
start a corn meal mill.
tiiiott l isiiiuir.
The licighboihood of the mouths of
tlic'fewcr present attractive features for
the follower-- of Ia;ik Walton. KUh of
all 'Izes and varieties have congregated
there for the purpose of "taking In" the
hugs and things which come through the
sew cr.
Tnylor l.llernry Nnrlcly.
There will he 11 special meeting of the
Taylor Literary Soclctj at their rehearsal
room, over Antrim's store, this evening,
and, as matters of great moment to the
society will he presented, a full attend
ance of the members Is ilelred.
Ilnc Illtll.
A game of base ball played on Sun
day afternoon on the Thirty-fourth street
grounds, between the "Panic" club of
Mound City and n picked nine of Cairo
players, resulted in a victory for the lat
ter, the score standing: Panic?, 20: Calrost
NeuiiiK Mnrlilnr nt ft Hnerlllec
Improved pattern.
Ono silver-plated G ISO VEU it KAKKIJ.
The above Machines are as good as new,
and I will soil either at one-third their
value. Parties wishing a bargain will do
well to call and tee them immediately.
8-2 Mw Dan IIahtman.
Tim Neiiool Uiienlloii.
The qucatoii of the manner In which
our public schools should be conducted
s still causing a good deal of discussion.
Our correspondents, "Citizen" and "Pu
pil" have presented lengthy if not
ablu articles on both fides of
the question, and wo would bo pleased
to see other able writers give tho matter
their attention.
A U001I .lipollltlllt'iit ,
The appointment of Mr.,Ino. II. doss
man by Mayor Whiter as chlet of pollco
pro ton, U a good one, and should tho
council confirm mm, provided he is nomi
nated by the mayor for that position,
thev would not, wo feci sure, Iiavo causo
to regret it, as Mr. Gossman is a perfect
gentleman, an honest man, aud is thor
oughly conversant with tho duties of the
Anticipated 1'lcanuro.
From Messrs. Uradloy, ltcardcn and
Silver, who have tho management of the
Idlewlld excursion In hand, we learn that
this very enjoyablo event will tako place
next Saturday night without full. Tho
last excursion on this licet and beautiful
steamer was greatly relished by all who
participated lu It, and a largo crowd is
expected to tuko part in tho excursion
Saturday. An excellent string bund will
accompauy tho party for tho benefit of
those who have to trip tho light fantas
tic. KiDcllcloits Pllsencr Deer at Schocn
Comirll Matting.
There will be a special meeting of the
City Council this evening, called for the
purpose of taking action on an ordinance
relating to the construction of certain
Mdewnlks, and also lor the purpo'o of re
ceiving "llntf on tlio petition of the
Citizens' Association In regard to the ap
pointment oln suitable person to go to
Springfield to consult with the "powers
that be" with a view ol having our ex
horbiintit taxes reduced.
A Vagrant.
Ofllccr Lalliie yesterday morning ar
rested a negro woman named Maggie
Chambers mid took her before Ills
Honor, Judge Jtros, where a charge of
vagrancy was entered against her. She
was lined fifty dollars and costs but
was given a stay of execution, provided
she would leave the city. She promised
to comply with the conditions, nnd has
cro this, wo presume, shaken the dun of
the city from her feet and left for parts
A -light disturbance was raised In the
neighborhood of Twelfth and Walnut
streets, yesterday morning, by a pair of
high strung negro women, named re
spectively .lane llally and Viola Corland.
The cauc that kicked up the fuss was a
negro man, who has avowed love for
both, and thU fact having aroused the
green eyed monster hi the boaoms of the
colored damsels, they engaged In a little
row, which terminated in .tones having
her naal softened by the list of her an
tagonist, and her clothes nearly all torn
oil" her back,
All llalus on the Cairo & Vluceuucs
railroad are now running regularly, aud
on time. Through freight received and
flirotiirh tickets old at the company's of
fices. M. II. Gooimfcii,
Gem-rat Freight and Ticket Agent.
Judge llros has returned from St.
Mrs. G. T. Whltlock lcavcs;to-day on
a vMt to her parents.
Hon. Dan. W. Munn, ol Chicago, ar
rived In this city on yesterday afternoon's
Hon. Thomas W. Halilday Is absent
from the city on a .-hort trip to Spring
Held. Mr. Hood O'Neal, who has been for
some time past at thu Hot Springs, return
ed home yesterday, and resumed hii- po
sition at the Illinois Central railroad of
fice. Mrs. W. P. Halilday aud Miss Geor
gia Wright (who have been in this city,
vi.-iting at the residence of Mrs. Halil
day) took a Hying trip to St. Johns yes
terday afternoon.
Kx-Clty Clerk Hawkins, who is a
genial young man, and a first-class ac
countant, has accepted the position of
book-keeper hi the dry goods firm of
Goldstein A JJosenwatcr, and will enter
Upon thu tin tic if tlio position on tho
first of September.
Hotel I'eraonal.
Planter: C. It. Sharp, Princeton,
Kentucky; C. 1.. UuUtrii, Miilchux, Miss-,
Ezra Wright. ITltsburg; It. S. llaldwlu.
St. Louis ; W. H. Woodson, Columbus,
Ky. ; Frank Waker and family, Owens
boro, Ky. ; Illake Ilakcr, Cadiz, Ky. ; K.
W. Jones. Shady Grove, Ky. ; C. S . Hell
Mississippi ; C. S. Jones, Shawnectown,
Grand Central : Joeph Iloss. St.
Louis; W. Tyler, Carmi ; Ilalph Mc
Cllntoch, Memphis; Mrs. Heckworth,
Uinls Point ; Mrs. J. Goodlaw, Mound
City ; T. S. Carter, Mound City Win,
IIayne,s Evauvlllc ; F. Korges, Kvans
vllle; James N. Dewer, San Antonla,
Texas; Julius H. Cine and wife, Brook
lyn, New York; S. S. Burk, Smlthland,
Oelmonico: Hilly Kmcr-on, X. Y. ;
Ed. Hart, Green Line ; L. A. Dorman,
St. L., K. C. & N". it. It. ; James Sibley,
Benson, Ou. ; Win. Spencer, Metropolis ;
Ed. Hood, Golconda, Ill.jA.P.O'Bryau,
Jackson, Teun, ; Joe Feme, city ; It. S.
Pomcroy, Adams' Express Company;
James Irwin, Canton, Miss.; Charles
Mayo, Richmond, Ky. ; E. S. llollins,
Canton, Miss. ; O. P. Miller, New Or
leans ; Thomas N. Bagnell, St. Louis; W.
II. Brents, St. Louis.
St Charles: Sam. Llenshclmcr, Cin
cinnati ; M. Stanton and family, Cincin
nati ; Edward Steiner, Cincinnati ; W. H,
Burncll. Louisville ; Win. McGrlll, New
York; W. P. Holloway, Indianapolis;
A. W. Harroman, Madison, Wisconsin;
Geo. Batten, Philadelphia; Sol. Hirsh,
Chicago ; Mrs. E. Plot and family, Jack
son, Miss ; M. Schroobucker, New Or
leans; W. S. lteed, St Louis ; C. S. Koglan,
Alexandria, Texas; W. 1). Buck, St.
Louis ; James Bradford, New York : E.
P. Pope, St. Louis; G. C. lteed, Little
Grand Open-Air Concert and Ball
Delta illy Cornet llaiul.
The following Is the programme of tlio
Open-Air Concert to bo given by tho
Delta City Cornet Band, Wednesday
evening, August 2Sth :
I'AKT Kiitsr.
Grand Opcnluir Overture By Ed. Wit
tig's Delta City Cornet Band.
Serenade Quickstep By Keller.
Joys of Llvu Waltz By Faust, Or
chestra. Grand Opera Palpourl By Strcck,
Delta City Cornet Band.
Wclnlatib Polka By Sermau.
Waltz By Fielder, Orchestra.
Comic Medloy-Ed. Wlttlg's Delta
City Cornet Band.
Breslaucr Gallon Strauss.
Duct, Guitar anil Zlttcr by Swoboda
and Herbert.
Medley Quickstep by Keller, Delta
City Cornet Band.
Pulnaurl bv Fnust. Orchestra.
Grand Finale, Knight's Quickstep
by Grufula, Delta City Cornet Band.
The Orchestra engaged for this occasion
will consist of twentv-olL'ht Instruments.
uud nil tlio musical talent of Cairo will
assist to make It tho finest musical treat
ever effored to the citizen ol Cairo.
Caiho, lt.t.., Mo.NtlAV Evknino, 1
AUOUST 2.1, 187ft.
Tho weather 19 cool, clear and pleafant
and has been 80 since Saturday night's
rain, The rlveraaregolngdown rapidly,
and the city Is almost entirely free Irom
slpeaud rain water Tlio week opens
with a nioro active market hi leading
articles than has been noted for some
time: Dealers are hopclul ol a revival
soon all round.
New hay is bcglnlng to move a few
cars eamn In tbls morning, which were
.sold without much effort. New oatn ar
rive freely, but In consequence ol their be
ing wet aud In a damaged condition
they arc u drug on tho market; choice
new- sells readily on arrival, several cars
came lu this morning bright and well
conditioned, and were readily disposed
of at (inotations. Corn Is scarce and
quiet no demand except lor the mills
and to fill orders, Meal Is pleanty and dull,
Bran Is scarce and steady at $20, Choice
butter Is In demand and very scarce,
Eggs arc more plenty, but prices arc firm
at quotation". Poultry is unchanged,
Fruit is in good supply and quiet, Pro
visions arc scarce nnd firm.
"Our friends should bear in mind
that the prices here given are usually for
sales from first hands In round lots, In
lllllng orders aud for broken lots It Ls nec
essary to cliarge an advance over the-o
The market ls well supplied ami easy
on new. Old stocks hold firm and un
changed. Prices have declined on new a
trifle within tin- last week. We note
sales of 200 barrels on orders $5 00(2,7 75 ;
300 barrels 011 orders $4 TQ," 50 ; 2C0
barrels $3 2J( 7 25 ; -100 barrels city
$7 60" 73; 100 barrels $0 00g,7 50.
There Is a fair local demand for choice,
but no demand at all for inferior grades.
Sales reported were 1 car prime timothy
delivered til ; 1 car choice timothy de
livered $21.
The nvirket rules quiet and easy with
very light receipts, small stocks, and
only a small order demand. We note
sales of 1 car white No. 2 in bulk on
track 74c ; 1 car white rejected lu bulk on
track 73c ; 100 sacks mixed delivered 75c;
1 car mixed In sacks delivered 70c.
Bcceipts of new has been large, most
of them arc in a damaged condition and
unsaleable. There ls no old in market.
Choice new finds ready sale at quotations.
We note sales of 2 cars rejected new lu
bulk on track 4l(oyl5c ; 210 sacks new de
livered 3$(3)IOc ; 200 sacks choice new 52c;
1 car new hi sacks delivered 50c ; 5 cars
new in sacks delivered 1'Jc.
The market is overstocked with coun
try meal, and very dull. City meal con
tinues in fair demand at unchanged
price". Wo ,,oto sales of 300 barrels city
steam dried S3 m- 100 barrels country
steam dried 53 50.
Tbe supply nvniiS 1, miiuii, mm de
mand fair. Prices avu tlrm. Sales were
1 car hi sacks on orders delivered v'
200 sacks delivered $20. '
Choice Northern butter Is scarce auiin
active demand at highest quotations
The market Is firm and stocks all worked
oft. We note sales of200Ibs choice South
ern Illinois, 23c ; 100 lbs choice Southern
Illinois, 20c ; 200 lbs choice Xorthcrn, 23c;
150 lbs choice Southern Illinois, 22c; S00
lbs good Xorthcrn, 23c; 200 lbs good
Northern 22c ; 200 lbs common, 20c ; 500
lbs choice Southern Illinois, 20 22c ; G
buckets choice Southern Illinois, 20 22c ;
11 tubs choke Northern, 22 21c.
Kecelpts have been more liberal and tho
market opens easier this week. We note
sales of 100 doz. 13Jc; 300 do.. 12Jc; 500
do. 12c.
There ls no change in the poultry mar
ket. Young are plenty nnd go offquletly
at $22 50 per dozen. Old hens arc firm
and active at $3 50. Sales were 5 coops
young $2 252 50; 5 coops old hens
53 o0; 1 coop old liens $3 50; 2 coops
young $2 252 50; 1 coop young large
$2 7.; 1 coop young, large white S3.
Apples are plenty and very dull.
Peaches and pears when in good market
able condition, sell readily on arrival.
Sales were 20 barrels apples $1 001 25;
2o barrels apples $125; 1 barrel pears
$7 50 ; 7 barrels apples $1 25 ; 12 boxes
( bushel) pears $1 50 ; 0 boxes apples
30c ; 71 boxes peaches 4C(n,G0c.
There Is a far local demand for lard.
Hams are quiet. Shoulders and clear
sides are scarco and wanted. We note
sales of 15 tierces lard 1 ljc.
Corrected Dally by K, M. Stearns, commlssiou
Hour, according to ijra'lc f un(?8 Mi
Corn, mixed, aackwl T.'sj
Com, white, Hacked s.'c
OaU, mixed Mo
Ilran, per ton lii;ui
Meal, eteam dried - 3U
flutter, cliolcsi Northern-... 2.1c
llutter.choicv Southern 111 J-.'c
Kbks, tierdoiiu tajac
Chickens, per'lo 1 50t3 mi
Turkeya, pcrdoien.. 7y,l0 00
Aiiples, choice, er tarrel.... iw M
A miles cuimuuu, inr barrel $1 10
Potatoes, ir barrel t so
Onbns, jwr barrel -i 00
Clxlerna i'lcnncd.
Persons having cisterns needing pump
ing out and repairing can have It done
promptly and at prices to suit thu times,
by calling on J. S. Hawkins, Cross street.
I have a man and pump employed all the
time for tho purpose. 8-20-2W
IQrAtl the go PilsenerBeer. Schoeii-
meycr has U.
I.ellcr IIchiIk.
Ten pound letter heads, large size, Car
lisle paper, rated two cents higher than
any other puper used lu Cairo for print
ing letter heuds-ordlnary composition
only $4 CO per thousand at tho Biimxtin
Job oftlce,
Lanl Herbert hit PIMKNKH.
Port l.lst.
Steamer Jim l'lsk, Patlucah,
" Ark. Belle, Evansvllle.
" City Vlekshurg, St. LouW.
" Grand Tower, Memphis.
" Cons Millar, Memphis.
" Hickory, Tennessee river.
" City Helena, Vlcksburg.
Tow-boat Bee and barges, New Orleans.
" Jno. A. Wood, New Orleans.
" Bernard, St. Louis.
Alice Brown, St. Louis.
Snag-boat S. If. Long, Mound City.
Steamer Jim Flsk, Paducah.
" Ark. Belle, Evansvllle.
" City Vlcksburg, Vlcksburg.
" Orand Tower, St. Loul'.
" Cons Millar, Cincinnati.
Hickory, St. Louis.
City Helena, St. Louis.
Tow-boat Bee and barges, St. Louis.
" Jno. A. Wood, Louisville.
" Bernard, Louisville.
" Alice Brown, St. Louis,
Snag-boat S. II. Long, St. Louis.
The river last evening was 2d feet 011
the gauge, having (alien i feet 3 Inches
during the previous 13 hours. The total
fall lias been lit feet 2 Inches.
Tho weather Is clear with hot d.iv
and cool nights.
The A. J. Baker Is out on the ways
at Mound City.
Tho Belle Shreveport had 8,001 bar
rets il,,ur and meal, -l.aiO sicks irram, 510
bales hay.
Captains Ilamblcton and Hlner and
Mr. Potter, of Mound Citv, were here
yesterday nnd returned by tho FNk.
The Thomu-on Dean will bo taken
out shortly. Capt. W. B. Millar of tho
Dean wa in the city yesterday and will
remain until the boat Is taken out.
The Arkansas Belle brought a fair
trip of freight and people. Among her
passengers were Mr. Nick. Pennington
ami Duke Nicholson of Evansvllle.
The Junius S. Morgan Is making her
regular trips again, and yesterday trans
ferred a car from the Illinois Central to
the Cairo, Arkansas and Texas road.
Captains .las. Millar and B. F. Blue
of this city returned on the Idlewlld Sat
urday. Thoy enjoyed the trip very much,
as there was a line excursion party and
both are fond ot dancing.
The Jno. F. Tolle's cargo for New
Orleans 011 her last trip amounted to 15,
770 packages, including 1,002 eacks bran,
1,100 sacks corn, 7.W barrels and 375
half barrels flour, 1,171 barrels meal, 50
barrels grits, 501 bales hay. '
New Orleans Times 21 : The National
Board ol Steam Navigation convenes lu
New York on Wednesday, September 1.
aud Irom the evidence before us, it will
be a large meeting. Cincinnati, Louis
ville, M-ausvnic ami St. 1,0ms, win, irom
all accounts, send a large delegation, aud
It behooves the Zstcamboatmeu of New
Orleans fo be up and doing aud send dele
gates to represent tiiem in a proper man
ner. Don t dilly-dally a usual.
Thursday's Cincinnati Times says:
The St. Louis stcamboatmcii have become
dissatisfied with tho pooling business,
and a few of the disgusted are beginning
to show the white leather. They reftc
to load thcr boats for New Orleans until
rates arts advanced, or dlllerent arrauge-
...vuij. urumauc. ineir trouble at St.
j.ouis is una tlicy have too many worth
less traits of yteamboaU, of large ton-
nagc, with which mc uYt;v.k,rr,;;lM.clll.
ble crafts are loth toassoclatc. We lUnnU
the St. LouNIaus had better .-tick to their
poolings, even under adverse circum
stances. If they split there good-bye to
their prospects this Fall.
'VaII DirAIlTMF.NT, ItlVKH IttrnitT, )
AllK'-M, lsi.1.
rr. ix. t, is,
Culro 24 a a -j
1'ittnliurK I 4 11
C'incinnHtl It 1 ft
(.oulariltc fi r. 1
N'uslivllle 8 s 1 2
St. Until 1.' 4 4
Evansvllle, Cairo and Memphis
Steam Packet Co.,
Faducah, Shawneotown. Evans
villo, Louisvillo, Cincinnati
and all way landings.
The unrlralleil side-wheel htetuner
I). G. Kowleii Muster.
Kn. II. Thomas Clerk.
III leave Cransvlllte for Calrncrery MONDAY
atiilTlltlltSllAY nt 4 o'elork p. 111.
Leuvea Cairo every TUESDAY ami KI!ll)AY,nl
0 o'clock i. iu.
The elegant sMc-whcel sttiuncr
m.s llowAim Master.
Will leave Kvunsville for Culro every TUKs
DAY ami KlttHAY ut 4 o'clock i. 111.
Will leave Culroevery VKUNKSI)A nmlSAT
UKDAYutO o'clock ). 111.
The elefruiit eiilc-wliccl fetiitmer
John Rorr Musltr
Mat. Williams Clerk.
Leaves Kvunsville for Cairo cverv WIIDNKS-
DAY ami SATUltADY at 6 11. in.
Leaves Culro every IHUItSDAYauM SUNDAY
at tin 111.
Each hoat makes close coiiiieclloiis ut Culro
with Umt-class steamers for M. Louis, Mem
lihis ami New Orleuns. ami at Kvunsville with
the E. AC. It. It. for all iiolnts North uml Lust,
uml with the Ixmlsville Mall Steamers for ull
points on the Upper Ohio, kIvIiik throiiKhre
ce liita ou frvlgtiu anil passengers to all oliits
trluiitao- . .
Kor further liifomuitlon uinily to
SOL. SILVKIt, Vastenger Agent.
Orlo O. J. tJUAMMKIl,
Suiierlntemleiit ami Gmerul Freight Agent,
lV.l-J().y. Kransville linlliiuu.
More liuoiu fur Henl.
Thu lower story of the liotiso occupied
bv William Winter, the urtlet, on Sixth
street. Knqiiiru of Win. Winter or Dr,
Parker. Miih. Juma Davis.
0XX Amber and White rag stock
envelopes at the BuLLiinx otllcc, printed,
$3 60 11 ml $4 00 Iht M.
Real Estate Column
Hcvcral good Farms and i),000 acres of
unimprovod Lands In Aloxnnder :oui,ty.
"Winter's block" and ' Winter's Itiw."
A large number ot desirable Itesldcncci,
and excellent vacant Lots, suitable. Tor
budncss houses and rcsblanccs.
House cm Nineteenth "trect, for K. with
privilege of lease.
Winter's llloek Sultnblo for Hotel, Oltb
ccs or llulncM roonn cheap.
Tenements numbered 4, 7, S and !, In
Wlntci'itltow, 5 rooms each, for st0 rr
N'o. in, (ir.rner) $12 507 rooms,
That driiiablo double Cottage on col ter
ot Tlditcentli and Washington.
Flno two story brick on Commercial av
enue, between Tenth and Klcventh Greets,
tillable for Dwelling and Business.
Two houses on Commercial, below Sixth
street, suitable tor llulneu Houses and
Dwt lllns,".
Ttvo tmall Houes west of Twetity-scc-nnd
ttrect, near l'loc, $4 each per month.
Dwelling house on Twelfth, near Wab
nut, 0 rooms, for 12 per month.
Business house on Lccc, near Eighth
street, for per month.
A number of l.ofs on Levee, nboro
Ttvelftli street. outldo lire limits. AI.o
n lare number of other Lots In dillerent
Lands, In tracts to ml', near Cairo.
Messrs. J. Burger "c Co. are .selling
light nnd dark kid gloves at 50 ets. Step
in and sec them.
50,000 envelopes, all grades and price?,
jut received at the BiaurnN ob olllee.
Delinquent Taxes,
To those owing such taxes, notice Is
given that the salo ol real estate will
take place 011 the 30th Inst, aud for per
sonal taxes after the 1st day of Scpteiu-
bcrjthat the collector will proceed by dis
traint against all persons found lu
arrears. This Is absolute aud applies to
all. Ai.ex II. luvi.N,
County Collector.
KxninliiMlun of Tvnrhcrw.
There will be a public examination ot
teachers held nt the High School building
in Cairo, ou Friday aud Saturday, the
third and lourth of September.
Mks. P. A. Tayloii,
S-21-td. County Superintendent.
IlclU-lotlvl'ILKEM En-ill I.nill Her.
In Mew York.
Mr. Jacob Burger Is now In New York,
where he intends purchasing one of the
largest stocks of dry goods that ever
came to this city.
PILSENElt at Louis Herbert's.
Wonil Hiidf'oMl.
U'ood, per 'cord CO cents oil' for
cash. Big Muddy coal by the car load :i
per ton. All goods delivered.
C. W. Wiikixhu & Co.
Oittl'i: ami Yaiiii. Tenth street, be
tween Commercial and Washington ave
nues. S-10-lni.
Iteluw '.
The lrm or J. Hurler W order
to make loom for their large and full
stock, which is soon to arrive, arc selling
all brands of prints nt 7 cents.
Upen-AIr C'oiu-erl.
Ticket lor the Grand Opeu-AIr Con
cert to be given by the Delta City Cornet
Baud, on the evening of August 25th,
can be had of Paul G. Schuh, J. Burger,
Phil Saup, ami Butler Bros. Tickets,
only 2j ccnts 8-17-td
$SFGo to .Schoenmeycr's and try his
Pllsencr Beer; 8-10-1 w
A I'liip Krvlileure for Nnl or Kent.
Corner Holhrook avenue and Twenty
fourth street. Large yard and garden (8
lots) ; plenty or fruit anil shrubbery; good
stable and carriage houie. Will sell on
very e&ry terms. The bouu contains ten
rooms. .1. 11. 1'liii.i.tr.s.
Obstacles to Marriage.
Sappy relief for youiigjnen from the ef
fect of Kriors and Abuses in early life.
MunlioDtl restored. Inipeillmunts to Mar
rlago removed. Kcw method of treat
ment. New and remarkablo remedies.
Books ami Circular! sent free, lu sealed en
velopes. Address Howard Association,
110 N. Ninth St., Plillaitolhla, I'a.-an Insti
tution having a high reputalon for honor
ahlo conduct nnd jirofowufcaa! fcfff.
Kill Eilttlon.
Phyaioal Exhaustion,
'I'd ulilch is added
An Easajr on MatTlaK,
Willi liniiortaut chs)itcrs 011
Ileitis a ynoislsof leturis kllured at thcir
Muaoum ofnntomy
Slranjtcra visltlnfr the city, should not tail to
trv this great collection, htlnK the largest In the
807 Cheatnut BtOppoalte Continental
Hotel, Philadelphia.
Cuiiles of lectures bintim receipt ot i'i ceuts.
Addnss, UltS. .IOR1IAN A 1IAV1K80N,
M-.:-ly. 1C filbert St., VhlUdeliihla.
K I,. Hvdstrom. A C.Meeker. A.'.Hoole.
E. L. HEDSTEOM it Co.,
Miners & Shippers of
l Vt Seneca stioat , Bttflslo.
Uemciial Urrict.s, Cur. Adanu Market Si
Also Agents for BlosiburgSosl Co.
Wholesale an1 Rtuit t)tam la ,
Foreign ami Demti
No. 00 Ohio Ltvte,
MESSltr. KMVTll A CO, hart e.nstjatly
. . ' stock nMhbtirool n. inrliu
Let, and gWjrclt attention to the tWiolsil,
ranch of the business.
Tho Undersigned Having Oivon
up the
Is now Prepared to Furnish Ic
by the
At prices that will Compare Fav-
orarjiy witn any sealer. He
will now DOTOto his atten
tion Entirely to his
Grand Central
Oox-uor yaiglxtlx Street
WX. WZTZBX,, ProrUtor.
ATIIUSTY watch kept nlirht and day fet
tinlin anil Btcauiboats.
The best of aeconunoilationa for tmnsls.it
guests at Two Dollars ver Jar . 3-18-lf
Wholesale Grocers
Comxuission Merchants
57 Ohio Levee.
Wholesale Grocer
Dealer la
Commission Merchant,
SI'KCIAL attention given' to consignments and
nlllng onlers.
Dealer In
r?aints, Oils, Varniihes,
Vail Paper, Window Glus, Wis
dow Shades, ko.
Always on hand, the celebrated UlumlaatlBK
Broaa' Butldlui,
Corner ElTath Street and Wuhki
ton Avenue
T. O. Atu aiiTalf
lulleUn BalldU.-, Comer Twain Street,
and Waahiactea Atibw,
0lro Xlltiaolsi,
tCouatT and Bailroad Work a (peetalt.
Is litixby given that default having been ruadn
fur mure than sixty days In the payment ot!
a portion of the amount secured to be jiaid by a
rerlulu morlgage executed by James ST. UeTtrlr
to William O. Welmore and Kredtrick Towa
send, atlmlnUtrators, Ac. ofKllhu Townseed.
deceased, datct.luly 4th, ltsll, and recorded In,
the recurder'a oftlco. lu and for Alexander cons
ty, in the State of Uljnols.ln book L, on Para
iw; , Ao. , and in the olllee ol tbe rugliter of deeda
lu the city of Calm, iu said county and Htata. la
book E of deeda, on page en, Ac We, the tie
dtrsigned.saUl inortguceea, will on Satanlav.
the eleventh day of September next, A. l, lT.
atioo'cloeklntheforeuoouor that day. mmSme
and by virtue of the ier of tale eeaiawed la
said mortgage, sell, al public aucltoa. to tk
highest bldiler, for rash, at tbe eatea bttiMlag oC
the trustees of the Cairo City lrefarty at the cor
ner of Wasiilngtou avenue a ad Ewhleeath street,
In said cliy or Cairo, In Aleiaastet eoaty asf
state of Illinois, all the right, title aad iBteretli
or said .famee at. IteverTy, or ale aaalgas, la
aud to lota immberel la (talrteea) aad It fottr-ti-en.)
in block aumberw. stt ttwcnty-alae) lu
ald city of Cairo, aceordtag to the recorded pla&
inereoi,wiiB ia aupuneaaJicM. 10 laiiwy insi
iiurnoeeeaad. oouditloa of nld Mort)aar.
Dated, tilro, Illinois. AugustlMlT, IJ3.
oa tir iitiimwieae e eaesae.

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