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RMdlMr ft Alt r ea.ETcrr Vrnte.
JOHN K. OBBRIiV, Editor.
The nominal nsct oftlic n.ink of Oil
Ifornla nro about ifiO.OOO.OOO; lhbilltlw,
jH4.60O.O0O. It U thought the reliable as
sets will pay the bauk's debts. The di
rectors arc attewptiiiff to sift the nUuIrs
of the bank ami llx up the oriitilntlmi
for n resumption of bulnci. Hut noth
ing of a MtMlnetorj- or cncotirnglu;; na
ture h.n been tnmle public warranting n
.""tntement that the concern will resume
nroi'Li: who wkitf. i.kttt.iis to
Each evening brings to our tlol; at
least four letter, on various ulJeeti and
of perjonil nnturc, with no nnme at
tached. To Insure publication, the name
of the writer should accompany each
communication. We received one yCs
tenlav written In a stylish hand, Igned,
Odin, that Is refreshing and clever. The
Kev, Mr. Gilbert's last sermon drew forth
this facetious letter. Odin must really
pardon us for being so churlish as to ask
Ids name so that we can append It to Ills
letter, aud publish It in proper 'shape
Odin, there Is a fund of wit hid some
where behind a Cairo counter.
The .Nashville, Teiin. . RejmHtcan IUn
ner&ud anion . Jmdkshi have eonol-
Idated. They were tlieouly daily impure
In Nashville, and the two olde-t in the
southwest. In lieu of the modern style
of hyphenated nomenclature, now popu
lar In this country, each paper de-lriiig
to retain its identity, a single name was
adopted that of The American. It is a
xood title-, broad aud comprehensive in
its meaning. The publishers say that
no pecuniary embarrassments prompted
the union, but business judgment, based
upon the fact that Nashville newspaper
projects had been pushed beyond a sup
porting point ; and that with united cap
ital and brains, and a circulation the
largest yet ett'.-eted by consolidation in
the south, the American will be a paper
worthy the patronage of the Southern
people. The Anttrieaii will purine the
policy of its predeeessors, advocating the
principals of the democratic party. The j
Appeal aad AraUneJie should follow the
example of their Nashville contempora
fast mail connection between Chicago
and New York will soon be ierlected
Tne tim malls will be run through on
the lGih of September, leaving New
York at 4:13 a. ni., and arriving uttClii-
casro at 0 a. ra. next day tllC time con
sumed being only twenty-five hours and
forty-Jive minute-. This fast postal train
will take and put orl the mails at every
way station between Chicago
and New York. There will
be one car for letter mail
distribution, and u car for newspaper
separation and distribution. The remain
ing cars of ttut train will be for the stor
age of mall mutter. The train will run
forty miles per hour, being the fastest
time in the world for such a distance.
This fast mall train will tiring the Kat
and West in a closer embrace, supplying
the best dispatch for St. Louis ; and mail
matter from the Pacilic slope arriving
in Chicago in the afternoon will be deliv
ered in New York at 11 o'clock the next
evening, it will shorten the actual delivery
to Boston by about twenty-four hours ,
aud the mall to and from Chicago, the
mail for and from' all "Now England,
New York, New Jer.-ey, Pennsylvania,
anil Northern Ohio, will bo conveyed by
till , train ; aud it will also fetch the mails
for the Northwest, the Pacific aud Mis
souri. The advantages of this fan train
can hardly be estimated. When in opera
tion It will develop it many advanta
ges, and benefits.
"iiivr u it l'Hivi'Kn."
That d il printer Is constantly get
ting editors in trouble. Who ever heard
of an editor making an error during his
whole editorial career? No one. The
merchant swears ot the printer ; so docs
inu occasional correspondent humbug,
wiio writes about the "people," "sover-
eignty," "commonwealths." "burden of
taxes, "tyranny." e'.c: so does that
vuiwiui miT02jyth cal nrod hrv the asso-
ciated press nent ; and those Intolerable
jrauus, the poetess and poet of tho city;
me man whose friends desire that lie
should be mayor: the individual who
received a benellt aud a stuffed watch for
his brilliant talents, aud lu his card of
thanks used the glittering commonplace,
me amounted and excessively vain pro
noun, "i," tilll?) iip . fact the printer
gen bounced on all sides. The d d
Printer, who rummages after unlntelllgh
uk pieecs oi metal, who cor
rects, on an average, about lllteen vil
lainous errors an hour lu common words,
tuch as traveler, jailer, hypocrisy, fulfill,
holiday, gauge, separate, alleged, fetid,
juugment, skillful, counselor, imnanel.
and many other blmple ones, and makes
probably one blunder in live thousand
oru6, is frequently asked to ktep down
anU OUt. No W'OIldlir ll(! tl'i.lt. l-'n-fioo i.twl
",'T" Ky and beer, and talks about
... .wv,..I.W
s auoui
vno ignorance ot thu aristocrats, the mid-
classes mm all other
clashes, and
lnakHlfT; andgets In Jail, and bounces
train. . ii I , uumices
. wmreu 0 ajwu, uuu u.aU
wjoau, and receives small donntlons
.?.lrt,;udi, and cusses TexjLs. Ha
i"jtutj- i .... .. :
treated whu muut)ll should be
MUiuvrniMin.i t.t
A tn rniuiii,t . .
SUte Board of ErniHiu 10
Held, from fhe attorney ',"1
SUte, In which that jreuttewuulj" !"u
appear before Oto.boitd for u,e ' 10
ofupKHing orally his views u
meanlnff Of thnnmr.mli.il il.t.l '"-'
.... wm. 1
.invvunii w
iudjicuviw ictvnuu ww, giving as
reason that be lial alrwuiy exi)it;s)d
oploiou officially m to tho projper con
H it I T
slrtirtloii oftlir law. The following let
ter from the stale ntidllor was also read:
Atirroii'. Oitici:. WW
Si'iit.vui ii'M, I r.r... jt. 1, ISTil j
To llic lion. Stole llroinl of liiinll..itloni .7)
In reply to the resolution ol tlio.boura.
adopted on the. llfltli ult., I have'plmply
ti.jay, that. In iiU' opinion, thu duty of
thtfnonru I to h.s9 railroads at tho
same rate ol valuation which thev ilnd
the other nronertv nl Hid sintn nV.nci.oii
ill. and no more. I do not In. Horn timt tiw,
eost,ofeonstruetion of a railroad, nor the
cost of ItunrovliiL a iv.i-m. Imp tin. tut
ol a horo or ot'ti herd of c:nu. .inmiii
be asscsswl. That lu many instances the
eost.oriMiivtajibte proponrt:ijbt
hlatteitr) tic a.ceruHiiBtnti)tltstide
Tor.tli!rfti9u fsuM!ni.toiuKloiibt-cdlytm-.
That cost; however. U a verr.
unreliable guide. U quite, as certain. If
"value of. gnidlug," m the pliraC 1
ued lu the inquiry, means the same a
rot of grading, then surely Iris some
thing which the law does not expect the
hoard of equalization totic.
The rust of grading a railroad mav
have been enormous, and vet tliuroatllM-il
be of almost or quite no value for the
purpose for whleh it a constructed.
Or. a road might be built ou a level river
valley, where the eost of grading was
only nominal, and yet the roadbed be of
great value.
I do nobeliuve that tho law at all con
templates taxing the value of grading
and cost of construction in the assess
ment of .railroad property. I believe
the law contemplates tlmaesment and
taxing ot tne railroad property with rcf
erenee to its value as railroad' property
In a- exact proportion as polblo to tin
value of all other projiertv which bv tho
law luis to a-si-t Hie payment of revenin
to uie statu oi uitnois.
Very respcctlullv,
C. K. LiiTiNcorr. Auditor 1. A
I'endleton, ot Ohio, was in Frank
fort, Ky.. during the inaugural of tho
Hon. Jame B. McClvarr.
Egypt's Khedive. I-lsiui, hasi fine
army, othYvred by English find Ameri
cans, lie is perfectly Independent of
Abdul As-lz, Sultan of Turkey.
Col. Anthony, editor and proprietor
of the Leavenworth Times, shot
some time ago by a printer
named Linbry, lias been in St
Louis. A -Tim's reporter received from
him his side ot the storv of the assault
and light that let! to his severe wound
ine uayinond iMNs.) Gazette for
two y..are L offered as a premium for the
best campaign song, of not more th in
six nor Ie s than lour stanzas, adapted
to the air ot tl "Star Sprangied IJan
ner." It must be "a regular antl-carptt-bag,
anti-Ames, anti-lhievcs, anti-plunderer,
anti-ignoramus song."
California held her State election on
the 1st ofrthlo month. OnVho th Ar-
Kansas win loiiow. . i hen will come
Maine on the 13th; Iowa, 12th October;
Ohio. 12th October; Virginia and Kan
sas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Missis
sippi, Minnesota, Missouri, New York,
Now Jersey and Pennsylvania, on 2d of
November., Texas will. hold hers on De
cember 7lh. "
Qneeu Victoria's" yacht ran down a
fishing .sloop, mur the Isle of Wight,
drowning two men. Tho jury could not
agree upon a verdict, although many
were lu lavor of n verdict of ninnslaugh
teragalnst the master of tho Queen'
vessel. So great Is the feeling against
him in Portsmouth that he was threat
ened with personal violence. When the
accident occurred tho Queen of Kngland
was on board the yacht.
Valmaseda now wants from tho loyal
merchants and planters of Cuba
?S00.000 in gold to pay for tho
transportation of fresh troops
Irom Spain. Those declining to respond
to his demand nre considered rebel'. Tho
proper kind of encouragement from the
United States would -non make tho beau-
Uful We a republic. When It does take
place and it will some day what a
stiongully to tlds government she will
be, both In patriots, means and position,
in the event of war with a foreign pow er.
-A nicrchnnt of lucson, Arizona,
named Caiillo. a naturalized citizen, went
to Sonora to collect bills, nnd was arrest
ed ou a charge of furnishing arms to the
insurgents. He was given no trial, but
ordered to pay $20,000 or be shot Sun
day. A cornier rode three hundred
miles to Tucson, rafed the money and
returned, and ransomed C'arillo, whose
grave had already been dug. Probably
the United States will look Into this mat
ter. A man of war is not available in
this case, which may cause the govern
ment to pass It by without notice.
The Chinese who live between Amo.v
nnd Tuhchon. imltntlug the lntellUront
riVnnossee mountaineer, when teleirraiihv
Was first nut n operation. mr un
the telegraph poles which tho Great
Northern Telegraph Company had
placed through tho country, through thu
fear that the lino might interfere with
the benign Influences of the Fung-Shin."
Tho contractors, however, Induced tho
government to interfere, nnd tho work
Is to bo protected by tho mandarins along
the route. Operations liavo commenced
again. The distance is 100 miles.
The lloslou Aitecrtiicr has a corres
pondent In Germany who complains that
thu American press is not fullicicntly ac
curate in its treatment of German affairs,
and that American editors get their Teu
tonic information nrinclnaUv from
Lngllsh Journals. He declares that
the German press, lu Minnortlnu Ills
marck's policy, only rellccts. the sent!-
"ents of a great majority of the German
lieOllll!. mill llml II j niinnliiitU- lc nnt nil
. - ----, V ..W ..II. J . . ..v. ....
evidence ol Its corriintiiess. Ue advises
American papers loCxohnnire with thu
Kolnisehe Xeitunc tho Awisburtier 7.(1
Vcuie ' 1 1 it Vf,of Vienna,
and read for
I ""u ' ior iiiemseivos.
-cortlua's former conmanlons uie con
tmulng the eiutl.. mi.i. ti. ....,ii,,.i if
which ho sowell Instrueto.l thorn. Our
r-..,. .
Ki "uwu ' "w "lH'ig out additional
iii'niiiir iiki iir mu.
s lor ininiedlalo
rvlce on the river, but It U iiroblemat
Ical wlielherthl? will have the desired
euect, a, Ion-' as tim .Mexican Govern-
went is not mi oiij,' eiiou-jlt to curb lib own
iaw ess population on the "Free Zone."
Health's, thu Ilio Grande is tlie crooked
est htreatn lu the world, lu fcomo point
n licet of trunbo ills cnnlil lililit f liiiu vlnw
''feath other lurtJu of n ilUtilliCd lf llll'l l
1 1 IllllfU .! m. . . , ...
llU I a n..,i...... .... ,.,
. . . w uiu ,u. l om in ('oiilllllllHI oi
- J
'cxas ranger',
will do l(.v 'I'hcre Is no. foolishness about,
old Rip Fbrd. Tho linine of .the old.
'.lighter woubljthnoiincc biilhtiidaQDrt'' tlift
fiyiiitipr particularly .whep bnciiod hy iV
ihoutand 'JVxti". ranger. enlisted ln..vVust
ern Texas?
Stn.r.tWJ,' nnd Dn'veilpbi'f played Iheir
Hamlets in New York to ovoniowlng
liouses the former appealing in Hooth'o
theater, and the latter In the Grand Op
era house. The mii-de, nnd Celtlu an nm
tion of the vast audience lu Unoth's, and
tliojilecoratlonsupoii bo'ces, gayo to tlie
thyntf jah unwihinimly'brilliaiit appear
mice. tott:hlIglit proccsloirnnd sere
nade supptemwiteti this' performance of
Mr. Sullivan ; and tim Iri-h-Auurlcnu
population paid honor nnd homage to
their distinguished countryman. Paycn
port was received witli great enthusiasm
hy his friends. In this Issue of the Net.
i.t:n.v we publish a card from Mr. Da
venport lu which he denies any partici
pation whatever in the dangerous move
ment to create a rivalry between his
and Mr. Sullivan's friends. Tho mana
gers of the Grand Opera house were at
the bottom of it.
I'.Uston took a portion of the gold de
posited in his bank and invested In a tim
ber tract in tho Sierra Nevada mountains;
erected extensive saw mills, and intended
to supply all San Francisco with lumber.
To accomplish tills, he built wagon roads
from the city to hl timber region, ami
was constructing a tramway anil rail
way, 'i'hrco thousand men received la
bor In his timber aud saw mills and on
his roads. When the depositors came to
the bank aud demanded their money, he
could not honor their checks. All the
gold was tied up in the works ofthcjirll-
ILint speculation, and in a moment he
went to the wall.
I.v speaking of Wanton Duncan's dllll-
culties iri procuring Confederate currency
to run the Southern machine, the Chicago
Tfbunf says: "There was nothing for
Mr. Duncan to do but get a paper-mill
and manufacture the strongest article lie
could, gather about liiiu a number o1
the best newspaper compositors lie could
find, and go to work printing money.''
We can't exactly understand lu w hat ea-
i.uity the "best compositors" could be
employed hi printing money; but wc
urc well aware of the u-c they could be
put to in spending it.
Caitaix Hooan, deputy marshal, has
started for Ml. Vernon, lud., alter Tom
lloyd, one of the Franklin county Ku
klux, who was apprehended by the City
Marshal of that place, and lodged lu the
county jail. The court met Wednesday
morning at S o'clock, and, there being no
cases ready for trial.aujotirned to meet at
Tamaroa, September 3. II. H. Flamii-
gon, ot Uenton, was appointed special
clerk of the Commissioner's court during
the Ku-klux investigation. Commissioner
Curlce Is ill at Centralia.
Om: Siam.iiv, who llgured so promi
nently in the killing of Captain Sisney.
mil whoso memory was bad, met with a
serious accident in Vienna, recently. An
account of it will be found on the local
lile of the Ili'M.i:ri.v. Olio's conscience
is evidently at work or he had been ln-
tilging in Vienna benzine to such an ex-
ent that he Imagined the devil or Sisney's
gho-t. or an olllcer of the law, was alter
Sni'Tr.MitKn, the first fall month, did
not do us It should have done to give tone
to the mou or crisp leaves and drilling
smoke, hut settled down into regular
summer weather. The dust is deep on
every street In Cairo, and while overcoats
and fires were frequently called Into re
quisition during August, we now hunt
for .shady places and cool rooms.
lluitOLAiis broke Into tho Fitch resi
dence In St Louis, but were repulsed by
a faithful Irish servant, Mrs. O'Grady by
name. One of them entered her room
and she went for him lnstanter. Were
they in searcli of diamonds?
Tin: 6tone-eutter' of Chicago struck
for $3 per day. A few contractors, with
heavy, unfinished job3 on their hands,
and which must bo pushed along, have
agreed to the tcniM exacted, and will pay
for he present.
Bi'.vr.nihfii: has appointed Hon. Jos.
Messick judge of tho city court of Kast
St. Lotus, vice il.D. Manners, whose term
ftumelliiiiK Abuut llli I'.arlj' llliloi-y
St. Louis itcpiiblican.
Ir. Adam W. .Sproule, tho well-kiiuwn
mcrcliaut tailor at o. ji .orui i otirtn
street, was a school fellow ol lialston, at
eINvllle, toluiulilaua county, U aloii''
In 1W5 and 18:10. I'rom that day to the
time of ltulstou's bad death thu two were
warm trleutU, aud, althoti.n teparated ot
late years by dUtance, kept up correspon
dence with each other. From .Mr. SSproulo
Intcresihur points In K:iUlous personal
ItUtory are fathered.
William Olinpmau lialston was about
fortv-nlne vears of aire. He was horn lu
Wellsvllle, Ids father belli,' u fchip car
penter aud a man ot very inniieii means.
Vount; IlaUtou received only Mich ad
vantages of education w a country school
attendance ot three or tour montimu
the winter time afforded him, yet hu lin
nroved his oDiiortuulties. lie remained
tit home, helpinjr his father, but never
learning ills lather s trade, until seven
teen veara of ae, when he went ou the
river as first clerk of tho littlo Mern
wheel steamer "Dominion." Cilpt. Sam.
jiaiHUii n iilliiLi uuiu uiu uuu
boat, and was pari owner ot her
Capt. Tyler. oting l!aPtn repte
his father's Intel est. For several f-
lialston s lauier iiuiii inu nun m iiiu
. . . . . ..( ... I ...I . f
her win
dipt. Tyler and Italston ran the Domin
ion, and tlieu mint, tlie steamer coiibtiiu
tlon at Wheeliuir. KaUton havluira small
Interest In her aud takhiL' tho pobltiou of
nrst cleric, wnn uipt. iyicr as masier.
Italston remained ou this boat for two or
three bcasous. but it was a losing enter
prise, and he resolved to withdraw Iroin
It nnd cast his fortunes elsewhere.
In lite meantime, Mr. Hproulo hnd left
his home lu Western Virginia, opposite
u ensviue, uuu was living in i.ouisvine,
where hu oceuniedn noMtlon lu thuelotli.
In'' store of bin brother, Mr. Jas.Hnroule.
for tho Ian twenty' yean a resident of
VcWiYork cltv. Kalston nnd Sproulo
wero still warm friends. One day. in the
fulH'of 1SM0, Itulston met Sproiite, nnd.
evidently uisgusieii wan ins river expo-"
rieitet1, told him ho was going to quit
sttRtubontitig nnd go to California, llutr
tnvru.Mas one serious drawback to put
ting, this determination into execution.
Ho lacked funds, and desired to borrow
of Ids friend Sinoule. Tho latter asked
him how much he wanted. To use his
own words, which Mr. Sproulc very well
remembers, ltaUtou replied :
"I wnnt to go like u white man, and I
think It will take about three hundred
Mr. Sproulc told him that he thought
he could let him have that amount, aud
in n few days gave him the money. Hal
aton wanted to give his personal note,
hut Mr. Sproulc told him the obligation
was nst as good without the note as
with it.
In two or throe days after rcceivingthe
money, ltnlton departed for thn new
Kldomdo, his friend Sproulc bidding htm
t0)i voiage at the railroad depot.
On his arrival at Panama, while oi
route to the laud ol gold, Italston made
the acquaintance of Commodore C. K.
Garrison, of; steamship lame, who gave
him employment as an ntrent ot one of
his steamship lines. Itenialnlng in Pan
ama for some time, l'al.ton, desirous of
airalu "branching out" nnd wooing
tickle fortune In more fertile Ileitis, kit
for San I'raneUoo.
From the time of hi arrival in that
place, his career Is well known. No
young man stood higher before his de
parture. He was wonderlullv popular
aud loved by all who knew lihn.
In-lile of a year, and before his .depar
ture from Panama, Italston relundeil to
Mr. Sproulu the three hundred dollars
borrowed money. No interest was ten
dered, and from the friendship which ex
isted bet wwii them, none would have
been recti veil. A year or two alter Ital
stou's arrival in San Francisco, however,
sueee-s having .smiled on him, ho sent to
Mr. Sproule a miigiililcent watch-guard,
inaiiut.iclitred to order out of the pure
California gold, which shows, upon balls
ol gold, jump of the virgin .stufl. Mr.
Sinoule lis refused $500 for this chain.
Ho will Kwp it as a memento ot a gen
tleman wlm-e friendship lie valued, and
whom he still regards as having been a
man of great heart, honest purpose nnd
dauntles. enterprise.
Wagon Maker,
Manufactures hl own ITorsa Shoes and
can Assure Good Worlc.
10 Hours Saved !
Cairo to
Evansville in 7 Hours,
Cairo cSe Vincennes
Leave Cairo, -Arilvo
lit BvHiimvlllo,
4:00 a. m.
11:00 a.m.
l'.t srn sirs for Kin8ille hnvlnu Cairo via
'ulr A Vliiii'iiiu-t llallriwl ut lu iu,.
imikc close roniux-lldiii at Liirnil, unl reach
Cviuix lll st ilo'rlurk I he miiiic murnlni:.
Ti:. IKH ItS M i'.K than by nny other
roulo. .M. . iiiiuifiin ii,
.IAS. MiMiUiili ''n raisi'uucr Apt.
Evansville, Cairo and Memphis
Steam Packet Co.,
Paducah, Shawnootown, Evans
villo, Louisvillo, Cinoinunti
and all way landings.
Tlie unrivalled slik-wbtcl snwnir
I), (i. I'ou-Lr.n Mustci-.
Y.n. It. 'Iiioma- C'lrrk.
111 leave Kvunnvllllc for Cairo evirv .MONDAY
iimlTIHIUSDAY lit 1 o'clock n m.
I-vuveit Cairo every 1 L'KsIiA V und FKIIlAV.al
o u'cioek ii in.
The cK-gant BlJc-whccl ettamcr
Wamkii 11. 1'e.nsimoiox C'lirk.
Will li'AveKvnntvlllF for Cairo every H'l.S.
1A anil t'KlKA ut 4 o'clock p. lu.
Will K-OU' Cairo cyrj Wi:u.NlAYiirnlSAT
UllDAYntUo'clvkj). m
Tlie clPKiint s I'lt-wlucl Mtnmor
JollS-OorK Mnti.r
Mat. Williams Clerk.
Leaves KvansyllK' fur Cairo caci-y WKONKS-
liAVandaATUIIAiir ats n. m
Uavrs Cairo eury lllLlliiDAY and hUNUAY
Kucli boat maki'3 cln$n ennnrprlnni t fiiirn
with llrijt-cliww etciuniTs for St. I.oiiin, .Mcni
))lilana jew Orlmni, und ut Kaiilllf with
lhuK.AC.lt.lt furull)lntNortliaii(l Kacl.
and with tho I.ouimiii,. .Mail bteainers for all
pointrt (ill the I inr o,o, giving IhiouKhre
cliiti on Irilglu.i ami niLitcimers to all noinU
l or miiiiir Information api'ly to
hOI.. SlLVKU, VantenKir Agent.
liAI.I.IOAYltitOS,, iAmnt.
, J. .M. I'llILMfh, AK'"t'
Or to (j j tJliAM.MKIi,
SiiperiiiU'iHniii ami General Kreinht Airent,
lu-a-iiu-ly Kvansville InHlanu.
Slate Hoofers,
Hoollng nnd Guttoriug a Specialty.
Slate Roofiing- a Specialty in
tiny part of Southern Illinois.
Lightning Bods, Pumps, Stoves
nnd Tinwaro.
Jobblnij Promptly Souo,
TjiOlttlie nj,lfy euro of Seminal Ueaknc,
. .. i ,, i "l, t.'uihooil ami all llurilers brmiK'lu
oil IJ lnl .m f lunri ,ir fxvib&. Anv DrUL'iiki
e IliKii,!!,,,,,,.
.Mu-H, in-. K. HIIrON A CO.,
N2l.il Vw.v Clnrlnnall, Ohio
' ii? r.'.lf,l furniture or iupnllei Simula write
"ii.K.Ka.llH nevtnui wi,, hi i.ouif, MP,
rjllli: llUl.l.f:i lN li.ut.lclic1rV(Tyinotnlnjc
(except Mori'bi) in the llallelln llulliling, cor
ner Wndungfou" alcnuc ami Twelfth eirwt.
'Ills HcLLKitN Is ecriil to city uubjcrlbera by
faithful drrlcrsatTwenly-rhe Out a Wtek,
pnyable weekly, fly Mull, (In mtvancf), $10 per
annum tlx months, $0 thicc months, 3 one
month, $1 H.
t'ubllthril every ThtiMcl.iy mnrnliiBnt $1 SS
pe1 numiiii, Inv.ulubly In inlvniicc. 'IhcpostnKc
on the Weekly will be prepaid nt this odlce, o
thatmbrrlliers will obtain lorniubrrlptlon
rice of $1 n jrar.
IluslneM CnnU, j.er annum t.iti W
One siii.iiv, one iieitlim, i ()
line 8ftiare, two inertlons 1 M
One f'liurc, one week 2 M
One djuare, tn'o wetka 3 ,Vi
One mpuic, three week, 4 HU
One qtitc, ono month 5 00
W K K S I. Y
One 8'iuaic, one lnrtlon,..
liuch uubneiieiit liertlou
,.1 mi
.. M
tfOne Inch I i a t'liuic
EJ-l'oifKUlaradvcrllsrrj w culler mprrtor In
ducement, both as to rate ol clisws and man
ner of dl'i'laylus' their fnorn.
Coiniuuulcatlons upon subjucta of gen
eral interest to tho public solicited.
C3AII lla-lnesi Letters thould 1 uddreniiid to
I'niro llulli'llii 'iiiiuiny.
Tho Pcoiilo'8 Remedy.
Tho Universal Pain Ext actor.
Ask for Pond'a Extract.
Take no other.
"Ileiir. for I will bcakof txcetlent thliici '
Injlirli-i to Man or U.mMs,
I t'u!l, Urulfia
SlrtiliiH, Sntlii, Count-
floni, l)llMCntion,
Irritt'liirt'N, I uti, Ijierrn
I ted ut Inclsiil 'oiiiid
I Cunliiinn.
illci'illiiK I.iiiikw, or
Milttinvor lllnol
Snw llleeil.und Ill,.l-
iiik viiuu- or i eeui
mulliiiifitr llloutlaiid
llluodr DUrluriri
I'll. llleudlnir l'llc,
IJtlri.l I'll.-. (InPallll.lc )
ruisia, swiiieii inr
lllii'iiiiiMllmu, Itliemnn
tic -'welllni? or.orinei),
NliiriK'MH or horeneis,
l.UMliraKO, Kline nacR
Mori' Tiiruiil orOuiiv.
lnllaiiwl Tontlls.
UIillM'riii. Ilruiii-lil.
1 tin, AsIIiiiih.
Sore or Inlhtnied Kyts or
iitliirrli, Ixtnorrhra,
Diarrhea, Dy-eutery
Mlll'i. Inllained
I'aliiful or too 1'rofu-e
Milk l.vK, Ovarian Dli
, eu.v nnd 'Iiiiiw.m
lillllM'.V 1'0HI,
REMEDY ...,(il1'v,l"'l ''trutiKUry
Hon of Infants, or
ou , . Adults
urlcoM- Veins. i:M.
hrjiiilnrlnllaiiU'.l Veins
lli't-r. Old Sorei, Inter-
. vi) ., ,iiai ulcerations
Au llolN. Carbuncles. 'In.
INTERNAL " and llunlons Clml-
111 nr nrr. I-', ,.,
, liiifliiKM.Ilanic-iior.Snd-I
. die t.alls
I clou or Wliitlow, Frost
I l l.imbs or rnrtn.
31 ONqullii II He. Innect
ijlliiKS, CliupiKil Hands.
I'OXB'N KXTIlACrr In for sale by all VlrnU
'Iish ItriiKKNIo.iind ivcoiiime.uledby
nil DruirKUtM, l'liynlclaiiH, and vverj
hiiily who liiti i'cr u-nl it.
rnmplili't contalnlnc lllktoryand l.Tfesmai.
ed tree on appllcatioii, Ifnot found nt your
Xan York anil London.
In Chancery Master's Sale,
Statu of Illinois, Alexander County !-ss
In the Alexauder County Circuit Couit,
William M. Athtrton and John UodKCuvs. Jobu
llolUen and .Margaut Wallace I'aititioii.
1JL IlI.lt; notice is henby Klvcn tint Iniiur.
Miancoofii ilicuc rriideiexl lu the jfiolo
entitled cail'c, lu s.iid court ul the .May linn
ini-iKji, I,, inn., ijunii, iiuwiiuii, juaiicr
lu chancery of mid county, will un 'rhuiiuy
thutUiililiiy of Sciltmber, A. I), WA, at the
hour of -J o'clock , in. of ald ilav, nil at iut
llc vendue, at tho court house door In Ihecily of
Culro, In said county, toe following esctltieit
leal ebtate, to-witi I lie south hulfol'lhu ninth
eut oiurler ofuctlon tinly-beveii (J7) , tou n
Bhip illteeii (l.'O, bouth ruiiKe, number two (J)
wet of the third principal meridian In the
county uf Alexandei'uiid ntatuof Illinois, to
Kcthtr with thu tenements aud hereditament1)
tlieii'iinto heloiiKiui,' or thereto appertaining.
Teims of salo line-half cash In liand bal
mice In one and tv jears equal payments,
with sl percent, iuteiv.it per annum thereon,
ill IVi ud payments to be tccuii'd by murtfriiire
on tlie property told.
Cairo, Illinois, August "'th, 17.'
JIaster in t liaiii'irv
LlneKur A. Luunlen, (.umiilaliiaiils' Hollctturs.
TS hcithy Kivcn that default liu Iiik liit n mado
X lnr more than sixty ilaya lu the payment of
a portion of the unimint uruied to be paid by u
cu-Jaln morlKDKu ixecuttd by Jameii JI lecrly
to WilllamO. Wtlmore unit rrudeilul; Town'
send, admlulstrutoin, Ac. of I'.lllm Townn'iid,
deceased, datcil .Inly Ith, Ifcill and iccordid in
the recunler'H oilier in and for Ale.Miiider conn
ty, InthehUtuor Illinois, in book I., on imuo
1st, o , aud in IlieolUce ol the uk Inter ofifird
lu thui'ityofCalio, in said county und Male In
book 1. ol ilceiU, on mgt l), Ac We, the un
ilerslKiiul, K.ild moitKaitein, will on Saluidav,
the eleventh day of September next, A, D, tiT,
at IU o'clock in tucfoicnoou of that duy, under
and hy virtue of tho power of sale conuilned lu
jaid uiorlKBKe sell, at public unci Ion. to tlie
hllthctt bidder, tin-cash, at the olticc buildinir of
the iulee of the Culro City 1'niperty at the cor
ner or Washington uventic and KlKliUentluUii,
it .ti -ltv oriIro, In Alexander county itinl
Mate prilllunlj, all the iIkM, title nnd lnleret
of said .fumes M. Ileveilr, or his unhlnns, In
ami to lots numbered lit (thirteen) and II four
teen,) In block numbered ;jj (iwenty-nlni ) in
said city of Culro, according to the recorued plat
Hit not, with the uppuitciuincin, to mllsfy the
purpOM'snnd condition ol'nuld Mortirace
ll.,li.,l l'..l,v, llllnnld A,.,ik. l,..iy ru-H
WII.I.1AM 0 WElStOltK,
II nullclt cirrepondcnceand onler from
of uoihU In our line H
KmniHmi, i-i(ii,iaia.
llllnl with reliable UrnKtnt reanonatile mte.
74 Oblo Lovne.
Wood ! Wood ! Woo d !
BIG MUDDY (Mount Carbon Coal.)
Tho Cairo & St. Louis Trnnnfer & Coal Company is ow propnrcd to
1111 orders for Wood and Coal. Delivered to nnv'par of tho City, at
tho Lowost Cash Prieo. OFFICE AND YARD ut tho Cairo & St.
Louis Narrow Gaugo Depot.
LIST of rnicEa,
Wi-ocl, -I foet, per conl $3 60.
Wood, imwod, per cord 4 60.
Wood, sswrd and split, per coiU - 6 OO
Coal, cai loud, pt ton ... :i 00.
Coitl, cur load, ainuld ton f U 60.
Co.it. cur load, one-half ton ... .... qq,
Lcvo orUoia hI'.Y. M. Stocklleth'n,fja Ohio Iveo, at tli Cryntnl Saloon, coruer
Sixth atruotaml Commercial Avenue, nnd ut tho Company' OfHcc.
Ordors Sollcltoil anil Promptly Filled.
F. M. WARD, Supt.
JAS K. L A1TE, Soc'y A Troas.
Importer and Wholesale Dealer in
Wines and Liquors.
Keeps n full strck of
ULoi-tnxolty Bourbon,
Monongahola, Rye and Kobinson County
Offt-rcil for Sale nt
Great Reduction in Prices,
Domestics, Sheetings,
Prints, Bleached Muslins,
Ginghams, Cretonos,
Table Linens, Percales,
Japanoso Silks,
Liinre MookrifWhltwOooctH, Victoria Lawns, Swiss Mnreallee. mill a iJVCf f-foct
Ribbons. 'IliN rntlio Murk will lie rolil utitctii it cost, uii'l contliiiiv until It Is closcl out. Cal.
ml ln'coiivlmiilof (Jnat IS-irciiiiis t TKIIM-s sTItKTI.V CASK.
Corner Eiglith. St. and Commercial Ave
nnd Retail
DiiuHtx. I'hynlelanii and Oenernl Slon'K In wan
i iiii'i i:uuuy .Muiicine CMC r-irnlHieil or .
"nihlnirlor A v., Cor. Bth S.
HV -
Silk Poplins,

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