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3he lullcttit.
MMltac Mcr en Ever? Pkkp.
THE HCXaiTIVC r.HV1.1T.l.nH.
The Chicago Times is fortunutc in tin
pocslon of ability to command the no
tic of nlmost every person and body of
men or women. It Is true many of tlics?
prrsoiu nnd bodies notice the Time to
abuse It, but there Is ndvnnt.u'o in such
nbuc. By It, the Time H elloctunlly
And cheaply advcrtlfod. Within tlio lnt
few dayn the Illinois State Board of eiual
Iratlon has been lolinj the great Chicago
newspaper n service In this way. In n
late Issue, tho Timet, with what degree
of truth wewlll not say, called the hoard
"a contemptible body," mid charged
that its members constituted n ring to
defraud patient and very innocent Cook
county in tho equalization of the n5e.
ment of property lor 187fi. I'pon UiN,
Mr. Warner undertook to preamble and
resolve, and tho Tnre, with taxation,
has becotno a standing subject of (llcn-
slon by our able but too eti-itl,'p ecual-
tiii: MONtll'ITO.
The New York Time Is iU?cu1ii: the
mo'qulto, and Is giving cvldeiiec In the
discussion that it is well ported on the
subject. In one of Its articles Halves the
following information, which will,
no doubt, be read with Interest by our
mosquito allllcted reader!!:
"As to protection against him, alter he
Is once established In the house, there is
uone," says the Times, "except netting,
and as people cannot live under net, tliU
is available only at licil-tlint. i.ikc nil
Insects, however, he shuns ramphor, and
the sprinkling ot this is somu ilefeno
while the odor lasts. An ointment might
be made of it,"whlch would act like plate-
armor to those who would bo willing to
smear their hands nnd laces with it ; and
under some visitation of this i animal, one
might be ready to smear one's sell from
head to foot with anything to get relief.
But let no one be ml'led
by another theory, that as the
mosquito's poison Is infused into their
blood It is drawn out with the blood, and
thcreloro If a mosquito has begun his
repast upon your nose or your knuckles
it is better to let film llnisli than to drive
hi ni away. The proof of the pudding is
in this case decidedly in the eating, and
it will be louud that the mosquito un
gratefully leaves torment behind lilm
even when he Is allowed to fly oft gorged
with the fluid he loves. Get ii; of
him as soon as possible. TUo patent
antidotes to mosquito bUej are all ciitli
penny frauds.. TUere Is no relief except
a Uf tie diluted spirits of hartshorn, and
this is only partial. A perfect antidote
is a great desideratum; for the cllcet of
the bite lasts long with many people, and
in some produces very unpleasant consequences."-
iiox. jr.rn:nKo iavis i. .hin-
ho I'll i
The conduct ot thu bigoted pocplu of
Winnebago county, in this State, lias
given to .Mr. Davis renewed prominence.
In the country, and lias created a feeling
of resentment among the HlMu-al-niijiilcfl
people that Is hiding expression in Mg
lilflcant public demonstrations honor
Of the leader ot the late Southern (.Vm
fedenwy. He is uou'Ai Missouri, and at
almost every str"An on the railroads over
which he .-asses, he receives ovations.
Public iignitaries, the old and the young,
men nd women, white and black, with
.music bands and speeches, meet
nnd pay to lilm the respect
of communities. These demon
strations cannot be construed into admi
ration of the political doctrines he once
represented ; they cannot be taken as au
Indication that the public sentiment of
Missouri is drifting towards thoughts of
rebellion, and by no possibility can they
be construed into auti-Uulouism. They
are rather demonstrations of real Union
ism, the expression of that sentiment
which desires that thu past relations of
the people of the North and South shall
be forgotten, so that thu States may
again bo united in a fraternal Union,
with no seeds of bitterness in the politi
cal soil to grow op into rank weeds of
hectional hatred anddUeoutent. Winne
bagolsui would keep tho North and
Soutn apart lorcver; tliusphlt manifested
by the people ol Missouri In their treat
ment of Mr. Davis, if it could be made
to pervade the whole country, would soon
wipe out the scars of thu civil war and
make brcthereu of tho people of all the
sections of the Hcpubllc.
un vt euncsuay night last thu friends of
IlaUtoti, late the money king of the Pacillo
coast, proposed to make in honor of his
memory a most slgnillcaut demonstra
tion at San Francisco. They were to
meet In mass, numbering between thirty
and flfty Uionsnnu, and with much sol
emnity culogho bis virtues and anathe
matize his enemies. The meeting was to
m l".-'iea wun prayer, and through all
us proceeuin wus to run a sent!
........ . .u,. iui my nuiortunaio man
wno bo long nan ruled in tho financial
worm or the coast. This man must have
lau great liillnonco over liU fi.tlou.
There Is no doubt that Ids energy added
millions iu wiu wealth or his State. Ills
hospitality was princely ;, Lis hand was
alway open to tho poor, and UU voice
was always hcacd shouting to his neigh.
bow, 'IJush oil !" Ho stood still not
Instant. A prodigy of energy, ho was
Also believed to bo c wonder of dlserc
uou. urn in au iinrortuuatc moment
he fell; and, not wishing
survive Ms fortune, died. Clamor
denounced him. He was called u thief.
Rumor declared ms immoralities. Even
Friendship raised no voice against the
snarling of the Hyenas who weru dlggln
Into his grave. Tfee fallen millionaire In
hit shroud tho stilled Heart Hint had
hrirr with a universal bewvolencethe
oWsflesi band that bad been bo ofuu
iiiLhti bititti to help up into prosperity
tkflatmswllMiaerlttbat wx med to ic
serve success, were nothing to the people
who had but a few moments before ad
mired and applauded Kiilston. But the
old feeling has been lc-awakcned, and
Ids neighbors havo showered into Ills
grave a flood of tears; have raised their
voices and pralf ed him ; and thus havo
they cast n r.iy of very bright sun-
shlnu upon the grave of tho heart-broken
tiii: rni.icr. nuiicii.iv,
Thu sudden termination of thu police
Imbroglio, In so Tar ns the contest between
thu mayor nnd council U concerned, lias
surprised every pcrnn. W'v believed t!:nt
tlio council was about to enter tmon a
long nnd tedious Investigation, when lol
presto! quick change, and be gone! the
thing was done. Well, no matter. Wo
have tin doubt Messrs. Wliltcamp and
SchtiMcr should him; been permitted an
opportunity to disprove thu charges
made against them by Ills Honor. Mayor
Winter. Fair play seemed to require
tills, and the mayor himself, In his com
munication to tho council enclos
ing the charges, demanded nclt
au Investigation. Indeed, tho Council
:il, on Wednesday night, whllo in com
mittee of the whole, voted iinniiiniou'ly
to proceed with the Investigation, and
did actually Marl into thu r-n-o of Mr.
liiteauip. when, in some nivMerious
way, thu Council went back on lm-lf, de
clared mat it wanted no Investigation,
and suddenly arrived at a vole upon the
question: "Are tin- reasons given by
(he Mayor for I he removal of City Mnr
,lial Willlanwaiid Ofllecrs Wlilteai'iijiand
Schuster Insullleieiit;" Only half of all
the members elect voted In the alllrina-
tive. It required llw votes of two-third
to defeat Hie Mayor, and, as si con-e-qucuee,
lie was sustained.
We know nothing of I ho merits ol tliir
controversy. Mr. Williams as City Mar
shal, we have reason to believe, attempt-,
ed to enloreu tho oullnanees of thu city
without fear or favor, and wo believe he
made every clloi t In his power to do his
duty regardless ol all personal considera
tion. We have heretofore expressed our
disapprobation ot bis conduct In reler
cneu to the! Aymar clreu, but even in
tills matter we have-been lead to believe
lie was simply seeking to secure our citi
zens against loss. Jfc that as it ma v. this
onu fact Is evident: He and tho Mavor
could not get on harmoniously in the ad
ministration ol the city's mY.ilrs. Tho
policy .Mr. Williams desired to pursue !
may nave Dreu wiser than that of Mayor 1
" mier, nut me people, in their wt-dom
havo seen proper to inaku Mr. Whiter
thcchlet executive ollicerol Cairo, and
his pulley must prevail. If It is wrong?
Hell, so much thu wor.-elortliecilv:and
Ifiu pursuance of it. Mayor Winter should
ilo violenco to his duty and should
mwi.ll 1. ,1 L' H. .f.n iu f .1... II.. .
m. ii uiu uruiiiauees in eer-
taln interests that havu been Indicated,
me grand jury may bu appealed to, ami
tho circuit court be Invoked to eoino to
thu rescue ol the city against its unfaitli
iui nead. isnt the iiconlu . Mvm-
miner. .onoiiy eonipelled them to
...... ...... -
elect him; and lie must, be treated as their
representative, lie cannot bu kicked
aside. Y e, fur one, are in favor of giv
ing iic old man u eiance; .-mil Uuuvtbtv
u havu beleved Miat the inharmonious
relation that existed between thu mavor
and marshal jiiMllled the mavor in thu
-"nival ot Mr. Wlllhnus fn.in ulllm-.
There liavo been u ci.,,.,,,- of nnv klml
made against Mr. Williams. H ,.
out with clean hand and the. respect ol
everybody, so far a our knowledge of
public .sentiment extend.
Mr. Schuster was charged with no
greater oflunsu ttian in..;:iUli,K lt-ie5pcet-
rullyol .Mayor Winter, and leaves the
force without any stain npan Ids charac
ter. The most sei lou .bar:o airainsl Mr.
Whltcauip was that, while shooting dogs,
lie occasionally sbot'onu with a tag on,
now and then a country dog vuudcring
afar through Cairo and this world's wlF
derncss, and that on several occasions he
threatened to shoot women who threw
themselves between tho murderous muz
zle ol Willi's trusty shot-gun and tho dog
at which it was :iliiied, crying :
Wliltcamp, spare that loff ;
Shoot not u slhKle hulr,
l nr. If you do, by ull tmf K0,.
I'll Ull.t Ml (til tiii' Mayor!
The dojc that you see hue,
Me 1 u rritml or mine;
lh ! Hjiare lilm, Knit, ai l ort, frM,
Hjiuic uny dK of thine.
.ow, any pemon who know Fred.
Wliltcamp, knows that hu would sooner
miss through thu Itury furnueu of the He
brew children than even thwk of shooting
a woman, lie is. a kind hearted gentle
man, into whose mind the thought of
shooting ut any woman would not enfer.
He may, in banter, havo frald something
to clamoring females wailing over threat
ened curs, but that In; uver. as has been
t...t ....i . ....
mmiiuvn, zui ins. good gun readv for
slaughter, Is In out-opinion supremely il.
dlculous. This. ti wo liuw. v.tii tiin
- . .a viiv
moat serious ehnruu tum w.. ......i-
against Mr. WbUcauip, and be, too, goes
out without any stain Miit hi, character.
. ..v n.usv uircu oinccrs aru out, no
matter how trivial Lhu ..mi..- r.... .i.-.i.
may have U.-, u not to be re
grettcd. However much tlmv mt..i.t
1 i . i , .
u.nuuueirea to SL'sm tlltiC tv IMliifiiiUv
meir reunions wIUi thu mayor had become
f " J
sucii maidurlug all their continuance In
MI.wt . .
.uviu vioiiw imvo been htrlfu and
It IS III 111! tw......t .1 ...
, , 'i .... .i.u null
officer hi, imco v 111 retur.i.'.but wo must
..v. .i.ri-11 in ... i,. ,(... .irt.i.
u wo peaco with nuglect to enforce
the ordinances. M'i. ,.t,. .....
...Ml i , l'v""v sji iu HIV
r'",aml 01 th0 ma'or Wty Mar-
Slial (.0S.SI111UI mill lila ntll... .......
,. u viiror
-.. . ..vivivjvui, ui me laws.
BweJier prayed recently that hi.
migiu nave "impulses ol
uou. .iciierson uavls addrcsbed the
? V ...
citizens ot Jelferson uouuty, Missouri
yesterday at Do Soto.
II 4 .1 i ...
.mien, mo iiiiiruerer." u t hu tren
He name by which tho VIcksburg Jleratd
ucsignates the Governor of Mlssissiiml.
-or. IMwnrd ItnusQui, Democnit, has
been elected president of tho North Car
olina constitutional convention, now in
Chicago great Inter-State KxpoM-
Hon Is now open In thu great building on
the lake (runt. Il wilt remain open, day
and night, during onu month.
Capt. .iolin X. Wasson, ol Shawnee-
town, well-known to many of our citi
zens, will shortly leave tor Kttropc on u
mission for tho jjovcrnnietit. Who. near
tho throne, got .fohu that teat
"They have a John Noble in Ohio';
but up then: they call lilm Jack," says
Henry WaKerson. "They have a
Henry "Walterson hi Louisville, but up
there they call him .lackas," responds
the amiable John Noble, of I'aducah.
Tho rumor of the e.llenre of yel
loy fever at New Orleans M met with a
positive official denial. The Time, of
that city, ol a Into date says : "The ab
solute, freedom ol tho city from the dh
ease nt this time can be relied upon."'
tiov. Amc. of Mississippi, said, u
few da sago: ''The blood of twenty
live oMlility negroes would benellt the
Itapubllcan party.' Iletween Ames and
hot-headed drunken white men the blood
required Is being rapidly drawn.
A Kentucky editor lias been made
rich by being appointed I'rlvnteSeeretnr.v
to Oov. McCivary at the. munlllcent sal
ary of 31,200 a year, lie will now en-
ter high-toned society, and look down
with a lolly dNdaln on the poor wretch
es of the irotelon he formerly adorned
but from which ho aro-o by superior
Thu Memphis Appeal has thu most
encouraging accounts of thu prospects of
the Democrats carrying MNslsMppi in
November. "There is." says the Appeal,
"great enthusiasm at every point, and all
are sanguine as to the result. Tho Dem
ocrat, and tho-o Conservatives who pre
fer honesty lo corruption, have gone Into
the cnutel with a unanimity nnd hearti
ness never before seen In thu State."
LAND. U'Iku I- San' i:u Itoiilci iui; Tlit-rc,
for tin- Cairo Iliillithi.
OH' OX llli: XAIIIIOW CllliK.
iiusiiiess olleiiug In Calitornla, n
through ticket purchased from the nar
row iraugo railroad, furnished thu oppor
tunity ot passing through a hitherto un
known section ot country (to me), and of
instituting comparison on the seore of
comfort to travelers llh tbu broad
gauge cars. That a marked advantage,
economically consiileied, exists Is, or
ought to be, well known. The only
drawback to perfect; comfort, was In thu
paucity of passengers, not furnishing
weight sutllcient to prevent undue oscil
lation. Notwithstanding this want, I
found I could walk the aisle ol thu ear
with more easu and steadiness than I
recollect having experienced under cir
cumstances nearly similar on thu . C. J.'.
1!. or C. A- . With tho country and Its
possibility, f was inot fivonihy Im
pressed, as was I witJi thu iirescenco ot
thu origliiatorn of thu road.
.i niot'fiin rni.(jt'i:.n.v i:.xi'ni:.si:i.
to iriends in Cairo and eUuwheru found
continuation, that thu completion ot thu
work bus secured n future for Cairo.
renderinjr every property holder assured
of the tuiiuro tf bis imM'slons. This
lHinellL nloiHt amply compensates thu
uouuty niul lty subscription. Looking
utttie advantages conferred by location,
In connection with the early manufac
ture of iron consequent on the astonish
ing fact that American iron is now selling
at Wolverhampton, Kngland, for 35
a ton. good reason appears on which to
predicate an early em of prosperity for
Cairo and surrounding country, i am
advised that thu Cornwall "iron Co.,
of Coder Uluir, Cherokee county, Ala
bama, aru now preparing to .-hip
to Liverpool 100 tons of their char
coal pig Iron, having procured freight
from Savannah at ten .shillings per ton.
I do not think I err in asserting tho men
tal Illness of W. 11. Drown, thu "Coal
King," alone prevented the establish
ment of that industry in yourinldst.
imxixo .vr.uio,
live hundred teet above Cairo on thu linu
of thu road, a short and pleasant nip for
tourists, l loutul a country to charm the
eye In Its liiagnllicent panorama and to
ratify the utilitarian In its business open
ings. Agriculturists, seeking fields for
remunerative labor, will traverse-the con
tinent vululy in fccurchofmoru productive;
capitalists can there tlnd the, opportunity
lor safe investment, by cuubliiur labor to
draw forth the 'law material which the
skilled ai llsan may fashion into shape for
homu and foreign markets, Kcculiiir mer-
chants and bankers busy, and dlll'iising
throughout all classes of the community
a spirit of contentment.
a hi:vi;ni; u.ui, moiim,
at Fort Laramie on tbu tilth of July, with
snow visible In thu mountains, and llres
in tbu cars at night, sulllelcutly attested
our elevation and presented a marked
contrast to yoiirsullurliigfroin oppressive
neat. At i;ouuell mulls and Oimiim. i
nvinr.xcis or imi'iir.ssioN.
in vacant tenements and Idle people.
,. . , -
j lie i moil i'aeihu company are about
commencing the erection of their head
quarters, Involving an expenditure of one
hundred thousand dollars, thus evidenc
ing their faith in thu approach of nioru
prospeious times.
c.uuo can I'uorn
by taking copy from the communities I
found along the route, and in my pres
ent locale, all aro seeking to Induces linm!-
Krauou ot capital and labor throii'di ad
vertising and disseminating Information
oi tneir peculiar advantages.
ninety-one miles from Omaha, the place
Mr. John llrowner was pointed out to
me, bringing vividly to mind friends in
-noiinu ;ity.
live hundred and seventy-slx miles from
Omnlui, presented evidence of growth, sit
utcd at tho end of the plains, and begin
mug of the mountains, surrounded by a
fair agricultural country, and w ith thu
railroad work shops furnishing employ,
incut tor a population ol about K000 In
ouNim.a cook, t. m. a.,
has tils hands full with Issues springing
from thu IJIack HUH excitement. Many
stories arc ulloat regarding the possibility
of obtaining gold lu paying quantities, ami
curses not it feu ar heaped upon thu de
struction of outlits. Still that particular
business of fninlfliliig Mich continue
and appear ir pio'pcr. A stretch of
Imagination Is ncceary lo consider this
section of the road: mountainous, jet
the plain ascends rapidly; in thirty-two
miles the track" a-ci'iid over two thou
sand fret, but so unili'i-nily Is the rlc dis
tributed that at no point Is the grade
above eighty feet to the mile; nnd nt Sher
man, or nt i'.vans l'.i, we are S.'JIS'J feet
above the sea level: the crest of the
''astern line of Ul.irk Hills, the Lara
mie Plains, for 150 mile west of Chey
enne, N attractive, poscliignnvcltyaud
charm for tho traveler, yet lacking the
scenic sublimity piveiited by the jia
sage of the Alleglwnl'"'. Tho next sec
tion oflod miles kni .nn n? "Hitter Creel."
I Indeed bitter; a dreary waste of age
bush, barren nlk.iline soil and no water.
Artesian well mu now successfully used,
and this Is the country thai marks the di
vide between tin? waters ot the Atlantic
and I'.iclllc Oceans. Only In the dl-tance
on the rl-lit and lell have I seen Iho
"isoeKV Mor.vr.ux.'
If indeed time admitted ot going by
the way ot Deliver, I might have written
of majestic grandeur, ullordlug no con
solation to the Impecunious, while inhi
iMerluglo n;tlictlc minds gratlllcatlon.
This fact remains: Ample space exIMs
for selecting homes by the ilNatls!cd In
the old State-. Colorado, Nebraska,
I'lah, will each and all, exact new modes
of labor from F.astern farmers lietoiv
they can 'tint on harvesting crops.
Irriiiatlon, illtehniaking on a sdu not
within the means of ordinary immi
grants will prove disappointment llr-t
lu all probability. Dwellers in Southern
Illinois, ihu ancient I'gyptians, tanned
as do the fanners on this western divide,
and less labor will yield greater or better
re-nits where you now are than can be
hoped lor or expected here. Instances
ol success are found, but seek to learn
what percentage lliey bear to attempts
nnd you fall to learn.
.M-o.Mi nn: liorn: or mi; cr.MiiA!. iv
cinc the traveling public speedily learn that
greenbacks are not legal tender. Coin
govern'. A ten dollar bill netts ?S.7.;
with this exception prices aru about the
same as they are east of the mountains.
At I'll.o, Nevada, ouu dollar lu coin is
charged for a fair meal. Tliroinrlmtit
thu grazing range ?'W per mouth N the
wages of herdsmen. The 1'. 1. I!. It.
and 0. 1'. It. it. pay their Chinese labor
ers per day ; 55 per day Is au out
side figure for expert miner, mid tlm siif
nlv of such e.vceslm lu xhnvt, the la ,
Imr market Js overstocked, and whrru I
now write
has driven out white and black labor,
Chinese liouo servants superseding the
class hereto fore employed lu that capac
ity. Tbu problem presented by their
presence Is perplexing. They aie aliens
niul intend remaining such, aie indus
trious and remarkably frugal, and in
stances aru becoming numerous of heavy
investments on farm mortgages being
made by their capitalists. Fiiigalityand
industry aru gaining lor them their ine
vitable result; but what of the clas dis
placed ': Statesmanship lias not yet de
vised a remedy. Wedded to a different
standard of comfort, the American can
not subsl-t his family on thu pit
tance the "China Mau7 grows
wealthy on. Again the .Mon
golian is a siiiKlu man. with tow and
slmplu wants, and these supplied by his
ow.i caste. I learn tiny are thoroughly
disliked, yet generally used. Still it is
not readily seen how they add to tbu
wealth of the country. In a garden near
by I have observed three of them dili
gently engaged watering and otherw!o
attending to the cultivation oi vi-geta-hies,
havo been tolil that their labor
stands proportionately as lives to three,
three Americans nccouiiilMihi'-ns much
as llvu Mongolians and to my astonish,
inentllnd (he Americans idlu" for "want
of work." Our much vaunted adapta
blity to circumstances is certainly belli','
tested on llie-l'iiclllc lope.
UIIOOM in sl;ss.
I was gratified at Kaining of thu pres
ence in South Viillejouf W.W. Kobertson,
iirother-ln-Iaw to Scnctary Stearns of dm
Chamber of Commerce in your town,
who Is conducting siic essfully an exten-
nivu patent socket broom factory, turning
out two iiunilreil dozen dally, .hiding n
market for them along the coast and in
Australia, fuinl-hiii employment to six
ty operatives. Hero Is an Industry that
should taku root mid nourish lu Caiio.
There Is, or was one man engaged man-
uiactiirlug the ordinary broom in tho vi
cinity of Mound city.
lll'sI.NKs, h ,or IIIUnK
Shi l'mnelsco although the town Is
growing. A real estate association Is
putting up n largo number or houses on
the co operative principle. Three ships
mo load ng at Vailojo' with wheat lor
I'.uglaml. Averagu cost sinco my ad
vent - cunts per pound coin of course.
.Necessaries of U nlt. t about thu same
ligures hero as In Cairo, plus the pre
mium on coin, in my next (If at all)
will treat of tho climate, people, pros
pects, iVc as they strike mu.
John 1'. Uimnsox.
Dealer in Fresh Meats
Between WaehtnirtoD nd OomiaerclBl
Avenuea, adjoining Hauny'a.
TTKHl'S for bhIc the bent Bef, I'ork, Mutton
Prtvt to Mn fmuliifg i uu nccepublo mmiiitir
Tho Pcoplo's Remedy.
Tho Uuivcrsul PniuExt netor.
Hoto: Aak for Pond's Extract.
Taka no olhor.
"llciir for I will H'ciikof rxerltint llihu.'.'
illlllll'll'i to .M:itl iiV lteiSt,
Fulls, llrill'cs
Slriilns, siiniliis, C'uiitu
I rlim, Iiliiivitlons.
!t'riielnrt, ( lit, Ijirrrn
1 tiii or Iiicl'wl Wfjtinds
'SuollliiifH.llurn, Senilis,
I MintiiiniA.
i.irruiMK iiiiiii itr
Xosc llli'i-il, ami lllriit
liirr linm. nr 'l..lli
I Vomit lute of llloidlimil
1 llloo.lv llcli.ircr
I'llr-i - IUksIIiik fltc.
I llllnil Piles, (liilnllll.Ic )
i raliila, Sjwrllnt Tare
Ulii'iiiinitlsiii, Itiiciunn
Hi" iwi'tliliff nr.sjnri liens.
SIIII.k'ns or .snriies-.,
I.umliaRn, limo (luck
Sore Tnr.iiil orOiiimv,
lntluiiuil T.iii'll.
iUiillH-rlii, Itroiiilit
1 IIn, .Hlliniu.
4nr'nr tiillnliu! Kyrg nr
, i;vi. ii.i
t'uliirrli. Uu.iiiiliiti,
I lllnrrlica. tyi"iitrrv.
iiro Mjiplf. Iiuliitni'it
I'nliiliil or loo I'rnl'ii'p
I .Mtiiitlillc
'llllli l.ec. lliurliiii Ills
nml 'I nni'irn
HlllllfV '! pint II I ,
(ii-iiol nmt Slrn'.iioiry.
I'liiillii!;! nml Km'oiIii
lions of Infants '"'
Vnrli'oso Vein. I :
l.irk-.il or liilliiiiiiil Vi iii4
'Ii-it.. OKI Miri'i, Inter-
ml t 'k i Jl Inns
Hulls. I iirlnuii'l".". Til-
nwrs, Hot .svillhi2
Tori., ami Ilimloii, l lil
.it or Miru I n t.
I liiilliics.linni. or s.nl-
ill.. (.alU
IVImi or Wlilllow, 1'rosl
i d l.unl) or I'nrH.
IolijiiIm. nil.".. I iiHcet
Mlll, e II iplinl llnniN.
I'O.VII'S i:Tlt.trr Is rumnlvlivnll I'li-Ht
Clnss lli u'Cl.ls.:iiul iieouiim-.nlol ly
.,11 DravKlst. I'hy-ii lain, im.l -Ti
llllll.S Ullll llllH I'l.T II. ml II.
I'iiiiiilil.'t t'untainliiK lli tory ulut L'm- uinll
nl rii-con iiiiillc.'liou. irn il f'liiiuttit J '"U
..'M Vnrli nml I. tuition.
In ChancoryMaster's Sals.
Sl.ili.ol'llllnol', Alr.Miinlir Cniiiily
In the .liA:iii'krloliiity uvtill toiul,
Vllli no M. AIIm rtnii ii i.l .h.l.n Ilnliifn . .lulin
llulilen iiikI .Muli-Mlt'l N ullai'u-rartilldll.
Ijt'llI.K noik-L-h liitcby Riven Hut ini.iir
.1. nunc., of ii tltvjw r-nueri'l In Hie rovi.
iillllisl ciii-c. hi said court t the Jluy lenn
llnieol, A. Ii. Is"., I, -Iolin (. Iluriiun, liu-ter
hi cliiiiKvry of mid eoimty, vt III on Ihurrdny
the i.nl .lay ol .cit iiiUt, A, H. l7 , nt the
lioiirof J o'clock ). in. ot'slil l iy, s 1 1 at jiiili
lie M'li.lue, lit Iliu cotitl house door m Iheciiy ol
C'lilrn, In Mild eouiilv, f.e lolloHins; . eacrfl-tt
mil estate. to-vll: 1 lie mmth half of the north-i-.i4l
qli irlerof -letlon t went J n-ven li'), town
fcltlp iIIIkmi (1.1), Hiititli la.'.fie, ihiiiiNt two (.)
of the tlilpl irhieliuil liirriillmi hi the
county of Alevjiiulcr im.l .state of Illinois, 10
(tlier ivltli Hie ten. incuts nml licldUtaiiicuM
Iticif unto Ikmiij-iiii,' or Hu n to i..j.'rl:iluhn;
'I. inn ol" ale -uii.-lialf cull in liin.l bil
auee In one uiel tv i ye.iri. .-.jiul i.i) iiieiitt,
ullli l per cent, hilcre-t r iiiiiiiitii tlien.1111
ilefelinl Myinenl to lie trcmvl liy lilorlgn.'
on 1h ihti' i.M
. 'nil", Jllhi, .ii.l-imI '-".tli, l:.".
, , . . Mai-ter in etinncerv
I.hiff.ir.V Unns.ltii, ( oiiiiilaluniiU' illenoi.
rs lieiehy Riven that ilef.iult Invhic Uu mu.Ic
. I'mV inuio ttiuu sixty iI.ij h In th. .a ll.cnl ..
tt iil lion of Hie amount t.-viuol to Ih; paid liy a
cerluln iuorlu'iis. cMvutiil liy Jiiines .11 I'eurlv
1 lo William I . Wclmore nn.l 1-tHlvriek Tiiwii-
ii., ielinlniliiitors, Ac. ofl.liliu Iowiitii.I.
. ihve.i-cil, .lalisl -Ijily Itli, lsil ami m onlnl in
the n conic r' ofllce, In ami for Alexatiiler c oun-
ly. In the stale of IllinoU, in book I., on )mi.-u
'7, Ac .and in tlieolllreol Hie remitter of ilciN
in tlie.'lty ol'Ciilio, in suiil county uti'l Mate in
; iKHik I; of iU.il, on piiRe Ol. Ae U e, ll.e im
. iIcitIkii"!, kjI.I luorlRai, on Situpl.iv.
III.. eleentli ilay of epleinl)er lievl, A I), 1.-7 ,
nt 10 o VIdi' k lu the foieiioou of thai laj , nml. r
i unit hy virtue of lliupoMerof sale cumuincl In
i Riilil muMfC"? -'U, at Jiulilic alicilou, to tin
l hhthiwt liMMer, for cash, ut Hie olli.e IiuiIiIIiir of
uie irii-ieoi me uiuu euy rrniH-rtyut tlie. r.r
ner of Wiinihiston uvenuean.l Diiiht.-. iitlittm I.
In mill city of Cairo, in Alevanilt r county ami
huiteof IllinoU, ull IherlL-l.l, titl- un.l inteiest
of enlil .lutnes.M. Ileierly, or hU alcns, In
nml to lots iiumliercl l:i (lliirtceii) unit II four-t.-en,)
in hliM'l. numlicriil a (iwtnty-iiiuej hi
fiild city ofCulro. nceonlhiR to tne rirorn.il p at
thfieol.wllli Hie niipui tenant i h to MitiMj the
iiirioe anil conillliou oI'k.iI'1 .MnrtRaKe
Dale.1, l,iiiio, Illinois, AiirihI Klh, 1ST
l'lll.Dl.iaCK TtlWNsKM).
'-llil. Aiinilnliliatois
Evansville, Cairo and Memphis
Steam Packet Co.,
Paducah, Shnwneotown, Evans
villo, Louisville, Cinoinnati
nnd nil way lnudiugs.
The tiiirlviilleil el.le-wlm l eteainrr
1). U. K.nvi.ui Muster.
Kl). It, TnoMAM Clerk,
W 111 leave KvansvlllleforC'niroeM ryMO.S'KA V
mi'l'llimtSDAY ut I o'clock p. in.
Leaves (.'alro every 'I l.i;,l, V ami l'KIDAV.al
0 o'clock i. in
'I he elegant siile-wlm l sleaiiu r
1Ii:n IIowaiiii Mullet
W'Al.Ttll II. I'l.NMNIllON Clerk,
Will l.-iiM' KmiiisvIIIii for Cairo every 'J'tJCS.
DAVuml KICIl'AVat to'clockii. m
Will linveCulroevery WICUNKsDAYiinilSA'l'
l.'ltllAViitllo'eloek p. in.
The elegant i(le-vheiHleaim r
John Cion- Mush r
Mat. Wli.i.tAna Clerk.
Lcuch Kvaiuvlllo fur C'.ilro everv WICD.NKS-
DAYuu.lhATUUADYatftp. Ill
LvuWi Cairo uery J lIL'ltaD.Y V uml SUNOAV
ut Hp 111.
Uiich bout niakea close connections ut C'.tlio
wlthllrt-elans fctcaimrs for SI. I.oilU, Jlcm
iihin mul .New Orleans, ami ut l'iiiimllle with
the K. ,V U. lt..It forullpolntsNoilliiiml Knit,
ami With the l.oulnWlle Mall SleaineiB lor all
tloilltS 1111 111.. I!lm.r flhln. irlvhifr (! rii.,li , ..
i.-lliin oil liciilll
nml passenger to all point
i or
fuillicr iiif.ii mu ll.tii uiiiily to
hOI.. blLVKII, Viwsfl
isieliKer Aifelit.
J. M. fllll.i.ll'.i, Mt'nits.
Or to t; .1 i:iiamIi.'ii
.Siiperinteuilent uml Gvueial KreiRiil AReiit,
lo-3--july. lAiiimMllelmlliina.
wontliiK Hehnol Kurnlliiroor "iitiiillei houlrt write
l., liAHf.lc, ro. n is nvTriiiu m,,Bi i,oui,nu,
FOIttho speeily "ir "t fcciilluut Weakue.H,
Iyont Muiihoott uml ull ilUonlers broiiRlii
on liy Inillacretlous or cxcvmi, Any DiukkI"!
Imit the Ingredient,
Adilress, Ih. K. II 1 1,1 ON & CO..
)-St-iA w-lv Clnrluniitl, eihlu,
WK ollell c.irn'spon.li.nc.. nml onlcru fr'lii DiukI.iI -, ri.y.ldjiM nml llenrrnl Store In won
of itoo. in our line Mininlxnit, I'l n.tutwn uiel I'.uiiily .M. .Urine Cn-j fiinilfhxl or.
(II lol will' reliable KniKunt r.isonslile rat .
74 Ohio Loveo. ' "anhlnKtOD Av., Cor. 8th St.
Wood ! Wood ! Woo d !
BIG MUDDY (Mount Carbon Coal.)
Tho Cairo & St. Louin Trnnnfoi' & Coul Company in ow propnrod to
Ull orders for Wood ami Coal. Dolivored to any pnr of tho City, at
tho LowoHt Cash Price. OFFICE AND YARD tit the Cairo & St.
Louis Narrow GattRO Depot.
XiisT osr rrticES.
Wrocl, 4 taot, nerrorct 3 fiO.
Wood, unwed, per cortl ... - $4 CO.
Wood, Baw.-t! and npllt, per rn-.'t - 5 00
Coat, car loud, per ton ... ...... 13 00
Cofil, cur load, Hiinfljtou !1 &0,
Coal, enr load, one-half ton ... .... j OO.
I.eavo ordoiB afl' M. Stockfleth'ii,C2 Ol.lo Lrvi'C, ut the Crystal S.iloon, corner
Hlxtll Btreot niltl Coinmereml Avenue, nnd at tho Compimy'B Onlco,
Ortlorm Solloitril nml Promptly Filled.
sr. m. w.AHr; supt.
. Importer and Wholesalo Dealer in
jFOT?UEmc?rJsr jntx domestio
Wines asid Liquors,
Keeps u full Kt ok of
33C.orx-t-ct.olty Eotu'bon,
Monongabela, Rye and Robinson County
"W 3E3E X SCSI 1 355 S ,
-on... 1
Crat Hoduoticn in Prices.,
Domestics, Shootings,
Prints, Bleached Muslins,
Ginghams, Crotonos,
Tablo Linens, Porcales,
Lawns, Suitings,
Japanoso Silks, Silk Poplins,
Alpacas, Grenadines.
Kuril.! Slock of White Ooorto, Victoria Uwtia, Swlan Marsallos, and a Uuee Mock il
Hlbhond. Iliit rnllrontofk- will l. ut m-lti.il ro-t. nml coiiIIiiiio until il U clol out. CmI.
liilhi.convhKcdi.niif.it I1.iii.mIii! 't'KltMS Vl'lil. ll.V OVhll.
aoraor Eigh.th. St. and Commercial Ave
ntl Retail
r . to

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