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The Cairo bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1872-1878, September 10, 1875, Image 4

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v-i. , -r rr.
.jjmi.,i. i iris:: is'-mhpwihe.
- ..vSKta..
Omi Hotm From 7:.W n.m. to G-.:tO
.hm Sunday from Ttotln.in. Money
0r4r 8:00 a.m. to Q-.00 p.m.
I r.n.
i -.an '
Illinois Central It II
MIm. Central It It
Cairo & vincennes
Illl-Hslly .
Cairo, Arkansas .v
Texas II It-Dally.
l)hlo IMer Itotite
Ilstlrrtc't. Montis
2 CO
1 no
.Miss. Itlvrr IIomIp I
Up, Son. Til til
Down, Til Tim fit )
riicl.es lloute (
rrMiiy fiitupl.ir
a. w MtKcAHi, r M.
12:H m Dally
3:15 p m '
4:0.) n. m..K.cept Sunday
.11:01 a nt ' "
im ...... l:Mp m.. ' "
. 7:30,. ni .. "
Mill nt ...
l,xprcs at
Kreljtht nt .
Frcisht st-..
Krtlftht nt .
t'rirht at .
Malt at -..3:00 a m ...Dally.
KxircM Jst- tf;:t0p m...Kxccpt Sunday
Freight aV....-.-.. 8:41a in... " Monday.
Freight at a-4ii m... " Sunday.
Krriftht A . .'. Oh in... " hilnduy.
Freight a It 3 p. m .. "
Ji.IIE3 JOnNSON, Apcnt.
On nml after Aug. to, tiiilns will urn us fid
orrs, Mimliyi" excepted, from tin' corner of
Second street nml CtiiumiTcf.il nvcnu, ( aim,
r.nixu Moiaii.
Leave Cairo 10:45 A M.
" Murphy.lior -: I " 1 ' M.
Arrltellustst Louis nM "
. uoixn sotmt.
Ixivc IUH St. liuls 8 :30 A . M .
Arrive Murphrsbort liiin I. M.
Iamxk Murpliyaliuro U':r "
MrUcCulni !:() "
Conncctlnr nt St. Itil'4 with nil li-.ilm Vi t
ami North. " .1 I. III.M Kl.liV, Mipt.
J. A. U'K.VJZ. (I'cni-rnt l'a'Piu:rr Asi'iit.
Running Through Vilkl Change
Icarts Cairo
Arrive at Cm mi
ArrlM't at Vlr.a.niie
Arrive nt Kvunsvllk
Arrive at liidfanajKilN
1 00 u. til
, . "
. I IS p in
4 :m p. m
Arrived at North Vrranu
Arrives nt L'liiciniiuli .
Arrlvint Louisville
CAtllO EAI'IlKf)
lAr.iMi 1 ml l:ina polls
I.vvei Ulm-lniull
(illlMllle ...
Arrivei nt Vlncfnnis -
l-.ivel A'lncenne.1
IxaviH Kvunilllle
Arrives utt anul . .
Arrives nt Cdlri)
a. is p. in
:.') u in
- 7:( ' '
- -:" i in.
i':21 "
1I:0 n.ni
i:i:; p.m.
:) '
to mill from all
MaUns cIojc coiinectloiii
nninU Ka! nml -Vol 111. at llKllanaiioIl' nml (.'in
0. nn.ili, ami to ami liuni nil points aouth ami
Vt oftalio hy mil ui.d rier.
The Mouml City Accommoilatloii nun W'til
tienlay ami atunlay
1. caic Cairo K' .i'uunl .'.:! p m.
Lcje Mouml I Itv 1 :1Auii. p. ill.
(kn I'ickitAK't Uini-nil hiip't
E3"l'cr Itifornutlon rrl.itlic to rate. uml con
liKlion, npplj to JAJll. .M M.I.OItV,
Sheriff's Sale.
BV virtue of mi execution to mr ilnvctcd by
tlicrkrk of the circuit court of Alexander
rouutv, In the MjIc of Illinois, iiiUvor of llir
narU AIcUaiiusaiil,i?.iiiit Ue I'lnlilpj, I have
levied upon the folluvrliitfde.-crllicd iiropertv, in
theclty ofCairo.couuty of le.aniler uml Kluln
of Illinois, to-wit' l.(jld nuiiil.ticil tlnee p) mid
four'l) In Muck miiulwrwl fortv-lltc ('). m
the proiic'ty of lliemlil l.ea riiillipH which 1
fchall offer at public alu nt the homh-i it door
of the court hoii'u lutho city of tilro, In the
county of Alexander uml Mute of lllinolx, on
the thirteenth day of September A D , Mr; nt
the hound' eleven o'clock, h. in , lor cash, to
fatilfy said execution. AI.KX. II. lltVIN,
Slitrirr cjI Alexander I oiiuty, Illinois.
Cairo, Illinois August i!Ut, lcT.".
SherlfTs Sale.
BY virtue of an execution to me dlucleil by
the clerk of the circuit cum I of Alexan
der county, iu the, Mute or IlllnnU In fivorof
James Cfotian f r the iic of AlitfiHUM I' llal-lerl-rgandH?aliiat.Iolin
liulley, 1 hnoleviol
upon the following decrll-l property, in the
hir.t Adilthm to the i-uld city of Culm In the
county n! Alexander uml Mule ol IlliuoU, to
wn Lot numbered cliihiun (IK) In block nuiii
bered nine (o.tutlie pniierty of thefald .loliu
Duffey, whicli I dull oner nt public snlu ut the
oiith-weitdoorof thunmrt hoiiein thucltv of
J- ro, In tlie county of Alexaniler uml Mute of
H . J? "" hK tlmteenth ilay of September A.
1 UU.ut the hour of eleven o'clock, u. in. , for
cash, to ilry4ld execution
c, , .. AI.EX. II lltVIS'.
I ir in '"J110 AlexunJer County, illmoU.
Cairo. IlllnoU, Auiriut '
BV,vi."ie,? iiV0 'lr1-l,.cx,'f on K' me -recle.1
by the clerk or t,e encult court ol
Alesander county, in the -Mate or llli noi" ,,i i
In favor of .lane 1'utney and the other In f n, r
of Ihonu LainbeHoii, and tu.th uaain.t II
W atnon ebb, I will offer ut public Mile the r',1.
iowiiiKuehcniiiiroiriy,ln the city of (alio
M. r i i lal'Oi llllmdi), lo
tewl .TiM:Tot nimUwl'Mx V lnk bbn'k I
of Mjillh ldeof lt Iiuinheiitl tuculv-six (.1.1
and lots nutulH-red twentv-teen (),tieiity
tlxut UO nml twenly-niiii. CM), in l,uk uum-
"'V tenty.lx (.'u) m.d lot nunilu-itil ile ( 1
lu block numWred thirty-two (:!:), uUc, l,,t4
liuinU-reil thirty-live CVo and tblitv-eitflit (i.i.
In bhM-k nuinlH ri-l eU'lmvn (Ik) It, nc vlrn &
illtion tii Mtld city u thu pro.vrt) ortheMildll.
Wul.no Webli, ut the touth.wit tloor of the
luun uuu 111 uie nun cuy 01 1 Uro, county ol
Aiexamter unit Map; of llllnnli, iu the tfilr-
veenin nay 01 sepienilur, A. 11. I-?'., ut the
....... ..1 cicirn u tlOCk, u III., IrC.lll, tOMItl-'
fy kuM evecittlon Al.l.X II. lltVIN
sherltr of Alexander (ounty, llltncU
Calio. 1IU., Augiuuint, is
The Gamble Wagon
'A-XX1.0, HjIjIWOIB.
Ksr Thirth-Fourth Street
''I'litimlT," 'ixcl.tiincil a liiiiu, tu.ili
In" Into n nillroutl Iclctjiiiph btathin the
other tlnv. "'J'lio t'.i)ivs Imtn'ii June
dir tli hl hrltlo I"' "Many Ulllvtl, maii
Mllitl V fcrcaiiicil thu by-stiimier?. UN!
a line,'" lonllvtl tin? other. "Mii Jnt
went on nt one end mitl went oil at the
oilier, just n UMtal."
A yotinskr belli;,' required to wi lle
n composition upon onn portion ol the
lininan body 'rlrctnl that whh h nnlle-
the head to the body, and expounded ns
lollow : "A throat N convenient !o
have, especially to roolcrandmlnMei s.
The lorinereat com and crow-" with It :
thu latter preaehes through hU'n. and
then tli- II np. This 1- pretty much all I
can think about necks."
Forewarned, l'orearniid Our re
porter licfitc tllnner"i : "lley i:trdou,
my lord, but eonl I your loiiUhlp kindly
oblige tnu by giving me n hint to whal
your lortMilp U going to say in reply to
the duke when hU grace propose-: your
hmMilpVhi-allh ;" UN t.ord-hlp : '-ilow
can 1 tell yon what I'm goln:r to Miyuu
III I've heard what the ilnko fayc V" " Our
reporter : "Oh. I can oblige your lord
ship with what hi" grac U going to cay,
I've got It all In my pocket." Vouch.
A colored innii, employed a? a deck
hand on a propeller, was riiOitng arouutl
town yclei'il.iy, and Inquiring where the
poIN were. "I'olN? rolls?" repealed
the citizen, "why. there U no election go
ing on now." "There hain't?" "So,
Ir." The man stood lor a moment look-1
lug greatly dNaiipolnted. and turned lor
Hie river wlili the remark: "And now
de irograiiiuie N to Ibid d.it ."leek young
man who sdd dey wa uying lx dollars
a piece lor voter !" lutrU l rte lWss,
lilliiinieo Sit. III.
AN OKIIINANC I. to Plot Ide for the cohMnic-
tloii 11 11' I Hroiiillucilun ol ccitniimdcviulkn hi
lliecil.vof ( .ilro.
lieltoril.illiedby tliei'ily council of llieclty of
MttloNl. That the' followinu: nntiutl slde-
w.uktlie rc'-onili noted ol wood in Uiu iiuiiuer
lieiLina.lcr pniMitrii, viz : 1111 tliesoutli Hide
ol ivoml slivet, between lVee sturt mid Colu
ineicbil meiuie) on the north nidi; ui Second
stleet, between l.evee ftlfet nml (.0111111e1el.il
uveiitie; on tliesoutli sldeof l ourlli stieet, be
tween i.cmi-slice! uml C'oiiiinvrclul iiVdiue ) on
the-north side of fourth sliccl, lief.Mt ii Ltieu
sticet ami Collimeicinl lUelilic; on the south
side of i;xhlh idlcct, between Ceiee stmt unit
Conine iculuieuoe, oil tile south side ol I vtclllh
hllol, liinteii 1 lee ollifl uml 11 iltlillij,'lon
uteiiue; on ilic south sldu of I 'mil teen 111 atutt,
bciwten ciiiiueiviut uteutie nml ilulnilt nlKtl)
011 tie. noun nhleol Koiirpcnth Bluet, beliiieu
v usiiiuxton 111 ei. lie nun 1111111111 Mini; on
tlicMie-l sldeof IVpl.ir .-Ircet, oclwecn ihu
teelllliiind hollltieiitli slli-vt", nml betiueu Hf
teeulh nut i.i):htecutti sli.il--, on thu
west side ot led.ir sticet, betHcin
l'iluetitliund .Mxtieutii Mlcets; on the noitli
side ol i.ihtccnlh rlletd, between l.cur Muct
andCoinnKiei.il uvenue, u il betwien 0 uhiii.'
I011 iiMiiueuiul o nliiut i-tre t; oil the south sule
01 lvttutielh strict, betwteii l.evte stltet uud
C01111ne111.1l menuej 011 (lie north side of iWen
tletll etlifl, leliuen l.cCC sticet mill ( miller
eml uieliuei 011 tlie West sld - of M'a-hlugioii
in-line, betliieu leuthuud lllell'ili .-tlvit-,, nml
on the "oiilli clue i'i iliiily-toiirth o t reel, be
lli 11 a i.eur -tui'I und 1 iiiuiiicrciiit uvenue.
sec..' Ih.it the follnnliiK sidewalk' beeon
structed of wood in the in inner lieieiu.iltt r pin
viiliil, 117.: 1)11 the vic-t nlile of rodar stiiet,
helium leuthutKl 1 uellth "iiuli: on tlic 1101II1
side of Klclililll stlirt. betuiru Wii-hln -inn
uml (.'omiuciciul :ienie-i on tin;
lioilh slilu ol l.luhteeutb im,.,
Ih.'IWccii Wuluut uml Cellar slr.i..
und on thesonth eldo of l vtonly-clKhth slicet,
lutweeii iMJVeestreet uml Coiumerc ill uteutie.
S'ec .1. MliJ Wu k4 ellltineniled In .SMeinnw 1
und .', fallal I becoiistiiicteilunil lecou-lructetl us
lonows, v 17. 1 lev Bl1.1l do s ut i 1 eon
top, excepting on Wiudiiniitoii toeniie, (Much
shall beeen litt. 'I lu head or tup eoverinir
shall be two incite thick, mid not to cxicol
I'lirht inches III ll iillin Ihe fniilo line 10 1... I, .nr
im iu-i.tiii iiujii Kie 110111 line 01 ineioi',, ev
ent oil IWIUfllL'Ioll nielllle. Mllfcfl luill Im III,
fivt I'roiii the trout Ifuu ot the lots; said bo.uds
or plunks to he laid cioswc with the
Idewulk, and llliniy 'it unit well sulked on In
three slriiifei''. Willi not le- tliansix luentv-
penny nails to each board or pl.iuk 'I he striiiK-
rssn.iii noi nc ie. uwn mice luetics tlilcK or
Ix Inches wide, uud llnnly rot on clxennd well
Diked on lo tlie oile orcross-tfe. imi leis 1I1.111
tlnee Indies Ihlim by -ix iucliiHMlde. idacul
cnisswle to said wulk, ut interwils ot nut iinne
(lulu six leet; Wlien me stilewulks 111c elevate!
lljoie tlie natural irrouiet tlie no.itsol tiiettestle-
wink shull be tour Inches Hpiaie nml the sills or
Clors-ties shall be placed on ede.und piined
or movttceil into the iosts uud well spiked, uud
the etrlnpT. shall tie notehcl llKlitly to said sills
or cross-lies; und in nltcusc block, of wood
not le's limn ouefoot luiiir. threciiiehes thick hy
M inches wide shall bu placed under the emu
ot each sill or rum-tic when tlie walk N laid on
the natuiiilKroiiud, uud under the ends of cucli
post Winn the walk is clesalcil by lieotle-workj
if the tiujtl'.-woik Is over tluce feet hljrli thu
hiiiiic r-luill be tlrmly braced und tlie pots ex
tended two und one-half llctnbowlhcsiilcwulk,
towhlchii liaud-railliiK or strip olwhltuoak
plank', one Inch thick b four iiiches wide shall
Ixjsecurely iiaihdt tlie ininljer to Ik; ii'hI shall
Imthe bed qiiallly of white or bmr ouk aid
walks rlull lie so constructed und recou-tiucted
lis toeoiifollll to the pilule cstabll-heil by ()di
liauceNo. . .1.
M'C. 1. 'I hat the following walks bs con-
slriicied of brick in the manner lieiclnullcr pro
vided, tu: (J11 the south sideol l.lKhlhstiict,
betwiin Wnshlniitoii uvenue uml Wuluut stint:
onthesouth side of -elenlll rtieet, lieltveeii
C'omiiieicial und WnshiiiKtou mcnues; 011 tlie
noitli side of M venlli Mint. Indwien C'ominer-
einlund Wnshliiton avenue", und on the wot
sideol WuiIiIiiKtoii uvenue. between M'Venl 1
and i'.ixhth slnets
.-ee .1. .-aid brick sldewulks 011 the cro"S
streets rhall bo ten I'eit wide, und said brick
sidewull; oil v, ushliiKlou uvenue shall betwelvu
Hit wide; they sliull be coueliuctul of haul,
nell-buiuei brick, compactly uud propcily
laid in InrrlllL-lMiiie 111. inner, in 11 bisl f ciumt
sand, not less than four indies thick, placed on
u linn midsiioslaiitlul lie I ol coalclnilcisorciilli
earlht nml shall be so laid lo tlie Knide estab
linlusl by provisions of Onllnaiice ad . :tlj raid
walk shall lie laid w lib a slope downwuid to
ward lliecinb ofoiie-thlnl of mi Inch to tlie loots
uciirbiuK ol sound white or burr oak plank lime
Inches tlilck, und not le-s til 01 fourleen Inches
wide, to be spiked 011 with foily-penny nails to
sound white or burr oak stakes, two uud ma
ll ill leet Ion;? ami Hire,' Inches sipiaie, placed oil
iiieouisiiie 01 sum cumin;; not mure tiiaii ue
The local llnnrov einents beieln 1110-
Vlded lol. rliull be lliaiiubv sliecial nrerineiit
uud inaecoidance Willi the piovlsloiis ol iu-
llouseiifhtten to llllj-oue inclusive, of Aitlcle
nine ol the Acts of tlie tiener.il Arscinbiy ol tin;
Mam ol Hilled, n j 1 1 j 1 o 1 April 10. A I) l7.'i
and entllled "un Act In provide lorlholneoiiior-
..iiwn 1 iih k nn' 1 v uiiuKcs, aii'i me costs uml
'.' v , , eoni.iiiietiuu nod ricoiu-tructloii
V,lr'! ', ,hlt.Wttll',,,',mU.,,V l'ld out f t,u muds
.........uii, n,,,., rprciiu iisrearineul .
r. owner 01 it uy ol linnllnit rui nny
of he tldewalks, luovl,lous lor llio buUdliiLM, ,
.,101111 -.uim 01 wiiicii is inulu by lids null,
nance. n, ) .alow,,, mtt ,," ,'
t.me ut wlile ,11,1, ,,imie iuke ,' ....f , l,
w h eh to build or reconstruct said ride dk
us tin, en-,) may l. oppo-ltc his )i, ,i ,i.K,,:
rclleie tin- same Ironi n.ssment 1 W iIIhI5
hat the w oik shall lu ul ,es ' r s coiVro 1 0
I11 u-pilr, iiients .,r il,,' ordlnuiice, nn .
Uu IS' M,e!jl'!1U" !"'l'r"V"1 "f
.tJW ! I'"," IJ'Cf-'M'linllonof tlie said thin v
;. "." 1 icik snail puniMi a not ee Im n ,
lays in he newspaper ptihllshlnx then -ill , ,,,
01 inecitv . ,.e Inn lonh ihat M.ahiiiii.u
llKlillll. I .,. ,ii.i,.....l .... 1 ... . ' '.'
f.r .1 e ; m " "? z " w 1
-..1 .n v. .ii,, iiv, un, 111 ran
KiKtiuiKs lllliclei I lu t he c. Iv i inw. iii , ;.
tecelM 1 ut Ills ulllCC lip to the time ol'lhe m,., 1
r,."' ' !' coinicllfor theopeiilnirol' snlil
z w ?W! t '-e euiiu. u!;;;:
,late,,rk.,i,i iimi iiKiiieeu nays Irom ilc
illnunee I. ui.r,..., :, ; ' ''"'"'uii'i inut nun or
hl Voluw J ' ''Mnnliuitloi, ul uny time at
Mild bid' ikhall Ik- opeiud le, ,c clerk In Hie
lirereiicc of the council, nnd the e inirnri for il J
b'K the woikorluinl.,lK ,1,, nVerlS I or bo
Mr Ihe rointructloii uml iiconm i Jiio, ofs, ,1
sldewulksthal boimuidtsl to tin Imi,., v!! , .
ble bidder, who shall sn II - . 1 Lin ;
thu sat Mucin, ii. .i ll.,. .! "ii'.'-i lll",,.u. to
rd sald inaterial uml the "fo m'o MS
work orli.th. nnd,,' Ihe suoerliitem en I f t e
Co 111 111 tieoll - Ireela will,,, I. ...... 'K
as m..)- bellxisl byciutiucti ll (ld bld,iei M
siitl.luctory to Ihecilv; .aiuucil they may njec
atiyor ull of liuni. uml may then or llituuiier
uu,iiurie sum HI11I.S III l,u CIIUHIIUC ell nml re-
comliucted by mcli tie,eiiti as they may think
Approved (sept, sth, s7.i
a,. . ... IILNDY WIN'll , My,
' Win I nn. It A.ler C iv (Kit
CO s
o j! to
. Xfl 4 ffl 52
XII 5 g 73 I
CO R f I
CO "5
Oity National Bank
CAPITAL, - - $100,000
W I' II ALU DAY, I'leslihnt.
A. II SAlT(Htl), Cii-ihler.
WAIl Clt II VM.ljr, Ass't Ca.hler
Sr.VAlS T.WI.,1!!, 1!. It. (t'1'.VMMllMU,
. I. llALMUAV, W IIvi.I.niAV,
D W'll.l.lA.M-OV. M'Knll:V lilllll,
A It s.vi roiiu
EzclmuBO, Coin mid United Stnt03
I3ond3 Bought and Sold.
DEPOSITS received nml a kciui-jI banking
business done.
Enterprise Savings
A IS y VProlill, President
S H TAYLOIt, Vice President.
IV. 11 VSI.OP, l-vo'y mid Tieusiiirr
. li.llK.I.t V, (.'HAS. (,'A(.iiLII,
ATni-Kixirrir, Paci. (!. f;iiiii,
I. 1. I'lllLl.ll'T.
P. .11
P. M
It. II
"I NTKIIEST paid on deposits at the rate of six
.Liercent pcruiiniiin, .March 1st and .Mitem
bcr Irt Inteis-st not withdrawn is lidded Inline
diately to tlie principal of thu deposits, thereby
KlvliU them compound Interest
Married Women and Chilciron rany
Deposit Monoy and no ono
else can draw it.
Open (very btiNiue-sday ffom!ia m. to a p. in
und -uliiid.iy crvidn j s for envings de) o-its only
from 0 to s o'clock
W. IIYSX.Or, Treasurer.
Transacts all kinds of a Legiti
mate Bunking Buoincss.
V BROSS. Piealdont.
P. NEFF, Vlco Proaldont.
X J. KERTH, AusiHtaut Caahier.
Prices lo suit tho Times.
Wholesale Figures, but No Crodit !
Mrs. C. McLEAN,
Nojit Door to Stuart & Gkolson'fl
HATS, lb mints, Flower,", Luces, Itlbbims,
Silks, Velvets, Ties, ItuchiliKS, Coriicts,
Kid (iloves, Hosiery, Worsteds,
Abo thu "Ladles' Diess KtTorm'
Mid ull Hie new styles of Iriminiurt HILs fur
MiiliiLrnnd MmiiniT.
S3llies,i piodi will bo sold nl very love lh?
ilics, for C'A&H nnd CASH ONI.V. l-ll-'.".l
'I he undcriil-si'.cd has I lie plcasiuc of unnouuo
Iiik' lo the eltlen. id I 'nlrn uud Ihe surioiitidlui.'
country that hu husebtablliliiil a
for Ihe mle uf.losepb sclnialder's cilebraleil
unit on bhoi lest liolite betr will be deliveiiil
coiituinl leiuiy lortuii
TONY NlKDP.ltWI):ii:il, A Rent
Depot under I'lanliis' llmise
s.l Im
Tho Trustees of tlio Cnlro City
Property desire to (.ill public attention
to the merits oftluli properly, compil
ing ;i coiiMdcrable portion f the CltV of
Cairo. In Alexander County. In tlie State
of lllInoN. and land- Immediately adja-
cenl thereto.
'I'liN city, a U wdl known, Is sitllntetlat
the continence or llic Ohio aud .Ml-sl-ljipl
rivers, at the head ol tiiilnterupted n:tl a
tlnll on tho M.s..lllii. bo.Uts below oil
strtictlotis by ice In Un' winter nml low
water in milliner, nml U "a- n clear tunl
open river coiiimtini'Ml" it nt ail 1 lines over
tlio Mipt pi and i' t' lliutnrlos, wdli all
the c tuilrv sotiili to 'ho litilf ol Jinx co
tunl the Atlantic iuc.fi. Cairo Itnsulso the
sitni! eliarnetcr ol coiinnuiticttlon ivith ull
thu country north our tho streams llowlnir
by I , wlieii llio-e stietnin aiu not Inniivl
jjidile by lea-on ol ! or lotv water.
llctore Hie tw of Italltoails, Cum had a
cointiiiimlir:'-' I'O-ltloii us a centre of coin
iiioTce unit uiviiation. This importance ol
position she t il p"st'sse. hut lui-tiow the
ntlilltioicil adtiinlave ol being a great lull
load e it re. a liiunber ol the nto-t import
ant lallio ul- le III" Valley ol the .Ml- sdppi
cimvcr.ln;' to uud li:it in their tetiulni
tliuio. "Am ii'.'tlieu,eoiuliii;froiiitlienortli
a-u tlio k'reat Illinois Ceiittal Itailronl,
which tr.iM'-i" the mire -t.ito ot Iilluoi
lioui it- e.x'i' in ' northern und north-cistern
to i s -milhcrn liinlls. und liy itse"iintctloiis
uMctiiis in 0 all tlio groat northwestern
grain prodiiciHK ft'lit oj ihe Cairn mid VI11
e lino-, cMcinliiits Ironi (. aim to In; Ity ol
VI ,0. line-, la tin' -Stato ol Indian , (Iielo
ltc nnection-nllord direct raiiioud coin-iiiuiiication-w
I'll all hn tern eltie ; ami
ihe calm ,VM. I.oiiis Itiltrnaii, allornlni; a
(Hi it t rail ml eonimiiutuation with the
c'ltv ot M, I.otii" and all tlie iiiihoails icti
tenmr llieie J'iiu loaiN eo.nlnr Irom 1I11
.South are tie New Oilcans, .l:ickon und
(Jrcat Northern did the .Middle ami Ohio
liadrnatis. wlii. h givo i!in et lullroail ei in-
nitiiiiuiilou wdli in cities ol .M bile and
.New Oi'loiii-. iiidotli r Mititliern Atlan'ic 1
tea poit. and 01 conn. tin toads with all
the eo'inlrj s mb of Cain; and com iv '
in 111 me iniiwo'i i-mo (.aim. ArKiin-a
and Texas litllroad, wliieh . Ilonl- Imil.ir 1
cominuiiicatloii Willi o tliein .Mi sontl,
,ratHi-mid Idas and thu prliiclp.il cit
ies ul tlio-o states, lids I sl-iumed tool
wl ''ive. al-o, direct connection with lb
I'eMi- and l'jeitlc Itoad when it is com k-
ted. thu- : v ttiir direct ciiiuii.uiiieation wi h
the princi al p i't ol tho Pacilio Ocean
ihesc r.i Iru'td'. tirnil atinirnt Cilm, arc
now all cotnpl. ted and in ncce--lul oprra
tion. tlio-e lu Illbioh coining into tlio citv
on a bai I. olcach ol the livir-, Uhlo anil
yiissi.-ippl, and tcnnlnatitiL' at their coniltt
encc, iliti' enc'rcliiiglhe city. T'ho Holly
isiiring-, Ilrowiisvlilu and Ohio Itivcr itnl
road, und the Cairo and T'eiiuc-co liiver
llilli'.nil. which will b:tli terininato st
Cairo, aroln eottr-oot cotislrtiutlon oi "'"
soon ho eonii.lttcd.iinW U",r "illrwK s ho h
In llllii Is and In .MJte.soitlli ol U10 Ohio
river, which win a'-o teiinluato at (alio,
ar projoetcn, nil' arrnueiiieiii inane 111
build them. The construction of iliese.
will fjrenlly incrcjoc the nllroad coniniuni
cation'' ol Vulro.
It- cential location in thogrui . Valicv ot
tint Mlslsimd,iisd the trretit v.oalth of river
and r.illi'o.ni coiiuntiiile ition, (?ive to Cairo
unsurpassed ndvatitmcs as a c 'iniiierelal
jiolnt, as Itttlords lo her coy and cheap ac
ce4 to all tho .ram iiroihiehu' (Pstlicts ol
tin.. .North 111.1l Wcst.uud.iuill.iraci'e-sto nil
thu:U'rieiiltnral 1 roilitre eon-iuiiciN of tlio
.Miiith, tlitl- iire-etilliig Hie best location In
tho Wosttoran Intel chntnrc of tho restiect-
ive northern and oti'li'iii evinuiodllio and
An amniitirjctiiiiii'locitloii tlio position
ot Cairo is not lesi iiuportmit. 'I'he entile
rinterl lis cf every de-crlptiori, which con
stitute the elements of iiianiil'acttlivd aril.
ele, abotind on ever iue, Iron ore, cuul,
oisuie.Ior (pialliy. ami timlirr of evety
cliiraeter.nioro tlrni others, bolus easily
and cliouply acees.mie. and tho rich ukH.
eiiltuial region ol tlie liiintciliutii neighbor
hood, as well a tlu more remoto di'tiicts
rendered ti Unitary to It bv river an I rail,
Iiirid-h supiillesid tho i.eeesrariebof life In
such abundance a- tor titter living except
luimlly cheap. When tliciiianufaeturcd mtl
cles are produced, tlio facilities for cheap
distribution by river tunl rail arc not
Cairo h:i" a iiinral. liiiclllireut. Ilherul and
cnterprirtiK icptnmioii or about li!,0U(l has
a superiors) .tent ol public schoolr, which,
nun uiiitin eoiuiiiclt (t O) I'liv.iio i-oit-i
prise, ulloril in,, in it hSed educational ad
vailtavc' 1 pj.mrsed of well-estiibl'shuil
elitirohes of neatly every denomination
has ptlbll ' uud iriutu litllldlliL-itol'u sllpu
r'or diameter Jew u ellmato, which form.
luhl'lty-alid lioallliml llillticnecs eaiinol ho
siirpiisseii- ia u well-regulated nml ef-
llcient linuiieipal oriranlzillon, its streets
llgliteil rtilli cih und other nietrnpnllinn ad.
VHiito-jcs, which iiinlso It hldily dcslrabli
uud In re dity put to be excelled as a place
oi puinmiictit resilience.
I'Ot.ainl :,iu1 in Cairo aro now nilcred ut
vcij i"v pdecs, ullonlllit; lavorahlu oppor.
iniiiiie. to purchase, and tlio owners iro
ent tlie locution Kiiho public as olleriii);
uni lialfil ndvantarte lor the stp cesslul o-
jinn soul, in n coinmiTi'iM or iiuiniiiaciur
It'SJ eil'ein Los. nnd the h"st Inca ity in thi
eoun.t-yiur prniitablo luvestinoutot capital.
Trustcep, etc
CAiuo, li.t.., May 1st, 1S7J.
h 1IMI'
V01111K men and l:idlc to know Unit the bfM
place to obtnln n Iiulne4 (diicalloti nnd nn de
fiant linud-wrilliiK ImiI the
Toledo, Ohio. Mini for circular and
nm)ies 01 in'innninlilp. Addiis,
It. M WoittiiiN'.ro.v, Toledo, ().
I'lensiuit uml Prolltiilile l',niili.V
IIICIII. "Itenutinil''' "CliarinlllK!" "li,
how lovclj t" "l hid lire Ihev wortliV'Ae
.Midline excliimallon by tlioc vthoss;the
luivci levant New ( hroinos produced by tlio
Ihiiiii'ian nnd Atucrlcnii C'hromo l'ubllMihi
Co. I hey me ull I'liliet tiiuii of All. No one
ran reM the temptntlon to buv whrn seelns the
( hroinoi. ( iiiiMi.ers, Agents, nml ladle uml
Kentlcmeu out ofeiuplnyinent, will Uml this the
bet o)ienliii(i virollerisl In make tnnnev Tor
full particulars, scml stump lor eotilldeiitlnl clr
illliir. Addless P. (II.KASON , Cd., j?
WnsliiiiKlou M.. llonn, Alnsn.
$50 TO $10,000
Has Ik en Invested hi. Stock Piivilrr'inml paid
' 'How to Do It -' 11 linn); on Wall M.scnl
lice. T iimlii Idr'e Co., Danker- A. llroker4,
Vn 1 1 St.. N. V.
"'he rliolii-t In the world
"',",' Impoilers' nln'-l.iin:est
C'onipat.y In Ainrrlci-taple iiillcte pli-is
1 verj liody--'l'iiide continually liictmhiK
AkciiI wnnleilcverywhei, I i-it luducclm nls
d.in'l waOe lime- semi for elicular lo llobiil
Wells. It Iimi'V M. , N , P. Il ix l-'s:.
Ladies, Read This !
IK Hlf M il, I, SEND MP. Vnt li NAMIJ
II V 111.11 UN M MI. (PltLI.) SO.Mi; rill.Ntl of
V.M.LKTOVOt . AiMifii M.ICTI.M HK.tcil,
llll.N Y
Prlcot. M,ld lie Dmiti.'ils.
sj- "HEW Mill IP IT PAIL'S TO (t l!i:.
Dr ( It Howe, cneca Pull', N V.
Wl:l;li' iruaRiuttsl to male nml
female limits lu their locility.
( o-ts nothing to 1 1 v il P.nllciilais
fiec P ( Vl( Kl.ltV .t ( O..
AliKUsta, Jle.
MOM' i:T K ltlI.VAIt V Terms of
dvcilldiL' are oil'eied fir Ncwsimiieis
III the Mute of IT,' INOIS I sml f-ir llt
ofjuper und Si Inslule ol lules ildres (,KH.
I', Hull I.I.I .V( O , Vdierii-li'i. Airrnts. No II
Park l.'ow Ne York licfii I j l.illtorof this
Puper --lm
t ehhruts'l for in IM'UITV. KTIIRXOTI1 anil
lAI. iTAIILi:M'. Wsrrsntnl to pkmuti
f.Ckl' l. . . K. L I'ltl'Ml.NU A CO.,
41 AiUO Mlchlguu-nr.,Clilciia.
Tho Successor LOSIFOC hits Induced the
Owners to Havo 11
Guadalupe Rancho
IK mile -i,ulh of -..in Cms Old p.ninl ! miles
North of I oi.ijio. .
4,000 Acres
In Tracts:? 5, 10, 40, and 150 Acres,
ON THE THAI' I', mid continue THItEi: days.
Tt.uvir: Oiie-foiirlli cull, kilanre in four
cipiul until al iii'talliiieuls, withleu i.erieut. In
Ureal. T lice buds me will wateiisl, limbenil, uml
suitable I.. r i-.ilshur nil kinds of Krain. Mvela
bles frui's, tobacco, etc M'ells I'aiuo A C'o's ,
hpre . Po-t Ollice ami Meaiuhlp ottln-s es-tabll-htsl
Inlhctown, A line v half at Point
Mil, whereuny ves-cicuii bind.
100 5-acie lots will be sold.
Pamphlets, Maps, and jiarllcnl.irs cm Ism,Ii
tallied nt tlic (irand 1'urlllc Hotel, Chicniro, of
WM il Mviriiv i.. i t ; ... i... ;,i.
California Immigrant Union,
534 California St , San FrnncIsco.Cttl.
L. Hcdstioni A I. Jhtker. A.J.IIoole.
Miners & Shippers of
i -."i Mnera iiwi. Iluil'alo.
(,I M.ttAl. Ol i it. o, ( j- Adaiin ,V .Market M.
I l hlcaKo.
Also AgontB for Blossburg Coal Co.
1 1
To Lumbermen $100 in Gold.
end foi-nilt-crllillon nf Emoison's Patent
Planer Toothed und Damascus Tempered
uawHuiuiiin mvoiiuioi I lie i.ie.u r;u tonal Miw
liiK Contest In which they rirrl'sl oil every
lirielududlntr tlie-fU'i in Gold AddroH
jiiiicraon, i'oru z co , iieuver rnus.i'a.
Sny wlieie you saw this --Js-d.vwlw .
"Full ? Calls"
CO.VI llOl.i 6,000 llusljcls
of tiniiu for UOdays,
and npwuidi is i nKfjtr.NTi.Y
leuii(si on an inveiiment
of 4 1O0
Parties desiring to npenite. nr llion wiehluu
lor Kill ilil'oiiuiilioil llOWTOOI'LICAIL. send
for our circular Addles
ICQ WashlnKton St., CuIciiko.
I I'irli Nets. Teiils.T'iiipaiilliH .fiuliie 'I'rui.s, A
end for I'l Ice List to itl'HOLI'II (.I N Co
Mil N. lliliil; Sticet, .SI, Louis, .Mo,
T he uMilcnw und kioiiiuIs in .turn shorn, Ills,,
I'oiiueily Known us thu
Situated tlnee blocks from nnd fiiclnj; tlie Pub
lic . nunc, four blocks from thu depot of the
Cm I ro SI Louis railroad, and about one mile
1 1 (im Ihe depot of Ihe I C It. It, nt Anna, The
hoii.ulsu hiibstuutlal, Rood styled name, and
111 excellent leiiuir 1 lius seven looms iiirK" niiu,
portico, liorcli, cellar, nnd fi nut und side en
traneis A irood cistern, will barn uml wood
house conveniently located. About .
Throo tind Ono-ITnlf Aoros of Ex
oollont Ground!
One-llilnl lu sluubbery, fruit, uml onininenliil
trees, bcnles, Acamltliu lenmlndcr now In
Brass and clover-well udiiptcdlo kitchen
ilcnliiK or berry culture.
13-1 ho owner resides elsewhere und will sell
at low llKitres.
Inquire (in pmnUes or nddiws
8-'.V. A..L PIPKIN, Joue'l'Ol'Oi 111.
mm ie ..QiL
Subscribe for
-V - -
Lending Journal of Southern
The BullHn
Willsteadlastly oppOM- tlie policies ol th.
Itcpubllc.Mi parly, and cliisr to bo tram
melled uj Iho dictation ul aiiycliijllu In the
Dcmocrxtlc orunlation.
'. believes that the Iteptibllunn puit) nar
rullillcd it- niW!on. and that the i)t.r.o.
cr.-itlc party as now orgau'zed hoiili tin.
toreil to power.
It believes the Kidlcal lTrannyth.it hits
for several years oppre.cil the Soutt
should ho overthrown and the people d ,ti
Southern .states pcttultted to coiitroi thci:
own atTair..
It believes tint railroad corporations
should bo prohibited by leydVatlve crai t
merits from extorting and unjustly di renin
iuatliig In their business traiunctlons with
tho public.
It recojjnlres tho eipialltv oi all men be
fore the law.
It advocates tree commi-icc tailil for
revenue only.
It udvncutes resumption of spet I.- ;ty
inent, and lione-t inyrncnt of tho pti'iih
It advocituk economy in tho sdiidni.tia
tlou ol public afl'alri1.
Tlio Ilulletin will jiulilisli ail the lot:., ticwi
of Cairo, and a variety of Commercial, !'
Iltical, 1'oreiKn and General News', nttd en
deavor to pleao all tastes and Inti-rct id.
-T II K-
Is a thirty-two column paper, (uiiifhce K
suberlher (nr the low price ol
$1 25 PER YEAR,
l'OstifiO prepaid. It Is Iho cheapest papei
in tlio West, and Is a pleasing Fitei(n
Vidtoriind Family Companion.
Cannot (all to sco thu v "'valcd induce
mentHolTored by Tho Ilulletin In Iho way
ol cheap and prolitablo ndvortlscnieub.
Subscribe for
Ayer's Cathartic Pilli,
For tho rollnf
unit ctirn of nil
ilcrntiHctnents lu
tho itoinach, llr
rr, and howel.
'Jticy are u lulld
aperient, and nn
.excellent piun
,tlvc. IlcinKpurf
contain no mer
cury or mineral
tvlmfevrr. Sllirll
serlom olckiiCM nnd stiuYrlna; Is provctitcil Ity
their timely usoj nnd every family thotild
nave mem on nami 101 mm i'.".'i .'
relief, wlieu leipilred. Loiik experience has
proved Ihcm to bo thn safest, Mircst, nml
best or nil the I'll with Which tin) inaikct
abounds. Ity their occasional use, the blood
U puillleil, tho roiruptlons or tho system ex
pelled, ob'trnetloiH removed, nnd the whole
machinery ofllfo restored to Its healthy activ
ity. Internal oiRnns which become clocked
nml nhiMKlMi-iiro clcansed by Aiirr' l'lll,
ami Mlmtilntcil Into action. Tlim Incipient
dlsenso It changed Into heal lh. the vutlio ol
which (limine, when reckoned on the vait
multitudes who enjoy II, can hardly ho com
puted. Tlielr MiKar.rn.illiiK makes them
plciirntit to lake, and pre'crvci their vliliic
unimpaired for any length or lime, so that
they nin ever liesli, und perfectly reliable.
Although soarchliiK, they mil mild, nml oper
ate without disturbance to thocoustltullou or
illrt nr occupation.
Full illiectlons ure Riven on the wrapper to
rnrli box. how lo tic them nsn l'ninily I'hvsie,
nml for the rollonliiK coiuplalnls, whlih these
I'M rnpldly cure
1'or llyitrili or Iiiillcestloii. ,U.
Irssness, I,iiiie;iiiir, nnd l,,i. r .tiipr.
Ille, they should bo taken moderately to
slhuulatoiho sloiuaeh, uud rctlorc its henllhy
tone and action.
Tor I.ltrr (?anitluliil nnd Its various
symptoms, IIIIIimi llruilttc lie, NU-k
Ilruiluche, JutiiidUf oi-Jrcn Niels
nru, IIIIIimi ollc and lllllnu 'e
irra, they should be Judli-ioii'dy taken for
each cave, to correct the diseased nrluui, or
leinovo tho ohrtrnrtinns which c,iue It,
lor Ilysrntrr.r or Illurrliu-u, but ono
mild dose U ceneiully leipilied.
For lllieiiiiiiillani, tLiitnr, CJriiVfl,
I'Mlltllullon nfllii- II I'll 1 1, l.sln In
ltit Kills. Ilurli. nml Loins, they -In old
be contlnuouily taken, ns re'iulred, to chanqo
tlio illsessed iictlou or tin- svstetn. With auch
ilmiiKD Ihnm coiiiplalnH ill-appear.
For llroii.T nml Itroiislrul NncIN
Inira, they should be taken in l.irp' and fie.
ijuent dotes to iroiluco thu elfext of it drattn:
lor Nupir.-slnii, n Inrcedoe fhonhl bo
taken, as it produce, the di lied effect hy
As a tttnnrr l'lll, takeoiieortwo Vlltt to
promote tllzestlon, nnd relieve lliRstoinarh.
An orcnslonnl iloio .tliiuil.Ucs the stouiarli
and bowels, restores Ihe appetlie, nnd Inrlcrr
ates the sy.leni. Hence It Itoltrn ndrant-f
ireous where no serious ilerniiKejiienl extH.
One who feels tolernbly well, onen find IliM
it ilo'e of these I'lllt make, linn (eel deuJ.
idly better, fiom 'nor rlenn-ltii: and leuo
vallng eircet on the di.-r stive apparatus.
I'lir.l'AliKti l:V
Dr. J. C. AVER tc CO., Practical CUemitti,
l.OWI'.I.I., W.I.S.S., V. S, A.
rou nam: h v am. inn oot-rs i vr.itvw-in:iiK.
Ayer's Aue Cure,
For Fover Sim Airuo. Intoriulttont Fo
vor, Chill Fover, ltcmltlont Fovor,
Dumb Axuo, l'oiiodlcal or Uilioun Fe
ver. sc, and lndood nil tho alfcctioni
which ariio from malarious, marsh, or
mlaamaUc poisons.
f No one rcmo-ly is loud.
cnlled for by the ne e- ilie
Ls of the Amen, an people than
n sure and side tue f ,
L. I'rirrunil .Imie, S.i li
M ,we are now enablct t-i Cer,
m with n perfe t certainty ll. t
it will eradicate tlie dleae, and w nil .11
anre, foundtsl on proof, thai no h.ii , i
arise from Its u'c In any jiiant ity.
That which jirotects from or . riven, th.1
disorder muit be of iiiiiiivne service m I
communities where ll prevails, frtrc:'- i
Is lK-tterthan cure, for the patient csrnp. t
risk which he matt run lu violent ntl.i. L
this baleful ilitteinter. 'lids " Ct tti: " CApc.
the miasmatic poison of IVvrr and .tsnt
from tho syttem.aml prevents the ik" !
inent of the di'O.-i'e, If taken on the l t
approach of its umionltory sy mploiin
Krent Mtperlortty of this remedy over :
other ever discov ered foi Ihe speedy ami c
tain euro of Intermittent Is. Ihst It contal
uu O-iiulnc or rfbieral; ronifpieiiU; it .
luces no (juinlsn, or other injurious c-Tc is
whatovcj-tipon the couttitutlou Tho-e cure.!
by It arc left ns htallhy a if llic h d u. ver
had the dlncasc,
t'rimr uml Arar Is not alone t',
equence of the iniasnutle iwi-on, v s i,n
variety of diiorders arbc from Its Irrit it. ,i,
nmsn which are .rurulirlia, llheiiinu
llsia, Ciout, Ilruilurhr, llllmlurss,
Toolhuebr, Kuruchr,Culurrh, .tslli.
nia, liiiutinn, lulnrul .lir.-rtlmi
of tk Nplrrn, llyslrrlcs, I'aln lit lltr
Boneli, Colic. Iurttlyla, and dernnxc
inent of the Slomarh, all of which, whci
orl'inatinr in tills catiac, put on the Inter,
mlttent type, or become periodical, 'ti
"Cl'llK" expels tlie pop-on from the blooil,
and consequently ones iliem all alike. Ill:
nn Invaluable protection to lnimlr-ranH and
persons travdlltie or temporarily rctldlnc In
the malarious districts. If taken occasion
ally or dally while cxpo.ot to the Infcctf m,
that will bo excreted 1'iom the system, ami
caunot accumulate In siilllcient ipiautity to
ripen Into ,llseac. llenco it is even mrro
valuable for protection than cure; and few
will ever suffer from Intermittent If they
avail themsebcu of tho protection this icni
edy ntTords.
For Liver Coniplahit-, arlshn; fiom torpid
ity of the Liver, It Is an excellent remedy,
stimulating the. Liver Into healthy activity,
nnd producing many truly remarkable cures,
where other medicines fall.
rnrr.Krii m
Dr. .1. C. ATKR .V CO., Lowell, Mass.,
l'rnrtlcnt awl Annlillrnl Clirinltt.
ITlll ljlllinn.
0f .
Physical Exhaustion,
To which Is lidded
All Fssay on Marrlaco,
Willi important chapter on
iisoniii:i:s op nil. iiiiHionrXiiVK
lleliiKa syiinp.Msnl' I.irluus iIiIImihI at ti.elr
IVIutaoum of Anatomy
MrniiKeis viitln Iho city, should not lail to
sMlhis trreat collection, I'tiiin' Hie lurK t In the
"St Id
807 Chestnut St.. Opposite Continental
Ilotol, rillladolphla.
Copies of lecluies sent nn leeclpt oia", cnls,
Aililnss, lilts .lollDAN .V HAVII.MO.N.
fll-s-'JI-ly. li'.M I llbeit St.. l'lilludelplilil
A rritU CeuoMlar to tit
MtfT.tM, or itoit tbout tt
lEirfj. on th bjTiloU)lc4,
iti rextkl f ritm. with tii
lnuBtditiofcriln tfc nc1Lctf rvrre-lucUon, yttttnt
rui U oa lutft)n work tt lo Lundrfl icd iljty
;, ltU nutueroui cofrtlDt, ml coatalai ttluabl
liiroiuktlon fgrtbe whoura Btarrle.! crcootnir.ttrmr.
rlni till ll I) took tint uurht w krpt toJir lock
u i ity. 1 not loft rirclcsit7 itsoct tfct loutt.
It cooulo tb txMriroro tal mi r let cf pfcTilcUn
tho9 rf Jltlon U rrrM v4t, tot iloulj b ia iUtrl
i ! Jrwer of titty mtU nod ftmnl tbroucboot tht tottrt
Klobe, JU'inl'rMiturjrttjlDT t;tuli)iubjtcf thtf.Lr.
mlTeritno tb( aortb kuolag, tQl uucb tbttli otl
tutllbi:JlD 6cy oibrr ork.
Hen to hay ono (frw cf (mittrO fur Fifty rrnti.
Mttni Ur, Haiti m-j.ruwjr, tS0, laA'.Eiihth ium
Pt. LCUll, HO,
Notice to the AfflCctod and Unfortunate.
IWcre ii'lyloi to th iiouirluti quick ha it)ertli U
rutlto iwr, or uiloc -y quak rrrunJiri, ifruo Ur.
Iutt' work, do ranter bt lour 11hi I or bew ttri.tor
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