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Wit gnltytin.
Kc4tng Mutter on r.irrr Vngr.
During tho great Morm tli.il prcvnllt-u
upon the Ukij lnt Uiojlcnni i lro
Memlotn fo.milcmt olt I'oiut .
Lake MIcM".. w l-awiiffer "'
freirconltIof twcnly 110", -tccn
ol ' were iot. Anion 1 10
lot went tho sou of the owner of ttie
boat nnl his wife. '),lrf,,K ,,lu slor, tl,c
JII0bo.1t wn launrliwl and tliu young
man fprniiff '' 11 hc-lievliiK Mini Ills
wife would follow hlnr, but, for mihio
re-aeon, he refused to leave the cabin of
the vcwl. She could not ho persuaded.
She n'lucd to he saved. Upon learning
Ihli fact, the young man lot t the 11 If boat,
returned to the cabin and .ank by Mic
side of Ids wlfo Into .a watery grave.
Probably ho was wine; but liu would have
been wiser had he used n little lorce to
pcrMtnilc his wife that it was her duty to
mvc her life and hi. Hut when a wo
man will M10 will.
ii.i.i.miih iATi:.vr.s.
TI10 following IMt or patent? Nilinl to
Inventors of Illinois lor tho week end
ing September 11, 1S75, and each dated
AugiKt 21) 1S7"i, Is furnished this paper
by Cox & Cox, Follcltorc or patents,
Vnliiiigtou P. C: Weather strip, V.
Dougla45, Chicago ; cattle alarm for lo
comotives, V.. Smith. Illoonilngton ; titv
hcmllng machine, T. .Staii'bury, Canton ;
c1ieee vat, C. Strut. Lanark;
psging and numbering machine,
W. Doelm, Chicago; oil can, .1.
AcVwlth, Chicago; KiMoail latenlng,
0. llotwlek, Aurora ; detachable link
for chains. C. &. A. Olllingliaui, (Irig?.
ville; spring power, V. Mocslciu, Water
loo; wringer,-1). Norris and X.Woods,
Elgin; pitman box for mowing and
reaping machine, C. S.il.tn.in, tjuiney :
windmill, .1. Q. Adams Jhirsellles;
broom making tiiaclihie,H. Allen, Gales
burg; washing machine. G. Cole, Can
ton; middlings puriller, A. Hunter,
Quiucy; Tellurians. .1. Troll, Belleville,
wire fence tightener, 11. Barnes, Bristol :
E. M. Holland, ot Wallaek's theater,
son of the lamented comedian, George
Holland, was married to .Miss Mary E.
Seward. Sept. "th, in the "little uhureh
around the corner," New York City.
It recalled the occurrences of live years
ago which guve to the little edltice its
modest title and a world-wide fame for
Christian charity. One of the pompous
ministers of a tall-spired Catnedral with
pinsii inmmings aim a Dooming organ,
told the bearers of the remains of
poor, dead George Holland, Unit he
would aot open his church doors to a
deaS actor bat unfeelingly told them
that perhaps the minister of "the little
church around the comer" would trans
act tlie business far them. They leit the
brazen eotnineiitary on Christian love
ana nouesry " an ignominious tuture,
and went to the -Httie church around thu
corner." rivinc it a xinio ili.if mp.
snauowediw Juj;oiiyr rwishbor. anil a
history mom lasting than a monument. 01"
marble. At this little ihrine Ue actor
kneels, knowing that bo hollow mock ry
taints it atmosphere.
AM'KVnUB OI TIir. i:u i.vov,
Richard Bnrr, helmsman of the lll-f.ited
Equinox, was picked up In Lake Michi
gan by the schooner Haven, Captain
Ross, having floated thirty-one hours
on the pilot house ol thu wrecked nro-
Iellcr. lie was picked up llfty miles
west of Manltou Island, and stated that
the sea was very rough nil night before
the catastrophe; the ship had sprung a
leak while ho wa at the wheel. At 1 a.
ni. Friday a tour of inspection
showed tho bulwarks stove in aft.
Ho and the mate attempted to stop the
leak, hut louiid It impossible, and after
consultation It was decided to lower the
boat. Tho schooner was h.iled, and
asked to como alongside, but probably
she did not hear, nud ivn, at all events,
unmanageable. Signals were given and
lights displayed, but without avail. The
boat was towed on the port side, nud tho
mate, owner, watchman and deck hands
went down nlmost Immediately, lie
swam for a long distance side by side
with the captain. They dually caught
spars, and separated. Atlerwards, he
caught the pilot's house, and occupied
Uiat with the second cook. The hitter,
however, after nearly a day's sailing,
was unable to Island up, became uueon
feclous and slipped oil'. When taken up
by the Havana, ho was much exhausted,
but is feeling well now, owing to having
received the best treatment from the
crew of that vessel.
KuMi-rn Xevada ami Wiut. rmn m
In a eUitc of excitement over n belief tlmt
tlie Indian, inelteil by tlie Mormons.
contemplate a general vur 011 the xxliltea.
uenenu i;o-encraiis, fciiiierluteml ntr tin-
minliijc iutcreas lu Ejiau Canyon, on the
line of the old overland ronti, (ibout 250
tniiesxvest or halt Lake City, Is the me
dium of luforiniiUoii. lleeently
mauy inuians have been bantUed
iiuo uic jiornion cliureh. H Is
nninca.l (l..i .1
uri.vavu nui nitsu eunveris nave en
tered Xevada and are lncitln; the Indiana
to loUllty OKalnst the xvhUes. Kecentlv
the Indians commenced to gather around
fortune ana tno uenttie towns at the
bead of Halt Luke, and the Mormont,
ivc openly boasted that tho Indian
were being converted preparatory to the
srou work they liad to accomiillMi.for
Uionedcwption of Zlon. This has led tlie
people to apprthi.,,,! that it general xvar
was about uu, hiaupurated. The
scene of the trouble d,rucUy solltl, of
tUcolirOverla.nl Mali xmXv, iyh.tr be
tween Deep Creek, U tC u.l BlISl
Creek. Nevada. There u itarlS
of country running 400 or xm ulZl
North and South und thlrty.flvo ,X
East and West, where tho Ooilmtti ana
BBoanoues roam. Mountain ranuei
tend through this section of the country"! lZ ' ' Mlslulppl, It ,
' 1 claimed tlmt this pardon xvas purchased
and between thoni nro excellent ranges
torcattle-gralng. Iiesldcs much of tho
ground Is tit for iigrleultunil purpose.
During (he first years of the over
land mall service these Indians com
mitted numerous depredation mid killed
scvetal passengers traveling by the stage ;
but In I a company ol California vol
unteers, under General 1 I'd ward
O'Connor, whipped them Into subjection,
mid from that time till now they have
been perfectly unlet, and have been
wotkiug about the farms and mining set
tlement without annoying nny one. Gen
eral Schotleld has dispatched cavalry, In
fantry und artillery to Elko, where they
will await orders. The country threat
ened Is the het tock range in tho Plate
of Nevada. Daniel Murphy, recently
captured by the Indians, Is worth million
ol dollars, and has r.0,000 head of attic
und nn immense number of hore. He
dtlvcs cattle from Calilornla Into that
country where thu bunch grapes and the
tender whlto sago Is very nutritious, nud
then ho supplies San I'mnelsco, Chicago
and Intermediate towns with rich beef.
Tho country Is dotted over with little
farms, whero excellent crops of cereal
and vegetables are raised lor the mining
When reehter duvfned upon the Amer
ican boards hi a yellow wig, a Hamlet,
and acted the: part In a dlllerent manner
from the usual stage style, he drew down
upon his head and yellow wig savage
criticism and satire from the wise men ol
dramatic column. Theo great fellow,
with their non-progressive Idea, had one
solid opinion of wli.it the sorrowful Dane
should be, the color of hi hair, eyes and
clothe and the manner In wlikli the
latter should lie worn; exit- and en
trances, etc. I Vehtcr appeared In America
during the day of the Hamlet revolu
tion. Booth had been n student in Tarts,
and tho American board then sparkled
with his gent". Between the
two much agouv wu manufactured tor
the staid, heavy writers. Keehter's vol
low wig. threw them Into a tumult of
dl-gut, and the brown and purple tight
and red-heeled shoes of another youth
ful actor, crowned their dlstwuper. Tito
impersonation of Barry Sullivan ytmr
ago hi Hamlet plnncetl th grain tbnt
produced this hvln-r fruit, tfo dMsftnl
through thu 1. ;it platan wrt fu sen
interpretation!, .in.l stujtw HMMtKrv. and
Innovation-, ami was. gfowfai y Uw '
. 1 1 . . .. & 1
ing and utility tnigment ot a tlendpuriud
ot theatriuat burlexpu' and sytumliir. K
left the United Stnh s ir Kngfcnd. whim
thu war, with its haibiinsuisjtinl horrors,
eatni! and weni : but Barry SuIIIvtm
not forgotten. To-dny lie i- Iwuk agnlu.
playing Hamlet in New YTurfc.
In his peculiar -lylu, to thuu
-amis of people, nightly. Duvou
port I hi self-appointed rid. and
clings with tenacity to all the old Hamlet
mannerisms and tradition, which aru al
most antipodal to wiiat the modem
genius has attained In Its delineation.
Sullivan's re-tiling, in llmulut. In uutuy
I pas-nges that have cau-ed tudy and
comment from authors, is original tor
iMdtni.un ..ll'l.ull till) vrlinl l ill licit l.
f kiiow ;i liaivc Won a licni. I'.slimv.'"
Mime call IIih a in-rlcx pnraiii. nnil
would prefer tim luiiui'aiilug wonN
"hanilliaw" or Iiernolmw." Tlien
araiu : "That f, the son of a (lend fa
ther, murdered," Instead of a donr fa
ther," which Is the. acknowledged tNt.
lo, "or take up nrms against a legi of
trouble'," Instead of a "ea ot troutilw."
In thV Sullivan liows ldmolf x
student, li urnUuhteHy thinks tho
metaphor Imperfect, "f'H inUc. tlici
ghost's word for a tlioii'and pound,"
he renders, "forjill thfooln In Dmirrinrk."
i ho words "conllncH to r.il lu lire ' are
Interpreted, "cjnlliicd fast In lire. " It
is nalil that besides Mice few point In
Sulllvnii's Ilauilel, his acting Is gentle,
and much resembles tins lliuniet of Lil
wiu Booth. Even his auger has 11 touch
ol pity In It, nnd the manner In which he
addre'scs the ijiieen mid Ophelia Is pio
nounceil bc.iutlnil. D.ivenjiorl'.s Haiiilct,
Is studiously heavy, inonoloiions, retir
ing mid melancholy; while .Sullivan's Is
hold and aggressive, tempered with a
gentleness that Miltcus und hides (he
actor's art.
ltiippears, from tateineiitt iiuuli: by
.Seiiator.Ak'orii, that the panlonliijr biiM
ness Is followed with even nioie Indus
try lu that State than it li hi llllnolHby
our neeominoilalhitf ov. Iluverlde.
flen. Ames, thu (Jovenior, U not In;,
iiueiitly ill homii. In Imitation of the
President helsnhsetit al home lin-hlon-able
resort xvhuru he nud hln umlabli mill
beautltul wife are the observed of all
observers. Dui iiii; his absence liom the
State, the dulled of thu e.eeiitivi) ollleo
ire I'erfornu'd by .Mr. Davis the black
.leutenant Uovenior, who, It iippcar.s, 1h
i Kciiuciiiau Kiveii to iiioiiev-imiKliiL'.
No matter how -'rent the criminal eon-
lined in thu ncnlteiillarw If be or 1i!k
friends have irouey to purclmiu Ills lib-
city, tlov. Davis never falls to iiardon
hhn. Senator Altoi
withn nuwupaper cot respondent lately,
mentions an hwlaine oi (inv. DnvU
liberality lu ibis reiranl. A man by the
name of Uarrx-mlmi it.a .... Mi
llie center of the State, lie Is
of Hood family, Itit dlsslnaled. A cer
ium aosslpplnjr xsldow hilluilowii xxhere
iniiiauiyuu '.lyiil madu loo free, ho
thought, with the muucol'hls sfster. The
widow, li u n.poi ied, told hturies about
.nms narrynthu) htrayhiK ti om the nalli
ot vtiiue. Whether Uie(c stories are tutu
ii nr. .1., . .
..u,:, oi appear. At any rate,
ue craved mother onKht revei.Ko upon
the widow. He went to her hou.-c,
UraifRfd her out of It, tied her up by the
heels and then emptied all of thu cham
bers of his navy revolver Into her body
Itxvasa tlemlbb, hoiilhle murder. The
peojiio of the country ro-o up, hunteil
lJarryntlue down, teemed him lu tho
penitentiary, and then demanded thai he
, I I.I I. lift. i t ..
Biiuiini nanir. x limn tlireu uioiit r
mo time Jlariyntlnu was arrested, Davis
by tho murderer's friends, for Hicuin ot
Senator Alcorn," says the Washing
ton correspondent orthc Chicago Tlmt
"says that this notorious pardoning of
tho very worst criminal, by the State
government, has virtually put a premium
upon murder. There are plenty of dissi
pated young rnlllans In the Stuto, who
have thus been encouraged to follow ttio
aiinicnient of thoollng, as there 1 no
danger of their being punished 6 longns
they have auv money. This one class of
men, unrestrained by the law, Is the sole
cause of nil tho trouble. The hotter elaes
ot people there nre only too anxious to
have tiling peaceable, on account of the
-afely nllbrdod to properly. Thedarkeys
nre timid and will never light pule Im
posed upon. ."Jo that really theclasol
dktuibers l o small that It I a crying
shame that Aiiim oonfese hlinell too
weak to control them."
r. nriottt.vi. .ori.s.
Prof. Swing preilehed, lat Sunday
nljrht, on "Tho Minor Ouallllc of
Christ," an excellent sermon.
Five more counterfeiter have been
arrested In the vicinity ol Tuscaloo-a
Alabama, and taken to Louisville.
A water-spout destroyed tlfty houes
at Stelutan, ViTinnnt. Nine dead bodies
were recovered. Ninety persons are 'till
A negro named i in. Ilarrl was
killed by a policeman lifum-d .Inuies lien'
drlck, in Louisville, ixvntly, while re
Itiug arrest.
A tew egg wore thrown at dell
Dal ill-- other day In Mlouri. Thev
Injured the clothing of phh of hi
trletid. hut didn't reach him.
it Is oellevwl Kdxxlu Bwth, owbig to
the s-verv liurte rexx'lxvsl by lHn)r
throw u t'roni hi lite-y. w III U ev-peU-el
to eduivt oe of hi thcatricwi eitap
-.laiu liiuiw. oe of tlw FnMKl
(Miaty Kn-klnx. vKt twt rv thw r
Hiiirwl U and will l Im ji .
tiltheiby ot triad, lie wh Kitfcw
MdiKKvv tiglK.
Tlw Cfcueuv Ami its yr MMiitOqt
for Uw siahcwtrt Hm lW h wT
" " - r 1
Uh: ovutuwiiml.
Jttl&tftsMi CMei
Cttjv: .it IU j'UilMtt; tftt
uroixil;- ;is-ouiMttd tu oalofc a '; rx
Dnviv, mid .it L"nim JtytK. .u
ihruiig inxtiiluxi !M fri.
HIt iurj- In J wtammm mur-
earo, on Iriai M VuntUtailii.QBMA. tu-.
"' ,
oruuglit Hi a vwrHM u : 5r.
WtlHIVIKUMt nK. ' ' "
....... '
..... . . . .;
i JeeieU UlreMorv' Jar Uurit rf muito. 1
inn, to 1111 xw mooKj. -'-
ojim toot it ltAMwm is imm wtwiaai,!! a,u iiiwnltltMii nnd tr.sr
Jirftr.e;-eIliirorilr bmU, hi HrtUn
I eiii'iderwl linliImK n'tbe IkvntvM"
pmrM oi'ttm mrt xt' ill" ywUiU" :
lownnlsnwiuuptfoit. j
A new niliilxtry wak Mrrnd in nniM.
on tin IJrtx int., unib'f r;wrsit ,Trtui'.
Thu filoxx' i rtii lUn-, ftlM'iWly n-
nMncM: (inn. .fiwuttur, pM'HM vf tlv
er.uB.itf nfttl nHf' nf xxmr : " f.'aw
VaiViwHn, rnnltr of krtfn flbli" fu
ilern Colfcpt, mlii '4 ncwi ; f n
rnn y frn, minister of marine : Arinrrln,
mwf'U'.r ,( llrmrxKi; f.Virnw ltW,
rnlnliler of the InU rsVir ; Muriln Hmtr,
inlnlMer (lpubtloworji: A ytfa, (A)Mr
of the eolorilw.
'flic AKrfuliw rjonn-rs lit Cm
foriiln, In Sfw York, inH St why iU'
lux to Jflvc cxprinlcii (IHr mttnw
lor the iiilfortuiicii which otri rl'iofc th'
lute William c. llnUtoii, l,'eilutldiu
xvern nilopteil ilei'lailn Hint. Ilio nytnpfi
llilei of the iimioclMtlon wcmi In entlte
aceonl with llio.ii of Hie elllAmn of Man
I'VfincUeo xvho neeiilly lioio mi Ii inn-
pliatle leithiidiiy to the clmraclur of Hm
man, nnd paid mieh wiirin.lienrle'l 1Mb'
nleHlo hU uimiiory, and irxb'inlHl Hie
leudeieHt yiiipntby lo bis Ltrcnvcl
-ThoiiiaH.loiicii, tho critliituiiii who
xvas (o have been liiui at Sun ShuUh)
last week, but xvho had a May of ejiTie
Hon granted lo him until lint Hmiuciiio
(joint of. MIsHouri can pus upon coon:
ipu'htlou ol the (rial, uuml be nil amiable
creature. While tlie reallbld was helu
put up, lie sal IooKIiii; out of Hie xvhiiloxv
of ills cell at tliu progressing woik, and
addriMMMl llm eroxvd fjalheied about 11,
nll.T llm following iiiauiier: "(ioil damii
that ceallolili" can Jiiipp oil Hint 'cm
without n hhullle. Look al them, Tlieie
iiurt a xniiu man aiuoiiif iiicni. Hiiiii!
hi; n Jump lor me! I'll die like a while
man, you mus ol bltehcN. There, m.o
that follow hi thu led sliht '( I know hhn.
lie isa(.ioddainuhoi'M.-thief, lie hasn't
had a eleau shirt on lu 1'.' month. I'm
while man, you bet. I'm her up; ilaiiin
your soul. I'll jump her. Jesus Clulsll
What ii mob !"
A Kansas City, Missouri, dispatch,
dated 12th Inst., says: "John Dayton,
Owen lloouoy ami Henry I.ougcolt, the
latter a mere boy, entered tho saloon of
thu It ul I road houe, u disreputable place
on thu Shaxviicu road, outhidu thu
city limits, this afternoon, robbed Chan
Cm loin, hi charge of the plaeo, and tried
to luck him up, but lie escaped, Thu
robbers then llred nsveral' shots throiij;li
the huttse, xxeut up stairs and ravished
thu woman there. Meiintlmo C'arloto
came to town, untitled thu nollco. and
I'liur ollleers rode out lo the scene of the
outrage. Arriving there, the nllleers
were, llred upon, and Detective McXIjjht
xvas badly wounded In thu leg. The
other ofllcers returned thu lire without
ellect, nud closed with the desperadoes,
and a llcrco haud'to-hniiil light occurred
thu olllcers beating the robbers over their
heads with pistols, They dually ills
armed and brought them lo toxvn hi
badly deinotillzed state. Considerable
money w Inind on Ihcni, suppo-ed to
have been lalen from the house they
Aiiollirr DNiasirclnt Itiot In .Mliil-..
Mr.Mi'iim. s.nteiiibd' HI. l'as'eiiL'ers
by the train I'rmi (lieiinda report seiiuiis
trounio in Tdlahalemo eouniy, .Missis
sippi, some let mile west ol Charleston.
Tlie whites lleie h.io sent ruuiiers to
Oakland foraUtaiie'', and citizens there
and at Greimdi nre organizing and arm
lug lheniclvetogoto rallahatehle. No
deilnlte lnforni!ition of the nature of the
trouble, ha bieii U" ivmi, unit owing to
the dltanee from the telegraph olllcc It Is
lmpolblo to cbt.tlu a reliable or detailed
Tin m t.mi s.
MiiXiem, IVnn.. September 111. A
gentleman whontrneil iroin t harleston.
Ml-lslppl. tlilsnlli uiomi, gives tholol
lowing nceount ni ihe troubles In Talla
hatchie count v Ut I liursday : 'I wo ne
groes wlio, it U el.iiuieil, live In Arkan
sas, registered a okr at Kriarson's
Store, and wan ant for their arrest weie
lued and ulveu to the Constable, who
took apos.j wlthhbo. A Mieynppronch
ed the plat where the negroes were May
lilt', the latter saw till 111 mill lied. They
were pursuid Into . .ihoina county, ami
twooftlieo-i I x itis nnd ISntotd It
Uclnlmed, tired ..t the negroes as thuy
ran. 'l'bo msr. i hi the vicinity of
Trenton. huuUx of the allalr, armed, to
the number i suvnity-llve. and pro
eecdi d to rriarnif store, and demanded
tlmt P naud liulonl should be tlxou
up to il i. tK-lxtg In the nuintinie in J
a lie: - o-irticr. Oosinty l'rerturT
Stoxx.,i'. '' I iVnuix !-rid.
asnrtl ' wy xxiH.ld rvtuni ,
llOUH? I
AJtrtVst i .1 :.ltxll.
1 Jsa. W iv ..atU n
l MM U kirx 'xsl .
"tssirtlmd H t v:v.
;cvHrt mKl It -tHU-
' NMMt Xiy vvitut i-t
whldi l., '
ATWol 1.;"
XMtl ttta
rnt IT
son n J "
twtt 1k '
mif!t. Hi llinat. Mill
tatw .. iuiiijiii iiuiv i
vr vfK' K MtWH UlK'U. t lilt. 1
MWlVV .OlH.fiir. -WMlOfO. Htii
itki . ..
!. VVrti
rmmH' ) UH --trtp.
'm o. tiHitHtfNr y4ml.'i$m
iMut-r it, v.iHx -IHli SMMd MWi
-.-- Jlltyr.
. . VtltMlf 1MV
wMMn. .awm k h
Mtr OMUSimt'
m.1 tfcu-eowwr jT
. ..nrf.li.ul .ituV ". '
r... rrr. '.nmtr
pt 'ofi ill Kiil'lMc ivtunty. tfv f ah
dr fi.tfw XtWft. Bnneflfk .-oiin.
t)f in xvi-y !' pmiviWy fxxnuvruift fvy
nWont ' iMpvrliy.
Mb 'v i.vrr.
P .w-rr !i. 13Ow huix'lrwt.wl
fa-H' wnKjtx1" (Awnnr X.iRO. K'h"rti.
JH. ; :HT.ihjit VsJXty'i .VhWwji. rJ
ift.rtl fni-,iti',v hi ;w, TW b.'n
crw Htm r litf tot! tmfirtjf wkfrto w i
nytof tmt, xm m, tW jt.
Ati'tV "X.nA, 'ftmMl h hnt iVrt,iffi-
Mn ttt tm tic.ftmt, fmmlj, tn lb tutnrih
lrW, t m th p- of
ttt"y, foftftt, t; U lrf.owHil a
yi U yYt th rwdf. tt innt. tin vory
t-tm. Th f.pulili in ithMAy nr
rii'd liviiri 'WiriM. Hffl Hm Dmniri
ll. whl'b w)ll fnlfljr rfpffwfiiit. tbn void
hi ilie m rwl''. Mn( n lmii"'fnll
At id. i,tK ,f,d nt yeor 2 l.'epuli
k'fn Ui .! Imwi'ifnt. In lb' lioino the
l!''ptitiAri do not ecin l have lot.
'j'lll; m;,.i,i' n.u.llli'lirytin.iiiliiK
(fnirfd SliiwUvt in II llullf tin Iliillillux, i(ir-
n"r XVnliii.j!l.i. miiiD" uml Twiltlli ulii'l
Tun Wvt.t.nttn I mhI Ui i tif milvrll'r if
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oral Interest to tha publiu aolloltod.
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l'ho Univorstil PniuExt nctor.
Note: Ask for Pond'8 Extract.
Tnko no other.
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Stoam Packet Co,,
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DAY uml I'ltlDA V III I ii'i'lni'k p. IU.
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ut 0 p. in
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xvllli Uisl-i'lnis felniini'rn I'ur HI. Limit, Mi'm
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till' II. .t LI. U. I! Inv nil luiliiln Viirlli mill l!.ial.
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hill., Sll.VUIt, ViiMi'iiser Aki'iiI.
.1. M. I'lllI.UPS, .khHk.
Or In (i ,) (.UAM.XII.lt,
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YOV CA.S Mnlii; IT l-At,
1JXOU tlie niily curu ul Hi'inliuil niiikin,
7 Iit Mmiliooil uml all itltui ili ru liri.iiKht
on liy imllnTitlons or iwn Any IliUKgist
lias tliu Itisrulieutu,
Ail'livra, Dr. K. 1III.TON ft CO.,
t-2.'lw-)y CliH'liuiiiil, olilo,
1 utiu m
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T' .li-.t r .rrt l'ii trn.-i' iln.l ..nlil ft. t
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illlnt xxiUi r IimI'Io tmi Ht ini. uiml.i' nil
7-t Ohio l.ovro.
Wood ! Wood ! Woo d !
! BIG MUDDY (Mount Carbon Coal.)
! Tfctf Cuuu -fc St. Lotus Transfer k Coal Compnay is ow prepared to
tlU crtler t)r Wocxl txtul Conl. Dclivorcd to ntiy pnr of tho City, at
tUo U'vtvt CaU Price OFFICE
Ltui- Kurrow Uopot.
NVvwl. .iwU auiI lit. pr
CvaL m tol. v-ir lo
Cwki. utvr touuU J-iiit( lua
Or.Wn Solicited anil Promptlr Filleil.
T 2&. WAHD, Siapt.
J,3 S.XaATS.Seo'ycS; Treas.
L Importer and Wholcsalo Dealer in
Wines and Leiquors
Kccpa a full at ck of
Monongahcla, Pvyc and liobinson County
- (I'l.i I f r .f at
Great Haduction in Prices ,
" wq mJhn utStm ntm u&sn nUsHji tiiiwia aJLs I
Domostics, Shootlnys,
Prints, Cloachod Muslins,
Ginylinms, Cretones,
Table Linens, Percales,
Japanese Silks,
Lriru.- M.m'K or Whlto Ooo:l, Victoria X.awim, Hwlaii MnrsatlBs, nml aUxrge Stock ot
Ullilionn. 'llilHi nlliei.tiii'1; will ! .il. ul m-lunl ro-i. mut ciniiiinc until It l clo-iil out. Cnl
mi i-i-iiiivini'.iiori.iiut itiii;uiiut Ti;it.xf .vntt' ti.v rn.
Coraor Eiglath. Stand Commercial Avo
S.IOR.swtbO&moNR0E Si!
and Hotall
GOLLT-tJll WiliTii Jj1;AJJ,
ETC., F1C.
t . l'!iy
I t iimli
l."bn nwl (irncral Slniw In (Tn
Mi'hiine tnsvc fjmlJlii'l ur .
"anhlniftor A v., Cor. 8th S
AND YARD at tho Cairo a: at.
S3 SO.
S I 00.
5 ou
. :i 00
3 iO.
Oki Lvr. at til Crvtal Saloon
Awl t ui Cotnpan?' Ofle.
Silk Poplins,

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