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AHtjUW LOftUK, NO. 31.
Knlatitn i,t Pythias, rwcts etcry Krl
ilny nlKlit nt lwlr-pwt rven, in Odd'
Fellow 1 Hull .two. II floSSMAM,
(.'hancillor Coinmnndcr.
Indi-ndent Order nf Odd-t'el
lowi. meets every ltmraday night
nt tmlf'iKut ickii, In their hall on
iiuime, lietwren sixth and Sevcutb
T .1. Kr.KTil, N. U.
1AIIIO KNOAMI'MKNT, I. O. O. .. meets
ln 0,1,1-Ki llnwn' Hall u n the lint and third
rutucluj In every month, ut huir-nuit 'even.
.J.vo, II. OuEitl.Y, C. I'.
A CAIIt()U)nt!i:. X0.2.T7,A.t A A. M.
llcililtfKiiUr communications In Ma
sonlu Hull, comer Commercial avenue
' und CIkIiIIi Mn-et, on the t frond and
ntirUi Mondnr of each month,
Won led
Kvcryboiiy to know that the pl.if o to gct-
A smooth shine,
A good shampoo,
A fhlonablo hnlr-cu',
Or anything la that line,
If at the UlSANH C'bktiul llAr.lir.lt
i'lior, corner I'.iglilh ami Connuerrlal.
U t-t( -I. UF.OItOB STIINItOl'H.
HII.SKNr.Knt l.oult) Herbert'.
Hnr Hall or Kerry HcurrlpHon
11111. II. SALT'!.
ISTI'llscticr Beer nt Ueorge Lrittner'
Saloon, on Commercial avenue, between
Klrih atnl Hixth Greets.
To Ihr 4'itUeii l 4'nlro.
I would Inform my many friends that I
jiii still in tlie auction business, and ready
to attend to all nates tint may oiler. My
Ion;; experience In tills hiiilneii metis no
comment I Is no rxptrlment on my part,
and parties entrusting icoodi It mj corn
need no be nfiald, as 1 am no "pilb'' or
tiovlco In thi buslneni.
SpicM attention ijlvcn to real c-tate nd
out-door nilc, a ' h vc neer missed mak
ing a mle. 1) Haktman, Auctioneer.
Corner Sixth ureit and Commend il A v.
Wiifth I.Wln.
Beady printed packages of wai-h lists
enough in each boo): to last two year,
for .V) cents each at the BL'Li.nrtN Olllee
for the next two day.
ItrllriouFII.Si;.i:itit I.ouln Her.
A .No. I l.niniilry .
It If now conceded that Mrs Coleman,
the 1 undr, .Si . 12 Kourth direct, be
tweeu W I'liinxt mi ,t C iin.nercl tl avenucf ,
boneof t'm lr it to ducted laundry i
Uhliflimi-til ti the city, ai il UtidlunU ol
OotcU and boarding hntl-r , ill llnd It to
their sd;ait.ie to rail upf.n ber
tier trie are a lotlow: lintel and
tioardlntf-tiou-e waiting. 7. cents ptr
dozen. Koi piece vtntk price are
a lol!ow: .-iluKle shirt and col
ir, 10r; per down 6'c; ock fx;; two col
ar, two bnnilkcrcblcts c; Cft 20c;
ind all gentleman's wear. .-Oc. per
locn. Ladles' drcej, i'i to .VK-;
klrtf 10 to aic; drawer- 10 to l.e; two
ir hose c; two collars ."j to ice. r"or la
plain clothe jl 0t per dozen; lor la
dle tlno rlothrt, SI Vt per dozen', done
drjmptly, and promptlv delivered, l'.v
ronage xollcltc-il S-01-lm
0"XX Amber anil White rn stock
envi'lojnttheIH.LM:TiN olllee, printed,
3 f,0nnd$l 00 r M.
I.rllrr HeiuN.
Ten pound letter heads large ble, Car
lisle paper, ruled two cent higher than
any other paper it-etl hi Cairo for print-In;-
letter lictnM ordinary rotnpo-ltlon
only 34 60 ier thou-and at the Ufi.t.irn.v
Job olllee.
I'lrtiirin'iiii' Auierlrit.
At the Huu.K.TtN bindery' nuinhi rs,
bound in two volumes, full f lit tnor
roeeo; cost .ll ; for sale at i-UK
(Jo In .ills llrrlit' for I'lI.Ni:-
BdT I'il-euwrlleer fre-h and cool, the
finest beer ever tlnuik, at Cha?. Schocn
ineyer's, corner Tenth street and WaMi
lutoti avenue.
A Fine Ktork.
Wm. Kblcr desues to Inform hi pat
rons and the putllc i;cuerally, that lie ban
now on band a laro stock ol h'renen and
Ucrmau Calf, Kip anil M roceo, and Is pre
pared to manufacture, lor -tore and olllee
wear, the illicit of Morosco or Call Skin
.Shoes or Hoot-; and for farmer.',, draymen
and out do r wear generally, bis French
Kip stand above anything ever ottered in
tills market, ills I.ssts arc or the latest
styles and be can guarantee lit and satU
littlon to all his patron. !);J-tl
t!o to Cliai ies .Schoennieyer's for freh
I'iUcner Beer.
tdf Fresh and eool I'JIscnerevcry day
ut Charles tJthoetuiU'yerV.
riLSKNKH at I.ouls Herbert'.,.
Jji'IIeuer Beur at (Jtor-e J.uUuei-'ii
Saloon, on Cotnuurcial avenue, betweeu
Kllth and Sixth trccts.
I'or Sinle.
A silver iilatod No. U Ton Shuttle Sew
linr Mai'biuo. hard (iiiauo) ilnl-b, valued ut
fsJ. Will bo odd at iilsuiniut, on good
terms, und ordered (iirectiioui ttiu tactory
FOU SA' i:.
Colored nd m muted Maps of the city of
Calio at ?2 00 ettcli. (null price).
A No. 9 WIIhoii Shuttle SewltiL- Machine
Valued at 7A Will be sold ut fell' discount
auu ordDteU direct It tu tuu laciory.
A t90 Kcmlnj-tou Sowlig Muehluw-srW
ott' for cash. Suitablo for tailor or boot and
suoe luanuiaciurer.
At a bargain, and on good 'criiii, a Howo
Sewing st chbie. My bu seen uttbofom-
jinny a uiuee, corner uuu nirees unci Uoin
"l'lcturesque AiHerlcs" 4S num'iera
bound in - volumes, full gilt Morocco
price, eio.
A ityl "B," ;'t:iou8h, Warren & Co.'tt'
Parlor Orai, right Horn tho ftrtorv at Df
trolt. LM price, 8300. will bo sold for
A Bw two-horso Oambl wagou.
for any of tbe above article, apply at
tat BcitrriN office. R. A. Hiuhsbtt.
hc bulletin,
t3-All bills for adrertlslnK, are due and pay
ublctX AllVA.tCt,
Transient advertising will be Insetted attha
rate ofll Ml per square fur the first Insertion
and Stents for each 4iib-eiiitnt one. A lllx-ral
discount will be made nn standing and display
local notices, buslncM or ollierwlc, will I
cliarKcd ten cents per line for the flr."t ninl flrr
rents for each additional Insertion, (ronnllnK
IIipHum and ugifTard)) a dhenunt will be made
nflir third Insertion
Church, Society, F-lhil and Sniir notices
will only be Inw rted as Kdverlleiurnt
Korlnei1lnKi'uncral notlrc l (. Notice of
mectliiK ofnoclelle or secret ordi rs U) cents for
each liiirtlon.
Noadri ttlrement will be ifreiscd at lcs than
1'ItIDAY, HKI'TKMBKK 17, 187o.
I.orisl Wralbrr Keporl.
(.AtllO, (Lb., MJit. I'-.lSTi.
TlUE. I llAH. I Tlllt. I WlfOI. I VlL I WBATHtl
7 a iii. I 2!uTn ' "to"'" I ' W. . r I Vnv.
II " li."!."!-!
j 'i, ureal.
2 p rn. I 'S.f
i N
.IGNIIS, Sergt. S. S., C. S. A,
A new Howe and .Singer sewing ma-
chluc. Knqulre at the Bulletin olllee.
K. A. Bflt.NKTT.
XolhliiR Hour.
Nothing wai done in the police court"
To lie (JnttelsMl.
-Mayor Winter say lie is determined to
gravel Washington avenue.
1'hlladelphi.t hats the mot fashion-
ihle now worn, at .lohn Antrim's
fteliiK l.iiHrrrd.
The sidewalk on thc-outh side of Four
teenth street Is now being repaired and
Lint Iy.
The ln lo n County I air, which has
leen In progress at Jonesboro since last
Tuesday, closes this evening.
A I Work.
The' chain gang was out yesterday.
working for the good of the city. It con-
al-ted of three men.
The -Idewalk n-jialrvrs are still at
work, inakiii'f improvements upon the
idewalka wherever tliey are needed.
Citizen Aixorlntion.
'I'here will be :i meeting of "The
Citlens' Aoclatloii," for general hu'l
iio.", at the council chamber, Friday
evening at 71 o'clock.
At Auction.
I.t U, lllork 4, Ohio I.eee.
Between F.ighlh and Tenth streets
Friday, October 1st, 1S7.1, at 10 a. m,
0-15-2 w .U Cr.i.i.i.
.o Armita.
The police loree was not called upon
In a single In-tanec on Wednesday night
to make an arrest, and the city jail Is
therefore occupied by but three prison
ers I'eroonnl.
-Capt. llambleton ami wile, of Mound
City, were in town yesterday.
The Hon. ( recti B. llauin, ot Uol-
conda, Is In the city attending court.
Tin- Clt.Y' Expenae.
Three thousand, .-even hundred and
seven! v dollars anil eigluy-nine cents
were paid by the city treasurer during
the month of August, the same being
tlie total cxpeii'w of the city.
New and fashionable Neck-ties a large
assortment all sliaue, at .loiut An
The petition of Dr. Arter, praying the
privilege to build a new brick sidewalk
In front of his residence, on Tenth street.
was granted by the city council, at their
meeting on Tuesday evening.
Tlmt I'nlr nniiee.
The fair dance given by the people at
.Jonesboro last, night, was undoubtedly
i "big tiling." A number of Cairo folks,
who were hungry for an evening'" sport
of this kind, left yesterday attcrnoon to
participate in the event.
It is thought that the Immense tobacco
crop of this feeasou will make business
lively In Cairo. We hope it may, for
anything of a lively nature, that will
break the monotony of the dullness that
has prevailed In the city for mouths past,
would he u happy relief to everybody.
RchiI.v Mude Clothinc
Made from tlie cheaiiest to the most
costly fabrics at panic prices at .lohn
A .ew l.lbrury.
On Sunday afternoon, alter the dedica
tion ceremony of the African Methodist
Kplscopal church has been concluded,
Mayor Winter will present tho Sunday
school of tho church with u new library,
consisting of one hundred volumes of
neatly bound aud valuable books,
the Taylor Literary Club.
The Taylor Literary Club held their
regular weekly meeting at their rooms
last Wednesday night, when several new
members were voted In, and tho arrange
ments for their coming entertainment,
which takes place one week lrom to.
night, were completed.
To no Cleared.
We would judge from the manner in
which the grand jury has been working
for tho past week, that It Is the Intention
oi that body to cither rid tho town of
prostitutes, or make thorn pay dearly for
their tins. Wo hear that no less than
tllty Indictments have been found by the
Jury against lewd women, up to the
present time, and that they ore not yet
Mfsrnum M Cai-mI.
Tlie great showman, I. T. Bnrnum,
with his Itotnan Hippodrome will exhibit
... ...! . 4 .......tw.. ..i ei.i
Hi enroll io-ony. minim.-! v.iuiuj
jwoplo will visit that village for tho pur
pose ol jceing tho show, among whom I
will he Mayor Winter. Barnaul should
have come to Cairo. He would have
made u hit.
The gallant crew of the yacht "An
dromeda,'' with u party of Invited guests,
were out la'-t evcnlngenjoylng the moon
light and it Mil on "I. a Belle Blvler."
Several hours were spent In this delight
lul mantiei', with music and song, and
the pleasures of tin party wen; not at
all Interrupted by the occasional popping
of the corks of champagne bottles
Ttir MUtlii-ilppI ler.
The Mi.dslppl hanks in n number ol
plaees opposite the city, and near the
house of Mrs. Smallenberg, are washing
nway rapidly. In several places theearth
has caved In to within twenty-live and
forty feet of the base ol the levee, and In
one place hascavedlu to within a distance
or fifteen feet of the ties of the Cairo &
St. I.ouls railroad.
.SlerrlntMt Tnllorluir.
line of Broadcloths, Ihigllsh
and rnlmerc, at .lohn Au-
A full
City Improreinenla.
During the past summer Cairo has had
many improvements in the shape oi
street repairs and new sidewalks, which
add greatly to her apjiearance, as nlso to
the comfort of both man and beast. Mr.
l.ehlgh is now at work tilling in with
earth around his residence on the corner
ot Twelllh and I'oplar street', for the
purpo-e of laying a new brick walk.
Thnt lIxrurMKli.
The Knights of I'ythias wjll meet in
their hall thN evening, when a definite
conclusion in regard to their contempla
ted excursion will be arrived at. The
KiilghU could not clioD-e a more suita
ble or beautiful time of the year for a
moonlight excursion, and if they decide
to give the excursion they will no doubt
be largely patronized
C'iMrrn Clenlicd.
l'ertons having cisterns needing pump'
log out and repairing can have it done
promptly and at prices ti suit the time.-,
by calling on J. S. Hawkins Cross street.
I have a man and pump employed all the
time for tlie purpose. ft-KMf.
Wllftoii'nl.i Kiil ll.rvelory.
Mr. .1. S. Cowdon, son of John Cowdon
of Mississippi river tame, is hi Cairo as
general solicitor and traveling agent for
Wil-on's U. S. Legal Directory, History
and General Directory of Southeast Mis
souri and Southern Illinois. It will soon
be i-sued trom the press, and will cer
tainly prove of interest to the people of
this part of the country. Mr. Cowdon is
a reliable gentleman and will visit thecit
Izciuof Cairo In the liitcrot of tin; pub'
Ushers ol this work.
New Map,
Mr. ClinxWa Thrupp has recently com
pleted a map for the street committee,
showing the w hereabouts of every brick,
Iron aud wooden sewer in the city, and
also pointing out the direction of each.
It also shows the umounl ol earth and
gravel placed upon tlie streets of the city
by the various contractors, which aggre
gates In the whole something over three
hundred and thirty thousand yards. It
also shows when tlie sewers of the city,
during high water, can be opened, and
gives much other valuable information
to tlie members of the committee. The
map is at present to be seen at Mayor
Winter's ofiice.
Bone Bull.
Tills afternoon at two o'clock, tho At
lantic and Comet bae ball clubs of this
city will play a match game at the foot
of Eighth street. The clnbs aro both
considered by tho base ballists of this
city to be crack junior nines, nnd the
game will be a very close and Interesting
On Sunday afternoon at two o'clock,
the Dcllance club of this city will again
conic In contact with the picked ulue of
Mound City. The picked nine and the
Dcllance club had a tilt at Mound City-
last Sundav, when tlie former tie-
teated tho Cairo bo by ten runs, but
tho Cairo boys claim they were in bad
luck, and hope to walk nway with the
Mound City gentlemen this time.
To Arrive.
Bishop Wayman, ot Baltimore, who
has been attending tho conference of the
African Methodist Episcopal church,
which has been In progress at Sparta
since the thirteenth Instant, will arrive
in this city to-day, nnd will participate in
tho dedication of tho African Methodist
Episcopal church, of this city, next Sun
day afternoon. The ttov. B I. Tanner,
of Philadelphia, editor of tho Christian
Recorder, aud one of thcablest colored
ministers In tho United States, Is also ex
pected to bo here, and to speak on tho
occasion. We aro requested to state that
on the occasion of the dedication, one
side of the church will be reserved exclu
sively for tho accommodation of while vis
itors. A cordial invitation Is extended to
nil to Iw present.
Portrait CJUcen."
This is a new stylo of picitiro now be
ing produced by Wm. Winter, the artist,
ot this city. These pictures are creating
much interest In all tho principal Eastern
and Western cities, being altogether new.
They aro unlike photographs, being
raised and beautifully enameled over the
entire surface, sol In tone, but distinct in
the lights and shades. No one who sees
them falls to admire them, or to give the
artist an order. Wo have been shown a
number of pictures of well-known ladles
uud gentlemen of tho city, and have no
hesitation in pronouncing them perfectly
IV. .. ...! lli..ruV.m. uitl'Un ..II
IW.UU.U. v m.w-..v
who take Interest In suca mattert or do
sire pictures, to call upon Mr. Winter ut
bis gallery and examine his work iu tills
new branch of the shadow-capturing art.
Septrmhcr Term, 175. Hon, II, J,
Hnkei', fresldlnif
Trntb Iits .
Tlie ball in tho case of the I'coplo
vs. Theron Gibson was rcttuccii rrom
S00 to S500, when tho defendant, with
William Holdcn as security, entered Into
n recognizance for the appearance of the
defendant nt the Judiciary Term of the
Circuit Court of Alexander county. In
the year 1870.
In the case of the l'coplc v. Mollle
Clark, a second motion was entered to
quash the Indictment against the defend
ant by her attorney, Mr. Shaver. This
like tho former motion, was overruled
by the coiirt after heating the argument
for parties.
The eai of Mollle Clark was tried
before ajitrv. She was Indicted Inr per
jury. Her attorneys, Mr. II. Black and
Mr. Shaver, fought hard for their cllant
and procured for her n verdict of acquit
Mr. I.'oltcrt It. Lemon, against whom
nn indictment was returned day before
yesterday for perjury, was arreted yes
terday, and, with Chas. Lancaster as se
curity, entered Into a recognizance of
S&00 for the appearance of Lemon at the
next term of the circuit court.
The grand jury returned 13 Indict
ments Into the court to-day, and expect
to return about twenty this morning,
when they will end their work after
eleven days' service.
The demurrer- to the declarations In
the case of the City of Calto vs. C. X.
Hughes, and the City of Cairo vs Saf
ford, Morris and Candtc, were overruled
and rule entered against tho defendants
to answer by the time the court as
sembles tills morning.
In the case of Barney McManus vs.
the Cairo & Viucciincs railroad company,
and Green B. l'uum, a motion was made
by Mr. W. II. Green to qua-h the writ.
Mr. D. T. Llnegar, attorney lor plalntlh".
made a cross motion to amend. The
court overruled the motion of Mr. Green
and granted permission to the plaintiff to
amend and entered rule against defendant
to answer by this morning.
Hurry Walker, I he oiil Rellnble Nil
loun Keeper.
Tlie old and popular saloon keeper,
harry Walker, will take charge oflhe
well-known Crystal saloon, corner of
Sixth street and Commercial avenue, on
Weoncsduy morning, September 13th.
Harry w ill excel his former eflorts as a
caterer to the public, nnd expects all his
old and new friends to call around and
examine what lie will have on hand for
the good of the inner man, In the shape
of plain aud mixed drinks, etc. All tlie
ancients and modems know
what elegant and sumptuous lunches
Harry used to set. Well, he proposes to
equal. If not excel, his former ell'ort in
that line, and vil spread a famous one
every morning. He will keep Pllsoier
beer In the best of order cool and fresh.
On Saturday night at 0 o'clock Harry
regaie ins VMtors with "music by
the band," and a lunch that will astonish
fat and lean men in Tact all who may
honor him with a call. Becollect It will
bo a jolly allalr something like old
times, as It were. Harry Walker w ill ex-
pe:t all bands on that corner lor some
tune to come, as he Is to be manager of
the establishment.
I.iiiiU Herbert lint IMLAK.V t:it.
lU-KMliir Meetlnit Thereof.
Council Ciiamiikii.
C.uuo, III., Sept. 11, 1875.
Present His Honor Mayor Winter
and Aldermen Ilalllday, Lancaster, Par
ker, Patier, Blttenhouse, Saup, Thistle
wood nnd Yocum S.
On motion of Alderman Saup tlie min
utes ot the last regular meeting were ap
proved without reading.
The bonds of the following oflicers
were presented and read, nnd on motion
of Alderman Saup, approved :
State and city liquor bond of Mary
White, with J. J. Gordou and F. Kors
nieyeras securities, was presented nnd
n ad. and on motion of Alderman Bitten
house, approved.
Bond ol Jno. H. Gossman, chief of po
lice, in the sum of one thousand dollars,
with Jno. 11. Oberly and Isaac Waldcr as
Bond of A. Cain, pollco constable, in
tlie sum of one thousand dollars, with A.
Susanka and J. B, Phlllls as securities.
Bond of Martin O'Maley, police con
stable, In the sum of one thousand dol
lars, with P. Fitzgerald and Newton
Bice as securities.
Bill ol Win. M. Williams lor services
as chief of police, 21 days In August,
32 50, was presented ami read, and on
motion ol Alderman Saup, was allowed,
less Si 75, by the following voto :
Ayes Ilalllday, Lancaster, Parker,
Blttciihouse, Saup, Thlstlewood and Yo
cum 7.
Bills of F. M. Schuster and Fred Whit
camp, police constables In August, each
$00. were proented and read.
Alderman Kltteiihoito moved they be
allowed ?J3 hi full of their bill. Carried
by the following vole :
Ayes Ilalllday, Lancaster, Parker,
Patier, Bltteiihouse, Saup, Thlstlewood
and Yocum 8.
Nays 0.
Bills of tho following named oltlcers
were presented and read, und on motion
of Alderman Saup were allowed by tho
following voto:
Ayes Hulllday, Lancaster, Parker,
Puller, IMttenhoiisc, Saup, Thlstlewood
uud Yocum 8.
' Nays 0.
Jno. II. Gossman, 10 days In An
. ......-n,,.,,!,..! Si-).-, M
- ' xVCaUi aud Martin O'Maley, 10
davs In Atnrust as police con
stables, each 20 00
(Alderman Ndlls appeared nd took
his seat.)
The ComtnlttcR on Claim, to whom
wcro rclerretl tho following bill, re
ported the same back recommending pay
ment thereof as follows:
Stephen Bradley, hauling slop in
August. ; (15 00
Jno. P. Holy, surveying 10 00
Ino. 1. llely, surveying 0 00
Cairo City Una Company, for tar "CO !()
H. Yocum, use ol mule und cart... 1 1 'M
I. Boss, tise of mule and cart 10 03
J. Cunningham, use of double
team IS 00
B. Halston, Use ot double-team.... 1H IX I
('. Johnson, loading lime '.r 1(1
II. Brown, distributing tar 3 W
Loyd Smith, cutting weeds 1 00
Mllly Gibson, tor qtults used nt
pest house 1 00
T. Sullivan, hauling man to Jail... 0
i t. s ...... t ,i-
Ino. Bece. bread lor pcsthoitsc
William Oarhi. to 12 days' work on
streets with team
Thos. Median, to 12 days' work
on streets with team
Tom Boyle, to 12 days' work on
streets with team
Mr. Duggcii, to III days' work nn
streets with team..
D. C. Homun, to 12 days' work on
streets with team
W. II. Whluiker, to 1 days' work
on streets with team
I. Cochran, to 11 days' work on
streets with team
James Boss, to 11 days' work on
streets with team ,
Mike Galviu, to 11 days work on
streets with team
M 00
X, 00
M 00
.10 00
M 00
:i oo
n:t oo
: oo
:t:i (mi
27 oo
27 00
21 00
15 00
7 30
0 23
P. H, Cochran, toll days' work
on streets with team
I'at. Klllmartln, to 0 days' work
on streets with team
Messrs. Iilley, to 8 days' work on
streets with team
James Median, to 5 days' work on
streets with team
O. Bougluier, to 2 days' work on
streets wiiuteatu
I. Yocum, to 2 tlays' work on
streets with cart
Mike Mahoney, 111 days' woi k on
streets as foreman, at $1 75 $ 22
Kd. Morrlsey. Bi days' work on
streets, at St 50
19 50
lit 30
19 50
10 30
111 30
10 30
15 00
12 00
J 00
2 25
11 (X)
10 50
18 75
27 00
0 00
21 00
15 00
0 00
10 75
Jerry .Murphy, lit days' work on
streets, at i ou
William (Julnn. BJ days' work on
.street, at SI 50
John Sullivan, lit days' work on
streets, nt Si 00
John Lane, 11 days' work on
streets, at $1 30
Dennis Cahlll, Bl days' work on
streets, at 31 30
Sam Brown, 11 days' work or.
streets, at SI 50
I'at Cahlll. 10 days' work
streets, at $1 50
I'at Lane, 8 days' work
streets, at SI 30
Mr. Shoat.C days' work on streets,
at SI 50
Tim lluslou, 1; days' work on
streets, at SI "50...".
Frank Cunningham, 0 days' work
on drainage, at $l 30
l'eteConley, 11 days' work on
uraiuage, at si ou
fete Conley, 12.1 days' work on
streets, at SI "50
John Dillon, IS days' work on
streets, at 1 oO
John Dillon, 0 days' work on
Mike Dn-cal, to 11 days' work on
drainage, ut $1 30
Mike Driscal, to 10 days' work on
streets, at $1 30
James Kaling, to 4 days' work on
streets, at $1 30
James Kiitlng, to 20J days' work
on drainage, at $1 50
Batt Cashinan, to 7 days' work on
drainage, at $1 30
Batt Cashman, , 18 days' work
on streets, at SI 30
William Wolf, to 11 days' work
on streets, at SI 30
William Wolf, to 12 days' work
on drainage, at $1 50.
Green Young, to 2i days' work
on diulnuire. at SI 60.
10 50
27 00
10 CO
18 75
M 75
.11 30
28 30
2 00
2 Oo
'Tim Wheeler, to 21 days' work on
drainage, at 51 oo
Michael Houlihan, to 1 days'
worn on drainage, at m oo..
Steve Hudson, to 105 days' work
ou dralnau'c, at $1 30
Dan McCarty. to 1 day's work
burying irrlon
Dan McCarty, to 1 days' work on
Michael Cahlll, to hauling 21 load
nt .TOcts
Pete Walter, to hauling 1 ltl at
J. B. Phillis it Son, Lime
r r.. tit.i r? at. ...
0 ID
141 20
U sJfUII2llCT UlllUUUllC liiua 1U v
D. J. Galllgun. building sldewulks m 95
P. Coonrod. 110 yards crave. 117 50
10 0(1
It. Yocum, use of mule and curt... G 25
Cairo City Gas Company, gas for
police headquarters 20 40
Cairo City Gas Company, gas lor
street lamps 200 15
W. M. Williams. 10 days as Mar
shal ln August 22 50
II. E. Ilannon, stationery for
clerk's- olllee 0 45
W. II. Yancey, 115 yards gravel 10.1 50
Chus. Peoples, mowing park 5 00
Thos. Mehau, hauling gravel 112 20
W. M. Williams, commissions on
dog tax 3 75
W. 31. Williams, killing 4 dogs-... 2 Oo
Win. Johnson, removal of dead
dors 2.i
Cairo Bulletin Co., publishing
council nrocecdintr. etc 27 50
Newt. Bice, lumber for sidewalk 00 21
Chas. Thrupp, surveying 10 00
Henry Johnson, removal of dead
cow 50
Jno. Clancy .dieting prisoners 77 50
it. u. itiack, postage stumps 30
T. W. Hulllday, trip to Spring-
Held 21 20
A. Fraser, repairing pump, etc.... 13 00
Huso, Loomis & Co., ice forclcrks
olllee 2 40
Loyd Smith, burying cow I 50
iieury iirowu, uuryiug nogs uu
T. Gorman, salary iu Autnist 00 00
II use, Loomis & Co., Ico lor street
'uiiLr 11 25
Jno. Clancy, extra meals furnish
ed prisoners t o.
B. H. Cunningham, rent of coun
cil chamber. i ou
Alderman Lancaster moved that the re
port of the committee be concurred In.
uud the clerk authorized to draw on the
treasurer for tho amounts. Motion cur
ried by the following voto :
Ayes Lancasier.Nellls.Parkcr Patier,
Ulttenhouse, Saup, TbUtlewood and
Yocum 8.
Nays 0.
Tho bill o W. H. Yaney for 115 yard
of gravel, at 00 cents per cubic yard,
$103 50, was referred to the Committee
on Streets.
Tho Committee ou Claims, to whom
were referred tho petition ot Win. M.
Williams, reported tie atuo hack, re
commending that $1 75 bo deducted from
his salary iu August
On motion of Altlerman Yocum tho re
port was concurred in
The Committee on Claims, to whom
were referred tho petition ot Samuel Ull
man, asking for remittance of flue, re
ported tho aktno buck, recommending
that the petition lay on tbo table.
On motion of Alderman Patlrr the ru
port was concurred In,
Tho Committee ou Streets, to whom
wcro referred, tbe petition of V. Arter,
asking permission lo build u sldewnlk tu
front of hli residence, reported the rumo
back recoinnicndinj tho prayer ol tine
petitioner bo granted) provided Hint It
shall bo laid to the grade established by
provisions ol ordinance o31.
On motion of Alderman llittelihotisc
the report was concurred in.
Petition of H. B. Ellis, Jno. Tuutier, A.
J, Carle and others, in relation to side
walk ordered on Washington avenue, be
tween 'lenth and Eleventh streets, asking
that motion Iw reconsidered and that thn
council rescind ordtr ordering same, was,
on motion of Alderman ilalllday, re
ferred to the Comtnltteeon Streets,"
IVtltitlon of slxty-one property holders
and business men on Commercial ave
nue, complaining of grievances by tlie
Cairo Vineenncs B. K. Co., and pray
ing the council to enforce the ordinance
against said company by compelling them
to comply with their contract with the
city, wa, on motion ol Alderman Bltteii
house, referred to Committee on Streets.
Alderman Lancaster staled that Mr.
Byan wanted to be released ot his gravel
contract with the city.
Alderman Thlstlewood then olTcrcd
tho following resolution which was car
ried :
Ilaolettt. That tho sfrcctcoinmlttcc be
authorized to imiko such arrangements
with Mr. Bynti in reference to gravel
contract as shall be for the best Interest
of the city, and report at tlie next meet
ing. Aldermen Patier offered he following
resolution, which was lost by the follow
ing vote :
Ayes Nellis, Parker, Patier, Snup. f.
Nays Ilalllday, Lancaster, Bltteii
house, ThlstJowood, Yocum. 5.
W'htrttt. The city council did on the
evening of the 10th day of August. 1875.
ai ineir regular meeting iinow ponce oi
llccrs Whitcuum anil Schuster each sixty
dollars for services during the month of
July, when in reality they "were onlv on
the force and did duty nineteen ibvs,
therefore be It
Iloolcttl, That the said motion bo re
scinded ami tlie city clerk be authorized
to issue In lieu thereof thirty-eight dol
lar uch for nineteen tlavs services; and
lurther. that lie cancel' the. scrip pre
viously Issued and not delivered, by
wi lting In red ink across the faeeof.sinie
tlie word "cancelled," and signing bis
Alderman Nellls moved that Ihe Street
Committee be authorized to enquire Into
the advisability of purchasing a barge
load of gravel now lying at the wharf,
and report at next meeting. Ciriiid.
Alderman Patier offered the following
resolution :
lltsohed. That the Mayor bo requc-ted
to enforce ordinance No. 101.
Carried by the following vote :
Ayes Ilalllday, Lancaster, Nellls, Pa
tier, Parker, Uittehhoue, Saup and Yo
cum 8.
Nays Thlstlewood 1.
There being no further busne-s Ind'ore
the Council, the Mayor put in nomina
tion .lohn II. Gossman for the ntliee of
chief of police and city marshal ; A,
Cain and Martin O'Maley, pollco consta
bles', which nomination were continued
by the following vote:
Ayes Ilalllday. Lancaster, Nellls, Par
ker, Path r, Blttenhouse, Saup, Thistle
wood aud Yocum 0.
Nays 0.
On motion of Alderman Ilalllday, the
Council adjourned.
Wm. Fiii.wcii A.r.i;v,
City Clerk.
Caiko, III.. Skitemiikk 10, 1875.
TiiunsiuY hvr.xixd,
Tho weather continues mild and pleas
ant, but rain Is much needed. According
to old "probabilities" we should have
rain to-day or to-innrrow In IhU section.
This afternoon and evening clouds gath
ered thick and heavy in the southwest.
giving promise of rain during the night
or to-morrow. Whenever it comes it will
be welcome.
The liqalth of the city Is, we consider
(or the season, somewhat remarkable.
There is some sickness of a bilious char
acter, but, from personal observation and
reliable information, wo aro satisfied the
percentage is very small compared
with the towns and country around us;
there Is no disease nt all of u fatal rype hi
the city.
The market continues without change.
Everything is about as dull as It could
well be, and even In this condition It
compares very favorably with other mar
ket. Stocks aro largo In grain, Hour aud
meal, and there Is scarcely any demand hi
round lots. Transactions are In a light,
jobbing way. Butter, eggs, chickens
and apples are tcarco and in good de
Our friends should bear In mind
that tho prices here given are usually for
sales from tlrst hands In round lots. In
tilling orders and for broken lots it is nec
essary lo eliargo an advance over these
Stocks are heavy and the demand light.
No particular grade has tho advantage.
VII kinds move slow-. Values are un
changed. Sales wcro 200 bbls, $5 $7 ;
200 bbU, $3.25 $7 ; 100 bbls, $5 7 ;
200 bbls XXNX, $7 ; 700 bbls City, S5
Receipts uro fair ami tlie market over
stocked. There is no demand to speak
of. A few cars sold iu a retail uud job
bing way, compritso transactions. Sales
were 1 car mixed delivered, $11; 1 car
choice delivered, f 18 ; 1 cur choice mixed
delivered, $15.
The market Is overstocked by even the
small amount now ottering, us there Is no
demand. Sales wcro 2 cars In bulk, mixed,
ou. track tile ; 100 sacks mixed and deliv
ered OSe ; 200 sacks white delivered 75c.
All kinds uro plenty nnd the market Is
dull and unsettled. Sales reported were
200 sacks, lair rejected, delivered 40o ; 1
car In bulk, Southern Illluols, on track
35o; 150 sacks Southern Illinois dellv
ered 33o ; 100 sacks Northern delivered
Overstocked and dull. Choice couutry
steam dried meul finds no buyers of round,
los ut ,!3. Wt- note ule of 100 barrel
choke steam dried In lofi n 10- SCO
barrels city stcnm urC(l ln lotf, M
Bit AN.
Plenty and dull. 'ri,.t.
small n t.-. i """" " T
... , - , ' -acmi and
i u noie vues or 1 ear hi
15 50.
iel -delivered
Becelpts yesterday and to-day were
better, but the market Is still unsuppllcK
Tho ileniiiiid Is active and prices fair nt
fjuotatlohs. Wo nolo sales of 300 barrel..
choice Northern 25r; .100 barrels rholce
Southern Illinois 20c: 100 barrels choice
Southern Illinois 23c: 5 tubs Northern
2n22c;4 bitckeis Southern lllinois-22c;
iu tun choice .orrherii 25c: 5 tubs choice
Northern 2.1c.
Tho market Is active and bare nt 1.1c
to-day. Becdnt, are nil Inken on nrrl-
ini. e note sales of 500
dozen, 12e;
100 docn, 12c; 100
boxes fresh, lie.
dozen, 12.1c : 12
Not enough come hi to meet the de
mand. Prices are steady and a shade
better on choice largo young chickens.
Sales were 5 dozen hens, $3 25; 10 dozen
largo young,. 52 30; 1 coop mixed old and
young, $2 75;.1coop? young, 32 75; 1
coop young, $2 25.
The only kind of fruit ottering i apples.
These nre In lair demand and scarce. Wo
note sales of 30 bbls, S2.
Bacon, hhonhler, ham?, etc., are all In
hands of retail dealer.. Mess pork Is firm.
Wo note sales of 25 bbls mess pork, $23.
Real Estate Column
FOB s'ALi:.
Several good Farms and :i,iW0 acres ot
iniiinpnveil and-In Alexander :ou ty.
"VI iter's MIocK." and ' Winter's It w.'
A lir nuuibernt desirable ltesldcucei,
mil excellent vacant Lots, suitable for
bu li cvs li'Hi-es and rc?!dnccs.
ltau-c on Nineteenth street, foris'iO, with
privilege of lease,
Winter's Block Suitable for Hotel, Oil!
cej or lliislness room- cheap.
Tenements numbered 4, 7, S and 'J, ln
Wlntei's Bow, 5 rooms each, for $10 jer
No. in, (cruer) Hi 50 7 rooms.
Tinide-lralilo doable. Cottage on corner
ol 'flit tcctilh and Washington.
Flno two ft'iry brick on Commercial av
enue, between Tenth nnd Eleventh staets
firtutilo for Dwelling and lluslneis.
lo houses ou Commercial, below Sixth
street, suitable for tiuslncs Houses and
Dwi lllns.
Two finall llou-es west of Twenty-sec-oad
-tree i, near I'loc, $4 each per month.
Dwelllu,' iiuiise on Twelfth, near Wal
nut, 0 rooms, for $12 per mouth.
Biisiuoss hoiiso on Levee, near Klqhtli
street, lor fJO per month.
A number of Lots on Levee, abovo
Twelfth street, outUlo lire limits. Aho
a lare number of other Lots ln different
Lamlt, In tracts to miif , near Cairo.
I'orl I.UI.
Steamer Jim FMc, Puducah.
B. II. Cook, Kvansville.
" Grand Tower, St. Louis.
Tow-boat Atlantic, St. I.ouls.
" Lioness, St. I.ouls.
" Bee, New Orleans.
DKl'.Ml 1 KD.
Steamer Jim Fisk, Paducah.
B. II. Cook, Kvansville.
" Bannock City, Louisville.
Tlie river last evening was 17 feet oi.
tlie gauge, having risen 7 1-5 Inches dur
ing the previous 21 hours.
Tlie weather was clear and hot yes
terday. Business dull.
Six of tho crew or the T. F. Eckett
aro down with tho fever.
Capt. Fred Davis, of thedredgoboat,
Is having chills at Cave-ln-Bock.
It Is rumored that the Indiana has
been abandoned lo the underwriters.
TheSllvcrthorne repaired quickly and
left KvunsvHIo evening before last tor
this port.
Wo aro glad to sec that Mr. B. P.
Bobbins, who has been prostrated sev
eral days Willi fever, Is able to be at his
desk again.
'Tho price paid for tho Bannock City
by Capt. Morgan Smith, of Louisville,
was $3,500. She is uu excellent stern
wheel boat, aud Messrs. Walker and Nel
lls, her former owners, think she was
well worth that money.
ItiVM1 lUroitr,
n, is. rt. w
Culro P T x 2
Pittalmry 2 5
(Jliiclniiutl I 7 x
LouUvlllo J i
Nashville I 03
fit. Loulb ID & 1
Hour, according to Tile
Com, mixed, Bocked
Corn, while, fackxd
Oats, luUeil - T
Urwi, jwr ton.......
Mml, bImiiii dried-...
..I.,,!,-.. .Northern
$j 00(37 SO
. av4a
is 10
S 00
iiiilUT.clioIin southern 111
KKK. ix-ritowu -
Chfckwi'i er dozen
lurly, rdon. ......
ApiM choice, per bml ................
Milc, cominou, uer bar rvl ...... ..
rutatocti, per barrel .....
Onlvna iwr Uaml...
.$3 omga oo
" ti on
i w
l T5

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