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arflac Hatter Every rt.
joaor x. oaiau.Y, Editor.
Crl Sctmrz. the eminent statesman mid
orator, hu returned from his natlro
German, and h now In St. I.ou!. It Is
uM that lie A'lll Co to Ohio In the Inter-
Mtof the lU-nubllciiii tuirty, mill make
nine iprecliei In invor of a return to specie
Kcw from the City or Mexico snyJ that
Cortina will not be punished by the au
thorities In the great capital. His money
i already at work, and It Is generally
conceded that his Imprisonment Is a mere
bagatelle. Cortlna's Influence ha ex
tended from the frontier to Ills prison
doors, and his adherent are plying Mex
ican dollars in all quarters. When he
geU back to the Hlo Oraadu cl Americano
had better sleep with an eye open.
Members of the press of nil the western
States have been Invited, by .lames M.
Loughborough, land commissioner of the
St. Louis, Iron Mountain and Southern
railroad, to join In an excursion through
Arkansas. A train of Pullman cam will
leave St. Louis on Tuesday, September
SStb, with tho excursionists, ami foe nb
wut three days. Little ltock nnd other
prominent places in Arkansas will be
The Grand Lodjre of the I. O. O. V. or
tho United States convened in annual
session in Indianapolis yesterday. Many
representatives arrived in the city before
the lodjre convened, amoiijr whom are the
venerable Grand Secretary James L.
Kidjrely; Tust Grand Sires, Sanders,
New York, Stewart, Washington ; and
Stoke, Pennsylvania; ICeprcscutatives
Porter and Harmon, California ; Medale
and St. John, New York ; Fitzhugh and
Boblnson, Virjilnla. mid Glenn of Geor
gia; Grand Treasurer Vansant of Haiti
more, and Assistant Grind Secretary
Ross of Baltimore.
Iu the year 0, A. D., Herman, or At
tain, as tho Itomans tilled him, threw
otT Roman tyranny In the battle, ot Teti-.
toburger Wald. In this late day a statue
ninety Icet high has been erected to tho
memory of the mythical hero, nnd every
part has been cast in bronze by the artist,
Heir von Baudel. now fcevetiry.fi ve years
of age. The Emperor conferred the hon
or of nobility, as well as tho Order of tho
Crown, upon the venerable artist, In ac
knowledgment ot his great and patriotic
worn. Truly the .Germans nro grnteful
and have a'memory. Their brilliant cam
paign Into the empire of France, whose
prowess, backed by a prestige immortal,
was acknowledged as Invincible, gave us
to understand that the old Fatherland
nad a memory that reached back to the
days of her humiliation ; nnd now Iter
memory and gratitude extend back to
tho shores of the Christian Km.
Wendell Phillips. G. W. Curtis, Kobcrt
Collycr. Henry Ward Beeclier, William
Parsons, James Parton, Thomas X. Dout
ney.Uayard Taylor.Brct Hartoand Gough
are classed among tho best lecturers
who will be in the Held this season.
Gough lectures two nights wherever be
goes, and is rtaerallv nato S300 a nttrh'.
His lectures are usually on tho same sub
ject, and. he has amassed a fortune by his
labors. Wendell Phillips gets $230 for
bis lecture. Geo. W. Curtis commands
$250 per night. Robert Oollyer for "Clear
Grit" gets 3200 a night. Parsons, In
popularity, stands with Gough and lice
cher, and la n brilliant speaker. Dout
ney is a popular young lecturer, being a
reformed inebriate, and talks on temper
ance. Bayard Taylor is usually paid
$200 per lecture. Among the lady lectu
rers are Mrs. Livcrmore, Julia Ward
Howe, and Nia-be Couzins, who arc
very popular.
General Forrest Is keeping up the old
war spirit he is warring with his native
soil, and making It yield Its riches. He
has Just shipped ten bales of cotton, the I
ayera c weight of which was 533 pounds
per bale. The guieral has B30 acres of
land under cultivation near Gieucoe Sta
tion, In Shelby county. Tennessee, which
he has worked In a fclentlllc manner
430 acres being in cotton. The remain
der of his laud is devoted to corn, peas,
etc., and he employs, Including
houso servants, forty hands. These
hands will make an averago show
of eight bales ot cotton, sixty bushels or
earn, and twenty buahels of peas. It
would have been belter ror the future
history ol Ingstreet und other Southern
generals if th-y had a;.i . "
Forrest did when the wnr nin it..
not been idle one uomtnt -i... C .1 ...
P-rki-d his artillery.
, , "" great success in hlb
- l'ursuiK-i fact ,ve would
like to see him next governor ol "that
Tiltou, in his lecture at
I'ort JtrvU
quoted, ,fA star that sets may rise again
out. a suriiwi talis will tm ho more."
Kpeaklng of fortitude, he ettul Craiimcr
Wtheukc,BJ;Hyltcr Raleigh at the
ana the followers of Oarlbaldl as
tbcjraswertdhlVrv', unnwkn ic i..
,0;'c j11 h!,nCw. thirst, danger, disease
Wla ,0w me." "Which
longer believe In trial by jury y" "
other time be said, "You can thWaChiill
J Uaa oiwtry.but In this laud ti w 0IW t,
lor which a Buuj U always co.uletontd
is torgtvwww or an Injury," This v
spptoHM. Heepoko with flcry cnthu
dun of "Tfco Problem of Life," ua It ab 1
fcctnl childhood. "Tench your chil
clrcn," liosald. "Morlc of lioroMm and
IiIfIi nchlisvciiipiits tlio storv of nsli-
Inxton, of Lawrence, of 1 arnicut, aticrof,
" ,
Lincoln, who. greater than Wilberforeo,
went up to heaven with broken fcttcrs'hr
their hands.'1 Tllton's kclttro laMcd
over one hour and a half. During that
time he interested his audience, and be
fore its close enlisted Its full sympathy.
ur.1ER.tI7' M1I.I.Y MIDEH.
Ono ot St. Louis'' prominent roughs,
"Gcncral'l Billy ltidcr, was tried In that
city, charged with assault with. Intent to
kill another rough, equally as notorious,
nnd sentenced to two years In tho State
penitentiary. Ills attorney, McDonald,
tiled u motion lor n new trial, nlle.iuv
that the court's Instructions wero Illegal
and Improper. Hilly lllder is n very
small fellow, loud mouthed. at
times dangerous, and nlway
mingles freely with big political
guns, because Hilly has caused them to
believe him a man of iullueuce nnd we
are Inclined to think he baa had Influence
of somu sort or other to so long escape
the penitentiary. Tho -last cliargu wo
heard preferred against lilin was rape,
which he ccaped through political lnilti-
encc. At one. tlmu Billy played a promt
ncnt part In Memphis, acting detective
during the administration of iomO'Don
uell, na chlel of police. Tho "gvneralV
will iret n new trial and perhaps come on"
clear, as It is thought that the Judge or the
court and jury were after Hilly on gen
eral principles. The case attracted much
attention, and nt Its close McDonald, 111
der's attorney, and Col. Xormlle, prose
cuting attorney, used harsh language to
ward each other,tbe Colonel threatening
to throw the general's luwyer out of u
specified window. Ten dollars, each,
was the result ot the escapade between
the two legal gentlemen.
The cyclone that swept with such de
structive power upon Galveston, the
fairst city ofthecoast.aud threatened with
death its IW.OOOlnlmbit.iiits. has pascd
away, and ti bright- sun is again shining
over the wreck and ruin scattered nil over
the Island. At one time the water was
two feet deep on the Stratid and Market
street, and houses wero torn from their
foundations. Galveston for over two
davs was cut oil' from communication
with the main land, which had become,
by Inroads of the flood, five miles distant.
On the other side was the broad Gulf
with Us cauldron of seething waters and
white mist. Over 200,000 In damage
has been done to Galveston In destruc
tion to property ; but the damage done to
her Interests In the future cannot be well
calculated. Houston, lar inland, 1ms
tK'en struggling for years to take away
the cotton trade ol the Gulf City, und
recently the enterprising millionaire,
Charles Morgan, gave his powerful aid to
the project, and has perfected a canal
from the bay to Houston, with u depth
of water sufficient to float an ocean
steamer. Galveston must protect her
self with a cordon of levees, the same ns
Cairo 1 protected, otherwise she will be
jivi-nt into iiicuiiji oi Jicxico In some
future day. A prominent Southern en
gineer wrote a series ol papers for the
Galveston .Veu- last winter, on this vltul
subject, advocating a levee system, and
predicting disaster to tho beautiful city
unless its enemy was kept in check by the
.science to which ho Is an eniment devotee.
In another column will be found the
latest news from the cyclone.
Texas' Constitutional Convention has
been in session seven days. Some of the
best and some of the worst men are dele
gates to it. Ouu ol the representatives
from a Radical district reached Austin in
a state ol drunkenness, sold his mileage
und per diem for a lew pieces or silver,
resigned and went home. A resolution
was olfered, and submitted to a commit
tee, that the legislature of Texas meet
once in two years, for four years, after
(he adoption of the contemplated consti
tution, and afterwards once iu four years ;
and that the tirst two sessions be limited
to sixty days ; ulterwards, to thirty days.
Another important resolution is that
nil male inhabitants of twenty-one years
and over, shall be qualified electors ; pro-
ided, that If a tax be levied for public
schools, and any one falls to puy said tux,
he shall not be allowed to vote mitil wild
tax has been paid ; ulso, that iu munici
pal corporations all appropriations, ex
cept those for police purposes, shall bu
submitted to a vote of the property hold
ers and taxpayers or the said cornoru-
tlous ; and that no poll tax shall bo levied
by said corporations. Also, u resolution,
that no minister ot tho gospel shall hold
office In either branches ot the Legisla
ture; and that neither the Governor nor
,leutenant.Govcrnor shall he a repre
sentative until five years after tho expi
ration or their terms. From tho tone
ol tho convention It Is evident tlm
delegates will take up the sull'r.ige
question, and that tho remedy proposed,
consisting .in the restriction of sullragc in
cities, towns. unit counties, to free-hold-crs,
will bo adopted. It will bean open
l,ln, . .1 -
wi" .ii iuu mass ut iu.
groes, who nro poor and
shiniest, hut who control many portions
ortne state by their vote. This move
ha, been contemplated for the past few-
years by the leading Democrats of the
owio anu may prove the overthrow of
wt Umj earnest work of the convention.
WecauK-, while it strikes at the
tsbed negroes, It ulso strikes ut tho poor
whHe Me ot t ii Qtoti. m1v ..till r....i
. i , 'vj mu win ll'Ul
thatK U an attempt to reduce them to
mo level ol the poorest negro, and below
that of tho negro who possesses a few
feet of land or n tenement. Tho poor
white men (and they uro numerous In
lexasj, to protect their interests und
social standing, will make common cause
wllh tho blacks, and all tho work of the
convention will be for naught.
Junius Henri Browne gives some
Kraphlo pictures oi prominent Parisian
ournauu-lncIudliJir De Glrardln, Do
-agiiac. About, and VeuilJot, whose
-"rattMuustrato the article
llarnet4 Ma'gasitfe
for 'October Is nn
suall y, nttnkctl vo number,
(in wAflfttl Idyll of coitntrj
Jt opens
try life, cdn
ribtited hv Jean Iinrelow.atidcrarelutly
lliustruttriwfin six pictures bySol.fcy-
tinge, Jttu.
A richly llllustraled urtlele, entitled
The Land of Lnki-," describes Minne
sota Its resources, natural scenery, nnd
Its principal Titles St. Paul and Minne
apolis. .
Mr. Con way contributes n second paper
on the nrftreastires of tho South Ken
sington Museum, profusely Illustrated,
nnd giving cpeclal attention to the In
fluence ot the Museum In the progress of
Art Education.
The most important pnper In the Num
ber Is President Woolsey'fl contribution
tb the First Century" series, entitled
"Thu Experiment of the Union with Its
Preiiiir.itloiu.' Ili-sides IU value as a
historical review or our political growth
ns a nation. It Is also timely through Its
suggestions ns to our luimed.nte sltua
Ofa lighter character, though by no
means trivial, Is the Hun. S. S. Cox's
naner on "I.egsslalive Humeri," lull of
racy sketches and anecdotes.
Another of Cnstelar's philosophic pa
pers Is given In this Number.
The Held Is alrcidy ripe in this country
Tor the suggestions and eloquent nppcnl
of Ellis Gray's paper on "Th6 Mission of
Music." It Is an intensely practical dis
cussion ot the prospects of popular tun
steal education in America.
Julian Hawthorne's thoroughly health
ful and yet nluiosiidcilly romantic novel,
'-Garth," Is continued, its hero being now
ready to he launched Into the woudertul
experiences ot college Hie.
Of short stories this number Inn nn un
usual variety. Charles D. Desliler re
counts a characteristic story of Southern
life, for Which Mr. l.y tinge has made two
excellent llhistiutions. William
kny, one of tho most brilliant contribu
tors to Pmtch, in "I'lki Popular Idol,"
tells n downright humorous story of his
romantic adventures iu Ireland. Mrs.
Frank M'Carthy contributes --A Pair of
Scales;" and Louise Chandler Moiiltou,
"Bertha' Experiment."
Besides Jean Ingelow's poem, there
nro also poetical contributions by J. W.
He Forest, A. H. Louis. F. W. Bourdil
lou, Nelly M. Hutchinson, L. W, Backus,
md A. F.
Tho editorial departments aduilrablv
cover their respective Held-;.
t.ItlTOKIAI. XO'tl'M.
St. Louis Is making an effort to get
a branch mint.
Coffee can be raised In ever- portion
of California where the soli is suitable.
Moody and Sankey, and Wlttle and
Bll3 have commenced their revival in
Enoch Ensley, apronilitent citizen ol
Memphis, and a financier of ability, Is Is
suing u pamphlet on the lluanclal ques
tion. Mr. Ensley recently aspired to the
governorship of Tennessee, beloro the
nomination and election of Porter.
Hero Is the way Hop Johnson, local
editor of the Memphis Appeal, who Is a
graduate of i. famous college, puts It :
"Have tlm pink of delicate refinement nnd
the roebud of exquisite sentimentality
returned front their summer tour ?"
Tho Paducuh .lYtuu says: "The
grand Jury being lis session nt Cairo quito
n number of thu had characters who in
rest that city have made their way to this
place, where they propose to remain tin
til allulrs blow over iu their favorite
town." If they aro in Paducab, we hope
they will continue to remain there, ns
that Is a congenial atmosphere for peo
ple our grand jury has a hunkering after.
The latest advices state that the con
suls of Austria, Germany and Italy de
spair of bringing about negotiations
between thu BUsiuiau Insurgents and Ser
ver Pasha, the Turkish commissioner.
Thu English. French and Prussian con-
suls, whose tusk lies in Hcrscgoviulu, ore
still hopeful, because the Insurgents there
show n conciliatory deposition. They
are, however, unable to give a definite
report or the result of their Mission until
they have Interviewed the Insurgents in
tlie mountains near Gatclilca.
-Stilson Hutchlngs, who for some
months past has been part proprietor and
manager or the St. Louis 7'im. has dis
posed or the controlling Interest in the
Evening Dispatch, which until now has
been In his bauds, to W, 11. Allison, ror
twenty-live years editor of the Steuben-
vllle Herald. The price paid was
forty thousand dollars. Mr. Allison will
take control on the first ot October, and
conduct the DUpateh us an Independent
ournal. Mr. D. Robert Barclay, one of
the present owners, will retain his con
nection with the paper.
Tin- AihiiIii4 ufHiii'iin. -hu , rvi-
(J.llllSONUALK, IllH., Si'llt 1I. 'J'litJ L-Vl-
tkliiu ill Hie i-xuiiiiiiiitijii uf Hit- CruhiA,
clmrifuU with bi-iiiK uccouipllwH in iliu
iniinli-rof Wllliunitiiifiicf, wiwcoiicliiilud
nt Miirioii, .Sauiuliiv noun. .Iiuk-c, V. .1.
Alli-ii, for iliu prosecution, bpoki- for ouu
our, followed ly Uou. A. 1). Dull Uo
for tin prosecution. At i p.m. tliu ciifo was
cuittliinuil until Momliiy, Tliu tvlileiict,
nun-nil VU! billll WOIIKI DO gIVl'll oy (IU-
fciHluiitH' svlinoHh ui prove ullbl, etc.,
...iuiiin,TOmi. Stl.'Hllll)l)liy Wils
not tiispiiuii in tliu Rust. tj1u wht-rc-abouta
ol Mack Hill C'niin, on tliu nlL'lit
oi iiiu uiiirui-r, wus sworn to, ImtUliI not
cli-iir him of belii nu uci-oinpllcu to thu
nlliilr. Hon. . S. .Mltilu-ll, ot Murlon,
iiiuiiiii ouu iiiiiiun-u irooi
I'ilii'l'IlS, who veil) orL'aul.fd Into u
puny ofa lutlliiuaml iiiriiltjIuU with arms
on hatiiriluy, to bo n-adv lor iilli-ini-rKi-n-clu8.
1 Jk-ju iiu-ii promise Uu-lr llvi-n and
plt-dRu their ioriimes for tlio retloratlon
oi naco iu llliauiHOii cotiiily. Tliu
peo iluof Soutlii-rn lllhioln uw njolclii"
ut tint mcceshful tiiii-iiriliinir of this band
oi outiawti. .John Milliner, wllh hU two
nccoiiiplk-e; Allen UukiTaiul&un Grain,
will be exninliicil nt Murphynboro, coin-
.., wui, vwi i . rjisiiuy, in till city
luat .inly,
jilft Partlrnlnr Tram Itio Mcetio ut
inn ,rr, r...
r.At.vi'KTiv. Sent. 10. During the
storm on the Ktli, the steamship Atislra
Iiiiii. loading with cotlnn lor Liverpool,
went to sea from the oilier roads and was
driven u-horo at St. Bernard, sixty miles
west ot here. Hi r ingeoii anil imuu ar
rived to-day, tit ( I report the vessel lying
ill seven I. ..r tviiler. No lives an- lost.
The bark Edward McDowell, which was
discharging at the "half, was blown
over on point oi ru'cmi yv
veston Bay, and Is now aground In eight
feet of witter. It Is thought shl- will ho,
gotten oil with slight damage. 1 ho
liavou steamer Beard-town was driven
from the wharf, broken to pieces, and Is
a total wreck. A number ol her crow
are reported lost. . , , .
Dr. G.W Vct, Hcallh Officer, wns nt
Quarantine Sfiiloii with liMamlly on the
evening or the loth. H' '" '"'''"y
to the elty, his Utile grandson remaining
with him at the stailou. O.i the evening
of the lOlh the storm increased and Hit)
water rose rapidly, carrying awnv the
building-, ami Hie la-t seen ol Dr. Peet
and hlslltilehoy iln-y were in the old
fort, -i short dl'tsuice Irom Qitaraiillue
Station. No tiding- have yet been re
ceived, jiud It l Mipposed both wen lost.
The Government buildings, witu nil ol
Ihe material '", , hand which
was being ''i eoutritethig
rubious lor hmbor luiproeuieiits,
were swept iiwin. A number of men em
ployed on the works eaiuu.u? the city on
'the'loth, and when the waters carried
away the building, twemy.seven men
clung to the piling through the night,
and all e.Mvpt two weresved by the lug
boat the following morning. Dwelling
houses on tht eateru point of the Maud
and along the beach on the jouth side,
were emi'ldcrably damaged by water.
Of the houses blown ilown and washed
oil' In the central and business imii lions of
the elty, wry Utile damage was ilom-. it
Is estimated that 200,000 will cover all
loses to inoK'tty.
Tho mllro.aN are badly broken on the
Maud, culverts gone, nnd tracks washed
nil'. The bridge stnudfc, with the excep
tion ot 100 yards ol stringers and Iron
piling. It will bo several days before It
..in In. rvnnlred lor trnlns to roMlllle.
Damage above and on Ihe buy and bayous
leporieo very grear. t.omimMioie
Morgan's fleet ot dredge boats are re
ported driven n'hore. und a number are
wrecked at Harrlshurg and Hou-dou.
A terrific gule prevailed, and the water
was driven up Irom the buy hiuhi-r than
ever known before. 100 miles to the North
along the entire Texas coast.
rpni; DU1J.KTIS litiublihcdctrymornins
(fxeq't Monday) li. the lliillctln HulMIn.', cur
tier Washington avenue and Twelfth idrtct
The ItcLLCTZN la served to city tuWrilvrs by
EdtlUUl canicwutTweaty-l'lvo Cents nUttk,
ixiyablo weekly. ItyMall, (!n aitvancc), flyjcr
nnnum; klx niontln, 6; tint-; months, $3s out
month, $1 'j.
l-nlill-boi every TlmrfcLiy morning at l i j
pc annum, mviui-ihly in udmncc. The pottuge
on liie WceUly will 1 ittM t ' mc so
that subscribers w oWnln for a subicrlptlon
rlre of l year-
Itu'iiirs Canla. (irrunnuni $SG (O
One b'juurc, 3iic hrtlun, i 00
Om- sijuurr, twu iniertloni
One tf'iuun:, one ntk,
On- wiurt, two wetkii,
Om- hfjiuje, tlirrv vrli9,
Out- (iue, on muutti
, 1 10
. s so
, 3C0
. 4 UU
. roo
Ouu iuare, one luttrtlnn, $1 ipl
lUcli rtuliiciiiiul liiMrrtlun M
ryOnc Indi is a fijuarc
EJ To rtKubr fulri'rticN wc offer tupcrlor In
diicfmcnu, both aa to rate ot cluirKCi) uti'J nun.
ncr of dlj.lylus their favors.
Oomaunlcatlons upon subjects of gen
eral Interest to the public solicited.
J3AI1 Husliii-j Umit ahonld be addrrsud to
I'Hlrit Iliillulin Camimnr.
Evansvillo, Cairo and Memphis
Steam Packet Co.,
Faduoab, Slmwneotown, Evans
villo, IiOuiBvillo, Ciuuinnatl
and nil way landingr).
The unriratlttl eUlc-nbicl utcuKif r
I) (J. Kowu-.it - Matter.
Ki. It. 'Iiiomas Clerk.
ill lrai! KrttiKVlllIefiirl.'airneTery
uuirrilL'U-jliA utlu'cluckp in.
Iiiie Cairo eiry TUKSU.W and nilDAV.ul
lo'i'lutk i iu
1 1 if ilrfuut 6ido-wlu-cl i-U'Hiner
IIkv IIuwaiu) MuUr.
Will u-mo Kvunnvillu for Cairo vrt-ry TUKS-W-
ul"1 l'"l A V ut o'l-lock n. m.
H II liavf Liilruevery IN EUNKsliAYiuidSAT
tlthA at U o'clock . ro.
rim ilcgftut nidc-wlutl 8twm-
TflflV tltM u
mat. wiluXu.";;".'.;"",
i.fi- "'I'vlllo for Culro cu-rv WUDNKS
I n uii'l nATUKAIIY ut n p. (u.
'' tiilru every UllJItulIAy uud SUNDAY
ai il i in
...f.''i1 ,M"1 rni'kca close e.nnncctionn ut Cuiro
l li Iliiji-ilnBu iiaiiu'i'H for bt. I.mil, Mem.
liliUjiiid Nir Orlinin, uml ut Eaiillle wltli
lie h A C. It. K fur nil iwliits Nurlli uml Kul.
nd Willi tliu Luulavllli- Mull hleuimra lor ull
iiniK,n tlir Upper Oliio, Klvlnn tliimiKli n
"JJiw ouirulU and puabeugiTJ to all poliitu
lor fmlli.r tuforroatlon oiiiily to
hOL. blLVUIt, Vunvi
'uavti(er Ak'iut.
J. M. t'HU.UI'B, 1 Ageut.
, Orlo (l.J UltAMMUIt,
iMllierliiteniteut uti'l flfDCMl Kiciu-ht Agent,
lv-3.-;ii.y. Manivllle Indiana,
Por three da.'. Hum- at low-' price?, In
barrel", by Jno. 11. rtiilll 5un.
Vnlnnhle Troperly for Nolo.
The undersigned wMie to fell a House
Hiid Lot. located on Tweiily-seventh
stn-et. between 'oiiiineiclal avenue and
Poplin' street. Calr.'. Illlnol". All neces
sary out-hoiti.es. Mnlilc. etc. Also, a good
cistern. The lot Is provided wllh Irtilt
trees, elc. This pioju-ity will be sold at
low llgtire.e. Apply to Thomas W. Hal
llday lor further particulars.
Miciiadi. IttcntX'.
C.uito. It.t.t., Sept. 17. lS7p.
.Villi re.
Public nollce Is hereby given tlmt Ihe
undersigned this tiny been appointed
ns-lgnee of the estate of Harrison Hoiipt,
lor the sole ue anil heiiellt ol his credit
ors, after deducting all expense attend
ing the execution of thu same. All per
sons Indebted to Ihe snlil algnor. will
pay the same without delay, to "thu un
dersigned. A. Coming-,
Assignee or Harrison Houpt.
C.itno, III., September 17. 1875.
0 IS
I.ntiK II,r..ort Uu IMI.SIl.VKK.
W.000 rnvelopi-s all.gnide and prices.
Jut received at the Bulletin, 1o olllce.
"I'orlrallt lncei."
Till is a new style of plciiire now be
ing produced by Wm. Winter, the artNt,
ot ihlsclty. The.-e pictures are creailug
miii-h Interest hi nil the principal !-.'a!crii
nnd Weteniltles. being nltogel her new.
I hey are unliku photogniphs.- being
raised and beanilliilly cnniitrled over the
entire surface, soft Iu tone, but dUtluct hi
the lights and 'hades. No one who sees
tin-in falls toiulinlro ihein. yr to give the
urilst mi order. We have been tliowu n
number of iilctun-R of well-kiiown ladles
nnd geiitleinen of the city, and have no
he-nation In pronouiichig them perfectly
splendid. We would therefore advise all
who take Interest In i:ch matters or de
sire picture!, to call upon .Mr. Winter nt
Ids gallery and examine his work in this
new branch of tho shadow-capturing nrt.
;-i wi
Obstacles to Marriage.
Happy rc let I r vium; m n from tho ol
fe -t of K -or and bines in early life.
Munho id re-lured. IiiiiicliiiiLMiH to Mar-riu-jo
removed New nicthud of feat
inut. New anil rem .rkuMe remeUl. a.
l!'iol;s ami Clr u' rs cnt tree, In e:i!! en
il'i'C9. A Idre-s Umvanl Associailntt.
41!i X. Ninth st., I'ullai'c n'a, I'a. an n ti
iu Inn hating a l.li;li rep I t on f r liotior
able conduct and profees.onul nl.lll.
Tho Pooplo's Remedy.
Tho Universal Pain Ext actor.
Note : Ank for Pond'u Extract.
Tako no otUur.
"llivr: 1st I will slink of txctlknt tlilnss.'
lniirl-atoMiitiiri:rat), I
I l-lllln, lllllinlj l
siriihiH. sj.ralun, Oititu- i
I Biolm, Ui-KKSltldllB, I
I I'rm-lur,--, . iii, Uiccm
I tnl or Iliciiul Uollliiln
Nt clliii-.,llurns !)c:il(U, j
i Buiiuuiua
Pillll-Clllll I.lllltM.
?l.llltlii?lil ltloi.it
V' o. n,t-,.ii,iui.i uii
A inn oiiins or lit-th
U lOIH,tlKll IIlOIMl
! liloody Dlei-tmrurs
Pllei. - lilrcUniK ll,
lllindl-ili-4. (iutallii.lv )
r.MiliiurliiM iiiiii-lie.Niu-rulxla,
SveIIel Ka.-v
llllt-llillllllalll, IthvllIIU
lie I'.vi lllnif or Purl in-, 1.
NLIfiK-- or .tuii-iiis4.
Lurulu,'o, Uimc lluek
r- 'I'.iriinl or yiuniy.
Intluiiied ToiiaU.1
llllillifrlii, llniiirlil-
UN, .Itllllllll.
'Horn or Influnint Kvis or
Ciitiirrli, U-uiiirrhcu,
nr? NiiiiilfH, 1 11 1!., me
-.uiriiii'ii, I'ywiui'r .
Hi nut
the I'uliiriil or loo I'roiurc
1 .Monllilk-a.
jMilk l.i-if. Oiarlun Hi-
1 euo mill 'I iini.,i'rt
jKldiii't C'iiiiilniiit,
REMEDY L irv' "nl1 r:.Rury.
M Iikiiiin und hcirm
I tiuiii of Inr.mu, or
ion ilnitH
Vnrli-iiHc Vein. Uu
EXTERNAL lars-il.TliiBanie.1 Veins
bAitnnni. u-,.r., om ,,iu nnrr-
liul Ulier.itlolis
A:D Kollx. Cuibimi-lH. Tu-
rrf!TiTHTf .mora. Hot nmlliiiKs.
INTERNAL'" ori.Humi iiuuiou,, ciii.
eel or tnitv Kiel.
TTOYi li'iliiiBx.llurnfiooi ,iul-
XJSE, die mil
tVlim orU'hlilow, l'rol-
cil l.lmh- or ruin.
ft iin'iiiiiii lliii's, insect
tillns'4, Clniieil HitmU.
POXn-M E.XTIIACT li fnrncleliyull rilNl--hhi
lrnici;l-l-,.(tiii iirniiiiiii'..iWilliy
nil Dr.iKKlxti, riiylcUiis, und .i-r-iHHly
who linn i-- iieI It.
iiuililili'l couliiliiliiKllintojy uml Vrrh limit
el free uu uipilc:illoii, if nol fouud ntyoiir
eiv Vorli mill I.imiiIiiii,
FUll tile upiiily curu of Stmlmil W-aUuen,
Lodt Miiuliood uud ull dlavrdern droiiKhl
on by Indlacrctlonn or ctceea. Any UrilKr'!
uaallie Ini?retli'!!t3,
Aitdnvi, Itr U, IIIMON.tCO.,
lSl-dir.v (lliM-lnniill Mliln
In Chancery Master's 8nlc.
Slate of Illinois, Alexander County
In the Alexander County Circuit ouu,
William M. Atlierton and Jolm Uodget v. Jolm
lloldeii uud Alurg.irct IN ullacK-l-uititlou.
PUULIC notice la huiuliy given' tbit Ini.iir
DUuuceof't ilciTve r iidcidl In tlie alnivft
iiilltlnl ciui-e, In cnUl curt ut Ihe Muy U1111
tlieltol, ,. I). I ""A. I, .Ti.hu Q. Ilarmun imiler
Incliiiiicery tifnuld count), will 011 Tliurcdiiy
ll)Uirdiluv of -hep eiulM-r, A. I). lT'i, ut Ihe
hdiir of J ii'i'loek p. 111, ofDuld day, m11 ul pub
lic (endue, ut tin- court hur dour In ilieeily of
Culro, in nulcl rounty. t 1- following uciTix'd
K ill entute. Io-wit: 'I lie noulii Imlf of the iiorlll
I'UKtqu nlcr of tectum tweul) -ieeu (.'"), town
rldp lllleen (15), aouih I mine, numlier two It)
wem 111 me iinni iiniiiipui niiTiiiinn in hip
county of AloMindir uud .ituicol' Illinois, to
Kellier Willi tlie ttiirini nla und lici clliiiiiKiitx
thereunto Ih-IoiikIiik or llieicin iipperlnlulni;.
Terma of Mile iini-liulf rauli in liand lull
mice in one uud tw yeura rUiil iuyiiieuta,
with bIx er cent Inleict per uuumu lliereou
di'ferr-l paymentd to u ki-euwlby lOorl!(aB
nn the prope'ly aold.
Cairo, Illinois, Autru-t :Mli. m.
Jlauler in l.'hiincerv
I.lncKur A Linkdeu, Coniiilaliuum' ollcilui'.
TTTK "ollcll ivrrii.iiiit-oc.
uii.l upliri trim
V hi in our Hue
ntiiiiiilMiiil. I'l.ti.tu
Illicit Willi rt'IUIilt' lruKut IrJjuinl.le ratel
74 OMo Intvee.
Wood! Wood! Wood!
BIG MUDDY (Mount Carbon Coal.)
Tho Cairo & St. Louis Transfer & Coal Compan'-ii ow propnrcd to
fill orders for Wood nnd Coal. Dolivorcd to ny par of tho City, nt
tho Lowest Cash Prtco. Or'FJCE AND YARD ut tho Cairo St St.
Louis Nnrrow Guuko Depot.
W ot, 4 foot, lien or. I
"Wood, n iu ed. por coitt
Wood, Efiv. a una split, per roril
Colli, eft loa I. l-r k ii
Coal, cur lo i I, ainxl .ton
Coil, car load, ouu-hulr ton
T.rVf ordnrn nt P.M. Sttclttt. th'n.fl2
blxth Htrcnt nuit Coinineicul Avnnuo,
Ordorc Sclloltod and Promptly Filled.
T. WARD, Supt.
JAS BT.ZA1TE, Soc'y& Troas.
Importer and Wholesale Dealer in
Wines and Liquors.
Koops a full Bt ck of
3BLozxtvi.ols.y Bourbon,
Monongahela, Rye and Kobinson County
.tigered for "! at
Great Reduction in Prices,
Domestics, Sheetings,
Prints, Bleached Muslins,
Ginghams, Cretonos,
Table Linens, Percales,
Japaneso Silks,
l.-uve Sloe't of White Ooodu, Vlotorli Lvvni, Swiaa Mftraiiloa, 11ml n 1-urKe "-lock ol
Itli30ns. I liM c ilire muck will ...hi nt iciiiil o-i-t. -ind ciuiluui- until it li clofl out. Lai.
nd liei-oiiviineilofUri-il ISir.Mliu! TKItUi -Tltl TI.Y i,VnU.
Corner Eighth.
i m 1 1 a a r
1 t
1 1
1 1 11 ill ill iiasaasBmaaiiaa n
and Retail
V.VIi -
ETC., E J C.
Ilr... im I're. lclan ami Cnit-rul stun-t Id win
.cm u.'l Fa uil-. Mt-dlclue Uim rurul.L.il ril . i-
'n Av ,Co. 8th
S3 60.
I 60.
- tb 00,
j:i oo.
3 60.
- it oo.
Ohio Lcvec, at thi Cry-tal Enloon, corner
null at tnu Company'
a umce.
. Silk Poplins,
Stand C:mmorcial Avt
f- a a a r r
Wl A m I l

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