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OAtM I.ODUt-:, No. 61.
?t..l.... ..I If. II. I.. ......I- ..... Vflm
ii U night nl liulr-lnul M-veH, in Odd
7 Pillow' Hull dho. II Oo.AM.tW.
i h.iwellori;minuinicr.
IniK-tKiKlriit Order of Odd-reJ-low,
niwl every lnrmUy night
i.i iuiir.i.i ti'ii. Iii thir tun on
CnniiiM-rclal im-nue, bclnit-ii alxth mid rtevenln
tlrrel i j.imiiii.iiui
In Odd-1-Vllows' Hull mi the llrnt una third
1 1 u--M.ii in urry month, ut Imir-iwut een.
J.io II UimiLr, 0. 1'.
n UAIICO MJDOK. NO. al,..r. A A M.
ili.M niciilnr communications In Ma
jjP ihiiiic Hull, curiitr Orninierci.il a emu
'Viiid Kbrliih tnt, on the n-cond and
ninth MomUv of lacli month.
Kvcryody to knov that ilio place to get
A smooth tiiHtc,
A good kli.nn oo,
A U-bb duMh h:ilr-cu',
Or oil) lit dk I that line,
ll Ht the UlUSI) CWTHAI. IUltllKK-
r, coiner Eighth nnd Coninn tcll.
PIl.NRNKKnt l-onle Herbert.
jSTPUiencr U er Oconto LnttnrV
Silo n. on Commercial avenue, i.etween
Utth and rdxth ftrr.'tn
To Hit? CltUfiin ofCiilrn.
I would Inform inj mmy friends, tint 1
am till In the .uctlon bu-lw-s, nnd read,
to attend to nil rndo that in a) offer. M)
loni,' expeiieiclH thls"bu'tie n ed no
comment I It no t-xpi rime 1 1 n my part,
and parties entrusting goodi t mj ere
need no be nltaiu. a I am no ".tiulb" or
novict! In th buines.
lipivl 1 attention ulven to ten estate -nd
ouixiuor sale-, an I hvc ncer inleie I rank
idkjs1o. 1) Hamtman, Auctioneer.
Corner Sixth nrcit and Commercial Av,
WlKll l.lMlM.
Heady printed packages of wash lll.
enough ni each book to Iat two yen r.
for GO cents each ut the Bi'llkti.n Ollice
for the next two days.
ItI'k. nl I.oiiIh lli'i.
A .No. 1 LaiiiMlrr.
It I'now comided that .Mi. Coif man,
the l.uii'He". . . li I'otl'tli strict, lit
tween W i-hint in C m u rcl I avenue,
bssnnco t'ic b t o dueled laundry
tab rhm it n the eitjr, a d I .milords of
hotel and hoarding ioit-e- till tlnd it to
their sdtait"ic to cull upon her
Her ric- arc ai fnlto's: Until ami
boardlng-hoii c wa-liiiig. : cent pir
dozen. Koi piece work pr.fes
as follow.: single -li lrt and
ar, 10c; p r dozen H c; ock. .'c; two
lar, nc; tw , hindkerehlcl", fo; ve.ts
and all (,'entlcinen'- enr. sOc
lozen. Ladle' lre'e, i't to
tklrt.li t.i 2i", clriw-r 0 to i&c;
M). ;
pair hie f'e; two eo'larri to Y c. Kr !
dle' plain clothe- 1 ml -1 dozen; lor la
dle" tine c'otu , i i'i per dozen; done
drtraptly. and prmnptlv delhered. I'.i
tnnae olleltfil W-lm
irXX AmlxTand U'lilte ras Moek
fnvelnwattlie ItULtXTIN otlke, prlntwl,
$3 Maud 00 per M.
I.line, I. line,
100 barrels ofliiuc. beH quality, for -Me
at low-down llure-t at Juo. II. I'ldllU &
I eller llenili.
Ten pound letter liead. large slz', Car
lisle paKT. rati-d two it-nt lilli r tliiin
any other paper ned in Cairo lor print
ing letter head- ordinary Louipo-lltoil
only $4 50 lt r tliuu-.iud at the 15illi:tin
Job ollkv.
l'lelnreiii' Ahutiiii.
At the 15fi.Lr.UN blinhry 15 nutiilH.r-1.
bound in two volume.-, lull 'lll tnor
rocco; &t $ 1 1 ; tor rale at 40.
On In f.uuU llerlierl'H tor I' II, SI'.-
6 PllM iNrUirr ftvMi and cool, the
(Inest beer ever drank, at Cha. Sclioeli
nieverV. corner Tenlli etrect atxl Wash-
Inton avenue.
A t'lur Mnrlt.
Wm. Killer- deMic to lifortn h's pa!
run and the nu lie Keneiall), that lit lu
iuiw n lunJ u lur.c s'ock I r'nnt'i ui.d
German al , Kip atii M loeco and 1 pr
jur d to tnu.u acture. Pr i-toro and ortici
uear. ill Hue t of Moro o or C I skin
Shoe- or U t ; ind lor firm re, dra)incn
and oil' do r w- a ufinr.ilb, hit Kn ndt
Kip Ktind- above aiiything cer"tli red I'
tnl-umrket. Ilin U'Hb aru i thu lateitt
ctyie- an h can gun ulltec a 111 ami tutl
laition to all hU pal on. C'u-tt
Go to Charles Sehoeiinieycr'f. for fresh
l'ilsener Beer.
O" Fresh and cool Fil-enerevcry day
at Charles Schocmiu-yvr'f ,
1'ILSENER at Louis Herbert'.
1iri'llsencr lleer at (Jtore Lattner's
saluoii, on Couinijr.'inl avinue, between
Klltli and sixth streets.
I'or Siile.
A silver plated No. 11 v I son Shuttle Sew
lug Ma. hii-o, ha d (piano) Hill h, valued at
Ssi. Will bo - hi al S2U . isdliut, on good
terms, and orden d ilireckliom Hie lattoiy,
Colored ind in ituted M ips of the c ty of
Caho at 82 00 eacU thall pllcc).
FOlt a ALU.
A No. U WlUwn Shittde SevvltiK Machine
valued ut 875 Will be sola ut 815 discount
and ordered direct IP m the laciorr.
A $!w HemlnKto i , Sewn g Muchlne- H'M)
oil' for cash. Suitable for tailor or buot und
shoe manufacturer.
r'OU 9 A I.E.
At a bariraln. and i-n irood enn-. a How
Bewlni; M unl m Mty Iih st-m nl tho Com
pany'a nfflee, corner Mntu street and Com'
FOlt S VI.K,
"l" e IlK.-sQvie Atner e" a numr.nrs
bound in 2 volumes, full Kill Morocco ;
price, if tu. v
Atyl "F., . louirh. Warren ifcfo.V
Pat or Onta i. rUht 'roiu tho im tory t
trolt LUtprlce-Joov will be sold for
A nw two-home Onmbl vrsuon.
For any ' 'ho above article, apply at
tho BCLLiTMollico. 13. A. Udiwitt. j
Ej'All tills furaUvcrtlilng, arc due and pay
able I!I adva.ncc.
Irantlcnt avtrtlf Iny will be Inserted at tin
rate of 41 W) perbquarc for the Unit Inwrtlon
and Ut cntj for each aub-ectuent one. A II Ural
discount trill be nude on Htandlng and dttphiy
Icnl notiretj, IjimIuch or otherwise, will be
cnurKcd tin cent: per line for the tint and live
i-iiMior each additional In-ertlon, (coiintlnir
lite lluti und iiprurd) n discount will be maile
alter thlrtl Insertion.
Church, Society, Festival and Suiper notices
will only lie Inserkil advertleeraents.
for ln-erllii Kuneral notice l to. Notice of
mcetluB of aocletlet or ei cret onler to ceuta for
each luseiliuu.
No adurtl'euieut will he itctlved at leM tluiu
to teiltH
WEUNESDAV, SEPT. 22. 1375.
I.acitl Wnillicr ltei(irt.
CAIIIO Itt... Sept. 21.1K75.
Time, j JUn. Tu. I Wind Vki.. I VVtn
7a in I 3311 1 1" I N, 1 i'ulr.
I ao.33
ii in.
N. W.
TIIOMA1 JUNK, Sergt. S. b., I.'. H. A.
oMiify Court.
.Inline Ilron coinmenced n seIoii of
the county court on Monday morning.
The Ciilitbooae.
Deputy .lullor .McCarthy tells in that lie
now ha under Ills care at the lock up
three unfortunate creature.', placed there
for varlou olleii'e.
tgyi'or Clotliinjr. go to llellbron &
Weil's. 11 J X 1 II Cournercial avenue.
Cluclnnitll K.ioltlnn
We have at the I5ci.i.i:Ti.vo(llce for ale
at a (11-coilnt, icripoi the Madison House,
Cincinnati, (Slain, between Front and
Second) payable in hotel accommoda
tions at the rate of $2 23 per day. Scrip
Is in orders ot $1 00 each. Apply to
HrII'm Rslsani
has Faved the live-, ol thou-auds of valu
able ltlzeii. who, but tor It. would have
Ixi-ii In untimely graves to-day. It i a
certain reiii'-dy for Coughs Cold. Con
sumption, and all diseases ol the throat
aud re-plratory organs. It never fail".
1'rici', $1 per bottle.
Frc-h llaltuuore oy-ters are received
dally al the .store of Henry Winter, on
Commercial avenue. 9-22-2f
Wooil! Wo. nl! CohI! ComI!
I am now at my old stand, and pre
pared to deliver wood, full length, or
sawed and -pllt. and Illg Muddy, or Mt.
Carbon and DuQiioiii coal, to any part of
the eity at Inwc-t rate-. Lu.ivc order
at Commercial avenue, comer Tenth.
8-22-2W .Iamks Jfoss.
l'ollro 4'ourl.
Only two prlonera, both charged with
the Kline ollens-e, greeted Ills Honor,
Tuil-'i) Bird. yeHeid.iy. they were ar
rested bv OlHcer t.rladney for beating an
old colored man out of live dollars by a
confidence game. lie held them to bail
In the sum of two hundred dollars each
to answer thu charge at the next term of
the circuit court, aud .scut them to jail in
default ot ball.
rr hnle Clu-np.
A new Howe and Singer sewing ma
chine. Enquire at the Bulletin ollice.
E. A. Buiinett.
On the Dili ol Octolier, eighty emi
grant.-, most of them German1, will leave
Allendale, a small town on tho Cairo A
Vinceiines railroad, lur Dalla, Texas.
1'hey will come to Cairo over the Cairo
& Vinceiines road, and then take the St.
Louis, Iron Mountain it Southern road.
hat company having contracted to carry
the party tliroiiKh to Dall.uat a very low
rite. The party l going to Texas fori he
purpose of culoni.lng.
It. J. Cundill'is in receipt of a car load
of Northern cabbjgu, which lie will sell
very cheap. 0-2l-2t.
A Rare 'hinre.
Tho Western Tennessee Agricultural
and Mechanical AsocIation. of Jackson,
Teunes-ee, will hold their Fourth Annual
Exhibition on the 20th to 30th of October.
iicht-lvi', lS7u. at which time there will
be dally sales of stock, agricultural im
plements, etc., making it one of the most
Important meetings ever held lu the State.
Bring your stock and Implement.
Jxo. . hi:mi, President.
Titos. Clark. Secretary.
9-23. w It.
"Not Their Hnckt Up."
It was rumored on the streets yester
day, that the C. & V. railroad company
have removed their general ofllces to
Vinceiines, and that hereafter all trains
arriving on that road will be stopped
at the "Incline" lu thu upper part of tho
city. This has beun done on the part of
the road in retalltatlou for the Indict
ments brought against It by thu citizens
and business men residing and doing tni-d
ness on Commercial avenue. Who will be
Injured to thu gre ttest extent by this ac
tlou on the part of the C. & V. road
the citizens or the road Itself remains to
be Been.
Illowius Uohii 1.hiui t'biinueyN
Mary hail a lltU lamn,
'1'vvas tilled vvlta kcrocne,
And ury down the cnunacy blew,
And left Ibid eanhlv sc-ue.
Gone to meet her fadier who drew Ins gun to
lum ny me iniuzie.
Wo know whole families who blow
down lump chimneys. Wo blow down
lamp chimneys ourself whenever onuls
convenient. It has become a passion with
us. Wo have no leur of going to meet
our father who drew his gun to him by
thu muzzle, because our lather has sur
vived all that kind of accident. Hut this
Is no reason why other people should
blow down lump chlmueys. They should
profit by tho fate that overtook Mary,
and lustead ot blowing dowu thu chim
ney, throw tho lump into tho back yard
ou retiring At night.
The Rev. Mr. Ollhcrt lia? returned
Mr. Dillon, of the, Glasgow (Ken
tucky) Tinxtt, was 111 tho city yesterday.
AV'o have neglected to chronicle the
return of Mr. Clia. Hardy from Hot
Spring, Ark., who Is greatly Im
proved In health.
Our friend, Dowdall, the talented ed
itor of the Peoria Democrat, called upon
us yesterday In dljgulse. We didn't know
him, nnd were about to eall him Dr. Rob
ert", he having come to resemble that
gentleman about thu head, when the truth
llnshed upon m. Wo were glad to see
Dowdall. lit: i.i one of (he live Demo
crats of the .State, and ki.owt how to run
n newepaiier.
Merit I lt Onn Nueeeni.
Superior Incrlt und capabllll lex, cheap
iiein in price, und ease of operation, have
plaeed thu Wilson Shuttle Sewing Ma
chine far lu advance of all other machines
tu tlii! market. The public shows its ap
proval of nil that It Is and does by pur
chasing the machines as fast as the
Company can (o-Libly manufacture
them. There is no test of a sewing ma
chine ever yet inaugurated but what lias
been ti'ed on the Wiljon, aud in every
case It has come ofl ahead of every other
machine In uu. No palm, orcxpeuse arc
spared lu th'c material used lu it, or thu
workmanship of its construction, to make
the Ull.-on every way the be.-t, most
pleaant, and tno-t durable eewing ma
chine lu existence. Machines will be de
llvered at any Railroad Station in this
County, tree ot transportation chatges. it
ordered through the Company's Branch
House at 010 North Fourth ftrcct, St.
Loui", Mo. They send an elegant cata
logue and chroiuo riicuiar Irev on appli
cation. This company want a lew more
rood agent'.
An Interfiling Ktent.
On next Friday nijjhr, the long talked
of entertainment by the members of the
Taylor Literary Club, will take place.
The gentlemen composing the club, who
will take part in the event, have shown
much iutere-t lu their undertaking, and
sient much time in practicing their sev
eral partF. A line band of music has
been engaged and will furnish mu!c for
the occasion. Therjiiartette composed of
W. H. Morris, bass; Frank Howe, tenor;
John Al'thorjK.', soprano, and Nick Hack
er, alto is the finest that can be lotind In
the. city, und will sing thu very
latest, most popular aud beautiful sonys
of the day. Mr. Charles Norton, who is
perfect in his baugo exercises, and who
lu the opinion ot those who aru compe
tent ju-iges Is second to no pet former
that has graced the stage ot this city,
will appear. Mr. John 'Reeve is al-o
among the attractions, and will do much
toward the aiiiu-emeut of tin uudieiiuc.
Lally and Welsh, two young men, rest
dents of this city, who are titling them
selves for the minstrel profession,aud who
have kindly volunteered their services
for thu occalon, will npjK-ar In a double
clog dance. They have studied thu
various steps of the best clog dancers In
the country, from Instructions written
by the professionals themselves, aud are
equal to many men now on the stage
who command large salaries. Mr. W.
II. Morris will art us interlocutor. His
stage talent is well known, and all may
feel assured that the position will he
excellently tilled. John Reeve and Louis
Shttckers will act as end men, and do all
In their power to please. Three very
comical plays, the "Black Shoemaker,"
Othella aud Desdemona" and "Deaf-ln a
Horn" aud an original burlesque will
also be presented. A number of special
ties, calculated to plea'e. have been care
full v studied, anil will De the be.-t ever
offered in the city by an amateur organ
Neplember Term, IK7B. Htm, If. J
Raker, i'reliti;if
j iiurfrctiiu ltf .
Henry Jm I.-oii wa tried jeslerday
lor burglary, fie entered the d welling
house of Mr. Henry Winter several weeks
ago, but w as Intercepted before he had
accural anything. The evidence was
conclusive, and although his attorney,
Col. J.C. Shaver, worked hard, the jury
returned a verdict ol guilty, aud lixed his
punishment at three years in the peni
tentiary. The case of thu People vs. James
Brown was commenced yesterday about
live o'clock, i'he defendant Is charged
willi an assault with Intent to murder.
At adjournment the ease had not termi
nated, but will be concluded this morn
ing. CIVIL.
All the law cases on the civil docket
were continued until n xt term, leaving
only chancery cases to lake up the rest
of the term alter the criminal business is
SSSTllave you seen the good calico dress
you can get by calling ut Hullbron &
Well's, 112 & 111 Commercial avenue.
Tlie Very llesil.
Smith and Brlnktiieyer, merchant
tailors, have just received their Fall and
Winter slock of goods the very best In
the market, which will be sold at the very
lowest prices. All who desire a neat lit,
aud adurableand beautiful suit of clothes
should call on them. 0-21-2w.
B llellbron & Well make a specialty
of ludiea & children's suits. n-'.'l-lm.
Auction of Ilea t Entitle.
I will oiler for sale on Friday, October
1st, at two p. m. lot 0, In block I, on the
Ohio Levee, between Eighth anil Tenth
streets, with Iioiue and all Improvements
on-same. The house is now; renting for
$35 per month. Tho property will be
sold to the highest bidder. Terms ol
sale will be uiatlu known on day of Mile"?
Tills Is a good opportunity lor any one
wishing to purchase a good hiiMni'Ss
house nnd lot. J. H.St.i.i.a,
Dan Iltirtmau, Auctioneer.
f&TA nobby. suit can befouud at lleil
bron & Well's, 118 & HI Couinwreiaj av-
Otue-rM IUn
Business yesterday, was pretty lively
wrthe-levec. . .! -
The Cape Girardeau fair begins on
the 15th of October.
Tup police courts were very quiet
The Rev. Mr. Glllham will preach the
first eeruiou to his new
next Sunday morning.
Rain, oh, rain, Is what our people
are now praying for. Thu dttst In many
places Is nwlul.
The stove dealers of thu city are nil
busy as beavers putting up stoves nnd
selling them.
The latest slang phrac among tho
young folks of the city now, Is "I'll talk
It over with Susan."
Who wains a horse 't We have one
to sell, cheap lor cash, or anything else.
He's a "liver," and suitable tor any pur-
Ducks, wild ones, are s(dd to
be plenty In Kentucky, opposite this
Jty, and hunters lu that section are nu
Judge Bross is now ut work in the
county court, and thu greater part of the
police business, therefore, falls to thu
euro of Judge Bird.
Thu baud to furnish thu music for
the Taylor Literary Club's entertain
ment Friday night. Is the best In this
city. It consists of seven lluu musicians.
The Helen D'Ete theatrical company
will pay Cairo a week's visit somu time
In October. The company has been
newly organized and Is said to be very
The scholars ol the African Metho
dist Episcopal church ot this eity, will
soon give a concert. the proceeds to go to
ward the payment of the debt nf thu
Work on Nell's new brick building,
on Eighth street, Is being pushed forward
and we will soon see a neat and substan
tial structure on the now vacant lot.
"Who's a big foot?" said a young
Miss toau urchin ye-terday, as she placed
her foot upon the sidewalk railing, for In
spection. "I'll measure with you any
day, you naty little skunk."
N'c are to have the crack base ball
club of Indiana in Cairo this week. A
club i to lie picked up to play them a
friendly game and entertain them while
In our city.
The music to be hoard at the enter
tainment or the Taylor Literary Club, on
Friday night, is all new and beautiful
and will be ung by the best quartette to
be found in this city.
Mr-. Granger's school lor the teach
ing of Phonography will be organized
next Saturday afternoon In Mr. Phil
Hps' building, corner of Fourteenth street
and Walilngton avenue.
Many ol our citizens are exercised
over the condition ot the Mississippi
levee, near the farm ot Mrs. Sinallenbitrg,
The more experienced, however, appre
hend no serious consequences.
The Taylor Literay Club will give its
entertainment at the Athcnuum, next
Friday. An attractive programme has
been made tip, aud thu performance will
b first cliiss. All should patronize the
StatuV Attorney Mulkey Is death on
dlrepiitablu men and women. He keeps
his eye iiceled for them, and yc-terday
was rewarded by udding two more to
the list to be brought to grief tor their er
ring ways.
Mavor Whiter has gone Into the oys
ter buMuess again, and in consideration
of the loving kiss imprinted upon his al
abaster brow by our boss, sent him a can
to tiy. What wondrous works time will
perform. Who would have thought it?
We wish it were Spring. Mayor Win
ter declares that he will have Wa-hing
ton avenue graveled when Spring conies,
but we are fearful that by the tluiu the
season lias arrived, His Honor will have
changed his mind.
A. Mi.rx, the king ol ready made
clothiers, has returned from New York
Willi the largest and must complete stock
ever brought to Cairo, All who are in
need of anything in his Hue should
not tall to call upon him.
Coutldeiicu men have been scarce In
this city tor the past few months. Two
ot these individuals, however, tried their
game upon an old colored man on the
levee, yesterday, but were caught up, and
now they are boarders at the county Jail.
We havu a very moral young mail In
our ollice. Thu nio-t approved slung
phrase or Christiauiike cuss word, un
strings his nerves, ami draws from Ills
hps severe rebuke upon the utterer. lit
is on exhibition, and may be seen at any
hour of thij day.
Has tlie cow with the broken legs,
that was ruu over by the Cairo & Vin-cciuies-train,
last Friday, been looked af
ter?' The misery of tlie poor urine
having had nothing to eat or drink since
the time of the accident must have been
No les than 11 fly of the gilded but
teitlies of whom Mayor Whiter spoke in
his inaugural address, havu been Indicted
by the grand Jury. This fact don't seem
to cause tlieni much trouble, however,
for they llaunt as of old, and smile as
sweetlv upon the youth of the city us ever.
Iliinner Wanted.
At the Arlington House. Eimulre of
0-21-3r. T. B. Ellis, Proprietor.
WetXurtu YV itulcd,
Inquire nt Phil Satip's residence, be
tween Ninth und Tenth streets, on Wul
nut street, ti-10-31.
J . llnrtfor A Co, 1
The old established dry goods house,
at present at the corner of Ninth street
and Commercial avenue, will remove, ou
or about I he i!7th of September, to thu
building formerly occupied by W. B.
Roekweil & Go.'s book store, now under
going repairs. Look out for a largo
slock of fusil and seasonable dry goods, j
0-18-St. j
j3rrileUor Heer at (ieorjjo Lattncr's
Haloou, on Commercial avtinuo, betwein
Fifth aud .Sixth streets. 0-8-tf
A cook nmu prcfcrretl.
Bn.iBTiJ oftlce.
Ainly at the
Real Estate Column
Several good Farms and :!,O0O acres ol
unimproved and- In Alexander jotiuty.
'Winter's Block" and Winter's It w.'-
A Ur'o number ol dcstrablo lUsldcuces,
and excellent vacant Lots, suitable for
btl liicss hou-es and rcsldunrcs.
Hotiso on Nineteenth street, lor .V), with
privilege of loam.
Winter' Bloc'. mltablo for Hotel, Offi
ces it B ndurss room cheap.
Tenements numbered 4, 7. 8 aud 9, in
Winter's Itow, i inou each, for 910 per
No. 10, (eirnor) 12 M T rooms.
Toat dPst'iihle double Cottige on corner
ol Till tcfiith and V ashingion.
Flue two story brick on Commercial av
cnuc, between Tenth and Kluvtiitlistr. cts,
suitable for Dwelling nnd liiinlncss.
Two hou-cs ou Commercial, below Sixth
s'reet, suitable lor Business Houses and
Dw bin;-.
Two mill Houses west of Twenty-sic-
ond .treet, near Flue, 34 each per month.
D welling house on Twelfth, near Wal
nu', 0 rooms, for s)U per month.
Uusln-ss house on Levee, ucar Eighth
street, lor tlf) per month.
A iium'icr of Lots on Lctce, abore
Twelfth street, outside fire limits. Al-o
a lar;e umbcr of other Lots lu dliferent
Land, In tracts to Mil', near Cairo.
I'orl l.lst.
Steamer Jim Flk. Paducah.
" City Chester, St. LouN.
" Ste. Genevieve. Vlcksburg.
Tow-boat I.lones". St. Louis.
Steamer Jim FI-k. Paducah.
" Cltv Cheter, Memphis
Ste. Genevieve. St. Louis.
nivr.r. ami wkathuu.
The river last evening wa 10 feet
10 1-5 Inches upon the gnugo having rl-i'u
7 1--' Inches during tlie past 2 hour-.
The weather U clear and cool.;
Uuslne?f Improving.
r.IlNf.ll.VL ITKJl-J.
Mark Twain's new book of (ketcho
ol life on the MU-tssippl will be out on
the llrst of October.
The Gloneoe, newly painted and over
hauled, Is loading at St. Loui.
The river rose 15 inchc at Paducah
The City of Chester had a good trip
of freight, and made fair additions here.
Tln Eckert has no doubt raided the
Florence Lee by this time, and will be
back here soon.
"A'.MI Dai-AHTMCST Kivsp Uepomt, 1
Slid. 21,
St. !mls
ESTl'tlsener lleer at Oeortro Lattner'p
Saloon, on Commercial avenue, between
Fifth and filxth streets.
iffi There is ciulte a revolution In both
dry goods and clothing Ancu llellbron &
Well came to the city.
JSy- Dr. Sherman, the great Social
ist, '.OO North Sixth street, lias gained an
enviable reputation In the speedy manner
In which lit treats all chronic diseases.
See advertisement for Ids great Syphilitic
Kradicalor, Indorsed by the medical fa
culty everywhere. 0-18-lyr.
J. NehlOHluuer, I'liolnj;rHilier,
on Elgiith street, between Commercial
and Washington avenues is now pre
pared to make those beautiful new pic
tures, the
and respectfully Invites thu citieiis of
Cairo and tlie public In general to rxam
ine and price his work. They will find
these pictures equal to the best ot Eastern
work, and, what Is Etill better, a great
deal cheaper than what they are made
for anywhere In the United States. They
are within tlie reach ot all. Call, look at
and price them before you go anywhere
die. It will pay you todoso. 0-10-tf.
The only place to find a full line of la
dles', misses' and children's clnuka is at
Heilbron & Weil's, 142 and 111 Commer
cial avenue.
Cisterns Cleaned.
Persons liavlngcistcnis needing pump
ing out and repairing can have it dune
promptly and at prices n suit tlie tlino,
by calling on .1. S. Hawkins, Cros street.
I have a man and pump employed nil the
time for the purpose. 0-HJ-lf.
low ilown tltjiir, at J. II.
I'llll.l lH A HQs H.
Llmo at lowest prlci.-s at duo. B. Phlllls
& Son's.
tdpX Rag stoelenveloK's at the Hul
i.in i.v ollice, $3 25 per M.
iHrXX Woodstock envelopes at Iho
Bulletin otflcv. $3 00 per M.
ifiy For a compli'to lluu or milliner)'"
go to Ildlbrou & Well'i, 113 and 111
Comiiierclal nvonuo.
A Now Mothoct
"Revolution in the
We atinnuiire to the Public of Cairo nnd Vicinity that we liavc'affuln returned to Cairo .ml
opened at our Old Stund
XTo. 142 c& 144 Commercial
A full, CiimultU mi l Well SeU'ClrU Stock of
Ladles' nud (ivntU-mcn's Furnishing (ioods, where we will an-J arc now prcjiarefl to offer
We propn-c to jrlvr In nur Dry Goodi Stnru lo each nnd every custonisr pnrclmlni to the amount
of seven Dollarn (ST), 'ten urdi of t'nllcn, Ournini will Ire to de'crrr the future conllilence
tim-torore placid In us, assuring tlie public that our best tir-irts will U- uus to mcllt the same.
Wo solicit o call from ono and all.
Great Exposition.
Head-Quarters for Groceries !
Provisions, Seeds, and other Produce
Wm. Cienn A Sons,
US, 70, and 72 Vine .Street, IXC IXMTI.
The Beat la always tke Clieupcat?
The sliding top Is without seams or
hlngest and cannot set out of order.
The measuring: Pump Is the easiest,
fastest, and ONLY PATENT PUMP used
In a galvanized Iron tank. Prices reduced,
end for Cataloajae.
r.:stti to l MituCKtcrrn, II A I) Wt,t Ll, St.. Ctk-ur
For Sale ut Manufacturers' prices by
Barclay Bro's.,
Wholesale Druggists,
Thl nrtimnithm Ij uow ncknnwledjred to lie
Mijerlur to all known remedie Inr Iho treat
ment of
ayphillis in nil its Stages. Scrofu
lous Aucciious, unroniu ul
cere, Enlargement of tbo
Kspeclal'y hi fsyiilutttc ili-wi-en, in which It
ha aaveonany, whtn nlen "I' V-"l li) hv
mlnMit uhvaicliini ll U eullrvlv veittlaljie.
n rimnire nf ilitt U ivnn rtl and e:n U: tuVen
In ull ciiKlllioi.a nl thu iystvin with Mifi-ty, and
In connection with nthi-r medicines, it" the ju
tlent desires
eiittonnv part of the lulled Mate uycx
I irons. I'm- front ohsi-natioii.
N II. ainiile'iuickuKi-s -enttnanviKirtof the
Unltisl StnUvj. on nccliitol .'"e. Addiess
llll Mlk.UMAX.
UO North Sixth trt, st Louis Mo.
i.niiiiu di:ai.khs-
VhoIft.it and Itetuil lr.ilers lu
Foreign and Domostio
winks or AI.I. KIXIIS,
No. 60 Ohio Levee,
iMf "MV'III & CO. luvu com-uniiy
.. I...,,.. i,r Him l-l u'ikk! III lilt' llllir-
Wet, umt gicKi-clid attention to the ttliolwnl
rancn ol ill" nuaineas
Tho Undersigned Ilaving Oivon
up tho
Ih now Pronared to Furnish loo
oy i no
At prices that will Compare Fav
orably with rmy Dpnior. Ho
will now Dcyoto bis o ton
tion Entirely to his
fllHI jaaaaal
For All !
of Mnking n
Dry Goods Trade !"
Grand Central
Ooruor ISlslxtlx Stroot,
WM. WETZKL, Proprietor.
A TRUSTY watch kept niftut and day fot
trains and steamboats.
The bet of accommoitatlons
(tueuls al Two Dollar ucr day.
for tronilent
Wholesale Grocers
Commission Merchants
hi Ohio LttTee.
Wholesale Grocer
Dtali'r lu
Commission Merchant,
SI'KCl Al.ulteutlon kIu-ii toeontluiuciit and
Ullluir onlcra.
Dealer la
c?aints, "Oils, Varnishes,
f7all Paper, Window 'Glaus, Win
aow isnaaus, so.
Always, on band, the celebrated HtumiuaUnf
23X-OMSS' Buildlnci
Comer Elaventh Street and, Washing
ton Avenue
Dealer l
All kinds laid and soft, )
Mill and Yard,
Corner Thirty-Fourth Stroot and
unio xjovoo.
Wagon Maker,
Manufacture hl own Ilnrae
can uan vwo
Jiff SwtiT O
n-. . j
- - - '

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