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Knlghta of I'ythlttg, meet every rri
day night (it ItUr-pusl aeven, id Odd
Kellowa' Jlnlt Jxo. If. UossMAH,
Chancellor Commander.
.hJBHK. Indeiiendent Onler of Odd-fel
-iaBB Iowa, meeta every Trmraday night
WJI at half-past aeven, In their Mil on
Commercial avenue, Iwtwrvn nlath ana Bawntb
street, T J. IUhtii, N. U.
CAIIIO KNCAMl'MKNT, I. O. O. f.. meets
in Udd-Keilowa' IU1I on the lint Mid third
lunula) in every month, at hair-uast evrn
.Ino II. Oiirnav, C. I'.
Hold regular communications In Ma
7VTitiiiilo Hull, rorurr Commercial avenue
' and Kljrhtli stnirt, on the second and
'iiirth Jlond.iv of each month.
Every rody to knov. ttiat .he place to get
A smooth hic,
A good slum oo.
A fashionable lialr-cttt,
Or auylb'mt i tbat lino,
1 t the Grand Cn-TnAt, HAnnt:it
Ml corner Eighth nnd Commercial.
rilr.r.KM Lamia Herbert'.
jaTPIlwner B-er at Ucorgo Lattner'a
Saloon, on Commercial avenue, between
HftliaudMxlh Uresis.
To tlie f'ltlsentt of Cairo.
I Would Inlonn m) many friend, that 1
im ttlll in the Miction buslnrs, and read)
tn attend to all naif lliat may offer. My
long experience In Ihli builncaa needs no
comment-1 la no expt rlmcnt on my part,
and parties entn.Mlng gooda t- taj cue
need no bcafialu ai I urn no "qulb" or
noflt'e In th buainc-s.
Sp.cl 1 attcnilon given to real cHate and
nut-ooor sale-, aa I h .e never inl'ted mak
ing n sale. I) Haitman, Auctioneer.
Comer Sixth street and tjominerclal Av.
Wnati I. Ut.
Heady printed package of winh llts
enough in t'ucli book tn lat two Jfnr.
Tor 50 cent each at tin- Bullktin Olllee
for the next two days.
lit 1muI Her.
A .'. I l.nmidrjr.
It tno;v coui-dtii that Mil Odctnan,
the I un ie.. . M Fourth ftrmt, be.
tween V-h.utn&C m ii-rcl d avenucf,
bs tine t ie b ft o ducted laundry
tabi Inn 1 1 n the city, and Wtidlord' ol
bfit-I ami boirdlng 'I'm-f .till Unit it to
tbelr cdjrth'e tn call Upon tier
Her rici arc ax tollo: Hotel aud
bnardiiiK-hoii-e w.-i-lilnjc, ,5 centn
dozen. Koi piece orlt pr.cii
a follow, : Single rhlrt and
jr. lOc; l r d"izc:i 6 c; ock- 6c; tv.o
lar, ftc; tw bindkerchict, fx:; vct 'Mci
and all gentletncn'H wear. SOc. per
dozen. Ladlea' drece, 'A' to 60-;
,kirt-P) ti 20c; drwvr. i0 to 15c; two
pair licie ftc; two collar 5 to P'c. Kor !
dlea' plain clotbe H iki p-T dozen; lor la
dle tine c'oth'-i', l i' per dozen; done
drjmptly, and promptlv delUered. I'a
tronife vollclted S-3l-lm
IfirXX Amber and Whin ra? atoek
fnvrlorMatthfBuu.KTiN- ofilcc, printed,
3 60 and 1 CO ptTM.
Lime, l.lme.
100 barrel of llni. bvt quality, for falc
at low-down flptirr? at .Ino. R. PJdllls &
Iltvr Ilrtwla.
Ten pound letter lirad, large size, Car
Hale paper, ratwl two cents il;h r than
any other paptr ttaitl In Catro for prlnt
lUK letter hr.id-ortlliiary coinposlllon
only $4 50 per thoiiMind at the HtTLtKTiN
job ofllee.
Pirlurovqiir Ainrrlrn.
At the Bulletin bindery 19 numl)or.
bound in two volume., lull Ht mor-roc-co;
cost S-M : for hale at $10.
io lo iMUin Herbert' for t'H.Hr-
laBf IMlM turUt er froh and cool, the
finest beer ever tlratik, at Chas. Schoen
meyerV, corner Tenth street and Vnfh
ington nveimej
A rino Mock.
Wm. Killer- dfsiio to 1 1 form Ul pat
ron- and the pu lie xeup'all) , that he u
now on band a Lir e -'ockt Vi nch ai.d
German al,KlandM locco. and ! pre
pr d to manu acture, I'T stui e. and ouice
wear 1 1 1 lloctt of Moro o r i.tl Skin
Shoc or It t ; und lr f.irm r, draymen
and out do r hv' Kent rail, bl Fr. licit
Kip nt-md above anytliltig eernUert-d In
tni market. Ilia 1. s a are l the latent
ntylea an ll - can guu untee a tit and iutl-
laition to all bla pal'ona. 0 :t-tl
Go to Charles Schoeiimeyer's for fresh
Pllsetier Beer.
tQf Freeh and cool I'ilscner every day
at Charles Schoeiimeyer's.
FILSENER at Louis Herbert's.
tgrrlUener Beer at (iconro Lattncr'ti
Saloon, on Coiumjnnl avenue, between
Filth and sixth attccts.
For tittle.
A fcllvcr mated Mi. 'J V I on Shuttle SeW'
InL' Mai hii.n. ha d (prum) Uniih, valued at
VN) m no ' I) ai uipcoiiui, uu (juuu
term, and ordertd diretr tioin the lactoiy
Colored and m uiitttd M ip of the c ty of
Caiio at i 00 each (li tll t.iKC).
A No.O WlUxn hlinnle Sewinir MacbtUQ
vahK-d at T."i V ill be koUi at 910 dlicouut
anuoruciud direct n m tile mciury.
A 890 ItemliiKW i Hewng Machine ji.'t0
off foi cuh. Huliablu tor tailor or boot and
aboo manuUciurer.
At a bargain, and on good lurm, a Howe
SewInK v) cnl'ie. M y be seen at tha i,'om
pony's ulnce, corner Ninth street and Com.
'lMcliiresnuo Amorlet"
bound in 2 volume, full gilt Morocco
price, mu.
IIP It ti l.....i. ur....n t. .... ,t
l'ftr'or drixa s rlKbt 'mm tho aetory at 1-
troit. LUtpricw, row. nui oe noia I4r
rr y 0? tbVabOTe ir. Iclii. apaly .t
th! BOXUITIM otloe. K. A. Bcrnstt.
ht iullctiir.
matkm or AnVKRrlNIX.
CfAll bllla for advtrtialug, are due and pay
able IK advakcc.
Tranilcnt advertising will be Inserted attht
rate of ll W per square fur the Ilrat Insertion
and W cents for each ttib-tqueut one. A llbend
discount will be made on atandtng and display
local notices, budncsior otherwise, will be
(barged len cents r line for the first and Ave
cent for each additional insertion, (counting
flic Uuea and upirnrd)) a discount wld Ik: made
after tlilnl Insertion.
Church, Society, Keitlval aud Supcr notices
will only be inserted an advertisement
For limiting funeral notice 81 0. Notice of
meeting of societies or secret orders SO cents for
each Insertion.
No advertisement will be received at lcis than
in cents
FRIDAY, SKIT. 24, 1870.
Iirnl HVitllicr Report.
Catno, ILL., Stpt.23,!7.
Dan. I Tua. I Wind. I Vtu I
iTaiV ' ' I clm. o I
I WsATitaa
7a ra
t p m,
I I Dear.
I.S. K.
Til D.MAS JONliS, Srgt. S. S., U. H. A.
At Work.
Sixth street H now receiving lliu at
tention of tho trravel contntctors. They
coinmcuccd yctcrdny iiioriiln'.
Dlrt Very Nnddenly.
31 r. Charles Mall, one of the tnot
prominent citizens of Mound City, died
very suddenly of congestion of the how
ela on Wednesday.
Police 'ourl.
One cac only wa? tried in the police
court yesterday. .John Wchh was ar
rested for being drunk, lie wa taken
belore Judge litre, who lined Idtn two
dollars nud cot which he paid and wai
Ulnar Lnwercd.
The sidewalk on the .south side of
Fourteenth street, which is being lowered
from It lormer height to within about
three leet of the ground, will be com
pleted within a short time.
I Inl ArrlMtl of thr Crlt-lirnted Jf olillc
On Saturday inoruhig. Sprout, corner
'J'w fifth Hreet and Levir, will receive the
llr"t -hlpmeiit ol tlie (h brati il Mobile
Oy-ter. Urlna V'lur palla und htieki ts
mil get oyners "a- are oylers." 9-iUH.
titling lo I lie F-air.
By a circular received from the Mi
sli-.'ippl county, MLourl, Agricultural
Board, wu U-arn that the Cairo Concor
dia will vi-lt Charleston on the second
day of the fair, and dUcourte come ol
their aweeiest melodies, for the beuetic
of the large number ol people who are
expected to attend the fair. !
Pbonocraphle laiatllut?.
The ilret elon ol this tchool will be
held on Saturday, Sept. 2u. at 7:!30 p. m.,
in Phillips' new building, corner Wash
ington avenue and Fourteenth ctrcet.
Parties desiring further Inlorination will
pleac cill at fchool room on Saturday,
between the hours of 2 and 0 p. in.
A tviebrily In Cairo.
E. V. WiUon, the celebrated lecturer
and test medium, will lecture in the Lib
eral Religious Hall on Sunday, Septcm-
ber2Gth. at 10 o'clock a. m. aud 7:30
o'cloek p. in., and at the cIo?e of each
lecture will give astonishing tctsol clalr-
voynce. describe the fiprit tonus of our
departed friends, and give other tests
marvelous aud attractive. Mr. Wilson
is one ol the eloquent lecturers of the day.
and never Jails to draw lull Iiouhc In New
York, Cincinnati. St. Loui; and other
large cities. Come one, come nil, nud
hear and aee for your.-elves. 9-24-31.
-Mr. Charles Weldt. editor of the
Cape Girardeau Write. Frettc. U paying
Cairo u vi-it.
Don t fall to hear W. II . Morris In his
Dutch songs at the Taylor Literary Club
entertainment ihl evening.
Mrs. Professor Alvord has been very
sick during the past week. She Is now,
however, improving.
We received a call yesterday from
Mr. Clias. A. Sweetlaud, agent nnd cor.
rc-iioiideiit of tlie Hotel World, ol Chlca
go. Mr. Sweetlaud is a play writer of
considerable ability, aud expects to put
on the boards this winter a new play.
dramatized from a work called Olive
Varcoe. which has been highly spoken of
by critics who have oxamtned it. Its
success is assured, and will undoubtedly
bring tame as well as caeh to its author.
I icsh Baltimore oysters are received
dally at the store of Henry Winter, on
Commercial avenue. f,'-22-2t.
JildlfCJ Rroaa, rrnlitltiir.
1'onrlli Diiv ,
In the matter ot the estate ot James
H. Wild, deceased, John II. ConnilT, sur
viving partner of tlio llrm of Counlll A
Wild, filed the appraisement bill of the
goods nnd chat ttls ol said firm, which
was approved and ordered recorded
lu the matter of the estate of David
Everhart, deceased, it appearing that the
administrator initio report at the De
cember term, 1873, and asked to bo dis
charged ; and It further appearing that
there was real estate (tli personal prop
crty having been exhausted) and the wld-
nu.Q hi,, iinu-'iii-i not n.ild and
' therefore a portion of said report not ap
proved, etc. ; and now comes the said ad
minlstraloriiud files the willow's rellu-
qulshment to the balance due her oil said
sH-cltlo Hliowiuicc, nud no claims or tur
thcr claims appearing agulnit the eald es
tate, etc., therefore ordered that report
' VPvl .nd ld administrator
j discharge.
Weill Hi TiieTiaylor f.iler.ry Vino.
The ProMtda U to AwlUd to U rorcban
of ft Library.
Excellent Mnalv, Amuftlnir Hpeclnltlen,
nil Vnnny flrn.
frognuuM of the XTtalag'i t rforaune.
To-night the Taylor Literary Club,
nn organization that has Ik-cii striving for
the past eight months to accumulate
money to purchase a library of useful nud
beneficial works, wilt give an entertain
ment at the Athenetttn, the proceeds of
which will be applied to that purpose.
Much time has been spent by the mem
ber, of the club in selecting, arranging
anil rehearsing the programme to be pre
sented, their desire being to equal any
home performance ever given In Cairo.
Among the list of actors who will ap
pear, will be found the very tlnest talent
of our city, Including Mr. W. II. Morris,
who will act as middle man, and sing
bass In the quartette. The latest mlu
strel gaga and conundrums ot the day,
including original hits, are in store for
those wlio attend. Mr. John Alsthorpe
will also appear and favor the audience
with new and popular character songs
that 9 re sure to please. Among the
apeclalty actors, will also be Mr. Charles
Norton, who as a plantation banjo player,
cannot be excelled. Ho will also per
form n banjo exercise attempted by but
one other man now on the stage of this
country, which In itself In well worth the
price of admission. Oswald and McOee
will play "Othello and Dcedemoua," a
play calculated to provoke mtrth In the
most sedate. In the quartette is Mesrs.
Morris, Howe, Alsthorpe and Hacker,
the liiicst male vocalists hi the city.
Other funny and laughable specialties,
too numerous for tu to mention, will fte
presented. Below we give the pro
gramme in full :
I'A 1ST I.
Overture. Full Band
Oncuimr Chorus Comp;.ny
"Climbing the Golden Stair"....). S. Als
"Susan Jane" 1. A. Reeve
"Kiss aud Forget all the Past Frank
"I'm Captain of the guards" Louis S
"Sortly Sweetly Whl-pcr.''N. W. Hacker
"Scotch La"ie Jean' W. H.MorrU
Grind Finale Louisiana Tigers
Challenge Clog Dance Lallytuid Welsh
Five Minute with C. S. Norton and his
"How Yacob Found it Oud" W. H,
Old Brown (the shoemaker)... W. Q. Me
Bill Brown (u tough vntilli) L Oswald
Clem (a visitor lor meals) W. K. HaW'
Rufu Johndiig (a suitor) II. II. Mil
Mr. Brown Gcoriro Clay
Jane (her daughter) N. W. Hacket,
"Old Black Joe,"
Norton and
J. A. Reeve
J. S. AIthorie.
Character Song
Oswald and McGee.
L. Sehuckcrs in his Album of Songs and
The whole to conclude with an original
burlesque by the entire company on the
i;uy council.
Admission 50 cents; rei-erved seats,
usual prices, lo be had at Djii. Hartman's.
Juit In.
len tubs choice Northern butter at
New York Store, for city trade.
Having disposed of my entire olock of
books and stationer to Mr. B. F. Parker.
I take this method of returning thiiuksto
citizens of Cairo lor their liberal patron
age bestowed during a period of ten
years, and ask continuance of same for
the new linn. I shall continue to act
as agent for tke s-de ol the celebrated
Light Running Domestic" and the great
Wilson Shuttle Sewing Machines." and
keep on hand a full supply of needles,
oils and attachments for all machines.
Clean aud repair machines nt short no
tice. Olllce nnd rooms for the present
will be at the old stand.
S. E. Hanson.
Cairo, Ills., Sept. 20th, 1875.
Kepleinber Term, IS7.V Hon
D. J.
naaer, rrniuiuf.
SlKleeulti Dny.
Wright was tried yesterduy morning
for the larceny of some clonics belong
ing to a man named Reed. Wright Is a
young man who came from Missouri the
dav before the larceny was committed,
and swore that he obtained tlie good
from negro for a dollar aud a half. At
ter hearing the evidence the defendant
was acquitted. Col. J. C. Shaver ap
peared lor the prisoner.
Mr. D. T. Llnegar made a motion to
quash the indictment standing against
Minerva Hurley, because it did not spec-
Ity the house of Ill-fame that she patron
Ued. It was urged with great force that
the Indictment was not speclile enough
without an allegation showing the par
tlcular place at which the misdemeanor
was committed. As there were nearly
llftecn indictments in the exact phr.iseol
ogy of the one against Minerva Hurley,
the State's Attorney, Wm. C. Mulkey,
fought the case vigorously, but tell before
tallied the motion, and thu Indictment
was quasucu. .nouo,, was men mane 10
quasn several otiiera, wuicu was none
without argument.
Lizzie Fryer, indicted for malnUiii
ing 11 house of ill fame, whs tried by a
Jury yesterday evening, antl acquitted af
ter a inoiueut'K eou'iiliatiou. As Hie ev
idence, lu the cam s iigalnit Mary TIiouih
son. Ilaltio King. Kate Meadows "mid
1, 11. 11 Ward wn ol'thfMiinceli.iraelerand
quality as that ng.iliit Ll.zie Fryer, the
State's allorney entered 11 nolle protequi
lu them and discharged the prisoners,
This releases all the lewd women that
have been coutlned in the county Jail tor
the last tour or live days.
jarFor Clothing, go to Ucllbron &
Well's, U2 & Ut Commercial avenue.
Ctcacml Item.
Go to the inliiatrel entertainment
the Taylor Literary club to-night,
Mayor Winter Informs usthatho will
have a fresh lot of Baltimore oysters this
This In to bn one of the hottest days
of the gfusoii, according to I he prediction
of Prof. Tice.
Circuit court Is plodding along and
the inmates of the county Jail are being
ilitportd of slowly.
Tickets for the Taylor Literary
club's mu'lcal soiree and minstrel enter
tainment can be h'.d at Hartman's.
The levee nnd other merchants of the
city are beginning to smile ns of old.
Business is Improving slowly, ami they
are happy.
-Sablan's two hundred and fifty dol
lar mule lias gone where tlie woodbine
twlucth. He passed in hl checks on
Tuc.day afternoon.
The meeting of the Citizens' Associa
tion, advertised lor to-night, has been
postponed until next regular meeting
-Go to the Taylor Literary Club en
tertainment this evening. It will be
very enjoyable. Seats can be had at
Get your seats for the Taylor Lit
crary Club entertainment, early. A big
crowd will lw in attendance. Tickets
for sale at Hartman's.
Cross, (.'oilman & Co., commission
merchants, have got Into their new
quarters, comer ol Sixth street and
Ohio Levee.
From the large stocks of clothing
received daily by the clothiers of this
city, one would Judge that a big fall
and winter trade is looked lor.
To-day we publish a communication
from Vienna, giving a synopsis ol the
Harkcr-Kuykendall contested election
cae, aud other matters of Interest.
A cla, for the purpose of studying
phonography, will be organized by
Mrs. Granger, principal ol the High
school, to-morrow afternoon lu Mr.
Phillips' building, comer of Fourteenth
street and Washington avenue. Mrs.
Granger was taught the art of phonog
raphy by the great Ben Pittuiaii.
The Qiilncy lair, which beg in In that
city last Monday morning, is said to be
the grandest success of tlie kind ever held
in Illliioi". The day the fair opened two
hundred and forty odd horses, embrac
ing ttie lancet trotting, pacing and run
ning horses on the American turl, had
been entered, ami were quartered on the
fair grounds.
Nl. rlinrlm Arrival.
Thos. Skaggs, Clark'on, Mo.; J .M.
Healy, Champaign, Ills.; F. A. Ren,
Georgetown. Colorado ; Albert Arrlng
ton, Ills.; Dr. Warren Stowe and fami
ly, N. O.; Mrs. Suivihe and sister,
Mississippi; C. II. Nichls, Alton, Ills.;
C. 11. Comstock, Chicago; Win. Wil
kinson, Chicago; Frank M. Zuck, St.
Louis; Capt. Benj. F. B'aly, Str.
Utah; S. A. Larkin, St. Louis; F. M.
Yandcn. Cincinnati ; J no. W. Sullivan,
Vlnceiine, Xnd.; W. H. Ueal and wife,
Jackson, Tenu.; A. II Alben, McCouib
City; Chas. A. Sweetlaud. Chicago;
J no. Miller, Murphyshorn, Ills.
Xollce Kft-i It llefurr tlm l'euile.
Ury goods. grocene, twots and shoes,
fmeetisware. hat aud caps, Jeans, wood
and willow ware, etc., etc., sold cheap
at the New l ork store. Largest assort
ed stock in the city nt wholesale and
I hl'i:dav r,vnxi.vii, j
To-day has been fair, mild and pleas
nut. No rain of any consequence ha
fallen hi tlie la-t six week', and thcduU
on tlie streets is ever.il inches deep.
Fortunately there W nothing In the wav
of crops that can be Injured by the dry
weather; the great trouble complained
of is the growing scarcity of water and
the Increased volumes of loose earth lu
the shape of dust that tills the air and
lodges lu and on everything everywhere.
There Is but little change lu the market.
Stocks are light in everything but re
jected oat, tlour.-nieal and low gratles of
hay. These are all overstocked aud slow
sale. I here is considerable Inquiry for
cholco timothy hay, and several orders
for choice northern black and white oats
remain unfilled for want of supplies.
Slocks of corn are light, but the demand
Is very small only lo till orders. But
ter and eggs arc very scarce and lu ac
tive demand nt higher prices. Chickens
are in fair demand ami light supply.
tfi-f-Our friends should bear in mind
that the juices here given are usually for
sales lrom llrst hands lu round lots. In
tilling orders and for broken lots it Is nec
essary lo charge an ndvancc over thee
Stocks aw large aud market rules
heavy and dull. A lair aharo of the or
der business falls to us, but this is not
sulllcicnt to keep down stocks. We note
sales of 200 barrels on order, Sii' 23 ;
COO barrels S021"; 50 Iwrels choice family
d 23; S00 barrrels City $li 507 60 ; 300
barrels S3 OOgi ; i"u barrels XXX
spring S3 23 ; 100 barrels XX S3 10.
u.v i .
There Inconsiderable Inquiry for cholco
.,,.., ,111 order und no,,,, ml
Unrket Low grades are plenty aud not i
waltcJ y0 uoto sales of 3 cars choice,
,iluoti,v delivered, SIS ; 2 ears mixed de
livcred, $13; I cu- mixed delivered, $H.
Stocks nre light but the demand Is ,
small and there is enough hero for all
We note sales id 2 ears rejeeled white
mixed In hulk on track .ISo ; l car Xo. 2
mixed in hulk on track 58c; 1 enrXo. 2
mixed lu sacks delivered 00e 5 2 cars No.
2 mixed lu bulk on track COe .
Choice white and black northern oata
aro In demand and 6carcc. Prices nre
Arm. Southern Illinois and rejected oata
are plenty and dull. Sales were 300
sacks choice northern 4?1 car South.
crn Illinois In sacks delivered 10c; 1 car
white In bulk on track lie.
We noto sales of 2 curs No. .1 red in
bulk $1 25.
Country meal Is overstocked nnd very
dull nt S3 ; city meal Is in fair demand at
quotations. Sales were 100 barrels coun
try steam dried delivered, $3 00; 200 bar
rels city steam dried In lots delivered,
$3 2.'.
The market Is well supplied und quiet.
Sales were 1 car In sacks delivered. 810,
1 car in sacks delivered, $10; 100 sacks
in lots, $19.
Prices nn choice Northern Is tlrin nud
advancing. Receipts are all taken on ar
rival, aud'thcre Is tip surplus. The de
mand exceeds the supply. Sales were
200 pounds choice Northern 2j(S;27c ; fl
buckets choice Northern 28c; t tubs
choice Northern 27c; tubs common
Northern 21c . 3 packages choice South
ern Illinois 20c.
Receipts arc all taken nnd the market
Is bare. The demand Is steady nnd price
are firm and advancing. Sales were 100
dozen lGc ; 200 dozen 17c.
The demand is good and supply light.
V e note sales of 3 coops young $2 50
I 00; 3 coops old hens .3 25; 1 coop old
hens $3 25; 1 coop young $2 75.
A pjiies. choice in large barrels arc in
good demand. We note sale oflO bar
rels apples, $.1 75 ; 15 barrels choice apple
$2 75; 71 boxes peaches 50 80c ; 12
boxes choice pears $1 00.
Plenty, we note sale of 500 heads Sc;
300 head Sc.
Corrected Dally hy K. M sjteirna, commllou
merchant, secretary of the Cairo Hoard ol
Flour, according to grade..
Corn, mixed, narked-
Corn, while, sucked
Oata, mixed . .
Ilnui, r ton
.Mud, atcuni dried
flutter, choice .Northern ........
llutler,choice Southern III
-KK"i per dozen
Chickens, per dozen
lurkej. r dozen
Apples, i (mice, .r barrel
Abides, conwnou, per barrel..
1'otatocs. iwr barrel ,
!( Ill
3 UU
00(53 (JO
2 00
1 AO
tl W
Onions ner barrel
Fort 1AI.
Steamer Jim Flsk. I'aducah.
B. H. Cooke, Evansville.
" City Vieksburg. Vicksburg.
Steamer Jim Flsk, I'aducah.
" B. 11. Cooke, Evansville.
" City Vieksburg, St. Louis.
"-The river last evening was IS leet
10 4-5 inches over the gauge, having
risen 10 -1-5 Inches during the previous 24
Cnpt. Beasley, of the Utah, was In the
city yi sterday , looking up n trip for his
-Drift from the Cumberland and Ten
nessee Rivers is beginning to run by this
The Eddy vllle takes the place of the
Florence Lee in the Evansville and Ten
nessee river trade.
Capt. Berry, of the Propeller Alt'.
Stevens, Is lying very ill at the Grand
Central Hotel In this cUv. His dlcasc Is
the prevailing fever.
Capt. Fred. Davis, of the dredge
boat, has been very sick with the pre
vailing fever, at Ml. Vernon, Indiana,
aud Intended to leave tor his home In
Chicago yesterday.
The B. H. Cook reported 3 feet nt
Cumberland Island. She brought out
GIO barrels Hour, CO packages meat ami
lard, 20 barrels pork, 8 boxes egg", 42
sacks corn and 10 tons for rcshipuieiil.
Waii Ur.rAiiTMEST uivai' HErour, i
Sept. a, le7J. j
r nio-N- tow watch.
IT. IS. IT. I.V.
Cairo IS II X II
I'ittaburir a
Cincinnati .1 in xl A
liuiavillc a n 0 1
Nu.hville It 4 H
St. Ixiula 17 i
notice of Keniitval.
C. Koch has removed his boot aud
shoe shop from the old stand to his
new brick building (ono block below),
Xo. 00 Commercial avenue, between
Filth nnd Sixth streets, where ho will
keep the best home mado and St. Louis
custom mado boots and shoes, made of
tlie best material ; good workmanship
and in the latest styles. All orders
promptly attended to. 0-2341.
J. Bnrwpr A- Co.
The old establi-hed dry goods house,
at present at the corner of Ninth street
and Commercial avenue, will remove, on
or about Hie 27th of September, to the
building formerly occupied by W. B.
Rockwell & Co.'s book store, now under
going repairs. Look out for a largo
stock of fresh and seasonable dry goods.
low flown Mcnre. Mt J. B.
1111 1 1 1 A' WON'
Lime at lowest prices at J 110. B. Phlllls
& Son's. .
CincliiiiHtl Kspoaltlou.
Wo have nt the Bulletin ollleo forsulo
at a discount, cn;i of the Madison House,
Cincinnati, (Main, between Front nnd
Second) payable In hotel accommoda
tions at the rate of S3 25 per day. Scrip
is in orders ot $1 00 each. Apply to
E. A. Burnett.
Presents For All!
A New Method of Making a
"Revolution in the Dry Goods Trade r
We announce to ihePnUleof Cairo nnd Vicinity that wc liavo nffMn rt turned lo Cairo ijhI
ojirnnlntoiir Old Stand
A full, Cumplcta nnd Well selected stock of
Ladles' ami Centlf men's Furnishing Ooodi, where wc will aud arc now prepared tooffir
y propose to give In our Dry Goods Store to each and every customer purchatlng to the amount
of .-eien Dollara (S;),'Icn ianls of Calico Ouralm will be to itcerve the mtiire conH.tciwI
herdororc placed linn, anaurliig the puhlle that our Iwst efforts will le mcd tit meilt thcaame.
Wo solicit a call from ono and all.
142 & 144
Great Exposition.
Head-Quarters for Groceries J
Provisions, Seeds, and other Produce.
Wzn. Glenn & Sons.
AS, 70, and 72 Tine
Real Estate Column
Several good Karma and 3,01)0 acres ol
nlinpMved and In Alexander :ou ty.
'Winter's Block" and ' Winter's R w.'
Alir'e number nt desirable R aldeticea,
nut cx client vacant l-ois, Mutable Tor
bu lnes hu-cs hd resbl nces.
Uouc on Xlncteenih street, lor 6.V). with
privilege of lease.
Winter's Block -ultnbl for Hotel. Olll
ces or 11 isluess room cheap.
Tenements numbered 4, 7, S and 9, in
Winter's How, ." rooms cacti, for i?l0 per
No. 10, (esmcr) Sli 3) 7 rooms.
Tnat d'sl'ablo donblH Cottigo on corner
ol Thi tcenth and Wa-hlngton.
Kino two story brick on Commercial av
enue, between Tenth and Eleventh str. el-,
rititiblQ for Uwel.ln.' and Business.
Two houcs on Commercial, below Sixth
street, suitable tor Business Houses aud
Dw 111ns,".
Two -null Houses west of Twenty-second
-trcet. ucar 1'i'ie, 1 each per month.
Divelllu,' noun on Twellth. near Wd-
nil', 0 room, for s?I i per mnnlh.
llinln-sH Iioiihj on Levee, near I.lfc'litli
street, lor t'iO per intuitu.
A number "f Lots on Levee, aboTC
Twelfth str ct. outside lim limits. Al-o
ix larne number ol other Lots In different
Land-, lu tracts to sul;, near Cilru.
Hood: Wo ml! Coal! foul!
I am now at my old stand, and pre
pared to deliver wood, full length, or
sawed and -plit. and Big Muddy, or Mt.
Carbon and DuQuoln coal, to any part of
the pity nt lowet rates. Leave orders
at Commercial avenue, coi ner Tenth.
8 22-2w Jvmf.s Ros.
To the Trade.
lino of coffee nud sugar at
unci retail at Xcw Vorfc Store.
'Portrait Iiicch."
This Is a new stylo of plciure now be
ing produeeil by Wm. Winter, the nrtist,
ot thi city. These pictures are creating
much Interest in all the principal Eastern
and Western cities, being altogether new.
They are unlike photographs, being
raised and beautifully enameled over the
cutlro surface, soft in tone, but ilNtluct in
Hie lights and shades. No one who sees
them falls to admire them, or to give the
artist an order. Wo have been shown a
number of pictures of well-known ladles
and gentlemen of the city, and liavo no
hesitation In pronouncing them perfectly
splendid. We would therefore advise all
who take Interest hi such matters or de
sire picture, to call upon Mr. Winter at
his gallery nnd examine his work in thi
new branch of the shadow-capttulug art.
A cook mail preferred.
Apply at the
Bitllktin otlice.
Ruuiier Wanted.
At the Arlington House. Enquire of
0-21-3t. T. II. Ellis, Proprietor.
The Very BpmI.
Smith anil Brlnkmeyer, merchant
tailors, have Just received their Fall and
Wlntcrstock of goods the very best In
tho market, which will bo sold at the very
lowest prices. All who desire a neat nt,
and a durable and beautiful aitlt of clothes
should call on them. 0-21-2W.
Auction of llvnl i:ttnle.
1 will otter for sale on Friday, October
1st, at two p. in. lot 0, iu block 4, on the
Ohio Lcvcc, between Eighth and Tenth
streets, Willi house and all Improvements
oil same. The house Is now renting fur
$35 per month. Tho projierty will he
sold to the highest bidder. Terms ot
sale will be made known on day ot sale.
This Is a good opportunity for any ono
wishing to purchase 11 good business
house aud lot. J- u Sella,
Dan ilartraan. Auctioneer, .
gtrcei. C IC IXATI.
rihiiier Peer at Ocorfie Latltur
Silooc, on Commercial avenue, bctwean
Fifth a.ul Sixth street. 0tf
ftSyA nobby suit can lie found at Hell
bron fi Well's, 1 12 tfc 1 H Commercial af
Evansville, Cairo and Memphii
Steam Packet Co.,
Faducab, Shawneotown, Evani
villo, LouiaviUo, CinoinBati
and all way landings.
The unrivalled side-wheel ttcamer
11 ti. FOWU'll MlMtiT.
Ko. It. 'Iiiouas .Cleik.
W ill leaie KrunavIIIIerol Calroevery MONDAY
and lllt'K.SDAVut I o'clock p.m. .
Isivea Cairo eieiy TUKSllA V and l IUDAY.al
0 o'clock ti in.
Tlie clfffiint sldc-nhcel steamer
Ilex Howaiiii - ......Ma-tc r.
WALTUllJ. 1'KXMNOTOS -..Cletk.
Will leiitc Kvansvlllc for Cairo every TL'KJ
DAVundKItl. AVnt o'clock p. m.
Will leave Cuirocvery WKOXKSDAYand S. t
UltHAY at 0 o'clock p.m.
Tho clcpint side-wheel ateamcr
John (!orr - ..5tnst
Mat. Williahj - Cleik.
leaves Kvansvlllc for Cairo every WEDNES
DAY and sA'I UKADY at 5 p. m.
leaves Cairo every IHUItMl.vY and SUNDAY
nt Op III.
Kaeh ho:it nuUcs close connections at Cairo
with ttrst-cltna atenmeri fir St. Louis, Iein
1 l.hla and Sew llrlenna, and ut Kvanat llle with
the K IIU.U It for nil points North awl Kart.
nud with the l.oul-vllle Mall stenmcra for all
points on the I'vpcr Ohio, rIv Ins inrougn re
ceipts on frelKhti and paseu;rcra to all ilnU
Kor nirth.r Infonmlioii apply to
JiUL. MILVKII, luajenper AKen'.
I. M. I'lllLLll'-S, APt'n
Or to G -I liltAMMKK,
iuperlntendinl and C.mcral I'relirht AReut,
I -l-JO-ly. Kvanavllle Indiana.
I i . a . . .. L 5B,
i.ittnoR ii:ai.i:kn-
Whnleanle and Retail Dealer iu
Foreign and Domestio
No. 60 Ohio Levee, ,
MESSIU". SMYTH a CO. UaTO couitwnr
a Urge stock or the best good' me mw
kit, and gic especial attcution to the wholes!
ranca 01 lue uuaiucan
Slato Booffcra,
Rooflngand Guttering a pccialty.
Slate Roofiing- a IpecUdty 1m
any pnrt of Boutkorn Illinois.
Lightning Rods, PunjM, StOYM
and Tinware.
JmMmu rrptly Da.
AMiaSmiPTzoir rm
aatiT UlUmloB4 or tt&fvibfjw

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