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JOmM.OMtIY, Editor.
.' . . 1 "" '
On Momlny tlio -rent St. I.otils fair
Will open to the public and continue oin'
vck. -
Two Utters have been rccclreil from
Stanley in London, from the village of
Kftlilg!, District of Acuarabl, lti the
country of U-ukuma, situated In Victoria
Ky8n7B. Tlio flnt Is dated on March 1st ,
and the other May lGlti. Dhpatclici
Mate that two of Stanley's white comp.ni
loui, Edwnrd Peacock and Frederick Bar
ker, huddled of fevers.
Grain Is commencing to move Into Chi
cago nt n dally Increased rate. Tlio re
ceipts on Monday evening wcro 1,037 car
loads by rail, embracing 409 cars of
wheat, 400 cars of corn, 118 cars ot
oat. 131 c.ir. of rye, nnd 70 cars of bar
ley. The receipts by canal, In addition,
were 2,840 bushels of wheat, 03,000 bush
els of corn, 7,000 liir-hols of oat?, and
"l.SOO bushels of rye. This Is said to Ihj
the effect of the- movement of currency
to Interior points last week.
Henry Ward Rcechcr announces that
he will take a far more active part In the
management of the Christian Union than
heretofore, and make the paper his own
in a more Important sense than It ever
has been, lie says : "I shall consider it
as a parish parallel with Plymouth
Church." Tho Now York Sun retorts in
this mild and clfectlvo maimer : "This an
nounceinent should bo sufficient to keep
the Cltrhtlan Union out of all lamlll
whare honor, virtue, truth, and piety aro
A paper to be called Thtlndian Vrogrets
will be published In Muskogee, Creek
Nation, about the 1st of October. It is
represented as purely an Indian enter
prise, being owned, edited and printed
by Indians. Tho language to be used
iu each edition will be Cherokee. Choo
taw, Chickasaw, Creek, Seminole and
English. This will prove an astonishing
production, and will create an unusual
sensation In this country. It will be a re
liable vehicle of information to the live
civilized nations of the Indian Territory,
and also receive countenance from the
Americans living In the Indian district;.
The high altar of the new cathedral in
Fifth avenue, when completed, will cost
about $250,000. It will bo one of the
most magnificent altars in tlio world.
Tho principal parts of this costly work
arc being built In Itome, and the others
in St. Brlcnce, France, The high altar
will occupy the eastern extremity of the
building, and be supported by a platiorm
to be reached by tlircc broad marble
steps rising from tho floor of the sanct
uary. Tlio table will bo of white marble,
jt(nf om mf Minns rf tianUi I I
with bases and foliated capitals of the
same material, mid arc eight in number,
dividing the front of the attar Into three
large and four smaller niches. The larger
niches will contain representations of the
Passion of Christ, and the smaller statues
of the Apostles. The altar is to be twelve
feet four inches long by two feet four
Inches wide.
President Graut and Jefferson Davis
were in St. Louis on Monday. They did
not meet. A little hand-shaking between
those two gentlemen would have had a
very soothing uu-ct upon the men in the
Mississippi valley who swear by the fallen
chieftain. What effect it would have had
ou the unrelenting and warlike YViuno
bago people, we aro not ready to say.
Mr. Davis' route through tho West has
been one flattering to him, and wo feel
that the old soldier and stateBBiau will
go back to Memphis with a heart full of
kindly feelings for Ills brethren of the
powerful North. When the centennial Is
opened to America, and all the peoples
of the world, wo would llko to bee Mr.
Davh there with tho brigades from the
South to pledge hlmeell, among his old
and tried soldiers, as loyal to tho flag of
his country. That would lie an event
full of poetry, nnd of historical signifi
cance. PATEN TH.
List of patents Issued to Inventors of
HHuolsfor tho week ending Sept. 23,
1870, and each dated Sept. 7, 1875. Fur
nished the Bulletin by Cox & Cox, so
licitors of patents, Washlnton, D. C:
Composition for glazing roasted coffee,
J. Bell and J. Conrad, Chicago ; snap
hooks, Ii. Goodrich, Chicago ; direct act
ing engines, J. Paddack, Chicago ; hog
traps, W. Deathcrage, Galesburg ; llnlcs,
W. ingalls, Alton ; cultivator. M. McNItt.
Mound Station; fly traps, IS. Nutting,
Whcaton ; sash pulleys, J. Smith, Chi
cago; rotary engine, L. Adams, Mattoon;
wiouranis, S. Abbott, Wilmington ;
manufacturing heating gas, J. Ayer, Chi
cago; check row corn dropper, J. Fawkes,
Maroa ; feed cookers, n. Fleher and W.
W lcVklr, El Paso; propelling machines,
'lacK, Jotiet. cS5cm CMt off( T nnr.
rt'on. Qalncy ; horse hay rakes, J. Hoi-
llngsworth, Chicago; billiard table, C.
JOCrgeili, Chlcnon MmnL- ......,0 T
Odcll, Falrbury- furnace, H. Smith,'
r-fi, w cuocksCW. Vandoven-
t3,'Ttw,t00k,,n tabernacle wl
the orifta.- Ato tap of a be
ids appearance
fcbru froat of whi,w 8,and orgau, the
wlplL Md f. v back of
tters. Ho takes hU n ri'lng
Under the front of thf, ,...,. ,.y kc board
atrikes twioe and the organ ini "' K1 1 W assembly mueted, Is taken bodily
la rich tones, a solo. ' Three utT' I from tho 8taU,tcs of 18 ,5- md 1800.
the Ml aad another panel, In , -Tl, Padui:a
says : "A iiiiin-
...I.kta . urKUlbcrofLlin nttiiehcs oftlin V.1T.,
on tho platform. He wats himself and
Ixuvs hU head n if In .llcnt prayer, the
niu?lc oflheorganeontlnulug. After this
n cornet nlaver takes a position on a ped
estal dose In n-unt of tho pulpit, put3 lit
brlchtsllver horn to his mouth, waves hie
hand, as an orchestra leader docs, and the
'oiigrrgnllon rl:s up and sings "Prahe
Oml from whom all blessings How." There
Is no choir to' the tabernacle, the loud,
clear nnd melodious tones of tho comet
leading tho congregatlouiil slicing, ac
companied by the sonorous fmd trembling
voice of the grand organ. The aggregate
ound U enormous and the blare of the
comet to heard high above the thousands
of human voice? mid the music of the
John F. Battel), n young mauwell-known
InQulncy, and son of W. L.Battell.of
tho llrm ot'Uattell & Collins wai found
Sunday morning in au alley mangled In
n terrible manner. No elim can 1o dl
covered as to the brutal party, or parties,
wuo mulcted tlio wounfs, nor can any
reaon be assigned lor tho assault. Dur
ing Saturday he had been seen on tho
fair grounds with two strange men, hut
who they aro no one knows. The detec
lives are at fault, and every endeavor ha
boon made to arouse Battell to consrloir-
ncs so that hu can clear up tho mystery
But It Is feared he will never be able to
speak again. He was literally butchered
On his right hand there Is a frightful
gash between the thumb and tore-linger,
made by some heavy instrument, evident
ly an axe or hatchet, as the bone of tho
forc-llnger 1 completely fevered. On
the left side of the face there Is a deep
gash, commencing jttt behind the eye
and extending some distance toward
tho back of the head. Tho cut Is
an inch deep, and gois clear Into the
bone, although not fracturing It. On the
right side of the head thcro U by fur the
worst wound of the number, and theouo
that will probably result fatally. The
cut commences Just back of the eye and
extends clear back to the ear, fracturln
tho skull In three or four places, In fact,
the skull on this side Is crushed Into al
most n fchnpclcss mass, exposing the
brain. From this wound nearly a dozen
pieces of small bono were taken out, one
of them being threo inches long by an
inch and a half In width. Several others
were almost as large. The wound was
cvhlenly made by souiu blunt instrument.
It Is thought by the physicians In attend
ance that it was probably an ax or a
heavy club.
Mr. Davis has been represented as
quibbling over the price originally offered
fur his services at the Winnebago fair. 11
now appears that, from sources of hives
ligation, there were no negotiations as to
remuneration between Mr. Davis and tho
society ; nor did the distinguished South
erner tlx any price for his services. The
llrst letter to Mr. Davis contained an of
fer ot S100. Before a reply was written
another communication was forwarded
from the fair society making the proposed
remuneration 000. W hen Mr. Davis re
plied he accepted the oiler nnd agreed to
make his uppcai-aijco on the day gpecided
. 1. . - J..f CUlfUII. W$tU CM-
cago Tribunt is accredited with a promiil-
)ii of this unwarranted statement,
mil the Memphis Appeal alludes to It in
the following manner: "The Chicago
Tribune Is fast losing Its reputation for
honesty, truth nntl fair dealing, it recently
published an editorial which was nothing
but u pyramid of falsehood, a romance
of political defamation. It represents
Jefferson Davis as 'higgling' over the
amount the Winnebago fair should pay
hlni for his lecture. It also represents
the board that invited him as Demo
crats or Independents." As to
the fair board that invited Mr. Day Is. it
Is ascertained that Moses Bartlctr, the
president, is au old lino Republican, and
was a strong applicant for the Rocktord
noit-olllcc last snrliig. E. S. Bartholo
mew, vice-president, was a war Demo
crat. II. P. Kimball, secretary, ts a Re
publican. Horace Brown, treasurer, Is a
Republican, and never voted any other
than tho Republican ticket. Lawrence
McDonald, director, old-lino Republican.
Lucicu Williams, director, always n Re
publican. Hugh Mackey, director, a Re
publican since the organization of the
party. Samuel Dcrwent, director, Re
publican. Baltus J. Heagle, director, a
Republican of the strictest sect. H. W.
Carpenter, director, an uncompromls-
ing Republican. Hon. S. M.
Church, ex officio director, is
Bald to be the father of
tho Republican party iu Winnebago
county : for years he was a member of
the Statu board of public charities, and
was president of the Grant club during
the last campaign. It Is said, to doubt
Judge Church's ReptibllcanlstiY Is to
doubt that tho sun shines. After all, the
Republicans of Winnebago are not un
compromising, because they, and not the
Democrats, invited Jeflerson Davis to
appear among them and the citizens of
the county, and deliver mi address. Au
explanation on the part of the Tribune
would, perhaps, place It In a truu light
among those who believed It to bo a jour
nal of strict veracity, although a-tnto
and speculative.
The Xufhvllle Wefklv Ihdhthx (IU.
publican) has been revived.
Detective Plnkertou has expended
$18,000 trying to llud Charlie Ross. And
still he is at it.
The people of Peoria county aro get
ting tired of their dilapidated court house,
ana propose to build a new one.
Senator Key, of Tcnnessoo, says Ten
tonic blood Hows In ids wins because his
wife's grandfather was a German,
A squaro of ground that was valued
at $00,000 iu Galveston, three weeks ago,
Is now a sand heap with not a house on It
rim State Journal says that thooio
warranto law which inn twentv-c L-htli
I'licy have our deepest sympathy -if it
will do 'em any good."
Samuel Crain has had an examina
tion at Mitrphysboro, mid been dis
charged, thcevldonceagnlnst.hlm not be
ing strong ciioughtojtrovc him con
nected Willi the Wllllam&on county ven
detta nnd recent nssassmatlons.
Tho Avalanehc says : "Vice Presi
dent Wilson shrinks from notoriety. This
explains why he writes a letter to the
newspapers onec n week. 1 lenry lim the
most dangerous case of Presidential
fnrtUe-bito on record."
Lite ti5learaphlc news brings tho In
telligence that John F. Batleli, of whom
we speak In an editorial, died of his In
juries without returning to consclouincsi.
The mayor of Qiilney lias offered n re
ward of?50fi lor the apprehension of the
I. 1). Crnfton, the lalo Democratic
Adjutant General ot Missouri under Gov
ernor WoodsoiT;x.has been arrested for
forgery In connection with war claims
while ho was In ofllcc. His on, who was
his clerk, was also arreted for complicity
Iu the offense.
-Advices from St. Thoiiia to August
i!7tli, say a hurricane did great damage
in all the windward islands. Many ves
scls were ashore. The British ship Cod
llsli lost twelve of her crew. The British
steamer Carrlbean wa3 badly damaged
and lost a part of her erew.
The Wcl Ctieayo zny: "Owing to
n mtshan in srolnir to press our Amuse
ment Summary Is very sadly curtailed
tliis week, and for the ilr.st time, we are
forced to oiler an apology. The bung
ling workman has been slain, and oitnlis
aimolntcd readers arc liiMteil to come
early and see his body burn."
The MemphlsChamberol Commerce
elected the following ofllcers for the
ensuing year: President.!. T. Pettlt
Vlce-Prcddcnta .1. M. Pettlgrew, W
W. Guv, Win. .loyner, Kllas Lowen
fteln. J. M. Goodbar : Treasurer, John
T. Wllllns; Committee on Appeals II.
T. Elicit, John K. Speed, J. II. Martin
Z. N. Estes, John Steele, J. M. James,
Colton Greene.
Tho New x ork Sim says : "U e are
sorry to hear that President Grant has of
lite been drinking harder than usual
Probably it Is only one of his third-term
movements. The harder he drinks and
the more intense his drunken frolics, the
more eontldently lie reckons upon the
support of temperance men. A letter
from Vice-President Wilson, certifying
that Grant practices total abstinence, will
soon be In order."
The Tenth Annual Fair of MeCrack
cn county, to be held on Tue-day, Wed
nesday, Thursday, and Friday, October
12th, 13th, Uth and IStli, promises to be
tho best one ever held In that county,
and tho agricultural products, Hue live
stock', needlework, fancy work, etc., etc.,
to be seen on exhibition, will be worth
ten times the price oradiuliilon, and the
Paducali Sews feels assured will attract a
larger crowd than ever before attended
that fair.
The Cairo Gazette ald recently that
Noble was loo much for Wattersou.
When Noble talks this way "We are
eoiisii.iiiici uiuii iu gitc suiiiu itilClHloii
to the Couiici-Jo'iriinl, It jierslsts not
only In devoting to us the whole power
ol Its ridicule, but in the grossest mis
representation of the ifent "," and de
votes a column to wattersou. it ,vouiu
seem that Noble is either disgusted or
riled. Watterson seems to have his boxing-gloves
on and Is dcltly banging away
at thu "rural roosters. '
Jones, of the Massac Journal, has
been to Paducali: "iu Paducali, the
other day, wo met soveral of our editorial
friends, among whom we may namo the
brothers Thompson, of the Icwa, arrcn
and Clark, ot the Sentinel, Shields, of tho
Sentinel Job ofllce, Pickett it Son, of the
Commereiat, ami the Inveterate Faxon,
whose soul was absorlicd, when we saw
him last, with the melancholy cadence of
that good old tunc, as produced by a
wandering minstrel, 'Oh whistle and I'll
come to you, love,' or words to that ef
fect. When wo last saw him he was
sticking cloo to that minstrel."
AikI Niij kTIic.v Were All llrimk.
Ri:i Cloud Acikxcv, Sept. 27, via
Four Laimmii:, Sept. iH. The thre'ileiicd
outbreak ot last Friday, on the part ut
the Indians, passed over without any per
son being hurt. Everything now quiet,
wl h the cavalry guard now stationed in
side their t-tockadc. At the meeting yes
terday Iu tho Commissioners' room, the
Indians agreed to Mibmlt u proposition
to-dav. At the usual hour the Commis
sioners were on the council ground ; a vi
dette and skirmishing line of cavalry on
foot and horseback extended two hun
dred yards on either hide and Iu the rear
of thu Commissioners' tent. The Indians
kept outside ot these limits ; oilier pre
cautionary measures were taken to pro
tect tlio commissioners iroui attack or
surprise. At :s o clock .t-u head chlets
ami soldiers formed a half-circle in front
niul ono hundred feet Irom the Commis
sioners. Before the sneaklnir commenced
Red Cloud, Spotted tall, Red Dog and
thirty other head chiefs sat down iu a
circle midway between the Commission
ers and the circle of chiefs. Alter a lapse
of fifteen minutes Red Cloud and Red
Dog approached the Commissioners, and
uie loruier am uu uau
for hlui and his people. The latter said :
"Tho Great Father picked out your wio
men to make a treaty with the Indians.
You come here wllh troop, several day.
and this troubles our people." He said
that all the young men and head chiefs
had reached the conclusion that great dlt
llculty was being experienced iu getting
a proper Interpretation. Red Cloud said
that he wanted one of his own People to
write down all that was said, and there
upon he grasped a halt-breed boy from
the crowd of spectators, and seated him
at tho table. Red Doir said six venera
tions of Indians have been fed by the
government; his people now want
guarantees ol mod mid clothing for
seven generation? more. He said the In-
dlMis are ready to make a treaty; he
wanted pay for the gold already taken
out ot the Black 1II1U, and wanted to sell
only such portion of the Black Hills us
gold has liecn discovered in and for re
llnqul'hln.'j th.ir rights therein, he
wanted n light wagon and a span of
hortcs, a gun and ammunition lor eaeh
head of au Indian lamlly. He nlsojjn.
listed that In future, when annuity goods
came, he wanted to be furnished a dupli
cate bill of them, so some of their'own
people could examine It. When all these
things are done he "will then think what
yoh have to say to us." He then retired,
am! said: "Vestcrday, when we called
on your Commissioners, you were :nll
drunk, and you tried to throw n blanket
over my head to-day. I breathe the free
air oi uenven amonifsi my own peopi",
nud can now talk to you what I did not
wWi to say vcitertiny. Jt you want our
land we want tho boundary line ot Ne
braska changed, and the Rc.-t nation
boundary Hue extended to the middle of
uie ortli wane, aim we wain to kiiow
what you av."
comuils'loucr .unsiui on mat
question he would have to consult the
Spotted Isul resumed, and -ahlthev
wanted to rt tain the present Agency
there and on the .Missouri river, as lotiir
us their race e.xlts. "I I our people move
again we want to pet enough money, so
wo can live on the interest. Ho further
said they wanted good white men with
them, and uaiiled Catholic priests to
tench them reading, plowing, cultiva
ting and ral'lng stock. He U opposed to
the government preventing white men
and half-breeds who have married In
dian women from living In the coun
try ; he Hauled troops lemoved troin tho
agencies, and put them to watching the
Black Hills.
of the Cheyenne Agency, who said it
looked had to see t roup-! around tlnteouii
cil camps nhllo making a treatv. He .said
hi? tribe wanted a great deal for the
Hill-, hut before they sold them the
white people go iu and steal them, lie
said (here arc a great many bad men on
Ills re.-crvntinn, mid he wanted Catholic
priests to educate- his people and make
them vlc. They wanted S70.000 lor the
Bliiek Illlls, and as the white people pill
nut money at interest, the Indians wanted
to live on the Interest of their money. II
spoke iu behalf of the white men and
hall-breeds of his tribe, and wanted to -e-lect
them as traders and have several
trading posts hi the Agency, lie wanted
a telegraph operator at the Agency, fro
they could talk with the President ipilek
when anything was wrong. He wanted
the soldiers removed from the Agency ;
lie wanted the President to give every
Indian a house, Pirui wagon. Iior-e, cat
tle and tools. The CoinmllohtM.i here
announced the close of the council until
Men versed in the Indian character say
that un treaty will be made. The Com-
iniIoucrs. wlille zcaloudv woiklnir
have no knowledge of Indian character,
and are gradually widening me gap be
iwccu iiiemseivcs ami tue imnans.
rpili; IIUIXirriK Is publlhwlccryiiioinhiK
(cxcejit Monday) lti tliullullctln llulMIng, cor
ner Wailiinutoii nu'imc uml Twi-lflh ttrtct
Tin: llei.LLTiN Is bcrvisl to city tmWrlUrs liy
fjlthfid carriers at Tvrcnty-l'ive C'cuU a Week,
liaynWcwiikly. llyMail, (hi mlvaiice), SlOl'fr
aumun; six niontlu, Wl three monllm, Wi w
inuiilli. it
l'llbli-'.ietl every Tliureday Iiiortihig ut tl iH
)iui iiHiium , iiivuriulily Iu auvance. 1 he poitnye
on Uir Weekly will lie jin'iiald at tills olUcc, eo
that nbcrllcr will ubudn for eubscrljitlou
rice of $! a year.
II A I L Y .
nuliicb Cunl, peraunuin, (00 00
One fjtimo, onu im'rtiim t W
line 8'iuarr, two lutrrtlons, - 1 Wi
One Biuarc, one week, 'i M
One square, two wci'fcs fl C"
One S(Uate, tlinsc wcekj i CO
Onu kii, D month, ,1 no
w r. u x i. v .
Ono Biuare, one Insertion tl CO
Knch BUbieqiHPt lntrtion, SO
Q"Onc Inch U a square.
K3ro rcpilir aJvertlsera wcnii'criiieilorln
ilucement J, both in to rate ot cliatRos ami man
ner of dl-ployii'B ihtlr favoin.
Communications upon aubjecta of kou
eral Interest to the publlo solicited.
td"AH llnslaef U'ttcra should bo addreiwd to
Ciiirn Iliillrtiu Company.
Awarded the Highest Medal at Vienna.
in, i
501 Broadway, Now York.
(Oji)i. Melropolltau Hotel.)
Monufacturera, Importers & Dealers In
At.lll'MS, (lllAI'ltOSCOl'I'.Snnrt MJITAlll.K
Weaie lliMilijunrters for everylhliiK In the way ot
Stsreopticons and Uagie Lanterns
lichiK Mauufaclurcrs of tin-
Mioro-Soiontiflo Lantern,
UnivcrBlty Btorcopticon,
Advertiier'B Storooptlcon,
I'KOl'UK'H LA.VlliltN.
Kch itjle belnpr the let of It elms III the
t'litolnKiirt of Uaterint and Slldo, with ill
rectluiH for iuIhk went onaiillciiiloii.
Any enteriiriiilnir mn ran make money wllh a
Magic Ijinttrn,
S3Cut out thl R'lrrrtliemrat for reference, a
Itae Fooplo'ii Remedy.1
Tho UiiiverBal Pain Ext netor.
Not Ask t'or Poud'a Extract.
Tko no other.
' lttit for I wi't i':vk of xctlliit tliltc? 1
Inlr.rlts to Mnu orhenn,
FiUli, Ilrulti
ntrnins, Snrnltu, CcutU-
cioni, uuiocf nou.
rraclureN cum, l-acr-
ted or Incl'td WonnJi
.S c 1 1 1 n tf. U urn , cl Ji ,
VII- If ItlomtylllM
illlriMllns; IiUiik. or
and Illera-
nr Teeth.
ltlondv IM.'duinrr.
Pllfi. ItlKdinir filet,
I niiniiriiiM, (luraiiitiia.)
Tout un t'lif. I .nrnche.Ncu-
nitKia, Hwtllril I'ncn.
Hlit'iiittril liui, lilicittnn
HcMwelllnKorfDivnem, EXTRACT
Nliinip) r.r .-omirn,
l.umhaKO, lin.c llud:.
'.Sure T. iron I orOuiny,
1 IuCamrdTonalll.
Iniptherlu. flroitclil.
ri, Anlhtun.
,Hnre or Inilanict Krc nr
Cntnrrli, ltii'orrhiii,
, lllarrlHii, I))nlry.
.Sir .lllr. luilain.-J
1 firm it
irnlnrul or loo ProlU'e
' Montlillf."
.Ullli !.(.-. ovnrhm Hl-
f.lilney l'uiiiiliiliit,
DCMCnV ilrHVelnndStrjiiKiiry.
nHIVICUT.ciminiuH niul hlxrorln-
Ulilney C'uiiiilnliit, '
llons or liiranti, or
tun Adult..
.Vnilrose ,,.im, i:n.
CVTCRk'ftl I larKednrlnllnmed Vein
CA I CnnHL I'lirni, KM Sole, Inter
lint I'trtrnlloiH
AN" ItitlU. I'Hrlpunrli"). Til-
mow, Hut .- Illiiz).
NTERNAL 'm. nnd llunliiiH, Clml
ilorfore Kwt.
t lintlnirw.llnriK i r,r atl
USE. die (lalU
IVImi or Whitlow, Krot
til l.liiiln nr I'art
MiHiiilto lsll. Imcet
MIiirh, Chappeil lliiuih.
I'O.MI'N KXTUAC'Tbriir-alebyall rlrl
4'Iiihs lirnirviili.aiid lecoiuiiie.Klt'dliy
all DruKl't". I'hy-lelaii', ami t-wrj-Itody
wliu lins i'cr uel it.
Caiiiiliii'l ccinl. lining lll.ti.ry and I'fi mall-t-l
liipim B'illciUii)ii, If nut found nt your
;,rn York unit I.iniilini.
Evansville, Cairo and Memphis
Steam Packet Co.,
Paducali, ShawneotJvn, Evnns
villc, Lotiisvillo, Cincinnati
nud till whs landingu.
'I he tuiiivnlled lilo-whivl -loiincr
1). i; I'okixi:
1 : 1) . 11. 'J'llOMAF
M.uti r.
Will lravci:vniiillll.-f,.rUdrouryMOMAl
Mini I'll I riiSHA V at I ci'rlurk p. in.
I.tiivi" Cairo every TUIIIA V and 1'KIOAI ,l
li O'clock l III
The rlcjriuit Me-wtiiI tuuir
Waki.ii 1. rrM-..-,lNlllij. .
Will lisiAc Kvansvllle for Cairo even '1 Ui;s
DAY and nill'AVnt I o'clock ii. til.
Will lciu-Caircievery Wi:tJ.VKl. uii'lfAT
L'ltllAVilt ilu'clock p. in.
The cU'Kant eule-whw.1 tteamer
Jons Coir Mo'lcr
Mat. William. Clerk
Leavca llrnuevllle for Cairo eury WKI)Ni;s-
DArnndsATUItAin atSp. in.
Leave Cairo Qery I ItL'ltsDAY aui" l'Nl)AY
alOp in.
bch boat iiuiket close umnecUoni at Culm
with llra-cUss stearacMfor ftt. l-oiiln, Jlun
plilnnnit New Orleun. and nt Kvaiimlllc with
theK. &C. It. It !iralliolmNortliand Iiit,
and with the Louisville Mall Meuinern lor all
ixilnla on the tTii.r Ohio, kIvIuk through n
cclpn on IivIk'IiU and piHM'imiT-. to all iilnU
Kor In rt hi' r Infurtnatiiin apply to
SOI.. SILVKIt, I'ti'-iiiKir Agent
IIAI.I.IDAY IlltOS., ( .
.1. M. I'll 11.1,1 1'S, 'jArftnls
Orlo (i .1 CKAMMKIt,
BUHrlnttudcnt and General Freight Agfnt,
1 -;!.'.'')-ly. Kvannville Imlliuia.
'llih preparation l now acknowlfiU'iil to be
Ueiliir load knotvn lenicllcM lor the Irrat-
IIH'Ilt of
ttyphillis in all its Stages, Scrofu
lous Affections, Chronio Ul
corB, Enlargement of tbo
Ki-xclnl'y In Syphdtlo illtifcs, In uhlrh It
lu.i Buviif many, wlun kUiii up pa.t hope by
eminent phymclani It U entirely veKetabc.
Ao change of diet i reiuircl anil euii In: laken
In all condltioi a ot the ityntem with natity, uml
In connection with other medicines, li the iia-
ticnt llCBlll'.-l
.-cut to any part of the United .State" liye
press, flee Irom observation.
N. II. -aniplelpackopM dent to any jmrt of the
Uultetl Stated, ou ucciptot ,Vc. Ai1iiiih
Kit .SlIhU.MA.V,
03 North Shtli utretl, .-t l.ouN Alrj.
In Chancery Hatter's Bale.
State of Illinois, Alexander County yn,
Iu the Alexander County Circuit Cuuit,
William M. Atherton ami John llmlcei vs. .lolui
Holdcnaml Marguiet Wallace-raitillou.
PUIILIC notice is heieby Riven that Iu pur
suance, of decree r iHlered In th above
entitle.! cause, iu luul court ul tliu Jlny term
theiol, A. It. I"7ft. 1, John ). Marman mailer
In chancery or mid county, will on 'IiicmIhv
the 'Jt.lh day of October, A. It, T, ut the
hour ot't o'clock p in. of said day, ell at pub
lic vendue, at the com t limisedoor in the city of
Cairo, iu said county,! e following ei-crfiied
real estate, tu-wlti Ihcsoutli h.ilfofllieiioill.
east uu irier ol section Uvnitj-.eMii U'), town
ship Ul'lirii (10), soulli riiHKe, nuiiiber two (O
west nf the third piimlpal iiieriiliim in Ihr
county of Alexander nnd niatenf Illinois, to
gether with the leiieinenls uud In ivllluim'iits
thereunto utioiikIiik or theielo iipperlalulnjf.
Icrmnif ..ale-oiu-h.df cash In hand bat
anreln ouu uud Iwi jears, eipial payments,
with six percent. Interest per annum thereon
deferred payments to be hecurcd by liiortKiiirt
on the property Bold.
Cairo, IllluoiH, September 20th, If:.,.'
, Master In I'hniicerv
Mnepar ft IiiiMlen, Complainants' jiollcitnr;.
tf-ftillw. .
Xpifty Clevmit Ntylra. with VatuaMc Itn
J.' iirovementsi New andlleaullfulSoloKtous.
OVKItONE THOUSAND Orxaulst and Must
clana ludoretlirM-Oreansanil recuimneiid lliem
as Nlrlclly rirNt-clHuw In Tone, Mechanism
and UuniMllly. Warrants ilvu ycar. Hcnd
for price list.
f-.3-yt Qulncy, Illinois.
DIVORCES leKally obtained for Incompati
bility, etc. reUlnceunneoemaryi fcrter
dfcre. Addmi P.O. Iwx J037, Chlcafo, 111.
Wl. lie licit corrf 'pouilrnco and ordi'r friwn llr.i"l l. I'lilclan.i and Utaeral Stoie Id wan
(,f i;ixli in our line Steamli-at, riintulinii 1 1. IVanitly .Meithlno I'ncvs rtuidihd or
fllled Willi reliable DniRi at rraonnble ra'i f
74 OMo Levoe.
Wood ! Wood ! Woo d !
BIG MUDDY (Mount Carbon Coal.)
Tho Cairo & St. Louis Transfer
fill ordora for Wood und Coal. Dolivorcd to uuy par . of tho City, at
thn Lowest Cash Price. OFt'lUiS
Louin Narrow Gaugo Depot.
Wnod, 4 feet, per cord
Wood, riawed, por cord
Wood, sawrd nnd upllt, per cord
Coal, cui load, pur ton
Coal, car loud, BinKljton
Com. car loud, ouo-liulf ton
I.crvo orders nt'F. M. Stockrteth's.oa OUto Levee, nt thn Co'-'tal Saloon, corner
.Sixth (treat nnd Cominurcial Aveuus, nud at tbo Company a onice.
Orders Solicited nnd Promptly Tilled.
F. AC. WARD, Supt.
JAS g.IiAITS,SooV(& Treat.
Importer and Wholosalo Dealer in
Wines and Liquors,
Keeps a full Htock of
IContuolty Bourbon,
Monongahela, Rye and Robinson County
Ofiere-l f r Sa' at
Graevt Reduction in Frio,
Domestics, Sheetings,
Prints, Bleached Muslins,
Ginghams, Cretones,
Tablo Linens, Percales,
Lawns, Suitings,
Japanese Silks, Silk Poplins,
Alpacas, Grenadines.
I. siM -I'Vl: of Whlto Qooda, Victoria Ltwni, Swien Mursallea, and a Laree Htock ot
Riljtism. IliU entire stock will be sold atnctii.il ooit, and coiiiiniie until it is clo'rd out. Cl.
ml lie convinced of (irc.it lUrgalns! TKItils .V1UK11.V O VSII.
Corner Sigrnth. St. and Commoroi! Av
and ftatail
"imhlnKto) Av., Cor. 8th 8
&Conl Company is ow prepared to
AU YAHU at tno uairo ot
3 ao.
4 60.
to oo.
t:i oo
13 so.
a oo.

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