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tOMM M. OBXBI.Y, Editor.
The veterinary turgeous Bay that tlio
llMue which previH n New Vork
with auch violence, Is not like thu epi
zootic. It U rapidly disappearing from
Xetv Vork city.
Southern Journals nil speak encour-
afftnsly oftliocvlJeiicoorhuMnnM nrnunil
them. Tiioy y that tliu hotels a re com
mcnclngto till up, and travel to their
cMlei ii trrcatly ou the Increase. Wc are
glad to hear of this early resumption of
business in the Southern .State. Their
summer was unusually dull.
During the Clinton riots two United
SUtcs flairs were lort, and it was repor
ted, for Radical purposes, that they were
destroyed by the white men. ltecently
they were returned, In good condition,
one having been in possession of parties
at Edwards, and the other In the kecv-
Ing of eomc colored men near Clin
ton. That nail is driven in. Now where
will they hang tho bloody shirty
Tho mau who nays the following, ft om
tho New Orleans Tones, ain't good Is a
fraud, and had better step down nud out.
It Is much in little, and Is bolter lhati
anything the ITavM wit corps has pun
ished the public with (or months :
"Star spangled stockings arc tho latest
caprice, but tho probabilities arc wc shall
"Rwbr the ilrn r-.irlr llilit.
Wht k pioudly vet linllnl nt f li twlllelil'ft
I .nr.MflRY
The corner-stone to n tower, designed
m a memorial of the abolition ol slavery
bv Lincoln, has been laid In London.
Kev. Xewtnan Hall conceived the Idea of
erecting a tower, adjoining his chapel, in
memory ot Abraham Lincoln aud the
crowning act of his life, and In pursuit of
means for this object traveled through
this country, prcaclii-ig In all the princi
pal cities, soliciting contributions. The
corner-stone being laid It will not be long
before the tower will stand erect In Lon
don In honor ot one of America's Im
mortal dead,
At the grand council, when Commis
sioner Allison made thu proposition to
the Sioux to lease the Black Hills instead
ot buying, so that the white mau could
work It for filthy lucre, aud then return
it after its riches were exhausted, the In
duvns broke into an unontrollablo fit of
laughter. It sounded like the cackle of
thousands oi geese, and disconcerted the
dignified Allison, who expected them to
greet the proposal with spontaneous
shouts ot "How," etc. Thu Idea of the
white man giving up anything his hands
ever clutched, was cutlrelj too much for
the gravity of Man-afrald-ot-Uls-liorMis,
Little Bad Man, and the other Indians
with queer names. They laughed Jong
and loud, and finally a big warrior sneer
ingly told the Commissioners they were
ot the port of Philadelphia. The old
euying about thieves falling out and hon
est people getting their dues Is verified In
this case, Charley knew ot these I r regu
larity but didn't ray anything. for the
good of tho government until his roup
bowl wni knocked over. Keep up the
fight, Mr. Ham and Mr. Becrctary ; every
word on this subject makes n Democratic
Number 1034 of the LUlng Age, for the
week ending October 2, begins a new
volume, and is printed on new aud hand
some type. Thu contents of this num
ber are Ocean Circulation, llesearches
In thu "Tusearora" and 'Challenger,"
by Dr. W. II. Carpenter, Irom thu Con
temporary Review ; lllchard Baxter, by
Dean Stanley, Macmillan's Magazine,
Thu Planets put in Leverrier's Balance,
Comhill; Tho Clockmakcrs of the
Scliwarzmald,S;c(aor; Country Towns,
Saturday Review; Character Con
noisseurs, Saturday Review ; Amber,
Ctye'a Tobacco Plant ; with Installments
of "Thu Dilemma," a powerful story
Irom Jllaehcood, and "Her Dearest 'oe,"
by the author of "Tho Wooing O't," and
the usual choice poetry and miscellany.
With lltty-two numbers, of sixty-four
large pages each, (aggregating over 3,000
panes a year) the subscription price (S)
Is low ; or still better, for $10.50 any one
of the American Si monthlies or week
lies Is sent with The LMiia A, fornyenr,
hoii fjost-jxttJ. I.ltteil & Guy, Boston,
Tho "Vicksburg marc," thu llery un
tamed steed wc sec Grant rldoln picture',
was knocked down to thu lowest bidder
for $50. Think oi it! Thu President of
the United States sells thu animal that
bore him on her back af the memorable
siege ot Vicksburg. This is what wc
call mean very mean. Grant has been
nccused of doing many hearties acts,
but this one outranks them all. No per
son could accuse Ben Butler of meanness
because he disposed of thu spoons won
in battle, and which had becomun portion
of his military heritage nud glory ; but
the general and a rich ono too who
sells his war horse for So0, would sell
his grandmother or speckled bull pup.
Now Is the time for some Inquiring mind
to run Into a historical corner everything
relating to tho war horses of illustrious
generals. Tho patriotic peoplu ot Illl-'
nois should buy the veteran mare and
send her to the centennial next year, ca
parisoned with the flag of the Union,
aud groomed by a brigadier general, and
label her "Grant's war horse! Sold at
auction, by thu klud-heartcd general, for
The famed steamers Natchez and Rob
ert . Lee, of the New Orleans Packet
Company, have refused to make connec
tions with the Vicksburg home packet,
Belle Yazoo. Owing to this the Herald
advises that the cotton exchange Uku
Immediate action, aud that every mer
chant in Vicksburg ple-Jgo himself to
ignore the New Orleans Packet Company,
and by so doing cause that "lordly con
cern to abandon its imperial airs." The
Herald says : "A unanimous refusal to
send or receive freight by the New Or
leans MckeU will teach a letisun that will
not readily be forgotten. Let us have
lamed late action. The company has
made the issue, and now let our mer
chants make their arrangements to do
without the New Orleans packets. The
task is easy aud it accomplishment cer
A young Scotchman named James
Cummlng, ot Chicago, died suddenly in
the Memphis county jail, where ho had
been temporarily confined, owing to signs
of insanity. Ills body fell Into the
clutches of Jack Walsh, county under
taker, and when tho members of the St.
Andrew's Society called to get there
mains of Cummlng, the undertaker swore
that ten dollars was the amount due on
Cummlng, and not a peg should the body
Btovo until the ten dollars were forth
coming. Mr. Tomlinson, president of
the St, Andrew's Society, went in quest
of legal advice, and soon returned with a
Memphis 'squire, w ho ordered Jack Walsh
to stand out. of the way and let the coffin
pass. Walsh, although a hard-headed
fellow, gave up the body of dimming,
which narrowly escaped a burial In Pot
ters field. This same Walsh was lined
$1,000 by the County Court of Shelby
county, obm time ago, for neglect of
Maes as unaertaiter. 1 lie following is
jack's note to mo 'squiro :
M 'Squire Please tell tho friends of
oeoaasea mat mere is ten dollars on tald
Douy tor my trouoic. v ai.su."
Blocks and whiles assembled at SardU,
Mississippi, on Thursday night and gave
expression to their political opinions.
Cannons boomed and fires blazed, aud
the darkness of thu night was lighted up
with a dazzling dWplay of pyrotechnics.
Both whites nud blacks orated Irom the
same rostrum. This affair at Sardls
would loom to dony the statements of
Ames that a war of races Is imminent at
thu present time, uud that troops are nec
essary to settle tho disorders in thu State.
The eopIc of .Mississippi should bear
with him until his term expires and
thcu crush him politically. Conservative
clubs are said to bo organizing through the
State, and high-minded aud respectable
colored men are fraternizing with them
and avow their Intention to aid at the
coming election in driving the mercenary
wultu carpet-buggers from thu positions
they have held fco long with profit to
themselves and ruin to tho citizens. De
mocracy is making a grand fiuht In Mis
sissippi, and it they win the battle wu
will hear of an Illumination down In that
section ol the South, that will cause the
constellations of tho heavens to pale. For
years the whites have been much to blame
for the present state of things, but re
cently they discovered that to defeat their
enemies the good opinion of the respect
able black man was to be first won and
retained by kindness and fair dealing.
pears to the East every day, and the can.
gulue Cnllfornlaus hopu that in u few
year they will realize more money from
their exports of fruit than from their ox-
exports of wheat. '
-Texans have high notions nbout pre
serving the dignity of the State. Upon
the question of serving the State gratis
In thu constitutional convention, one
member tald It was "discourteous to
Ferve the great State of Texas nt h than
live dollarn u day."
An exchangu says : "The women of
Mexico, Mo., kissed Jeff. Davis for two
hours right straight along and tho next
day he was sick In bed." During the
Mexico war It Is said .TofT. kissed the wo
men of Mexico (on the Gulf) until they
wcru sick.
Fox, of IIuinpty-Dumply fame, has
been prostrated with facial paralysis. He
had been using chloride of bismuth for
whitening his face, although warned I hut
It would result seriously some day. Dur
ing a performance the muscles of his face
refused to obey Ills efl'orts at contortion.
Thu steamship City of Berlin made
tho quickest tlmo ucross tho Atlantic on
record seven days nud eighteen hours.
The next best time was mado by the Bal
tic, in 1873, her time being seven days
mm twenty hours ; nud tho next by the
Germanic, last August .even day nud
twenty-three hours.
The New Vork Sun says : "Tho Ho
publicans of Massachusetts yesterday
concluded that after nil they would not
nominate Mr. Charles Frauds Adams fur
Governor. They took Alexander H. Wee
Instead. They will bo beaten. That Is
settled. Adam was their only chance,
nud not n first-rate chance cither."
Henry IV. Kiiyinond, son of tho late
Henry J. Raymond, was married yester
day afternoon In tho Church of Holv
Trinity In Clinton street, Brooklyn, to
Miss Harriet Allen, daughter of Jnnies
C. Allen, a drug dealer hi John street.
New York. Bishop Llttlejohn performed
the ceremony.
John S. Toof, who ha? been secreta
ry of the Nattonal Cotton exchange since
its organization, has tendered his resig
nation of that ollloo In consequence of In
creased duties Imposed under the last
convention nud thu Memphis Cotton ex
change, of which he was also secretary,
requiring nil his attention.
Hon. F. K. Albright, ol Murphys
boro, offered to the best posted medical
student in the county a scholarship in
the Louisville Medical College, free. The
examination took place at Murphys-
boro, Thursday, September 30th. The
nwardlng board consisted of live regular
physicians. e have not learned the re
Doctor Kobarts, of Carbondale, has
established his Tttllcu in the sanctum ot
the IHlnoUan. The Junior Itobarts says:
"With our invigorating editorials aud In
spiring local, and tlieTJoctor's Ipicacs,
jalaps, and quinine, we don't aeonny rea
son why our city and surrounding coun
try should not enjoy the health, peace
and serenity not heretofore secured on
this side ot the grave."
The Duquoin Tribune tells a do,
story. Wu never saw it before
ood: "A round-shouldered,
tlvn mau
( loll .Hlllrr, JarK Kcmi nml S'nl ('nr.
or, the Ilcroe- ol UntVn Hill, Mum.
t-lc nml oilier siindcriiiw Exploit.
A Lexington, Ky., telegram to the Chi
cago Times, October 1st. throws inoro
light on the West Virginia bank robbery.
It says: The excitement Is still high
through tlili part of thu State over tlio
Hiiiitfiigton, W. Va., bank robbery. The
identification of one of thu gang as the
notorious Thompson McDaulels. u Mis
souri desperado, has been fully verified,
and thu conclusion accepted by thu Louis
ville detectives, who were certain nt llrt
that thodradumn was Jes-u James. Thu
report which first went abroad, that thu
robbery hail been committed by the
Jameses and VoiuigerH, uf Missouri, hav
ing been thus partially ill-proven, u great
deal of lnlercn U felt as to who thu other
members of the gang are. Thu robbery
was dono
nflalrs which have occurred In Kentucky,
Missouri and Iowa, uud u llttlu Hunt
upon this traiiiution might settle be
yond reasonable doubt thu
There are two or threw oi tho old Quail
trell baud living near Lexington, ono of
whom your eorre-poudeiit met to-day and
obtained souiu interesting Information
from liltn.
There U a sort of Frecmnsonry ex
isting between the old guerillas, and thu
iourcc from which tho news comes en
titles It to a hearing. Mv informant
says tlio fur men who did the Hunting
ton biixlnes are old hands at that kind ol
work, but Utile known to thu public.
Thev liavi; done their work quietly for
year, letting the Jnmes-es and Vouugers
get the credit for their deeds, and them
selves enjoy the lll-gouon gains. The
four men who robbed tlio Huntington
bank, thi" man nlrlrms, were Thompson
MeUaiilels. now dead
The man now in custody In Frentress
county I ono of the robbers, nud when
identified will bo found to bo either Mil
ler, Kean or Carter. Miller, he cays, hu
thiuk was the man who robbed the bank
In Curydon, Iowa. When this bank rol
bery began, ho was arrested In MUs-otirl,
taken to Corydon. mid had u preliminary
trial, which re-lilted in bis releare In
some way. M.ller nud Kean are thu two
heavy-M-t men who mv described by tho
iiuiiuiipuii cannier ami miiu uv tue J.ott
Isvllle detective, to be
rim YouMii:n.
The dellcate-lookini' man. whom llllirli
thinks is.larretti!. :i tirotlier-iii-law ot the
Youuirers. N Cn I Carter. These tour men.
Miller. MeDiinlels, Carter, aud Kean,
were under Jim Bead, ihu Texas dc-uer-
ado. aud constituted the baud who robbed
the 1.1 Pao stage between Austin aud
San Jacinto in April. 1871. Bead 'va- af
terward Killed ny Sherllt .Morris, in Tex
as, but.the remaining members of his
party were never made known until now.
'I'l.t , ....... I ....I. !...., ...I. I, .........
A lllilll, UflVA llldll. IIU 15 JMVUY
likely to b In the Fentress county prison,
owned Bead as a brother-in-law. Inviii''
married Bead's sister. LaH winter hu
was lhlug near Kearney, in Clav county.
Mo., under thu name of Tom Brock, but
afterward dlsappeaicd. lie wan at Mini
eie alonir with the McDauicl boys and
Clell Miller. These tour men were a so
They have a score of confederates living
along the Texas nml Missouri bonier, and
have hitherto found no difficulty In reach
ing cover alter one of of their daring ex
ploits. This time, however, they -truck
tixi far from friends, and as a re-ult Mc-
rj.'lflfi.lis fc fll'.-lfl -mil !i cintiil nftlki. irti
It's Ilii in cu-tod.r. The oilier two are
"A round-shouldered, luqulsl- iiiaKiii ineir nav iow.ini mo
. i.i,.,....i ...i.. i... ,i,o,,rii, w..c nn I MisI!ppl. but my Informant thinks
they ore etill on Ki-i
Awarded tlio III client Medal at Vienna,
1 1 i t. mi & no.,
501 Broutlwny.Now York.
(Olip. M(truio1lhn ttbtcl.)
Manufacturer!, Importers & Sealers In
AJ.tII'.M, (itlAl'iKWCOfKSfUid Sl'ITADIJ:
Vv'c n re llcad'nurli ru for i-TrytlilnR In the w ny of
til Inn Mutairiifturiiii of Ihn
Miiiro-Scicutiflo Lantern,
University Storoopticon,
Advertiser's Storoopticon,
EacIi ttyle telns
the licit of Its dais
m the
CnloloKUMof tjinlcini! nn-1 kllilci with di
rections for ii.'itix teuton iiici!tion.
Any cntcrprhliip man rnn mule money with a
Mnlc Lantern,
5C oat tills mliertUcinent for rtfi'rmce.'Ca
Wfcolntftla mnA Rntall
The Beat la always tho Ckaapeit ?
A ffEtc.
iff 4
We regret to learn that the Paducah
Daffy Herald, ably edited by John Noble,
has 8uccurabed to hard times. Although
tile daily issue has suspended, the Herald
will make Its appearance In a weekly
form. Noble closed his parting remarks
as follows :
'The merchant who pays for placing
n bltfu over the door of his- business
house, does so that it may be known
where he is aud what he is doing. Ills
advertisement iu a newspaper is a sign
which the paper carries dully over hun
dreds of miles around him, and which
continually reminds thu people of a wide
extent of territory that hols still alive
and still enquired in business. It tells
them that he is not dead, that ho has not
moved away, that hu is not broke, and
that he still lias drv poods, irrocerles.
plows, or other wares for sale. It re
mind incm oi traue3 anil purcliases
which they have made wlih lilm, and
lasicns in tneir memories bis name and
the street In which he does buslncii.
ornamental doi; 1 hi;- on a step, to see if
it was hollow, it wasn't an ornamental
dog, and it wasn't hollow, but was there
on business, uud the inijui-itivu man U
now runticatiug with his aunt till his legs
get well."
It is a popular be'.ict thai lightning
will not strike a beech tree. lit a recent
thunder shower at Uosheu, Mass., a beech
aud maple standing near together, with
branches interlocking each ether, received
the electric bolt, which chattered the
maple and passed into the earth through
prostrate hemlock tree, lying near,
which waa stripped of Ita bark nearly the
whole length, iso traco of the lightning
was lelt upon the beech
The Signal Ofllce reports as follows
In reference to the recent cyclone at In
dLmola : The lowest barometer oecurred
ou thu afternoon of September 10, when
It stood at 28.1)9 Inches, with tho maxl
mum velocity of wind at the samu time
eighty-six miles per hour. Thousands of
drowned cattle are strewn over the
prairies south of ludlanola, where I hey
were carried by the current, nud several
light coasting steamers are lying Iu the
same direction from six to ten miles In
land, having been left hlirh and dry by
the receding waters.
Joe Robarts gives tho following re
freshing Cairo Hems : "Thu great Father
ot Waters is chopping ofl' large slices of
territory just north of the Cairo levee.
That city had better look out for breakers
ahead." 'A now lawyer has been added
to thu Cairo bar. If Cairo would only
add brains a well as names to her legal
list, she might como up to Carbondale
someday." "Tho largest church In Cairo
is owned by American i-ltiicns of African
descent." Wo warn Joe Hobar.s that if
lie don't keep quiet we will tell all about
that "case of emergency aud tho little
brown Jug."
the iufoiiiiutlon the ex-jruiTllhi placed
your correepotiueni iu possession oi, ni
ter a strict pledge ot wcrecy ni to the
MMircc or lite news,, no is a rcfjwciame
inner here, anu does not countenance
Hi deeds of violence of Ids old compan
ions, but hears at frequent Intervals of
their doliifrs anil whereabouts,
i-ntucky noil. ThUls
The sliding top la without seam or
hinges, and cannot get out of order.
The measuring Pump I the eaeleit,
fattest, and ONLY PATENT PUMP used
In a galvanlted Iron tank. Price reduced,
end for Catalogue.
rUatKI nj MutfMlnn, ! A O Wnl Ltlf guo
For Sale nt Manufacturers' prices by
Barclay Bro's.,
Wholesale Druggists,
ijtfiS STUFFS,
Wh nollcll corrcimncliiccuiiil ontvri Irom DnueMM I'liVJloLmj ami flmi-Rtl Storr Id wan
of koo-I" in it'ir lino rttuiinlwiu, I'l .i tntuii I't Kaiuily Motlclno Uuivb parnlihnl ot . .-
llllol wlUi rvllahlc Diw nt rruoonnlilv rut,
74 Ohio Levee.
Ml'lil'''n' T.,Oor. 8th 9'
Wood! Wood ! Woe d !
BIG MUDDY (Mount Carbon Coal.)
Tho Cairo & St. LouIh Transfer & Conl Corapan'Ms ow proparcd to
fill orders for Wood and Conl. Delivered to any par of tho City, at
tho Lowest Cash Price. OFFICE AND VARD at tho Cairo it St.
Louis Narrow Guuko Depot.
W oil, 4 faet. poreorl
Wood, unwed, por cortl
Wood, aaw.U aud Bpllt,pci' conl
Coal, cu load, prr tun
Coal, car loud, ninKljton
Coal, car load, oun-half ton v
oar rr.ioEa.
53 BO.
54 CO.
- 6 OO.
S3 OO.
d BO.
a oo.
l.ovo ortlera nt P.M. Stockfl.th'a.OS Ohio I.cver. at th Crytal Baloon, corner
Sixth Htreetand Commercial Avenue, and at too Company Umce.
Order Solicited nnd Promptly Filled.
2T. M. WARD, Supt.
JAS B:.IAlTB,SocV A Tress.
Evansville, Cairo and Memphis
Steam Packet Co.,
Paducah, Shawncotown, Evans
villo, LouiHVillo, Ctnoinnuti
and all way landings.
1 O. t'iVLi.K ... MiiMer.
I.D. It. Tiiom.h . Clerk.
Will Icatc l.vnvlllli-rurrulro-vcrj-MONUAV
miiITIIUIC-miaI nl I o'clock i in.
InvM CalixievcryTtiKiHAi und KKIIIAY.nl
6 o'clwk m
Htm, customs appraiser ut Chicago, U
ukloff a kick against Secrctaiy Bristow
tor tajtwtig him out without notice. Tho
craaa ol tbo Joko is that Ucta U a nrom
wt writer oa te tntcr-Ocun, a red hot
Kakal paper, and Uicrcfore
Ui a 4oub!e-edfi tool, llo
VuWriMd an open letter to
''amary oftrve Treasury, mult,
r vm eiurges agalait aim lor cov
"M4 W the New York ciu-yyyAf-
t tho report of
Zf'UKI i.- monstroui
&u'ui custoow
a wf tat at wt zone wa iiipnresaed
awltbeautfcwltiiotponum'a u, rJ
tan to New Yark ( cbnUnu lU(. Kt
"kak4 laauffimtod, but wu umanOcd
flkt lea Uae duty ef general appraiser
Tho robber killed In Kentnckv lm
been positively identltlwl ns Thnnin-mi
I'ho factory opcrutlvoa who were so
turbulent recently at Fall IUvcr have
ceatod disturbing mill owners und their
moneyed friends,
Rev. Dr. Portctu.of All Souls Church,
Brooklyn, was drowned by tho captlzlnj
of a boat at Olen Cove, Lon lelund, on
Tuesday night.
- Jeflerson Davis, Jefferson Davis, Jr.,
and J. M. Keating, returned to Memphis
last Thursday. AH were well pleated
with their trip to Colorado.
Richard Robinson, tho murderer oi
Mrs. Dlxou at Korwlcbtown, died In jail
in Norwich, Coun., yesterday morning,
from tho effects of poison tukeu after his
arrest on Monday,
Doctor O'llara, of Carbondale, v, as
unfortunate. A uorso stepped on ono of
bis hands, cruslilnjr off u tinker ot tbo first
Joint. What was tho doctor dolujr with
his band on tbo ground If Pockets.
California is seudjng two car loads of
Ml4H,kiipl JllMllCU'H Hill of C'iiHh,
I New Yolk un.)
Anionir thu blutlni;s of ncro and car.
pcl-bafT rtiln in LouMuuu ami other Afri
canized Slates may be ini-utlotu-d tho in-
tellhieiice of the unllinehlny Mipporter
ot Unuit. wuo uavo uven teli-eteil to nil
the minor olllces iu towns and countieH.
A mibi-crim r to the Sun. who lives In
Louisiana, sends us a curlou.i doeuuii'iit
which llliilrutes thin point. Ono ldi
onliiri.l h llllU llilll trot llllO lIllllL-Ulty
Willi another working on inu huinu i.ian-
tutlon. uud bail "" nrresiiil. llio
... . .1 , ...
iiliiiitfr wuo L-1111'iott.-u iiii'in noi ii
. .1... .In,.,!..,. i... t....
tho warrant that he would jro on the de-
fuiiilaiilit ounii. proviiicu It wero not
made over one nuniirwl dollar. The lie
jrro wu held to hall In the sum oftwetity
live dol mm (o keep the pence for three
mouths, nml on hN return from the of
fice ol the .liiitke he banded to his em
ployer thu following hill of seven hun
dred ami fieventy-flru dollurs for costs :
'Jostlci! of Hie lcacc -1 Ward.
"To D.n liiVKits 1 have reMvved
your Letter In Mute vs. Joii.v Hiiyant
and 1 linvo Taken you on bis bound no
cordlunco to your Letter and fur tho
amount of his Oaiist and voti will I'ny to
Hie ioiihiiiDii; i nn amount oi ineuost
lour iruiy nieml
"JuMiceol the 1'i aue 1 ward
This rural lollowt-r of Kellogg had evi
dently beard of the profits which hi fel
low politicians lu inure important olllces
bad made, and determined to Improve
his own opportunities to the ttimo't of
his uhllliy. it was to maintain such fel
lows iu nftJcit thai Grant unlawfully u-ed
the urmy of lint Unlfd States to over
throw a legally elected State govern
ment. I he freuci t lu tvet,
ll'situtrt Mmiulnu.J
These rrglnienta servo In Africa, and
nowhere tic. They may, iu thu event
of war as was the case lu tho Italian mid
Fraueo-Gcrinan campaigns be called
upon to take the lleld elsow here, but only
for a shnrt season. So soon us peace Is
proclaimed, (hey have u rlitht to demand
being n ut hack to Algeria. The men
aru nearly all volunteers. Tho odlcers
can exeluugo with tbelr cotnrudes iu the
line corps, hut us a rule It is found that
In all ranks those who mako the best sol
dlete for Algeria are of Utile or no uu lu
borne Karrli-ons. and generally seek ere
long to return to the wilder llluot Allien,
The ili-iaut ide-wlil attaint!
IUM liowitiu) - Mailer
WALTtu 1J, rcN.-HNoliw ..CIfrl.
Will lwn k Kviinsvlllo for Unlro every TUKH-
DAY und fltl A V ut I o'clock . in
Will lane Cairot-M-ry v KlI.NhrjUA VnnilS T
UltUAY ntilo'cliH'l: p. m.
Tli ck'ifant hi'lt-wlii-l rtcuinvr
Join Horr
Mat. Willi,..
LcmiM! Kvumvllk- for Cairo trry
II l Ullll . I UIlAlll UlDp. m
I-cuviMi ulrocury IIIUKSD.VY ur.il St'.NII.W
ulUp ni.
Kuch bout iniiket close cunrnxtloiu at Cairo
with ilmt-cliw u.-ainers for M i.oul, Mem
lihltaml Stw (Jrltam, uml nt KranaWllr lll.
till- K. A C (C. It riirHllpiiltiU.NoittiuinI lM,i,
ml Willi the l.uiiUvlllf Mull nn-uliieri, lorull
ioiuu on Die Uir Ohio, kU'Iiik tliroiijih n
orliits on rrvltflitrt anil p-ueiiigirs to ull x.lnti
trifiutary for lurlli r Informttlun Btii.ly to
HOI,. .IILVKlt, t'MnviiKir Agviu.
J. M. IMUI.LII'h, AtM'
, Or In t U..I lilCAMMI.lt,
8iiifrltilenilcnt nml Gtia-ul Krelzlil B-nt,
J i-.-l.au.ry, KvHn. villi- In.lUnn
i F. M
Importer and Wholesale Doalor In
Wines and Liquors
Kocps a Aill 8tck of
BLoutuolcy Bourbon,
Monongahela, Rye and Robinson County
OflViul fur ftalc ut
Croat .Reduction in Frioesj
Domestics, Sheetings,
Prints, Bleached Muslins,
Gingham9, Cretonos,
Tablo Linons, Percales,
Japaneso Silks,
Silk Poplins,
The Champion Snake Ntory.
(from tlM Owentbom (Ky.) Sblcld.
Wiille out iiuiitlug on last 1'iieaday,
Mr. Ulchard Imes dUeovered a lartto cave
In tho bldo of u tilll, under n rock, uud
wlillu oij)oltc, heard thu tneaUm; of
plies Inside, llo stepped close to tlio
mouth of tho cavo to iuvestUzato tlio
waiter, aim to nib unrror saw prutruulnir
miu ui-mi oi uu minimis- raiiiebiiaKO wmi
u ptK iu nm inoutii. llo huinuiom d n
number of iieljilibors with kuim und
pitchforks, who built a largo II ro in tho
mouth of thu cavo to drlvo tho snakes
out. In about an hour they commenced
pour nir out over the homlnis . i7. .?...'.. V"" '.".V"' ' . . 1 i.V.Ji;...
;,A.i, " .i... . , -; in i u r KS Ol llieeu rii.-iit.ii mut-mui
tSrt ih i 1, npW,ud '" corps are to be found a lawf class
nlrSr, !.l0l:-e"?,? 'T.1?.1.'. w.n"..'r i wen who havo failed In life-yoitujr men
oi imnu rmtiiiw wnn iiiivh run iiiruiifii
SISSSSia , swwSwfttf, vest
liavo been nr.-s.-rvi-il In ipti.7i .mil -in . 5." f n "'rm? '"w. 1,1 :.",.rt" . ,."10
,...ii , ai ri-r. Him iii.t fumn j it r, .fuiiiin
po ou exlilblilon at our fair free of charee
tliuBiiaku referretl to had one hundred
im,U !c", ru,,'s- 'A',l Cl,vu wai literally
II leil with tlio heads nud bones of sheep,
pljrs, etc., which had been captured from
the Hurroundlnif country,
....... .u, .. . ...
l-.lll .J .1..... .....u. lit fttlt Vl-ltlinl r m
II,,,.-,. li.. i "X" mere nr i.iuh ci-
iiurauy v .... .i1Hn two nnirslialn. tiv
t'enerals of division, ten KeueraU of bri
gade, and some sixty colonel who had
Sfoue UirouKb thle ordeal.
Thl puparnlinn Is now nctiiowlwlxcil In tic
(tipcrlur to ull known rtnitUlc-d lor the titut
imiitnf dyphillis in nil its Stages. Scrofu
lous Affections, Cbronio Ul
cers, Euinrgerncnt of tbo
Kirirclal y In Pyiluliiu ill.tascs, in which It
Ima mnii; muny, wlitn Klf up Mt Iiuh.- by
ciulnt-iit iliyicluim It U cuiiuly vwtub-u.
o ctmiiHt-uf (Hit ( mpi rcl uml cun I luki-n
in nil cuiullliui a ot thu yltm with eul'rty, uud
In connection with other niwllcluts, if thv im
tient ilt'irei
font lu miv rt of the United Suites Liyi-x
prvaa, I'm-from oljaeHBtiun.
N ll. -Rroiilc'piiekHt'm tent to any jmi t of the
Unlkil Muled on nci-iptui o. Aui(rt
, UK allr.lt MAN.
im North Sixth utrwt, et Loulu Ma.
In Chaawry Matter's Sale
State of IlllnoU, Alexander County J-.a.
lu the Alexander County Circuit otut,
Wllllum 51. Athrrton and John Hodxt re. John
lluliUa und Margaiel Wullucu-I'uituion,
PUHLIO notice Is hereby clvt-n ihit In imr
MuuccofH dcuree r ndciud intheuboc
t-iitltled cuun-, in said curt ut the May term
therein, .. ii. H:, I, John Q, Hurinuo matr
In chuncvry of suld count), will on lucdsy
ho iWth.luy or Uctobcr, A. U. l7 m the
lonrof o'clock p in. ofsaldilsy, bell ut pub.
lie rui u, ol tho coun house door in ihucily of
Cairo, in said county, ti u following ti.cifiil
real Mtate, to-wlt!, I lie booth ImlfoTtliC noitli
"SI1 '"rterifbectlon twenty-beten 7), town
hlplincon (16), uuuihniiRv, number two (.')
we.t or the third principal meridian lu the
county of Alex.indi-r uud tituloof Illluoln, to
Ketber with tho iviicmi-nts uud herclltunu-ou
thereunlo U longinK or thereto upptnaluing.
Ivrmaof t-ulc unthuir cswli lu hand bal
ance in one and twr year iipml payments,
Willi elx percent iuterrat n-r iiiimun theieoii
defi-rrml paymenta lo be bccured by inorlKiipe
on Ihu proiic-ly sold
Cairu, lllliiola, hfiilcmlici 201 h. H7S
Joll.N i) II AIIMAK,
, , luH'r In ( baniery
Mneynr & Lausdca, CoiuiiUlmmta' eollcitur.
DIVOR 118 lesally obtained for Incompatl
. blllly. etc t rttldenceuui-.treibMrTi I waller
dooie. Addreii V O. bow 1017, Cbicaao, Ll,
l.nrirc Mock ofWhlto Qoo ts. VlctorU L'lwna. SwiaM Maranllea. and a Uirxe Stock ol
Hlooiaa. fhU e.uliv mock will lie ,ibi .it iciuil nt. iiiidonitlmiv uutil ll is cloud out. Cal.
nd iMvunvliicoiliil lire it lliiriilnii I 'IKKM-tMIII I I.V v.-lt.
Corner Siixtb. St. and Ooramorcial -A.v
I sBBffills5iaEy3iK'" jSm I '

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