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rrafcMor Tice predicts flint on the lOlli
etOtfflbcr a leorfiil Morni ono of the
'wffriljrrt-'v' m"!' over tlio country.
A HELlr.
rMln M. n. Mrrlnctlicr.of Jackson,
Venn., ban In fcfe ioiwlon n IniUWo ,
wntch awrty one hundred years old. If
is an hclr-lodm, landed ilown hi the Mer
Iwetbcr family lor tluvc scncraUon?, mul
Itcnrs the JncrlpUou : "Thomas JcfVcr
pon, to (Jcnernl Davitl Meriwether, l'KJ."
General David Meriwether wns a promi
nent citizen of Georgia years ago, an J a
gallant soldier ot the i evolution. He
was a firm friend to T lionins Jeflcrion,
and enjoyed tltc great man's cMcom and
confidence, as the watch now tcMific?.
At the death of the general the watch
fell to David Meriwether, and at Id?
death it wnt into the po'K'Ssion of its
present owner. It Is said to be a good
tfaae pket , nnvcr having co.M :i dollar for
repairs during It? history.
Some months ago, Mr. W. G. Chccney,
atone time public printer In MlourJ.
went to Texas to prospect for precious
ores, and in the counties of San Saba.
I.lano and Mason, found evidences of
' role! and located claim? in tiiO'e conn
lies. A well-known mineralogist from
the North Is reported now in Austin
examining stcclraens from the cction ot
'Texas in which Mr. Checney has located
claim;. Thev pcJincns aro
quartr. with gold Imbedded
in them. We have in our pos
ition a letter from .Mr. Checney, dated
Austin, .luly 1st, which has Just reached
w, havinr been miscarried, in which ho
nys: "I have been in San Sabn, I.lano
and Macon counties most ot the tlmo
siocc I la&t saw you, aud have secured
several good mining claim" there, but as
aai work them." It seem to be a prc
tiHlng opinion, and one that is last in
erasing, that gold exist; in large quan
tifies Is tho counties edging the Indian
I IMf In view of till belief, ba'ctl
upon alfljost daily proof, lauds arc being
quietly located In the above counties
Tlio Austin SMtman Is bitter In it
denunciation; of the manager of the
Texas Press A-sociatlon for the exagge
rated reports sent all over the land in ref
erence to the damage done to Houston
and Galvcstondnring the storm. It ;ays
that the dispatches were made to tell the
world that the losses in Houston
amounted to a million of dollars, while
Galveston's calamity was measured by
five millions; tliat "the great loss and
great sum of siUIcrlng falls upon the
larmfcrsofthe wide district swept over
by the storm, and while great numbers
were drowned along the eoa.t, and
houses there were swept out to sea, the
greatest loss ot property occurred on cot
ton and sugar estates. Corn, ungntlicrcd.
was thrown down in the furrows ; own
cotton bolls were stripped of their silken
wealth, and sugar cauo roU where it
fell. Who must sufler? The planter Is
impoverished ; the laborer starves. Vil
lages along the coast were desolated, and
their inhabitants drowned ; hut the woes
of countless helpless negroes In liumblo
cabins on n thousand plantations are for
gotten while the telegraph flaunts indc-
cent exasperations of tlio woes of twal
cities that have lost comparatively noth
lug, before the. eyes ot n pitying world.
The manager of the Press Association for
Texas, whoever ho may be, should pun
ish, with remorseless fierceness, the con
duct of him who sent abroad the sense
less exaggerations of calamities that be
fell Houston and Galveston."
Poor Poo's remains hn vo been dlsf nrbed
so as to make room for the foundation of
tho monument to his memory. The
sides of his cofllu fell to pieces when ex
posed to the air, and only a skeleton
presented itself to vlow. All the flesh
and gravo clothes had gone to dust.
Some hair attached to tho skull, and the
teeth, all white and perfect, were scat
tered in the bottom of the eoflln. The old
1 li. . .. . .
comu ami us contents were piaceu hi a
wooden cae and lowered Into the now
grave. Over this will be erected the
monument, so long delayed, to the crrat
ii genius who wrote "The Haven,"
"The Bells," and stories that gecni
clotheu with a weird mul ghostly veil,
lie Is represented, when Ilvlug, as n man
htrdly of the medium iilght, motions
quick and nervous, an abstracted air, with
countenance generally serious and pale,
lie never laughed, and rarely smiled. An
account of hi death ay tliat lie spent a
night In revelry with tonic old compan
ions, In Baltimore, wandered out into the
fctrcct in a state of insanity, and was
found hi the morning dying from excesses
and exposure. On October 7th, 1810, at
the ago of thirty-eight, he died; was
buried, and his body has remained undis
turbed, In the cemetery, in IJalthnore,
ids native city, until recently. Brandy
produced in the mind ot Poe those gro
tesque figures and sombre shadows that
Owkentsd his production?, mid eatwed
mm to dream
... . .
I.VCT Ultrul to dream 1
and Anally, at the
period of h union.
when his mind was rims nmi kIva.,,
ambition great, It drove him Into a frenzy
and revealed the "sad uncertain" or tlio
Altai Sf tt2.? 821(1 tlmt a ,Uan m"Ld
JUn,l4, Tilc rT" ' . ' ,CK8mir-
-t . r." v"v wus wroiiL'. nnri
prLt who dLu!ld P
a? "
" eominiinl.
wiwHirougnur, antlqUo
UW to como up and khow can S
lio hod
SOW US, itm LkM, .,
fwV I'Muni! nil" wuuilli in itg .....
I 4. mi ii viii ure ion 01 n..
oat- Willi Hip ns stnlieo 01 one 01 1110,
members ofi Giro's lltcrnry clnb.we killed !
htm, kept Id? skull, stnfled hWakiiiond
forwanled' It to I'hllndolphia for exhi
bition nt the Centennial, lint that U
neither lioro nor there it is our time to
kick. Why did the Ylcluburg. iTW.i
clvc the St. l.on'l l)'tnt(h the credit for
the following?
"Mr. Davis' ronto Ihrongli the West
has Iwcn ono flattering to 1dm, and wo
feel that thn old soldier mul statesman
will go to Memphis with a heart full of
Kinniy icenng lor ins iirctiircn oi me
powcrlnl North. When the cen
tennial Is opened to America,
and. nil tnc peonies of loo world, wi
would like to sec Mr. Davis there with
the brigades from the South to pledge
himself, Smong his old and tried soldiers,
as loyal to the flag of his country. That
would uo au cvcui inn oi poetry, ami oi
historical slgnlticanrc."
There is nothing funny or very bril
liant about the article, but when Ills our
tlmo to kick, wo like to be up aud at It ;
and wo nssnra our Democratic friend on
the margin ol the lake, that the credit of
that Item belong? to the Cairo nn.urri.v.
and there U "more than one of u."
Potter Palmer, proprietor of the Palm
er Homo, Chicago, has hit npon the most
original plan for free advertising that wo
have soon in many years. Vt e give him
the benefit of one insertion in acknowl
cOncent of the genius ho lias displayed
An exchange say Hint such a sharp
dortftc could only occur in a city like
Chicago. The following Is Potter P.tlm
cr's free ndrcrtlsement :
To the nmnnrtnn of lotrll In Chirem. iwrtie-
Huri? ine "jTiriiic," wno are ui.iyiMH mu
mp ineir norru as tochoiij" un jnvoi, ana
j-rl rujlnc V i lr rrnt Inurnncv
Havins erected a tiro-proof hotel, at an
additional cost ot construction of over
a lialfmillioitotdotlars, and being unwill
ing any hotel in Chicago should
claim cxempnou irom lire nun
not be entitled to It. I hereby challenge
any of you to the following trial, after
the closing of the exposition. The chief
jironrletor ot any hotel may bring on Ids
back all the kindling he can carry to any
chamber in the Palmer House proper (not
including the Wabash avenue extension),
in which chamber the furniture, carpet-.
curtains and mirrors are to remain as tliev
now arc. A lire may be built in the mid
dle of the room, after wli.ch the door
shall be kept closed for one hour. If, nt
the expiration of that time, the fire lias
not spread iwyonu me room, tnc proprie
tor of the opposing hotel is to
pay for the d imago by lire and
inokc to the furniture, etc. ; but if the
tire extends beyond the limits of the
room, there will not be any charge for
tnc damage, but I will pay tnc nropretor
five thousand dollars, on condition, how
ever, tliat 1 have a like privilege aftet-
ward. on the same day. and. If I do not
reduce It to ashes In one hour. I will nay
tnc proprietors oi mo notti an damage
10 uic iumuure ami room, aim iwcmy
thousand dollars besides.
Deposits or money to i)C made in anv
bank that may be agreed upon.
The challenge may bo accented as cu
tire, or simply as to the lire-proof quality
oi tne rainier uotwe.
PoTTr.it Palmki
1 he lntcr-Statc levee convention met
last Saturday, the 2d Inst., in Vick'burg,
and was organized by Tobias Gibson, ot
New Orleans, secretary of the Lonl slan
levee convention. He read the circular
convening the convention, and said tliat
out of applications made to sixteen
States, through their governors, but one
answered, and he the governor of Arkan
sas. .Mississippi, Louisiana and JUssouri
were flic only States represented.
The following aro tho nor-
manant ofUcers who wero elected :
Louis V. Bogy, of Missouri, President ;
J. X. Bodlngcr, G. W.Sappington, 15. G.
Humphreys, O. Mayo aud T. Gibson,
Vice-Presidents, and K. G.Cook and P.
S. Shields, Secretaries. Col. llojry inmlo
a sensible speech on taking the chair. Ho
Kalii Hint we ot the West should have our
share of protection and appropriations,
and tliat the contributions of Congress,
in the shape of appropriations, for the
Mississippi nave uecn very
meager in comparison to tho
appropriations for much smaller
streams in the Kast. Michigan
alone, he said, has an average appropria
tion of $500,000, while the West has to
struggle along with from one to two
hundred thousand dollars for tlio rich
Mississippi and its tributaries. Ho
thought the pnopio of the valley had
ltccn badly treated because they had not
been true to themselves, and had been
negligent and divided, while the Kast was
a unit and in full accord. The committee
on resolutions read the following, winch
were unanimously adopted
Jttsolvctl. That the Mlsslsslnnl i ler r u
national in its character, und kiipIi
the care of it belongs to the general gov-
aecunu inainii imnroveineiiis imnn
,i. i,t ...i....t..i -t .. .
uiu JU13UCIIIUI river .til Li an murics nec
essary lor the reclamation and protection
of its alluvial basin, should be mmlu tu
mid at the cost of the general govern
ment. Third Tliat these works of imnrovn.
mcnt fliould be based unon tin;
and exhaustive report aud recommenda
tions made by tho United States commit.
slon of .Engineers to coh'tos nt Hk. i.-ict
scsslou, r.qd tho Improvements should ixi
uniform in their character embracing the
whole valley of the river.
Fourth Hint owing to the Impoverished
condition ol the riparian States they can
iiu juiiei I'liueui uieiiiseivcs ugaitist in
undation ; tliev therefore urgently unpen!
to the genend government for material
Fifth That tills cnnvcnllnn nntuilnt n
committee of twenty persons composed
ot three delegates from tho State of Mis
souri ; llvo delegates each from the States
of Arkansas and Mississippi, and seven
delegates from Louisiana, whoso dutv It
shall bo to procure all tho Information
iiiu mausiicj necessary to Ming this sub-
CCt favorably to tlin notlen ol rniurrr.ta
and to uso all proper means to securo the
adoption by congress of a general and
uuilorm national lovee system.
Sixth That this committee bo chosen
uie iiciegatcs from caeii of tlio States
liec;i!iy represented In tills conven
tion. 1 ho committee shall select Its
u. f11!!".1.' anrt u full' ""Ihorlzed to take
silcti nctlou ns may. bv It. bo deemed
nn?i iM.'?S!ire ,",e.IWlo co-operation j
?J??ihJ! " nlttw is further nutliorlxii
i.m fct?i" CTly for 1,10 l)Urloso of urg
oASSh11!1 noxt tho passage
eml"n vkv aS imy 0 mcQHary to the
leaiig fit Piiiii T V, "OK-'HCZ, Kiow t
Lt?".8,P.t.,.im". Uulncy. Keokuk. Dav,
which may Z0"'', "P'1. ' other cities
wmtiiiaaj dwm that they nro comracr-
dally or fltwuiclslly interested In Urn pro
tection and prosperity of tltc Mississippi
Valley, caoh to appoint ono pcrsflii to net
in conjunction with tho committee ap
pointed by this convention.
EMTeRtAi. xoTT.n.
London hns over four hundred
churches tliat ono million people never
In Minnesota llieronru four tickets in
tlio Held the "lindlcal Kcform," "Dem
ocratic llepnbllcaii." "Jletuibllenn," and
A fellow, with the "snakes," has
been imposing on tho people of Cincin
nati, representing himself us General
Wheeler, the Contcderate cavalry leader.
The Rev... I. F. Ilnizll, Iloniau Cath
olic Vicar General ot Iowa, denounced
President li rant s lie Monies speecu ns
'Illiterate, unstatcsmanllkc and Inccndl
The people of Texas aro lavish in
tliclr praise of Boston, owing to the
"hub's"' bounteous contributions during
the day? of suflering from the coast
".Iii't so long as the Ame power
rules Mississippi, just so long will white
men bo compelled to sleep with guns
hnndv to reach." Tho Vicksburg Ilemlil
published this
The name of Cardinal McCloskcy
church in Home, freed from all tele
graphic and typographical obscurities, i?
"Sancta Maria Supra Mmcrvam" a curl
oils mingling of Christian and heathen
Vice-President Wilson has lceii conn
sclcd by his medical advisers to abandon
lii intention to lecture this season, as it
would prove too scricms a strain on hi
constitution it undertaken, in addition to
ids official duties and completion ot his
The llcpnbllcnnsof Franklin county,
held their convention on Saturday.
tho 25th lilt., and nominated the fol
lowing ticket : .1. L. Horrell, for County
Treasurer; Prof. C. A. Akin, tor County
Surveyor : Abncr Ilea, for County Com
Information received at the Xavy
Department from San Francisco is to the i
effect tliat the fraudulent certificates ot
indebtcilness issued by (
M ,.
clerk, to Pay InsitcctorSpauIding, of that
city, amount to J7.V),C00, hut tho loss will
fall upon Individuals, aud not upon the
Becchcr's fi lends serenaded Iilm at
ids residence in Brooklyn, the other
night, and, not Inappropriately, the or
chestra propelled Into the pastor's cars
the quivering notes of "The Last loeot
Summer." Itusedto be "Hail to the
It is all very good for Ham to attempt
to gore Brlstow and call him thief, etc.,
and say, "1 knew It !" Why tell It now?
People won't be ready to believe a man
who knew that stealing was being done
and did not blow his fog horn until hi
interests were at stake. Ham is not In a
very honorable or enviable position.
William A. Morgan went to JIUsls
sippl too poor to own a carpct-bag, and
after a few months' service a; county
school superintendent accumulated
enough money to buy a big farm out in
Kansas. Is It any wonder that the peo
ple of the State have grown tired of car-let-bag
rule ?
The Cowitr-JwmuU gives King Al
fonso and President Grant n rap by say
ing: "King Alfonso mid President
Grant have recently made speeches, ami
In soinu respects they were quite similar,
inasmuch ns they were botli very stupid
and commonplace, mid were 'lotted
down' by tliclr advisors."
Kx-Qucen Isabella, of Spain, has been
playing a part that was Intended to re
seat her upon tho throne of her country.
Tho seating of Alfonso on the throuc ls
pronounced a ruse to favor the fat queen's
Intrigues. When she makes the attempt
to regain her lost power we may look lor
tho final success of the persevering Don
"The Fall Blvcr operatives lo.-t $1,.
000,000 in wages by taking their two
months' 'vacation.' They seem to have
reflected upon their folly, and will take
low wages and the crumbs which fall
from rich men's tables." These reflec
tions were produced by armed men sent
from Boston. If they arc eating crumbs
from the rich man's table it is because It
is cither tliat or starvation.
The Peoria Democrat says: "Gam
blers, loafers aud confidence men are
showing their faces in the saloons waiting
for an oyster. Guess tliev will get more
than they are looking lor, from certain or
ders the Mayor gave the Chief of Police.
That's right, give them a night in the
lock-up and a free ride to the peniten
tiary." Haicn't got any of that sort
here. The honest boys wait for oysters
hit ids neck of the woods.
Tlio Johnson County Ytoman says :
"The Hurker-Kuykcndall contested elec
tion case is being got into shape lor trial
at tho DccemlxT term of the circuit court.
Tho attorneys forthecontcstantsarcbii;
ily engaged in taking depositions In the
several townships. The greater part of
this week was spent In "Interviewing"
parties at Burnslde?, and we understand
next week will bo spent In Gorevllle.
Considerable interest Is felt In the mat
ter." -A gang of swindlers claiming to bo
.Spiritualists, but who, the Herald says,
arc three-card monte men, gave u public
seance In Tammany Hall Monday night,
and were exposed and denounced almost
at the outset ot their performance, and
all absconded by tho back way, having
realized $2,000. Tliey had udvertlsdd
largely under the names of George Wil
lis, E. T. J. Allyne und C. II. Lee, mid
their medium claimed to act under the
spiritual Influence of the Indian "King
Tho three wonders of the world at
present are : How Hull accumulates In
veft pockets, where the pins l-o to, mul
why when n innu comes out ot a saloon
he looks ono way and goes tlio other.
A town In New York ban the Miifruliir
numo of Hustl. And u numiier of New
i otk banking firms have wou a nearly
similar name within the past few weeks
Some Uusti nnd otliers "bust" low.
(Strong hmoIhIIoii Attoptrit by
Srnixariri.n. III., October i. In the
Methodist Conference to-dnv. tho com
mittee on Temperance made tlio follow
ing vcrv radleal report : "Your com
mittee on temperance, would simply re
port tlio lacis on mis eiinjeci :
1. That nil drinking, tralllclnir or li
censing tlio salo of intoxicating liq
uors as a nevcnijju i cwurary 10 wiu iruc
Interest and duties of nil sueh persons us
thus act.
2. That sucli conduct is contrary to ev
ery principle oi rectitude taugiit by
reason or the iioiy inoiu; uiereiore,
llrsolccJ, 1. Tliat it is the duly ot leg
islative bodies to prohibit and reward
such conduct by enacting mid providing
for the execution ol adequate laws mul
penalties upon tho utility, and that It i
the duty of all mid each professor find
non-protessor to elect no one to any eh II
oltlcu who will not ngreo to mid support
such prohibitory laws.
'i. That we hold up to the contempt
and ridicule ot the enlightened moral and
Christian sentiment of this country, the
moral weaKue? and cowardice, of those
political convention?, of whatever party,
that have pandered to the lager !eer fra
ternity and whl-ky rings In tills and other
l. That we are in full sympathy with
the government In Its efforts to suppress
the frauds of the liquor tralllc.
I. That weighing tho sale of luloxlea-tin-'
Honors as It exists in its present
form, among us with Its results, In the
scale together, It should be regarded as
criminal and puulslied accordingly
S. That we are opposed to the opening
of saloons by municipal authority nt any
time, and cpeci.dly deprecate the limit
ing or them open on tne iMiiuatn day.
0. That we second Hie call for a Slate
Temperance convention by tho lee
Presidents of the national convention of
this State to bo held In the representa
tives hall In April. 1S70. by electing one
delegate from each dlsti let In the con
ference. I. That all temperance reformers should
have fur their object the utter prohibition
and extinction of the liquor tralllc.
j. That till itcrsons, whether pro-
: fessors of religion or non-professors,
should keep themselves free from tho
uiiny practice oi eituer snioKingor mow
ing tobacco, and tlut sld practice 1 in-con-lsteiit
with Christian purity.
Some discussion followed, and Its con
sideration was postponed. Iut Utile
other business was transacted during the
, ... ,..
I ins eeuiu
devotional exorcises
were hold in the conference room. The
work of the conference will he tluUhcd
and appointment" matlo in n day or two.
rp'U. r.L't.T.KTlX Is imbllshct every morning
(txcci't Jlomlay) in the lliillttln ltulltllng, cor
ner Wnhlns:n avenue anil Twrlftli a Intt
The r.iTLV.rts Is scrwl to city suli.rriber by
faithful carrier at Twenty-Five CnU a Week,
paj-nWe weekly. Ily Mall, (in advance), 910 tier
annnms six months, Mi thrtc months, Mi one
month, il 1j.
rulill!.ej crery Thursday morning at H 5.1
!: annum, invariably In ailvnnce. 'J he imJtage
cn lLo MViVly will bo jircjnM at tlila olUcc, o
that suUcrllen will obtain for a ubscrlitlon
jlccof Slayear.
I) A i l v .
Btnlncfj Canl, rr annum, 3fl CO
One square, one nsertlon a (O
une eiure, two insertions,.,
One square, one week ,
Une square, two xrteks
One bquajc, three wteki,.
Ono sqme, one month
1 SO
'1 U3
.1 K
i 00
n w
One square, one Insertion,
..l on
Kach untiseqiient Insertion, w
O0nc Inch Is a square.
KJTo regular advertisers wcoffersiipcrlorln-
ducemcnte, both as to rate ol charts ami man
ner of itUj laylnR their favors.
Communications upon aubjocta of (fun
oral Interest to tho public aollcltect.
Ct"All l!c-lnem Mtcrs should m aJ-ltejlul to
Hlro Ilullelln fomimny.
Fashionable Barber
Betwten Washtnirton mrui C-nuu.ti.n
Healer in
All klnl bant and soft,)
Mill tid Yard,
-omer Thirty-Fourth Btroot und
Ohio Levoo.
Wedding Cards
1 Kertk Mia ltT..t, IT. LOUIS,
DIVOItfKS leBttlly ohUlned for incilniiall-liilllt-
t-tn i i.nlilpnrii llnliiTiwAuri t riwiilUi.
deeiee, Artdrii'ii l O. hos 1077, Chlcnifo. 111.
- iT 11 Tr -i.'JUBtMt I
Awarded tlio IHcliMt Medal nt Vienna.
ROl Hrondwny,Now York.
(Opp. Mrro)olihii Itnld.)
Manufacturers, Importers & Sealers In
At,flt'M, r.ttAI'IIOSCOf'KSnntt SflTVlll.i:
MV nrc llcail'inni lew Tur el eryllihitf In tlic w ny l
Stereopticsns ud Hifio Mm:
licln .MumifaclinTis of tlio
Mioro-Scicntlflo Lantern,
University Storoopticon,
Advertiser's Stcreopticon,
I'AMII.V t,NTi:i!N
Kflch stylo K'Ihr
I ho WM
of ili cla in Hie
f'ntotojniMor tjiilt-rnd nn Ml.los with di
rection fovii'lnR ciitcinniilifflli(jii.
Any enlrttlliiff man ran m.ikn money wlllin
MnSiu lantern,
E?rnl out llii .vhiTtlsement for rcrctrnccfJ!
rho People's Remedy.
Tho Universal Pain Ext notor.
Note: Ask for PoBit'" Extract.
Take no other.
'ItRir fir I will tTiikor cxrollrnt llilnc.
, I uj uric to Man or liruM i,
KnlM, llruUes
lrnlii,'irulu, Oititn
, Minis, IiIsIikmiIiiii...
Kra'liire, i.un, Lirera-
tut nr Iiicittil WiiunJ
iNttf lllnir.llurn,l Senilis,
illlf-rillllK I.IIIIK. or
'e llliM'il, niul Mini
hie tium or Teeth
Yiimilliitcol IIIiiimI mul
lilooily IMelnira'i
ll,., lllmllnir I'ilM.
I i.iinn i nin, iiiiiainnic )
ralitln. Snillnl I nre
Itlll'IIIUHlUllt. ItlltllllUf
Htill'iiro or Siiunim,
i.iiiiiikiko, uime i.jei;.
Sore Turoiil nrtultuy,
Inll.iinril Toniiu.
Ilitherin. Ilrouclii
' .Wlliint.
Sure or Inflauiol I'.jes or
'Ciiliirrh, Ix.-iKorrlira,
IMarrhea, Hyimntery.
Sore "iiiil-, IntUtmcJ
nliiTiil or loo I'rol'iue
mih I.ck. Omrbn
i"!!! ami 'I'uiiiiiiii
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nuin'.TJiiif)fn to Harper Jlatiiiliie.
U'et klv, or Ila.ar, to r mjilre, for one
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Ku'l? In Tone. Meelianmn
mid Diirutilllty. Wiiiianlul ihe b-nil
lor price IIM.
0-23-lvlt Qiilnty, Illinois
WK fotleit eonTpon(K,n',eiin'l onleri from IUiutkI'H I'halelans ami Cncml b lores In wan
nf kuihU In our Hlc Stiumtxml. I'ljiitnt k.ii niil I'.miil V l(illclne Citfea runil.ln.l ot .
mini wiiu rename itikihi rrujuumu ruu
74 Ohio Loveo. I '
Wood! Wood! Wood!
nr ATI rr a t i rr a t i
Tho Cairo & St. LouiH Transfer & Coal Company r owprcpnrodto
fill orders for Wood nnd Conl. Dollvorcd to nny pur of tho City, at
tho Lowest Casli Price. OFFICE AND YARD ut tho Cairo & St.!
Louin Narrow Gaugo Depot. )
list or rnioES.
Wnod, 4 foot, per cord '
Wood, Hawod, per cord .......
Wood, Kawt-il mid pllf, per conl
Coal, cai load, per ton ... .
Conl, car loud, mnu-ljton .......
Coal. c;ir load, one-half ton ...
Lenvo ordoiB ntjl'.M. Htockfleth'n.OS Ohio I.ovoe. at tho Crystal Saloon, torn
Sixth street mm Cornmnrcinl Avenue, nnd nttlioCorapany'n Office.
Orders Solicltrd nnd Promptly rilled.
3T. 2Z. WARD, Supt.
JAS Soc'y & Traas.
Importer and Wholosalo Dealer in
Kcop.s n full ut"ck of
BLontu.olK.y Bom'bon,
Monongahela, Ryo and Kobiuson Count
Offeinl I ,r j?
Great Reduction in Prices ;
Domestics, Sheetings,
Prints, Bleached Muslins,
Ginghams, Cretonos,
Table Linens, Percales,
Japanose Silks,
I-arce Slock of Whito Ooo-Js, Victoria tiiwns, Swiss MaTaallos, nnd n Ijirjre Stork ol
Ribbons. I'IiIh eniiru lock will l snM iituetiul eni, mul fuiiiintic until It U closel out. C'nl.
ml iK-convineeitiin.iiMt lUrKlm I Ti:ilMS .Vi lli ll.Y c U.
Oornor Eiglitb. St. and Comraoroial Ave
m v v mm m h a m m m
nuil Hetatl
n:tw4 - !!s
' I "iMhlncrtor A v., Cor. 8th 8
A. 1 1 v
$3 60.
J4 60.
- 6 00
S3 60.
- M 00.
Silk Poplins,

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