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7oii H. QMtLY, KAItw.
Joho II. Obc-rly l l IVorU. attending
tl Omd Lod el tl Independ.nt
QrofOdJ Flovv. Ho will return
MXt wwk.
w-evT Tittx.
fTe wkeJ (lie Vlcksburtf Htr.ild to rIvc
to.in-ctaut public tiro ayiionu ti nt
their funnyman, and wore niHirem
briefly thuo: "Ai ourConiro nurse usi-t
to wy dt'.i for Mr'iim to know nnd
ouuniioilJ out.'" Don't rontti.-r-we
cu rnjy wrtuln. Uu hi wh.v
borne from Jit. f.ouls we'll Imve un liiti-r-ewrr
nach for lilin. Ho cucnpcd tin
lottery dodfci.'. In St. l.oitU, because tlml
old-fashioned town can't even mi-rnln u
couUdence innti of lUttllclunt ability to
bet a Vlckslntrjr editor; but wlion we
olrt our editorial motor In quest ot lii
name, cvclonw, rum jmiiehM, or ballet
gtrls won't stop I'll" ; 'u- t,lc ,,r"1 l),wct'
he'll eUbllh himself In. to catch that
editor, will bo In Mryi-r'u opini-hott-v,
Memphis. Ain't It?
Colonel A. H. Belo has succeeded Sir.
Wlll.ird Klcliiinhon (ilece.si.ed) In the
mtiiHjfemeiit of thu Galveston Sews. Mr.
Bolo Is a gentleman of Mi re wet nuituijre-
rial taet, young, energetic, temperate, mid
u vrry impropriate Individual to conduct
Journal so widely known as the A'cus.
Mr. Richardson, ultlioiufli miccesslul as a
tmhUsher. lacked the youtlitul uu'rjty
aud enterprise that charsicturli d his
younger partners A. II. Belo mid John
,T. Uaud. The latter, a practical printer
in the full sciuu of the word, brought
the large establishment to the high stale
of excellence It has attained In a mechan
ical polut of view. In the hands ct Col
onel Itclo the paper's continued miccw
t Insured.
LUt ofl'atcnts i-sucd o Inventor ol
Illinois for the week ending Ocl. 0. lS7o,
and each dated tpt. 21. 1870. Fur
nUhcd this paper by Cox & Cox, Sollc
itors of Patents, Washington. I). C. :
Check guards for harness, F. Howard.
Hyde Park; .teaming grain apparatus.
J. Hunt, Chicago ; wagon axles, .).
Bantzand t Mitchell. Marrowbone; t.ol
lililng machine, B. riperry, Uatavla;
combined harrow and cultivator, J. UU
ley, Macomb ; Ironing table, .T. Field,
ltockford; windmill attachment. 11.
Weld, Halo ; ice flood for reft Iterator,
II. Drnunlecli, Streator; stove, J. Dully ,
Qiilncy ; nut lock, C. Holton. Heading ;
rocking cradle device. L. King. Laku
View; process for preserving meat, J
Wllwm, Chicago.
The evidence In tho Bulllner-Bal.er
trial, Murphrcaboro, closed yesterday at
twelve o'clock. Arguments ot counsel
commenced In tho afternoon, and will
probably cloo this evening. It Is exciting
great attention, people trom all the sur
rounding counties being in attendance,
aud the court room I- dully tilled. Jlul
llner li represented as acting cool and
collected. During the testimony Al
len Baker acknowledged to hav
ing killed a man in Ar
kansas, during tho war, for
which he was sentenced to u military
prison In Little Rock. While he reverted
to thi portion of his life, he burst into
tears, and upbraided thoto ho were
delving Into his past career with a pur
pose to injure his chances before, the Jury.
A the trial progressed, and l,ove was
testifying. Bidlluer rose up from hi? seat
and accused the witness oi swearing to :
lie. Mwiy of the scenes of trial were In
teretlug and exciting.
MArshal Cralu. one or thu Wlllinrnsou
county prisoners, confined In Murphys
boro, under a charge of participating hi
the murder of Sisuey and Spence,
and who is a voluntary witness
against fiulllner and Baker, make
a bold attempt to regain his
liberty Monday morning, at 1 o'clock.
One of the guard'. Ned Fitzgerald, took
Crsln from the jail, aud while .attending
him iu the yard, t lie prlsoucr grasped trom
.barrel a handful of lime and threw ll into
his fuce aud eyes. Atter perform
lug this act Craln sprang over a fence,
diuhedluto a clu up ol vveede and threw
himself on the ground. Fitzgerald tired
two bhoti which gave tho alarm, aud
brought to his aBkUtaueo three other
guards. Owing to the tearful etrccuof'
the lime lu hU eyes rilzgvruM was un
able to aim with any degree of accuracy.
Three of the pursuers ran past Craln, but
the fourth fortunately, btopptd within a
tew feet of him, and by accident din'ov
red hU man Ivlii'r Hut on the cronnd.
Covering Grain's person with his gun,
the guard ordered him to surrender,
Which request was Immediately compiled
with. The prisoner was conducted buck
to Jll, handcuffed aud earcttilly guarded,
. .. ... . . ...
wurru iv is iu ue nopcu no Will re uiaiu
until the dual dlsposlou of his bo.iy by
the law.
The campaign iu Ohio has been tde
most earnest and Important in tho politi
cal tiutory ol tlio State, It teemed
to bo the recognized battle
ground of the two parties, and drew to
the oene of action the most zealous and
active Democratic and Republican parti
sans, who spoke to van crowds of men
all oyer the State. Last night the fervor
and blaze of the campaign ended, and
toUy the filial struggle for 6upremecy
will take place. WeKavu watched, with
wch attention, this sturdy political light
la Ikw Buckeye Bute, and leel latlstled,
: teem personal obseratlon, and
MMWBioaUoa with those who
an dlltct participants in tlaa
ikmfiSgu, that Alleu will carry the . State
fcyalaffaiftaJorUy. The eontent U made
ftftteHkrljrlMtbe tluanclal qu...tIon
whUk fm iliykM U wUticai paitius
t the nation. A division of M-ntlmenl
on tlmf question should not be the mean
of diverting nlleglaiice from the Demo
cratic p-irty. While we recojrnlzc It as n
question of paramount Importance, we
do not feel that It h one of MiDlclent mag
nitude to disrupt tlio pat ty iet.the Ohio
election go which over way It may. Yet
we believe, for (ho iakeol prestige hi the
coming PrcMdeutlal race, aud to keep up I
the enthusiasm engendered by the cnin
palgu in the State of Ohio, It i.l ol vital
Importance to the Democratic party that
Allen sliull be elected governor of Ohio.
We may be mistaken, but bclleVe he will
carry the State by ut least 18.000 major
ity. His Miccess Injured in Ohio, then
the Democratic party can enter the ileld
naliKt the o'liuftihtnttlon Presidential
caudldatc, compromise upon u platform,
the basis of which will be broad nun
liberal, aud surrounded by an Influence
Irresletlhle to the m isses of the country.
(lORTfii .tunrr A.vu Tiitr.n'4.
In n quiet retreat In Switzerland,
I'llnee Clortchakoll, of Itimtu, and M.
Thiers, ol France, met and spent four
quiet days together. They are boll, old
men, standing on the verge td ihc grave
botn illustrious. What did these two
venerable men talk about ? Is ll sh.'iilll
cant ol o. lining events? I'linMa do. nut
like the da.zllug splendor of lYusl:i
ami trance must raUe lrom the ilu-l ol
Sedan the eagles that once crowned Ik r
battle Hags. BUmarek grew impatient
over the protracted Interview, fearing, no
doubt, an alliance lor the future, and per
mitted words to escape hi. ih Unit told
his fears. Franco und Uns-lu have iiianv
men, ami many bayonets and cannons ;
but Prussia has aulo generals, it great
minister and a wlso emperor, lighting
material ol ike liii'M quality, and lines ol
impregnable fortresses ; and her people
areall iuloic with the 1 athcrlaud, and
will lay down their, lives to retain their
mud lire.-ll"-!' won on tholleld of lintlle.
The four days' lalk among the Swiss hills i
aud mountains may not he told until j
niter these aired men are under tho soils I
of their respective countries : but it may
bs published to the world before that time
by marching colutii is
aud the sound ol
"W1XHY Jt.U "
Brown, tho colored shcriil'ot Coahoma
county, culled Alcorn "Windy Jim."
Alcorn became indignant at this want of
courtesy In Brown, and retorted lu a
speech at Friar's Point, MVsIesIi'pl, call
lug Brown a defaulter, anil saying many
other hard things agaliict him. Brown,
who has an Intimate friend named Smith,
whom he Is anxious to make a judge, got
riled aud intimated that he would turn the
blaci; ilojis ol war loose on
Alcorn nnd his friend!?. "Windy Jim
btraddlehls Iron gray.grasped ashot-guii,
and went out to look for Brown. From
this ullah'tuluiluated the troubles Iu ami
aootit Friar's Point,
to Pierrepont "My
Alcorn telegraphed
name has been most
rldJculotiol.v :i;salled hi the matter.
trust you 111 not give credence to reports
of the share given mo iu this allair by tel
egrams." 11 lie Had not placed liiuiseir
hi a very unenviable aud umllguitlcd at
titude his uiime uoul.l not have been as-
I sailed. It would appear to tho average
iiuemgcm. in 1 1 ut mat ;t united
States Senator should have avoided
mixing in the political squabbles
lhatUMiallydlslluguli.il the Mi.sisippl
campaigns. The truth of the matter Is,
there are too many Alcorns down there
tilling pavilions, aud the big one the
towering Intellect "Windy Jim'' is a
buzzer of a high order, liio cognomen
ot "Windy Jim" is a very appropriate
one and by an economical application
will last tor the balance of bis days.
llrown Is a negro who Is dauirerniw to
the lnUTets ol" Coahoma, aud fhiiuld be
disposed ol iu a lawful manner by the
tax-payers and voters of Unit county.
KttirnitiAi. NTr.-i.
Ames does not want any white com
panies of militia lrom Vicl;buig.
The Grand Lodge of the Independent
Order of Good Templars meets lir Louis
ville to-day.
Over four years ago Chicago's great
conllagralion took place. Tlio Hi e con
sumed the whole bu-Iiiess center of (he
There will Ik mi adjourned term of
the Jnckspn Comity Circuit Court for the
purpose of tiylug the Callahan clan aud
oilier criminals cnnllucd in Jail.
General Grant Is worth S1.000.000.
In 1SG0 he was a poor m in, and like other
noor men who Indulged in tho "rosy,"
was necessarily compelled to drink bad
iniilanoia, 'Jcxns. Issues a card of
thanks to her benefactors foi contribu
tions during their days of trial und fuller
ing. No more aid In that quarter is re
quired. Tlio Memphis Avalanche says : "A. 11.
Belo Is the new propiietor.of the Galves
ton A'wj. It was to this gentleman that
tue poet luidrmed the remark :
V Man wsnta but Utile Lore, Vn,
Nur wants t hut hululoiij,-. " '
General Boynton'.s review oi General
Sherman's Memoirs will be an addition
to the war literature of ihu nation, itoyn
ton severely criticises Sliei man. and Slier
man Intimates that Boynton knows noth
ing about military allairs.
Dr. J. Homiard, who was tried In the
Jackson County circuit Court, lust
spring, ami eouvieicd ana sentenced to
wiu iviiiieiiii.irv tor lour year, tor man
slaughter, has lieeu granted a new trial
by the Supreme Court of thu State.
iiiu raiiucnh jYcuu wants to know
why the city loafers don't take a walkln,
ticket ami travel into tho cotton districts
where pickers are in demand. Wiatdoes
a city loafer know nbout picking cotton V
Picking pockets h iu their Hue of bud
cess. The argument for and against the
change of venue lu the Jerry Callahan
case, iu Murphickboiu. ,vas heard, nnd
the Judge decided against removing . the
case to another county. About forty or
fifty affidavits were Hied, pinving' thu
judge to retain the prhontr.i aud keep
them In. this county.
1 ho seventh luml versary ot tho prnc.
Inu-Uoa of thu ItidepcuUeJicg of Cubu
as celebrated yesterday In the Cuban-
Church of St. .James, New Vork aiunvns
attuiided by u large eo igregation. Rev.
Joaquin Depahn preached an appropriate
termou and dwelled on tho trials of'Ou-
bilna for their liberty.
The National. Conarrsi of i Mexico
met September 10 for tho Ilrst time under'
the restored political regime. The lues
aiie ol President Lento says tint pence
prevails throughout the Republic', the in
terest on the public debt Is paid wiilr
regularity, Internal Improvement" urc
going on, and the ejvlu mid military ad
ministration In guod condition,
A tire" broke out In the rourl home
building, Memphis, aud damaged ll to a
n greatextct. Tl.rfclty purcliaMU ine
... f
larao Overton Hotel
iiei. on ! i "i
it tin aud Poplar street ami tli'ed It up
for court rooms, aud have been occupy
ing it lor nearly u year. Tin the win
the work oflncendlarlm and commenced
In the upper part ol tlic building.
Arllug Secretary Coweii ha" sent
the following dispatch to the Indian
Agent at Standing Keck, nnd aim to
other agents of the Sioux Indian-: "Von
:lre hereby Instructed not to Nsue annul
ties to tlio ludliiis li.'longiiiL' to your
agency unless they have been counted.
II ild them In this requirement, oven ll
they do not gel any nnnutlos until spring.
This order Is Imperative."
1 Helena. Ark., describes:! tire iu her
town, by special dispatch, In the follow.
hi'r Mvle : "A small lire broke out here
hut night, which gave us a chance to let
our new engine. Shu worked well, emp
tied out the cistern iu live minutes, ami
extinguish d the lire hi less time than
that. Tho loss was neve rthelfK- Sl.ftOO."
1 hey sis-Hied anxious to tet n new en
gine in Helena at an expense of $1,500,
I'he Masac Journal, commenting on
Quplon's letter to si citizen ol' Cairo, -ays
"I'arlies living in our city wi re well ac
with Mr. Oupton. an.: h!
motner lamiiy. uiey say lie Dore a
K'""! character and wai highly respected.
Svnt besetting sin was the u
of in-
I I f tvliMit (tin !1mirir. In fftn irriMit nil ..vlclit.
... ..-.... .
and title, perhaps. led him to tlio com-1
inN-Ion of the crime lor which h" has
been 'cutuiccd."
The tquaw-uten spoken of by the
Indian chiefs lu their speeches before the
commissioners are white men who have
lowered thcuiM-lvesto the barbarian level
ot the red race, and have become Indians
by their own choice, lu Hie and habits.
Thevnre the wandering "tramps" and
vagabonds who, alter alllie'iug the rural
dlMilets aud cities of the country, dually
graduate from civilization into their more
natural element sivagciiin.
A traveling correspondent says:
"The Te.xaus. as u general thing are very
'green,' and the society in the new conn,
lies is very poor about like WilllaniMin
count V. 111. .tlpiilii'l! nioli! elvllizeil." Tho
writ,.,. r that hem N either a fool or a
knave. Texans trreen ! We'll bet cah
there Is more intelligence iu the mot
benighted places lu Williamm. or the
most Illiterate portions of Texas, than
di'tiugiiislics the section of Missouri that
correspondent hailed from.
Tilts Louisville police were notified
that the iifan captui-til iu Feiitross county
Is one of tllejiarty who lobbed the Hunt
ington Bank. The ca-hlcr of the bank,
Mr. ifus-ell, says he proves to bo tho
man who jumped over the counter aud
committed the robbery. The captured
man had on his person several bills
which th bank ollicials recognize as their
own, one being a marked eounterlelt.
lie also I lit.' I Burs-eUV pUtol, which wa
taken when the robbery was eom uiitej.
The excei-nlvelv sarcastic ami iiulu-
fill fellow on the Mlll plOslioiii ImU-himl-
ent U ll-hiug forsou.eil.ingof a personal '
, ., , ., " ., ' ... ,
naliirelroiu ihe Bii.i.ini.v. But we w ill
not Indulge him. The ('ditorial tickler
on this paper li not the Mippo.-d a-pir-l
ant for Cougrc-limal honors. If lie has
llel.led llob.it I' lai sides he has been ac
complishing ll through the agency of a
spirituall.-ilcainin.pheic. We are . fthe
opinion its about time for Gr- r to ijiilt
deallui; lu personalities. We mculy
make this us u suggestion.
The Murphysboro i:,t, tells us :
"Col. Towues was at the smciiim of the
lira j-clerday ami peru-ed the eoluums
of the Cairo lttlUtin. and particularly
that Item which referred to tho Colonel
sub-criblug lo the lira. The Colonel
and liie editor of this paper have agreed
upon a policy to demolish til lUllciin
man, but the time i.ud place, aud kind ol
liquor to be u-e. is not settled. The
ISaUctin is our meat, be it tanner or la
ter." It the liquor lo be Used i to he of
thoqiuliiy we saw Uobans tackle iu a
niiii-lyjiig, one Sunday evening, then that
settles it. And two of them agaln-i a
man whoso highest ambition is .vlizer
water and a iiilld-inauuered sort of elder.
w.mi i mm, u, menu uoe, mil llcvoie
It..... ,'..t I r.... .....
your spare moments to the Intelligent ed
itor of I lit" Indtncmhnt wiio dIJn'l eo to
theSl.Loui. lulr.
Thu Murphysboro A'.ti, spraklug of
Mr. llartwell, Slate's attorncv lor Wll-
llamson county, says: "Mr. llartwell Is
not exactly tatl-fu d with the maimer In
which the prosecution lu the Biilliuer
Baker cao is being conducted. Mr. llart
well thinks that the result of this trial
will have a tendency to Influence the trial
of the other partic- connected with tills
gang who have to bn tried iu WllllauiMin
county. Mr. II. thinks thu smue mate
rial witnesses to complete the chain ol cir
cumstances which would be certain to con
vict have been omitted. Mr. llartwell Is
a shrewd young lawyer, and deervo
much credit for the Interest he lias taken
on behalf of the people, Iu Ibis William
son county trouble, ills reward will be
u mere morsel, while' other gentlemen,
uu air, iiinur pm jment. no net iter pros
ecutors, will get thousands of dollars for
the "big speeches" they will make lu the
win'. Harlwell aud I'ugh will do all the
Important work, and other gentlciuuu
will get monfy and glory for ll."
Jleliir'Mtie lilirrlcn,
-i iiioiH'LLitTtN bhulcry 13 nuinbrrs,
ooimti in tw o voliunes. lb -illl mor
j rowo; vun $41 Y'for stile at !io,
He TMtllU In I'nor'tir IIIiusAlf,
Am twpnty-tlvo years old; 4ivo nbout
thrm miles noiu Ciuuiville live with mv
niotiier ; am ,-,i.K' ;,i'atm r Isdead ; heaid
t.le tesiliiijiiV oi .iIii-kk aiul Ciaiii ; have
Oiienhof-guu and on revolver; k.-tp tlie
gun up ytall'J ill l he head oiuiiyiKM;
.Uareh. Cinlii never nii a gnu troui me,
ueltliur did Allen U.i rj i) iker ueVergol
a lmr?e lrom me; Baker never gota p'i-iol
lrom. mo; .Mhi.sIi.iU Cr.im wlis at our
liou-eUuriug ill1' 'lin-..n.ig. , . or twelve
days uei.ru s.h-ji tj , hi,j
Uu .lek eie l" i' (. ,ne '; Mover
had any biich - a Craln
snore to: oil i.ie riii.i. .ii.t-i- Mim.i
.. Olll.i.l I .rtt.. I . . .... .1
- ;, r, t VVV" .
iu .-lay ami nee in. si.lK. iiuuti
llllllTill. II.
there wa to be a j1i..miii!o airplay, alnl
1 Had never seen one ; 1 ebaiunl mv
nil. id an I .si.tricd lor Ca, bou.iale, Dili ni"t
.-ome men wan had iiaiirr wheal iliau 1
hail. and. as thev oulv L'ol ihii,.iv 'n
lor ii, 1 lurneil iiaek. ami ,m 1 ea.ii-' imek
1 -av M.ir-uail Cram, and .t-ked him io
rliow me where III-. Iion-e was r-h.ii Into ;
We went Into ll and looked ; ihciv ua mi
eimveiNilion .ecii an to lf...nt.o li lo'
fhoi into. Alter we It-It til re, a we Weie
going hy Mu-ick gate he called me lu lo
get iimiicr. inn I didn't go in. 1 never
paid Mi I'sl i. Cram Sl.'i al any tl ue for
auyihmg; tlieie n. no truth hi tlio Mait
meiil lh.it 1 oU' red S.m or any hih.-r
film to , have any one killed; 1 oller.'d
:!.',UoO lor the n)pivheuItu anil convic
tion ol r.iin IIii-m'II and Dave Pie.isams,
who, I belli veil, l.llltd my lather and
tirother; I alo ollVnil S.'sju for iln ir ap
pichfii'loii aloiie. Miir.-li Craln never
told nit that Allen Baker said that he
could eet i.liiO lor killing me.
the whole story, as sworn to by
Marsh ('rain, Was all dciuil
iu Ictail and pronounce I iai-e.
I nude no resistance .when m rested. I
ncu-rrau away ami hid. I am always at
lioiii". wh re anybody can come ami liml
me when hr want to. I never ndvi-eil
ors'W'ested the killing nt Capialu M
uey, nor liitlmated that I wMicd him
knlc I. 1 don't think 1 had any ic;mii
lor (Wring Uaptaiu Simey'a deaih. My
self and Captani Sisuey never had any
dlllliiii'V hi our lives. .Mv brother D.ivi
and I'ap.aln SUney had adillleulty.MiiUii
year t go. ut u mill, about miiuc o.it-;
ilii'C had (lone a L'ooil ileal ol'lill.hie- to-
geth .T, and Dave Weill to Si-ney's black-
siuitn -.no). iiiKing his Hooks along, to
have a M'lllcinent : llnv Inul miiuc words.
and M-mey lilt Dave with a pade. D.ne
came rannlng Immi', gut a Miol-;mii :u.d
a revolver, an I Went hick. We siw
Dave when he was running home, and
heard Mr-. Sisuey bcreauiing. When we
got to SiMiey's lie had u revolver and a
l.tecii"liootiug rllle; when we got near
he drew up his gun and told in to halt,
or lie would blotv our heads oil. 1 pulli-d
out a revolver and told him to shoot ; the
old m.sii (lather) -aid :
"co run him. novs;"
SImk then turned and ran. turning
mound i very few steps ami pulling his
jinn up to hii face; I shot at su-ucy once,
but didn't lilt him. Some lime alier lbs
the mailer was coiuprnmbcd, and tit. a
ended til" dilliculiy. hut we never pnke
to eacli other; Mime ol Sidney's bujv a d
ours ti-ed to speak to each oilier alur
Ilavca't seen BakeratCraluville or Car
tel villi- since Sism-y wa killed, cxcr t
when we pased through togeiher. ban. -culled,
siller we wern arresied ; Mim I;
came iuioour hnti-e early the uexi in lin
ing alter Sl-uey wn killed ; I reckon it
w.t- 12 o'clock or aUerwanl wlien I leit
Cr.dlivllle to go home, on die day of the
funeral ; 1 wa-. In Craiuville two or iliiee
hours that day : I have known Allen II. i
kc.ru lluli over 'i year; Ii.jh-I.ii.iwii il i
nli.ill i :mln iil-.h'Iv over shlce weeame to
liii e in. i '., In .Linn try, ldill ;
he was only at our lioiise
once ilurlu' the threshing on
.Monday. I think ; i wanted to bin- him
and Mu.-ick to help ihrc-.li; till- Monday
wa-. the one a week before the Wednes
day thai Siiiey wai killed; don't recol
lect of Baker ever beimrnl our hou-e but
once ; he never got a horse ol me ; 1 nave
never been away Horn home more than
one or two nielli- ai a time; liave had no
trouble with bisiiey since the lime 1 shot
at him; Dave sine him tlivn with
his eliot-ir in ; al tho lime
of tile exalllill .lloli of Tom
Kii'-cll at Marlon. 1 o' i,i i..': ur hroiln r
Dave, 1 .lid not prip i.e en in a com-
!'"'' ".r. , ,k !'"', 1L!,,,,1,,.,!
hang liiin;theie was soine t:nk about
H.iV inw to pniii-h nu n. mid
tlieie was .nii.- imi, hy .. heri that if llu
thing didn't -top (in an -ig.h.i murder-)
I llieie .miiiim ll.' il l-llllipillM 'fb .'J. illMl
J ruiinil aicl h.i.igevi ijliody imj cuiiumk;
d m't recoil' ci linn I ver -aid n ny one
i that Ihls wa- the inn. u ur-e to Oe pur-
Mieil ; llii'ik I ie v. rsal.' so.
' ' i iui"r a ii " a
Itedirect I never piopimed to get Up a
company t hang bMii V. bill oilier- Olil,
and It wai talked u! ad through (he coun
try. My father and brother had bolli
heeii killed witliiu i wo month-, and a half
of each oilier, preceding the Investiga
tion of Tom Iluell. and I vai cnn-liler-alily
excited, of course, about that I line.
'Uii'liieilloiiulily llio liesl mitiilHeil
orti l Hie l.iml In I he Woi lil."
notickb or tiii: rurss.
Tim cv r inTia.inr el.cul .tl"ii it this
excellent uiotn lil y .-V lis a ! tlnio d
H'ltij) Inn to pupiil.ir . iii-lres and neciis In
d i ll, w lien w ilih klnm how in nj home
ll pu ii'trato-eve y inunt'i, wo must e o
-tiler It as mm oi .in eiiuea or- a- we I as
ent ma nen eftln. pub Ic mliiJ lorltsva-t
pnp.il'ir ty ha ,i.t. w ii ty no a p. al to
h lipid rejudlccs ur depi avml la-teif, I os
li u (11" I.e.
Tbe elnuactr vvliiuh this Maenzine pos-
su-su en v flu v i-.i ternrl-F.artiriii' wi ami.
and Iteniry e.i Ituretlii.t In kept i me vvilh,
1, It nit- nor leil llm Ihu -, hlii.ulil enllsu Its
enndiu'tiirs id rcga ci ii wt'h lu-tltlai.li emu-
t iaec ey. ll Is. cnl lies inelli l a ureal
claim ii.on the publin Kraiiuulc. The
Ma;izi t Ims none uo'i'l mid ll it evil ut,
tlio ct; ol Its life. B ooklyn Euvle,
TKKMsi :'
i'ostsiri' ficc to tubsu'lticrs in tlio United
Hiirix t,, 1II11M.IH", one year ...SJ M
s-1 Wi uii' inii'S tirep:t)iucnt ol U. S. po-t-ttfc'"
by it), publisher.
Suli'tiiiuioiis to iliirper's .Mneazlnc,
WeH.h, 0. Itaar. to ue address lor one
ycir, ili i0: or two oi llarpui's pi rioul
L' i, lo one address for one year, $7 UU;
posiin ir c.
An Mrs e py ot I'ltho" tho Mugnsino,
Wuskly rll a, ir will bo -uppiieil erails i.r
'V ry dull o' live su'.sci lb i nt 64 0 o.ieh,
hi one -(.11)111 ii o; or si s eopios i r (muu,
W'ltlimn cxt a copy; post go Hue.
l'.wk uuuiburs can bo supplied at any
A eompl tn -ft of Ilibpcr's M iL'il.llic,
ii'iw (oiiinrbl"K.ltl Vouiihs, Inn at eloth
lilinlln.'. v, Hi ho sen! I'' 1 Xre., fn lclit a
I lie cvpin-e of purch.-er. for f-J tt'i p r
vnliinm. Slngl" voluun i, h) null, vt psld,
W. Clot ii ease-, fer hmillng, f.s cents,
!' up, eoslpnld.
S37Nw5papurs nro noi to c- py tills id.
V' nUeinont w thout the express ordtr. ol
ll'Uper.t ltr .ih. r-.
Adilrenn IIAItrKU A IHtOTUKHS, N. V.
I U JrCiokiY luMtlillKl MMUmcUJAiMii. B
S,UJI,l.l.r,.H.. Milk IS.li., Lltt. tn&lUJ ll.f Llll.r.i.1. I
S.lnt e.ku..i.' lthuiil rliftrn. 111! Aawi.1
qnllK IWLLKTIN HiuUllflliearttrywc.rnlnx
'(cicept SIonIr) lu the Ilulletln ilulltlluff, cor
orx M aihinRton tivcalte ami TwnlOh sttvet
Tint HctAiTlii li 3trd tu rfty nuliiciUicrs by
fjlllihil rjirrfeM Kt'Twaty-1'kt! nti o V);,
ixynble wukly. Uy .Mull,. (In K'lvucc) ( $U) iti
tiinitiiii uln mallis, rai tlin:fl niofitlir1, f t otic
muattii 91 li.
l'uli!Iht. every ir.ariUj" raornlnsM ! t'i
p Hiinura, luvntlaMj' in itdvmx'r. 1111 poiUf
in Die Weeklj Will Ik linii.l J nt llib uOlw, mi
tlmt pu!)'crll t) wilt ubtiilu for a MiiLu-rlj'tluii
rlc ot Si u yri'x.
ISuHnicn CnnU, isrutiuuni,...., t'A w
due isjiuirci u-rtlua . (J
(ins Hqunrt., two iiisiirtlifiu, 1 M
itv.v nun uaevvnk, !.'.
line sipurc, luu w,t.l;s 3 ifi
One tt'ituic, t!i nx w-evlii,. t 10
Un Uic, mm iiiunlli, n l-j
W II i: f I, Y .
(nr ttjiatre, one lii-i-rtl.in, ..
Ka-'h siil'n-(iiLiit lu-s.rlnu,..
(1 no
Zl'l: Inch l 11 wjuaro.
X5"fo rcKiilsrHdvcrtiMTH VTeoRrMrinrtn
luuemtiit.., IjoIIi i. lo nitr ot chnrxts" itud n.ia
ner nf i!liilayhn; tlitlr I'avoii.
CoramunlcntionH upon subjects of r.cn
oral tuturnut to tho public uolicltod.
Jt?"llJ'.l Ins .'Ulli.r.V"houldIic!vlilrc.TM.dto
ralrn liollrlln 'niiiiany.
Tho P.'oplo'o Kcmcdy.
Tho Universal Pain Ext actor.
tfoto: Aolc for Poad'o Extinct.
lultM itu otner.
lien;- tor I v.'lll nnk of ( Mtllrat t'alncs '
Injur)!'-. t vtminrlliuti.
I nil,, Iliulsi'd
itrilllls. .-pnilils, tnlitli
riulis, lilsiucatliin-l-nellir.'v
ins, I;iiT;i
j ti t ur lnclii'l vtoun.ls
'-iH'Hiiirl-.llurii. -cil'l-i
lll('('llll I..lll. 01
IIS,- It.l-.'il, Hl. lllH'il-
I riK i.uiii, r I cclh
V.tlll.lall. ..I II. ii.itl uuil
lll.lUll) Hl'.OIHIjitT,
J,l,., Hi.,. Hum I'll.-..
nun. 1 rti. . (inuni' iv )
r4,il,iiiiii..i.urttilii Sen-
mlli, wrltl 1 11
itl.i-i.iiiiil.siiii. Itln-iiiiu
Stil'.u4 or -uu'iicui,
l.iililliui;.,, liinif I tutU
t.ii-.. 1. 11 mil uriJim.sv.
lll(lll'l'lll. Cl'IIIK III.
j (-, Asllmiil.
store or InlliiiiKsl l.t or
Citirr.i, lArinorrlici,
HI.iiiIhh, liysvntir)
Mini .V.ihiIi s, liiU.iinc.1
Itu-. t
I'll I II In I ur ton l'rui;i-.f
I .Mmillilltj
Ullllt I mnrliio
' tni... uinl liniiiir
Kill.,,-, sloillllllllllt.
RFMEDY .'Vivcliiii'tst r.ii.pirv.
nCIVICUT, , , mill i;Mru.
1 ttuii- of Infunts. or
roK . Viluits
jVn,l(,m. Vl'ill-. Kll
F.TFRNAI tin;d.-rliilliim(s Vnm
LAII.IIIINL. I',, iii Soies Iniir
.VI1 I Iml L'liiralk.iiH
A!"' lllllls. I.I.UIHSS. lu-
rTTiTirnT t '"'Jrs. Hot Swi'llhms.
rNTEHNAL' ri.si Iliinl.ni,, 1 Iml-
' ed ! -..hi- Feci.
I'liiiliiius.llnriie.ain .sad-
lit- i.idli
I'eloii or IVIihlow, fr.nt.
tni I Iml.. .11' Purl.
j.llSIllll II I (,-S. Iiimci
j Stln;a, Cl.;iipi'.l llnlidn
I'O.Vn-M i:X'rH.tl'lforalcliynll rtr-i.
4'luss llriiumsfs. and lucomnii'.iili-l l.y
nil lir.lirniMi, I'lijhlL'liiiis, nnd rv.'i'i
limly wliu mis cut und it.
Iaiiiilni'l lUiiilidliiiiK lll.li.i-j mill I'm- imdl
isl inrnii iiiplliilloii, il'uol I'uiiiid ut your
. York nuil I.iiiiitmi.
Thl pi-cnninll.m In iimv ui-kiiiivvlL-diHil In lie
mjii'iiur totcl kuuwu rviuvilli' lur tli lnnt-
rnn I .il'
Wyphillis in nil itn Stncfs. Rorrifu
lons Afleetiona, Chronic Ul
coia, Enlai'K"jncnt ol" tho
Cijiiclal y hi J-yiihilllc iIIuhsih hi vvhU-li It
Inisiivii. in:iiiy, win ii 'Im-ii up p.i-t liu- Py
Fiuhiiiit pliyriciani It I uinhvly vwinlj ;
.NochiiiiKi'..f dlft H rcqit rot nnd cm U-mken
In nil ci.ntlili.il ut tin- sy-ti'iu Willi miI'i ty, und
hi ciiiiiitvilni) with otliir iiKillclni'1 H'Uiup.1
tlrnt ilflivi
-t t t.i iinv p'trt of the I'nllcd -.lulid hy cx
iicos, lriiniiiliscrtiitlnii
N It, -diiiili' pnrl.iiK'ii st ill t'.r.nvjmrt nftlic
I'nitinl Stitits on rm hit in v. A idii'srf
lilt MIMMAK,
U Nnrtll Mlrut, M l.oill .Mo
Cornor Walilnnto!i Av. and. 14th Street,
Fifty i:ififiuil Nilis. mIIIi Vniiml.il' I in
priiviiut'iit'l Ncvr mid lU'itUlinilbnloSinpi.
nVI.lt ON I-. Ill ills vNn (,rifii'ilst mid .Mil I
I'lmiH liidur tliv v urniin.ianu ire luiiisinl ilu in
nt slrit'kiv rirt-t'liiss in Tune Mccliunirii
i.nd luirBlilllly. Uurrauictl-'dvc yniM. 'tjeud
tut' HIT.Nty A UOLMKH 'WO AN ro.
9.jj-wlt tliducy, lUIuvl.'
v amn 9 m
BitiraiIE8, SOAPS. O'JOiU-, OILS
Tiinv. rim. oft K 1, . m- sinirL-a
W1-. Milled rnrnxp'iNlMHV nn.l nelux iteti. DniyrtnW Physlrlsns and (irutrnl -torr. In w.v.
I)f lfOU.1. Ill lllir lllll! -tllllllMutt IM .1 n.l.im i.il rN.i. .v .ll.-II.-llm l.n, rMr.l.li..l ....
Ullr.1 Willi iilUMi- lilies t h-h imi.iI.Ii. i.iiee.
7-1 OMo Lwvbo. 1 I iie.in'o- Av,Co.8th5
BIG MUDDY (Mount Carbon Coal.)
Tho Cniro& St. Louin Transfer &Coal C3mpiin"i, ov pronnrotfto
llll ordora for Wood nutl C -al. Delivered to u v par of thoCitrnt.
th't LovOflt Ctah PriOJ. Or'I-'ICa AXO y.VUD ut tlu C.Mto U 3t.
Louln Nnrrow GniU'.o Depot.
XjXss'i.' of x:r.a:c3i:a.
W od, 4 feot, iHr. or I
Wood, n ivvcd, por cor t .......
Wood, nav. d ami mtllt. per cord
Cmil.ca lond, pr l ii ... .
Coal, oxr lo ol, ttitiv I 1 too
Coal, car load, oju-iiulr ton
i Lo'vnordiin nt T M. Btccktt th'n.02
tix;n n:rccnu(i uumui jto. ji A,uint), una .11 1110 company e uaico.
Orders Si.llcltoil und Promptly Filled.
0TAS jK.AXTS.Scsc'y Troas.
Importer and WIioIoo"'g Dealer In
I "Wines axid liquors,
Keep n. full 6t ck of
5LoTta1:viols.y 23ou.rlDon,
Monougaholu, ilye and Hobinson County
tti V au.i uci sf9;
-Mi,.', i
ooi w m
Domestics, Sho jtinj ,
Prints, Uloached Muslins,
Ginghams, . Crotoncs,
Tab'a Linern, Perailos.
Jopnnoso Silks,
t.trse Sn-.k if Wilts Ooiti, VloUrlv L-vwns, SwUs M irsvllos. mid n l.inrc "topic id
IM33I1I. I' I . e i in' -l ..'k nilllir.i I . t .' nil.', t 11 1 c 1,1,1111.1' mild It t ulusiil out Lol.
11 1 Ik-.' i.ivmcul ll'tK'll llirtlni I I'hltvl- s nt ''. V , v -1 1 .
Coras? Eibttb. Stand C omrasrcial Ave
1-S tf 11
tur3alAXs.i." ...-.a MHtSmi." i'nifcsi.li,.il.rf irf ... I , . i rtn wft.riwwtxu. ,
. i iER' isc ..Kfri Iri
to K pvv-r ' h'o'J cyl' . 3J :
I -
.v ? ' - fj
. . . . ?
and Retail
e re, e 1 c,
. s :o
s. '0
- 1 V.U
- ii j
Olio Lfvee.nl th Ciyntal Su'.vt t ruef
l, 'l
1 . V
Silk Poplins,
I " (
'(' 'IT i .

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