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The Cairo bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1872-1878, October 17, 1875, Image 2

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Omar. Moirpa From 7::-0 a.m. to C:?'
p.m.; timidity Irom 7 to J a.m.
a. I r.u.
timidity Irom 7 to J a.m. V V
MKW tun, to G:Qij p.m. ,
VR cAiio i r.nr.M.
n.. .1.- .,..t,l f,f Hl'M.F.TIN
be found a An! om! Jrun rtatcmciu of I w
!ippl, in which Pcnalor
,'omr from the P. ZV L
Mtlrn in fmlioma county, n "ciUlc
il :T ,1 in w political m,npll.
cationi o .MfMliiiit ntl who i n
ocnJ tosll worthy colored mm.
Mfto ytu.r U. KAIII.OW is.
Tho popular m-jiiu connslian, Milt G.
Itarlow, Is, by blr.h.n Kcnturklan. ami
ilurliiff the warm veil on theConleilerate
Ido. At ono time ho was Ioc.il rrunrtrr
on tho J.onhvllle .Ajir,.'i, under the bril
llnnt Ocorjio I). 1'rentlre. JIN i-anil-falher,
'J'. II. Harlow, I the Inventor of
thecoh bratnl plant larhuii, which is now
iiclntf used ln.:ill the whooN and oWn
iorlc of this I'outitry and Kuropr. 3!iit
Mho Mar In IiartrlyN inlnMroh aud 13
Uiown throughout the rnl'cd Sl'Ht" iw a
of n high order.
I.O'i:HKun ANEN' tll.lf'l.l.
Two htindreil of the le.-t citizens o
MlStsApYltydtyd Governor Aim In the
inpljal of the .St'ite, and requested him to
(lisbaffirtfc mt-'rojinllltlit. After consul
tation, the gotnTnuT ngidjto.diJband
iliiVpiniaiilosnml turn ovoruir arm
to flit- mHUaiy 'wtltoriticr! for safe l;cep
1115 that N. t fain-Aril , Clinton, and
.fuctooii. the "inn to be stored in Itee
proximity to the companies V v Hidi
fhev had been issued, and
.io that a" detail of IVited States
troop "hould be Matiouod at each place
for the pur'iost; of guarding them, and
in the event tho United tatts f,rov
i-niinciit refused to allow the (mop' to
act in the matter, then, that the gun:
dioiilil be uauled by yuard-i to bo io
Ktcd, one-half by himself and the other
by General (.Scortfu; and further, that
die governor would take no Mop; in
nltich the welfare ol the Stale wa- coy
trued without eoiuultatlon with Ocn-
ral Ueow and other prominent ,'tlein
UM.VA l,(U'l!tl
Vlnle, JtlVersun V)a'u w.is in 1 airyitw,
Kentucky, hW native town, he vl-ted the
house where he vtais born, ity-six years
tiefore, and stepped into the room witore
lie first saw the liht of day. A brass
band was In attendance, and played "ily
Old KcutucLy Home." In his speech to
'he people gathered around the
old house, he said lie had stood,
hi the room where Shaksjxarc wiu born
ai.d felt the impreE that hU matchless
;vmvai(.u;Ml hittd th hotata
of the. jjitr.test men of hWorj and ot our
lluie?, but tiad never l-:lt, tu lie thru frit
atUv 1111 ibscnce if s-'tslyis
ycare. jIi. .Tame.5 Wili Oitn
mounttil the stand and presented
nr. Duvii wltli a nc.itolJ.Jicailed cuie.
in tho Joj;ovJi4- laicuairc : "fn behalf
of the cilien: of falrylew, uliow me to
present to you tills cane, made from a
locust tree lhatjrrewin thisyaid, planted
by your father. I'ieaiJ.' aca'pt it as a
iiiitablc mrmnnto and trmlndci if Un
placed' your birth."
tVilllatn Allen will soon retire anions
ihe patrlavch'.r.l grey beanU who crowd
the bad: attlj or political history. He
fell with Democratic harness o'n, val
iantly sonudtofr his fo-hurn, and willed
thoicdndj f men by it.- learning- note.
Uthoiifrh he blew Irutilv. and fou'-ht
Kith the visor that belonged to youth,
nc ion wucn ma coininm ero almost ia
tho niemy's capital, it wa :i 3troiif
thjrht, and a true lihl, buhl 1V1I.
Ham, but proved ol 'jw .i.iU,
The mutations of time will be ot no ben
efit to you now. Other batilei will be
foujht, with difloient principle, :,I)ti
more youthful Icau'eri. Tlu v will be
valiant itniffglc-i;, William Allen, hut
none will Vc chaiaetcrlztd by the royal
nerve and pluck that dLthi:iii-hcd those
Ibujrht hi Ohio, iu.plrtd by tiie notes
from the Inunpet-Uniicd' A-horn.
Wu resret yourdofiat, Ullilam Alien,
dthouidi we dialled inateiially islth
you iu rclerer.ee to the financial j.olley
that rhould have hedged hi our part v.
Do not let the rfrct. by which your foiec3
Utouack.ddit out, but keep the coals
red, io that hi 1S7C they may be ready to
flcniu up as beacon lights to ihe Demo-
'nine vnerans under u new banner. You
have been told to ,l down. Willicm Al
leu; but do not do It. WuU unlil alter 1870,
llien you may lt bach In the n-tlrenient
of the back attic and play cht ckers with
'iiq loifciu ami veiK-raid" ivjijicii of
pit political decade?.
duelling 1'nln and lllpga showed good
Sfiue, ni on of I hem I J rcprcieuted Ml
dead hot.
Tlie two letters written by Stanley to
the New York Herald arc conceded to bo
Interesting contributions to seo'rnphlcal
jelcnco; but it .'coins to be tho universal
opinion of the great American journal"!
that Mr. Stanley U not, a? a writer, thor
oughly qualified to descilbo thr country
in which ho U now operating. For tho
u-o and Instruction of geographical Mil
dents, tnueli that hf has told of hl ionr
ney under the collator, will have to bo
explained In n luller nnd more compre
hensive manner. no acw on: ."5
fav-: "HU lyh- it Ill-arranged, ob
scure, and fivfiticully vulgar." In sul-
stantlation ol StanloyV vulgarity, it
quote hi language: "Let iu mi on,
however, to our subject, and tje place,
wheicl left off namely, coVifird lll;.
running away from a pair ol istill hip-
po-. I Mil not euro Jhoy were bullae
(sillier, t though tlie.v weir, hippo
potami huio enough. ' btHTly mr.
Inngiisgo sulllcienn.v cioj-nnt t'vela'joratc
a theme so broad nnd Interesting to UiV
whole 0trld. When writing lers tt,htr
if.R.'dT.x should rcineint'tT that he-'!?,
chlillng'npoii the evcrlatthig n'onum'ent
of human progre. ivand" tlinl rtfv-lbly, in
alteiag, his word?, may in ra'crn-tl to
whcilito qttot il:m,,iiage liiiroof ofllic
eontfulJiast. luJl1- lengthy comnient
theAVi further sayV: "Tho letters before
its arc crammed with names which havt'
ucrIgnlftcaucu whatever without a map,
aud ijt worse tlian mcanlnglt5? with the
map which he fiyjph'cs, on account of hU
playful vaiia'ioni"ln orthography. As
to numerous places which he deccribe,
wifh considerable prccl'ion, ill- Impossi
ble to'tcll whether ho lm vMtrI them
himself or found? hi de.-eriptioiis on
native testimony. He do- imt toll n?
one.vay or the other."
. . . . .... , .' "
Mcnxtovr .-iai..i.m:.
Mpplncott's Magazine tor November U
full of pleasing nnd entertaining reading.
The number before us opens with the
lht of four paper? 011 "Up the Thames,"
by Kdward C. 1 truce, and I- profii'cly 11
Jii5traled. Among the -kctehe ol
Kvnery of the famoiiff and plctiuisqiio
etiburbs that line the rher west ol the
crcat inctroDolM. we nolhv tlioie of
Chelsea, Putney, Fulham, aud Chlswlek,
while the paper recall.-, with .-prhjhtly
alluclon and antcdotci, the ai oi lations
thai cluster round uch iiamrs .1- liieh-
mond, Wiud'or, Mid ICew. , Augtu
tine in April," ;dj illustrated, is
from the pen of Sidney Lanier,
the pect, who giie a eliarm
ing picture of the quaint old town, with
many details of c.-pecial Interest to those
person; intending a visit to i'loiida. ilrs.
L. Lynn Linton hiruishc3 the third part
oi her interesting serial story. "The
Atonement of Learn Diuuia-.." "(.'ualla"
U an interesting account of a portion of
the mountain region of North Carolina,
little known and almost inaccessible, bc-
t lougms to an liiulun tvlbc. i he country
I ' graphically described, and the account
of the dominion c.ercl-.e'i over tlie people
by a w hite mau, who seem t have b- cu
a mixture of patriarch and jwindleri
forms amost eiirloiiH cliapter in the hl'lory
of the reUllon- between th" two races.
The writer, .Mrs. llebccca Harding Da
Vis, credits the tribe with i-onie adiauco
towards civilization, ami as prepared and
eager to have schools c-tabll-htd among
them. "Summer Days at Vlchv" la a
pleasant and readable description ol thi3
lamou: watering-place and the motley '
crowd ol viiltors of every nationalltv
that give; animation to Its parks and ho
tcJs at ihs height ol the sca-on. "A
French Piovindal Writer," by W ill We!-
lace Harney, Is an account of Claude Til
lier, whose humorou production;, little
known out of Prance, have .i peculiar
lUvor which wiiuot fail to
be rclifclicd by reao'crs of the nptcluien3
which ilr. Harney m liere translated.
The short atorie? of thK number are also
very Interesting. Among theni wo notice
"The .Magic 'Handkerchief, " an amusing
fckcteii by a writer evidently familiar with
modem Homau life, and ".Mammy " by
Jennie ootlville. whoso sketches of
negro character are uir-urpao'sed In foreo
ami truthfulne-. "Camp-Fire LvrlcV
Post Thou Kcuicmber?'' "lletrospect,"
unit ''Still Water" are the poems that are
given in this number, and are, as u-ual,
cxc'.'llciit, aud will repay peni-al. The
Monthly Gossip" loc-. nouc of Its In
terest, while the "Literature ot tho Hay"
embrace? able notices of ..everal now
nftdrs In this Slnlr. are liable to be mndn
e te or to our injury witn nonoraoie men
mill gooU citizens abronU. mid tlnreby
nfBx nn undeserved ntlgma upon tho good
name pf our city and the fair fme ol our
people :
Therefore, we, the citizens of Vlcks
burg. In ma3 meeting assembled, without
undertaking to pass upon the guilt or in
nocence of any individual or individuals
who raav havo been concerned therein,
but leaving that question to the Courts
of the country, to whom it properly per
tains, do hrreliy refolvo :
First That wo cmidcmn all such acts
of violence, nnd do hereby disclaim any
responsibility n .1 community for the
aforesaid acte.
Second That tho law of the land Is
powerful enough to try the perpetrators
thereof, and should they, uponn falrtrhil,
be found guilty, to punish them.
Third--flint wo are determined to sup
press all Mich acta ol violence, and to sus
tain tho InwK.
If the law llndJ these men guilty of tho
unprovoked minders of which they stand
charged, they will suffer the Hill penally
of the law. No palliating circumstances
Htrrouiul iliu affair ai far as Investigation
has been carried, nnd no sympathy on
'account of color or condition In life will
rlic e.Ntet d tho murderers.
od.lYllHM r.lect oiHcrr
1111,1 .tiljjurn
mi; i.a ii:nt imuin ih'i c
'flic young Ameiicaiib who fought in
1 .rlf, with Awords, aro the s,or.. ot Eli
ha lllggh and William II. Pain, of Now
Vork. Tho young men belonged to an
American club In Paris, and indulged In
playing to an uullmilod extent
uwmg to a mUunderttandlng, Hlggs re-
,7 1 ay 81 1,10 Fa,,1c C!Ul1 lablu wltli
.., cu.,.,iX uiat tlie latter wa not
i rauipi in me uttkmeut of bh loei
v.iiuus, eouiueu Willi llio onrn
l'ull In ihu club - room mortified
Ub" u" , utU a" vxtci,t that
Ptttd!ff wh0 "US
ttrfercd Member of the club In-
.....1..., ' r" ' w a tlmo Hie
KirroKi.i. ori:s.
Nevs from England annoui.-jp that
Horge, the jiivnt blllliuil ehampion, Is
ifol.u W001U, formeily connected
Willi tho printing interesU of Cairo, Is
now superintendent of the Hellevilh' Ad
Men''. It I about time for .Tobu to have
a paper 01 his own.
-Tho President .-topiied at tlicPuhncr
House In Chicago this week, anil was so
besieged with oincc-Jeekers and l.'epub
llcan biimineiy that the respectable He
publicans who called 'o "w him win
He fuHeil, after ilcatli, that George
Washington Clnlds. editor of the Phila
delphia I.trtger, would attempt hl obitu
ary. r I ninety cents a square:
Wlfn '(Unions rove I lnar in umi'"
.nd itocior'tulri'alr,
Tlnn'tUMI. IV. writfinuuii
At nlm'tycciiti uqiiar' ' '
ifolm MeOdl, formerly a Meiupbl
printer, and a Soiithcriier by birth. ha
hcen Kadiral mayor of .lael.son, Mis-.,
fur a term ; and now ho hn received the
l'adical nomination for -herl(l of that
Don Piatt bus luitntl ,lu-Ie Maiirlleld
in Kurojc. She U very extravagant,
changes her dress four and five times in
tunt-feur hours, dines in Iter room
. cart, has broiled chicken every day,
and Is considered very distinguished, re
ceiving earls, dukes and princes.
Since old Hill had to succumb to late,
and a superabundance of Ifeprblicau
votes, the following verse lias conn to the
surface and round" olf all the sad a: tides
of editors who were soft on tic; Inii.itlon
doctrine :
"Troth crushed totartli will rise .tiuin;
MKMH.-iiiai j iarn hi 1,011 aie ucrni
lille trior, wouuilt'l. wiilhci in iuin,
- ad diss uniunehtrwipr-liijier".'1
Tlie New Yorl: Sim says : "Now
that itillation is dead and " buried, the.
party ol reform can move on unimpeded
to tlie victory It is bound to achieve.
The rag-money delusion has handicapped
the lmple(i-ue of tho purification of
polities. State and national : aud that
once thrown oil, wo can all inarch on
with -prluglng step to the ovenhrow of
Granthm nnd the rcicuo oi ihe Gomtu
im nt from the thieves who use olllee nnd
power to line their pockets anil defraud
the people."
Salt Lake contributes this linietothe
crude spcclmcn3 of evangelical songs of
the scries CNtravaganzaing over tho wactc
places of the United States :
"Alas! why should I rry to-ljy
Tor one who could no lonfjif tloy'.
UurilarllnK little llaonun
flio child could rend aud write and i-pcll
uuld aav her 'tabltb' very well.
.napmy on nit' liiano:
Uhl l)lc-4llttk' Hannah!
Who play, now Hcnruu's ljlano. "
All lor love ho jumped from Wash
ington monument, Baltimore, nnd was
crushed into a fchapeles.s mass, Genteely
clad, thirty years old, and had the fol
lowing note hi I1I3 pocket: "Now, Miss
Cobb, I leave thee in those wordR, hoping
to hear from you ; fare the well ; If for
ever, still lorever fare the well. Though
tiiiforgiveu, never ngalnst thee shall my
heart rebel." Some people might have
considered Miss Cobb's lover a dam
phulo fellow ; but life was too good lor
him, aud be crossed over tho rlv-T by
way of a monument ISO feet high.
Odes to autumn aro llylug thick and
ffutontlie ludhn summer air. Thiols,
probably, tlie most original and effective
one that we aro compelled to succumb to :
Pkoiua. III., October 13. At an elec
tion lor olllcers lor the ensuing year of
tlie Grand LucMinpinent ot Illinois Odd
Fellows, the lollowlng were eleeied:
Grand Patriarch. Jacob Krohn, Free
port; Grand High Priest, W. L.
Sweeny, Hock Maud; Grand Senior
Warden, W. Hoiilen, Fnriuliigtuii ;
Grand .Junior Warden. W. 11.
Crocker. Chicago; Grand Scribe and
Treasurer, General ,1. C. Smith, Gnleim;
Grand Hepresentallve, T. Warren Floyd,
Gillespie. A. '1'. Sherman, Chicago, wiib
appointed Grand hi'lde Sentinel, 11ml K.
A. Feiilch, Havana, Grand Outside Sen
Unci. Alter ti.ui-aeling some iiiihupni't
aut business, Ihe Grand Encampment
adfourned sine die tomeetatJacki-onvilh)
one year hence.
Geo. Spin Ick, an old resident and
prominent capitalist of this elly, died
early this nioriinij.', HI estate Is valued
nl about M.txXUHAi.
,t, 1
. llliler Curd.
CoLt.Miii's, 0 October 13. Tim fob
lowing decisive dirpateh has been pub
lisheu by Hon. .John G. Thouipion, m
respon-e to the lardof the IteMinllcaii
Hon. fl. H. Wright, Chairman Deui
oerailctituteC' iiinnttee ol Peiiiylv.uua,
Philadelphia, Pa.: 1 ob-ent; 111 Ihe
I'ress of lo-diiy a caul signed by the P.e
pubilcau Stale Executive Couimiiiee, In
which I am charged with wllliul lalslllcii
Hon when I averted that tin; Deiimeraiie
vote Is .'(J.IKX) larger tli.iu was cist for
any man ever eleeied Governor of Onlo.
Our deieat was the remit ul the most
lavi h expenditure id' money widen ever
cliar.. tenzed a political contest. The
f!oloel.:ition ol fraudulent voters aud tlie
Indn dm tlou of tin; raise l-5iie on thu
publlf ,-Iu)(jIs, which excited tin) preju
dice .m.l bigotry of religious hale. '
Th' d iilal Is worked bv the suuc 'ulv
tertuge whleh has been p'racllced bv the
Hepublli.m Executive Committee
Ihroii'.'hoitr tho coulnst, when It has ap
pearnlii. public. It will be observed
that ihe denial Is only giycu to Hut part
of the dbpatch willed refers lo frauds
perpetrated and tliq lavish expendiiureol'
money, uid this is qualillrd bv the eon
leiuptlMi 1 use that thu Hepubllcans of
this Stale had not contributed Ihe money
for curruptlou. I am aware
ot th.' tact that tho Jtepublleaiw
of this Stale contilbuted swireelv a
tithe of the money u-ed. and the qualifi
cation of the committee Is a weak linen
tijn. I unhesitatingly re-asoit everv
statement id' my dispatch, that the He
publleaii executive counuittee. like all
partle-. who commit crime or an: aece
sory thereto, leallo the iufaiiiv. and,
like the eriuilniil, are quick hi denial. A
thief or a murderer pleads not guilty
when airtdgiicd. Would tliN Keimbli
can liMi-utive do Its.-?
(Signed) .luu.s- a. TiioMi-no.v,
(. Iiainnan Mm C ouunitlci .
A fnmous Mril.t Instil iiilon
It'ruui 1 1sc Cli.o.ir,, riim-.- 1
1 no ninie of Jir. A v. Plfrco. of
.Hulliilo. N. V., has i..-eo i .14 l.uulliar lo
thu people nil 0Vert'.ce v as"hon-e-
hold woni".' iin .M,i r-nieili
Ills namplilets ami , '
medical expnii in-,- i .
rj-iltn BULLETIN li padlehd tTerymoralng
(exccid'AIondny) ii. the Bulletin liulldlnfr, cor
tn Wu!unsti;D twace nod 1 walllh Mmt
Tut IIcmctik Is cfire-i to city ulv.rllK.rsljy
Odthful CMriew Tr.iiity-riro Onts . Wctk,
parotic wc ily. By Mull, tin fldvanw), $10 per
onmiM.j li inimiln t"i ilnne inor.tho, one
raonih. 1 J."
lMblt!icJ citrj Thiirsdiy moinlr.stt $1 Si
uiiniim, iimirliibly in iidvnMc '1 ho oilac
ou lhiiVw!;ly Wltl 1 pnpiM at Dili uruce, to
Ihnt.riili'CtllfM u'U libi.-.in jirt- n nKttliuUjn
rire of ft .i vtjr.
Wlioll and Itotrtil
1 BRJX wo
U A I I. V .
ii!4l.ij or li, ntrunuum,.
One rjunrc, oik enrtlon,-.
One equare, two iui-Jtki.,
onp it'tiure, one ww).
One eqturo, ivu
One ii'in.', thtre imti,
. 00
3 CO
1 U)
t CO
1 6 GIST
w 1; i! 1 1. v .
O.ic fi,nr. , our liutrtlou, m. ft eo
Ijtrl. niw-ik.nt lnwrllou,.. M.. U)
n 1 0 nr.u'ai MtwIw rr we offor uprri( i !
iluerint M, txlb n? In nt t.l rli-,r;-, Mi4 nia
i.r,,"1i !! i in 'bIr flwi.iv.
Uemniunioattonn ujion tmlijucttf of i;eii
oral tntorcst to the public polloitcit.
ETC., E'l C.
WTV toliritcor
nf K'noil- III ii'ir llll
filled r
tii'kni ; 1 11' I .- 1.1 rr. I'mux'
"(iiiiilniiii I'l ij ,!. 1.
tl'ji'U- llru.. al rrd- .mmM, rut
.1 f.ci '-a! vtiiv In
( 11 . ruriMoli1 I ct .
74 Oblo Lnc.
is'ilnw'o- A v., Uor. Sth 11
Presents Por All!
A NiW Mothod of Making 11
into prominent',' a.,.
repuiaiioii. Tlii' '. 1 :..
l--lle. pre-enl- .1
tiou Irom Or. 1'
may jralu liniti
Ihe Viit propun .
ni'-s anil 1 1 ie iii...,--. i
clues. lie iiii n( Unit. iin 11
1 111- large
(lit linn
a coiid
11 preceiit
r r ader
liha of
In-, I111-I-lii-i
"t wouW rjotilr In Ortnm
l llll l:ichi lit liu-iutlii',
iVIirn Die wavy korn l KCttlu'WJ lit.
A. lliu csiidirlutcD ere Ircxiln';
MimiMiK IX Vlt'HNIIL'Kti.
11 VlcUsburg lfxclted over a iuial
uttacU made upon three colored citizens
by three white men on the night, of the
12th lust. Tito rullians flrst as-ailed Cal-
vin Glbbt, I. I). Shadd and U. C. Hlck-
mau, who were standing uur the hou-c
of Olbbj, in thn street, ou the night ot
the 12th. Olbbs received a ball In the
thumb, and another hi tho lown pru t of
the abdomen; also one In tlie
calf of the lug. HIcUniKn va
fchot iu the lower part of the left
thonldcr blade; aud a second shot entered
the middle of the back-. Two men, Win.
Green and Mat Couklln were arrested at
the murderers. The Mime parties vl-ited
the home ol u colored man named G. W.
Davenport, on Jackson ttrcct. They
called for Davenport, but a cotoiednian
named Johnson opened the door and
was riddled with bullets. Giccn
was rccpgnl.cd a? one ol the
assailants The;e horrible, and
unprovoked murders aroused the citl
ens of VleUiburg. Stores wcro closed
aud all the nicichantl and business men
of the city assembled hi onus meeting,
and after opceche?, denouncing nnd de
ploring the outrages, adopted the follow
ing preamble nnd resolutions, uivni
mously :
.. Whkrims, Ono lien Johukon was. dur-
. . 0. , , , luy iou"ht 11,0 nigiiioi ucioner uui, join, mot
With SHords, W tllOUt nt. r. uu-"1 nml lilllerl. nt liU nu n linmn. In llils cite.
Ptlii received a wound In u ! 1- Ulchnnn and Calvin Olbb.
Mm. ti.ii ..,.. auout 1 nu iiumo tune, were snot, nun
iknr nM'oiiLi .irrJ ii "hW now woundcxlnt tho home of tlio latter, aeo
Uy nn j)uWUl,a to the world M Vlry I In this city ; nnd,
brvo won nnd good gamblers in oit .Whi-.iikas, These actrf aro not only
carrtllW (he fatal Am'Tlesu munrsr r.r 1 ,'l,0cU,nK to our humanity, but also, In
vk-'-w. excited ;o!'Jltlc
e-labliihiueiit.ipproiii'iniely ii.'iuieil 1'hr
U"orld' Di"pen-ary. ' wheiv patient are
treated, mid Ihe leiueilics eiiinpouuileil.
Hero nearly u hundred per.-ou are em.
ployed in the M-vt nil depaiiiueuts and a
eorp' of ableund hkilb d pliy-ielnif slam)
ready lo nllevlale the sullt-rlngs ol hu
manity by the nio-t upprovi d ineihoil".
TlieJ)hyleIan are in lieiui'iiteouiiila
tlou witn Dr. Pierce, and their combined
experience Is brought to Im sir 011 Ihe suc-ce-lul
treatment of ob-tinate ca-e-. Tlie
Doctor l 11 man of a large niedieal ex
IKJii.'iice. and bis extensive know ledge of
materia medlc.i has been acknowledged
by presentations of degrees from two of
tho lira Medical College In Ihe hind."
It vou would natroulzi! Medielues.
scieniillcally prepiired by a skilled Phy
sician and ( heinUt. use Dr. Pierce's
Family Mcdicim-?. Golden Medical Dis
covery Is nutritious, tonic, nltcrntlycnnil
hlood-eleaiiftlue;, and an iiueiiualed Cough
Hcuicdy; Pleasant Purgative Pellets,
scarcely larger than mu-tiird seeii". eon
stltute an areeable mid reliable phle ;
ivnrit Preerintioii.ii renif(!v tor debili
tated femtiles; Extract ofSinart-Weed, a
magical remeiiy ior i'hiii. uowei uoui-
plhiuts, nun an uncqunieii i.tmiuenl lor
both liunian and horsc-llesh ; whlln his
Dr. Sage's Catarrh Kemedy Is kno n tho
world over no the greatest speeille for
Catarrh and "Cold In the Head" ever
given to tin public. They arc told by
' 2rL 3R 2 fz5
wmrfi'ii p r mm
Whcu every other puton mrdi
cino lntla to euro tho ChillP, turn
100 Commercial Avu, 1
'"Revolution in the Dry Goods Trade!"
Vi f MimiuiDi In 111" l'iil'!i. if C :r..
i 111
1 lintr msin 14
Wo. dk 14 Commercial Ave.
When eakJlilsiacat Is phrjln-
And liliLory iiuihIi tlilcl:
jw. mIio wmiM think r.ri.ii.
Orcvcnyctttn' elcl, .'
tariynle may be a very great man
Lut, at the .-ame time, lie 19 11 very eynl
cal nnd mean old duller. He haa snubbed
Harvard uilvcnlty, and hays that Amer
lean untrf-riltlfrf are "&ciimluncc;" their
degrees Ihe "aillle-a hhatu leathers" Ho
feels Indignant that lie Bhoiild boa-ked
to Join Iu heading the long Hue of D. D's
and LL. ire a line of pompon little lei
lows hobbling down to poUcrlly ou the
erutch.s of two or three letters of the
alphabet, paaslug on into tlie oblivion of
all unlvcrsltlci aud small potatoes. Thai
Is what might bo called, In strong Ameri
can vernacular, a ''rough deal" for Har
vard. Carlylo is u very disagreeable
crowd. Wo don't wish to bo hard on
tho old bear, but we quote our opinion :
"'lit said tlie world prows wi-er iluy by iluy
'lllttl llllll'l U clliiiuliiK In l r'rclllin' ioat
Y t, urtcrult, 'tis Imt u tlillillHli ilay
Mtm' chief ilci'Ciiilcneu Ii liii 'cliivK'1
Tar Ilie Mitntlior Orlflf-t-
Durlmr tlm i ver se'a.oii of last month,
the itock of Ayer's Ague Cure In iheOld
Noith .State bei ame exhausted, and be
tore a supply could be received from I.o
well, the fciiilerlng irom chills and lever
became ltarliil. a lew parllrs were eo
fortunate ni to have It on hand,
aud In Iredell couniy, the drug
gists eked out tlnlr Mender stoeks by
(filing doH'i a -poonlul each for 11 dol
lar. Many paid lm dollars for a bottle,
when the rcgulur prlco Is but one. and
thought theniselU'N favored at thai, so
valuable are Hit- eurailve properties
of tills preparation, which not only ex
pels 'he poi-.on from tho .system, but
leave thu patient w ith unimpaired health
and vigor. fa lajh (.V. C.) Standard.
I I-ail.. hi (i Ot nth ai 1 11 '1 Imii 11 11
! Wc 1 r,il : ! a'.yc Ii o'lf 1'TJ (, , .1- rr ' , !
nl -r.li, .'Ollur. (Hi. I til 1 .1.1- I
UtrHuluir liM'it it it-. u--uilii,' tin' Utt'! 'Ci'm
I Wo solicit n call from ono undall.
M1 1 ( '
l a 1 1 a-r
tu tin
til ls"-l
.t liii i I nn Iij-iiv . lit tD' tltt
I.I- I. it fiitnrr c iMMnnrc
t , I -k ii I i., n.- id Hie Ui'
VAIMI.TV M'i-Otti:.
If ew-York Store
Goods Sold Very Clop.o.
Com! 1 0th St- and ConiraBrntnl Av
C. 0. PATIER & CO.
Hsad-Qiiarters for G-roceries !
Provision, Seeds, and
1 v
70, tuiil 72 Vine
other Produce.
Importer arid Wholesalo Dealer in
wines arm siquovs,
Walclers Clothing
.. " . 10 Gain's dhcotnllturc.
veil at
hllf.t Veln,.r. niir l-... V.1.?' Mof-t.
the club exriu.iu T 8 UUco,n,Uurc
by a personal .lltCui ,U,?sfollowcd
lUnallsaii. m., ' ' Theater
on of pollticnl , ho had aU,
Ihe IMllinilly llclweeii Nlielbj miiU
,Si:ri.tA, Mo., October 10.Tliodllll.
unity between Col. llleliox ami Uen.
Hhelby, whieh occurred last ullii. Ii
about tobuainleably settled. C.u. I (i Ko.v
madu tho attack on (Jen. Shelby ml,
an lias been learned, h ready to i.pol
o'lzo tor thu oU'eusc. Tho dillle dty
gmvt out ot tho testimony nl Ueinr.il
Shelby in thu rallroHd ease, and thu Ueu
eral mys lm nald nothlnjr 'hat would ie
11 ct on Oolouel lllekox In nuv inauuer
. whatever ; Uiat If hu had paid unylhlu'
derogatory to Colonel lllckox'rf ehaiae
tor ho would apologize, but that ho did
1 not, and Colonel lllekox Rhould niiolo-
Kl7oSorainl retrtct errtdu thlnj; that
Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes.
1 KE. WAI.DER U locelvlnior (tally a
Uiro uml Hiilondid ntoclc of ttuods,
unit iu iletormineil to
Ho 1h tosolvod to ivp thu very host
KOudH for the vory iov.o;l mlcco. o.,u
una boo lor youtnlvj,
10.1. tf
Corner Slzib Strunt imil Ohio
lie uiTiit Xervo 'mrii
CDiiluUinn., mw v
Nei viiu, IHiM-.i Hi
;ly lr hi ciillii V
llioii-iiini. uml i,..,,
Miiglc r.c Til.ilu.,
loi i-lrculum kI vIiik 1.
,. AilJif", Hit a
l0O5-,, j- Uv.x 7JI,
HK l it-
! l HI I 1
' J'HillllMl.
i ii In-e tuuii,
. r.U'i
Hit jio.vn.
t vjk, Mo.
Iu CUaaceiy-Mftitor'fl HtU. ;
Slats oi Ulir.oU, AU.run'h-r County
In tho AUxnn'lcrCouiily circuit oart. I
William M Athmon unit John Ho'iirtii vu. John '
Htililtn uu J lUrjr 4t ull jc- I'm titloii. I
PL'IU.U; tiotlc' U lurtliy f;ln ihul in pr.r- !
(iiianca cl mlrertrreiitfiitol In Hit nh i m I
litll cuua luKiMctiuriul lie .Mn) li nn Itirimf
V " I'". I, John IJ ll.nmiin, m.ilT in I
rhmcvry of luid cuiuily, win. un'liivil,iy llic- ;
MtU rtuy oi ocioher A I) . Ti, i tl.t- to.itr of i ,
j . tit ft i-.iii ii -ui'l 11.1 , l-l-ll III 1.111)110 MIHII1V,
ul th court liiniili,(ir in iln cllj of i.iuru, in
taut couniy, iliv fulliitTiiicilr-rilUil iciit r-tmc.
to-ult. '1 lie .imlli lalfof tlie imrlliiiisl oniirliT
or Kicllon tivnny.f.Ti'n (7J, .itii-IiIii ii-ii
(I;), Miiuli reuse mimiwr io( ) ue-i of the
tnliil iriiic.l'ul mrlitlun In thccoiint ol al.
uniler miiii -.iiitt of Illinois tofciln-r with lliu
iivnu-titii nml huvilitiiiirf-nlii iliucimi') le- !
lincliij: or tlivnUi U..frl.i I n (o j; .
'lcinnof.-.iii -inn- hulf linn In hiimt, Iwlnnn-.iioiifnniliv.-ovtur
mnal imymfiiU, wlih ix i
U.-HI. iiui'iimi iiiiiiiiiii ii.ricnii iittvried
liiiyiiii'tita to bu ionreJ Uy niurlKUL-e un tli
lir)icily i.oM.
t-ilro, llllnoU, Septemlin 2 ih, W,. I
JollSl. ll.Vlt.MAV.
, , , , , MiifhT in i iiic"ry.
Llowi.r A. Uitir-tf n, Onmi.'iniMiit'ii nolli-liori
i.c -iiw i
Eradicator. 1
'Iin ili"w ;tloii ii no iv iietiiuwIralaMl to he '
cui'tilnr to all l.imnn itnieilli-n lor tho truit.
rnt-nt ot
tiyphillisin ullitH Btngoa. Suroftt
Iouh AlVoctions, Clironiu Ul
eoi'H, Unliii'froinont of tlio
.. , ., . Glands.
i.lol.a' in !iiiiiilc iIImhscs Iii winch it
hiiin, ninny. lini kIumi up pa-t tiiiin liy
milnent pli)ii;laiis It . unlivl viritaho
.Nui-Iinni;,., illil In injii n, 11 ml inn ho mlitn
n llll Cum III, n m ot tin- .yntuii with aiilVt v. uml
nctiiinci'llon with ollur mtillcliicH Ifiheiu
Unit ilunlna '
c I louiiy pm t of tlm L'nlteil Stale hyi x
pli'sii, luv liom i,lj,i rwillon.
ir"Si. "'"iiple pu'l.iij!fM.iittnniiyp:ntof tlio
I nltiil Mnif .. on ucriptoi w. Aiiiliti!)
. . I'll mil.H A., ,
, 'O North KiMh strint, m LruU . Mo 1
Ffty Dleixnnl Nt. uio, vatimi 1c 1m
...);i'"vf.ne."ilf' ih-aiiumi uoio hiimil
I. II O.Ntv lllwui N n urujol.t mill Mu t
rl-iiM iililoi-etlurnlrKmuniiilric irtu-iiil lln m
" T 'i ?" iiYi .V r-A-' 1 " 1,.,',;,,"e "iwil"
tut liuraliillty. Win run tea live yfur. tjond
lor uilce list.
M?"7lt (Julucy, JUinvle
Kocj)s a Ittll Bt ck of
Monongahela, Rye and Kobiiison County
1 HYTPr . rr
T 1 LIU w UwZdf&KQ
hi FNmALAcmsroiiTmcacmTSBSil'
1 T V ii ll 111

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