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- - I
HrndlMK Mnlfrr on lltrry Vngr.
tiii: iioij iioM,ow wrnur.Hi:it
f,nt SiniilrtV morning, In the St. I.oiils
criminal eourl, ttrowit, tlic Hojj Hollow
iniirtleier, cnlcncoI to liu lmiij;eil
Novt mlxr 20lh, bclwwn the liour.-nl 10
o'clock a. m. mid :i o'clock j. in. When
uMilciicetl, Hi own fctinceil dims often or.
lie tivmhleil like n loaf, lib fnco wearing
n iiUlful.(uaUlncxircsloii. Whonnsk
rtllf hvliad aiiytltlnjf toay why sentence
should not be passed upon him, lie main
tained :i silence as If all Ills powers ot ar
ticulation were MHpctukd through fear.
tiii: vvav most, iiaibi:i.i.si:i:s it.
Our senior has not returned yet from
liU trip to Peoria, therefore we take the
liberty to 'Occasionally publish soino of
the many notices we. ecu jrolnt the
rounds of the prc- in reference to hi
election to the position of Grand Muster
of the 1. O. 0. 1 of the State of IlllnoN
The following is the way Mosc Ilarrell
see it.
"Hon. John H. Oberlv wa elected
during his visit to l'eoiia, to the hljjh
and honorable; noMtlon of CSrand Master
of tin; Grand I.odo of 1. O. 0. 1'. of the
Stale of Illinois. As the duties ol the
potitiou Involve; tim wrlthur of about
tncm.v ieircrs u einy. j nun ns titer wnr
I Mir Is Oberli'V Deciilar horror, wo Iiutiir-
luu we can sec tiio Ii.iikI of .'mfire lli-os
In lilts very pliitnh. Ilroxls inert'lk'".'
Ust ol patents Issued to Inventors of
liuols tor the week ending Oct. 1(1, 16".,
Illinois lor the
and each dated Sept. 2?, 170. Furnished
this paper by Cox fc Cox, solicitors of
patents, Washington, D. C: Husking
pins, (j. Armstrong, Klmir.i ; machine
for welding railway frog, J. Oicary
mul J. Turner, Chicago: harrow
and cultivator combined, .1
I'ickcriug. lauie move; -ow
ing machine caster, li, Prall, Chlea
go ; churn, P. Hoggs, .Montgomery
Township ; winker strap tor bridle blind,
i:. Easton and J.Scott, Jacksonville;
pitman connection, S. Howard, Oilman ;
printing telegraph, K. (J ray, Chicago ;
cover for the upper chord of bridge,
Jf. I.ossig, Chicago ; valrc grinder, I..
Law, Chicago ; liarveater, li. McCoy
uiick, Chicago ; composition for covcr
l.ig steam boiler, T. Webber .mil '.
Stedinaii, Chicago.
Joe lloba'rts, the fat editor of the Jack
son County Jinx, Murphysboro, and the
Carbondale WinoUau (both weeklies;, is
going to be married in a few days, and
can't waste much time with politic, but
he devote a few idle moments to the ed
itor of the EiuyUnn I'.c, J. M. Wash
burn, whom lie dblita up in llio follow
ing manner. "J. M. Wn-hburu, the sec
ond assistant JoisJjIure clerk, In his paper
t Marion, the igpptian Vrs, this week,
swell1, bursts and stink-like the carcass
ot a dead skunl; in August. One-half
ot h!- paper is taken up in answering a
shirt item that nppeard In. this paper last
week, wherein we stated that Jim called
the IViUIain-on county vendetta, 'gentle
man.' Jim says now that ho did not do
it. Well, that is what he now says about
that Williamson county bond swindle.
Well, it Is rather funny to hear Jim blow
In print." We think it the duty of friend
Washburn to "lay for Joe," or invite
bim to Winnebago county, to Indulge in
a "hue shot" and whiskv and lunch.
I'ATiinic i.i:ciii:..
When Father Lctiken, for a long time
pastor of the Church of St. Peter and St.
l'iiil, Springfield, deserted the priestly
robe? and ran away with, and married
young woman named Miss Laugcmann,
scandalous rumors prevailed in the capi
tal. Among other charges was the one
that the staid and sober priest had taken
nlfh him portion of the church fund.
An investigation showed that the money
of the church was Intact, and that the
holy father was only guilty of thing of
celibacy, and had married the good
looking daughter of .his housekeeper.
Father Lctiken vl-Ited lllsliop Baltes, of
Alton, and asked to be leleased from
duty, 'l'he request was refused, when
Leuken eloped with the fair "iti whose.
tender glances had pierced the priestly
garb and warmed up thu heart that beat
oeueath it with a worldly pulsation
Love laughs to scorn all barriers. Miss
l.augeinann was wortli at least $-1,000,
which will bo a neat little capital tor the
'x-tnan of tho church and his wlfo to
commence the battle of life that Is now
before them.
Recently many package hi transit
through the Carbondulo postolllee were
loumi iieUtfem. in fund on reaching
uietr ueslliiatlon. A special agent wa
ucmiieu 10 "worK ui" the ease, -which
i.. .. .. ..
n-smiuu in uiu nrresi oi n youni: man
named Hen MeUeo, aged eighteen years.
ills lather and mother are residents
of Carbondale, and are people of tho
highest respectability. The special agent
sent a decoy letter from Murphy-boro,
and remained in the Carbondale olUco
over night. Uhen it left there the
special agent went with It, and on the
train opened the bag and made the (11
covcry that halfof Its contents were gone.
Immediately alter the discovery McGce
was arrested, and marked bills
were found on his person. After
the arrest he made his escape tiom the
"Ulcer who had him In charge, and wiu
re-airestcd In Graud Tower and escorted
to Carbondale. Ho confessed to
bavins: UUc, $152 altogether, td dif
fercnt time,. When brought helot o
hn ted I Stale, OnmuUloncr Lemma, he
U U the common cry lhrougloul lhtJ
world that the poor of all h,u u-.u Z.
battles of nations Thu l.Utorirk or
wars, either lu defeiiie. or in aUm v- .....
sent ihe rich stlon of meat name. "i
whose heritage was funic, marching to
batlle fide by lde w It li Itliu who enlisted
to keep life ttlllilu hi body. The en
forcement ol Ihe new French concrlp
Hon law furuUhes many examples liy
which Ihe men of name and riches may
be placed In favorable eompaiNon with
thoe far below them In wealth and sta
tion. Pari recently dispatched her sol
diers of the reserve class of ISO" for their
month's diill in cainplife. The 1'nii
bourjrs St. Oermaln and St. Ilonore, and
the arrondNsement of the I.ouvi e,inehid
liij? the larger part of aristocratic and
lasiiioniuiie i'ati, -were leprc-
sentcd, ' nml sent their con
Undents oil" mostly by railway,
the conscripts paying for their own tltt-
ciiis ticket-; but anion' the yuttiitf men
of the "upper ten thousand" who preler
red to march oil' resolutciv with their
fellow soldiers of all other yrntlcs ol so
clety were the Marquis l)u Ples-N. the
Count De l!clerac, the Count DeCree,
and a yottnjr nephew of tJeneral Count
Do .Montebello, u ilesccudant of Napo
leon s "army-leader, I.anne6.'' Is there
not reason to believe that Prance with
such example of patriotism as till- from
descendants ot the nobllltv. will ibe to
an unparalleled splendor n n republic
and assert her claim ngaln ns the llrt na
Hon of Kurope deeds ol herol'in mid
tiii: win vi'.n v;i in'i'.i..
Thu w'lmiebajjo rand Jury hidletcd
.lohn X. ICd wards of the St. Louis ''hum
mul I.'mory Si. l'o'tvv of the Journal, and
lo nil other connected ttlth (lie linriii-
less Winnebago duel Jiiclmllliir John
Postdate, an attache of llio Chicago Trib
une. .Mr. I o-ter received a tule-'inni thai
""J "ot, Wl'" 1,1 "oefcron!, and that
J'10 e''volrIo notion of himself and the
tothcr gentleman who believed in the
code, had been construed by the grand
juryot Winnebago n a. direct violation
of tho law. Then commenced a little
game of legal "draw,'" which resulted In
the arrest ol .Mr. Ldwards, on a charge
of sending a challenge to light a duel con
trnry to the peace and dignity of theStatc
of Missouri. Mr. Kdwards gave bonds
lor his appearance to answer thu charge,
and now calmly awaits tho ollieers of tin
law fro 1 1' Winnebago, who will have to
go back to their baibarous and savairo
domain without the captain and major if
too ot. l.ouls law-vets know .'iiMlhiin'
iDout law and they think Ihcv do. Tin
.... ..I, .if..,.. ...... . ...
ii-siiu iii him ,iu win oc tins, a
stated by the Globr-Dewocrul : ".Should
Governor llevcridgu is-ue a requisition
for IMwurd upon Governor Hardin, it is
not likely that his Pxccllcney would grant
the writ until the MUsouiI charges again
the defendant arc disposed of. It is
claimed by the attorneys lor Kdwards
that, being in the hands of a court of the
c ...... . . t , . . ... ..
.-laiuoi .Hi-sunn, ciiargcti witn tne .-anio
olleinefor which ho is Indicted In 1111-
nols. he cannot be taken out of the hands
of said court until the charges pending
there are disposed of. In the event of
Governor Hardin issuing a warrant, i;d
w.uds would bo ictained by his attorneys
under a wi it of habeas corpus until tho
legality of Governor Haulm's action had
been tested." If the case Is made to
stick, according to tho statutes ol -Mio-Miri,
the sending of a challenge is pun
ishable by imprisonment in the county
jail for a period not Jess tha.: I months.
or a Hue of jSOO, or both.
31 ( AltTXIlV THANKS SL'II Li lt IMt.S
lone.-, who was nominated for Con
gress by McCartney, editor of the Me
tropolis Ti,e-, in a spirit of vcrv deep
Irony, lias stirred Mack up to tin cll'cr-vc.-clug
point. At least wo are of the
opinion that .lone-, ot the Mas'ae Jour
nal, is the party responsible for Mack's
present condition, in .McCartney's re
cent issue he says that he ha been an ed
itor lor fifteen years, and dutlng that
time has received many false, slanderous,
and indecent personal attack?, which he
has treated with silent contempt, by ob
serving a studied and unbroken silence.
For fifteen years McCartney ha suffoied
tones and all the other editors in his
neighborhood, to pummel him with their
good strong ieii-, and mildly replies, as
follows :
"A pei .-on so destitute of all the ele
ments of a ircntlcman, as to make us the
object of personal vituperation, because
ot abu-luess rivalry, or conflict of opin
ions, is so mean nun uie community win
soon nun nun oui aim ui-caru mm, witu-
out our Inlcriercuce. Our silence In the
past has been so successful a vindi
cation, that wo shall relluluii-ly obferve
ii in inc luture, under nue circum
stances. We are led to make
these observations because of the
course of two papers In this dlstilet
whoiu real editors are objects of the most
abject contempt, and because some of
our friends have pres-ed us to iuo our
columns in our vindication. hoIioih-
this explanation willbcMitMactor.v. Still
we express in nils connection our thanks
P.. ., ,'. I .
uu uiu uiuiiuii mil-nil-, niauc lor us,
by ourtileud and especially would we
nonce uie kiiki and ready vindication
made by tho Johnson County Vtomnn,
Irom which we make an extract in this
1 he vindication alluded to U couched
lu the following ter'u and piquant km
guago :
"Our neighbor U nil-taken In adopting
he plan he has to kill olf MeOartnev. If
Vi" , 1 i -v I", earnest "nil wants to ruin
...in., Huimgiu to praise him. Praise
irom tho Journal will kill anv man."
ltest assured, friend Mack, the editor
ofthoMciuia JYfmmi poked fun at you
when ho penned that little squib.
Although small, It has roii-cd McCartney
from his lilteen years' somnolence, and
unless he relapses again into thu somnific
state that has lent such a charm to liU
weekly homilies, we may expect that
Jones and the other editor who is the
object of the most "abject contempt,"
will get blue blazes Irom tho pout up
vituperative demon that has been chained
in tho bosom oi McCartney. HowSchuek
ers could so easily gull the Nestor of tho
Metropolis press, is beyond our ken.
MiaLi.i.- i.ivi.vu a;i;.
The numbers of the Aviuj Age, tor
October 0th and 10th, contain Natural
ltellglon, part 11, Aoin Macmillan; In a
Studio, part V, by W, W. Story, lUnck-
wood; 'lorquato Taseo, His Llfo and
Voiks, Maemillun; Some Account of it
"cumin Hoarding School, Frase, ; Cole
, tWge. tJtnlUmuH't M"yi i; Cliateait-
biland, .Vwfloi-; (tickle's Mfe of Miit-
hlson, HJinlmrtih It id' I he 1'ollU'llt
of Han Marco, part VI The Prophet's
Kltil, MacmiUan ; The older ee, Cham-
her' Journal; Monsieur llcdcau, Corn'
hill; in my Study Chair, lilael-
vooJ ; The Thrlltlessncs of Profes
sional Men, Spectator! The i'.lj: Tortoise,
Spectator; Cowper, Athenaeum ; with
part 111 ol "Hit Dearest Foe" by the
tutlior of "The Wooing O't," and the
continuation of thepoweiful story of
l'he Dilemma." The usual choice
poetry ami miscellany complete the num
bers, which by the way arc handsomely
printed on new type. Willi llHy-two
numbers, of six-four large pages each,
(aggregating over three thousand pages
a yean the subscription price i?1) llow;
or still better, for $10 SO any one of the
American ?l monthlies or weeklies Is
'cut with the Ainu Aije for a year, both
post-paid. I.lltell & tiay, Hoton. pub
i;iITOItlAI. .VOTI'.N.
Hon. Jefferson Davis will visit Vkks-
burg In a few days.
Memphis Tennessee. 1 to have a new
grain clcwdor.
'l'he police of New York are cor
rupt. So are their officers
live Individuals aie now under con
vletion for murder lu the llr.-t degieo In
St. Loiii.
lohn L, Hcveridge, governor, visited
the olllee ol the St. Louis Oh,!,e-l)enton-at
Four sti-amer. arrived In Havana re-
centiy with reinforcement for the Span
lh army. Thu Government Is drafting
horses to mount recruit.
A country exchange kivs : "Girls
who are bow-legged or knock-kneed (we
believe there arc such crcature-Vshotild
scorn the present fashions."
William Fleming, of .Monroe, Is the
latest Knoch Arden. He came home af
ter an Inexplicable absence of two vcai,
and when he found that hi wife had not
married again he swore like a pirate.
Custom house ollkials are in love
Willi tin pull back dresses. They say
ladles returning from Kurope. cannot
conceal one half the quantity ol smug
gled goods under such contracted suits
as they could under their old expansive
skirts. So tho pull back dresses urc al-o
a pull back l -uiuggling.
Wm. T. Hooper, a young man twen-ly-two
years of age, entered Hemp Phil
Hps' restaurant, lu Xashvlllc, Saturday
evening, ordered oysters for himself and
companion, and while seated at thu table,
drew a pistol from hi pocket, placed it
to his head and fired, instantly killing
hlin-ell. lie attempted -uh-lde by poison,
a year ago.
In Central America theie is a move
ment on foot to form one national gov
ernment out of the Slates ol Nicaragua,
Guatemala. Salvador, Costa iiic.i and
Honduras. A compact has bieit signed
for that purpose by the three first-named
States, and efforts ate making to bring
the latter into tho same Hue.
In regard to the statements that the
Alfonso government bad surrendered
Spain to the keeping of the Pope's nun-
eio, and had auricd to thu enforcement
of thu concordat of IsSl, which prohibits
religions liberty, the Jipoea, of Madrid,
in an editorial in Its Issue of the thir
teenth, points to the religious liberty ot
Litropc, and makes the deduction that
Spain cannot be exceptional.
Wo believe Will Hays of tho Cvwicr'
Journal, Is responsible for this, Some
bodv should be told to go up head :
" 'l'oisum uihi Kuin tunii,
(.'nun lie in Mi- hollar. '
l.il.- your lu-slit lurjes lit r ceuu.
An' taki-jnii fura il'illrf
Ni lilcr ininil ili-sc j.Tbl.rr now
'itliu' inoit Un h.llirly j
'Juki- lis Iiully Ililliimn liu.it
ir lli'lil out lor ilf "-fcintv".
Gone to get the crank fixed; the ma
chine I busted.
A fatal all'iay occurred in Senatobia.
Ml-., on the night of the IStli, between
Colonel J. II. Cocke, prominent mer
chant of that place, and 11. M'ileuiy.
Several shots were llrcd by both parties,
it'll enry firing first, one of whoso shots
severely, if not mortally wounding Crl-
oucl Cocke. Colonel Cocke then drew a
knife and cut M'ilcnry several time-,
killing him almost instantly. Can-e,
political dlfiercnces.
rwenty-tliree years ago a schooner
loaded with whisky, lying In the river
lialslu, at Monroe, Mich., wa carried
into Laku Krie by Ice and sunk. For
several weeks past a party of wrecker
Irom Chicago haye been searching that
vicinity, mid now claim to have found
the schooner. Tho vessel is lying lu
feet of water, and thoy expect to ie
coyer her cargo, valued at S1."0,000 to
Hon. Alexander Mackenzie, premier
of the Dominion of Canada, a lew day
igo made a speech to his constituents at
Sarnta, in regard to the Canada Pacific,
In the course ot which he said that the
government hoped to have one hundred
and fifty miles of railway completed be
tween lied river and I.ako Superior next
season, Tho government were still can
fully collecting evidence upon which to
decide as to the final location of the line
to llritlsh Columbia.
Ho would like to. bean editor; and
ho would make a good and striking edi
tor n nu earned out ms designs, us ex
pressed below :
"fit UUi! tn In- iMilylur,
An' in my Hiiiu-iiiiii . in ii 1.
I lii-ilnor a nt.unllu' tijien
An' a biKt'luti in m liumli
till'!! lit Illl-I'IIK Will) llillll'l r
MIIIIC in tli.'i- I'll wilt
i.iiim-mildy n'rrllic IliirnliolU,
I'll ici-kwll he'il J-'ll hit;
IM band lilmnuv iljlit mi I lie koiiuI,
Ami. ii' the Imims umt IIiIukh,
Ami Mini him iIuiiiIIiikiii tli.tr
I H i-luilt ii lulr ol' tvliiirn."
The greenback advocates filled the
court liou-o at ilvaiistllle, Intl., Salur
day night, icprcsenllng all classes and
parties. General Shaeklelbid presided
I ('solution, were adopted, opposing uu
limited liillatiou and Injurious contrae-
tlon; deinaiidiug the repeal ol thu re
sumption law ; llio substitution of given
backs for National Hani: notes ; In favor
of tho 'J;(i: lutcrconvcitlblu bonds, and
the faithful fulfilment of every Govern
ment obligation. Peter l.cinoul, a largo
wholesale murehuut, was ulccted Presi
dent of a permanent organization,
-liobc'ilsoti Topp, ot'Mi'inplili, Tciiu-
sce, properly bcloiigln," to the fossillllW-
ou Hiadow dancers ol '.lie pal, con
sume ly) columns and a half of Ihe lri-
lamhe. to tell the cause why our monetary
evils exist, and Ihe remedy for same. A
live subject for the old man to discus?,
would be "Oil, why l tho rich man
taxed; and why I ui'use to pay the
county what It claim" as ll Just dues."
He finished hh Iciighlhy financial niticle
with the following Hues:
"In niirlnnil- no pi Ice we hrhiR.
Simply in iliynu-t Heeling."
Ain't j on t'xprlsed to ee ineV said
i little git I toa sedate and spectacled
f i lend. "The r.tln fell nil over me like it
ran down through u .strainer, and 1
shooked ll oil', but It wouldn't stay
"hooked. I nt,ed God to stiqi it, bill
there wa a big thunder lu tho way, and
he could not hear me. I uuderspeek, and
I 'most know he couldn't see me, 'cause
a black cloud got over my head as black
as anything ! Nobody couldn't seejlt
tlo gltis through black clouds. I'm going
to stay till the sun .shines, and then, when
I go home, God will look down and say,
"Why. there's Nettle! She went to see
her auntie, rigid In the middle of the
rain ;' and I guc- he'll be Just as much
cNprl-cd n you a."
llitllitiiM- Miucl.lcil Willi linns ami
e'luihio I- M-iii lo .lollel.
f.liu l,-oii eViiiult Cra.J
It was a hcarl-rcudlng scene lo w lines
the t.'kiiigon'of John llullluer. A young
man i Midi fine personal appearance, to
be borne iiw.iy to a dungeon tube con
fined lH' tweuty-llvo years during the
best jart ol Ids life cuius to be a hard
penalty to sillier lor any crime. We -aw
him n lie was brought irom thu iall,
heavily shackled with Irons ami clia'ins,
liUiilleeti"Uaio old mother hanging on to
bim miiil taken awav bv the oill
ccr, weeping bitter tears of sor
low. lielorc lie got in the hack to bo
borne to thu depot, he kissed his old
mother, and then turned and embraced
his hrjiher, Monroe, and kissed him on
the cheek. How changed the scene. Du
ring tin-progress ol the trial, and up to
the very moment of the readinj-: ci the
verdict of the Jury, liullincr was cheer
ful and buoyant hi -plrits, as thonah I.u
had nut the least fear of belli;; convicted,
but from the moment the verdict wa
read, and up to thu time of leaving lor
prison, lie was depressed in spirits and
did Utile but weep and sob in n mo-t nh-
ilul lihiiiiier. Prom his actions we
should Jttdg" he was uu nlleciionalu son
ami lirotucr.
Hu loid hi-aged mother, and what
-ccined to trotibiu him inosl, was the- tear
that hi- Mother would bo killed bv the
other -id--of the vendetta and leave ln-r
alone in the world. It is our opinion
that John Itiilllner i not a bad man at
heat Laud it guilty of murder thu deed
was done lu vindication of the death of
III- old .lather and brollu r, D.ive. Hut
Ihe law must be vindicated, ll John liul
lincr i-guilty and a jury of good men
have .-o decided it is right that
he be puui-licd, and tho penalty 1
probably none too SHVcrc. It 1 only to
be i cL'rcttcd that ho should ho so heed
less of the eiiii-equcncc.s that follow the
vindication of the death of a relative bv
taking the law in Ids own baud-. John
has ''one up. and when be "els out ol ihe
peniu Hilary, If he should live to see the
end of his term, he will be an old man.
The oiil-ldu world will bo i-utli-ilv
changed to bim. His old mother will be
dead many year before, and laid by thu
ide of her murdered husband and sou.
Mrangw liices and unknown towns will
tppcar to him, where onco everybody
was an aeiiiiaintancu and every vn ai;c
and by-path perfectly familiar. The old
milliner lariu win uoi oe wnai it ti-e-d to
be. Williamson county will have passed
from the-cciie of blood and Kit-kluxing,
and a-situicd the aspect ol pro-pciity and
civilization. The example made of IStilli.
ner. we think, will have a good cfi'eel
upon the people ot the w hole state'. We
now want to s'-o the law thoroughly vin
dicated, and every person connected with
thl-bloody affair dealt with as the law
directs. Let us have a thorough cleans
ing, and try mid redeem the lost charac
ter of really the garden spot of the great
Tho People's Remedy.
Tho Universal Tain Ext actor.
Koto: Ab'.e for Pmui'n r,.
Tuljo no other.
'lli-M-: Turl twll -m-jfcur M-e-lli-nt tlilm:
I Hj it l ies to Jinn or Itf asn,
I ulU, liruUi",
strains, himliia, I'ruitu-
'ion-i, lilslucilliiiH.
I i-iii'luri'w, ( uiu, l.-jii-ra-O
i nr Iitclt-il Wound'
oiec-oiiii; i.iiiiun, or
iumi?oi uiooii
is lili-t-il, unit llltiil-
, Iti eiuins ii- I cctli
IVoinitiiioriii i (-.ml
l Uhiiiilv l)lsi-)i!ii-!ri-4
I'lli-s -'lIlceilhiB I'ili,
1 illlliill'lli-s, (Inlallllilc J
1..r...n . r-illa, Swelled rate
I Ii Af "ln'iiiiiiilKiii. Itlieiuim
ii i.iiin L tii MvcllliiKorSoiiiii-ss,
SIIU'iii-ss or Miii'ui'xs,
. I.umli:ii;o, lime Unci;
Sore -I'lironl orlJiilin.)-,
, liillaiueil Tonsil-,
inilillieilii, llroiiclil.
IIm, AsIIiihii,
Sore or Inllniiicd l.yts or
't'aliu r!i, l.i ui-nrrlicu,
Hl.inhiH, liyttiiti-ry.
If.re .Miilcs, Iiilliiiucd
IMinliil or too Profuse
tlllli l.eu-. o viu inn Dli-
i-ubm nml 'l'iiiuiir.4
Kliliiey ('oiiiiiliilni,
'"-""-"iCIiiiluiUH nml i:clirla-
I1UU9 oi inianls. or
" AdiilH
Viu-leotic Veins, hn.
fcXTERflAI laiKidorlnllnim.i Veins
-o I e-UISIlL uieers, oi.i n,,rr, i,,C1-.
AS,i mil 1,'li-iriitioiie.
Moils, ('uiIiiiiici', Tu-
iWWP TVT A T :.,,n"18' "."!. Willll2.
I" IXilvlNiiJj Oriis mul lliiiilnns, t,im.
(it ill Smr I', hi
i('liiiniii;s,lliunc, i,r Snit-
ille t.ulls.
I'elon orWIMllnw, Vrtm
en i.unus m- imi-Ih.
.SIostillo lilies, liis(iC
htlngs, tliuiinl Hnnd,
I'OMt'S HXTH.lt'l' U furiak'liynll 1'lt-si.
litss OniKKlsts.iiml lecoiiimc.idiilliy
nil DriicKlsts, l'liyklcliiiis, mill -ei-.
iMHlj- tVllullllH UC1- lltC, jt.
I'liniplih-I toiitnlnliiK llUtm-y nml Vtri in:il.
iul IU oil application, if not luumlat your
.N'etv Vork mill l.itiiiliui.
" ll htutlitl fill" fv rti.lr-nl ... ........ r
J'r. U. 0
'1 iitiUl.1
Iitiv nililrnt hi nr. mar.i(Lriiit.
.I'AUlt, 1.. uU, U 1ji.,i;1 ., li.'
1 MH
'pi 1 13 ii i ii v Pin r i.iuv
I II IV I'll I I I Ill'lJIJi'i I. lilt
rjMIK ItUt.f.KTIK i tuit'll'l-pil rvprj-inortihitf
(exnpt Momln)) hi tin' IliilUllii UulMinK, cor
ner tVnliui;lon nti-iiiic nml Ttnlfth ttm t
Tint llt'i.M tin Is 'I'ttril In c'ty siilinilrrliy
fjllhnil mrrii-rs nl l ivciily-l'lve Ci-nt a Wee).,
p.iynlitf tviikly llr M.ill, (in mlruncv), 10 ir
niiniinii sli iiimi'lit. Si! I three limiilliK, our
month, $1 '!'
I'ulill!inl every 'lliurmby iitornliiKiit -fl :
pui niinuin, inv iil.ihly In mlriiiire. 'I tie potnKi
on tlic WirLly will lie pn-pniitat tills ollh-e, no
Hint rulxi-rilieri M ill nhtuln lor u riilKcrlptloii
rlee of li I :t jinr.
I , ft A I I. V .
IttislneM L'.ml', per iiniuilii, Sit 00
One nimtn-, oim unrrtlmi, i if)
eiM- ttt lw-ti'lnieiliiiu 150
OlIO RlllllT, on
OlIO Fllllll', lll Hull
One iMpLVe, time tvecL's
2 US
3 M
4 Ul
6 00
line tipite, imp inonlli,.
w i: i: ti.v.
Hue iunre, one In-tIIoh
Kiu-li iiil'.iiiu-ul huiitloii,
..l on
,.. Ml
r-')iic Inch Ii n qtiore.
CJI' lTBilliirdTrtleri WC offer iiK-rli rm- I
ilur.-mi'iit., loth us to rale ol rtinrxe nnd mull
mrof dlj.lyinir tlu-lr f.ivuni.
Crmrnunlciitlor.a upon tiubjvctu of xen
cral Intorest to tho ublic solicited.
f-All Ih.-ino- f,tler fliould Iji- nilitiinl to
rnlrii lliiltelln 4'iiiii)iiiii v.
T S5 us ei
When ovory other patent modi- i
cmc i'uils to euro tho Chilln, then
try j
PRICE, 81.00 PER J30TTLE '
103 Coinmreial Ave.
i.t- tr
akii:tv sroiti:.
(Mew-York Store
vnoLi:sAi.u and retail.
Gooda Sold Very Close.
Oomur 10th St. anil Comrnim-lul Av
Oonicr War.hlnuton Av. uml Mth StroQt,
Samaritan fains
Ilii'invnt Scrti- ( iiiir,iiiiir, nircs Ciilli-iitl,- rn,,
Obiiiiibiuiii, Spa-m-, -I iu linn,-,, uml nil
Ni riniii Iii.i'.i.ini tin. only Km, tvu ..niilvi-n iii-i-ilv
lor l.,,i,tlc l it,. It iPHliu-i, t,'3ti',l l,y
tliiiii-iiiiiliuiiilliiinifMr lin-n liiinviilo lii 1 1 I nil
jIllSliM'iijc. I il.iliai-kiitfi lnr I niMu-i ,1;,),..
liii i-iitiilnrHKltiiiiviili'iii-i nfciim
m i- V1'1""'-' 1'K A. Itll H.MllMl.
"!' l. tA Til, ..( ,!.uili. Mn.
iiieiii !!!- v" " miUt '" ""' ""'-
SsiS!illiABi-n .u11 its QtnROB. Serol'u
louu AHootions, Chronic Ul
cers, Lnliu'Komont of tho
. . GlaudD.
."I'U'i.ily in -)iiitit- iU'ihm, in tililch it
eilllni-nl ili,fiiiH It , tiitiii-ly vi-Rtinljii'.
ii nil i'.i,in itiuiiH nl Die .yuin Willi wiittv. mul
l.n.l!,.V"!'P'",,"r 1,i0,1 l "t'0-
1'iwii. Iico trum hU mutton.
i ,'1.!,rr:!ll"il'i'a''f.'-.''iiitiunnv imiiofiiif
l.mtiM.it.Uu, on u, tiior.7'c Aililu A
...... 1,11 MILKMAN.
n-.'l-ly llu' ' M"
17UM.V i;ii iiiit M.vlrH. wl'l, ViiluaMe tin
.....l iMiralillity. W urn.,,,;,!1 lT
llirl V IIOIMI - OHoanco .
J"-' " " (,Uluc!y1 lllluuU.
-.1. mm m
DWkWf rfl ATfliBifl
wax klower material, vindovv glass,
rrus1tes. soavs, colors, oils,
turk colors, 1)ve stuffs,
chemical:;, perfumer y,
varnishes. etc., etc.
'rKo;. nc r i lit mi l"i ''rii .'n llr '-i n. I'livm 'iif n 1 (.uiirnl Mom In wnti
V oIkhI-ih irli.i- -i- ii' M'l . i u liwn i I- ,i t.j urnuh -il or .
Ulleil Willi tvlliMi' I'riii,' at r.i.-oiinLli' I vt. .
7-1 Olllo I.evee.
Presents For All!
A llevf Method of Moking u
"Revolution in the Dry Goods Trade !"
Vt I .ill In
r, r i r . lit,,
i , . I .'
STo. da 144 Commei'oialAve.
i '' '.mi u in.
Ijf' lll-l t.ilitl- ll ' I." I'uill. ul'
Wo iriiK,M t,i (.iff in .iir t ii !... I ii '
t -i-ii-n Moiini. i tn at.i- i i .it.. .
Ii.-ritoluir -lai'l ,u u . .1 ni!..t-. jmi. ! . ' -
Wo aolieit it call from one nnd nil.
I-.- 1 1. 1
Great Exposition.
Head-Quarters for Groceries !
liiM ens i: stock! ciik.t
Provisions, Seeds, and other Produce.
Wm. Gierm cgs Sons,
S. ro. and ?'l Vine Si vevt. VISi 'I.VXATB.
Importer ami VVIiolosalo Dealer in
Koeps n ftill st ck of
Monongahea,Ryo and Robinson County
'j- - -- -r nmn -i uniwuin wmwi iraamn w. li u mum i-l
nnd Retail
'i-'.'n too AY., Cor. 8th 3
i . c -n i . .!
.hi I -LHhI
1 . ' I 1 i (ml 1
l a . i: -. '. u-
i .f-iin i ' OTi r
r , i tn -i. t.'inrr ii.Ii.i I am .tat
i -a t ill .. t ..!--.... I'.. '. ' ip i ii . tr t;
Iw l . iL.re- hi" U- u i-l ! in. i 'he i iini-
mm ! low

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