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Ala Matter n Bvtirjr Pe.
JOKK X. OBEBX.T, Editor.
On Tticsil)', at one o'clock, a gentle
man named Lou Troutman, photograph
cr, w nccldentally killed by Ins wife
in Winona, Minn. The couple were
married the Wednesday prcviotti, In
Chicago, the Lady' name being former
ly, 311m Km ma Malion. Sho was hand
ling her husband's pistol when it accl
dently llrcd, tlia ball passing through
his brain. TI10 woman Is reported 011
the verge ot Insanity, and attempted to
kill herself with the aamu pistol.
The Murphysboro Independent reports
that a man named Mlt Baxter, living
three miles cast of Cnrbondalc, was ar
rested In Marlon, Friday, charged with
the murder ol Doctor Illnchclifl. lllneh
cllff, it will be remembered, was a Bui
liner partisan, and met his death u few
steps from his residence, at the hands of
assassins, while riding on horseback.
Uotlt llluchclin and his horse were In
stantly killed, being riddled with bullets.
This may protc the commencement of
the trials and tribulations of the other
branch ol ttie vendetta assassin?.
Dispatches from Sau Francisco say
that the memoranda of the steamship
Great Republic report a moderate breeze
and n heavy swell lrom the northwest.
Similar heavy and unusual seas are re
ported lrom points on the coast from
Santa Cruz to Cape Mendocino, the
winds rolling the waves up on the beach
three hundred feet bcyonu the usual
high WAtcr mark. Coasters, by the
strength and violence of the wind and
waves, have been driven from their moor
ings, it Is believed to Indicate a great
convulsion In some distant quarter of the
globe the belief being strengthened by
slight earthquakes in Sau Francisco r.nd
Since John Bulllncr has been sent to a
dungeon, is it not due liltn and his gray
haired mother that thu murderers of
old man Bulliner, and .his son Dave
should be hunted down and tried. One
side in the vendetta has been driven to
the wall ; now lot the other ilde be made
to divulge Its secrets. They were the
aggressors and shot from nrabush, in a
cowardly manner, two Bulllners and Dr,
Ince Illnchclifl. The crusade of justice
will not be complete until thu men on
the adverse side are brought into the
legal camp and tried for their
unwarranted crimes. The murders of
Sisuey and Spenee were not more bar
barous than those of the Bulllners and
Hinchcllll, because the men who tired
the fatal bhots were the bloody aggres
sors, and are the direct cause of John
Bulliner's fate. Jtnsscll and Clifford are
both In Texas, and they should he
brought back and asked to explain why
they left Williamson in such a hurry,
and at a time when men were being kill
ed from the bush. Onco in thu hands of
the law, with pro-peels of an Ignominious
death before them they may tell thu seci ets
of thu other side the same as Musick and
Craln told the dark stories of the Bulliner
faction. Sending Bulllncr and Baker
to the penitentiary, and hanging Craln and
Musick, may stop, effectually, the perpe
tration of further crimes, but It will leave
Anpunlshed men who have earned the title
Wt desperadoes and assassins through a
series of bloody acU that are covered by
as thin a veil ol secrecy as that which
covered the acts of Bulllncr ami his asso
Thu Washington Republican, exultln,
over tlio conviction of Bulliner and
Baker, says that it Is an example wortky
of imitation by all thu Southern States,
and shows that "in the Northwest tho
crimes of cowardly masked men nru pun
ished with a vigor and promptitude that
will certainly serve as a suHltient warn
ing tor the future." It then asks : "How
long will the Southern people allow
themselves to bu dlgrat ed by the com
parison which is Involuntarily suggested
by these facts, when it is within their
power by thu exercise of intelligent and
equal justice to ictnovc the foul stain
that now rests upon their fair
names If" Would it not be ad
visable for tho Republican to turn
its attention to Pennsylvania, where Its
citizens arm and raid by the thousands;
and to other Northern States where thu
oftlccrs of the law are thrust aside and
men murdered with ropes simply because
their characters ure bad and circum
stances point to them as perpetrators of
crimes? Has promptitude marked the
footsteps of Justice in the Williamson
county affair? It is common history in
Southern Illinois that thu murders and
outrages continued in Williamson until
tho namo of thu county became a word of
fear In the mouths of courageous men ;
nail until tho assassins had pursued
their victims into thu adjoining county of
Jackson. Lvuu after the murder of Sis
ney. a lull took place, and thu citizens,
through fear, were relapsing agulu
Into their usual lethargy, when the prefs
of the State Investigated Hand published
to the world a history of all thu dreadful
deeds that marked the vendetta for a num
ber of years. Then came a clamor for
Utulmbucllo and psalms-sluging goyer
uor to act In defense ol tho peaceable clt
lzoni or the two counties. Rewards
were offered, nd the results of these re-
. wtrus arc fast developing. More atten
tion to the North, government parasite
at Wwhlugton, ana in tho people ol the
South alone in their struggle with an ele
ment made up of your elm,, who are fo
menting trouble between ie colored and
white citizen ol a country fast merging
from the effects of giant Mruggie auu
tue chaos of a social revolution.
When llarton, of Curbondalc, discov
ered that his postolllce was sheltering a
lctter-opencr, he cleared the Meld of all
except the supected person, Hen. McUce,
to whom ho gave full control of the of.
lice. On Thursday night a epectnl de
tective Interviewed Barton and told him
that McQcc was the thlel. Agreeing
with him, Barton went to Marlon and
the detective to Murphysboro. At the
latter place the decoy letter, registered,
was mailed to pass through the Carbon
dale ofllce. The special dctcctlru carc
lully marked each bill no that he could
Identify them. Ho saw the package
locked up in the mail pouch, which he
loiiowcil 10 the train, and then Into the
Carbondale olllcc, and saw McOeu open
the pouch and take out the registered
letter, bo far the route of the detective
was unobstructed. Leaving the olllie he
met Barton a fow moments later, and ex
plained what had transpired. Barton re
turned to the olllcc, complained to McUco
of being sick, and left under thu pretense
of going home. At half-past ten o'clock
the detective and Barton went to the de
pot, wlicro the pouch was deposited,
awaiting the train, opened it and took
out the decoy package. On examination
five dollars were missing. Nothing was
done to McOec until morning, when
B.uton found him In his bed-room and
took him to the olllcc. There the
otliccr confronted him, and charged him
with robbing registered letters. At
first he denied It, but when shown the
package he had robbed the night before,
he confessed to having broken seven let
ters, taking out $105. On Saturday
morning, beloru 9 o'clock, he robbed
three letters, while thu olllce was open.
It Is believed that McGee will be prose
cuted to the full extent of the law. The
postmistress at Murphysboro was held
accountable for the losses of nionovs
from packages sent from her offlce she
losing, at one time, G0.
"UIYK Uf A ltr.IT."
Alf. S. Klerolf, editor of the Catrolton
(Mo.) Journal, a prominent and well
known writer of Missouri, in his paper
of a recent issue speaks In the following
sensible manner of the prisons of the
war: "He had hoped that Anderson
vllle and Castle Thunder and Belle Isle
had been buried beside Johnson's Island
and Gratiot Street prison and Camp
Douglas in that 'bloody chasm' which
Fitz Hugh Lee and the people of Boston
clasped hands across at Bunker Hill onlv
the other day. They aru bad enough
were all alike disgraces to civilization
and the sooner they are forgotten the bet
terit will bu for the country. Give us a
rest, if you please, gentlemen of thu
press, and let those nightmares of the
days when wc were a nation of Iratrl
citlal maniacs bu blotted forever
from thu minds of tho people."
The outragu mills will continue to grind
fast and exceedingly well until after the
impending presidential election. Thu
themes alluded to by our old friend Kler
olf themes of agitation and discord.
have passed through the ponderous ma
cnincry until they are as tine as the
golden powder ol bronze with which
tho outer works of tho mill are embel
lished. They have been ground ,o lino
that a cry is being raised as to their use
fulness, and the mill, with Its cotlv ap
pliances, is in danger of falling to pieces.
liven In thu present campaign f-onio of
the loading Republicans arc treating it
witli a contemptuous shrug ot the fhoul
der. As Klerolf says, oblivion hliould
cover the prison scenes of both Mdos du
ring the fratricidal war. Andcrsonviilu
may have been worse than lauguagu has
depicted it, but the Southern veteran
who felt the rigors of winter in thu
prison sheds of thu North has told many
a story of death, outragu and brutality
that has hud but fow counterparts In the
prisons of thu South. Both were bad
euough, and owing to the policies of the
governments, tho sufferings or the sol
diers of cither sido were intensllled, and
can only now he ruverted to as a page in
tho history of thu people of thu fulled
State that Is darkened with the barbarous
acta of men whose worst passions were
aroused and unbridled.
Tllden's friends are working with
swift pens in that gentleman's behalf
since William Allen stepped down and
John Mulkey, of Franklin county,
is superintending the work ot repairing
thu levee on Big Muddy, and will have
it jMulctcd on the 25th inst.
JpMiy and Sankey, upon reflection,
lUBHbcluded to open heaven's batter
lcs upS hell In the city of Brooklyn.
They are correct in their estimate of the
Brooklyn situation.
The Nuw Orleans Times says that
Beauregard, tho noted Southern general,
has been tendered the position ol general
superintendent on tho Louisville and
Nashvillu railroad, llu has not yet ac
cepted. Indian Agent Saville, who has
figured so largely In tho recent Red
Cloud Investigation, has resigned his po
sition. Professor Marsh, in his "state
ment," allows Saville to be either an Ig
noramus or a knavo. It U a good rid
dance. Susan B. Anthony recently said that
she would "Just like to catch a burglar
in her room once," and tho very next
day she received a note signed "A Bur
glar," which read as follows: "Dear
Miss, If yuru lutcashuui is honerabul a
woodn't mind cummin to j ure room sum
nite asyurekwest."
1 Grant's Denver speech was not dot
ted down and Is, therefore, rather queer.
Here it Is In full : "My Friends-1 have
got a bad cold and sore throat. 1 don't
think this cool air will do me auy good.
I am going in, anyhow; 1 will bo here
again In a few days, and you can sec me
' Thu Supreme Court of Wisconsin
has recently decided that the whipping
of a child by a public school teacher is an
assault and battery, and Is unjustltlablc,
and that tho teacher who nourishes the
rod may be mulcted in damages as well
as held answerable for violating thu
nity of the law.
W. C. Dunn, a convict sent from
Hamilton county In February last for
eight years, for burglary, escaped from
thu penitentiary last Wednesday. Dunn
was working on the outside walls, and
at quitting time managed to secure a suit
of wnrkmau's clothes, and passed out
with the other workmen. He has a line
record as a bank-robber.
The Franklin county Courier says :
"Mr. Aaron N'eal called last Saturday
and rcpoi ted all quiet on Middle Fork.
The Captain looked well and szemcd to
bu enjoying lite very much, notwithstand
ing the notorlty the papers heaped upon
him during our little "unpleasantness"
In tliu K-K war, and believe all are will
ing to clasp hands across the bloody
chain). "
Frank Anderson, alias Frank Davis
who was convicted of burglary at the
March (1S75) term of thu Cook County
Criminal Court, and sentenced to the
penitentiary for tho term of one year
was pardoned by thu Governor. His ex
cellency also pardoned I'M ward O'Brien,
who was convicted of manslaughter at
the October (1874) term of the Oglu
County Circuit Court and sentenced to
the county jail for the term ot one year,
Thu National Democrat wt: "Thu
star spangled banner nov waves from
the top of the new chamber of commerce
building, in all thu glory and brightness
ol her til-colored stars and stripe.
The Hag stall was raised yesterday morn
ing and thu banner now Hunts in thu
breeze as a prominent emblem of Peoria's
commercial importance. Long may she
wave, and may the city's prosperity be
as stable as the foundations of the uuw
The narrow gaugu railroad lias been
the means ol furnishing direct transpor
tation to u section of our State that Is pe
culiarly productive and valuable. All
along its route farms have been located
and rendered remunerative, and villages
and settlements have grown into exist
ence. It passes through the heart of the
inexhaustible coal region, and when the
rivers aru frozen or gorged with ice will
make a depot of Cairo to supply the In
creasing markets in the valley below us.
Last Friday week was rather a mem
orable day to Theodore Tilton. It was
the fortieth anniversary of Ills birth-day
and the twentieth of his marriage day.
Last Thursday he lectured to thu people
of Cleveland, Ohio, on "The Human In
tellect." The Courier-Journal says : "The
lecture was a timely one, a3 the Cleve
landere have been densely stupefied by
two Radical newspapers which till their
columns with details ot imaginary PopUh
plots, to thu exclusion of news and polite
1 lie inhabitants of a quiet Oregon
village were recently startled by an asser
tion in the weekly paper to thceflect that
"all the ladies In town are wearing gov
ernment socks." Thu agonized editor
tore all thu hair out of his head, shot suv
eral holes in thu compositor, and pursued
the proof-reader to thu mountains with a
shot-gun. It took him three weeks to
explain to thu enraged women who be
kdged the olllce, that lie only meant to
.ay that they were all wearing "Garibal
di sacks."
Thu telegraph announces the arrival
of thu Pandora at Portsmouth, England,
from her very exciting and exceedingly
interesting trip In thu Arctic regions.
The Pandora's experience Is related in
thu dispatch, and Is in strange contrast
with thu recent news from that other
terra incognita, equatorial Africa, now
being explored by Stanley. A more In
teresting expedition than that of the
Pandora is the voyago of the Alert and
Discovery northward to the pole. They
wero last seen at Disco Island in Ballln's
Bay. Thu most earnest eflott will be
made to reach the pole.
This is the season of gosi'amers,
tinged leaves, and traveling birds. South
ward the fowls of the air wing their way
to thu balmy regions of Florida and Mex
ico ; and butoru many days have passed
away thu white spray of morning frosts
will tesselate the window panes of all the
houses, and the rich man will commence
to enjoy tho commits of home, and the
poor man its miseries.
"Yellow leave, purple lent
r'runi t tie Imiuctin foiling,
Little uien. lirou n wieus,
I'tom tin; fences calling,
"Tail tree-, stalely rti,
Where ttie vine- eut'olil;
Wnvlnir leatei, jrreen lent ft
Mill raluKle Willi the K"M "
The Vicksburg Herald says: "The
delightful season now approaches when
the wearied husband hastens from the
business and turmoil of gain-seeking,
and hailing with joy thu calm repose of
home and eventide, throws himself Into
the first chair he lluds, and languidly
sinks into crumbled chaos a pyramid of
new Fall hats, a coil of crinkled stuff for
rufllcs, a row of sewing machine needles,
and an assortment of paper patterns.
And the shrieks ol thu horrified mem
bers of hit family arouse htm to energy
and alertness even before that serried
row of sewing machlno needles lute had
time to operate and thrill his frame with
emotions of startling tenor and basu Im
port." Some months ago, Judge McKean
made an order requiring Brigham Young
to pay Ann Kll.a Voting $B0Oper month
from the commencement of a suit hi
alimony, and attorneys' fees of $3,000 In
a suit tor divorce ponding at thu timu of
Issuing thu order. The amount of ali
mony due was $0,500. Thu order not
being complied with, Brigham Young
wai brought before Jmlgo McKean, and
imprlioned one. day In the penetentiary,
for contempt In not paying attorneys'
fees. These were then tlxed. Soon after
Fudge McKean was removed, and Judge
Lowe appointed, who was aiked to pun
ish Brigham Young for contempt In net
paying the $0,600 alimony. His decision
In tho case wai that thu order was Illegal
and Invalid. The caso has rested there
until Tuesday, when, upon application,
Judge Borrau issued an order which has
been served on Brigham Young com
manding him to appear before the court
on Saturday, the twenty-third, to ihow
cause why he should not be punished for
contempt for disregarding the lint ontor.
IiiKorsoll TrulMon i In Wlint lie Fitlil
liiv miiimiiiiy nnciirm,
Nkw Voiik. October 18. James lnirvr-
sol), in a suit against thu estate ot County
Auditor James Watson, to recover $7,72!,
282, instituted on thu ground that thu
county win tieiiaiitieti or mat sum by
fraudulent hills, testified that
In 18CU and 1870 he furnished ma
terials to the county, through
Tweed, Woodward, Sweeney, Watson,
and others. Ingcrsoll was told by Wood
Ward that he must make his hills large
enough to pay Tweed twenty-live per
cent., and Connolly ten per cent. In
1804 live per cent, was added, to be equally
divided between Watson and Woodward.
In 18G9 Tweed was getting twenty-live
per cent., Connolly twenty per cent.,
Watson lire per cent., and Wood
ward live per cent. His bills were
not vcillled, nor was theie any
proof given by lilui of their
correctness. He Itiruished his bills to
Watson, who did the figuration of ac
counts to be divided, and he, Watson,
gave liltu warrants to pay for Ills share.
Warrants amounting to about $800,000
for rapalting and lurnlshlng armories
and drill-rooms and other public build
ings weru Idcntllled by Ingcrsoll as war
rants on which he had received forty per
cent., thu remainder being divided among
other members of thu ring.
A Mnlit IVr On I llvleriiiliuul on Iiy
the Uoteriinr mill AiulMur.
Si'ittNUHKMi, HI., October 18. The
Oovei nor and Auditor have determined
the rate por rent of taxation required to
be leileil to raise the amount
of revenue necessary to meet
the appropriations made by the
LephlatuiP. Thu total equalized
value of all property in the Statu assessed
for 1875 is $l,0S.1,u:W,Su0. Amount of
appropriations for revenue fund, $l,S00,
000; lor school fund, $1,000,000, making
a total of $'.'800,000. The rate tlxed for
revontiu fund is 10 cunts on the $100, and
for the school find 11 cents on the $100
of valiiatlonjgaking a total of 110 cents
on thu SIOO.mTIiIs will produce $U,250,
010, leaving 14 per cent, for abatements,
deductions, delinquencies and eoiiitnls
fioni. POND'S
rho Pcoplo's Remedy.
Tho Universal Fain Ext actor.
Aek for Pond.'" Extract.
Take no other.
iicnv: for I will rak of txccllfnt thloss,'
liOrli to Man or Dealt-),
runs, utilises,
HtniliiH, Spralni, ContU
Hum, iiiiiocutloiis.
1'riii'lurex. (,nls, 1icit.i
ten or maun ounii
Illceillni; l.uiikH. or
Nihi llloi'il, mid lllee.1-
liiLf i.miH or leelli
oiiilllnicor llhioil inn)
lllooily l)leh.irirea.
1 1 is llleeiliuK I'lle.
llllmll'ileK. (Iiilulllhle 1
r.iiKiu, aweiieii race
Itlieiitmii Ihtu, Itlieum.i
tlcMwelllnir or .Sonnet.
Mtllliieit cir Soreness,
!.umhd'o, Inline Mack
Sun- Tliriml orOiiiiwy,
JuUuiiieil Tonsil-.
.DJlillH'Hii. Ilront'lil
I tit, ANlllltlll.
(ore or Iiiflamci! K)n or
I Kyi-lliU
Ciiliirrli, tauoorilini,
uiarrnea, iijsfniery.
More Nllililes, lmluinetl
1'iiliiriil or too l'rofuse
Milk Lot?, ovurhm DU
easti anil Tiiiiiuih.
Illiliiey t'oiiitiliilnl,
DCUCnV (innel anil Slne.iiniry
numi-br , ,iimii,iKt ami i;e.nlu
tloni of Infants,
Viirlrosc Vein, Kn-
l:irKl or liifluiiieil Veins
Ulcer. DM sore, Intr-
mil Ulcerations.
l!oll, Carbuncles, Tu-
rwmTmiT mora, Hot Awelliut:.
INTERNAL 4 " am! Itiinlon., (.hat
ed or Mire I'eet.
i'liiillliKN,IIarnesor Sad
dle (iKll.
jlYlon or Whitlow, l'rost
I el I.lmb.s or Tails.
.Moiiilu lllli'i. Insect
stint'-', Chapped ll.uirts.
I'OMII'H K.VTKACi' Is lor rale by nil Tirol
4'Iiin lruuKllN. ami lecoiiimeniledby
all l)rit0(itii, l'hyalcians, ami i-very-hoily
who lull er used It.
rninpliU't containing History ami Uses mall
r.1 trie on application, If not found at your
New York mill London,
Evansville, Cairo and Memphis
Steam Packet Co.,
Paducah, Shawnootown, Evans
villo, Louisville, Cinoinnati
and all way landings.
'I he mill vailed mde-wheel steamer
I) O. rou-ixn Muslir.
t'.u. 11, Thomas Clerk,
Will leave Kmusville for Cairo every .MONDAY
aiwrniUKSUAY at i o'clock p. in.
Leaves Cairo every TUESDAY ami 1'UIDA Y,al
0 o'clock p, m..
The ilcfaut elde-wheel eteamtr
llics- Howard .Master.
Will leave Kvansvllle for Cairo every TUK.S
DAY and i'KIUAYat t o'clock p. m,
Will leave Calroevery WKDNXSDAYuiid SAT
UltDAY lit U o'clock p. m.
The dcKunt side-wheel eteamer
JohnOoh' Maaler
Mat, Willi aim Clerk,
Leaves Kvunsvllle for Cairo cutv WEDNES
DAY ami SATUItADY at 6 p. in
Leave Cairo every TllUKaDA Y ami SUNDAY
at Up, in,
Each boat makes close connections at Cairo
Willi llrst-clasa steamers for hi. Louis, .Mem
phis and New Orleans, and at Evansville with
the E, ft C. It. It. ror BUpoliiUNoiiliand East,
ami with thu Louisville .Mall steamers foMili
polnta on the Upper Ohio, kIvIiik through ii
eeipn on freight una pai.eiiKer to all points
Eor fuither Information apply to
HOE. blEVEIt, Vasscnger AKent.
HALLIDAY HltOS. . ( . ,
, Oi lo , (1, J. il(A.M.(;i(,
Niperltiteuddiit and Gvm-ral freight Acnt,
lo-S-VO-ly. Evansville Indiana.
AitcntM Wnutril lor our New Hook,
About the Human System, thu Habits of Men
anil Women, our Social Kulatlon ami Nature,
finbraclnif MEDICAL COMMON KE.SNE for
everyone. English and titrman edition. Out
fits entirely free, nvtrythlDK ruuilshcd, Address
tor lull ilourlptlvu circular and extra ttuns.
II. Ill -NATT X CO., M. Louis, Mo.
10.14- wit.
day iruartntefd using our
Aurv Drill. aiSo a iA7i
Aupr Co., Vt, oSuii. Ma.
rplIK llUl.l.KTIN Is iulillKhf(I every morning
(cxapt Momlay) In tin- llullctln ItulMliig, cor-
hit Washington avenue mi't Twelfth sin-el.
Thk Iln.i.vTis Isscruil to city suliflcrllnTB hy
faithful carriers at Twrnly-Kire Cents nWirk,
imyublc weekly. IlyMill, (iti whntirc), $l()er
milium) six months, G three month", tl one
mouth, 41 2.',.
l'lililldieil eery Thiirwhiy morning at l 2.1
c: unmiiii, intnriiihly In advniirc. 'I he ioft.ife
on the Weekly w 111 he prepuM at thN olliee, no
Hint ruhsrrllxTS ill obtain for a mtlwrli'tlou
tlcc of it n year.
II A I I. V.
Iliisluess Curtis, per annum 1 (l
One ritnirv, one niertlon 1 M
One HiUiire, tMi insertions 1 AO
One Biii:ut-, one un-L, M
One miimrc, two week ,'l M
One 8iimie, Mine wceka,- 4 00
Oim 'iiii', uiiv month f, no
W K K X I. Y .
One miiare, one Imertlon f 00
Kuch riilwii,-ul Insertion, W
E-One Inch Is a square.
J3"To reuular nJu-rtlr weotler.Urlor In
ducements, both as to rate ol charge ami man
ner of displaying their f.norn.
Communication upon aubjecta of t?en
eral lntereat to the public oliclted.
E3AI1 IIuf inert L tiers should be addressed to
Culm Ihilli'llii ('oiiiimiiy.
When every othor patent medi
cine fails to euro tho Chilla, then
108 Comtnmclnl Avn.
v.vuiirrr stoke.
New-York Store
wholesale and retail.
Goods Sold Very Clone.
Corner 10th St. and Commercial Av
Comer Wnahtncton Av. and ' 4tU Sti eot,
Sinuritan Nervine,
r mffi''1!1 St"' (-'0'"l""'r. cure. Lplleptlcflt-,
r. ' .... ,,i "i'-"""i si uu miner, aim nil
.Sel Wilis Obeaie j the only known po.lllve lem
wlyfor hplleotlo I'lU. Itloubeen tested by
V.. . nonioiau ma
, ,. AUdre, DU. S. A. ICII.li.MONO.
'"''""r Itov 711, S, .li.,ph, Mo.
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mlnenl physician, It U enilrely veKetablu,
NoclniiiKe ol diet Im-eqiilred and can be taken
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and Durabl Ity. Wnrrautud live yer, Send
lor price list.
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A Now Method of Making a
"Revolution in the
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2To. Ib2 cSc 144 Commercial Av
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We pi(,,i-e to ne in our III (,,! '-l.if to t
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lieitloioie pt.-irt-ii nun, aMiirniK tin pui l.c lliat
Wo solicit a call from one and nil.
Great Exposition
m )
Provisions, Seeds, and other Produce
Wm. Glenn c& Sons,
S. 7. anil 72 Vint Sii r. (1.Vt l..ATI.
Importor and Wholesale Dealer in
iFortioHsr -3JNrx domestic
Wines and Liquon
Koops n full stck of
ISLorxtTaolcy BoiirlDon,
Monongahela, Rye and Robinson County
nd Retail
uuiiuua, U1L.S,
Diuirii I" I'oT-iri.in and Oeneral Store, in w
- n uiui 1 ...in v .ieiiirniv imrt luiniiiieii i,r ,
i Mf 1. 1 a r ot-
i h.iiiiukiuu nviiuur.oin nt
For AH!
Dry Goods Trade
. - Hi' we I.. . .-j,n i.l rnr.l I Cairo
I I -I ,ii I
i-,l .! I. I -t . k if
v 1 1 it we will niel ,,te now , rcpar. 1 tn oiler I
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"nr. Ml Will I i 'ti -erie t be future i- in thirl
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for Groceries !

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