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tUftdlag MMIfcr on Every Pc.
Ohio feeh so MgWy elated over the
election of Hare that licr ItcpubUc.nii cit
izens rc howling, like innnlaM, for
Hayei a the noininrc of the parly for
President. That election, although dls
MtrotH to old Bill Allen, may prove
the bone of contention among the Repub
lican! In their selection of a candidate lor
the Presidency.
General Sol. Meredith, a popular Fed
eral general In thin section of country
during the war, died In Cambridge City.
Indiana, on the 21st, from cancer or the
itoniBch, originating from hU being
crushed beneath his horse at the battle ol
Gainsvllle. Since the war ho ha been
engaged In the business of fancy stock
raiser. h
fll.A.T. It lift VAX.
ninnton Duncan Is now engaged in :i
trilling dilllculty with a deputy clerk of
the Louisville Chancery Court, named
Nell B. Fields. Is there no way In this
wide vale ot trouble to suppress Wanton V
If be will be heard, let him give us a few
solid columns on the llnaiiccs ot the Gov
ernment. Louisville should put that man
into respectable retirement among the
tycoons of the faded past.
The efforts of the Winnebago county
people to bring to Justice the St. Louis
duelists have resulted In the capture of
the least interested personage, I'ostgatc,
the Chicago Tribune correspondent. Re
has given bonds to appear belore the Cir
cuit Court of the outraged county, ru
les some ol the other llcry and unturned
boys, who represented, with so much ar
dor, the chivalric lieutoulaii ami .lack
sonlau days, are lariated and brought in,
the whole atlalr will turn out a faice.
l,t It Ed I
Onthe2tst iut-t. the Tweuty-liist 111!
nois regiment will hold a reunion in
Paris, in this .Slate. This Is a regiment
Colonel Ulysses .. Grant commanded in
the early part of the war. It is reason
able to suppose that the President ol the
United States will not forget his old com
rades in arms on an occasion so import
ant as a reunion. The Qiiincy Herald
says : "Col. Ulysses lias probably forgot
ten the regiment, as well n the time
vrhon the getting of bread ami butter was
an Important question with It l
pretty safe to say that Col. L'lyssei won't
be at the reunion."
l.Ol-IttVII.I.t: M.lMlil.EllN.
The authorities of Louisville have made
an attack upon its gamblers. Warrants
were Issued against the most prominent
oues in the city, who were compelled to
put tip bonds to the amount of $000 each.
The following are the names of those
arrested : Jlenry Fry and Asa llrashear,
of AO. 100 .Fifth street; J. P. Walker.
Win. Fleming and Frank .Mc.Vell of Xo.
102 Fifth street; A. F. Grainger, II. G.
Kllnk and Alf Fields, of the Richmond,
comer of Fifth and Market streets ; Dick
Watts, of the keno bank on Jefferson
street, and the Club Rouse below Masonic
Temple; and Jesse F.Rammon and John
Miller, of the "Silver Lake." The Louis
ville papers say that the end of gambling
In Unit city is fast approaching, as the
... . v-iu ,3 ttiai uuiiiuaiiiiiiLr. ui inn I
HUlinrltlre nrr ilolirmli,r..l f .mm, U. I
Laic Thursday night we received a (lis
patch, two late for publication In Friday
morn lug's "inner, s ta t ing t ha t Judge Cra w-
ford had sentenced Marshall Cralu to be
hanged, In Marlon, on the 21st of Jan
uary, 1870. This is the lirst death pen
ally Imposed on any ot those engaged
In the dreadful vendetta. That it is a
just sentence, no one can deny, as he
confessed to being the perpetrator of tho
cold-blooded murder of the Craluville
merchant, Spence, oh the night of July
31st. Cralu has acted the coward lrom
the time he committed thu murder at thu
door of the little frame store in Crain
vllle. Fear drove him away, and when
captured, coward-like, he told all he
knew. The result will be a strong scaf
fold and a strong rope, and n shullllng off
of the mortal coll.
One of New York's noted sporting
men, uamed Charles Reed, was found
dead In an assignation house on the night
of the 10th. Re had been riding out with
the keeper of the house, Annie Starrs, and
after their return an exciting dispute en
tiled, during which lie struck Mic wo
man on the lorcbead, cutting an artery.
Thinking, perhaps, he had killed her, lie
abot hlmseir, and when thu alarm was
given his lifeless body was found
on the floor in Auuiu Starrs' room.
The above Is the substance of the story
told by the woman, and can be taken with
a grain of allowance. She acknowledged
that they were both under the influence
of wine. The following is a portion of
the woman's testimony before thu coro
ner's Jury. "I said to him, 'Now you
bave struck me, and must go out of my
home.' He struck me again, anil
knocked mc down over acbalr. Ilu went
down on hi knees and asked my pardon,
and took hU jewelry and money and
threw them In my lap. I rose and threw
the things on the floor. He asked me to
to'SWe him, ami tv(Ui(.t ,,vt. (o
M4w?Uol,,c,,t,r'-,Wi4 Vl"M "'"l
rtntto!?.uUt ,,Mt l,u "W 'u "as
ThewcW L(?allU 6,r,1(:k ",0 lw,!'
torW.i. , leeutan artery In my
you have kmS ?m;' u,,a 1 haItl' 'Kow
... . ... MIL'1 If.. i
wm Kill you, WMl ,t',
hfitli nf M a tvlll .11. ." K'H inVSelf. mill
both of us will die. myself, and
excited that I did not i,..-'r.' 1 1
the pistol, but Reer., u .m r,,lort of
before mc, and ho Jell forwua' ,' , ,k!,ci
till kneeling. I aid not iSu
going to do anything to hh, T
: . "u "u" Minn ie to
uitruvbhu. i never Had the phti,tm
my baud that morning. Wo were alone
in the house, except the servant". I
called a servant, and sent for the police
and a doctor, and sounded the telegraph
alarm. Flnallyanolllcereauioaud turned
the body over, and said that Charley was
dead." Annie Starrs testltled that her
husband was living In South America.
and that she bad known lieyerc for two
years, but that she had not received any
assistance from him for the nat two
months. The death of Revere has
created an umimal excitement in all cir
cles, and will be fully investigated by
cw lork detectives.
The Democrats in Mississippi are mak
ing a determined cftort to overthrow car
pet-bag rule In that unfortunate State.
When we say Democrats, we Include the
Conservative element that left the Iiepub
llcan ranks when thai party developed
its sciiemcs ol aggrandizement and out.
rages agalnsl the white people of Mm
State, lhroujrhout tiie counties of Mis
slsslppl an unexampled enthusiasm ex.
ists, and all the indications are encour.
aging. On the 2nd of November tin
election will lake place. Defeat then will
certainly ruin the State, and give to Ames
and his villainous retainers a vise-like
grasp on the public aliairs Mint may not bo
unfastened until the woi k of destruction is
complete. One sign ot success U the. lael
that the most respectable colored people
of Mbslslppl have joined tliu Democratic
and Conservative ranks, ami are using
their Influence among the thousands ol
colored men who Inhabit Mm plantations
in the rich MisUippl bottoms. Hereto
fore these colored plantation Ii;iiul have
been controlled by iutltirntial white ear-pet-baggers
who Insinuated Mieuisches
among them, and with plausible sophi
try, won their vote ami eonlldence. No
man can tell what will bo the result of
Mils election, but wo hope lor a Demo
cratic success commensurate with the
giant ellort being made by the white and
black patriot.
Illiichwoo'l Miigautie lor October has
been promptly republished by the Leon
ard .--colt Publishing Co., -11 Rarclav
Street, N. V. The contents are a lb!
lows :
Th.' Loudon Police Courts.
Wrecked oil' the Kill' Coast.
Sundry Subjects Money.
The liritish Sea-Fl-bcrtc.
Michael Angcio.
The Dilemma. Pail VI.
This number is of more than usual in
terest, as it contains several articles liav
Ing relation to subjects now attracting a
good .share of attention in this country.
I ho llr.t article explains the manv and
various duties of tliu police magistrates
of London, and narrates a lew of (he in
cidents that occur in the police courts.
The jurisdiction of the magistrate ha ol
late years been largely extended, and In
numerous cases he lias tin- power ofde
elding summarily.
" recked oft the Rill Coast" is ono of
the clitfs of short stories for which Mack,
wood has always been famed.
in the third article we again meet ulth
the vexed micstlon of employer ami em
ployed ; the old relations arc breaking
up ; obedience is a word well-nigh with
out a moaning ; assertion of equality is
the order of the day ; none are contented ;
and the lowest classes can hardly be con
sidered more unreasonable than their
superiors. Thu situation is full of dim-
cullies, and no remedy present itself.
TllC lirticlu OH "Money" dOCS Hot IfCat
1 the subject in a
the subject In a dry, statistical way, but
In familiar style shows how tho vast
hoards mentioned in history have dlsap
peared ; explains why wc employ gold
and silver as money; says of paper-
money that It "wants but reality to be
considerably more perfect Mian the met
als whose place it takes ;" and llul-lies
with some remarks upon the moral influ
ences exercised by inonov.
Tho next article gives u brief but clear
account of the deep-sea fisheries which
contribute so largely to the wealth of
Great Britain. The piincinal llsli. ami
thu different ways of eatching them, are
graphically described, and wo arc aston
ished at thu amount consumed and the
Inexhaustible supply.
The nrtlclu on Michael Angcio was sug
gested by the recent celebration of tho
fourth centenary ol his birth, and gives
a sketch of his lite and of some of his
The serial story, "Thu Dilemma," in
creases In interest.
The periodicals reprinted by tho Leon
ard Scott Publishing Co. (I) Ilarehiy
street N. V.) aru as follows: The on
ion Quarterly, Edinburgh, Westminster,
Hid Itritish Quarterly Reviews, and Mack-
wood's Magazine. Price, $1 a year for
any one, or only &I5 for all, ami the
postage Is prepaid by Mie publishers.
Thu Burlington Gazette saws ; "A
yaller dog could bo elected Governor of
Iowa on the Republican ticket."
Cram's employer mild : "There's $15
for killing Old George; and I will pay
you the rct when I i-ell my wheat."
California elected a mixed ticket on
Wednesday. The conlet Involved no
ofllces of Impoitauce, nor any political
principles above local Interest.
From London: Rev. Win. Kd ward
Jelf, R. D Is dead. Thu death of the
Very Rev. Walter Farquar Hood, D. D.
. K. b., Is also announced.
The ijulncy Herald says lliat Spiing-
lleld is doing a great deal of blowing
over 1U 25,000 Inhabitants found by the
men who weru appointed to lake the cell
su. Tobacco in Southern Illinois U all
housed, and it Is pronounced of good
quality. The acreage was large, but in
parts damaged by overflow. The ag
gregate crop, however, will bo the ling
ct for years.
Great U Southern Illinois as a wheat
producing region. A couple of Union
county farmers carried oil four premiums
uie Monroe county lair last week. Tho
r"e wheat, we learn iiom the Jones-
boro lla;ette, will go to the Centennial, at
The bridge aero" Big Muddy, near
DeSoto, will be pusablo this week. The
ninety feet central span, JuM llnMiiug,
reflects great credit upon the builder. Mr.
Jacob Hartmau, of.Makamla.
In the great trotting match for $5,000
a side between "Prospero" and "Honest
Dutchman," al Prospect Park, "Pros
pero" won In the llrst heal. Time, 2:22.
"Honet Dutchman" distanced.
Tliomno M. Judd, one ol the strong
est Republican workers in Masachu-ett,
has Just been arrested In Berkshire
county for n $1,000 forgery. Judd I a
member of the Republican State' Central
Committee and a prominent lobbyist.
A Berlin dlpatcli says Mint the Su
preme Com t has Indorsed the verdict of
tin; Kainmeigeilcht in Von Arnim's c.w,
which sentenced him to nine months' Im
prisonment for wilfully making away
with Slate papers entrusted to him while
ambassador to Paris.
Speaking of Chandler's appointment
to the position of Secretary of the Inte
rior, the Vourier-Jouriml says: "Prob
ably there will be a row. but Chandler U
as likely to quarrel with thu president u
with ltrlstow under certain well-known
cerebral conditions."
John Wilson, Carlo Callue Giovanni
Pclronl and James DalrtNou were ar
rested in Philadelphia, recently, on the
charge ol counterfeiting and altering
postage stamps of foreign governments
Stamps an; counterfeited on the govern'
incuts of Nlcarauga, Greece, Guinea,
Havana and Hamper.
Malt Carpenter Is Ihu 1a-t-reporttl
Invalid whose pliyiclan, according to
thu Milwaukee Sentinel, "has positively
forbidden him to attempt to fill his ap.
polntments to speak," udvMugulm that
any endeavor to speak in public "would
probably be followed by serious consc.
The death ol the old race-horse "Jack
Kossiiur," on the farm of Judge Dully,
near St. Louis, Is announced by tele
graph. I.'ocller was raised at Uiillalo,
N. V.. and was a winning hor-e at
races twenty yeais ago. Although
thirty-six years old, lie was ucd every
day on the farm, until recently, lie was
considered thu oldest liotting-hoie in
I lie l ulled Slates.
In Franklin, Teiin., Colonel John
lloiie was Instantly killed, ami his son
M. I luusv moi tally wounded, while en
g.igcd in a dilllculty with a policeman
named Giiillu and a church member
named Allison. The coroner's jury ien-
(len d a verdict of uiijii-tilialjlo homicide.
Grillbi and Alll-on are both under arrest.
House was, dining thu war, l.l-ulenant
Colonel ol thu First Tcnnc.-ee Inl'intry.
anil a man ol prominence In his locality
lion. II. T. Davi, eldest son ol the
late Senator Garrett Davis, and tho most
prominent member of Ihu Bourbon
county bar, was found dead In bedThiir
day morning. Ills death Is supposed lo
have been caused bv an ovcr.loo ol
chloral, which he was In tin; habit of
using as an anodyne for pain. .Mr. Davis
was President of thu Northern Bank ol
Kenliieky, and deservedly held as one of
thu first cltlcns of his county ami State.
Geo. M. Medary, a printer at Robert
Clark & Co.'s establishment, Cincinnati,
Attempted suicide on the night of the 20th
by taking laudanum. 11c was found In
the street In an unconscious condition
and was taken to Mm hospital, wbciu he
was restored to consciousness, lie ad
mitted that bu wanted to dlu and said he
had lccn there six month1, hut could not
drive from Ids mind the vision of his wife,
who is Imprisoned in an insane asylum,
at Louisville, with no hope of release.
His lonely life hail no hope in it, so he
tried to end it.
We learn through a journalistic
source that the lion. F. K. Albright went
over to .Marion, Williamson county, to
Insist upon a retraction of certain stric
tures made against him by thu editor ol
Mie liyyptian J'ress. What success lie
met with we are unable to state. Al
bright Is double distilled lightning In a
light, if lie does wear kid gloves, and Is
as gamu as a coon ; but what evil genius
directed him to travel thirty miles alter
an apology, and from an editor, is some
thing a fellow can't llnil out.
The Southern Illinoisan publMies thu
following: ".Marshal Crain was ar
raigned at Marlon, Williamson county,
on yesterday for tho murder of William
Spence and plead guilty to the charge.
lie was leinanded back to prison, and
will be sentenced soon. Jasper
W. Crain, alias Big Jep, Noah W. Crain,
alias Yellow BUI, W.J. Crain, alias Black
Bill, were a No arraigned upon the same
charge and pleaded not gullly. They
will be taken lo the Alexander county
jail, there lo wait 'the February term ot
thu circuit court, a change of venue hav
ing been taken."
Jacob Ktley, formerly proprietor of
the Louisville theater, died Micro of con
sumption. For over twenty years he
was a resident id' Memphis, Teiin,, and
owned some of Mm most popular saloons
in that city. Ills ambition to bu a theat
rical man led him lo open a varieties
show on Jcfl'erson street (now known as
.Mycr's opera house), but he lost all his
money, and was reduced In purse to such
an extent that he became a barkeeper in
various saloons of thu place. Failing to
appieciato a subordinate position lie left
for Louisville, and there his good star
rose, anil he again became proprietor ot
thu l.oulsvUlu theater, ami we bellevu
also failed In Mils undertaking. .Many
people in tho Mississippi valley knew
Jake Ktley, and will regret to learn of
his death.
The Tennessee Grand Kucauipiuent,
I, O. O. F., In seslou at Nashville, have
elected the lollowing olllccrs for thu en
suing year. They were duly Installed
by Grand Patriarch C. ('. Comee, as
sisted by Past Grand Patriarch A. O. II.
P. Suborn and P.G. P., O. II. Hall : T.
S. lUnglmm, M. W. Grand Patriarch,
Memphis; W. A. Smith, M. F. Grand
High Priest, Columbia,- John Young,
It. W. Grand Senior Warden. Clarksvllle;
J. R. Harwell, R. W. Grand Scribe,
Nashville; Itobert Thompson, li, W,
Grand Treasurer, Nalivllle; John T.
Shirk. II, w. Grand Junior Warden,
Jackson; C. V. Lewis. W. Grand Mar
shal, Nashville ; G. Slcfirle. W. Grand
Sentinel, Nashville; Georgu T. Lloyd,
W. Grand Herald, NahvHle.
I lie Mild lYIlDUt Itciiil! Itieli-As-
Nkw Ha UN, Oct. lO.-The I. O. O. F.
Kncampineiits ot this State, with Invited
Kucampmcnts lrom Providence, paraded
In this city to day, It being thu occasion
of tho annual meeting of the Fncaiup
meats. At S:!10 a. m. Sasacu, Golden
ISule, and Am ia Kucampmcnts-lormed
In line under the command of Lieut.
Col. Bacon. Grand Marshal, as.icd by
Lieuts. Foster and Miller and C.ipt. litis,
sell Thoinp.on. They inarched (o Mo
depot, where thu visiting Kue-iiiipiiieiits
weru received. The Hint nf march was
then taken up for the New Haven Rouse,
where the vbiilng olllccrs of the Grand
KncampiiKiit were received, Thu New
Haven lIouc being nearly opposite Yale
College, the students were drawn from
their rooms to ee thu show and hear
Miu music. They collected at
thu historical 'ciice in that
part of the grounds facing Chapel strict.
Nearly all the student of tho ncademlo
depaitment were out to the number of
perhaps ivcii hundred, ami as usual
then.' 'veie souiu who weru too full of
hilarity to place a proper limit to their
uniueuicnt. As the procession went
past, the more tuihuleut of the eiowd.
lollowing the same course they have fre
quently pursued the past season In respect
to like processions, hooted, yelled,
i-litrrcif, and groaned to such an extent
that the words of command could hardly
be heard, ami a part of tho lino was
thrown Into confusion. The procession
moved past the collcgu without receiving
anything more serious Mian very provok
ing in-ults. When they reached the art
bulMiiig, a short di-tauce above most of
the college bullding-i. they turned nbont
anil sl.ii'lcd for the Green, the students
repeating their hisiilis i the procession
marched past them.
The procession was marly pa.-t the
crowd of students when a new and as it
proved vi ry troublesome diversion arose.
A lo.uli d coal cart, with thu driver on
top. wn near the rear of the proee-lon.
ami tin- students crowded about It, Im
peding its progress. Tho drly r, bee.nn
lug enraged, mad.- :i liberal ii-e of his
whip, and several of the students vver"
struck hi Ihe face. They then mounted
the i-.ui. wrenched Mie whip lrom Ihe
diiw-rund pulled him with stones, pie -of
coal. etc. Some of the-e were Miiowu
with such force that they lilt some of the
Odd-Fellows in the procession. A soli
tary policeman at this time attempted to
interllie, hut was soon taught that dl
cretiou was thu better part lor him. Tin-Oild-Fcilows
up to this time hid
pre-ei'veil their temper rc-maikably
well under the circumstances, but the
show er ol stones. coal, tS.c. was too much,
and facing about with drawn swords,
they made a charge. The students
stood thi-ir ground for a moment ami
then H-atteied like sheep. One received
a bad scalp wound, number was cut on
the iitck. and many were pricked with
the sword points, while others received
more inglorious wounds in thu shape of
damaged noses and blackened eves. One
Odd Fellow, a German, brokf Ids sword
over soiue hard head; another, frantic
witli rage, was prevented from doing
serious inihii-f by Ids cooler companion
wlio held hill) until bis lury had abated.
At length the line was reformed and con
tinued fs march peacefully, but .ill weru
Indignant at thu treatment they had re
ceived Thcru was much excitement over tho
affray, and in the attcrnoou when the lino
again passed thu colleges, a large crowd
of people- weru In walling expecting to
sen tliu light renewed, but thu students,
although liiey weru out in lor-e. he
haved themselves, and no disturbance
took place. Thu Odd-Fellows held a
meeting and adopted le-olutions denoun
cing Ihu conduct of the student.-, and al-o
voted a sum of money to enable the
German who broke Ids' sword to pur
chase another. Thu Faculty of the col
lege have expressed great regret at thu
rj-llli: IIL'I.l.irn.V UjiuMlhluilcury morning
(c.cqit MoiiiUy) Ii. the llulk-tln IlulMiiis, cor
hit Washington im-nue anil TwtlMi btutt
Tin: IttixtTlN Irt ten iil lo city sutiscrlU-rs by
faithful carriers a. Twcuty-Khc C'l-nli a M'irk,
linyublc vvwkly. fly Mall, (in mlvancc) , $10jnr
uiiminii six luoiiths, J.C; thnc months, $.1; one
month, $1 '.'.V.
'HHP triPIl r ltirr f mui,
J.IUV Ml'jI'jIVJil DUJiLl'jTJiX.
I'tlhll-'iiil uti-ry Thursilay mornliigat $1 i
ic- aiinuin, liivariiihly in imIvbiicc. 'I he iuatiiKu
on the WicLly vUll he- lucimlil at Mils ollk-c, bo
that biitjicriler will obUiln fur a Biibscr!ition
rice of l a j ear.
Ilubiiiei- Cunld, per uiiiiuni W UU
One 'uare, one nsurllon , uu
Une hijiwre, tivo nibcrtloii" 1 W)
One Hqimre, one week , '.' .VI
One bijume, two wreUe ;! .VI
One H'lii.iie, three treek,. t 00
One .'it'e, one month, U m
One iume, one Insertion, $1 c)
Kuril biibieiiient Inscrllon M
O0nc Inch Id ii squurc.
S3-l'o ri-KUlar lulvertluers vvcofl'eriUieriorin
ilitceuienU, both an to rate ol chaws nml man
ner of iliiihiylnK their futon.
Communication)! upon oubjoots of iron
oial lntorcst to tho public solicited.
CJAII Iliv,inv4 U-tU-iH blioulil be mlilreseetl to
t'niro.lliilli'tiii 'uuiiiiiy.
Wedding Cards
a21 North Mala Street, ST, I.OtJIS,
vie sua 1
Asio-African Caravan
Continental Circus,
,d tXlilt i! ..t
Cairo, Wednesday,
Oct. 27.
Which Now Trans-Atlantic Cnndl
Made for Public Favor,
nfli-r iirliicvl i.' sii' h nu llnxlii mul Cnntlm 'nl
IIvmuImM.iii us to oili.-i.illy nlilitln Hi.- ill-lln-Kiilnluit
I'iciiiiIIi iii ol" Mi l M'ir-t IJi-u i,us Via
)t'ty, Qiiten V'lctoihi lina In u Irnn-purtisl lo
Hit- iiir.il It-jililic, lij i-Hnl Iciiiih r, at i n'H
limus t-Xii'ii'', mill trill, ilurlint the Hcrn( sea
soil, lr iuir-Hli.ri.il In II-
'I ii Aim-iir.ni niiri1.
I '$$$0mmm
IIII. MO-T N )l t!. SI VV Ml.lWltll Ii,.
hKoii ,, I i i ,.l . i-tii il in- NiuVVoili,
Ilnuifloout MoUi'tsovlo Miircevoo
".m (.i- ii
i -1" jlllllili j iy illl j il tt'.kt 1 'II 'ifl'ic
il.ij.ti il i.iml ii- . I.uihImh ii-rni.
I reilpcliiitf livlua Ii n un ilu-.1, ,1,1,1,. jri,!,.
I liilr", in uh-eli iiiat Ii.. Ii.-ni-l aii'litilniiu-1 Ilu.
J iii"t i'oruilteninl in-rlvri -illrcliuu ntcnrnivft-
iiik ami Kminiiuiiirinis raiiif i-irr coii'Ck'u-ti-it
mi.cu llir rin'i't. lui'lmliu n
Cnravnn Collego of Eruto Scholarn
nml tin- in i-t astoiiu lini; illitr.iii,n of ,im su il
iimpiiilivleanil liulnliia on omili, in
. . .1'?
Tho Cyclopoan Aitiutlo RblnocoroH
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A Colony of Monster Baboons,
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Sig Abclardo Lawandn,
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M'mo Joscphino,
Tlii- "OiKin iifllie Anna, " the nm-t litiinliriil
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Peto Conklin, 1
'Ihe funniest of felt-eluwn fooU Anni Ira n
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J. Mr. Canfield,
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Foreign Field Favorite.
Me il, ami clri-nUle llii jrood nevvn t ml Ihe
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WI. i.11i ii rrn-ioii.i.iir-. -.. r lir from l)r.,'!- i- ,--loljr bb-I l,i-m-rl Sturr la wan
.ii I'umr low Minimi mat, I'll i.ii.l..!. n,'l l.i mlj Jh-lu in Cu lurnlali-l or i i-
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'! Obio Lovoo.
I.MiiE.SK i'Ol
Pt'O-zisions, Socda, tuid otlior
Wm. Qisasrn dfe Sons,
7. am! 715 Vint'
Importer i. id Wholesale Dealer in
Wims and X&iquors,
Keeps n Tall st- ck of
XSLoxxlxxclcr" Horu.)Don,
Monongahela, Rye and Robinson County
BIG MUDDY (Mount Carbon Coal.)
Tho Cairo & St. Louir Transfer & Co .1 Company is ow prepared to
; 1111 orders for Wood and Coal, Dolr. xred to any par of tho City, ut
tho Lowest Cash Prico. OFFICE AND YARD at tho Cairo & St.
I Louis Narrow Guugo Depot.
list ozp
Vfiod. 4 foot, orcoril $3 f0,
Vood, 8-iwod, por conl j.j 5q
Wood, uuved antl apllt.pcr cord i& OO
Conl, car load, pur ton ... t3 00 '
Coal, car load, Hlnnldton $3 60.
Co.U. cm-toad, one-half ton $J OO.
?-,orv.Y nlors ntT. M. Stocklleth's.02 Ohio T.ovno, at th CryHtnl Saloon, tornr
blxtli atreot mid Comm.rcinl Aveaun, nnd nt tliu Company's Oltico.
Ordors Sollcltoil null Promitly Filloil.
JA.S.3S:.l.AlT53,SGc;ytiSs Treas.
F'fi Jims ftmm&GQ A
1 4M:kJfr
0NLV $1.25 A YEAR.
rtv none
ai mum
and Rotnll
it isle's
Vaskiru-ton Av Cor. 8th St.
for Groceries !
ww m
Sfm-1. 'IA'n.V..l'n.

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