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t,H(.'AI,(l. i.ODIU:, SO, M.
KnluclitM t,r lj llilm, iiu-rttt every Kri
'luyiilKlit nt lulf-piut -uii, iiiOiM
I'l 1loVfS' Hull .I.Vd II CoxKflAN,
( liaiicfllor Cuiiitiintitlur.
AI.C.YA.VDUlt I.Ot'liK, HO. !MI.
Inili-M-nilriit Onli-r of DiM-rVt-
Vjt9K2V lows, meets every inursuiiy nigm
'-flfAC hi i,nfr-titit hi in. Iii their hall on
Commercial im-tiiie, between Mirth anil Heicnl'i
Jlll'ri,. ! . Iir.it I II, . iii
1AIHD CNCAMI'.MKN'T, I O, (). I'.,lw-l9
Win OililVllow' Hall on llii- lint inn! thinl
I ni-vlay In every inolith, ut h.ilf-pint wuu
.Ino II. Oiikiii.Y, O. I'.
( AlltOI.UIKli:. SO VUT.A.r'. .V A. St.
, Unlit rrffiiinr I'oiiiintinieuiioiu in
sonic Hall, corner Ojinmerrlnl uvenui--Mid
Klulith ntnvt, (in tin- second ami
on t tit .Mimil.ir of inch Intfnlh,
'TurlrallH Mlnecs,"
This Is a new style of picture now he
liu produced hv Win. Whiter, the iutlt,
of tills city. Thco pictures tiro crentlnj,'
much Intcro.t In all the principal Eastern
and Western clth-J, Ix.-ln" altocllitT now.
'J'hey aru unlike photograph, belli;:
raised mid henutilully cnatneled over thu
entire surlace, soft in tone, hut distinct In
thu li'dits and shade. No one who .-ccs
thetn falls tosuhnlre them, or to jrlvo the.
artlt an ordrr. We have been shown u
nninher of picture of well-known ladles
and gentlemen of the city, and have no
hesitation In pronouncing them perfectly
Milendld. We would therelore ailvi.-o all
who take lntcret In Mich matters or de
sire nleturc.. to call tnion Mr. Winter at
hi" gallery and examine hi- woik In Ihl-
new hranch of the shadow-capturinr art.
ii-i i-tr
I. ouls llerlierl has I'l I.SDMilt.
Iliin'l 1'iirucl !
If you wauUlnwaiv, stovei.utc.that A.
1 1 alley has changed hi- place of hu.iiies
and can now be found at 1 Coininerclal
tivcnue, next door to the A rib engine
hnuc. where he will be nlea.-ed to .-ec
joti and give you bargain" n of old.
Osteins leaned.
lVrons havlngci-tcrns needing pump
ing out and repairing can have it done
promptly and at price- to suit thu time.',
by calling on .1. .S. Ilnwkln-, Cro- street.
I have a man and pump employed all thu
time for the purpo-c. Si-HMf.
rivciybody to kli'iv. th'ttlio place to get
A -inuotli slmve,
A good lirtinpoo,
A la-liion:tlilu hair-tut,
Jr any tiling In that line,
I at t lie (iiiAsn Ckmiiai. llAitiir.it
- nc i", corner eighth and ConuiiercUl.
I) S-U !. ttKOIKiE ftlKINII')f.SK.
l'II.M:.M:it lit I I' llerl.el l
tas" Dr. Sherman, thu great Sptclal
lt,iVi North Sixth (-tnet, ha gained an
enviable reputation in the speedy manner
In which he treats all chronic dl-cae'.
S-e advettl-ement for hi- great Syphilitic
Kradicator, ludor-cd by the medlail fa
culty everywhere. U-lfe-lyr.
Inleresl Iciill.
The AUxawltr County Hank icill )ty In-Iri-f'i
on ilrpoiits in the )atingi dtjtnrt
infitt, lu-S'hn
illre (r lli'iuiiiil.
( Koch has removed Ids hoot and
hoi' vhop from the old Maud to hi--new
brick building (one block below).
No. (K) Commercial avenue, between
I'llth and Sixth streets where he will
keip the bc-t home made anil St. I.oul
cu-tom made hoots and shoe-, made of
thu bc-t mateiinl ; good workman-hip
and hi the late-t ttyles. All orders
promptly attended to. P-SI-tl.
III.sI:NI;I: at I.ouU Ileibert-.
In Ilie Clll.eiis ol Calm.
1 would Inform my many friends, that I
am tl 11 In the auction liiiim!5-, nml ready
to attend to all alo that may oirer. My
long cxperleuco In this bu-liic-s titcd- no
(.oiiimcnt Ills no experiment on my pail,
nml parties entriiMliig Koods n my caro
need not be afraid, ax I am no "Uib'' or
iion lie in tha biiiinc.
.Special attention slvcn to roalejtatu and
nut-door fales as I have never mbcd mak
ing a rale. 1). Haut.man, Auctioneer.
Corner Sixth Krcet and Commercial A v.
'lit I.ouis Her.
A -N. I l.uinulr.v.
It it now conceded th;it Mr.-. Colcmati,
the Utiudrchs, Sc. 11 l'oiirtli hlrcet, be
tween Wailihi'tia .t Ooinmcrcl il avenue,
lias one of thu li:.-t conducted laundry (
talilUlimcnts in the city, and landlords ol
hotels and boarding Uou-es will tlnd It to
their advantago to call upon
Her prices aru as follow: llotil
bonrdlng-liousu washing, "."1 ceuts
doiien. Vol pleco work prices
as tollow: Slnglu (hilt and
lar, 10c; por dozen SOc; socks Tic; two
lars, 6c; two liaiidkcrchlcls, 5cj vorts
i.nd all goutlcmcn's wear, sOc.
doen. Ladles' drcisce, 'i' to
nklrtilu to 'iOc; drawers 10 to 15c;
pair hoec lie; two collarn h to lCc. Kcr la
dles' plain clothes ipl (Kl por do.cn; lor la
dles lino clothes, SI 25 per tl07.cn; done
dramptly, and, promptly delivered. l'a
iron ago eolleltcd. S-ai-lm
For Sale.
A silver plated No. 0 Wilson .Shuttle
Sewing .Machine, hard (piano) llul-h,
valued at Will be .-old at SO til
count, on good terms, and ordered direct
from thu factory.
Colored and mounted Map, ol Ihu
city of Cairo at $J no each (halt price.)
A No. I) Wilson Shuttlu Sew lug Ma
chine valued at Will hu sold nt $15
discount, and ordered direct from the
A $1)0 ltemlugtoii Sewing Machine
!W oil for cash. Suitable lor tailor or
boot nud shoo innuufactiiier.
"I'Icturesipio America" IS numbers
hound In 2 volumes, full gilt Morocco;
price, $10.
A stylo "K," "Clough, Warren &
Co.'u" l'atlor Organ, right from the fac
tory nt Detroit. List price, $:i()0. Will
bo sold for $m,
A now two-horso Gamble wagon.
For nny of tho above articles, apply nt
the Uullltin olllce, l). A. Hiiitxinr.
gitc uUiitm.
itvn;s or Aivi:iti iNi.(i.
E3"A1I hills for ndH-itlnlntf, are ilue mid jray
'ImiMlnit ii'hi ilhliiK will lie In-u-rlcd uttlw
rnt nl l () perniriie fortlic llrnt lii'crllon
und !i nl for c:ieli iilj-C'ueiit one. A 1 1 born I
discount will Ire mule im lUmlliiK anil UNjilay
licol notices:, hiiln-. or ollietwl'e, will lie
churned leu rents per line fur Hie first nml live
cent fur ciih additional In'citlon, (counting
ll e tliie ntnl uptTarU)) a discount will ) inmU-
imer llilnl insertion
Clitirrli, .society, Kctlval ami Supper notice
Will only bc-ln-erled HuaiUeitli-tiiicnln
fur lnerthig I'micrul notice. l to. Nollccol
tnecthiK of Bocletle or fern t (inter Ml cent! fur
each Insertion.
iUi aihirllneineiit will lie reu-ltcd at leu than
S" cent.
tt"-Annoiincomonts 15 cash lnvarla
bly in advance. Ho oxceptlonii to tills
i on ritr.Axt'itcK.
I.liirnr. Uli.i.kti.m I'l-a-e iiniidiiiK e WM. A
111: D.MAN in a (un'll'lutc rorlliedllire ol' County
Tieanlllerniiil Aoessor III the miMIIiik Xoem-
Ixr election.
Ve nrc niilhorlctl to nnnoinire JOIIV A
IIKIA'K nn ii eamllilntu tor I In-1. Hue of County
icmir-r nml .-'jor, at the eiutiinx .oein
We ule ntltlirirlze.1 In utinoilhre .tllllN I
IIKI.Yhx ii miiilliliitc for Cm nty I nimiircrnttlie
i ihiiiii,- .-viiemner eieeiiuii
roit com.mi.ssio:i:i:.
Wean- iiulliorUeil to Hiuiiiiinre the name of
(iKUItl.l.W . sAMMO.Vs i.r i i. Ihjk. 111 a can
dlilnle for tlie ollireof I mitr (V minlnionerof
AleVamU'ruiunty at the eniuing elecllon.
I. ociil U'rntlier Keport.
Caiiio, 111., Oct. :i,Is7S.
J IiK.
llAll. 1 'I lit I Wl.NII I EL. I WhATll.
so J-,, 1 1r,
.so.l U IIs
J.W Wl i I-1.
A t'tntU Wiiutcil.
A good cool; wanted Immediately
lb? Hfi.i.irn.v olllce.
(leiiernl Items
.Mr. John II.Connlll.ofN'ew'Orleans
Is In the city.
Judge Itross 1- still buy with pro
bate court bu-Ine-.
Mrs. John II. Oherly and famllv re
turned from their tilp to Ohio on Thur?-
lay alteruoou.
Choice cranberrle- at thu New
York More.
-Mr. l'hll Saup, w ho has been ufler-
Ing for thu pa-t week with pneumonia, Is
agaln'able to be out.
-Sherlfl" Irvln brought young l!nth,
who wa- arrested at noodille, llumilton
cju.ily, back to Cairo ye-terday.
-I-.vcrybody should go to see "Jim
Iihidoe," a played by .Milton .obhV
troupe. To-night is their last ajipt-irance
In Cairo.
-You can -ave 2d per cent, by buying
your boy.,' winter boot.- and .-hoes of O.
riaytborn it Co.
-It U thu general opinion, that Uiu
trotix; now playing at the Atheneiim U
the be.-t that has vl-iled Cairo lor a long
'Stic AliAiiniliT t'ollllly ll.llil. Mill
lly IllllTCSt llll lll'llllsils III t out.
Ilitts ilepiirllilvlit.
Mi- .Mary Miller and Mrs. Moore, of
Jone.-boro, are hi the city, visiting at the
home of MI-.? Jennie Wilson, 011 seventh
The terry boat Three Mates M doing
a roii-iug buslne--. Country wagon-, by
tho do.en are brought aero-- the river by
her every day.
lluefner, ol thv Planters' Ilou-e, re
ceived yesterday from the city of Mahu,
011 the lihlue, a lot of the most (MlcioiK
liiilite wine uver brought to Cairo. It U
for sale by him by the glass bottle or
Tho-o who need winter boot- should
call on J!, .lone-, Commercial avenue.
UN stock ol French and Dome.-tlc calf
.-kills the best in the market.
Deputy John Shechan has been re
lieved from his charge of looking after
the prisoners in the county Jail, Mr.
Kitgerald having returned.
Mayor Winter will begin icpaiiing
the Mls-islppl levee lu a few day. He
has all his arrangements made, mid the
work will be pu-liod -peedily forward.
Jailor Dick Fltgerald and wife re
turned Irom .Michigan on Thursday,
where the latter has been for some time,
In hope of lcstoring her failing health.
Jewett Wilcox .-ays thai Alon.o
Schwartz, who plays "Mo.es Solomon,"
the Jew, in "Jim llhid-oe," made all the
(Jerman-i a-hamed ol them-clve- at the
theater on Thurday night.
Tho man that 1-n't appreciated In
Cairo .-ays: "Ueorgu (Jilmore, on dat
liltlo pony, puts me in mind of one of
dem fellers around Kgypt.in Y'erusaleni,
'bout two dteu tou-and years ago, rldhi'
on dem little yacknssc."
- Ju-t received and for sale by Mathuss
& Chi, No. Ii Ohio l.evce, 20,000 pounds
Ilacon Sides Shoulders and J Iain--.
Mr. J. W. Wentz, general ticket
agent of the Cairo ' St. I.oul Narrow
(iaugo railroad, and Mr. W. II. McKnr
laud, traveling auditor of the road, were
Inlheclty yesleulay, on liu-lues con
nected with thu road.
Yesterday morning at SjllO, the pa--scmicr
train on the Iron Mountain road,
four miles south of Charleston, nni over
a broken rail which threw the slecperaud
one coach down an euihankniunt. break
ing them both very badly. A good
many people were lu the cars and many
of them were slightly Injured, but no one
was killed.
A negro woman, while parsing by
the utahle occupied by the stock of the
Adams KxpiiMs company, saw tho ghost
of "Old Mose," the boot-black, who
suultled off this mortal coll by falling
Into the river a few days ago. Mose left
Ills trunk hi the stable some time before
his light went out, and the negro woman
says he came back to see whether hl
wardrobe had been disturbed.
The epUootlc, which has been trav
eling tlie past lew mouths, has reached
Cairo. It has seized ipilte 11 number of
(he horses nud mules here, mining thenr
all of the stock In I'etiy Powers'
livery ."table, and all of the totk of Mr.
Thlsllewood. The dl-ciise eems to be
lu 11 very mild form, however, and no
danger to stock ntllicled with It Is appre
hended, llran mash U the food to be
given to animals stitlerlug with It.
New haui' and breakfast-bacon nt thu
New York Store.
The Stale Hoard of Kipiall.atlon have
as.-essed the taxable property of the
Cairo it Vlncennes and Cairo it St. I.otils
railroads In this county, at thu following
figures :
lidllroad track $i!:t,!).,2
itoinugsioci; 11,711
Kightofway 4, 200
Capital Stock :i7,9i'0
The capital stock of all other stock
companies In the county Is valued, for
purposes of taxation, ut $I01.GS0.
We copy the following compliment
ary notice of Kothchlld ,t Co's circus
from the Montgomery (Ala.) Aikatwr '.
'We attended their pciformaiiue last
night, and fully Indorse all that Is said of
them. They were tumble to put up all their
canvas the lot being too small, but there
weie seats enough to accommodate, one
lliou-nud people. If we are to Judge
from thu applause, every one was well
pleated. Among the many attrac
tions In the menngerle l thu
only living performing rhlouoc-
cros, or L'nlcorn of Holy Writ,
who-e tricks ami antics alone aru worth
thu price of ndini-sioii. The circus ring
performances are excellent, Including the
riding of M'lle DcMott, Little Jo-le Dc-
Mott, thu baby pony rider. Tho riding
of Mons. Abcrlardo Lowandce, the onlv
man who has ever turned lifly consecu
tive iomer.-aulis, Is itiiMirpas-cd. Pete
Conklln, the clown, Is excellent; Ids
Jokes are original, and not made up of
the tt-.nal stale comic almanac jokes, and
ate free from anything which would of
fend thu mo-t rellued and fa-tidiou-. The
show iiiu-t lie -ecu to be appreciated."
For cork-soied boots or -hoes, go to
I!. Jones, thu Commercial avenue boot
and shoe maker. He Is a llrst-class work
man and never falls to plca-e.
Wu obtained pcriuis-iou from Mr.
(Jalllghcr to publish thu following letter,
e take a great deal of pleasure in doing
'O, as we arc always Interested In any
thing that I- connected with Cairo or the
advancement of her Interests. It Is al-o
a plea-ure to publl-h to the world the fact
that not a barrel of thi Hour was manu
factured with the view of entering it for
a premium, and consequently carefully
elected, but was taken from a shipment
an average sample taken lrotn a large
Invoice entered on its merit, and carried
off tlie Hltie Iiibbon at both the Pa-
ducah and St. Loui- Fairs;
Paiucaii, Kv Oct. Is, 1573.
;iurle Galllclier, i:... Cairo Cllr Mills.
Dkaii Stlt : We a-smiied the resnoiisl.
bllitV ol entcrlm? in our fair one barrel of
your last -liipmenl of Creole City Flour.
mil was awariieil tlie blue nulion, wlilch
an achievement, eon-ldt-rimr tile
reat number ol competitors. Previous
to thU and to test it- merits to tlie fullest
possible extent, a lady ofour city, at my
repie-t, took 11 sack ot '.lie same shipment
in iiuur 111 ner trunk to i. 1.0ms and
worked and baked It In Unit cltv, and
wa- awarded for her ellorts the bl'tiu rib
bon at the St. Louis fair, for both bread
and cake-. As merit Is de-erving of pub
licity, you arc at liberty to use this iuanv
manner you iiiavcsire.
Verylruly yours.
Jas. I.ai'iui:.
WV have 011 hand a good stock of
youthsVnd boys' cu-tom-inade Cloth
ing, that we will close out at le-s than
cost. O. Il.wriioitN & Co.
Pcitz, the man who was arrested near
New Grand Chain a day or two ago, for
being a party In the robbery of Gold-tint-it
I to-cn water's store a few days ago.
was up'.bufore Judge Itros? yesterday, and
examined. Young Until, the other p irty
who was arrested as one of the parties
implicated, was al-o up, but waived ait
examination, and was bound over hi the
sum of live hundred dollars to await thu
action ot the circuit court. Thu testi
mony in thu case wa clear against Pell,
the party who seems to have been tlie
deepest In the theft. When young Hath
was put upon thu stand, he told his story
In a straightforward, honest way. He
says he has known Peltz for about live
months; that he frequently vi-lted nt his
brother-in-law's house ; that hu proposed
to him to steal the goods, saying there
was no danger of being caught ; he pro
posed also that, while llatii was packing
the goods in thu valises, and gutting llieui
ready to take from the store, hu should
watch and give the alarm if any danger
threatened ami that upon being told by
young ltath that he would not do as he
wanted him to, he threatened to tell
Kath's employers that he (Hath) had pro
posed to hint that they should rob the
store, and they would discharge him,
and hu would probably be put In jail.
This scared ltath, who Is but eighteen
years of age, and who Is said to have
always conducted himself lu a gentle
manly maimer up to the time
the robbery was committed, and ho con
sented to do as he was told by Pelt..
When hu left tho store with thu valises,
hi which there was goods to the value of
two hundred and twenty dollars, Pelt,
walked ahead of him to the Illinois Cen
tral depot, and when the station was
readied, took one of the valises, saying
that ltath should g up the Illinois
Central, anil make his way to Memphis
where he would meet him ; that Path
should go by the name ol H. Walts
and that hu would assume the name ot
Wise, lletbeulelt Path, who took the
train as hu was told, Pelt, going to the
Cairo it Yiueenucs depot, and taking tho
morning train on that road. After Pelt,
was put 011 the stand nml told a skulking
story, which did hint more Injury in the
eyes of the court than good, he was also
bound over hi the sum ot live hundred
dollars, to await the action of thu circuit
court, and was scut to jail in default ot
I hereby notify the bu-luess men of
this city, and public at large, that I will
not be responsible for any debts con
tracted in my name, unless madu by me
personally. Mus. Annus Coynk.
Milton N!ilc.
The billllant success achieved by Mr.
Nobles and his great New York company
011 Thursday evening, i-culted In lllllng
the Atheiieiun to Its utniol capacity last
night, with an audience comprising all
of the best elements ol our society
Having witnessed a second performance
by this splendid company, wu are pre
pared to cordially endorse tlie glowing
encomiums that tlie pres throughout
the Last and West has lavished upon
them. It Is, Indeed, a "model organiza
tion." Thu dialect songs with which
Mr. Scliwarl. commence" the entertain
tiient, ai e very happily rendered. The
"make ti." bearing and manner are all
Teutonic, w-hlle the voealistn Is far supe
rior to any performer in the name line
that we have heard.
The sparkling little farce of the "Two
Cousins" followed, introducing Messrs.
Lrnest and Gerald Hyne. two very clever
L'ngllsh comedians, who created a furore
upon their appearance at tlie Theatre
Comlijiic, New York, some three years
ago. During .the action of the farce,
which occupies but twenty minutes, Mr.
Krnest Hyne pre.-etit four strongly con
trusted female characters. Lach toilet Is
a model of elegance, and the rapidity
with which the changes are effected Is
simply astounding, while his appearance
Is that or a thoroughly lovely woman.
Indeed, many lu the audience stoutly
maintained that he was a woman that
no man could be o Intensely feminine In
appearance, walk, Jettiro and voice.
The-u gentlemen, however, would only
need to meet Mr. Hyne upon the street
to be fully convinced of their error. Mr.
Gerald IJync, a clever light comettian.
and capital vocali-t, divided tin: honors
of the farce with his brother. His idea
of a light, sparkling olio, to get the audi
ence in a good humor for the commence
incut ol the drama, is a very happy one
Indeed. Anil now we come to the actor-
author, Milton Nobles, and his truly line
drama of "Itohenilans nml Detectives."
The title of the play, and the name of
the hero iJhn Illttdsoc). had led u to
expect something on the scalping knife,
mood ami thunder order, but our sur
prise was complete ami happy. From
llr-t to last the action of the drama is a
quiet and coloqnlalHs "Piii Van WinMc."
Theru is a plot full of Interest, which
commands the attention ol the audience
from tlie very opening scene. Tlie per
sons represented areall thorough types of
American character, jut such character
as we encounter in our every day walks
of life, but especially .liiinerou
in and about New York city. In the
prologue Mr. Nobles presents tun picture
of a si.uly New York Bohemian, ami
gives a mo-t amusing nml faithtul por
traiture of a class of men to be found In
all large Kastern cities ; a sortoflwteUect
ual vagabond; a man who has seen
betterdays, but who, by "force of circum
stances" becomes a Bohemian, because
previous training renders physical labor
an Impossibility. We' "find him
cnscotiscd In a garrutt in
Baxter ttvt.t, wrlthi"- a con
tinued -toty for a sensation miner.
There Is something strikingly original in
this situation. Mr. Nobles i'aoriu before
the audience tor at least twenty minutes;
while the extravagant situations Into
which he gets his heroine, In his attempts
to escape the "heavy villain," and his
witty, running comment sutllcu to keep
an audience in a continual roar of laugh
ter lor that extraordinary length of
The various characteristic expressions
miming through the play will undoubt
edly live among us for many months to
come. Altogether, we think we are hut
echoing public opinion in saying that Mr.
Nobles has given us the most satisfactory
entertainment offered to tlie public of tills
city for many years. Mr. Nobles clo-i-s
ids season thl evening, and leaves after
the performance, on the Belle of Mem
phis, for Memphis, where he opens on
the 2.1th lor one week; thence to New
Orlean. 1 o such ofour eUl.en as have
not seen Mr. Nobles in ids great Amer
ican drama, wu would earnestly beg, do
not let this occasion slip, for thu chances
are that it will be many days before such
a company again visit us.
All O. It.
Caiko it Si. Louis Paimioah Co.mi-a.ny,
Caiiio, Iu... Oct. 20, 1875.
Thu trains of thu Cairo it St. I.ouia
ISallroad continue to run regularly
to their depots in the city. No
trains have been stopped outside the city
in consequence of the "wash in tlie
levee." All statement made to the eon
srary have been made without relerencc
to tue facts. Trains 011 tills road run
regularly to and from corner ol Coininer
clal avenuu and Second street, and from
the Freight House, corner of Jefferson
avenue and Fourth street. There is no
danger whatever to tho trains on this
road through the encroachment.- of thu
Mississippi liver 011 thu Cairo levee,
John Fotion 1.
Agl.C.itSt. L. 1!. It.
Adjoiirneil .Meeting Tin-rcol.
Cot'Nl'lI. ClIAMIIIlli,
Caiiio, 1 1.1.1., Out. 21, 1S73.
present Aldermen llalllday, Lancas
ter, NcllK ltlilcuhouse, Tldllowood,
Wright and Yocum 7.
On inoliou of Alderman Ncllis, Alder
man llalllday was appointed to taku the
Chapter ", of ordinance I, from see. 20,
and chapter (1, In full, were read at
Alderman Tlil-tlewood n,kcd to be
excucd, Granted.
Chapters 7 and H, of ordinance 1, were
lead at length.
On motion of Alderman Wright coun
cil adjourned to met Friday evening,
Oct. 22, at 7:110 p. in.
W. F. Axliiy, City Clerk.
West Brolhert.' shoes, lor misses and
children's wear, arc the best In' the
world. For sale only by O. Ilaythorn
it Co.
Largo stock clothing to bo sold nut
without reseive, at 0. Manny's,
I'orl MM.
.Steamer Jim Flsk, Pitducah,
" SI. Joseph, Memphis.
" Urand Tower, St. Louis.
" Mary Miller, New Orleans.
" Kitty Hcglcr, Cincinnati.
Mary Bell. St. I.oul.
" City of Quinoy,St. Louli.
" Kontcucl, St. Louis.
Towboat Petrel, St. Louis.
" Painter, Ohio.
Steamer Jim Fik, Paihicah.
" St. Joseph, St. Louis.
" Grand Tower, Memphis.
Mary Miller, Cincinnati.
" Kitty Hegler, Ark. River.
" Mary Bell, New Orleans.
" City Qulney, New Orleans.
" Fontcuel, New Orleans.
Tow-boat Petrel, St. I.oul.
" Painter, South.
" Lioness, St. Louis.
ItIVr.lt, WKATIlr.lt AND lU'.SINT.SS.
The river last evening was 7 feet 4
1-5 Inches on the gauge, having fallen 2
2 5 Indies during the previous twenty
four hours.
Hie weather continues line and
Business lively.
The Mary Miller, Capt. Lee Crane,
had a fair trip for Cincinnati.
There was a pretty heavy fog, yester
day morning, which detained nil boats.
-The City of Qu'iicy and Fontenel
were well ladvn foi,' New Orleans and way
There Is a splendid opening for a
right lively llrst-class snag-boat between
this port and St. Louis just now. Snags
ire poking their noses out lu every bend,
and are getting very troublesome.
-1 he rivers are getting very lough to
St. Louis and L'vansvllle, and boats get
out witli the greatcsl ditllctilty. Five
feet six Inches Is reportetl to St. Louis
md three and one-half feet to Lvaii'-
The great Mary Bell came Into port
yesterday afternoon, and was greeted by
1 large concourse of people-, who thronged
on bo.ird to Inspect her. Shu had one
hundred people on board. Shcdocs not
look the unwieldy boat wc supposed she
would from her great l.e, but
presents a really beautiful appearance
on the water. Her tall chimneys, of gal
vanized Iron, are very pretty, and add to
her appearance. Shu Is fearfully high
bctwck-M decks, and looks as though she
could carry every bide of cotton claimed
for her. Her cabin Is roomy and very
comlortable, and on each side between
tlie state-rooms and wheel-houses are
roomy promenade's that will be found
very pleasant and agrccablo by her pas
sengers. WAK l)El-Allti!I.NT, KlVEII ItLI-OIlT,
UCI il, li j.
it, is. rr. . I.
Cairo 7 ." I a
I'ittaburir .1 '-' -1
Clnriiinuii s . I ;
Louisville .". r. - :l
.Nuslivllle a I -
sjt. Louis U 1 I I
A desirable cottage for rent, witli two
lots, good cistern, threu rooms, with din
ing room, kitchen, and pantry, corner
Division street ami Washington avenue.
Kuqulre of .1. q. llarman or Tim O'Cal-
lahau, corner Fourteenth street and
levee, Cairo, III. 10-1.1-Ot
Opium or Morphine Eaters !
Cincd without lain or lucomrnluict-, utvour
Louie In lOiluys. .McilIclni- for Ilr-t thrrc wicks
treatment sent fit-vto any iiildrcss on receiptor
live dollars. Mti- amount n-ed dally.
Aildri-js, r. II. lIL'llIIAItl), M. D.
Maniigt-r St. I.oiJs Inebriate IIoiiltal
Oltli-c-ltll Ollvestreet, St. UtuU,
Drunkenness Cured !
without Inconvenience, at your home Anti
dote sent free to uny uililresd on ierclit of line
ilolhr Aililies,
.MnnngerSt. LouU Ineljilati-Honpiil.
Otlit-c till Olive Street, St Louis.
Obstacles to Marriage.
Happy relief for young men from the
effect of Errors ami Abuses lu early life.
Manhood restored. Impedimenta to Mar
riage removed. New method of treat
ment. Sow and remarkable remedies.
Books ami Circulars sent free, lu sealed
envelopes. Address Howaid Associa
tion, 111) N. Ninth street, Philadelphia,
Pa. an Institution having a high repu
tation lor honorable conduct and profes
sional skill. S-21-diwJm
Whon ovory othor patont incdi
ciuo fails to euro tho Chills, then
10S Commercial Ave.
Tin- uiv.it Xetve (.'iiiiiuriirt turn Kpllejitlc Kits,
convulsions, ripanin, M. Vitus llunie, nml nil
fi'VinH DUiMifrti the only known iotve. rem
edy lor Kplleiitlu fits, It I ins lu i'n tested liy
thoiiMiniW uml li:n neicr been known to lull luu
slnxU'CUie, Trlul uckuKc-l'rce. Kneloe luiiii
lor i-liciUiirs L'lvlni? evlileiice nl' cure.
AililltdS, Hit. S.A. ItlCIIMONIt,
10-15 dly lo. 7l, t-t ,Iofil, Mo,
Real Estate Column
Several good Farms and .1,000 acres of
unimproved Lauds hi Alexander count v.
-"Winter's Block" and "Winter's
A large number of desirable Resi
dences, and excellent vacant Lots, rttitlit
blc for business lions,-, Mu residence.
Winter's Block - suitable Tor Hotel,
Olllce or Business rooms ehean.
Tenements numbered -1, 7, Sand 0, In
Winter's Row, 5 rooms each, for $10 per
No, 10 (corner). $12 507 rooms.
Store room hi "Pilot Mouse," lately
occupied hy A. Ilalley.
A desirable Cottage on Popular
street, near 1 lilrtcenth street.
L'pper lloor of building next to Coin
inerclal (Waverly) hotel.
Two small Houses west of Twenty
second street, near Pine, $1 each per
Dwelling house on Twellth, near
Walnut, 0 rooms, for $12 per month.
llu-mes.s liousu on Levee, near Sixth
street, lately occupied by Cross, Cole
man it Co.
number of Lots on Levee, above
Twelfth street, outside Ihe limits. AIo
a large number or other Lots In dltlerent
Lauds, In tracts to suit, near Cairo.
It ok- Opportunity :
Thu undei'Igncd will offer at public
auction, on the premises, on Saturday,
Ihe 2:id day of October, A. D. 1875, Ihe
following desirable iironcrtv. situated on
the north lduof Flllh street, between
Washington avenue and Walnut street,
and next to the residence of 1. Wahler.
Lots .'15 and JIO", hi Block 511. cltv of
I'lie Improvements 011 these lots con
sist of
Tiiiillni'-Stiir I'riiini- Cut lilies.
L'aeh containing threu rooms and kitchen,
good cistern, yard, out houses, etc.
Parties desiring good properly, either
lor rental or dwelling purposes, will do
well to examine these Cottages.
title periect. bale at '1 o clock p
Terms made known on day of stlc.
For further information, apply to
Jon.s (. Hauma.n it Co.,
10-20-lt Real I-Mato Agents.
A 1'liic Mock.
Win. Khiers desires to inform his pat
rons and tlie public generally, tiiat he has
now on hand a large stock of French and
German Calf, Kip and Morocco, and I
prepared to manufacture, lor store and
olllce wear, the finest of Morocco or Call
Skin Shoes or Boots ; and for farmers,
draymen and out-door wear generally, his
French Kip stand above anything ever
offered In this market. 11 N Lasts are of
the latest styles, and hu can guarantee a
lit and saturation to all hi patrons.
A. Halley has removed to his new
storuroom, 11-1 Commercial avenue, oji-
positu Winter's Bloclc, and next door to
the Arab engine hou-e, where he. will be
pleased to sec all his old customers and
as many new ones. ii-'.to-tt'
To llu- rriule.
Choice Hue of collet and sugar Jttt In,
al the New Vol k Store.
Sew llurkwlit'itl I'lmir
lor salu at the New York Store. Also
self-rising buckwheat llour, In boxes, tor
family use. ll-l.V10t
rii-liirsiiie America.
At tlie Bui.i.KTi.N bindery IS numbers
oouml in two volumes, full gilt nior
rocco; cost ?4f ; for salu at $10.
Ofir-XX Amber and White rag stock
envelopes at the Bui. 1.1:1 ix olliee, printed
oO and $1 00 per M.
Tkidij, Friday & Siturdij, Oct, 21, 2?, 23.
Kiiagciuent ut' the I'muilm- Young Aitlliur uml
Milton XTobles
Who Will mi'iear In his
In hi own orlxlunl ivin-senliitlve Vni'i' t"i
Unmiu, of Die s.iiuii lmn.i
.NiiiinrtcilliyJ011N 1'. ItOHKItV
Dramatic and SprMvCcmpinic:.
Intiwlncliix the womiiil'iil
iiym:' i.i:xi:st ANiii:i:Ai.i,
Ami a f'UI.I, IiltAMATIOOOMl'A.NV.
I.'niml pvicis. Scils kecnri-il nt 111111111.111'''.
('IliUliro "I NK'CilliCN MKllll) .
to-U-ot. lltislness Jinn
Corner Waahinctou Av. and 14th Street,
lt.T!':,rw' Mock ' "" f'lnilshlng goods,
tobe,oldv,rychl,11,alt. Unm;.
r7 ?i ' I- Un,'t handsome line
A ro.il t .1. Burger
u-iT.'i iT T ' olh,if W""'
white shirts, alo In all ,tyle, r enVi
furnishing goods. Hmumox it Wm.
-Our Domestic Department, complete
In all Its details, ami will Ik sold ehe.m.-r
than ever. .1. BritOKit .t Co.
Large stock of woolen good. Han-
ncN, limeys and sheeting ilamieN, ve-rv
cheap, at C. Manny's.
For Kmbrohlerlcs nml Lace", go to.l.
Burger & Co.'., No. 12 Coininerclal ave
nue. It. .Tonc, the Commercial avenue
boot-maker, can fund, you with thu
best pair of boots to be found hi the city.
Ladles, missus and children's under,
wear at. very low prices at .1. Burger &
A few more Broadway hats at $1 BO,
for sale by O. ilaythoin & Co.
The llnest stock of dress goods, con
sisting ol Casshnere., Empress Cloths,
Diagonals, Mohairs, Poplins, at .1. Bur
ger it Co.'s, 121 Coininerclal avenue.
l.argu stock gents' furnishing goods
at very low pi Ices, at CHunni 's.
For great bargains hi Flannels, call
on .L Burger ,t Co. They havu thu liest
assorted stock iu the clly, mid sell them
at usioiiUhiugly low prices.
Large sto.-k dry goods, wllho'tt re
serve, at vt r.v low price, nt 0. Hanny's.
II yen want a good Custoin-inadu
lady's or miss's hou call on ,1. Burger
& Co.
Large stock of carpets, oil cloths and
matting, at greatly t educed prices, at C.
New- goods opened every day hv O.
H.iythoni it Co.
A very largo assortment ofGernian
town yarn, Bermah zephyr., ami eveiy
article appertaining to this departnn.nt
in all shades and colors, at .1. Burger it
tvi-Tlli: Al.l2XANDF.lt COUNTY
PARTMENT. Large stock of domcsllo prints, mus
lin, and tickings, at low prices, at C.
.1. Burger it Co. call especial atten
tion of housekeepers and those contem
plating keeping house, to their largo
stock of entirely nuw carpets and oil
cloths. This Is their first season in that
Hue, and are coutldeiit of suiting all In
the latest designs.
big inducements offered
in ck;ai:s and tobacco, at
Shawls and Cloaks of all the late
styles ranging from the cheapest lo thu
finest. . I. Burger it Co. have paid par
ticular attention to this department, nud
ate able to undersell any house in the
city. Call and be convinced.
Flue, neat and stylish box-toed
stitched hoots and shoes aru made
specialties by 1. Jones, the Commeiclal
avenue boot and shoe manufacturer.
Give him a call.
J. Burger iV Co. have now on hand
thu most elegant stock ol 2 ami It button
Kid Gloves ever brought to this city, and
are determined to sell them at remark
ably low figures.
A series of lectures under the nuspl
ces of the members of the Library Asso
ciation for tlie establishment of a public
library In Cairo, will bo held alter
nately at the Presbyterian, Methodist and
Chiltin churches. Tho following la
dles and gentlemen havu kindly con
euted to lecture, commencing:
Oct. 5, Mr. S. P. Wheeler.
" 12, Mrs. W. If. Smith.
" 11), Buy. Charles A. Gilbert.
" 20, Mrs. H. Wardner.
Nov. 2, Prof. O. C. Alvord.
" a, Dr. G.G.Parker.
" 1(1, Dr. 11. Wardner.
" 2.1, (To be filled).
" 20, Dr. Win. K. Smith.
Dec. 0, Miss Kate Thompson.
" III, Hon. Wm. H. Gree'ii.
" 21, Mrs, G. G. Alvord.
C. 0. E. Goss, Sec'y.
By order of Executive Committee.
H W-
Ii uiollcateil Willi ill'cillve compound!. Oste
by absorption, Bctltut on the llrir nml toniicli
Imiiieitliitel)', uMhk from tneiYitemevcrr lur
tlela of Malaria uml Unions poUon. a cuually
wtlcaelons ami a mre preventative In alldl-i-aiea
growing out of a dlanrdrrml liver. Tno
who try them arowllil with dcUisht over ttelr
apeeil y relea.o from ulferliiK-,. - .,.,- - , n.
Like, tmrythliix valiialilelOLMAN'8 PAD
Ii belnir i-uiiulerfflteil. Imy u'm hut Uiolo
A aure eure nud re t nlntlve Iwr all
firm ud igui, Biliou Biindin,
Sji;t;iiii Itomiiia, te, lc,
Until further uotlct! lloliuan's Axutaml t.irer
1.1 1 In houthern IlllmiU. Mlimurl ami Kcn-
lucky, will be bold throueh Dr. U.S. lirigbaui,
Agent, Culro.
Fourth Si Vino It., Oinoinsati, 0

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