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KNMilltK MIUr Every rmre.
JOHW H. OBXRI.T, Editor.
In the absence of our senior we oecas
lonly feel like publishing a complimentary
word In his Miair. The following is
irom tho HarrUburg VAroniete :
"The address dcllvcrcil before the Odd.
Fellows' Grand J,odro at Tcorla, last
week, by Hon. John II. Oberly, was con-
ooiIjmI to In the bent on t lie snblect ever
delivered In the State. He will doubtless
be In great demand among the fraternity
for its repetition.-
On the 14th Inst. UcucralPhil Sheridan
was the recipient of a profuse banquet
at the hands of a number of prominent eltl
.ens of San Francisco. The Governor of
California, j Seuor I'achcco, presided
Sheridan tntade a gpct'cli widen was
loudly a&DUHided. Colonel l'ctcr Dona-
hue, chairman tf the Democratic Central
Committee, was in attendance, and on
Urst entering the banquet room modestly
seated himself at one of the lower tables
Ge'itcnlSberldan, being told of his prcs
euce,"se'nt'tor the Colonel and asked him
to be seated at his side, when a storm of
applause greeted this occurrence.
A story is going thu rotinda that a Ten
iicssecan, named King, vlillc residing on
ids larm in that State, was robbed, In
18J2. at different times, by soldiers of
both tlie Federal and Confederate armies.
To avoid these troubles he removed all
Ills produce and valuable effects to a cave
In the Cumberland mountains. One day
a furious storm threw down a huge rock,
which closed up the mouth of the cave.
Failing to extricate hlmsell irom ills se
cluded oslt!on, he lived therein thirteen
ycarc, eating from tits produce and drink
lug from an inexhaustible spring. The
other day a railroad company, blasting
for a tunnel, blew him and the remainder
of his provisions out ol their solitude.
Tough, but not Improbable.
A novel race recently took place from
Baltimore to Philadelphia, n distance oi
one hundred miles. Six carrier plgeons
of the Antwerp breed, were entered,
three prizes being the reward. The llrst
prif e was $50 ; second, n gold medal ;
third, a silver cup. The pigeons
were entered by thu members
ol the Fairmount Association No. 1,
and were tossed from the United States
hotel, opposite the Philadelphia depot.
The favorite bird, Fred Woods', won tho
llrst prize, making the distance between
the two cities in 2li. 31m., the second, llh.
7m. ; and the the third, Oh. 4m. The
Antwerps are strong and muscular, hav
ing fierce and resolute eyes, and strong
attachment forborne, to which they will
fly with unerring accuracy. Ibices a dis
tance of COO miles have taken place In
It Is believed by the good people ol
Winnebago comity that their duel farce
will die a natural death in a few days
The festive J'osfgate will not turn State's
evidence ai was supposed and desired by
the authorities at Kockford. He is true
grit and refuses to go back on his brother
Bohemians. Tills is a display of true in
wards, which proves that reporters,
when they have lunched and drank
Bourbon together, and fought
a duel, with line shot., cannot be coaxed
from friendship's equilibrium by a paltry
display of rural power. Nothing short
ot a first-class Spanish Inquisition would
have a tendency to make a reporter squeal.
They may run at the slht of a pistol,
and pirouette under the Influence of a
horse-whip, and toil to pay bar bills, but
they will never go back on their Bohe
mian friends.
In the Court ol Oyer and Terminer.
New York, on the20th Inst., aboy named
Thomas Wilson, aged fourteen years,
was arraigned on the charge of murder in
the lirat degree, the penalty for which
is death. He killed, on the 1st of last
Jly, a youthful companion named Al
fonsl JGueroj-o. During a trivial dispute
with Guerogo, Wilson ran into his house,
saying "I'll tlx you !"and returned with
a single-barreled pistol, pointed It at his
youthful antagonist and tired. The ball
fractured Gucrogo's tkull, caus
ing almost Instant death. It
was argued by Wilson's counsel that
the shooting was done through culpable
negligence rather than throuah any homl
ctdal Intent. The judge f-cnt him to the
house of correction. After his sentence,
he turned to his lawyer, remarking : "Mr.
Klntzlng, can't you get me scut to the
State prison Instead of tho house of i cfugc,
where 1 would have less time to serve
ucrore lie v;m answered, however, an
omcer tapped him on the ahouUler and
toU him to prepare for liU place of future
Von Bulow, the famous pianist, who
recently arrived in America, is creating
vensatlon In Boston. The papem ot the
hub udiuirc his playing, but they glv
amusing descriptions of his style. Th
Tratelltr tays : "HU face is lit up by
smile of marked beauty, a sniilo which
speaks of happy currents of thought. An
eager nnd devoted look Is given to the
face also by the parting ol tho lips." The
New York Herald, alluding to the latter
portion of the description, says : "This
Is particularly noticeable at dinner." The
Tnnttript says: "The leaping of hi.
hands Into the air after patsages requir
ing heavy blows, the swaying of his body
tUe clutching of his chair were iiu
conscloui , luanwrUim, a kind of safety
vaWe for M, wonderfully In
tenia nervous vitality." The l'oit
ipeaki ol him In the following compll.
mentary maimer: "Bo expressive uro
the movements ot his hotly that it U m
exaggeration to say that as i,mci, ot t)l(i
meaning of Chopin is derived throu--h
the sight as through the hearing in J)-,
performance." One of IIicms eccentric
inovctiifiitK l (lc.crll)cil n? 'lnnliig Ills
whole body at n Ijooinlnjf rhortl in ttie
buss." Ucforc Von Hulow gets through
with tho Tnitod State he will .got well
lampooned for tlicc extra vngniitjactloiis
wblle pounding out melody - for the
For years an obelisk, to commemorate
the lofty patriotism and virtue of Amer
ica's true hero, George Washington, has
been In the course of erection. It I now
i tcet IiIl'Ii, the contemplated height
oeing45to lect, Willi stone terrace ap
proaches 200 feet In diameter. When
completed, It will bo the 'highest monu
ment In the world. Although long neg
lected In the midst of party prejudlreund
bickerings, It will surely not be left tin
finished until after the hundredth until
versary ot the independence won
by the immaculate sword of thu
Christian gentleman Mini steadfast
patriot, Washington. As the Cell
tcnniai approaches, nil the scenes
in the struggle of 1770 return in vivid
colors, and we look over this broad, pro
ductive republic, and wonder at the re
suits that sprang from thu heroic deed
of our ancestors, led by George Washing
ton. Nearly one hundred years have
elapsed since our liberties were assured
and yet no monument In recognition of a
leadership so successful '. Will not the
foreign visitors of the uakur City, and
among them will be thu foremost Intel
leets ol the old world, say: "There Is no
gratitude in republics. They do not rev
erenco their bcneiictors." Kvery section
of the country should endeavor
to raise funds to assist In the
completion of tho Washington obelisk.
Tho committee that has tho work in
charge is taking advantage of the Cen
tennial .spirit, and has Issued an address
to the people of tho republic, the follow
ing being a portion of it :
Wo have invited the representatives of
lorcign nations to assise at our centen
nial celebration; they have accented the
invitation, nnd from all races and all
climes they will conic. If, in 1870, this
shalt remains as it now Is, we shall seek
in vain to evoke the admiration of our
visitors by pointing to our vast natural
resources and mero material progress.
This abandoned monument will speak to
our shame ot principle;) dishonored, obli
gations repudiated, gratitude forgotten,
and the nurcst namo in history
Insulted in the very capital of the
country which lie saved, and within
sight ot the spot winch uis sacreu remain
have madu thu holiest shiinu of liberty !
Aru wo willing to call together the peo
ple ol the world to witness such a specta
cle as this? Bather let this glorious
monument tho highest .-trueture ever
erected, and to the brightest name in hu
man history be completed, so that man
kind, pointing to the uuequalcd shaft, may
iay, "See how they loved him."'
Our western gniin-iicKis leeo mo
world; our natural oil-springs illuminate,
its darkness; our iiiexhusstiblo coal
mines give It warmth; our cotton nnd
wool clothe it; our copper and iron
mines furnish it with all machinery and
utensils ; our marble-quarries contribute
the material for statues and mausoleums
in all lands ;our silver passes current the
wide world round; and our gold shines
in the crowns of foreign monarch? !
Is there no pittance ot all this wealth
to be devoted to that "lorious memory
which grows brighter and brighter as thu
years roll on?
Can American orators rehearse the his
tory of his undying achievements at our
comlnir "lublleo"': can American noets
sing his praise; can American women
venerate the tender chivalry of his char
acter; can American statesmen honor his
memory ; can American children study
liis life and not feel that, before we arc
ready to celebrate the Centennial which,
without Washington, would not have
been ours the disgrace of the people
must be retrieved, and from all this broad
land must come the response':
The sum required to complete the obelisk
Is $500,000. Various States, dcemlug It a
patriotic duty they owe the nition, arc
subscribing sums ot money to the fund.
Minnesota has given $1,000, Connecti
cut, $2,000; New Jersey, $3,000; and
New York, 10,000. The various societies
in the United States are contributing to
it the Grand Masonic Lodge of Illinois,
while In session in Chicago, appropriating
$1,000. It also recommended all the other
Masonic lodges to follow Its worthy and
patriotic example. In the year 1700,
Congress appropriated $200,000 for a
tatue oi Washington. No part of that
sum has been touched. Why should it
not be deyoted to the completion ot this
obelisk ':
The New Jersey State debt 1
Men, like lire-arms, are most explo-
ive when "half-cocked."
The Apple of Discord in Massachu
setts appears to be the Adams apple.
Evil communication') those written
for publication on both sides of n sheet
of paper.
The Duke of l'oitlaud Is thu richest
peer in huglaud. lie lias an Income of
$5,000 ptrday.
The funeral of the daughter of Mr.
August Belmont, of New York, was sol
emnized at Kay Chaicl, at Newport, on
thu 20th.
Colonel Forney write, from I.onJou
that Tltlcns Is to receive for her six
months' engagement In America $100,'
000, besides expenses.
Thu New Orleans Twit says: "Ad
mirai hemmcs Is now raising honey. Uu
uoed to raise (something beginning will
h, but it wasn't honey,"
Mr. 'I nomas Dorwin, General Pas
senger Agent of the M. K. and T. Ball
road, has resigned, his resignation to take
effect November 1.
Tho grand aggregate of 'moneys un
lawfully taken from thu State treasury of
Pennsylvania, In eleven yeais, would
amount to thu sum of $1,12:1,01.
Mrs. Fortmeyer, thu celebrated abor
tionist, who escaped front tho Missouri
penitentiary, was recaptured at Morrison,
thirty miles from Jefferson City.
"Scvenoaks," a story by J, G. Hol
land, and which has run through Saibiter,
has been Issued from the press of Scrlb
ner, Armstrong & Co., New York.
It Is said that In consequence of the
prevalence of thunder storms during the
past season in thu northern part of this
State, the lightniug-iod business Is very
brisk up there,
Annie T. Howells, the novelist's sis-
I ter, takes to literature also, and her new
serial storv will be published In the
Galaxy, cnmnieiieliig with tho December
Ex-Senator E. G. Boss, of Kan.i,
has been appointed managing editor of
the l.rtwrence (knnsas) Standard, u Dem
ocratic inflation (taper. He has been set
ting type since he left the Senate.
On Hang, of North Adams, lng ol
Man and her little lamb :
Was Kit lump Moll had lain,
Vim all eumre white mo,
Kvly plncp Molt Kl wIWw
tin, H.i, tioiipre lung too.
Jennie June announced In a recent
lecture that men arc untlt to discharge
the highest duties of louruallsm. This
was rough on Jennie's husband, who Is
editor of the New York Graphic.
The Mobile Jltgiitcr asserts positively
that ''the negro does not produce half
the cotton which he produced before the
war," ami crcuits wiute lanor wun mo
production of n large portion of thu crop.
AUNou and Grilllu, who murdered
Colonel House, of Franklin, Tennessee,
wcrcadmltted to bail in the sum of $0,000.
Colonel House was bulled Willi Masonic
honors. Mance House, tho colonel's son,
who was wounded, will recover.
"Wlial fniiuU Kentucky sluils for one
lir nil liri'iltMiltliv newest,
l'iir Urtcklnriil-i lr ifrl-a son,
Hor luouilett unit Iter truest
Veil sluntiilnl lies tier latfUKlll
To tJoil, lo fume, unit history,
WlioSc 'f't lflll r'll
Upon tlir skies of Klory."
Ol tho Bed Cloud commissioners'
report, the Boston Transcript quietly re
marks : "Tho public will commend the
document Issued bv It. while laughing at
the studied efforts to screen the principal
officers Inculpated by the vigorous Yale
Pascagoula, .Mississippi, is being rav
aged with yellow fever. Colonel Me
Cardlc, of Vleksburg has been tele
graphed to in the following words : "We
need assistance, can you send 113 some
money?'' It was signed Melanchton
Smith, President Belief Conitnlttc.
An exchange says that the tollowing
stuna is now .sung every morning at thu
Cincinnati Enquirer olllce :
I know a ipot where (lie lightning atntck.
Where a eintll rci up throiizht the ftosty air
Krnniasnmky heap orsmolil'rini' "nijtV'
AmloM hill Allen lle spranlhiK tlieie.
Ex-Scerctary McCulIoch has pub
lished his plan of resumption. Hu would
have the Secretary of the Tieasuiy re
deem such greenbacks as were olleivd
him ig IJ per cent, gold bonds. The le
gal-tenders received In exchange for the
bonds would bo destroyed.
Brown, the negro who murdered a
German named Pfarr and ravished Ills
wife, was hanged hi St. Louis on Friday.
Hu denied the crime to the last. A3 his
body ceased swinging, a doctor, standing
near thu scaffold, remarked : "A good
job." Another doctor icphed: "Ye3,
d d good."
Simon N. Small, formerly a promi
nent find wealthy lawyer of Milwaukee,
committed suicide on thc22d by shooting
himself through thu head. Thu act is
attributed to depression induced by an
Incurable and chronic disease and pecu
niary los-es. The deceased was formerly
proprietor of the Newhall house.
George II. Itigcisoll, of Sussex county,
New Jersey, has notilled the world
through li'iUts' Spirit that ho has named
his seven vear old brown inaru Vic De
Bar, and warns the public that hedosen't
want the name appropriated by anybody
else,- Mr. Iiigcrsoll, we Infer, is some
thing of a traveler.
Frederick Hudson, tor many years
managing editor of tlie New York Herald,
died at 5 o'clock a.m., 21st Inst., at his
home in Concord, from Injuries received
on the railroad track tho day before. He
was riding In a buggy with Judge John
S. Keys, when the locomotive of an ad
vancing train struck the vehicle and
threw its occupants out. Mr. Hudson
was fatally Injured.
The United States local steamboat
Inspector concluded his Investigation, at
Louisville, on the 21-t Inst., Into tlie
cause of the late collision of the T. T.
Hillman and Vint Sliinkle. The verdict
is that the collision was caused by the er
ror of both pilots, Harvey Thompson of
the Hlllmau, and Taylor Wells of the
Shlukle, each of whom Is entitled to the
highest censure.
E. L. Hicks, a son of Major Hick, a
highly respected citizen of Wyoming,
Pa., surrendered to the police, on tlie
21st, stating that on a previous evening
he shot Archibald Anderson, for several
years engineer of the Diamond Mine. It
appears that the parties met at Tripp's
ravine, a lonely spot, and Hicks, mistak
ing Anderson for a desperado, but with
out the exchange of a word, tired at him,
mulcting wounds Irom which he died
hilu somo workmen were engaged
in digging a cellar In rcorla, on last
week, they discovered a collin completely
decayed, though thu silver plate was in
good condition. L'pon the plate was thu
inscription, "Kuilla Wren, aged 17."
The man whose grave was thus lost and
accidentally found, was at one time
very prominent clll.en ol I'.'oria. In fact,
to him and two others, m county com
mUsloners, was deeded thu quarter sec
tlon upon which stands tlie old town of
Peoria, to lay out a county scat.
A correspondent of thu JewUi Jej
sender says : 'Thu small boy sharpened
his pencil and wrote tho adventures of
the day. Thu diary wan panned around
and wo admired the graplu description of
sea llfu couched In sentences liku these
Juno l.'lth, Very Hull. June 11th, itull'e
to-day. June lUth, 'Jo-day wo went 01
not. It Is still very nil!', June 17tl
There were not many at dinner to-day
and I liked the plums. June 10th, 1
didn't keep a diary yesterday. Ma said
it was thu plums, til nots to-day.' "
i he detectives arrested a woman on
the 22d, in Concord, who confessed that
she had lived with I.apage hi Canada as
his wife. I.apage assaulted, ravished and
left for dead her sister, u young woman
of twenty-two, and, to escape ptini
ment, tied to Vermont. Evidence I
hourly accumulating showing him to bo
a monster in crime and ol bestial passion
Tho elllccrs are satisllcd ho Is guilty of
the Laiigmadu murder. If this crime he
not lastencil on him, ho will hu taken to
Vermont and held for the murder of Miss
, Ball.
Mnrslmll t'rniii Nenlenreil
lliinir I
to lie
tltx.vptliin I'lesn, llxtta, Oct
Judge Crawford announced on Wed
nesday, when Marshall Crnlu plead guilt v
to the' indictment for tho innrdei ot Wil
liam Spcuce, that hu would commence to !
I .1. . I !,.! VI 1.. 1 I
near mc iiihuuiiuun ui i.uu s i.iu u f
o'clock yesterday morning. At that
hour Craln was brought Into emui.
and the investigation was prompt I
begun, by tlie Introduction ot the evi
dence for the people. The most Import
ant witnesses for the Slate
were Sain. .Music, onu of
Grain's accomplices, and Monroe jlliilll
tier, who woro that Craln told liliii, a
few days after tho death of Spcuce, that
he (Grain) killed him. The attorneys for
the defense made very vigorous cross
examinations ; and they introduced sev
eral witnesses for the defendant, to show
thattho statements made by Music could
not he true ; and others to prove thai the
defendant was of weak mind; ami
further that lie had some reason to he
licvu thai Spcuce wns liiir'ioriiig tho Sin
hey boys In III store.
At half-past 2 o'clock- the examination
ended, and the judge asked I he attorneys
If thcr desired to say anything. Both
sides declined making any retnaik, pie
terrlng to leave the case 'ciitiicly on the
By this time the court room w.
crammed with aiixiou-. and almost
breathless spectators, many ot whom
were respectable ladies of this place, all
eager to liear what would ho tho late of
Ihoprl-onernt the liar. While Judge
Crawford was writing out thu sentence
every thing was perfect stillness, ami
when lie looked over the audience before
commencing to speak, there could he
read hi tlie faces of all a deep anxletv lor
the coming result. The iudge, hi his
remarks, spoko of tlie great responsibility
that tills cast- bad placed upon him ; ot
the great depth of this crime, of its being
a premeditated nnd cold-clooded murder.
He spoke of the opportunity
ottered the criminal to have
ills case tried by a jury of
bis countrymen; of his explanation to
the prisoner of the probable ieulls
.should he plead gulltv to the charge ol
murder ; that with a full knowledge of
these tilings, lie had still entered a pica
ot guilty. Hiu judge then snoke of the
penalty llxed by our laws for the crime
ol murder; of tlie law itsell, Its true in-
teiiis aim ilium nr. Vt lion ho stmko nl
tliotlnal doom of tho piisoner was
U.M.-U iii i mums oi manv that were
prei-cnt. Many In Hie audience were
weepinu by this time, and the judjro hlm
sell shed copious tears, teemiii'' nlinoit
overcome, lie placed his handkerchief
to ids eyes and bowed his head for a few
moments .silence In the room was per
fecthut soon rallied lilin-elf and
s.ild : " I must do my duty before
my (iod and my fcllow-ineii,"
and with few words pronounced
the sentence of death on .Mursh.ill Craln.
When the sentence was pronounced,
(.'rain's wife, who had been at liU sldu all
day. ave way to lier feelings and wept
During the entire trial the prif oner did
not appear the least alarmed, and did not
seem to be even atli-cted when tho Jtidjje
spoke his doom. Craln wa asked if he
had any tiling to say why sentence
should not hu pronounced on him. ile
answered that he did. and rose up and
iid that the people had forced him to
trial before he had time to
IT ...... I ... 41... ...t...
defend lilm-elf: that he hud
been led into the-e crimes
by John Itulliner. a man who was
marter than ho was: and he did not
think lie deserved to tc liunr. The juilo
then pronounced the sentence that
Marshall Grain should be huntr by the
neck until dead.
The dav llxed fur his execution is l ri-
dar, the 51st day of January, 1S70.
Craln Is millty ot the hiirhost crime
known to the law one of the most wll
fill murders ever committed anion''
neonlc. and is tlie llrst man ever sen
tenced to bo hun-' hi Williamson county.
The preparations for tlie Interment of
Gtilborcl are beinjr iiro,ecuted with vliror.
The stone arcophaiis In which (ini
bord's remain- are to be IucIommI belli-'
made by Mr. Itobert Held of this eltv.
one of the inon skillful workers In mar
ble in Canada. Tins two blocks of Mon
treal limestone from which tlie eotlln !
to be made were cut In the quarry at
Cote St. Louis. Kach "stone Is feven tcet
long, tour feet wide and about two feet
thick, hi eacu fionc a cavity is to he
cut of Biilllclent width and depth to hold
the cottln In which Gulboru'f body Is
now inclosed, ilic wooden collin hav
ing been placed in one of the cavities, the
iwu muui-i win oe accurately nttcd to
eacli other and fastened toirether with
heavy Iron bolts driven throu;h each
stone, and riveted at cadi cud. The
whole Mirtacti of the sarcophagus will
then bo coveted with u layer of Portland
cement, mixed with scrap Iron, of a thick-
nes3 .stilllcientto resist the iuo-t powerlul
drills. The stone collin will weigh nearly
nine tons. .Mr. Iteid expects to have it
completed by Saturday next. The inter
ment win he made w t i In two or three
days alter the completion of the collin.
An I'tiiltricroiiiitl I'orrnl.
A limn livid'' in Ks.e-c count v. Vir
ginia, ill ditff-iii'' a well recently, at :
tleptli ot about thirty feet came upon tlie
iruiiKH oi large t fees several leet in main-
ter, winch were found to hu cypress.
Fearing tlie water would be Iniurcd by
tlie wood, he determined to abandon the
well, nnu tlug another aomu distance oil
mien he had reached about the same
depth he ng.'ilu encountered the tree
and a third attempt at a still greater dis
tance irom me hist wen, again nrougiu
lilin in contact with tliU MiUerninnin I or
es t, the trees of which are of great k.u
and well preserved.
Coi-aer Washinnton Av. and 14th Street,
Wedding Cards
ttl North Mla Ztrt, ST. LOUIS.
I rrut i
?f io jfooS'Vi'nuf1 ,
. Silt Aa;" t.'o,, Bt
lnour Wt
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Auiror hor.k
mm free
uuuu. Mo
DIVOttCI'.S loBiilly obtaluwt fur liici,iniul
I'llily.i'te t leslikiice uiiiiiciwiryi li'unitir
tv.ii-c. Aiiureus 1 u, iiua i.uicjKn, 111,
tir A rs r ttt t a nTi?c muur n
n, Hamii fur loull'I'iitlAl rlmilur, cf mititvuliK
Pi II. U .1'AJllt, li i:. Wuih.hi. JiidJumi-U-, hi'l,
1 1 ummful
Asio African Caravan
Continental Circus,
Will iIiiIm( at
Cairo, Wednesday, Oct. 27.
"Which Now Trans Atlantic Cundi
dittlo for Public Favor,
after :it!ii- In" mii li mi KiikIUIi mut Cuiilim-Ml.il
lliiiiilallriii ii h In ollicUlly obtain Ilic ilixtiii-
f'tll.lml litvcnlll'ill ol' llri .Mut iiihkI
i-tv, Ijiiicii Vlrlnrln, lin liren tniiii,rt(il
llic'dlnil lt,l.llc, Ij.v iH'dfil liuiiirr, nt imioi
inoiii rxin-M-ts iiinl will, ilurlni? tlie iicrnt J'a
ruii, l'ii IiiIi,"IikiiI in Its
To American iiiroul.
WW- -"-JL Jw
IHKMO'-T NOT.MII.i: NM.W Dl.t'Alttl III.
nltcmptcil in imni-c-nii'iita lu the Xvw Worl l,
MagulUcoul Mcuogarlo Mnrgoroo
r-iiiuplCJ ii eoli.Mul anil onelly iliiplkyitlon of the
iniiiuus s.ouiukicui "iirurni m ixumuii iin'feui- l
r'f1ri'ltu Hunt; li-rui, fiotii llieilunlile RmMiti '
lairs, in wlilcli inn I tiiii-l ninlmhmrtil llif
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tfil elnce Ilic Klontt. Ilu'lll'lln? n I
Caravan College of Brute Scholars
nml tl.! nin-t niloun Ibis llliiilr.ilniii'. of uuiinil
iiKiKii'tmleaml tmlnhi on cirtli, in
Tho Cyclopoun Asiatic RUinocoro
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Hull In Ani' r.cM nml siiclia m ivhic moiinlAln i.f
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Actlni A -.1 :it.'l Mlinlcklii Muutc) 4
UjiiKtitullii','a H'iilu4j t'lincriitnition of
FAVOHI 1 i:s
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vuiry lor uijiniiii laiircit.
Sig. Abclardo Lawanda,
'I he Hr.ullllan Womler, Ilic nnu of flfivmn
n:iilli; kumetrniilts, on hoisrlucki lih l..iiU-
iriaiiim iiiii.i i" in i" i'w iN-iii'ini 1 iiu liioHt
Kliicjful iiimI iliirim rl'ltr in Uu- jiioi'i hIou ,
stiiinU n itlioul uu niu:il.
M'mo Josophino,
ll,- "(iuii.Ti of Ilic Alfliu," llif liiu.l hcuillifill
ofhail'liitil. liiiilUlriflinis.
Peto Conklin,
Tim fiiniilfH of h'lt-clown fooU AiiiitIp.'h
fii-utiMt JfotiT, iictllinf thu luts'-it Hulary of
clown In Aiiifilrai.
J. M. Canfiold,
'I licoiilnul"i,ili!.Icnl;lMi,"iint cliuii(!(i i;,itil
trlun, uiitlnlioatofolliirliillllaiii eiurs
'il.o Bicatrst iiiimbcrof Hie .'ii'iiltsl ililcri",
ImiM-ra, I'liullllirliln, contorllotilsts, ifjuiiiii'.ts,
Juwlcrs ur,ilK'iiral iirl'oiiii iM i-tertitsnuhli-il
hi tlllicr liiiiililitin, nml llliiatnithiK tin- mIk
iml trliimiilmnr ifiiritrl.iiiliiiii ami tliu lilulii-sl
nml imri-ht nttnhimi n ti of (iriictful ntiil com-jKe-0111
pliyalcul lie' rloiiiii'iit.
Till. lll'CI. ItllilUVAV HOLIDAY I'AltADi;
Sig. rrancischini's Coldstream SilTer Csnti
In llir (ioiaiou. (lolilen Cliurlot ol M. (moil-i'.
cxrccilnlii mii4mu xplciiilor 11 ilo.cn Koinan
Tliiiiiiliu iiml (,'lvm outwnrcl i vi'li im: of tin)
iiiHkiri'iiouic inaiiieicaoum'a orilio
Foreign Field Favorite
f (c ll, uiui rii'i'ulutH llii'Rfioa utwb Hint Hit-
a-n.mL.T' show
In coniinjr.
Mt'iin-ft-ric DooraoK'ii 11 1 1 ami 7 o'clock, 11. in.
Circus iK-rfommiKccoiiuiaiicliiif one hour later.
ADMISSION, - Wccuta.
i.uii'iivii mi'iri- v jurs, VS ccntu
Washington Avenue, or the Levee
Feather Dusters are indispensible
articles at hoiue.dn the store, in the
shop and in the office. Every good
Housekeeper knows their value,
and will not be without one. We
are selling them CHEAP to suit the!
Call and examine, whether you
wibii to purchase or not.
Great Exposition.
Head-Quarters for Groceries !
Wm. Giesm & Sons,
TO. and 72 Vine
Importer and Wholesale Dealer in
Wines and Liquors,
Keeps a full stock of
ECoxxtnxoliLy Bourbon,
Monongahela, Ryo and Robinson County
Wood ! Wood ! Wood !
BIG MUDDY (Mount Carbon Coal.)
Tho Cairo & St. Louis Transfer
1111 orders lor Wood and Coal. Delivered to any par of tuo City, at
tho Lowest Cash Price. OFFICE AND YARD at tho Cairo 8t St.
Louis Narrow Gaugo Depot.
Wood, -1 feot. jor cord
Wood, sawed, per co lit
Wood, Hawed and pUt,i)ur cord
Coul, cur load, per ton
C'oiil, car load, nliiKloton
Coat, cur load, onri'lialf ton
I.ouve orders at :F."M. Stockllithn,0!2
Sixth 8tret and Commercial Avnnue,
Orilom Solloitml
ONLY $1.25 A YEAR.
and other Produce.
Street. t'lWIXX.tTI.
& Coal Company is ow prepared to
ta so.
a so.
- $6 OO,
$:i ao.
t j 00.
Ohio L.tvoo.ut tho Cry-Hal Saloon, corn-r
and ut tho Company a OMc.
mid Promiitly l'llloil.
F. M. WARD, Supt.
I.I II ! - ll-l
1 11 I

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