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The Cairo bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1872-1878, October 26, 1875, Image 3

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Ktilirlit of I'ylliluD, liiCLtn every I'll-
uay nlalit nt lull-pittl sirim, liiO-Iil-Killmts'
Hull .(Mo, II IJoss.man,
- lumix-llor Comnunilfr.
Iiiilcivmlriit Outer of OiM-l-VI-
Ife lf.u. i.tn..f. iifif 'I Inir-Hlnv mirlit
'Jhrf7' at Imlr-iimt h-ii-m. In lliclr l"ill mi
l-'oitilw-rrinl aunili-, tawwii IMIi aw) Kotciilli
iticrtt. T J Klhiii N. (
tAIKO l:S(JAMl'.MKNT. t. O. . 1'., iiih-k
Win OiM-FillnwV Mull mi tha Uret unil tlilnl
lii'-mli In i-wry mmpiiIIi, ut li-iU-pasl seven
Nil II OhkiiLY, U. I'.
i:.ll!) I.OIKii:, .NO. 1T7.A.K. A A SI.
Ilolil n-irulur lijiiiiiinniiuiimi in .va
nillin Hull, turner rutiiiinri-l.il nventio
Mm, I Klifhlh flnvt, im Hie urtiinl ami
i till MiiiiMnV irirli muntli.
'1'iirtriills ilift-..
This Is a new style of picture now be
III; pioilmvil by Win. Winter, (lie artist,
nl this ell)'. 'J'Iic- pictures nre creating
much interest In ull the principal l'atcrn
unil Western cltles,l.-liigultogethcr new.
Tin')' are unlike photograph. being
inl-tcl and beautifully enameled over the
lithe Rurlacc, soli in lone, lint dltlnct In
the lights nml shades. Xn otto who sees
them fall toitdmlm them, or to give the
artist nit order. We havu been shown it
number of picture of well-known ladlo.
anil gentlemen of the rlty, ami haw no
hesitation hi pronouncing tln-tii perfectly
f plnnillil. We wouhl thorcloru .miIvImj nil
who take Interest In such mutters or dc
lro picture", to call upon Mr. Winter nt
his gallery anil examine his work in this
new branch of the sliadow-capturing int.
l.onli IIi-i-Im-H Iimi l'II.Si:.N'i:it.
Iliiu'l l iiiuet !
iryouwiini tinware, stove-clc.lliat A.
J I alley has changed bis plato of bit-luess
null can now be fuiiuil at 113 Commercial
avenue, next door to the Arib cnjjlnu
home, wherr he will bo pleaded tone
ou anil give von bargain a of old.
' u?mr
l lolrrno li'iim il.
ivr-ons havingci-terns needing puni
Ing out and repairing can have it done
piomptly and at prices t -tilt thu times,
liy Killing on !. S. Hawkins 'ro street.
I brjve a man and pump employed all the
time for the purpose. Si-lfi-tf,
Willi t?il
l.vi-rybudyto knnv tlitt tlio place to gut
A,sinoolli .1ine.
A Rood rliamroo,
A faidilouuMo hair-til',
Or aiiylhimr lu that llr.c,
Is at "the Oicank I'Bvru.ii. I!ai:iii:ii
' Hoi-, corner Btglilti and Coitinit-reial.
H8-H .1. Oi:o:i(ie iTKi.suorse.
I'II.SI:m:U ill l.oui llri-ln-rlN
Sa5f Dr. Sherman, the great SM.rial-l-t,
30!) North .Sixth -tact, bar g .ined an
enviable reputation iu the speedy manner
iu which he treat all chronic dltca-es.
See advertisement for lil jrreal Syphilitic
Kradicalor, Indor-ed liy tlte medical fa
culty everywhere. IMS-Iyr.
Ti Ilic Triiile.
f lioice line of collie and uar jut in,
at the New York .Store.
Iiitcreil on li'ills,
TAt.AUxaiitler Cvtiuty llankwiU ;i
rtiit on dfjH.iiti in the satinya dtpnrt
nent. .Vnlli r KriniiMil
U. Koch lias removed his boot and
.hoc iliop from thu old land to hi
new In ick building (one block below),
So. M) Coninierclal aviniie, between
l lltli and i?ixth streets, where hu will
keep llio best home made and .St. I.oul
custom made boots and hoes, made of
the hot matcilai ; ood woil,manhip
and In the late-t Mylc. All onlcr.
prompdy attcndeil to. 'J-'S.i U.
I'll.SKNKi: at l.oui- llcrbeit'.
To Die ClIieiiH of Cairo.
I would Inform my many IrlcinU. tint 1
mil Rllll la the auction hurlm-M, mid icady
to attuiiit to all cale? that may offer. M)
long cxpcrlenco in till liulni"-i mcils i.o
I'omuiunt- I Is no cxpcrliuuat on my part,
and parties entrusting kooU ti my euo
teed not be afraid, us I am no ".quib" cr
noviic in tint biulnem.
r?iiicl-l atteiillou kIvcu to real et'itc muI
out-door kalc, us I lnva nucrinlneit maU
ir.t; aiials!. D. Hawtma.v, Auctioneer.
Corner Sixth htrctt and i.'omincri'ial A v.
oUc-oitS"l"II.SF..Ni:H-il I." ii Is Her
herl'f A So. 1 l.iuiiiilr.v
It l now conceded that Mr?. Coleman,
I ho Wundiess. .Sc. 1J I'outtli utrcct, be
tween W itltln jtm t Uonuncrel il avenues,
has ono of tins best conducted laundry i s
tnbllrlimt'tits in tbo city, and landlords of
hotel and boarding houses will llud It to
il.nlr r.ilumtaL'u to call upon Iter.
Her priccB arc as tollows: Hotel
boiirdlng-lioii-o waliiiif,'. wM
dozen. Kot piece work prices
as tollow.: Slnijlo thlit &nd
lar, 10c; per dozen 6Ccj socks no; two
lars, c, twj Imtdkcrchlclt, fe vcMs
and all Kcutlcmeu's wear, SOc.
docn. badlea' drcssci, 2.'i to
akin 10 to 20c; drawers 10 to lftc;
pair hoso Pc; two collars Ii to ICe. Kor la
tiles' plain clothes SI 00 per dozen; for la
dles lino clothes, l per dozen; done
dromtitle. and ni'oniiitlv delivered. Pa
tronage solicited
A Fill!) Ntork.
Win. Killers ik-clre to inform Ills imt
ions unil tliu public Kimorally, Unit hu lias
now on hanil a lurjju stock of l-'reiic-h anil
liorinan Calf, Kip anil Mnrueco, nml Is
prcpari'il to inainiraoltiiv, tor Mom ami
ollk'O wear, tlio Uncut of .Morocco or Cult
.Skin Shot's or Hoots; ami for fanners,
flraynii'ii amloiil-tloor wi-aroncrally, liN
Ki'fiich Kip stands abovo anything over
oll'i-rt-tl in tills market. Mis Lasts tiro of
the lativt MyU'x, ami hu can guaraiilio a
lit amlFalUfatlon to nil his puti-on.
tfflr XX Amber nml White rug Mock
fnvclopi'sntthellUM.i'.TiN olllce, nrlntet.
$:i M)nml$l 00 lw M.
licliirrMiut AinerU'ii.
At tho IIui.i.bun bindery--18 number,
bourn! lu two volumes, full gilt mor.
rocco; wt $11 ; for enlo t $10.
it ri:s or Aii.itum.j.
U'AII bill lr 'idiiiiliilhiJ, uir tlnr unit my
ubli' IV AOVANri:
'Irni-lcnl uitti'illxInK will In- liturteil t lli
ruli! nfl Ml r!iiiuie fur Hu.' Ilril Invrllim
mid .Vlcinlii foreacli rfnli.iiiirnl mil'. A IIIkihI
0l.4ciiiit will l. nitcle en .Muiiitln.s uii,l illt,ljy
lc.ul nntiro, lulling ur iilliii wl)', will l,c
ili:irKili iiit'iilaierllhc for II, c llirt unit lire
rwitfur wli ail'lllloiial In-erllnu, (cninlliiK
lit p line' mnt upward) j a illxv.unl wl'l l.e nu'le
Ml1 r llilnl hi'erllon
liliri li, sorl. ly, rnllinl and !-HiM-r imllrM
Will mil) licln'erleduj iwln-rlbeinrnM
Knr lneillli l-'iiiienil nolle l ". Notlivi.f
luecllnx of fiulelli'S nr M-erel nnltrs Mi rents fur
e:iili liiierllim,
No nilverlbfinent will Ix1 rerenl at leu llian
.VI I flit.
8-Anitouncementn 15 cash-In vai la
bly in advnnco. No excoption to till
rule 3J
v cue 'iiir. isi nr.i!.
I niTon III l.l t.iiv I'ltn'c niinonnco W.M. A.
IICOMA.S' iik a candidate rurtlu-ollien uri'muil)
Tie.iMiHT muI A-'iTMir nt Hie i tifninif Noetn
Ixr rltctlnn.
We nm uiillinrlM-1 to niitiuniiee .HlllS" A.
IIKKVK in ii ranilMai tor tlii-ntllen of Oiiintv
'I MMMirrr nml Ain-ir, at tln:enaiiliig Notein
lirrclerlluii. Wc am milliorlnl to uniioime. .IOIIN I'
IILI.Vni ncaiwli'l ite fur I omity 'I'n-a'mrriit Hie
eiMilinir NotemlxT elertlmi
H)l COMMIaJO.Ni:it.
Wean- iinlliiirlnl t" iinnoinirf the liainenl'
UI.OltKK W. s .IMONs (it"i helies, lis ran-
tli.latu fir II fllieef I amy i'iiiimlloiu'r ut
Alexuiiderniuiity ut tl.u cimiinxtlectluii.
n;i:.sDAV, nrroiiKK 20, 1873.
Local U'eiillier Itepiirl.
Caiiio, I IX., Oct 1
1 Oil'..
II 111
ISaii. I Tiik.
1 z'J.cl
vn. vr. ,
71 '
A S'liok Wniili'il.
A youJ cook wanted iuimedlately
the Iti'i.i.KiiN ottlce.
ieneritl IIpiiis
Hummer arc plenty in theclty, now.
l'atil Schith 1 havlnjjhl ilrurstoru
bulldiii'.' repainted.
The Interest In theeoiuhi,' election Is
iucrealn dowdy.
Choice cranberries at the N'ew
York .Store.
Col. Taylor returned from N'ew York
on Sunday morning.
Frank .1. Chapman, of Corbomlale.
was in thu city yetcrday.
Mr. X. W. C.t-ey, of New Orleans,
w nt the .St. Charles yesterday.
The number of prisoner is the cal-
abuo-o was Increased by three yesterday.
'I tie Alexiuiilcr Comity Hauls will
piiy hitcreitl on li'iiisll III Hit'
Iiikh lcinrlineiit.
.Ml-- Annie Pitcher will sins at tin?
lecture of Mr. Dr. Warducr this even
ing. There will bo excellent muic nt tlte
lecture thlevenlitK. Kvcrybody should
.MI'sAnnio l'itcher will sin at the
lecture of Mrs. Dr. Wunliicr tills even
ing Kothclillir
ami mcnae-ene
Koval Ylctoria eircii''
will vMt Cairo to-mor-
Mi- Ivlla llobbins will preside at the
or."n. during the leuture of Mr.-. Dr
Wnrdner, this evening'.
Tho-u who need winter boots uoiild
call on K. .loues, Coiniuereial aventie.
Hi? stock ot French and Uonieitle calf
sklu Is the bc.t In the market.
Thetlu-t was fearfully nnnoylnir yes
terday. I'.verybody snilleil :i If they
Itiiil tlie eploolic.
There was no service at the Episco
pal cliiiteh on Sunday evening, owing to
the Indisposition or liev. Mr. Gilbert.
The ('alio it St. l.oui- narrow gauge
raiitoad company have a gang of men
woi king on the break In the Ml-d-slppi
Mls Kila llobbins will accompany
Mi Annie Pitcher on the organ, at the
lecture of Mrs. Doctor Warducr, till
Squire Comings .-till transacts bu-i-nis-
in .In igc UrosV police court room,
lie attends to nothing, however, but civil
- .Iu-t received and lor sale by Matluiss
it I'M, No. 01 Ohio Levee, 20,000 pounds
llaeon Sides, Shoulders and Hams.
10-22-1 t.
I Mr. and .Mrs. w. . mormon, who
have been visiting their numerous friends
hi this city for thu past ten diiys-.left yes
terday for their home in Shclbyvllle.
Wo hi aid n lady say u day or two
ago that "It was a real treat to visit Miss
lloger' school." MUs Uogcr Is one of
the ino-t clllclcnt tcacliers lit the city, and
Is duly appreciated.
A party of about twenty "beats"'
passed through Cairo troin Chester, Illi
nois, yesteitlay, on their way to attend
Hid fair nt .lackson. Tenncssie, which
comes oil this week.
Don't forget the lecture of Mrs. Dr.
Warducr at the Presbyterian church to
night. Her subject will be "A Fashion
able Folly," and a sensible anil Interest
ing address may be looked tor.
That animal, whatever It- U, that has
been Haying its respects to tho chlcKeii
coups In various parts of the city, has iv
licvcil .lewcit Wilcox oi twain uiiy chick
ens within tho lew weeks.
Whltloclc & Son are putting in order
their loiinur slot erooiii, at tho corner of
Washington nvt-iiuo ami Tenth stn't.
They will go Into tlm feed and eoiiimW-
Mou ImMin-!- In low
-One of the Itov. Mr. Ulllum's littlo
girls was suddenly taken very sick In the
Methodist church on Sunday morning.
Dr. Dunning was called upon for medi
cal aid, and tho child Is now, wo nro
pleased to learn, much heller.
Iteinuinber tho great animal show
and elrcns to-morrow. It Is tho last of
the season, and, as usual, Ihc last will
prove tho best. Head tho ailvci'tln-im-nt.
.It Is no paper show ; till nml inoru will
hu M'l-ii than thu hills call for.
j -The Liberal Kellglou.'i A"oeliilloii '
will hold their feeond sociable hi their
hall to-morrow eteiiliig. As usual, n
good string band will be picsent for the
benefit of tlioe who may wisli to il.inrc.
All are Invited loin- present.
Large stock' elolhlng to be sold mil
without iescrc, ut . Ilaiiny's.
Mr. W. 11. MoirU and Jc.etl Wllco
left yesterday allcrnoou for c'lilcigo to
attend He meeting of tic grind com
inaiidery of Knights Templar. Mi". Mor
ris goes in tli place of Dr. Dunning,
who'-c bitdtie-s would not penult him to
Mrs. r. Waidner will deliver her
lectiue, under the nusilces of the Library
Association, thl evening, at the Presby
terian church. She will be greeted by u
large mulieiieo, n. she Is one of the most
able writers and Itueiit lady speakers In
our city.
For cork-soleti noots or shoe', go to
It. .loncs, the Commercial avenue boot
and shoe maker. He Is a lli't-elavs work
man and never fails to pleae.
-William Farrell, Patrick .Martin and
Thomas O'llricu wcie up belortt .lodge
lllnl yestenl.'iy for being drunk. They
wete llnetl two dollars and cot each,
l'arrell and Martin wen: "cut up lor two
days each. O'ltileu wa given tin to
Thomas N'tuli, sectloii boss on the
Xarrnvv Oaiige riilroad. had (lie inl-loi-tuue
to ;jer l,.jr net-lied while breaking
a ear on Sunday. He has quite a family
of children dependant upon his daily
labor for support, and thl will b u great
alllietiou to him.
A vtry large (issorttneut of(jerman
town yarn, Uermah zephyr', and every
artlclo appertaining to this department
In all shades and colors, at .1. Burger iV
While Mr. Sol Fnrnbaker and .1.
Burger were returning from .Mound City
on Sunday evening, their horc; got
frightened near Cache bridge nml tum
bled them both Into a ditch. A black eye
for one and a .skinned arm for the other
wa all the damage they sustained.
The reception to be tendered Mr.
Oberly by the Odd-Fellow of this city,
will take place at the Atlieueum on
Thursday night, when lie w ill, in com
pliance with the request of the members
of the order, deliver the address
delivered by hliu before the Grand Lodge
at Peoria.
.1. Burger A: Co. have now on hand
the most elegant Mock ol 2 and II button
Kid Gloves ever brought to this city, and
are determined to -ell them ut remark
ably lowltgures.
The hoitro of a colored woman named
Mrs. Smith, on Tenth street, was entered
by thieves on Sunday night, and ran
taeked from garret to cellar. The thieves
went through the woman's bureau, In
w hich 'he had hid away n roll of green
backs, but by some miracle failed to Iiud
the money, and lelt without realizing
anything out ot their visit.
Ftcd. Koclilcr it Bro. have opened
a complete meat market nt the corner of
Washington avenue and Highlit street,
ami will have on hand constantly all
kind.- of meats. They make a specialty
of sausage:, am) hare become famous In
this Hue. They Invite the patronage of
the public and are confident of their abil
ity to sati.-ly all who may favor them
with patronage.
Shawls and Cloaks 0f all thu late
styles ranging from the cheapest lo the
llnest. .1. Burger it Co. have paid par
ticular attention to this department, and
are able to undersell any hou-e in the
city. Call and be convinced.
The deep sympathy lelt by the citi
zens pf Cairo for .Mr. and Mrs. Cunning
ham hi the recent loss -u-taiucd by
tils in In the death of a peculiarly bright
and beloved little boy, has been increased
to a painful extent by a .second bereave
ment of a like character. OnStinday last,
the remains of Allle, their youngest
child, was borne to Beech Grove ceme
tery, and there buried forever out ol the
sight of his already atlllctcd parents.
The double blow list brought
Mrs. Cituiilgham to a bed of .sickness.
The disease which carried oil' both the
children was diptlicrla, and another little
one of the family Is now suM'cring front
It, nml until yesterday there wort! but
-light hones entertained of its recovery.
Iu common witlt tho largo number of the
friends and acquaintances of Mr. and Mrs.
Cunningham, wu extend to them our
sincere and heartfelt condolence, well
knowing that the poor, common words
ol courtesy, though-acceptable, will have
little power to heal the sorrow which lias
been viltedyfpon them.
I'heXiitblli; Is hereby untitled that the
cllv is Infested with a large number of
thieves and roughs. Citizens tire warned
to me iiioru than usual care in securing
their premises. Special policemen have
been added to tlie force. Thu class al
luded to above are requested to decamp
Immediately. Should any of them be
caught plying their vocation, they will
be prosecuted and punished with the ut
most rigors of tho law.
II. Wi.NTKit, Mayor.
For Nnlc
The Di'lmonleo Saloon, with teli-nlit
alley, shooting gallery, nml nil fixtures
pertaining to tho estnblMiment. Kor
ti-riii of salt'
, "IM'ly t0
Anxiu C'uvni:.
i'niiiri's(-il VciinI,
We liavo now the agency for this yeast,
the best lu use, made by Tauszky & Co..
w hich wu shall rccelvo Iresh dally by ox
press, wholesale and rdail, ut New York
Store. 10.20.10t.
IIoiinMioIiI t'lirnlt ir ut .Viii llim.
Friday, Oct. 20, 1875, nt 10 n. m., at
lul6 rt sldeiieo of M. S. Cox, deceased, on
Walnut, between Klghlh and Ninth
streets. lU'd.-teads, t-prlntts and mat.
tresses, bureaus, withstands, wardrolm,
o'lalrs, dining room extern-Ion tablo, slde-
luard, refrigerator, hat-rack, kitchen
stove and uleuells, heating stoves, lloor,
malting, carpel, small tables, eurtiiliis(
lamps, dUlie", etc, Lorn IL Mvkhb,
10.20 It, Auctioneer.
i Sen nan old
! We are happy lo announce auothei
oluiiie by that Incomparable litnttot l-t,
"Marl: Twain," which we nre ure will
be welcomed by the public most enthusi
astically. I'ltllkelts predecessors this I
nol a connected tory, yet has all the pe
culiar leatttrt' which have so character
ised his former works ; ami is made up of
the very bet of all that has emanated
from the pun of Its popular author. Xo
w lii-ic does his ready wll and keen satire
more fnicibly display itself than In his
"-ketch" willing; in fact, Id richest
Vein of humor .-ectns lo empty Itself Into
the.-e. Sharp, pithy, and always to the
point, they stir up the subject discussed
and t lit: reader's ri!blcs nl the same
Many of his sketches have a world-wide
renown, and u constant nml Increasing
demand exi-ts for copies of Ihem, bound
In a shape, for pieseivatlon. Such have
been --elected Mini llud a place In this vol
ume, nml are now olleied for the llrst
time, complete, iu book form.
New Sketches occupy large space In
the volume, and bear upon their face
abundant evidence of their authorship,
being "Twalulsh" in every sense of the
word. Mark Twain's teadcts i.uil ad
mlrers ate "legion," and to them we say,
this volume will Iu no wise disappoint
you. UN thu "big bonanza" of the lit
erary world a pcrftet store-house of
good things.
-Mr. W. P. Pitcher Is the agent for
Alexander county, and is now canvass
lug fur the work.
Tin- llailriiml TruiisTi-r NK-miM-r
N. .Met'mill, iimi I'ou-boill Kit
The K. S. McCcmb Damaged Slightly, and
the Ed. Uobbg very Seriously.
Tlie Nlor.v ot'llie Accident n JIn liy
tlie I'lliits of llnlli lloiiti.
At daylight on Sunday morning last,
the tow-boat Kd. Hobbs and the transfer
steamer 11. S. McComb, collided In the
liatbor, breaking a large hole hi the bulk
head of tho McCoinb. jut forward ol the
wheel, on the. starboard .-ido nboe
the guat d, ami breaking all
tbo arms out ol onu side
of the wheel of the Kd. Hobbs, and
breaking both cylinder limbers and
plumber blocks, all of which it will Oc
necessary to replace new before she can
complete her ttlp to St. Louis. Pilot
.lames .Montague wa at the wheel of the
Hobbs and Pilot .lames Tottennlthe
wheel of the McComb. Pilot Montague
say-, that the Hobbs and barges had laid at
the landing opposite Sam Wilson's boat
.toru fa-in nine o'clock tho evening be
fore, nid at day light ihc started with part
ot her tow to go to St. Louis. As he
backed her out ami up stream from tho
shore, hu looked around to .-co that there
was nothing iu tlie way, and saw the
McComb opposite orjti'l below her land
ing with her head down stream. Her
engines were not working ami ho stip-
po-ed that -lie w:i waiting there fur him
to get out ot the way, so lie kept. on
backing to get straightened up iu tlie river
and was getting cloer lo thu McComb
at each revolution, lie then heard ihc
SlcCoinlj blow two whUtles and comu
ahead on her engine. He put hU toot 1
upon thu treadle to answer when Ids
whhtle cord broke and ho tapped the
bell twice and rover-od his engines In
order to give her the side she asked for.
Thu McComb was then pulling out
across his stern ami ll.iuklng down, and
lie thinks tliat iu less than two minutes
from the times she blew her whistle the
eollUion occurred.
Pilot Janus Totten, oi tho McCoinb,
ays he had pulled out from the Incline
to make the uioi ning trip, and as .soon as
he straightened up he saw the Hobbs
about three hundred yards away, back
ing out Into the stream. Ho then blew
two whMlos to passion the left side, and
stopped both engines and waited to hear
what the Hobbs would say, but she did
not answer, ami he pulled out to cros
tho river and get around her. Ilefore
starting ahead on It s engines he blew
two wh!tlo again, and this tho Hobbs
answered by tapping her bell, and
lie supposed, a- thry understood each
other, thero would be no trouble. Hut
the engines of tho Hobbs, although they
were reversed just belore the accident,
tlid not stop her backing-way, and she
came into the McComb in ,-pite of till he
could do to get out of the way. He
thinks that it iniK Have been more than
live minutes from tlie time he blew tho
tir-t -Ignal until tho accident occurred.
We have no comments to make, llollt
phots stand at the bead of their profe
ion, and are good men. We suppose
that the authorities will Inquire into the
cause ol mo accident, ami try io (leciuo
a; to where the blame rests.
I. . O. V. XulU-c
The reception tendered by Alexander
Lodge to our Mon Worthy Grand Mas
ter, John II. Oberly, will take place at
the lodge room on Thursday evening,
Oct. 23th, Immediately after closing the
regular business of the lodge. All mem
ber; of this lodge and their families are
expected to bo pro-cut, and it oordial in
vitation Is extended to ull visiting broth
ers and their families. Tho lodge will
open for bu-iness at 7 o'clock sharp, ami
. . i .. i. ......
clo't! at an can) num.
W. K. Hawkins,
('. Ii. Slack,
A, II. Saitoiih,
A. CoMixtis,
II. F. IJi.aki:,
10-21-ld. Committee.
A.llalley has removed to his new
store room, 115 Coiniuereial avenue, op.
posito Winter's Block-, and next door to
the Arab engine house, where he will ho
pleased to see all his old customers unit
ns ninny new ones. 0-,10-tf
1 hereby notify the business men of
this city, and public at large, tiat I will
not ho responsible for any debts con
tracted hi my mime, unless made by uje
personally. Mm. Annik Coynk,
10-23 20t
Once more Belches Forth its Firey Flame and brings
to mind that
Is Once More in the Field to tell all Clothing Buyers that they
are still buying
"Slop Shop" Goods at Exorbitant Prices.
We keep Goods made in the best Manner and of the Best Style,
No goods that smell of powder of the war of 1812 ; goods well made
and sponged, only for sale fits guaranteed, as we are already known for
such. Others fight competition of that kind with "shoddy" goods, made
by second hand dealers. Keep your eyes open. Listen to no stories that,
sound like "soft soap," as it's a very poor merchant that cannot defend
his own business.
A trial is what wo ask to mnko custoraora out of you all. Wo don't nsk your p.itronngo on account of be
ing "friends" or old Cairoftcs ias wo have been known hero lo ! those many yoarsj but to aavo you tho
almighty dollar. Tho timo for paying for friendship is gone. Our stock of Pino Uudcrwcar, tho largest
in tho city, at prices to suit all, wo make wnr on high prices. As Usual,
Farnbaker, The Clothier.
Oct. Term Jmlxr III OS I'rrvlilliiir.
Probate court adjourned last evening,
having been iu session '.luce the lSlh hist.
Citations were ordered against Julia E.
Van Keiircn, administratrix of the estate
of Alex. II. Van Keiircn. deceased.
Sarah .1. Ilrowu, administratrix of the
estate of James II. ilrowu, deceased.
John C. Crowley, guardian of the es
tate of John Itrodcrick, deceased.
Francis MeDanlel, guardian of the
heirs ol John and Jeremiah Dexter, de
George Miller, guardian of the heirs ot
Isaac Denton, deceased.
David Bishop, guardian of the heirs
of William Dunn, deceased.
Kuilly Lazarc, guardian of tho heirs of
Michael Lazarc, decea-eil.
Kllen Sullivan, guardian of the heirs of
Daniel Ityan, deceased.
William Berry, guardian of the heirs
of John Stewart, deceased.
Mortlar Mu-e, guardian of the heirs of
Aaron Thomas, deceased.
Attachments for contempt weru or
dered In the following cases, thu parties
having been cited, and not making ap
pearance :
K. Sinalling, guardian of tlie heirs ol
S. B. Chllders, deceased.
A. J. Lollcs.-, guardian ot the heirs of
John T. Ciiiiiiultigs, decea-ed.
Sophia Finch, guardian ol the heirs of
Kdward Finch, deceased.
Jacob Light, guardian of thu heir.s of
John Weaver, deceased.
lu tho matter of the claim of William
G. Lindsay, administrator of the estate
of John J. Abii'iiaiithle; judgment for
$121 00.
in the matter of the estate of James
11. Wild, deceased; nou-cupatlvo will
approved and John V. Connlli ami M.
W. Parker, appointed executors.
Iu the matter of the same estale, the
Inventory and appraisement bill was
tiled and approved. Also a petition for
tlie sale of a certain portion of the pro
perty was granted.
in the matter of the estate ol Louis
Xasano, deceased ; petition to sell real
estate ; continued for service.
In tlie matter of the estate of David C.
Hoinans, deceased. Letters ol adminis
tration were granted to James Clonan.
Also petition for the sale of personal
properly granted. In the same estate In
ventory and appraisement bill was tiled
and approved,
lu the matter of thu guardianship of
Thomas W. Fry, minor heir of Thomas
W. Fry. Letters were granted to M. I.
In tho matter of the guardianship ot
Frank and Jacob Mendel, minor heirs of
l'llzabclh Mendel, and Bernard Schmidt.
Letters of guardianship as to the prop.
city granted to Charles Goycr.
In the matter of tho estato ot James
Winkles, insane, it. S. Vociim, conserv
ator, submitted llnal report and was ills
charged. lu the matter of the estate ot Michael
I.a.or, decca-ed. Report not approved
and adinlnl-ti'.itrlx ruled to apply lor
salii of real estato to pay debts.
lu tho inntto." of tho g. ardlanshlp of
Mary Ityan, minor heir of John Kyan,
deceased. Petition and bond approved.
C.tito, Iu..
Monday Kvknm.vo, 1
October 2.-). 1S75.
Indian summer is upon us and the days
are the pleasantest of nil thu year. A
strong but soil wind from the South has
prevailed nil day. scattering the falling
leaves, and, what Is an unpleasant fea
ture, lllllng Ihoalr with dust which lodges
Into and on everything, causing all whoso
business will permit, to desert tho open
streets. Too drouth still continues lu
spite of weather prophets. Clouds cov
ered the sky at the close of thu day, but,
although Indications nro favorable, we
liavo been so oltcu disappointed that wo
hesitate to predict rain to-night
Tito iimrket Is generally
Stocks of corn mid meal nro light, but
there Is very llttlo demand. Oats nro
plenty and unlet. There is somu activity
in l)iii), for speculation, but It will not
last long. Flour is heavy ami dull;
stocks tire largo and demand small. The
demand' foy hay Is limited lo choice tim
othy, which Is a llttlo scarce. The butter
market shows some Improvement. F.ggs
and poultry are very dull,
Till; MAltliKT.
Ourrrkndi should benr In mlud
! that tlte prices here given are usually for
sales from llrst hands lu round lots. In
lllllng orders and for broken lots It Is nec
essary lo charge an advance over these
Stocks nro heavy and the market very
dull. Sales run light. Pilces leinaln un
changed. Sties were ISO barrels on or
ders, S Xfy- 50 ; 100 barrels, $4 DOQSS;
SO barrels low grade, S4 SO ; IWJ barrels
on orders, SI 7."7 2S; 200 barrels, St 25
QJ! ; 500 barrels city, $57 50 ; 300 bar
rels XN, St 75 ; 100 b.trrols choice fam
ily, 4? !
Thu market rules iptiet and unchanged.
The demand for choice timothy is in ex
cess of thu supply, but mixed Is plenty
add dull. Saks were 2 cars mixed de
livered, sill 1 car choice mixed, SI"; 2
cars mixed delivered. Sit ; 2 cars choice
timothy delivered, $17 50.
I'ccelpts are light, ami stocks small,
hut thu ilcm.'.i'd is also small. Prices are
unchanged. Wu note .-ales ot I car mixed
in hulk on track 57c;2c.irs white, re
jected, in sack- delivered (Me: 1 car
while in -ai'ks deliyarcd U5c.
The inaiket Is well supplied ami dull.
Prices arc unchanged very little doing.
Wu note sales ot 1 car Northern mixed
hi ,-acki delivered l'Jc; 1 ear white in
sark- delivered lie; .'1 ears Northern,
mixed iu sack delivered -Wis : 1 car Soulh-
c-rn Illinois in sacks delivered .'We.
Nothing ut all doing. Prices nre nom
inal, S"J 00 for city and $2 SO fot country
steam dried.
Wo note sales to-day of 2 ears i ejected
red SI.
There Is a t-.ilr demand at SUS IK) to
ship on speculation. Plenty comes In to
satity till inquiries. Sales were 1 ear in
sacks on orders, SIS; 1 car In sacks deliv
ered. SKI; 2 cars in -ticks delivered, SKI ;
2 ears in hulk on track, $12.
The market ii. fall ly supplied with nil
kiniN. Wo note an Improvement In the
demand all found, but no change lu
prices. Sales were 200 pounds Southern
Illinois 25(2Co ; HOG poMiids choice
Northern IJOo : 100 poitmls cltolco North
ern 2Se; 200 pounds choico Northern
2Se; 150 pounds cholcu Northern, small
packages 29c; 2 tubs choice Northern
roll 25c; 5 tubs common 20o; 100 pounds
good Northern 20c.
Tho market Is tully supplied, dull and
drooping, guota'lons nro the same as
last week, but sales nru light and are
comprised In 200 doen 20o ; 100 dozen
Thero Is a steady demand for choice
large red apples at good prices. Common
varieties arc slow. Sales were 20 bbls.
appl.'s, S2.50; 30 bbls. apples, S2. I02.(!0;
10 bbls oranges, $7.50; 20 bids, largo red
appk". $:i,00 ; 15 bbls largo red apple.",
$2.75 ; 10 bbls. (-0111111011, $1.50; 10 bbls.
choice red, $J.00; 10 bbls Willi saps,
$ S
There Is somu demand tor choice old
hens hut everything else rules dull. Sales
were 10 dozen old hens, $:i.25; 10 dozen
young chickens, $2.25(2.50; 1 coop largo
young chickens, $2.75; 1 coop largo tur-
kevs, $10.
The market Is Unit tit quotation
but the demand is small, Wo nolo sales
of 10,000 pounds clear sides, 1 1 cents;
5,000 pounds shoulders. 10 i-eut.- ; 5,000
pounds hams, 111 cents.
All O. H.
Cimo it Sr. Lorn K.iiuio.in Company,
Caiiio, Ii.i... Oct. 20, 1S75.
The trains of tho Cairo & St. Louis
llalho:id contluuo to run regularly
to their tlepots lu tho city. No
trains liuvo been stopped outside tho city
iu consequence of tho "wash iu thu
levee." All statements made to the con
srary have been made without i-clereuco
to tho fuels. Trains 011 this road tun
regularly to antl from corner ol Commer
cial nveniio tiud Second street, and from
the-Frt'ight House, corner of Ji ll'eritoii
avenue mid Fourth street. Thero Is
danger whatever to Ihc trains on this
1 .1.1. ...1. . 1... .,....,!.', ..i- .1...
roan iiiiuiiu hiu tnvii..iviiiui.i.i ui uvi j '':'" :.i ii .rtrimi 'mow. bllwu twin
Mississippi river on llio Cairo levie. I lent Su'l i iollowfcvtt l RVUiM'.
John Ponoirr,
Agt.C.&8t.I It, II
lMl llcrlnrllitu VllsWnKI .
I'll I t MM.
.Steamer Jim Fl.-k. Pnilueah.
City of Helena, Vlek.-burg.
" Hello Memphis, Memphis.
" Bed Cloud, I'v.in-villc.
" Hickory, Tennessee river.
" St. Joseph. St. Louis.
" Grand Tower, Memphis.
" Capitol City, St. Louis.
Colorado, Vieksburg.
Tow-boat I'd Hobbs, Pitt-burg.
.Steamer Jim Fi-k, Padticah.
" City of Helena, St. Louts.
" Cherokee, New Orleans.
" Ui-llo Memphis, St. Louis.
" Ked Cloud, Kvansv'lle.
" SUverthorn, Kvausvllle.
" Hickory, St. Louis.
" St. Joseph, Memphis.
',' Grand Tower, St. Louis.
Capitol City, Vieksburg.
" Colorado, St. Louis.
Tow-boat Kd. llohbs. St. Louis.
" Grand Lake No. 2, N. O.
The 1 1 ver last evening w as 7 leet a a-s
inches on tho gauge, having risen 1 1-5
incites during the previous 21 hours.
The weather Is ha.y. and a very
sttong .otiih-wlnd blew all tiny yester
day. "
Business I.ur.
lil.XKUA!. 11 CMS.
Capt. Jack Grammar was a passen
ger hy tho Bed Cloud Sunday night.
The hull of CiiptSchenU's mammoth
tern-wheeler will bo launched at Madi
son this week.
A sail boat capsized opposite the
stunu depot yesterday afternoon, ducking
Its tingle occupant, whose name we could
not learn, lie was promptly rescued by
u -kllV which put out trom thu depot.
W.IU llEl-AinilKM. ItlVKIl ItkroilT, 1
St. Iiiill
N-v lliii-liwliciit I'lonr
for salo at the New York Store. AIo
self-ri-lng buckwheat Hour", in boxes, tor
family ue. 11-15-lOt
Kor fiiile-l'lMio.
A No. 1 second-hand, feven octavo
piano, as good as new, manufactured by
Hallet ,S: Davis, Is oll'ercd for sale at a
bargain. Apply to
K. A. BritNini,
Bulletin Olllce.
Fine, neat and stylish box-toed
stitched bools and shoes are mado
specialties by K. Jones, the Commeielal
avenue boot ami shoo manufacturer.
Give him .1 ('ill.
llnlmnn'ft Afftt unit I .Ivt-i- lSiil U iittitlfftfail
wllhn htm! vegetable comuouivl artluytib
thtllTvr and ttonuch. thiwuli which amlbjr
which an Internal Action is imll
until i.Yt.rv iinvtlMn at innLirLftl and blllou ik1-
IDCU "J avwnii inn
4 DlllOU IK)
on ii taken from the ytrra, la iHnumt mil
nlmoit liniMrcrutlblc iiuiitirr, wIMntnrt thi4
of duy interim! nuillclnr, cuiulnv no Irrliiilou,
notUutU Utt JJfijp!ML'",Z
BCIinKBimenii ciiiinren uini wiuiu. ii-
'.XZ nAUwW iWiii
I r-ittl.fiill v. Anil thUVail UalMia Btrrrwiinir
di. m.
IU Cwrlt' Av iMctilMC,
jl I

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