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AHCAt.O.N l.OMiK, .NO. ,',.
Knight of Tyllilaii, m i U iverj' Krl
iviAnht (it lulf-piut mill, m Odd
fellow' Hall. .I.io, II ;oMIAN,
Chancellor CoirinutniH-r.
Indi-i-ndent urinror uua-rei-
: Iowa, intru every 'ihuwUr nl?lit
hi im(r-t,nt M-wti. In i bet r Hill on
I .oiniiierf ial nvcnui, ui'Ivvmii IIIi ntnJ Seventh
tmU. T J KlMJII, N J
i Jn O.Mfi-llnWi' Hall on Hie Oral and tliliil
imxuLi) in every inonlh, nt iuui-iii '''
( AlllO I.OIH1K. NO. 2.W.A .K A A. M.
llolilri'KUbr fiiitiiiiiunioitloii In .Ma
mmlc Hull, corwr ciiiinerclil uviiiiii-
n.t I -lrl.l I, IH1-t. Oil lll ftn'lind Rlld
i Hi Morula! of evil inonlli.
'1'i.i-lrnlls i'i-.'
Ttiln Ih ;i new style-of picture now le
Ing produced by Win. Winter, the nit!t,
ill IhUcUy. TIicm' ilrliir.- an; creating
Hindi lntrret In all Urn principal F.aMcrn
and Western chief, being altogether new.
Tliey are unlike photograph", being
ral'ttl and beautifully cnanteM over Ihe
entlie cm lace, Milt ill tone, lint di-dlnct In
tin light and thadc. Xo onowhoc
tlu-m full tomlmlre tlicin, or to islvu tint
nrtl't an order. We have been howii a
number of picture of well-known Indies
and gentlemen of the city, ami have no
hesitation in pronouncing tlu-m perfectly
Milendld. Wo would therefore advli all
Walder's Clothing
Hats, Cups, Boots, Shoes.
j , rv in i . ...... ,
Ihmji. nnd HOleiidlU iitock of uooils,
roci'tvlnx dolly
uud in (IntHriiilnuil to
It., U rimolvnil to ifiVH Hici very IjksI
uoM. tnr Dm vprv lowcfll Iiricl'H. Cull
unit Hfo for yoursolVfM
Corn or Sixth Street nud Ohio
31 he MLqiin.
it.vn;s or Aivi:iuiNi.J.
, are ilu und pay
CfAll Hill, forivltcrlnlnif
title IM AIlVASilC
Iruiment a'lrc rtioinj; M III lie ln'Tfnl at tli
rate of 11 to irMUJtc for Hie lint ln-rllon
.n ...1... !.!.. til EMI .li iiinttr r or ill-, anil 'J' unit for each luH-uiuent one. A liberal
!1 llll; IIIIVIl-V HI P I . I . I- . ..
Ire tilcturcc. to cull upon Mr. W Inter at
hU "allcrv and examine hrs worn in una
new brunch of the .hadow-capturltig art.
Kiiii't I onset 1
if you want tinware, stoves ctc.,that A.
Halley ha changed lil-i plai-e of hii-lm-'
ami ran now he found at US Commercial
avenue, next door to the Arab engine
house, where lie will lw pleated to fee
j on and give you bargains a oi oiu.
IVr'on havliiL'cltenn needlii,' pumii-
Iiil' out and repairing con have it done
promptly and at price to .ult the tlme.,
bv calliutron .1. Hawklii", Crtf"treet.
I have a man and pump employed all the
time for the purpose. WWI,
Kvfcr'b0,1' 10 nnv- 'hattho plaeo to net
A ftnootli kbiive,
A Kood 'hampoo,
A fashionable hair-ctit,
Or anything In that line,
U at the (5ltAM CRTlt.I. H.UtliKlt-Vit'-r,
corner Igtith and CointatrcUl.
u.u J. OKonon Stkisiiocss.
ST Ir. Sherman, tho grwit Speclai-
l?t, SOU North Sixth Urn-t, has jralned an
enviable reputation hi the .peedy manner
In which he treats all chronic dl'efl'cs.
See advertisement f'r lil groat Syphilitic
liradlcator, lndor.-od by the mwllcal fa
culty everywhere. O-lS-lyr.
To tin Iriiitt'.
( hoiw line of eolVeu and sut'nr jut In,
at the New York Store.
Iiilrri'il l)oiull.
'V ' AUxenJrr Ojwy liankiriU pay f
' on Aeju-tU in Ikt iovig iltjmrl
lf 10-S-lm
It.'llio wl.
A. llalh-y has rcmovcHl to UU new
storeroom, llo Commercial avenue, op
posite Winter lllo'cl.-, and next door to
the Arab engine hou, where he will be
iittuxl to n'i? all hU old ciitoincr and
as many new one-. tKW-tl
ollrc of ItcllioMil
C. Koch lias removed his Iwot and
Mioc shop from the old Maud to his
new brick building (ono block below).
No. (i0 Commercial avenue, between
Flltli ami Sixth rtreets where he will
ktep the beM home made and St. I.oul
nutoni madu boots anil hoe, made of
tho lc.-t material ; good workmanship
nud In the )ate-t ttyle. All orders
promptly attended to. IMM-tl.
To Mlf t'lllciiH nl t'ali-o.
I woulil Inform mi liunv friends, tint 1
am ttlll in the auction liiuiuis, uud ready
to attend to all calei- that may oiler. My
Ioiik cxperit'iico In this lm-lnc-a need no
comment ills no experiment on my part,
and parties cntruHliig good to my ciro
.a imtbu ntruld. as t am no "foulb or
novice in tho btitlno.
fiiucikl atteution elen to rcalotatc and
out-itoor ialc, as Uuve never mUscd inali
my a tide. D- Uaioman, Auctioneer.
( lorner Sixth Hreet and Commercial Av
A o, I l.iiiimlry .
It Is now conceded that .Mrs, Coleman,
tho liundrcos, No. 12 Fourth street, be
tween V.ihhii;tin ,V Commercial avenue,
lias ono of tliu hot conducted laundry c i
taMUhuicr.ts m tho city, and landlords ot
hotels and hoarding uou-cs will Uml It to
their sdvuntago to call upon her.
Her prices aro as IoIIowb: Hotel and
ioardlnir-houc wahlng, ".' ccnls per
in-son. l-'ot ulcco woik prices are
as follow: &lnglo ehlrt and col
lar. 10c; per dozen 60e; ocks fie; two col
lars, Be; two handkcrchlcls, tic; vests 'JOc;
and all Kcntlcmen'H wear, SOc. per
doeii. Ladles' drcci, 'X to COc
.allium to 20c: drawers 10 to 15c; two
r.ir iin.p niv. two collariS to lOc. For la
i v ,
iliKidint will lynu'l". on -'anOiriK' and iUiluy
lxcul noticin, Imslneta or olhcrwlie, will he
iliarfl ten ccnU per line for Hie first and Jlte
cents for inch aMltlonnl Inmtion, (counting
lite linn and Uiaonl); a dUcotint ulH be inuJe
after ttilrd InHTtlon
fliurtli, Soclity, festival and 'niis;r notlc
will only If! Inserted a whertUeianits.
For lnrtlnB Funeral notice 81 to. Notice of
meelltiK of oclitlc or tecret ordtn Wctnts fur
each lii'irllon.
No adrettUement will U- lecened at 1S than
Wi:UNi;.il)AV, NOVJ..MUKK ;i, 1&7S.
7 a.m.
II "
2 p.m.
I. oral Wiullirr Iteport.
Ciino. III., Nov
IIah. : Tnr. j Wind'Tvel. I
v. rji I
a os ci ' i i: I
29 f I i SK I
I Weaiii.
I Smoky.
; I'uir.
,tin.i ..i .iii ..iniiips ft 00 ltfir dozen: (or la- clerk's olllce in
lioa iinn cintlieB. 81 2S per dozen; dono inonlh of October
ilminniK-. and nroniptlv delivered.
- . i .
tronsgo solicited.
A Fliio Slock.
Win. Khlcrs desires to Inform his pat
rons and the public- nonernlly, that he has
now on hand u large stock of French ami
German Calf, Kip and Morocco, mid Is
prepared to manufacture, lor sioru and
olllce wear, tho finest of .Morocco or Call
Skin Shoes or Hoots ; and for larmortf,
draymen mid out-door weargcncrally, hl.s
French Kip stands nbovo anything over
oll'ercd In this market. Ills Lasts nro of
tho latest styles, and ho can guarantto u
lit luidEatlsl'atlou to all his patrons,
-XX Amber mid White rag slock
unvelopeisatthullun.KTt.N olllce, piluteil
$3 50 and $ I 00 per M.
licturNiiii) America.
At tlm Huuxtin bindery IS numbers,
bound In two volumes, full gilt tnor
roceo; cost $11 ; for sale at $10.
Ccncriil I
l'rofe-sor Alvord delivered ills lec
ture on "Telc-'rapbv" at the MctboClH
church Wsl night
The May Fi'k theatrical troupe are
Hill In town. 'They will give a pet form-
anec, it is aiu, to-morrow mgni.
Flesh oyetcrs are received daily at
Winter'. game, llsh and oyster depot,
Commercial avenue.
The city Jail is undergoing icpalrs,
iiceo"itleU by eiiorts oi "vviiiicat ami
hi? friends to break out on Sunday morning.
The next lecture under the manage
ment of the Library Asioelatlon will be
delivered bv Or. tJeorifo l'arker next
Tuesdav nltrht.
Dun lllce, with hls.eiltieateil hor-e
imoiig them the noted old blind stallion
'Kxoel-ior." "Ives u performance at
.Mound City tonlay.
The ladiei of tlie lrebyterian
church will give the first parlor concert
of the -eason at the residence of Mr. S.
I. Wheeler to-morrow niirht.
Choice cranberries at the New
York Store.
Head Mrs. C. McLean' a advertise
ment of Fall and Winter millinery. In to-
dav'i. nancr. and "0 and see the hand-
ionic new pattern8.
'The Llbrarv As'oclation, we are
told, have over two hundred and tiny
dollars in bank, which will be expended
In procuring a library.
Mr. N. S. Pennington, ol hvausvilic,
Inf. taken the position formerly occupied
bv Mr. 11.11. Miller, in the olllees of the
Cairo & VIncenues railroad, in tills city
'The election pais.I oil very quietly
yesterday. The voters didn't seem to
caie much who was elected, and there
fore didn't bother themselves much
over It.
Died, yesterday inoriilng, at I o'clock,
of bilious fever, John Marud, aged 0
years. A special funeral train will leave
the foot of Eighth fetreet to-morrow at
1 o'clock, p.m., for Villa Jtldge, where
the remains will lie interred.
Tlie Alexander County lliutli Mill
n.iv Interest on dcnuum lit mc
lni;s (leiiirtiuent.
We ars told by the ofllccrs that tlie
eitvisniraln Infested with tramps and
vagabonds of every color and race
Chief of Police (Jossman Intends makln
a descent upon them to-Iay, and giving
them a little advice.
Itidgu Hro-s will open county court
next Monday morning, 'lhe criminal
docket for this term Is unusually large,
there being sevcuty-llve cases to bo
looked alter, which were certllled down
from tho last term of tho county court.
The following man lago licenses were
Issued from and returned tothe county
this city during the
Jacob Kline and Caro
Hue Ilaller; Thcodoro Carrlgan and
Fanny E. Lyon, and Henry Anderson
nud Lucluda Norton.
Mrs. Hack and Mrs. Uradloy, two
colored women, engaged in a rumpus
yesterday, which ended In the arrest of
Mrs. Huck by Deputy Shcelmn. She
was taken bcloro Judge Mrd who lined
her tlve dollars and costs, which she
paid and was discharged.
Jewett Wilcox says ho acknowledges
that lie knows all about that ghost seen
by llarclay, Morris and himself hi Chi
cago, hut that he Is not willing to have
the whole allalr put upon his shoulders,
lie wants It understood that Messrs.
Morris and llarclay know Just as much
about tho ghost no ho doe?.
Dean, of tho St. Charles, has turned
out to he an "Injun skulner" and trap
per. Ilo Is now limiting In the wilds of
Jewett Wilcox's chicken pen, for the
"sun of a gun ot u nihil;" that has "got
way" with so imuiy of his chicken?. Ho
hays (hat mink ha? beat the boarders at
the SI. Charles out of many n chicken
- Itlsasliort rjcy and an exciting one
that between Hall's JJalsam for the Lungs
and Dentil. Don't give Death too much
ofaftait, hud tlie Italsam will distance
its opponent. Nothing Is more certain
than this. One hundred thousand peo
ple in the Fulled States can testily to
this. It never lails to cure, If taken In
time. All druggist have It. Price SI.
Among the ladif:.sniid gentlemen who
will take pari in the parlor concert nt the
residence ofMr. and Mr. S. P. Wheeler,
tO'tnorrow night, are Mrs. Laiifden, Mrs.
Henry Halllday, the Misses Vociim, Miss
Jessie Phlllh, MI'S Lulu Pace, Mr. and
Mrs. Schleslngcr, Mls Annie Pitcher,
Miss IzIc Steele, Mr. Charles Henderson
and Mr. Frank I'obblns. The concert
will lie ii great muIcal treat, and will
surely draw a large audience.
"Black Archie," tlie negro now in
jail for stealing a dollar front Corcorou,
wo ore Informed by Deputy Shcdian,
wears a line eighteen karat gold ring,
which l believed by the olllcer to be
stolen property. 'The ring lias tho
Initials "E. C." engraved upon It. If
one of our dtl.eus lias lost mich a piece
of Jewelry, he may liml it by calling upon
Archie. Archie is known to the olllcers
as a noted sneak thief, and lias been arte-ted
a number ot times before lor steal
ing small article", as well as large ones.
The election yesterday did not keep
the people from discussing the levee
question. The levee Is uppermost of all
things in tlie minds of the dtlens, a'
well It may be, for npw It Is "sure
enough" sink or swim. Notwithstand
ing the talk of the meeting ot the cltlzenx
Monday night, to consider the inatter.no
tneeliug was held, and now the gentle
men who wire the loudest in their de
mands for something to be done, "don't
care a d n whether the town goes under
or not."
We call attention to the advertise
ment of Mrs. M. Swander, dealer In fine
millinery goods. Mrs. S wander's f.dl
stock Is one of the flncet In the city, and
the ladies of Cairo may rely on seeing at
her (tore room only the latest and mo-t
styllh millinery goods. She has all the
most desirable shapes ol hats and bon
nets trimmed and untriinmed, which she
offers at popular prices. Trimming
done at short notice and most reasona
ble rates. Ladie-, consult your own in
terest and call on Mrs. Swander, If you
wi-h to make bargains In millinery
Mr. John Marnel, Sr., died at bis
home In this city yetenlay morning at
four o'clock, of bilious fever. The de
ceased was seventy years of age, and has
a wife and i large family of children re
siding in this city. The funeral will not
take place until to-morrow at one o'clock,
owing to the abH-ncc of two of the sons
of tlie deceased, who are expected to ar
rive In Cairo to-day. A special train will
carry the remain.- to their last resting
piece aUnb'cIock to-morrow afternoon
Tom Mellale, alias Qulnii, and
Charleston, nlias John Jenkcns, the two
colored men who were arrested by Sheriff
Irvin and his deputies last week, for
2,'oing through several houses on Seventh
street and taking things that did not be
long to them, were up for a hearing
before Judge llross on Monday evening.
Thov were lined one hundred dollars
each for vagrancy, and sent up for
lllty-threc days. John Smith, a noted
negro thief, was also on the same ex
pedition with Qulun and Charleston, that
proved so di-astrous to them, but wa
sharp enough to get away before
olllcers could catch him.
A small sailing ernf., landed at our
wharf yesterday, having stilled uml
floated all the way from tho celebrated
Platte canyon, In the region of Platte
river. It contained a tall, rough-lookln
(erman, and three hunting dogs. The
proprietor of the vessel had followed the
vocation of trapper and hunter on Platte
river for over nine years, nnd had tho
cabin of Ids Httle boat embellished with
Indian scalps and war Implements. O.ie
paiticular scalp was covered with span
gies and bead, which he said belonged
to a cousin of Modoe Jack. 'The bold
hunter and warrior Is now cm route to the
prairies of Western Texas In search of a
treasure which he says was buried there
by Mexican robbers in the year 1SS0,
lie gained his Information from a dying
Texas renegade who was killed one year
ago in the Platto canyon. He lias in
Ids posses-ion diagrams and documents
that will enable hlin to Hud the trea?
lire without much trouble.
Tn.'iver Woulil not
I.e.! ve Tlielr I
'The election yesteiday passed oil" qui
etly nt both place!', a yery small vote be
ing polled, showing that the chronic
grumbler and lightning tax-payers were
not willing to attend to the Interests or
their county.
At the Fourth Ward Polls, the result
or tlie day's voting was as follows :
liely 03
I See ye SO
licdman "II
llarrell 7
ton county co.vDimio.vr.it.
Marchlldoii I"
ron cnr.vrv sukvcyhii.
Thrupp 12!i
At the First Ward Polls -
roll AfriKSkOI! -xi TiiK.isnsini.
Keeve 123
licdman HU
llelv S3
llarrell 17
ron coum v commi.hsio.nkii.
Salomons H0J
Marchlldoii SI
i on county .lUiivr.voit.
Thrupp 220
Once more Belches Forth its Firey Flame and brines
M J Ji mm "
xo inina vnax
Is Once More in the Field to tell all Clothing Buvers that thev
are still buying
"Slop Shop" Goods at Exorbitant Prices.
We keep Goods made in the best Manner and of the Best Style,
No goods that smell of powder of the war of 1812 ; goods well made
such. Others fight competition of that kind with "shodd:
:ond-hand dealers. Keep your eyes open. Listen to
cannot defend
I'Alt TICl'I.AIt .OTIlE.
We are now putting Into THK Ill'L
LETIN OFFICE a new boiler, and pre
paring to also put into it new prett itw
eh ine ry.
Until tills work is done (for about ten
days), we will have to labor at a great
disadvantage. Therefore, we ask onr
patrons to be satisfied, for the time be
ing, with the best we can do under thy
When we shall have completed the im
provements we are now at work upon,
and have In contemplation, THE DUL
LETIN OFFICE will be, without doubt,
tnmott eompltle printing office in (fie West
outside of tlie great cities, and will
be as well prepared as any olllce in the
whole country to do the kinds of print
ing demanded hy this community.
THE HFLLETIN has laboredTuring
many years, in the interest ot Cairo and
Southern Illinois, and has done so with
out Tear or ravor. It has never, for an
Instant, truckled to any ring or clique,
but ha, even at tlie acritlce of much
patronage, advocated every enterprise of
importance to tlie city's weal. It there
fore dcerves well of the people of Cairo
and Egypt, and is confident that it will
receive tlie pitronage of its old and of
many new friends. Circulating as It
docs, In Its dally and weekly editions,
through the city into the house of every
reader In Cairp and through motof the
counties ot Southern Illinois,
MU!tppl county, Misouri, and
Ilitllard countv, Kentucky, it fur
nishes to tlie business men who wish to
sell in tills part of the Mis-Uslppl Valley
a txlunble advtrtisina medium.
'To our business men, and the public
generally, we are prepared to ofler Tiir.
RI'.UATEST IIAMl.tlNS I.V ,1(111 Pjil.VTJXO.
With new type, and tho best presses run
bv steam, we aro enabled to do work
neatly and promptly, and ai loicer prices
than rm.v other printing oj)iee in the Missis
tppi Valley.
Connected with our olllce Is a complete
HOOK BINDEUY, hi which all kinds of
Binding and P.ullng are done, In the bet
style at the lowest figures.
C.viho Bulletin Company
and sponged, only for sale fits guaranteed, as we are already known for
onnVi Of Hctvo fitrVlf-. nrilYirkOf.if.irtn rkf f.Viof. Irinrl mifVi aVmrlr1r rrrrAm
by second-hand dealers. Keep your eyes open. Listen to no ttoriM that
sound like "soft soap, as it's a very poor merchant that car
ms own Dusmess.
Atrial in what wo auk to mako customers out of you all. "Wo don't ask your patronan o account f be
ing "friends" or old Cairoftos (as wo bavo boon known hero lo 1 theao many years) but to aare you the
nlmighty dollar. The timo for paying for friondnhip is gone. Our stock of Fino Uuderwear, the largest
in the city, at prices to suit all, wo mako war on high prices. As Usual,
Farnbaker, The Clothier.
Fort I.Ut.
Steamer dim Fi-k, Paducah.
" Dawn, Cincinnati.
St. Genevieve, Vicksburg.
Tow boat IVytona, Evansville.
" Petrel, Paducah.
Steamer Jim Fisk, Paducah.
Dawn, New Orleans.
' St. Genevieve, St. Louis.
Tow-boat Peytona, New Orleans.
" Petrel, St. Louis.
" Atlantic, New Orleans.
Cure Your II or.
Epizootic powders ior horses aud
mules sure cure for sale hy M. J. Mc
Gauley. 10-23-lt.
Shawls and Cloaks of oil the latei
styles ranging from the chrapctf to tlioi
llnest. J. Burger & Co. have paid par-j
tlmtlnH itiniittnn Irk litj t Innn ft t ti fttt fr ntnl !
llViii.at tiVKJiikli'l lis uuirai itiiv.ui turn ' . it t it ii a .
arcabletoundereell any l.ou-e In tllc , "llcy. -hooting gallery and ail fixtures
, . I pertalnlnjf to the establishment, i or
city, can ami oeconvinccu.
For Aftlc.
The Delmonlco Saloon,
with ten-pin
The river last evening was ." feet
11 2-5 Inches Tin the gauge, having fallen
:i Inches during the previous twenty-four
hours. A rise is reported In the upper
Ohio, and light barge water was expected
by this morning.
The weather Is warm and cloudy with
every Indication of a coming rain storm.
Business In river circle was a little
dull yesterday.
The St. Genevieve brought IDS bales
cotton, and 300 barrels oil for Cincinnati
and the East.
Diver AI. Burrlss went down on the
Atlantic to build a bulkhead in tlie ice
barge which the Atlantic sunk on her
up trip at Island 21.
-The Jim Fi.k night before last
brought 25 tons manufactured iron, CO,-
000 staves, 53 barrels heading for St.
Louis, all of which went forward on the
steamer Gcnlvieve.
-The S. 11. Long began her work in
We have this day sold to Mr. Louis II
Myers our entire stock of irrocerles and
provisions. Ilo will continue the bui
nese at tlie old stand, No. llli Commer
cial avenue, and we would heartily rec
ommend him to all of our old customers
both In town and In the adjoining
country. Stkwautiv, White.
Cairo, III., Oct. 23th, 1S75.
Don't fall to see that handsome line I
of Ladles' Ties and lllbbonsat J. Burger
& Co.'s.
Tho-c who need winter boots should
call on II. Jones, Commercial avenue.
Ills stock ot French and Domestic calf
skins is the b.t hi the market.
Our Domestic Department is complete
in all Its details, and will be sold cheaper
than ever. J. Burger & Co.
For Embroiderie" ..ml Laces, go to J.
Burger & Co.'s, No. 121 Commercial ave
nue. It. Jones, the Commercial avenue
boot-maker, can furnish you with the
best pair of boots to be round in the city.
Ladles, misses and children's under
wear at very low prices at J. Burger &
' (Jo's.
' The finest stock or dress goods, con
sisting ot Cassitneres, Empress Cloths,
Diagonals, Mohairs, Poplins, at J. Bur
ger & Co.'s. 121 Commercial avenue.
For great bargains in Flannels, call
on J. Burger & Co. They have the liest
assorted stock in the city, and sell them
at astonishingly low prices.
If von want a good Custom-made
lady's or miss's shoo call on J. Burger
it Co.
PARTMENT. J. Burger & Co. call especial atten-
terms of sale, apply to
10-20-tf Mrs.
Annie Coyne.
Couiirciid VcMt.
We have now the agency for this yeast,
the best hi use, made by Tauszky & Co..
which we shall receive fresh dally by ex
press, wholesale and retail, at New York
Store. 10-2tJ-10t.
I hereby notify the business men of
this city, and public at large, that I trill
not be responsible for any debts con
tracted In my name, unless made by me
personally. Mrs. Annie Coyne.
For Rent.
New cottage, C rooms, corner Seventh
and Walnut streets, occupied at pres
ent by Mr. Winter. Will be vacant on
.Monday, Nov. 1. Rent $22 liar month.
Apply on Seventh, second door ,ffo
above house. 10-30-tf
A nn Stun ever
To Covvperthwalt & Phillips to try those
Gold Buckle cigars.
Attention! Domlera.
We have four dozen Imitation Ebony
Sprague Cun-Opeuers, taken for adver
tising, which we will sell at two dollars
per dozen. Inquire at Bulletin office.
VV'AU DarAHTlltXT. r.lVF.B ItltrONT, 1
Nov. i, 1B75.
low WAiitn.
Louisville ..
.VH.Iiville ..
St. Louis...
Real Estate Column
for lU'lit or I. ruse
It Is the desire of Mr. Edmund lluefner
to sell or lease the Planters' House for
one yean. This Is one of the best paying
establishments in Cairo, and Is furnished
with the finest and best iicccoinmoda
tlon. For terms, mudy to .Mrs. lluef
ner. at the Planters' House. Cairo, Illi
nois. 1 1-2-1 vv
I'or Kent.
A good olllce room, up stairs, over
Farnbakcr's store, lately occupied by
Huse, LoomU it Co. Apply to
11.2-Ut. R, Smyiiik it Co,
.Nun Meal Mm lid.
Jacob Walters and Chris Atithus, two
of our well-known butchers liava asso-
elated together and under the Urm name
of Jacob Walters it Co., have opened n
meat market on the north side of Eighth
street, ill Phil Howards old stand. Till:
will be a first-class market In every re
spect, ns the names ol thu proprietors
guarantee a market where the choicest
ol cut meats, steaks, ro.ists of beaf, mut
ton, pork and venison ; together with
sausage, bacon, etc., will bo served out
to customers hi a neat and satisfactory
maimer. All their old friends or new ac
quaintances are invited to call and seo
thorn. llKIU-tt
I'or Nnlc I'liuio.
A No. 1 second-hand, seven octave
piano, as good as now, manufactured hy
lliillot it Davis. U oll'ercd for sale at a
bargain. Apply to
Having purchased the stock of Messrs.
Stewart & White, It is my purpose to
replenish It at once ; and with a complete
assortment of staple and fancy groceries
I hope to receive a liberal share of public
patronage. Lot is II. Myers.
io-:ki w
t'oniirHHi'i Yeast N'otlce.
I have this day secured the sole agency
for the sale of Gall, Flelschman iV
Company's compressed yeast, either,
wholesale or retail. Dealers can
be supplied at any and all
times by calling on inc. This is the only
yeast of tho kind in market that Is gen
uine. W. L. Bristol, fcignin street.
Cairo, Ills., Oct. 25, 1875. 10-2S-lm.
Until ! Reitil !
Look at these prices, offered by O. Hay-
tliom it Co., for 10 nays, w i: mean iius-
.1... ll.T.I..t V.. i, . rt l.r. ai.-llt
1 11U 1 13.1 51 1 1 1 'I , Ulll UiIIIIIb KJ II1U -
current and the amount of work she i. .
found to do, did not get farther than the l"a""B KBCI' ,,ouc' w ",wr '"'
T I - nf na.tl..1 iinm ifiw.ra Kill nil
llrat cros-lng at the mouth of the river. . .... . 1 V 1 , ' "
ciouis. i nis is incir nisi season i.i mui
line, and are confident of suiting all In
the latest designs. '
For cork-soieii loots or shoes, go to
R. Jones, (ho Commercial avenue boot
and shoe maker. He is a first-class work
man and never falls to please.
A very large assortment or German
town yarn, BerinaU zephyrs, aud every
article appertaining to this department
in all shades and colors, at J. Burger &
Fine, neat and stylish box-toed
stitched boots and shoes are made
specialties by Ji. Jones, tho Commercial
avenue boot and shoo manufacturer.
Give him a call.
J. Burger it Co. have now on hand
the most elegant stock of 2 and 3 button
Kid Gloves ever brought to this city, and
are determined to sell them at remark
ably low figures.
A scries of lectures under the auspi
ces of tho members of the Library Asso
ciation for tlie establishment of a public
library in Cairo, will bo held alter
nately at the Presbyterian, Methodist and
Christalu churches. The following la
dles and gentlemen have kindly con
sented to lecture, commencing:
Nov. 2, Prof. G. 0. Alvord.
" 9, Dr. G. G. l'arker.
" 10, Dr. II. Warducr.
211, (To bo filled).
" 20, Dr. Win. R. Smith.
Dec. 0, Miss Kate Thompson.
" 111, Hon. Win. H. Green.
21, Mrs. G. G. Alvord.
0. C. K. Goss, Sec'y.
By order of Executive Committee.
iness :
Bovv new style Alexis ties
Good winter uoois
PiutoiiMiiado Call Boots....
Youths' Good Calf Boots
Men's Custom-made uau tioois...
$ 1
II 75
2 00
5 00
Several good Farms and 3,000 acres of
unimproved Lands hi Alexander county.
"Winter's Block" and "Winter's
Row." . . .
A large number ot desirable ltesl-
denees, and excellent vacant Lots, suita
ble for bu-lness houses and residences.
Winter's Block--suitable for Hotel,
Offices or Business rooms cheap.
Tenements numbered 4, 7, S and 9, in
Winter's Row, 5 rooms each, for S10 per
No. 10 (corner), if 12 507 rooms.
Store room In "Pilot House," lately
occupied by A. Halley.
A desirable Cottage on Popular
street, near Thirteenth street.
Upper lloor of building next to Com
mercial (Waverly) hotel.
Two small Rouses west of Twenty
second street, near Pine, $1 each per
month. ,
Dwelling house on Twellth, near
Walnut, 0 rooms, for S12 per month.
Business house on Levee, near Sixth
street, lately occupied by Cross, Cole
man it Co.
Wholesale and KcUll Dealtr la
Foreign and DoaMitie
10-2 1-1 m.
V.. A. Burnett,
Bulletin Olllce.
!!00 cases Hoots and anoes at nsionun-
lngly low prices wholesale and retail.
O. llAvnioitN iv wo.,
101 Commercial Avenue,
10-29-101. Cairo, Illinois.
To l'lii'iut'iM iuiiI I'rult Grower.
Wo wish to Inform tho farmers and
fruit growers ot Pulasui uml Alexander
counties, that wo have on hand nt our
kilns about live thousand wagon loads ol
lime slacked by the past damp season.
We will fiu nMi It fieo to all for putting
on land or around fruit trees ; for other
purpose-10 cents per bushel ; all we nsk
Is that parties using it for agricultural
purposes will please mlvlso us of the re
sults to trees and land. Very respectfully
Fllin Lime anii Rocic Co.
A number of Lots on Levee, above
Twelfth street, outside fire limits. Also
a largo number of other Lots In dldereiit
Lands, In tracts to suit, near Cairo.
No. 00 Ohio Ltvte,
MESSlt?. BMYTH CO. hv coatUoUr
a large itock of the beat gooiW Ui Urn mar
ket, and gWe eawcial attention to Ibt wbglaaal
ranch of the uualneaa.
Flour, lu-tonlliiK lo erode
Corn, mixed, aackfil '
Corn, while, aackeil
(Kit, Mixwl
Ilnui, l'r ton......
Mini, sleam dried.
IlHller, choice Northern
Itiitli-r, choice-Southern Illinois
Ktras, erdoieii
Chickens, l'ef doien
Turkeys, per down.
Apple, choice, r barrel....
Apples, common , per Han el
Potatoes, per huirel
Unions, per Harrel
Hi en
a no
,.3 .'433 w
...7 OtYii 10 ll
... a i3 !!
'- It)
1 to
'i CO
la now recelrlns a larse and well nelected
Block of
At her stand on
To which he Invites Uw attention of the ad lea
or Cairo uud vlclulty. In this aiock . wl Ho
found nil the lntuat aty esof lUla, ptfnj"ts;."'b,:
buna, Flower, ami all i "L'h'J'.li'.1. in
lereu. ai uie '""' M to
clior uarjtaiiia are i""J ,,,ii
Wholesale Grocers
Commission Merchant
51 Ohio Lt
Wholesale Grocer
Uaaler In
Commission Merchant.
Ha. 1 OHIO. WW.
Cl'KCIAL attonUan giTn'toculaaiaata and
kj aillnar oraera..
ihe Sir.
lions l coin
he uiulei'iol
Swauder a call liefore luicnain
Dealer in Freth Metftto
Her stock of fancy aoom ana no- .

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