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RrMillns Mutter on r.rrry Vnec.
l'rnncl.'co V. iNqiillcrn, one of the J.'rc.
ilcnls ol the Cuban republic, Is In New
York, llojins made repented efforts to
get back to'tlio IMnml, but the vigilance
of the Spaniards liavc niatlo the trip dan
gerous. Owing to tbo failure to return,
the iicoplo of the republic elected, to Ml
the temporary vacancy, Sportunn, n man
of war-like prowess, and one who believes
In stern retaliatory measures.
MAt"Aciu hi;tth ii;li:nniai.
The decennial censm ol Ma?acliuctts
has just been completed, and we learn
(rum reliable authority that the Increase
In population since 180ft has been IIS.OJI,
the Increase of legal votes being I0.',83I.
ltoston shows, as a matter of course, the
largest proportional Increii'c. Since 1S70,
however, thuadjaccntclty ofCharlestown
sind towns or Koxbnry, Durchester, West
Koxtitiry nnii Drlghtoii have been 'an
nexed to "The Hub;" but had not such
wholesale annexation taken place, llo--toit
would have shown the largest relative
Increase. 1'rom causes readily under
stood all the larjre manul'actuilng centres
have rapidly added to their populations.
The exec" of women over men lnt" been
found to be 0.1.QSK
The notorious llcdlvlvl has sentenced
.mother traitor to die. Ills name Is
Cahlll, and he Is n clerk In the regl.-try
ofllce. Cahlll's appointed executioner
.lames Walsh, president of the -Metropoli
tan Club Xo. be being deputed to
shoot the" condemned man by Father
-McNainara. Cahlll, when aked when
he thought the sentence would be carried
out, said : "Well, just a? soon us WaMi
finds me. lie has been over to the Iteg
Istrar's odlee every day this week in
cmlrlnj; for me, but I am not there, you
know, when he comes to see me. I shall
not do as Thomas McGeoghegan did after
he was sentenced to die, run away, but I
shall hold him to his duty, or he will bo
a traitor to the order as well as myself."
In reply to a question as to what penalty
would follow Walh's failure to shoot
him, Cahlll replied: "Why, then I must
shoot him, and intend to do so." 'i'lds
is either a huge Joke, or somebody Is ad
vancing his Interests for a permanent
place of residence in a State prison, or an
elevated po-ltlon In the air without the
usual support provided by a beneficent
The Democrats have swept the Slate of
Mississippi, electing the entire ticket In
nearly every county. They have about
thirty majority in the House and six or
eight in the Senate. The Democrats
elect the entire Congressional delegation,
with the possible exception of the Sixth
District, and returns Indicate success In
it. The remit of the election in Xew
York Is still a matter of doubt.
Xotliinir short of the olllcial vote
will decide it. It is believed the flnul re
turns will reveal a Democratic majority.
The Senate stands 21 republicans and 11
Democrats. The Assembly stands ".
1'cpublleans to .V) Democrats. In Penn
sylvania Ilartranft, I'epublieau, has a
majority of 17,000. In Maryland, for the
Senate the Democrats have elected nine
and the Jtepublicans three, with two dis
tricts to be heard Horn. For the lloue
the Democrats have elected llfty-six and
the republicans twenty-three, with
five districts to lie heard Irom.
Michigan shows that Ludingtou, Republi
can, is elected governor by about 1,000.
The balance ol the Itepublican ticket Is
probably elected, though there Is soma
doubt about Uactz, for treasurer. The
New Jersey legislature stands Senate. 12
Republicans ; 0 Democrats ; House, .i
Repuqllcans ; 23 Democrats.
tiii: iii:ukmitio. or jiisMfsiii'i
No llnanclal issues embarrassed the
Democrats and Conservatives of the State
of Mississippi in their recent vigorous
and succcfslul struggle. The Republi
can party was arraigned before the peo
ple for Us partisan and ruinous admlnls
tratlon, and for the protection It fisivc to
thieves and refugees from justice, in de
fiance of law and common decency,
Wlillcaucxcltlng campaign on the Demo
cratic ami Conservative side, It was
marked with such a degree of earnest
ness, and backed with such strong and
dispassionate arguments, that the re
IectaI)eaud fcn-ible colored men who
loved homo and good government, cast
their ballots against Ames anil hi
army of tu-asury plunderers. The Issues
weru not false, but so palpable and
marked that the most UHuiraWcoiild un
derstand the force and etlect his v,u
would tiave on Uiu future welfare of tin
State. In referring to the great Demo
erotic and Conservative success, (ho Mem
phis Italaic.e said : "The woik iter
formed by tho MUhslppl Conservatives
yesterday was worth tent ol millions of
dollars in money to the people, white
aud black ; for now has been ushered hi
the era of peace and good will between
the two races who have for years been
trrayeu against each other by iin-crunu
lous politicians. Mississippi yesterday
tarted on the road which Aikiuinn lias
followed since the overthrow of Clayton.
We congratulate the people on the happy
result of their heroic efforts to drive fiom
official life bud men whoso mle has
sprtad ruin broadcast, and been drifting
the Btatc into auurcliy."
ILLIXI amu the :i:ti:x.mai..
While all our sWter States are energet
ically working to advance their material
interests at the coming national Centen
nial, iitiiiou nas uouc nothing whatever
to show her resources una Industries to
tho world. According to arrangements
made by the Centennial management, ftp
plication by exhibitors should have been
Kide prior to October 91, 1875. Unfor
taoately this time has expired, una n
Urfe and Important poition of Illinois ry-
main pnrely represented and that
portion Is ours. The State Hoard of Cen
tennial Managers are uing every effort
to secure for our Slate nn enviable po-
sltlo n at the wot Id's exposition, and will
endeavor to secure a short extension of
time. Hut, with all their energy and am
bition, the board U powerless to accom
plish anything worthy ol lllinoii unless
they receive n hearty co-operation from
the citizens ol the State. Frank Colton.
United States Centennial Manager Tor Illi
nois, In a circular addressed to the por
tions of Illinois that have evinced no par
ticular Interest hi the great exposition,
says : ".Vo manufacturing establishment
of any importance can all'ord to lose this
splendid opportunity for exhibiting Its
specialties of manufactured articles ma
chinery or fabrics. Self-lutereM, Slate
pride and national honor demand
an immediate ollort on the part of all
such parlies. Not only should mannfac-
turer.s and Inventors make their applica
tions, but also the proprietors of mines
and quarries should secure -pace Imme
diately, for the exhibition of r.iw mate
rials neatly prepared, so that tbu various
excellencies of their products miv
he propci ly shown. Tins Slate
Centennial Hoard will w:ttro lacllltles tor
lrnnpoitalion and exhibition, ami give
Information hi due time. To lnure space
hi thu exposition, write directly to "lien
end .1. C. Smith, Secretary .Statu Hoard
Centennial Managers, 85 Washington
street. Chicago," and request him to for
warn wank applications for upaci. Theso
mould be tilled out and returned to Mr.
Smith by mall, lvyen the Southern St.iles,
crippled by war and a radical and ruin
ous rule, will inakoii di-pluy worthy the
ancestry wiiosc name they desire to
honor and perpetuate. And yet the great
State of Illinois known all over the
world for her almost magic growth and
development, for the valor of her people,
and her Inexhaustible resources, will
compare unfavorably with tho smaller
and poorer States of the Union. Illinois
is rich in resources, in mineral wealth, hi
soli, and In skilled labor, ami all these
Advantages for the display for natural
and artlllclal products should not be
wasted by the people of the Slate. All
the nations of tbo earth, whose whips,
with their commerce, furl their
sails In our harbors, will send to Phila
delphia men representing their millions of
inhabitant". These representatives will
carry back to their governments elabo
rate statements, from which an estimate
of each section ot the model republic will
be formed by the people awaiting their
return ; and when these reports become
tho property ol the people, thousands
will hunt new homes in those States
that have been the best advertised,
whether they possess superior advan
tages or not.
Tin: coi,om:i
Colonel D. H. Anthony, editor of the
Leavenworth Times, has been thoroughly
resolved out of the Republican party by
the Republican County Central Commit
tee ol Leavenworth, which was ratilled
by a large Republican meeting. The tol-
lowlng aro the preambles and resolu
tions :
Wiimuus, Tho Leaven wort li Tiie.i,
Ihimiisiiuu in mis cny, is owned and con
trolled by Colonel D. J.'. Anthony, who
Is nostmaster at tho cltv o! I.euvpiiuvirtli.
appointed by the Republican Administra
tion; ami,
Wiii;ri:as, Colonel D. R. Aiithonv re
fused to support the Republican ticket,
nominated by the Republican partv In
this county, or allow his paper to sup
port it. notwithstanding the Republican
party have supported him and Ids nancr:
V iii:i:i:ah. Such actions on ids nart
have a tendency In demoralize and
weaken the power of the nartv throuirh-
out the State, and to les.-eu tho respect of
tne puny lor mc national numiuistruuotr,
Jlcsoucd, J Hat we no longer consider
D. R. Anthony or tho Leavenworth Time
worlny tne support m tne Kcpumicait
party of tills city or the eoutldenee of the
,l.,.li.llrnllnii ... 11'.,. 1. 1. ........
.llllllllia,lll,l'll ,l II It-HI.
JlesoUed, 'I nut n conv of this nreamlili!
Hid resolutions bu sent to each of our
Senators and Representative, the Piel
dent and Postmaster General.
(Signed) .1. JI. I i.xro.N, Churn.
K. 1-1. 11au.ksuv.ck, Scc'v.
The following pathetic appeal Is from
.Michael, the Creek Metropolitan of
Scrvia, and U addressed to "all Christian
nations of Kuropi" The udlicrciiU of
tliu sick man ol Turkey have, in the lan
guage ol Michael, "Impaled living hu
man belngs,aud roasted rajahs alive," and
yet the rulers of Christian nations do all
in their power to keep the .Sultan prop
ped up on his throne, hi "cuii-barbatle
pomp :
Listen to outrages, never nernelrated
cither by savages, or I'eioeious beast. In
me latter nan ot tne nineteenth century,
In s-plto of Christian civilization aud every
human feeling, and in view of the great
and . mighty ones of earth, tlicy
have impaled licinn human lieiiws, have
mauled rajalis nlice ! And, now. when
lor tlie last tliiio tne rajahs, in
despair, resort perhaps to arms,
euie r lo nut an end to
their Millerliiirs or to die. is it
rhjht for tho great aud cultivated nations
ol IJmopu to look fpiletly on or keep si
lent in total Indifference? Havo not
uicM) people In IJoMila, Herzegovina, and
have not tlicy lu their distress deserved
,-3ciia in tact, a martyr ncoiile-
ihu Kvmpauucs ol Kiii-npo as well as the
Grecian people, which, lllly years ago,
l.iiglaud, 1- ranee and liuropo histenedto
succor .- .Mom than any oilier people did
he .Servians light the Ottoman, defend,
ng Luropu against tho Turkish
uvas on. Tho .Servian peoplu Mied their
blood In torrents on every battle-field hi
behalf of Christian civilization. Itreth
reii and sisters, you are hiirrounded by
uupplur-M and freedom in your homes :
remeinher well nil n,,.c, i
member mid ponder niton if, aid us lu
' !' "iHpvakahlo distress, whether lu the
name of our Slavic descent, or of the hoi v
Mirisllail Clllir.1i it,.ll...,rl it,,,
Mil... e . , ,,w .mm,. iiiiiuiillll, ,
l ho ben hm nation In Bosnia and Herze-
kimii m n-suiveu ettiicr to conquer na-
uui mi -HTuoin or die as heroes, to ho
st"'ids 1110 riu"8 01 "Kr home-
tut 1 . "
-j ue devastating doctrine of the
iVoodhull meets with u calm toleration
ill Chicago. Tho Intcr-Ocean says of her
reception there : "livery scat was filled,
and -nt least onothlrd by ladles,
many or whom rank high lu toelety,
while among the men-were cx-governor?,
railway manager;, and eminent dl
i lnes.
r.niToitiAi. snn.u.
it l n's-erted that "a lady writer In'
tho Woman' Journal gives expression to
the Idea that the holiness ol woman's
Inyo almost cancels her shame When she
Is led astray."
Texas will hold her Stntfc election on
Tuesday, December 7. At the last elec
tion the Democrats carried the Stale by
I7,C;11 majority, nnd Texa has since en-
Joyed peace and prosperity unknown
since tho war.
Dr. Kit ward Warren, surgeon in
chief of tho Kgyptlau army, lias resigned
hi consequence ofoplitlinlmla, contracted
in the Khedive's service. Dr. Warren is
a HaUlinorcan, and was medical director
of General I.ee's army. He has located
in I'm Is.
The Indianapolis Journal says : ".fas.
P. Voorliees, of Terro Haute, son ol
Daniel W., is in the city. Ho made his
debut on thostagc as 'Hamlet,' last Thurs
day night, and tho cllort was pronounced
a success by the papers of Terro Haute.
He U endeavoring to make sm engage
ment to appear In tills city."
A duel occurred on the 2d hut., on
the lop Hour ol No. 100 Delaucy street,
New oik, between two Polish .lews
named .lo-eph Goldman and Moses Pis-
halt. Goldman was shot over the right
temple and right cheek and was Instantly
killed. Phkntl was shot oyer tho light
eye aim mortally wounded, 'the men
were partners as Jewellers at ilU Kat
Hroadway, and the tragedy Is supposed
to have iirlen out ol a business quarrel, l
Six murderer.- in e awaiting execution
hi the parish prison at New Orleans the
two NlehoUon Hrothers. lor tlieas.isl
nation of Marcus Young, near Cmishultn;
Alice Harris and Tony Nelson w ho killed
Henry Harris in thu vicinity of .Monroe ;
Bill Williams who inuiilered Alex
White, April 10, aud .1. R. Fender
son, who took the life of Alice Johnson
hi a negro dance house several mouths
ago. 'J'lie hemp-stretcluii" will take
plaee on tho 111th Inst.
At DuqtiHin, on the 2d, alter dusk, a
farmer named Sam While, while intoxi
cated, was seen to take a lior.-e from Main
street rack, and ride oil toward the north.
Nothing was thought of It until an hour
afterward, when Wylie Lypo discovered
bis horse gone, and gave the above Infor
mation to Capt. Urton, City Marshal,
who, with ntherc, started In pursuit of
White. Ho was overtaken at St. .lohns.
did brought back and placed in jail to
await morning. While is a respectable
farmer, and It is thought, he being Intox
icated, did not know what lie was doing.
Any way, lie has got himself into busi
ness. The Qnincy Herald says: "Gover
nor Hoveridge went to Chicago on Sun
day to help the Republicans beat Hcslng.
He established his headquarters in that
city, consulted with the mayor, sherill'
and police superintendent, aud ordered
the militia under arms to preserve the
peace a.id protect the polls. It does not
appear that Ueverldgo was called on lo
assist in the preservation ol the peace,
aud his vl-it to Chicago showed thai ho
was extremely anxious to assist In defeat
ing Ile-Inir. A few mouth? ago Hi. to i
was a relgu of terror In Williamson
coiiiityaml the Governor aud his militia
were needed down there, but they didn't
go. it was dangerous to go looting
around down there, and there were no
Republicans to elect ju-t then."
Our Noelitl l'lilirle III Dimper.
Mu. Km ion: The recent rendition in
our city of Milton Noble's modern play,
".Mm Iiludsoe," brought to light many
ot the defects, which, like an insidious
cancer, are gnawing away tho core ot
tioclcty, and undermining and bringing
into disrepute the whole social fabric.
The drama, although not possessing
that polished dress, aud classical word
ing aud harmonious rounding of periods,
characterizing the "Lady of Lyons,"' and
others of a liku nature, Is ueveithelcss
pregnant with the vivid realities and or
dinary occurrence. of daily life. The
author indulged in no lolty flights of
fancy ; his language is that of "a plain,
blunt man," who sought not after an ele
vated vernacular In which to clothe Ids
ideas. Out of buskins and true to nature,
lie portrayed in a homely drcs, startling
truths, uiidcnlablu facts, thus presenting
to our minds abundant material for 6c
lions coulcmpla tiou.
As is the case in all dramas of this na
tuio, Vice and Virtue are placed in direct
aiitaL'onlsni. In tho opening scenes of
the play, Vice holds undisputed control
of tho battle-ground triumphs over aud
holds in passive subjection its unassum
ing opposcr, and llii-dicd with the antici
pation of a llual victory, spurns it.s help
less enemy and derides Its weak defense.
Hut ere the curtain falls on thu lust act,
wo Dolioiu virtue, iieioro vainpiisiieii,
now victorious ; and Vice, In tho opening,
victor, now stripped of his arrogance,
anil the footstool of Virtue.
This', in our opinion, Is the only in
stance in which the author depai ts from
nature, aud accommodates the sequel of
his drama to the evpeetatloiu and gen
eral desire of his auditors. His natural
for thu human heart to incline towards
virtue. It matters nol how far down in
the cess-pool of corruption and Immoral
ity a mortal may llud hhuself, an ardent
yearning for the forsaken path still
blooms hi the moral waste of his putrid
soul. Paradoxical as it may appear he
loathes tho agencies which led to his
downfall, aud, in the sincerity of his
heart, honors aud extols the purcnud no
ble. Hut 1 wander from my subject,
Olio of tho leading characters lu the
drama which I have mentioned, U Leslie
Ulackbiirn, a gentleman (?) of preposses
sing exterior, polished address, rcllued
manners, brilliant conversational powers,
aud bo It said i princely fortune, lie
moves In the upper stratum of society;
lie is a vital factor In thu body social ; his
presence lends tono to select gatherings,
and all tongues aro hushed into slleueu
when lie speaks. Let us follow Leslie
Hlaekhurn from the sumptuously furu-1-hcd
drawing room on Fifth Avcnte, hi
which he has been tho converging fonts
of universal attention, to the theatre of
his dallvllfe. Heboid the gilded hell on
Maxtor street ! from which lsue baccha
nalian yells, ribald Jets. moaning cries ol
dlspalr, wrung from those who have lost
their all In their eager thirst for gain.
Kutlccd within thee unhallowed pre
cincts by the watchful agents of the
"Faro King." they toyed with the de
mon, and fell. Their losses How Into
the coffers of the elegant Hlaekhurn, who
gloats In diabolical ecstacy over bis
ruined victim?.
Now, Leslie Hlaekhurn, I will bid you
adieu. Having ascertained your true
calling in life, 1 will now direct my at
tention to that "enchanted realm," that
"select compact," the refined atnio-phere
of which none but the qualified (?) are
permitted to Inhale.
.Society, you are n glorious faree '. In
wardly corrupt,. you will eventually .pllt
upon the rock ol your lueyltablo fate.
Any organization, anybody, the physical
trameofman, to be denominated eou-li-tullonally
sound, must nccc-arily have
soundness hi Its individual members. I
llrmly assert that "society" to-day, us it
exists In nil our metropolitan cities, U In
ternally detective, and the gnawing can
ker of corruption is gradually Increasing
thu compass of Its silent winkings, until
ere long the incrcuilal venom will have
harmed the whole body and destroyed
llio ia-t vestige oi Its re.-peetabllltv.
I lie laws governing society, although
presumably stilngcnt and decisive
their beat lug, me. I regret to say, deplor
ably iiieilectual in the attainment of that
wbl 'li should he their sole object. The
Leslie Idai kbunis of the country should
be made to understand that an imposing
physique, showy dross and a glib tongue
are not the magic keys, which open the
doors of .society for their reception.
Let them stand the crucial test. Probe
the records of their lives; ascertain
whether or not their manner of living
harmonize with the rules of morality.
If they emerge unscathed Ironi this moral
autopsy, recclvo them as cherished acces
sions to the. ranks; if otherwise, smirn
them as you would a vcuomou- vmcr.
Another glaring defect, although not
ii3 niateri.U in Its effects as that which I
have mentioned, Is that unjust discrimi
nation, that methodical ostracism exerted
against those whose purity of character,
high Intellectual nnd social accomplish
ments so admirably lit them lor brilliancy
In the "select circle." Hut unhappily all
Indelible mark of disgrace (?) rests upon
their otherwise immaculate lecord ! They
belong to a despised nationality ! Pie
bian blood courses their veins ! Or, per
chance, the seedy coat, unstudded shirt
front, antique dress or last autumn's hat,
are hi direct antagonism to tho fashloiin
ble views of the light-headed Mcl'limsys
of the world.
These distinctions aro unjust. All mem
bers of the race Caucasian are moially
equal. The accidental circumstances of
birth or worldly position do nol bestow
godlike qualities on some, and ineradica
ble marks of degradation on others.
Nationality does not make the man.
Religious convictions do not make tbo
man. Vocation in life or worldly post
lion do not make the man. Honesty, In
tegrity and purity of character, are the
salient ingredients of true, sterling man
hood. "P. .1."
Attempt li) I,.vneli Ilie lien ver .lsn,
hill. Pemer Tribune, October s,J
The train came in promptly at o:'M
p.m., and the police were obliged to exert
themselves to the utmost to keep bad;
the surging crowd, so that space could
he secured to conduct the prisoners to
the conveyance that should take them to
the frill. As soon as this was done, tbo
tin cu criminals, two of them (Halloltl
ind .Silycotroi heavily ironed, were lilted
from the train mid quickly hustled
into an omnibus. .Slieiill Cook, who
had gone down to Littleton to meet them,
hurriedly entered, together with the
mayor and Olllcer. tiinltli and Force, and
me uoor was siammeu siiut, ami urn
driver drove on. The crowd surgi d round
the ouniibus.an 1 In the excitement of the
moment gave vent to indignant jeer aud
yell, and broke into an angry mob.
They ran alter the omnibus with wild
cheers and yells, and for an lu-tant it
seemed as though they would catch hold
of tho horses and seize the piion
er.. Cries of "hang them!" "lynch
them !" "hang the villains !" were raised,
aud one man ran up to the window ex
claiming, "l'e got the rope, hang
them!" Things began to look squally.
Ollleer Smith cocked Id Winchester lillc.
Olllcer Force dicw ins revolver, and
Sheriff Cook at u timely moment thrust
bis revolver out of thu window aud told
the crowd, In adeterinined voice, to keep
baclt, while the police pushed hack some
of thu foremost, 'lids had the
desired ellect. and the mob
halted for an instant, tiic
mayor adinoiiMied the driver to hurry
forward, and lu a few moments the mass
fell behind, although quite a number Pil
lowed the omnibu dear to thu county
lull. Throti'di all this tm buleiieeaud mi-
roar tho pri-oners preserved a stoical ln
ditlercuce, and Halloltl laughed and
seemed Jolly at the situation. He had
told Olllcer Smith on the way that they
could hang liiin if they wUhed ; ho did
not care, as he had no father or mother,
or any one to live for.
I'lill. Sliei Idim, III" Wile nnil the Hitv
no lit.
Initlt I.iiliu HcmM, -i'l
General Sheridan and party passed
through Ogden yesterday, going Fast.
It is said that Mrs. Shcrhlau didn't leave
the general a moment from the time the
train entered Utah until It reached Wyo
nihig. She was very attentive to Phil,,
frequently chucked liiin under the chin,
aud said pretty tilings to him JiM as she
used to when they were courting. When
tlie train arrived nt F.vaiiston Mrs. S.
asked if they had left Utah, aud being
answered allIrmatlvely,siio heaved a sigh
aud said: "Philip, darling, I guess I'll
Ho down nnd rest a little while, I'm
really tired out, and my nerves am all
unsettled. If you over go to California
again, you'll take me, won't you, dear?.
Tho next thnu wo go, hubby, we'll
o 'round by water, and then we won't
have to tro through I'tah, you
know. Half tho pleasure of 'my
vldt to Oregon, California and Nevada
has been spoiled because I couldn't get It
out of my mind that we laid lo come
back through the -Mormon country.
You'll never be a Mormon, will you.
Philip, dear'r" and as tho train inove'd oil
t-be Imprinted nn bis Hps a wllely kiss
and went Into her state-room to lie down,
tirst looking over her shoulder at th
general to see that lie was not preparing
to escape nnd take tbo West-bound train
for Ogden.
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Iti-atlni'iit Milt fiii-lo liny nddn-M on iccrlitnf
llifdollnr.i. Mulcniuoutit ufed daily.
AiMhm, 1 II, lll'IIIIAItll, M. I).
ManiiKcr fit. I.ouls Inebriate llmillal.
Oilier till OllieMm-l, ft. bini-. .
Obstacles to Marriage
Happy rellel for young men from the
effect of Krrors and Abuses in early lile.
Manhood restored. Impediment lo Mar
i lage removed. New method of treat
ment. New and remarkable retnedii.-.
Hooks and Circulars sent free, in sealed
envelopes. Address Howard A-.oeln
linn, H! N. Ninth street, Philadelphia,
Pa. an institution having a high repu
tation lor honorable conduct and profes
sional skill. s.i!l-dA.w3m
Live Aijofits Wanted-
To sell Dr. Chase's Recipe ; or Infor
mation for Kverybody, in every county
in the Culled Slates and Canada". Ln-
larired bv the publisher to (SH page". It
contains over 2000 lioii-ehold recipes, and
is suited to all elas-es aud condition- of
society. A wonderful book and a hoii-e
hold necessity. It sell- at sight. Grcit
est Inducement ever offered to book
agents. Sample copies sent by mall.
Po-tp.tld, for $J. Kxcluslvo teriltory
given. Agents more than double their
money. Addre-- Dr. Chn-c'- Steam
Printing Iloti-e, Ann Arbor, Michigan.
For Sale.
siler plated .No. ! Wilson Shuttle
Sewing Machine, hard (piano) llnMi,
valued at $fO. Will be sold at SiO dl
couut. on good term-, aud ordeicd din t
from the factory.
Colored and mounted Map ot tie
city ot Cairo at "K) eaeli (halt price.)
A No.!) Wil-on Shuttle Sewing Ma
chine valued at $7". Will bo sold at $1.
discount, and ordered direct from the
A $00 Kcuiington Sewing Maeldne
$.",0 oil for cash. Suitable lor tailor r
boot aud shoe manufactuter.
" Picturesque America" IS numbers
bound in i volumes, full gill Morocco;
price, $10.
a style "K," "Clough, Warien
Co.V Parlor Organ, right from the fac
tory nt Detroit. List price, f-'IOO. Will
be sold foi S'200.
A new two-horse Oamble wagon.
For any of the above articles, apply a
tlie liui.i.ini.v olllce. .'. A. Him.vurr.
I'lll- SilllC I'lllMK.
1 second-hand, seven octave
iood as no at , manufactured by
D.il, Is offered lor Mile at a
Apply to
A Xo.
piano, as
llallet &
h. A. iit iixm-i,
lm. Hullethi Ollliv.
J'lclurescitie Amerlen.
At the Hi'i.i.ktin bindery IS number
bound lu two volumes, full gilt mor
roceo; cost SI 1 ; for sale at $10.
J,et Oi'dliiniii i- No. a.
WimilMX. Tlieleuc iiloiiir and nmr Hit- Ml.
si-slppl river liink, licruloluie iirolvclin the i
eity iiinn Inumlii'lon, Uiirliii? ertol l Mxli
uuier, bus been broken by thu I'liltlng or Weji - I
hi. away ol" Hits binK upon wblcli Mild b uc e. i
iii'-iiieioi.jii urr,iinil It l or the
irre.ileBt lliiiiorlniirc' lo il, i,p,,nl,,r iiiUn,
lb:it lininiiliate iiu-afiii-cs be token lo biiibl u
new li-trc-irirut-tht- i iiibuukiiitiit loinuwu
n like i)iiijo-e, U-t uk- tlie u-nal liUh water tin
son, u il
iikiii'.as, Ttit ne;Iilnii or caumllv, lup
IK'iii il uller Hit- iiniaial iipiirojirlatlon bll fur llu
intnt ll-rnl year wat mlonted. ami ibc-irrii-
no provl-lo i ai iiiailt- llieieln for sneli nii
proMini'iit, the niiioinit'K-iiilrel In buiM siicli
leite lll have to be collected In the- next min
eral lax levy, u jirovMnl In M-cllmi :, Article
S, t'liajacr.'!, n-uteil Malnleof Illinois, there
fore, lie It otilnlncd by Ibe city council of tlie elty of
Miction 1. 'Iliat n lcice or nrolictlio n
buiikmenl bebiillt bv Hit- cltv lolie Ioc,iI,hI nml
coiiktrnrud in follows, viz : Cniiuni'iieiiu at a
IHiiiuuiioin one iiuiuired icn u-tnly of the
est llnerif WaHldnutriii atiiiiu-. i r,, Ita-t-.
and rim hi n Boiitliwaiilly to a point al or near
be northwest coiner of'lbiily-loiirtli and Slid-
imi j nini'ii, inenccin a 60iiinuewanily dine
toutot e ilisliniiiit lecci s-ild letie to be of
the same bliihtli us lbs Mi-liljpj.l I,-(e, and lo
be not Wni than six levtlu wiiltli on Ibeloii,
with u slope on the outer orrivrr sbleof tin
feet horizontal, to one foot nijcndlcul-ir, mid u
slope on the Inner side or vu ft-ct horliuntal
to one loot lieriiendlnilar
Skx a. 'Iliat lheI.etet'oiin)llteeaiebi-ut)y
ilireehil to employ a competent eni-lnei r, at
ouci . lo make ncces-ary mrveya and prepaiu
spe'IlliMtlons ot said iiiiproiemcnt, ami Insu
re r le the buililliiK of said ieee.iiuil r the ifen
er.il diiecliontd'lhe lue I'ommlllic,
Sue. 8. 'Ihal thu woik ot buildini; Paid levin
shall be done b. contract, and shall be let lu
section id .MHifeU to Iheloweit ic-poii-lblc bid
del o bidders, iiiovbUd tin-oun ilnmvrij'Ct
any bid not satfsf.ictory, and itroi liltil ihatllin
conliacttobeenleiid Into f r Ilie puforiuance
id nil or any ol the woik, shall prmlde prour
penallle lor llieenerRitlcand piompt earryliiL'
on nl said woik, and alio in-uWileii that If lb
work Is not can led on by Ibe contractor or eon
tractors nt such rale a Mtfy said l,'ee
tjoiuinlt ej!, Iliat Ibe woik Mill be ln.ici III Ibe
time pro Med lortln the comiact, the council
nviy elect to annul said e.onlr.icl and coninlcle
the same at I hi- c.xpeii.eol said eonim. ior or
coiiliaclors.aud every eontraclor rleill kivc ucli
boiiils lorlhi- f.illhlul piifoiiiunce ef the woik.
in thccoinicll may reunite,
hix. I. 'Ihal the cllycli ik Is hciehy ilincted
to aiUeitl-e lor pi'nposaN forbuildluK suldli-ire
to lio returned by Nne!nber'lh,lS7i,nndilhcetH
id to llieeily coiinclli each proposal shall Male
tlie price percublc jant, anil may be for one or
litoie sections or for all nl f aid woik
.rVi'.-6 ,'"':","' improvement lieii-ln pin-
Idiil lor be m id ,y Kcncral taxation upon the
nil and peisouai ptoperly wllhln Ibe city, sub
ject totaxalloii.anilthitlfieeo.iofihesaine.bail
l-e added to the next gmvn nppioprl.itioii Inll
nl the c Uv, anil to the amount lai'borled to
be raisid In ihe next ci-iu-nil lax levy, ami shall
be levied and coll. did with and it ii p.irt of tint
t'em ral taxes of Ihe city. '
..l'.-0 l,l""i lul' ""' I'tirimsB or paylnirlho
coitid such Improvement, Ihu inavor iind I'l
liunce Coiuiiiiliie an- hereby authorized and ill-leck-d
lo boirow iliesuni uf nndlli.it
ccrllllcalMol luilebltilueasol'lhuelty In, intieil
(lo be slsneil by the iimynr ami clerk,) In such
oim and of such ilennmiitntlons as the I'lnauee
toiiiinliiii- inay ihnti best, lo Ibe amount pin
Wdcd to beborronedi said evillllcitlelobeinudc
luynbeoiior before the lft day of .May. Ian.
mini 'ltt ""' '" txtu1 ten l'r cent per mi
.pl oved Nov ember 2. Is75.
... , ..... ,.!'!' NIIY WIX'IMt, Mnvnr.
Attc-il! W.M. riil.Ntlt.N.M.i.v, CilyCleik.
Fitly net-nut Nlj li'i. with Vatuablo lm
iirovementst New ami lleatltlfnl r-olusilotis,
oVI.'lt t)Ni; 1 l()l'S,Mi Uiwinl.ts and .Mud
clans Indor-cllii-iH.-OrRahsahd iicnmnicinl thini
as Nlrlfllv rirM-cluss In Tonu. ilechanisn.
nnd Diuitlillily. W nrraliled IHc years. t;tntl
for price list. '
9-23-tVlt titllliey, UJluoh.
Washington Avenue, or the Levee.
Feather Dusters are indispensible
articles at home, in the store, in the
shop and in the office. Every good
Housekeeper knows their value,
and will not be without one. We
are selling them CHEAP to suit the
Call and examine, whether you
wish to xrciiase or not.
lias? r4h tfK'ls JLl i
Still Aiiead as Usual
This Firm has just brought
an Immense Stock of
hi 1 Willi1 umm
which Tnny
and wnicir nAs caused tiie
Rockwell's Old Stand, 124 Commercial Ave.
Cairo, Illinois.
odl Wood! Wood!
BIG MUDDY (Mount Carbon Coal.)
' rn.n rn tr
I J-nu ouiiuo
St. Louis Transfer &
till orders for Wood and Coul. Delivered to tiny par of tho City, at
tho .Lowost Cash Prieo. OFPICF. AND YAttD at tho Cairo & St.
Louis Narrow Gauj;o Depot'.
Vcod, 4 foot, per cord
Wooil, sawoj, jitir cord
Wood, onwstl and oplit, per cord
Coal, car load, per Ion
Conl, car load, sinitlaton
Coal, cur load, onu-lmlf Ion
I.oavo ortlors ot:r. St. Stockflcth'a.OS
Sixth stroet and Commercial Avenue,
OvAcvh Soltcltcil nnaProiaiitlyrinoil.
nr. m. w&2iDa
JAS.3S.IiAK'S,So,y & Troaa.
rTj-. iir riin .nrr r iniia.nu.,111 1 if,iwrn,iniiiJ)7M v:,tt i firn-i rmwnnfT"- , f
i n si vauvk .wits.- tr it
ONLY $1.25 A YEAR.
Coal Company is
ov nroDftrcd to
$3 TO.
1 CO.
. $0 00
$U 00
sa no.
s. oo.
Ohio Levee, at tho Crystal Saloon,
and at tho Company f Ofllco.
? SVl M n ii fl & fr I1U m.H l
1 ,

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